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Create the ultimate team of heroes to raid enemy castles, steal loot and conquer the kingdoms! The right combination of brains and brawn will lead you to victory. Defend your own riches by building an impenetrable fortress with traps and guardians around every corner.

Pick me! Pick me! There is an arsenal of epic heroes to collect, customize and upgrade, but it’s your duty to select the best raiding party. Do you want strength? Speed? Or Sorcery? Should you send your team to find Gold, Crystals, or Cards? They are the brawn, but you are the brains!

To reach the riches in the Throne Room, you must be strategic with your attacks. Holy Shield? Reduce damage! Summon Gruntlings? Unleash snappy, snappy, bite, bite! Elf archers? Pierce the enemy with pointy-eared, projectiles! Whether you want to lash with lightning, summon a sorceress, or make your enemies flee in fear, there’s a spell for you. Succeed and the loot is yours!

Turn the tables on your foes and build an impenetrable labyrinth of danger with traps, tricks, and guardians. Create an epic defense for your Throne Room to prevent the enemy from taking the all the glory, medals and treasure!

* Climb the rankings of the global leagues!
* Form a guild and take on the world with your friends!
* Face humongous, screen-filling guardian bosses!
* Invade fortresses built by friends, foes, and anyone else around the world!


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Fort Stars contains a subscription service.

The "VIP Pass" is a 1 week auto-renewable subscription offering 2x faster vault unlock, travel, and heal times.

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• Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period.
• Account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal.
• Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase.
• Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable.

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Fort Stars - Ultimate Edition Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Fixed bug with boosts not deploying combat effect - Removed Vungle SDK

Fort Stars - Ultimate Edition Comments & Reviews

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- This game is great!

This is one of my favorite games and I’ve only played for about 2 days. That do need to work on the graphics a little bit bit there not to bad. I like the fact that there are so many stars to get to bring to battle and you can upgrade them and a lot more. Same with the spells the spells are awesome to have like the one nova bomb helps so much. They should also work on when you are building your fort they should give you more points to put more rooms in your fort. Other than that the game is awesome and I would recommend the game to anyone!! Thanks You For Reading This

- Wanted to love this so bad

Started off good until I attacked one person. During this attack I was attacked 4 times. That seems way off. The rally sometimes does not work in the throne room I noticed. My ranger especially will not move from it during trial missions. The crowns seem a bit greedy. I mean to get top chest is 50 bucks. That seemed a bit much. The double side attack can be really challenging when defending since the rooms double so you can’t really try a symmetrical pattern more than half the times due to a limit in resources. Not being able to change the person you are attacking is also bad. If you attack a person who obviously spent money you will die but if you surrender you lose the match. Just so many small things that make the game not as enjoyable. The while you were away attack screen is the worst. Multiple people can attack you it seems even when you are online. So if you are trying to get gold and pep it wouldn’t matter because when you exit combat it can be stolen as fast as you get it.

- Information inaccurate as hell.

This game would be a lot better if the information it gave you on all your defensive buildings and star advancement actualy told you what was going to happen. First off is the portal route. It tells you the exact route all of the invaders are going to take (with the exception of banners of course) They do not follow the said route what so ever half the time. It said after destroying my treasure room the army would go up one floor but no they just kept marching forward completely ignoring the stairs. Second defensive building info is not accurate. You have all these artillery type buildings that show such a large firing range but half the time they won’t friggin shoot regardless of the facts enemy’s are in range of it. Or at least in range of what it told you their range was. Then there’s the training room. This room is supposed to lure all adjacent enemy’s to it protecting the surrounding rooms. Good for luring right. WRONG It also will only lure enemy’s halfway causing numerous rooms to be destroyed that would have been helpful shutting down the push. Enemy’s are supposed to instantly Aggro it from at least 1 room away but they end up completely ignoring it. Hardly anything seems to work as intended. Also there are very frequent crashes that cause a lot of trophy loss during pvp. This game would probably be a lot of fun if it worked.

- Absolute great game, with some much potential

I found this game to be quite addicting, Haha. The biggest highlight for me atm is the complexity of strategy needed for attacking and defending. I especially wanna highlight the “impromptu” nature of raiding bases, needing to think on the fly, deciding whether to keep going for another star etc. and with Defense, the number of rooms available to utilise is impressive. Also, the game doesn’t feel isn’t p2w. By putting a lil more effort in grinding, anyone can easily compete with paying players. My biggest suggestion would be improving the guild system. A Guild itself seems only useful for events. Maybe, creating a system in which guilds would want to fight against each other?

