IGTV from Instagram

IGTV from Instagram [Entertainment] App Description & Overview

Discover videos, clips, shows, and vlogs from your favorite Instagram creators.

IGTV is different from your typical video experience. It’s built for how you use your phone and not limited to one minute. As Instagram’s long-form video platform, you can watch even more from the creators you follow and discover video content, personalized for you.


- Download and sign in with your Instagram or Facebook account. You can start watching videos right away.

- Stream videos and clips from creators you follow and discover new ones you might like.

- Discover other content from influencers and celebrities on IG or search for a specific creator’s channel.

- Record and upload videos on IGTV instantly with unique tools like Hands-free Capture — perfect for vlogs.

- The IGTV app is a great complement for the Instagram app, Reels, Boomerang, and Hyperlapse.

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IGTV from Instagram Customer Service, Editor Notes:

The latest version contains bug fixes and performance improvements

IGTV from Instagram Comments & Reviews

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- Simple and easy to use

Here are a few things I wish that will change in the future. There should be a whole page where your subscriptions, following, popular, history and saved are displayed and sorted on a page filling the whole screen. Categories such as sports, tv shows etc to choose from would also be nice. And PLEASE, make it possible to change the cover of the video after posting it. That would be really helpful. Thanks!

- Maybe it will end up being a great platform

It lacks some basic video functionality like tapping the middle of the screen to pause or the left/right side to rewind/fast forward. The playback menu is really hard to see against a white background (see Philip DeFranco's videos). Also, it would be nice to be able to close a video I'm not interested or at least somehow auto pause it while I'm browsing. And this might sound weird, but here's my biggest complaint - as an adult with a job and responsibilities, I need to immediately be able to see what time it is. It would be helpful if the time (and battery life, etc.) was shown whenever the title and playback menu is visible. Sometimes functionality is more important than aesthetic design.

- Incredibly frustrating.

This app is a great idea, the problem is it only lets me post vertical but I usually film in horizontal and the fact that I can’t use my videos now is frustrating. So can you make it so you have the option to post vertically or horizontally. Also trying to find videos is incredibly confusing and annoying. There’s always some video playing in the background whether you want it or not. Even going to your channel doesn’t make it go away. And you can’t make it go away either. And then browsing is difficult because it just has one strip at the bottom of the screen instead of having them fill the whole screen with videos or having the layout be the same as the regular instagram so it makes more sense. The whole thing just looks messy and I can’t stand looking at it.

- IGTV NEEDS this one feature

Instagram continues to dominate the social media scene and is even working its way now into dominating the media scene as well with IGTV. HOWEVER, if you do not give users the option to follow someone without giving them a secondary option to unfollow from IGTV, mute Stories, and mute Posts. There are options right now to 1.) mute stories and 2). Mute stories and posts. But what if someone wants options other than those? It’s SO restricting. Many people will start unfollowing their favorite accounts just because there IGTV is annoying. There is no option right now to distinguish IGTV account follows from Instragram post and story follows. Give us the freedom and the options please. IGTV has huge potential with these options added.

- Stop trying to convince people that vertical videos are the future.

It’s a good idea to finally allow creators to upload higher quality and longer videos, but why limit it to vertical viewing? Is it really that inconvenient for people to turn their phones to view a video the way it’s meant to be viewed? Instagram needs to get off its high horse and not limit creators to compromising the amount of information people can see. Content is best viewed horizontally. We don’t watch movies vertically. We don’t flip our TVs to watch. There are filmmakers would would actually love to get real support from Instagram and not limit it to people who don’t care about quality.

- Meh

I think it’s good if you want to post short videos but I came here to post an hour long video and I got denied saying it needs to be 1 to 15 minutes long so I was like okay fine I didn’t care but then I’m scrolling and a Camilla Cabelo has a 20 minute long video uploaded make it make sense I think you should just let ALL of us not just celebrities post longer videos it’s aggravating because you can obviously make us able to post longer videos you just choose not too it’s annoying it’s like a “I would but you’re not worth my time because you aren’t famous” it’s completely stupid. Maybe this why your rating is low...just saying...

- Fun for longer videos!

Great app, no glitches, and I can upload longer videos to my Instagram profile. That IGTV doesn’t cut the video into a square and allows you to turn your phone around into landscape mode is also amazing. It takes some time to upload, but it’s seamless and totally worth it. The quality of the video is the same you get on the phone, no loss of quality.

