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Start building muscle or losing weight today with your 7-day FREE trial! All Access lets you work out anywhere; lose weight, build muscle, increase strength, or just improve overall fitness.

Access thousands of workouts at the gym or at home; work out anywhere, any time. Each plan was designed by fitness experts for the best results. Developed by expert personal trainers and athletes, you’ll get daily workouts, nutrition plans, recipes, tips, replacement exercises, fitness guidance, and more.

You'll find over 60 training plans from fitness giants like Mike Rashid, Jamie Eason, Dr. Jim Stoppani, Kris Gethin, and Hannah Eden. Work out with high-intensity interval training, powerlifting, boxing, strength & muscle training, cardio, aerobic workouts, and more. Track progress on each workout with our workout tracker and join the fitness community for tips and encouragement.

Each program teaches nutritional essentials for each fitness level, with guides from beginner to expert workouts.

With 20 years of strength, fitness, and nutritional expertise, will help you hit your goals. From weight management to muscle building, All Access provides the tools for a killer workout to gain strength and increase fitness levels.


Features Include:

Programs for Every Goal
Looking to lose weight and tone up? Want follow-along video workouts you can finish before the sun comes up? We’ve got them. All Access has fitness programs for experienced bodybuilders looking to gain strength as well as people who just want to achieve their best physical fitness.

Step-By-Step Exercise & Workout Instruction
Each exercise in a program comes with a step-by-step video that guides you from the simplest movement to the most complicated. Stream the videos on your TV for hands-free guidance.

Exercise & Workout Tracking
Easily record your weights, reps, and sets on the go with workout tracking. No more paper workout logs or confusion about supersets or dropsets! Just enter the workout you did, and voila! Follow your progress and watch your fitness levels and strength increase as you build lean muscle!

Expert Training Advice
Working with the best minds in fitness, our trainers share their favorite tips and tricks to get the most out of your workout regimen.

Healthy Meal Planning, Recipes & Nutrition
Plans include nutritional advice, and often meal-prep guides and recipes. If you want to lose weight or build muscle, diet is everything; learn what to eat to crush your fitness goals.

Supplement Recommendations
Learn about ingredients, what to take and when, and how to get the most out of your workouts and achieve weight-loss or muscle-building results faster. Store Benefits
Soak in the perks of being a member! Depending on your subscription type, you can get up to a 10% discount on all products. You'll also receive free shipping and other exclusive discounts and alerts; we want you to stay at your peak fitness and continue to gain muscle and strength!


All Access is free to download but ongoing use requires an active subscription, available on a monthly or yearly basis. All customers are eligible for a free 7-day trial to work out, begin weight training, or assess their overall fitness after the initial subscription.

Payment will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account on the eighth day from selection of a subscription program. Subscription renews automatically unless it’s cancelled at least 24 hours prior to the end of the subscription period. There’s no increase in price when renewing.

You can cancel auto-renew and manage your subscription at any time by adjusting your iTunes account settings. Once purchased, refunds will not be provided for any unused portion of the term.

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The applications All Access was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2018-08-30 and was developed by The file size is 44.72 MB. The current version is 2.9.1 and works well on 10 and high ios versions.

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Logging In  ToneToniTone  3 star

Tired of logging in my username and password. No, I don’t want to use my Facebook. It’d be nice to be able to use my fingerprint ID.


Satisfied customer  ChampagneColon  5 star

Does exactly what I need it to, use it while I’m working out and I’m happy with it the ease of it


Update made it worse  itschristovar  1 star

The app will not post my tracked workout consistently. It will reflect the duration but weight and tracked % is zero. The app and email show some random designation instead of my name even though my profile has my name correctly saved. The history of my weight is some random odd number. For example my front raise weight was 20 lbs and the history is right but the default weight in tracked is 119 lbs. All of the exercises have the wrong weight or no weight. It's frustrating because the app has everything I want if only it worked. The other app is just as bad. I deleted that one because it never reconciled with all access. Please help.


Great workouts, lots of bugs  lfrank7  3 star

Paying $8.99 a month is great to get access to all of the workouts on the app. But, the app continuously crashes during workouts, logging me out and when I attempt to log back in it tells me my password is incorrect, which it isn’t. Sometimes it works on WiFi and sometimes I can’t log back in unless I switch to cellular which isn’t always available in parts of the gym.


