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Are you feeling stressed? Don't!
Open your new coloring pictures book, find different unique coloring pages with animals, unicorns, mandalas and many more. Color and recolor your favorite pictures. Rediscover the simple relaxation and joy of coloring.

All coloring pictures are marked by numbers. Color by numbers and form beautiful pictures to keep and share with friends. We are constantly adding new coloring pages for you.

• Color by numbers anywhere – no pencil, paper needed
• Find your favorite themes: mandalas, animals, people, fantasy and many more
• Discover great variety of unique easy and difficult pictures to color
• Use hints if you can’t finish a picture because of a tiny hard-to-find cell
• Enjoy the simplicity and ease of the app use
• Paint colorful pictures, relax and feel positive emotions

Create lovely uplifting pictures with this Coloring Book and let your stress go away!

Happy Color™ – Color by Number App Description & Overview

The applications Happy Color™ – Color by Number was published in the category Games on 2018-07-29 and was developed by X-Flow. The file size is 181.67 MB. The current version is 1.3.1 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Hello! We are happy to present an updated version of our app.
Get an unforgettable playing experience using these benefits:
-unfinished colors are easier to find
-tap area improvements
-picture restart confirmation pop-up
-battery usage optimization
-general performance improvements

Thanks for playing with us!

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Happy Color™ – Color by Number Reviews


Please read  zebra2222222211111111  3 star

I am sooooooooooo sorry 😐 but I think it would have been a 5 star ⭐️ rating if the ADS DID NOT HAVE TO BE REMOVED WITH CASH 💵 it is just a waste of time and money 💵! I am only 10 and can not pay for this stuff by myself and wished ads could be removed for FREE!🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂 I am very happy if you return the comment and see if it can be fixed! Thank you 🙏 for reading 📖 this comment and sorry 😐 for the bad review!


Review  CLB1947  3 star

I enjoy painting some of these pictures, however 90% are not desirable. I like pictures that don’t look already colored black because of the superfluous lines growing in them. I want to recognize what I have colored. I hate it when it is too full of superfluous junk.


Update  DarkChicken15!  5 star

OMG thank you for updating with the new pattern! It makes things earlier to spot.


Love this app  Sllewis75  5 star

I love this app. I play it every day and enjoy the daily pictures. I am very happy with the most recent update. It has made it easier to find everything and it is much easier to tap the smaller sections. I also like that when you are done with the color it goes to the end. Thank you for the continued updates. I was wondering if you could make it possible in the my feed section to be able to find the pictures that you haven’t completed. I sometimes get interrupted while coloring or find cool ones I want to color and will only color a little of it then move to a different and some times they get pushed down the list. Then I have to hunt for the ones that are not done yet. I thought before there was a button you could slide to show the ones that were not complete. Just a little request for a great app. Thank you again for this great app. Have a wonderful and blessed day/night.


Happy color  SunShineCookie453  5 star

Happy color is very relaxing.

Heroes Tonight

Too many Ads  Heroes Tonight  3 star

I love this app but the reason I only gave it three stars is because of all the ads. **Please fix this!!


Wonderful  JBel3  5 star

I absolutely love this app! It helps me relax before bed-although sometimes I get caught up with "just one more." I use this on both my iPad and iPhone and for some reason the pictures I color don't transfer to both devices. I would like to see some pictures that I can choose the colors I would like. Thanks!


Great  brittersssss  5 star

It’s great


Fun  trixtyhobbit  5 star

Relaxing and fun

Happy Color Fan

Great app!  Happy Color Fan  5 star

I have been playing this game since 2017, and no bugs! The only thing is there are a lot of ads, and some make the game malfunction. Everything else is great. Kid friendly, entertaining, and a great pass of time. If you do not have this app, get it!


Update  Klouisex  1 star

Can you please change it back to original before the new update. Use to love it now not really keen

Ladybird Lisa

Colour by numbers  Ladybird Lisa  5 star

Absolutely addictive love it!


Best colouring app around  Tabbycat74  5 star

I just love this app so much. Great for just relaxing and having some me time with. Only down side is not being able to access even the already downloaded pics while not online


Bug  Mubwg  4 star

Only has option to restart partly completed work.


