BitLife - Life Simulator

BitLife - Life Simulator [Games] App Description & Overview

How will you live your BitLife?

Will you try to make all the right choices in an attempt to become a model citizen sometime before you die? You could marry the man/woman of your dreams, have kids, and pick up a good job along the way.

Or will you make choices that horrify your parents? You could descend into a life of crime, start prison riots, smuggle duffle bags, and cheat on your spouse.

It's all up to you...

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BitLife - Life Simulator Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Beloved Bitizens, we hope you are staying safe and fighting the unique combination of boredom and anxiety that we all find ourselves in. Our whole team has been working from home and it's been tougher than usual to keep to our aggressive update schedule (imagine people in parking lots wearing face masks to exchange test devices once a day, and you will picture what it's been like for us). Still, here we are with a fresh new update, so let's get on with it. Here's the full list of new things in this update: • God Mode! Edit anyone you want in the game as you're playing! Set up your own stats and appearance on custom lives! • Eye exams and resulting prescriptions! • Visit the optometrist to pick out your own designer eyewear (or contacts!) • People in the game suffering from vision impairment may now wear eyeglasses • Adoption has been overhauled to let you select a child to adopt (including foreign children!) • Fly your own private planes when you go on vacation • We stuffed the game with fresh challenges for you to enjoy over the coming weeks • Challenges now show green checkmarks next to the requirements you have fulfilled • The usual assortment of bug fixes and miscellaneous refinements

BitLife - Life Simulator Comments & Reviews

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- Love It!

I’ve had BitLife for months now and I love it! I really like the direction y’all are going with the game but I have a few suggestions. Make it where if we are successful athletes in middle and high school we can get scholarships for sports and even play professionally. Let us be drug dealers or get drugs from a drug dealer rather then just from jail, clubs, or randomly. Get countries to sometimes go to war and if we are citizens of one of the countries possibly get drafted. If we live in a more dangerous city such as Chicago have there be chances we could even be killed. Add gangs to the game. I’m a Bitizen but I feel just prison gangs are too limited. Put kidnappings in the game and many more crimes. Please read this review and add my ideas to the game. God Bless!🙏

- BitLife

I love this game.I play it about 5to6 times a day.It makes me feel happy when I am sad to. Thank you for BitLife

- This Game is Rigged!

On my past several lives, I have gotten high blood pressure and died at a young age! This is happening to be often! Also, I have gained very rare heirlooms (like the Holy Grail which is worth over 1.2 billion dollars) and they said that I have collected them, but disappeared from my assets menu.

- It’s great, and here are a few suggestions:

Hi... I’m not sure you (plural) will read this, but I will try anyway to speak to you (plural). 1. I would like very much that in the next update your parents could be gay (and married) to have more diversity. 2. Also, I would like sons and daughters in law. That would be great, and that you could interact with your wife/husband’s family. 3. And maybe, you can try to make your cousin’s boyfriend to fall in love with you or something, I mean instead of just knowing if your married you can know from someone else that they have a boyfriend/girlfriend. Thank You for BitLife. It is incredible. This probably will make it better 😊.

- Awesome Job

BitLife is an amazing game I love to play it 24/7 it’s so addicting.I really do hope you guys make a second bitlife I would probably be the first one to download it I don’t know💞

- banning travel?? really

guys the coronavirus pandemic is already traumatic enough, why would you ban travel in a GAME. you know why people play games? boredom, stress relief, distraction. we don’t need to be reminded that we’re quarantined in a pandemic. super unnecessary.


🥀This game is a life changer. You get to have so much fun. If I was you I would download it. If you are looking for a game to have stories, play someone’s life like a celebrity or someone you know or just you in particular this is perfect for you!!❤️❤️ this game includes doctors, crimes, relationships, vacation overall someone’s life. IF YOU ARE LOOkING FOr a NEW gaMe TO PLAY DOWNLOAD THiS I SWEAR TO YOu, YOu wONt REGreT iT!!🥀

- Bitlife

BitLife is my favorite app ever. It is so amazing and fun

- Ideas!

I think it needs to go shopping play with siblings and also it should have travel at activities like burger king also travel to the beach.Lice in the country and also if your famous you should go on Netflix or be a famous actor in a movie or a boss a host!

- Ideas

I think you should add the option to be able to like increase your chances of winning the lottery or good thing happing if you own bitizen and you should be able to become a pro athlete and add a pool to your house and also you should be able to start your own business and you should add a free mode where you have unlimited money and can do whatever you want

- I’m do not want you to let god mode to be in app purchases

I’m do not want you to let god mode to be in app purchases or i will not let you play with them

- A few suggestions

Can you make a BitLife kids version? And can you make an option to customize your human?

- Amazing!

This app is awesome! I am totally hooked! I just wish there were some more jobs like sports player and children opportunities like acting. Also is god mode only if you pay to be a Bitzen?

- BitLife is amazing!

Bit life is one of my most loved apps on my device! I play it literally all the time. I would have given it a five star but I had to settle for a four star because it gives ads WAY too much. So BitLife I hope you can cut back on commercials, but in spite of that, BitLife is a truly spectacular game.

- casino

fix the casino.

- Awesome

This game has all the best features to plan life out showing you your outcome of good or bad to do in your life

- Good but I have a couple of 💡 ideas

Dear Bitlife Devs this is a good app but I have some ideas 💡 I would like to share with you. First of all I think you should be able to pick your religion; Muslim, Jewish, Cristian, Bhudist, etc. Also I think you should have a whole avatar instead of just the head. So you could go shopping 🛍 for certain clothing garments to put on your avatar. Also there should be more options for majors. I know you work hard to keep up with updates, and fixing bugs. So if you can not get to these recommendations it’s 👌 okay. I thank you 🙏🏻 for making this app. Thank you for reading my review sorry if it was a little to long. From:💎diamond-jewel💎

- Escape prison

Can you make escape prison mor easy

- Time

I love bitlife but It would be even better if you could live in 1912 and go in the titanic and it sank

- Normally Don’t but This game is amazing

So normally I don’t take this time to sit and write a review about a game but I just updated BitLife and I would just like to say that y’all have surpassed my expectations for a game I feel like bitlife is so simple yet so fun and with this new mode that you can change attributes and facial features I just think it’s absolutely amazing just from the textures of the different hair to the variety of skin tones! it’s really beautiful I love this game!! it’s the best 10 out of 10 rating if I could give more stars I would!!

- BitLife Review

I really like BitLife because you can start a whole new life in it and it’s like your actually alive. Also there are some adds but not every two seconds like other games. You don’t have to buy a lot of stuff in BitLife either which makes it a way easier game to play that’s why I like BitLife.

- My review got reported!


- A couple ideas

This game is very fun, addicting and awesome! I have a couple ideas to make the game even better. I think it would be cool if you could have a couple more career choices. For example, maybe you could take part in professional sports. Another idea is that you could open or buy a store, shop, mall, etc.

- bitlife

i like what you guys are doing, but you guys should add in more scenarios for jail and like probation instead of always going to jail or sometimes when u get out of jail u will be on probation for 2 years or something idk it would be cool

- My BitLife review

Creators of BitLife, I want you to know that BitLife is one of my most played games. I love what you did with the god mode, how you can make it free for 14 days. Honestly, I’ve been with BitLife since the baby sign was the cover of the app and it’s just gotten better. I’m not very creative with ideas but I agree with the idea about changing the year to what date you want to. Like, instead of a year maybe chose between a month, a year, 6 months maybe? Other than that, I really like BitLife, and if you’re reading this thinking to yourself, “should I get this?” YES YOU SHOULD!!! IF YOU THINK THIS IS A PAID REV. ITS NOT!!!! For real tho, download BitLife, it’s honestly a good game and it’s just improving (and I mean A LOT) so. Please consider what I said bc a lot of people want that and it would be a great improvement just please don’t rid of anything! Also, the ads aren’t every press of the button either! Maybe every 5-10 minutes -ish? So, yes BitLife is my fav game along with a few others but BitLife is by far my fav.

- Suggestions

Overall the app is great but I have some suggestions to make the app a bit better. • professional sports •when you guy to buy diamonds and stuff you should be able to buy Gucci and Louis Vuitton • the god mode should be free for bitzens because we are supposed to get everything with bitzenship •when you rob a bank maybe it could be like when you rob a house like you have to go through a maze type thing • also the ability to chose what room of the house you renovate • maybe we can buy furniture for the house we buy •be able to decorate the houses we buy I hope that you like my suggestions and take them into consideration ❤️

- Great game! I have some ideas!

Make music a career! You would have to have practice with school band or college!also I want to have a choice in what instrument you want for band!

- New updates/ideas

First thing I want to say is that this game is amazing! I just have a few more ideas- First, I think you should be able to play professional sports. I also think you should be able to change the paint color of your car after you buy it. There should also be a button where you get to pick how many days/months/years you go by. Thank you for your time reading this!

- A spectacular experience

But life is soo addicting you can do numerous things while making life chooses and stocking up on money it is overall a spectacular game

- Gets boring fast

Ads every chance they can squeeze them in. No racial diversity. Was stuck as a person of color several times in a row, and any attempt to have a inter racial relationship usually ended in being called ugly. Not worth the download.

- Love this app !!

This is an app where without spending any money you can still really enjoy it. I would imagine it’s even better if you spent real money, but I didn’t. Note: since the last update the ability to get your hair done in the salon and spa now costs money. Please consider putting that back to something free. Otherwise keep up the good work!

- too many ads

too many ads

- 95% Awesome

This game is so fun, especially since we are in quarantine. There are so many options to chose from, but still could be better. I wish we could be able to interact more with our teachers like give them 🧠 for good grades. Also to your brothers or sisters i feel like it should be an option to be flirty with family and teachers, this might be weird but it’s way more fun. There should also be an option for sugar daddies, i don’t really know if there is one but it would be nice. Please take these ideas into consideration, i would love to see new updates and i enjoy this game so much!


Ok so basically I’m in love with this game but there’s so many things I want you to add to this game! You have the witch doctor but you don’t have the choice to actually be a witch! Like that would be amazing to be able to cast spells like to become a millionaire or spells to get good grades or even spells to live for as long as we would like and stay as young as we want! It would literally be amazing! Also have the choice to become a vampire or a ware wolf. And become president and not only that but I’ve earned 100 million dollars from being a singer and I married a singer as well but when he died I only inherited a million dollars. Why don’t we have the choice to marry an extremely rich person that has a net worth of over 1 billon dollars or even just 100 million dollars as well! Also I would love to have the choice to become a princess or a queen if we lived in the U.K. ! And also you Should definitely add it to where we could even be a ghost haunting our own family and friends ! Also I love the idea of being able to donate money to charitys as well! ❤️ so please BitLife creators add any of my ideas in the game!!! I would love to see a choice of becoming a witch or even a vampire ! Also please please please add stocks! It would be amazing seriously! ALSO PLEASEEEEE ADD ROYALTY IN THIS ! I’ve notice so many people asking for it as well!

- Great game!

Hello this game is so good and fun! If there where a company update where You can start a own a business but it also can fail with the choices you make on social media and you can buy work places! Tbh I never had a bug in this game. There are few ads! I could just keep rambling on about how good this game is but I have to go to bed 😴

- thanks maybe one day could happen👽

1: maybe one of our parents could be an infamous criminal or a successful actor which makes us be famous. 2: young love or possibly crushes can develop at a young age which the gamer could ask out or hide their feelings. 3: Acting scandals or internet fame.

