Onnect – Pair Matching Puzzle

Onnect – Pair Matching Puzzle [Games] App Description & Overview

ONNECT is a connection-based PAIR MATCHING GAME with challenging levels.

Find the matching tiles, connect the pairs with up to three lines. Remove all tile pairs before the time is over. Become an expert level by level. Enjoy the collections of lovely animals, yummy fruits, interesting professions, exciting emojis and more.

Well-designed challenging levels
Arcade & leisure modes
Hint & shuffle boosters
Tile movements
Levels with timed bomb cards
Autosave, continue playing where you left off
Various image collections
Classic onet connect game mechanics
Improves memory, focus, attention and concentration.
NO ADS - package purchase removes the banner and interstitial ads.
VIP SUBSCRIPTIONS - gives you premium onnect features for the selected period.
POLISHED - with satisfying and stimulating visual effects.
IN YOUR LANGUAGE. The app support English besides Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, and Vietnamese.

The aim is to REMOVE ALL TILES before the time is over.
Find two IDENTICAL IMAGES and tap on to connect them.
Tiles can be connected with up to 3 STRAIGHT LINES where there is no other tile blocking the line path.
Use the HINT button to reveal a connectable pair.
Use the SHUFFLE button to rearrange tiles.

Onnect is the most colorful and sparkling game among the FREE PUZZLE GAMES, especially the ones that have ONET CONNECT game mechanics. It can also serve as an ATTENTION TEST. Everyone can solve CHALLENGING MATCHING PUZZLES.

In Onnect – Pair Matching Puzzle we offer you the following two subscription options:
1. A weekly subscription costing $3.49 (or equivalent in your currency) per week after a 3-day free trial period.
2. A monthly subscription costing $9.49 (or equivalent in your currency) per month.
After buying any of the subscriptions, you will get rid of all of the ads. This includes the Remove Ads product during your subscription period, which removes the non-optional banner and interstitial adverts from the game. Moreover, you will no longer need the optional rewarded video adverts thanks to daily rewards of your subscription. Daily rewards of your subscription include wild cards for the hint, shuffle, change image set, bomb-card defusing, and time extension features. You will have VIP access to three premium image collections. VIP members will be able to choose image sets to play.

This is an auto-renewable subscription. The payment is charged to your account after confirmation. The subscription is renewed unless you unsubscribe 24 hours before the period ends. Your account will also be charged for renewal. The above-mentioned prices are for customers in the United States. Pricing in other countries may change and actual charges may be converted to local currency.

End of trial/introductory periods and subscription renewal:
- The payment will be charged to your iTunes Account after a confirmation of purchase.
- The subscription will be renewed unless you unsubscribe 24 hours before the end of the current period.
- The account will be charged for renewal 24 hours before the end of the current period at the standard cost of the subscription.
- Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase.
- No cancellation of the current subscription is permitted during the active subscription period.
- Any unused portion of the free trial period will be forfeited when the subscription is purchased.

Canceling a trial or subscription:
- In order to cancel a subscription during the free trial period, you need to cancel it through your account in the App Store. This must be done at least 24 hours before the end of the free trial period to avoid being charged.
Terms of Use: http://www.chef.gs/onnect-terms
Privacy Policy: http://www.chef.gs/privacy-policy

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at info@chef.gs

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Onnect – Pair Matching Puzzle Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Minor bug fixes

Onnect – Pair Matching Puzzle Comments & Reviews

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- Constantly freezing

I really enjoy this game but am frustrated by the boards freezing multiple times per game. I have to close out the game and then open it again. It doesn’t always take me back to the same board or fails to award me the shuffles or search keys that I’m supposed to receive, or comes back with less time on the clock than where it was at when the board froze. Otherwise, very addicting.

- Bombs

I have enjoyed playing this game and have had great success-up to the point where the bombs would go off and then you can’t move on with the game. I finally deleted the game.

- Onnect

I like Onnect it is just that I don’t like the time they give us to do in. Please take away that time and I will give you guys five stars out of five stars. By: Leah Shin

- I like!!

Fun game!

- Y

O I love 💗 you

- Ads unless you pay, not worth your time!

The amount of ads you are required to watch is ridiculous. You have to watch multiple ads every time the timer runs out. Game continues to freeze up which requires you to close app and start game from the beginning including watching even more ads.

- Rip off

Too many ads!!! View ads and then they don’t disappear so you loose shuffles and hints!!! VIP price ridiculous !!!

- Lots of fun

I don’t always see very good so when there are so many smaller images it’s very frustrating. Is there away to get bigger pics? I do enjoy this game .

- Nail bitting

Very entertaining and exciting

- Great game but too expensive

I enjoyed the game so much I was going to purchase. $3.49 a week or $9.49 a month is ridiculous!! No game is worth that amount!

- ❤️ game but 😡cost

I love this game but it has too many ads in the free version. The ad-free version costs too much.

- Onnect

Terrible problems with this game. Fun to play when it works .....

- Game freezes

Game continually freezes after an ad played

- Amazing

Best game ever!! so addicting and fun! 100% would recommend!

- Potentially 5 stars, BUT...

...as it stands, absolutely annoying!!!

- If Only

Love this game. I would play it all the time but after a short time the ads hang up my iPad. Or I watch the ad and then the button to resume the game is greyed out and there is noway to kove forward but to shut down the iPad completely. When you go back to the game, you have to start anew. Eventually it gets so bad the only option is to uninstall it and reinstall. I’ve done that a few times now but it’s getting old and it won’t be long before the hassle to play the game is not worth it.

- Could be better

I love playing the game, but it glitches too much, and there is way too many ads. You have to watch an ad just to pause it. I’ll probably play every once in awhile, but I’m downloading another game just like it as I write this review, so if that one doesn’t glitch, and has less ads, I’ll be deleting this one. Update- I decided to get the 3 day free trial to see if anything changed. It didn’t. It still glitches like crazy, and before I wrote this update I wanted to read some other reviews to see if it was just me, or if others were having the same issue. It’s not just me, and one of the reviews I read from August 4th has a response from the developer saying that there was a bug that has now been fixed and the game is now flawless. That is not true, this game is far from flawless. Once you clear and get your hints and shuffles, I have had 6 hints not added to my total? It’s happened several times, and regardless of how many hints I have, I earned them, I want my hints and shuffles. When I run out of time, and have to watch an ad to continue, it freezes. I have to double click, close the game, reopen, and it goes right back to my current game still frozen, then goes back to the game reopening, and even when I had 3+ minutes to work with, I’m left with 30 seconds. It didn’t even take that long to restart, I counted down every time, but for some reason it only wants to give the 30 seconds. That’s extremely annoying, because then when I have 2 pairs left to match, I have to watch another ad. Even with paying! The price is outrageous to me too. $3.49 a week, or $9.49 a month!!!! No way! Needless to say I will be canceling before my free trial runs out. You would think that a developer charging that much to play a game could at least fix the bugs. 2nd Update- I have a question for the developer, I hope they see this. What exactly do you charge $3.49 a week for?

- Not very challenging

It’s kinda cool and relaxing. But you quickly figure out that you can win every game/level by just watching a 30 second video. Which takes the challenge out of it. And games are all the same. Same game, just matching different objects. So kinda gets boring and repetitive.

- Review

The game is fun but there are to many ads. The game starts then the ad starts making it difficult to beat the bombs or even see what tile it’s on.

- To many ads

I liked the game at first but then ads starting popping up all over I had to watch one ad with three different versions which took 1minute That is just crazy!

- Connect pair

I enjoy this game. However, pictures on some of the sets are so tiny & intricate that it’s hard on my eyes. I wish you could select the size of puzzles.

- Too many ads

I like this game but you have to constantly watch 30 sec ads. I purchased ad removal for $3.99 but still get ads. No way to contact anyone about this. EXTREMELY disappointed. Also no explanation about certain aspects of the game. What are bomb cards and how do they help or hurt you.

- Gave it a try and didn’t like it!!

Toooo many ads!! One after each level is simply way too many ads...

- Love it!

Love this game it’s my favorite I play this at night and always forget what time it is whenever I stop playing it’s like 3:00 in the morning.absolutely a good game I wish they made more like this cause I love it

- Love love love

Awesome app!!! Definitely addicting!

- Great game WAY too many ads!!!

