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Tweetbot is an award-winning, full-featured* Twitter client for the Mac. It has a beautiful interface with light & dark themes, multiple-column support and much more.

* Twitter does not grant 3rd party apps access to every single feature that is available on Twitter’s website.

Notable Features:

Expandable Sidebar.
Tweetbot’s new optional expanded sidebar provides one-click access to all of your subsections like lists, direct message conversations, and saved searches.

Drag & Drop Columns.
Columns have been redesigned from the ground up to be faster and easier to use. Just drag the column circle to the right to add columns and back to the left to hide them. Columns persist even when hidden.

Better Media.
Automatically play videos and GIFs in your timeline with a quick mouseover. A click on media opens it up in our lightning fast new media viewer.

Dark Theme.
Your eyes will appreciate the new dark theme in low light situations. And the images and video in your timeline will love the extra attention.

Timeline Filters.
The powerful timeline filters from Tweetbot for iOS are finally on the Mac. Quickly filter a timeline to show only tweets with media, retweets, links, or create your own keyword or rules-based filters.

Mute Filters.
Hide Tweets in your timelines by specific users, keywords, hashtags, or even the client that published the Tweet. Create limited time filters to avoid spoilers for upcoming blockbuster movies or sporting events.

Full support for managing your Twitter lists. Use them as custom curated timelines or even as your main timeline.

iCloud Sync.
Tweetbot for Mac syncs your read position and much more with Tweetbot for iOS so your experience is seamless when switching from desktop to mobile and vice versa.

Tweet Topics.
Topics automatically chain together multiple Tweets to easily create tweetstorms or live blog events.

Full Screen.
Open Tweetbot fullscreen with columns for a command center-like Twitter experience.

Multiple Accounts.
Quickly switch between multiple accounts via the quick account picker, menu bar or keyboard shortcuts. Open them in separate windows or full screen spaces.

Profile Notes.
Ever forget why you followed someone or wanted to jot notes on a user for future reference? Create notes on a user's profile that only you can see.

Quick Paste Links.
Paste Tweet or profile web links directly into Tweetbot to view them instantly.


Get help or send us feedback on Twitter to @tweetbot or email us at [email protected]

Tweetbot 3 for Twitter App Description & Overview

The applications Tweetbot 3 for Twitter was published in the category Social Networking on 2018-05-15 and was developed by Tapbots. The file size is 6.29 MB. The current version is 3.3 and works well on 10.12 and high ios versions.

- Added Sharing Extension

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Tweetbot 3 for Twitter Reviews


Really good but could be much better  khashabri  4 star

Good: Battery friendly Ad free Trend Tweets free Bad: - No fullscreen video playing - No remaining play time for videos - No link preview


Great to have a nice Twitter client on Mac.  Johnny0879  5 star

Everything is fine, I just have one feature request: Please add a tweet button to Safari share sheet, it would be so helpful! Thanks!

o JeRD o

Media Viewing/Playback Needs Works  o JeRD o  3 star

I love the Tweetbot team and ecosystem. I have purchased every release on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Tweetbot is the reason I use Twitter. The biggest complaint I have about Tweetbot 3 for the Mac is the terrible blurring on media viewing and playback. I've sent them a few tweets along with many other users. There hasn't been a response to this issue. It's almost like the media is buffering but you can't tell because playback starts immediately. So instead you sit through the blurring issues and then when the video is just about over it becomes clear. If you try to restart the video it goes back to being blurry. This was not an issue on Tweetbot 2. Nor is it an issue on iOS. This needs to be addressed. The blurring isn't just with videos though. It's with pictures as well. I've reinstalled the app a few times and nothing has changed. I'm on the latest version as well. 3.2.2. Please look into this issue and provide an update!


Pin To Top  colinlord  4 star

I wish there was still a pin to top feature. I like to leave Tweetbot up on my Mac during the day. Since streaming died on the Twitter side, I know I can't get tweets in real-time anymore. But even with the slower refreshes, I still wish that the latest tweets could always be at the top.


Don't get me wrong I do like Tweetbot 3  Ted65  3 star

I used to love it but for the past six months I have been plaqued with random crashes. Doesn't matter what I am doing, scrolling mostly though. Just up and dies. It is also on the two machines I have one iMac one MacBook Pro both new-ish machines (read 2013 for the iMac, and 2016 for the MacBook Pro with touchbar). Has happened with every update of the macOS. It's simple enough to just relaunch the app but it is getting tiresome.


