RAID: Shadow Legends

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Battle your way through a visually-stunning realistic fantasy RPG with hundreds of Champions from 16 playable factions.

To save the world of Teleria, you will recruit its most legendary warriors from the forces of Light and Darkness. You must train them to fight together, mold them into living weapons, and assemble the greatest raiding party ever seen.

Download now to join the fight!


Make tough decisions and equip your champions with powerful artifacts to aid them in their quest. Rank them up to unleash devastating special skills, epic AOE attacks, healing powers and more as you lead them in RPG combat.

Join forces with thousands of fellow players in cooperative clan challenges as you slay demons for epic loot, rare Champions, and more.

Experience epic dark fantasy done right through 12 spectacular locations spread over a sprawling, fully-voiced story campaign.

Vanquish dozens of challenging bosses for loot, XP, and special champion drops! Cut down fearsome dragons, necromancers, golems, and other fell beasts - then go beat them again for more powerful gear.

Two teams go in – one team comes out. Go head-to-head with other players to unlock special gear and climb the rankings in intense arena battles.

Choose development paths from different masteries and artifacts to give your warriors millions of possible builds. Like in the best old-school RPGs, you have full control of each of your champions attributes, strengths, and weaknesses.

Collect hundreds of heroes from 16 factions. Assemble balanced teams of Sorcerers, Skinwalkers, Undead, Knights, Elves, and more to defeat your enemies - then recruit them to your side!

Raid is a mobile experience that looks and feels like a console RPG. Beautiful, fully-rendered 3D heroes offer stunning detail down to the cracks in their armor.

Raid: Shadow Legends allows you to subscribe to special Raid Passes. Raid Passes will automatically renew after the specified period unless otherwise cancelled.

The following Raid Passes are available:

• 1 Month Silver Raid Pass with a FREE 7 Day Trial - $9.99 (First week is free, after that the Pass is automatically renewed each month for $9.99. Can be cancelled at any time within the first 6 days of the Trial Period without charge).
• 1 Month Silver Raid Pass - $9.99 (The Pass is automatically renewed each month for $9.99).
• 6 Month Gold Raid Pass - $49.99 (The Pass is automatically renewed every 6 months for $49.99).

Raid Passes are a subscription purchase. Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period at the price selected. Subscriptions may be managed and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to Account Settings after purchase. In case of activating a free trial, payment will be charged during the last 24 hours of the free Trial. Any unused portion of a free trial period will be forfeited when a Raid Pass purchase is confirmed. Once auto-renew is turned off subscriptions will retain the bonuses until the end of the active period.


• Items are available for purchase in this game. Some paid items may not be refundable depending on the type of item.
• RAID: Shadow Legends is available in English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Ukrainian, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, Korean, Turkish, Japanese, and Portuguese.

Official Website:
Support: [email protected]
Privacy Policy:
Terms of Use:

RAID: Shadow Legends App Description & Overview

The applications RAID: Shadow Legends was published in the category Games on 2019-03-01 and was developed by Plarium Global Ltd. This application file size is 215.99 MB. RAID: Shadow Legends current version is 1.11.3 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

New in version 1.11.3:

- Faction Wars. Build teams of Champions from the same Faction and raid Faction Crypts.
- Glyphs. Beat the Crypt Keepers and win powerful Glyphs to enchant your Artifacts.
- New debuffs: Fear and True Fear.

- UI changes - Artifact/Accessory Storage.
- New Artifact upgrade options.
- New: Sort by Faction in Collection/Tavern.
- Version updates now give you a Refill Tokens item.

Multiple fixes to battles, Arena, Events, and Skills.

RAID: Shadow Legends App Tips, Tricks and Rules

RAID: Shadow Legends Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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jejdhrjf   5 star

Nice game. Good story nice characters all a man can ask for!

holden royston   5 star

Good game,fighter fresh,awesome. I love the game so much,I love how I can battle and defeat monsters and others.The game has some awesome pictures and vision.It’s the best game I have ever played in my life?

ekeen89   3 star

Pay to win. Yet another “if you don’t drop 1000s into our game you won’t go anywhere” one of the main quests is get to silver 1 in Arena...good luck! To even get out of bronze 3 to 4 you have to face people who have clearly dropped a ton of money into the game...I can’t imagine what it’s going to take to get to silver 1 to complete a main quest...good job greedy people.

rade shadow legends   5 star

Rad it cool. So good I cannot believe anything like this yeah yeah

bouhsyugououhuhbhuod   5 star

AMAZING!! Great 3d. This game is so fun! I just recently knew about this game and I thought I was going to hate it, BUT NOOO!!! The storyline is amazing and I cant stop playing!!!

Codacaino   4 star

Questions. The game is pretty good! I’d like to know is there a way to restart fresh from the beginning ?

fluffycats9665   5 star

Really fun. This game is better than I thought It would be. I downloaded it because all the youtubers did And I thought it was gonna be awful.but it turns out this is my favorite game on the App Store. keep up the good work!

Fanfordoot   4 star

Good game with tons of potential. To be perfectly clear, this is my first review I’ve ever written for a game. Anyways, I’ve played Raid shadow legends off and on for the last 5-6 months on PC and iPhone. Let me start off by saying, as a whole, the game is great! I have spent countless hours grinding in the dungeons for gear, events and potions, clearing the campaign on normal/hard/brutal with 3 stars on every stage, battling in the arena, and fighting the clan boss. To me it doesn’t get tedious, I enjoy all the grind. Early on it’s wonderful, However, eventually you’re at a point in the game and you lack the energy to really grind anymore, I hold 112 max which is equivalent to 9-10 runs in any given dungeon at 12 energy a pop. Of course I get my two daily refills but even at 336 energy it’s not enough, especially when farming scrolls from the Minotaur. Next let’s talk about tomes. Tomes allow you to upgrade your hero’s abilities, some abilities being more crucial than others depending on the hero. The daily login bonus’s give you a ton of tomes as well as through the campaign and challenges, However, you can use most of your tomes on one hero easily without any more to help the rest of your team. Also you can’t choose what ability you want to upgrade (this really needs to be fixed) I guess if I had to restart and play again I’d be sure never to use my epic tomes unless I got an incredible pull from a shard (which I haven’t) I’ve opened 20+ void shards, well over 50 ancient ancient shards and right around 9-10 sacred shards and still have not got a legendary hero, as many reviews will say, this game is pay to win, you can get by going free to play but you’ll get to a point in the game where you can’t progress much further without spending your paycheck. I wish the developers would implement a way to get your tomes back. Example : I have a maxed out 5 star hero but am no longer going to need him, he’s better off as food to upgrade someone else to 6 star, however if I use him for food I’m basically losing all of the tomes I spent on him when I needed him. I wish if I did decide to use him for food then the tomes used on the hero would be refunded or moved into the hero’s ability’s you’re upgrading. Besides looking at the player reviews (which can be misleading) there’s absolutely NO way to test a hero to its max potential without tomes. So if you max a hero to test his strength and it ends up being something you don’t need then you wasted a ton of tomes, a lot of energy and a lot of time... if it weren’t for the energy depleting incredibly quick and the tomes being virtually impossible to get aside from your first 90 days and them being wasted (using my example above) I’d give this game a 5 star review. The graphics are the best I’ve seen on mobile, and applaud the developers for working so hard on this game, I’m looking forward to new content and hope that better changes in the future make the quality of life in this game much better. As I said, it’s a good game, with tons of potential!

