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#1 Role playing game in 32 countries so far!

"You are Hope" is based on an earlier version of a PC game called "ONE HOUR ONE LIFE", made by Jason Rohrer.

It's not the same game though. You are Hope's gameplay and online worlds are separate from OHOL's, and the emphasis is more on the need to collaborate peacefully with other players in order to survive and evolve. Your task is to rebuild civilization from scratch, together with other players and across countless generations.

One important thing you do in this game is to name your children (who are also players). "You are Hope" is what a mother would say when she gives the name 'Hope' to her baby.

You are born either as a baby to one of the other players, or as a young woman if no suitable mother is found. Every minute of real time is one year in the game and your maximum age is 60 years. A single life is limited, but the things you make during your lifetime are left for your children and grandchildren once you are gone. Try to make life a little bit easier for those who come after you, so your family line will have a chance to prosper for generations to come.

Sometimes you will spawn alone in the wilderness. You need to build a fire to stay warm and trap rabbits to get meat and furs for clothes. A sharp stone may be your best friend in the beginning. Try to find a good spot to settle and grow some food, because other players may soon arrive as your children, and will need to be taken care of until they are grown enough to help you.

Sometimes you will be born in a sprawling city, with farmers, cooks, blacksmiths, shepherds and hunters. There will be clothes and equipment ready for you, prepared by players who may be your grandparents or distant relatives. Maybe you will gather some friends and set out to start a settlement of your own, maybe you will inherit a farm job from your uncle, or maybe you will slay bears and wolves. The choices are endless, but remember: unless you leave the world better after you have lived than when you arrived, you have not really achieved anything.

Every life you play will put you in contact with new players. Some are more experienced than you, some are less. Some will teach you and some will learn from you. Some may even be disruptive to the civilization you are building, and will need to be dealt with accordingly. It will be up to you and your fellow players to shape the world for a brief moment in time, before the following generations take over.

After your game life is over, you can look at your family tree and see how your descendants are doing. You can take pride in each of your younger relatives who survives into adulthood and in each new generation that follows you, knowing that you helped make it happen.

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You are Hope Customer Service, Editor Notes:

1. Christmas! Santa Claus is coming with presents! Hohoho! 2. Large mining update: - build both small and large mines - much more iron, but more work to extract it - find other materials than iron in your mines

You are Hope Comments & Reviews

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- 1 hour 1 life

This is a game that many are on the fence about getting. I saw the pc version and gave this a try. Well worth the measly $5. However I will say I wish you could come back as a relative if your own to continue progress when you die. The game does seem to lose its touch without being able to further progress after a while. One a happier note, Being so simple it is surprisingly addictive this game is one of the best not only on mobile but in general. To attempt to live and create a meaningful contribution to your offspring and build off of the legacy your parents lay out for you is an amazing and different idea and actually difficult to accomplish at times. 4/5 stars only because you have no way to continue your achievements.

- Great potential, low player count

This is honestly the best mobile game I’ve ever played. Especially if are trying to kill an hour or so. The only drawback I could see is that it is a complicated game and much too complicated to get the full experience on mobile. The PC version(20$), which is the same version as the mobile, has much more to offer. I believe this mainly has to do with the player count. That’s not to say I haven’t spawned in some cool cities on mobile. I have, but they are always so much further behind than the mega cities on PC. The best lives I’ve had on mobile I’ve been an Eve or generation 2-3, developed something decent and died, only to never spawn there again. This, I attribute to the lack of player base, because the locations and places around the villages where sustainable long term. I have even lived full lives as a female with only having 1-2 sons. And even had 0 children before. But in summary this game is great no matter the platform. TLDR: Being an eve or a daughter/son of one is a very fun and rewarding experience(usually). This will happen far more often on mobile due to lower server populations. Buy the game and fix that problem. Or just play the PC version. But seriously get both. This game rocks.

- Buy the Desktop version

This is a phenomenal game, so phenomenal that you will quickly want to buy the desktop version, which is 20$. Me and 2 of my friends did just that and now this feels like a waste of 5$. The full game is definitely worth 25$ but still. There are no content differences between mobile and desktop but as good as the controls on here are they can never compare to the ease of a mouse, also the desktop version has a larger player base so you can be a part of more advanced civilizations more often, AND afaik you can only spawn with your friends on the desktop version with twin and triplet codes. Actual review: beautiful graphics, infinitely replayable, steep learning curve because of how deep the crafting system is, a coop dynamic like I’ve never experienced before - you really need to rely on others and they rely on you to survive and thrive really different than any multiplayer game I’ve ever played. It’s very fun and I highly recommend it. This game could be described like a less-casual Minecraft with a much deeper multiplayer coop aspect.

