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Pixaloop - 3D Photo Animator [Graphics & Design] App Description & Overview

Create moving photos for a unique type of photo art! Animate your photos & magically bring them to life with Enlight Pixaloop. The newest addition to the award-winning Enlight Creativity Suite of apps, brought to you by Lightricks, takes photo editing to the next level.

Pixaloop brings life to images through animation, creating moving pictures that will wow anyone from your friends to Instagram followers. Animate one element or several, drawing attention to parts of your photo that YOU want to come alive. With the same ease of use brought to you in the rest of the Enlight Creativity Suite, including Enlight Photofox, Enlight Quickshot, and Enlight Videoleap (Apple’s App of the Year), Pixaloop allows you to easily edit photos with powerful, precise, and easy to use animation tools. In just a few taps animate, add elements & overlays, adjust the speed and watch your image come to life. As a result you’ll get incredible videos that boomerang back and forth or flow like a GIF.

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Get excited about the power of Enlight Pixaloop features:


- Animate a photo with a few taps and swipes
- Arrows will show motion direction
- Place anchor points to hold parts of image in place
- Freeze sections of photos with a Freeze brush


- NEW automated water animation
- Effortless water movement with a single tap


- Replace bland Skies with colorful sunsets or animated clouds
- Wide variety of automated Skies resembling timelapse


- Geometric photo animation tool creates spinning towers and umbrellas
- Move your favorite historical landmarks in a never before seen way
- Add patterned movement to iconic buildings


- Control movement & animation including speed, direction, and style
- Mimic cinematic movement with Camera FX
- Camera effects & movements include Tilt, Zoom, and ‘Dolly’ effects
- Add fun Overlays to bring movement, mood, & emotion to still photos
- Distort perspective & style with effects


- Grab attention with a moving element - candle flickers, coffee steam, or a butterfly
- A new kind of animation between photos, videos, and GIFs
- Add a cinemagraph effect with a moving element in a still photo


- Animate any photo element: hair, waves, clouds & clothing
- Push your imagination with Pixaloop’s high-end & easy animation tools
- Create moving masterpieces that serve your social media presence, business, or personal brand


- Intuitive UI means anyone can animate & create professional results
- Animate with freeform drawn paths for intuitive, freehand-style
 in unlimited areas
- Export to social media in multiple formats

- Export as incredible Live Wallpaper
- Unlimited projects & Adjustments


- You can subscribe for unlimited access to all features and content offered for purchase within
Enlight Pixaloop.
- Subscriptions are billed monthly or annually at the rate selected depending on the subscription
plan. Alternatively, a one-time payment plan is available (this is not a subscription).
- Subscriptions auto-renew at the cost of the chosen package, unless cancelled 24-hours in
advance prior to the end of the current period. The subscription fee is charged to your iTunes
account at confirmation of purchase. You may manage your subscription and turn off auto-renewal by going to your Account Settings after purchase. Per Apple policy, no cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period. Once purchased, refunds will not be provided for any unused portion of the term.

Terms of use: https://static.lightricks.com/legal/terms-of-use.pdf
Privacy policy: https://static.lightricks.com/legal/privacy-policy.pdf

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Pixaloop - 3D Photo Animator Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Hey Pixaloopers! Don't mind us, just smoothing out some bugs and tuning performance. Yours, The Pixaloop Team

Pixaloop - 3D Photo Animator Comments & Reviews

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- No skills? No problem!

A long-time fan of the “original” Enlight photo editor, & a convert to Enlight Photofox, I was super excited when I saw they added an animation editor to the lineup! After using their photo editor(s) for about 3 years, I expected Pixaloop to be amazing, & they delivered. Its UI is so intuitive & friendly it borders on flirtatious! The layout/work canvas is crisp, clean & uncluttered. It has more tools/features than I could’ve asked for—plenty of options to create just about anything you dream up! There’s an especially large library of “effects”—light FX, pseudo camera movements, & a ton of overlays like rain, sparkles, fog, flames, butterflies etc etc etc! They’ve even expanded those sections/varieties since I first DL 👍 It’s enough to keep me interested & creating even after a year 😄 Very much an amateur to the graphic/digital arts, I’d never tried an animation app before; they appeared very technical & tedious. I knew Pixaloop would be that beginners-friendly program that can help even the most digitally &/or artistically illiterate create spectacular pieces 💕

- Needs extreme amounts of work.

Is not Apple Pencil friendly. (Has serious lag in this area). Does not follow desired path. Inadequate masking feature. Lacks extreme precision. Extremely sloppy. Lacks multiple layering within animation packs. No add feature... what if I want to add 10,000 butterflies? I’m not able to do this. Some of the features are very nice and very well animated but not enough layering options. Correct me if I’m wrong and not doing something right. I do feel this app has an extreme amount of potential and I downloaded it for obvious reasons. I suggest taking a lesson from#superimpose app and how their masking tools work. They are a very precise tool and things should be done in this fashion. I definitely think that you guys would benefit from that me being a beta tester for this tool. I am an accomplished artist. I am using iPad Pro 12.9” with the Apple Pencil, of course. Your tools are not matched to qualify using with the Apple Pencil. As well I had to pay to see what this app and goes instead of getting a late version. This makes me extremely cautious in having to pay to use your video lab application in which I I am very interested in using for my artwork. Again I would love to beta-test for you guys I would definitely upgrade to five stars if you were to fix these options that I have listed.

- Neat

First, the idea of the app is neat, but I will be deleting the enlight Pixaloop application as you have no option to export or save the animated picture to my photos (I am using an iPhone 11 Pro Max). With that being said I don’t want to upgrade to pro but in order to save any animated photo, you have to upgrade? This is not good user experience. I would charge money for the “pro” upgrade options and at least make it so the basic version can save the photo? Second, get a hyperlink added to your “contact us” option at the bottom of your HELP section, so users can be directed to their email with your email link attached. At least remove the “Pro” words above the options so it doesn’t lead users to believe they can save the photo or upload to Instagram for free.

- Here’s the thing

I love this app, but it has one major, decent sized problem... I got this app and loved it, in fact I loved it so much I decided to become a premium member for a year. Paid the $60 myself (I was like 12). Next year comes around and I don’t use this as much anymore, don’t get me wrong it was great and it was so much better like this. So I canceled my subscription. Well I was looking back at some of the animations I did using the premium options and non of them would load! See, I prefer if my animation is “live” as my phone calls it, because it has a better effect. Well the editors of this app know as well, so unless you pay premium you are not going to be able do that. Anyway, I realize now that after my subscription time was up this happened. Interesting isn’t it? I paid $60 so I could animate save live and when I go to look back at it, it won’t work! Now I could go back and do it again, but like I said, cant use live unless you are a premium member. That was a major reason I got it! So if I don’t keep paying, I won’t be able to see anything I ever do with the premium?! That’s seems unfair is really all I’m trying to say. 😕

- Unable to export projects with pro subscription on iPad - EDITED

I liked the free version of Pixaloop a lot so I upgraded to the paid one year pro version. It works fine on my phone, but when I am using it on my iPad (same Apple ID), it still tells me to upgrade and remove the pro limit. I should be able to use the app on both devices. I deinstalled and reinstalled the app, which makes it now possible for me to use the pro features on pictures (even though the app still displays the „pro only“ icon). But I am unable to export the projects in a better quality or in any format that is not supported in the free version. If I click „remove pro limit“ I am directed to the subscription screen, from where there is nowhere to go, because I don‘t want to subscribe double of course, plus, I get a pop up from Apple reminding me that I already subscribe to pro (which is correct). If anyone can help fix this, I would be grateful, because I‘m not wanting to pay for this and not be able to fully use it since I do most projects on my iPad. Updated on 7/5: There is actually a link underneath the subscription button saying „already paid?“ that allows one to put in your Apple ID password, I did not see that before, it is tiny, but it is there. I‘m still giving the app 4 stars because it could be a bit more up to date on weather/seasons and holidays when it comes to themes. It‘s July right now and it has rain overlays, fall leaves and haunted house themes. But otherwise I LOVE it!