lunerdayz   1 star

Scam. This game might of had some potential.. if it wasn’t “pay 100s of dollars to play, and you may or may not get anything.” Unfortunately for them, they wasted their time making this game due to greed .But fortunately for us there’s a bunch of other games very similar to this one that doesn’t try to SCAM us.

uehejdhd d   5 star

Great game. This is an amazing game a great mobile experience

BatTechCreek41   5 star

Just amazing, play it now!. This game is just amazing! Graphics are good, combat is amazing, and love love love the champions. Just plain out amazing designed champions. Download this game it’s worth and it’s worth the gigabyte on your storage.

itwonetmechooseanickname   1 star

I HATE THIS GAME!!!!!. Listen here creators I downloaded this game and it always kicked me out after one second. This has happened to me and my entire family with a few friends on the side. Please fix this bug, I’m deleting the app and I’ll be sure to never recommend this to my other friends!

Cmotley47   5 star

Raid. Very fun game

bambino10000   2 star

It’s okay..... The game is only fun when your characters have power. I would take forever to upgrade in all areas with out buying stuff from the special item packs of the day....

Bert0430   4 star

Not bad. Time killer

saekev877   4 star

Overall good game but not great.. I very much enjoy the game. Its fun and you don’t have to stress about knowing every little thing about the game as it always changes. However, I would’ve loved if this game had the player control the character and actually be able to move around and fight in a certain area. This would’ve easily made the game 5x as better as it is.

Itsjustbrad   1 star

Want the full truth? Here it is.. I got this game a few months ago because I saw one of their advertisements and I liked the overall style of the game and how the game felt. After playing daily for about 7 months now as a completely free to play player here is my honest and completely accurate pros and cons of this game. Let’s start with the pros. 1. Game is very pretty and characters look interesting. Has an ok amount of verity in things to do with the dungeon bosses and clan boss. 2. Literally nothing else. Cons Game seemed promising but in the 7 months I have played the company running this game have done absolutely nothing but do money grabs. Every game wants you to buy their items or boosts or whatever but this game goes about it in the most ridiculous way and it’s non stop. The community has talked about how they want new content and several problems to be addressed but instead of addressing them they just reskin old champions, slap new meh abilities on them and then ask you to fork over literally thousands of dollars to collect them. This is the WORST game when it comes to collecting any character. The whole reason I had never spent a cent is because the price to get even a Chance to collect a champion is absolutely ridiculous. I’m talking stuff like 100 bucks to pull maybe 30 shards with a .5 percent chance to get a legendary which more then half of the characters in the game are complete garbage. Just so people can grasp how bad it is I have played for 7ish month’s and have pulled exactly ZERO legendary champions. Not one. Crazy right? Aside from the horrible odds to get anything good in this game every single event they do is never to actually help the player but to line their pockets. Again, a company wants to make money but all this company does is rake in cash and not put anything into the game. They did one update with new faction wars and implemented it sooo horribly that no one even tries to do them because they are unrewarding and boring. Don’t let 4.8 fool you for this game. This game looks beautiful for a mobile game and the thrill of getting the good champions is something people love, myself included, but you will NEVER get anything unless you fork over 100s and 100s of dollars and you literally are getting champions to do dungeons you can already do with other characters but they just make it. A little faster and easier. If you are looking for a game to kill time with, then this can be that game if you don’t mind horrible grindy messes that get boring extremely fast and also don’t mind ever finishing any events without spending money. If you want to not regret sinking 100s of hours into a game with literally zero payoff and don’t want to support a company that doesn’t listen to its community then I’d stay away. Even if you don’t believe me go look up some raid shadow legends big you tubers who are considered whales. They have several videos talking about how poorly this company is doing with this game and it’s almost always negative stuff and this is from people who have spent 10,000 dollars or more. Update: They just did another cash grab fusion event so after 7 months my brain can’t take it anymore and I quit this game until further notice. Just too repetitive with no payoff in months.

Jessequsa   1 star

Don’t play unless you want to pay$. It’s a fun game but there are up to 8 pop ups to purchase things before you even get to start playing and it’s every time you log in. It’s rather annoying. And the competitions and tournaments are impossible to get anything of value without buying you way in the game. So unless you are made off money don’t expect to get any good characters.

xXZEDDREDXx   2 star

Not much variety.. Raid is pretty fun but what I have noticed is that all of the characters are just the same model as other characters but just reskinned and recolored. There’s just not much work put to it and it makes the developers seem lazy. Barely any uniqueness to the characters.

Kombat game 4 you😁   4 star

Relentless Offers. The games is fun to play but they keep trying to shove offers down your throat after every level, after every time you visit the game, after every single day, hour, and minute you play. Which is why I give 4 stars. I don’t wNt to spend any money on the game thank you. Just leave your offers under the shop menu and stop putting them in my face. Let me enjoy the free game that’s being advertised on every social media platform and streaming services and website out there. Thank you.

BrokeDude241   2 star

Fun - Money Pit. Starting off it’s a super fun and exciting game. That being said good luck trying to get a legendary character. The game is rigid because people spend money on it, so of course they are not gonna hand out legendary. So you might as well just settle for an epic. Whoever came up with this game is genius cause it is addicting and people like myself spend way too much money on this game. I just spent 30 sacred shards and got 1 epic that I already had, thanks guys you rock.👎 Not worth investing your money, go buy a pack of bud light instead. 🍻

NemoBarrett   5 star

RAID ON. Pretty cool freaking game.

Maximo00   1 star

It’s fun but dumb. This isn't a game you can go on and play for hours. The events in this game require you to play at least 4-5 hours a day for one for a week if you want the best price. This a mobile game NOT a console game so they should definitely fix this because it’s ridiculous.