- Great Game, Worth the $5

I’ve been playing this game nonstop for the past 24 hours and have had an absolute blast of a time. As with all games there will be a draw back and that would have to be in how small of taps you need to make in order to craft, it does take some time to get the hang of. Tapping that 5 pixel seed on the ground with our chubby gamer man fingers. But if you can push past that then I find this game amazing. It writes its own stories, it builds its own drama and from a 2D indie game into a Tragedy Story telling game that will connect with you on a personal level in almost every life. Only other complaint I have is that I didn’t know how to get the hand cart out of my hand and ended up starving to death cause I couldn’t eat berries with it in my hand. Anyway 10/10 game. Worth more

- Awesome!

I’m so happy you were able to adapt this to mobile. This game is so fun to play, especially being able to watch my family carry on once I’ve died. I think it would be neat to save or favorite a family I’ve played so I can easily check back on it to see if my descendants have survived. The controls are tricky at first but once you dedicate some time to actually learning them, given the the complexity, they aren’t bad at all. Everything from the art style to the music and sound effects is very pleasing. An option to display floating names would make it easier for me to quickly identify my family but that could make the screen too chaotic. Overall I love this game and would easily buy this over energy drinks anytime.

- Your time matters.

One hour is a life, one life is an hour. Great dreams you have, little time you got. Time is an illusion, an illusion is made with time. Just remember this: You only have one hour, one life. This unofficial version of the game make my free time so enjoyable. While I’m in the road, or at my launch break, I can enjoy the joy of playing a really good mobile adaptation of my favorite PC game (One Hour One Life by Jason Rohrer). While im outside my home, I enjoy long hours of mobile game play; and when I finally get home, I jump into the grate community of One Hour One Life. While the original (Pc version) is way superior in the user interface (mouse and key board). The Unofficial mobile version, give me the joy of playing anywhere. Thank to the developers for providing me this fun experience of playing anywhere... I personally have bought this game 4 times already. 2 times the original version, on the PC. And 2 times this unofficial IOS version. I really recommend everyone to just don’t try this unofficial mobile version. I recommend everyone to try the original as well. Thank to the IOS developers. Thank to Jason Rohrer for creating this game in the first place...

- Please read!

So this game is really good, and I don’t feel like I wasted four dollars on it. But there is one thing I think is really messed up: You can kill your family?!! Even in primal times you didn’t kill your family because you need them to survive. And this game is 9+. It is kinda scarring, you raise a baby, the baby grows up, kills you, and just walks away?!? You should put a curse on people who kill their family, like an invincible bear that follows them, you know? Or just automatically ban them. Please listen to my suggestions and thanks for reading! Edit:I keep checking updates, but can’t tell if it was fixed. Another edit:Thanks you so much!!!! I checked the forums and saw that you added a system.

- Coming back

This is probably 1 of my all time favorite games there’s just 1 or 2 problems. 1 so many people want to go back to their old civilization (me included) so they run away and kill themselves if they’re not in the right world so if u could make away to go back to the civilization we want that would be awesome. 2 I have a friend who also plays and it’s fun to play with her, but sadly she lives far away so maybe u could make away to have “friends” and know when they’re playing so you can join them or/and be able to invite a friend to the game you’re playing, if so that would be awesome! Other than that it’s a wonderful game! <3 P.S. for some reason you can’t name your kid giraffe

- Pretty good game- worth it

Its about as close as you could get to the pc version as an unofficial app could get however i would give five stars if they had a better control system like a joystick paired with tap to walk. Overall worth the $4.99 though. Also there seems to be an issue with the family tree i can only see my generation and before it. I purchased the 2.99 spectating ability and honesty its not really worth it it gets boring after like five minutes of spectating and i just think it should be free

- GREAT mobile version of ONE HOUR ONE LIFE, some suggestions

This is a great game! The controls aren’t just a bunch of buttons on the screen, which is very few. And, the only gameplay button is the eat button, which disappears when the food isn’t in your hands. I wished there’d be more people playing, it’s a great game! The controls can be fixed though... you should have a drop button, or maybe a easier way to take off clothes. I sometimes struggle taking off the clothes, and the touch system centers on something else I didn’t want to do, (that’s the only why I know how to describe what happens 😅). ANYWAYS! I LOVE THIS GAME! I’VE SEEN COUNTLESS VIDEOS, AND WANTED IT. IM GLAD I CAN PLAY IT ON MY IPAD NOW! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, TAHNK YOU, THANK YOU, FOR MAKING THIS GAME ON MOBILE!