- Disappointment

I was first introduced to this app at the Apple Store. I loved it and immediately got it on my device. The first thing that popped up when I opened the app was it asking me to get their Pro Pack for like six dollars a month. I closed out of it, and began to edit a photo. I was all of a sudden extremely disappointed to see that only a very VERY small number of filters, exporting options, and editing tools are available to you if you do not have the Pro Pack. I soon realized that the app at the Apple Store was a demo, therefore every filter was unlocked. So, basically, if you get Pixaloop and don’t pay for the Pro Pack, you are essentially getting just a preview of the app with the Pro Pack.😕 I really really wanted to love this app, which is why I put two stars instead of one. Sadly, I will most likely will be deleting it soon due to the fact that you have to pay (MONTHLY) for access to all of the filters. Also, you can get a one time purchase but it’s sixty dollars which I will NOT pay. The pro pack is probably worth about five dollars (maybe ten, but that’s pushing it) for a one time purchase.

- Actual review: Cool app that needs a strategy.

It’s a fun little animation app. A cool way to take some social media posts up a notch. Here is the big problem.... If I am rating this app as a little fun photo app I would give it 5 stars. I would even pay a single .99 or maybe 1.99 fee for a pro version and recommend it to my friends. However, the problem is they are charging like this is an Adobe product. The monthly fee is absolutely silly for an app this featureless. It’s a fun little product that totally missed in the monetization method. I see this going one of two ways. Either add a mountain of continually expanding features, think Adobe products, or make this a one time .99 fee for the “pro” version. Otherwise, I guarantee most people will do what I do. Play with the very limited version for a week or so and never use it again. The devs built a cool little app. It would be sad to see it fade because of a poorly thought out compensation strategy.

- Worth the Money for me..

Very easy to use. Masking is not hard. You can zoom in for smaller details. Output is high quality. For me, 6 sec of 2k quality works best for Instagram. Love the lightning, rain, and fireworks overlays. Also, the fire element is totally dope. I used it on a ghost rider photo from the Long Beach Comic Expo. I’m having a blast using it. You can check out my malphotoz Instagram for proof. I have a desktop version of a much more expensive app, and I much prefer this. I love being able to do this all on my iPhone. Please keep adding overlays and elements. They are what really add to this. I purchased the one time price. Well worth the money IMHO. I have never left a better review for any other app. Keep up the great work!

- Easy and fun to create

Ive never got a gif to work other than the little video clips many people call gifs. Thats not a gif, but with this app and a few dollars. Ive been making gifs for real for the first time ever. Im not good yet but with the help demo’s and a bit of practice, mine are getting better. The smoke realism's are fun to use plus the anchors and the direction paths. Depending on what you are doing or trying to do. Depends on how long it takes to make a gif the way you want it. I can even zoom in on the picture and fine tune what im trying to do. Hope a few more options are made for this app in the near future.

- Don’t waste time or money

First of all, I don’t like subscriptions- especially for one-trick-pony niche apps like this. The developers want $20 a year to add barely perceptible animations to your pics, like bobbing water or moving clouds. What?!? What you can accomplish with the free version of the app is laughably bad pseudo-animations that look cheap and/or silly. I assume the effects look much better if you subscribe, but what is my incentive to pay so much money for a subscription? True, one month is *only* $3.99- but I’d rather buy a coffee than animate clouds and water around grandpa. It sounds like your best deal is a $60(!!!) lifetime purchase BUT do no not put it past the devs to come up with Pixaloop 2 in two years for another $60. These are the same guys who made Enlight, after all (which I did purchase, and then it turned into a subscription-based app, rendering my original purchase pointless). If you look at all of their apps, every single one has a free or cheaper alternative without a subscription (like Snapseed or Pixelmator), or a subscription-based app (like Lightroom) that’s light-years ahead. It seems like Pixaloop is their most creative app, but a similar (but more realistic) effect can be had for free if you use a tripod and capture a Live Photo while everyone stands still for three seconds. Pass.

- O k but like.. why? 😃😀😐

This apps great it has a reasonable amount of free stuff available for my broke pockets to use but... 💁‍♀️ w h y do you keep changing the way 3-D motion overlays work without telling me about it?! I was working on this project and I was on my way to use the f r e e 3-D motions available for me I realize “huh, the overlays have to be paid for? Ok I’ll just remove them!!” .... but you updated it ... and You literally did not tell me how to remove the overlays from the 3-D motion . Now listen, I most likely don’t make a lot due to my lack in IQ but, can you please just n o t do this all of a sudden? If you don’t want it to be free anymore, y’know what that’s fine but w h y do you not give actual updates of the crucial changes like this one?! 😩

- Neat concept, too expensive, should be able to buy individual features

This app is a really cool concept, and goes perfectly with Live Photos, but unfortunately you can't export to Live Photos without paying $20 a year or $60 once. Without that, it's really not worth using at all. Videos are so much less convenient to glance at in the photo album, while Live Photos were pretty much made for this app! If there was an option to buy an individual feature for a few dollars, such as the Live Photo export, or a certain filter you wanted, that would be a lot more palatable of an expense. You'd definitely have my purchase! As it is though, I likely will only use the app once or twice, then forget about it as a random novelty.

- Love the App...could use more frequent updates

I truly like this app, and I purchased the pro for the one time fee. It’s a very cool concept and is pretty darn user friendly once you drill into it. My only issue/request is the content. For the amount charged, I do feel more frequent updates of content options would be great to see, specifically on the overlays and the elements that are available. For a while they seemed to at least change them up a little more frequently, but I haven’t seen one in a while. Weekly or monthly updates of available content would be the thing that would get me to a 5 star review. Aside from that, I enjoy the heck out of this app.

- Deceptive Advertising in Action

It’s a good idea that has been executed marginally well. My main complaint is that the preview includes animating a perfect circle using a ferris wheel as an example. Drawing a perfect circle by hand is impossible, especially on a touchscreen phone. I purchased the Pro version thinking that there might be a circle tool. Nope. After more than a week customer support finally returned my message and recommended placing individual points around the circular object I want to animate. Again, placing individual points to create a perfect circle is nearly impossible. My issue is the fact that the ad intimates the ease of creating a perfect circle when nothing could be further from the truth. It’s deceptive advertising in action and I won’t be renewing my subscription at the end of the year.

- Suggestion For Better Experience

Your app looks nice and professional. However there are so many rip off apps, users are hesitant to click on anything with a subscription. I did not purchase your product due to the following two reasons. To allow users to have a great experience before purchasing or subscribing I would suggest the following: 1. You have easy access to purchase but not unsubscribe. This looks suspicious. Add unsubscribe button. Not that hard. 2. Like many users, I load apps when I see it advertised. I do a few things and then plan on doing the review later. When I finally get around to it the trial has expired. Suggestion: Give the user a couple of stock pictures and access to all the tools. This allows them to see how and if the product works as advertised. If they are comfortable, they would purchase.

- More Beatloop Options PLEASE!

I have enjoyed this photo animation app for a while but the recent update has been a GAMECHANGER! Being able to move the animation in timing with the great selections of music has been incredible. It convinced me to pay for the full priced premium version. My only issue is that I’ve been using the app so much that I’ve run through the ~12 musical options and would love more frequent musical updates. In my opinion, all the other elements should take a back seat in favor of more frequent beatloop updates. I look forward to what these developers come up with next!

- Love this app but definitely a few improvements that can be made

For starters, please don’t make the holiday / special event overlays and assets be seasonal / temporary? Just make them available 24/7, don’t be silly. Also, it didn’t used to do this but now there seems to be a problem with the animation lines, now when I have multiple lines and continue to draw new ones, the new lines interfere with the old ones movement often stopping them completely. I’d also like for there to be a way to copy paste your frozen area drawn to the overlay erase, so I don’t have to trace the same complicated shape twice. A symmetry option for those tools would be a cherry on top. Overall love this program, it’s super close to being perfect.

- Enlight Pixaloop

It’s like that other one—without all the social bloat! I went ahead and purchased for the one-time fee; it’s totally worth it. Pixaloop is so easy to use to animate your photos; plus, they are adding new (animated) elements and overlays all the time. Also love the ability to erase parts of the overlays (other similar apps don’t allow this). In addition, a beautiful selection of professional photos to use (Unsplash, probably) is provided within the app. My only request would be to please allow us to add more than one element/layer, thus upping the creative uses of this fabulous app. Highly recommended!

- It’s pretty good!

I recommend this app! There’s not too many premium features which is nice! I only have one complaint, you can’t export with the premium! This is really upsetting. And I feel you need to realize not everyone can pay for things like that. If you could just make that one feature non premium I would really appreciate it! Have a great day and stay safe. Update: There is a way to export it!! You just cannot have any pro features on the photo! But if you wanted the pro features I guess you could either pay or you could just screenshot it!

