Call of Duty Companion App

Call of Duty Companion App [Utilities] App Description & Overview

The Call of Duty® Companion App: your definitive, 24/7 connection to all things Call of Duty. Analyze your performance after every battle, connect with friends across platforms and see when they’re playing. Track your friends’ performance and compare stats and achievements, then team up with your Squad to compete in weekly tournaments for in-game prizes. Plus, get heatmaps, stats, and informational updates from the Call of Duty team to grow your skills and stay ahead of the curve.

With support for Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare®, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, and Call of Duty: WWII, you’ll stay ahead of the competition with features and tools exclusive to the official Companion App.

Play smarter, win more, and stay connected to the world of Call of Duty wherever you go.

Log in or sign up and receive special rewards, with the chance to earn additional rewards each week just by opening the app.

See your stats across supported Call of Duty games with a detailed, app-exclusive Combat Record. Plus, compare stats with your friends.

See when your friends are online, what they’re playing, and their current activity. React to their achievements and stay connected on-the-go.

Join a Squad, or create your own, and compete against other Squads for the top spot in weekly tournaments. Place in the top 3 to win exclusive in-game rewards.

Edit your Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 loadouts on the fly, with loadouts and gunsmith integration coming soon for Modern Warfare®.

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Call of Duty Companion App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

The latest release for the Call of Duty Companion app include: • Battle Pass Gifting – Give your friends the gift of 100+ unlockable rewards. • Store – Check out the latest from the in-game store directly from your phone. • Squad Results Screen – View results from previous Weekly Tournaments. • Loadout data in Multiplayer Match Details • Notifications and Privacy Updates • Minor bug fixes and improvements.

Call of Duty Companion App Comments & Reviews

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- It’s incredible

I wasn’t aware how good the app is... keep up the GREAT work...I’ll keep spending cash on load outs lol

- nice app

I like it because i can see what and how i’m do i call of duty mondern wafare

- Good, but could improve

Statistics aren’t accurate from game play. Reports slow from the game to the app. All in all, it’s a decent app. It’d be a nice feature if you could add friends via the app. A lot of times when you’re away from the app you meet ppl you want to play warzone with but you don’t want to give all your contact info.

- Cdl

Love the cdl bro !!!

- Great app

This is a great and informative app. I would like to see more load out customization for other COD games. Like Modern Warfare

- C

This app is so trash I don’t understand what to do

- Good game

It’s such a good app !!!

- Good app

I like it very much to keep track

- Its sick

So much info if you need it!

- COD Tracker

I really really love this app. I can track my stats and friends stats without being on MW. But one thing is I play BO4 and MW and I can go to load out editor and all I have the option for is BO4 but o don’t have the game anymore. Why can’t I do MW

- Cod xp

Love that you get free xp tokens every week

- Good but need improvement!

Good but need improvement in many ways.

- Great app

Great content. Well made app, a lot of info. Love it. I need to get better LOL

- I’ve been waiting...

Basically since mw has been released I’ve been waiting for the load out editor on the app to update... it only shows black ops 4... when is MW gonna have load out editor??

- Best ap ever

Good app

- This is amazing

This amazing

- Missing one thing

This app is great the only thing it’s missing is officer progression.

- Almost perfect

Like only wish I could change my load outs from it

- Seems unfinished

The app has a lot of useful features... it’s to bad you can’t use them because the app takes forever to load and then crashes. It would also be cool to make a squad of you and your friends and participate in the weekly tournaments right!? Well even if u search the clan you want and click join squad, you get out into a random squad. Why release an app that barely works. I hold Activision to a high standard when it comes to development and this just let me down. They don’t even have all the prospects of the games in the apps for leaderboards and tracking. Maybe I’m wrong but the app seems like it needs an update, and a big one.

- thanks

all i ever wanted

- 👏🏽

👍🏽 ya baby ya!! Very good intel!!!

- Please add a communication function

I would be really grateful if you guys could a chat function to chat with my friends while they’re in the lobby or even a mike function.

- Load outs

I have no clue if the right person will see this, but please hurry up and make it available for Modern Warfare load outs on the companion app. It would make changing everything much, much easier. Thanks!!

