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Show you have what it takes to solve a crime hands-on. Test your investigative skills in Oxygen’s AR app, Forensic Detective: Inside the Crime Scene.

Completely immerse yourself in the story while you try to solve a murder and bring the killer to justice. Explore the crime scene in augmented reality to find clues projected onto the world around you. Use interactive forensic tools to analyze ballistics, compare blood samples, or review case files about the suspects, including their testimony and alibis. Race against the clock to gather enough clues to ID and bag the perp to prove you’ve got the goods by cracking the case!

Forensic Detective App Description & Overview

The applications Forensic Detective was published in the category Entertainment on 2018-05-29 and was developed by NBCUniversal Media, LLC. The file size is 422.86 MB. The current version is 1.0.2 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

+ Minor bug fixes
+ UI updates

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best game ever !  takara917945  5 star

we need more games like this ! Only one story on there but once they get more I will not be able to get off of this app ! 😄


Never works  DVader1224  1 star

I will place the crime scene, and it will move, it won’t be where I put it, and it tells me I have to go through my wall just to examine evidence or pick a suspect, also, they need to add more scenes and change up the guilty suspect, it’s ALWAYS the same person, and it has just gotten boring


Need more case files  Angelbrunetta23  5 star

I solved the first one in under two minutes.


Awesome  Mbkoren72  5 star

This game is so fun and you get to solve the murder. They don’t hold your hand throughout and it appears in the room you are standing in. The only flaw is that there is only one case you can currently solve. I hope they come out with more mysteries to solve.


Amazing  amrabulnaga  5 star

This is amazing really you have no idea it just needs more cases

Jaylin R

Love it!!!  Jaylin R  5 star

It’s amazing. Are there going to be more story lines.


Very fun AR  ShamsMan1254)3  5 star

Really good AR crime scene investigation. Simple but very fun. I can’t wait to play more cases! When are they coming!?


Awesome  Deana19  5 star

It was pretty awesome though when will more cases be available??? I was excited to continue the cases


Fun Idea, Hope More Comes  LuciGrimm  3 star

The idea of this is quite fun. Though I admit there are some kinks with the AR. Never recognized a wall and somehow ended up with my suspects on my ceiling with a lot of effort to try to listen to their statements. Some of the floor scans were a bit wonky, but not bad. I’d be interested to see other cases, though I solved this one in under two minutes, most of which was getting close enough to the suspect board. It has potential.


Amazing  aeandy  5 star

Love this app, needs more cases! The game went too quickly.


AMAZING  someoneelse980  5 star

What you guys have done is everything I ever wanted because it is fun to WATCH it on screen but give us almost the real thing was just amazing and I really hope you put more cases.

Deatheater bellatrix is me

Love it!  Deatheater bellatrix is me  4 star

I really love this game! The only problem is there’s only one case to solve!


New Crimes!  Emilyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy19  5 star

I hope there are new cases because this game was amazing to me. Walking around and to review evidence you had to walk up to it. The close to the case files on my wall got bigger, it all felt real. I could spend hours roaming my house just to solve crimes lol. Please make more cases! It was a fantastic game!


More cases pls!  karaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa  3 star

Very creative & fun! But c’mon! Only one case?!


Only one case? I need more!!!  runanteldat  4 star

I’m love the game play; I just can’t wait to have more cases.


That’s it?  ScapularLemon  1 star

Well that was fast...


We want more!  TwinMom1209  5 star

This game is amazing! The technology behind creating something like this is incredible! I had doubts that this game would deliver everything that was advertised but I was not disappointed! More cases please!!!!


Crashes  markyyy35  1 star

The app keeps crashing for me


Fun, but Fast  sarah6520752  5 star

This was a lot of fun to interact with, walking around the room and using your own space as a crime scene. But it was over SO quickly. It took me less than three minutes. Would love to play again with future cases!


Love it  Chocolatecookie12  3 star

Remind me Of forensic files and a lot of shows on the ID channel would be awesome if they would release more cases

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