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By downloading the Bloom app, you'll be able to create a reusable and secure identity built to protect your personal information.

Here are a few of the key benefits of creating a BloomID:

* Access Bloom Radar — a free personal dark web hack monitoring service. With Radar, Bloom monitors and scans data breaches and notifies you if any of your data might be compromised as new breaches occur. Radar makes it easier than ever to monitor whether your information has been exposed or accounts put at risk so that you can act swiftly to guard against identity fraud and mitigate the potential fallout from data breaches.

* Secure Your Data — When you create a BloomID, your identity data is cryptographically secured, eliminating the risk of data breach.

* Defend Against Identity Theft — In a time of persistent data breaches, the best way to limit your exposure to identity theft is to limit how frequently you share your personal data. Your BloomID allows you to verify your identity without exposing underlying data to third parties.

* Secure Your Device — TypingID is a user verification system that learns to identify individuals by the way they type on their smartphone. The Bloom app uses TypingID to verify that the user using your app is the same person who originally established your BloomID.

* Control Your Data — You choose what data to include in your BloomID. You determine exactly how it’s used and who can use it.

* Go Beyond Borders — Verify your identity and access services anywhere in the world

Download the app today and take back control of your identity!

Bloom - Secure Identity App Description & Overview

The applications Bloom - Secure Identity was published in the category Utilities on 2018-08-14 and was developed by Bloom Protocol. The file size is 40.55 MB. The current version is 2.4.1 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

Bug fixes, performance improvements, and attestations client updates.

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Oka  amllawe  5 star

Oka o


Couldn’t verify my ID  CaffeineDan  3 star

No online service, AI, or whatever thing is trying to match my ID with my face has ever succeeded, and Bloom is no exception 😂I was hoping to end the struggle with online verifications with Bloom, but NO. Bloom, you failed me... why 😔


bloom  luis8862838  5 star

i love it


Awesome  ¿born§osiris¿  5 star

You have to try it

Raziel Acuarius

Ojalá den las nanas  Raziel Acuarius  5 star

Asistencia en español falta


Boom  Cueivukdka  5 star

It’s very good app


Bloom  patriotsdaniel  5 star

So far so good, everything is as promised.


Fake  Josehm19  1 star

They are spies and they steal your personal data. Do not download this app.


Like  kenmeichtryq  4 star


Shiney q

THANK YOU  Shiney q  5 star

Thank you for trying to save my Data.


Good  Alyssa_duck  5 star



It will not work  lilwinkex  1 star

Every time I put my email and name in it said address already taken even though I have never used this before


Not working at all...  iZeldaFan  1 star

Ok so I don’t understand if this is an actual app or just a way to steal people’s identity. None of the emails I put when signing up work. It just says “sorry that email has been taken”. So I made new emails and tried them during signup and it still said the same message.. if I could flag this app for scam I would.


confused  10&7  2 star

Other apps keeps “redirecting” here through bogus surveys!!!

Happy to be a sis

Help!!!!!  Happy to be a sis  1 star

I want to deactivate my account!!!! I hate this app.


Best  angohshs  5 star

This is the best I can fix my card


Help  jaymonet14  1 star

How do I get into the app if I forgot the passcode? Can I start a new account


trash  Les2454  1 star

it doesn’t let me confirm email


Really?!?  Enemybandit  1 star

How long does it take to attest something. Been working with it for 30 mins and it’s just sitting there spinning. Come on fix the stupid thing


It doesn’t work  xbelle000x  1 star

I try it and I still he none I follow the directions


Not a very cool app  kaylovemusic  1 star

LIKE we couldn’t even get past the email part like WTF🖕🏾😞😞 plus they even said my email wasn’t valid a whole bunch of other bull like should we even rate it a star no I’m telling u I’m a apple user it don’t work peace in out ✌️

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