- Almost Perfect

Graphics and concept is really cool. I like it a lot. I honestly like the tap to walk, but please make a pickup and drop button. I have died thirty times because I was unable to pickup or drop an item. This game has potential and I would like to see it grow into a popular game. However I believe in order to achieve this goal, better controls need to be built and perhaps different control options. This way all types of gamers can enjoy the game, and therefor increasing sales and the amount of time players spend enjoying this wonderful game. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope further development is under way as I eagerly shall await the update. (As well as you get hungry eat to fast, please fix this as it really kills game play)

- Tutorial is impossible

I thought that the tutorial was supposed to be a way for you to figure out the controls, but that’s not what the developers of theirs game had thought. I don’t know what they were snorting when they made the tutorial but it’s impossible. In order to finish it you need to make a metal axe, easy enough right? WRONG you have to make a forge witch requires a whole bunch of crap like 5-10 different things, and then there’s the hard part making the fire the dang fire is so hard to make in 15 seconds the fire goes out, and your expected to keep the fire going all while smelting a piece of iron in your furnace, and if you do all that then the tree falls down leaving a stump witch you can’t get past. The only way is to repeat the whole process and make a shovel. FIX YOUR GAME DEVS

- Great game

Overall this is a great game especially if you have a crappy PC. If you can though definitely go support the PC version. I also bought the PC version and its great, but sadly my laptop is a piece of crud and its just really laggy to play on PC for me. So this app is a great way to still be able to play the game until I’m able to afford a new computer. Well worth the money. My only complaint would be that I have a hard time trying to pick up things/ put them down, but its mostly my fault I’m sure I’ll get use to it eventually.


THANK U THANK U THANK U, this game is so amazing the amount of thinking and time I can see the devs put into this game is amazing it shows so well the ideas the functionality of the game the constant criticism I see devs taking and responding I thank u for being so involved and making ur game better for the people who play it I wish everyone could be like that. This game is something I don’t think anyone has ever seen before and it’s nice that some people r done making copy and paste games and coming up with things of their own. I can’t wait to see what this game has in store

- Bug

I bought this game about two weeks ago on my iPhone SE I really enjoy the game and I mentioned it to my friend so he bought it on his iPad we are two separate people and we bought the same app on two separate devices now the frustrating part is is when I join as my character the beginner map on my iphone he joins on his iPad whoever joins first it takes that person character from that other persons device without being connected in anyway two separate people I was wondering is anybody else having that problem and if the developer see this hopefully if it’s a bug you can fix this very frustrating but I do not understand how it breaches my connection it’s been on two separate devices

- LOVE. but one thing could be better

Needless to say, this game is awesome! My only complaint is the controls. In mine and other’s opinions, we think that you guys (the developers) need to improve the controls. I would love this game even more than I already do if you had some kind of different control for movement, such as a joystick button, and doing so would make the controls for interacting with objects immensely easier to get the hang of. And again, thank you guys for creating this game for mobiles!

- Great Game Has great potential

This game is fantastic, hey added a tutorial so that you can understand the controls and how to make things very easy. I’ve only experienced lag like once but it depends on what server you are on as well as your internet goes. I’m a totally new to this game but learning as you play is pretty fun. Something to add would be where you can play with a friend where you both are babies with the same parent, or some type of code/server type, like they did to the pc. I WOULD RECOMMEND THIS GAME.

- Amazing game, amazing creator, A M A Z I N G EVERYTHING

This is one of the best, maybe THE best survival co-op games you can get your hands on. It’s the right amount of challenging, fun, and easy to play! This game is so annoying at first, but once you get the controls and recipes down, you won’t be able to stop playing! ################# Pro Tip: Don’t be a troll and expect to have fun at the expense of others. It doesn’t work that way and you will not have fun playing if you’re a jerk the whole time. This game is all about team work and building the future. You will die, and soon. One hour at most, but probably much sooner. So build up the world around you and give good tidings to the ones who follow in your steps. Soooo addicting, so fun, and my favorite multiplayer survival game to play so far! I’d rate a million stars if I could! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Great Game!

I love the sandbox freedom of the game and how one can do anything. I wish there were an option to play as a solo player, where you can hone your skills at starting from nothing without the pressure of raising someone from a pup into toddlerhood. That way you could practice finding the resources in a real world setting without frustrating other players.

- Can you make it so you can skip the tutorial

Hi, so I tried a million times just to get pass the tutorial, I get everything already and I don’t want to keep on watching walkthroughs that don’t fit my game, I’m stuck on the tree part and I been working for a hour to break through the tree I don’t have a life....I been working on the tutorial for 2 days and still can’t complete the tree part

- Good game overall... BUT

Overall, good game. But there are some problems I need to address that really ruin this game. For one, the timer every time you die. Why should I have to wait for the game I payed money for? Another thing, in app purchases. I paid full price for a game and now I have to pay even more for some features? If you want more of a player base and a less angry community now, make the game free but keep the micro transactions, or make every thing accessible after you pay for the full game.

- Great game!

I’ve loved this game for so long, but I haven’t been able to get it on desktop. I found the mobile version a while ago, and I was so happy! This game takes “multiplayer” to a whole new level, and depends on everyone doing their part. And 60 minutes is the PERFECT amount of time! You can do it in one sitting, and it’s not too short either.

