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Introducing Agenda, an elegant new take on notes.

Agenda is a date-focused note taking app for iOS and macOS, which helps you plan and document your projects. With its unique timeline, Agenda gives you a complete picture of past, present and future, driving your projects forward.

The notes in Agenda are beautifully styled, and include powerful features like tags, lists, and links. You can even connect your notes to events in your calendar.

Locating your notes also couldn't be easier, with powerful search, a project jump bar, and related notes list. And when you find what you're looking for, simply click back in the history to where you were.


Agenda’s unique timeline approach to organizing notes gives your projects momentum. While other apps focus specifically on the past, present, or future, Agenda is the only notes app that keeps track of each in a single timeline.

Add notes for what is currently on your agenda, while you prepare other notes for an upcoming meeting. Use older notes as breadcrumbs to remind yourself why you took the actions you did.


You can attach dates to individual notes, and even link them to events in your calendar. But you can also put them “On the Agenda”.

Notes that are On the Agenda are given special status. You can search for them more easily, and they get added to a special group in the sidebar so you can find them in a flash. Agenda keeps what is most relevant right in front of you.


Agenda is a styled-text editor. Styled text combines the best of plain text and rich text. It is as easy to edit as plain text, but allows meaning to be added, leading to visually stunning documents without breaking a sweat.

Styles include headings, lists, indented blocks, and preformatted text. You focus on the meaning of your notes, and leave Agenda to handle the appearance.

The resulting documents look fantastic, are consistently styled, and can be readily converted to other styled text formats like markdown and HTML.


Group your projects into categories to make them easier to find, and order the notes for each project however you choose. You can drag them around, apply dates, or use a mixed approach. You can also collapse notes to save space.


Do you sometimes find yourself using your task manager for more than it is intended?

Agenda is a notes app that has excellent support for tasks. It supports different list styles, including checklists, and allows mixing tasks with more extensive notes.

Best of all, your completed tasks don’t get sucked into the archive abyss when you are done with them, but are there for future reference and searching.


A notes app is not very useful if you can't share what you create. With Agenda, you can print and share notes, even whole projects, in standard formats like PDF, RTF and Markdown. You can also use the Agenda archive format to exchange exact duplicates of your notes with other Agenda users.


Nobody wants their data silo-ed on one device, so Agenda has apps for Mac, iPad, and iPhone, and they sync up via your iCloud account.


Agenda is free, with no time limits. You can use it forever, at no cost.

Agenda does offer extra premium features that require an In App Purchase. If you decide to purchase an upgrade, you permanently unlock all current features across all of your eligible devices. (You can purchase for iOS devices only, or both iOS and macOS.)

Even better, any features we add in the 12 months following your purchase are included, and permanently unlocked as well. All yours to keep.

Agenda – A new take on notes App Description & Overview

The applications Agenda – A new take on notes was published in the category Productivity on 2018-05-29 and was developed by Momenta B.V.. The file size is 37.63 MB. The current version is 2.1.3 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

Fixes a sync issue that could arise if a note was edited at the same time on two devices.

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Agenda – A new take on notes Reviews

Siren of Blackbird Pond

I never write reviews but...  Siren of Blackbird Pond  5 star

This app is fantastic. It fits exactly what I need to manage everything that goes on day to day and since beginning to use it, I've actually been more productive. If there was a way to mark only specific projects as 'On the Agenda', that would be great. But even so, I highly recommend this app.


Looks interesting  Philip9000  2 star

Agenda looks interesting. However, app that don’t integrate seamlessly with others are of limited value. For me, I really need Drafts app integration. Also calendar integration.


LOVE the Desktop App; Potential for iOS  Big*Spender  1 star

This rating is for the iOS version only. I love the desktop app, and give that 4 stars. I want this to be my new note app. The iOS version is not useable however, for me at least. It opens, I can start to do something (search, browse, create), and then it crawls to a halt. I have to quit the app. I have never completed a single task in the iOS version. Looking forward to an update.


I wanted to love it, but...  RdHd37  2 star

I was so excited to try this as a replacement for Evernote. However, after only creating one new project, the app began freezing on me. When I attempted to copy text from an email and paste it into a project, the app would freeze. I tried repeatedly to copy over text from various sources and none of them worked; it froze every time. And when opening the app, it takes substantially longer to open than any other programs I use. Very disappointed.