- Okay app

Useful for looking at stats and battle pass progress. It would be nice to be able to purchase packs and use create a class for MW though.

- Please fix this if it’s a bug

I had 900 cod points when I log in today it says I got 0 so I don’t know if that’s a bug or something but it’s not cool and I feel like I got robbed from cod points

- Good


- Gg

Is a good game to watch and play u should buy the game warzone

- Useful

Nice app to battle track your stats

- Good stuff

I like the app work well for what i wasn’t

- Account linking

It worked fine before but now I can’t log into my xbox account and when I am logged into it I can’t log into my actual call of duty account, it says I don’t have stats and to make sure the first party account is connected but it won’t let me connect to the first party account

- Gangster

Nuff said

- multiplayer

its honestly really useful if you enjoy playing multiplayer

- Add the war zone kid ratio

I wanna know my kd ratio on war zone. May find it please fix

- The official app!

It’s nice to have the official app. Nothing more to add. It’s great!

- Love it

It tells me when my friends are online so I can play with them

- Add players load outs into their profile

It would be extremely helpful and nice to be able to view (and maybe even edit your own) loadouts in this app.

- Weapons

I like the Rytek sniper. I do wish there were more scope, under-barrel, and stock options. It would also be great to see it in a few more weapon packs over time with some slick skins and colorings. Keep up the great work. The game is grown and getting better all of the time.

- great app BUT

if you could watch the recap of your matches, say for up to 24 hours? that would be a sick add on

- Review weapons

I wish there was a way to change your load out through the app. That would make this an easier app to get things done without wasting time doing it before a game. It’s just my opinion, I would rather be able to do it in the road

- Good enough. Needs more.

It is decent if I wanted to only see my stats. But there should be a way to message any/all friends through the app and then receive it either in app or game, whichever they are on at the time. Also, there's a weapon editor for bo4, but not for MW. That functionality would be so welcome in MW!

- Love it

Great App ... lol sike

- COD tracker

This app is amazing because being a fan of call of duty I can finally check my recent games to see how good I did and if I did bad, I can change my play style. I would really recommend this app to everyone.

- YaBoi

Not bad

- Good app

This is a good app, only issue is several times I have to uninstall and reinstall to get data to update. No big deal but otherwise it would have had 5 stars

- Good rewards and tracking

Good to track friends and your own stuff going on. Fun to get the rewards. But glitchy at time and having to remove the app and re install the app so it does t give you errors

- Add ability to edit multiplayer loadouts in app

That is all. I just want to edit my loadouts when I’m bored at work

- Stats

Great app but would love to see the full k/d stats.

- Can’t join friend’s squad

Every time I try to join a friend’s squad it just places me in a completely random squad

- Call of duty

Great app

- Squad


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- Good a s

Cool as f

- Great app just one suggestion to add to the app

Since in the latest update your able to gift battle pass's to other players. Would there be the ability within the app to buy COD points for your account?

- No loadout edit

The most important feature that I look for in a companion app is the ability to edit my loadouts, but this app doesn't have it. Or, maybe it has, but it's too well hidden that I couldn't find it. Another thing is when I clicked on providing feedback within the app, the keyboard pop-up would block the "send" button, and I couldn't minimize the keyboard, so I couldn't send feedback.

- Great app

Great app for up to date stats

- Love this app

Some of the lifetime stats don’t make sense. Like I know I’ve gotten a feeeeewww more headshots than 65 hahaha

- Really good

I like it

- Yeah


- Nobody get this app

Jesus Christ! This app is garbage! I’m not level 6 in bo4 multiplayer I’m prestige 5 level 48! Nobody waste your time on this it will just annoy you.

- Fix the app pls

Load out and leader board doesn’t work

- Broken Stats system

Lifetimes stats are simply wrong, and there are very few available statistics for COD MW

- Okay, kinda stupid

Nice rewards for playing. When a weekly tournament is over, you can’t see your results because you’re thrown into the next week’s tournament. So once you register on this app, there’s no point checking regularly. It needs a tournament history tab.

- Half of an app

None of the features that they push on us that make this app useful, stopped working and still don’t work. After a month and an update. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling and logging in/out. At this point it’s just another useless companion app.

- Like it

I like the app. I would like a message board on it for players who don’t have access to a mike to leave messages on. Or plan battles or group events.