- Best game for quarantines

I play this game about every day in my home. I really like this game and all the possibilities there are in it and you can name your character anything you like. There are a few problems and they aren’t technical. Mostly I try to get like the hero ending but I don’t know how, a YouTuber mentioned that you need to save someone in a pop up and he said it’s very rare so I hope you raise the chances of the pop ups a small amount. Thank you for your great game.

- Thank You-

Just wanted to thank you guys for making the update premium thing (I forgot what it was called) free until April 11! It rlly cheered me up—🥺❤️ thx for the hard work

- I got scammed

I wanted a refund and didn’t get payed back. They asked for more money to do thing bout in the description it said it was included.

- No Sports Career

Can Y’all Add A Sports Career Or Sum Geez Y’all Got Everything Else But A Sports Career

- I heart bit life

Awesome ABit life is on because I love it

- Good game

Buy now

- Ideas

I would love to be able to tell my kids I love them. And it would be nice to be able to “kiss” people. Like your husband/wife, kids, and hug them. The only affection thing we can do is make love there should be more that we can do for affection. I also think the husband/wife should have to help pay for a wedding and we should get to plan the wedding and like who we invite. Also should be able to be married to more than one person at a time.

- Amazing

This new update is the best one yet. I can customize for free! Thank you to the creators for making this, because it’s the one thing I can have control over. In all, this is my favorite app I have, and I have 53 games. I do not recommend this to young children because it has some more mature content, but other than that, this is a really fun game!😁

- It’s a really good game with a little problem

I just downloaded bitlife and I am having TONS of fun with it. The only problem with the game however is when I try to click on certain things (like resigning from my part-time jobs), the game freezes and I have to restart the app. Could you please fix this problem? Other than that, 5/5. It’s a great app!

- Suggestion!!

I actually LOVE this game! ❤️ I think it would be really cool if you could somehow put stocks in the game? That would be crazy if you spent a whole bunch of time making money and investing in stocks and then they just randomly crash 😭😭

- amazing app! few ideas

This app is just great. I have a few ideas that I would love to see put to use if possible. For one, I think it would be great to see an orphanage update. You could have children in the orphanage and adults who take care of you. There would be some loving orphanages and then some bad ones. I was also thinking there could be foster care, were children could move from family to family and possibly be adopted by people. I was also thinking that children with bad families they were born or adopted into could run away, and risk the possibility of being caught. Great app! I hope you consider some of these ideas!



- Love this game but....

I love this game overall it’s very fun and addicting to play but is anyone else having trouble with it freezing and not being able to open it I wanna buy the Bittizen but if it won’t let me play it I don’t wanna pay for it

- I love this

I love this game it’s fun to play when I’m stuck at home. I wanted to always say thank you BitLife creators for making god mode free.

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- So good 😊

This game is one of the best games I have ever played and it feels so real and I love it so so so so so so so so so so so much! I recommend this game to everyone and I love it!! Download it now!!😄😄😁😁

- You need to put the following in the game

1.bring back the leprechaun job 2.add a job that you can be the supervisor or create your own Business 3.and please keep adding new stuff keep up the great work 😃

- Career

I really love this game but I would love to have career like president or professionals athletes.

- Ads

Just take away the adds and It’s 5 star

- It’s really great but....

When I got this app I loved it and it’s great but I got god mode and my iPad got low battery so I charged it then when it was done charging I went to bit life and made a custom character then I pressed change appearance and said I had to pay when I already payed for it. Please fix this bug. Thank you

- God mode prices

When you pay 6$ you usually attend to feel like it’s worth it. especially if the game is mostly text. But whit the recent addition of god mode things now don’t seem worth it. I personally wish that god mode will be included whit the original 6$ and not 3$. Plus doing so will probably get people to get to play your game more has new stuff his added despite the god mode the game is okay.

- Update

I like the new update and the mew features it has, like when you change your appearance like getting glasses it shows it on the little icon, but... I don’t really like the new sprites for the life you play... I don’t wanna sound rude and all but.. they’re kinda.... ugly... I mean like.. I just don’t like them much... especially when their babies and become a kid.. also when you have options come up the new look it has just doesn’t match the theme to me... it feels out of place and a bit... idk how else to describe it.. just feels out of place because I’m so used to seeing the old one.... :/ I just don’t like the new look...

- Great game !!

Great game would love you guys to add become a Pro athlete and other interesting jobs.

- Good but expensive

God mode and time travel shouldn’t cost bitizens money. We already paid the $5.99 for it, make it $7.99 for all features and you’ll have more bites for the membership. The fact that right now all you get is no ads and get to “customize” your character (just the damn name, gender and country) sucks!! Wish I could get a refund at this point.

- Next Update

I loved this new update. So much fun! There are some things that I would like to see in the next update though. For example, if you die when your child is an infant and you continue as them, you should make it that they can get adopted

- Ghosts

This is just a small suggestion but it would be cool if you could communicate and talk to the ghosts that are in your haunted home. Like have relationships with them and find out how and when they died, that sort of thing. Anyways, I’ve been playing the game for a long time now and it’s awesome :)

- Arbre généalogique?

J’ADORE ce jeu le concept est super. Il y aurait juste une petite chose de plus qui pourrait être encore mieux. pourrait-il avoir le moyen de voir la descendance grâce à un arbre généalogique? Merci

- Good Game

I love this game but I want more chances of quadruple or triplets.I want to get kicked out of the house.I wish you could live longer.I wish you could buy bed and furniture.I wish it was easier to get addicted to stuff.I want to do dance lessons and learn gymnastics. I want to become a famous basketball player and get famous for that.

- Too many ads

I don’t want to have to watch an ad if I’m going to do the better option to a decision😐

- Meh

It’s good, but is a really racist game

- God mode

God mode should be free for bitizens because I spent 8$ to become a bitizen and I want god mode but I cant because I don’t have enough money and there for once my free trial expires I am quiting the game

- I love this game.

It’s real simple and I like it. Just wondering, if you select the random option and you get adopted is it possible to get same sex parents? I’m just wondering. Otherwise then that I like the game, real simple the new graphics took me back a bit but I got used to it quickly and love the new add ones like reading and or learning martial arts or even just taking a stroll. Thanks Candywriter. BUT. I don’t know if this is too much to ask but in BitLife my supervisor tried seducing my character and she rejected his advances cause she was married and got terminated from her job! Then her husband got mad at her cause she lost her job! I don’t know, is there a feature you can add in the future about if something serious happens it can appear when you have a conversation with a partner or a parent?

- Good game

Good game but can you please add god mode and time travel machine into bitzenship

- I love bitlife

amazing game omg i probably spend like 8 hours a day playing now that this quarantine is taking place, i wish you guys would add more stuff to “ Fame”, like hiring ur own assistance, etc, going on tours if you’re a singer, auditioning for movies if you’re an actor, etc

- Love this game even after a year

My all time favourite game, thank you for introducing god mode! The optometrist test is a little tricky for me though, I’m number dyslexic and it doesn’t give me enough time to give myself a chance.

- Suggestions

•be able to become a professional athlete •more interaction with orphanage(being able to run away) •kidnapping Thank you!

- It's good! More to add:

You guys changed to the old slide in screens and old look of the boxes! Thank you, I have no more glitching issues! Seriously, not allowing us to emigrate or fly to another country just because the coronavirus is going in the world? We play this game to escape and it will only last a year max. To punish our characters to never travel in their lives because of a real issue is dumb. Let us go on vacations so it boosts our happiness when we need it, don't add this stupid lack of being able to use a game feature and then have it bring our character's happiness down 30%. As much as I like customizing the hair style, please bring back the typical hair cuts too, or at least other looks increasers besides mani/pedi and surgery. Haircuts helped get my looks up, which is impossible now when I get someone ugly. Maybe add doing make-up or shopping for clothes? Select to wear jewellery you buy can add to looks too. And gym only ever brings looks up one time by exactly 4 percent. Maybe add this bonus every year we go to the gym? Let me take my kids to the doctor, and add the catching illness features for kids so we can take them to the doc and get them checked. I hate seeing my kids with low health and not knowing why. Let me go to night school while I work a career. Too often I've lived over 100 buried all my kids and can't continue the legacy cause I outlive them by a landslide. Please make reaching 100+ more rare, and make it more interesting by adding more elderly diseases and making their occurances more frequent so we can die at a normal age more often.

- It’s so difficult to be rich

Horrible money

- Fun

Could you guys add disorders and be able to run for mayor and other leaders could and could you make it that not every life I end up with high blood pressure because I spend all my money on acupuncture’s other then that great game😄

- Great Game

It’s a good simulation game but what if you added more negative stuff like school shootings and more


Really really fun game but it would be even more amazing if you could force your kids to come on vacations or cruises that you go on because my kids in the hame never want to come with me so i think it would be really cool if you could force your kids to do that!

- To My Inspiration, BitLife,

I love your new addition to the game but I wish that the God mode could last longer please read this and actually listen because I already play this like 22 hrs a day but if this had unlimited God mode for free, this will be the only game I ever own or even play! And I’m also broke, maybe you guys could even make bitizen ship free as well, after all you guys are really smart, my inspiration, one day I want to create a game just like this, you guys could even give me some ideas for the name of my future game! Wish you BitLife creators read this, because it took me 30 minutes! Ps, thank you for your time!!🥇🥇🥇🎖🎖🏅🏅

- Use to be fun

This game use to be so much fun and I recently wanted to get back into playing it, but now I can’t do anything without an ad saying to buy premium or whatever every five seconds. I played for and hour then got too irritated to continue, I get you need to make money somehow but it’s just making the game un fun to play and forcing people who don’t want to pay money for a free app game to delete it altogether.

- Please change the way the characters look, smh 🤦‍♀️

BitLife is an overall great game except for the fact that these new characters look like absolute trash 🗑 I used to play this game all the time, and I even bought the in game purchase, but the way the characters look scare me away from the game... Not tryna be Karen, but yeesh....

- Really good!

It’s a great app but I have a recommendation maybe you can add for options for elders like retirement homes, grandkid options, etc


Although, may you please put customize appearance for free because I always look ugly (I’m not ractist).

- AMAZING but more

I love this game and I know that you just made a new update but I have some ideas 1. You can choose a hobby and it will affect your job later in life 2.You can be born into a famous family 3.Add some extreme sports that you want to try when you’re an adult 4. (This is connected to number 1) If for example singing is your hobby you can write songs and post them on YouTube and become a singer or if your hobby is writing you can write a book and publish it then become an author and be famous 5.You can decide or ask your parents which school you want to go to 6. If you’re famous you can hang out with your fans or be friends with other celebrities Thank you for listening to my ides


it’s so much fun it’s addicting I check everyday for updates and the updates always make me do cartwheels I would Recommend this game to your mom your dad your brother your sister your post man your pet ETC 🤗🤗🤗🤗 best game for passing time and well it’s fun

- Bit life

Such a fun game, so addicting, can’t stop playing it 👏🏽

- amazing!!!!

i wish you could see your cousins though when you continue the generation you should get to see your cousins (your parents nieces and nephews) and grandparents would be cool and being able to see your partners family.