- We need few things..

Supporting higher resolutions would be appreciated. Let people have the Choice to go between standard and HD quality (up to 1080p hopefully, its 2018 😬). More importantly, we need the support of horizontal videos!. Users are already rotating their videos to the right and left and have to turn my phone with that. Support horizontal videos for people who wants to use it. I get it, phones are held vertically, but most people who watch longer videos will turn their phones horizontally anyway. There isn’t that left to work with when you have to crop the video that much!

- Functionality Lacking

Great concept, unfortunately, I am very disappointed in the apps lack of functionality. I cannot find a way of editing, or deleting a video. To err is human and I am a novice, and one who is still navigating my way through the ways of video social media, user friendly is going to be very important to me. In other words, a simple means of being able to make corrections to my posts is essential. I find it difficult to believe that the IG developers did not think to add such a basic function; therefore, I can accept that, maybe, I am not seeing it. That said, it should be more obvious.

- Amazing!

Not the best nor the worst, but I’m going to be very completely honest with this app. When you record a video on the app and post it. It won’t ever post and don’t expect it to post because it won’t post. I waited a whole 2 hours and nothing. So it’s better if you record it on you’re camera app. And then post it and it should post within 5-10 minutes, depending how long the video is.

- Review IGTV

IGTV is a good app that help people to watch and enjoy from good videos especially when in some places you tube doesn’t run and people maintain tiered from seeing videos then IGTV app come and help students utilize from this innovative creativity app and can use the useful information save in this app I recommend please utilize this useful app and appreciate developers I wish success in world wide

- Almost perfect...

This app is a great idea, and I think it’s great that we finally have a good vertical video app. Unlike most others, I actually enjoy vertical video. However, it seems like this is more for people who have a large following. The categories are, “For you”, “Following”, and “Popular”. I would like it for newer people to have a chance on igtv, because as it stands now, it seems to be only for people with a lot of followers.


IGTV works GREAT for me because I loose track of time editing & remembering where I left off in IG stories. It takes away from the moment, when you have to look back at where you left off. Don’t get me wrong, I love IG stories. There’s just certain videos for certain moments. So, IGTV is where to go if you want to talk a little more with out distraction.

- Pretty good first few hours?

Couldn’t upload the video with a custom thumbnail so that was a tad frustrating. Should have an edit for descriptions at least but that and titles really. And the live function should be in igtv as well. And I️ should be able to choose who I️ follow on igtv I️ don’t like seeing these random things I’ve never cared about before. Also multiple channels for one user. I️ want to run multiple channels from my account

- Love it and hate it

While I’m sincerely enjoying creating content for IGTV, it feels clunky. Uploading videos results in at least one failed attempt every time I upload. Search function doesn’t feel right either. I think IGTV is on track to be something truly amazing, but to see that happen it really needs some evolution. As we speak, I’m attempting to upload a video for the THIRD time. Solid internet connection and no issues with files. Just tells me there was an error. 🤷‍♂️

- Good...but

I think you should rethink the UI to be honest... I understand the look and how you’re trying to go for a seamless experience when consuming content, but I think it would be even better if you changed the way we could pick videos to watch (like the explore page but different). Other than that I’m excited to see where this goes...

- SO GREAT! But please let us edit the description and name!!

Ok I’m so glad that there’s finally a platform for posting vertical vids! Problem is I had a typo in the title of my video and I couldn’t find any way to fix it. I had to delete the video and repost it, which made me loose all of the views and feedback :/ Would be great if you add a way for us to edit the title and description after posting :)

- Would be great if the video function actually works

Ever since IG decided to get rid of the IGTV feature on the main page, I have found it incredibly frustrating that I have to go to a completely separate app to upload my personal videos which means in order for it to truly work I have to delete the other running apps on my phone to save memory space... if it even uploads at all. 10+ min videos you can forget about it; if I do manage to get a 10min video in I can never seem to get it to upload it into the system for my IGTV entries.

- Not loading my videos.

Normally this app works like a charm! But today, is not one of those days. I have been trying for hours to upload one video. At first I thought it was too long, even though it was well under five minutes. So I decided to edit the video into two parts. The first part loaded without a problem, but the second part won’t load no matter what I do! Please help! For this reason the app only gets two stars from me :(

- We the People

Can see, and change the world for good with Instagram, now I need to add Spanish, German alway teaching just one thing of knowledge with good net you gotta know what’s bad to always being knowledgeable and if you don’t understand what I tried to say it because Iam just bipolar and it’s a God thing!!!!

