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Sudoku ▦ [Games] App Description & Overview

Sudoku ▦ is one of the best loved and most popular puzzle games in the world. Now you can play the classic paper and pencil puzzle game right on your phone! With our simple and elegant design, Tripledot’s Sudoku▦ for mobile is the best way to play this timeless classic.

Challenge your problem-solving skills with an expert-level game or take a break with a quick game on easy mode. Whether you’re a hyper competitive puzzle solver or just looking for a way to relax, a beginner or a master puzzler, Tripledot’s Sudoku ▦ will let you play the game your way.
Choose from four different difficulty levels, and customise your experience with features to help or challenge you.

Key Features:
- Thousands of well-formed, totally free puzzles
- The classic Sudoku design, beautifully recreated on your phone
- Use the pencil to make notes right on the puzzle
- Highlight duplicates to help you solve the puzzle
- Challenge yourself by limiting yourself to three mistakes
- Use hints to help you find your way through difficult puzzles - - Play Sudoku your way with our finely tuned customisation
- Four perfectly crafted difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert.
- Highlight duplicates to avoid repeating numbers in a row, column, and block

- Automatically Check for Mistakes: Enable auto-check to easily spot your mistakes, or disable it to play a more free-form game
- Optional Mistake Limit: challenge yourself to play a perfect game, or relax with unlimited mistakes
- Pencil mode: Use the pencil mode to make notes on each cell, which automatically update as you play the game
- Statistics: See your best times and streaks for every difficulty level
- Autosave: Your puzzles save as you go, so you can come back anytime
- Hints: Hints can guide you through the puzzle when you are stuck
- Eraser: Made a mistake? Get rid of it by using the eraser feature
- Unlimited undo's: Eliminate errors using our unlimited undo feature
- Customize appearance: Choose from six different beautiful skins for a game that is as easy on the eyes as it is to play

By using Sudoku ▦, you agree to our Terms of Use and Community Guidelines available at

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Sudoku ▦ Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Hey there, Puzzlers! We're back with a Winter Wonderland Journey, as well as general maintenance and improvements. As always, if you have any feedback on our game, please let us know at! Thank you!

Sudoku ▦ Comments & Reviews

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- Sudoku: Loads of Fun & Therapeutic too!

After having had 4 mini-strokes, I like to keep my mind active. I have trouble with my short term memory but with sudoku I can see where all the numbers are & figure out where to place the next number. If I can’t find where one number goes I just look for a different number & keep on going until the game is totally completed. I used to buy books of sudoku games & pencils by the box, along with a pencil sharpener & a good eraser; but this is so much better! I never have to worry about breaking the point off of my pencil, Or spilling the pencil sharpener’s shavings all over the place, Or forgetting where I put the puzzle book or my pencil when I want to play a game. It is right here on my phone & even if I receive a phone call, I can talk to whom ever & then go right back to my game without missing a beat! I LOVE it! Thanks!!!

- ADS!!!

When I first got this game an ad would pop up right as a game was starting and after I competed the game, a little annoying but okay because after 5 seconds I was able to skip the ad. Now the ad pops up the same and after a few seconds the 'x' appears and I click it then I still have to wait the 30 seconds for the ad to finish. The worst part is that when the ad pops up at the start of the game my game timer is still counting and for someone who likes to try and beat my old times this adds 30 seconds. ********* The developers fixed this problem and I am happy to change y review to 5 stars!

- Ruined

I have been enjoying this game for some time now. Today when I opened it up to play the daily challenge, I find I’m forced to play four games, three of which I really don’t want to play. Not only that, but the banner add, now placed across the bottom of the screen, covers part of the boards I am trying to play. Why do we have to ruin things with someone’s idea of an upgrade when the game as it was played was just fine? Can the ad placement be placed so it doesn’t cover part of the board (at least on an iPad Pro 11”). And can we be allowed to choose which of the four daily challenges we want to play, instead of being forced to play all of them? Just sayin’..... Update: the ad covering the bottom of the puzzle has been corrected, thank you. Still don’t like being forced to play puzzles I don’t want to play. On the other hand, it’s still a good game.

- Too easy

As a long time sudoku junkie, I’m picky about my apps. I personally love this app and the way you can easily switch between pencil marks. I also love how simple the app is and that it runs quick and smooth. The only two downsides I’ve found so far are: 1. You can’t cancel the excessive ads. I would gladly pay a dollar or a few to permanently remove the ads, but there isn’t an option. Not to mention, I get an ad every time I end and start a game. 2. As with many sudoku ads, Expert mode is far too easy. I can finish it under five minutes without even having to find hidden triples or use any special techniques. Just a few simple pencil marks and it’s over. I wish they’d make it a little more challenging on “Expert” mode.

- Great puzzle game

Definitely a recommended game for almost any occasion. It doesn’t use WiFi so you can play it any time (For example, in a plane). It’s simplistic nature makes it easy to use. It is an overall clean game and a good layout. And it serves it’s purpose of Sudoku. Great game to play for a few minutes before you go to sleep. Again, definitely a recommended game. Absolutely marvelous.

