Alien: Blackout

Alien: Blackout [Games] App Description & Overview

The terror of Alien is brought to life in Alien: Blackout. Try to stay alive while trapped aboard a crippled Weyland-Yutani space station carrying a deadly Xenomorph as it tirelessly hunts you and the crew. Outsmart the perfect hunter by making perilous choices. Players must rely on the damaged controls of the space station or risk sacrificing crew members to avoid deadly contact, permanently altering the outcome of the game.

Survive seven fear-inducing levels by remotely guiding Amanda Ripley's crew through increasingly challenging tasks using only the station’s emergency systems. The uncertainty and unpredictability of both the alien and her crew can impose total defeat for Amanda and the entire station.

Alien: Blackout is a unique fear-inducing horror mobile game experience that will test the inner nerves of both Alien and horror fans alike, where life can end in an instant.


SURVIVE OR DIE – Using only the space station’s limited power supply to operate a holographic map, surveillance cameras, and motion tracker, attempt to remain hidden and protect your crew from the perfect hunter in seven fear-inducing levels.

A NEW CHAPTER IN THE ALIEN FRANCHISE – A new chapter in the Alien franchise following the saga of Amanda Ripley, Ellen Ripley’s daughter, between the films Alien and Aliens.

FIRST CLASS ALIEN MOBILE EXPERIENCE – An immersive and captivating Alien experience, perfectly designed for mobile gaming, bringing the Alien story to life.

ENCOUNTER FEAR AGAIN AND AGAIN – Every decision can be fatal! Fewer crew members makes missions more challenging. Players can test different strategies and theories to outlast the Xenomorph in pursuit of victory!

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Alien: Blackout Customer Service, Editor Notes:

"SURVIVE" is an all-new, hard core way to play Alien: Blackout. There are no saves between levels, no restarts, and you only have 3 power slots. Can you survive Alien: Blackout?

Alien: Blackout Comments & Reviews

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- Epic Game

I have been enjoying this game and I only got it today! I also like the challenges of dark vents on lvl 3. I like the challenge and the blackouts are the only way I die. My entire crew was only picked off once. That shows that this alien is no match for me (I also like the A.I)

- I loved this

I will start off saying that if you have played Alien: Isolation, you will probably enjoy this more. To me this game is a good companion game to Isolation. I suppose this is a sequel from a story perspective but there are some holes between games. THERE ARE NO MICROTRANSACTIONS! But if new content (levels only) was developed for this game, I would definitely gladly purchase them. It was tense and got my blood flowing, and probably one of my top mobile gaming experiences.

- Alien Blackout

Hey! I haven’t even downloaded the game yet as I was writing this, but from the “trailer” I can tell that this looks AWEOSME! I’m guessing this is like the mobile version of Alien isolation, and if so... that’s so cool! I’ve seen so many you there play alien isolation and they have great reviews on it!i can’t wait to see how this game works!

- Neat


- Great game

It’s an amazing game and I really love it and I hope you make more like alien vs predator games.

- Great Game!

Great game with a gripping story and adrenaline inducing gameplay. I wish there were more chapters for this game!!!!

- Great game

This game reminds me of jollibee phase 2 or phase 1 this like the best fnaf rip off in the world like this is the true fnaf alíen game in the world

- Good, Very Difficult Game. Glitch

I bought this knowing I am a very interested fan of Alien Franchise! I played it, and it was very difficult. Challenging, but enjoyable. Although now... whenever I open the game.. it glitches and exits. Even when I delete it and reopen. Please help refund my money.

- Good

Works well

- W O W

This game shocked me for how good it is. It really gives the feeling of being isolated, would recommend spending a buck for a feeling you wont forget.

- Great concept for the franchise

This is one of the better concepts in the Alien game franchise. With a lot of the other games that were made in the past, it was luck to make it a few minutes into the game. The command and control aspect of the game makes it a bit more fun. The alien stalking the ductwork adds a new aspect to the type of app. There used to be a few good apps that worked in a similar style but they have all vanished. The only complaint is that there is zero audio with this app on iOS 11.3.1 which is supposed to be compatible.

- Looks great, but no sound.

Can’t play it, but what I get to see, looks great. No sound. Have tried everything. Ahhh....

- Good game

This game is amazing. I just wish the creators can add more levels and a different mission set. Really enjoyable and keeps me going. It did scare me one or twice.

- Good just needs some improvement

A very five nights at freddys feel when it comes to gameplay. My biggest complaint is that it starts you off right away with no explanation of the controls and very little help. There is a little option in the menu to show you some of it but I think a introduction to the controls was very much needed in the beginning. it’s an unforgiving game if you make a mistake, so clear laid out controls should have been apart of the opening. The story is good and voice acting and such, I think it has great potential. I will give it a try again maybe after looking up a how to play video hopefully I can find one.

- Eeli


- Awesome but too short

Only took me a few hours to finish, gameplay is both fun and challenging.

- No clue

I have no idea what I’m doing and there’s absolutely no explanation to how things work!!!! Some weird glimpse moving around I think the red dot is the alien and there’s like three security cameras or something.... A horrible game if only there was anyway to know what you are supposed to do! I can’t emphasize enough how bad this game is without explaining anything!!!!! Apparently the alien killed both of my characters on two completely different ends of the map plus there’s only two cameras.... this game is just so bad if whoever made this could just explain what the heck I should be doing....!!!!!!

- A quick note

The only issue that I find necessary to address is that sometimes when you try to shut the door before the xenomorph gets in, you can’t shut the door. Besides that minor problem, this is an absolutely amazing game.

- Awesome game

This game is so awesome and it would be even better if we could be thorncraft and the other people.

- Refund

Game not is miss leading


This game is AMAZING!! It is the right mix of strategy and horror. And it doesn’t even need blood to scare you. I agree with the Ripley mode and the extreme mode. Hope these modes become available soon. Thanks!