- Easy to use but.....

Update: Contact support and they cleared it up. I did not need to purchase a app for separate devices. They not only addressed my concerns but responded with in an hour. The suggested worked perfectly and I’m on to my next project. The 2 star is only for the upgrade policy. The app was easy enough to use. I was able to upload, edit a photo, experiment with the tons filters and save to IG in a couple hours. I expect the next project to go much faster. But...I upgraded to pro from my phone and now need to purchase again to use pro on my tablet. So it’s a nice app but be aware if you want to use on multiple devices you’ll pay double.

- Outstanding tools!

Literally for more than a year I have searched for an App for the iPhone or software for my Mac that would allow me to make some of the image modifications that this one App does. Download it, dive in taking as many risks with your images as you want, knowing that it is SO simple to reverse anything you’ve done that you then don’t like or that wasn’t what you were trying to accomplish. The features are rich (download the additional tools you want). MORE powerful than some graphics and photo editing Apps that are much more expensive!

- Psh

Sure, this app is neat. Moving pictures are pretty. Unfortunately, the impossibly short free trial period for the full app is pretty obviously designed to screw you out of $20 dollars (a year subscription). An app with users in mind would at the very least default to a monthly one ($3.99). Better yet, it wouldn’t rely on counterintuitive design to trick users into losing money at all. There should be information on how to unsubscribe IN the app! I shouldn’t have had to dig through reviews to find answers. And before I get the canned response from the developer about contacting you at any time with questions - I DID. Nobody responded, and something tells me if I’d waited for you to get around to me it would have conveniently happened after y’all charged my account. ✌🏼

- Amazing projects fast and simple

I created several beautiful animated pictures for Instagram in a minutes. And it’s easy and fun. Usually I don’t have a nerves to learn a photo redact apps, but this one so simple - I loaded, opened and started to do a project immediately and in first 5 minutes I had fantastic video from a standard photo. It’s not free, but it worth several bucks for the fun and profit you’ll have. Guys, you are amazing and thank you for this app! P.S. I wish I can change the speed of sky movement )

- good... if you have the money

honestly this is a super cool concept. the idea of bringing photos to life within minutes is amazing, and I think it’s great that you’re letting us do this. however, only the basic features are for free. I played around with this app for several weeks before realizing it wasn’t really what I thought it was. this isn’t the only app like this, all the editing apps in the pack are. without paying, you can export it as a video, but not a live photo or gif. there are some big disadvantages to not paying. if you’re considering getting the app for fun, just know that it’s not close to it’s full marketed potential if you don’t pay.

- Worst subscription design

You guys have done a very poor job of making it clear that you just go in and unsubscribe after deleting the app that it still will charge you’re account after deleting your poorly designed application from my phone almost instantly it turns out that a month later(today) it charged me $20 without a single heads up that I would be getting charged. Learn how to make a better system so you stop stealing people’s money. Considering that I can see that almost all of you’re reviews are people complaining that you designed a app built to just take my money. You should refund everyone who complained about being charged because there was no way to unsubscribe. Worst application ever made.

- Amazing app. Just a minor thing.

I virtually have nothing bad to say about this app. I’m thoroughly satisfied. Just 1 (not so) minor thing though. When I first acquired it, the 3D features had no extra decorations to them (clouds, butterflies, etc). The latest update added them, and personally, I feel the 3D effects were MUCH better ‘without’ these elements. Would it be possible to rather allow the user to add these elements from within another setting option, rather than force them as component of all 3D effects? I’d like that change back to the initial style :)

- They just want your money

I downloaded to see what it was about. Sadly, unlike other photo apps there are no free trials that I am aware of so all you can do is look at the filters until u pay for the app monthly. What you guys fail to realize is a free trial actually helps people determine the if it’s even worth putting 5.99 or in this case $60. It’s about gravitation... say if I use your filters on one of my pics during say a 3 day free trial and my audience loves it then I’ll probably buy it to keep using it. But due to the fact I can’t even export a basic picture, people like myself can’t test the waters to even see if it s worth buying. So you guys get 1 star until something changes. Better luck with the next customer

- 4 words: Water, Fire, Earth, Air

I’ve been using this app for over a year now and it’s been amazing to me. Once again, I LOVE this app!! Water effects were added, new flame effects! I’m loving all of it! As constructive criticism, I’d looooove to see earth effects in the elements section! Like levitating rocks and sand flying around. I would also love to see wind effects! Tornados, slipstreams, etc. The elements section is my favorite part of pixaloop since I always make elemental edits. Hope to see it soon!! Thank you for this app 💙💙💙

- Very cool app

I don’t usually write reviews , but you guys have impressed me yet again with an awesome app! Keep up the good work! And for anyone who’s a little skeptical of whether or not you should download , you can animate photos in the free version as advertised on Instagram; which is tons of fun, and when you’re done with your projects it gives the options to save into your camera roll and to also post your project on social media! Totally recommend this app , 10/10 !

- Enjoyed it, but now not working

I sent an email asking for help. As of today my App is not opening. Stuck on the logo page. I pay for the pro version and I have not been able to use it for two days now and before that I was able to use it but for about a week I couldn’t see the picture choices, had to click on it to see what I was choosing. Hope this bug is fixed. I use this app for my business.

- Amazing

4 stars only because it’s not as completely intuitive as I would like it to be. It took some googling to read up on how best to utilize this app, but once I did I was able to immediately make some pretty incredible images. Works best if your photo already contains part of an object or scenery that would normally “move” in real life—but, that being said, it’s also cool to see motion on something that would normally be static. Slowing the motion down adds drama, and the optional overlays for things like a gentle snowfall are just artistically wonderful. This is FUN.

- These are the Apps that make iPhone FN Cool

Thank U...Amazing App Im having so Much Fun , its been a while that an App came along that makes Me spend Hours playing around with new ideas and making cool Art... I even paid for the Annual Subscription. I was Wondering Maybe in an Update if U could Add a few things... or possibly since im sorta new to this App i may not be using it correctly... Can U add More Elements , The Real Life Type Elements... Allow Apple Music for the Beats...? Finally , Occasionally when i add a sky a Photo it doesn’t render in the spots i want, so can U Add a Brush/Eraser to the Sky tab ? And Possible allow Us to choose the direction the clouds travel...like i said , maybe These things are already in the App but so far i only see the Eraser/Brush Under Only Certain sections... Anyway, Thanks 🙏🏼 and Keep it Coming i Love Video and Photo Apps 11:11

- app problem why not full features unlock

I am using the paid version of your app already. Now when after editing the video, I am trying to save it says it is for paid version only but when I have already paid yearly fees, why am I getting this option and it doesn't save the video. Also, when i go to paid section, it says already paid. So why am i facing this problem please help and resolve this issue, asap.

- Positive_network on Instagram

This makes the difference in my post from here on out it makes me not want to post without this feature I just wish I was more witty with how I can put music in my video I haven’t figure it out yet but I will eventually as for now the music isn’t merge overlaying the video hey that might just be the feature I got to look for to see if I can do it . Yes your apps are the best I would like to be a field liaison for others to get the app in a official way here in portland Oregon and across the world

- Love this app!

I’ve used this app now for quite some time and absolutely love it! I use this for instagram creations and the animations/effects options are so abundant. I can create very advanced looking animations with this app. Also the user interface is so intuitive and easy to use. I’ve downloaded other similar apps that are like learning to speak a foreign language. I don’t write many reviews but Pixaloop is a total winner!

- Good but still limited and expensive

A pretty great app, better than all it’s competitors. That said PixaMotion is close to it in terms of function and is 6 so this is about 500% mark-up for a better GUI and a few more layers. That said two things that I do not like are the inability to control the speed of the pans or transparent png layers and no ability to edit the color per layer or to stack multiple layers on top of the same image. The other component I do not like is the inability to use the app offline, I try to stay offline as much as possible this makes the app a pain.

- First day at scam school.

What an awesome photo editing app! I thought to myself as I navigated the features becoming acquainted with their uses. As I finished my first project, I was thoroughly impressed and eager to save and share this little bit of photo art. That’s when I realized you have to pay to move anything out or off the app itself. WOW! What is it for, practice? I was actually gonna upgrade to pro just for the features that would be unlocked, but after the realization that this was simply a pathetic attempt at a classic bait and switch, shell game scam, I decided to remove every app from this company and look for one of the many alternatives that do not try and employ confidence game tactics. SMDH

- Early Days

Given the high bar raised by their other apps, I can’t in good conscious give this anything than 3 stars. I should really be giving it a 2 because it just feels really average. It’s barebones and feels like demo software. I KNOW it’s can be better than this. I’ve already sent them extensive feedback. I look forward to raising my score in the future. But it’s a great company. Check out their other apps. I mean, check this one out too. But right now it takes too much work to get the results you want. It’s missing a lot of drawing tools.

