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Are you feeling stressed? Don't!
Open your new coloring pictures book, find different unique coloring pages with animals, unicorns, mandalas and many more. Color and recolor your favorite pictures. Rediscover the simple relaxation and joy of coloring.

All coloring pictures are marked by numbers. Color by numbers and form beautiful pictures to keep and share with friends. We are constantly adding new coloring pages for you.

• Color by numbers anywhere – no pencil, paper needed
• Find your favorite themes: mandalas, animals, people, fantasy and many more
• Discover great variety of unique easy and difficult pictures to color
• Use hints if you can’t finish a picture because of a tiny hard-to-find cell
• Enjoy the simplicity and ease of the app use
• Paint colorful pictures, relax and feel positive emotions

Create lovely uplifting pictures with this Coloring Book and let your stress go away!

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Happy Color™ – Color by Number App Description & Overview

The applications Happy Color™ – Color by Number was published in the category Games on 2018-07-29 and was developed by X-Flow. The file size is 218.54 MB. The current version is 1.3.5 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Hello! We are happy to present an updated version of our app.

Get an unforgettable playing experience using these benefits:
-black gamescreen issue for number of iOS devices is fixed

Thanks for playing with us!

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Happy Color™ – Color by Number Reviews


Don’t care for the “wispy” coloring  GC#007  4 star

Purchased this app a year ago, and continue to enjoy it. The small purchase amount is well worth the avoidance of ads, along with the benefit of “free hints” if/when I can’t find a shaded area. But even with free hints, the images with the wispy shading, as with the present “Annabelle” series, can be remarkably annoying. A single, tiny, wispy DOT for one color is pointless (unless the goal is for those who have not purchased the app, be forced to watch and ad in order to receive a hint). Otherwise, a great way to kill time!


HAPPY COLOR?  lovingorca  1 star

I’m sick of all the ads. I can’t even get done with one coloring task without having ad after ad thrown in my way. If I clicked on every bulb I’d never get done coloring. IF THIS DOES’NT SOON I WILL DELETE THIS APP! IM DONE WITH THIS APP! I AM TRYING TO FINISH THE ROSES AN ALL THE APP WANTS TO DO IT HIT ME ADs! I’m sick of being barred from finishing A PICTURE!!!!!!!!! SinceIm unable finish a picture I don’t need this app.


Color  buffaloheart  5 star


Pats Liver

Entertaining and Addivtive  Pats Liver  5 star

I love coloring, so this “color by number” app is awesome. Very responsive and challenging.

awesome sass

Just got it  awesome sass  4 star

I really like this game so far I’m glad I got it. I like how there’s a help button for if you can’t find a certain space that you need to color if you just press that it shows you


Color choice  timothyherb  2 star

Would be better if I could choose the colors I want to use


Fun and satisfying  desdes614  4 star

It’s pretty satisfying in my opinion


Happy Color  gtongate  1 star

6.19.19 Up until about a week ago, I loved the app and would have given it a 5 star rating. However, for the past week it keeps freezing up on me, on just about every picture! It’s not relaxing and enjoyable anymore. Can you fix this!?

nanook of the south

Nanook of the south  nanook of the south  5 star

Lots of fun


Addicting  vegasvickers  5 star

Nice way to relax!


Great  disappointed84  5 star

Absolutely brilliant app however I feel that’s it’s not really appropriate to be advertising a horror movie with the pictures in an app that is rated for children 4+ (Annabelle come home) otherwise it’s excellent.


Happy colour  LittlePup71  5 star

I loved it.I was fun and cool and I think it is a great game.


Love this app BUT....  DinanTheLibrarian  4 star

This is one of my favourite apps and I use it daily, but I'm seriously considering finding an alternative due to a recent spate of very annoying "shop now" ads that take WAY TOO LONG to progress through. There is no X to exit until the end of a really long ad. There is no way that anyone would watch that ad let alone respond to it. We all accept that ads are part of the package, but these are intolerable!


Very enjoyable  peter2053  4 star

Great, relaxing app. Unfortunately the group for kids was removed recently. My grandson enjoyed these and did not need me to find new ones every time he finished. Please bring it back. Thanks


Cool game  Lissaloodles  4 star

I think this game is really cool. I highly recommend it for the passionate artist. Though it is tricky.