There are so many ads, and almost all that f them are 30 seconds each, you spend more time on ads than the friggin game, too bad it’s a fun game

- Too expensive to get rid of ads

Like others have said, adds too long. 30 second ads for 2 mins of play. I paid for a week one time, almost $4. But nothing on the game changes. It just repeats itself without new graphics and will start you back at the easy mode. Not worth the money, too long of a wait to play for free. Goodbye. It was fun while it lasted.

- Onnect purchase

I purchased the monthly thing with no ads and I am still seeing ads and things for other games. This is so not worth the $10.00 per month.

- Onnect pair match

Way too many commercials that are long. Not worth downloading!

- Don't do it!!!!!!

Ads! Ads!! Ads!!!!! $10 a MONTH to get rid of them! The game itself is great but I am not rich enough or stupid enough to be robbed to play it. So I have deleted the frustration.

- Ads are unreal.

This game is basic , no frills and designed to make money from blowing up your gaming with ads . Cant play 1-2 minutes and theres another ad. I deleted from my iPad. Talk about a waste of time and loads of frustration.

- I love it

Omg it’s awesome I don’t even know how to say it!!!

- Loved this game until...

This was a great game. Too many ads, but whatever. Then the ads got weird. I kept getting this ad asking if I was a police officer? What? And it never timed out. You had to answer yes, no or preferred not answer. I don’t answer questions. Kept popping up so I’m out. Bummed because I really liked this game.

- Onnect

I love ❤️ this game it’s so addictive and I truly enjoy it I could play it all day long if I wanted to.

- Like it!

Like how the game flows from hard level to easy. I would consider the vip if it was a one time charge. I do not think it’s worth a monthly fee!

- Obsessed with this game 😁

I thought I’ll just try it, but now I can’t spend a day without playing it. Really well made!

- Too many long ads!

This game is fun but you are forced to watch at least 2 longs ads at every level. Some times depending on how long it takes you to complete a level every time the timer go off, another 2 ads! And they are the same 2 ads each time! This is ridiculous! Made it as long as I could but had to delete!

- Love this game, but...

Love this game. Drives me crazy, but still love it. Except, now it keeps locking up and I have to go out and come back in. Then the timer runs out in a few seconds. Updating the app now. Hopefully this will fix the issue, because I’m sick of it. This happens on both my phone and my iPad.

- Fun challenge

Like it but it keeps locking up or going to an ad screen that doesn’t go away

- Fun..... but

I really like this game but I’m soooo tired of the same political ads running over and over and over. Why political ads? I’m sure you’re tuning out half of the population. Change things up.

- Very buggy

Constantly freezes so have to exit and clear the cash to continue. Otherwise excellent game

- too many ads

Too many ads

- I don’t get it

Tried this game after seeing an ad in another game. It’s not even remotely the same as what the ad showed? Frustrated by false ads, so I’m deleting this game not because it’s particularly bad, but because I was looking for something else!

- Almost Perfect

Love the game, my only gripe is the ads. If you pause your game for whatever reason, when you come back and hit resume, 8 times out of 10 an add will pop up. personally i don’t mind the ads, but if you’re playing timed game the timer will still be going down during the ad. you have to watch the ad for a certain amount of time before you can hit X to get rid of it. By then you might have run out of time on your game. i like the game enough to remove the ads for 4 bucks. just a heads up to others.

- Poop


- Loved it...initially...

I am totally disappointed. I loved this game when I installed it on my tablet. I played all the time.Then I hit the “pay up to play” snag. At some point, I couldn’t go any father with the game. I would start a game, and it would stop right in the middle of my playing. If I didn’t choose to pay up, the game would go no farther! Huh? I would get out of that game, try to start over, and eventually the game would just stop. Really? Eventually deleted it.

- Onnect pair matching puzzle

Too many ads. So, following the advice of another reviewer, I pay to have the “interstitial” (whatever that means in the context of a video game)ads removed. All of a sudden I am in an unending circle —a game starts with a bomb, it’s one of those unfair ones where it is NOT POSSIBLE to stop it going off, so it shows me an ad—and then it goes back to the impossible game with the bomb ticking. Another ad, another return to the impossible game. In other words, by giving you $3.99 to stop the ads, I have destroyed the possibility of playing this game. It’s just an endless loop that can’t be solved with no escape. You are crooks. You are cheats. Or you are incompetents. Thanks for stealing my money and spoiling something that was fun.

- OK game - blatantly political ads annoying

I expect ads when I’m not willing to pay for premium service. But the blatantly political ads are getting annoying. If this keeps up, I’ll delete this app and find another game - too many options available to make this mediocre game worthwhile.

- Onnect

I absolutely love this Game. It’s not boring at all. Wish they were all larger. Some do small can’t play then.

- Am I missing something?

I can’t seem to see any differences in the images if there are three or four listed. For example, if there are four ice cream cones, all four look identical on my iPad. I am just guessing which two match. I have better things to do than just play a guessing game.

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- Ad Nauseam

AD NAUSEAM. Seriously, the amount of ads is ridiculous. Play 15 secs, get 30 secs ads. Uninstalling because I don’t want to waste my time watching seriously pathetic ads. It wouldn’t even be so bad if the ads were shorter and better content. But no, all useless. My suggestion is to go play another time waster game. This one sucks.

- Fun but lots of ads

Fun matching game, but loads of ads unless you pay. Occasionally the game randomly reshuffles the tiles even when there are matches left.

- Do you like ads?

Way way way to many ads! So what the game is fun, you end up being very frustrated having to watch the ads to get more time! Unless you pay a lot of money every month of course!

- Why does it freeze up?

You are playing along and then it freezes and you then have to cancel the game. I like playing this game, but I may have to quit for good because this is like the fifth time this app has done this freeze out thing. Either fix it or don’t expect people to pay for it. Right now it is not worth the money.

- Game is good~Ads are BRUTAL!

I Love the games. It’s great for the mind, plus I like the variety. Although, it does give me a bit of eye strain on some of the sizes and busyness of the patterns. I have to say the ADS ARE JUST BRUTAL!! They are TOO MUCH!! I understand that you need ads; but this is overkill...sorry.


This game doesn’t give you enough time and they expect you to do it there way😡

- Too many ads

Really enjoy the game, just too many ads. Might delete and try something else

- The worst game ever

The worst game ever don’t make it so trippy or don’t make it have a time

- Ads are BRUTAL

The ads on this app are absolutely brutal!! The game is nothing like the demo. Could be a decent game, but it’s not. It’s also very hard in your eyes. Can’t play for more than a few minutes without feeling terrible eye strain.

- I love this app

When I got this app it was awesome and the next day it was still working

- Slowed down by ads

I really like this game, keeps the mind working. Frustrating to have so many long ads.

- Review

I enjoy playing this game but get quite frustrated when I play well, reach the end of the score box and receive no reward. It’s like we are punished for doing well. Also, too many ads.

- Too addictive !

Love love love !

- Fun

Game lots of fun. Really uses your brain.


Way too many long ads and too frequently. The app is not as advertised.

- Review

Way to much advertising to make game fun

- Great game great for the mind

Great game works great for mind and memory

- Ads are too annoying

I’m deleting this game as soon as I complete this review. I understand that ads are necessary, but these are non-stop and long, long, long. I do not want to see political advertisements; our lives are too immersed in political ads everywhere else. I’d rather pay a modest fee than watch never-ending sales pitches. Today I’m being asked to answer a question about whether I’m a police officer in order to bring me certain ads; this ad doesn’t expire unless I quit the game and restart. My choice is to DELETE! Goodbye.

- onnect

too too much Adds Please add new pictures i am starting to get bored by the same challenges thanks

- So so

I like the game but I don’t like having a timer.

- Début

Je commence ce jeu,il a l’ai facile.

- Rating

The add is not the actual game but it’s still a ok game

- Good and bad

Ok ts a gonna d game but sometimes there is an ad and when its done There’s a bomd and it is allostérique done

- Don’t get this game

It is a rip off .too little time to play and win unless you pay for extra time.(switch wifi off before you play and ads can’t pop up every minute.)too frustrating and a rip off.I deleted game after two days.

- Long ads

I get I need to watch the ads so I can play for free but do they need to be so long?! Some of the squares in certain themes are harder for me than others (don’t know if that’s the same for anyone else). Other than those two things, I love this game.

- Fun

Way too many 30 sec ads.

- Kittengirl101

I love this game! I don’t care if people don’t like it but I love it!