- All Saves “Canceled”

This app is pretty great, BUT every single time I try to save one of my works it gets to 100% then says “canceled”. I came back to look at reviews and see if this happened to anyone else. I saw you can apparently only save your works if you purchase the app. Therefore, I paid $5.99 for the month to use your app because I felt it was worth my money. HOWEVER, after purchasing the app I still get the “canceled” at the end of it being saved (even though I absolutely DO NOT press the “Cancel” button because I want it to be saved). This is crazy. Please fix this. If not I want a refund because I paid for an app that will not work.

- No Button To Cancel Subscription

The app is great! But I don’t need it anymore. And for the life of me, I cannot find how to CANCEL my Subscription. There is no place within the App to view my subscription and cancel. This option should not be hidden or difficult to find. I would rate higher but because you’ve made it nearly impossible to cancel my subscription when I want and need to, I now have to wait h til you respond to my email that could probably take an entire week before I get a response and by the. I may be charged again. This business tactic isn’t cool at all.

- Frustrating

I love what the app can do with the pictures BUT you can’t do anything without purchasing some kind of a subscription. So I went ahead and I did the monthly one but it is NOW allowing me to export to any of my other apps like Facebook or Instagram. It does have a box that says contact us but I click on it and nothing happens, It tells me to set up an email but gives me no places to do it! So I have no way to get any help for this app! And it’s a shame because the app itself is pretty cool but there is no way to get customer service to explain how to import it to Facebook or Instagram, and you have to pay to be able to use it.

- Great

I love this app its amazing the only reason I didnt rate it 5 stars is because I hate it when you have to pay for things it shows in ads even though you downloaded the app for those options I do think all the free options they have are cool i just wish it could be completely free. please if you can for my sake and others make the app completely free if you cant thats fine to but maybe more free options thanks if you read this.

- I’m currently satisfied

This app was fun when I used the free version but I recently upgraded to the pro version. I was kinda hesitant because there’s honestly enough in the free version to have fun but for multiple projects that need to always be fresh I decided to go pro ans so far it’s been worth the money. The reason for this review though is because of this update. I was adding sound to my loops the hard way and now I don’t have to worry with that. So thanks Pixaloop

- Endless possibilities

This app is exactly what I’ve been trying to do with certain pics. Endless hours of entertainment, family photos and family fun event pictures have now become something we are starting to cherish even more now than we did when we first took our pictures.... We have came across other photo layouts this app offers and have mixed and matched them creating even more lovable cherishing memories than ever... 4.5⭐️

- Trash.

Let me begin by saying that I encourage the developer to contact me. I am giving this one star for two reasons: 1) poor UX. It's too bad to have a decent idea so poorly executed. 2) it forces you to sign up for the free trial, and it will then automatically charge you after that period. THERE IS NOWHERE ON THE APP THAT ALLOWS ME TO CANCEL THE PAYMENT. I was never prompted to create an account, and there is nowhere to create an account (are you kidding me?). This is an app whose business model is to make cancellation as difficult as possible vs. create an app that people actually want to pay for. Again, I encourage the developer to contact me as I will be fighting any charge that is put to my account.

- Don’t do it!

Between Apple and Enlighten I’ve been scammed. I thought I was just downloading the app, but I immediately got a message that I’d subscribed for $20. I tried to go through the confirmation letter I got from Apple to change that to a monthly subscription for much less so I could try it out first, and the link in Apple’s letter will not open. I saw that the developer told someone else to go through “Settings” to unsubscribe, but that’s a scam, too—you can’t unsubscribe from “Settings.” Shame on this developer, which probably comprises a couple of freshman techies trying to get rich quick, and shame on Apple for enabling them.

- Too much for Premium ( Makers please read this )

I think premium members get too many things. I mean if your not a member you get like nothing! Overall I think it’s pretty useful and really fun. The only reason I gave it four stars is because the member problem. I really encourage you to get it because it’s really useful and fun to use. Also makers of this game can you please read this and maybe give us non members some more items to work with? Thanks!

- Fun but crappy resolution for $3.99/mo

The app is fun and has awesome features. I'll be happy to upgrade to a five star if you fix these two things but and one is HUGE. RESOLUTION. What is the point of the resolution slider if it DOESN'T WORK? Don't charge me for a feature and then when I post to social media I have crappy resolution and it's blurry. What is the difference between 1080p 2k and 4k in your mind because I don't see ANY difference. They are ALL BLURRY. The other is smaller but has a point. I would like brush sizes on freezing items.

- Subscriptions for photo editing apps is cancer

Subscription paywalls have no place in photo editing apps. They are just a predatory way for devs to exploit their customer base. Once you end your subscription, you are back to the start with nothing to show for it. At least, if you had the choice to buy the content as IAP, you would still have the content even if you don’t use the app for a year. Skip the subscription and buy an app for full price or that offers IAP for the content from a different dev that respects their customers.

- Watch out for the pop-up page!

Be sure not to click on the pop-up page with three options to purchase after your download is complete. You’ll be purchasing the pro suite if you do that. There is a little x at the top left corner of the screen... that lets you continue using the app without a purchase unless you are indeed wanting to have use of all features. This pop-up window is very deceiving... it makes you think there are only three options to continue forward... I didn’t realize it until the next download I made with the same developer.

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- Unbelievably Amazing

I was blown away at how easy it is to use with the simple interface, and also how FREE everything is!! There is, of course, “Pro” features you can pay extra for, but for the amount of features you can still use for free it’s definitely worth the download. These days apps ask you for so much money just to do simple things, but this offers the main elements for free and I’m so happy about it!!

- I was prepared

This app grabbed my attention.I read the reviews first and noticed a lot of comments about inadvertent subscriptions. So I was prepared when I downloaded it a short while ago. When app is first opened there is a few screenshots with quick explanation how things work then you click the lets start button which opens the app...or so it seems. Upon closer inspection its a cleverly disguised page for the unwary,click anything on this page and you enter a monthly subscription...it is not the start of the app. Look carefully top left for the “x” to close the page..then you have the proper app beginning(the free version) Shame on the developers for this little sneaky ploy( no matter what developer says the intention to catch subscriptions is clear),also shame on Apple for letting this slip through . Now to try out the app! And hopefully improve the rating

- Great app..excellent!!

A few people have said this app traps you into buying it. It doesn’t, it’s no different than any free app that offers you extra features with a pro version. People write stuff without actually understanding how to use the app, although it’s dead simple to use and add the pro features if you want to. I will be getting the pro version for the extra features soon. This is a great app, works really well and is so easy to use. I know a fair bit about this as our Moonfire_Official site is full of custom vids done in Premiere and Fantamorph etc.. For animating images, this app is a killer and much easier to use than any others I have used and much cleaner result...no pixel folding etc...that other apps do. I love it...BUT one suggestion, probably a lot to ask, they should have a compilation program to combine several animations and add music from an external library. That would make this app a totally professional and versatile app...and a real must have for anyone interested in making great social media posts.

- Auto-renew subscription trap

Tried everything to work out how to cancel the auto subscription. It’s nowhere in the app. Not an online login. Not in the app store as far as I can find. Anything making it this hard to cancel a subscription to is really suspicious. It’s a good app and there’s no need to trap subscriptions. I’ve had to email the developer to try and work out how to get off the train, which is just ridiculous. After contacting the company Pixaloop support emailed me a link to apple iTunes subscription directions to unsubscribe. If you’ve never used iTunes for subscription services before, good luck finding it. Directions to get off should be easy to find. A cancel option in the app even better. Clearly they don’t want it to be easy.

- Amazing but ruined with Subscription model

I tried this app even bought a full month subscription for it. With it I made some superb stuff and posted them on Social media (don’t believe me checkout wanda_ross1365 on insta). The app is impressive but when you ask me to subscribe and for an app that I may use once or twice a week for 20 min it alienates me more than encourages. I rather shell out $50 and own the app rather than be forced to sub. As long the sub model is there then I’m out. All their app follow the same model unfortunately. So allow me to purchase the app rather than subbing and you gained a loyal customer as I do love the app.

