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Hello Neighbor is a stealth horror game about sneaking into your neighbor's house to figure out what horrible secrets he's hiding in the basement. You play against an advanced AI that learns from your every move. Really enjoying climbing through that backyard window? Expect a bear trap there. Sneaking through the front door? There'll be cameras there soon. Trying to escape? The Neighbor will find a shortcut and catch you.

*Supported Devices: iPhone 6s, iPad 5 (2017), iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 4 or newer devices. iPod Touches are not supported*

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The applications Hello Neighbor was published in the category Games on 2018-08-05 and was developed by tinyBuild LLC. The file size is 1.12 GB. The current version is 1.03 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

Bug fixes

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Make it for iPad Air  hgvjc  1 star

I have been so exited once I saw that hello neighbor was coming to mobile. But I can’t because of you tiny build

Apps man!

Stop with the money tinybuild  Apps man!  1 star

I feel this game is way overpriced tinybuild killed the hype by slapping a 10-15$ charge on this game.act 1 is good, act 2 is frustrating, act 3 is virtually unplayable Btw the end is Left EXTREMELY open ended I still don’t get what he’s hiding SPEND YOUR MONEY ELSEWHERE


It won’t work  Girlzcanplay  1 star

It says that it’s compatible with my iPhone 6. It goes all the way back to being compatible with the 5s. At least that’s what the demo says. I’ve been able to download the Game on to my iPhone 6 but when I try to play it say’s not compatible with these device. What to do?

Olivia Jayden4569

Would NOT recommend  Olivia Jayden4569  2 star

super fun! i played it on my friends phone, but it says that it should work on my iphone although when i go into the app it says it’s not compatible with my device. i have a 6 and it should work, but it DOES NOT.

great app to use😀😀😀😀

This is crazy  great app to use😀😀😀😀  1 star

I’m giving this a one because I downloaded this game and I have a iPhone 6 and it said it not Compatible for ur device on the game so I went to my App Store went to hello neighbor and it said compatible for iPhone 6 😡


I have the correct phone and update...  MiaRStar  1 star

I have an iPhone 6+ and i am past the IOS 10.0 update, so I don’t understand why every time I open the app it says that the app is not compatible with my phone. Please fix this ridiculous problem.


Here this.  N1co2c00l  1 star

This game is super retarded because if you read the description for what you can play it on it says you can play it on iPhone 6 that is just retarded and I have an iPhone 6 and I’m playing trying to play Hello Neighbor I’m not playing but I’m trying to play Hello Neighbor and it says it’s not compatible that’s what so freaking retarded about this freaking game and if you guys are reading this and if you were the people who created hello neighbor then yeah you guys need to fix it!!!

Cool kids Big Dude

I will give it five stars if I can use this game on my tablet  Cool kids Big Dude  1 star

I love hello neighbor But it says works on IPad mini 2 and it won’t work on mine please fix this I was super sad I waited forever and it won’t work


H  16283838383773  1 star

Does not work on my phone I have a 6


😒  ZoBuggz  1 star

I don’t think it’s fair that iPhone 6 and below can’t play but can still download it? I couldn’t even play because I wasn’t willing to pay for a whole new phone.

the tasmanian duck

Accident with purchasing  the tasmanian duck  1 star

I wanted to know, is there a way for me to get the money back from buying an in app purchase. I did not want to buy it but did when it said to put my finger print I accidentally did and bought it. Another thing, I didn’t want to buy it but when I accidentally did NOTHING even happened to getting the full access.

Joshie JD

Is not compatible  Joshie JD  1 star

When I downloaded the game it said it was compatible with my iPad Air but then I went on the came and it says this game is not compatible when it clearly says it is compatible. You need to fix this because it’s hard to play when you can’t.🤬🤯👿😡👺😾

tahlia is mad

I’m sorry but this is just... BAD  tahlia is mad  1 star

So me and my friend were both on our iPads when she told me to get *hello neighbour* we waited so long for it to download and it finally did so I pressed on it and it said that I couldn’t play it I’m so MAD at u guys who made this game like 🤬 why would u do this to ME!!!!!!! So please fix it NOW