RussellB82   1 star

Wish I could give 0 stars. Fun addictive game, but you definitely have to pay to play, and you still get your butt kicked when the enemies have a rebuff that heals 90% of their energy, every the champions I have to count at that don’t seem to be able to stop them from completing healing every turn they have.......the game is too greedy and they don’t even try to hide it, there doesn’t seem to be a way to get the chicken to level up without paying for it, if it’s a drop that you need the game conveniently never gives it too you, but constantly shoves overpriced lame level up bundles in your face every chance they can....very disappointing

Decays1   2 star

It is a decent time waster.. I have been playing this game a bit and too no surprise it’s just like all the other games out there. A giant money trap. Yes you can play for free, all fine and dandy, but the thing that got me is this. I had three legendary shards, thinking I am for sure going to get one at least. Nope, just three rare. I earned another legendary shard and got one, but it has no really good stats. Usable but there are so many better. Will I spend money on a completely random game where legendary shards give you rare toons. Not a chance. The amount of time spent getting those compared to out come not worth it. Or the amount of money spent to hopefully get a good legendary definitely not worth it.

juon juon juon   5 star

FYI. Hey so yeah I’m just saying the Durham forest boss is WAY to STRONG but really pls nerf it oh yeah what’s the point of the other shards like c’mon like really all in favor though please nerf Durham forest boss please and thank you bye

reaper12321!   3 star

Great game aside from the deals and fusions.. Don’t get me wrong, this game is pretty dang good. But when it comes to getting the better characters through fusions, or luck using ancient crystals or otherwise it is downright frustrating sometimes. The game is great for free to play players, and players that can afford to spend whatever they wish. Either way you can accomplish what you would like. Albeit it would take a bit longer with ftp, but still not impossible. Developers need to take to reddit and see what people think about each update and new characters, “ limits”, downtime and many other things. With listening to the input of the reddit, and forum communities this game will flourish even more.

jsdtfghkjgfdhgj   5 star

Cool. Yeah it’s cool - - ==

willstrong82   5 star

Steam make $. Steam compatible please

Herrrd   5 star

Love the game tbh. Adds got to me after a year. Gave it a drunken chance and it’s wonderful, and that’s after two weeks I f playing. If you ever liked strategy games on give this a shot

Advertorial    5 star

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Grimlockuk2000   3 star

Good game, but TOO MANY pop ups trying to sell stuff. This game is quite fun to play, has lots of areas to keep you interested and playing, but PLEASE stop with the pop ups on app start. 7-10 pop ups selling game packs is too many! 1 or 2 fine, you are trying to make some cash I get it, but 7-10 every time I load the game is ridiculous! I will be deleting the game although I’ve made a couple of purchases solely for this reason. Perhaps I forgot to mention this is when you launch the game before performing a single action. Not the app notifications you can disable in “general settings” on your iPhone.

Owen Armstrong   1 star

Bad game. It’s aids shadow legends

😏😉😈😊😘😍😉   5 star

5 stars to a 1. This game was absolutely, unequivocally one of the best mobile games ever, but is now completely and utterly unplayable! I can’t even look at my spot in the tournament’s or events without it either closing the window or crashing entirely. UPDATE: Guys and girls, before you start blaming the devs as the reason your game crashes, make sure it’s actually them and not something else. I blamed them when it was really my fault. I simply had to update my device itself and presto! Problem solved!

hhhhhhhhhhhuhhhhhhhh   5 star

Awesome. It’s an wasome game

My favroite game   4 star

Offline compatible?. Great game great graphics little too much in app purchases. But please; -make it offline compatible (at least a little) -have some more ways to get shards Other than that it would be 5 stars!! :D

Karst1992   1 star

Uh connection issue. I was gonna try this game but for some reason i am getting error just signing in.

Nickname1235677   1 star

Too many prompts to buy packs. Releasing new champions instead of fixing old ones Not listening to player base Greedy company

Darkless_soul   1 star

REALLY BORING AND FILLED WITH MICROTRANSACTIONS. This game is really boring and you have to wait a while for your energy why would someone add energy the most annoying thing on mobile games plus the micro transactions 100 bucks for a pack that is outrageous anyways you just turn on auto attack and watch just watch

shraklover420   5 star

Get the game. Omg this game is a awesome the looks good there are a lot of characters to get and the story is good and it’s free so you will get a good time playing the game.

Djeeoo   1 star

Bad events. Really tried to like this game. the worst events ive seen in a gacha games, only whales can get the good rewards(and most of the rewards are actually obsolete) Not much incentives to log in daily after the first daily rewards. I like games that gets their money by actually releasing good updates and events, this game is trying to milk the most out of their players before they all leave

PupstarLizzie   5 star

AWESOME. THIS GAME IS AWESOME PEOPLEZ DOWLOAD IT! It’s free and just fun for spare time!

The Blackspot   4 star

Awesome game. I love this game. So much detail into the characters. Very well thought out. My only advice is put $100 into the game at the start, buy the package deals for void shards. Because they are way to expensive later on, and I’m almost max level and I still don’t have a legendary character. The game gets redundant when you just keep getting the same characters that are easily beat by an over powered legendary no matter what gear you put on them.

EpicSamurott   4 star

About to download!!!. I’ve seen lots of YouTubers sponsoring this game. Like Mr beast, DougDoug, and more! I’m very excited to try this game out!

Tyler Jerr   5 star

Free epic. I downloaded the game from one of your sponsors Yumi he said something about a free epic and I didn’t get it

MAsterDeAber   5 star

I have a question. I have a character but I want to get rid of it don’t get me wrong it’s a really good game I just really want to restart it

VileNine16_tomfav   5 star

Super bien !!!!. Le propose le maximum de possibilité!!!! Et crée la meilleure armée de 4 à 1 combattent féroces et très styler !!!! 5 étoile 🔥🔥🔥

whateverTrek   5 star

Great fun. Love the artwork and effects

Oxnipple   1 star

Pay to win. Title says it all. To progress at any decent level you have to basically pay to win otherwise you have a really, really slow grind ahead of you so if you’re into grinding games this game is for you.

JaysFan9293   5 star

Best game ever. I have invited my friends to

Kinghodag666   5 star

The game. The game is awesome

EccentricTag1   4 star

Yeeet. Good game but hard to get in an alliance or to lvl up

ChaddyGibbs   1 star

Good Game, Greedy Devs. Great game with good mechanics but developer greed is beyond insane in this game. Micro transactions constantly pop up at ludicrous prices aimed solely at whales, and after testing on multiple accounts the offers consistently raise in price if you purchase anything, predatory pricing at its worst here. Reviewer replies are usual corporate robo-reply of “YoU dOn’T hAvE tO sPeNd To WiN!” when all events have had required total points for good items pushed well beyond a F2P player’s reach unless you save shards for 6 months. Regularly offered packs costing $140, should tell you all you need to know. Easily worst pricing in over thousands of games I’ve played. Avoid this game, insane grinds for anything designed to aggressively pressure you into purchases and login bonuses stop and don’t repeat after 3 months.

stdoqc12893   5 star

Nice gamee. Gg

RustyDustu   5 star

I love this game!. All my favourite you tubers are getting sponsored by raid so I gave it a try and I got hooked

benjohnson😍❤️🤤   5 star

Great game!. Good game play and great story line

cranksock   5 star

Don’t buy into the hate. Everyone says this game sucks, it doesn’t it’s not groundbreaking but what it does it does very well

luketheunissen   5 star

Amazing. The level of detail are incredible and just in general so good. Thank you so much Bentimm1 for introducing this game to me. You guys should do more sponsorships with bentimm1. I would recommend this game to everyone

B0SLEY   2 star

Not Free To Play Friendly. Poor loot box RNG and high energy requirements promote spending money to progress. The ability to progress is very much linked to the extremely bad odds of acquiring champions through spinning crystal shards. This comes from the need for such specific champions to clear extremely over tuned content. Moreover making champions and artifacts stronger takes significant resources due in part to extremely low odds. Even basic energy requirements for farming content are too high requiring the need to buy energy. The graphics are exceptional and the game is fun but it could be so much better.