- Awesome app


- Great App!

Tactical info and more! W Everything a new player needs to get an edge! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

- Can’t find squad

I’ve been trying to see my squad and it says I’m not in one but I go through a friend and I see I’m there but when I go through my own app it doesn’t work....

- Great !!!!!

Great app. Thanks guys

- Good Companion

lost a star because at times i find it only a little cluttered. Also hoping in future to see a messaging option for Activision friends or regiments etc. via the app.

- Real nice

Great app, but could be cooler, come on guys, I just feel it can be.

- Great app

This is the best kind of support app you can get

- So helpful

I love being able to see my stats easily

- 3 mill bonus

Keep cash high 3 million dollar bonus round. This will also make cash balloons worth while and cash deposits. And also satisfying to the one who kills and to the one how loots and in between

- Awesome

Love the app 👍👍👍👍👍

- Suggestions

Great app with nice features..would give 5 stars if we were able to look at the leaderboard of previous games and also when searching for a player to be able to see on which platform he plays on.

- Really want to see how we stack up against our friends with wins in Warzone!

Really great app just would like to see more Warzone stats! 🤘🏼

- Squad Tournament

I love this app!

- Enjoying the new cod

Used to play c-s this reminds me of the good old days thanks

- Statistiques

Permet de voir les détails des statistiques de combat en direct ! Marche bien

- Very good app

I like it, u just don’t see myself using it much unless I can configure load outs or interact with the actual game

- Call of duty

I placed first in the companion app and still haven’t revived my calling card yet

- Nice app, needs ability to Edit Loadouts though

Some good stuff in here, but of limited value until you can edit your load out for Warzone.

- Very good

Best app ever, showing everything from kpg to player stats. SUPPORT SUPPORT SUPPORT

- Great app but is missing one thing

I love the app and it only keeps getting better. I just wish is some way you can add the option to edit loadouts and views missions/activate them via app.

- Bo4


- Get the app

It’s so handy tracking all your progress and giving you tips

- COD Companion App

Occasional blips where friends don’t show up or games don’t track but other than that it’s quite good.

- Incredible.

Everything you would want and more!

- Can’t link account

Trying to link my Xbox account and after I enter my email and password it just takes me to a blank screen and nothing happens. Annoying.

- Nice app

Very good to see the statistics and nice interface also

- Meh

It does what it needs to I guess. But the game has zero regiment support (clans are no longer a thing) Just rather disappointed, I really expected more from the games app. They dumped so much into warzone and gave up on the game it seems.

- Bug parties recentes

L’application est super, il calcule les statistique et tout, mais il y a un bug au niveau des parties récentes! Les statistiques matchs après match ne fonctionnent plus. On a nos kills qui sont comptabilisés, mais on ne voit plus les statistiques précis de chaque match. À réparer svp

- says can’t find link to my account.

Can’t find link when I’m using right email.

- This is great to improve you stat

I love the app

- Works when it wants

App was great in the beginning when it was actually working. Ever since the delay for season 4 of WZ it hasn’t worked tho. Just like the games update sizes this is a waste of memory space

- Stats not Tracking

Ever since the new season my recent games are not showing

- Classes

How to edit classe? Look like it disappeared!

- Love it

It’s great gives double xp once a day

- Latest Version is Broken

It won’t let me go into the OPS page and play the tournaments to earn in game rewards or view my squad. Please fix.

- PS4

Can’t sign in to PSN

- Useful

Great for checking which friends are online, and nice login rewards. I wish I could use the app to send messages in game chat since I’m on PS4 and don’t have a keyboard. I also wish I could use the app to track challenges, since you can only change your active challenge in MW’s main menu.

- Great cod app

Good graphics and great information provided about you in game progress

- Yep

It crashes a lot on my iPhone but I do like it’s features

- Yikes

Won’t even let me make an account lmao

- So good

I love tracking my progress while I’m not allowed on my Xbox it’s easy to log in.

- Need to add more games such as cod black ops 2,3,1 infinite warfare

I don’t like how the games are only warzone and all the new games but other than that app pritty good


I love your game and to see what I done in the past games is so coool.

- This app is great.

E P I C A P P .

