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Want to see stuff getting crushed by the Hydraulic Press?

Destroy products in the most satisfying way. Upgrade your machine and increase your factory's income.

- Free to Play
- No internet connection required
- Endless Game

Whenever you are bored or stressed, crushing the products helps!

Press Inc App Description & Overview

The applications Press Inc was published in the category Games on 2018-08-03 and was developed by RUBY OYUN VE YAZILIM DANISMANLIK. This application file size is 198.81 MB. Press Inc current version is 3.7 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

- New Manager
- Bug fixes and improvements

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Press Inc Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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ckcjcjcn   5 star

Fjhfryfhdhe. Thank you so much and thank you for being such an awesome person and thank me

AcidicRabbit04   5 star

Sry. Yeah I found the dev pannel when snooping you may need hide it better but the game is great I’m going to go back to my original level and cash after doing some little things

I love this game but there is a flaw. This game is great but one flaw is if u go to settings it has an admin pannel and you can do anything like give ur self a lot of money

yule1345   5 star

A calm game. This game is relaxing me from a broken game

pisces scorpio   5 star


kaius green   5 star

Good game. I love this game

Waylon07   5 star

A hidden thing. I found this thing in the settings it says “admin” and you can like max out every thing, change your money, etc. thanks developers

trashbotboi   1 star

Trash. Trash

Jordan234234   2 star

It’s Alright.. I got to the point to where I unlocked the final press, things started to feel boring and then a magical thing happened, I found the developer panel.

elłlll   4 star

Great game way too many ads. It’s ok but it has too many ads

BOOOOOOOsh   5 star

Great game. But I can’t get the add manager purchase button to do anything please help! Thanks

Sun Hits Shade   1 star

I don’t know why I got this Game because it’s horrible.. As in my title you can see this is not a very bright game, and the reasons why I don’t like it is because...... All this game does is smash things, and make noises sounds, I think we should at least be able to smash things when we want to not how it does it without me Evan touching the screen. You need to maybe make the smashed up things into a resteront and stuff fun things because this game is boring! All I’m trying to say is please improve this game no people will play it if it just does this ok Becuse just IMPROVE!! This game is bad. Keep up the good work!

DiamondGSX   3 star

Set your clock ahead for easy money. Put your device in airplane mode to stop ads. Set your clock ahead a few hours to get money without having to wait. No IAP necessary !

minecraft cat kid   4 star

More commands. I think it’s a great game honestly however the admin commands I think there cool and all but I think that some more commands could be a little more better please take my idea like add a new level to the game and you can create your own products

Not Happy Gun Guy   1 star

Only 3 Levels. After you complete the 3rd level, thats it. No more... If thats not enough, there is the audacity to purchase a ‘manager’ that makes more money, but, once 3rd tier is done, thats it. Hmmmm

Kaleido master   5 star

I love the game. It is so fun I like how you can just buy anything and you get to spend money freely and it’s a good game for kids because a lot of kids like to spend money like me

yayauauauaua   5 star

Can you make floors 4-6?. Awesome game, but I want more stuff to smash, to keep the excitement going, so I would like floors 4-6 in the next update. Floor 4 could be a drill, and the color of the bars on the machine and on top of the machine could be green. Floor 5 could be a saw, and the color of the bars on the machine and on the top of the machine could be orange. And last but not least, Floor 6 could be a robot-fist, and the color of the bars on the machine and on top of the machine could be purple. I hope that can be in the next update! 🙂

ᏀᎡᏋᏀ   5 star

What.... Hey and I just wanted to say this is a pretty satisfying game and it’s so awesome 👍 but this weird thing that happened just now is that... I’m the developer. I just went to settings until in the top left screen it says “admin” and I didn’t know what that actually meant so I touched it and I saw it... the edits, money,levels and more so please fix this and if you do then thank you 🙂

SonicTheMania   4 star

Very offensive.. Okay, so the game is good (it does take a while to level up though) but one thing is really offensive and uncalled for probably for me and some others, when I use the bonuses, sometimes the words say “Your distant relative passed away :(“ But that is offensive because my relative really did pass away on Valentine’s Day, 2019 and that almost made me cry so I kindly ask for you to remove those words, and either remove them completely or just change what it said, but otherwise good game.