- Game frozen

Game is frozen I’m at a point where I says my fort has an error and needs to be fixed. I was moving things around for more room and up pops here’s how spells work which I have to go in the fort to see this which means I can’t fix the issue with the fort. I’ve deleted it and loaded it back to see if I can fix the fort before it shows me spells and it won’t work. I’ve sent messages through the website several times and I’ve deleted and reloaded 20 times. I do not understand how to fix this and as I’ve sent several messages to the developer with absolutely no reply I don’t know what to do. I don’t care about cash I’ve spent because it’s not very much if any I would just like to play again but I expect no response since I’d gone the contact is route like five times with no reply. I just want to play again and if I can start over I don’t care about any money that’s been spent

- Little glitch

I’ve been playing this game for a hour not even and beat most the beginner levels but 2 defensive levels and I can’t beat them unless I change my defense up and I can’t do that cause all it’s allowing me to click on is the battle button and then the 2 levels I’m stuck and don’t know what to do. Other then this very minor glitch this game is amazing love it and want to play more of it please fix it so I can continue 👍🏼

- Unbalanced fights

The game if great I have no problems with how it works or how it plays the only thing I see bad is growth system and the buildings and spell limit and doubler of that when you wanna use it again and the level differences in a PvP match is terrible I as a lvl 10 should not click brawl and find a lvl 16 who has doubles and triples of the same building and spell when I’m no where’s near that level or skill at the moment even the surrender button is so mean like what if someone hits the brawl button on accident they have to lose 50 trophies cuz they can’t back out of it at all? Very unfair at least give us a next button to change who we attack so we can find our own fair fights

- Amazing!

This game is amazing! Plenty of action and no waiting for energy. You can just keep going and going! Plenty of help within guilds! I’ve never had a better experience! You can pay to play but can do just as well without spending money. There are a few bugs but ever game doesn't have those. Plus the Dev team is extremely responsive. So great to know they’re there and listening!

- Can’t progress through the game

I’m having similar problems as other people. The game is not allowing me to upgrade any of my cards and fort rooms. It is only allowing me to tap the “Find a Match” button and play the chapter missions. I can’t play any of the defensive missions because I would need to upgrade my fort to continue but I can’t do that. Please help, I really like this game so far but I can’t get past the first part of it!

- Needs work

Biggest issue right now is missing champs (stars). It seems like if you upgrade a star and after upgrade you have zero of that type card in your deck you loose the champ. Example: I have opened a vault, I got a few shaman cards, great! I am at exactly 400 cards, upgrade the champ to level 9 (cost 400 cards) this leaves me with 0 shaman cards left over... end result, the star disappears from your roster. Next up, if you are in a guild good enough to kill the ice guardian that seems to be the end of any progress as far as events. It would be nice if there were an ice guardian 2.0 or something that offered better rewards. My guild killed him in 24 hours, now we all sit around for the next 2 days with nothing at all to do. If time is put into the game I think it would be amazing, just a few bugs that are brutal if they happen to you, and a few gaps in things to do. Fix these issues and get 5 stars easily.

- Fun but needs more sharing ability

This game is quite fun and you don’t need to spend money to do well. Just get into a good clan and participate. My main complaint is that there is no way to view your clanmate’s forts unless you watch a defense they share. There is no way to easily discuss and share defense strategies which would help immensely.

- Update Killed the Game

The most recent update overhauling the entire game killed my enjoyment. I’ve been playing since December and am relatively high level now, but can no longer gain much out of battles because of the new 4 level restriction for rewards. Before this update there was zero communication as to what was changing, and since I’ve seen a number of people just quit the game because of the changes, which included the requirement of rebuilding your fort from scratch. This has to be the biggest flop of an update I’ve ever seen for what was a very fun, addicting game.

- Eh

I love the concepts of this game. The graphics and mechanics of characters are great, but I feel like it’s very unbalanced too. You really don’t get a lot of loot from a battle, but you lose so much. I farm a few hundred coins and then took a break, came back and all my coins are gone. When everyone attacks you, your losses stack and the loot you lose stacks too. Also, the kingdom aspect is very confusing. I don’t see many people play it because not many people understands it.

- Wow!

Too bad the App Store doesn’t have a 10 star rating, because even if it did, I’d say the same thing! This game is honestly remarkable. There is always something to do to get you better. I see a bright future for this game and I am happy to say that I am a part of its journey! 10/10 Best Game On The App Store! -KingKeltron

- Want to play more, but keeps crashing

For the past 3 times I have tried to attack someone on online, my game has crashed and I’m not gonna keep on losing trophies just for my game to crash. I’m level 12 and was at 1220 but now I’ve dropped to 1140 because of the amount of crashes. Other than that the game is fine, but I won’t play anymore unless this is fixed.

- Money Milker

I would not recommend this game, as it has extreme pay to win with things like long timed unlocks. Pros: Unique play style, as it is 2d and that allows for interesting combinations Good animations, very smooth User-friendly interface Cons: Aforementioned pay to win and money milking Awkward tutorial that doesn’t teach everything Space constraints (even with pay to win) make fort design difficult Very non intuitive fort building style Heroes are meh, standard and uncreative Low variety in cards P.S. Any game that is pay to win will not stop being pay to win at any point. When the developer responds to a review they’re trying to seem like they take people’s opinions into account but in reality are just trying to get more people to play and pay real money in game.