- You guys have made it so I can’t like or comment on anything.

Just so you know I’m the most liberal person I know. I everything about me is liberal but yes I am now disavowing the democratic party, they are so corrupt. I know this is why you have done this to me. I have stuff about Donald Trump on my page, I have been taking screenshots and recording all the ways I’m not able to use Instagram. I hope you guys realize what you’re doing, You stopping people from doing what they want is making you look bad. It’s all good this will be taken care of soon I hope

- Update not letting me upload

Ever since this new update, I can’t upload my videos anymore. It’s been stalling saying “posting” for over an hour. I thought it was my internet, so I tried to refresh and exit out of the app. It didn’t work. Then I tried to uninstall the app and reinstall then reupload, but the same issue is happening. This is really unfortunate because I have been using IGTV more for creating content related to quarantine life, and now it’s frustrating that I can’t upload because of this update.

- Good but lacking some things

IGTV is good but lacking some features like a filtered search engine, something that you can pick between looking for a specific view or a channel, also lacking a way to see what videos you’ve already watched in one list. And there’s no way to save videos to a watch later list.

- Fix This Issue in The future

I gave it a 3 because it’s an alright app the only thing I have a problem with is that you can’t see the igtv videos that you liked and most of my watch history is gone. I was trying to look for this motivational video but I can’t find it because Instagram does not have an option to see what IGTV videos you liked and that video isn’t in my watch history smh.

- Nothing New

This is basically IGTV copies right over from the main Instagram app. The setting consists of log in or log out options, and a bunch of legal notices. I installed it to see if there was more I could do with it than in Instagram and found the answer: No. What does it do? It lets you upload videos to your own IGTV channel, watch videos by other people. When I look at my list of videos, I only see 5 videos by creators I follow; 2 are from the same person. Everything else is all “Recommended for you”, one person I follow regularly posts to IGTV yet he’s never listed and I have to search for him. Instagram needs to fix their options across their apps. Some things I’d like to see: • Filter IGTV to only people I follow • Chronological order for my IG feed • Finite options to follow someone for just their feed, stories, IGTV, or all.

- Okay I guess

I was hoping this would be an opportunity to post longer vids, but when I put one, (it wasn’t even that long, maybe thirty seconds) the app totally crashed just like the regular Instagram app. I don’t know if this whole thing was necessary, why couldn’t they have just made it so you can do the longer videos on the regular app. Now I have two Instagram apps taking up more storage on my phone.

- Video uploads have some trouble

Many times had happened to me that when my videos are uploaded on Instagram the voice and the video don’t match. They get disrupted at some point of the video and I have to delete and upload again. It would be easier for us if Instagram could fix that problem.

- Frustrating

I have been having major issues with this app in the uploading department. Videos are remaining stuck or disappear after awhile. Even after following all the instructions not one has uploaded. And for customer support... what a freaking joke! I can’t even send a report because an error message pops up. No customer service contact at all to address the questions and issues. Instagram is just as bad.

- More features, please!

I would give full stars if there were better features such as adding a thumbnail photo in edit mode to create a better and cohesive overall look to posted IGTV videos. Also it would be better if subjects or hashtags could be searched as opposed to just searching for a specific creator.

- Irrelevant

In Instagrams latest attempt to spread its horizons, they released this app allowing long videos to be shared. Unfortunately, it’s trash. Only about half of your videos show up to be able to post, videos automatically start playing and the content is rarely relevant to what you like. The worst thing about IGTV is it’s irrelevance. It is a completely useless app, and anything you need to see can be found within the instagram app itself. Don’t waste your time trying to download it, it’s not worth it.

- Great first impressions!

I’m excited for this! I’ve already uploaded a couple videos to test it out. I’d recommend having a way to look at only thumbnails(full screen), and having a way to not have a video in the background. Also, it would be nice to have a full screen profile view for whatever channel you want to look at! (Similar to looking at the standard IG account pages)

- Keeps failing to load

Unable to load the main home feed. Once I open app and click home 🏡 it gives me an error “Failed to load” I have uninstalled & reinstalled the app twice, still happening. My iOS is up to date, the app is up to date. I’m actually a manager for apple support so I know my way around troubleshooting. And this app has a bad bug, Please fix! Until then my rating is one star ⭐️ ... Can’t even use the app or home screen feed... Developers please contact me for a fix!

