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During the flight a crew member has access both to the airline library of documents and the flight documentation. Also, they can add flight reports during the flight.

* loading information about the flight (general information, crew list, messages)
* entering the flight task information in offline mode with the further sending to the airlines database
* working with the operational flight plan
* access to the company's library
* access to the flight documents (airport documents, aircraft limitations)
* adding flight reports (optionally with PDFs and images) in offline mode with the further sending to the airlines database

Aviabit EFB application App Description & Overview

The applications Aviabit EFB application was published in the category Utilities on 2019-01-11 and was developed by AVIABIT, OOO. The file size is 12.91 MB. The current version is 1.5.17 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

* Bug fixes, performance and design improvements
* The split view support
* The context menu item ‘Download documents’ on the Flight tasks page for downloading airport documents has been removed. Airport documents can be downloaded with the notification panel
* On the Documents page dates of airport documents are now shown
Nav Route
* Nav route page supports the split view mode
* A tap on a point row shows the new, shortened window (with the fields FL, ACT, ATO and Comment). The full window is still available through the context menu (Edit)
* The “Adding waypoint” dialog is automatically filled with data of the previous point if it is called from a row of a comment/checking altitude/hold
* The short mode and its settings have been added
* GPS location panel has been added
* GPS positioning on the Nav Route page
* The “Adding waypoint” dialog can be filled with location data
* Changing FL for one point now causes changes for all the following points
* The "Direct" function has been modified
* OFFSET funcion

Flight report
* On the page Load/Fuel some fields have been renamed: PYLD to EPYLD (Estimated Payload), Allowed load to APYLD (Allowed Payload), PYLD fact to TPYLD (Total Payload)
* On the page Load/Fuel the field ATOW (Allowed Takeoff Weight) has ben added
* On the page Load/Fuel the field UNDERLOAD has ben added as a difference between APYLD and TPYLD

* A leg is shown in the attachments panel
* Airport documents are now shown on the panel
* A green mark is shown opposite a telegramm name if it has been signed

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