- Ads

The game is fantastic - but the option to have a paid, no ad version should be there. I have no issue paying for a good game, which this is. The ads are the only thing taking away from my experience. Otherwise this is a 5 star game without the interruptions. Will absolutely buy if this option/version is released. Edit: So looking through other reviews, it looks like this is the number one issue being mentioned. Please seriously consider the paid option to remove ads - it’s a nice sentiment to try to keep the game free, but what point is there if it becomes unplayable, which it is due to the constant ads popping up? It literally is the only thing holding back an otherwise great game you guys made.

- Great except one bug

Been playing this for years, love the levels and interface for Sudoku, also love the new dark mode and the new challenges with different forms of Sudoku. However, the feature to turn off sound effects does not work for ads. That means, for example, that if you are playing late at night in bed before going to sleep, or in a group minding your own business, a loud ad will eventually yell out at you, waking your partner or disturbing your friends (and really angering you so much that you take time to write a review). Please fix this bug!

- Annoying quirk

My only frustration with this app is that the time it takes for an ad to finish counts against my time in a puzzle. By the time I get through the ad to start the puzzle, I’ve already lost at least 10 seconds, and if I need to pause for any reason and restart, there’s more time lost to ads. I’m not complaining about having to see ads. I know it’s a free program, so that doesn’t bother me at all. I just wish there were a way to freeze the game clock while the ads are playing. Otherwise a nice program! Thanks!

- Used to be a 5 until update

Before the update this was a 5 star. Here is what I don’t like since the update. 1. Commercials are too long 2. You can no longer repeat the same game. Before if you made three or more mistakes you could request a new game and if desired play the exact game you were playing before until you mastered it. Now after three mistakes you only get a brand new game. 3. I play at night and sometimes when the commercials come up the noise is so loud and it wakes my husband. So I have to turn sound off to avoid that, which affects my alarm in the mornings.

- Great app! But...

I love playing soduku when I’m just lounging in my house or when I’m just bored so this app is perfect since it has different levels! The only complaint I have is I don’t know why, but this app DRAINS my battery fast! It also makes my phone burn up so I’m not sure why because when I’m on another app, this never happens. I played for 20 minutes and my battery percentage literally fell from 50%-10%. Please take into account that I have a iPhone X that I’ve only used for around 6 months so that’s definitely not normal.

- Newbie love

So I just started playing a couple days ago. I’ve downloaded a few games and I like this the best!! Math/ number patterns are very hard for me and thus very easy for me to feel overwhelmed. I had played some 6 number version that while easy I was used to in a few hours. All 9 scared me as it was really hard for me to see the pattern. The easy level of this game was actually easy enough where I quickly became comfortable with all aspects of the game. Thank you so much!! Never thought I could play this game never mind love it!!

- I love/hate this app!

The good: having played a dozen iOS Sudoku apps, I find myself gravitating to this one for its aesthetics and gameplay. The bad: there is no way to pay out of ads, forcing the use of ad-blockers with variable success. Many of the ads it displays are ones with loud, grating sound. I often play this game at night and it is very disturbing to those around me. I understand the economics of ad development but I will not patronize developers whose business model is the perpetual irritation of its fans. I’d gladly spend money on this game to eliminate its ads...but I am on the lookout for a better sudoku game than this one.

- Compared to the options...

Encountered bugs...Numbers @ bottom of screen disappear before you’re done with that digit. ‘Hint’ didn’t allow choosing the recommended digit. Pencil function clunky-should be able to select digit and use pencil to fill in all locations where needed before selecting next digit to do the same. Hilighting could be better-using 2 shades/colors limits its effect. I understand need to use ads, but if a customer is intelligent enough to select, load & sample your product aren’t they capable of selecting ‘other’ apps/games as well? BTW, there are other free sudoku apps that have zero bugs, minimal ads, more&better shading/colored background options. Do the research. Read the ratings 🤭

- IOS has some issues

I love Sudoku and love the new four part daily challenge (although multiple ad breaks is discouraging), but here is my issue. I almost always get at least one error in a game because a new tap to place a number puts the new number in the spot I just placed a number. I like to time myself and this completely slows down the game. Not sure if it’s an app issue itself or just a platform issue or if it’s done that way on purpose to make sure you spend more time watching lengthy advertisements from sponsors. Ugh.

- New update lost 2 stars

I was loving this app. Love the new levels from 4x4 to expert. Lost one star due to ads bringing away from playing without me doing anything. Lost another and this is a big one Volume Control. The ads are so loud. They stop the other things I have going on like music or books. I would actually consider some of the games if they were not so loud. I usually turn off the WiFi but now the ads are still there even if I do. After plays 4-5 games this is so frustrating I go one to better games.