- Made my account get an error

I downloaded the app because I couldn’t find the upload button any more for my Igtv section on my profile. I use the app it uploaded fine then hours later I was locked out of my own profile. Error messege saying where sorry something has gone wrong and on my desktop oops an error has occurred. I completely have no access to my feed or profile. It messed up my access. I have 511k followers and I cannot navigate my own profile !!!!!!!!!!?????

- 😃

I like this concept but it would have been great if same thing you put under the IG profile where you have timeline section, tag section, and save section. Just add “IGTV” section (or add it over there so when we click on that we can jump into IGTV app).

- It needs some getting used to...

I’m liking the layout and style, not to big on watching videos on portrait mode but give it about 15 mins, and you’ll get used to it. This was first suggested to me by a tech related video creator. I can see some IG users getting big on content creation with this app, so there’s definitely potential.

- Good concept. Difficult to use. 🙄

I think this app has potential but its all just overwhelming, maybe if the background was white it would be better. It’s also annoying how there are all those other accounts right by the ones you are following. It would be easier to have a “Recommended Channels” section that is separate.

- I want this to succeed but...

It gets extra stars for being new and maybe it just needs to find its legs. My problems: At least give me the option to stop the most irritating feature, auto play. I like having a place to land see what I might feel like watching from people I like to see and not having my face suddenly shoved into content. I need good search. I actually like landscape mode I don’t mind maximizing portrait just don’t like loosing my control. With landscape I can go from being immersed to then flipping my phone and all the control and options return to me. Hope you make this platform awesome even if it doesn’t end up better for me.

- The future is here! At least until something else comes

I’m digging this format. As a creator given this opportunity to create for mobile is challenging and exciting. Look forward to building this other side of video

- Snapchat discover but not as good.

The app feeds like you're forced to watch content, because you are. There must always be something open or playing, from the second you get on. It is a blatant ripoff of Snapchat discover, but with a more diffusicult user interface. To pick content, you have to scroll sidways, and it feels like it is forcing you to watch content instead of pick content that you want to see.

- Igtv Camera

The button doesn’t pop up sometimes if you want to record a video it could be property annoying if you have something on your mind and want to drop some heat but can’t

- Not sure.

I like IGTV but I liked it better when it was on the Instagram app. Put it back on there! Update: I love IG TV but can't post videos unless it is for a minute or more. Put it back to when we can post a video no matter how long it is!

- Should support horizontal videos

I was really excited that our company could post videos longer than 1:00 but really disappointed that it could only be in vertical orientation. I’ve spent thousands on hiring editors to cut down my 2:00 - 3:00 videos to fit the 60 sec cap on instagram. There’s no way in hell Im going to have my guys cut my videos to fit this ridiculous orientation. It’s unfair to professional videographers and production companies to be able to display their work.

- Worthless app

Cannot find igtv history, likes, and saved videos. Please fix this. What’s the point of liking/saving a video if you can never find it again. This whole user interface is lacking basic functionality. There’s literally no difference between app version and the igtv on the Instagram app, plus the fact that neither have basic essential functions and are annoying and frustrating to navigate.

- Loving the new take from Instagram!

Everything that Instagram is doing with this app is amazing! However, it would be great if they added support for the iPhone X to get rid of those black bars at the top and bottom.

- Longer videos

We need to be able to go longer than 15 minutes! That would be nice and the uploads always seem to take a long time. Other than that really cool app.

- I like it but...

I like it now that it supports both vertical and horizontal videos but it’s lacking one feature...casting. Facebook gives you the option to cast videos to other devices, shouldn’t this be a standard feature for IGTV too?

- Needs editing options!

One feature that would really help a lot of users would be to rotate videos! The ability to rotate a landscape video to fit into the vertical format of IGTV would help a lot of users! Please please please develop this option! Love the concept and potential for growth with IGTV!

- what they should add

i wish they would let you search up the titles of videos instead of only allowing us to search for other channels, like i wanna be able to just binge watch a bunch of marching band videos from multiple people’s accounts but i don’t want to specifically watch them from a marching band instagram account i want to watch them from a variety of normal people’s accounts named like "my marching season" or "my marching band experience 2019" yk? it would just be so much better if we could be able to search up titles too

- Major playback issue

When it works, it’s fantastic! However, if a video is more than about a minute and a half long, it cuts off, turning to static snow for me. The time limit for videos is considerably longer, so this should not be happening, and it’s quite frustrating to be unable to watch a full video. Makes the app rather useless, really.