- Like the game

Like the game but too many ads and too much to pay for no ads.

- Flashing tiles

I don’t like the way matching tiles flash before I even get a chance to think about my move. I don’t see how to turn them off. Very annoying and way too many ads.

- Love it

If you don’t want ads put ur phone on airplane mode

- Onnect

Love the game! Way too many ads!!!!!!!!!

- Ok

It is a good game but it is not like the add at all

- Love

Fun! Has great background music also

- Great game

Helps pass time and I like that it’s not to easy

- Seriously?

I love this app, keeps my mind occupied & calms me (except for the ridiculously many & long ads) so I play it daily. PLEASE make a ‘relax mode’. It makes no sense to have the bomb & timer at the same time. NEW: Thanks for fixing overlapping tiles. New issue... it takes a very long time to shuffle tiles when there aren’t any matches. I keep looking for the match before timer runs out which keeps running then several seconds later it shuffles. I’ve lost a win a few times now when there isn’t even a match to be had.

- Game

Great game very challenging!!!🤩But too many adds😕

- This game is addictive!

I love the game, it keeps me interested however there are far too many ads! Also when passing levels it doesn’t give the rewards that it says you earned. Other than this, it’s a great game.

- Fun

I really enjoy this game, however, paid for ad removal but still a whole lot of ads. The interruptions are annoying as hell.

- Pretty fun, too many ads

I really enjoyed playing the game, but there was way too many ads. I understand it’s a free game and the need to get paid somehow, but it seemed like I was watching more ads that playing. If was fun, but will be uninstalling

- Good fun game Onnect

Good fun game Onnect

- Trop de publicité

Le jeu est le fun, mais plus de publicité que de jeux. C’est carrément désagréable,

- Great Except for Ads

This is a fun, challenging game, but be prepared to spend almost half of your time watching ads! So not worth it!

- The ads are the only problem with this game

The game is addictive and challenging...so long as you leave the timer option on. But the advertisements eat up some of your time because the timer keeps running while the ads play. You can pause and restart the level right away to start the level without an ad. It’s free, though, so you get what you don’t pay for.

- I like the game

I like the game

- Nothing removes the adverts

I have upgraded to the VIP level and paid to remove the adverts. Still I get adverts all the time. A great game, however they flat out lie about removing the adverts.

- To many ads

Way to many ads. Would not recommend this game

- Too many ads, too expensive

Way to many ads and subscription is way to expensive for what you get. Game itself is ok, but will be removing it.

- Glitches

I like it but on my first round the game wouldn’t let me do what the add told me for a example a bear and another it would not let me put it together and listing to the other comments WAY TO MANY ADDS the only good thing about it is it gets your brain going so please fix this thanks

- I paid for this???

I pay over 5$ for an app and I still get god damned ads??? I want my money back!

- Many bugs

There’s many bugs with all the ads.. when you pause the game and try to restart the ads appear but the game time don’t stop...

- Connect

I really like this game, but unfortunately it freezes on a regular basis and even at times when you re-start it, it is still frozen. And it is absolutely ridiculous the number of so called ads that interrupt the game for 30 seconds.

- good game but way too many adds

i love the game but way too many adds Another thing is the timeeeee i cant play without feeling stressed about the game sry guys /creators but pls fix these these are very annoying things and we would like these to stop

- Great game but......

Awesome, challenging game even with all the ads. After a few days of play though it is impossible to continue without upgrading to the VIP version which is super expensive - no thanks. ☹️

- Connect

Way too many long, long ads & the game keeps sticking so you have to go back & reload & then more ads. Also some games are made so small you can’t actually see the items properly to pair up. It could be a good game but too annoying & I deleted it because it got so annoying & there are far better games out there.

- Advertising

So much advertising and the game glitches on the Deakin adds So annoying as have to turn off game & reshuffle & leave game. Previous update seemed to adjust it but this latest one it’s reverted back. Even the cheat reshuffle doesn’t help before bomb 💣 Where as you could use a couple of your cheats to assist. It’s s great game but the ads are horrid & VIP is to expensive

- Addictive game

Love this game, it’s really quite addictive but have been having loads of problems with it freezing, crashing and when you restart it, it either is frozen again or you only get about 30 seconds before it times out again.... very frustrating.

- Great game BUT

Too many ads & freezes too many times. Frustrating

- Locking up

Please fix the endless locking up after every add, I notice the timer doesn’t stop, good game being spoilt

- Great game but frustrating due to freezing

This could be a brilliant game. I love the challenge it offers but unfortunately the game OFTEN freezes and the only option I have is to close out of the game and then to reopen it to continue. There are way too many ads and again, the x won’t work to close the ad, even when I’ve been forced to watch the ad the whole way through. Again another close down and reopen. The VIP version would interest me if it wasn’t sooo expensive and for a game with so many glitches there is no way I’m willing to chance the paid version, especially after reading the reviews. Also some of the game tiles have very small/intricate pictures which you can’t make bigger which is very frustrating for us older people. PLEASE fix these issues. You would make way more money cause I would pay for the VIP version as I’m sure would many other people. You have a potential huge hit on your hands, if you would just fix the problems. Thanks.

- Adds to death

Why so many adds. This is the worst thing since corona virus. Can’t even pause the game without getting an add. Add add add it’s wild and most aren’t even skippable. Deleting the app just because of this. It’s a fun game if you can bare through the adds.

- Great but....

I really love this game & find it very challenging with all the different levels and tile sets but what I can’t stand is the way the game vibrates/shakes when the wrong tiles are selected. If it wasn’t for this extremely annoying part of the game I would’ve given it 5 stars.

- Too many glitches

Game is quite good but there are too many glitches. The game freezes after ads and you have to exit to get it going again. Timer is then set to 30 seconds and the whole thing happens again. Also, there are times where the tiles shrink to a tiny, unreadable size and others where they overlap. Overall, it becomes extremely frustrating. I would pay a one off fee to play without ads but the monthly cost is way out of my league.

- Too many ads

Waaaaay too many ads and often need to reboot game to get it to restart properly. Game itself is pretty good but need to have something else to do while the constant ads are running.

- Game keeps freezing

Great game but it keeps freezing

- Don’t bother

Great game and can be addictive .. BUT it has too many ads of 30 Sec duration. Over and over. Ruined the game. Don’t mind 5 or 10 Sec ads, but this is ridiculous. Freezes a lot as well. Don’t bother, find something else.

- Love the game BUT

I love this game but I find I switch it off more and more due to the annoying adds. Too many and the same. I’m writing again to totally agree with everyone else Re the long ads that go on longer than it takes to play a game, 30sec ads v 10secs to play a level. Go figure AND NOW there’s a bug, screen freezers.

- Game freezes for no reason.

Great game but too many really long poor and very boring ads. This causes the game to freeze and have to get out of it to get started again. Then you get a few seconds play and a long boring ad starts again and the game freezes again. SO frustrating!!! Please fix!!!

- Too many ads & keeps on freezing

I like this game however it keeps on freezing on me & the ads are way too long & too often!

- Good and bad

Love the game, but too many long ads and constantly freezing.

- Too many ads

I enjoy playing this game, but the ads are far too frequent, far too long, and sometimes freeze so that you can’t get back to the game. And, when you go to send a review it tells you your preferred nickname is taken.....every one of them

- Too many adds

Too many adds🤮🤢

- Technical problems

DON’T download this game. I’m so sick of this game not working. I’ve restarted my iPad, I’ve deleted app and re-downloaded, I’ve tried everything but nothing fixes the technical problems that this game has. SO FRUSTRATING!

- Love the game but....

1. Repetitive long ads are ridiculous, 2. If I’m not online, IT DOESN’T WORK.

- I don’t like it

I don’t like the way this game plays with those lines.

- Far too many ads

You spend approximately twice as long watching long, repetitive ads as actually playing the game. Ended up uninstalling. Shame, because the game itself was good - it just would have been nice to have a chance to play it!

- Fed up

This game has great potential for memory improvement but it fails in this as it is 99% adds which disrupt the flow of the game & therefore the thought process. There are so many things wrong with this game besides the adds such as loosing points; not being above to continue as there is no option to do so only MORE adds etc. What a shame a great idea has been ruined for all who try to play.

- Good game ruined by ads - a rip off

This is a really fun game, spoiled by the number and length of ads. Even when all sound settings turned off, ads come in at full volume. Paid to have ads removed, and you are still served them. So a total rip off.