Hsdfbkjhsavdbjacds   5 star

Good. Just got the game liking it so far and it is kind of like ASMR

mindorshvili   4 star

It’s good but to many adds. This game is good but when I collect my money it give me a add before I get my money and this didn’t happen once and it still happens so make it so there is not a lot of adds pls 😖

lilylover🐈99:3   5 star

Yay 😀. :3 I love this game it’s so like me I love breaking stuff 😂😂

Erika Medrano   1 star

Very angry.. Ok I have some feedback for you.How come my friend paid for no ads and she still has the ads.Why does she have ads?!Me and her were addicted to this game and now we hate it.She is so mad and so am I,we’re disappointed.Ok so whoever is reading this do not buy the no ad thing,it’s a scam!Im so angry I don’t even want to look at the app.Ok something else,why are there so many ads in the first place?I get that you want money but come on that just looks tacky the way you want money that bad.You want money so bad that you SCAM people?!I have trust issues and now I don’t trust any app so I look at the reviews before I download it or buy something in the game.It’s just sad.I have the right name for this greedy inc.

thunderpawssssss   1 star

Ads. There is an ad every time you go to collect your money, every time. I don’t mind ads but at least spread them out a little not every time I go to collect money.

Spider man-iac   1 star

Spider maniac. WAY TO MANY ADS

john salidino   4 star

It made me feel sad. So for the bonus it said your relative passed I was really sad because my Betsy passed a few months ago 😿😿😿

qazxswedcvfrtgbhyujnikmolp   2 star

Fun for a when u r using the boost. It’s a fun game but I am just saying if u do not use the boost it is super boring . It would not be my top pick for me.the boosts r for 1 30 second add which I think is bad.

perryPuff   1 star

Ads. Ads ads ads ads ads

Kieran Hotel   3 star

Great game. It was a great game until I completely completed the game. I just wish there were more levels and less ads.

Amn_xi   1 star

Ads.. The game is very fun and entertaining but the ads ruin it. When you get power ups and collect your money an ad comes up and the power ups timing finish. And also when you close the vibrate it automatically comes on by itself. Please fix this.

Advertorial    5 star

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SlowMissiles   1 star

Ads Spam. Any game that force you to watch ads shouldn’t exist.

fuzzy kori   5 star

Asian sick game. Awesome very fun much wow

pls its for your safety   4 star

How do I collect money!?. The new update is confusing. How do I collect the money, I have a whole bunch and I can’t/ I don’t know how to collect it! I really need help with that. Is there a way you can make it easier? Maybe add a butten and it says collect and it’s near the money. Do you think you can do that If you can That’s great!

Joshuac39   3 star

Manager. Fun game but after the latest update can’t buy the manager. Please fix so we can buy it if we want

everest1243   2 star

I HATE the new update. It does not make science to me or any of my friends I used to love it but the new update ruined it I really hate it now please get rid of it oh and to many add but if you turn your WiFi of there is no adds

ehehehehw   5 star

YAS. Amazing! So fun

Olivia lychuk   4 star

Add more products PLEASE READ. It’s fine but I rated it 4 stars because I think you should add more products to the game! Cause I got all in 2 days :( I’d rate it 5 stars if you added more products to crush.. and there’s only 5 products to crush..

yuyuyuyuyu1234567777777432   5 star

This game is awesome. I just love that you get to crush food

the real DragonSlayer   1 star

NO MORE ADDS. Otherwise a decent game.

