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What is z day: hearts of heroes app? The history you know is not necessarily true.

In 1944, the Allied Forces landed in Normandy, now referred to as D-DAY.

Evil scientists used weapons that could change the weather, which lead to the battles in Normandy failing in the storm.

In 1945, the Nazis set off an experimental Antimatter Bomb, destroyed most countries in the world, and destroyed social rule.

This day is called Zero Day, Z-DAY in short.

In this new world, evil forces seek to conquer all humanity, and none dare oppose them… Except for those with the "hearts of heroes!”

Prepare yourself for the hottest free MMO of 2019! As a Commander in hostile territory, you must build your army, fortify your base, make friends, and take out enemies while trying to survive a doomsday war zone.


World War! Hold your head high and march bravely onto a battlefield of global terror! Amid the evil forces, there lies the chance to claim Presidential power and glory!

Alliances! Make friends and build relationships with your allies. You’ll need to work together to defeat the Commandant and storm the Bastion!

War Heroes! Gods of military will help you out to develop and battle. Challenge the roguelike expedition and get your war heroes trained up!

Destroyers! Death from above. A legendary Aircraft of devastating power. How will you customize yours?

Supersoldier! Explore the Abandoned Facility with your reformed mechanization soldier, and compete in the arena!

Competitions! More than PvP, join the Region vs Region, Alliance vs Alliance, and the Northern Front events across multiple regions!

Chat! Connect with thousands of players from around the world in live, real-time conversation with the easy translation feature.

Strategy! Manage your resources, train your army, and research vital skills. Understand your enemy and strike strategically!

Building! Build yourself an Empire strong enough to survive the war to end all wars.

Epic Story! Fresh immersive storyworld packed with terrifying Invaders and stunning HD graphics.

Z Day. No more rules.


Are you having problems? contact_zd@kingsgroupgames.com

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The price of the monthly subscription is $29.99, and lasts for 30 days. After purchasing, players will get exclusive privileges in game.

Please note:

1. Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase

2. Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period

3. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal

4. Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the your Account Settings after purchase

PLEASE NOTE: Z Day is completely free to download and play, however, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings. A network connection is also required.

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Find this site the customer service details of Z Day: Hearts of Heroes. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company. https://appsupports.co/1374225046/z-day-hearts-of-heroes/contact

Z Day: Hearts of Heroes Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Z Day: Hearts of Heroes Version 2.55.026 April 2022

New items: - Mysterious Silver! Silver equipments will be available! Optimizations: - Event updates May Day Event Lucky Jackpot Shooting Gallery Supply Chain Event Supersoldier Arena Northern Front Operation Hurricane.

Z Day: Hearts of Heroes Version 2.53.028 February 2022

New items: - New Statues: Statue of Glory Optimizations: - New Events Road to Riches Lucky Draw Shooting Gallery Emergency Aid Event Major Threat Commander Challenges Others: - Some bug fixes.

Z Day: Hearts of Heroes Version 2.51.003 January 2022

New items and events: - New Training Devices: the Ultimate Training Devices Optimizations: - Updated Supply Chain Event - Updated Giant Monster Event - Updated Weapon Recycling Depot - Some bug fixes.

Z Day: Hearts of Heroes Comments & Reviews 2022

- Awesome, but needs more stuff

So basically, the game is pretty fun. But the events are sometimes to hard for new players(I am one)and are just impossible to be like the top 50 or something. Also, the prices on upgrading your drill grounds, HQ, etc, are just to expensive. Also, maybe the supply’s to take from players when they are attacked, are just way to much. I literally spent 2 months training troops and stuff, then this level 27 dude just came and literally made lose all my stuff except for like, 300 gunners so please make that we only lose like 3/4 of our troops when we are attacked. The next thing is that, well, in the add it was a third person shooter, so you don’t want your players mad for you tricking them. Maybe you could make your add come true. It could still be a strategy game, but like you could fight in some battle playing as YOU in like a third person mode or first person. That would be great. If you do add that, maybe add like a shop where you could by your weapons and stuff that you could use in battle. Please include ALL the world war 2 guns you know, like the M3 grease gun, BAR, M1 Garand,(which needs to be shown WAY more in the game) M1903 Springfield, etc. I promise you, if you add that the players will have WAY more fun and keep playing on. Please add that. 5th Sergeant

- Try it, even after reading these other reviews

Like many other reviews, I was pulled in by a false ad. Of course this is more the fault of the ad company. I have given it a try for a few months. Here are my thoughts. Game play is interesting. I do understand with being a free game there are those who pay to win. That one big challenge there. I agree that there should be tiers when it comes to Commander attacks. Just yesterday (after moving my base) a Commander teleported in, attacked my base 5 times in a row looting me and a Alliance member before teleporting out an hour later. This has set me back a few days in building. This Commander that popped in was 2-3 times more powerful. If there was a limit that would help the more occasional players. It is nice to play with people from around the world. Although I am now the strongest and most active in my Alliance and I can’t any steps since I am not ranked high enough. Suppose I will have to leave and join another for support. And I agree about the Airship. Bring it back! I loved the dirigible concept over the bomber. I’ll keep playing for a while. But make these changes and you will have a happy Commander!

- Please fix this...

So a couple of things. I’ve been playing this game since the beginning and honestly... I love it. It’s true that you do get hit by bigger guys but all you have to do is heal them or make more troops-it takes time so I’m not sure why so many reviews are complaining about this. Also there are shields you can buy. My one big thing that I dislike is sometimes I use the benefits under the base buffs, and honestly .... it doesn’t work. This week I used “boost gathering speed time when troops gathering” it never reduced it by 50%. The time is still actually the same. I used 3 of them already just to test out the time and even called back my troops, and sent them out to the same location. I even logged out and logged back in. I’m wondering if this error is the same for the boost attack and defense as well. Guys I love this game and I’m pretty patient. I also spent a lot of money but please check this error. Thank you.

- Inexcusable.

I’ve been playing this game for months and, for the most part, enjoying it. I am now, however, quitting and deleting the app. I’ve spent money on in-game purchases, which I rarely (if ever) do with other games, but the refusal of the developers to address the imbalance issues (despite repeated messages to in-game mods) is, quite frankly, inexcusable and indefensible. Why won’t the developers enable a simple system that prevents players from attacking and decimating players far below their own level, as is the case in nearly every game of this type I’ve ever played? The only answer seems to be that it’s a money-grab, plain and simple. A shame, because the game has some unique features. Game developers work hard and deserve to profit from that work, but this is just silly. UPDATE: Not sure which is worse — to have developers ignore game imbalance issues that would make for a much better gameplay experience, or to receive a cut-and-pasted generic reply that suggests I “work more on my game strategies.” What strategies should I work on that would prevent players who are 20+ levels higher from repeatedly decimating my base? Oh, that’s right — spend a lot more money on in-game purchases like 24-hour protection shields. Very strategic. SMH.