- A company that listens to the customer

I thank you so very much for taking the time to listen to my suggestion. It is truly a privilege to be able to get companies to be willing to take on board suggestions and thereby providing change. Your products are indeed quality technology and I look forward to using them and supporting your company for a long time, along with new and improved apps.

- Good and bad

This app is really good, especially when you want to add a small effect to an image, but it is really limited when you don’t have the pro version. I unfortunately can’t get the pro version so it’s a slight inconvenience having limited editing tools. But otherwise this is a great app, if you can get the pro version i completely recommend it.

- So much fun editing

I bit the bullet & decided to pay for 12 month subscription to this app. It has been so much fun to play around with the different effects & bring our photos to life. Would highly recommend to anyone who likes to play with pictures & social media :)

- Best picture editing app ever?

I love this app so much. So easy to use and get started to produce absolutely amazing moving pictures. So much easier to use than photo shop!! Yes, I said it, I just wish i could get it on windows 10. All of the apps from this company are outstanding. Thank you,and keep up the good work Cheers

- 🧍‍♂️

i really like it but the new update, i cant use the free 3d motion without having the butterflies etc so i have to pay?? it was free to use camera fx in 3d motion now i have to pay for something like butterflies that i DONT need or want lol.

- Cancelling Subscription

It’s a good App but I’m not going to get enough use out of it so want to cancel my automatic subscription. It’s not obvious how to do it and the one explanation I saw was too short hand for me to even comprehend what they were on about. Why not just put an unsubscribe button in the App? The developers should have more confidence in their product. If I’m not told in plain English how to unsubscribe I’ll have to resort to cancelling through my bank, a complete pain!

- Load Latency

It seems like an amazing app, but I'm unable to use it, as it loads for about a minute, then the app crashes. It does this every time, even after I deleted it and re-downloaded. Also, whenever I open the app to try again it shows an offer for Premium which disappears each time after about two seconds. Once it's disappeared, the whole screen turns black, then, as I said, after roughly a minute, the app crashes. Like I said; to me, it seems like an amazing app, but I'm fairly ticked off about this reoccurring glitch. I'm not sure if you're able to do something about it, but if you could, I would greatly appreciate it.

- Not that stoked

Brought the app, played with it a bit, very easy to use. In the app itself the image quality looks amazing, but once uploaded to social media it drastically looses quality making what was a breath taking image not so great. On instagram it does after 4 or so seconds upgrade the quality a little, but by then users will potentially have scrolled past, having not been impressed immediately 😞

- 1 time payment unlimited Plan is for 10yrs?

Just purchased the one time unlimited pro version. Was shocked to see it stated as a 10 year plan and not really unlimited. What happens after ten years? Automatically deduct another lump sum? Come on be generous to the ppl who are willing to fork out real cash for your apps instead of downloading the cracked version for free

- Brilliant App!

I trialed it over a month ago and absolutely loved it - purchased shortly after. It’s my go-to App whenever I want to take my static digital signage images to whole new level. Love the recent CNY overlays which’ll be perfect for next week!

- Just Fantastic

This app blows me away how real it makes the best photos I’ve taken just come to life. The different setting and options is just wonderful. What an app , it’s a great addition to any one who loves photos 10/10

- Not Impressed

Impossible to cancel subscription, I downloaded as a free trial, didn’t like the app as it was quite difficult to use so I deleted it. I check my bank account only to see I’ve been charged almost $31 - it’s a scam and a rip off. I’ll be fighting to get my money back, don’t download this app unless you’ve got money to burn. Because now I’m left with nothing until I can have my claim processed by either the App Store or the Commonwealth Bank.

- Great fair my Instagram stories

Trying out the free version and it is great - I think I will be upgrading to Pro very soon - it’s really helpful to try out the apps first before buying - Well done to the developers !

- Great app simple problems

Great app, easy to use on iPhone, unfortunately when you go to use it on an iPad it recognises that you have paid the subscription yet won’t unlock the sky and water features for use. Won’t be renewing for this reason, no point paying for features I can’t access

- Annoying/ useless

There is no how to do any single thing without pay. And not happy with that it keep asking to upgrade for premium in every single movement. I completely understand that they have to make money but how can I pay for something that I don’t even know if it works if it’s good. I’m really happy to buy premium version as long as it’s fair and useful but this is not the case just time waster.

- Free

The app is totally free yes of course there is pro but most apps charge for the simplest things but this app doesn’t charge anything. I would definitely recommend this app

- Excellent, easy to use - fabulous results!

LOVE this app! Saw the effects on someone’s photos on Insta and have been looking for it... so glad I found it! The only criticism I have is when “freezing” an area, a finer point would be useful - other than that love it!

- Too little for too much

In a world where competition is fierce, this app under delivers and over charges for what it gives. Definitely try it out but there are plenty of other places to prioritise that amount of money before this is worth it for me.

- Would recommend

So much fun created a bit of a new challenge when it came to how I think about photo editing

- Art Teacher

I’m learning to use the app so my primary students can have fun animating their artwork. It is so much fun seeing my waterfall flowing and the sky have wind! The sky is the limit now! THANKYOU

- Just confused

The app is amazing but are you unable to export anything unless you get pro? When I press export it takes me to the page and I can customise the export settings but the only other button available is “Remove Pro Limit”

- Top App

Trialled it and straightaway subscribed. Even though I don’t use social media it will provide much entertainment. Value for money from proven and reliable developers.

- It works but...

I don’t want to pay the subscription. There was another problem. I saw that I had to pay so I pressed the back button, but then it let me continue. Am I still part of the subscription if I. deleted the app?

- Good app but...

This app is amazing and I totally recommend it for others to use when making their photos move. But the only thing that bothers me is that I can’t find a way to export any of my projects into my storage. A nice advice would help. Thanks!

- Really good

This app makes your photos look so cool! And their are lots of things you can do for free. It’s very easy to use and makes your photos come to life.

- Cool app

I love this app - quite straight forward process. Would love to have see more effects added as part of the subscription.

- No longer a free export

Why does it have only pro features when you can no longer export anything for free

- Amazing

This will allow you to be a little bit creative with your photos, I had photographs of rivers in Tasmania, now they have come to life

- Photos come to life

Adds a whole new dimension to taking pictures.

- Loading problem

The app seems fun and I’m hearing lots of good reviews however I only recently got the app and I can’t get into it. It keeps loading and I would like it to be fixed so I can actually use it.

- Thanks for the reviews

Thanks everyone for the reviews. I was just about to download the app but will not do that now. It appears that the company is quite sneaky about how they obtain money. I'm aware that it is a business but they should not deceive people. The quality of the product does not seem to match their disappointing business principles. Grant

- Great app

So good love it you can personalise your pics and vids. If you enjoy it too than check out InstaSize it’s another editing app

- Great app but no way to save Live Photo’s

This is a fantastic app that’s easy to use but there is no way to save Live Photo’s. It only saves as a video so can’t use it as a Live wallpaper on iPhone. Sharing a video is not as useful as sharing a Live Photo on iOS.

- Good epic app but expensive for poor people update more but as a free no one can use it purchase it

up to u people i like it but expensive

- What a great concept

This has change the look of all my pics and the way I create. Love it.

- Love it

Omg, bought this program as a permanent feature to use in my phone. Love it and so easy to use.

- About app

This good for creating photos then transfer to video I am very interesting with this app but very expensive you should put $5000 for the price someone might get it but you’ll not get my money thanks to give me a idea for my photos good luck with so expensive app.

- Pro price is ridiculous

As with all the apps in this suite the Pro price is obscene. Yes you can use it without paying, as the developers keep commenting on every negative review, but locking the average user out of what are essentially simple effects you can achieve with other completely free apps is basically insulting

- Like it

I do like this app BUT you can’t save or export with out paying . There are other apps out there that don’t ask for money to export or save , so does this app ? So I will be looking for another app & there’s plenty out there

- Good app

Although there is an option to buy the premium I am happy with the free version with the basics

- Pretty good but

The overall app is good, well handled and easy to use but I think the camera FX deserve to be in Videoleap and be able to change from on pic/video to another with the cool animations and smooth movements.

- We need more elements

This app is great and easy to use the only problem is the Elements and Effects are limited in just a few objects 😕 and the is not adding option to get more elements.

- Love it

This app is so good you can make your photos good and nice pls get this app I’m getting so much likes on instagram

- This is really good

This app is really easy to use and has amazing results I recommend this app!!!!