Smiley_sundae 3   3 star

Crashing. I love the game but sometimes when I go to start a campaign battle it Crashes.

Zorth3   5 star

Great game. This is one of few games you don’t need to put money into to be able to progress haven’t put anything into this game and either I’ve gotten lucky with my crystals or I’m just patient

Advertorial    5 star

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Sgdhhdfhdf   5 star

Deserves it. This game in which everyone on YouTube at this point have been sponsored by is amazing.

foxybutters23152316826   5 star

Amazing. Raid shadow legends is amazing and I highly recommend you get it today for free

NOOT-SPED   5 star

Review. Been playing for a while now great game all up it would be good if you improved arena to have fair matchmaking

Lolaspecd   4 star

Proper Free to Play.. Good engagement with a well rounded sense of reward, progression and excitement.

Procenter185   5 star

Game circle. Love this game game

hyshxsyhxysx   4 star

Raid. Really really good game

Carter bum0993   3 star

Why u should and shouldn’t get this game. This game is good I like it but it it took away my last dollar that I had on my Apple ID I brought a ancient crystal and 25000 silver coins it has its pros and cons but overall it is a good game and would make a great movie.

Sickladesh   5 star

Literally epic. Twere no other way to put it epic

mr engleby   1 star

Don’t like it way to laggy. This game does not work properly

ohplss   1 star

No originality but it is catchy on first gameplay. Basically the same as summoners wars but with improved graphics lol i hope they wont copycat the entire gameplay coz summoners war is kinda boring in the long run and kinda generic.

lo,m   5 star

Best I have played. It is so fun

Tutu batts   1 star

Stay clear be warned!!. All they want is your money! The’re not even subtle about it, 1st day upgrade was asking for $49.00 Aussie dollars! Piss off con artists

Max the poop   5 star

Awesome game. Your game is awesome keep up with the good work

Fun fun awesome   5 star

Raid. Best game

Mrbugdick   5 star

Gooooooooooood game. This a goooooooooooood game 👍

colm o'driscal   5 star

Thanks for the guidance tbr!. I have had this game for a couple of weeks now and I can’t stop playing I’ve quit YouTube and all my other games all because of tbr (the YouTuber)

cronoss696   2 star

Don’t bother getting it.. Would be an awesome game if the in game purchases weren’t so extremely expensive for one purple shard to buy you have to pay 40$. Most other purchases in the game are at 80$ or 140$ and you get hardly anything out of them. there’s no certainty you’ll get an epic, 10 epic shards I’ve only gotten 2 epics ,the likelihood of you getting a legendary is 0.0001% chance so grinding a legendary shard is pointless because you’ll only get an epic character overpriced over grindy the only people who will get legendarys and make it anywhere are those willing to spend upwards of 1000$.extremely pay to win so if you want to make it anywhere it’s not a free to play game. Don’t bother playing it if you do just play till you finish the story it’s actually pretty decent

i wanna say hi raid   5 star

Hello. Hi

Mia123456790   5 star

Hello. Can you get pet dragons please

dkhmeow   5 star

Great. Love this game

Strikemaster69   5 star

Tremendously reccomend. I’ve played raid for a couple of months and I love it amazing graphics, good plot lines,and very unique characters and fractions, bosses are hard but still beatable.

yes free   5 star

Po. Po

lukey699err   4 star

Game hasn’t loaded. Played a few games and was really enjoying it but I’ve got to about 5 lvls in and now the lvl won’t load have to restart app and same thing happens

CMacca321   5 star

Love it.. Thought it was awesome, hard but an amazing and addicting game!

agent86therealone   1 star

Constant server issues & illegal practices. The servers are constantly difficult to log into. The credibility of the devs is highly, highly questionable and their market practices are pure stealing and cheating. I bought a VOID pack for $39 Advertised as a VOID pack all items were rare - no void items. How is this that you falsely advertise a void pack that includes no void items? This destroys trust between consumer that the product advertised is not delivered. I don’t expect it to be addressed but am hopeful this was a glitch and I will be compensated otherwise chargeback is my only option because I refuse to accept that a void pack has no void items. It’s up to the devs to be fair and honest and give value for money not cheat, lie and deceive. For my money I expect a fair return and devs for this game should have a sense of fairness in their transactions or it’s just pure stealing not to give us what is advertised. If you advertise a VOID pack it must contain a reasonable amount of void items at least 5-6 but I got all rare. That’s false and misleading advertising and pure stealing. I hope you correct this as it’s anti consumer practice and unacceptable. It’s a matter of justice and fairness and if deceipt is used then there’s the law. I’m saying that if you advertise a VOID pack it MUST contain void items. We don’t buy a VOID pack to get all rare items. You need to exercise justice and fairness. Or you need to state openly that the VOID pack may contain NO void items. Tell the truth and see how many you sell or practice ethical sales please. I’m not tolerating being cheated,

owenrs reward   5 star

Best legends. Ok first off all thx for so much for doing that game but can you do clan battles please thx for your update that was amazing please can you enable notification in settings because I don’t know where is nottification a and please can Can you add private chat please?

twistedmine   5 star

Can play without money. Love the game so far it’s playable without spending real money ,not to many games can say that

JiMooJi   5 star

Good. Fun

AngryDingo88   1 star

Don’t recommend. I don’t recommend this game in the slightest i got stuck redoing the tutorial for the game because it keeps freezing on the point where the dragon eats the elf and the Cinematics run like a crappy pc with no graphics card in it

Vkgfgmfgnfgnfh   4 star

Good game. Too many microtransaction adverts. Overall a good game but I am constantly being harrased by pop ups to buy a microtransaction. I find this highly annoying as I have bought the raid pass yet I am still being harrassed. I would aprieciate it if you could reduce them. Im not expecting you to get rid of them completely but it would be amazing if it could be just a little ya know all up in ur face constantly. Thanks :)