Needs to further integrate with OS X  seanskye  3 star

Now that the official app is dead, many users will either do without (read web interface) or pick up one of the third-party apps. Based on reviews, I went with tweetbot 3. Out of the box, it is clean and does integrate with the api succesfully. I managed to post easily enough with it. It has modern features like a dark mode, etc. That said, there are some critical features missing. The reason I use an app in the first place on the mac, as opposed to IOS, is that I have some other content that I have on the mac that I wish to leverage in twitter. To achieve this easily, tweetbot needs to author an extension or leverage an existing one to allow for tweetbot to be recognized as a valid "share" path for other content producers/hubs, e.g. "Photos". If this was included, I would be able to just select a photo in Photos and click a button to share it with tweetbot and then have a post created and ready to publish. As it stands, I have to copy and paste. Which I can do. But I can do that with a web page as well....

M. Lucero

Basic functionality, not much customization.  M. Lucero  3 star

This app is pretty basic and does not at all seem worth paying $10 for. Does not have support for threads (neither creating them in the Tweet composer, nor showing them in the timeline). Cannot change the color scheme that hashtags and links appear in (as Twitter's website does). Cannot change the font that tweets appear in. Cannot make images full-width in the timeline. No link previews. Cannot change the width of one column without changing it for all columns. Does not remember the location you select after selecting it once, as the Twitter website does. Just a bunch of little annoyances, and nothing super impressive or game-changing.


Yes  Spiritualbully  5 star

I will second the review that says, "Just buy it." I will also second the review that says, "Creating a second column is not intuitive." I'm really new to Mac, but had Tweetbot on iOS and liked it. Thought I'd give this a try. Glad I did. This app is leaps and bounds better than on Safari. Thanks!


Love this app  Thomaslawyer  5 star

I use every morning on my Mac and also on my IPhone


Constant Beach Balls  AnkhX100  3 star

Since I last wrote my review, I had to replace my old macbook air with a new macbook pro. The beach balling is still there. When I scroll the app, it often beach balls loading the timeline. When I move from one list to another, it often beach balls. When I see a thread, it often beach balls. Why is this happening? This was never a problem with Tweetbot 2.


The best! (although no Touch Bar support yet...)  GridSound  5 star

Excellent app and highly recommended. The latest release now allows you to go to the original tweet of an image/video in someone's profile, yay! Touch Bar support is still absent, even for video playback controls where it would be extremely useful. I know that the market for third-party Twitter apps is harder than ever (despite them all being superior to what Twitter itself delivers), but it would be nice to see this added.

thing thing thing

Good, but could be a lot better  thing thing thing  3 star

With Twitter’s breaking of a lot of functionality for 3rd party clients, one has to question the worth of a dedicated indepedent Twitter app at all. Personally, I’d rather use Tweetbot on a service run by Tweetbot, than Twitter in a website made by Twitter - in the best of all worlds, Twitter would be an infrastructure run by Twitter, that is ONLY accessed by third party clients. So, I LIKE Tweetbot - I’ve bought it on all my devices. That said, Tweetbot 3 lacks the polish of version 2 in a number of places. It does a few things better, does a few things worse; The account switching menu has problems with stuck or non-activating mouseover highlight states, and doesn’t dismiss on a second click in the same place (you have to click somewhere else in the UI), the way a normal Mac (contextual) menu would. This leads the app to feel like an iOS port, rather than a proper native Mac app. Tweetbot 2’s icon-only account switcher that slid down inside the navigation bar was a far more elegant solition, which is odd - it looked much more like a touch-based interface, but it functioned much better on a mousepointer-driven platform, than the more mousey-menuey version in Tweetbot 3. A huge improvement is the compose tweet window, which is mouse-resizable, *except* it’s vertical only, which makes no sense, and again makes the app feel like a port, rather than a native app - arbitrary non-resizability is a screaming elephant-in-a-clown-costume in the room, for a user interface ported from a non-native platform. Video playback always seems to start low quality and then upscale - it would be nice to have the option to hold video until high quality is buffered sufficently. Apearance-wise - the UI is too much retina-searing undifferentiated white. The app has a Light and Dark mode, but needs a “Medium” mode, with less white, more solid delineation between tweets, and stronger contrast for action icons.


Please fix the mentions sidebar icon...  Jamay77  5 star

Still use this app everyday even though it is now extremely limited due to Twitter's greed. I understand you're trying to be edgy, but the ampersand symbol on a lean is awful to look. Please fix this :)


Excellent, but needs Touch Bar support  fps_beaTt  5 star

Improvements and refinements over TB2 are greatly appreciated and satisfying; it’s almost worth it just for dark theme. However, I would love to see some Touch Bar support and integration.


It’s getting there  Rockbiterrrrrr  4 star

TB3 was perhaps released a little early as it lacks some UI polish, (useful TB2) features and has some new bugs. These tweaks are being drip fed back into the app, which is great but I still find myself getting frustrating at some of the changes. That said, I contemplated moving back to TB2 but the things that are fixed in TB3 ARE nice. I really hope the updates keep coming as I’d love for TB3 to become as functional as TB2. Edit: Unlike others, I’m fine without touchbar support as I despise the thing.