Rachel Wong 🤪

Suggestions  Rachel Wong 🤪  4 star

I like what this app could be. Seems like it considers every frustrated person’s concerns about trying to be on top of work — from having to shuffle through physical pages in a notebook to figure out where’s what, to the lack of organization when trying to keep thoughts together on an app (calendars don’t let you reflect on events; note-taking apps can result in a jumble of unorganized thoughts; to-do apps don’t consider extensive note-taking; etc). The problems I seem to run into are these: -there seems to be an inexplicable lag. The app seems to freeze up when I have way too many notes. I thought smartphone technology was way past the point to lag like that. -the autocorrection is a great addition except it would revert changes...? Not sure why. I could type “autosuhhestions,” press to correct to “autosuggestions,” and it’d revert back to “autosuhhestions.” Happens so frequently, it’s frustrating. -the red dotted line underneath words that are misspelled don’t stay. If you don’t catch it immediately and keep writing, the red indication goes away. And it’ll be like “... I thought I spelled something wrong? Where’d it go?” While writing this review, the indication of a need for correction remains. I mean these are all small technical problems that can be easily fixed. I would love this app when it is fixed... if it isn’t a problem of my phone (?). Let’s see what else I discover as it is just the first hour of downloading and using this app. 😁

Pop up u say

Pencil  Pop up u say  3 star

It is ridiculous to have a pencil as your icon and not support the Apple Pencil. I know, it’s coming in the future. But the pencil icon certainly gives the impression that the app was designed for the Apple Pencil. Also, and this might be the App Store’s fault (likely I’d say), but there is a place at the top of the “Ratings & Reviews” section that says something like, “Tap to Review:”. There is nothing to tap anywhere. I can’t figure out what that little phrase could possibly mean other than to tap the text to review the app. But clearly it either does not or is broken. I almost just gave up because rating apps is not generally important to me, and I suspect many people who have similar attitudes did just give up. I know this sounds paranoid, and I don’t mean that I think this is literally what is happening here, but this all kind of has a sort of feel to it like Apple is protecting this app from scrutiny, and it naturally gives off a vibe of /_ckery. I’m sure this is not a bad app, but it can give off an impression that really turns people off. I write this merely as (hopefully) helpful information for the developers. I gave it 3 stars because I don’t really have an opinion about the app yet. If I ever get to the point where I try again to use this app I will adjust my rating accordingly. Yes, I know I sound like a tool, but I am a recovering lawyer, and bad habits are hard to break.


A quick note to the devs  Hrjhdcmjexvfaf  4 star

I love what your team is trying to do and applaud your efforts. I do want to make a note that the app doesn’t give a great first impression. The intro splash screen is not necessary for a note-taking app. Past the intro screen, the animations when starting a new project and generally tapping any buttons are somewhat slow and feel unresponsive. I would like a snappier feel as note-taking, especially on a phone, usually needs to be done quickly. I do like the fact that you provide a tutorial and include the option to skip it. Best of luck guys!


Not Happy!!!  Lil_Magic  1 star

I don’t normally write a review but after paying $10 for the premium package and then finding out that I can turn it into a PDF doc and open in another app is very upsetting. I wish I could get my money back. It appears to be possibly a bug but that’s neither here nor there.....the app doesn’t work properly.


Impressive and useful  Appman5605  5 star

Just heard of this app today through, the 40 min tutorial convinced me to integrate into my workflow. Innovative calendar and tag features, solid organization feature for projects and categories. The app is somewhat buggy, but I’ll keep testing because I really like the concept. So I’d give it 4 1/2 stars.


Promising, but still needs lots of work.  JXB-00  3 star

This is a very promising app. It allows you to create and organize notes and sync them with your calendar. The last feature, which is a premium feature, is really useful. However, at this time the functionality is limited and some really basic features are missing. There is currently no way to include images or files, although the developers habe promised this as an upcoming feature. Much more annoying is that there is no way to delete projects (collections of notes) so they just clog your menu. This seems to be a major oversight. The last thing is that it seems the developers are only focused on the Apple ecosystem. It would be nice to have an OS independent Web interface, but I do not know if one is being planned. Despite these shortcoming, I plan to keep using it and hope the app will mature to fulfill its potential.


a great app  ablyablya  5 star

the app is great and helps me a lot! but will there be a windows desktop version? i have on my phone and my ipad and i’m wondering if you’ll make a windows version.


Unfortunate  Rfgaming  2 star

The premise, App Icon, the introductory tutorial, all had me excited... until I started using it and discovered it does not use Pencil or stylus. If you’d integrated that, then you’d be closer to a winner. The killer app, if you are out there, is ability to record voice and pencil, integrated together but allow those action points or agenda items to be marked complete or integrated in to a plan or todo. Nothing exists like that yet.


Great app, needs a few tweaks  patphez  4 star

I love that the notes are pinned to dates and tasks can be added easily but it needs a way to create recurring tasks and events in the app.


Great app  MacSnaker  5 star

This brilliant app, which I have on ios devices and a Mac, will replace both DayOne and OmniFocus - and, I believe do a better job because it brings a lot of information together in one location. It links to my calendar and allows me to create calendar events - I have the subscription version. If it introduces the ability to add images and documents, it might even replace my note app, but I do like Bear.

Draco Doc

Great app so far  Draco Doc  4 star

Been using this app for a few weeks now and I love the fact that you can attach the note to a calendar event. It’s simple to use and elegantly done. The fact that it syncs between all my devices is another bonus! One request / question - is it possible to attach a photo or image to a note? Often times in our meetings we would doodle on a white board and it would be great to be able to add that image to my notes. Or the option of adding a handwritten note would also be awesome!


