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Hello Neighbor is a stealth horror game about sneaking into your neighbor's house to figure out what horrible secrets he's hiding in the basement. You play against an advanced AI that learns from your every move. Really enjoying climbing through that backyard window? Expect a bear trap there. Sneaking through the front door? There'll be cameras there soon. Trying to escape? The Neighbor will find a shortcut and catch you.

*Supported Devices: iPhone 6s, iPad 5 (2017), iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 4 or newer devices. iPod Touches are not supported*

Hello Neighbor App Description & Overview

The applications Hello Neighbor was published in the category Games on 2018-08-05 and was developed by tinyBuild LLC. The file size is 1.12 GB. The current version is 1.07 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

Small UI changes

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Suggestion  eijdhdhs  5 star

Can you make Multiplayer it would be so good :3

JK Barnett

AWESOME APP!  JK Barnett  5 star

okay so guys, $15 isint much for the full game and even act one is fun too. So i just wanna say that this is a great game and act 3 is my favorite because there is so much secrets, anyways please make an act 5 where the neighbor RETURNS TO THE PLAYERS HOUSE and kidnaps him in reality


Great Game Ever And Why  FireMockGamer  5 star

Ummm Excuse me but why do you have to have it not on iPhone 6 it’s not fare I can’t play the game and i love your games TinyBuild but I really want it for free and on iPhone 6 so please let it be free and on iPhone 6 2019 from Tristan


Wished It’ll would work  dexhammy  1 star

I really want to play but, it the game won’t even let me see the title screen because they say I don’t have a compatible device. The thing is that I have an iPhone 6 and it still wont let me play.


Wish it could be better  drtwsc  3 star

I feel like all the acts past act one can change not to be doing this and that and this and that all at the same time so please make that be better. AND WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE FIFTEEN BUCKS!!! Well tiny build you just didn’t make it. And I watch so many you tubers play I really want to play the other acts so please make it for free please. It looks so easy.


Best game I’ve ever played ❤️  kathrin💗  5 star

I love this game ! I‘ve first watched thinknoodles (=YouTuber) play it , and I couldn’t wait to play It my self ! It’s the best game I’ve ever played !! Thanks you tube !


Very sad  Lexi.11  2 star

I am very disappointed in this game. I was excited to see that the apple store even had this because I have seen people play on YouTube, however it took 2 hours to download and when it finally downloaded it said my device was not compatible when the compatibility’s were listed and it had my phone. I do not understand why it doesn’t work especially after I waited that long for it to download. I’m sure the game is great but seriously that long to download and the compatible issues need to be fixed!


Not compatible with 5s  Stizbo_does_it15  1 star

I have a 5s and tried playing this game, in the description it says that it is compatible. When I launch the game it says my device is compatible, the description lied. I just want to know if it if it compatible or not.


Not download  elgin2330  2 star

It let me not download it was a glitch my ipad is full storgy i was deleting the games and i press download but it did not let me download its ok imma play roblox

the ghettobird

Can’t finish act 3 basement  the ghettobird  5 star

Well when I crouch and shadow can still see me I tried the old way still didn’t work can you respond to my review Please but great game


Mad  gb_06  3 star

I am very mad because I have spent a long time trying to beat the game. Only to find out that it was just a trial and in order to play the full game I need to pay an over priced amount of money to play. This is extremely silly and I am mad.

plz developers read this

I spent $22.99 dollars but I have iPad touch fix this  plz developers read this  1 star

I love this game but I can’t play it in my iPad touch pls fix I spent 22.99 dollars fix this plss


I hate it  FinnOMG  1 star

I can not bye the full version of hello neighbour and I have completed act 1 a lot a and I am getting sick and tired of it And I want so make it that you don’t have to pay and it comes in the trail mode for free!!!!!!!!


Boring cuz I can’t even play it >:(  Ashton_playz9  1 star

Hello tinybuild I have a iPad mini 2 and it’s doesn’t work it says error pls check on App Store I’m sure other People have the save problem to but can you pls fix it tinybuild pls fix it now or ASAP pls. >:[

what a melon

Cool game.BUT I HATE IT  what a melon  2 star

I hate hello neighbour don't get mad I just like granny

Lobster lord

Compatibility issues  Lobster lord  1 star

I am on and iPhone 6, which This game should work on. However, when I open the game it says this game is not compatible to your device. Please fix this or at least change what it says about what devices it works on

rainbow pizza unicorn

Love it  rainbow pizza unicorn  5 star

I love your games tinybulid your super

jm moore

Hello  jm moore  5 star

I loved the game but the 22 dollars is a bit much you should ploughing it to 10 dollars