Spicy tomatoe   5 star

Heyyy gurlll. Nfmggmmgmdmgmdmdmgmclfmxnwmfkxmrmmdmekvlsldmfx

Epicboy360   5 star

Add problem. I found the solution... JUST PLAY OFFLINE ;3 Other than that, this game is gud

WINTTEERR   2 star

Used to be great but. I still don’t get my offline earnings and it’s really crap with out it.

saavi khurana   1 star

what is the point?. this game is jus based off smashing stuff. i’m not completely sure what is the point in it, n what u should do after jus smashing stuff. one thing i rlly like abt the app is that, it gives u instructions unlike other apps. i also rlly like that whenever ur stressed out or jus bored, u can play this game. one thing u can do to improve this app, is to probably have a point in this game. maybe, after smashing a few stuff, maybe sell it to customers. that would make it way more fun n interesting and will make ppl want to get the app and probably sponsor it. tysm and hopefully u understand n improve. 🙂

mayas_kitten   3 star

Good game but...,. TOO MANY ADS!

True Story 101   1 star

Boring. Its a boring game. What a waste of time

tuckjam👍   3 star

Not that good. To much adds but otherwise it’s a good game

uehrhdbjss   5 star

So good. I upgraded all my stuff so much that it is too easy

nategaveareview   4 star

Good game but. There many ads and one time I click off the thing when it said that if I wanted to watch an ad and it still made me

ads lord   1 star

99% si ad. Ads watching simulator

Phigra Newmo   2 star

Too many ads.. The ads keep the game from being fun.

princesshailey18   4 star

# when I’m mad. I love this game it’s so fun and stress relieving I always play it when I’m mad it helps me calm down bc I’m the type of person that when I’m mad I like to smash things :)

Arbobwiseell   3 star

Offline earning. Used to love this game but for the past few weeks i have not been receiving any cash while offline

Alexander6971   4 star

Just updated Jan-31-19. Just updated the game expecting there to be cash from offline earnings the next time I played.....nothing.

Hebtjcusn   3 star

Glitch. It won’t accumulate all the money i have been collecting while off the app. probably going to delete.

Kerra loves owls   3 star

I love it but.... There seems to be an issue where I don’t get any money when I leave the app.

watermelon18   5 star

Pretty great. I use this game and it kind of just calms me I love how it is free and it is one of those games that you don’t win but you just go through the levels I am on level 39

ANSON!!!   5 star

This game takes away your anger. This game is so satisfying and when I am mad at my brother this game easily makes me feel better because I am taking it out on eggs and apples and Dynomite!

shutupgirl!   1 star

ThisGirlIsADumbA$$. Sorry for the mean comments but No one likes the girl she just ruins the game and she think she’s so hot but she’s really not. No offence of the person who made the girl but you should just into an unknown gender. I’m sorry but it takes so long for the game to load also but you may have a different opinion about this so play at your own risk

ANTIMATTER01   5 star

Press inc.. How much money is the twin presser

qtepfg   5 star

👌. Awesome game but too much ads

Advertorial    5 star

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Princey1975   1 star

Dull. Boring game. Ridiculous amount of ads. Chews through battery power very fast.

pecksteroz   1 star

Too many ads. Way too many ads for this to be fun

Emiliemasi81   1 star

Ads ruin this game. The ads are relentless. What a shame as I love the concept

worldeaterwill   5 star

Hi. I think you could please make stuff a little cheaper

firefly_5037   5 star

Too many adds. Plz undated this game to many adds

Me77!   3 star

Hmm.... First of all, I can see why people find this satisfying. I'm not saying it's satisfies me, cuz it doesn't. So the idea is that food goes across a conveyor and a big crushing thing comes down and crushes the food. It would be more - mesmerising- I guess, if you could control WHEN it comes down. I didn't play this game for long cuz I'm not a huge fan, so I don't know if the annoyingly slow presses speeds up over time. Don't let the main star rating fool you, and I hope all this writing didn't scare you off!

sullygaming73737   1 star

Fake notifications. This game sends fake notifications to get you to play it and there is no offline earning.

Mozz207   3 star

Score. Good I think 3 anda half

Bordul Matoona   1 star

Cap on offline earnings. The cap on offline earnings completely ruins the experience of an otherwise fun game. The ads can be dodged by turning on airplane mode, but the offline earnings cap really prevents you from upgrading any further past level 3

paulsteward   1 star

Forever frozen. Once up to almost level 50 with 3 press working it forever froze on the game. I had no choice but to reinstall and now I can’t reload the old game so I will not be starting all over again.

Karabrooke1991   3 star

why isn’t there more levels. i absolutely love this game and im addicted to it but why is there only three levels why isn’t there more? please put more levels on

Atreyeu   5 star

So fun!. So so so soooooooo FUN!

Smack men 44   5 star

Greatest game of all time. Just the greatest game ever

Mollie Taranto   2 star

Problem. I used to love this game. I just updated and now whilst being at almost level 60 my cash inflow has now decreased to below 20q as if I was 30 levels lower than I am... and it’s moved the watch from room 2 to room 3 in place of the can... I’m so confused as to how the update could go so wrong..

Kell198328   4 star

More!!!!!!. U need to add more Factorys then I would give it 5/5 it also needs to get rid of the ads or at least minimise the amount of ads there r other than that great game!!!

awsôme   4 star

Bad. Updated the game and there is no assistant !!! Lease fix this ;) =>

aerodynamicpinguin   2 star

Fun game, but.... Really fun touch game with a wide range of machine and product upgrades, however the offline gain is capped at 638B, no matter how long or short you are away from the game, once you reach 638B it stops collecting resources, would change my review to 5 stars if they remove the cap

mqjdocosjqbdx   1 star

Pornography. There was an ad for pornography when I was trying to get a 4 hour offline booster, literally some chick sucking a dick on my screen, i mean I’m not complaining😂 but mother’s may not want to see that on a child’s screen

the gardens   1 star


Fat-kitty   3 star

Too Many ADS!. I understand that games need adverts to make money... but ads showing up every 10 seconds? I mean come on! That’s just unreasonable and unrealistic. I might stop playing this game unless they do something about the ads.

hdbsuanebgigkwboxjnrjisnfuf   1 star

Ads ads ads. Ads all the time! Ads when you collect money! Ads when you return to the app! Ads when you’ve finished watching an ad for a reward! I got 4 ads in 1 minute playing this game! Ads!!!

Dylanpricey007   3 star

Too short. Unlocked all upgrades on all rooms and reached the level cap of 59 in two days

kmlpk   4 star

Great but needs SOUND!!. This game is great and I’m not saying that it’s bad but it NEEDS sound. Is that too much to ask for?!

knight rider 2003   1 star

bug. 游戏严重bug,领不到游戏币

Jorbxn   1 star

Gay. Pre gay lol

zombiebatflash7   1 star


promain098   1 star

Deaf?. The game really needs sound I cannot play a game like this even some repeating music

DPax   4 star

Good But Silent!. Needs Sound!!!!!!

82)3)3!:8292)!28/   1 star

Glitched. Glitched our and minus $111,111,111,11

oSammy21   2 star

Gets boring real quick.. Apart from a fair few ads. Game limits upgrades quite hard. Fun for a few minutes but thats it.

Terrble Jukebox   1 star

Intrusive ads.. Nuff said.

I ❤️ nyan cat   5 star

Good game. Just reached a quintillion dollars today. Pretty addictive game

Alpha247906   5 star

Stress killer. Great game.(#Loveit)

BlueStarFromWarriorCats   5 star

Love it!. I honestly find this game addictive and I can see myself enjoying this for hours. It’s not glitchy or anything! I love it. Sorry it’s a short review.

GachaToony   2 star

Ads. To be honest the game is fun but the ads after you try to collect your cash or bonus is just overall and annoying and make you want to delete the app just like I did.

1234564437   5 star

Cool. This is the coolest game of ever playing on my iPhone and I think I’m going to be playing it more often thank you for making the game

mike🤣   1 star

U. Yes

Crocaloccin   1 star

FIX THE GAME YOU IDIOTS. Like many other people said, this is an idle game with no idle potential. If I close the app, why have I earned my max idle potential after like 30 MINUTES??? That’s so stupid. At this point I can literally only level up one thing per day. You developers are idiots and aren’t taking the user comments into consideration. Just keep sucking in the money from all the ads that you way you don’t have to care about us... losers.