- Pack

I paid twice for the pack and received a refund from apple for the extra payment i made and now i am told i have no subscription. My subscription was meant to last until 2030 . I have sent many emails to this mob without success . Be very careful of this app

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- Exactly like the ad

This app is great and works very well even if you don’t pay to upgrade.

- Pixello

C’est la première fois que je m’en sert et j’aime beaucoup.

- Cool but

Cool and neat, but expensive for the effects.

- Not that easy to use.

Difficult to animate. But still fun to use.

- App review

I like this app but I find some of the edits a bit difficult to use, other than that this app is great!

- App

so why do I have to pay for a free 3 day trial then at the last minute it’s telling me my purchases was successful WHEN it says 3 FREE DAYS. garbage app.

- Good

It’s great! Fun effects, easy to use. The only thing that got them 3 stars is that they have removed an option to save it on my devise or even share it. You have to pay pro for that. Used to be free. And people get used to free staff

- Took my money

Free trial ended up costing me 24$ this app also is garbage even if you buy the affects Give me back my money

- 3 days free then have to join subscription

Should probably mention that there are only 3 free days somewhere in the app description.

- Cant cancel subsricption

You have to subscribe to use the product but there is no option to unsubscribe, or if there is it is so deeply hidden I cant find it.

- great

om having so much fun anybody can do this.

- 3d motion

the old 3d motion stuff is gone. where'd it go? please put it back!!

- Am I imagining this?

I'm confused as to why I can't use any of the non-pro features, when I was able to use them in the beginning. Other comments point to this not being a free app, which, if that's the case, makes sense; what doesn't make sense is why the app, rather than alert me that I need to upgrade, just does nothing. Hence the low rating.

- It’s a pay app

It’s a pay app, but doesn’t tell you that until you after you download and go through the instructions. Low......

- Comment canceller sans être chargé!!!!

Il n’y a AUCUNE indication que je ne serai pas chargé après 3 jours donc je veux tout canceller. Aucun détail nulle part pour canceller, ça sent l’arnaque. Soyez pro, écrivez ici la procédure du grand aujourd’hui svp!

- Ok but

Why do you need pro to export it I’m trying to make my picture that I animated my live home screen but you need pro? What

- Purchased ...deleted

Paid for it, used it once, deleted. Too gimmicky. Forgot about the app, Apple reminded me to renew my “subscription”. Naw...

- Needs a bit more for free version

I think the Geometric option should be free to all users because it is a basic tool and a essential one. Not using until they add this.

- Love it!

I have to say I love this app. They continue to update this program. I use this program regularly for my work. Recommend to all if u need this type of editing

- Its good

Yeah but the free trial 3 days u cant cancel

- It’s an ok app

It’s an ok app, but I wish we can edit vids and add more than 1 effect without pro😔 but still it’s okay✌🏻

- trying to get money

i’ve had this app for a long timed and loved making moving edits. now, they made that so you have to pay for that. it’s awful, i’m deleting

- Pro Version

The yearly version doesn’t load so I had to get the monthly

- Awesome App

I would rate this 5 stars if it wasn’t for the premium limitation. But, even with the basics that the app gives you, you can make some really cool stuff! So I felt that 4 stars would be fitting. Good job making an awesome app.

- Super!!!

I absolutely love this app! Let me make amazing moving photos, and I was able to try out all the pro tools before paying. So I knew what I was paying for. Love that I didn’t have to go into the app blind. Super app, awesome tools.

- Pixaloop

Won’t let you export ANYTHING for free to see if you even like the app

- Good app, some graphics cheesy.

Good app.

- Fantastic A++++

Little pricey But a lot of fun

- Spam Post When used on Social Channel

Bought a 1 year subscription. Used the app once. When I checked my social media post there was an icon/logo from the company marketing in my post saying if you like this post...follow this link. That’s ridiculous, I paid for the service not the spam, very unprofessional Caveat Emptor...Buyer Beware...Will contact Apple today for refund.

- Great app

Bought it out , there’s always something new every month/week . Will buy more of their other apps in the future :) 5 stars for sure ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Paid app NOT FREE AT ALL...

It is free to download as the canned software creator response will say. The effects are mediocre. Now cue the good review to follow.

- Best app ever

Best app ever

- So bad!!

You have to pay!! I do not like this app!! No one download it!! No one!!!! It’s terrible!! Do NOT get this app!!!!!!! I would LIKE this app if it wasn’t money!!!! I hate it!!

- Why I like Pixaloop so much

You can do so many things with pixalooop you ca even make it so you can shoot water from you’re hands!

- Why

Most I have to pay why I want everything free

- Way too expensive for what it does

Just bought this and once bought, found out most effect are not available unless you pay more. Should have a try out format. Way too expensive, want to be reimbursed.

- Fix this please

App is good but whenever I put a video it just freezes it and doesn’t let me play the video to edit

- No free plan

There is no free limited plan. This must be explained in the description.

- Great app way too expensive

Way too expensive for the price the uses are limited ant who ever wrote the last review thanks they changed it so you cant screen record way to point out the flaw so they can fix it smarty pants bog mouth

- Love this but...

I love this app, worth the download. The free version is great. The only thing that is missing is a text field. Being able to add text onto the pic would be fantastic.

- Best app

Best app. I love if you want to export a movie when you have to pay you can choose a pay once!

- Great fun

Having great fun

- Fun but limited free options and extremely costly pro version

I never understand the principle of having extreme prices like this. $90 for full purchase? If they had offered a reasonable price range, I would have bought it. It’s fun indeed but the limited options end up to be always the same and boring

- It’s good

Hi everyone this application is great!💕 You can buy it. It’s fun too. Good colour,good gif. Bytheway we can’t use vidéo. This is my only problem 😑

- Needing help with uploading

I made my thing but I’m not sure how to upload it

- Browsing Photos in app is painful

Like your app but when trying to start a new project the browsing Photos window has no way to view all photos an once so my thousands of photos are all in folders not organized by dates. So I have to click on each folder to see what’s in it? Is there a way You could add a feature so I can open the picture in Photo’s and send it to Pixaloop. I’ve tried but it doesn’t show up in the list of apps I can share to? If you could fix that it would be 5 star review.

- Beautiful

Animation comes alive anyway anytime anywhere to change the atmosphere around you 🛑👀👂😮❤️✅

- Bravo!

I have a stack of apps I like to run my photos through and this one is at the top of the list. Intuitive with plenty of options out of the box. Thank you! The only request I have is the option to slow the animation down even more.

- Upgrade ?

I love the app and everything but I can’t seem to export it without upgrade.. do you need upgrade to export projects ?

- Quality photos dont work

I have several high pixels pictures that i have tried to use with this app they dont load! I even paid for the upgrade! very disappointing!

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- So good

I know virtually nothing about creating pictures, logos, or videos. I picked up all three apps together, Videoleap, Photofox, and Pixaloop. Here I am a full week later making professional quality of all three. These apps are amazing, intuitive, and so user friendly that with some experimentation and some time with the built in tutorials, a person go go from novice to pro in such a short time.

- Awesome app

The overall app is very fun. I have been looking for an app that lets me edit my photos where most features are free. This is the first one to give me exactly as I wanted without having to pay for anything. I would prefer that more features were free because now a days people do not always feel the need to pay more for an app that is supposed to be free. This app overall is very awesome and I recommend it to pretty much anyone.

- Can’t save pictures

Ok so this app is amazing. But I can’t save anything I make. Every time I make something I try to save it and it doesn’t work. Is there something I’m doing wrong? Do you need to pay to share and save? I’m confused. Please someone help me because I’m loving this app. There’s nothing like it. I still have 5 stars because it’s amazing. But I would love to be able to share my work.

- Quick and Effective way to add that extra to your images

So easy to use, this app lets you take any image and choose portions to animate. You have to pick an image that works well with the animation that is available, but other than that it is a quick and easy way to add some extra punch to your photos especially for use on social media!

- Bad quality after saving

I’ve bought premium and yet the quality of the picture is lower than the original picture itself. Other than that it’s a fun app to play with and edit if you have pictures you took with moving features(fire, waterfall, etc). I’ve been looking for this app and how to do the effects for a while. I just don’t like how it lowers the quality after exporting

- Amazing! Great value, great possibilities

Saw AD on Facebook, has to try it... it’s very impressive. Considering it’s a mobile app and I am using my finger to swipe and edit images..,the results are outstanding. Very responsive and fun to use. There are many other apps in this space, but I find this one really great! Showed it my teen daughter, normally hard to impress, she is already using it and loving it.