- Relationships

I like that you con got to relationship counseling but, whenever I try to do it; my partner always says no. Also I wish god mode came with being a bitzen

- Great game

It’s a great game but it would be nice if you add a wedding option for those who don’t have money to finance it? And also it would be nice to add Martians who can teleport us into another planet (a new add-on), it would enlarge the game perspective

- Paywall :(

I love this game and have been playing for years and have just recently purchased the God Mode option. Today, however, I discover that I now have to $7.00 to play without ads. This is incredibly disappointing. I really don’t want to stop playing this game but the ads are making it laggy and slow and I have no interest watching ads constantly to do things, especially considering I have already paid money to upgrade the app. I don’t think this is a very strong app with the addition of this paywall.

- Great


- Love it but...

I know you just added a bunch of new crimes but you should add gangs outside of prison and you can do crimes like kidnapping extortion and stuff the mafia does on movies and stuff

- Always mediocre

No matter what choices I make I keep getting the mediocre ribbon. It’s near impossible to get anything else.

- Sport careers

Great game but u guys should make athletes careers like a professional soccer,basketball,football player ect,that would be awesome and maybe put injuries and see how to heal and stuff

- I’m not paying again

i paid $7 for a membership why would i pay $4 more to edit already ugly characters

- I LOVE this game!!!!!!!

This game is sooo fun!!! I really like it because it has so many choices and u can choose what to do!!! It’s fun because u can have a job go to school have a wife or husband and kids.

- Add things!

add grandparents and make it so you have to come out to ur family and get their reaction!

- Love this

I love this game I always on there doing funny different things all the time and it’s a good way to burn out time for a bit

- It’s great

I really enjoy this app I’ve been playing BitLife for over a year now and all the updates have been really thought out and planned well. I only wish that great grandchildren can be included as well

- Download now

You should play this app it is awesome you can start new life’s


I love this game!! And I hope to see a few more updates like the adopted child being able to contact their birth parents or being able to arrange your children’s marriages. Also maybe being born in to a famous family or in royalty or marrying in to it if your lucky!!

- Pro Sports

I love BitLife! It’s a really fun game, but I think you should be able to become a pro sport player (ex. NBA,NFL,ect.). You would have to be the captain of your collages sport team and then when your in collage you can submit yourself into the draft you want, get accepted then be in the pro sport league you would like to play in. The better you are in the league the higher salary, min could be 600k to 900k and max be about 40m to 50m. Please add I think it would be lots of fun

- Amazing

This is a great app...I’m in love with it and I’m addicted.

- Kindy or or pre-school

Can you add a kindy pre-school or family day care or day care

- Love it however

I love BitLife and I’ve played it for ages and I’ve gotten the bitzen thingy but I think god mode should be included with that and if not then no more in app purchases because otherwise it becomes like an EA game where you pay for everything and it’s no longer enjoyable

- Really fun!

I love the game but I hate constantly Getting ads and I don’t want to become a bitzen. Still I recommend this game for people who need to kill time.

- In Your Closet. ...

In Your Closet. ...

- Coronavirus

Can you please put the Coronavirus in the game to make it much more realistic please and I love the game

- LOVE IT but...

I LOVE this game but I can’t quit a job, break up with someone e.t.c and I just freeze all the time also some suggestions, maybe something like war, and maybe some kind of weather problems like a fire or tsunami and like maybe more options like when someone wants to adopt you or you want to adopt someone you can agree or not? And maybe more choices but any way I love this game so thank you for your time.

- Great Great Game

BitLife is hands down the best life simulation game ever with it being constantly updated and developed it has potential to be one of the best mobile games in recent history. I love Bijuu

- Recommendations

Can you make it so you can Street race and lose your car plz

- BitLife is AMZAZING!

I play BitLife all the time! It is so addictive and cool. No other game lets you have this much choice without having levels or completing stupid quests to have babies or marry someone. I love that we can name children and our characters and buy houses and cars. I love that we can commit crimes or ask our parents for money. This really Is such a unique game. I DEFINITELY recommend getting this game!!!! Love from a HUGE BitLife fan 🥰💖🥳

- Amazing! But...

The game BitLife is a fantastic simulation game! I adore it and can spend hours on end on it experimenting wi5 different characters, scenarios and more. However, ever since I have downloaded this game, some updates that have been developed always goes to those who buy Bitzen, it is annoying how you have to play to enrich your experience in the game and the updates those without playing get are either new challenges or bug fixes. Overall, it is a great game but, some updates need to be free!

- Sports scholarship

You guys and girls at BitLife should do sports scholarships at college like football, baseball and like there is training thing to get better and if you’re really good you can get a scholarship. But only if your really good. Love playing BitLife hope you read this and make it a update THX

- BitLife review to add sporting careers

I really love BitLife and I’ve been playing it since it first came out and it’s only gotten better. I have purchased The bitizenship and it’s the best thing I’ve ever spent money on it makes the game way better in every way. However I do have a suggestion to add sporting careers I think it’s a good Idea and will give the game a lot more twist.

- Love it

Love the game

- So good!

I love the new updates and challenges but I have a suggestion what about making the game better what about child stars! And More careers

- Amazing

I downloaded this game not expecting much but I immediately became addicted I did end up buying a membership but even without that it was still extremely fun it is a great way to pass time and I would strongly recommend

- God mode

Whoever thought of it deserves a raise

- Ideas...

All the updates for this game are absolutely incredible, however I have one suggestion. What about partners who divorce/split with children having custody battles? You could have the amount of time spent with the child/parent affect their relationship in various ways etc.

- IDEAS! Love this game

Hi! I love Bitlife as it is, and I thought it was good enough to get the full version. As an avid player of this app, I've had a few thoughts and ideas you might be able to add into the game! First of all, it would be nice if you could customise your person a little more when you start. Like establishing the eye colour, skin colour, and hair type before you're born. Secondly, VAMPIRES! And general other fantasy types. Maybe have an option where you could be a vampire, and turn others, or get turned. Also witches, Religion. Add an option to have an enemy without being friends with them first. Another one is tattoos and piercings!!! It would add even more stylisation to the game, and originality to your character. My last one is when you visit the library/gym, you have pop-ups to make friends as well as you can relationships. Also the ability to have more than one best friend! Thank you developers, and keep on developing ❤️

- Good but not Great

I think BitLife is awesome it cures my boredom and I will be using it ALOT during isolation. The only thing is that I would rather the not be a membership. You can play the game without it and it doesn’t really do much but you can’t buy many pets 🙁

- The best but some problems

I like the game but so many adds about becoming a bitizen but it's still a great app anyway.

- Love this game

Best way to waste time being boredom. Different outcomes for every life customisable too heart’s content. The developer of the game are so loyal I mean mega loyal. There’s always something to do in BitLife and to buy the bitcitizenship is worth it

- Great game

Love it really good

- Recommend

Heyyyy!! I am a mother to four a 14 year old daughter An 11 year old daughter and 8 year old son a 3 year old daughter and one on the way. (Willow Oakley Ace and Everly) and I think this game is amazing for relegation after a big day of work or when the kids annoy me. My kids also play this game and I think anyone of any age can as well. I also think the new luxury update is amazing as well and like the fact they update almost every week!!!!!! I wish though u don’t have to be a bit zen for everything and u can have a horse easier. Over all I am in love with this app

- Ads and gameplay

So the game was fun at first but later on you have to buy things to make it fun like you can only go for 2 generations and then you have to buy inf generations and also the gangs and many other things

- My twin sisters EXACT name is on there

The name is leila al**n the **s are for privacy please remove her name you have my mum worried

- great but..

i find it silly that when you buy a bitizenship you still have to pay for other things that are in the game. we already paid for a feature but we have to pay more, i find that extremely unfair, we aren’t all made of money

- Bit Life is amazing

It is a amazing

- Can you plz add an entrepreneur update

I have playing BitLife for a long time. The game is perfect but this game would be excellent if you guys add a business update were you can buy a business and invest in shares. This game would also be excellent if you guys add a criminal and political career and more prison life activities

- Money?

Could you please make more things without money in them like styling hair? Or otherwise this games is ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ so enjoyable

- Love It!

I absolutely lOve this game! I honestly get so excited over all the new updates, I actually go onto the app store and read about them because I look forward to them so much. When you think the game couldn’t get any better, it does!! So happy with it, definately deserves 5 stars.

- Games amazing

The games just amazing for real the only thing is I can’t pay for some of the premium stuff but still really good.

- Um $5 for god mode?

Whats the point in buying the bitizen membership to have all the extra stuff in the game then having to pay more money to play god mode? This game was so much fun to play, but the initial money i spent to get insights into unlocking mafias im prison and stuff like that was a waste. Had i known that i had to pay more money every few updates i would have pocketed the money and spent it on a game thats free and doesn’t make you pay for special upgrades in the game Absolutely disappointing seeing such an amazing free game turn into a trap to get its players to constantly be spending money.


I absolutely love the new updates, the only thing I would recommend is being able to update your own stats 💗

- Hey all!

Just wanted to give the team a shout out for being so awesome and working hard on the game despite what has been going on. They are awesome!

- God mode

What was the point of buying the bitizenship if you still have to pay more to use the god mode and should make it so you can add your own cars and be able to buy caravans and tents that you could take camping. Could add a lot more activities and things to make it better is a pretty good game but you have to pay real money to do a lot of things in it now

- Add god mode

God mode would be sick you could make people pay for it like make it a $1 or something

- Can’t get bitzen back after delete and reload

Amazing game, but can’t get the bitzen back after deleting and reloading

- Best Game Ever

Hello! I never thought I would say this but this is the best game ever! Everything from the random sickness you might get to the unexpected wealth! Every time I play this game it is always great, I love the new updates. Keep going with this game as it is really good and well designed.

- I LOVE this app!!! ✨

Okay, first off this is the very first time I’ve written a review, because this is my fave game! I love how you can be in cliques in high school, and are able to interact with friends! This game would be even better if you could open your own business! It’d also be cool if you could do more extracurricular activities/sports like Basketball teams, Jazz bands etc. But overall, I love this game so much and it’ll always remain my favourite game ever!


Fix this now

- Great game but no magic?

Please put magic in the game. I want the option to become a wizard or something like that.

- Great Grandchildren?

LOVE THIS GAME Thank you for continuous updates too! I love opening a new game and seeing all the new features, but can we explore the idea of great grandchildren? I love having family legacies, but I don’t like going from my main person dying at 110 and the only option is to start as their kid who is probably 80 at that point so could we look into continuing as our grandchildren? And also introducing great grandchildren into the game? Thank you 🙌🏽

- Boring

It’s getting old. Your next updates going to have to be a big one to keep me playing

- Karen approved.

Such a wonderful game. The creators deserve a pat on the back (after this coronavirus!). Thank you so very much for this wonderful game I play it with my girls Susan, Lisa and Ann. We very much enjoy it. Are in our mid 40’s and always need a break away from reality it’s such a pleasure to have this mind blowing simulation. Keep those updates coming! Sincerely, A very very happy Karen.