- there’s some things THAT NEEDS TO BE FIXED AND CHANGED

List of things that need to be fixed! 1 get rid of the male characters 2 there be more states in the game. 3 need a new version like hope 2 and hope 3 Number 4 get rid of when you kill a goose it’s head is gone and it’s bloody. Number 5 make it to where you can customize your character before it’s born. Number three you can’t be a male at all unless you pay money for it so u can be a male... THats ALL

- Just one issue

This game is great I love survival game the only issue I have is the controls the swiping is really hard and I wish there was a place button a craft button and a swipe button that you could turn on and of other then that this game is great and recommended getting it that’s all

- Good game, bad servers

This game is great, and I honestly prefer this version over the PC version. I can take it with me anywhere, no ads, and there is more content than the PC has. However, lately, the servers have been completely dead. There are no more than 10 people consistently on at a time. And there hasn’t been any new servers created in weeks. Not to mention, there is only one U.S server. If this game can regain some life and have more servers and better servers, I’ll change my review.

- So Many Things To Do!

I love that you start as cavemen and work your way up and build towns and cults... and you can make almost everything, from fires to bell towers! I also love the communication and unique stories every hour you play. I highly recommend it for all the creative, adventurous, and survivalist people!

- Why can’t they teach controls??

I just got too frustrated on the tutorial, they don’t teach you how to do things and the controls don’t work. I can’t get to do anything right because the controls are only tap and swipe. 😡. On the fire marking level I kept trying to use it two ideas together but I just couldn’t. Finally I figured it out, but the game does a horrible job with the controls.

- Take out tutorial pls!!!!!!!!!!

This game is so annoying with tutorial because you need to be an expert to finished the tutorial. I understand that you have to show them how to move and stuff but for people who are fast learners, they can’t get pass the part where you have to chop down the tree with all these steps to make a hatchet. Pls take out tutorial because the real game in pc you have to learn your way and this just ruins it because I have never seen other people in this game and that’s the whole point of the game.

- I love it but.....

I love playing this game so much! But there’s one thing that should be added on this game. They really need to add a way to play with friends. I know that there’s a way to play with friends on Pc. But otherwise I really love these game despite the playing with friends. Thank you.

- Hey developers!!!

I am a team player and never do anything to hurt/make others lives difficult. Yet I have been to donkey town at least four times now. They, the trolls, are using the cursing system against us good people. It really frustrating to get banished because the trolls are evil!!!

- It needs serious work

I can’t play it. I have tried everything but there’s no point. I CANNOT GET PAST THE TUTORIAL, why? Because the controls are broken. These controls do not work for this game, I can’t do what I try to do. I tried to get past the tutorial over five times! But I can’t because the controls are garbage and the crafting barely works. But there is some hope, it has potential. It’s pretty much an unofficial port of one hour one life, and with some work it could be great. But until then, one star.

- Best mobile game

The only way to play this game mobile, no other options. If you like the pc original you can enjoy this from any phone or tablet. I like the difference between them. It makes it clear that they are two separate games.

- Suggestion

Offline option of free play would be awesome!! To play when having internet is not an option (long fights etc.) and just build will allow us to get more familiar with the game and all the different recipes of crafting.

- secret point

I hope this game can have secret bug which Chinese version had. if the eve can die for old and next time she will be born at the same place as eve . Then she died before 40years old and she can reborn again and again . just a way for keeping my precious campus😭

- Change!!!

Can we please get back the all options for servers because, the US and Europe servers have less people playing. Can we have a limit for beginners because a lot of people just go the because it’s easy and there are a lot of players in. People who do play in regular servers end up having a hard time because surprise surprise all the players on on beginners. Also last can we please get a more pc version I would love jungles.


this is an amazing alternative for those people who can’t get the game on desktop also I have a recommendation where there’s a creative mode server or 2 where you can’t die and can bring in anything from a bear to a carrot and just overall have a huge society

- Wow,j-just,Wow

This game is amazing i like how you made it into a mobile version so you could play it Evan if you didn’t have a computer ,the gameplay is nice, and I like the kinda um Idk way you play the game/type of game I honestly don’t know what to call it,and I just love the game overall

- Worth the price

Great game, it is so exciting. Love the concept it’s definitely one of the best paid apps on the App Store! I would recommend anyone who plays this game to not only do the tutorial but watch a few videos to help with your understanding of the game.

- Good game, Bad playerbase

I’ve been playing this for a few months now, and the playerbase has just dwindled. The mothers that do stick around typically don’t take care of you, and it takes about 15 minutes to spawn in unless the game takes mercy and makes you an eve. A report system for negligent mothers would be stellar to encourage more cooperative gameplay.

- Confusing and steep learning curve

I wish the controls were a little more intuitive. Constantly swiping and mis-swiping. The book of hints is also not very helpful. For example it shows that you can use thread to make rope, but not that you need two threads to do so. I think if the book of hints had some more details it would be a better experience.

- Prefer this over the pc version

The controls take some getting use when coming over from the pc game. This game has a lot more content than the pc version and it’s more fun.