- El jueguito del monito

Este juego no se pone y no lo compren mejor comprense un destornillador cuántico

- Warning data thieves

This company steals your data don’t believe me the rearms read them to even play you have to agree to let them take your phone data what’s worse your up address IP address noooo one does that by the way I’m in Cali we have data protection you don’t give us the option to opt out if that. So don’t download they are breaking the law

- Pretty...

... But it started over to its beginning when I resumed. 😣

- Great game

I love the game. This would be cool in VR. The atmosphere really needs another addition to it and I feel like VR would help out.

- Great game for iOS

I’m impressed with Black Out. It has the look and feel of Isolation which is one of my favorite games of the generation. Great atmosphere loaded with tense moments. Highly recommended!

- My favorite thing to do with this game is...

You have to hand it to the folks that put Alien: Blackout together. Even after a year, it still gets to you. (In a good way!) The fact that you can play this, regardless of your experience, and get some amount of adrenaline rush is amazing. Because of that, I use Alien: Blackout to help get myself out of bed. It never fails! Just remember to win, because losing somehow makes the rush sputter into a crash.

- Multiplayer?

I know that this might sound dumb but what if there was multiplayer parties? Like there can be a camera person and the rest has to do the mission, it could be easy, medium and or hard based on the maps difficulty and stuff! I just think that it’s a very cool concept..

- Second level way to hard

Way to hard for being the second level

- Good game but

It’s a amazing game but....... you should be able to be the alien against a squad of other players field team 4 people and commander tells them objectives if to hide to hurry up or the monsters location there should also be easy mode alien is slower easier to detect and no time limit

- Could be better

Why not make it like the one for console instead of like a interactive story line 🤷‍♂️

- Great horror game

Loved this game, it was very tense and fun to play. I only wish there were more level or some kind of continuation to a story, but otherwise a great experience!

- So far...

This game looks good and it’s quite suspenseful however do note that your device will probably heat up very quickly. I was playing the game for 5 minuets and my device was already warm. So I recommend putting power save mode in the settings options. That’s all.

- Love these games

Which they would make another isolation for the ps4 or xbox or switch

- Ambos

Es estratégico y difícil porque debes estar pendiente de ti y de tus compañeros

- Infested with analytics and trackers

This app is infested with multiple analytics and trackers from Appsflyer to Unity Analytics. Why do I need to be spied on to play a game?

- Great game but...

My brother and I love the game but we don’t understand how to escape or how to win.

- Lol it’s funny

Bro kids will or don’t even care about quartine from this

- Cool but

It could be cool if there was a mode to play as alien in 1person

- Extremely Boring

I’m not sure why this is getting such high reviews. The game is boring, all you do is switch security cameras around to open and close doors while trying to keep your rescue party alive. The graphics are low quality, the character models move like robots. Overall a cheap boring game with the Alien name attached to it.

- Tight!

This game is really good! I don’t really play many iPhone games but giving this a shot. My first impressions were blown away. It’s really suspenseful at times and it has all those little horror elements that bring the movie perfectly into a nice game. Definitely recommend it, even if you never watched any of the Alien movies before.

- Awesome five nights at Freddy Aliens version!

This is a great game! Just some thought for development, this game would be even funner with mini games for the objectives.

- Very Good and Intense

I Love How It Makes You Scared and That You Have To Keep The People Safe While You Also Have To Keep It From Killing You! I Would Recommend Buying But Who Cares I Am Just A Random Person On The Internet Have A Good Day!

- I rarely rate 5 stars

Now this game has me in awe. I never expected a mobile game to get this good. I am a big fan of alien isolation and I have beaten it in every single difficulty. I knew that this game was the sequel but I didn’t expect what happened. I won’t tell any spoilers by this is my new favorite game and I play it anytime I can. It is not too scary for me (don’t worry it is still scary as heck but I’m used to it) and it’s smooth and has you on edge. When I first saw the alien I did actually scream because I didn’t expect to see it that early because I’m alien isolation you don’t actually get to see the alien until after an hour of gameplay. This is my new favorite game and I love it it is worth the money and awesome!

- Awesome game!

I’m a huge fan of anything having to do with the Alien franchise. This is a great game to play in the dark. Haha. Really captures that claustrophobic sci horror feel spot on.

- I see alien covenant

I great I see a on game ripoff movie it funny watch easy See it I see new alien from Prometheus I see in new monster never see on movie? More levels and new alien;) Remind me from Prometheus 2 guys got kill alien snake? They are morns movie release time. I next game get new alien and alien isolation Update get more levels and new alien from Prometheus makes Scared make running for money;) I wish you guys I wish games like alien isolation Great job game Can you update maps Next game?🎮

- I finished

Ok, so I finished and I was stunned by the ending. This is like Alien, and I love that. I love the references to both Alien and Aliens. Please make another one of these. That would be great. Plz make a sequel. Plz.

- My review on alien blackout

One of the if not the best mobile app I ever played. I love jump scares and if you do you should get this game also the game’s music is very suiting for the game.

- Awesome

Hi will we see any more updates or a sequel ?

- What are blips?

I forgot what the blips are but WHY CANT WE SEE THEM I am sorry for caps but that’s it it’s short

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- Wish I’d read the synopsis closer. Boring.

This game consists of sitting at a control and opening/closing doors and leading dots to safety. Extremely dull. I welcome the alien death just so something will happen.

- Great game!

This is an awesome game! I highly recommend playing with headphones. The intensity and terror of hearing the alien coming and looking up from the console too late to find it next to you is great. I finished playing the normal way. Going to try to ‘survive’ next. But the biggest question on my mind is, when will we get the sequel?

- Looks like a fnaf rip-off, but I love it!

So when I saw this game, I noticed that it looked like a fnaf rip-off, because there is something hunting you and you must look at the cameras, but I downloaded it. And boy did I love. This is the best game ever!

- Good game

Great game and fun and hard it is great I would buy it I did buy ha but still fun and great

- I expected isolation type stuff

Ok when I saw this game I thought it was gonna be more like isolation then fnaf but either way I like this game it’s fun misleading them sometimes anyway thx for reading (if you did)

- 5 STARS!!

