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Impressive Poses Made Easy With our programs for beginners. Get Fitter Now with our Workout and Meal Plan!

BetterMe Yoga was created with the help of renowned yoga teachers. Get in a better shape, improve flexibility, shake off those extra pounds and gain healthier lifestyle habits instead. Join BetterMe Yoga community!

What we offer:

- Guided Workouts to do impressive poses easily in 4 weeks.
- Efficient workouts aimed at weight loss and calorie-burning: We know what works best for different body types, and what are the best workout strategies to achieve your goals.
- A toned physique and a stronger core: Short but highly-effective daily work-outs.
- Guidance on clearing and focusing the mind while working out: Yoga will take care of your body and your mind.
- Guidance on leaving the worries and stress behind: Learn to acknowledge and balance your emotions.

BetterMe Yoga is:

- Over 100 workouts put together by fitness, yoga and meditation experts;
- Daily Meal Plans for different preferences (classic, vegan, keto-diet, lactose-free, gluten-free);
- Adjustable exercise plans depending on your physical parameters and overall goals;
- Easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions;
- Tracking of results - Keep track of your progress, calories burnt and how much further till another milestone!
- Constant app updates: More user-friendly interface, interesting and useful features.
- Clear and quick communication with developers: Leave your suggestions and feedback, and we’ll look into it ASAP.

Start NOW if You Are:

- Made your mind about changing life with fitness but are not sure where to begin;
- Want to become stronger, more fit, more flexible;
- Want to achieve inner harmony and balance beautiful body with a beautiful mind;
- Need to be constantly motivated to work out regularly;
- Like to keep track of their progress;
- Happy to join the huge community of like-minded yoga fans from all over the world.

• BetterMe: Yoga for Weightloss is free to download.
• Ongoing use requires an active subscription, available on a monthly, 6-month, lifetime or our new weekly basis.
• Customers who choose a monthly subscription are eligible for a free 3-day trial period, 6-month for a 7-day free trial, weekly subscribers are eligible for 7-day trial. In addition, there are weekly subscriptions without trial period.
• Lifetime subscription is billed the total fee starting from purchase date.
Monthly, 6-month and Weekly subscription users billed per month, per 6-month and per week accordingly until user unsubscribes.
• All subscription plans offer unlimited access to every yoga program in exchange for a single payment during subscription duration.
• For your convenience, Weekly, yearly and monthly subscriptions are set to Auto-Renew within the 24-hour period prior to the subscription end date.
• You can cancel your subscription at any moment in your iTunes account settings but refunds will not be provided for any unused portion of the terms. Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable

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Join our community of yoga fans today for a clearer head, sunnier disposition, and a stronger body tomorrow!

BetterMe: Yoga for Weightloss App Description & Overview

The applications BetterMe: Yoga for Weightloss was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2018-08-06 and was developed by Genesis Technology Partners. The file size is 35.10 MB. The current version is 1.4.2 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

We have made small changes in app design

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BetterMe: Yoga for Weightloss Reviews

just no 😐

You have to pay for almost everything  just no 😐  1 star

So I was going for a flexibility class. And it said you have to pay but in the ad I didn’t. BRUHHHH


Price  jump4joy43  1 star

This App did not show a price - I would like to know how to cancel it - I just bought it 1 min ago


Good app but...  $ammi€  4 star

There are some inconsistencies, for example, “upward forward bend” and “standing forward bend” are the same pose.


How do I cancel  puravidagringa  1 star

I need to cancel this ap


Beware - Apple does not allow cancellation.  BRessa722  1 star

I ordered the per year UNFORTUNATELY. Also there are no flows just pics of poses.


No star!  mbdbmdgpeckaregkq  1 star

I unsubscribed to the app and it atomically subscribed me again and charged me $44.30 for a 6 month trial I wanted to avoid. Now when I try to get my money back it keeps sending me to the same page to make a report. Cannot go any further. This app is horrible for yoga anyways. And now when I try to make a review all nicknames are taken!

mrs. jrodriguez

Canceling my subscription  mrs. jrodriguez  2 star

I’m trying to cancel my subscription I don’t want it. And I don’t have an option to cancel this and I don’t want to be charge anymore please I need help with this issue


Be careful when purchasing.  KH072!  1 star

Be careful when purchasing. It isn’t user friendly to purchase on a monthly basis. I purchased, what I thought to be, a monthly subscription. There were no other options when setting up. However, I was charged over $50 for 6 months. I don’t even like yoga, I just wanted to try it for a couple of months to see if I could get in to it. Now, I have 6 months of an app I don’t want. I tried contacting them through the app multiple times and it doesn’t work. It doesn’t pull up an error message, it just doesn’t do anything. If you like yoga, the app may be fine, but be mindful if you’re not trying to purchase it for 6 months.


No trial period  Pinkyblu  1 star

Really do not paying for things (apps) I want but this developer is unethical in its practice of charging his/her rate. I signed up for the subscription (one year) with a one week trial period (short but cool...I’m responsible/accountable enough to cancel if I do not like it) and was immediately charged the $119.99. Okay, so, I’m not so well off that I can tale that kind of hit on my financial account without planning for it. One week, yeah...same day uh, no. The charge was levied against my account within 3 hours of downloading the application. Got to be more careful. Buyer Beware!


I want to cancel my trial subscription!!!!  apng1517  1 star

I don’t recommend this application at all. it’s too boring and it doesn’t explain absolutely nothing about the alignment of the body. I want to cancel it but I don’t figure out how to do so. Could you help please show me what is the procedure? Thanks











Actually an app I’d pay for  slapboom  5 star

I’ve been really on the fence about buy this app but it’s honestly great! They walk you through every pose and you can pause or skip if you need to take a break. I’m actually willing to pay the $99 for lifetime use of this app. They offer yoga for beginners, for pregnant women, for elderly people, and even couples yoga!

Lexi Grimbrooke

Best Yoga App  Lexi Grimbrooke  4 star

This is my favorite yoga app. I much prefer it to yoga videos on YouTube. My only complaint is that it isn’t always easy to know when to change poses since there’s no voice commands accompanying the images. But otherwise it’s great and I absolutely love it.



You can download it for free yes but you have to pay 99.99 for lifetime access 9.99 monthly or you can do a 7 day trial (you’ll have to pay if you forget to cancel)... but you can’t really get to your goal in a healthy way in 7 days.

life's Motion to Wallace

Wellness  life's Motion to Wallace  5 star

Calming body mind and spirit while exercising. Releasing days and life’s tentions by the end of session.


Awful and superficial  lapiscat  1 star

This app turns yoga into a disgustingly superficial and sexualized activity. Yoga is meant to be about bettering yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually and self reflection, not making women feel insecure and promoting “ideal” body types and features. It’s gross how you’ve turned exercise into something completely rooted in looking attractive to other people rather than being healthy and strong. Seriously, way to ruin yoga.

senorita laurita

Yoga  senorita laurita  3 star

There are better ones on youtube for free


NOT FREE  tkdgal211975  1 star

Just free to download


Great App  gabstere  4 star

I love this app but it would be nice to be able to use it via airplay

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