- Good and bad

The game is fun, but you soon find that you have to keep a shield up all the time or lose all you resources and troops. Bigger player will attack you all day, their is no balance to the game. You can not fight back against bigger players, you will find that you are bullied all the time. If your off line when you come back you have been destroyed and have to rebuild everything, it’s free to play but pay to play. I was just about to spend money on the game but there is no way grow when a bigger player don’t like you, they attack you all the time with no way to fight back, I see players leave the game all the time, I’m next. The game may be new but unless the developers take interest in the free players on how to keep them, they will leave then the powerful players will have no one but each other to feed on and then they will get tired of the game fast. With no way to fight back against bigger players the smaller one will leave, then the bigger players will slowly make each other quite as they will become a farm just like the others.

- Boring

This game as become stale. Like chips that have been left out for too long. The game is updated every week but no content is added, seems like more bugs appear than disappear. All they do every week is add events too get more money out of the players. Things that could be added every update: Higher threats and threat bases, add to the outpost (my alliance has had the outpost maxed for a year and still no update to add too it). How about adding more alliance events? How about improving your customer service? I mean I’m sure you are making thousands upon thousands of dollars everyday, maybe instead of putting it in your pocket use it to improve the game. This game has no content too it, no support too it and the developers want to release another game in August which will just be another scam too get more money instead of actually creating a quality game players can enjoy. Do you guys even check what players say on the Facebook page that is ran by your MODs? You guys did better with Kingdom of Avalon when you were co-developers. Now that you are by yourself a you are just creating trash and thinking of ways to scam players.

- Hearts of Hero's

I'm only rating it 4 stars out of five why it's cool and all but every once in a while someone will come in and attack your base then it makes it hard to heal those troops of yours and for another higher level base to steal from you while your off line is sad and not just one maybe several of them and it's hard to keep them away when you don't have a defense shield to help but got to purchase some pack to get one hope you'll find one outside your base and why is it when you rally against a race base that's in your area nobody will come and join up or if your in the tesla tower to try to get to a mine for crystals every one of them is occupied constantly and it's a cool game like I said before but a lot of the other stuff where a higher LVL or more than one can wipe you out I'm giving it 4 stars thanks

- Honest opinion

The game in its self has many different avenues in building your power, there are events that happen each week some fun some not so much but this game is always evolving so that’s truly nice. It’s not your typical war game, in that being said you will have to see if it’s your cup of tea or not. There are many different alliances you can join, (some are better then others) better perks I guess to say, so keep an open mind about this game it might grow on you. Only complaint I have is : The events that take place give you create’s that you must buy a key to open them, many of us don’t buy keys. So maybe after a amount of time after event is over.....we could trade them in for something as they just keep building up in our inventory.

- Inappropriate behavior

Kings does not monitor or respond to complaints of this type behavior which spoils the game for the entire region. Very disappointed that an idiot like this is allowed to run rampant in region 179 . Simply check the region chat and bugle announcement s that you use gold to buy. Jesushching is the player. Kings is ignoring the whole region , taking in money and letting sick people disrupt the game for everyone. I have left messages and screen shots in the Zday face book page . No responses. Many people have paid a lot of money for this game in region 179 king do what you should be doing to police this situation. He needs to be removed from the region , that is the least of things that should be done. Everyone in the region should be compensated for having to put up with his behavior for over a week now. Who monitors this kind of Behavior, who is supposed to listen and investigate complaints. Kings of even disabled our in game complaint messages so they could not be sent, but at Facebook kings does not listen either. They make too much money to not have this type of support available.

- Fun but be prepared for let downs

The game is fun and you get to communicate with people from all over. Translation could be better. This game is a business it is here to make money. If you don’t spend money you can still progress but at a very slower pace. The let down is the developers will not or are incompetent on developing a proper algorithm for major events. The ones I refer to are ava and rvr. New players once you start getting into rvr it will be a challenge and drain your progress. Example in my region we got players that spend I am one of them. Stats are decent but know one in our region is making T11’s & 12 troops. Our last two rvr are against regions that have more than just 1 player producing these. There is zero chance on winning against that. Camaraderie is nice but fair match ups are very power and lacking in this game. Even if you are a big spender it will be a uphill battle for awhile do to the developers inability to match properly.

- Great game for mobile devices, with some flaws ...

After almost a year playing the game I can say that it’s a great coop game for mobile devices. Having constant team chat is the major advantage, you are in constant contact with your friends, even if you traveling. Great graphics, great play. However, the game has one major flaw: it heavily implements Pay To Win approach. Forget the strategy, just pay $$$ and you will win - this is that top players are doing . And it’s not just 50$ - 60$ that is typically expected for a good game, no. To get to middle level you will need hundreds, and to get to the top you will need thousands to pay. And this is that people are doing, making most of regular players far far behind. Also there is a long way to go for the developers to bring the game to a decent level of good coop games: no war/alliances/truce support from the game, which allows the big $$$ spenders to behave as dictators in their regions.

- why people quit

This game is just like big business! Preyed on the weak to make you feel good about yourself! 😳😳 People who wanted to play this game quit unless they joined one of the big alliances. I understand this is a war game! Nobody is safe!! But if you want people to play and enjoy it there has to be some guidelines🙄 There are so many vacant bases everywhere!! Because the people that are so high level. Go to the small guy/girl an destroy them. Then there so cowardly that they wait a day or so to heal and recoup? And repeat! I know cuz I was one of them🙃 wasted money on this game and will tell everyone to not play it!!!! Waste of time and money! Sad thing is it had so much potential it could’ve been a totally awesome n different game! This is not a game for Novice to games or anyone who just wants to enjoy a really good war game!!!!

- Help

So the only way to get a response is through this I guess. I wrote a review about 10 days ago about how I got scammed for money. I attached a screenshot showing the message from the system saying sorry we didn’t send you what you want for your payment but here is something else instead which was not equivalent or what I wanted at all. They respond in the game where you submit and I did not know since I registered with an email I thought maybe they would email me. Then I go back to submit the third request and there was a message. Saying submit a screenshot which I did submit then another message saying sorry you didn’t respond quick enough we are closing this out. I submitted another one with all the same info and still haven’t heard back. I already contacted the bank and will just pursue it as a fraudulent charge at this point because it’s ridiculous that game developers won’t make contact with customers to make something right and instead take your money and then make it impossible to communicate with them.