- Annoying ads

Now I can’t play the game-the company must hate my review! It started out great, few ads and a lot of game time. Now it is a lot of ads and less game time. The ads run about 30 seconds to one/two minutes. WHILE I have seen some improvements lately from this company, there is still a huge problem with the ads they run! I hope the ads that FREEZES are not from this company, if they are it will cause a in games they develop. PLEASE correct ads-both yours and other companies!!! The small “x” in the corner usually means to cancel the ad, BUT not here-you go to the App Store AND to the Tripledot web cite. Ads here are very poor!

- Great game, now ads with sound during games!

I absolutely love this app...yet I absolutely hate the ads with sound. Now during the game there is even a banner ad from apartments dot com that blares out and disturbs my concentration, while I’m competing against the clock. That’s the only reason I rate 3 stars, instead of 5. I’m probably going to delete the app soon if the sound doesn’t stop. I understand that the developers need to make money...but NO sound please! Even when a different, expected ad runs between games and I turn off the sound for it, the next has sound...specifically quicken loans. The aggravation of this insures that I’ll never use quicken loans! I’m caring for my dad and the sudden sound often wakes him. I like this app enough that would pay a reasonable fee for it ( not subscription, I never do that) but I don’t see the option.

- Good game, but it has some problems

It's a good app, but the constant hint button getting bigger to see if I need a hint is really irritating. I'd be fine with it if there was an option to disable the constant hint reminder, but there is none, so every time I have trouble with a puzzle, I have to have my eyes assaulted by the hint button asking me if I need help until I either get it right, or relent and take the hint. I'd give this app a higher rating, but it's sudoku, so I feel like there should be a stricter set of guidelines for ratings. If the issue was resolved, I would give it three to five stars.

- It’s pretty good

I really like the game. It’s creative and challenging. I like that it only allows 3 mistakes. It gives it an extra challenge. I wouldn’t mind the ads if they weren’t so long. It takes forever for the Close X to appear and if you tap any part of the screen it takes it to the website. It’s a big problem for me. I would definitely give 5 stars if If they could shorten the ads to 15-20 seconds that would be awesome. 30 seconds TOPS but if they do that give us the option to cut it short. If the app or game is intriguing, we will wait let it continue.

- New update

The multi part daily challenge is okay, but for goodness sakes the first two puzzles in it are exactly the same pattern. The only difference is one contains numbers, the other letters. I do really like the third challenge in that it’s a different format (1-6 rectangles rather than 1-4 or 1-9 squares), but wish they’d make it an option for straight gameplay instead as part of a long, drawn out, daily challenge. TLDR: new update is kinda tedious and teases us with what the app could be, but isn’t.

- Needs paid ad removal

I love that this game has statIstics. I was looking for a sudoku app with stats and was really excited to find this one! But I was spending more time loading ads than actually playing. I would love to pay to turn off the ads. I won’t be playing it again until that’s an option.

- Too many ads

Game is good. Hard and expert levels are not hard. The number of ads are absolutely ridiculous - some adds longer than it takes to play a game but still gas to be after each completion, and it is the same ad or two over and over and over again. It doesn’t matter if you can click on X after 15 seconds or so or if app is free, no need for add after each game when it’s the same ad.

- Concentrate, concentrate, concentrate

For Sudoku lovers only. Wonderful game that focuses your attention. This app has a decent interface, but I don’t see a way to reset a game so that I can start over if I screw up. !!UPDATE!! Yes, you can reset a game if you undo the “mistake limit” in settings. So this game is purt-near perfect, and I’m upgrading my rating to 5 stars!

- Please Change it Back

I loved this app so much and have been playing it for a long time. The new daily challenge should at least give you the option to skip the easy ones. Also, I get that you need advertising to earn money but you really went overboard with the ads. It’s distracting and upsetting to constantly see them pop up during the games. Can you let us know if you will be make changes soon or if this is what we should expect from now on?

- Negative reviews

I like to give a developer a chance before leaving a negative review. But, tech support is buggy too. This may be an iPad or Ad problem rather that the game, but ads come up and won't go away. It says "done" and there is no X to close it. But, game related... I've finished 2 games with no errors and the game doesn't acknowledge it's over. On the daily calendar it shows as an incompleted game. In regular play I just have to select a new game or replay. Hints is useless. I have no idea what that is even there for.

- Please fix!

I really love this game, I love Sudoko in general. But this is my favorite app to play on. Unfortunately, the only problem I have with the app is every time I finish a daily challenge it just sits on an incomplete circle. When I tap on the circle it will say resume game. So I hit resume game and it will be a completed puzzle... but the timer keeps going and you can not do anything with this complete puzzle. The game still reads as incomplete, so please fix!!!

- Decent Sudoku, Terrible Battery Drain

The daily puzzles provide some decent easy/medium level challenge. You won’t have to do any particularly challenging strategies to beat them (e.g. X-wings or hidden triples), but it’s a solid app for what it gives. I did try their hardest puzzle and that still held true, not just the daily challenges. 3 stars given for two reasons: 1. The battery drain on this app is ridiculous. I spent <15 minutes on the app and it drained 10% of my battery. That’s just unacceptable. 2. The ads are really obnoxious. I get having ads to play, but this has multiple for each puzzle, and then you still have banner ads during the puzzle itself. If those things don’t bother you then it’s worth checking out if you like Sudoku.