- Intuitive and rich, in the face subscription

I don’t complain about subscription model in itself - development work shouldn’t be free, right? - however the obtrusive subscription and limited testing the user can do before buying can be off putting. I did pay for the subscription but I dislike feeling coerced. On the technical side, for the iPhone app, the gif output is low resolution, low quality, completely unusable.

- Has potential but needs fixing

Cool app i guess. I paid $60 for all the features. You have to pay to even use any filters or effects . There are a few things they need to fix in this app . One being the Sky effects. Please fix it so you can rotate the effect and brush away any desired areas . Would make the app a lot more better . And same with the Water Effects, can’t choose where to add the ripple effect it only guesses where the water is. And it’s very annoying.

- Simply magic

Easy enough to use to create another level of visual wonder! The free version is fantastic and all the pro looks (the ones you pay for) are unlocked to play with but not save. Truly going to take my side business ads to another level! Most likely will buy the whole package just like I did Videoleap. So much fun while “working”

- Watch out for the auto subscription

The app is free to try, but it will auto-subscribe you for a year subscription after the incredibly short free period is over. It auto-subscribed via my apple account so i didn't even realize it had done it. I submitted two complaints to Apple but they never canceled my subscription, which I never wanted or intended to have, especially because it was a $20 subscription... That said, the features are pretty interesting and it functions well. In the end, they have my money and i feel duped.

- Surprisingly Very Functional

I was expecting this app to not work unless I bought the full version or just not work at all. To my surprise it is very functional and usable even in the free version which is what I’m using. I normally don’t write reviews for app but I’m genuinely shocked this actually worked as well as it did. I’d definitely recommend it if you want to accomplish this effect quickly on your phone.

- The App is good but limiting

I really like this app. I use it frequently. I don’t understand why the app limits you to only 5 elements. A few times this holiday season I was doing an edit that required lights to make it festive (ex. Xmas tree) and wasn’t able to finish because I was limited to 5 elements. Also, there should be an option to add more than 1 overlay. The water animation is pretty weak as well. At least the people who pay for the subscription should have more options and flexibility. 🤷‍♀️

- Love the app, but...

The only issue I have is that any new elements won’t stay active when downloaded. You have to always be on the internet to utilize any of the pro downloads. I live in a rural area where normal internet connections are not possible. So I must utilize either a hotspot or other expensive data. I also use PLOTAVERSE and all of the things I download stay downloaded. So if that was fixed it would be a perfect app.

- Potential

The App needs better menus and settings. As well, as a better description of what is offered in the subscription. In the help section it shows editing options that don’t exist...at least not in my subscription? Example: the option to edit sky doesn’t exist in my app...yet the help section shows it existing. I noticed in another review something called “Pro-tools” was mentioned; however, I can’t find the option to view or buy said tools.

- Updated review! Back to happy now!

Ok well what a nice turn of events with the dev response. While they did change the 3D camera with auto adding the overlays, they did include a way to turn them off! So now I’m back to being happy with this app! Thank you! Love creating 3D motion in my images with effects I can choose! 4 stars, and not 5 only because I don’t want to encourage you to rest on your laurels. Keep up the good work and I’ll keep paying up! ;) Old review: Now when selecting 3D camera it also includes stars, clouds, etc as overlays. It ruins the effect. Please fix ASAP! Several weeks now and it’s still broken. Will not be renewing. May even ask for a refund. The 3D camera was my favorite feature. :( Used to be a five star app.

- The most kickass editing app ever

So I’ve only used it for 2-3 edits so far but have to say that this is THE most amazing editing app I’ve ever used. The filters and options are next level and while many of them feel repetitive, I guess it depends on how you really use them. Overall, it’s a great tool for anyone looking to spice up their pictures.

- Not amazing

I downloaded this to edit some cool photos I have taken and I’m not very impressed. If you want to do some cool edits, you have to buy this stupid “Pro” thing. What they let you add is very little, out of 14 special effects it lets you do 3. Out of at least 200 stickers it lets you use 7. I do understand that is the way for the app to make money, but if you let people hardly use anything without the “Pro” no one will want to pay the monthly fee anyway. I’m not impressed and wish that it had more to offer.

- Love it!

I love this app and have the paid version. I have tons of fun adding effects to photos using my iPad Pro. It’s very easy to use. The new underwater section is awesome. The only thing I couldn’t do is flip/reverse the direction of water when I was doing an animated water fountain. Would love to see that in the future! I’m giving the App 5 stars as I’m really happy with it!


This is so misleading, I have try lots of photography apps before I’ve decided to buy them. So thinking I would download this and try it that’s not happening, you are prompted to choose 3 different methods of payment before you can even try anything on this app. Unless you plan on paying for this app before you can try it, do waste your time or space downloading it. Man they definitely will miss out on a lot of folks buying this app by just misleading them, really sad how greed can ruin success. Good luck developer✌️

- 1 thing

I think this is a really good app (despite all the advertisement for pro features and all the limits without it but it’s overpriced) and there could be one more thing added to it that could improve my experience with this app, and that would be to add freeze brush sizes. It’s hard trying to edit a picture and keep tiny parts frozen because it’s such a large area when you freeze it. If it was smaller it would be way easier to edit my pictures. And if it’s a pro feature that would make me extremely angry 😃. But all in all, good app.

- Great app, but no screen record again? Boo

You guys put a watermark that says pixaloop when you record and I’m fine with that. But putting an huge alien to cover my entire picture is prettttty lame in my honest opinion. Please remove it, pretty sure nobody wants to see that there. Wasn’t the regular watermark enough? Probably deleting app and rating 1 Star. 😡🤢🤮

- I Rarely Give Reviews

I would like to slow down the motion so it is much slower. Such as clouds moving across the sky or water flowing slowly. It is a bit to fast even at its slowest pace. If your questioning trying this out due to the increased spam apps on the market don’t be. This app does what it says. The only thing that bugs me is on completing the download and using the app the first time. As the app opens you will be confronted by a payment page. It appears your stuck and must pay to use the app. Just close that screen and you can use the apps free features. I may end up buying it just because it is cool and I like to support developers.

- Poor quality

I like this app a lot but I have a huge problem with it. I subscribed (but canceled it) when I saved the photos. The quality of the photo saved was pretty poor. The edges were not as sharp as the original photograph. I tried saving photographs in both gif and live photo format, both were lousy. I am getting pretty tired of apps that are subscription based when the quality of their apps are not worth the money. Which makes nearly all the subscription based apps in the app store. In reality, subscription based apps are nothing but greed.

- Great app but saving image issues

I got the app last night and have been trying different images. Super easy to use and i LOVE that i can zoom in and be precise with my freeze and anchor. But i am having issues saving after project is complete. It keeps saying ‘cancelled’ and i am not sure if this is because i dont have premium.

- Problems

I don’t know if it’s just me but the app has been really slow lately it takes forever fir me to zoom in and out and when I unfreeze and freeze stuff it takes about 3 seconds for it to appear. Idk if this is just a bug or something. Other than that the app is amazing.

- Don t know if it’s a bug or....... please read this dear developers

I love this app. It’s one of the best. And that’s why I’m paying for it. BUT. A big but and a please. Please please fix “overlay” and specially “element” section. Every time I open the app. I have to download the elements again. And again. And again. Most of the time, I work at places where there is NO INTERNET and I CAN NOT use “element” since it needs the internet to be able to use it. To download it again. Please fix this. Once we downloaded the overlays and elements it should stay in our iPads and iPhones. Please make more elements. Thanks. And please bring back the circular halo water element. It just disappeared. I was working on a series project on that one.

- Disappointed

It's much trickier to use than it looks. The most frustrating part is when you finally get the final product you want and export it to your photos only you realize that the app cuts off part of the top of the photo. You end up with the bottom 3/4 looking good and the top 1/4 all funked up because the app doesn't show it to you when you are editing. Your options then are either to try and blindly fix the top 1/4 that you can't view in the app or to crop the video.

- Pixaloop

I love the the sky effects very much as they move, but in future updates if you don’t mind can you have some of the sky effects free Instead of upgrading. Reason is that some of us citizens don’t pay too much to get those types of subscriptions and it really help for future projects for me and others thank you very much if you understand what I’m tryna say.