- Crappy App. Why is Instagram/Facebook so Incompetent?

I had a 4:3 aspect ratio video I wanted to upload. This app automatically cropped it to 16:9. I didn’t ask for that. Additionally, the only way I could upload to IGTV was by using this app. You’re supposed to also be able to do that from the Instagram app. but NO, that doesn’t function. Even web uploading does NOT WORK. Stupid that I need a separate app to upload video to IGTV. Time to split Instagram away from Facebook again.

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- Really Nice App

Congratulations to Instagram on Surprising us with yet another app! this is a great way for us creators to share even more content out there with the community it’s we have grown on Instagram. would love to see an Apple TV app as well so i can watch the videos on the big screen as well as my phone. but, again, thank you Instagram 💕

- IGTV is great!

I Love IGTV because it allows videos that are longer than one minute to be uploaded! It’s great to watch process videos!! And be able to have more time to show different techniques!! ⭐️

- A little bit noice

Fun, a little different, and many of your favourite you tubers are starting up here as well. Give it a go!

- Just a good idea for now.

Good idea but very poor contents. Who cares about instagram celebrities? Moreover the search option should be based on words not on names in order to find a video which can interest you. And portrait mode only? ‘Cmon... maybe the concept will improve soon.

- Old fav

Love that IGTV not only saves your Lives but gives a long frame than reels - wish Reels had long tome frame

- Do I really need this?

It’s a great app but I can access igtv from Instagram as well with same features, so don’t think I really need to install this app.

- Alright app

I make music videos for Instagram. This app is great for making longer videos. However I’ve found a few problems. Firstly when I save my videos, they don’t save to photos like they should, even though they say they have been saved. Secondly it doesn’t allow you to use filters like you can on Instagram videos in the Instagram app. Also the videos are very slow to upload to Instagram. These improvements would make the app so much better.

- Hate the latest update

No longer can you click on ‘following’ button to just see videos by the people you follow. I actually really liked this app when I first started using it. I’ll no longer use it, it’s too long winded to get to the videos you want to see.

- Arty videos

Just love looking at all the different types of media all together Great app


IGTV is just the best idea ever I love and will be watching and making my own videos for sure 100%

- Interesting

Interesting concept but not much content that I can find and it performs really poorly when on a slow connection

- Still loading video

The video I put on this morning is still downloading taking a long time to work I don’t know why.

- Easy to Use

Love this app and how it links to my IG stories and feed.

- Saved

I’m really annoyed at the fact that I can’t see what Igtv vids I’ve saved. I can only access them when I first open the app and there’s a “saved” tab but every other time I can’t find it not even on the instagram app

- Some add on !

How to get the blue direct message on my instagram

- Sound not working

Need to fix sound bug. I have sound on full, mute off, sound icon in app showing suggesting there should be sound. Don’t have this problem in any other app.

- No one likes vertical

The idea of long from Instagram videos is amazing but being only able to upload in vertical is horrible

- Fast forward

I can’t find the fast-forward or rewind on my phone.

- Unfunctional.

Saw IGTV in the news and decided to try it out. Opened the app, and went to log in. It has now locked me out of both my Instagram and IGTV accounts and I'm unable to log into either. This is dysfunctional beyond belief.

- Ignored Arabic support

More than 1.5 billion people around the world speak Arabic, but it isn’t supported in this app!!! While some supported languages are spoken by less than 300 thousand people!!! Based on what you choose supporting a language??

- Incredible!

What a great app

- Pretty awesome

Pretty awesome so far. I’m excited to see how this app will develop

- Description of app error

Should be “different from” not “different to” in your description of the app!

- It glitches

It glitches ALL THE TIME And also, I used to be able to post landscape videos but now I can’t ????