- What I think you can improve

Make it more like a game of levels, each level harder and harder, and a lot of levels. You should also get coins after each level and be able to buy hints with them. I think that people will really love the game when there are levels. It makes you want to improve and think hard on it.

- Daily Challenges 👎🏼

I used to play daily to complete the challenges. Now that the update requires 2 16 square puzzles and a 36 square puzzle before getting to the standard one, I don’t do the challenges anymore but just the free play option. I won’t do them again until the format changes. Maybe different options for daily challenges? The 16 square puzzles take less than 20 seconds typically.

- Better versions

I love sudoku and I just got a new phone and downloaded this app, I’ve had multiple other versions of sudoku games on my phone and this is the worst. I’ll accidentally hit a different button than I meant to and it records as a mistake (even though I would have picked the right number) and it doesn’t give you the option of keeping the numbers highlighted. I just downloaded this version because it was the first to pop up, but I recommend scrolling through and finding another app.

- update

i hate the update. i hate it so much. this was a four star app (one deducted for the amount of absolutely obnoxious ads, but i can just turn my data and wifi off) but the update gave me weird and utterly ridiculous “sudoku” puzzles as part of the daily challenge. they give you a 4x4 puzzle, then a 4x4 with letters, then a 6x6, and then you’re allowed to do actual sudoku. i came here to play sudoku, not to do bastardized way-to-easy puzzles that barely reflect the original sudoku. and also, they made the lines way too thick, before they were thin and easy on the eyes but now they just interfere with my sudoku experience. i wish there was a way to un-update an app in the app store, but for now i’ll just deal with this until they fix it, and go back to my newspaper sudoku.

- Victoriously succeed

From the longest time ago I’d applied sudoku apps in my devices and this is finally the sudoku app that I accomplished by myself with repetitive initiatives of how I first learned in how to be successfully finished within each puzzles on paper aswell from apps, websites, and even past tv news challenges

- Clean, simple, efficient

My only gripe against this app is that the numbers to choose to fill in the squares are too close to each other and I often (inadvertently) select the wrong numbers. As a suggestion, have the numbers slightly smaller but placed within individual squares from which to select, like a phone dial pad.

- Awesome!!!!

I love sudoku but I hate having to hold the book or newspaper and pen while I am in bed because I usually do sudoku before bed. I also hate making a mistake and not being able to erase it since I use a pen. So I love this app it is very fun and challenging. I love it a lot I would recommend to anyone who is a sudoku fan!!!!!!!!

- Way Better Than Other Apps

I previously downloaded other Sudoku apps and found errors while playing. The puzzles couldn’t be solved because numbers were repeated in the same line. This app has had zero issues. I play everyday!

- Quite Good

This was my first time playing Sudoku. I was a little overwhelmed with the 9x9 and that was easy mode! However, I soon found a rhythm and completed my first “board”. So far no ads or additional junk. Just you and the numbers. I wish more apps were this good.

- Well designed, play a lot

Feedback: one fix. Please eliminate or give the ability to remove the notes in each box. I got this when asking for a hint, and found it both distracting and, in some cases, completely wrong. I have screenshots to prove this. Just give the ability to back out of it. Thanks

- Ads

It’s a great game, I love it but I hate the fact that every time I start a new game the ad takes about 30 seconds from the game. It’s like starting with a handicap, instead of counting my actual time(that I take to complete the sudoku) from 0:00, it starts at 0:30. I don’t mind the ad itself, but I do mind the 30 seconds on the clock.

- Fun but one main problem

My main problem I have with this app is the ads are eating my time. I don’t usually mind ads with my games, but a 30 second ad will put me at 30 seconds into my game without me even seeing it. I know there are no prizes for quickest game, but I can’t beat my scores if this keeps happening.

- Wonderful

I love that you get a second chance to redeem yourself by watching an ad after you have gotten 3 wrong. I also like that you can put notes on the puzzle. Definitely recommend getting this app.

- Terrible Ads

This app used to be great! Except it now has audible ads that play at random intervals, regardless if you are listening to game’s audio or not. When you pause the game, it will not pause the ad. It interrupts whatever you’re listening to, so you have to exit the app to restart your music/podcast/whatever, and then come back to the game to start the whole process over again.

- Turn Your Sound OFF

I get the need for ads, but when you turn the volume down on an app and then the ad starts full blast, it’s just not cool. I have to turn the sound on my phone all the way off when I play. If I forget and I’m somewhere killing time, everyone around me jumps when the ad plays. Honestly, deleting the app for just this reason.