- Ads

More ad time than play time!!

- Cancel subscription

I have gone back into store but there is no unsubscribe button to push. I don’t want this game anymore please help.

- Ads crash the game

Too many of your ads crash the game - iPad Pro. Latest example is Best Fiends. Would be a good game otherwise.

- So many ads!

Pretty challenging game, stimulating but sooooo many ads!

- Rip off

Game is ok but the long same adds give it a 1 star the money per week or month is ridiculous and therefore refuse to spend and money stay away all after your money👎👎👎😬😬😬

- Too Many Adds

I would love to continue playing this game but there are too many adds. I will be deleting the app. It’s a shame because I like the game.


Love this game. Ads! Too many, some won’t close.

- Too may ads 👎

So many long winded Ads. Makes a fun game very boring unfortunately.

- J

I would give it a 5 star rating but the ads are really annoying. I absolutely refuse to pay

- Ads ads and more ads

You are not listening to your players. You must be making a fortune from the money you are paid showing these ads. And they aren’t short ads either. Never seen a game with so many ads. Can’t even jump back to the home screen without having to wait for the ad to finish. Bye bye. Have lost interest in the game

- Good but hard

It’s a great game but it’s time limited you should get it

- Too many ads

Good game, but you can’t play for 2 minutes without an ad. And usually the same one that you saw 2 minutes ago. I can’t stand it.

- Enough with the Ads

This is the only negative I have for this game.

- Ads,ads,ads,ads,ads

Don’t bother if you want so many adds stopping any kind of enjoyment in playing the game. No way I would pay for it....

- Too many ads for such a great game!

Love the game but way too many ads. It may end up with me deleting the game because of the frustration caused by the ads

- Onnect

Good game but too many adds

- Nice game but much too expensive to buy into.

This is a nice game. But there are several nice games on the market and this one has a subscription price for zero ads and nicer graphics that is well beyond other games. A more reasonable subscription fee or one time price would get more attention. Just saying.

- Ads take far too long

i know you need to fund the app but you are losing players by making the ads too long and boring 30 second ads in any game are far too long. I am deleting this game.

- Wendy

Why have you taken money out of my account????? I have not given you permission to do this , I have no intention of paying for any more of your false claims that I would not have any more adds in this game. I would appreciate a refund back into my account if not than this will go further Thanks

- Bugs

Fun and addictive but SO MANY issues. Freezing during ads, glitches in the games that shift/rotate causing rows to overlay or just disappear. Watch an ad to restart bomb game, only to come back and the bomb timer is half over. One great point though is how easy it is to accrue the hints and shuffles.

- Most ads are 30 seconds

This is a monotonous game, no patten variation, or challenges, just picture variations. Almost all ads are 30 seconds long and are usually the same ad. You get ads when you run out of time, ads when you finish a level, sometimes the ad doesn’t reset the timer .... I have ... never again.... watched 3 minutes of ads, some ads crash regularly....terrible.

- Onnect

Onnect is the best game ever if you play this game you’ll feel relaxed in a second you should REALLY get this game but there’s a ridiculous amount of adds in this game

- Too many ads

Frustrating annoying ridiculous

Payoneer 💰

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- not again

I have so many issues with this horrible app. I do not recommend!

- Not so good

No instructions; you have to learn by trial and error. The ads are overwhelming.

- Ad-Home App crashes game

The app called Home ad freezes and won’t allow you to close out of to return to game. Deleted Onnect app twice now and each time you get to a certain level and this ad pops up it freezes.

- Plater

Love the game. However, the monthly subscription is WAY TOO MUCH. I would pay a one time fee, but monthly?....NO WAY.

- Bogus Email Address

Purchased monthly subscription and only received benefits for two days. Tried to contact developer using email they supplied only to learn it isn’t real!!!!!! Give me my money back!!!!

- Love game! Way to many ads!!

I love playing this game. Finding the matches with the board changing around is hard, but really fun. The ads however, take away the fun. The game starts and each time that you run out of the preset time to play...you watch an ad. When you win a game...you watch an ad. Sometimes I’ve had to watch two in a row to get back to the game. You end up spending the same amount of time or more than you actually get to play the game. So frustrating!!!

- Good game, tons of ads

I like the game but way to many ads. A 30 second ad after each game. That’s a little excessive.

- I can’t take it any longer!

I like this game a lot but I just can’t take the ad for jive mini pro EarPods!!! The ad is more than 2 minutes long! It’s put me over the edge. I hate to stop playing but I’m going to have to until that freakin ad is gone!

- Such a great app

I normally do not write reviews but This is such a fun App I could not help but write one so 1st of all in general this is just an awesome app like omg it is so fun and I love that some of the levels are challenging and you really have to think about it two I love that you can get more time when you are not done you can just watch an add so that’s about it I just really really like this game and I very much so recommend you download this app!!

- Too many ads, too many timers

I like the game but you get ads ever 30 seconds or timers that require viewing long ads to get more time. Fees are too high for membership.

- Meh

It won’t let match the things that go together Don’t get the game

- Hate this app

I thought that this was going to be a game. I quickly found out it’s nothing but adds that allows you to occasionally play a game. Once you start hitting the games with the bombs it’s they make it impossible to win unless you want to pay for extra’s. It’s fun when you get to actually play the game but you don’t have to put with this crap. Try another game and save some headache.

- Frustrating

This game is fun....However, sooooooo many ads it’s annoying. Makes me want to Delete.

- Just another candy crush type game

Don’t be fooled by the ad, another game following the same premise as candy crush. Why do developers show ads for a game that doesn’t match the real game. Annoying!

- Fun...too many ad glitches

Wendy’s ad completely shuts game down. You have to delete game and reload to escape loop.

- Sad

So you want to charge $10 a month for a matching game that freezes up all the time?VIP my tail. Get your game to work properly and lower your fee.

- Matching game

I briefly played this game. It could be wonderful, however with all the 30 second ads, it is just not worth playing. I have tried to delete but it just reappears. Please delete this for me. Thank you...

- Great game way too many ads not worth your time

Game is actually very challenging and a lot of fun but not worth your time after every single game is a 30 second ad you spend more time watching ads then playing the game.......

- I like the game

I like the game a little addictive I might say !!!

- No instructions

I thought this was a simple matching game, but it’s not. Two exact pics don’t go together apparently. There are no instructions on how to play. Deleting the app.

- Fun game....

Fun game but locks up after every add

- Onnect matching game

I was addicted to this game, but when I got up over game 900 it started freezing up. I have to stop, shut down and clear my iPad. Then I would restart and a whole new game would come up, Aaah! Drives me nuts! So deleted the app and redownloaded. Not the same. Please fix it!

- Great for quarantines!

Played this game for about 8 hours straight! It's very addictive. I play in airplane mode to avoid the ads. Great game!

- Still stinks

Even with the ‘upgrade’ I still get ads, cannot remove ads and turned off images still appear. Why am I not getting my money’s worth?

- Locks up, Frustrating

Fun game but the ads lock up, then you have to close down, reopen and start all over. I just deleted it.

- Fun game-has issues

I really enjoy the game, the simple concept of matching pairs is a lot more challenging when the board shifts in different ways, and when there’s a timer (optional - you can turn it off). The images are great - cute animals, Easter eggs, delicious looking desserts! The issues...besides freezing any time you try to watch an ad...are the complete lack of instructions on how to play. I didn't realize at first that you have to click the button at the end to get bonus hints and shuffles. Why wouldn't you just get them and move on to the next level? Next issue is the timed bombs. The countdown to the bomb exploding makes the image disappear as the time goes on. So if there's a ton of similar looking cards, it's easy to forget or get confused which match you need. Next issue is that it just runs slowly sometimes (most of the time). When you finish the game at least 2 seconds go by before it actually stops. And when there are no more matches (again this is not explained in any instructions, I assumed every board would clear) sometimes it'll readjust the board immediately and you can continue playing...but 9 times out of 10 it pauses for 2 to 4 seconds before reshuffling. If you're playing without the timer it doesn't matter, but it's super frustrating when you're trying to beat the timer and this causes you to lose! Last, $4 is a lot to remove ads but I paid anyway because I really enjoyed the game. But I still constantly get pop ups for the premium service...which seems ridiculous for anyone to pay for btw. It charges a monthly fee for 3 different sets of images and to get some extra bonus points and a daily hint or shuffle. What new content is being created every month that would make a subscription worthwhile? Please fix these issues and keep coming out with new levels and more people will happily pay $4 to remove ads!