- Good but I thought that it was creative mode

I thought that it have a creative mode because i saw the trailer and think that it had creative mode because the players did not eat in it and you have to eat all the time in this game

- Amazing!

I hope you read this. Okay so I might start off with some things, and because I accidentally might make an essay,I’ll narrow it down. 1. I love how this is a survival game because I can’t really find any I like so thanks for making this. 2. I like how you can see your family tree after you die and see how your descendants are doing. 3. Honestly,I don’t know what I should put here, since every time I make a review I lose track of what I’ll say so have a heart! <3

- Not usable for the visually impaired 😭

I am a gamer with a vision impairment, and I was ecstatic about the concept of this game, until I realized there was no way of enlarging the font. Now I’m depressed becauseI can’t use the zoom feature of my device while playing (since you can’t see the whole screen at once). Please update with a way for the user to increase the font of hints and dialogue. Otherwise I really want a refund.

- Great game

I personally love the online version better then the pc. I just wish more people played it and their was more options and upgrades like the pc version.

- Incredible

One of the best survival games on iOS I love the idea of the game,it creates something I had never seen on game almost like a real family I remember I teach the kids to make omelettes and it was beautiful sorry for my horrendous grammar I’m Mexican

- Something wrong

I don’t know if this is just me or if it’s the server I joined but every time I get into the us starter server I die almost immediately from connection loss and to add on that I have to wait up to 3 mins to join back but overall o like the game I just need the help to resolve this problem

- Really fun

This is the only game on my phone that I would ever spend an hour on! I hope I can get this for computer later on, I watched HunnyBunnyGames videos about it and wanted it ever since :)

- Fun but it’s almost not

I got this with high hopes, at first it was fun and seemed really interesting. But it’s very difficult to control and isn’t very clear on how to use things. I swipe the way is stated in the tutorial but it won’t work and things like that. Please make an easier way for you to play. Thanks

- Hard and fun

You have 60 years to build civilization and survive then you die And first you feed of from mom and I survived longer then my sun did and i was lucky enough to find enough goose Berry’s to survive the hor

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- Family Chronicle upgrade not transferable?

Love this game.. however I bought the family ties add-on assuming it would work across all my devices, however it only works on the one I purchased it on? Even though it’s the same Apple ID? Please fix this!

- Needs to be free

This game runs great on mobile, it’s one of my favourite survival games. It is a lot like the pc version but pc players make a lot more progress then us mobiles and I have the answer to that problem; this game costs money, I know a couple people who can’t buy because they don’t have any iTunes money. So please creators listen and help our community. Btw please add OCE servers for me thanks

- Game is very laggy and tedious controls

I’m from the pc version of this game and I haven’t experienced or suffered any more lag than pc version. And I don’t know what to say but this game is meant for PCs or bigger devices like iPhone X or iPad and not iPhone 6s and it tires my fingers very much. I struggled a lot in the harder version of the tutorial challenge( in the Pc, I completed that 3 times and in like 10 minutes) whereas here, it’s like 30 minutes, 30 yrs wasted and leaving only 15 minutes to do practices. It is a great game but sadly the controls masked the whole game. If only the controls are used swiftly then that’ll do.

- Poorly designed for phones

Great concept for a game with the philosophy of leaving the world a better place than you found it, but annoying as all fk as some genius decided to make the controls using a swiping motion instead of button taps. So it is absolutely no good for phones. Normally would not complain but as I paid money for this game and had a poor first impression am not likely to continue playing it.

- Not fair for me

I’m sorry but I didn’t pay $6 to have to sit somewhere for a whole 1 hour or more because I got banished for trying to have fun like your ment to do like killing someone sure the can kill me or something but not make me have to sit in a place for a whole hour or more like I just said. that isn’t fair on me or anyone else who’s just trying to have fun like it’s fun just playing and making somthing of your surroundings like come one thing

- Drop outs & lack of servers

I would really like to play, the little pieces I’ve been able to play are really enjoyable.. I live in Australia, there are no Aussie serves and can’t figure out how to make one... would appreciate feed back on how to solve these prolems

- Great game but…

It’s a great game but, found a bug which makes it so I don’t get born and I’m always an eve and I dont even get any kids and it’s wrecking the game a lot for me so can you try to fix this as soon as possible? 🙂

- Oh my god

I cannot even begin to tell you how good this game is!!!! I absolutely love it! Keep working you mad lads! Anyone else reading this do not hesitate to buy! I love this game so much!!