- Great game 5 out of 5 here are some ideas:

•Option for what religion (even witchcraft) •choosing what year it is •Rape •Drug dealing •Picking up hookers •robbing jewellery shops •a selection of exotic pets so u don’t waste ur life looking for a certain animal •Some Step-sis and bro time •Phone option

- hey

i like the older version of bitlife, the animations are not good anymore

- Love it! But a few suggestions

This game is very well made and has some realistic scenarios. However, regarding the custom people maker, I have a few suggestions. I would love it if there could be more options for the people maker, for example, their nationality, their stats, their sexuality and the option of bringing them into someone’s life. I understand that this game is supposed to be realistic but I want to create my own reality 😳

- Pretty cool

My friend recommended this game to me, I was skeptical at first as I have never been into this sorta thing, but now I am having tonnes of fun impaling random cheerleaders on poles, thanks Liam, I am now a psychopath

- Good


Payoneer 💰

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- Idea!!

I love the game so much! I think it would be awesome if god mode was free for bitizens, since they have already payed for it! Hope you consider it! Thanks!!!

- A Few Suggestions

This game is truly amazing, but I would like a few more features to be added to god mode to have total control over your life. So what I would like to see is not only and you choose your own stats but you could also control how many siblings you have, or your parents occupation. It would be awesome if you guys could allow us to have grandparents or aunts and uncles. Maybe even control the stats if you pets. You could also give us an entire body to design! That would be amazing!!!! But I know you guys already work hard enough as it is, and you are doing a truly amazing job updating BitLife. I love this game and I am addicted to playing it! I kinda just want to be more addicted to it! Thank you so much for considering and looking at some ideas for BitLife! I love this game with my whole heart and I cannot wait to see what you do with it next!!!

- Something to spruce it up

First of all I think the updates you have created made this game much more exciting, but what about professional sports and other jobs that aren’t included like a princess of a new land. Things that are offered to you like different collages and scholarships that you to apply to. Another great thing you could add on are goals that the player would set themselves.For example, say you want to buy yourself a new phone, jewelry, make up products, or furniture. Anyway thanks for reading.

- All it needs is for you to be able to go to the nba or nfl


- Not really a review just guestion

How do you access god mode in game

- Great Game👍🏻👍🏻

This is definitely my favorite game, it’s super fun and addictive but there is one thing that is super annoying in the game that makes me constantly just want to stop playing. It’s that breaking out of prison is so hard. Prison is so restricting and obvious no one wants to sit in the prison for years on end but I just think the Maximum security prison break maps are way too hard, they take about 25-30 EXACT movements otherwise your caught. I think there should be other ways to escape, easier ways, or maybe there could be a chance to escape during a prison riot. Anything like that to make it a bit easier to escape the prison.

- Good review

I LOVE THIS GAME,But please can you make us run away or kidnap or be kidnapped people(kids too) that would be awesome Oh and don’t forget the Animals -Steal pets -run away -be kidnapped -or kidnap people -pls don’t get mad at me but rape (you get raped or you rape others) - you can also breed dogs? -control or see who’s people crush or control your crush to like them (god mode make your crush like you -professional sports player -have crushes

- The Stock Market Idea

I love the game and really enjoy the new god mode great idea. With the new really expensive boats and airplanes to fly I really want a new way to make a lot of money. Knowing their is already a stockbroker job in the game I thing their Gould be a tab in assets or activity’s where we can invest in stocks. The stocks don’t have to be legit but it would be a cool way to earn and loose money. Again I love the game and the all the new stuff that comes.

- - A reason for the driver license!

- I was playing BitLife and thought it would be cool for an acutely reason behind taking the drivers test (P.S. Thanks for making the god modding free!) maybe like how we have the escape from prison you could do that but bigger, so for example if you want to go on vacation it will be like an image from your house, and you must drive to the airport, it’s an idea I’ll love to see and play with!

- Suggestions

So I LOVE BitLife! But I do have a few things I would like to see in the future 1. To make it go by days,weeks,months not years 2. The ability to change your look before you start your life. 3. To be born into royalty, celebrities, or whatever else is popular 4. To make so you can edit what you do like studying, do you do it on the computer, cards, or other thing. I want this to be able to this with many things. 5. More things to do with your relationship 6. If you have a one night stand the father should pay child support or do other things like that. Also similar to this if your parents get divorced one parent gets custody of the child, or they go back and forth. 7. To have more things to do at ages 0-4 8. To have an accident and get superpowers from it. 9. Less ads 10. To date 2 people at once 11. Government jobs 12. So if you choose to be lesbian you can’t have kids that way I would very much like this to change 13. If your a popular kid then you should be able to hang out talk and other things with them 14. More jobs based on your degree 15. Make dying your hair/ styling your hair available to everyone 16. Whenever I want to get the IVF my husband/wife never agrees to do it! It’s also the same with relationship counseling 😢. I would like to do these things but my significant other always refuses. Please fix this. And this is all thank you.

- must must read

I’m a huuuuuge fan of this game! I think this game is really fun & I always count on the updates because the updates are always so good! I have a major update that I think bitlife should add to make this game a bit more interesting! You guys should add colleges! like if someone wanted to apply to Yale University they can click colleges to apply to and there would be colleges all around the world. They can press Yale & apply for a scholarship or pay full! I think this would make the game a whole lot more interesting so if bitlife is reading this I suggest this idea! Please consider adding it! Thank you!

- Time machine

The time machine should be free for bitizens

- Covid19

I think we should be able to control in the settings if we want real, current events to be featured in gameplay. Some people might think the corona virus adds are funny and current, but Playing the game these days, I want a distraction from the world pandemic, not a constant reminder. I can’t go on vacation, but I want my lil guy to be able to! Otherwise, I really enjoy the game. This was just a jarring thing to find out.

- Bible

You should be able to read a bible

- Love this game

I love this game. It is addictive but I would like to see more added to it like royals or supernatural beings just to make it a bit more fun and interesting. I would also love to see forbidden romances. I would also love to see child support and so on

- Ideas

Would love if you guys added a draft to professional sports teams. Would be a great addition to the game. I’m a bitizen and officially have god mode.

- Love this game!

The best thing about this game is that they keep making updates, so that really solves all my problems. One thing: There is way too much ads and I would like it better if you could see what the characters were doing.(Ok, that’s two things.) Overall, this game is the best role play game ever!

- Royalty IDEA!!! Please Read 👑🤴👸 update I added a other idea

Can we be royalty in BitLife not just England because there are more Royal countries also we can have a 50/50 chance of being born into royalty but that’s only if your born in a royal country and I think of having to be royal should be added to the Bitizen gamepass so if you want to be royalty you have to buy the Bitizen gamepass also we can marry into royalty like marrying a King,Queen,Prince,Princess,Duke,or Duchess. And if we have kids they should be royalty and a little famous too even if the parents have died and by being royalty for a few years you can be famous a little or a lot but there should be a other tab if your King or Queen and I think it should be called “Royal Duties” and by clicking on it there will of list of what to do and you get payed by doing them and you get payed a lot because your King or Queen like here are the things “Meet with the Prime Minister”, “Travel to Royal Ceremonies”, “Throw a Politics Party” and lastly “Declare war to a country” by declaring war you have to chose which country to have war with and then you have a 50/50 chance of losing or winning the war and by losing the war owe a bunch of money to the country that you declare war with but if you win the war the country owes you a bunch of money cause you won the war but that’s if your Queen or King. Also by being King or Queen you can go to the relationship tap and you will have “Countries” tab then u can see your relationship with all 78 countries in BitLife and you can fix or ruin your relationships with countries. And if your a son of a Duke or Duchess your called a Lord (Firstname) (Surname) and if your a daughter of a Duke or Duchess your called a Lady (Firstname) (Surname). Ok so by being a prince or princess or being a child of a Duke or Duchess you should be getting payed until you turn or the characters child 18 years old by 18 years old you well have to be part of the military or be captain or Officer of the military and you can also be a knight or be Captain of the Knights or just get a normal career as you get payed by your job you also get payed by being royalty too, but if your parents give you the crown you have a new job as a King or Queen and your old career won’t matter anymore and if you don’t want a job then u get payed a little by being royalty. If ur Queen or King when you write a Will and give it everything Charity the oldest that’s living gets the crown and the money will go to Charity but if you write the Will as “Divide Equally” your money will be spilt with ur kids but the Crown will go to the oldest that’s living of course but ur can chose any of your kids the money and the crown will go to them. But if your famous and Queen or King you can still do the “Fame” tab but you will have the “Royal Duties” tab too. And one more thing you don’t have to be called King or Queen because if your born or you rule over China your called a Emperor or Empress. And other thing when creating your character you can make your own type of country when you do there should be a button that says “Royalty” that means you can make your custom country a Royal Country. Thank You for reading I love BitLife and it’s mostly the only game I play.❤️

- Add superheroes

Love the game but plz add hero or bad guy or That you can turn in to like hulk,Batman,ghost rider. That would be cool plz😍😍

- Great game suggestions.

It would be really cool if you could add the ability to play sports professionally and become famous by playing sports and have the option to “drive” your career in extended options then most jobs to add variety to jobs and there options. Plus I think this is on most people’s mind can you please add the ability to create a Business for example a shop, restaurant, merchandise, or corporate company. That is all and thank you for your time keep up the good work. Also please dear god please add more options to the. Armed forces for example become a terrorist or apply for specialized forces and rebellions, build army’s also please add more then the minesweeper game if there was more variety it would be better. Because the minesweeper is bs because sometimes it’s impossible and I have 145 iq so god forbid me from enjoying myself while being a soldier in this game. Fix this I can tell you specifically what’s wrong but I don’t have anymore time.

- Awesome 😎

Ok so I really,REALLY love BitLife. But I wish- 1.You Could secretly date people or go on a few dates before being girlfriend/boyfriend. 2.See your full avatar and customize them.(Like if you got a nose job you could tell the difference.) 3.Your friends could set you up on a blind date. 4.Parents leaving you because of addictions or money loss 5.parents being murderers or hitmen 6.Pet Customization Sorry if this is a waste of time.Love the game♥️

- Some Ideas!!

The game is already so amazing! I’m thinking that if we adopt pets, the pets should reproduce, if we have a female and a male. Something else should be to add more countries! I think it would be fun to have everyone’s country in the game, so people feel included, just a few more! Maybe add sports to the job lists, If you have enough athleticism. One more thing! We could run for the country’s president! If we win we should have more advantages, like murder, drug dealing, and adding more laws, and if you get caught, death penalty? Prison for life? You decide! These are just some ideas. I would be so happy if any got added, this is a great game 10000/10 keeps getting better and better! Can’t wait for what’s to come.

- What to put in BitLife

You should be able to go to a college in a different state or even country. If you get plastic surgery we should be able to see the changes. When you are pregnant you should go by months and have it like a real pregnancy. Sadly maybe when you have more than one baby they might die or be blind or deaf or even disabled. You can have more than just three babies. And also they can be different genders.Im in the ghetto aratata make a hood or projects update with gangs and your parents could be gang members or even leaders get robbed by gang or join one without a Bitizenship. It would be great if we can go back to past things were you can get your girlfriend pregnant young make it more realistic kids can have babies too. When men die and their girlfriend or wife is pregnant they don’t have the baby so when he does die she will still have the baby. And women could die by giving birth.

- Awesome Game!

