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Aim! Release! Shoot!
Find the best angles and positions to wipe out bricks.
Props also at your command to boost your scores.
Tons of levels well designed.
Classic Brick Game! Best time killer!
Tap away all bricks and your boredom!
Break Now!

Break Bricks - Ball's Quest App Description & Overview

The applications Break Bricks - Ball's Quest was published in the category Games on 2018-04-28 and was developed by Bin Dong. The file size is 67.89 MB. The current version is 1.3.3 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

1. Bugs fixed
2. Added 20 new levels

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Cheryl's Touch

Dots!  Cheryl's Touch  3 star

I like the game but so many adds. Deleting.


Too many Ads  KillerKrewKid  1 star

I love the game but if there was like an ad every 10 levels that would be good. Not after every level I pass and every level I start, because the levels are easy to progress through but the ads are so annoying


Ads Won’t Play  brcbgd  2 star

The ads won’t play. I know, it’s weird that I even want that, but I like getting the extra stuff with the ads. I tap on the play buttons but they won’t play and I have to close the game and reopen for it to work once or twice and then stops again. Also, sometimes the bar doesn’t move across the bottom. I used to like this game but it’s disappointing that I can’t even do basic things.


The ads are 30 seconds long every minute  peetioboy  1 star

Horrible game just because of the ads


Good game BUT  RastaBabydoll  2 star



Lots of adds, extremely easy game  Aphomer  1 star

There’s no challenge whatsoever to play this game and there are tons and tons of ads.


Way to many ads  Astrokelly  1 star

The game is fun if it wasn’t for an advertisement after every level it would be amazing


The advertising is horrible!!!  longadsarebad  1 star

The amount of 30 second ads is unbelievable and I will not play this rather unique game as a result. 30 second ad when a game ends another immediately before starting a new one. Of course they want you to pay them to stop the ads but this is a horrible thing to do. Stick to the short ads. The long ones make you look bad.


Incessant ads  pls_fix1212  1 star

Every button pressed brings up a new short commercial


To many ads  Azrael8989  1 star

Had to watch 2 ads just to go to next level every time. Deleted it right away.


No fun. Too many ads.  Annonymous98  1 star

No real differentiation in any level and an ad pops up after each completed level too.

Sick of bad games.

Ads and Gameplay  Sick of bad games.  1 star

Like everyone else has mentioned, there are way too many ads. And it’s too easy. Once you pick up two or three power ups the game basically completes itself. There should be more variety in power ups and you shouldn’t get 100 of them per round! Make them rare. I also believe you do this to make the game end quicker so we see ads more often. Ruins the game.


Too many adds  sjcjcjjenanaj  1 star

Adds make it too hard to play smoothly between levels, deleted after a day because it just chews through data and it’s annoying


ADS???!!!!!  Orkust  1 star

Too many ads. Deleted after 5mins


Glitchy  pinkonion473  1 star

Way too glitchy to actually be able to play


Ads kill the flow  Schloff  2 star

Listen. I understand ads are a necessary evil. But this is just crazy. Makes you lose interest fast


Freezes all the time  Ell.g96  2 star

Game is constantly freezing and needing to be restarted. Idea of the game is great but the app is essentially unusable


Soo Many ads  jamesl0ve  1 star

Deleted after 5 minutes too many ads


To many adds  loiplo  1 star

Way to many adds back it off a little bit


Ad revenue hungry  ksorro  1 star

You spend more time watching ads then actually playing. Horrible.










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