- Great app but

Everting about the game I love but the title... I mean yeh it’s your game but one hour one life made sense to me idk so ya I mean u don’t have to change it

- Game suggestions

First of all I love the game I’ve just come up with a few ideas. This may make the game more enjoyable playable and maybe increase play time One horse and carriage (crafting recipe) one horse tied with lasso put on another horse then u use the new tied horses and a cart frame (don’t know if that’s the right name for it) and that will make a roofless carriage frame then add seats witch can be made by a seat frame and sheep cloths seat frame is created by short shaft on a long shaft then add a long shaft to the newly crafted half seat frame and u get the frame cover it with cloth and that’s a seat repeat 3 times then u have a roofless carriage just put on a canopy it’s just kindling tied on short shaft with long shaft and ur good to go if you want feeder for long exploration with no stop or to carry a baby you will need to make a compartment on the back it can hold up to 20 peace’s of food all you need is two Boxes stacked on top of each other then just make the dispenser that is two short shafts and a long shaft then ur good to go all baby’s will take an empty seat if spawned This cart will house up to 3 people go twice as fast as normal horse has a storage of 30 items and 20 food this is perfect for long and far expedition bringing back huge loot to the village 2 longer lifespan this one is a bit of topic but I thought it would be nice to see somone live 10 20 30 or 40 extra years depending on what they’ve done or by health and depending on how many times they got yellow fever and how far they’ve ran how close they’ve been to things that could kill you how full there hunger has been or just by chance

- Overall, pretty good, put it needs a d pad

Moving in this game is far too difficult. It would be extremely easier if you added a d pad. Apart from that, a good game.

- Horrible

It’s terrible for mobile because you can barley pick up and craft things with out dying all because you couldn’t put down something you should fix it because it’s terrible come on now

- Looks fun!

Looks like an awesome game although it's way too hard to combine items. You have to hold one item and swipe the other item on the ground to combine but items are too small. Am I getting it wrong??

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- Good

very good game I just wish the crafting book worked and that we didn’t have to pay extra for certain things on top of the money we already had to pay for the game and i also wish there was just buttons instead of swiping on stuff because it’s pretty hard sometimes it thinks i’m trying to pick up something when i mean to swipe on it

- Amazing

I was hesitant to buy the game because of the $7 price tag and some negative reviews. Yes this game is not the original however it is still an amazing game. The concept is so much fun to play and honestly small servers is nice because it gives you the opportunity to get back to your village. This game will tug at your heart strings more than any other mobile game you play, building a family and taking care of each other. One thing I would change is the time alive it feels a bit short as if it isn’t an actual hour. Other than that I would 100% recommend getting this game. Also it’s kinda stupid there is in app purchases in a game that already costs money even though they don’t effect game play and are cosmetic or getting to view after death it still feels like a feature the game could have had for everyone that already purchase it. If the developer reads this please consider making the in app purchases free because it would make the game just that much better.

- Good, buuut

This game is a fun way to interact with people, and the gameplay is very enjoyable once you actually get the hang of it. This game would be perfect if the lifetime was stretched out a little more, as an hour or less of playtime on one character can be really depressing once you’ve become attached to them and the world they’ve grown up in. However I do understand that it’s the whole point of the game to keep the lifetime that short; just a little food for thought.

- Why

I can’t get in the servers they won’t load in

- Unplayable

Literally impossible to play. Game does not work at all. Regret paying for this.

- it’s ok

It’s ok I’m not gonna lie but I wish you could see your other family members without having to pay I’d rather get all the features for free then having to pay 5 then 3 more dollars just to spectate other players

- So fun

I love crafting games so this is perfect

- One hour one life

It’s the same as one hour one life so if you want that game but your on mobile get this it’s great!

- Best game ever

This is a good good game people should make more game like this!!!

- It’s So Great

I Love The Game I Will Play It Every Day :D

- I did the tutorial and I can only play us beginner and other ones etc

I did the tutorial and I can only play a few public servers witch are small and the other ones that help u out etc but I can’t play servers like Japan 1 etc why is this i did the tutorial why do I only have small server options :(

- Amazing Game! However

You got griefers, babies that run away from you looking to die, people that go afk, and the most annoying type of player. (eats everything). I was wondering if you are going to do anything to combat these problems. On top of that I was wondering if u were able to implement some way of killing/repelling mosquitoes, they are heavily overpowered. I understand u want a realistic approach to the game but people have found ways of repelling mosquitos through evolution, you should add some type of way for us. It will make the game much better and easier when transversing the jungle in the search of a village

- Not the Original

This game has been ported from the PC original created by Jason Rohrer. Be aware... you are NOT getting the original Rohrer game. You will NOT get support from the original creator. I had no idea, until after buying when DualDecade made changes and added a splash screen, that this was not an official port. There have been changes made which stray far from the gold standard of the original game. I've uninstalled the game and am deeply disappointed.

