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Introducing Agenda, an elegant new take on notes.

Agenda is a date-focused note taking app for iOS and macOS, which helps you plan and document your projects. With its unique timeline, Agenda gives you a complete picture of past, present and future, driving your projects forward.

Whether you're a business manager noting decisions in a meeting, a teacher planning next week’s lessons, or a blogger brainstorming a post, Agenda is ideal for tracking the evolution of your notes.

It's the only note taking app with a strong emphasis on the passage of time, making it the perfect fit for any project. Use it for personal projects like jotting down recipes you’d like to try, or take on major projects at work, planning your next meeting or checking off your daily tasks.

The notes in Agenda are beautifully styled, and include powerful features like images, file attachments, tags, lists, and links. You can even connect your notes to events in your calendar.

Locating your notes also couldn't be easier, with powerful search, a project jump bar, and related notes list. And when you find what you're looking for, simply click back in the history to where you were.


Agenda’s unique timeline approach to organizing notes gives your projects momentum. While other apps focus specifically on the past, present, or future, Agenda is the only notes app that keeps track of each in a single timeline.

Add notes for what is currently on your agenda, while you prepare other notes for an upcoming meeting. Use older notes as breadcrumbs to remind yourself why you took the actions you did.


You can attach dates to individual notes, and even link them to events in your calendar. But you can also put them “On the Agenda”.

Notes that are On the Agenda are given special status. You can search for them more easily, and they get added to a special overview in the sidebar so you can find them in a flash.


Agenda is a styled-text editor. Styled text is as easy to edit as plain text, but allows meaning to be added, leading to visually stunning documents without breaking a sweat.

Styles include headings, lists, indented blocks, and preformatted text. You focus on the meaning of your notes, and leave Agenda to handle the appearance.

The resulting documents look fantastic, are consistently styled, and can be readily converted to other styled text formats like Markdown and HTML.


Group your projects into categories to make them easier to find, and order the notes for each project however you choose. You can drag them around, apply dates, or use a mixed approach. You can also collapse notes to save space.


Do you sometimes find yourself using your task manager for more than it is intended?

Agenda is a notes app that has excellent support for tasks. It supports different list styles, including checklists, and allows mixing tasks with more extensive notes.


A notes app is not very useful if you can't share what you create. With Agenda, you can print and share notes, even whole projects, in standard formats like PDF, RTF and Markdown. You can also use the Agenda archive format to exchange exact duplicates of your notes with other Agenda users, including any attached files.


Nobody wants data silo-ed on one device, so Agenda has apps for Mac, iPad, and iPhone, and they sync up via your iCloud account.


Agenda is free, with no time limits. You can use it forever, at no cost.

Agenda does offer extra premium features that require an In App Purchase. If you decide to purchase an upgrade, you permanently unlock all current features across all of your eligible devices. (You can purchase for iOS devices only, or both iOS and macOS.)

Even better, any features we add in the 12 months following your purchase are included, and permanently unlocked as well. All yours to keep.

Agenda – A new take on notes App Description & Overview

The applications Agenda – A new take on notes was published in the category Productivity on 2018-05-29 and was developed by Momenta B.V.. The file size is 60.94 MB. The current version is 4.0 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.


- Attached images can be displayed at full width.


- Attach files and images to notes.
- Choose presentation of attachment: inline, thumbnail, thumbnail with title, and full size (premium required).
- Take a photo or video, and attach it directly to a note.
- Preview attached files and images.
- Open attached files in other apps.
- Drag files into and out of Agenda.
- Drag-and-drop attached files to move them within a note.
- Long tap an attachment to bring up information and actions.
- Share attached files to other apps.
- Use the continuity camera to insert photos and scans into Agenda on your Mac.
- Attach files to notes using x-callback.


- Renewing an expiring license is now supported.
- Clicking a tag or person now shows a popover, where you can edit or select an action, such as search.
- Updated sample documents for new attachments, and included some images and files.
- The network spinner is now visible during long syncs.


- Agenda Community now properly adapted to the iPhone screen.
- Icons in the Move Note menu are now the correct size.
- Checklist appearance is improved in dark mode.

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Agenda – A new take on notes Reviews


Powerful & Delightful  jbalance  5 star

+ Love the date centered design, it makes this app replace a few of my project planning and note taking apps. + Best iCloud integration that I have experienced with a App. + The Tagging (Subjects & People) is beautifully designed and integrated into the whole system. - Needs a way to add Apple Pencil drawing to notes. - Needs a way to take advantage of iCloud collaboration on a Note. - Needs a way to add an audio recording into a Note. - Needs a way to share


Just one more thing...  IAmLight2029  4 star

This is a nice note taking app. It’s sort bare bones in terms of ways you can organize the text, but that’s fine it makes things simpler for me. But one feature (at least in the Mac version) I would like to have would be to be able to write text next to an image, not just underneath the image. Something similar to wrap text. So I’m able write notes about the image itself, separately from the rest of the notes. That’s the one thing I would add to this already solid app.


Works like my own mind!  Ripley2007  5 star

This was so easy to learn. I dumped everything swirling around in my mind into notes and it’s organized like a timeline! Very little effort. I am even make notes for a future date as a “to do”. Such a relief to have it out of my head and stored on my Mac, my iPhone and my iPad. The best anti-anxiety remedy! Instantaneous syncing so I’m good to go from one device to another on the fly. The text styling is wonderful. Make a text note or a checklist, bold or italicized. Love the Calendar sync. I can plan in real time with my other commitments. I bought the full program and don’t regret it at all. Looking forward to future developments.