Good idea, but missing a few things  Fckyungga  4 star

I’ve ran ur body space for a long time and I like this app a lot. It has a clean interface but I would like it to have single excercise options to incorporate into a program. Also please find a way to keep the one rep max percentages coincide with your other apps like body space. I had a bunch of history and I would like to see it still. That’d be cool but if it doesn’t have the percentages I might go back to body space

Samuel Perrino

Awesome app  Samuel Perrino  5 star

Awesome app. It has improved since the past several versions of the app. Keep up the good work!


Need an Apple Watch app  FlyboyRich  5 star

You guys really need an Apple watch app to go along with this app!


App doesn’t save/prefill weights from previous workouts  jdhdueddd  2 star

Workouts are cool and all but I have to click back 8 times for every exercise to view the previous weight I lifted and then re-enter it for every set. Really defeats the purpose of using this app if it doesn’t save that info


Awesome  dubug528  5 star

Great App!


Definitely is working!  chrisDstallion  5 star

I’m an experienced weightlifter, trainer, athlete and I have to say these programs really work and for a good price. I’m impressed in the results and technical approaches every trainer has in this program. I will recommend to friends and family!


Excellent programs but average app  Bondi_84  3 star

This app doesn’t have an accompanying Apple Watch app and doesn’t write to the Health App so it’s difficult to track progress. Videos are used where GIFs could be and they aren’t accompanied with a written explanation. These are all standard features of comparable apps so it’s disappointing to see given the subscription fees. Plans are clearly excellent and accompanied by loads of explanation, which is great but programs are limited. The ability to select the number of days you want to work out and to build a program around that would be great. Responsive exercises based on past exercises would also be great as would the option to substitute exercises. I did find tracking workouts wasn’t super intuitive and would expect this to be the primary feature.


Personal trainer in your pocket  esoroush  5 star

Great app with amazing workout programs. Please add Apple Watch support though.


Such good results  annon4000  5 star

Love it. Tried other programs but this one is the best!

Sooz K

Great selection  Sooz K  4 star

Improvements could be made by the videos submitted by the trainers. Most helpful videos are the ones you follow from start to finish not the ones broken down into each individual exercise. Also video quality varies greatly. Hannam Eden my fav. She’s killing it! Need more from her please!


Near perfect  Frankitankie  4 star

Great to see the addition of recording sets, could we see the ability to toggle high and low reps so the recorded weight amount adjusts. The timer is great on the phone now, doesn’t seem to always appear between sets though. Wish list would include: - ability to swipe right or left to sub in a different rep (if needed due to injury or lack of availability of equipment) - better integration into watch to select next set to allow for timer to appear between sets.


Bodybuilding, FreakMode  OP_Spinner  3 star

I like the workouts on both apps but the Mybodyspace app doesn’t sync with this app. Lossing track of my workouts when doing the same programme from 2 apps made by the same developers.


Ok!  Sabbir666  3 star

It’s good cause has some good workouts but crashes a lot and not very usefriendly


No sound  R33Eddy  1 star

Downloaded the app so I could watch the videos before a workout but the videos have no sound.


Kinks  💚💚💓💓  5 star

Sometimes it crashes and I have to redownload the app bc I can’t find my programs! Other than that I love it!

Deleted Game at Level 101

Needs Bug Fixes  Deleted Game at Level 101  3 star

“There is a problem saving your workout...” 9/10 I use this app, I receive the above message ^. Unable to save my workouts. Very frustrating

kj rath

A good start  kj rath  3 star

I like the workout program but HATE that there is no way to log each set or even each exercise and the weight used. I expected more for the amount charged per month.


All in one 👍  Hopesforgoodapp  5 star

The other apps were good, but combining everything and incorporating a workout tracker is great.


In app  ekon75  4 star

Need to record lifts and weight for that specific exercise and saved so you don’t have to try and remember. For example one week it’s 8-12 then the other 15-20 for same exercise. Overall love it. Thanks


Awesome!  rraps68  5 star

Great app, great plans for all interests. Love how you can track your workouts. Excellent supporting info on diet and supplements plus motivating information. All exercises have nice demo videos. Couldn’t recommend it more!


Could be better  Akapatuka  3 star

Good app, great workouts, but I wish it would sync with Apple’s health app.


A little expensive  fleetwood.caton  1 star

I’m out of shape but really can’t afford the 8 bucks a month. Laugh if you will but that’s almost a 100 bucks a year. When your feeding a family of 4 on a single income every dollar counts. Especially when your paying for a gym membership.

tina lope

Hannah Eden  tina lope  5 star



Got game  Mjfitness01  5 star

Always keeps you focused on the task at hand. All Access Comments All Access Health & Fitness Download