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Slime Road is a fast action sticky jumping addictive adventure!

Bounce the slimeball through rings to collect gems and win.

Can you hit the bullseye every time?

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The applications Slime Road was published in the category Games on 2018-07-29 and was developed by tastypill. The file size is 154.68 MB. The current version is 2.7 and works well on 8.2 and high ios versions.

◉ Bug fixes
◉ More new stuff coming soon!

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Hi  Ebg224  5 star

It is so good and has a little bit of a challenge but not to hard and it is very good to help you concentrate and does not have many adds at all and it is amazing for when you are on the go and it is one of the most fun games I have ever played in my life and if you think it is easy I say beginners luck I highly recommended


Age.joc  agejocey  5 star

I ❤️this game🥳


Too many adds  Rinner14_YT  3 star

I’ve had this game for about a week now and I have has about 50 adds. After each level there is always an add, even if you lose.


Slow game  izzy10-10  1 star

I feel as if I’m a grandma playing this not so hard/slow game they should update it and make it faster so they better do it fast so if I were you I would not have bought the game


This game is soo fun  xjdjsjdkjfsj  5 star

This game is so fun I don’t know why people say that this game is boring and easy I sear it’s soo fun and I’m not saying because someone made me I saying it because it is genuinely fun

Kayla. E. W

1 star  Kayla. E. W  1 star

Ok so I like this game BUT THERE ARE TO MANY ADDS.


Destroys battery when not using  DanielKtheRatingPersonn  1 star

At night, my phone is usually charging. One day on vacation, I forgot my phone and left it on the charger. I was on my phone for a little bit and let someone else use the charger since I was at 91% I went to bed at 9. When I woke up at 7, I was at 42%!!! When I went to check what had caused it, I discovered the slime road had been running background activity all night. I immediately deleted and my battery has been much better ever since.


I'm obsessed!  poopypants101😂😘  5 star

This game is so fun and i love it! I am so obsessed and have been playing it as much as i can. I don't think there is anything that should be changed with this game it is perfect


Fun🤪  mia🤣🤪  5 star

This game is really fun I play it when I am bored be it brightens my Bordeness but it pretty smooth 🤩😄


Hi  ghzheghrjdiheid  4 star

This is a really fun game but I think when someone messes up like this when this is up one time you should give them three more chances so that would basically give them four chances I think that would be better I like that better than what you’re doing because you’re just giving us one chance and I don’t really like that so would you please give us four chances thank you so much


Way too many ads  BlisteD  1 star

The amount of ads in this game make it almost unplayable. I spent the same amount of time, if not more, trying to cancel out of ads than I did in actual gameplay.

wrote by a gamer

Slimey Road  wrote by a gamer  5 star

I literally just started playing an I'm already obsessed!!!😍😍


One star  Madhom3r  1 star

Mind numbing easy gameplay with a simple objective. Did about 11 levels and not only seeing an ad at the bottom of the screen ever time but I saw at least 8 ads after levels and they were all ads you needed to skip twice to get back to the game. Money grabbing developer.


Slime road  remtocute  3 star

It needs more things added

billnye the review guy

Too many diamond flying parts  billnye the review guy  4 star

I like the game but do they really have to add a part where you fly to get diamonds EVERY level, I mean cmon you should at least make it be every 2-3 levels to make it more fun. Also, the game is a bit easy, the only changes to each level might be the distance to the finish lines and the color. I still recommended getting this game though because it is pretty fun.


This is too easy!  TheRealJaxsonJewell  1 star

Oh my goodness. I made it to level or road sixteen on my first try! I saw an ad that had him die on the first for this game. Well that is a stupid ad. I will summarize this game in three words if you first saw the ad and thought you could do better than him: CHEAP CORPORATE SCAM.


The best  Madvarga  5 star

This is the best game ever


This game is awesome  Lovechildcherry  5 star

This game is awesome because you can do so many things done and so relaxing it does it does it have any sound and it’s really nice and I really want to play it all day I just got it to mention like one minute one minute ago so and I am already on level of 10 and I just am very happy

max and havery fan for life

It is a fun game to play I play it everyday # marvery  max and havery fan for life  5 star

For life


Great game but...  Kaliwali1234  5 star

This game is awesome and I love it but it needs some spice. I just got the game three minutes ago and I’m already on level 6 it could be a bit harder like also being able to have to turn with the curve of the road instead of just trying to hit the little dots inside the rings. Also the name just doesn’t fit with the game. I don’t see how this game is associated with slime. Maybe something like bounce road. But these are just suggestions, I still love the game I hope the developers see this and try to make these changes. Thank you for reading this long review. And have a wonderful and magical day. ✨🥰💖


It's ok  lolcutie5114  4 star

I hate that every time you finish a level there is an AD so please fix that

ten took

Slime road  ten took  5 star

I don’t always win this game but that is my fault besise all that it is a very good game and I am addicted playing this game


Slime road  icecreamisabella  5 star

Slime road is fun and easy. My favorite part of slime road is when you go up in the air.










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