- Decent gameplay, very buggy and awful customer support

There are many similar games in this genre. Find one that isn’t Kings Group. They screw up constantly and leave players hanging out to dry. They once accidentally gave some players too much gold for a first place reward in an event. Rather than letting it be, they tried taking it back from the players, even those who spent it already. To make it “fair” the screwed around with players accounts and diminished them in other ways. They couldn’t even get that right and ended up subtracting twice after adding once. What a train wreck. Additionally, the gameplay is riddled with bugs that they claim were intentional whenever they are escalated in order to avoid reimbursing players with the losses caused by their issues. These bugs are sometimes so laughably apparent, but they will still claim they are intentional, even though they change the entire strategy of an event or nullify a different feature of the event. Decent gameplay. Go find a different clone.

- dont copy a dead game

I quit because region became inactive after 4 month playing. I am always No1 in hero expedition so devs should consider my smart advice: 1. it is huge and fatal mistake to copy the map of “army strike”, how can you copy a game already dead? the map is too small so we hardly hurt players for rss. too few players live in a region and region become dead quickly. you should copy the map of “Lords mobile”, it has a big map to hold a huge number players to keep a region alive. And you should allow a player migrate from a new to a old region. Thats why Lords mobile player keep spending money because war is always happening

- Disappointed

I have been playing this game since September and it is very frustrating, because I can not get promoted due to nobody playing except 3 of us in our alliance the people who can promote haven’t played in over 60 days, I feel that you should be promoted on merit instead of someone who doesn’t play. You can say join another alliance but I don’t want to start over. So I hope that you fix this issue otherwise I may be deleting this game. The people who haven’t played in over 60 days should be deleted and let other people who are playing have a chance to do some good with the alliance. I also have a problem with having to buy a gold bundle just to activate some things on this game and have a ton of stuff in my backpack that will never get used because I won’t buy any gold would rather be able to trade it in for something I would use. Thanks. General Lee

- Make it an even fight

Fun game, but am on the verge of deleting. While it is free to play it is nearly impossible to build fast enough without spending lots of money because you keep getting taken out over and over again by players in top alliances. Lvl 30 hitting my lvl 12-13 base is a no brainer that I’m going to lose. Gets pretty old having to constantly start over and over and over again. Not easy to get into a top alliance when you can’t build up enough power because of constantly getting smacked around by the top players. Some suggestions are to limit the gap allowed between attacker and defender (lvl 15vs12 instead of lvl 30 wiping out an entire alliance of 10-15lvl). Allow traps to be built quicker ( I can build troops 400 at a time, but only 170 traps at a time) which are really a waste to build since they don’t do a whole lot against higher lvl attackers and are destroyed with no repair option.

- Horrible support

I have purchased numerous packs that do not show up in my items or the triumph levels that i have purchased. The packs have already cleared my account and have been paid for yet they still do not show. When i try to buy the pack again it says it has already been purchased but i receive nothing and it charges my account again. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game 2 separate times and i have logged out and logged back in countless times hoping it will resolve, however it hasn’t. When I contacted customer support on the game the response I received is a computer generated response stating to wait 24 hours and to reset game, which i have already done to no avail. I have missed out on the lucky draw event and top up rewards because of this and customer service hasn’t done a thing. The developers have made MILLIONS from these games yet lack the most important part of any business in support. Horrible

- Nothing like it

There’s nothing like logging in and having a **** ton of messages that you were attacked a million times and you might as well delete your profile and completely start again because that’s all I do. It’s fun at first but when you get toxic players and alliances in there that attack and “farm”/loot you 160+ times in one go, and support doesn’t help you nor do moderators. I’ve spent a lot of money trying to keep afloat. It’s no fun having all the resources you need (100+ million) and loosing it all in the 5 minutes you were offline then trying to recover all your troops. I’ve been so close to deleting this game. And reading the other comments all I see is the developers computer generated replies telling us to go to support and and make a file then get another stupid computer generated answer basically saying “oh well, we don’t really care”. I’m guessing that all these higher star ratings are from some of these toxic and “wallet-warriors”

- Please fix the crashing

I have a iPhone 6 and this app only works like totally random times and like every 24 hours so please fix this problem then I will rate it higher...but overall the game is pretty fun even though you guys pretty much click baited me because your ads shown that it was a FPS game but it’s just basically a militarized version of clash of clans but a little better... Edit: So a little update from my original review, so you guys fixed the app not working for awhile but now there is a similar problem which is the app constantly crashes no matter if I go to the map or not and it’s SUPER laggy and so please fix ASAP because it makes the game basically unplayable and I’m constantly playing the game and I’m with the REB alliance in Region 16 so I’m on this game everyday. Thanks for your time. -Kaleb

- No Balance

Pulled in by false advertising- played it and it’s ok - MUCH repetition- little or no balance meaning that you can get hit by much more powerful players and the can hit you over and over and over and over and over which can take DAYS and DAYS to re over because the warehouse only protect a little compared to what you need so you get BLED DRY due to this unbalanced abuse. Waaa, I know but with no balance, it’s pointless- Also, every event that I have seen so far benefits stronger players which only makes them stronger, faster - looking for another game that is a bit more balanced and is a bit closer to the advertisement and no so misleading. Figured the game would get better but they added cash grab after cash grab - a LOT of the events hang you out there with little to no instructions on what to do - not worth the time, effort and certainly not worth the cash to continue playing this stupid game

- This game is awesome

This game is awesome because gives you a chance to use strategy as well as developing your base it does cost money if you want to develop faster but you don’t have to use cash which makes you unique. I am 70 years old and probably one of the oldest to play this game but I love it and I look forward to playing it every day chance to meet and make friends mall around the world the people aren’t here are some of the finest and best ever met. Try it if versus kind a hard but with new development it makes it easier and better every time they do updates thanks you developers you’re doing a great job.

- There are no leagues, so I’m always destroyed

I have been playing this game for a short while and over all I do like it and the challenges it gives you, there are some bugs however I do believe that they will be worked out. My biggest concern is the fact that there are always bigger, more advanced players that have every ability to attack you and loot you of all of your earned stuff. This game would be SO MUCH BETTER if you could implement a level or league system so that much higher players couldn’t constantly loot you, and you could only be attacked by the people in your league so that you always have the chance to beat the attack. By the way, you guys really need to track down your advertisements because they are all false and this did anger me when I first got the game, I thought it would be a first person shooter game.