Brilliant, simple, beautiful, fascinating  MisterExploder  5 star

This changed the way I think about projects and access information. It makes notes smart with a cleverly simple twist. It’s more powerful than attaching a date to a note; it teaches me to think more about how notes relate to each other as I create them, assign them to past and future days and link them to each other. The Agenda view is excellent and the app is superbly designed (the dark theme is gorgeous). It’s a top-class app in terms of performance and polish. Yet, I think its best feature is that it quietly nudges my note-taking habits away from one-off thoughts and toward connected, progressive ideas. It makes all the difference.


Can’t get past the title screen  Benbencaro  2 star

Toughest game I’ve ever played. Must be a bug.


Wonderful Project-Based Notetaking app!  BAR112  5 star

Just starting out with it but already I’m seeing so many possibilities! What an efficient way to track projects; the sample really comes in handy to see what’s possible with Agenda. Will come back later to review after using awhile. Will no doubt upgrade to support developer. Highly recommend!


Another Let Down  fox7rot  1 star

This is the message I sent to Agenda ‘support’ to which I received no reply. Perhaps I am a one-off. Hopefully you will have a better experience. “Dear Agenda Support, I tried signing in to my Agenda account today and was surprised and now incredibly disappointed to be met with the following error: "serverFailure(code: 1107)". I beta tested Agenda on iOS and Mac and then paid for the stable app once it was released. I purchased the app to support you. Now I am unable to restore my purchases for Mac and iOS and am confused and upset. I supported you/your app/team and didn’t complain when you mandated that even reliable beta testers would have to buy into the app(s) because it was to support you, the developers. I believed in you, Agenda team. You let me down.” Additional diagnostic information was provided to the developer but will not appear in this review for privacy’ sake.


Fantastic  ThirtySevenFourScore  5 star

I adore this app for note jotting and simple outlines for my work. It's clean and compelling, and certainly attractive as an application. If I have only one complaint, it's that it doesn't run on El Capitan [I can't update to Sierra] and I can't change the font of the app to something different. You can change the size, but not the font type.

Chef Matt Ochs

Share sheet please  Chef Matt Ochs  4 star

Please include this in the share sheet! Then 5 stars.


Beautiful and almost there...  robfuzz  4 star

Agenda is a gorgeous app but I need integration into Apple’s Share Sheet for this app to really be useful to me.

Rik Kangaroo

Maybe useful if you want a timeline of notes  Rik Kangaroo  2 star

I bought this for my iPad and mac after reading a few reviews and seeing its cute design. Mistake. It is skilfully designed and marketed. A lot of users apparently regard it highly. My own experience was that I couldn’t really see the point of it after a while and just found it gimmicky. If you want notes ordered into a timeline for some reason, then it’s probably very useful. But beyond that I can’t see any benefit at all and think Apple’s Notes is far more useful and practical, with a lot of handy features, good integration across macs and iDevices, and it’s free. Do you want your notes diarised and all lumped together in a single scrolling document for each project? It’s kind of odd.


No ipencil support  PaulBlanch  2 star

Have no idea why not. Makes no sense as this is the type of app which would fully make use of it. Can't seem to get rid of the examples names and why does it support surnames as well. I see the potential but reading the reviews seems like nothing seems to be added.


I finally found the one...  Muzza2039  5 star

I have tried a number of the various to-do apps and both Evernote and OneNote as a way to track my work across multiple projects. Not one of them even comes close to Agenda. The simplicity and clarity of the timeline and keeping the various history of each project together and to bring them forward or push them back in the timeline as needed is brilliant and able to link direct to Calendar. A great product which has made a huge difference.


Limited functionality but ok  mannykhool  3 star

This app shows promise however with no Pencil support, pics or the ability to embed or attach PDF files to notes it has limited power for me.


Great app. But further room for improvement  Hiyosaki  4 star

A tag browser will be very useful. And the ability to insert images Location tag will be useful too


Frustratingly close to perfect  MissBinatree  4 star

I really like the premise of this app: the ability to file notes to a date is a fantastic idea and I love that it syncs with Calendar. Unfortunately, there are two areas that it really falls down for me: importing and stylus use. I would love to be able to import documents, agendas and plans, annotate them and file them. Then there is the Apple Pencil, a great tool that is ignored by this app. I will continue to use Notability for these features. Sadly, I can’t then import my notes from Notability and file them in Agenda! Hopefully these features will appear down the track!


Great, but...  LethalLeeF  3 star

It's good except I like to write my notes during a meeting and this doesn't support the pen. A few layout issues with the menus too.

Rym bee

Love it  Rym bee  5 star

Amazing app. The sample notes related to Nepal warmed my heart. Lots of love from a Nepali. Keep growing. ❤️

polar exploration

Invaluable  polar exploration  5 star

The creators of Agenda who are Drew, Alexander and Marcello are geniuses. The application is extremely intuitive for the user, and its powerful functionality across iPhone X, iPad Pro and MacBook Pro is seamless. And aesthetically speaking - beautiful. Gentleman, you have my full support moving forward. