Press Inc

Press Inc [Games] App Description & Overview

Want to see stuff getting crushed by the Hydraulic Press?

Destroy products in the most satisfying way. Upgrade your machine and increase your factory's income.

- Free to Play
- No internet connection required
- Endless Game

Whenever you are bored or stressed, crushing the products helps!

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Press Inc Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- New Manager - Bug fixes and improvements

Press Inc Comments & Reviews

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- I got developer menu on this game on accident

OK so I thought I was it I downloaded it I thought was pretty good game and I was rubbing my phone against my face and don’t ask me why but I was because I was pretty tired I stayed up all night the night before and so I was playing it and then I picked up my phone and then it’s a developer menu version 3.7 in now and every time I go to my settings it says admin up at the top corner and when I click it it is money amount level them out and then it says remove all ads and then it let me change like the BPR a colors and I just want to say that if you don’t like believe me Ruby I’m games I can you can DM me and I’ll show you screenshots on Instagram or something my Instagram is on I’ll just type it in a second but this is what it is vqurio I just wanted to make that clear because I don’t I was pretty shocked and I hope you don’t take it I don’t know I hope you don’t take it away from me because it was on accident but I decided I accident I deleted it and then re-downloaded exactly when the player legit but like the admin thing is still there but I don’t wanna make it clear I’m finally going to use an invite as an actually play the real game but I just wanted to make that clear because I really don’t know how I got it

- Love it

I really love this game like I have it on my iPad and it is the best you guys do have a little secret for leveling up and getting all the money you will have its admin it’s on the left side top you will see a little thing and then click on it and it will say admin touch that now add as much money you want and if you want to level up the machines and products and level up by putting 100 or higher thanks for bringing this game out I convinced my hole family and now they are not that amazed they deleted it but my sister did not she really likes this game but can you put less ads you might be saying but there is not that much ads but I think there are and I said it 1 now im going to say it 2 thanks for bringing this game out you guys are the best thanks you for making it mostly satisfying for me now when I’m playing this game at night I fall asleep really really really easily thanks!!!!!!

- Good game, not too many ads

I love this game! Good graphics, good quality, and good gameplay by itself. I love this game because it is easy for all players to understand. I use my spare time, some of my sleep time, and even my nap time to playing this game! It’s very Simulation-like in many ways. I love that there are a variety of floors, Please add more! I’m at the 2 trillion mark, anyone can understand the concept of the game and that’s what makes it so great. I love it. Make more awesome games/updates. -Your 1 fan, Samuel Duarte. 😃

- Like it but one thing

Okay so I had this game really liked it. So then I got a new phone and got it again. But I was playing for a little bit (maybe 10-15 mins? I have no concept of time lol) and then the lady popped up and pointed at the top level up thing saying “you will unlock new floors when you reach higher levels." So naturally I leveled up and expected her to go away so I could see the conveyor belt and get back to the satisfying smashing(because she was completely covering up the bottom half of it so I couldn’t see anything)...but she didn’t. She stayed. So I leveled up about 8 more times, she’s still there! Closed the app and opened it again, got to play for about 30 seconds before she popped up again! So now I can’t play. I don’t know if it’s just a glitch or something but it really annoys me and I’m not sure how to fix it. Otherwise it’s an awesome game, would recommend, I didn’t have these problems in the past!

- Scammed and game breaking glitch

I found the game fun and addictive at first, until I ran into a horrible game breaking glitch! First of all in order to get around all the ads I payed for no ads but nothing changed still lots of ads and I lost $3, on top of that in the late game you need to save up lots of money to advance to the next stage of each object, I had almost fully maxed out the phone and alarm clock which were my main money makers until one day I open the app up and go to upgrade each of these items and they revert all they way back to stage 1 I was stunned then I noticed all the money I spend hours saving up was in the negative 10 trillions! There isn't even a way to lose money in this game so I have no idea how this is possible and there is no longer a way to progress with both my money makers gone and this enormous negative total, wish there was a refund for my irl $3

- huge issues

1) i paid to remove ads yet there are still ads at the bottom of the game... how does that make sense? 2) i maxed out my hammer’s speed, size, production, etc. and it’s still missing SO much stuff on its own, whereas the initial hydraulic press is self operating to its full potential. minor complaint about the hammer, but it has little to no effects when items are crushed compared to the other two. 3) the offline “idle” component of this game is garbage. i’ll come back after sleeping and will have made like 10% of what you get after smashing a bonus gem.. 4) if these issues were fixed, i would give it 4 stars. it’s reasonably fun but i’ve been playing for 3ish days and i’m almost done maxing out the last press aka the entire game.

- Unless you like watching ads, don’t waste your time.

This game is a beautiful idea, looks great too, but the ads it fills you with to make a quick buck make the game unplayable. It may say “Free to play!” But that’s only if you can handle watching an ad literally every minute. Every time you collect your earnings, it says collect it normally, or you can double or triple your earnings if you watch an ad! But if you just click the normal button, you still have to watch an ad. And if you spend three dollars to stop getting ads, a lot of times it glitches and you still have to watch ads. You don’t even get a bonus or anything for spending the three dollars! If you have life and don’t want to waste countless hours of your time watching ads, I suggest you try another game.

- annoyed

in this game, you are supposed to crush things on a conveyor belt system with a big machine, which many would think of as extremely satisfying, myself included. But, there are SO many ads in this game. you get maybe a minute of playing time and then it is just ad after ad after ad and there is no “x” button to click out of them, so you have to watch the full 15-30 second ad, which adds up. i only got this game today and i’m already fed up with watching so many ads on the same games over and over. sure, when you do get to play the game, it lives up to its name of being “satisfying”, but unless you want to deal with 5 ads in a row with no playing time, i wouldn’t suggest this game.

- Great game! 🔥‼️😝

Super addicting and you just feel like you’re a master at crushing things. One day l dreamed of crushing my phone and l got. so. angry. 🤬! And l always wanted to crush everything and :P l found a solution to it! Downloading this game was a blast! I wish l could rate it 9999+ stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️... but nooooooooooooooooooooooooo 😭😭😭😭😭 l can’t. Keep this up and I can’t wait to see the next generation... 👾👑🕶🥇🏆 Again, This game is the best game in the whole world 🌎! I hope 🤞 the developer(s) keep it up and that everyone loves and plays this absolutely awesome, addictive, megawesome game. But noooooooooooooooooooooooooo the iPad doesn’t. let. me. download this absolutely, awesome, ... oh you know the rest. Yes, this is real, whoever’s reading this. This is not a dream. Oh, you don’t believe me? Pinch yourself 9 times and you’ll see . And that’s all l have to say.

- Press inc.

I love the game for how addictive it is but it seems since I have been playing it for a while now I’m only at 40 and it seems like forever to even level up in this game which is why I’m giving it 1 stars I really hate all the ads . The game is a really good thought but when the creators really run this game into the ground with all the ads it seems as if they want the game to fail but I guess that the typical mobile gaming Industry have so many ads so other companies can get funded when they can not pay any attention to there own game and than when people buy the no advertisements they expect no ads but yet they still have them sorry but that’s just wrong .

- Bug feedback

good game indeed. It helps me release pressure and seems interesting! However a serious bug is preventing me from this game: I try to gain my loots after a night. Nice ,they're in billion and I'm glad to watch the ads to double my reward. The game in ads seems interesting, I'm willing to have a try. So I click 'Install'. After viewing the game in ads I press the home key and open the press inc. It reminds me to watch ads to double the rewards during my going to app store toview the ads game and back to press inc. I declined for I have watched ads for the billion reward and not care the million. Then I notice I didn't get the billion reward of the whole night. They seems to be 'overwritten' by the later one? Anyway I have lost them. So problem comes that I will lose my reward for my watching ads. Fix it please so I can watch ads. I mean double my reward.

- Very offensive.

Okay, so the game is good (it does take a while to level up though) but one thing is really offensive and uncalled for probably for me and some others, when I use the bonuses, sometimes the words say “Your distant relative passed away :(“ But that is offensive because my relative really did pass away on Valentine’s Day, 2019 and that almost made me cry so I kindly ask for you to remove those words, and either remove them completely or just change what it said, but otherwise good game.

- More please!!!

I finished the whole game just during one night with 2 hours play time (in and out). Felt satisfying yet it end too soon. I was so excited to see different objects being crushed (the clock was awesome). Upgrading machine didn’t make much difference until reaching high level. Especially, the band speed, no matter how fast it was, items would get stuck waiting for the press. I could see difference in production when I reach 15+lv and in press speed around 20+ My suggestion (if you mind): 1) Longer belt (or band) so that we can see the difference when updating 2) Multiple press or other machine (drilling, chopping, shooting, or even laser cutting) with multiple upgrading functions 3) and more item please!!!! Love to see you guy improved. Thank you for a good dame and good luck!

- Ads (I normally don’t mind ads)

I understand that these kind of games are going to have ads and I don’t mind them within reason. The issue here is anytime you do one little thing, you have to watch an ad. Just cut down a little and it’ll be a great game. Plus, after being away most of the day, I got very little for the time. It’s the equivalent to what I would expect for maybe an hour of being away. It was the amount if I were playing, I would have gotten in 5 minutes. So I figured I should double that amount...but it wouldn’t let me watch a full ad to double so I had to just collect and watch an ad.

- What...

Hey and I just wanted to say this is a pretty satisfying game and it’s so awesome 👍 but this weird thing that happened just now is that... I’m the developer. I just went to settings until in the top left screen it says “admin” and I didn’t know what that actually meant so I touched it and I saw it... the edits, money,levels and more so please fix this and if you do then thank you 🙂

- Starting to agree with some other reviewers.

This game is fun. At least it could be if I could actually play it instead of having to watch ads the entire time. Please just give us a simple game to enjoy. Stop forcing us to watch ads every single time we hit collect. It makes me want to just delete the game entirely. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone unless the constant ads were taken out. I understand the need for ads because it’s how you make revenue on your game, but please just limit it to only when we want to double the cash earned.. until then, goodbye wasted storage on my ipad..

- Paid for no ads

I play this game to waste time here and there. It’s an idle game so it doesn’t need much supervision. I paid for no ads so when I am playing and want to collect money or upgrade something I don’t have to watch an ad every time. I understand the ads for doubling profits and what not, that’s fine. It was all good up until this new update. They added banner ads at the bottom. If I paid for no ads that means no ads. I want my money back. They’re page is under construction it says when I hit support.

- Good, but...

This game is fun. It is also satisfying to be completely honest. In fact, I love it! But, I’m sorry, the ads are over the top. Every time you buy anything, click anything, or collect anything, there’s an ad! It’s not okay to have an entire game of ads. If you’re going to play this, play it with airplane mode on. The creators are greedy, making us suffer through all of the ads without shutting down most of them. I hope you realize eventually that the game is a game, not an advertisement company. Thank you for reading.

- Do not download. Horrible Game and DO NOT pay for no ads

It seems that the goal of this game is just to make money off of viewed ads. This game let you watch ads to multiply your In game money. However the game either has a glitch or this may be done on purpose… Sometimes your money disappears or what you watch ads for disappears or your multiplier doesn’t work or instead of multiplying your money it takes money from you. There’s no way to lose money in this game so it makes no sense. Do not download this game it is a waste of time. And definitely don’t pay for a new ad version because you still get ads.

- Absolute trash

This game is fun for about a day and that’s it. Even if you turn down the “get double” option you still get an ad, so there’s absolutely no avoiding the ads and they’re way too common. Also leveling up and getting money takes for ever after the first round. Additionally, I will go hours, even days without playing, and when I come back I still can’t upgrade anything, but there’s not enough to do within the game to keep me interested. There’s a ton of these games where you make money, upgrade stuff, etc and this one is the worst I’ve seen out of the 10+ that I have had on my phone.

- I don’t know why I got this Game because it’s horrible.

As in my title you can see this is not a very bright game, and the reasons why I don’t like it is because...... All this game does is smash things, and make noises sounds, I think we should at least be able to smash things when we want to not how it does it without me Evan touching the screen. You need to maybe make the smashed up things into a resteront and stuff fun things because this game is boring! All I’m trying to say is please improve this game no people will play it if it just does this ok Becuse just IMPROVE!! This game is bad. Keep up the good work!

- Just a bug

Ever since the last update adding the pirate skull item I’ve been experiencing a bug where I do not earn my offline money. No box comes up, even if I’m on WiFi. Otherwise, all I have to say is maybe more different crushers, and more items per crusher. Maybe even new item levels too. All in all, good addictive game.

- Great game but add patch notes

It’s a great game but the updates should have patch notes upon opening the game it’s kinda hard just seeing new random things like how there are multiple presses now and I can’t even switch to the second or third press please start adding little things like that and I’ll give 5 stars I don’t mind the ads and am considering paying to remove the ads it’s a very reasonable price for it

- No sound

What a wasted opportunity to put in some simple sounds or at least some music. The game is completely silent, which makes it no fun. Watching things get crushed isn’t all that satisfying without hearing the sound of it getting smashed. I don’t know anything about game coding, but even the simplest games out there at least have music. Maybe it’s still satisfying for other people to just watch stuff get crushed, but just playing something in silence is so boring. Idc about the ads because that’s what free apps do in order to get some money, but at least make something somewhat decent.

- Really good app except for the adds

I’ve seen lots of reviews about scanning and glitches, but that has never happened to me once. I have it 4 stars because it really is a good app. The only problem for me is the adds. Way too many. When I collect the money, even if I don’t click the x3 button, I get an add. If I buy an upgrade I get an add. The only suggestion I have is to put less adds.

- Twas fun until new update

Once yall rolled out the new update, the app doesnt play in background anymore and that literally ruins the game. So this means I have to sit with the app open and watch the dang thing press to make any progress instead of being able to close the app and letting it run and opening it again later in the day and getting a whole bunch of progress because of it. Now the game is unplayable because of how slow the new update made it.

- Problems

So whenever I want is trying to like get three boosts on an add it paused and it wouldn’t let me exit the ad and get my boost so it wasn’t really it was like one problem to me about that add and I was staring at some of the comments and it was all about ads mainly so I really want to remove ads

- Upgrade process to slow

I would have given more stars but upgrading products process is too slow and long you have to keep pouring money into one product to upgrade it and it keeps getting expensive. To double rewards each time you have to watch useless 30 seconds long video but all you get only few bucks in the pocket. This whole process makes game boring after a while because you have to keep smashing same products for hours.

- Just for a moment

This game is pretty fun.... for like the first 20 minutes (or however long you play that first day) if you are on a road trip and you want something to last you for a little bit (because BELIEVE ME when you are in the car for hours at a time you begin to get a little bored)then I would recommend this game but if you are wanting a game to last you for awhile then I would not recommend it so I guess (for me at least) it completely depends on the situation 😁

- One problem

I love this game. The only problem is when you leave it over night expecting to get more money, but instead it stays the same or it increased just a little bit. I left the game overnight so about 10 hours, and got 12 b. I opened the game and let it sit there for 5 minutes, and I got 5 b, so there’s obviously a little problem. But other than that, I love the game

- It’s Okay

There’s a lot of cool things about this game, but there’s way too much ads. I respect that it’s a free game and there will be ads, but you get an ad every time you level up (regardless if you choose to use the multiplier or not) and every time you collect a bonus. When it comes down to it, it’s not very different than any other grinder kind of game. The animations are cool, but it’s definitely not worth seeing ads so frequently.

- Ad Ad Ad Game Ad Ad Ad Ad Ad Game Ad

I wish I was kidding but this “game” is literally ad followed by ad followed by followed by 10 seconds of gameplay followed by 3 minutes of ads. Even when you select collect instead of bonus they make you watch a 30 second ad and then another ad before going to the game for 10-15 seconds and then another 60-90 seconds of ads. Unless you really like ads stay far away from this “game”. Don’t know if game is any good since I only got to play it a total of 45 seconds over 5 minutes of ads.

- Fun and addicting but the end game

Game is really and fun and I almost have everything maxed out till the end game. Everything slows to a crawl as everything is expensive but they have a cap on how much offline money you get which would be fine if it wasn’t so low I mean I’m busy I can’t check this game all the time to collect the money so yeah fun just please extend the max cap.

- Decent

It was a good game up until the time I opened it and (apparently) prestiged or something because all of my items changed and upgrade costs now take an entire night just for about four upgrades for my items or one upgrade for press/belt. Now i can’t make any progress unless I plan on waiting for months for any difference after about level 40 because of this.

- Favorite Game Ever!

I love this game! It is fun and you think you'd get bored but I can play this game for hours on end without getting even a little bored. This is my favorite game (and that's saying something) I usually never write reviews but I just liked this game so much I had to let other people know!

- Addicting

This game it really addicting and I can’t stop playing omg this is the third best app I’ve ever played and I want a part 2 of this game ‘o_o’ (sorry about the emoticon lol) again I got SUCKED IN omg I’m usually not into games like this. But this, this game is addicting A A A A. Thanks for your time and thank you for reading my review.

- ???

I don't completely understand the game. You smash a whole bunch of foods and then get money to upgrade and buy new things. It's pretty boring to me. I'm not impressed by this game at all. They would have to do some serious upgrading and fixing to this game to make it enjoyable I don't recommend this game. The point of the game is its supposed to be ”satisfying” but it isn't. It is frustrating and the adds are awful. I do not recommend this game but that's my opinion

- Another Ad Spamming Junk App

Seriously, just don’t play these, don’t give developers like this your time when they don’t give two $hits about yours. Another game with forced ads, yes they let you double the profits by watching an ad(which is expected), but if you don’t want to and try to collect you will still get hit with an ad. Plenty of other idler games on the AppStore that don’t rob your time every chance they get. STAY AWAY. Most of these 5-Star reviews are probably botted/the developers themselves.

- New update

Still some bugs....don’t know if it’s just me. I’m not able to level up my products. And literally have so much money I can’t read the number properly because it’s so small. Other than that fun game to waste time on. Just wish it was working properly to me to waste my time on it.

- Good game

I find this game very addictive and fun I maxed out the first two stages the hammer and the press it took a lot of time but I hate how I paid for the no adds but it did not work so I wish the people who made this would fix this but over all it is a very fun game

- Fun game, too many ads.

I totally understand ads having an important role in a free to play game. However, this game goes overboard. If you want to multiply your earnings, you can do so by watching an ad. If you do not want to multiply and/or watch an ad, you hit claim with no multiplier. The only issue is, well, it forces you to watch an ad either way. I gave two stars because the game is a great concept, but this ad situation really needs to be addressed.

- Game Breaking Bug

This game was extremely fun and a game to play on your free time but I came across a bug that still has not been fixed for a few months now. There is a bug that does not allow you to collect offline earnings as it just does not show up and I do not want to delete the game to fix it since i will just lose a lot of my progress. Fun game but the bug has to be fixed.

- Can I plz

So it is my birthday so can I please get everything free don’t worry after Halloween no not Halloween after October can you have to edit OK that’s not Tober I can’t get anything free after October I can’t get anything free because that’s my birthday in this game is really good I like it a lot

- Can you make floors 4-6?

Awesome game, but I want more stuff to smash, to keep the excitement going, so I would like floors 4-6 in the next update. Floor 4 could be a drill, and the color of the bars on the machine and on top of the machine could be green. Floor 5 could be a saw, and the color of the bars on the machine and on the top of the machine could be orange. And last but not least, Floor 6 could be a robot-fist, and the color of the bars on the machine and on top of the machine could be purple. I hope that can be in the next update! 🙂

- Fun concept destroyed by ad even after paying!

I enjoyed the game enough to offer $2.99 to the dev to remove ads. They are super annoying as others mentioned, as you are actually watching more ads than playing. After I paid for removing the ads, I opened the game to check on my progress. I am immediately welcomed with ads! I didn’t reinstall the game or anything. Sure I could click on the cloud icon to give me my no ad status, but I had to watch an ad even though I specifically PAID TO. OT WATCH THEM! Further more the game rest my progress of upgrades on the machines. Stay away from this game as it’s ads are atrocious and you will still be fed ads even after paying to remove them!

- Shameful

The thing about this game is that it’s only addicting for a couple minuets, then it’s boring as hell. But every time you want to redeem you’re money, and ad must play. Every. Single. Time. It’s just tedious and plain annoying. The creators are greedy and scummy by making you pay money for stuff that doesn’t even work. I recommend you pass this game up in the mobile games category.

- Meh

I really like the concept of the game but it’s annoying when it offers to 3x the bonus, and when you watch the ad, it will only give you 1.5x the amount. This happens every single time I watch an ad to make more money. Also, I bought no ads and ads show up like crazy still.

- Really

I played for maybe five seconds and then had to watch a 30 second ad, thought well OK maybe it’s over for a while played another maybe 10 seconds went to another 30 second ad. deleted the game. These app makers have become so greedy and Ad crazy They’re ruining their own games. The game seemed fun at first I might’ve even paid for it but I’m not gonna watch 100 ads just to play for 30 seconds give me a break

- Weird changes

I have no idea what happened but the game reset itself. Not completely tho. The machinery completely reset itself Where the items on partly reset its self like new things to crush but took away old things to crush. And it too some levels from the items. Please help me figure out why?

- Was fine until recently

Was fine for a while, it now every time I hit the button to get the 4 hours of production, sit through all the ads to get it, then turn my game off and come back 4 hours later...I don’t get my 4 hours worth to collect anymore. I never get anything to collect at all when I log in anymore and it makes progress impossible. Which makes the game useless. So it was fun while it lasted.

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- Admin section

Sooo if you didn’t know, in the settings (top left corner) there is actually an admin thing so you can make as much money as you wish, and you can choose what level, floor, upgrades for the food you crush and even a backround selection.

- Loading

Loading screen takes for ever to load

- Best game ever but a problem

Pls make stuff chieper 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 coz wei got nuke and me trying to get a better thing but it costs to much!😡😡😡 but I still like the game and it the best game ever 🙂🙂🙂😄😁😄😁🌈

- Too Many ADS!

I understand that games need adverts to make money... but ads showing up every 10 seconds? I mean come on! That’s just unreasonable and unrealistic. I might stop playing this game unless they do something about the ads.

- Hmm...

First of all, I can see why people find this satisfying. I'm not saying it's satisfies me, cuz it doesn't. So the idea is that food goes across a conveyor and a big crushing thing comes down and crushes the food. It would be more - mesmerising- I guess, if you could control WHEN it comes down. I didn't play this game for long cuz I'm not a huge fan, so I don't know if the annoyingly slow presses speeds up over time. Don't let the main star rating fool you, and I hope all this writing didn't scare you off!

- Problem

I used to love this game. I just updated and now whilst being at almost level 60 my cash inflow has now decreased to below 20q as if I was 30 levels lower than I am... and it’s moved the watch from room 2 to room 3 in place of the can... I’m so confused as to how the update could go so wrong..

- More!!!!!!

U need to add more Factorys then I would give it 5/5 it also needs to get rid of the ads or at least minimise the amount of ads there r other than that great game!!!

- Fun game, but...

Really fun touch game with a wide range of machine and product upgrades, however the offline gain is capped at 638B, no matter how long or short you are away from the game, once you reach 638B it stops collecting resources, would change my review to 5 stars if they remove the cap

- Hi

I think you could please make stuff a little cheaper

- Too many adds

Plz undated this game to many adds

- Great!

Hey dev/s, keep up the great work with idle destruction :) maybe make a Facebook page or reddit for the game as well.

- Ads ads ads

Ads all the time! Ads when you collect money! Ads when you return to the app! Ads when you’ve finished watching an ad for a reward! I got 4 ads in 1 minute playing this game! Ads!!!

- Forever frozen

Once up to almost level 50 with 3 press working it forever froze on the game. I had no choice but to reinstall and now I can’t reload the old game so I will not be starting all over again.

- Can resist

I cannot resist this game because just it's a home of smashing

- Greatest game of all time

Just the greatest game ever

- Pornography

There was an ad for pornography when I was trying to get a 4 hour offline booster, literally some chick sucking a dick on my screen, i mean I’m not complaining😂 but mother’s may not want to see that on a child’s screen

- Great but needs SOUND!!

This game is great and I’m not saying that it’s bad but it NEEDS sound. Is that too much to ask for?!

- Too short

Unlocked all upgrades on all rooms and reached the level cap of 59 in two days

- Gets boring real quick.

Apart from a fair few ads. Game limits upgrades quite hard. Fun for a few minutes but thats it.

- Cap on offline earnings

The cap on offline earnings completely ruins the experience of an otherwise fun game. The ads can be dodged by turning on airplane mode, but the offline earnings cap really prevents you from upgrading any further past level 3

- Pretty Cool!

right now i’m level 10 and it’s really good game

- So fun!

So so so soooooooo FUN!

- Fake notifications

This game sends fake notifications to get you to play it and there is no offline earning.

- why isn’t there more levels

i absolutely love this game and im addicted to it but why is there only three levels why isn’t there more? please put more levels on

- Dull

Boring game. Ridiculous amount of ads. Chews through battery power very fast.

- Too many ads

Way too many ads for this to be fun

- Bad

Updated the game and there is no assistant !!! Lease fix this ;) =>

- Deaf?

The game really needs sound I cannot play a game like this even some repeating music

- Ads ruin this game

The ads are relentless. What a shame as I love the concept

- Good But Silent!

Needs Sound!!!!!!





- Glitched

Glitched our and minus $111,111,111,11

- Gay

Pre gay lol

- bug


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- Great

Great game

- 👌

Awesome game but too much ads

- Sounds ?

Good game could you maybe add sound

- Attention l’argent monte trop vite en 5 minute j’ai eu 2.8m

Alors attention lion studio

- Major Bug

I hadnt checked my game in a few days so when i finally did i had a huge amount of money saved, Around 305T. I watched an ad so i could get x4 profit but i accidently closed the game when i clicked the ad thinking i was in the app store. Only to relaunch the game and find that all the money was gone and the collect button had reset. So just a heads up to the players and maybe something for the devs to work on.

- ThisGirlIsADumbA$$

Sorry for the mean comments but No one likes the girl she just ruins the game and she think she’s so hot but she’s really not. No offence of the person who made the girl but you should just into an unknown gender. I’m sorry but it takes so long for the game to load also but you may have a different opinion about this so play at your own risk

- Boring, no offence...but...

This app is boring for some reasons. These are the reasons why. No offence though sorry if I’m being a bit rude... 1. You smash things and nothing else. Sorry to say but it’s kinda boring because you only smash things. 2. Too many ads Even though there is a way to turn off ads without buying anything it means it’s a scam if you purchase at least something! 3. The purchasing If you purchase something from the game, they just steal your money for some reason! They are money hungry! Those are the only reasons for now. I’m gonna say this again No offence though sorry if I’m being a bit rude... Zofalofs

- Way too many ads, even after buying ad removal

Ads galore Game itself is a good time waster

- Asian sick game

Awesome very fun much wow

- Bug

I’m at level 18 and I still haven’t unlocked Hammer Machine yet

- Ads Spam

Any game that force you to watch ads shouldn’t exist.


Amazing! So fun

- How do I collect money!?

The new update is confusing. How do I collect the money, I have a whole bunch and I can’t/ I don’t know how to collect it! I really need help with that. Is there a way you can make it easier? Maybe add a butten and it says collect and it’s near the money. Do you think you can do that If you can That’s great!

- Manager

Fun game but after the latest update can’t buy the manager. Please fix so we can buy it if we want

- I HATE the new update

It does not make science to me or any of my friends I used to love it but the new update ruined it I really hate it now please get rid of it oh and to many add but if you turn your WiFi of there is no adds

- This game is awesome

I just love that you get to crush food

- Add more products PLEASE READ

It’s fine but I rated it 4 stars because I think you should add more products to the game! Cause I got all in 2 days :( I’d rate it 5 stars if you added more products to crush.. and there’s only 5 products to crush..

- Heyyy gurlll



Otherwise a decent game.

- Add problem

I found the solution... JUST PLAY OFFLINE ;3 Other than that, this game is gud

- So good

I upgraded all my stuff so much that it is too easy

- Used to be great but

I still don’t get my offline earnings and it’s really crap with out it.

- what is the point?

this game is jus based off smashing stuff. i’m not completely sure what is the point in it, n what u should do after jus smashing stuff. one thing i rlly like abt the app is that, it gives u instructions unlike other apps. i also rlly like that whenever ur stressed out or jus bored, u can play this game. one thing u can do to improve this app, is to probably have a point in this game. maybe, after smashing a few stuff, maybe sell it to customers. that would make it way more fun n interesting and will make ppl want to get the app and probably sponsor it. tysm and hopefully u understand n improve. 🙂

- Boring

Its a boring game. What a waste of time

- Not that good

To much adds but otherwise it’s a good game

- Pretty great

I use this game and it kind of just calms me I love how it is free and it is one of those games that you don’t win but you just go through the levels I am on level 39

- Good game but

There many ads and one time I click off the thing when it said that if I wanted to watch an ad and it still made me

- 99% si ad

Ads watching simulator

- Too many ads.

The ads keep the game from being fun.

- # when I’m mad

I love this game it’s so fun and stress relieving I always play it when I’m mad it helps me calm down bc I’m the type of person that when I’m mad I like to smash things :)

- Offline earning

Used to love this game but for the past few weeks i have not been receiving any cash while offline

- Just updated Jan-31-19

Just updated the game expecting there to be cash from offline earnings the next time I played.....nothing.

- Glitch

It won’t accumulate all the money i have been collecting while off the app. probably going to delete.

- I love it but...

There seems to be an issue where I don’t get any money when I leave the app.

- This game takes away your anger

This game is so satisfying and when I am mad at my brother this game easily makes me feel better because I am taking it out on eggs and apples and Dynomite!

- Press inc.

How much money is the twin presser

- dont give up

believe me, it gets a lot easier

- Pretty good

This game is pretty good, but for all of you people saying there are too many ads, turn off you wifi when playing

- Things you should add

Hello! I’m in love with your game but you should add sound and more stuff to press . You should add more levels and things are so high to buy. But I love this game bye !!

- Game is freezing all the time

We have deleted and reinstalled the game and it freezes after playing it for 30 seconds. Any ideas to get the game playing right


K I get it you need adds but why every single time you hit the collect button maybe put an add in every 10 times you collect But it is a fun game

- Money not saved

After 48hours when I logged in.. the money that I earned offline pop up then I clicked on collect and got an add then i see that money was not saved:( i am not sure if this is a bug.. if yes please fix that asap.. Thanks

- Really good game

I got the game one day and it’s really fun it’s also addicting and relaxing 😎 play it it’s great

- So relaxing

I love this game and so Relaxing

- To much ads

There’s about 40 ads for me per 2 mins or so I get that ads help the developers get more money but please remove about 80% of the ads from the game so only about 10 to 15 ads pop up per 3 to 4 mins

- This ain’t it

I paid for no ads and I’m still getting ads

- Money glitch/problem

So I’ve been playing for awhile since it first came out. Made it to the hammer press with only 3 upgraded products: the eggs, the radioactive barrel and the toast. Then suddenly I open the app on October 19th 2018 and suddenly I could buy stuff that was in the quintillion range without having that money and now my money is in the negatives by a here is what I’m dealing with right now. I can’t post my screen shot but I’ll give you the number of how much I’m in the negative:-500,000,000,000,000,000,000. That’s what it says on my screen.

- Most of the time I feel like I’m just watching ads instead

Too much ads there is so much ads

- Good game

I love this game but sometimes when I level up my products that product goes back to level 1 and it puts me to -10 000 000 000 cash. But the gameplay is fun.

- C 2 la merd

jaim pa le jeu, je sui pa un kicou mé leu je me plé pa

Libertex 📈

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- A hidden thing

I found this thing in the settings it says “admin” and you can like max out every thing, change your money, etc. thanks developers

- Offline earning not working

Ever since the update the offline earning isn’t working. It’s pretty much impossible to upgrade anything with out it rendering the game useless. I would give a much better review if it wasn’t for that. I really do enjoy the game so it’s a shame to give it such a poor rating, but you need to fix this.. there’s not even an app link support in the game.

- Too many ads!!

Such a great game and I know ads are necessary I’m not against them but the amount of ads in this game is unbearable. I literally had to delete the app. Every single time you level up there’s an ad and until you reach around level 100 you level up once a minute or so. Too. Many. Ads.

- So many ads

It feels like whenever you collect money you have to sit through an add. I know I’ve played other games with almost the same exact setup. You play for a bit, and you have to click the collect button which basically gives them ability to make you watch an add every two minutes. Otherwise the game would be fun, maybe just be less greedy when designing your games.

- Annoying ads

This game is very fun and a good game to play when you’re bored but the ads after every move you make is very annoying. The only reason this is a two star review is because of the ads which makes me not want to play the game at all. I understand them but I feel like I’m watching ads more than playing the actual game.

- More commands

I think it’s a great game honestly however the admin commands I think there cool and all but I think that some more commands could be a little more better please take my idea like add a new level to the game and you can create your own products

- Not super satisfying...

I love the concept of this game and all, but it’s not that satisfying. Also whenever I upgrade the conveyor belt speed I don’t see a difference, same when I upgrade the smasher thingy (lol.) The good thing is there’s not many ads only when you collect your money which I do when I earn a high amount of money.

- Changes

The amount of money needs to be dropped down a little bit. I can’t see it on my phone. The ads also needs to be dropped Down. I can’t see the prices of the upgrades. I won’t pay $2.99 to get rid of the ads


Like many other people said, this is an idle game with no idle potential. If I close the app, why have I earned my max idle potential after like 30 MINUTES??? That’s so stupid. At this point I can literally only level up one thing per day. You developers are idiots and aren’t taking the user comments into consideration. Just keep sucking in the money from all the ads that you way you don’t have to care about us... losers.

- Bug

There has been a bug with entering the game and getting to the point that you can collect your money from being offline and I have clicked it and I have not been receiving any of the money. Please fix, thank you

- This is like WOW!!!!

So when I started it was boring soon I found ADMIN!!!! It was really fun so I started using it it was like I did all of that. So I would like ppl to use this app make sure to make this have 100% 5 stars plz.

- Possibly a bug

I’ve been playing this game for a while now but I can’t seem to upgrade some of the first times like the ice cream and watermelon.. the ice cream is only at level 104 and the other items seem to hit a cap at level 50.. but there is still 2 more start for them.. am I missing something?

- Sry

Yeah I found the dev pannel when snooping you may need hide it better but the game is great I’m going to go back to my original level and cash after doing some little things

- Fun but stop the adds

Each time I collect my money and add pops up it’s annoying please stop it if it wasn’t for how fun this game is I would do it but still this is amazing and please make a Second one

- Really fun

I play this game late at night wen I can’t fall asleep and I also love playing it in the car because I get car sick very easily so it helps me not to concentrate on me getting car sick so ya I think it’s a really fun

- Too boring for long term play

This game is okay for the first hour. After that you learn that it’s the same thing repeated over and over again. You’re literally just crushing the same 10 objects over and over for longer and longer with nothing new in sight to hold your interest. Way too many ads as well. Pretty boring.

- I love the game

It is so fun I like how you can just buy anything and you get to spend money freely and it’s a good game for kids because a lot of kids like to spend money like me

- Please update!

I have upgraded everything as much as it will let me, but it won’t let me u grade past level 50 for most of my items! I love this game and I want to continue to upgrade but for some reason it won’t let me

- So much ads

No pressure but we don’t need ads every minute to watch while trying to play this app this app has good graphics and lots of space for tapping the only problem is the ads :)

- Offline bug

Since one of the recent updates, for some reason I’m not getting any money from being offline. Plz fix this because it’s really bad because it makes stuff so much harder to upgrade and play the game all together Thanks

- Pretty good

All in all a great game. The only problem is when you collect your money it asks you to just collect it or to watch an ad and collect more, but if you just collect your money it will give you an ad anyway.

- Thx 4 adding offline earnings back

I said I would rate it 5 stars if you’ll added offline earnings back it took y’all a while but y’all didn’t disappoint

- What.

Alright, I have never downloaded this game. “Then why are you writing a negative review?” You may ask. But get this, this app literally downloaded itself on to my phone, on airplane mode. I closed the app I was using and was surprised to find it right there on my homescreen. So I gave it a try... And it was absolutely god awful. I mean what’s to expect about a game about a hydrolic press. Please save yourself from this terrible app.

- Heyo !

I really like this game. It's addictive, fun, and amazing! The only problem I'm having is that the more better I get, the more laggy it gets. I have an iPhone 6. Hope this helps! -Nadia

- Progression

I play this game advertisement free. However, this comes as an issue to me because regardless of how much I play I cannot advance very far. The usage of advertisements in this game seems to be the only way to progress within it. This is very frustrating and I do not feel as though I should have to watch an advertisement every five minutes to do well in this game.

- 2star

Don’t get me wrong it is a good game but you can get the twin press and when you are at the right level you still cannot get twin press and you can’t go to a higher level if possible to get twin press playing is fun though and I am a hard judge to get more then two stars it’s hard to get more because I think three is five stars and five is ten so it’s one star.

- Minute passed and done!

This game is really fun but I finished it before someone could finish a meter run. Pls make more levels for this game. Over all it is really fun though and I love smashing things especially the clock. Thank you but pls add more! Unknown

- It’s good but to many adds

This game is good but when I collect my money it give me a add before I get my money and this didn’t happen once and it still happens so make it so there is not a lot of adds pls 😖

- The game changed?

I was really enjoying this game until is switched over to some sort of offline version that I can’t level up in anymore. I don’t know how to fix this.

- Good

having such a lovely time playing but just wish u didn’t have to press collect every time

- Too many adds

When you collect your money from smashing the items you have to watch an add Every single time, and it is sooooooo annoying.

- Good game but TOO many ads

It’s a fun an addicting game. You have to get to level 21 just to access the second press. The only issue I have is if you chose to collect your money 2x you have to watch and ad to double it then watch another add to collect it

- Annoying Ads

I would give it a 5/5 but the ads are incredibly annoying. You have to watch the ads to collect your money, even if you decide to choose the normal “collect” and not “collect x2”. The ads cause me to stop playing.

- No offline money

I was fine with this game at first, but ever since the last update I haven’t been getting offline money or do, even with the 4 hr. offline booster. It’s unrealistic to sit there and play when you need large amounts of money to advance something that gives you slot less in return.

- Pls make a update

Please make a update so you can sell your business and get a new tower a pls add more levels make a map or something pleas e

- Ad city

Play the game and after smashing things you notice the money isn’t going up. Hit the collect button and you have two options, but both options give you ads. Can’t even play the game to see if it’s fun because of all the ads. What a waste. Removing the ads cost $2.99.

- Ads are ridiculous

Either watch an ad and collect your earnings, or watch an ad to double your earnings. Hmmmmmm...... Most idle games let you collect base earnings for free with the option to double by watching an advertisement. This one makes you watch one regardless if you want the bonus or not. Not worth $3. People who pay that much for something this basic are gullible.

- It needs a change

What it needs to change is that the money is hard to get it took me like 27days to get to the last level!?!?!?

- Love it!

I honestly find this game addictive and I can see myself enjoying this for hours. It’s not glitchy or anything! I love it. Sorry it’s a short review.

- Bug? Glitch?

It won’t let me upgrade anything! All I’m able to do is watch ads. I can’t even see how much money I have. And what happened to the floors/levels? What’s going on?!? I love this game and I really don’t want to have to start over by deleting : (

- To many ads

I love the game but there are way to many ads and it’s annoying especially when I’m only collecting my money and not trying to double or triple it

- More please

Besides the game having loads of ads (turn off the wi-if) it’s pretty decent. I just wonder why it doesn’t automatically level you up, but that’s me being lazy.

- I love this game but there is a flaw

This game is great but one flaw is if u go to settings it has an admin pannel and you can do anything like give ur self a lot of money

- Too many ads

I love the game but there’s just too many ads to play it so try to tone down on the ads

- STUPID!!!!!!! 🤬

Pretty good but kinda boring. After playing it for a while it gets really boring. Overall it’s fun.(I guess) Ok I’m adding on to this review. I haven’t played in a while, but now that I played again I thought it was stupid. Also, the starter food, the grilled cheese, I think, look really gross once it was smashed. I thought this game was horrible and I’m never going to play it again, and I hope I never see the ad again. 😑😠🤯🤬 Adding again. I read some of the review and I want to agree with almost everyone. This isn’t a game. If I had to say it was, it was the game of ads.

- Glitch

I got a glitch where if I held down the purchase button for the ice cream it would send me into negative numbers and let me purchase all of the items. This glitch ruined the rest of the game for me. Otherwise it’s pretty fun but I will have to give it two stars for that glitch, sorry.

- Great game just it’s a bit to quite.....

I love the game it’s relaxing and it gets rid of stress just can you add some music maybe some sound or something?

- Cool

This is the coolest game of ever playing on my iPhone and I think I’m going to be playing it more often thank you for making the game

- Ads

I really liked this game when I first got it but then it got worse because every time I collected my money it gave me an ad. I didn’t get the game to watch ads all day. Fix this and maybe I will get the game for a second time.

- Ad generator

I would review the actual game but after 5-6 ads in the first 3-4 minutes I can’t say how the game is. Looked like it could have been fun if it was at all playable. I usually pay for no ads but after reading the reviews that say ads are still there after paying, I will just delete instead.

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Press Inc 3.7 Screenshots & Images

Press Inc iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Press Inc iphone images
Press Inc iphone images
Press Inc iphone images
Press Inc iphone images
Press Inc iphone images
Press Inc ipad images
Press Inc ipad images
Press Inc ipad images
Press Inc ipad images
Press Inc ipad images
Press Inc Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Press Inc Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Press Inc (Version 3.7) Install & Download

The applications Press Inc was published in the category Games on 2018-08-03 and was developed by RUBY OYUN VE YAZILIM DANISMANLIK [Developer ID: 939257836]. This application file size is 198.81 MB. Press Inc - Games posted on 2019-07-25 current version is 3.7 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.rubygames.idledestruction

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