- A game that encourages bullies

I have decided to quit this game after 4 months of playing. I started to spend $$ after about 2 months of game play and I have probably spent 50$ to date. I really enjoyed the alliance features of this game where you meet a lot of nice people, but also nasty ones. The nice ones makes me want to play more and help my alliance. I would even spend money to help my alliance members. The problem with this game is that it allows much stronger players to constantly bully new and weaker players. This makes playing the game especially agonizing when a strong player attacks you and your alliance constantly, thus forcing you to bubbled up constantly. And when the strong player destroyed the alliance HQ, the entire HQ building process starts from scratch. A simple tweak the developer can do is to put a system forced cool down to stop the multiple attacks and when an alliance HQ is destroyed, alliance members will get some relieve from further attacks and the HQ can recover some strength. Simply giving a player some freebies to rebuild is useless unless the attacks stop or the frustration will escalate. This is the main reason I have decided to quit. I wish you the best of luck and thank you for reading. Choon

- Game fraud.

Not a bad game but customer service does nothing to rectify our issues. We have player in our region that became a mod and totally abused her power. A lot of people complained. We know who the mod is and other mods in the game confirmed it. On top of that. The mod broke terms of service by buying her main base from another player. We not only complained. But also showed the other mods. And customer service screenshots of all the proof. But nothing has been done. How fair is that. Why keep playing if customer service won’t back you up. Now iTunes and google are being sent the proof to show that this company does not honor tos. Read the review below mine and read customer service reply to his review. What kind of crappy reply is that. And we started on the in base help part. They just want your money but refuse to deal with real issues.

- Great game but ....

This is a great game. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to play and be competitive. There is a few things that I wish were different. You need to be able to more keys to open victory crates. I have over 200 level 3 crates and you only get 3 keys per day and you get crates every time you kill a threat. Chainsaws you be able to be bought in either the telsa tower or one of the other stores. They should also clear more land. It is bad that you need 100 to clear one spot and then 500 to clear another. These to things need to be fixed. But I still say great game.

- Shield

Overall I’m enjoying the game but what I like to see more free access to getting shield. Especially when you have a low level headquarters or a starter and constantly being attacked it becomes difficult to grow. If you can implement a free shield every 5 days when you login daily and participating in events that you can accumulate points to buy a shield. I find the price of shield in the alliance shop pricey even though I donate constantly to the point I’m at cool down for 4 hours. Other than that this game is on point. You build a bond with your alliance.

- Crates, defenses

I been playing z day for over 1 year now, I can say that is the only game that I have been playing for that long. I love the game even thou sometimes I wanted to delete it. My concerns for the game is with the crates, we get a lot crates - and we could not do anything with them after we finished upgrading building. I wish you guys put a place we can trade those crates with other players that needed them for upgrades. Also, small players are complaining of their defense, they wish there is a way they could better defend themselves against big guys.

- Waist of time

So I’ve been playing this game for over a month. Started off OK, but then you learn that all your doing is building a farm for the higher ranks to feed off of, forcing you to put shields up, which makes it so that you can’t play until it go’s away. This is 100% pay to win and that’s only if you have unlimited $$$$, there are resources that are needed for certain items in order to build and as far as I can tell the only way to get them is to purchase which for 2 pieces is $60 that’s not right. There’s only one strategy that works and that’s to get on the strongest alliance as fast as possible, if you don’t, you loose! I’ve spent a lot of money on this game all ready, guessing not enough.


The add was you an absoletely different type of game!!! Than what people download if they don't look at pictures or read reviews. This is a "base build stradegy," retooled just like 100 other basic, boring, souless, free downloadable, genre corrupting "games." I had to put games in quotes bc tbh anytime on this game is not fun or entertaining thus coining phrase trap crap app lol. I was going to talk about how since it used WW2 setting and false advertising it disrespected veterans but decided I'd be a tool if I did that. They are Nazi lovers for propaganda false add aka fake newsing us aka big brbiger forcing us into submission: let's keep looking at our phones more and more and stop caring about our constitional rights!! bc Better to be secure and entertained, than free and informed & in danger bc to be aware and stay quite; is to kneel before the master.

- Kinda good and kinda bad

This is a builder game. Lots of drops. Worth giving them some inapp money. Lower levels go faster than upper levels. This defeats the playability shich is the low review score. I’m at level 16. You get one upgrade builder. To upgrade to level 17 will require over two days of a builder time and many millions of resources. I could activate the second builder but almost all the other upgrades on buildings take 6 to 12 hrs. So as you “progress” through the game you get lots and lots of down time. You don’t gather resources faster nothing speeds up. So its worth a try and throw them some money bc they put a lot of effort into the game but higher levels get boring.

- No overly excited

The game isn’t bad at first but it’s definitely made to have you keep spending cash. The game continually allows you to be attacked over and over by other players that carry strength that is 2-3 times yours or even more. It took me awhile to build up to level 12 on my city. But can’t make it any higher because I keep getting attacked over and over by level 24+. They take all my resources and destroy my defenses with ease. They kill all my fighting forces on hand around 35,000. But yet my walled city and defenders only kill around 30-40 individuals. I’m definitely losing interest. Good game but definitely to that point they require me to spend a lot of cash to get ahead

- Fun for the most part

I love the game 10 times better then mobile strike. However I think a lot of the packs are over priced the punch cards are to hard to get and you have to have 100 of them to make anything. And if you buy them you spend $100 and only get 50 punch cards for the good gear. Most of the events are to hard for people like me to play in cause unless you have money to spend on the game you can’t keep up with other people. I will say that it’s a lot easier to play and grow then other games of its kind. There’s a lot I still don’t understand too. And the instructions are not vary helpful.

- Typical Freemium Game

Z-Day is your typical pay to play game. It is a fun game to play can if you don’t decide to spin any money. I’ve met some very nice people in my Region, from all walks of life. As far as gameplay, I wish that some of the interactive portions of the game were less click happy. I hope that will come in future updates. For example, there should be better tips for playing the game as everyone isn’t an expert player in this game mode. As this was my first game of this nature, I could have benefited from more tips such as medals and equipment or even priority upgrading and research.

- Good not Great

This game is your typical phone MMO, but I really believe that the community is what makes this game what it is. That being said, understand there is going to be bugs and other issues that you might experience. Patience and communication will solve this fairly easy. After all that, realize you will come to a point in the game where you will have to spend some money if you want to stay competitive. Find a good alliance, pick and choose what to spend on via sales and just enjoy attacking and talking to other players.

- Facebook

I really enjoyed playing this game. Unfortunately I can’t open it anymore. It now asks me to login to Facebook now. My wife opened her Facebook account a long time ago. She used our email. We don’t have to login into it, we just open the app. She doesn’t Remember what pass word she used, so I can’t login to the game anymore. I have been playing this game for years now. But haven’t been able to play for a few months. I’m going to delete the app, and find another game to play. Sad.