- Too many ads

I don’t want a big price to play a little game. Good game, covered over with ads. Going to delete it.


The same puzzles over and over. Pastries, cups, vehicles, emojis, numbers. Not enough variation.

- Good overall

Love game. Need more variety. Game gets stuck and can’t continue. Started happening after game 130. Don’t want to buy anything....

- There’s STILL a bug with the ad play

The game comes back images smaller and pushed to the left, and the control buttons are gone. Have to close the game and reopen it to fix. 3/17/20 Now it’s freezing after EVERY ad. 3/19 freezing...and the timer seems to continue thru close and reopen. Getting disgusted. 3/25 Guess the developers are not reading reviews.

- Love this game!

Can’t tell you enough how much I love playing this game! Only downfall is after each game or after the timer goes off you watch commercials in between but they are short enough that I don’t really listen or watch! Recently seems to be lagging a little bit but still my go to game! Time to change up the pictures and use something different! Keep up the great job!


Ridiculous after recent update. Played over 700 times and can handle the ads but now with recent update- today- I cant get it off some architectural site that takes me into people’s home. I watch the countdown for 15 seconds and then it goes to next. I can’t X out of it once I’ve watched the time. It takes me back to my game with bombs again. Please fix this

- No rewards received after 30 second review watched!!!

Frustrating & feel cheated when this happens, AND it happens a lot!!!!!

- Honest Review

I enjoy this game! It’s very calming, when I’m stressed it helps.

- Game freezes

I didn’t have this problem at first but lately it freezes up multiple times and doesn’t come back to where you were. The ads are too long and frequent.

- Frustration!

Love this game when I can play it. Took me two weeks to figure out how to turn off the timer and start moving through the levels. Then the bombs show up and there goes any enjoyment I got out of this game. They are just another timer on the game! Also frustrated by the lack of explanation about how to play and manage the levels. Too bad but I am deleting this game!

- Very frustrating.

Enjoy it very much, but now it freezes after playing a few times. Thinking if deleting....

- So addictive

I love this game it is so addictive but when I don’t get it in time it tells me to watch ad but then when I go back to the game it freezes but the game is the best I downloaded this game last night and didn’t go to sleep until like two in the morning so yeah this game is the best but the ads are just non stop #addictivegame #non-stop ads

- Onnect

I used to rate this game 5 stars but now I am giving it only two bc every time I must watch an ad, the app crashes right after the ad. I don’t need the stress!! I’ll not play again until this is fixed. And it’s still crashing!!

- Cov-19

Takes time away from boredom on this corona virus

- Very disappointed

I love the game but the app keeps freezing up at 2.24 on the timer. When I close it out and reopen it it’s on a different screen not where I left off. Going to delete the app. Very frustrating and disappointing.

- Fun game but glitchy

Fun once I figured out how to play. The game has been freezing when requesting additional minutes to solve puzzle. I need to exit the game and then open. Real drag

- Could be good, but...

This game is a good concept and visually stimulating, but the constant screen freeze and resetting is getting monotonous. I hope they fix the bugs.

- Screen freezes frequently

I enjoy this game but several times each game my screen freezes, once I get it unfrozen by exiting app, I return to only a few seconds to no more than 15 left on the clock. When the screen froze I had over 1.5 mins. Deleting app

- Fix glitchy ads

I like this game. It has become unplayable because of ad glitches and ridiculously long ads. Sincerely, I have never encountered game ads as long as these. But the worst part is the ads that glitch and then freeze the game. You have to close out of the app and reopen, and it will use the same glitchy ad 4 or 5 times in a row. I would pony up for the paid version IF it gave you the ability to not have the levels where they shift multiple directions after making a match. I have vision issues so those are very unpleasant for me.

- Freezing up

This game is addictive and fun, but before I reached level #1312 I began having a lot of problems with it freezing up. The only resolution is to close the app and reopen it. This has to be repeated about 4-5 tole matches later. It’s frustrating.

- Amazing and relaxing game. Download it!

This game is surprisingly fun, challenging, relaxing and it puts a lot of your favorite foods on the pictures. If I were you I would download this game.

- Fooled by the ads. Gamer Beware.

Gamer Beware: I downloaded this game because of ads in another game I play. It looked good. You had to match, but not the same cards. Just an example I’m making up, match a cat and a fish because the cat eats the fish. Yeah, it was that kinda ad, but this game is just a simple match game. I feel completely deceived by the advertising. It gets one star because I’m tired of game devs that think they can get away with false advertising to fool us gamers and then do a complete bait and switch. This isn’t anything like the ads I saw and I’m not interested in playing a freaking simple match game where the cards are exactly the same. I have plenty of them downloaded. And now I’m going to make sure any paid subscription I was automatically subscribed to is removed. I downloaded without reading info about the game. Gamer beware!

- Too expensive

I really like this game. And I’m willing to pay a one time fee to get rid of ads, but the monthly or weekly fees are pretty exorbitant - far more than I’d pay for any game. I’m a casual game player and it’s just not worth it to me. It’s too bad but I will likely end up deleting this game for that reason.

- Fun, but...

This is a fun game, however there’s 2 major problems- way too many ads and it freezes often.

- Too many ads, so little time.

1 minute is not long enough to finish.

- To much publicity

Nice game, but 1 minutes per game then 30 secs of pub is too much.

- Waste of time and money!

Starts out fun but is very repetitive with an insane amount of ads. There are also ridiculously short time frames to finish the puzzle and you have to watch another ad to keep playing. If you want to purchase the game, there is a monthly subscription! What a joke.

- Game not as advertised

The ad is great, I wish the game matched what they advertise.

- Thinker

I enjoy this one! Keeps your brain active. Way to much time waiting for advertising! To expensive to purchase the ‘no ads’ package. Need lots of time to play cause ads take just as long!

- Unsubscribes

I don’t want to pay for that game I want to unsubscribe

- My new “ Go-To “

In a word: RELAXING!!

- Gross advertisements

Stop showing advertisements for State of Survival. Totally NOT appropriate. If I see it one more time, that’s it. I will cancel and delete. Have some morals.

- Smart!

It helps your brain to grow muscles it’s very helpful and fun for your health!

- Timer

This is fun but there should be an option to turn the timer either on or off.

- Moving images

I don’t like it when all images move around (left-up-right-down) because: 1. Makes me dizzy 2. The images overlap often and then matching pairs don’t work

- Too many ads

Ads interrupt the game about every minute and a half. Too much wasted time.

- Not like demo

Way too many adds. Game like the demo I watched.

- $12 a month?? 🤣🤣

I enjoy the game. The bomb title doesn't make sense as if it goes off I can just continue. But not with $12 a month for this game - that is crazy!!

- Not what they Claim

False advertising

- Meh

I would have paid a one time fee but not worth a subscription.

- Gets boring!

Repetitive with no choice of what puzzle appears. Originally it was fun but slightly tedious as you get tired of partly playing puzzles you do not like to get one you do. (Almost impossible to finish in short timeframe allowed so you are stuck viewing an ad to get more time, or view an ad and start a new game. However as short time frame entertainment before you are bored of it. It wasn't bad. However as ads get longer and longer and glitch more and more often, using a new updated device, Im seriously considering deleting! .

- Fun!

I like it! It’s fun and keeps you occupied for a bit. I’m sick at the moment and missed school today. But this game kept me occupied when I was still in bed. Fun tricky and overall Good. I would recommend.

- Onnect

Ok game but not paying weekly or monthly for this. Really really not worth it. Hate the ads but too much money to get rid of them. Same pictures all the time so really kind of boring. Hate the bomb thing. Actually I think of talked myself out of this game!

- Onnect free

Please add more choices , thanks

- Why the bomb tile?

How do you get rid of the bomb tile? Option to “continue without bomb” doesn’t work, and then game is unplayable...

- Please think of colorblindness !

Nice game, but as I’m colorblind (many people are, by the way), it’s often a problem, because you put the same images with slight Color changes, but I see them the same. Made me fail the timer more than once. Frustrating.

- Keeps me on my toes!

Im completely addicted to this app, excellent choice of pictures equals tonnes of variety! Thanks guys for such a great app!