I think this is an amazing game, and I love every little thing about it, it’s just insanely incredible that it’s on mobile, and I would recommend this game to anyone. Now there would be some nice touches like when a crew member dies blood goes on the wall or their body just lays there bleeding out what’s left, also if you could be a crew member and walk around trying to avoid and and a.i. OR EVEN MULTIPLAYER Can be the at the panel. Like voice chat and their voice is distorted like an affect and they can help you and guide you. Geez, that’s overwhelming, well still the game is amazing in every way, like checking the vent, what vent it is, it’s just so good. Ima wrap this up but thanks for the game. I 100% do not and never will regret my buy.

- A great game

This is a fun and challenging. Trying to keep everyone alive is not easy especially there are a lot of blind spot. I’m glad I got this and glad it was made keep up the good work. Not looking forward to survival but I will prevail.

- Pretty good. Needs features

I think there should be a mode where you don’t have to worry about yourself dying, only your crew.

- Short, Sweet, And Nostalgic.

I absolutely enjoyed this mobile game, it really captured that terror feeling of Alien Isolation, that pressure of having crew members lives in your hands as you direct them to their possible death, and if they do get caught the screams of death are BONE CHILLING, the panic in survivors voices as they hear the Xenomorph approach them is crazy real, the shrieks of anger/terror that the Alien emits as you maneuver the crew is terrifying. Amazing sounds design, voice acting, level design, etc. 100% worth the $1.00 and I highly recommend everyone to buy this, as a huge fan of AVP, this was an absolute thrill!

- Alien Blackout is a great game, but it has some flaws

Alien Blackout is a fantastic game but it’s too dang short. The gameplay is fun. It always keeps you on your tows. The game looks great too. But theirs not that much. Here’s some things that would help to improve your game. First, add more levels or an endless mode. Second, in that endless mode make it so where you can change the setting of the game so like alien ai or add more bots. I’ve also completed the game one time with one survivor and with all four. Well, that’s all I can think of right now so well I hope this helped you and such. Update 1: is this game still getting updates? Update 2: I really hope this game get’s more updates, like a sandbox mode, where you can build your own level with the rooms that are already in the game. More levels would be nice, but the sandbox mode would be good for that.

- Great game

I’m happy that I purchased this game yesterday morning for $0.99 well worth the money love the franchise definitely would recommend everyone who is a fan to pick this up while on sale and I personally think it should have some DLC levels I highly enjoy and appreciate the atmosphere of the game for those surprise scares just like the movies great job to everyone involved with this game god bless you all.

- More games

You should make another game like alien vs predator or like make a hide and seek game

- Great game

This is one of my favorite mobile games and I see no problem with the game the game itself is great in so many ways I also love the mechanics and I’m very surprised this isn’t on the front page because it definitely deserves it more that most of the games up there this is a really great game and I’m surprised there’s not people copying this game like people do but I am happy nobody is and this is truly a great game

- Too difficult

It's way to difficult for me to enjoy . I'd really wish there was some way for this horror alien movie-themed game. To be adjusted so I am able to have fun without expecting the same scare every time .

- Love the game but

I really like this game and loved playing it but it’s a little boring after a wily it is so boring maybe add a mod whare you are the alien

- I love it!

I was skeptical to say the least when I saw that there was an Alien Isolation spin-off coming to Mobile. After all, it is probably one of my favorite games of all time, and mobile has a tendency to ruin good IPs... But I am pleasantly surprised to see that the mobile game subverted my low expectations by capturing the same atmosphere and tension as the console game. They definitely got a few scares out of me which I didn’t expect from a mobile game, and overall I just find it to be a surprisingly fitting addition to the universe. I would happily buy a sequel of this mobile game as well. Overall I just find the game to be unique, graphically satisfying, and fun. Managing your fear and uncertainty with limited resources is such a satisfying treat, especially when you implement a plan and it is successful. They manage to keep the difficulty of the original game and capture that whole “oh... she got me again. Not this time Alien!” feeling I got from the first game. Really really have to applaud you dev team for the work you put into this game. It is clearly a labor of love and well worth the asking price in my opinion.

- Great game but too short.

I love this Game. I think it’s True to the essence of the movies. Great horror puzzle. leaves me like wait that’s it. Don’t get me wrong for the price it’s good. I’m not asking for more storylines from other survivors...all tho that would be great! I would like more puzzles. They don’t have to be part of the storyline at all. Just add more levels. Please

- Good and scary

A very fun game

- How Wonderful!

I have played this for only a few minutes and this is extremely scary and fun I’ve also played the main game I couldn’t even finish how scary it was but although this game is fun and horrifying to play please add more levels.

- Straight From the Film

These are some notes/ thoughts I took in real time, while playing this game. I was very skeptical of the quality and immersion of this game. I mean after all it’s a phone game, but I was PLEASANTLY surprised by the quality, craftsmanship, time and effort that went into making this game feel like it’s something right out of the movie! Great intro graphics Voice actors sounds incredibly like the voice actor from alien isolation and like she is Ripleys daughter from the films Love the old typing sound and font style on the screens like you would see in the movies and on computers from that time. The Alien looks so much like the film aliens. The action starts right away which is refreshing since there is no boring, uninteresting intro. I love that Amanda can control everything through the area she is in and help the newly docked arrivals. The music in between is beautiful and eerie, a great choice for this type of suspenseful game. You’ll be clenching your jaw and gripping the edge of your seat, it’s truly just as scary and suspenseful as the movies the levels may seem short but they are extremely well crafted, thought out and executed. I’m just to level two and I will definitely be playing this over and over!!

- alien

the app didn't work. i tryed to to use it and couldn't get past the first loading screen and un installing and reinstalling dident fix it it just kept freezing and crashing

- Worth the money and hoping for more!