I love this game, I especially loved the god mode feature but I really think u should take it to the next level with stuff like infinite money or instant fame or always getting jobs I also think you should do a supernatural update just for fun we’re you could have superpowers or something or just start with like vampires and then work your way through. It would also be really cool to add an autism update were you can be autistic because I myself have high functioning autism. You can also make it so you can be a professional gamer and instead of social media you can manage/add twitch streams or YouTube videos. Also as a small time game developer myself I can see how this can be hard but try getting BitLife to be on Xbox one ps4 and pc. You can also make a school interactions update were you can interact with stuff in school. Thank u if u add any of these things because if you do it would really make BitLife happy

- Hi

I think it would be a great idea to add more sexualities than just bi, straight and gay. There are so many sexualities, and you have only chosen 3! I read the other reviews, and I think you should be able to run away from home too! Great idea!!! There should be a non binary option and you should be able to legally change your first name when u turn 18. Also u should be able to buy multiple pets at once. One thing I’ve not seen on BitLife is great grandchildren. also god mode isn’t working on my device?!!!?!!

- Suggestions

This app is great and I know the devs work really hard to update it and give people what they want but here are some suggestions to possibly make the game better. 1. We should be able to move to other cities without having to emigrate. Like if you lived in New York you could move to other states. 2. We should be able to be child actors (singers, etc.) if we have the requirements or have good looks or something. 3. I know the devs need money but making us pay for god mode when we are already bitizens. You could make us pay for other things like to get back fame when we lose it. Or maybe instead of going back in time we could go forward. 4. It would be nice if we had more crimes like drugs and drug deals, kidnapping, assault ( whenever we want not just when some calls our mom a nerd,) ransoms, threats, and crime gangs. I have been playing BitLife since it first came out and I will continue to play it no matter what you do. Just please keep these in mind.

- Ads are super annoying

Love the game they just need to add more options and things to control and take away ads plzzzz

- Money hungry

I use to love this Game until this recent update of GOD MODE it doesn't Make sense that I have to Pay for God mode when I already paid to be a bitzen , well this game was nice while it lasted 🤧😓

- Question

How long will god mode last, if it only lasts a few months then I’ll just pay for a citizen 👍

- Relationships

I think you should know your sister and brother in-laws if your siblings are married. You should also be able to know who your grandparents and great uncles and aunts to. It doesn’t make sense that I don’t know my cousins and aunts but the only extended family I do know is my nieces and nephews. Also, YOU SHOULD KNOW YOUR LONGTIME FRIENDS FAMILY. Such as their spouse and kids. And last is that you should still know your step-parents but it depends. If you’ve known them since you were really young it makes more sense and it’s more realistic to know them if they basically raised you and you had a good relationship with them. Maybe there could be like a bar that says “ex-stepfather”, like how under siblings it says “ex-stepsister”.

- Greedylife

BITLIFE I’m NOT PAYING 499 FOR Hair dye time travel make it free Now

- Suggested updates people wanna see! ❤️

Hiii BitLife! After playing this game for over a year, and seeing the amount of effort and updates put into the game, it’s changed A LOT in amazing ways. I adore every little detail, it’s what makes it BitLife, Especially the humor, and everything else about it, you just gotta love. So obviously 5 stars, to anyone who’s debating to play, it’s awesome. Now, with these amazing updates, I’ve gotten a million ideas circulating in my head, that I’d to, and many others would like to see come to fruition in this game one day! So these will mostly be suggestions! * Ability to have separate families with other people! Meaning, instead of your souse immediately finding out that you’ve cheated, or just breaking up with someone, you could potentially start a whole other family, and live lives with them at the same time without them ever knowing perhaps. unless it gets down to who’s married etc. I think this would be very interesting to have, and add a lot of scandal to the game. I don’t know if I explained this properly haha. * There should be the option to create your own business, and based of how well you’re at marketing or what the job is, you could make some bag! There is quite a few people who’d like to see this one. * the ability to date/marry other famous people! If you’re famous, instead of just having beef with random celebrities, we should be able to date other randomized celebrities because we have better access to them at that status. Or if we have enough charms or looks, we could be normal people and have the option to date famous people, and we end up getting famous because of them! This happens quite a bit in the real world, would be interesting to see in BitLife! * lastly, we should be able to change the color of our persons eyebrows In god mode?? I’m not sure why this isn’t a thing yet, but, it should. Of course, if I could, I’d write a million more ideas, but I feel as if these are pretty reasonable, and potential things we could see in BitLife! Thanks!

- I really want a feature to start a business

I absolutely love this game!.... but there was another thing I always dreamed about happening in BitLife, if you could start your own business in BitLife. It would be my dream. You would be able to accept contracts for people to be workers, you could fire workers, you could shut down your business, you could put your business on tv,newspaper,phones,you could promote workers, you could start projects, you could make a worker the co-boss, you could start a meeting, you could give raises to workers, last but not least you could sell your business. As I said before if this was in an update this would be insane

- Car Details

I suggest that when you are buying cars you should add more details to the cars so it would make it look realistic and more fun to play.

- Kidnapping in bitlife

I think because we can do a lot of criminal activities now, i think there should be kidnapping. Kind of like people can kidnap us as and we can kidnap others

- Great game but here are some suggestions

First off I love this game, it is so addicting but I have a few suggestions. The first three suggestions are just minor things that you could add if you want but the last two are more in depth things that you should consider for future update. Also all my suggestions you should be able to do without a bitcitizeship bc it’s annoying when you do answer our request but then make them cost money to get. First, I think that when you are going into college you should be able to get scholarships in like sports or for good grades. Second, There should be an option for like drinking, smoking,etc instead of waiting for those options to pop up. Third, you should be able to move around you country like if you live in Las Vegas you could move to Denver. Fourth, I think when you are a kid/teen/young adult your family should own a house and you can like throw parties, have sleepovers with people, sneak people over, and sneak out. Also, you should be able to go over to your SO house or friends house and do all those things that you can with your house. Then when you go to college you can choose to move out, live at college, or find an apartment. Please consider all these things and if you can’t do them all please do the one with friends and your house. Lastly, I think there should be like beauty pageants/beauty queens. For this your character would be able to compete in various beauty pageants, and they could start this anytime in there life. The character would be able to get famous off winning the pageants and be able to compete at miss wherever they live then miss wherever country they live in and the biggest one miss universe. They would make money and fame off these pageants. Also one more thing about this is that when they win they get crowns and they would get stored where jewelry is and when the win a pageant your character would then wear the crown. Please and thanks!

- Great Game

Great game I just wish you could get hair cuts and stuff like that or even become a barber.

- What I think will make the game better

Y’all should add like you can be a drug dealer


This game is amazing I love the game so addicting.but l think the in app purchases should be free for little kids who play the game.a.k.a. Me too.i think maybe more thing should be interactive like the eye test.other wise a awesome game.👍👍👍👍👍👍also maybe a account option so that if you get a inappuces you don’t lose it if you delete the app or get a new device

- Inescapable ad

There was an inescapable Yarn ad and and I don’t have bitizenship

- Aramiyun

Ius a great game but I have a few more updates please consider putting this in the game first a Michael Jackson update we’re you can be Michael Jackson . Number 2 be a zoo keeper . 3 be your favorite famous person 4 be a YouTuber thank you

- good ideas

this game literally only keeps getting better and better but i think y’all should add professional sports or ways to even get famous

- Bitizen

I’m really disappointed with how bitizens were treated with the time travel option and God mode. We already payed and it said we would get ALL FUTURE CONTENT. And I have the screenshot of it so technically I could sue if I really wanted to, but I know these are bad times. All I really payed for was no ads and pets. Such a waste of money.

- Illegal Careers

Illegal Jobs/ Sell Drugs...Become Cartel, Police raids, etc. Just An Idea

- Love new update!!

I love the new update just a little upset I can’t be apart of the god pack! I don’t have $3!!

- I love it!

So, when I play the game I play the game it seems so amazing and addicting! But I will give things I’d like to be added to game! When my husband/wife gets a divorce and we have children, could we go to court and have some sort of a custody agreement thing? I think that would make the game so much better and fun! Another one of my ideas is when I’m in school, could there be an update when some kids ask if me (the player) is asked to smoke in the bathroom? That would be hilarious! And it could only be rare? Thanks for reading and stay safe! -AB

- Best game ever!!!

Love this game play it on the daily! Can you please make bridesmaids and maids of honor.

- Awesome game

Really fun i have a suggestion to add guns were you have to get a ccw and could defend yourself with it

- Awesome

Overall bitlife is amazing but there are a few things you could add. Like pet your animal. And pick which exotic animal you want to adopt. Another thing is you could go out to eat pick which kind of food you want to eat. My main idea is being able to create your own business or become the supervisor. Ok imma go play bitlife now

- Greta game but...

Loved the game but please please please make a professional sports update


I love this game!! And I hope to see a few more updates like the adopted child being able to contact their birth parents or being able to arrange your children’s marriages. Also maybe being born in to a famous family or in royalty or marrying in to it if your lucky!!

- Pro Sports

I love BitLife! It’s a really fun game, but I think you should be able to become a pro sport player (ex. NBA,NFL,ect.). You would have to be the captain of your collages sport team and then when your in collage you can submit yourself into the draft you want, get accepted then be in the pro sport league you would like to play in. The better you are in the league the higher salary, min could be 600k to 900k and max be about 40m to 50m. Please add I think it would be lots of fun

- Nice game

I have played 100 games but this is the best one yet

- This game is great but

Suggestions; -PET LIZARDS!!!! -Get adopted later on in life -Farm animals like pigs and cows and chickens!!!! (BTW if you bought something and you deleted and redownloaded click restore purchase) Please add at least one of these in the game!!!! It would be so much more fun and I would give a 5 star!

- Amazing!

I’m sorry to bother you guys I know you are working so hard to keep the game running but if you see this it would be cool if you could make multiple challenges at a time?

- I think

that it should able to become a orphan as a child or be able to be born to famous parents

- Yea

It’s good game but when you join the army can you please make it so you can request deployment?

- Pay for god mode??

Why should I have to pay for god mode when I’m already a bitcitizen, stupid.

- Great Developers

I never leave reviews, but I just want to thank the developers for continuously updating and refining the game to make it a little bit better every update. Game is fun would recommend.

- Great but built in ads

This is a great and enjoyable game, however I do not enjoy the built in ads that are displayed every so 5mins; it’s very repetitive and takes away from the enjoyment. Even when you do not turn of the wifi, there are bit-life ads built in that can be long videos. It would be much better if it was just a small post displayed, I do not play anymore because of the ads. However this is a fun game.

- Love the game

It’s a really good game but I recommend that you make it so you can become a professional athlete or a famous rapper or be in a gang out of prison or make it so you can be a drug dealer . And make it so you can rob a train more often

- Disappointed

Unfortunately I cannot support this app because the developers cannot decide what is fair to charge users for, and what is not. "Bitizenship" was supposed to include all future content. The support team themselves said this, "Bitizenship is a one-time payment: buy it once and own it forever, including all future content!". Now they have decided to charge all users more money in order to access a feature called "god-mode". Because of this, I can no longer support this app.


I would recommend this fun app to everyone, but I think you should add sports outside of school and see relationships of other family members (aunts, uncles, cousins) and/or be able to live by yourself at the age of 16? This game simulates a lot about life and you should get it!

- ???