- I’ve only got one problem

The problem is that my stats won’t update, I’ve re-downloaded once and have tried searching for a solution but I can’t find any. So, whenever me and my friends strike up a conversation about COD I’ll show them my stats and find that my level is stuck at 61 and my gun information stays the same to. Besides that, it’s a very good app… good job 👌, your apps interface isn’t as bad as most other apps like this and it’s easy to figure out how to use.

- you need to fix some stuff

every time i win a match it doesn’t count to the weekly win battle but every else is good

- Improvements!

Being able to edit you loadout would make this app 5 stars!

- Mad app for stats

This app really helps to see what your stats are like and it helps a lot to see which guns you use most one thing that this app could do better is show all time stats because I can’t find a way to do that.

- Buggy

Good app to see stats, however it’s stuck on level 78 for some reason, when I’m 108.

- I wish this tracked challenges and gun skins

There's a big part missing from this app and that is to be able to use it while you're playing to keep an eye on all the challenges you're trying to achieve/see what you have to do next. With out that. Its not much of a "companion".

- The app needs CODM data

Please add call of duty mobile. I only downloaded this app for this soul perpose.

- Cod Companion (App Review)

The excellence of this app is shown in the first second you open it the equidistant lines percisting through the whole app is simply marvellous and the great app even provides you with some of the most excellent of challenges, groups and live stat report. 10/10 this app has won me over now off to the next review and remember she doesn't play with you she plays with your feelings

- Gd

Really enables the addiction

- Could be better

It’s hard to take this app seriously as there is no room for consumers to contact the game makers to raise issues, offer suggestions and critique developments. All it does is show your progress, give fluff pieces and allow you to purchase credits (apparently). While it’s handy to be able to compare stats with others outside your console that about all it does. You’d think they could at least give news or alerts to up coming game updates...

- Cod app review

This app is awesome its an easy way to look at yours and your friends stats and not only that the challenges are just a fun thing to do and getting rewards from it is super cool too

- Useful with obvious gaps

This app has an inbuilt feedback box, but the keyboard covers it and you can’t hit send so... Also please add load out editing, I’ll tweak my gear on the go and spend more time in game when I get home.

- Ops issue

Should really look into ops dropouts. Can never load screen.

- AP4CHE777

Awesome app

- access to stores through mobile app?

I want to spend some money through Apple, please allow

- Great but...

Just updated the create-a-class for each game. Would love to alter my loadouts on the go

- Message friends

Great app. Would love a messaging feature to be added.

- Good

Would be good to be able to edit Loadouts through the app

- MW app

Pretty cool how it shows your recent games and keeps all the records!

- Very good app

This is a good as app, shows everything I wanted and easy to access if I’m away from my COD😁

- Was good

The app was good, then I got kicked out of clan, can’t join another clan, won’t let me make another clan and none of the heat maps work. So it’s a good half an app

- Squad inactive

Can’t even be apart of the weekly tournaments because it always says squad inactive. Massive problem with most people at the moment. No help from support.

- Bug

Currently I’m in a squad have been for over a month and as of a few days ago it tells me my squads inactive and to join a clan yet when I search my clan I can see I’m still in there??

- Good

Great app

- Cod companion app

App works great

- Yup

Should be easier to add and kick team mates for inactivity.

- A good app

A good app to know stats and look at things in game.

- Good

I like how it shows your stats and all that but needs an update because not all the weapons for mw show



- Dont get the app

This app doesn't work and the game its from is pay to win

- Yeet!

Takes a little to update latest matches but pretty damn good otherwise! PS.. removing snake shots from WARZONE!

- Awesome

Love the game

- Bruh

Great app

- Loadout Editor

Good app but would love a loadout editor for modern warfare, especially now with the wide range of options we now have.

- Brilliant companion app

This app goes above and beyond my expectations.

- Awesome.

If you play COD MW then you simply have to download this app.

- 🔥FreeXp rewards & calling cards

This app is great, you get new rewards for modern warfare and they have the stats from all the games in more detail. It’s Just a cool app without stuff you have to “buy” thanks Activision for new updates and you guys fixing any bugs or problems.