aura    4 star

Newbie to game. Like it but just starting out. Much to learn😝💕

D.G (Fashionista in training)   1 star

Tedious over time and too expensive. Update: In response to the developers. This “game” has become more like a chore than a something that is fun. What’s the point of adding new features if us F2P players can’t enjoy them? Playing the same lvl over and over again for weeks on end just to upgrade 1 champion to lvl 6 is ridiculous, and to prove this game is only for those who want to spend money, currently there is a 5 star chicken package ( which would upgrade my champ much faster) in the marketplace selling for $69.99. What?! That is crazy! To add to that I watched a YouTuber do a video on the game where he spent $125 to open shards for the current summoning event and he claims that he is one of the companies biggest “Whales” because he’s spent THOUSANDS on this game already. So I guess that means that Plarium will only care if he’s frustrated and they won’t care at all of us people with limited income complain because we aren’t giving them enough money to care about our concerns. Needless to say that I most certainly did not or will not be voting for you Plarium...and to anyone reading this....DO NOT get this game! It’s nothing but a cash grab for the developers and they will do nothing but attempt to mislead you about that fact when you call them out on it. The graphics in this game are beautiful but that’s about all it really has going for it. Overtime gameplay becomes increasingly tedious and incredibly boring, not to mention super expensive if you want to compete in anyway with all the people who have already spent massive amounts of money to be so high up in the game already in only a year. I’m currently 3 months in and I’ve just started trying to grind my first 6 star champion, but in order to do that I will need to grind 25 champions to lvl 4, then feed 20 of those champions to the other 5 to make them 5 star champions just to feed them all to my main lvl 5 star champ to make her 6 stars and all along the way of “grinding” those characters I will need to feed them 2 and 3 star champs just to lvl them up....that’s just not’s tedious and boring. It takes forever to lvl up characters because of the tiny amounts of XP they have to split to compete one level. I’ve probably played the same lvl over 1000 time already just to get 2 star champions to lvl 3, then so on and so on. All that work...all those hours and all the energy just to get 1 champion to lvl 6, and in the meantime there are already players who have more than 100 champions (rare, epic and legendary) at lvl 5 and 6 already with maxed out 6 star lvl gear as well and us players who don’t want to pay are somehow expected to compete with them.... how? There’s no real competition if they’ve payed to level up and be 10X stronger then your strongest champions and there’s no strategy that will help you defeat them. I really enjoyed gameplay in the first 90 days because of the daily login rewards that helped a little, but now that that’s over and it’s all about the daily grind that’ll take forever to accomplish anything without forking up hundreds of dollars at a time I realize there’s no fun in this “game” and will be looking for something that’s more player friendly to those of us who have real world responsibilities and little to disposable income to waste on a phone game.

Sadie0723   1 star

Fun but so many problems. This game is really, really fun when it is working correctly. However, it has many problems and basically no support whatsoever. There is no phone or email support, just an in game message system and all you get in response is a useless form email telling you how to log in. There are a lot of elements of the game that are just fundamentally broken. For example, there are certain skills that say “when you kill an enemy, such and such happens.” Some of these work on all enemies while others only work on certain enemies. The only way to figure out which skills what on what enemies is trial and error, but the problem is you have to spend very crucial resources (gems and times) to unlock or upgrade these skills. If you upgrade skills or unlock masteries only to find out that for no stated reason they don’t work on certain enemies, you will have to pay real money to tell reset your skills or else have a worthless champion who you have probably invested a lot in. It would be a fun game with more focus on the actual game, but it is clear it is just a money making scheme right now. There are many obviously broken things they refuse to fix because it gets them more money to keep them broken.

ASJules   4 star

Great game.... but the ads are brutal. I am enjoying the game so far, but the number of ads is extreme. Every time I leave combat I am barraged by 3-5 offers.

Kani4life   1 star

Hot garbage. This game is not complete garbage - it does have great graphics and there is definitely an addiction on this game which is nice. After you play the game for a few months you start to see an ongoing trend with the game which is rather disappointing. What I’m talking about here is that Raid has horrible events and tournaments that are designed to squeeze money out of the player base instead of something fun and exciting. I would explain in more detail but I have more issues I want to talk about so you will have to either read up on reddit or find out for yourself. The second problem I have is lack of content. This game is just boring when you get past all the grinding of leveling up champions, ascending and masteries. All that is left is ascending in the arena which is a joke and hardly any fun - or you can grind out artifacts to get a better roll on stats which is also boring. The game needs new content and all we have seen from Plarium is the new Faction Crypts which was exciting when it came out but now I have al my champions out and ready to go instead of my vault which makes the whole thing a cluster. You should either be allowed to have more champions out of your vault or you should be able to organize the vault in such a way to where I can grab a certain faction for the daily faction crypts that I need to do. My vault is just cluttered with champions - at least let us use gems to expand it or improve it! This game just needs more work and new content instead of what we are getting each week which is new champions and next to impossible fusion events that you can’t do without spending money on the game. Whoever is in charge of coming up with ideas for how to extract money from the player base needs to be fired or replaced in some capacity because players with gladly throw their money at a game that plays well and is exciting vs. when we know we are being forced to spend money to enjoy the game. There is definitely money in appealing to the whales but if you can get free players to spend small amounts of cash you will not only have that money but the whales will be there regardless. Anyways that is my rant and I will still login to stack energy on my account but I don’t intend to play or change this review until there is some exciting content or a change in the way events and tournaments are run.

xlhuntlx   5 star

Enjoying this game.. Been playing for a couple of weeks and really enjoy it. Haven’t had to spend any money, but have been moving up pretty well. Only have 2 four star legends now, but quite a few 3 star. We’ll see how things go in the future.

epicwarriors4   5 star

Get the game!. This is full of action and you just want to keep play i definitely recommend to get raid shadow legends.

Zamenace666   4 star

Good game but....... This is probably the only online game I’ve ever played that doesn’t have a friends list or a chatroom for friends only public chat which is only trash talkers or clan chat. Need to add friends list and friend chat rooms please please please

Josh92995   5 star

Great Time Killer. Really fun and makes the time pass by. A lot to grind for too.

NoahSheppard   5 star

Love the GAME. So I love the graphics and the leveling system

ping spoofer   5 star

Yes. Yes

TheCurious14Time   5 star

Cool game. Like Epic 7 but unique in it’s own way. This game is like Epic 7, but it’s unique that it’s 3D and it can appeal to people without looking wee y at times. I mean, Epic 7 is enjoyable too, it it seems like this game is free to play and not grinding at time.

IceeMolotov   1 star

Disappointed by Publisher. Changed from 5 stars. This review will change if positive steps are taken. This is not an indictment of the staff that created Raid; people who I believe worked very hard on creating an enjoyable game, even if they can do better. This is an direct critique of the publisher and their parent company. The player base have been asking for changes over for months; new content, new log in rewards, champion rebalances, uses for duplicates, a mercy system for summoning, new daily/weekly/monthly challenges, etc. Instead, players are constantly milked for money with “new deals” or new champions, all of which are either reskinned, useless to most players, or vastly broken like Vizier, Krisk. There has been no outreach to the community about progress in the roadmap or even the next update. Again if things change, I would happily update this reciew and recommend it to my friends. But as it stands the game is a cash grab and the longer you play, the longer the publisher will attempt to leech off you.

@&$jay   1 star

Fun at first.... ...but if you don’t have cash you quickly end up spinning your wheels and it gets boring and frustrating. It doesn’t help that the drop rates for champions are HORRIFIC. It’s just set up to make you frustrated enough to either for over cash or quit. I chose the latter.

