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Watch out for the pop-up page!  JOEFLO80  1 star

Be sure not to click on the pop-up page with three options to purchase after your download is complete. You’ll be purchasing the pro suite if you do that. There is a little x at the top left corner of the screen... that lets you continue using the app without a purchase unless you are indeed wanting to have use of all features. This pop-up window is very deceiving... it makes you think there are only three options to continue forward... I didn’t realize it until the next download I made with the same developer.


Don’t waste your money  MTG EBAY TOP SELLER  1 star

This is an extremely limited application, I have been using this app for a while now for small fun photo transitions, but you get bored with it extremely quickly because it has very few cool things you can do with a photo. And now they want to charge a $59.99 one time fee to use the application when after only a few times of playing with this app you will get bored. You can do way better stuff in editing with after affects and photoshop. Definitely don’t waste your money, I am deleting right away now that I found out they want to charge for fake looking additions to a photo.

Nate II

Amazing  Nate II  4 star

The app is super amazing and really easy to edit but for some reason it just keeps loading when I try to purchase pro for one month and I have money on my iTunes...

saucy tiger

What FUN this is!!  saucy tiger  5 star

Exploring is fun too.....!


Good  redandbalck  5 star

5 star


Cool editing app  Razznsus  5 star

It’s too cool


This app is garbage  AG_dollz  1 star

The only reason why I place hate On this app is because of the standards that should work. First, you can edit. The edits are very very good, but you can’t save what you edit. I spent 30 minutes on one picture and I was excited to save it so I could post it on my Instagram, but when I went to the export page to save it, it didn’t let me. There were just extra settings there, and I clicked off the app and went back in about 100 times and it still never let me save anything. Second, the quality. I put it for 1080p and it was as if the video was taken in the 1800’s. It was terrible. I would’ve expected better quality, since it was a Live Photo, but I guess not. Third and last but definitely not least is the harsh exclusion in this app. There are wayy to many settings that are only for pro. And who’s going to pay about $12.50 each month for an APP?! Definitely not me. I do not recommend this app, not at all.


No way to cancel?  Putneydog  1 star

I didn’t realize that this would charge be 3.99 a month forever and I have had zero luck canceling it. I don’t use the app.


———Outstanding ———  mealsohere  5 star

Great product, delivering quality results. Thank you


Perfect  Mausimba7  5 star

I love it so far! Unfortunately you can’t put music though 😏


Too expensive  MarkSF  1 star

They want $90 for this app! Way too expensive


I was prepared  ROBSTER123456789  3 star

This app grabbed my attention.I read the reviews first and noticed a lot of comments about inadvertent subscriptions. So I was prepared when I downloaded it a short while ago. When app is first opened there is a few screenshots with quick explanation how things work then you click the lets start button which opens the app...or so it seems. Upon closer inspection its a cleverly disguised page for the unwary,click anything on this page and you enter a monthly is not the start of the app. Look carefully top left for the “x” to close the page..then you have the proper app beginning(the free version) Shame on the developers for this little sneaky ploy( no matter what developer says the intention to catch subscriptions is clear),also shame on Apple for letting this slip through . Now to try out the app! And hopefully improve the rating


This app has unclear in app purchases.  Mkiugtfvcdsxe  1 star

I wanted to examine this app because it looks interesting. However pushing one button ‘subscribed’ without any way to cancel the purchase. This is not cool.


Just confused  xXGamerIsMeXx  3 star

The app is amazing but are you unable to export anything unless you get pro? When I press export it takes me to the page and I can customise the export settings but the only other button available is “Remove Pro Limit”


Exceeded expectations  anotherrealestateagnt  5 star

Easy to use.


$$$$$  CM CM CM  1 star

They definitely do not disclose payment is required to access at the beginning. Min 1 mth $5.99 and auto-renew must be de-selected. Disappointing.


Fantastic  scully1994  5 star

Greatest app ever!!


Love it  !!maryjane!!  5 star

Am loving this making pictures move 😁😁


Not free at all  Tuttsie  1 star

I downloaded because it said it was a free app. Only free to download. Have to start paying a subscription before you even get to trial. Hate being lied too or even mislead.


Top App  Eyeam  5 star

Trialled it and straightaway subscribed. Even though I don’t use social media it will provide much entertainment. Value for money from proven and reliable developers.