- Very approachable System for New Users

First time using this collaboration platform is simple and excellent, live platform options and inter connectivity would be the only suggestion. Facebook offers as a platform, but instead of interconnectivity - but for marketing it actively, rather than passively - How? Oh they do, it’s the ads we are subject to. How can we change that in a beneficial way? A teaching/marketing program. One with the sponsorship from active individuals in places of influence, governments, it is the whole point of omniscience. Economically? To implement, I guess you could say.. However, most of the ‘work’ is implemented by the teacher, specialists and or mentors. As to the most effective approach? Obviously reaching out through local teachers and specialists, people with information for the greater public. Anyone can volunteer even five minutes worth of wise words or pure and simple education for researchers (obviously a series of tests and background checks for adult directed content - but still purely emphasising education). Search through #hashtags and, hashtags #~ lead to hash-tagged #key words in the blurb. Memory required? We won’t think about that unless numbers are brought before us. A management system? You lot seem to be doing just fine. The point of this review, it’s pretty clear; You’re on the right or the left track..? Or the middle of a wilderness? Oh? I can feel that... 😈 Scared? Good! I hope not! 🤞So, if you got ‘ #goosebumps ’ at all reading this review then you can see how well it works! Get #anticipated and #collaborate with this #platform 👍 🙏 Peace out ✌️ Beau. D

- Great App- Add it back!

Love this app! It’s perfect for long videos

- Instagram TV

Honestly this is not really needed just use normal Instagram

- Portrait video = not interested

I love Instagram and the idea of Instagram tv sounds great to me but it uses portrait video so I’m not interested.

- Love it

What a portal to express and be inspired by.

- Abstractart follower

Massive lover

- it’s limited

you guys need to add more features e.g. different aspect ratios, captions and 360 video it’s kinda boring how limited igtv is. please add more features!!


Can you please make it so you can actually delete videos off Igtv it’s so stupid!!!!

- Jimi

Crashes a LOT

- Yeah


- Not a fan

I love Instagram! But I’m not a fan of this app

- It’s noice

Follow Jonmosslol

- I LOVE this new app!

So I just downloaded IGTV as I’m an extremely passionate Instagram Marketer and I really am so excited to see where the app goes. This app presents a great opportunity for content creators and with video content growing in popularity this was a natural progression for Instagram. I just uploaded my first video on my @mackaylapaul channel but have plenty more video content ideas to create and upload. My only suggestion would be to enable searching for keywords so I can find content I want to watch and not necessarily Instagram users.

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- Publishes the IGTVs @ a glance 🥰❤️🥰

I really enjoy using it

- Why pushing curated content??

Good potential but ... Day 1 and IGTV already suffers from the same biggest complaint that users have about YouTube: “they are pushing me to watch the people they want me to watch and it’s going to be hard to follow the people I want to follow.” Good potential. But tell me, will the “following page” be curated like stories or the feed by an algorithm and not available for viewing chronologically? If you’re going to compete with YouTube, then maybe offer what YouTube is failing at.

- I can’t understand

I don’t understand why there is no icon on the main pages of the people I follow to tell me they have an igtv. Also I can’t watch all the videos of one user. It’s like really really everything in the same time. And so many things I hate are showed on igtv even when I flag them to be hidden. I hope you will change these things.

- Great Idea But...

Great idea, but you need to change it to allow users to upload and view videos horizontally.

- App won’t access my videos

I am trying to use the app, it asks for access to my videos and camera, I allow access and have checked that I have allowed, and then when I go to click the plus sign to add, I see the word video in the screen and no videos under (even though I have hundreds). The app does not work. I have updated, cancelled and reloaded, it is not working.

- .....I don’t know what to think about this

I tried to imported a video and it didn’t work

- And they made it worse

So bad now

- Amusant

bonne application

- La mejor forma de disfrutar

Con los vídeos de IGTV puedes disfrutar hacer o ver entrevistas, vídeos, noticias y mucho más. Realmente es una excelente herramienta para divertir y divertirse.

- Live workout with Kareem

Amazing so challenging and always pushing yourself to the limit

- Suckkks

Like every facebook product!

- Useless....

Terrible app. You make edits to the video, or pan the video a certain way and then once it’s uploaded it’s back to how it was. Videos have a hard time uploading. It says you can edit your 15 second preview, but you can’t. It’s an awful app and it was a waste of time even trying it

- Happy

Super grateful for Instagram! And the allowance to post my poetry and hip hop through igtv. Only up from here and couldn’t have done it without instas help. 🤗💚🙏

- Enjoy this app

I have learned so much. Plus I have laugh lines and I don’t care. Great jokes and at this point in time we are under Lockdown for the next month this is my one an only place of fun... Thank You. I’m enjoying to the Max. Excellent and truly love all of what is posted. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟+



- Tiktok?

uh is this gonna be tiktok

- But why?