Tiirs   4 star

No Reward. I don’t think I did it right but I was referred by ERB to get free rewards for using the sponsor link but I got nothing. Maybe because I have iPhone and the link was for android I’m not sure. Overall I do like it so far and I like that I don’t need to connect to a wi-fi to play!

gv bygvbj   5 star

Cool. it so much fun

ysudjshs   3 star

Pretty bad. It was a good game but if I bought something in the shop I wouldn’t get it

noah370952   1 star

Don’t play. Greedy company. Don’t play unless you want to spend $1000 a month.

shermansapan   1 star

Enjoy the karma. Double drops, and give me the same blue character? You only get so many void shards, have gotten all blue and some repeats. Why should I continue to play when only the worst thing possible drops every single time? You need to entice players to continue to play, not drive them away. Use some common sense. Good drops half of one percent, means after 200 shards, I should have a legendary. After 500-1000 shards and no legendary???? How are you supposed to build a team of legends if you don’t even get one before you 3 star on everything in Brutal, finish 90% of challenges? Even Vegas slots pay out sometimes, plarium has no conscience, greediest gaming company I have ever seen. How many hundreds of shards should I use to never receive anything? Play for a very long time to beat challenges for the elusive void shards, and get the same worthless blue from a void? At least someone different. When I get to use a total of like 5 void shards, I want the same pathetic one? Tried to take fun aspects from other games and totally ruin them. Rng is fun when you actually get at least one cool thing sometimes. One cool thing! 90 percent of every account I see in arena have a legendary. HOW IS THIS HAPPENING? When you are so unbelievably greedy? Impossible to get out of silver 1. Finish almost every challenge in the game for a chance at something, and nothing but garbage. The idea that I can finish a majority of the game, all campaign, last page of challenges, without getting anything is absurd. Don’t you think people would like to play your game with a legendary? If I finally get one, I have nothing left to do with a character I finally want. This is the most broken game ever made. Time to delete. Nothing left to do in the game and never received a single gold. THIS GAME IS A PATHETIC JOKE. ENJOY THE KARMA, TREAT PEOPLE LIKE GARBAGE, WHAT COMES AROUND GOES AROUND. This game is a cancer, better to enjoy something else!

eugen.t   1 star

Do not spend money there. I’ve played this sh*** about 7 months, spend a thousands $ and never get satisfied. Just go and buy ready account with good champions instead of feeding platinum

bronco208   5 star

Really cool battler. Ok 1st off,this game can be played f2p or you can spend some money,either way you still need to grind away.the graphics are top notch,plenty of ways to battle,campaigns,dungeons and lots does need more dungeons,for sure but there’s still quite a bit to do.grind,grind,grind. Definitely look up YouTube videos on how to play,it’s complicated with artifacts,masteries,etc..I wish I would have done this before I started using certain champions for rank up and level up,YouTube,youtube,youtube,it will save you time,money and frustration.overall this game is 8 out of 10.the grind is a bit much

Delineman   5 star

Fun time killer. Fun game the Michro transactions aren’t need great way to kill time

Ares lover   5 star

Restart my account. I want to restart my account because I haven’t played in a long time I feel like I just cheated so can you please restart my account.

theAlfonzo70   1 star

Great concept and fun but one of the worst monetization orientated games I have ever seen.... The game has a great concept and it is very fun but man oh man is it horrid with the amount of transaction the game pushes you constantly. If you do down load it you’ll see what I mean. EVERYTIME you sign on the game bombards you with several ads all saying hey buy this for 20$,50$,99$. But wait there’s more all the tournaments and special events only help players that pay money. The game does give you challenges that rewards you for playing but those are limited and once those run out you literally won’t be able to really get anymore good characters. So I will end with this the game is fun which is why I have it one star but this game will bless you dry if you continue to play it, which is really unfortunate because this game would be amazing if they just toned it down a bit but they won’t because they are greedy...

Zulfur   4 star

Lots of PTW. It’s complicated this game is a lot of fun. But they could care less if you have to click thru screens 17 or more times to play their game. You have to click thru screens where they are selling crystals to get legendary creatures vs what you are allowed. They also do not care if Chinese spammers sell accounts and many people buy multi legends for $10 or less so you will never be any good and be owned in pvp.

Fvnnbft   1 star

Missin critical features. Just accidentally sold one of my best pieces of equipment on accident since it auto sells whatever you were last clicked on, no buyback feature. There’s no “what’s currently being sold” window either so unless you go through everything there’s no way of easily checking. Every time I log on, even if I just leave the game for 30 sec, I’m being bombarded by i game ads, got to click trough all 5 to play, you guys should atleast set a timer on that or something so it doesn’t turn on after a crash. Speaking of crashes, sometimes when I go to fight clan boss, i click it, it eats up a key, and boom crash. No more key. I like this game, I’m just really upset about this sell :( I just got this item to complete a set, put on a chest piece which ruined existing set, and when I go looking for the boots, they’re not there, assuming they sold with the trash items I was selling to make enough money to remove current boots. Very upsetting and would be a very easy fix that many games have implemented. Mistakes happen, especially on a phone game, no reason to punish them so severely.

sondag1   1 star

Raid was hacked. My level 50 account a casualty. Raid was hacked. My level 50 Account was a casualty they refused to fix or considered in the slightest to compensate. I enjoyed the game. I got together with several friends in a clan. I have great legendary and epic heroes and artifacts. I played late one nights and got up early to play the following day. Between that time my level 50 account player was gone and replaced with a level 2. Ivan at customer service pretended to care to two seconds while I provided every evidence he needed of my account ( including screen shots, dates, events and so on). Then he said they will not help me and are not responsible. My 1 star is for the bad experience from their customer service

Joe Lee 2814   3 star

Great fun but a money grab too. I’ve been playing the game for a few weeks now, it’s a lot of fun rpg/rts. It’d be nicer if you didn’t have to close 17 pop-up windows every time I want to play. I’ve seen worse money grabs though

Zachilles2819   1 star

Horrible gacha system. Extremely predatory. This games use of baiting and draining your money with no reward is disgusting. Do not waste your money on the game. It’s a fun game. With great graphics and game play. But horrible predatory practices used to bait you into events, hoping to achieve certain characters only to have you waste your money with no actual reward. Play the game. Don’t give them your money. An update. This game is not pay to win. It’s go broke to win. There are so many bad characters in this game that delude the chances of getting a bad character. It’s actually garbage. Don’t play

mrreallysilent   1 star

Need VPN to play. Nice graphics. Repetitive mechanics. Extremely grindy. But worst of all you may need a VPN to play depending on your ISP.

Caininsin   1 star

Real show of priorities. Game has no issue loading the at least 3 to 10 adds that pop up every time I open it. But can’t load or freezes for everything after that even looking at my character roster. Real show of the company’s priority’s that they have all there adds mastered before getting a working game!