It’s a thumbs up from me.  Hxnxmr  5 star

I have played this app for a few weeks now and I really like it. The pictures are nice and a lot of fun to colour. I love that you get new ones every day as I have almost coloured all of the pics except for the kids ones. Overall a very good app 👍🏻


Hard  fbjfff  4 star

To hard to find the small things

davo 53

Love this app but...  davo 53  4 star

Fabulous app as a mindfulness activity or to waste time, however all the adds are really over the top. Every time you start, you finish, look for a new picture there are adds. It really spoils the experience


The nice things about happy colour  💋💋💋🥰🥰🥰😍  5 star

Happy colour makes you feel happy because it’s mindful, relaxing and creative I have also tried some things that do not work and here is one. Trying to AirDrop to people but I found a way to do it. Screenshot it and then airDrop 😍🥰THANKYOU💋

online buyer

Colour game  online buyer  5 star

I love this game because cool From Amber


Colour  DueinDec  5 star

This is the best app ever whoever reads this try it out truly you don’t know what you’re missing out on

Wolfwarrior girl

Beautiful and Relaxing 😌  Wolfwarrior girl  5 star

First off: I absolutely love this app. It has a large variety of images, beautiful and vibrant colors that blend extremely well together, and is very relaxing. New pictures from random categories come in daily and with more than 20 categories to choose from I’m never bored. I have become addicted to this app and I use it when ever I have a moment to spare Second: I was actually shocked to find that this was completely free! Most coloring apps I’ve used before this make you pay for the full set/additional colors, extra pictures or hints. It was a pleasant surprise to find that there are virtually no in-app purchases except for the 4.99 removal of adds, which I find more than fair. Finally: I find the new update helpful in finding colors, as it was difficult to find the un-colored spots if the picture had gray spaces. Another feature I love is that when a color has finished it moves to the back and out of the way. However I have seen quite a few reviews wanting a choice and while I do enjoy the new checkered pattern I think it would be more fair if we had a choice in how these spaces show up- gray OR checkered. I would also like to see a landscape version implemented in the future. I hope that the developers do consider these as options in the settings in a future update.


This game is so fun!  C.A.G GIRL  5 star

I love this game so much! It really is stress reliving. So it really does help when I am stressed. Even when I am not stressed I enjoy playing it. The pictures on this game are amazing.


Bbark  barbjbark  4 star

I love the app. It would be nice if the color would move automatically when it is done.

Tex heart

Zen time  Tex heart  5 star

My favorite flowers. Dinning room is decorated with these.


Very relaxing  pansies856  5 star

I love doing these pictures and see it when it’s all done


Thanks you  theyluvkailee  5 star

This is an awesome app


Great game  Fhfudmchx  5 star

There is no adds so the game is so much enjoyable.😁😁

You chicken nugget

Great  You chicken nugget  5 star

This game is so relaxing and addicting i luv this game


Relaxing  Tsasah  5 star

Love this app, fun to color by number! Addicting


Nice app  Volgal5  4 star

This is a fun app with some neat pictures to color. Only complaint is way to many ads. Most ads I’ve seen in any of my apps.


Hi guys  😚🤪🤩  5 star

Amazing app so adictive


Up unicorn  ghkhffnhfr  2 star

Lots of fun 👅🍷😄😄😘


Toyota ads crap crap  Teddyfriend  1 star

Pity never want to see this game again. The ads are totally intrusive can't play game. Frustrating and just not worth it.

ralph the critic of gamed

Love it but here are a few suggestions  ralph the critic of gamed  5 star

Love the game!!! But I would like a huge paintbrush that you just paint the number your on!!!!!! Thanks love the game!!!


Pity, not worth spending money on  Robyn37  1 star

I alternate between my iPad and iPhone so purchased the app to try and sync but unfortunately all it dies is get rid of the adds. There’s nothing extra that was worth the €€€. Free game is good, just a pity about the lack of syncing across devices.


Very jumpy  lawlem  2 star

Used to love this app, but recently I can only get 2 or 3 minutes of smooth gameplay before it becomes very slow and jumpy whenever I try to move around the image or change colors. Please fix this so I can enjoy it again!


Happy colouring  itcountedbe  5 star

I love the app but the tips of my fingers are getting sore. Is there a tool i can get to use instead of my fingers


Obsessed with this app.  bernibutler  5 star

Love this app. I look forward to the days special picture. I've already coloured most of the pictures. Please can we have loads more.


Amazing app but too many ads  laurenrtheunicorn  5 star

This app is great it’s fun and stress relieving. But theres ads constantly popping up and it ruins the app a bit.i think yous need to get rid of a lot of the ads but other than that it’s a great app


Abbie  Abbie206  4 star

This game is good but the add’s would drive you crazy I think you should get ride of most of the adds and there would be no problems but over all this game is good but is can stress you out when you can’t find a certain number but over all I would give it a 4.5 star rating but ya yolo

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