- Pro Selection

Pro selection not working after I purchased and sent numerous emails with only one response which did not solve the problem. I did everything in my power to get this resolved. I put in help tickets within the app and I left reviews, there isn’t anymore I can do on my end to get someone competent to help resolve this issue. I am starting to think this app is a scam that takes your money and doesn’t give you what you purchase. I paid three days ago and still don’t have the pro selections that I purchased.

- Watch out - updates remove features

I was enjoying playing with it and debating whether it was worth $60 - I don’t mind paying for good apps and I’d rather pay once than subscribe. Then I updated and all of the Water Effects are now Pro. Totally developer’s right to do that, but it makes me wonder, if I buy it, will updates remove features then, too? Doesn’t build my confidence. Otherwise it was a lovely free trial, thanks.

- Greed is consuming this group

When Enlight came out I was so happy but even the original Enlight users are now being forced out by your greed. You have 20 different versions of products and subscriptions to each one. It’s sad but I’m moving on as you base your model on how much money you can squeeze out of each and every thing you can instead of focusing on customers and offering a more quality one stop product or app. Remember where you came from because I don’t think you are the same people as back then.

- Has potential, but still lacks major tools for the professional photographer

Let me be clear, I think this app is very nice. It allows me to create a nice moving image and it impresses my clients. The problem is, it lacks many features: such as, brush size, you can’t mask around a specific area. The app won’t let you animate an area that the app don’t “recognize” as part of the sky, or water. Etc etc. App doesn’t allow you to layer up many elements of the same kind. I hope they don’t come out with Pixaloop 2 and want to charge us again.

- For a 1.0, this app is beyond brilliant

After one day of playing with it, ive already wowed friends and family, so thank you! I do have a few wishes for future updates: 1) edge detection 2) the ability to feather the brush 3) better search/navigation of my huge photo library. I don’t know if Apple provides developers with a Photos category search API, but that would be even better.

- How do you save a project?

Hello! I really liked this app it was very fun and you can enjoy the app without having to pay! At least, that’s what I thought. I tried to save a project to my device and well, I cant. It won’t let me at all. All that’s there is a couple options and a “Pay Premium” sorta button where a export button would be. I can’t save anything to my device. I’m very confused. Why can’t I save anything to my photos/videos?

- Pay to play

So you make downloading it free with some super basic functions, but you can’t save anything unless you pay for it which doesn’t really make too much sense. I’d be more inclined to buy the app if it didn’t try to trick me in to it. It looks beautiful, and seems pretty intuitive, but I’ll never know the full extent since y’all just can’t charge me $5-$10 for the app and be done. No. Instead you want me to play around with it, get excited to save my first piece, and then tell me saving photos and videos is stuck behind a paywall.

- Great App for making quick and fun animation

I love the ease with which anything can be done, it’s been less than a month since I’ve been using this app and I have become addicted. I was wondering how often the animations were renewed because after a while it becomes a bit repetitive.

- Very beautiful

Honestly, the outcomes from this app are amazing. So I bought the One-time purchase, which I think will keep my subscription for maybe 10 years. But I cannot see my subscription record in my iphone settings. So how am I going to handle my membership 10 years later?

- Only problem is pro

I love this app so much. But I would only give it 4/5 stars due to the fact that you have to pay so much annually, or $60 one time. If you could possible pay a small amount for certain tools that would be way better and more sufficient. $60 to me is way too expensive for making such simple things.

- Free trial

The software is fantastic and easy to use. I was super excited to use this app A LOT. I created two amazing pictures and when I went to save a third, it wanted me to pay. There is nothing in the app or here in the App Store that states this. I’m super disappointed and angry that they lured me in only to demand money if I wanted to continue to use their app. I was going to give it five stars because it is awesome, but I gave three because they tricked me into it.

- Pretty Cool

Still learning the tools... but this is pretty cool and a lot of fun. Initial interface is confusing because it looks as if you have to purchase a Pro subscription in order to do anything. You don’t... exit from the purchase screen and enjoy the app. Looks as if a Pro subscription may be worth it.

- Too fun! 🤘🏾🤘🏾

Takes a bit of getting used to, but I do wish there was an option to save my work as a gif as well. I mean the video option is useful as well for some of it but some works better as gifs 🤷🏾‍♂️ Overall, loving the free version. More than likely upgrading to pro soon.

- Please Read before downloading

This is a great app, and really does make my pictures come to life. Though, the reason I gave it only 4 stars was because pretty much EVERYTHING is for pro’s. So, I would very much appreciate it if the game could have more things that are not all for Pro, and that would make it fair, and even thing out. Thank you, 🦄🦖

- Great but.. can’t remove a Element??

Hi! I’d like to know why I can’t remove certain things. I worked very hard and many hours to animate a piece of art, but it said “Remove Pro Limit” when I go to export. So I took off everything that is pro, but it’s still telling me I can’t export the video. I would like to know how to maybe remove an element since it is the only thing getting in my way. I would hate to restart my work.

- Solid choice

I really like this app I’ve been using it for about 7 months and have the premium version. I use it all the time to enhance my graphic art. However if you don’t have the premium version then you’re pretty limited on what you can do which is unfortunate. Also I WOULD LOVE IT even more if the sky had a paint brush and eraser feature.

- Turn photos to gifs in seconds

I really enjoy the different overlays and how quickly the sky and water can show movement. My only thing is the cost of 3.99 a month is too much. I will enjoy for a month then I have to delete, but I will wring all the fun I can out of the vacation photos.

- Even free version WORKS well!

Love playing w fun photo editors and figured I’d give this one a try. Typically I expect limited access unless you elect for the paid upgrade but I was pleasantly surprised that there was plenty of fun option with the free version. Easy to navigate, no forced watermark...worth a try if you’re debating on download.

- Charging me when I don’t even want it and canceled

I sent an email saying I don’t want it and no one responded. It charged my account, even though I never even used it. When I downloaded the app it automatically started a 3 day trial and when I realized the regular cost, I was like, “woah that’s a lot, not thanks” there is no unsubscribe button on the app. So that’s why I sent an email. Now I’m having to dispute the charge through my credit card company. This is ridiculous. STOP CHARGING ME, I never even used the features on the app.

- Simply wow.

This app is fantastic and easy to use! I’m seriously considering paying the full price because of how freaking awesome this is. Not only can you animate clouds and stuff, you can make trippy psychedelic melty effects and spiraling madness. I took a picture of the sun with clouds around it and made a spiraling vortex of awesome. So many possibilities.

- Sky Feature add-on

Sometimes when adding the sky feature, the white areas become part of the sky. For example, I took a picture of a car and the ground became the sky also. I think adding the ability to erase/draw tool in the sky feature will make this app way better. Hopefully this made sense.

- Gacha yesie

I really loveee this app i am a gachatuber and I love to use this to make moving backgrounds and it’s toatally free! I don’t usually make a review on apps but this app is simply AMAZING. And I really recommend if you want moving backgrounds or you want to bring your pictures to life. But one thing is that it wastes a lot of your battery.

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Pixaloop - 3D Photo Animator 1.6.8 Screenshots & Images

Pixaloop - 3D Photo Animator iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Pixaloop - 3D Photo Animator iphone images
Pixaloop - 3D Photo Animator iphone images
Pixaloop - 3D Photo Animator iphone images
Pixaloop - 3D Photo Animator iphone images
Pixaloop - 3D Photo Animator iphone images
Pixaloop - 3D Photo Animator iphone images
Pixaloop - 3D Photo Animator iphone images
Pixaloop - 3D Photo Animator iphone images
Pixaloop - 3D Photo Animator ipad images
Pixaloop - 3D Photo Animator ipad images
Pixaloop - 3D Photo Animator ipad images
Pixaloop - 3D Photo Animator ipad images
Pixaloop - 3D Photo Animator ipad images
Pixaloop - 3D Photo Animator ipad images
Pixaloop - 3D Photo Animator ipad images
Pixaloop - 3D Photo Animator ipad images
Pixaloop - 3D Photo Animator Graphics & Design application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Pixaloop - 3D Photo Animator Graphics & Design application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Pixaloop - 3D Photo Animator (Version 1.6.8) Install & Download

The applications Pixaloop - 3D Photo Animator was published in the category Graphics & Design on 2018-09-09 and was developed by Lightricks Ltd. [Developer ID: 606310584]. This application file size is 182.42 MB. Pixaloop - 3D Photo Animator - Graphics & Design posted on 2020-09-21 current version is 1.6.8 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.lightricks.Enlight-Phoenix

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