Vhein Ferou   1 star

Don’t Play. Unauthorized access and payment. Limited offers not worth the money - costly & random rewards

craftgameur   5 star

MAJ. Bonjour, dans la prochaine MAJ je voudrai avoir un chat pour contacté mes amis de jeu sa serai très pratique merci de lire mon commentaire

Wolfsterx   2 star

I find this game too boring.. This game is nice and I downloaded because in the ads it looks good. When you start playing, it gets really boring.

jddjjdjfjfogoclksj   3 star

Inconsistent upgrade chances. I love everything about the game I think it’s probably the best game on the App Store for playing it over a couples months. But upgrading items is so inconsistent. I would upgrade a 4 star purple helmet to level 12 and it would take me exactly 12 tries to get there which is only about 75,000 coin. But then I’ll have other helmets which are also 4 star purple and it’ll take me over a million and a half coin to upgrade it to level 12 just because sometime it doesn’t work. It says “low” percentage to upgrade. But sometimes it’s completely fine. And others it’ll take me a million coin to upgrade it. It’s happened a couples times and it’s so frustrating. Besides that I love the game, absolutely love it. But when you waste about 2 weeks worth of coin in 10 minutes when the item before was so easy to upgrade but they both had the “same percentage” just sometimes it makes me really frustrated


WOW. WOW THIS GAME IS AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cronos.......,   5 star

Très bon jeu. Très bon jeu mais arrêter de spammer avec les pub de pack à 69$

PrincessRex   4 star

Good Idle Game. I decided to try this out because so many YouTubers were being sponsored by Raid: Shadow Legends, especially meme channels. The game is actually pretty addicting. I play it more like an idle game, setting combat on auto. It’s fun to pass time and the graphics look really nice. There is lots of ads, but you really don’t need to spend money to progress in this game. You just need to put effort into grinding. All in all it’s a good mobile game to pass time or when you are bored.

Lubrew   1 star

Popup simulator. I actually liked this game quite a bit but uninstalled because having to close 6-8 “sale” popups every time i open the game is way too annoying Update: nice try notifications are already turned off and i just got TEN advertising pop ups for your ridiculously overpriced time limited “sales” when opened the app to double check, your greed with your game is way over the top

Danaë.B 🌕🍁   5 star

just wow !. at first i thought i would not love this game...but the FIRST time i’ve played it i fall in love with the story and the voice acting it only been two days and i L-O-V-E it !

Lukeap12   1 star

Really developers. I hate when y’all say it’s always optional to speed up progress that what’s turns me away from multiple war games aka money pit only cuz yes 1000% upto a point u will not be able to get to that point cuz it stupidity unbelievable amount u can never reach cuz it’s a war game so really that’s how u make people spend or just give up on ur game Recently I stopped all my war games not cuz of that tho but YES that is 1 of 3 of the biggest reasons people stop or quit ur games anyways good luck I may check it out once more but it’s not my style of war

jonahjuice11   4 star

Excited. Have not played yet but the game looks fun, hopefully it is as fun as youtubers make it seem 👀

Ahhhhjhhhhhhhhhhhhh   5 star

Destery smith. I got this game because you sponsored destery

@WinnipegDJ   3 star

Don't get the high ratings. Gameplay seems flawless but there's WAY TOO MANY POP UP's way too often. Seems like such a greedy company. Shame cause this game could be great. Otherwise, 3 stars at best until the offers in your face stop. We get it, you have in app purchases... But stop shoving your crappy "deals" in my face. $70 purchases aren't going to happen lol greedy idiots.

klajoxnu   3 star

Good game but purchases rip off. Chances are slim to none to get top tier champions even with void and sacred shards. Also pop up purchases are annoying

everyyoutuber   1 star

G. Raid shadow legends is a free new mobile app that has hundreds of free new champions

Bensoif   5 star

Salut. Vraiment super bon

MJWEBER79   1 star

Does not work. Every time I open the game it loads then crashes. I tried to reboot my phone then tried it but it wouldn't work. It's really sad that it will only work for certain phones.

Jade200   4 star

Fun but pay to win. Fun game but must pay if you want to succeed

jdjejfn   5 star

Really enjoying it. It’s a great time killer

ARSplayYT295   5 star

ARSplayYT297. Top game I play 7day top game

DeadlySneakers   5 star

👍👍👍👍👍👍. Perfect

awsome app yo   5 star

REALY GOOD. The graphics are like a console or pc game. BUT the gameplay and the campaign are WAY better! You should get the game

Will.bp   5 star

Great game with SWGOH feel.. Highly recommended

Jonat123   5 star

Perfect 👌. Raid est un jeu vraiment super tout y est et surpasse c’est rivaux comme summoners war, les graphiques sont de toute beauté et ne manque pas d’évènement c’est sur que pour le gatcha system c’est du hasard alors il faut être patent, les équipements les rangs, les perfectionnements, etc il y’a beaucoup à découvrir seul chose que je pourrai noter que je rajouterai serai des skins quand on obtient des rangs ou des perfectionnements ou au Max lvl sinon je le conseil fortement il est en plusieurs langue vraiment un jeu magnifique bravo au développeurs merci !!!

i love rogue agent   5 star

Love the game. Your game is awesome and the new player program is awesome I cancels out a bit of the pay to win but really enjoy the game.

nbffchiy   5 star

Fun. I usaully never play rpgs but this game changed my mind

~{familyoancakes}~   5 star

Serum and ZHC. Hello there reader! you should get this game now because it’s really fun! and a note to the creator:please update this becuase it’s really laggy.thanks!

Lebtom   5 star

From zhc. Great game

Zero_Ash   5 star

Awesome game. It's an amazing game and I totally recommend playing it❤️❤️❤️❤️

sennzjii   1 star

Install offer didn’t work, disappointed. Only installed this game because I saw a deal on one of your YouTube affiliates (CWA, clash with ash)’s videos. I installed the game through his link and received none of the stuff mentioned such as a free epic champion and coins. Will change review if this is rectified quickly :(

Sarahjane palmer   5 star

Best game I have ever played. I have played this game for almost 5 or 6 or 7 hours a day and it’s good but then you something’s get annoyed with so many add but you will get use to it soon but it the best game I have ever played

Soulman062   2 star

Appears good but isn’t. It looks great. However I spent five days in the game and tried to join 3 clans and got no response from any. It now says I’ve used up my applications. It’s also one of the games u need to spend money sooner.

Thy Termirator   1 star

Support team. I sent a recruit a friend to a mate it didn’t work I asked support if there was anything they could do about it and they said that he didn’t click it otherwise it would of worked. I was standing right in front of him when he clicked it.... their response time is also terrible I waited about 3 weeks for them to reply I also provided them with proof such as when I sent the recruit a friend and when he started playing...

ksksosjsjsjshsjjssj   5 star

Best Game RPG. Definitely a fun and addictive experience. The game graphics are amazing, the game mechanics are smooth, and the whole experience makes for one of the most impressive games played. 5/5 stars very impressive.