- Too many ads

After playing multiple other free sudoku apps, I’ve noticed this one has way too many ads, which is pretty annoying. Other than that it’s okay. There are other free sudoku apps with ads that aren’t as intrusive. This one feels like I am watching ads more than I am playing. Also some ads have sound.

- Love it.

Great game. The algorithm is such that it's a tad on the easy side - I can do expert instead of hard, but it's still challenging. It has long ads, but they're all between games - they don't interrupt play. But they are indeed long. That's the only reason I gave this four stars instead of five. Overall, I recommend it.

- First time playing

My first time to play Sudoku. Took me a couple of minutes to get the hang of it, but then it was fun. I started at the simplest level until I understood how to play, then quickly moved up to more difficult levels. Good fun.

- Ads

There too many I finish a game I get a 30 second game ad and immediately after finishing up I press new game and I go right into that same ad AGAIN! It’s frustrating because you cannot press anything or exit the ad for a minimum of 30 seconds in which the ad is almost finished at that time. Please fix or change this.

- Good progression

So the reason i give it 5 stars is because the game when doing the daily challenges you are eased in and in the regular games you can play 4 levels to suit your experience or level of sudoku playing

- Too many ads

It’s a good setup and everything, not much to a soduku game, but getting a 30 second ad just to start a game is super annoying, I can understand if you lose to get an ad every so often but to have the option to lose and either watch an ad and keep playing the same game, or to start a new game AND have to watch an ad either way is just annoying. I deleted the app right away when I realized this was the case.

- The Ads are TOO LONG!

The Developer replied that the ads, 5 seconds after beginning, are accompanied by the "Skip Ads" option by means of an "X" in one of the upper corners. HOWEVER, based on my use of both a new Apple iPhone and a year old iPad, both running the latest iOS software, this "X" does not skip the ads! All it does is bring one to another screen, either to DEMO another game or order it.

- Main complaint

I enjoy the Sadako game, especially the lage numbers, but I don’t like the limits of the game canceling after three mistakes and then required to go through all kinds of ads for child games, before you get back to resuming the game.

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- I love sudoku

I love sudoku it’s so fun l just love how the app lets you undo your mistakes but l don’t like it when you make to many mistakes it makes you restart or watch a add to keep playing that’s stupid! But still sudoku is a great app l recommend it to all people if they really want to the wonderful problem solver sudoku!

- Clear set up and great instructions. I love this version.

I play this Sudoku on my iPad and it is very good - you can see the number patterns more clearly. I’m going to move a level.

- Advertisement App or Sudoku, I can’t tell...

You spend more time waiting for ads to end, clicking next just for another ad to pop up, than playing sudoku. I noticed when I downloaded the app there was an offer for ANOTHER app to ‘remove all ads’ I thought, that’s odd. Now I know why, the developers must be going after that ad money because it has ruined the entire sudoku playing part.

- Easy to engage, no annoying ads (atm)

Straight forward to play, no annoying ads... good game to use as a time waster or to wind down to at the end of the day

- First timer

Clear usage

- The best math game

Really helps you out with maths, enjoyable and pretty tricky!!!

- Unpleasant and unplayable

Make a mistake placing the number and you get bombarded with ads I had this app installed for less than 10 minutes and easy too many ads uninstalling.

- Annoying ads

Nice app but the ads are a pain

- Ads, No option to remove them.

This game is plagued by ads, the developer has not given an ability to remove them.

- Great game

Easy to use - very relaxing

- No options to remove ads

No options to remove ads

- Good for mind

Go game and enjoy playing we’ll set up thanks Danny

- Not worth playing- too many ads

Way too much interruption with ads. Going to delete it.

- Brain maintenance

Great game. Best sudoku app ever.

- So many ads

Every round is an ad then another ad, infuriating.

- I’m bored

I can’t find a way to change the difficulty. It’s super easy and boring. Long video adds.

- Google Ads

Want an app that keeps sticking up Google Ads? This is the one for you. Apart from that it’s a nicely laid out App.

- Enjoyable and relaxing game Thank You 😊

C M K B2🐶

- Mint

This game is mint

- Product Flogging.

Advertising other games renders this game unpleasant.

- Hillbilly10


- Sudoku

Good game

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- Great game but......

So this is a gr8te game but hard for stupid people like me. I not very good at it so I give it 5 stars for making me feel stupid.

- Advertisement

Great game but I dislike the advertisements that pop up between games

- Ads are exhausting

I would happily give the company $10 to not see ads. They are exhausting and never ending, and every one of them seems to have a different skip UI. Oh, and they love to steal audio focus - so that’s fun. Please take my money. Please!

- Animated Ads make me crazy!

I love this Sudoku game but the animated ads jumping around are distracting, annoying and break my concentration. They are especially bad when they take up almost a quarter of the screen and I have to close the app to get rid of them.

- Ads


- number one

best is my free time


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- Intuitive

Easy to understand and many features

- Soduko

Too many stupid adds!

- Adds are toooo long.