Love the app but...  Willozap  5 star

Love the app, but (and I know this is dumb) the logo is a bit aggressive looking? It really does look like a cranky bird glaring at me from my dock. I think that about Twitter already, can you not make it worse?


Great app  BeauNouvelle  4 star

Slightly disappointed that there’s no touch bar support, especially at $15 AUD.


Paid for this upgrade to get a dark mode, but they removed features  drewcarver  3 star

I had been waiting for a dark mode for this app for quite awhile, so I was really happy when they finally released it and was happy to pay for the upgrade. However, I was disappointed to find out they actually removed features and options (really useful ones) that were in TweetBot 2. I don't understand why developers do this. An upgrade implies things are being built upon and improved, not scaled down and removed. I need the ability returned to set Tweet thumbnail size. To their credit, Tapbots seems to recognize this and is working towards adding some of these things back in. I'll update my review as that happens.


This feels like a downgrade  rgunther  3 star

There are so many things about this new version of Tweetbot that I don’t like. I don’t like that the quoted and referenced tweet text size is smaller than the normal text size. I don’t like that media now seems to open much smaller than it really is. I don’t like that you have to hit the DM Send button in just the right spot (it seems to be obstructed by the new peek-a-boo panels button). I don’t like that when I double-click to the left of a small message to open it (to avoid clicking through on hashtags or links), it tries to pick up the message for copying instead of opening it. And maybe I’m alone on this legacy issue, but I’d really love to see one of the primary functions that I use on Twitter—to create a new update—moved from the bottom of the app window and menu bar menu to the top.

Jesuit Tom 5 30

Love supporting this developer  Jesuit Tom 5 30  5 star

I’ve been using Tweetbot on iPhone and iPad for many years, but never made the plunge to Mac until now. As tweetbot is easily one of my most used apps, I figured now (with a brand new version) would be a fantastic time to plunge into this app both to gain Mac functionality, but also to support the developer of one of my most used apps!!


Prefer Tweetbot 2  Necrome  3 star

Overall I have to agree with the others that the looks of Tweetbot 2 is much better over 3. The symbols are clearer and I can have new windows appear without the sidebar. That’s what I liked most about the clean UI. For now I have gone back to using Tweetbot 2 and it looks like I have spent $10 for no reason. I am hoping the developers hear the reviews and offer different UI options.


Great app; mediocre update to 3; AWFUL icon  rfbarraza  4 star

Features have been squirreled away increasing the number of clicks to access. (Ostensibly for space but v3 seems to occupy more screen real estate than 2 most of which is added insets and control padding. Ah well.) But those features like multiple timelines per window, regex mute filters and reply-from account menus are still there. :)


Hide action buttons is back!  fullerc  5 star

Thank you for decluttering my timeline - much better with hidden action buttons.


Updated - Problem addressed. Awesome now!  abiggs78  5 star

I really liked the last two versions of Tweetbot for Mac, but really not digging version 3 so far. From a functionality perspective, it’s great, but my specific issue is with the UI. The retweet user text at the top is too close to the user’s name. I really liked this infomration at the bottem where there is more space. Maybe they could add a preference? Update! Tapbot addressed my concern about the UI issues with the retweet information. Looks great now! Thanks for such a quick response!


Updated to Support Read Later Service  rseanking  5 star

TweetBot has been updated with support for Read Later Services. It is now a must buy! Support your app developers!


Tweetbot 2 > Tweetbot 3  kevinkoni  5 star

Tweetbot 2 looks better, has more features, uses less RAM, and doesn’t cause my Mac to randomly freeze. I’ve gone back to Tweetbot 2.


Just get it! Even if you have the older version!  Riptide360  5 star

I was on the fence about a $10 upgrade, but I’m so GLAD that I did. Tweetbot for Mac rocks! I use both the Mac and the iOS versions daily, but since they were developed by different dev teams it always felt disjointed. I’m happy to say that this NEW version is AMAZING! Absolutely Love: - Ability to have multiple columns set to whatever I want - Sidebar expands and allows quicker navigation to sub items. Soo much easier to navigate. I can never go back to Twitter on the Web! - Media Viewer makes watching videos and GIFs so much better. - Profile Notes - sometimes I wonder why I follow someone, now I can add a personal note that shows up in their profile to remind me. - Tweetbot as a PREVIEW app for copy/pasted tweets - FINALLY! No reason to use the Twitter web client again! - Ability to set a HIDE/SHOW toggle that works better than Apple’s HIDE command by allowing quick return back into Tweetbot. - iCloud syncing between Mac and iOS remains ROCK SOLID - THANK YOU for making my life easy TWEETBOT! Feature Requests: - Ability to tweak the location of icons in the left side bar (I want to match my iOS layout) - Ability to have the reply, retweet, like, etc buttons on TOP of the tweets instead of underneath to match the iOS layout - New Tweets in Dark Mode have no border so they blend into the timeline. Maybe a grey border like in light mode.

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