- Clearly pay to win broken mechanics

I tried to like the game and for the first week I did. I have spent several hours playing this game trying to find a way to be successful. There is hardly any strategy to this game besides spending money that will help you in multiplayer. They “randomly” put in a match with someone and 9/10 your going to lose. Guard towers are too strong and the rally spell doesn’t last long enough for your stars to get to the threat. Spend money to win or don’t waste your time

- Solid Start

Very good reminds me of clash Royale please fix the UI for the vaults however, when clicking on them it displays a time without minutes or hours and makes it very confusing for a new player to understand for example that a wooden vaults 4:00 are minutes and a copper vaults 3:00 are hours. Keep up the good work.

- Game is fun, but could be better!

The games really fun, I usually play coc but I wanted another game to play that’s somewhat similar but different and this was perfect! But definitely has some things that could make the game a lot more fun, maybe there will be more updates!

- Annoying bug

I really enjoy this game. However, over that last 5 people of whom I attacked, they had the same exact base layout as me as well as the same amount of medals. I really don't think that is coincidental at all, I think this bug could really be game breaking, especially if you construct your own fort good enough to where you can't beat it. I love the game and all but this glitch is really bothersome.

- Can’t get past loading screen

I had some hope on this game however when I launch its starts loading up but I never get past the loading screen I’ve waited a couple hrs in case it’s uploading an update or more content that I can’t see I’ve reset my phone closed all apps tried different WiFi, tried cellular connection nothing hope this gets fixed and will update this if there is a change

- Stuck on Find a Match

This game seems pretty fun but I’m in the second chapter and it is still only allowing me to Find A Match. I’ve gotten a ton of cards and can’t upgrade anything, can’t open things I’ve found, can’t update my fort for defense. I saw an update yesterday and hoped that was the issue but it didn’t change anything.

- Pretty good

All in all it’s a really good game. When you start playing you can’t stop. The only thing is that while I’m playing it, the app stops working and closes down. It’s no big deal though,you can just hop back on, but it’s just annoying sometimes.

- So far very fun

I like it so far, kinda wish there didn’t need to be magic and stuff involved, maybe some day someone will make a copy of this and do, aliens or robots or something, just seems like everything these days has to have sorcery involved

- Loading glitch

For whatever reason when I go to open the app there are 3 dots over the loading bar and the game won’t load. From what I was able to play so far though it looks like a fun game.

- Addictive!!

Gosh once you get the hang of it this game is so addictive! There are so many missions, upgrades, fort/kingdom, leagues, guilds etc it just keeps giving! I’m only 3 days in but feel like this will keep me entertained for some time!!!

- Crashes way too often

I like this game a lot but there’s an issue with this game that prevented me from giving this game a higher rating. Sometimes I start a multiplayer challenge that would be an easy win except the game crashes in the midst and it counts against you as a loss. Pisses me off. I’ll see if it gets fixed if not I’ll just remove this app.

- Freezes at level 12

I just leveled up to 12 and some tips appears saying I unlocked more space but can’t do nothing else I think is gets stuck please help

- One down

I love the game SO much and so do my kids but we want to be able to send more hero’s and more Sumen gruntlings also when you get all the chareters it doesn’t give you that big of a rererad.

- Bugs

I have but 2 complaints, I bought a heavy chest but I didn’t get the guaranteed amount of cards I was supposed to, sometimes the rally spell does not work for no reason at all.

- It’s fun, but...

Every five minutes or so the game crashes. It has an awful lag. I do enjoy the game and I’m very glad it doesn’t have an energy system. If it every does, I’m done with the game. So please don’t do an energy based system!

- Fort Stars Adds

Great game all it need is Community Chat and need to add something you can skip the match so you don’t have to play a higher level player

- Freezing at level 12

Good game but I have a problem with it shutting down on me. I was promoted to level 12 and a new area unlocked for buildings. The game has locked me on a screen and I cannot proceed. No buttons work at this point. I have good WiFi and service.

- Bugs

I was attack by a dude and it stated that I lost but when I check the replay. I can clearly see that I clear all of his stars which he only got one star and ending the game 1 to 3 for me. 3 being me killing all of his stars. My in game name is “ITzMeWeeb.”

- Interesting

I like it so far but I have not hit the pay to play wall yet. Lots to do and tons of gold upgrade requirements so I’ll probably be playing for a few weeks at least.

- Best game of the year

I am totally hooked . They gave me a barbarian to start but I am playing all the other characters and it’s a blast . Using the different card decks is really fun also.

- Great Game!