Like many others, I find that adds way too long distracting to the point where I put the iPad down and forget about the game as I become distracted with the TV the laundry cooking which ever. Would love it if I could pay to remove your ads love the game hate the ads if I could download all your games just to get rid of the ads I would but would not play those other games!!

- Sudoku

Je l’aime beaucoup fantastique

- Chirping sounds

Love the app have a few from this company but I might cancel just because of d sad one chirping sounds What is that about???

- My opinion

This is an excellent game.As it gives u 3 chances to commit mistake thus u understand ur weaknesses n try to improve further n try to do less mistakes.secondly it shows the same number in other blocks n thus u become careful before selecting any number.thus it makes u careful n sharp.

- Needs another level

Not difficult enough

- ireally love it BUT

Tried more than ten others and still love this game! I have been playing this app for almost two years! unfortunately this time update makes the ui looks uncomfortable for me.the numbers and graphs may be too big for my old version iPhone without a large screen. Can anyone help me?

- Excellent version

I’ve played most if not all versions of Sudoku available on the internet and this version in my opinion is simply the best.

- Woooo hoooo my first one 🤘

I love this game

- Love it

I love sudoku so this is a way to play when I got no pencil! Love that you can write notes, it says went we are done with a number and you have lives!

- Priceless!!!

Excellent game. Keeps me busy. I love the different levels. Never had an issue

- awesome!

i enjoy this app so far! no complaints:)

- Lucy

The only negative thing about this game is that I can’t shut off the volume/sound.

- Great puzzles!!!!

I had an absolute blast playing this game. Woohoooo. It made me a genius

- Still showing adds after purchasing

I thought purchasing this would remove the adds.

- Great app

Love this app The app is great and the game is so addictive

- Sudoku

First time playing. Went well.

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- Love Game!

Great game, love playing it! Only problem on App Store showed GET and that means no charge, maybe something happened but I was charged the price of the game. Phone was on automatic payment so didn’t know til later was charged. Maybe app owner will check.


Originally this app had ads in between every game but now they’ve added pop up ads while you’re playing making it impossible to play the game itself. They pop up randomly and sometimes one right after the other with 1 second at most in between. This is ridiculous, and the fact that there’s not even an option to purchase out of the ads is unacceptable.

- Used to be great

This used to be a great little game and everyday I would do the daily challenge. Now they have 3 “mini” games that are a joke. I unfortunately they have to be done before you can do the daily challenge. The worst part is that you are now forced to watch an advertisement between each. This is just another example of developers getting greedy and ruining a good thing. I will be removing this game now and finding a better one.

- Number taps

This app, like many others, doesn’t allow you to select a number once and then tap all, or as many blocks as you like. Instead you have to tap a block and then a number, then go to the next block and repeat. If I want to put a number in multiple blocks I should only have to tap the number once and then tap as many blocks as I wish.

- Great game

It’s been a while since I last played soduku in the paper but I must say after years of not playing and deciding to download it today, it’s been great. Easy to navigate the app and playing visual is great and simple. Thank you.

- Love the new Daily Challenge

Game is fun and easy to play and is just the right amount of challenging. I’ve been playing this for years. The new daily challenges are like small little riddles to solve every morning.

- Best Soduko app yet.

I have to say the puzzles could be harder but for a novice like me the expert puzzles are super challenging while the hard puzzles are pretty good and the challenge of the day is great. A good level of hard. Easy is super easy so if you are a beginner you'll love it.

- Perfect but…

I love the app and it’s a great way to pass the time when bored but when I’m at home and play on my iPad I can’t turn the game from portrait to landscape so I hope they fix that in the following updates.

- Great game ... but ads after each one and sometimes in between

Love this App for this game ... but ads after each one and sometimes in between get annoying. Recently some of the ads started having sound. Which is bad if I am trying to play in bed and someone else is asleep.

- Love the game but...

I enjoy warming up with the daily puzzles, but every time the Lending Tree ad pops up it NEVER goes away. I understand the need for ad revenue, but this has happened for several days in a row. I have to close the app and come back later which annoys me. This is on the iPhone 7. Otherwise, this would be a 5 star review.

- Love it! ❤️❤️❤️

When I got this app today I was a very new beginner to Sudoku, but this game truly helped out, and it’s on the go when you want to bring it with you, and endless amounts and problems to solve unlike a Sudoku booklet. Thanks so much for this awsome game!

- Great but laggy and glitchy

I have been using the app for some time and I really enjoy it. I don’t mind the ads at the beginning of games, however the last few weeks the ads have been causing the app to crash or freeze constantly making the app unusable.

- Nice app

I’ve been playing for about 7-8 months. That said, I used to score in the top 2%, but lately I’ve had trouble just completing some of the puzzles. The last few months it’s gotten harder or I’ve gotten dumber. Of course, I’m hoping it’s the former. :)

- Would recommend it!

This app or aka game is an app for people to play sudoku online and it helps a lot with the playing skills and the hints for the harder modes are very helpful. There is really nothing to add to make this app great and it is very helpful with real sudoku.