I love everything alien and I saw this game on a recent snow storm in Denver a couple days ago and figured why not? It is incredible challenging and literally keeps you on your toes!!! A few times I screamed from not checking my surroundings and not listening carefully. I would LOVE more of this game and more levels! My only disappointment was it’s a short story and I’m hoping that they add more! The story I didn’t pay much attention because I was trying to keep everyone alive, haha! The visuals, the sounds, the story line almost had me feel like I was crouched in a ventilation shaft! Great work and recommend playing this with headphones for a incredible experience!

- For an app.... it’s good

I have played the PC version of this game over and over. If anyone knows someone who made the original, please, for all that is good in this world, tell them to make a sequel. It’s an amazing game.... This app game is not a FPS. This game follows Ripely after the Alien Isolation game. An alien managed to get on the ship she is on and she is hiding from the alien and while sending out SOS. A crew docks with the ship looking to make some repairs to their shuttle craft. Ripley, uses her abilities to tap into cameras and door locks while hiding in the air ducts. She aids the team while they try to complete objectives and avoid the alien. It’s a creative way to get an alien fix. But I still want an AI part 2 for the PC!! Please! Someone...

- Great game but can you could expand!

So it is a visually striking game with great animations for a great price however I think you could expand. New missions: Savior mission: you and your team go onto the ship in a first person multiplayer view and have to save people who are stuck on the ship and kill the aliens if you need to and make sure they don’t die while a mpc gives you instructions on where to go in the security paddock having the ability to open the doors. Savior mission variant 2: this would be a mission in the jungle where you have to go with your multiplayer team to investigate the cite and find and clues then survive the aliens and watch your teams back. Savior mission variant 3: so you and your team is in one the hardest positions you must search the giant xenomorph pod area from the movie where multiple aliens come out of the grotesk breeding walls made of slime and goup from the xenomorph and there is a alien queen hiding within. These don’t need to be added and I’m not trying to ruin the main part of the game I just think it could be expanded on.

- Could not begin a new game

Is there a way to make this have like potato graphics so I can run it?

- This

This game ultra dodo

- Fun fun and scary

I’m writing this while I hide in the ducts of my house. This game is nothing but fun and addicting. One problem I have is that your crew always runs off the cameras before the Aline kills them...( it kinda ruins the “horror” effect ya’know?) anyway if it weren’t for that I wouldn’t be giving this review four stars. I think something just slithered into the ducts of my hou— help pls...

- Absolutely Amazing

This game captures the true unsettling nature of the franchise and makes for some very tense and heart attack inducing suspense that I haven’t felt in a game sine the original resident evil. The only down side is that I can’t continue my progress from my iPad to my iPhone. Other than that I absolutely love this game.

- Overall, really good.

Ever since I saw the movie when I was 12, I loved the film franchise. And when I just discovered there was a game, (13 by the way,) I just wanted to get it. And overall, the game is beautiful! The graphics, sounds, xenomorphs, everything! Please keep up the good work!

- 5 out of 5 Stars, Amazing Game!

I don’t know how much I can say about bugs and such as I just started playing, but here’s what you can expect from the game: • Very amazing graphics • Alien Isolation’s Protagonist returns • Xenomorph is fast as usual • Keeps you on edge • Has awesome voice acting If you go in expecting it to be Alien Isolation Mobile Edition....don’t. It’s its own separate game with Ripley returning as the main character. Now I’m not criticizing this in the slightest, I’m pushing out what people expect and think the game is. The camera system is similar to FNaF and it isn’t. You are actually responsible for these 4 crewmembers lives and let me just say 3 out of 4 are dead. Mostly because of my own lack in strategy. You can open and shut doors, and must keep an eye on your own vent for the lovely Mrs. Xenomorph. The game is half first and half third person view. Now, is this game scary? In my opinion, yes. I mean, Isolation absolutely had me on edge, this gives more of a paranoia fright to it and while it doesn’t necessarily come for me 24/7, I feel bad as I see the horrible fate of these innocent fools who landed in the station. If you like Alien spinoffs, it’s worth the $4.99. I feel my money was well spent and give this game a 5/5 stars.

- Boring Boring Boring

There are no redeeming qualities in this “game.” Huge disappointment.

- Great and (semi) original game!

This game is absolutely amazing I do have a idea though. A lot of people probably already thought of this but you guys could add a multiplayer mode where you could play as 3 different type of characters: 1.the alien 2.Ripley(obviously) 3.everyone else

- This is awesome!!!!

I live to watch all the alien movies. I love this game. Once this game came out. I wanted to get this. So I got it. And guess what I liked it. This game is random so I do not know what to do but then I figured it out. And also the graphics are awesome. I liked how the alien comes into your room office and then kill you. Only thing is I want more types of jump scares when alien comes in. But one I love alien in general and two I love this game. Thank you!!! ❤️❤️❤️

- Needs a unlimited time mode

It needs a unlimited time mode because it’s very hard when your on a time limit because then you have to wait for the alien to move from the center of the map or make your people run, but if your make them run then hide they run into a locker but they scream giving their location so someone please make a unlimited time mode. (Maybe sandbox to.)

- I love the game but it needs something

My favorite fnaf based mobile game out there worth the money but.... Don’t take me ring I love the game it’s just that in the pictures it shows one death animation so that’s why the game needs,death animations for example the alien is in the vents and it grabs the and then blood drips down and basic death animations for the hallways. It could also use more cameras for the hallways and for the vents. because the motion censers help it’s just it would be way better with more cameras I will rate five stars if these expectations are reached.

- Did you hear that

I write this review as I hide in the duct work of my house. Did I just see the alien climb into the vent on camera one. Quick Yutani open the door and get to the elevator the powers about to go out. It’s coming, I must close the hatch, not sure when I’ll be back on line, but I leave you with this BUY THIS GAME IT IS FREAKIN AWESOME. ..CLICK...

- More Levels

I absolutely love this game! I like the challenge! I also love the Alien franchise is general. It’s so fun to play when your bored! My only suggestion is to add more levels and I’m saying this because of how much I love this flipping game! Please add more levels in the future!!!!!