I love the game but the support team is very callous and really don’t seem to care and I feel there should be a chain of command to be able to go directly to a live support person,I see some things are available to others that Is not available to me,I feel support has done something to my account but I’m not sure and I do spend money and would like to talk to a live person to check into my situation,other than that I enjoy the game

- King Group holding

This can used to be fine and I enjoyed this game I played between 10 to 12 hours a day for months at a time. The problem is the programmers want to make money there’s nothing wrong with that but when you have to keep your shield up 24 seven days week you can’t keep on spending money that you don’t have. Kings group holdings is probably a good company but they keep on upgrading and the games going down and down all the big groups are attack us every day. It’s a problem that they don’t Solve if you have a PC you can do a lot of things if you don’t have a PC you’re screwed. I’m down to maybe 15 minutes One hour a day ...This used to be a great game not anymore thank you for your time.

- Save your time and money

Do not install this game and waste your money. I am saving you now if you are reading this. The developers are Chinese and only care about taking your money. They do not listen to the players and the problems in game. The regions die fairly quickly. They release new equipment to get you to spend more instead of saving regions or listening to long time gamers to make them happy. So what they do is start a new region to make more money or release content to make you spend more. It’s all about money and it’s the most expensive war game I have played by far. If you have in game issues there service is terrible. There is also no way to get your money back from this game. DO NOT INSTALL THIS GAME

- Annoying problems

I’m having two problems with this game. One is it likes to kick me off at random time when I go to do something and two is,Note, this didn’t start until after the update. When I go to mail and go to system. It keeps saying I’ve lost my network connection even though I still have it. Other than that it’s a great game. I love it, I just hope there’s a way to fix those problems I’m having.

- Best game for both players who spend and don’t spend

This game is built better than many it evens they field out between people who spend and who don’t if your in a good alliance non spender get even more perks so if your a new player don’t give up so easily it will pay off when in a alliance they give gold away in every event and also you can get gold from alliance i rate five star as it is the most evenly made game for both non spenders and spenders

- Not worth your time

With every update there's more glitches in the system when you still haven't fixed the glitches in the previous update. With this last upgrade we lost all the strategy points in our war room still can't add any more points we have been trying to contact the customer support and still nothing in response all you guys care about is taking our money but when we have issues with the game no one ever gets back plus like in my region 50 1 player is killing The Who region so I guess thank money train is gonna be stopping soon I know I have been a fool playing for years on yall's games koa and zday but that time has come to an end

- Bottom feeder game.

Like others, Im just about on the verge of deleting this game for multiple reasons. Having high level players attack those who are 10-15 levels under them is ridiculous. I also think that base teleportation should be deleted because if you get attacked by someone and you want to strike back.... their base is no longer at that location they attacked from. Joining an alliance gets you some perks because others within will help you with resources and vice versa. Sometimes alliances will make a “pact” with other alliances to not attack each other, but in some cases this can be broken. If the alliance breaking the pact with yours is stronger.. the game becomes a bottom feeder game at that point with that alliance breaking the deal, constantly attacking your base and your teammates bases when they need supplies..... and theres nothing you can do since the attacker is a much higher level. So your always rebuilding to get attacked again and again. If you have lots of time and deep pockets filled with cash, its the game for you.

- Z Day

Just another game for wallet warriors. If you want to play the game without spending money weekly, you will not enjoy this game. You cannot compete, so it’s all a waste of time with no enjoyment. Those that spend the most are on top and dictate how the game will go for all. The game doesn’t offer any equalizer. And if it did, those that spend money would still have the advantage. So Z Day is just another game for those that want to make themselves feel better through buying power. And does not offer any type of strategy challenge or even challenging gameplay. It’s all about buying the multitude of advantages they offer. None of which will help unless you have them all.

- Typical free to play, pay to win game.

Devs never take advice from non spenders. I have played many games like this. It’s fun to a certain point. Every games point is different. But you will inevitably slam in to the money wall. That point where you must spend in order to progress. I always quit at that point. I love the responses from these guys though. If a lvl 30 descends on a lvl 10 it is somehow the lvl 10’s fault for getting wiped out. Or this one is rich. We offer a free to play feature, some players may choose the in app purchases. As if they aren’t dancing all the way to the bank while flipping off and laughing at the non spenders. Good job devs you are a credit to your kind.

- Rip off

I didn’t realize till after I hit GET this game cost money $29 is a bunch of bull for any game and according to the terms of service it’s auto renewal in less you turn it off in account settings but I couldn’t find account settings let alone be able to turn it off and if it cost money to play it should be at the top of the game info in the App Store instead of sneaking it in way down at the bottom I want to know how to turn this auto renewal off so I can delete this piece of crap game !!!! I will go to my bank and have payment stopped if that’s the only way to stop this almost $30 a month charge on a game I wouldn’t play for 2 minutes !!!!

- Greatest strategy kvk game ever

From a company that makes great games yet another one has been released Z-Day kinda sounds like D day this online strategy game brings the best of online PVP features to one game, free and pay to play options for everyone, very addicting game that gives you a kick of adrenaline when your attacking or getting attacked the chance to rein as a leader in the zone is what attracts me. Join today and show us how mighty you are. Shout out to Zone 154

- Love this game

I was finding a new strategy game to play and found an amazing game. I love the graphics and plot behind the game, and the game is great, and makes you have to make decisions, do I want to upgrade my HQ or train troops, and the community is great, always helpful, and, unlike most free games, it isn’t Pay to win, but, Pay to progress, and if planes were added, that would be amazing, and also if the old Destroyer was added, I would be estatic

- Bogus

The game is ran by a bunch of self centered few. They prey on the new player so they can feed their habit. To hell with new player that can’t spend a lot of money. After all they don’t care about anyone except themselves This game is also filled full of people making racist remarks about other players constantly. They use all kinds of excuses for their remarks. If you want to be called racist names then this game is for you.

- The actual game is NOTHING like the ad

If you came here from then ad then move on — the actual game does not resemble the ad in any aspect. This is not a first-person sim or shooter. Whatever game that ad is really based on looks pretty good. This game is effectively Clash of Clans (or any of the dozens like it) but with a army/tank/troop flair. The game requires either lots of cash or lots of time to progress. I am playing it a bit but will likely delete soon because it takes forever to progress and there is no — and I mean NO — in-game action that even closely resembles the ad. Apple should pull this game for the false advertising.