- New update not so good

I looked forward to my daily challenge in the mornings. After doing the latest update, I find they ruined that. They have some four stage challenge now!! WTH. Just have the daily challenge a regular sudoku game. No need for this warm up and then levels. Please bring it back to the way it was!!!


This game is super relaxing! It relaxes your brain, and makes it chill! It a VERY fun game! I think you should get it! It’s a great game! There are not a lot of adds! It’s a great game! And I really think you should get this game! Am I bet if you get it you will say that it is a great game too! 😊😊😊😊😊GREAT GAME!

- Eeh

This is one of my family’s favorite games. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is I hate that you have to hit the square then the number every time that just gets a little tedious. If this is fixed I would change it to 5 stars

- Ads with sound ruined this app

Really enjoyed the app until they added ads with sound. It takes over any other app when playing, so I had to find another app. If you don’t listen to audiobooks or podcasts, then this app might still work for you.

- Fun but Ads Are Noisy Even When Phone Silenced

Love this sudoku game, but the ads have sound even when my phone is silenced. This wakes up my partner every single time, and the only time I can play is right before bed. Please fix this. Really doesn’t help that it’s the Homescapes ad and the guy is screaming at the very start of the ad.

- Add a difficulty setting to the daily challenges

Currently sitting through 3 ads to get to the daily puzzle from simple 8x8 puzzles isn’t very enjoyable nor rewarding...would be nice to have an added difficulty setting that amps it up a notch. Still a great game.

- Great game

Take my word for it, it’s a great game but it has a little bit of ads here and there. Download the game and then try it. If you don’t like it, delete it. Great game! Also, no in app purchases either!

- Worth it for a time

I enjoyed this so for several months but the ads got extremely irritating! I’d rather not put up with another ridiculously long video ad for something I’m not remotely interested in. If you value your time, be aware that this app will waste it with advertisements. I wish they had offered a paid, ad-free option.

- Too many BLINKING advertisements

I don’t like having your advertisements blinking on my phone, and so I will uninstall your app. I use other apps with advertisements but the fact that your ads blink continuously indicates that I’m expected to click on an unknown link, or you’re trying hard to annoy users.

- Way, way, too many ads

Way, way way too many ads, usually three before each game. And the ads are really annoying; most you cannot turn off the sound. There are other free Sudoku games that play better and have a lot less ads.

- I love this app so addictive

This app is so fun and I am just a 12 year old girl and I love this sudoku game and all of the others we’re really bad in my opinion so go download now if you want to be addicted to this game

- update woes

The warm ups are ridiculous especially since there are buggy ads that play after every single level. I would be fine with that if the ads actually played without me having to close and restart the app. The ads also stop my music every time they pop up. I just wanna play.

- Ads

Played one short game and immediately after full page ad. What is wrong with ads at the bottom of a screen? I have never purchased when it was a full page ad because I find them annoying.

- Not a fan of the update

With the update, when using the pencil function all numbers come back even the ones that have all been used, very confusing. Also the number color from pre filled number is the same as my filled number, I liked it better when they were 2 different colors.

- Used to be great

I used to enjoy this app. This most recent update is awful. I used to play the daily challenges but now have to play 3 mini challenges, that my 8 yr old daughter would have been bored with, before I can even get to the daily challenge. If I can play a harder level why would I want to have to do a 4x4 warm up game?! Or three of those warm up games?! You ruined a good thing. I’m out.

- Sudoku fan

Enjoying the convenience of playing on my phone! I have a lot of sudoku books I have bought over the years

- Sudoku for babies

Extremely easy puzzles, totally a bore to deal with. Requires no cognition to finish. The daily challenge is a joke. The “Expert” puzzles are maybe medium-to-hard at best. At least the app functions well, but I am constantly annoyed by the hint icon begging for me to hit it. Please make the challenges more difficult and update your design to look professional.

- Too Many Ads...Needs to Be in Color

Too many ads for other games PLUS hard to see game progress since it is monochrome. Would be so must easier it it was in color. The color definition would be so much better...especially for my senior citizen eyes.

- No way to remove ads

No way to remove ads As an update / edit: this seems to be a strong recurring theme in the bad reviews that the developer responds to but never solved. Clearly a lot of people feel there are far too many or too obtrusive of Ads even for a free game. I personally have paid for apps before to enjoy an ad free experience.

- I wasn’t good at first but got better!

I didn’t have any idea how to play this but then my dad told me the rules more clearly. Now I am very good at the game! I give it five stars because it helps me relax my mind.

- Amazing

Great if you want to play sudoku as if it’s on paper. There are settings to customize it how you like and turn off all the additional helpful features.

- Simple and Fun; Battery Drain

Love the simple design and it’s really enjoyable to play while keeping track of what numbers are left to play. Ads are not overbearing either. The only downside is it drains a lot of battery and I don’t know why.

- Adds, Adds, adds

I love it but there’s to many adds and I also don’t like that you only have 2 mistakes in the ones in a news paper you can make as many as you need. I hope you read this and and if you did than thank you.