This game is one of my favorites and I recently got it. When I started playing I instantly started grinding. I love the characters and how the game works. So far my favorite character is the funny healer, i am almost in gold league!

- Something different for a change

It has a lot of aspects to it. It keeps you entertained and no pressure.

- Amazing game!

Really good game doesn’t take any time to build new rooms hero’s are unique and raids are amazing keep up the updates and add more hero’s that’s the only thing I suggest to keep the game growing

- Tons of fun and love the challenge

I’ve had a lot of fun playing this game lately. Really like the difficulty and challenge and it makes my commute fly by

- Can't Continue playing

I unlocked the kingdom map and world games which is now forcing me to click on "kingdom map". I cannot click on anything else and the game is freezing with a server error every time I click on kingdom map.

- Good game

I actually enjoy playing this game, usually try these types of apps and stop playing after a few minutes. The stars are unique/fun to play as. Forts are fun to build. Pvp is fun as well, overall solid app.

- Great game

This is an awesome game. But it needs updating, more features, new heroes, and it needs new players. More people is my biggest issue with this game. Start advertising

- Best new game

This game is much fun and the tutorial is easy to learn. I’ve had so many friends tell me I should try it and I’m really glad I did. This is my new favorite game now!

- A nice game but requires a lot of work

Too many bugs and crashes Slow loading screens Way too many daily quests

- Defense problems

So far, there were 2 attacks on me and I had more stars than the attacker. Both of those times, the defense log said I lost. I am really confused about this. Just starting today, the game keeps crashing and that caused me to miss fighting the ice guardian.

- Love it

Game is very entertaining and it seems to not get old after a while and it is fun to play with my friends that join me

- Addictive

I find this game to be almost like clash royale and clash of clans combined. As of now I’m quite addicted to this game and it’s really fun, I suggest you at least give it a try

- Bug

I reached level 12 and when it goes to unlock new space for my fort it freezes and now I can’t do anything because as soon as I login it goes to unlock the new space and stays frozen please fix ASAP. Overall a good game just some bugs you need to fix

- Really fun

Given ive only played the game for a few hours im definitely enjoying it a lot. I would give it a try!

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- Can’t load into kingdoms map

For some reason after I unlock the kingdom map I will be stuck on the loading screen for it. So I can play the game!

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- levels of the player

The game is very good,but I hope to making the levels of the player easy to increase. Thanks

- Good game

Nice job!

- Fix the the last stage in trials!

Lots of bugs like hero not moving and pie and hero going all over the place!

- Alien

Good game but there should be events more often

- Thanks for a great game.

Awesome game. You are never stuck behind a pay wall. Very fun gameplay mechanics. If the game stayed like this I wouldn’t mind supporting the developers.

- Three platform, Five star

Three opportunities to observe, train, and plunder the heck out of everything are laid-out. The graphics, sound and characters are engaging. Castle layout, buildings, map location in kingdom, challenges and opportunities at every vault and plundering. I am content to the fullest and working hard to rule the land. Loving my guild mates too!

- Rejoignez la meilleur guilde française: La France

Si le jeu ne plantait pas tout le temps, ce serait un super jeu. De plus, lorsque l’on gagne une défense, il est fréquent que cela nous affiche une défaite dans le journal de bord. Donc, lorsque vous faite une mise à jour pour correction de bug, je me questionne sur quel bug vous corriger car c’est essentiellement les 2 plus important. Allez les développeurs, au travail et je note un 5 stars.

- Charming, fun, super addictive!

Love this game! Really easy to get into with clear goals and controls, but it has a lot of depth which makes it very replayable. Can’t wait to put hours into this!

- I enjoyed the game until it took away my hero

Was playing just fine but the one time I changed my team up I lost access to the summoner star it say I have him in my cards but can’t pick him for my team

- Awesome game but crashes a lot

I really like this game. Nicely done, great graphics and strategy but it crashes too much. Is close every other app in my iPad and still crashes every few minutes. I have never seen a game crash this much.

- Bug in weekly tour

First place in weekly tour, but didn’t receive reward for it.

- But

my game is lock in the tutorial in a infinity boucle

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Fort Stars - Ultimate Edition 3.1.0 Screenshots & Images

Fort Stars - Ultimate Edition iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Fort Stars - Ultimate Edition iphone images
Fort Stars - Ultimate Edition iphone images
Fort Stars - Ultimate Edition iphone images
Fort Stars - Ultimate Edition iphone images
Fort Stars - Ultimate Edition iphone images

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The applications Fort Stars - Ultimate Edition was published in the category Games on 2018-11-08 and was developed by Playstack Ltd [Developer ID: 1133080356]. This application file size is 220.2 MB. Fort Stars - Ultimate Edition - Games app posted on 2020-07-21 current version is 3.1.0 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.playstack.fortstars

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