XxlearningxX   5 star

Addicting. I downloaded and am already addicted to it🤧👌

mr meeesekkes   5 star

Must play!!!!!!. This is the best mobile game ever. You must get it and play it right now!!!!!😄😄😄😄

Apexsea   5 star

The referral link. Dear Developers Hi, my username is Apexsea, and I’ve played quite a bit of Raid. I just want to say, I love this game, it’s amazing. One of my favourite mobile games to date. After a while, I’ve gotten quite a bit to say about the game I’ve already said the games great, it’s hard at times, but still rewarding. So, after some thought, I’ve come up with a few suggestions for the game. 1: shard transfusion I’ve collected over 60 green shards, with a full character inventory and vault. Now, I don’t want any of the green shards because they don’t give me anything I want, they cost money to use, then they summon a weak champion that uses an inventory slot, then they cost money to sacrifice for a small amount of XP, what if we could spend a bit of money to transform shards, into a higher rarity? 20 greens for one blue? 500 for a yellow? The cost is based off of the summoning event. 2: The referral link I’m a mobile user, and I’ve noted that the referral program, didn’t work. I got sent one, then sent one back, clicked on the link, got sent to a website that sent me to the AppStore, pressed Open on Raid: Shadow Legends then got sent to Raid, yet nothing changed, the referral link didn’t work. 3: Meta recommendations There is a recommendation mechanic in your game, but I’ve noticed that some of the recommendations don’t make Spence, why not allow people to send in their builds, and categories what works best in which situation? A sleep build for Fire Knight? A Vampire build for The Spider? 4: A little more speed I tend to farm quite a bit, I’m only level 29, with a player score of over 80,000 so farming is very important to me, why not make it a bit more convenient for us grinders? If you have beaten a campaign mission with a 3 star rating, you can amp up the speed by x3? Or x4? It just makes it convenient and more time efficient. 5: graphics Your graphics are amazing! No joke their great for the game, but... I tend to notice things like hands clipping on weapons, capes clipping through bodies, the textures blueing on the characters when you look close, I understand its to make the game run great, but why not make a nicely detailed character that has no blur, no clipping, no glowing eyes issues, then render the character lower when in a fight? 5: Kael On the loading screen, he has purple skin and glowing red eyes, sooooooo..... why is he pale in game? Like don’t get me wrong he looks cool, but I was kinda hoping he would look something like the loading screen.

(-_-)•••   5 star

Connection error. I only played it for a bit but then when I try to advance further into the story when ever I play I gets stuck at ‘loading pool objects` please fix.

Raid shadow ledgends   5 star

Love it. I LOVE IT

estheregg12   5 star

ITS AWESOME. It’s the BEST GAME EVER at least the best mobile game It just ROCKS

Jack MeCoff   5 star

Great Game, Aggressive Microtransactions & RNG heavy.. Be prepared to grind endlessly for a specific hero, but overall the game is great. While spending money is possible, don’t overdo it as it will ruin the actual allure.

tfue 5144080   5 star

I love raid. Raid is the best game in the wold

Mr JKP   4 star

Great Game. Wish I could turn combat text off

THEJ0llyJ0k3rB01   2 star

Pretty money grab. Honestly don’t recommend this game at all to anyone, you WILL be hit with pay walls, progression IS incredibly difficult and boring....EVERYTHING is wayyyyy over priced and HEAVILY promotes gambling. I recommend anyone reading this to play LITERALLY ANYTHING ELSE!!! If you read this Plarium, here’s a couple suggestions to improve your “game” 1. Remove or lower your pay walls. 2. DRASTICALLY reduce your micro transactions prices or at the very least improve the rewards (you know how trash they are) 3. Make the void shards better than the ancient shards, like seriously, common logic on that one. Look forward to seeing absolutely none of this implemented you money hungry pricks!!😂😂

littledickjim   5 star

Review. Pretty fun’

Chaseena   5 star

Best game ever only just started. Cool

JuLeS0*8   5 star

Best game I’ve found for years. I found this game through another on Advertisement and went to this app from Empires and Puzzles same deal only this game has so much more to do and amazing prizes for completing Tournaments This is now my favourite game and I will keep playing I found this about January now this has taken over from my other game Keep up the great job. The graphics and new things that keep coming make it very interesting. Thank you for getting back to me

d4frffrrgt   5 star

Just one problem. I hate spending 30,000 $ on taking off armour and weapons from hero’s.

jupe21   5 star

Amazing. I’ve been playing for only 4 hours and I’m happy about the game. It’s a great game and I would recommend it to anyone that enjoys an RPG game. Props for ya 👍

xxxtentacion890   5 star

It’s the best game ever. I love it

YoloFortnite   2 star

Good game but no warnings. So I equipped a character with some parts of the life steal set you get for free. Then I used her to upgrade a new character I got. And there was NO WARNING saying ‘this character is equipped with this stuff, are you sure?’ It’s like ‘ok, whatever, I don’t care enough to give any warning that this character has stuff, in case it’s an accident, if it’s an accident, tough luck.’ I know it’s partially my fault but COME ON!

🇦🇺 army 🇦🇺👌🏼   5 star

Good. Good game sometimes I don’t understand but a good game

huddy gelfand   5 star

THIS GAME IS AMAZING. When i hoped on the game it aready looked amazing then when i hoped into my first game it was super fun

Joeqwerw   5 star

Awesome free game. Amazing game just don’t pay anything

Lockyvella179   4 star

Pretty good. I usually download games like this and find myself disappointed but this one was different. Graphics and storyline are all right, my only complaint is that maybe a character evolution feature should be added

garyman543   1 star

Most bugged game. Loved the game until started losing items/ characters when reported no feedback hundreds of dollars down the drain

fishandhips   2 star

After 6 months of playing. I have to admit that is a nice game but... After half a year of playing, 6 accounts and plenty of time in my hands, I came to these conclusions. 1st. You need to spend a lot of money. I personally have spent over $100 AU, on a single account and I got only one legendary champion and that was from a free shard. 2nd. The random machine is not that random after all. I have seen players on early lvl who have spent few or $0 having 3 legendary champions and players at 60 lvl having none. (One of them was me till yesterday) 3. After the latest upgrade of the game and adding the so waited faction wars, which by the way are very hard to get even past the 2nd boss, the game is crushing so often. 4th. Hunting Dungeons for items is a waste of time. Sometimes you can find better items in the market. 5th. Arena is a mess. With one of my accounts that I have reached lvl 52 I am still at silver 1 and that’s not because I have bad characters but for the reason that my opponents are 55+ lvl and most of them have dropped the game. So I’m stuck there for 1 month now! Some suggestions... Whoever reaches lvl 55 or 60 should get as a reward a free “diamond” shard which will contain a random legendary character. Skill Tomes should be easier to get (especially the Epic ones) since there are so many characters in the game. Fix all the above mentioned. Time is money and money is time so try not to waste ours and please do not respond in the way “be patient” or “we will take your words in mind” but rather take action and fix some problems, otherwise I see this game in a couple of years having users next to none and that’s a shame since I mentioned at the start that this is a nice game. Thanks Just a player

send plz   1 star

To much things. This game has too many features don’t play this game if you like short and easy games

fuyghuhgtyugjygygjgiug   5 star

Amazing game! Absolutely brilliant!. I love this game so much! I am still new to the game but I find it relatively easy to figure out. The graphics are great and I really like how all the Champions are very unique and different from each other. I do have some ideas to make the game a bit better for people like me. Firstly, I think that the buttons could be a little bit more different from each other because I am still forgetting which button is which. Anyway, really good game, please make more like it!

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