- I love alien blackout ♥️

This game is so cool!!!! But the one thing is the name. Yes there is a blackout but it’s five nights. So shouldn’t it be called five nights at ripely’s. but this game is so cool I like how you are in some sort of vent and xenomorph can get you. It’s olso a good price 4.99$ and the ending is so cool 😎 and the alien is so life like I was inspired by this game

- Nice but I have a cool idea

I think the game is cool but I think you should add a mode where we could be the alien. But of course we have downsides to who we are so we can’t just spam attacks on the same person or stay in the same spot.

- Super short 2 hours MAX.

This is a $1.00 game at best. It’s very beautiful, controls are simple, but I beat it not being a hard gamer in a few hours saving everyone. I super disappointed it’s only 7 levels. Similar $4.99 games have provided days / weeks of entertainment. Requested refund.

- Hard pass

Not sure how they even consider this a game. Any review over a 2 stars doesn’t seem real. I literally can’t believe I paid $4.99 to stare at an Atari map. These guys must be laughing all the way to the bank on the fans dollar. There is less actual gameplay than anything I’ve “played” before. Please refund my money instead of your cut and pasted response.

- Intense game. Love it

It’s a pretty fun and challenging game. When I preordered it I couldn’t wait to get it. It has a fnaf vibe and it’s something different to play. I rate it five stars

- Great atmosphere, poor help

You can’t fault the look and feel of the game, but instructions and help are nonexistent. I didn’t understand a significant part of the game, couldn’t figure it out and it wasn’t addressed in the very short instructions. I emailed the developer for help and was told they couldn’t help me, and they referred me to the instructions I had just told them weren’t helpful. Badly needs a tutorial or more help for those who aren’t experienced gamers.

- Amazing

This game is AMAZING. I’ve been playing for just a couple minutes and I’m already obsessed! Keep up the awesome game.

- Great

Game is great. Wish if it comes out on the switch

- Becomes Predictable, but a Very Fun Experience

After playing this game to completion twice so far (once to complete the story for the first time, and once again to keep all four crew members intact for the whole journey), I adore the concept and execution of its ideas and mechanics. It’s a relatively short puzzle-horror game, but one that remains fun throughout. The main issue I have with the game after playing it as much as I have (two attempts doesn’t sound like much, but there were a lot of restarts, especially in my second play through), is that you eventually begin to learn the alien’s routes. It’s absolutely vital in a game like this to let the player be able to pick up on the alien’s behavior, allowing them to somewhat predict what it might do or where it might go next, or else the game would become frustrating. However, that sort of thing isn’t what I’m talking about. The main issue I have here is that after several restarts, you begin to realize that the alien literally has a set path it takes in each level. It starts in the same room at the beginning of the level every time and proceeds along the exact same route every time. It got to the point where I knew what to tell my crew to do - when to run, when to hide - without keeping track of the alien’s location, because after enough deaths and restarts, you know where it’ll be and when. I was able to think, “Now it’ll walk down this hallway. Then it’ll jump into that vent. Then it’ll pop back out over here. Then it’ll walk back around here” and be correct every time. This level of predictability is my biggest problem with this game, both as a fan of the Alien franchise and video games of this style. The xenomorph is supposed to be the ultimate killer; unpredictable (to a degree), learning from the behavior of its prey and adapting as such. And when I bought this game, keeping the generously low price tag in mind, I expected the smart and evolving Alien AI to offer the primary replay value for this game, as this would give reason to keep being afraid and keep paying attention to every detail, even after you’ve mastered the game’s mechanics and memorized the maps themselves. Why not have the alien start in a different room after a restart to keep things fresh? If your crew starts in the bottom-left of the map, make the alien have a chance to spawn in a number of varying locations on the ends of the map far away from them (a chance to spawn up top, in the lower right corner, in the top left, etc.), and from there, have it travel down a completely random path and let its AI figure out where the crew is from there. This would lead to a fresh experience no matter how many times you play the same level, and a reason to stay on your toes at all times, learning the alien’s behavior rather than its immersion-breaking, pre-programmed route. I’m also not a fan of the alien’s tendency to “suddenly realize” it shouldn’t be on the complete opposite end of the map as the crew (despite supposedly not knowing where they are) and immediately sprint to their location at lightning speed for no natural reason, leaving little time to react, a crew death that feels unfair, and a frustrated and confused player. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE this game. It’s great! The mechanics are tight and so well balanced. The crew members react and respond quickly and efficiently to your commands, and the alien (before you map its movements, of course) feels like the terrifying enigma it rightfully should, and trying to keep track of it with the cameras and motion detectors is a great thrill! And that’s why I would love a couple quality-of-life changes that would really help this game shine and succeed. For 5 bucks though, I can’t complain too much. And even with the small frustrations I experienced as well as the annoyingly mapped-out route the alien takes, there’s so much the game does right to apologize for it; I certainly got more than my money’s worth of fun and classic Alien dread while it lasted. Alien: Blackout is a great little puzzle-horror game while it’s new and fresh to the player, and I’d absolutely recommend giving it a shot! I have to also personally commend the devs for actually making a phone game interest me, and hook me all the way through, despite my personal, biased distaste of phones as a gaming platform. Well done! And thanks for the fun. :)

- Wow, this is awesome

I really loved this game, the graphics are great and and it really freaked me out whenever the xenomorph was in the vents coming toward me. At first I really did think it was gonna be a fnaf clone but it’s only similar in the fact that you look at cameras, can’t move, and have to close the door sometimes, but the main focus is more on guiding the crew around. Over all, great game, great atmosphere, great graphics, and good scares.

- To the devs... - updated

I gave this 5 stars because I'm sure it's a great game. I just bought it today. Unfortunately it won't even load the first level; it freezes on the loading screen. I'm using an iPad 4 running iOS 10.3.3. I was wondering if you are aware of this and if so I hope you have plans for fixing it in the near future. Edit: I re-rated this at 1 star because of the issue mentioned above. I informed them I was able to replicate the issue on another iPad 4 running the same iOS. There is no way they aren't aware of this issue. They basically told me I was out of luck, but I didn't want to get a refund because I'm holding out hope that they will address and FIX this issue.