I want less apps...not more

- A waste of time

My videos don’t upload .. sometimes it takes days before notifying me the it didn’t upload . Super annoying and a waste of time! Other times they upload but don’t load on my feed .. not cool

- Fix the IGTV

This IGTV has to be fix and get new updates

- New layout

New layout is much more appealing and user friendly

- New to be able to rotate screen.

That would be great.

- Much better than TikTok

You get a much better application than TikTok! Love it. Keep up the good work Instagram! 😁👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

- Uploading is a nightmare!

Takes forever to upload videos

- Listen to the people.

Stop the censorship.

- Redundant

No user interaction to adjust video.

- go back to the way it was before

put igtv back to the way it was before, u know with the adding whatnot to your stories and stuff. i cant do that and i cant have ig because of an issue i had last year so this is like my only accesses of kinda using igtv, if you get what i’m tryna say. this new update is... more i guess modern?? but i like how igtv was before.

- Another app

Going the adobe route I see with 100 apps when you only need 1. How about another app for filters, one for hashtags, one for layout effects, one for video effects etc. 🤦‍♀️

- Takes too much space and we want chronological order back

Is it just me or was everyone happier with insta when there was a chronological order... stop with this algorithm it sucks. but you don't seem to take the criticism. also this app takes too much space on my phone

- Video Audio is lagged and not in synch with video

Whether you record in IGTV or upload a video to IGTV the corresponding Audio get’s messed up. Once uploaded the audio is lagged and not in synch with video. So your mouth is moving, but sound does not correspond to the video.

- UI is restrictive and sucks my time and energy.

This app doesn't need to be separate from Instagram. Secondly, it does not allow backgroud play like Periscope - a competitor. PRODUCT Manger. This is your responsibility. Please make this a high priority feature.

- Why?

Why not just keep igtv an addon to instagram instead of creating a whole new app for it? It’s clearly a ploy to attract more users with more versatility but it leaves us casual users of the app confused as to whether we need to get this additional app to spend even more time of our limited days on it Or to just stick with the regular Instagram. I’m also confused as to why I’ve only now seen an ad for it on insta. Because this app came out a while ago. With the peak in internet usage because of the pandemic, this feels like a bukkake of pure blind stupefying content is being shoved down my throat. Apps aight tho

- Put this back to the main IG app

I didn’t watch any IGTV since the removal of it from the main IG app

- Upside down thumbnails

When I run my longer videos through IGTV in prep for Instagram, the processing time takes ages...sometimes an hour for a 2 min video. Also the thumbnail that appears of my video on the Instagram page is upside down or horizontal (which never showed up during the initial prep of the video prior to processing). 🤔

- Videos are not posting

Something is wrong with this app. Tried uploading videos and they can’t be posted.

- Horrible App

This app is garbage! In fact it’s not even an app! It DOES NOT WORK! igtv sucked before it was an app and NEVER WORKED, and it sucks now because IT DOESN’T WORK!


No don’t download icon available to save to your 📲 Once connected to Instagram that it is.—No Stickers, No Filters.—No nothing.— Only Saved or Post People to InstaGram.—doing something.

- Great idea!

It’s such a cool idea for an app, but this idea has already been used. Ever heard of YouTube? Come up with your own creative idea for an app and maybe we’ll use it.

- Search Engine

You should change the search engine in order to allow users to search for video’s by their title and not by the persons user name

- innovative

keep up the great work & success IGtv team!! its different but different is awesome! its fast, its fun! its socially cool!

- won’t let you upload if you live in canada

it won’t show up on your instagram account if you live in canada its “restricted”

- It's useless...🤦🏻‍♂️

You can access and do all the same thing on Instagram. But overall great app

- Stop the running video

Just downloaded this 5 minutes ago and the running videos they force you to watch made drove me crazy. I’m going to delete this NOW. Check back in 6 months from now to see if it’s improved. If you ask me I’d say this is already “dead in the water”. I get the feeling they think we’re all stupid...aahemm..we’re not.

- Too many rules to upload

Way too many rules to upload video. Too restricting for creators. Such as max video length. Max file size. Aspect ratio. More freedom on YouTube.

- Love it

I love the app and the way it’s going love making content on it and the virtual video is awesome just would love to have more then 10 mins upload maybe up to 20-30 mins 60 mins even? Just would love to be able to have long videos for everyone to make instead of just certain ppl!!!

- same issue as The_Kawaii_Kitty

I have deleted, updated, and redownloaded Instagram multiple times and I still don’t have IGTV in the Instagram app. I have to download the separate IGTV app. Please help me fix this issue.

