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Show you have what it takes to solve a crime hands-on. Test your investigative skills in Oxygen’s AR app, Forensic Detective: Inside the Crime Scene.

Completely immerse yourself in the story while you try to solve a murder and bring the killer to justice. Explore the crime scene in augmented reality to find clues projected onto the world around you. Use interactive forensic tools to analyze ballistics, compare blood samples, or review case files about the suspects, including their testimony and alibis. Race against the clock to gather enough clues to ID and bag the perp to prove you’ve got the goods by cracking the case!

Forensic Detective App Description & Overview

The applications Forensic Detective was published in the category Entertainment on 2018-05-29 and was developed by NBCUniversal Media, LLC. The file size is 422.86 MB. The current version is 1.0.2 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

+ Minor bug fixes
+ UI updates

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More cases  Bunnihoney  4 star

Can we get more than one?!


Honestly, amazing!  BLACKPINKXO  4 star

As a person who really enjoys watching crime shows and is really into forensic things, this game is absolutely amazing and cool! I don’t have any complaints for this except that there is only one case so far. I’m very intrigued about what the next cases would be available. This app really out did itself and I hope you guys will continue on making a bunch more! I will give five stars once I see more cases. Hahah


Aren’t enough cases  LeahchiGec  3 star

This is an amazing thing, but there’s only one case and you don’t get a lot of time for this one case. I downloaded it expecting it to be a fun, immersive experience with lots of cases for you have fun roaming around trying to solve. But there’s only one case and I’ve had this for about 2-3 months now and there aren’t anymore coming down the pipeline as far as I know, I really like this app and I really love to solve crimes and have fun solving them, but I can’t solve one crime over and over again, it does get boring, that’s why I give this a 3/5 stars, sorry.


I want more!!!  MoJo101213  5 star

I loved this. It made me so excited, but there’s only one episode. Please more more more!!!

the app wont work anymore

This is a Great Family bonding experience!  the app wont work anymore  5 star

This game took interest to me when the ARkit 2.0 came out and I only downloaded it. I just played it to show my friend and honestly the trial case made it into a full detective investigation! This is something I hope to see more come out and to see more cases release.


Needs new cases  brookeruff52  1 star

Each time I open up the app, it just keeps playing the same one over and over again. Please update the app and put new cases to play please. Thank you


Really?  Amfcritic  1 star

Too short


Loved it  gzybec  4 star

I loved this game, no ads, everything was great. But I do wish that their was more stories to play, I want more stories.


Can’t find this on iPhone  Qwswdrftbioll  2 star

This game is nice but unavailable on iPhone

Floyd Lancint

New case  Floyd Lancint  4 star

I really love this game. Hopefully sometime soon OXYGEN makes a new case. PLEASE!


Really good  MARRRRRIIIIIIIIO  3 star

If only there were more cases to solve, this would be 5 stars


More more more  jaymogreen  3 star

I need more game play! So interesting and very cool in the moment kind of game! I need more cases to solve please! More levels! Harder more invasive, more intriguing! Loved the first case though!


Won’t scan any room in my house  Thepuckstopper  2 star

I have a open floor plan house and it still can’t scan a room


This could be a really awesome game!  Lawnarevilo  2 star

It didn’t load well. It scanned the floor then randomly placed object floating in mid air. Then it couldn’t detect a wall. I restarted a few times to try to reposition but finally gave up and just played as is. They don’t really give you any instructions on how to play so I wasted a bunch of time trying to zoom in on things instead of walking up to them. A few extra directions would be nice. Overall an interesting concept- will probably be really fun in several versions when the kinks are worked out.


7 minutes in Heaven  TGreatBlue  5 star

A game with only 7 minutes but the experience of VR without the thousand dollar headgear? Sign me up!! Even if it’s short it’s incredible what this technology can do and I can’t wait until there’s more things like this on the market. My wall became a clue board! A table popped up in my living room with a phone whose messages I could listen to! I had to literally bend down to examine the bullets on the floor and the wound on the victim’s head. Three bloody cheers for such an amazing experience! Can’t wait to see what the brilliant developers do next!


Really fun, but are there gonna be any more??  alicat.t  4 star

I think this game was super interesting and fun to play. But there’s no way to continue the AR. You can’t go forward in the game. And I really wish that there would be levels or something. Other crimes to solve. Instead you can only play the same thing over and over. But please try this game out. It’s really fun and it only takes 7 minutes

aka ally

Not what I expected  aka ally  3 star

This game is hard to work and confusing. I couldn’t even play the game


Amazing  Catzi72  5 star

I am new to the AR world but I am a crime story/ID channel/cold case file junky. I loved this app and for someone not to familiar with AR, I could jump right in and solved it within minutes. I was impressed with everything except I wish it had a story line behind it (it may have but I don’t have the VR set). I am addicted already and I would love to see more crimes. Maybe some unsolved stories that the players could help with, as a set of fresh eyes, with evidence and interviews that wouldn’t hinder the prosecution. Investigators take unanimous tips all the time, why couldn’t this be considered that as well?

Lizziey Finley

Give me more!  Lizziey Finley  5 star

I can’t get enough of this. From the time limit, to getting active and moving around, this is amazing! I just hope I don’t have to wait too long to get more cases.


Wow!  justsayit_brit  5 star

The most amazing crime scene game ever!! I’m ready for me...

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