Why does god mod cost money I have bitzen

- I loved the game i am a bitezen

But why do i have to pay for god mode i have the bitezen thing your greedy af

- Need new things

This game is super fun but this game needs something to spice it up like custom your own characters looks and maybe even superheroes🙂

- Bitzen membership

The game overall is pretty good but my problem with this games newest update is that you honestly should be allowed to access “god mode” if you have bought the Bitzen membership.

- Not as good as before

Before, this game used to be enjoyable, hilarious, somewhat realistic, and simple. That was the perfect combination. Now, it isn’t as enjoyable, mainly due to the fact that it is absolutely over-realistic. And it is also way too over-complicated. Way too much realism. Just not simple anymore. Not good for a game like this. New players couldn’t enjoy the game’s former glory. As well, GOD MODE? Doesn’t that make the game too EASY? I get it; you’re trying to make the game more enjoyable, but in the most ridiculous way. Making the game more enjoyable by making it too easy. That’s not good. Now you don’t have to make tough decisions anymore, and that is one of the things that made this game fun. Not sure why you’d want to make such “mode”; as a developer. It just seems to carry away your audience. No more fun. As well, you have to PAY! To not get it, it feels like you’re missing out. But come on guys, we already paid an absurd amount of money for the citizenship. It’s a high amount of money, for a small game like this. I understand; you must make money. But just wait! More players are pouring into the game, and some are paying for the stuff in this game. Just be patient. Don’t ruin the game and carry away its audience. Then you’ll get absolutely no more money from it. Way too much money for everything. Also, the new design on the characters are absolutely stupid. Come on, way too complicated. Just keep things simple, please. The recent updates ruined the game for me, and it just isn’t worth playing any longer. Recent updates have destroyed the game of its enjoyability, and have only made it more realistic. I don’t want realism. I want enjoyability. That’s why I came here. Not for realistic scenarios; for fun ones. And let us be honest: you have to PAY for the “God Mode”! Who would pay for something like that? Why isn’t it included with citizenship? You charge an absurd amount for that, and yet you’re expecting people to pay EXTRA for the new mode. Dude, uncool. TO THE GUILLOTINE!

- Professional Review

Great game but one improvement I would make would be to add the a few combat sports careers such as a mma fighter or boxer etc. or you can also add the possibility of becoming professional sports athletes like getting drafted out of high school or getting a scholarship for your top level performance for a college then get drafted with salary increasing with each new contract etc.


There should be more options for sexuality. There is gay, straight and bisexual. It’s not very inclusive. There also needs to be more options on gender at the moment there is only male and female.

- LOVE this game. Play every update, BUT

I honestly adore this game. There is a lot you can do. Just have one this to say about this new god mode update. I adore the idea and love what you guys have done! But as a long time bitzen who paid twice or the bitzenship once with Samsung and again on my iPhone I find it kind of annoying that you now want me to pay more for the God mode update? I appreciate the 14 day trial due to covid-19 boredom but I mean come on.. I'm a little disappointed. But I do appreciate the game and everything all the staff does for this game. Keep up the awesome work!

- Suggestion

This game is amazing! Here’s an update idea that I think would improve the game: roommates! You could be a bad roommate or a good roommate and it would make living in a house cheaper. Also easier ways to make friends would be nice, sure you can meet them at school or work but it would be nice if you could meet friends online or at a public place like the gym or library. Keep up the good work!

- But why tho?

Why can’t we go on vacation? Like we get it it’s corona time. But it’s a game... also a lot of people play it to pass time during confinement soo at the end of the day it’s just annoying

- Great but...

You have the god thing temporarily, I have used it and I LOVE it. But I noticed something: I had a gay character and whenever I went to edit his boyfriends attributes it said he was straight. So you should change that.

- Idk

I LOVE this game soooo much, but can you guys please add a few things such as: -If you give your child up for adoption can you choose to still remain in their life or can they maybe reconnect - you can choose the colour of your car - Can you add YouTuber, media influencer, Tiktoker, etc. so you can become famous and make money off of that? -Can your parents force you to move out or disapprove of your major/job? -Can you ask your partner to move in with you? -Can you date numerous people at once and have to be careful so they don’t find out? -Can you add more sexualities? -Can you learn different languages? -Can you become friends with you part time job colleagues? -Can u be an extra in a movie? -Great grandparents, cousins, siblings’s/grandchildrens’s/nephews’s/nieces’s partner and children? -Can you create your own business? -When making your will can u decide who gets what? For example, sister get’s $1765 and car and mother gets $14267 and house. Thank you for reading this!!! :)

- Fun app !!!!

This app/game is actually really fun. It might look like it’s not cause your first impression is just reading texts. Give it a chance and then buy the full version. There are always cool updates. You can stop playing and come back to it anytime.

- Bro

I like it but there’s so many ads .-. I know you wanna get that cash but spare us

- stuff

we need more options for drugs and booze like to buy pot or vape or cigarettes or booze

- Addicted to this game!

I love this game so much and I have been thinking about this a lot and I really think it would be even better you added months too so it’s not just year by year. For example pregnancy takes nine month or more so with in those months you could add if the female gave birth early or late in the months, I would be amazed if I saw this change and it would make me play this game so much more and I would definitely share it with everyone I know if this change was made🤩

- Idea

You guys should have a mini game per job in bitlife it might take a long time but it'll be worth it also the including the part time jobs too

- God Mode

Firstly I think God Mode should be included in Bitizenship, but there should also be an update where you can start a life as someone that is in your current life. Like you could be your sibling or friend.

- 😔

The fact that god mode is a one time purchase just pisses me of!

- 𝚐𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚝 𝚐𝚊𝚖𝚎 𝚋𝚞𝚝

𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚛𝚎𝚜 𝚝𝚘 𝚖𝚊𝚗𝚢 𝚊𝚍𝚜

- Love the game but...

You take Coronavirus outta there. That’s just mean spirited, this is an escape!

- Absolutely fantastic app

It’s so clear that the editors who work on this game are working so hard. This game is endlessly entertaining, and I always look forward to their updates. Highly recommend becoming a Bitizen!!


Why do I have to pay for god mode if I’m already a bitzen?!!?

- God mode costs even MORE?

I bought a Bitizenship. I’ve supported the game a lot, so I assumed that God mode would either be free or included with the Bitizenship. And yet God mode costs even more? So unnecessary...

- Pretty Interesting

I like BitLife, it’s pretty interesting, but I wouldn’t play it everyday. It’s kinda boring and I want to be able to change my appearance without having to buy God mode, same with Bitizen. It is a good game, and I recommend it highly. Great on road trips And plane rides. Great game!

- Okay

I payed for the bitizen then a feed days later it stayed I wasn’t a bitizen idk also there are a lot of ads like omg other then that it’s good


Can you make god mode free that will make me rate it 5 stars, but overall it’s an amazing and you definitely get it.

- Amazing

Best developers to make a game, a must download

- An awesome game!!

Bitlife is an amazing game and i would definitely recommend it. My only problem with is that “God Mode” should be included with Bitizen. Other than that, it’s fantastic!!

- Why

I got this app and also bought the bitzenship and can you add god mode to the bitzenship I really don’t think it’s fair to have to buy another add on! Do you even look at the reviews? Just want to know I will give it five star when it’s deserved -please

- Good

The game is really good to play on road trips but the only thing I want more from the game is the fame stuff to have more in it or make it so you can become a professional sports player

- The right developers

They really listen to what people have been saying and give the people what they want. New god mode is something that’s worth paying for and I’m glad they see and make sure they don’t go overboard with paying. Also very sweet, knowing how bored everyone is they’re giving god more for free for a few weeks. Thank you for being kind souls

- Awesome Update! (March 26, 2020)

March 12, 2020 This was a really neat update! Choices for Hairstyles and Children Inheriting parent’s assets, just to name 2! A huge thanks to the Team for their hard work and dedication to making this an awesome game. EDIT: March 21, 2020 The latest crash, which occurred randomly when I closed the app and reopened it, cost me 8 generations and all accumulated wealth and heirlooms, erasing all previously saved games/lives. Please say these crashes are being worked on. This is truly an awesome game and only marred by these frustrating crashes that occur with far too much frequency. EDIT: March 26, 2020 The afore mentioned issues seem to be fixed. Thanks to the Team for all that they do to keep the game awesome! Seriously, this is a great game and each update comes with even MORE improvements! It just keeps getting better and better!

- God Mode

God Mode should be free for Bitizens, I paid $6.99 for all future content and now I need to pay another 4 dollars? Smooth.

- Super fun game but littered with issues

This game is really fun and I find it amazing that I can just mess around in a random life but... This game could be 100 times better if they didn’t have the BitLife pass or whatever. The amount of ads in this game is insane if they had an ad every 25 years or so then it would be fine but it seems I just get an ad every 5 minutes, also this game makes you have ads even when you’re offline. All in all unless you’re willing to pay 7 bucks a month it’s not amazing.

- En français ?

S’IL VOUS PLAÎT, METTEZ EN FRANÇAIS ! JE L’AI SUPPRIMÉ PARCE QUE C’ETAIT EN ANGLAIS ! Si vous le mettez en français, ÉVIDEMENT que je vais le réinstaller et le conseiller a tout le monde parce que j’adore ce jeu ! PLEASE PUT IN FRENCH! I DELETED IT BECAUSE IT WAS IN ENGLISH! If you put it in French, of course I will reinstall it and recommend it to everyone because I love this game!

- God mode

I’m happy you made the option to select your own appearance and stats but I’ve already purchased the full version of the game and now your making me purchase another “god mode”!! I love the game this just frustrates me if you could fix this that would be great!

Libertex 📈

You can learn how to earn on the Forex market! Become Libertex client and practice trading on financial markets without risk. Get Free Forex Course!

- Great, But

I love this game it’s so fun to play. I found a glitch in the game. I went to adopt a child with the new update but when I went back to adopt a second child the child I had already adopted was still there and it let me adopt him again. Now I have like 6 of the same person

- Really addictive game

Really amazing game no criticisms on what is there however something like mythical mode would be cool with super powers or maybe choosing a time period to play in like medieval period or space travel

- Why I hate the game

Too many ads

- Amazing

So good I even got bitezen and all that. It’s so relaxing and fun but could you maybe do more options for social media like right now here is only “post” or “delete account” but maybe add more buttons like “add drunk picture” or “post ad” or stuff like that x

- Amazing

Very fun game maybe you can add a piercing shop where you can get peircings and you can see them on your avatar x

- Can’t find it

Where do I go to get my eyes tested as I have looked everywhere

- Best simulation app I’ve played!

I love the game, I literally play it everyday and I’m addicted now one idea I want you to add is to become tik tok famous but this game is seriously the best game of 2020

- Amazing !!!!

I love this game it’s so cool and I wish I could be bitcitizen because it’s soooooo cooool

- Amazing game but got a few ideas on how to make it better

Some things that I would love to see is : -obvs more achievements and ribbons -youtubers carrer -Instagram model -when an orphan, you can choose to interact with other children in the orphanage (like the school settings) and the naughtier u are, the less your love is I feel like these things will make it even more interesting so it doesn’t get repetitive and stays fun

- BitLife is amazingly awesome

Hi whoever made bitlife or thought of it you are amazing bitlife is such a fun game it’s way of thinking about real life! It’s so fun

- It is a very good game like when ur bored on the bus

U can play definitely 5star

- Too many adds

It’s a fun game overall but the only problem is way too many adds

- Very good game but ads are bad


- Restrictions

Ok, here’s something I’m very upset about. There is too many things non-Bitizens can’t do now! They are slowly changing most options we could do to be unable to do! Such as a simple thing as hair styles! We use to be able to get a cut or whatever but now we can’t touch our hair without BUYING things! It’s not fun anymore. I’m starting to feel like they don’t care about us and just want the money. Very upset.