- Utter 💩

IGTV simply is a bad idea. - Instagram was created for pictures. Stop trying to do other things

- Thanks for the new platform.

Can you make it so we can brand our tv channel with its own profile pic/banner.

- um

Instagram STILL wont let me update it for IGTV, so I’d have to use the external app instead of just having it on IG. It says I’m up to date but my IG page isn’t updated at all. Yes, I have tried everything to possibly make IG update properly but nothing.

- I like it but it should have...

I like it but you guys should have the same edit effects and filters like in Instagram so we can creat content that is nicer also an option to add music to the video to make it more appealing cuz my mind span gets bore after 15s lol

- Keeps crashing

Keeps crashing when trying to upload on IPhone 6plus

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Blessed Eddz🇰🇪

Happy holidays guys, the diva's takeover edition had gotten a copyright strike from Instagram but thanks to God's favor and my intervention, the video is back on my IGTV. Feel free to check it out 👇🏾👇🏾Thank you for the continued support 🙏🏼

Hastings Contemporary

Head over to our Instagram page to see two new #igtv videos from Stephen Chambers exhibition The Court of Redonda. #hastingscontemporary #artonsea #hastings

Alison Sault

My Kinky recommendations this winter holiday season. Check out more from my show "The Lifestyle" on IGTV and #theweedtube Photographer: @sydsugoi Model: @alisonsault @ Washington D.C.

Tanvir Singh

@byeyaaar Actually, it's not doable. IGTV is a completely different stand alone extension of Instagram. And that's why ohna ne archive da concept allow ni kitta, cause that would be Dead Engagement for their app(IGTV). The most you can do is remove it (the preview) from your profile grid.

🍊🎄Наполеон Карликович

Hello there! This my cover on wonderful song "Everything's alright" I'm nervous little bit. Hope you enjoy that! Original: Kan Gao ft. Laura Shigihara From: To the Moon Full version in my IGTV on Instargram #ToTheMoon #everythingsalright #cover #game

Sophia Korz

BLOOPERS from yesterday's cover... full version on Instagram (IGTV) @sophiakorz 😉🤪🎄☃️❄


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⚡️Kayas irshad⚡️

The love is mad!! Yesterday i put up a exclusive end scene from “Rebirth” film i am in. 26k views less then 24 hours 🙏🏼❤️ If you haven’t seen it yet then go check it out here on my IGTV 👍

Mark Bosnich

Ante Milicic and Carl Robinson interviews now up on IGTV on my Instagram...today’s interview with @mattderbyshire2 from the @mfcbulls on @FOXSportsNews will be up later or tomorrow...enjoy.xmb


201226 || privateonlyofficial IGTV Happy Holidays from the PRIVATE ONLY fam~ 🔗:

Thomas Yoxall

A beautiful day with amazing friends on the trail. Can it get any better? Check out the latest installment from #getoutarizona on #IGTV

Michelangelo Argentina Fans Club

Reposted from @michelangelooficial Video completo IGtV - YouTube Enlace en mi perfil - Full video Link in my bio - Feliz Navidad - Merry Christmas 🎄🎁 🎙 @livan_mesa @dantevargasofficial @mambocatmusic @valeriavalvv 🙏🙏🎁🎙

Space Kiddettes

Happy Christmas from the AQ CREW to you! @stooizm 🎄Check out both of our Christmas sing-a-longs on IGTV to enjoy with your chosen family 🏳️‍🌈💜🏳️‍⚧️❤️

MVP Elite

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A. T. Pratt

The Dog Talker Christmas Special 2020 Happy Holidays from me (Andy Pratt (The Dog Talker)) & Special Guests Appa, Zeke, and surprise bonus Cat Chat with Reggie #thedogtalker #christmas #special #dog #dogs #cat #chat #igtv #instagram #tv #video #happy #holidays #happyholidays

IGTV from Instagram 186.0 Screenshots & Images

IGTV from Instagram iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

IGTV from Instagram iphone images
IGTV from Instagram iphone images
IGTV from Instagram iphone images
IGTV from Instagram iphone images

IGTV from Instagram (Version 186.0) Install & Download

The applications IGTV from Instagram was published in the category Entertainment on 2018-08-02 and was developed by Instagram, Inc. [Developer ID: 389801255]. This application file size is 145.72 MB. IGTV from Instagram - Entertainment app posted on 2021-05-03 current version is 186.0 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.burbn.igtv

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