TransferWise 💸

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- Great game

It a lot of fun, I find that recovering troops lost in battle is a long process. I lost 400,000 troops by mistake. The problem is I can only build 4000 every 20 hours, if I didn’t use speed ups it would take me over 3 months to get those troops back. Even with speed ups I it going to take 2 months. If I lose a large amount again, I will stop playing. Well the problem is I can’t play no troops to join in rvr’s, killing events. That’s a problem

- The game

Hello I am going to be talking about the game so why are there only new race troops that come for you? cause it would be better if when you level up they get stronger or different ones come for you and it’s way to easy to train troops I just downloaded this game yesterday and I already gave 100,000 power and also why is i5 just fox corps base why can’t we make other bases that send bad guys to your base and there should be other options like attack bases that make bad guys so they die and I am partnering up with you and my name is Thecoolguy so there is my stuff I wanted to talk to you about can you please make those changes? And this is the best game I have ever played!!!! And also when I click a oil well in the map all it says is profile and occupy so can you please help me with that I don’t know if it’s the device cause I am on iOS or the game could you help me with that please and you should add a memorial center and bomber planes and a water purifier and army robots now and please make it like you are a soldier when you get in wars with other bases And that would be super cool and might even get you better reviews and thx for creating the Lions corps troops and I love your game keep up the great work

- Separate the money players

We have players in this game who put lots of money into the game so they become strong really quick. Most just play and build slow and get power without putting cash into game. You should have a different map for these money players because the game is not fair, these cash players bully smaller players at lower levels and it’s basically cheating. They even offer to sell you rss. It’s just wrong. Let the cash players play against each other and the rest of us play the way it should be played, it’s not a level playing field, get this BIG problem fixed and this game has a lot of potential, if you cannot see the problem you must be blind or not to smart, sure you want to make money, you still can, just give them a map of their own, very easy to fix. These guys are just bullies with cash, praying on lower level players, no integrity at all, no morals, no backbone, please fix this problem.

- Z day /Hearts of hero’s

When first starting it is a slow process to advance , whilst learning its hard to understand all the different ways to advance your hero ie resinance and other ways to strengthen your commander, this gos for the airship as well as I am learning as I go being played on and off for about six months now. The most enjoyable part of playing is when we fight as part of a team and having each other’s back then reaping the rewards . Then being able to strengthen your forces being a formidable adversary.

- False Advertisement

I’m giving you 1/5 because you are responsible for lying to users. You know that your ads are falsely misleading people in downloading a game - which is, by far not what you are promoting. Before I continue, comes to no surprise that Kings Holding is a Chinese company. I will report you to Apple. 1) your ad shows a FPS genre kind of game shooting at a horde of zombies. 2) you even went a step further by putting a half naked woman, ding, level up, she gets a new gear. Your game is just another “speed up time” RTS like there are millions out there. If lying and being sly are how you achieve your marketing campaign, then you should be banned for it.

- Multiple accounts.

We need to be able to save multiple accounts to Game Centre. It is ridiculous that players with multiple accounts can only save one. This needs to be addressed immediately.

- Review

I am very happy with this type and enjoy the challenges in playing. The cost benefit for playing successfully is to spend a generous amount of money. Personally I would like a better distribution. I would like to be able to speak more directly with those who manage and run the game as a novice I can grasp the total concept from joining cold turkey.

- Rubbish

Game Rubbish, if you don’t spend you don’t grow, you are always attacked, developers DONT listen, you have been advised multiple times separate these cheating bullies and let us non/ low paying get some enjoyment out of the game. There are a load more issues but this is your biggest problem that is easy to resolve, you can already prevent players moving from region once they reach certain time/ level. You ask for advice, WHY so you can find other ways of upsetting players??

- Says it is still having maintenance?

I would have to say that after wasting a lot of time building troops etc. working enough supplies to upgrade my headquarters to the next level, just as I was doing this it said it is down for 45 minutes maintenance. It has now been 3 hours & it says data synchronising & then said 4 minutes maintenance. Then upon opening again 4 minutes later it said 45 minutes later again? Someone is in a bit of trouble!

- The update is brilliant

I’ve loved this game from the beginning. Yes you can buy things and no you dont have to buy upgrades. Either way you have a ripping game. Would love to see more like the latest update and the 2nd level of exhibitions. Keep bringing it on guys, awesome!

- WARNING!!! Game is nothing like the Ad !!!!

Don’t waste your time, the Ad shows it’s a game with similar look and feel to COD in 3rd person view when in actual fact the game is a typical mobile game that resembles a game on a PC from 1996 - by that I mean the view is birds eye view of the whole town that feels like you’re 1.7km away from the buildings!!! Don’t bother asking for a screen shot like you have asked the others, your advertisements are a complete misrepresentation of the actual game and you know it ya muppets!

- Awesome fun, great community

Really enjoying this one and have been playing for a few months. Only negative for me is that you can’t delete stuff from your pack, so you accumulate a bunch of leftovers from specific challenges that clutter it up.

- Limit who can attack bases

There should be some sort of limit of who can attack you base. I.e. a level 25 can only attack other bases that are within 5 of their own base e.g. level 20 to 30. When you are a level 15 and you are continually being attack by a level 30, makes it very hard to build anything up.

- ZDay

This game would have to be the most enticing and interesting game there is available. I started playing it appropriately 2 years ago and always am amazed at the updates, events and challenges....well done to the creators. Cheers Davey Jones

- Update stuff up

Latest update can’t play. Opens to the first page which is an ad And freezes can’t buy or close page.

- Not what I was expecting

This is not the type of game I was expecting with the ad Have made many new friends and enjoy playing

- Deceitful Thieves

DO NOT play this game unless you are prepared to spend thousands to grow and have any chance and be allowed to say or do anything you like. Your account can and will be banned for no valid reason and the developers will hide behind Terms of Service without providing evidence of alleged breaches or any valid reasons for banning an account. Dishonourable thieves and con artists who do things under false pretences. AVOID AT ALL COSTS

- Fantastic Game

This game is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. It requires no money to advance and there are so many ways to gain power. I would recommend it to anyone.

- Great Game

Hi All - Try it out - loads of interesting options within the core of the game. Plenty of resources and speed ups to pick up and keeps you going ! Highly Recommend. Cheers.

- Rude customer service

Customer service can only say , sorry I don’t under stand what your trying to say . All I can say is learn English

- Really

Love this game but what puts me off not being able to share coordinates in state or allinace chat only able to boomark fix this ASAP you will lose players over it Ik I e played every type of this game there is on app store

- Complaints about Game

If you want to complain about this game I wouldn’t bother even trying as all they say is we will pass it onto the developers, shame they don’t listen because this could be a good game This game is very addictive, good chatting to people all over the world

- Buildings

Wish you could build resources buildings not only on the outside of your base but also inside as well.

- Couldn’t go past beyond the loading screen.

I just updated the game and when I started it, it couldn’t go beyond the first “special pack and top up pack” screen. But that made me understand that I can live without the game too. Thanks

- Update and can’t play

Just updated and now can’t get into the game. What’s the go. Great game other than that

- Disappointed

I was loving this game. Until I could no long switch other to my other account and after sending heaps of emails over the last 4 weeks no one has tempted to help me. I have spend real money on that account for it to be lost. Very very disappointed

- Review

Love this game, much easier than Guns of Glory which I gave up on, everything about it is superior

- Age Of Empires meets end of days.