- ❤️

I really love the game so much and everything about it but there’s to many ad’s but other than that it’s amazing 🔥

- You will love this game

•If you want to play OK if you are thinking of playing BitLife then you definitely should, BitLife is almost like a phone version of the sims but, almost better. It is definitely worth getting bitizen as well because before I didn’t really think it was worth it but because of all the AMAZING updates there already are and there are to come I would highly recommend it. •Suggestions So I think that BitLife is really great but I have some suggestions because I saw someone else make a suggestion and it was put into an update. One of my ideas is to have households, like having a picture of your house, where people sleep and being able to move out when you want. Once I was playing and I wanted to adopt a dog but it said I didn’t have a house of my own so I couldn’t, but then I thought you could have household interactions such as asking your parents if they would be ok with having a dog in their house. Another thing that sprung to mind is if your in university, along with the household idea, could you have dorms and roommates and stuff. Could you also make more detail for weddings, like having a theme, picking your bridesmaids etc. Thank you for reading and PLEASE can you make households a thing? Bai

- Needs to add to game

For property you should be able to rent them out and get a income. And for crime you should be able to have gangs outside of prison and should be able to sell drugs and earn income if you pick a life as criminal. Another job option should be to become a professional athlete as you can play sports in school etc. Maybe could also add the stock market just another way to invest your money. Just suggestions.

- Good but tone down the low blood pressure

Probably the best app game I’ve played, really funny, really addictive and fun! But that’s where my compliments end, for one when I’m editing my character in god mode the looks and smarts don’t carry over to your life at all. And the worst problem is the low blood pressure, if you looked at all of my past lives at least 70% of them died from lbp (low blood pressure). I really hope this gets fixed soon because it’s starting to have a bad effect on the game for me.

- A few little extras

I absolutely love this game I spend houses a day playing it. I try my best to complete all the challenges but on one of the first challenges the alphabet one you had to have a baby named with every letter of the alphabet I did not realise it had to be in one life therefore I spent hours trying to do it but failed, also in the gold digger challenge it was hard to get money from spouses after we got devorced before that you would get a decent pay out but since the challenge it was extremely rare to get near £5000 also when I did get money from spouses it never told me how Much more money I needed to complete it so I had to use my calculator and do a lot of math if you could put in how much money left until or marriages until that would be great. I absolutely love god mode and I am very exited because I’m getting a b,ship soon and I can’t wait to do teacher interactions I love making my friends in game and overall this game is absolutely amazing and unlike no other ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

- great game

so additive and fun to play

- Social medias

Heyy love the game but i think that there could be more social medias like tiktok and youtube where u can pick what you post and stuff

- A bit of a joke

I love this game and payed to become a bitizen, and when doing that i belive it said 'all future content for free' yet now god more is and extra 2.99? If this is the case and even bitizens have to pay the extra then thats a joke! And also extremely false advertising!

- Great game need a little change

Hello BitLife I love the game you created but the military career is hard to do cause when I want to do it and then I get a mini game the mine sweeper it’s hard cause I don’t know what to do on it so can you change the mini games Of the military I will be happy about it

- It’s so frustrating!!!

Ok so in addition to my recent review, why can’t you be enemies with someone without being friends first? You only have the option to befriend someone but not to make them your enemy and it’s horrible. And again, if someone attacks you after you insult them, you can’t hit them back. Abuse isn’t in the crime section either, and I think it should be if you’re able to kill someone.

- Needs more in depth

The game is lovely I would just like there to be more in depth in certain careers, such as a singer and a producer (you could add genres, albums etc) or sport careers. It feels like I’m joining the high school/university sports teams for nothing.

- too many ads

love it but way too many ads😡

- BitLife

It’s amazing I only play it Roblox is no Mach for BitLife plus it’s free 247 playing ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

- Good game, too many ads

BitLife overall is a good game. It’s fun, passes time and is entertaining. But beware of the ADs! Every few clicks of a life you are displayed with a long, boring advertisement which isn’t relevant to anything. The game developers are selfish, money hoarders who don’t listen to the players about the ads. The developers have sneakily created a plan which annoys those playing into spending money on not getting ads. Ads are fine, but at least make them relevant, short and make sure I don’t see them 20 times per life.

- I love this games soooo much❤️

I’ve had this game since it came out and haven’t uninstalled it since, but the one thing I really want is if a professional sports play. Thanks so much.

- Loving it but those ads...

I really enjoy playing BitLife! I am liking the new update where you can visit family and friends in other countries when you have emigrated elsewhere and the new detail to your avatar adds a more realistic feel to the app for example, having glass and different coloured hair or hairstyles. However, I do feel that there are way too many ads for those who haven’t paid for the Bitzenship. So if the amount of ads were reduced then I know that would make me and many others happier playing, and my rating would go up to five stars!! Also, teacher interactions at school should be made available to all players but still allowing there to be extras for those who have paid for the Bitzenship. Looking forward to hopefully seeing less ads! Thanks :)


I just got god mode and it was great but after a few days I would change all my attributes to like 100 but when I was born they wouldn’t all be 100 some would be 58 or 43 not 100 I don’t know if it’s the same for anyone else but it happened to me. But anyway great update I can’t wait for the next!!! Hope you can fix my problems!

- A some and addictive

This game is a some I can’t stop playing it and also I also got life simulator to compare it and with the simulator I just died but with bit life it has so many more options and interaction between say you and your boy fried and you can actually choose you that boy/girl is where as with life simulator it picks it for you

- Amazing❤️❤️❤️

I love this game so much and my bro started playing it then i was so addicted to this game.gope there’s a new update but this game is the best game of the year for me.

- Good Game

Just a good game which I recommend but ads are annoying but you can skip them for money.

- idea💡

it’s a great game but it needs girl boy sets of twins or triplets like a set of triplets could be 2 girls and 1 boy


This game is amazing and updates all the time which is so amazing so you’ll always have something new. The god mode is amazing love this game so much I’m addicted!!!!!!

- good but..

its a really good game and i find no problems with it at all. however i do think a cool addition to the game could be the option to come out to your parents and see if they support you or not. this could be based off of their religioness. we should be given the option of how we come out to them and how we break the news to them too. also, i think another cool thing to add is social media as a future career, for example becoming a youtuber, tik toker etc.

- Crashing and glitching

I have the pro version and I have updated the app however every time I open the app i can click on a feature once then the app crashes and closes.

- Improvement

This is an excellent game, however i believe that an option to become a famous sports player should be added to the game.

- ...

It’s a good game except there is so many features that you can’t even get to see they literally made a update that you can only play with a purchase so I don’t see the point...

- Great game

BitLife is a great game that I really enjoy but I think their next update should allow for sporting careers like football or basketball

- Great game just asking for updates

I think there should be an update were you can create your own gang or join a gang and with the gang you can rob banks and do other crimes

- Good Game

I love this game but there is a few things about it Number 1: I would like it if you would let us dye the hair because in real life you can dye your hair and I think you will put out a selection of closers like when you get you hair dyed and let us choose Number 2: I would also like it if the Dad was there and not always the Mother because it either Mother and Father or just Mother. That’s it great game keep up the work!

- God mode question

Why do I have to pay money for the god mode If I’m already a bitzen citizen?

- The ability to buy a zoo would be cool

Expand on the pets thing and buy a zoo. The exotic pet dealer can give you wild animals already. But what if there was another way, like buying a zoo and buying separate animals.

- I want instlife back


- Fantastic

I love this game a lot and it the updates that these developers put into the game really shows that they care about our opinion. I would love to see more jobs like professional Athlete and maybe singers. Also easier ways to become a celebrity by doing these jobs. Maybe sometimes you could be born into a celeb family or create one that will live on for generations. Also, this would also tie into classes that you could take like football, basketball, singing lessons etc. The more you practice the more you are qualified.

- Amazing apart from one little thing...

I love this game so much it’s so much fun, so I decided to get bitizenship. This is pretty good, I have really been enjoying it. However, when I bought it (and it was rather expensive) it said that any future updates would be included. I thought that this was all good, but now the god update has come along and that isn’t included?! This is super annoying but it doesn’t change the fact that I love this game and it’s amazing

- Good game, please add Religions.

Please add the Christian religion. If the player is a Christian, he or she cannot feel heterosexual tendencies due to the fact that homosexuality is against Christianity.

- Incredible

BitLife was always an amazing app but I feel like the BitLife team really do care about their users especially since this virus came around all of a sudden they have really helped us out with that so thanks :) x 💛💛


This app is the best,funniest,weirdest,awesome app ever

- Really really good game

The game is awesome I love it and I like faded non-stop every day in till I kind of had to get off it it’s like one of those really good games are you game says swear if you get it is really good and if you buy the whole thing it could be really really really good

- Good game :)

its a good game but i wanted to ask what happened to the challenges? like they kinda just disappeared have they just been moved or?

- Update

I think they should make it that you could become a professional sports star or something

- Hi

I love this game, it’s so addictive but I wanted to suggest something’s that I think might also be cool. 1. Criminal jobs (like working in a mafia with ranks and stuff) 2. Sport Jobs (for example being a soccer star or something and then being famous from that) 3. Being the Prime Minister or the President 4. Being able to date celebrities, whether ur a celebrity or not 5. The children of celebrities should be able to become famous easier or already be famous once they’re born Overall I have no complaints just suggestions that I hope u take a look at and consider adding to the game

- Add family members/wife and kids can get arrested

Add family members/wife and kids can get arrested because it would be so funny if your wife got arrested for murder of your parents or brothers and the children can go to juveline detention. Please add this feature to the game

- Love it

I don’t know what to say

- Amazing game

Great graphics, up to date with current events, you can customise your character, dye their hair a chosen colour. Brilliant and free

- Old animation style

This game is really fun, but I hate the look of the new characters. Can we bring back the old style

- It’s ok

I loved the old version of this game. The graphics were amazing and everything looked right, but ever since the update it looks very different. The graphics look to cartoony, it looks like a rip off version to the old version and everything looks wrong if this was the old version 5/5 but now that it has changed its more of a 2/5 sorry but it’s true and it’s not just the graphics that have changed but most of the old scenarios they have changed a lot and I much prefer the old version (I know they won’t but I real hope one day they will change it back to the old graphics🤞)

- Meh ok but kinda bad too

Bitlife is a great game but the thing is that u have to get bitzen membership to get the cool stuff. I personally think that that less things should be free. I hope this situation could be changed.

- Awesome

I love BitLife but I want interactions with your childrens wife and husbands and seduce stepparents

- Thing I would like to be added

I think if you could see if your wedding and see what it’s like at the place that you go and spend time with . If it was made more like a real life game it would be the only game I would play other than YouTube and Roblox. But bit life is so much fun and in my next life it will be a spurise

- Suggestion

I think that it would be really cool if we could be the supervisor and like fire people give promotions and stuff because i think it would be interesting and fun

- Lag

my game is lagging, it’s a great game. It’s just the lag that annoys me and meany other people. Please fix this👍🏻

- Love

Love this app sooooooo much

- Awesome!