- Good game

Like the game but lots of ads ....challenging and easy boards good mix

- Great game

At first I didn’t like it because it was times and the timer was almost impossible to beat. But then I discovered that you can turn the timer off in settings and now I can’t get enough.

- Too many ads

Great game but not that great to make me want to pay over $12/month to remove ads and get new pictures.

- Peace at last

Tranquil music plays throughout the game and even during ads!!! Relaxing game👍🏽

- Fun

I like the game, but there are way too many ads!

- Too many ads

Every chance they get to put in a 30 second ad they will. Frustrating waste of time in what could be a simple game. Can’t see paying to remove ads because the game isn’t worth paying for.

- Not working

Was a good game. Stopped working suddenly. Black screen. No option to ‘get’ this app. Only ‘open’ and then the screen is black.

- Onnect

I downloaded the free app, played it for a week so decided I would purchase the ads free’ FIRST TIME EVER!!! I paid for an app! So I buy download and CANNOT even access the game now🤨 Very disappointed and would like anyone to tell me what my step is to either retry downloading or return the purchase price Cajon177

- Fun game


- Time limit


- Time Bombs

When you put these bombs into games where it’s pretty well impossible to match them it just causes me to stop playing your game. Where’s the sense in that.

- Like !

Love the game - could do without the bomb thing. Suggest an option to chose to have bomb and timing or not. I continue to just get a lot of search points and than it stops and I have to start over. Not liking that very much. Otherwise it is a very relaxing game, which is what I want. Could use some additional themes. Bought subscription but cancelled it. Adds did not stop and when the bomb thing went off it latterly would stop the game altogether and I had to go back in through the app or it started a completely new game. Frustration won the day and I deleted the game.

- Fun but....

I reached level 46 and the bombed thing is killing the game.. deleted it

- Too many ads

You watch on 30 second ad to get an additional 144 sec of gameplay and then it loads a second ad so 60s of ad plus menu and loading time for 144s of gameplay is like a full 50% of your time here is watching ads... Immediate delete for this...

- Very long ads and too many of them

Too many ads and they are way too long. I like the game, but the ads made me uninstall it. Ads are necessary for the developer to survive, but they kill this game.

- Fun at first but constantly messes up.

You need to match pairs however once I got to level 23 there were a couple that didn't have a pair. I ended up matching two that only had one of each and apparently they were a pair but it's annoying to have to look for the singles and assume/match them. I would consider keeping this game if it is fixed, otherwise I'd rather play a game that doesn't have errors.

- Ok minus the bomb and super long ads

I really enjoy Onnect. But the super short time for the bombs and the long ads are quite the deterrent. If you want people to actually watch the ads, make them shorter and not as often. They stop me from playing because there a many games that don’t take up as much time with ads.

- Too many add

The game has a great concept. Love the logic of it. Played up to level 37-38, but then as it hardens you must watch ads to get along. For a harder level i end up with 5 ads at a time: 2 popups, 1 for reshuffle and 2 for timing extension. Half of my playing time is ad watch and at this point it doesn’t worth my time. I would much prefer to try out the game hustle free, after a few levels pay the price and play to win. In this way someone is getting rich on my time and that does not tally with me. I am deleting it.

- Great fun

Fantastic game. Hours of enjoyment. Thanks

- Like it!

But please make a landscape version! 😊👍

- Too many ads

Ads are longer than the game play. Waste of time.

- Ads ads and more ads

Unless you want to pay MONTHLY!!! to remove them. The game is good, but not worth the monthly fee to remove ads, so I’ll be deleting it.

- Onnect

I really like this game, but it is really expensive!

- Too many ads! Am stopping this game

A one time fee to stop ads would be greatly appreciated

- Ads

Fun game but way too many ads. I’m deleting the game. Ads are intolerable!

- Bombs

Is there a way to turn off the ‘bombs’? When a bomb goes off the continue button goes grey. Restarting my iPad seems to be the only solution , which is annoying.

- Very ANNOYING!!!!!

It finds out which images you hate and keeps shoving them at you. And this keeps on, with incessant ads. I wonder how much you have to pay before it becomes palatable?!?!? Greedy game!!

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- Occent

Thought this would be my new found game! And it was until...ads! Every 5 seconds it feels like there’s an ad to watch that lasts over 30 seconds. Absolutely disgusting and a waste of time.

- Stupid

I don’t get it. There are so many matches but they don’t allow them!? How does anybody enjoy this awful game? I had to shuffle twice on level two in order to actually play! I saw possibilities but the game said they were incorrect even though I knew how they could get to each other while avoiding other cards! I thought that maybe it couldn’t go out of a particular border, but then there’s a new match using the same way I tried!! Who, dear god, made this game!? And why!? What is your method, your theory to match them up? I am completely and totally convinced that anybody who thinks this is a decent game is on crack! 0/10, would enjoy to see this game burn in hell.

- Crashing

This game would be one-off the best if it didn't crash every 15 seconds .......please fix it !!!

- Onnect

Thought this was going to be a good game but now I will delete it. This is due to the fact that the ongoing cost for the full game (VIP) is prohibitive.

- Oh my....the adverts!!!!

This is a good game, very engaging and passes the time away nicely BUT......the adverts are SO ANNOYING!!! Why is there no cheaper option to either reduce the length of the adverts or remove them altogether. The monthly VIP fee is too much for such a game and I refuse to pay, but I would pay a flat fee to remove them completely. Those stupid kids in the Clockmaker ad are making me crazy and it will be only a matter of time before I delete this game when it all gets too much. Shame, as I really like it, but in the meanwhile, I’m on the lookout for something just as good WITHOUT the ads

- It’s ok

I’ve only rated this 4 stars as although the game is good, the adverts spoil it. It would be better if you could earn time through beating the levels.

- Awesome connection

This is an awesome game

- Good game...horrendously intrusive advertising spoils it

Good game....horrendously intrusive advertising spoils it

- Love it but..

When you click to start a new round it immediately takes you to an advert. That’s not a problem but on the timed and bomb rounds your time starts as soon as the advert comes on meaning that you can have used up 30 seconds (or however long the advert is) on your round before you can start playing

- Adictive

Great Game, definitely one to get your brain in Shape ,

- Really good game

This game is really good for your mind like say if u are really stressful you can play it and it calms u down sometimes u get extra time You should download it now it is FREE so get it now!🙂

- Too many ads

Good game but ruined by constant adverts

- Match icons

Enjoyable game spoilt by insane number of ads. Deleted after less than one hour.

- Addictive!!

I love this game . Yes the ads were driving me insane so I subscribed. At £3 a month you can’t moan especially being in lockdown and needing something to keep me entertained. Really good game and lots of fun. The only thing I would like is more picture packs available as they get a little repetitive.

- Enjoyable game

I’m finding this pretty addictive; but the ads are a real pain. I appreciate that to play free there must be some adverts, but there are far of many and some go on far too long before you can get back to the game.

- Garbage

Garbage, garbage and more garbage.

- Awesome

I have only had it 10 minutes but I am already addicted to this game a definite must have app

- Irene

Great game

- Waste of time

Hi,Onnect developers,please remove the feature of wasting time on ads.Its a shame cuz every time,nearly every time I have no time,same for other players From a player

- False

I decided to pay the £3.99 to go Adfree as they really annoy me and then after two games an Ad came up / I feel you are falsely made to pay up for something that does not happen, I think reimbursement is justified as what I paid for has not happened. Disappointed as otherwise it is a good game.

- Onnect

What a disappointment, game is great but it keeps cutting out back to the home screen or screen turns white.

- Worst


- 😡😡

This is my favourite game, it helps keep my mind busy, however it keeps cancelling my VIP perks, even though my payments are still going out. It’s really starting to annoy me

- Terrible!

Didn’t get the rules of it at all. On one level I clicked on every square and none of them matched. I’m guessing it’s round the edge you select from but none of them allowed you to click. Deleted!

- Good game needs update on pictures

Please update this it’s so addictive but the same pictures are getting boring

- Too many ads

Lovely game, simple in its premise. Can’t recommend it as the copious, long ads ruin any enjoyment. And a monthly subscription for what is essentially a matching game to keep it ad free? No thanks. App deleted.

- Game for ages 4+ but adverts are 18+

Numerous adverts and the interactive chapter ones are only suitable for ages over 18 Please fix this!

- This is a great relaxing app

It is the most amazing game I've ever played

- Great game but.....