- So good! Better than five nights at Freddy’s But..

I really like the alien franchise. I like how you can guide the crew through the station, but with fear. I like the details too! This is a good game. But wat would be cool if u can maybe add a mode where u can play multiplayer and nobody guides the crew. But work together to fix things and find controls to get out of the space station. That would actually be really cool. And someone can be the alien. It can be a random picker. And there can also be like a few maps. That would make the game pretty awesome. If you do, that would be very very cool! And good job on the game! 🤩

- Amazing

The only thing it’s too short😭. I love the game so much and that’s why I want you to add more to the story so that people can continue to play it.

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- Amazing

Alien blackout is amazing hands down and I hope to see even more amazing alien games 👌🙏

- Crashes all the time!

Would be a good game but it crashes all the time. Can’t win.👎👎👎 Update. First I played it on my iPad where it crashed many times. Then I tried to play it on my iPod touch which was impossible. The buttons are tiny, have to zoom in on the map to give direction to the crew. You have to click on the cameras quick to keep an eye on the xenomorph. I don’t find it enjoyable. It was much better on the iPad as I could click easily on the buttons and on the crew. And didn’t need to zoom in on the map, could keep an I on the xenomorph but when I was ready to win the game it crashed. Given up.

- Crap

Really slow boring stupid lame and hopeless

- Boring

The game consists of moving a dot between rooms... zzzzz

- Much better than I first thought

Let it be known that Alien Isolation is one of the most terrifyingly intense games I’ve ever played and I can’t get enough of it even after 4-5 play throughs. When I heard there was a sequel I was very excited. I was less excited when I realised it was going to be a mobile game because I knew it wouldn’t be the same as Isolation. I bought it none the less and on my first play though I picked it up and almost immediately put it down thinking it was not for me. I would periodically come back to read a few reviews on the App Store saying good things about the game so I picked it up a second time just a couple days ago and I was hooked. It was intense and terrifying in its own way and I’m really glad I gave it a second chance. I love where the story is going and can’t wait to explore any further instalments that come out, be they console or mobile based. tldr: Don’t deny this game outright because of its differences to Isolation. It’s a fantastic game in its own right. I only wish it were longer.

- Disappointed

For me to get into a game of this style i need to be immersed really, after watching the character models walking like robots in the first second of the game I deleted it. The animation is terrible to me.

- Not working on ipad mini1

Loads menu but crashes everytime trying to load game on ipad mini1. Yet another game i have bought with description not saying about compatability, if it doesnt work on a device, dont sell it for that device!!! Rip off

- 2D map controlling dots game

Wow, I was so excited to play this but I’m glad I only wasted 79p on it. The game consists of you instructing dots where to go by drawing a line through with your finger. There is no skill involved, just luck, the alien could randomly appear if it wants to but you’ll never know. Could have been awesome but it’s actually a disgrace.

- This game is just awesome!

I loved the game it’s soo good please send another game of this soon!

- Soooo good

On playing alien isolation and it becoming the best game I’ve ever played I was sooooo sad that the sequel was on a phone and not the 14 hour game that we had in alien isolation however as much as I find it sad this game actually blew me away completely and it was such a good sequel! Granted the story wasn’t as long but It was still as scary and I love it so much. I beg! That they make a third game hopefully on Xbox however it was a amazing game and well worth the money and didn’t disappoint at all!!!!! You won’t feel upset about it being a mobile game once you play it.

- Wish I had more levels or an endless mode

The game is good and brilliant and very hard but I just wish it had more levels or at least an endless mode i’m tired of playing the same levels over and over

- Great came some tweaks though

Dropping down from 4 to 2 I loved it at first but I personally don’t think it’s interactive enough just telling people when to hide and not maybe another game mode or mini game mode maybe you can play as a player in game hiding from the alien getting to checkpoints but I’ve certainly forgot about this game it’s just sitting here :/

- This is amazing!

It’s like Alien: Isolation and Five Nights At Freddy’s put into 1 game. My two favourite games out in one is a dream come true!

- Scary, Intense or Frantic fun?

Since this game was ‘a new chapter of the alien franchise’ I thought it would be more like Alien: Isolation, but on iPhone. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Instead of being placed on the front line, you’re sat inside one of the space ships air ducts, helping the rest of your crew to safety. This may not sound like a good approach for a horror game, especially one which is meant to be intense and frightening. However, frantically looking through cameras and positions of all of your crew is all still fun, if not as scary or as being chased by an alien yourself. There are times, though, where the games really is meant to scare. Times where the alien actually comes into the vents in order to target YOU is death-defying and freakishly fun, as you are forced to look around at which vent the alien could be coming from. All in all, Alien Blackout is one great horror game. At a penny short of five quid, this is a one worthy for any collection.

- Waste of money

Crap game purely played on a 2d map instructing flashing dots to hide or run similar to Pac-Man but not as good

- Cool

Good but more levels would be better. Played on an iPhone

- Very good! But..

Could do with more levels it very short, Hope to see more. Otherwise great game

-, it’s amazing!!!

This game is outstanding, I’d never had thought an alien game on the mobile and such a great game to be exact, it’s very addictive and always fun, I like it that you have to look after the crew and yourself, Special thanks to the creators! But, the story is short and I do understand how much time, effort and ideas it takes to make a game, but I was wondering if it is possible to make an extra story with different levels and a different crew, but you the main character helps in the ducts like the before, and it would be cool to pick what mission you want, instead of starting again, I ain’t moaning I love the game it’s brilliant.

- Great

Brilliant game especially for iPhone but one problem is it needs more levels. Not a very long game. Other than that fantastic

- Short

£5.00 wow ...A very short short game wow...

- Problems opening

Downloaded many times to try and resolve the problem and it keeps closing and going back to my home screen as its loading the game ????? Just spent a fiver how do I get it refunded ???