Unbelievable potential  Phampton  5 star

It has one of the most functional and beautifully designed UIs I’ve used recently, and the crossover of task manager/ journal/ calendar/ planner is an exciting new idea in a sea of me-too personal organiser apps.


Three Stars just from the feature list.  gadgetgw  3 star

Probably another star or two after using for a week or so.

Gardener george

Super  Gardener george  5 star

Lovely App works well I have it on all three devices iPad, iPhone and iMac, the app is a god send for workers, I’m a gardener and book starting time, work and customer on the agenda, booking in my workload, and as I do my gardens I then fill in the time spent what I did and the cost, then take them off the agenda as I’ve done them, only the work that needs doing is on the agenda. At the end of the month I look at last months and heh presto a list of customers with gardens completed, and prices charged, I just copy the information down into my numbers app, it’s simpler than before when I used evernote or onenote after I’d completed the garden, and now is my much preferred method, and it’s reliable seems like it’s made for those who book their work in, and it’s not expensive.


Forces you subscribe to even use the 7 day trial  furryfireman  1 star

It offers you a 7 day trial but then forces you to subscribe to begin the trial. Hoping you will forget and not cancel when the trial runs it.

Wayan Denver

Brilliant app  Wayan Denver  5 star

Fantastic note taking app where you create the potential of what the app can be! The UI is great and for me the free version is far from limiting. Definitely considering paying though.


Overall great!  Aclomes  4 star

Been excited for the iOS version of this app for a while, and I’m so glad to see it fleshed out! It’s almost perfect, but I have just one suggestion. I would really like a way to collapse completed to-do items into a note subfolder. I hate seeing all the things I don’t need to be seeing when I have long to-do lists. Or maybe if there was an option to prioritize to-dos that haven’t been completed to the top of the list. Otherwise, amazing app! Great job, developers :).


Love  asgarza3  5 star

Works great overall


Fantastic but one thing missing...  ChildoftheKing8  5 star

Hey Developers of Agenda! You guys hit the nail on the head with this note taking app, it’s completely perfect, like the best between Evernote and Calendar. The integration with calendar and the simplicity and power of it is just genius. But could you add a widget to be available in the Today view on iPhone to show the Agenda? Also add notifications for upcoming tasks. That would make everything perfect! Keep up the great work!


Good app and design  yuh.nyu  3 star

App sometimes crash in iPhoneX. But I very like the design and easy to control my personal project.


In 5 min shut down twice  cacofonix1  2 star

Buggy. Shut down twice while searching and adding data


Simple, but so many options!  mmakkaylla  5 star

This app really has great features, I love being able to organize notes and projects this way. The text formatting is so great, and organizing notes, adding due dates, and being able to put specific notes and to do lists from multiple projects on the agenda is so convenient. I get scheduling, note taking, and to do listing all in one place. I would love to see just a couple more features: support for handwriting notes (eg with apple pencil or other stylus) and linking relevant documents/attachments to a project. If I could do those two things I would probably never use another note taking/to do list/scheduling app again. Adding new themes/color schemes would be nice too, maybe different color themes or a dark mode. I’d love to see what new features come out as development continues :) Great app! Keep it up!!!


Undo editing is missing  itsdamslife  2 star

For any editor undo is the very basic feature. The app misses on that or I have missed.


Already some shortcomings and bugs  GtrInLA  3 star

First thing I tried to do was connect an event to my cal for a Reminder but it didn’t see it. So I changed it from a Reminder to some other custom field, then went back to see it found the changed event in my cal. So I figured hmmm, let me try changing it to a Reminder to see if it stays connected and it did. Now when I try connecting reminders it works... fixed the bug on my own but this was the FIRST task I did. Then I noticed you can only link to one event on one day? Well that doesn’t make sense because we can have many meetings on separate days of the year all related to one single event/task. Maybe I misunderstood what this app is? Is there a black mode? Sooo bright and disturbing for my wife. I’ll check back...


Amazing~~ but a bit of tweaking please!  Haeunee2  4 star

This app is beautiful and it's doing many things I wanted in a note/scheduling app I also love the way they have many options for texts and bullet points~~ However it might be better to move the schedule icon below the Title.for the project name. There doesn't seem to be a point to write a title for the project/note if it gets covered by other texts.


Exceeds expectations  rheinzma  5 star

I’ve had Agenda on my mac for about 4 months so the cross platform is appreciated. What sets Agenda apart is the ability to usefully manage information/schedules without a huge learning curve. Agenda doesn’t rob you of app capability if you just want to use it rather than require you become a zen master like many others apps do. It is the elegance of Agenda, uncluttered, easily learned and extremely useful. Well done developers.


Optimize  Sdrtyuiol  5 star

This app is super and fluid but please optimize it for phones like iphone 5 and 5s

Jimmy squelch

Need Face ID lock  Jimmy squelch  5 star

Unreal app but it needs a face/touch id lock


Good but buggy.  LeslieMunMus  3 star

I love it. The idea is great! It’s just too buggy. It crashes a lot and I have to kill the app and reopen it. And when I collapse notes, I have to press it more than twice to expand it again. I’d give 5 star if these bugs are fixed.

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