Tiny Builds, More Like Tiny Minds!!! 🖕🖕🖕🤬🤬🤬  Minecraftcrazytube101  1 star

WHY DO PEOPLE RATE THIS FULL STARS WHEN IT SHOULD BE 1!!! YOU SAID THAT IT WAS OK ON ANY DEVICE BUT IT FISHING SAID THAT IT ISN’T COMPATIBLE ON MY DEVICE SO CHECK YOUR SHOOT BEFORE YOU RUIN A BUNCH OF KIDS LIVES AND HAPPINESS!!! Tiny Builds Pfft, More Like Tiny Minds, U Shouldn’t Be Living Right Now... Therefore, I Rate This 1 Star Cuz U Should Go To School To Find Out What’s Wrong With U. -The Person’s Life U Have Just Spoiled And Ruined U Dumb Son Of A Biscuit


Compatible?  Gorga..  1 star

I just downloaded this game on my IPad Air and it had said it was compatible but once I clicked onto the game a notification had popped up saying it wasn’t compatible so I went back onto the App Store to double check and it says it is compatible. It seems others have had problems with this as well. I’m sure despite a few bugs and glitches this game would be amazing as I have seen the new co-op version, but this is an issue that needs to be fixed


Um.. read this! SUPER IMPORTANT!!!  miamisunset  5 star

it won’t download so I can’t review it ;cccc


Are you serious?!  Chazmaster20xx  1 star

I go to download it but first I check the compatible devices it says IPad Air, right, I download it, I try to play it, but guess what?! It doesn’t work! I thought to myself, SERIOUSLY!? fix the problem!


Please do the update  Pinarello13  3 star

Everything is good it’s fun and all that stuff but why do we have to pay for act 2 and act 3


A problem with buying full game  beatitrightnow  1 star

Hi there tiny builds you now how it says buy full game can you take that of the game so I can play act 2 and 3 without buying the full game and this is all about hello neighbor


Doesn’t work  ShangriIa  1 star

Doesn’t work. Says not compatible when my iPhone gen is listed in the compatibility section?? Da fuq 😒

Pusheen Girl45

Not good  Pusheen Girl45  1 star

It said to check what kind of device I had and I just checked and it said it could be played on and iPad. Deleted all those games for nothing


YOU SCAM  Mythicaltrolls200  1 star

I was trying to play the game so I was looking at the devices it was compatible with and it said IPhone 5s and up I have one so I download the game I Waited for quite a while then it was downloaded so I play it and It said not compatible with this the device the phone I had was a 5s so pls fix this

Jakobe Parker

This game is awesome because I was trolling the neighbor  Jakobe Parker  4 star

I trolled the neighbor by breaking his windows

candle wax tv scout

Couldn’t play  candle wax tv scout  1 star

It says that you have to have a certain device to play which isn’t fair because I really wanted to play with my friend but I can’t because I have a iPad mini 3!


Not compatible?  Meepmorp.  1 star

I’m interested in this game, so I check if it is compatible with my device. It says that it is compatible, so I install it. It finishes and I open the app, only to be greeted by a message, stating that the game is NOT compatible with my device. I think that the game would be an easy five stars, but this error completely disables me from being able to play it.


It’s a good game but...  RainbowTheGummy  4 star

It’s a great game! Only thing is, I have an iPod. It doesn’t support iPod touches, which I think is weird. I was excited to try it until that popped up on my screen. But I can play it on my mom’s phone. And overall great game. But please fix it so that iPod touches are supported. And one other thing. You have to pay $15 for the full game. In my opinion, that’s REALLY expensive. Yes, I know, you need to make money. But $15? Isn’t that quite much? And yeah, I know, the first act is free, but when you complete it and don’t feel like spending $15 to finish, it gets kinda boring. Maybe make other in app purchases. Like certain abilities you can buy. Then you would still make money, but more people would be able to buy the full version. But other than that, it’s a really great game.

anissa owen

A  anissa owen  1 star

This is telling me it’s compatible with the iphone 6. But it wont work on my phone.


why u do dis?  urtrashhhhh  2 star

I downloaded the game and I double checked if it works with my iPhone 6 and I saw it on the compatible device list and then when I opened it, it said,”Sorry. This game is not compatible with your device.” Can you please fix?