- Best Game I’ve Ever Played On!!!!

I was wondering what this game was that I’ve never played on and turns out to be one of the best games I’ve ever played, it gets your brain thinking and it’s very challenging.(which I like)

- Fix the bugs

It’s nice way to pass the time but sometimes after the ads play the game freezes

- Great game!!

Just installed this app and after a couple of trial and errors I won my first challenge. What a feeling? Hope to move onto more difficult challenges soon. Great game.

- Five stars

I think everyone should download this app because it is so much fun! Even if there are adds. Even if you only have three chances

- Deleted this app

Nothing but adds come up when I want to play and you can not delete them. It’s a good game but the adds are frustrating. I don’t mind the ads. But the first one up covers the entire screen and has no X box to close it out. It just sits there and blocks everything until you close out the entire screen. So I can’t play at all.

- Way too many ads

I expect some ads in a free app and was fine with the ads before & after each game. But now there are pop up ads that appear randomly during games, sometimes every couple of seconds. This was a good sudoku app, but after having over 20 ads pop up during a single game I’m done with it. Time to find a new sudoku app.

- Commercials too long

Good game but I have unloaded it once already due to commercials. Because I have adult fingers I often hit 2 when I intended to hit 1. Too big of penalty to finally change it. Either give me more time to correct it or don’t show so many ads.

- To many ads

Love the game but to many advertisements, last to long and the same ones over and over. Really come on people cut back on at least the length of them or put something different.

- Complaint complaint

You staying when you force us into writing some

- Too many ads

I am tired of the relenting number of apps that keep delaying the start of each new sudoku game. Come on! It is overkill and ridiculous!!! I have deleted the app several times and vowed not to use it again. I am so close to deleting it for good.

- So many ads

The app has so many ads you have to skip around to just play one game. The buttons themselves are terribly placed as well. I made several “mistakes” when the mode changed from notes to actual answers. This wouldn’t be so bad if there wasn’t a “mistake limit” which is clearly just a way to make you watch more crappy ads.

- Too many ads

I loved this app until they added more ads, and made them impossible to close. I’m sure they were trying to improve the experience, but it’s much too difficult to get to a game now.

- Ads, Ads, Ads

I love the game and the addition of seeing my game insights but since that update the ads have more than TRIPLED. My only way around the ads is to play offline but then I can’t see my game insights!

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Spirit 😌🌼🍀

@nabitober33 Aaains 😍

Sudoku Solver

[2020-12-30] Sudoku Puzzle generated with 24 moves.

mina 🦦

how the fuck does sudoku work lol


I want to commit sudoku


@PossiblyAlan I pretty much just play Sudoku on my phone these days. More CPU and GPU than my last games console, and I’m using it to play a game you could literally do with pen and paper. :D

Ákos Nikházy

OK so to do something productive I finally uploaded my pointless 2013 Sudoku game to GitHub also playable on GitHubio. Its not representation of code I write these days, but I really liked this game when I created it.


About 900+ puzzles sudoku book for adults easy to extreme: More than 900 sudoku to keep your mind young and fit: ★ JUST RELAX AND TRAIN YOUR MIND WITH SUDOKU ★ Playing sudoku is perhaps the best thing you can do for your mind in today's world.

Sudoku Solver

[2020-12-30] X4Q-Sudoku Puzzle generated with 16 moves.

Mandi Katz

@bronislawczech @Adam_Creighton Not so good with the logic there Broni. Try sudoku - good brain training.

ponyo fishy in the sea

my stomach hurts so bad i'm gonna commit sudoku


I look at "this tweet is from an account that no longer exists" posts and i wonder Who were they? And what was so heinous about their post that they decided to commit account sudoku? We'll never know.

Sudoku Puzzle Game

Sudoku Puzzle Game for iPad: #1 Free App in South Africa, Costa Rica #2 Free App in Brazil #1 Free Game App in Japan


when I close my eyes all I see is sudoku 💀

Captain Kneejerk, RoversTilliDie

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How to Solve Los Angeles Times Sudoku Expert December 30, 2020 #afanofsudoku @latimes @sdut @sfexaminer @sfchronicle @DailyBreezeNews via @YouTube

Sudoku ▦ 2.4.4 Screenshots & Images

Sudoku ▦ iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Sudoku ▦ iphone images
Sudoku ▦ iphone images
Sudoku ▦ iphone images
Sudoku ▦ iphone images
Sudoku ▦ iphone images
Sudoku ▦ iphone images
Sudoku ▦ iphone images
Sudoku ▦ iphone images

Sudoku ▦ (Version 2.4.4) Install & Download

The applications Sudoku ▦ was published in the category Games on 2018-09-29 and was developed by Tripledot Studios [Developer ID: 1191319103]. This application file size is 172.29 MB. Sudoku ▦ - Games app posted on 2020-12-13 current version is 2.4.4 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.tripledot.sudoku

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