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Aim! Release! Shoot!
Find the best angles and positions to wipe out bricks.
Props also at your command to boost your scores.
Tons of levels well designed.
Classic Brick Game! Best time killer!
Tap away all bricks and your boredom!
Break Now!

Break Bricks - Ball's Quest App Description & Overview

The applications Break Bricks - Ball's Quest was published in the category Games on 2018-04-28 and was developed by Bin Dong. The file size is 64.95 MB. The current version is 1.2.8 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

1. Add 30 new levels.
2. Fixed some bugs.
3. Optimizing experience.

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Break Bricks - Ball's Quest Reviews


Buggy  Johnny5money  3 star

Freezes mid game all the time, deleting

Future DTV subscriber

Too many ads  Future DTV subscriber  1 star

Too many ads. Can’t get them off.


Crashes  Bilorager  1 star

Crashes within a minute every time


Riddled with ads  derek1235678743  1 star

Too many ads

Slup 66

Really good fun game  Slup 66  5 star

This game is super fun I really recommend it to everyone it requires skill but is still super fun hope you enjoy it as much as I do


Ads  JiggyEdits  1 star

There are way too many ads. There’s literally one after every single level. It’s so annoying and unnecessary.


Fix the glitches  chromaha  2 star

I really enjoyed this game, so I paid to remove ads. Then, after 103 levels, the game began freezing after 15-30 seconds of gameplay. Please fix these issues - us paying customers would like to complete the game we paid for.


So many ads  BigNickUnit  1 star

This is a great game but it has the most ads I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Ads that you can’t skip and ads that I have 0 interest in. It’s really unplayable to a point and it’s a shame because it is a fun game. I spent hours going through ads and I wish I could have had those hours back in my life. What a pathetic job by the developers and everyone associated with this game


👎🏼  jewlz0630  1 star

The game is great! Just to many adds. After Each level a long add pops up!👎🏼


so many games like this  heavny  1 star

very fun but WAY TOO MANY ADS


ADS IS THE POLING OF THIS GAME  Coolio787822  1 star

First of all the game itself is a total advertising billboard and no fun is involved I read some reviews saying this is a a bad game I found out by using TiCToc and I thought its like Atari Breakout aka online game by google but the game is a 1/10 due just to Ads and if u try to make money make A REAL WORKING DISABLE ADS FOREVER INGAME PURCHASE OK!!SO NEVER BUY IT. WARNING MY FRIEND BOUGHT IT and aka it didn’t work he decided to throw his iPhone on the ground.Plus I’ll also like to add on that the game is literally just nothing to me and most Player thanks if u read this good bye no buy game RIP OOF


Too many ads!  Rkutek  1 star

Too many ads!!!


Ads galore  adechoices  1 star

Ha! use ads manager to mark ads as irrelevant


Lame  Firewolf117  1 star

Constant freezing makes this game unplayable.


Garbage  Nelson34467  1 star

It freezes nonstop.


Ads are ridiculous  Bushgarden22  1 star

I get that ads are apart of everyday life now a days but hold crap!!, after every single level there is a 30 sec ad, that is freaking ridiculous!!, I like the game because it’s different but to be bombarded by ads after every single level is just too much, and for that reason I am uninstalling.

Francisco Fue

Ads galore. Pay to play  Francisco Fue  1 star

You gotta pay to play the game effectively. And the ad spamming is excessive.


Almost unplayable  Weddleje  2 star

Forced, uneducable ad watching. You have to close out the game after each round. Poor programming make this an excercise in frustration.


Don’t waste your time  Yoyo  1 star

The game starts off kind of fun and easy, but slowly stops responding to your touch. You can’t use abilities without clicking 3-5 times, and now matter how many times you move your finger the paddle will just sit there. Also they place ads to also launch the Val, so you lose lives because of them.


So many ads  6ameMasterXD  1 star

You get about two offers of ads after you complete each level to get rewards, then it forces you to watch a video ad. You also unlock extra skins by watching ads. I don’t want your dang ads!










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