34165   5 star

Love you. I love this game so!!!!!!!!!! Much

game passes   4 star

Building. Press inc. is a good game but it is small like I have one building cloud you make a update???

spiderwil16   4 star

Fun and addicting but the end game. Game is really and fun and I almost have everything maxed out till the end game. Everything slows to a crawl as everything is expensive but they have a cap on how much offline money you get which would be fine if it wasn’t so low I mean I’m busy I can’t check this game all the time to collect the money so yeah fun just please extend the max cap.

natejoe101   1 star

Do not download. Horrible Game and DO NOT pay for no ads. It seems that the goal of this game is just to make money off of viewed ads. This game let you watch ads to multiply your In game money. However the game either has a glitch or this may be done on purpose… Sometimes your money disappears or what you watch ads for disappears or your multiplier doesn’t work or instead of multiplying your money it takes money from you. There’s no way to lose money in this game so it makes no sense. Do not download this game it is a waste of time. And definitely don’t pay for a new ad version because you still get ads.

💯()Margaret()💯   1 star

Horrible. The idea does sound satisfying but there are many problems 1. You always lag or crash When I am in the middle of a ad sometimes the game will crash randomly which is annoying 2. ads There are a bunch of ads in the game. Each minute there is another add 3. Data loss This hasn’t happened to me but other people. They loose all of the levels and money they earned and even purchases they paid with REAL money

richietranman   2 star

Game Breaking Bug. This game was extremely fun and a game to play on your free time but I came across a bug that still has not been fixed for a few months now. There is a bug that does not allow you to collect offline earnings as it just does not show up and I do not want to delete the game to fix it since i will just lose a lot of my progress. Fun game but the bug has to be fixed.

Bredo79   5 star

Problems. So whenever I want is trying to like get three boosts on an add it paused and it wouldn’t let me exit the ad and get my boost so it wasn’t really it was like one problem to me about that add and I was staring at some of the comments and it was all about ads mainly so I really want to remove ads

JohnnyIvySkyler   1 star

Worst game. Do not spend $2.99 it’s a waste of money. You can’t even get refund when it doesn’t work.

jadeyn monroe   5 star

So fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I absolutely love this gameBecause it’s fun

UnicornGirl360   5 star

Smashy Games. This was a fun game and was totes ASMR! I luv it so much so satisfactory 💗

KnightOwl797   5 star

Ok game. Great app 🖕🏻


Pls make a update. Please make a update so you can sell your business and get a new tower a pls add more levels make a map or something pleas e

Greys Anatomy fan for life   1 star

Ads. There are so many ads I can’t even play the game. I thought about removing ads, but after looking at the other reviews it’s a waste of money

trm96com   3 star

Fun but too many ads. This game has soooo much potential but there are way too many ads. Makes me sad since I actually like this game

jfhiuy   4 star

To many ads. Best game ever but TO MANYYYY ADDSSSSS

JustSayNoToStubHub   3 star

Ridiculous Amount Of Ads. The game overall is fun but there are SO. MANY. ADVERTISEMENTS!!

AzTheGreat   1 star

Ad generator. I would review the actual game but after 5-6 ads in the first 3-4 minutes I can’t say how the game is. Looked like it could have been fun if it was at all playable. I usually pay for no ads but after reading the reviews that say ads are still there after paying, I will just delete instead.

Horse number one   5 star

AWESOME. This game is so satisfying!! I was mad at my bro one day so i just got on my i phone x and played this awesome smashing game!!

harpyyyyyy   3 star

To many ads. EVERY TIME I OPEN THE APP A AD POPS UP EVERY TIME I COLECT MONEY A AD POPS UP SO YALL HAVE A PROBLEM WITH ADS OK 👌 but other then that it’s a great app have a great day

Slydoychltkdhrsjr   1 star

Wow.... This game is such a time waster it’s terrible it doesn’t even have a point anways

stickmasopions=luvittt   5 star

Products are my only complaint. I love this game I really do,BUT you need more food like burgers and things

JJwen070   3 star

Not earning anything offline. I am not earning anything offline it is a good game but it is hard to level up when you don’t get any money offline

batgirls84   3 star

jaime le jeux. jaime le jeux mais fais fais le tour en meme pas 2 heure ! il faudrais plus d'element

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