- It was not fun

It was not fun on mobile and not refundable and it overpriced and I was just playing for 2 minutes

- I watch people play this on YouTube

Great game recommend buying it oh yeah for the developers when you Spohn and you create a Family as a grown-up you should have clothes and a fire pit

- Make the tutorial skipabble

God it's so annoying

- it's not a survival game ... it's becoming a Japanese game.

this game was really fun before Japanese people came on english servers. This game is about surviving together but I can not even understand what the other says? how is it fun? as for example: I was playing with a friend (we text at the same time as playing) I was an eve and when I died old age .. I tried to come back (she was still alive and was a girl) but I kept coming back as Eve again and again .. but not in the village I created even less in an abandoned village. There where 20 or 30 person playing on the us-2 server but I was alone again and again while I knew my friend played and was waiting for me to respam. we bought this game to play but we can’t play if we are alone. it's a legacies game. Like right now, devs look like their don’t care for English speakers, so why will we pay to play than ?

- I want my $4 back

This game was un-playable. “Swipe to cut a reed” is all fine and dandy until I have to swipe the reed 47 times to get it to work. “Swipe to put your rock in the basket” again, had to swipe it so many times I literally closed the game and came to write this grumpy review.

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- Population is too small

Pop is far too small to actually get anything more advanced then a large farm. Then people start dying and it’s back to square one.

- Good game

High learning curve, small player base but there’s usually people playing so buy the game and fix that issue. It is a well made adaptation of The game One Hour One Life and the developer is active

- Amazing

Honestly I have no complaints about this game it is amazing and I don’t know how I lived without it this is totally worth the pay I love this game and hope it gets more love in the future

- Loved

I love small indie survival games, but this one is the king for me. The movement is a little quirky but overall the game is amazing. You will not have a more unique game than this, and I love it. I hope this game gets more players soon!

- Great game of life!

I think this game is great I love that there’s soo much too do it’s like it never stops!the possibilities are endless I think it’s also cool that you can chat and make your own emotes :D

- Controls Need Attention

Was born and then died (and didn’t make it out of tutorial). Controls are gesture based and make navigating and using items a chore. This would not be such an issue if you weren’t on the clock (literally). A tense environment becomes a chore when you can’t easily control your character. Please adjust gesture controls or add button based controls for picking up, dropping, combining. I’m going to try using Apple Pencil to see if that helps but I’d rather not have to. Great concept and I’m hoping as the game matures, controls do also.

- Great game

This game is great, however I would like to see a quick button for putting on clothes as that ends up being quite the task

- Fun but doesn’t feel like you have control!

I think that the game looks and plays just fine. The controls are very weird, and even after the update it’s still very hard to memorize crafting recipes and move around. I suggest a joystick, and controller support. PLEASE RESPOND!

- NOT the computer version

I only say this because there are no big city’s no spawning in groups just you randomly spawning alone with one or 2 baby’s that die quickly. Fun if you make it but there is no teamwork (mostly) like there is on the computer

- Love it 🥰

I absolutely love this game! But maybe you could add, for example: your mom is walking and doesn’t notice you and a mouflon sees you and it’s mother instincts kick in and it becomes your guardian.

- Thoughts

Okay first of all I love the game but sometimes it gets a little boring. I guess just like add something that will get the kids begging to their parents to get the game! Just like spice it up a bit. Add something new and revolutionary! I’m telling you if you can do that, I believe that you can get 1# app in the App Store for a while. Also if you can do this you can get that 5 stars!

- Oceans and countries

So this game is a lot of fun and that but I wonder one day you guys can make oceans and countries because that will be fun a trade. I could imagine this in my head if you read this ♥️

- Skip Tutorial

The tutorial is way to hard there should be a way to skip it

- Unplayable

This tutorial is awful. I paid $$ for a game & cant get past hitting a rock with another rock because my character walks instead of hitting the rock. The controls leave a lot to be desired & I see that many others have commented only to have their valid concerns dismissed by devs because buttons are clutter. Better to have clutter than an unplayable game. Waste of money.

- I love it but

Can you plz make the total more easy I know it supposed to be easy but I am stuck at the tree total and I just want to play the game plz let players skip the total plz.

- The tutorial

I tried to get back to playing but at the part where you need to drop the basket into the green biome I’m unable to do it and it’s frustrating the heck out of me. Why did you change the tutorial into mandatory now I can’t enjoy a game that I paid for

- Very fun game

Protect your children and leave something behind to make the next generations time a little easier! Amazing game

- Been playing nonstop‼️

Definitely gonna buy on pc. Wish there was a way to start with a friend.

- Refund?

Game is really good, the only main problem I’m having on this game is the controls aren’t as optimized and easy to the user. Please refund my money back!

- Awesome but...

I love this app, it’s has so much more than the og game. However I would like there to be a tell me how far away a location marker is.

- Compass

My compass still points in the wrong direction. When I make a home marker it continues to point to bell town no matter what.

- Great

the only issue is that you don’t always respawn in the same place on a private server

- Bad controls

They insist that you swipe up or down or diagonally to perform certain actions. I’m sure it cleans up the interface, but at too high a cost for me. Please just add “drop,” “eat,” or “combine” buttons, so I can stop fumbling around trying to perform simple tasks. I’ll play more in a while and update, but it’s really trying to turn me away.