I’ve been playing this game for a few weeks now and really enjoy. I picked up how to play from trial and error but I am still confused about the “bomb card” and what you actually receive when you match up the bomb card. Can anyone help with this information please.

- How do I love thee...

...not enough to pay 2.99 EVERY WEEK. What’s that all about? I would gladly pay 2.99 (full stop) for this app, but EVERY WEEK, no. Nice game but also hate the bomb cards and a “no thanks” option would be good.

- Where’s the turtle?

In the advert from another game it showed a swimming turtle hiding under the puzzle and you had to match the pairs in order to enjoy the scene. I feel a bit cheated.

- Far too much time wasted watching ads

This could be seriously addictive. The graphics are great (if at times a little too small to see clearly when on a small screen) and the game simple but fun. But it’s so frustrating- the ads come up much too often and they are sooooo long. And the bomb idea would be a good way of upping the tension but they are so often placed so that it’s nigh on impossible to clear a path to them in time, so hey ho, let’s watch another ad. Oh joy! Sorry, while I love the game itself, the ads are as irritating as those that pop up in the middle of Facebook videos. Life’s too short to waste on watching that many ads. And the price to get rid of them? No. Not worth it. Sadly, I’m going to give up and delete this.

- 2 many adds

Don’t bother playing as all you get is adds

- It’s okey I suppose. Prob okey keep kids busy for little bit

There are a lot of adds in this just like other games but simple answer to that is turn off your WiFi or data while you play simple.

- Quite good for stress and Anxiety

I am in love with this game. So satisfying and it gets me through stress and Anxiety. I don’t get any of these Hate comments lol it’s a very nice game. If you have Stress or Anxiety then I recommend this fabulous app. Xx

- Good game ruined by ads

I don’t mind watching a couple of ads here and there but they are continuous.

- Great Game but ruined by all the Ads

Like many people who play this game I enjoy the game but am fed up of all the adverts eating into the games timer. Trying to start level with a bomb square and being 35 seconds down before you start isn’t great at all. If you pause the game and then resume, then again you’re stuck with an advert eating into your game time. I appreciate adverts fund these games but could hey be played before the game starts and not eating into the game time. Thank you

- Some levels impossible.

I liked this game to start with and it has potential to be really good however, some levels are impossible unless you use all the shuffles and hints and spend lots of money. There are also far too many ads even when you have to pause the game!! And finally some of the pictures are far too small, such a shame as I did enjoy playing it to start with.

- Too many adverts

Great game and I really enjoy it. I understand you got to make your money somewhere I just wish one advert would be removed, the screaming solitaire one 🤦🏽‍♀️. Doesn’t matter that you have silenced the volumes but a bunch of screaming girls in the middle of your game just doesn’t cut it.

- Impossible

The first level with the bomb is impossible impossible impossible impossible impossible impossible impossible impossible Impossible impossible impossible impossible impossible impossible impossible impossible impossible impossible impossible impossible impossible impossible impossible impossible impossible impossible impossible impossible impossible impossible impossible impossible impossible

- Great game

Kills boredom. Love the game hate all the adverts in it

- Good game ridiculous amount of ads

I really like this game but it drives you mad the amount of ads which now keep on freezing so I have to close the app and start again really maddening!

- Perfect calm down

I feel that when you are stressed and have nothing to do then this game is a great time filler. I especially fathom that the pictures are very creative. Totally recommend Keep it up

- Great game... but

Not enough variety and the amount of adverts is just crazy. I could cope with the number if they were short but the majority are 30 seconds.... all the time! Absolutely ruins what could be a brilliant app. Keep the quantity if you need too but please make them shorter.

- Great game BUT .....

Would be fabulous without the ads And having to watch them to extend your go Some of the pairings are ridiculous... as is how addictive this game is !

- No sense

Connections only work if the game wants them to work even if there’s obvious pathways for them to connect, terrible gameplay. What’s worse is that the game looked good and got my hopes up. Ruined my day this did.

- Good game but glitches

I really enjoy the game but I have it on silent as I play it whilst travelling. Now the ads which are numerous override the mute button and irritate not just me but people near me.

- I would rate it a 4 and a1/2 but can’t

Really good game for people for like matching games but gets a bit boring sometime but I love it

- Downloaded several times ....

....but on switching on I get a black screen so delete & try again & again & again! Given up now.

- Springer

I agree the adverts are a nightmare. I’ve just played a game & I had to watch 5 adverts in a row then the last one froze before the game resumed. I thought I would give it the benefit of doubt but sorry it’s too much. I enjoyed the games & was prepared for a few adverts but 4or 5 consecutively. Obvious no-one took any notice of the previous review so I will be having a break.

- Connect

What rubbish 4 adds before you could begin Then it wouldn’t work Then you get free for awhile then you pay Not me I can play heaps of games for free better than this one Thanks all the same

- Too Many Ads And Game Is Glitches

Really love playing this Game, but like other reviews the ads are ridiculous, only being able to get out of them by shutting game down. Also the last few days the game glitches is really slow to move when and pair is picked, then when does move the pieces are over lapped with each other and sometimes when pieces are near each other ( within the 3 straight lines ) game shakes to show it’s not correct. Come on people what’s going on. Not very impressed. Uninstalling and reinstalling does not fix the problems either.

- To many ads

The amount of ads is just ridiculous, so I deleted the game.

- Too many ads

It would a better game if the ads were gone! But as that is not possible sadly, get rid of half of them. Please please please! How does 15 secs if game deserve 30+ secs if ads???? Life us too short for so many ads!

- too much ads

I really enjoyed this game but the amount of ads that I get when I complete the levels is crazy so I deleted it

- Love the game BUT

Ads. We know they are necessary. We watch, company gets paid. Brilliant system. My time is worth more than you give me credit for. Whilst happy to have the occasional add for no reason, and definitely happy to get a small in-game reward for watching an ad, the frequency with which they occur for no reason, the complete lack of respect for your clients (that’s us by the way, the players) all go to prove you have the almighty dollar firmly in site. This is your right, obviously, as it is ours to either turn off the internet access whilst playing or delete the app. Either way, no money, and soon no company. Poor business sense is an understatement. I hope you figure it out soon.

- Hate the bombs!

Initially I loved this game. But I hate the bombs and despise that fact that you expect people to pay to get rid of them. That is NOT why challenges, such as bombs, are added to games. They should be an interesting and enticing part of game play. Not an incentive to pay. So goodbye. I’m deleting the app. Pathetic. So disappointing! Oh! ...And now I’ve read other reviews to find that there are many people who feel very negatively about your game. Such a shame. Cute idea. Very badly presented.

- Sara

Was loving the game was past level 2300 with over 4000 free picks app was playing up adds locking kept having to force close the app and would reload then would only have 20secs or less to try to finish the current puzzle then the press add button would lock and had to force close app again and again this all started happening after the last update was driving me insane so uninstalled app and reinstalled app hoping to fix bugs only to lose all my history and have to start from level 1 again with only the given free picks NOT HAPPY 😥😥😥😥😥

- Onnect pair matching puzzles disappointing!

Game is fun, but as all the other comments say too many adverts. But the bugs are the worst... black screens, reshuffles don’t work the pictures get too small don’t come back to size. Then today I lost heaps of my reshuffles (went from 329 to 33) and guesses went from 117 to 99, and none are being added at the end of the game! Going to delete!

- Update killed progress

Before the update I had over 200 clues and 175 options to swop the screen. Downloaded the update now less than 100 clues and 30 swop options. Not a happy player, update gives one extra screen but kills progress already made

- Great Game

This is a fun game if you like training your brain to do things it doesn’t usually do. The puzzles change randomly so the rules for each are slightly different but no less doable. All you need to do is get your head around the new puzzle type.


Love this game but the ads are insane...Purchasing the game does not remove ads.

- The ads are ridiculous

Great concept, but the ads are beyond a joke. I have no issue with ads, but before every games, after every game and almost all of them won’t close the x in the corner, instead freezing the app. Very disappointing

- Monthly cost is way too high to get rid of ads

Ridiculous number of ads. Every time a game is played you have to sit through an ad. I really like this game but when you have to sit through ads every time you accomplish something it makes me want to delete this game from my phone because I am NOT going to pay the stupidly high price for a monthly subscription.