Brilliant game to pass the time with. Hours pass by without you even realizing.

- The ads

Maybe change the ads to the actual game that’s probably why people are getting annoyed

- Top war Strategy game

Fantastic game, soon get you hooked, watch out for the temptation to spend $$$

- Clone of other good titles

Got suckered into this game by this really cool looking AD that had tanks rolling through a maze of AA guns and rocket batteries... I thought boo yah!! a tower defence game!!! But that was shortly proven faulty since the game itself was a poor second hand clone of 2000 other games.. Sorry guys but your ad’s look and feel more entertaining than your game

- Rip Off

Don’t believe the advertising, the game is nothing like that. There are many bugs and faults and the only way to succeed is to spend big money. This is not the game for you if you want to just have fun. Stay away and play something else.

- Not happy

Have just updated the app to version 2.13 and now can’t play the game, as it won’t let me close the first advertisement on startup. Please help!

- Addictive

Very enjoyable and you can make friends...

- Frozen screen on new update

Since updating yesterday, the game stays on the ‘the first time buyers special page’ and can not be closed or moved on to the game. I am about to delete the game and find a better one. Bit frustrated at I am on level 18.

- Rubbish

Absolute pile of of trash this game is, seeing an awesome ad that looks amazing then downloading it to find out the game is a pile of baby hands. Advertised as an FPS high speed game when really its like empire earth took a dump and this pile of fish sticks came out eat my shorts! On another note Rip to the lost ones in New Zealand

- Complex

This game is the real deal, not for the weak of heart. I love the complexity of the game, it has you thinking nonstop

- Bug in last update

Just did the last update and I cannot open the game 😡

- Antros

Being playing this game it’s great but went to level up from 15 - 16 on the shooting range did everything correct and it’s left me where I started from , doing level 15 most frustrating and off putting

- Stay away!

Horrible example of pay to win, there are so many things so bad about this app, it’s where strategy and skill are basically thumped by paid for upgrades, my advice is to totally avoid this micro managed, time gated chunk of “freemium”.

- Fake and just an other pay to win game

Spending a load of money for advertising to create a kind of new game, without any relations to the real game just to attract players to spend their money on here. Fake Please don’t support this business

- Thieves

They steal your items when you make a purchase. Unfortunately their terms and conditions are one sided which allows them to run the game anyway they like. Keep away or you will regret it.

- Good game! 5 Stars

Good mechanics, good story, easy to progress. I would recommend this game!

- Review of Zday

Great easy to level up and fun to play

- Misleading and not what you think

Just like other comments advert for THIS GAME is nothing like the actual game it’s not. 3rd player shooting game developers don’t leave a comment stating what you said to everyone else will the same comment. NO you know what you are doing is misleading people to download NO it’s not fun to play and I’m deleting as soon as I finish this review. Wish I could give 0 stars

- Money

Like so many other games. Join, spend money. Someone spends more than you and wipes you out. Money gone. Developers support those that spend the most.

- False

Your game is nothing like the ad huge disappointment have deleted and will never download it again a big fat 0 stars

- Fake ads

I saw an ad that depicted this game to be a ww2 first person shooter. It was the opposite. It’s just another stupid base building game. Its set in ww2, but it has a giant laser space ship. Do not download if you think this is a shooter game.

- Dissatisfied

Most boring game ever created. Nothing like the ad they place online. My recommendation, don’t bother as I’m deleting my account. Get war dragons or any other game but this one.

- Rubbish

Y just use the interesting ad to attract people. If the game plays like in the ad, I will give u 5 stars. But just building facilities not the first angle of view to join a battle with ur buddies. Boring game.

Payoneer 💰

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- Not bad

Overall the game is entertaining and playable the people you play the game with are what make it fun. Enjoy

- Racist Region

Region 77 has had rampant racism with numerous try’s to contact admin, little results and only automated responses.... there are a lot of players gonna quit over this...horrible service worse than any other games I’ve played

- Developers stole item

Developers put the wrong items on the store, then after we purchased it, they took anything related with that item away. They refused refunds. Be careful. This game has already been pulled from App Store and Google Play Store in some European countries. Developers commit fraud.

- Rip off

Have your credit card ready , this game will rip you off ,and don’t bother attempting a refund otherwise they will penalize you for doing so . Play something else you have been warned! 1star is more then they deserve!

- Do not play

Extremely bad customer service, they remove things from your inventory that you purchased. They will not answer any email in their own Cs centre. Stay away from this game

- Don’t waste your time

Don’t bother playing unless you have lot’s of money to spend. There is no way to be competitive without spending. The matchups for events are outrageously lopsided.

- Rss too slow

Rss food is too slow waiting to upgrade but between getting hit buy other players and trying to build and waiting for rss and I am no closer to my upgrade this is detoured me as I can’t get any where and feel stuck

- Terrible

Support so called mods useless! Sewer!

- Compensation and Help is absurd

Rated a 1 as scale has no negative. 28 days of playing with 1/3 troops and no destroyer due to programming error. Ghost base attack for 7+ days so wasted 7000+ gold for shield. Raided 4 times used 40-50 mill of resources and speed up to heal and rebuild plus lost resources. Unable to jump, go on northern expeditions, 1/3 defence with destroyer missing. Almost forgot Alliance 7 days unable to build as HQ gone, could have left us stuck few but alliance stood by us. No compensation to alliance. Compensation 20 gold,4 small assault, 10 medium, 6- 60 minute speed ups, 10 small commander, 10- 8 hr speed ups 4 small guardian commander. For an error caused by the designers compensation was absurd. Almost forgot for 17 days my help requests went unanswered until I wrote a bad review. If you pay to play you get assistance quickly, occasionally pay you’re out of luck. Only reason still playing is alliance. Recommendation stay away unless you have good friends playing game or you pay to play. Lost Cause region 173

- U better have a lot of money to put in if u want to have a chance

In order to become strong enough to survive you have to pay money the game it’s a joke unless u have lots of money to put into it

- Great game until one player ruined the region

Thoroughly enjoyed game and team members helping each other battle and grow our bases. Even better when region versus region action kicked in. Unfortunately, one player spoils it for everyone by either spending thousands of dollars in game to level up to max in less than a week. Then rampages own region that is completely defenceless, region versus region play is no longer an option. Would like to see Devs provide an option to move out of region or provide a revenge option against a repeat attacker. Need to get this balanced again.

- Great Game!!