- You’re basically paying for the license

It’s a shame that this is the continuation of Amanda’s story after Alien Isolation. £5 for 7 levels with no replayability is really steep, with no real challenge to each level. Once you rush through once to see all the locations your characters need to visit, you can basically restart and then send them all to the final location, hide and just move the one/two max that you need to their action locations. This type of strategy game is crying out for some random generated levels or community created ones just to make you come back. Save your money for when this is on sale for £2 or less.

- Irritating

I can't get past the bit where Amanda is saying her words!!!! Please fixxxx🙄🙄

- very annoyed.

I got this game because i like the franchise and i saw how good the reviews are. But upon opening the game, it refused to load no matter what i tried. I either want to know how to get the game to load, or i want my money back.

- 5 / 5

It was grate fun but completed it in a week and has no difficulty setting. Would want more maps/levels but apart from that it was by far the best game I have bought.

- An almost perfect Alien

The use of the IP, sound stage, and art direction is brilliant. Think of it as a puzzle game based in the Alien universe. What would make it 5⭐️ for me would be the ability to skip. I'm stuck on keeping everyone alive in the Admin hub. So have heard that intro conversation 100s on times. A skip where Amanda says something like, "Not now, quiet..." Would be excellent.

- Crashes before gameplay

I've bought the game and was really looking forward to it, however it crashes after the intro plays. I thought maybe it was the optimising so I turned that off but the same result. Disappointed.

- Great little game

Loved the console isolation game. This is a nice add on fingers crossed for some free added content and maybe a skip dialogue button once completed.

- Too Difficult

It’s far too difficult to know where the alien is. I often end up in situations where there are no cameras in a room and by the time a survivor senses the alien it’s too late. And not to mention the survivor AI is on a set path so you can’t guide them past the alien yourself.

- Doesn't work on iPad3. Needs a fix.

Game stalls after initial loading screen. £5 wasted :(

- I can’t lie about your chances...

A chilling spin off that will leave you just as scared as you were when playing Isolation, only this time you won’t have a locker to save you and you will only have a limited amount of time to escort your team to safety before the power goes out. I can’t lie about your have my sympathies! Well done to the developers. I hope you continue to make this game even better by adding new maps and content in the future. Maybe having different ways to distract the Alien from the survivors would be an interesting addition.

- Wow... time to change your trousers!

As a long time gamer I remember the 1983 ZX Spectrum Alien game with fond memories; a pure terror to this day! Wow, this modern, beautiful little gem takes me back to my childhood, revisiting the tension of the minimap, the tension of the alien’s appearance and the sheer terror of the visceral, rich, terrifying sounds. What a great game. Yes it’s a bit short, but don’t bet on numerous add-ons and new levels. Thank you for continuing to breathe life into this true sci-fi horror franchise.

- Honest review

So I didn’t want to get this game originally, purely because of the disappointment of it not being a true Isolation sequel, but that was just me being petty. I’m hoping that the company needed some extra cash so they have made this to help fund isolation 2 🙏 also the fact that it doesn’t have any micro transactions convinced me to stop being a baby and just try it out, so I did. It’s pretty good fun, for about 45 minutes, when I completed the whole game. Seriously, this is not a long game by any stretch of the imagination. There are 7 levels and each one can be completed in about 5 or 6 minutes once you’ve figured out the mechanics of it all. Because of the AI of the alien, I thought at first that the story shouldn’t matter too much, and that I’m sure I’ll have fun just repeating those 7 levels again, but no. There is no level select so I can either play the final mission over and over again, or start a new game from scratch. Also, I really can’t be bothered going through all the un-skippable dialogue of the characters again when all I want is a quick 5 minute game. So it’s pretty much game over man, unless they add an arcade mode, with just me, 4 characters, the level of my choosing and an angry alien, then I would come back to it. Maybe even a level creater mode? Have the community make some levels and keep the game alive!

- Not bad, a bit short

I didn’t expect much from this when it was revealed. I didn’t preorder as I was hesitant, wanting to see how the reviews fared. After seeing some good reviews I decided to bite the bullet. I enjoyed all the game mechanics and it really is quite tense. You constantly ask yourself “where is the Alien?”, “could it pop out of the vents here or over there?”, “was that the sound of the Alien coming for me?” and you’re always on edge. The hardest part of the game is keeping all of the non-player characters alive. Most people won’t care if they lose one or two, but having all four in later levels is monumentally useful. Having one or two characters hide in blind spots of your cameras and motion sensors allows them to act as warning systems themselves, telling you the Alien is close to them, leaving the other characters to perform the tasks at hand. If the characters are discovered by the Alien then it is very rare that they can avoid it, even with your interventions like closing doors. Making them hide pretty much guarantees that they won’t be found, but they won’t be moving either and you only have eight minutes to finish the level, which usually requires the characters to proceed to a point in the map. Micromanagement is key here, which is more difficult with more characters to manage. A double-edged sword. There are only seven levels, which I managed to finish with all the crew alive in about five or six (maybe seven) hours total gameplay. Granted, I took many, many attempts at almost all the levels, but I managed it nonetheless. Once this has been achieved there isn’t really much else to the game. Replayability is very low in the current state of the game. There is no real incentive to keep playing once you’ve saved everyone. Hopefully there will be further updates with more content or even new game modes. If you’re good at strategy games, you’ll like this game but it won’t last you long. If you’re not so good at strategy games, you may not like this game and it’ll take you forever to complete it. I sit in the middle, being average at strategy games but persistent and a quick learner. With that considered, as well as the current lack of new content, five quid might be considered too much to pay for the amount of gameplay provided, be it too short for experienced players or too difficult for new players.

- Money misspent by both me and devs.

The cameras are pretty useless, so as another reviewer noted, you spend most of your time just looking at dots; not much fun for your money then, really. Ironic too, as a lot of time and effort (therefore money) has obviously gone into the graphics that you’ll hardly ever look at. So it looks like we both misspent our money.