Tippy dog

Happy Colour Colour by Numbers  Tippy dog  5 star

Best game. Who'd of thought I would be colouring pics at age 71 and loving it.


Ok, but...  Russosrock  4 star

It has too many adds, and it takes ages to load even if you have full Wifi. It wrecks it for me, so I don’t use it. I wish those problems weren’t there, because otherwise it’s awesome


Superior App! Don’t waste time on others  GreyGranny  5 star

This is by far the best colouring app! It’s got great pictures, they put out some every day, some easy, some hard. There’s a fair amount of categories and styles as well. There is no subscription which is awesome! A few weeks ago, a new style didn’t work for me, I wrote to them and they just released the update and now they work. They are on it! Only thing is, when my internet is slow, it can take ages to get a picture to load. Maybe I should write to them about my fixing my internet! Lol 😉 Recommended highly!


Colour by number  Butter51  5 star

Love the app, getting better with each upgrade


Jane  Harro4  5 star

Great app love it have so much fun doing the colouring. Much better since updates easier to use. Would recommend this to anyone well done .


Love colors  Chickenb69  5 star

Love to color

Dmoney 2010

Very fun but too many ads.  Dmoney 2010  5 star

It is a fun coloring game but there are too many ads. The coloring it self is very fun and not super hard and that is what I like when I am coloring. It has so many pictures to color and so many diffrent colors.


Great app but...  cupcakekiralover  4 star

Great app but it needs less adds I know you guys might respond with something like,” you can buy the add free packet!” But I don’t want to bc it is too expensive


Great relaxing Coloring Book  GerBerPod  5 star

I absolutely loved love this. I look for ways to fit it into my day as much as possible. It is so relaxing. Great job. 6/13/19 Adding to my orig review. Still love this app. 6/17/19. Btw 6/13 and 6/17 your update has vastly increased the speed and has improved play. Keep up the good job.


Rooster  RockIsland45  4 star

Keeps your concentration and hand to eye movements improving .Plus the picture looks great when finished.


Love it!  lonster90  4 star

I really enjoy coloring this way. But have had glitchy issues when I open ads in the middle of completing a pic - totally losing my work! Please fix as now I choose not to open ads at all.


Favorite app  Beatty68  5 star

Love love this app. Worth the money. Can't stop coloring. Colors and pictures are beautiful. Afraid I'll run out of pictures before I'm this excited about coloring them. Very very relaxing. There seems to be some improvement on what I thought was the perfect app. Easier to see colors. Love it even more.


Love it!!  Jo83Mike  5 star

Absolutely love this app it is the best ever I highly recommend it!!


It makes me very happy  Seren9ty  5 star

I’ve been having seizures, so it keeps my mind Alert, thank you so much,

play watching tv

warren series  play watching tv  5 star

love this new series, with fewer lines. finished product looks like a painting.


Happy Colour  Eily.  5 star

This is a great free app, a good selection of new pictures to colour every day. Good quality pictures.

Caroline - ireland

Crashing again  Caroline - ireland  4 star

Back freezing , have to turn phone off and on again to get it to work . Re curring problem


❤️❤️  amy_hazel  4 star

I love this game I have been playing it since last year and it’s awesome but I think fewer ads would be better but overall great game

Naughty Nice girly

Love ❤️ it but..  Naughty Nice girly  3 star

I love this game from the moment I downloaded it.I could play this for hours but I wish the hints didn’t come up as much.when I want them there not there and when I don’t want them they’re there


Happy colour review  googleuser0810  5 star

I like it but it glitches a lot I love it though. I would recommend this app


The game is great but there are a few faults  KKW111689  5 star

I Love the game but the ads and so annoying sssssssssooooooo annoying and I no you can get rid of them but €5.49 so a bit expensive!!!!


Hi guys  😚🤪🤩  5 star

Amazing app so adictive


Up unicorn  ghkhffnhfr  2 star

Lots of fun 👅🍷😄😄😘


Toyota ads crap crap  Teddyfriend  1 star

Pity never want to see this game again. The ads are totally intrusive can't play game. Frustrating and just not worth it.

ralph the critic of gamed

Love it but here are a few suggestions  ralph the critic of gamed  5 star

Love the game!!! But I would like a huge paintbrush that you just paint the number your on!!!!!! Thanks love the game!!!

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