Very entertaining game, would recommend it to everyone!! 👍👍

- Wrong in region

Hi I have two accounts for zday this player 17064a3a4c0. Want move to 87 region . I fail my zday need 5 level then move to 87 region but I am 7 level and want back to five level umm

- Not as advertised

Game get’s boring fast. No first person action. Just clicking on buttons all day. Lvl 30 wipe you out and you start all over again. Cash grab.

- Jeu

Bon jeu

- Z day: Heart & Hereos

Game is good to start, lot to learn but when you get far enough you are attacked by high rank players which keep you down.

- Fun

Game is fun . The replacement of road to rule with war front is great. In the last update the change of price for the premium gold pack was disappointing, these items were a great bargain before but not now at current prices. Please change back.

- Love it

Sick game.

- Z Day

Great game lots of great features and action

- The game

Je vais dire que Le jeux est bien sûr le côté communauté C’est facile à jouer mais après une heure t’a plus rien à faire je trouve que Le jeux est trop Simple il n’y. Pas assez de in game content. Il devrait. Rajouter des choses à faire pour le joueur actif. Surtout ou ta pas besoin de rajouté $$ pour pouvoirs continuer jouer de nos jour j’ai vraiment l’impression que les company de jeux vidéo on oublier comment faire des jeux. J’ai l’impressions d’être sur Un jeux. De Casino ou tu doit mettre. Une fortune en. Jeux pour avoir du fun c dommage que les développeurs. Soit autant berné sur la façon de mettre Un jeux basé sur l’argent que tu Mais pour avoir du plaisir. Avec 20 ans expérience dans les jeux vidéos je suis vraiment dessus. J’espère. Qu’il vont trouver une façon de balancer Le jeux. Dernièrement j’ai mis 100$ Canadien dans Le jeux pour avoir. 3 heure de chose supplémentaire à faire dans Le jeux alors c pas fantastique !!!

- Fixing

Fun game the only thing is one region can get a hold of all Bastons not really fair, they should be allowed only one at a time something that needs fixing!!

- Excellent

Love this game

- Pleas fix

It crashes to much on my I pad and you need to many points to heal your guys in the alliance hospital. Takes for ever

- Enjoy the game

I enjoy the gameplay and comraderie in an Alliance. Don’t think most Alliances are for kids just due to the chat. It’s a war game but you can choose to shield and not join the war. I enjoy the gathering and growth of the game.

- Super Fun!!!

I find this game to be a great deal of fun and easy to play.

- MONEY game

It’s not a strategy game, you need much money for to be strong.

- Z-Day is a solid game

Fun and interactive game. It’s nature tends to support the strongest and most willing to spend money, however players can still progress with the right team. Good social interaction with players around the world. The developers work steadily on improving game play/ graphics and environment

- Awesome

Plenty of activities to keep you occupied

- Pay to play

Like so many games it’s about profits to designers. Dependent on region you are in things can be bad or good. People who pay grow faster and there is a lot of in-game profiteering happening. People contact you to sell resources. Alliances work but those who pay always hit those you don’t. Overall game shows promise but continues to get bad rep.

- Not bad

Hate building, best if all was ready and than start...make it more interesting

- Fix please

Am having problems logging in, after i upgrade with the latest upgrade. It’s frozen when I log in. please fix thanks

- Amazing game

I like the complexity of this game fun to play !!!

- Good game

Recommend this game. Fun and good to play.

- New update issues

The new update that was set out 28 of July. Made everything unclickable and I couldn’t even see what the new features were.

- Update

Just updated this morning now I can’t enter game. Loads but gets stuck on purchase screen.


You updated game and now cant play so should you not make shure you know what you do

- Update and game stopped working

Very update with today’s update. Game cannot be logged in after the update. Cannot click on that X at the top right to close the advertisement when the game is turned on.

- 2.13 break on my iPad

Cannot click anything, the game is stuck. If it's not fix before a lose everything will stop playing...

- Don’t know what’s going on?

Frozen after last update...can’t get into the game

- Nothing remotely like the ads.

And don't give me the crap about not all the vids are yours. These are ads playing on other games. I sincerely doubt anyone is paying to put up false ads for your game... Edit: the developers responded suggesting I was confusing their game with someone else’s. Sorry, no, I went from one of your ads directly to downloading, so it truly is you misrepresenting the gameplay.

- Très bon jeu

Le jeu Z Day est très bien développé et clair pour les nouveaux joueurs. En plus, les systèmes sont biens faits

- Z Day

So far so good, can’t complain, can’t think of any recommendation to improve.

- c’est un payé pour gagner

ce jeu est bien fait mais il est compliqué pour quelqu’un qui n’a jamais joué à se genre de jeu comme moi il y a tellement de boutons qui flash en même temps

- Cash grab

Game play is like so many other games, so very much like vanilla egg cream without the vanilla. Bring cash if you want to compete.

- Hey

Good game so far

- Nice

It is a good game

- Awesome game....no regrets!


- Best

Best game ever in the world better than roblox and minecraft and choices and sims

- A worthwhile game

This is one of a few games that actually uses real money to enhance the gaming experience as in to speed things up without breaking the balance for those that does not pay too much; however, this is also due to the fact that the region I’m in has a non aggression pack outside of game event. I would give 5 stars if there is an actual system where lower level players are protected from player with higher levels of more than 10 levels for example. Since right now lower level players can still be farms for higher level player and will lose the enjoyment for those that does not like pvp and from growing their bases

- Skip this

I’m sure the developers will ditch this game like they did Dino War. Don’t invest your hard earned money here.

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Z Day: Hearts of Heroes Apk Mod 2.37.2 For Android Z Day: Hearts of Heroes | MMO Strategy War is the best game in the world. Many people are downloading and play this game. The history you know is not necessarily true.


Z Day: Hearts of Heroes Apk Mod 2.37.2 For Android Z Day: Hearts of Heroes | MMO Strategy War is the best game in the world. Many people are downloading and play this game. The history you know is not necessarily true.

Z Day: Hearts of Heroes 2.55.0 Screenshots & Images

Z Day: Hearts of Heroes iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Z Day: Hearts of Heroes iphone images
Z Day: Hearts of Heroes iphone images
Z Day: Hearts of Heroes iphone images
Z Day: Hearts of Heroes iphone images
Z Day: Hearts of Heroes iphone images
Z Day: Hearts of Heroes iphone images
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Z Day: Hearts of Heroes (Version 2.55.0) Install & Download

The applications Z Day: Hearts of Heroes was published in the category Games on 2018-08-07 and was developed by FunPlus International AG [Developer ID: 1343106322]. This application file size is 309.91 MB. Z Day: Hearts of Heroes - Games app posted on 2022-04-26 current version is 2.55.0 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.kingsgroup.ww2