Like anybody, I would like to play the games that I have brought, brought to enjoy and at least, interact with. Either I am one of the least lucky ones, or something isn't quite right with the app towards my phone individually! I have downloaded the app three times, and it doesn't want to get past the first scene. I get past the first few sentences of, what I can only presume is the main character-Amanda Ripley, and that is it! It tries to load, and nothing! Absolutely nothing. I gave it a few chances, three times, checked if it was my phone, and nothing was out of just doesn't work. I had spent roughly £5.00, and I have not been able to get my money's worth! It's a shame because I was looking forward to enjoy it, but I can't, until the developers sort this out! I hope it will be soon, but in reality, things do take time. Regarding to the game itself, I don't know, I only know about the issue I am describing, I know nothing about the gameplay or its wellbeing. Hopefully, this will get sorted soon, as I am sure I can't possibly be the only one.

- A creative take on the Alien universe

I loved Alien Isolation and feel that this offers an interesting take on it. I haven’t played a ‘mobile game’ in years as I prefer full console experiences but what the developers have done with this is superb! It creatively fits the mobile experience and gives fans a further look into the Alien franchise. Congratulations for getting me to play a mobile game ;-)

- Great fun

Excellent game, only wish there were more levels to play.

- Needs fixing

Game freezes after loading screen

- An Unpredictable Alien that keeps you on your toes

Alien: Isolation is one of those horror games that really impressed me and I long wanted a sequel so I was eager when I heard an indirect sequel was being made I jumped at the chance to jump on board and continue Amanda Ripleys story. Beautiful graphics and an intuitive UI really gives you that feel of the Alien Universe, one that is dark and gritty. The story is perfect and being placed in charge of a group of survivors who you must navigate to survival all the while trying to avoid an unpredictable Alien who never does the same thing twice as well as survive yourself, immerses you in a wonderful story. I like the mobile controls and would have liked a Console sequel but this game is equally as satisfying. It’s a game that requires a lot of deep thinking and the one off cost means no other purchases which is good so you can play this to your hearts content. I hope they carry on Amanda Ripleys story in some other form. I feel bridging the gap between Alien and Aliens is doing justice and is finding a way do carry on the franchise without tiring it out. A very nice sequel and nicely done on iPhone

- Game by Carter Burke

What a total letdown. Don’t waste your money.

- Needs fixing

My game freezes on the loading screen for the first level after the menus. App support is seemingly useless and this may be the only way to get the devs attention to the problem. :(

- One of the best games I played! But....

This is a really great game and is scary and fun it I spent £5 on this but it’s only short it would be good if they could add more. Pleeeaasse!

- Very impressed

I’m a fan of the alien universe and have been looking forward to this release. This really captures the panic of being stuck in space with some thing out to get you. The sound atmosphere and graphics are very impressive. I do recommend.

- Amazing Game! Worth the money!

I’m a die hard fan of the movie franchise and having played and loved the Alien Isolation console game this spin off for mobile is a welcome addition! Scary and unpredictable gameplay! Only thing I’d like to see is haptic feedback when the alien is coming towards ripley. So that you could play it without the sound on! Otherwise this is my new favourite app/game! :-)))

- Dissapointing

Downloaded this in hope it would help pass some time. The opening level was cool, but then it gets stale all too fast and it’s not the best to operate from a mobile device. You’re staring at dots most of the time. Really can’t rate this highly, especially after the fantastic release which was isolation.

- Amazing

This game is great. Really good graphics, great story and great objectives really creates an intense feeling for the player! It’s great to bring back characters from alien isolation. Definitely buy this game if you love or even new to alien. Great price to!

- Enjoying so far

Have enjoyed my time with it so far. Having seen previews I thought I'd give it a go and like it. As others have said it's a one time purchase no ads or anything so you just get straight in. Quite hard to keep everyone alive and so far I have done that or completed it so I'm sure I'll get some good time from it. Presentation and gfx are great too.

- Goood


- This game is great !!!!!!!

I got this game yesterday and it is absolutely brilliant! The graphics are brilliant and the gameplay is to just one problem when I first saw the alien it made pee my pants

@deanbc1: Why the media blackout on the attempted assasination of Officer Shay Mikalonis? Shot by an illegal alien looter in Las Vegas.…

@deanbc1: Why the media blackout on the attempted assasination of Officer Shay Mikalonis? Shot by an illegal alien looter in Las Vegas.…

@cool_poss @realhollowful Almost finished with Shadowgun Legends because I’m in a bro and ALIEN: BLACKOUT because I…

@deanbc1: Why the media blackout on the attempted assasination of Officer Shay Mikalonis? Shot by an illegal alien looter in Las Vegas.…

@deanbc1: Why the media blackout on the attempted assasination of Officer Shay Mikalonis? Shot by an illegal alien looter in Las Vegas.…

@deanbc1: Why the media blackout on the attempted assasination of Officer Shay Mikalonis? Shot by an illegal alien looter in Las Vegas.…

@deanbc1: Why the media blackout on the attempted assasination of Officer Shay Mikalonis? Shot by an illegal alien looter in Las Vegas.…

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Alien: Blackout 2.0.0 Screenshots & Images

Alien: Blackout iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Alien: Blackout iphone images
Alien: Blackout iphone images
Alien: Blackout iphone images
Alien: Blackout iphone images
Alien: Blackout iphone images
Alien: Blackout ipad images
Alien: Blackout ipad images
Alien: Blackout ipad images
Alien: Blackout ipad images
Alien: Blackout ipad images
Alien: Blackout Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Alien: Blackout Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Alien: Blackout (Version 2.0.0) Install & Download

The applications Alien: Blackout was published in the category Games on 2019-01-24 and was developed by D3PA [Developer ID: 516243845]. This application file size is 554.11 MB. Alien: Blackout - Games posted on 2019-03-21 current version is 2.0.0 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions.

Alien: Blackout Advisories: Frequent/Intense Horror/Fear Themes
Infrequent/Mild Mature/Suggestive Themes
Infrequent/Mild Realistic Violence
Infrequent/Mild Profanity or Crude Humor

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