- Cod is my dad

I ruv u ro much :)))))))))))))))

- Great App

This App is exactly what I’m looking for On the Go with COD in the ways of KD and such but I would like to see loadout editing for MW which would definitely make this App

- Thanks for the free app

Good app but could use a few changes Show all recent matches list only shows kills and spm need to add deaths and k/d ratio here and show placement for plunder matches and when you click on individual match stats maybe show team cash collected and personal cash collected LOADOUT EDITOR for MW/Warzone would be awesome

- Noice

Pretty good app and easy to navigate

- The gameplay-

It’s recreated perfect guys Gladly enjoying every corner of the maps and fights All weapons are balanced, except the problem here: I would like to see better sidearms, for back alley destruction Lethals all are amazing and are different to each other and are created stupendously. I would like to know where a throwing knife goes to more then what the game offers The classes and load out menu is beautiful and straight as an arrow, love looking at it, but it needs an amount larger in choosing more sidearms, maybe in the new updates cheers

- Network problem for ps

Says I have a network problem for the PlayStation sign in tf I’m sitting next to the internet box😂

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- Social tab is broken

Social tab is broken so cant get 2xp token

- I love the app

The app is great. I’ve only had an instance when it glitched out. Other than that I love it. Everyone has a different experience, for me this has been a great one. My team and I grind for those calling cards each week. You can keep track of it. I’ve reached out to Activision via Reddit and they are super prompt and helpful. Use your resources. Nothing is perfect and I get that. 5 stars!

- Good

It’s very good to see your stats to help you improve.

- Great app

Awesome App

- Little problem

The app itself is great I love to look at my recent games and everything thing but I recently bought 2400 to buy season 5 but it didnt process (I bought it on the xbox app) I don’t know if I need to get a refund or wait till I get home to look but I don’t have the money to buy it again so if anyone could tell me what happened or what but overall its a great app

- It’s really good

Even though they haven’t updated the app for Season 5 yet, it’s really great.

- app yes good

fr tho this is a dope app

- Amazing

Amazing cod app to get rewards everyday and check stats

- This app needs a lot of work still..

Issues with joining your friends squads, there is also issues the “ops” feature and loading up the information. All I am shown is “error” when I’m in a squad etc. It would be nice if this application was throughly looked over and fixed so that we can utilize the features we thought we would have, because if it were fixed this app would be amazing. As for right now, mediocre at best.

- Most everything has been fixed

Big improvements. We now have more accurate info.

- Awesome

Great app

- Mic

Mic please

- Cool

It would be awesome if I could see who my best teammate was and how I played with all my friends

- Review

It’s lit

- Awesome

Keep up with stats of your friends and self plus much more!

- Great idea. If only it was made by adults

Great idea. Horrible app. Must of been coded by a 3rd grader. Sorry I don’t want to be rude to 3rd graders.

- It’s the best game of 2020

Enjoying season four .... Can’t wait for season 5 U guys have done a good job with this game. But it’s a lot of Hackers that be on here playing off there PC . Don’t know if y’all could stop that from happening but overall I’m going to keep playing this game because it’s 🔥💯👍🏾 .... from @phillyluv

- Love the app

I think the app is awesome. The only thing is I’m having problems with the squad setting. It won’t let me join the squad I want even though there are open places in that squad.

- Great app to fact check

Me and boys use this app to see who’s doing better for the week or just in total. I think it’ll be cool for the app to recommend class load outs based off performance with certain guns. Other than that? Great app

- Need to see load out and list of guns and attachments

Need to see load out and list of guns and attachments

- Solid App

Love the app. I do feel that the stats are a little off from when I’m on the box but other than that I love it!!

- Call of duty app

It’s a good app if you want to get better


I wish I could change my custom classes for warzone on the go, so when I come back to the PS4, they’ll be ready to go. Otherwise, no problems with the app.

- Great tracking, needs better social

Love being able to track KD and do friend comparisons. Love the rewards for using the app and enjoy tournaments. Please fix the squad joining bug or whatever it is. Can’t join squads you want, instead it dumps you into some random place when you click join on the squad you really want so it’s impossible to tournament with your friends. Also an additional improvement would be adding a social feature like Discord has so you can text cross-platform friends while retaining your privacy. Those two fixes would make it 5-star for me.