- Fun Game

Great concept! There is a learning curve. Would definitely recommend you do the tutorial first! Awesome and very fun game! Can’t wait to see what the future holds for the game!

- Used to be great

The game is pointless now after the update. There already wasn't that many people playing and now on the English servers you barely get 30 people on at one time. What really is the point if you always get born as an eve and never have kids?

- Controls Terrible

I have an iPhone XR. The touch controls are aweful. I can’t make it past the tutorial. Swiping doesn’t work. I try swiping and it thinks I am tapping. I eventually got it to swipe a couple times, but it was a serious head ache. I’m not sure what is causing this glitch but it is a fatal flaw. Not worth the risk. Save your money.

- Yes

Very good game needs a bit of work but in enough time I could see this becoming very popular

- Good but is it

Can you please make it that we can skip the tutorial because I already know how to play this game on pc so how wouldn’t I know how to play it on phone plus I had to pay 5.00 dollars for it so can you please make it so that we can skip the tutorial


this game is great the banning system must be removed and make all servers have killing you make this game truly greater than one hour one life

- I really wanted to enjoy this

And yes I watched the movement tutorial videos. However, if a game requires additional video tutorials outside of the game for the simplest movement mechanics, that indicates to me that there is something wrong with the tutorial or the game. Movement is difficult and finicky and unreliable it renders the game so frustrating as to be unplayable.

- Might be good

Maybe this game would be really fun on pc but on iPad it’s absolutely awful. The controls are beyond ridiculous I don’t really understand the high reviews, not at all what I expected from the reviews. Basically it’s don’t starve with terrible controls.

- Controls

Would rate a 5 stars, but sadly the controls are a problem. Dropping items can sometimes be a hassle and a pain to actually do, so please do improve on that

- Great game!

I really like this game but they really need to add a private server thingy so that friends can make sure that they will be born into the same family.

- It is amazing

I don’t have anything bad maybe low playing but I don’t not care but it’s good I love it


I don’t have a pc to play this game I been waiting to see it in the App Store forever thank u for putting it on 5$ well spent

- Banishment is over used

i love the game and all but the banishment system needs a serious overhaul

- Pretty good

This game is definitely worth the 5$ but there’s one thing that I don’t like THE GAME IS SO COMPLICATED to play but you can survive by just eating forever.

- Terrible controls

The biggest issue with this is the translation of a “mouse and cursor” control to the tapping controls of a touch screen device. Horribly difficult to control and much more limited. I played this for 10 min and deleted it. Total waste of $5


This is so stupid, I had to delete Minecraft to do this stupid update and it’s still glitched, I use an IPad with 16 Gigabytes and I have used 15.5, THE UPDATE STILL DOSIN’T WORK

- Needs more direction

Needs more how to. Either make it so you can replay the original tutorial or have the most basic recipes in when you begin.

- Do not detect swipe

Spent an hour trying to swipe and only after like 20 times (not exaggerating) it detects me swiping.... really frustrating. I enjoyed the pc game so much so i downloaded this but this was kinda disappointing. Hope you can address this issue..

- Hard

The game is very hard when nobody talks about the game and what we are doing or going to do.

- Disappointed

Kind of sounded neat from the description, but I can’t believe I just spent five dollars and an hour of my time on this. Could I have a simple explanation so I’m not just pounding on my screen frustrated as to how I move my silly looking stick figure around?

- Good game

Controls could be a little smoother, but overall fantastic idea and is fun once you learn how to play.

- Better then most console games

This is my all time fav game , well worth the $$$

- But why?

The game is great, but why did you change the name? Is it still One Hour One Life.

- The game is awesome

The game is awesome my first life I played was a good one I lived till 60 to the developers keep updating

- Best game ever one thing though

The one thing that I can’t pick to be a boy or girl but it is a good game ❤️❤️💯

- Great game

I love how this game chalange you to survive in a primitive world where you could be spawned solo or in a city it’s a overall great game

- Ugh

Really a annoying tutorial? I don’t even want to continue because of it, so I can’t even play the game because of the overly annoying and stupid tutorial.

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ᴮᴱomgyu生✜⁷ TAE DAY🍓

I love you oomfs <3 I hope you all know that you all are so precious and I'm gonna try my best to be more interactive and be there for you. I love you all 💜💜

You are Hope 2.19.0 Screenshots & Images

You are Hope iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

You are Hope iphone images
You are Hope iphone images
You are Hope iphone images
You are Hope iphone images
You are Hope iphone images
You are Hope iphone images
You are Hope iphone images
You are Hope iphone images
You are Hope iphone images

You are Hope (Version 2.19.0) Install & Download

The applications You are Hope was published in the category Games on 2018-08-17 and was developed by Wereviz [Developer ID: 1146826775]. This application file size is 169.46 MB. You are Hope - Games app posted on 2020-12-17 current version is 2.19.0 and works well on IOS 12.1 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.wereviz.evolution

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