I love bitlife so much! Not just because of how realistic it is, but because of all the choices you have! I love the new character update and how you can change your hairstyle/hair colour! Here is what I would love to see: Homeschooling - You can be homeschooled! Quarantine - If you have a contiguous illness, you are out in quarantine Kidnapped - You can be kidnapped! Kidnapping - You can kidnap people. Being out in an orphanage - If you parents die/don’t want you, you can be out in foster care or be adopted! That is all I have for now! Again, love the game!


I have been playing this game for quite a while now and over time it has gotten better and better! I love this game so much and I’m legit addicted to it! I really love all the features with step-family and interacting with Ex-lovers!! But there is one thing that the game should possibly continue exploring... When both parents die and you continue your life in an orphanage, there should be more choices and interactions with the place. Maybe if we could add a feature where you could get adopted, or interact with leaders and other kids and stuff! But other than that DOWNLOAD THIS APP RIGHT NOW!!!! ITS AMAZING

- Suggestion

It would be good if you could customise the colour of the nails and the length (not that it would change much, but it would give us something to do) and it would be good if you could change the colour of your cars and have a skydiving option and it would be nice if you could pick the child you want to adopt. Have a nice day! 😊

- Great!

This is game is amazing and so fun to play! Although I do have some suggestions. - The ability to chose your child’s school boarding or private/public or all girls/boys - The ability to make a business and get loans. - More stuff with horses like competing and running a school or having lessons. - More sports! And being in a team for it or playing professionally.

- Professional Sports Careers

I really love bitlife and every update is all very different and the game overall is just fantastic! I’ve been addicted to this game and I got my friends addicted as well, but I have a few suggestions for the careers. I would like to suggest sports careers like you could be professional athlete, for example, if you had joined the basketball team in middle school and high school, and you work hard enough you could get a scholarship to college and get drafted in a professional sport. You could verse different schools and get into tournaments and maybe get in the olympics! There are pros and cons about it though because athletes usually retire around in their 30s and then that’s it but maybe you could become a coach? Maybe even keep on promoting the sport you play? Idk just some career suggestions to spice it up.


Wow bit life is so great I am addicted even when I can’t play on my iPad anymore.I literally have to take my iPad and hide just to play this I have so much fun playing I fan’s stop playing

- Sports?

I like this game! I have a bitizenship but I’d like a ‘professional’ Sporting career and sport scholarships to special universities for sporting.

- Cant restore my purchases 😡😡😡

I bought a bitizenship and after a while a deleted the app and i just redownloaded it and i cant get my bitizen back it even says on the bitizen page “Bitizenship is a one time payment”!

- Good

Pretty good for killing time or chill, but random life is hard to achieve successful career, maybe I’m just having bad luck... die by cancer 3 time in a row. Ps. How do I achieve the Millionaire achievement?

- Money grab

A game designed to promote watching ads and clicking buttons. Most probably inspired by EA

- I lost my bit citizenship

Hi so I bought the citizen pack maybe in September last year, I decide I wanted to play the best game ever! But then I found that all my past lives and my citizen ship had been removed, can I please get my old progress back! Thanks

- It’s amaizing but ads

The ads are soooooooo annoying and if I press buy a pet then the ad plays and I decide not to get the pet I can’t click out of the ad. The ads just play all the time and is super annoying

- Great game to pass the HOURS!

Thank you for your regular updates and listening to your feedback this app is soo up to date it’s amazing. SUGGESTION: Please if you can fix the karate belt order it is different in each country. Please look into this. Thank you

- My 1 request !!

Please make it so you can rent out properties to make $$$ and maybe be able to buy/start a business?? Thanks xx

- Great game!

Bitlife is a amazing game, there are so many updates and fun things to do. You can be who you wanna be whenever you want to be. There are funny options and choices to keep you entertained. And it’s free! Really great game keep up the good work!

- BitLife

I LOOOVE this game!! I think it’s amazing!! And rlly fun. The only issue I have with this game is that I’m not able to tap the 3 lines. I’m not sure if it’s my phone or the game. But I’d love for this to be fixed. Or if it could be moved so that I can tap it. Thankyou!!

- This is five stars but not for the game

This is an amazing and fun game. It is really funny and also calming to play. I rated this five stars because the developers. They are constantly working on and updating the game, which I appreciate so much! The game is constantly refreshing and new because of the fun and creative new features constantly being added. Thankyouuu soo much for making this fun game and working so hard on it.

- Great game. things to add

hey guys. i love your game and play it all the time. however, i have some suggestions on things to add to improve it in the next update: 1. Different bank accounts. i.e a superfund (retirement fund). this would have money added to it as part of your income (as it is in real life). characters would not be able to access this until retirement as in real life. and the ability to create different custom bank accounts with different titles for certain things. also be able to choose a bank and maybe use different banks for different things. 2. The ability to rent a house rather than having to buy it. 3. the ability to move cities within your country 4. house prices and incomes that reflect the real life averages of each country 5. insurance on cars, houses, pets, medical, and life insurance etc. choose an insurance company (some might have better deals than others) 6. the ability to have a house built as an alternative option to just buying one. be able to choose what style and negotiate pricing with the builder

- Athlete

Dear BitLife you should include pro sport careers you could start by joining the club in high school then have a talent bar and if your hood enough you get a scholarship for college or if you aren’t get a student loan and still play and then you work your way up to the big leagues then you can be involved in a draft, get sponsorships get contracts and you could also be involved in scandals like cheating or injury if other players on purpose Another suggestion is pro gaming where you can get twitch followers and compete at national events to win money and become famous

- Good but get rid of the sperm

Makes me feel weird when I open up the app it’s a bit gross

- Great game!!

I love this game. I just want to suggest sport careers or something. But I love the new up date and thank you

- BitLife Review

Hi there! In this review, I will be explaining a few of my thoughts and reasonable suggestions about the app, BitLife. First of all, I think that the app is great because it offers a wonderful variety of options you can choose from in your life simulation. It is amazing how you can select so many choices only to equalise your whole life in one way of how you spent it so wisely! Second of all, I love how they include live challenges in the game now, such a superb update! It really is a great way to try different things in your life simulation with such little time to do it. Last of all, thank you for listening to my opinions in this review.


Hey BitLife makers, I was wondering if in a later update, you could maybe add a feature that lets you choose your persons skin colour and hair colour? You could have the change hair setting in the hairdresser section. Thanks. Love the app, keep working hard! <3

- It’s great but to many adds

I love BitLife a lot and I’m always on it. But there is always so much adds which annoy me! I just feel like they can lay down on the adds and put in less, like maybe you have like 5 adds in your life

- Custom houses/customize vehicles

I would love to see use make your own house /customs mansions trailers and other things. They would cost more but the customization in the housing department. Adding mods/customization to your car, like changing the color of the car the rims or even the speakers. So when you tap on your car you can blare loud music.

- Add!!

Add ability to find biological parents if adopted. And finding out your adopted

- Suggestion

I love this game, it’s truly exceptional, I play almost everyday and I never get bored or tired of it. In future updates I would love to see us players gain the ability to start and run our own companies. Please keep up the good work

- Good game

It’s amazing game I just wanna be able play as my kids without having to die, by the time I die my kids are already in their 40’s and stuff

- Love it but...

I’ve been playing BitLife before the hype and still love it. Probably one of my most used apps but I want to give a few recommendations. 1 - being born into fame. I saw someone else recommend this and absolutely loved it. I’d also like more scenarios to do with fame, like being asked to movies and red carpets exc. 2 - customisation. I was so happy when that update happened but then you have to pay for it. I wish at least some of the updates were free and for everyone. 3 - more visuals. After a while it becomes a bit boring but it would be fun if we could see our other family living or when we sleepover our friends house. It would sound cool 4 - finally just the careers. It would be so cool if we could get sporting careers. Like if you played football in high school you can get asked to play for big leagues and get famous from there on. Just a few recommendations but love it still :)

- my favourite ever iphone game

i’ve played many different iphone games before and bitlife is definitely the most addicting, best game i’ve come across. the team works hard to create frequent and fun updates, they listen to suggestions. i’ve payed $5 for bitizen and it’s definitely worth it for how good it makes the game. it’s so good def recommend to 13+

- Amazing game!

This app is one of the best I’ve played in my lifetime... so addicting! I do have a few more ideas for the app to improve even more 1. Get your eyebrows done 2. Go to the dentist and get your teeth whitened 3. You are able to see your height

- Amazing

Probably the best simulator game. But cars should be segregated to used and new and there should be an ordering system of cars

- Major fan

Hey Been a major fan since the beginning I always play the game constantly. But I would like to know if use will plan or add more content like for example: -motorcycle’s - maybe toys for kids - make prodigy children - game shows like (survivor, money shows, etc - adding scenario of plane crash or boat , getting lost at sea and surviving like cast away . These are just some ideas , but none the least I love the game. I love when use do update it and bring in more new content it’s exciting to know what new things you can do and the challenge make it more fun too

- Good

Should have more variety of races on the app! Should be able to change your appearance for example - when you get cut or colour it will actually show and choose what colour hair you want etc. love this app. Also should have the option to breed pets!!! And to be allowed to have more than 3. + Should add something about tattoos!

Download BitLife – Life Simulator 1.24.1 APK

main bitlife sakitnya gak jauh jauh dari tekanan darah tinggi. hadeh itu life simulator atau life saya beneran seh.

Gah! Just started playing this life simulator game, and it's so addicting. You gotta try it. It's called BitLife:…

BitLife - Life Simulator by Candywriter, LLC i only did this to have social media on it

I just died in BitLife at age 50 while playing as Ariana Whales. I am addicted to this life simulator game!…

I just died in BitLife at age 93 while playing as Albert Ll Alexzander. I am addicted to this life simulator game!…

Gah! Just started playing this life simulator game, and it's so addicting. You gotta try it. It's called BitLife:…

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BitLife - Life Simulator 1.33 Screenshots & Images

BitLife - Life Simulator iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

BitLife - Life Simulator iphone images
BitLife - Life Simulator iphone images
BitLife - Life Simulator iphone images
BitLife - Life Simulator iphone images
BitLife - Life Simulator iphone images
BitLife - Life Simulator ipad images
BitLife - Life Simulator ipad images
BitLife - Life Simulator ipad images
BitLife - Life Simulator ipad images
BitLife - Life Simulator ipad images
BitLife - Life Simulator Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
BitLife - Life Simulator Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

BitLife - Life Simulator (Version 1.33) Install & Download

The applications BitLife - Life Simulator was published in the category Games on 2018-09-30 and was developed by Candywriter, LLC [Developer ID: 284954685]. This application file size is 150.54 MB. BitLife - Life Simulator - Games posted on 2020-03-25 current version is 1.33 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions.

BitLife - Life Simulator Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Alcohol, Tobacco, or Drug Use or References
Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence
Infrequent/Mild Profanity or Crude Humor
Infrequent/Mild Simulated Gambling
Infrequent/Mild Sexual Content and Nudity
Frequent/Intense Mature/Suggestive Themes

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