- Everything

This app has everything! Great deal and really well done. Love that it links to your character so you can see your recent stats!

- this app is great

i love this app it has a clean and sleek design and keeps me up to date on all the new cod releases and updates.

- iPhone app is great-iPad app is “Nah”

The app is great and up to date with my stats. The IOS app is beautifully design with constructed pillars of information. It looks like the fit for the IOS app is the same size for my IPAD which makes the app look like a pea on a 12.9 inch plate.

- Fabulous

This app is just amazing, the developer did a very good job.

- Call of duty

Awesome app

- Bug fixes

Needs a little bit of bug fixes I was watching the livestream today for about 2 hours and got no credit of even watching it at all. Other than that it’s a great app

- For iPhone use

Works great on my iPhone, but all my friends with Samsung or like phones have been having a lot of issues getting the app to work properly, I have to keep sending screen shots of their scores to them! Update 6/15/20: had to uninstall on iPhone because weekly tournament’s wouldn’t load and would not let me see squad! After redownloading worked fine! update 8/1/20: working much better lately still very rarely have to uninstall and reinstall but not a huge issue takes mins

- Amazing App

The best part about this app is that I’m able to track my progress and compete in weekly tournaments.

- Good for seeing your progress Nd more

It’s rly good I like it

- Squad Issues

Every time I try to join a specific squad with my friends, it puts me in a random squad that has nothing to do with the one I want to join. App works good other than this issue.

- What ever

It’s 😎

- 💙✅💙✅💙✅

Love being able to pull up stats in seconds while in game or on go ect.

- Call of duty

Best app ever I like everything on their I’ve been playing call of duty since I first got my 360 and I have a ps4 now and I gotta say keep it up cause it’s awesome

- Good app with stats real time

Why is it, all previous year game info and map pictures do not appear on this app?

- Good but...

The stats don’t seem to be right

- Decent app

Pretty decent, real time updates for matches but it’s not accurate for the weapon stats, need to add in what your current build is for the guns, and show what level it is at.

- Confusing

It’s kind of confusing but it’s a great app

- Nice


- Love Call of duty

Call of duty is amazing

- Great app 👍🏼

It is an easy way for me to see if my friend are online and check stats I highly recommend

- Great app!

Great app for CoD players I like how I can see my weekly kd in warzone


Increíble juego! Lo disfruto todos los días

- info

information not true

- Como obtengo mi premio


- Fix it

No result no result

- Great way to add friend on the go

Great way to add friends on the go

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@charlieINTEL: The Call of Duty Companion app received an update today, bringing the ability to view and purchase items from in-game sto…

@charlieINTEL: The Call of Duty Companion app received an update today, bringing the ability to view and purchase items from in-game sto…

@RoDoVaL @BattleRoyaleCoD Call of Duty Mobile Companion App 👍.

@64hk0BBR67i2E9z @MW4ar حمل برنامج Call of Duty من الرابط ادخل على قائمة Player من تحت تح…

@johnstubbins @BattleRoyaleCoD It's in the Call of Duty companion app for Android/iOS. There's a player tab at the…

@CoDIntelES: La Companion App de Call of Duty para móviles recibió una actualización que permite: • Ver y comprar objetos disponibles e…

@charlieINTEL: The Call of Duty Companion app received an update today, bringing the ability to view and purchase items from in-game sto…

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Call of Duty Companion App 2.9.0 Screenshots & Images

Call of Duty Companion App iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Call of Duty Companion App iphone images
Call of Duty Companion App iphone images
Call of Duty Companion App iphone images
Call of Duty Companion App iphone images
Call of Duty Companion App iphone images
Call of Duty Companion App Utilities application ipad screenshots and images not ready...
Call of Duty Companion App Utilities application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Call of Duty Companion App Utilities application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Call of Duty Companion App (Version 2.9.0) Install & Download

The applications Call of Duty Companion App was published in the category Utilities on 2018-11-03 and was developed by Activision Publishing, Inc. [Developer ID: 285005466]. This application file size is 48.29 MB. Call of Duty Companion App - Utilities posted on 2020-08-11 current version is 2.9.0 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

Call of Duty Companion App Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Profanity or Crude Humor
Infrequent/Mild Realistic Violence
Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence

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