Two things  enbdhdhdh  4 star

First thing you should really let iPhone 6 be supported because a lot of people have iPhone sixes and they don’t have computers they don’t have Xbox one so and if they have a iPhone 6 and I really want to play our neighbor in is not compatible you’re going to really be sad and make it supported. Second thing you should make the full game free because people a lot of people are poor in there it would if they want to play a game like this game so it would really be nice if they got the full game free and all of us got it for free


Help me please  gomrpl  5 star

I am sorry 😐 about what I say to you but can you help me for winning act 3 l went to the exit escape the shadow guy but in the other exit the neighbor catch me what would I do ?????


It won’t let me in  adamabkary  1 star

I am on iPod Touch and it would not let me into the game and I also have the iOS update 11.4 so my iPod is up to date and I have tried about 15 times already

wofly boy

Why won’t you just work  wofly boy  5 star

It says it can be on this device and it does not work 🤬🤬🤬🤬

jojo pearl

iPhone6  jojo pearl  1 star

So it says that this game can work with iPhone6 that’s what I have but when I go into the game it says it won’t work on this iPhone so it needs to be fixed

sooper looper123

Not compatible for my iPad  sooper looper123  1 star

It does not work for my iPad plzzz fix the game


Please  Jamie_11_  1 star

Can you please support iPhone 6 because I have really wanting to play this game on iOS so I just beg you can you I know I might get a reply to play on desktop but that ain’t free and I wanted to see the controls Reply


FIX !!!!  erin.xo.xo  1 star

I downloaded this and I have a iPhone6 and it works on iPhone 6 as it says, I downloaded it fine and then when I pressed it it wouldn’t let me play cause I had an ‘old’ device !!! Fix now please !!! I really wanan play this !


FIX THIS  S0M0YA  1 star


dragon distroyer

I can’t play the game  dragon distroyer  1 star

I have a iPad and it dose not work please make it compatible


Sh*te  ConorTheGamer  1 star

Say it’s compatible with my iPhone but then I played the game and it says not compatible with iPhone. What the f**k like


I paid €16.99 for nothing  Nicky299  5 star

I paid for the full version of this game, but it says it’s not compatible with my iPad, it states on App Store that it is, I’m very unhappy with my purchase


Stupid  Angelod2008  1 star

It should also be for iPhone 5


Not compatible  frankyj0007  1 star

So on app store it clearly states my device is compatible but when in want too open the game it says my device is not compatible. It does not make any sense please fix this or else I’ll just have to remove the game


Can’t play  motowo  1 star

It keeps saying that it is knot compatible with this device go check the App Store

maximum lowell

The game doesn’t work  maximum lowell  1 star

If you started the game you’ll see a pic of bad neighbors like the game is starting and then it send a message to say that my IPhone 6 Plus doesn’t work on this game it’s on compatible it says


Aghhhh  UnicornLeeah14758  2 star

By compatibility it’s said works on THIS iPad!!!! But it doesn’t work!!!I have been looking forward to this for a loooonnnnnnnggggggg time!!!AGGHHHH!!!!!


Doesn’t work  zedster21  2 star

Game doesn’t work at all. It says check if the game is compatible to ur device and that’s what I did but it says it’s for iOS 10 and over and it is for iPhone 6 but still don’t work pls fix this problem

bryce korner

Favorite game  bryce korner  5 star

I’m finally old enough to play this I love this game.

Migael burger

Help me to play it  Migael burger  1 star

I have the iPhone 5S and I installed the game and I went in and it doesn’t want me to let it play because then it says I am that I must go to the App Store because not portable for my revised because your need IOS 10 to play it play and I have a I OS 11 and it still doesn’t want me to play it so please fix it so that I can play it


James2456  hgdhxjxjv  1 star

When I got it it said I can not play it? I’ll try again but do something about that I have an iPhone 5s


Sorry I hate this game sooooooooo much🖕🏻🤬🤬🤬🤬🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😡😡  Gomezrosenbaum  1 star

I fudging hate this game SOOOOOOOO MUCH PIECE

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