Wozza 666 13

Hi 👋 neighbor  Wozza 666 13  5 star

Hi 👋 this game is awesome 😎 I play it every day and every night best of all is that there’s a basement I’ve got in the before .sad thing is that at the start he locks 🔒 a baby 👶 in there the end


Great but hard  hdh&jnlfgdjbjjbgh  4 star

It’s a cool animated game it’s funny but the one problem is that it is so hard because he’s always everywhere you just can’t beat the neighbour the neighbours house is just to big and hard

chris lagu

Capturing through wall  chris lagu  1 star

He did it for 2 time

Lex Barsness

Wasn’t the Best  Lex Barsness  2 star

It seems like a good game overall. I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t payed for the game yet, but every time i go to my home screen the game doesn’t save anything. Meaning I have to start from the beginning, which is super frustrating. The fact that there’s a free trial is always nice i guess, but in reality it should just be purchased from the beginning on the app store. That concept in the game could confuse a lot of people that they don’t have to pay at all, only to be disappointed. The last thing is, it’s way too expensive. I get that this is a really good game, when payed for. However grand theft auto is a way better game and it’s $40 for pc but only about $2 or $3 on mobile devices. so putting a $15 price on a game that won’t last long is ridiculous.


Love this game but it’s got bugs  JC_video99  4 star

When I got hello neighbor on my Xbox it was great I finished act 1 in 15 minutes I finished act two in 19 minutes but then I found out that I could get it on mobile and I was going to use iPhone 6S but when I downloaded it it said it does not support my device which was strange because I checked what devices the game works for it said it works for iPhone 6’s and I just really wish that dynamic pixels could fix it so I can play it on the go


Plz  walliams88  5 star

Put it on iPhone 6 plz


I cant play it  lalalooolooo  3 star

I cant play it because I have a iPhone 6 which was very disappointing and i was really looking forward to seeing it with seeing youtubers play it a I actually would have loved it but unfortunately i cant play so i wish it worked on iPhone 6


Ughhh  adrian63864  1 star

I am so annoyed with this game because I was really looking forward to play this game but when I was trying to play the game it said that my iPad was not compatible so please make iPad Air generation 1 I feel like I want to cry when I think about this

dasey pedls. 💝💝🦄🦄

I love this game!  dasey pedls. 💝💝🦄🦄  5 star

Hello neighbor is a great game I love it but... there is one little problem It’s controls are bad. I had found the red key and i was jumping out the window and I did not because I got stuck in the window and got caught.other than that it’s a great game 😍.but can it work on iPhone 5?


Allowed devises  raven101kidqueniess  1 star

Apparently it lets you get it on iPhone but not on iPod witch are basically the same things except that you can put restriction on an iPod so it was not worth the wait to download it and for me it took 1 an 60 mins to download all for nothing and it only allows 2 divides iPhone and iPad


Uhh this is so STUPID  Jonailys😒😒😒  1 star

So i got this game and i pressed on it to play then it said to check my app store i checked it it said that it works on this ipad but it really doesnt so i got so angry that i started to yellll even if i love the game thats how stupid it is


I can’t pick things up  Hhhhgš  5 star

So I was playing hello neighbor and I tried to pick something up I hit the botten but it did not did nothing


Lies dose not work  memeicat  1 star



Compatibility  DAYREALZ  5 star

I checked the full compatibility list, my device is on there, iPad mini 2 iOS 12 ... but doesn’t work ..


Not working  Dredrick  1 star

Phone is compatible, iOS is compatible, yet game will not load due to compatibility issue. Waste of time, glad I didn’t buy the full version.


iPod  🤥🙄🙄😲  2 star

You should allow it to go on iPod because i only have one

Sponge Queen

Help!  Sponge Queen  1 star

I downloaded Hello Neighbor last night and I went to play it today and it says the game is not compatible with my device but in the description where it says what devices work it says iPod touch and that’s what I have. I’m very confused and if you could help me that would be great. Thanks. E.T

do it on ipod

Do it on iPod  do it on ipod  1 star



Please let it be on iPhone 5s  lolglovefun  1 star

I am so sad because I have a iPhone 5s so I can’t play it so please let iphone5s play it!!!!


Love it but why dose it not work  101011000  4 star

Love this app but it dose not work I played it on my phone and my iPad dose not work😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

the pet pros

It doesn’t work  the pet pros  5 star

It would have been so fun but it doesn’t work on my iPod

not going to work well

Not going to let my play  not going to work well  1 star

When i Enter the app it says my phone is not going to and to check the list and it says it works with iphone6

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