- Too many ads

Love this game, just too many ads. Would be happy to pay a one off fee to remove ads but not willing to subscribe

- Really fun game to pass the time

I think its an awesome game to pass the time. For people that say that there are too many ads you can just turn your device onto airplane mode and the ads cant pop up.

- Astounded

To the Developer of this game. It is quite clear you have a large issue in regards to many users/customers paying to have ads removed but are still seeing ads appearing. It is very obvious you neither care or are to lazy to respond to users/customer issues as you have not responded in writing TO EACH CUSTOMER who are paying you money for a product. Due to your nil response you obviously have little interest or respect in your customer base. I implore you to respond to each concern in writing and not peddle out a generic response as this also shows a lack of respect. Many users/customers are quite livid with you, the developer and have taken time to pay you and then write their concerns, PLEASE respond to these people individually. A LITTLE RESPECT GOES A LONG WAY.

- Fix the adds

Sick of adds that do not reconnect you to the game. Fix it! You need to play this game yourselves to see all the glitches with your adds. Totally spoils the game.

- Way too many ads

This would be a great game; however, you can’t finish a level without an add popping up.

- Onnect

When an ad wild cradles comes up the game won’t come back on it just stays on the ad. So I can’t continue to play.

- Just why?

I have played around but this app doesn’t make any sense. Every time I try to connect the squares it says I’m not doing it right! I don’t understand the rules of this app.

- Seriously?

Yup. Too many ads. Have deleted this game.

- good games

Good games but seriously, out of maybe 10 mins you put ads around 6 minutes. No thanks so I am deleting it.... too bad though....

- Fun, but WAY TOO MANY ADS!

This game is very addictive but the extremely high amount of advertising ruins the game, you lose momentum and interest very quickly because of the ads, which happen after every single level and at times in between if you choose to get more time to finish a puzzle. Also, some of the image sets are very repetitive - would be nice to see some new ones introduced to the game.

- Connect

Love game but frustrating freezing on world war rising app ad with nowhere to reboot game except turning iPad off and reloading makes the game boring, annoying and now not my go to game. Please fix.

- Too many ads

I understand it is a free game & the need for ads but there are way too many & they last such a long time that you spend more time watching ads then playing the game.

- If you can ignore the ads it’s ok

Has the potential to be a great, relaxing game BUT.... 1. The constant ads interrupt gameplay 2. You have to watch ads to clear some levels b/c the allocated time is far too short 3. Bombs do not make for relaxing gameplay. I ignore them. 4. Most of the images are engaging, but the smiley emojis are annoying. 5. It’s an ok game, could be vastly improved.

- Adds are so annoying!

Whilst I love the game in general, the incessant adds are just ridiculous!! I wouldn’t mind so much if it wasn’t the same add every time in a row!! Obviously the Developers are aware of it by the amount of complaints, but seem to ignore it. That’s why I only gave the game a “3” rating.

- Pervy

For @Pervy

- Disappointed

I like this game but invariably the ads freeze and I miss out on the rewards. Pls update ASAP

- So addictive!!

I still don’t understand all the rules but I love the game!! Way too many ad’s but that’s with all the games you play for free😊

- Ads = Grrrrrr

Ridiculous amount of ads nullifies the enjoyment of an excellent game

- Way too many adds

The game itself is quite good, the interruptions of the constant adds is ridiculous. Some of the adds you can’t get out of except by shutting down your iPad completely and starting again. Frequently you watch a 30 second add to get more time and it plays the add but won’t go back to the game, so you have to watch another 30 second add. In total you watch a minute to get an extra 100 secs. Absolutely too much. I know there has to be adds, but come on this is over the top. Completely spoils the game

- To many damn adds!

I really lik3 this game,, so does my daughter and the grandkids,, even hubby likes it,, BUT, there are to many adds, and they last to long and it’s so frustrating. I can’t pay a weekly/monthly fee just to have the adds removed,for what is a reasonably simple match up game. *sad face* 😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥

- Onnect

I loved this game so when the adds drove me nuts I thought I would just buy it. NOT HAPPY! Instead of a one off charge, you are expected to pay weekly or monthly! Not gonna happen and am now going to wipe it off my device.

- Bobby

Our screen has gone blank as well ..please fix it ...😳🙈👀😍💕😎😂😬😁

- Pity it keeps freezing

Great game and I would happily pay a one off fee to get rid of all the adds (particularly those that freeze the game), but you are expecting far too much money per month. Don’t be greedy and you’d probably make more!

- Way too many ads; way over priced subscription.

Potentially great game for various needs. However, the ads are way too frequent and way too long. The subscription is far too expensive for me. I enjoyed playing, but nearly went nuts enduring the ads. It’s a shame. I would have enjoyed it. 4 stars available for the game but only 1 star given due to the threat on my sanity and my budget.

- Ads

It’s a great game but the ads are ridiculous. Every level, every try again and anything you request a at least 30 second ads pops up. Get rid of the ads or at least some of them.

- Review

Loving this game but to many long adds. The screen goes black after add from Aperol Spritz and have to get out of game and then back in.. very frustrating 😩

- Enough

Totally sick of all the ads. Delete

- Great game

I love the game, but..... The ads are bit too much though

- Too many adds

Would have been a 5 star rating but because of the constant long adds, the game is frustrating. Unless the adds are eased will delete the app.

- Too pricey, bugs and adds

This is a great game ruined by the developers. High rotation of the same add, often freeze requiring you to switch your iPad off to unfreeze. The bombs are set in places that you have about a 3% chance of getting to it so you avoid yet another add, and whilst I don’t mind paying a one off fee to remove adds I am darned if I am going to give you the equivalent to my Netflix subscription after currency exchange every month. Way to many other games to choose from that don’t overcharge and have apps without bugs or excessive advertising.

- Ads crash

Love this game but the ads constantly crash.

- Too many ads

Way to many adds, with some particular ads i.e. keno advert, causing the game to freeze, which means deleting the game from iPad and restarting each time. I will delete the game altogether if ads aren’t removed Dissatisfied

- Too many ads!

I like the game (except for the version where the tiles change direction every move) but the amount wanted for a subscription is ridiculous and the frequency and length of the ads is unwarranted. Recently some ads end on a black screen and do not return you to the game and you have to close it completely to go back to where you were.

- Dee

I love this game but the constant ads are driving me nuts - I tried to subscribe but it won’t let me - have now deleted the app

- Too many adds

Love this game but I feel the amount of adds is ridiculous. Sometimes I have to watch multiple 30 second adds before the game will continue. Less adds would mean more stars. The game itself is great.

- I Gave Up

Loved the game. Loved the graphics. Loved the variety of difficulty. Could not stand the number and length of the adds. Also the game freezes and does not go back to where you are up to in the game. Very expensive to purchase. Disappointing overall.

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Onnect – Pair Matching Puzzle 4.0 Screenshots & Images

Onnect – Pair Matching Puzzle iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Onnect – Pair Matching Puzzle iphone images
Onnect – Pair Matching Puzzle iphone images
Onnect – Pair Matching Puzzle iphone images
Onnect – Pair Matching Puzzle iphone images
Onnect – Pair Matching Puzzle iphone images
Onnect – Pair Matching Puzzle iphone images
Onnect – Pair Matching Puzzle iphone images
Onnect – Pair Matching Puzzle iphone images
Onnect – Pair Matching Puzzle iphone images
Onnect – Pair Matching Puzzle iphone images
Onnect – Pair Matching Puzzle ipad images
Onnect – Pair Matching Puzzle ipad images
Onnect – Pair Matching Puzzle ipad images
Onnect – Pair Matching Puzzle ipad images
Onnect – Pair Matching Puzzle ipad images
Onnect – Pair Matching Puzzle ipad images
Onnect – Pair Matching Puzzle ipad images
Onnect – Pair Matching Puzzle ipad images
Onnect – Pair Matching Puzzle ipad images
Onnect – Pair Matching Puzzle ipad images
Onnect – Pair Matching Puzzle Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Onnect – Pair Matching Puzzle Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Onnect – Pair Matching Puzzle (Version 4.0) Install & Download

The applications Onnect – Pair Matching Puzzle was published in the category Games on 2018-11-07 and was developed by CHEF GAME STUDIO YAZILIM TEKNOLOJILERI LIMITED SIRKETI [Developer ID: 1353922263]. This application file size is 209.5 MB. Onnect – Pair Matching Puzzle - Games posted on 2020-03-24 current version is 4.0 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

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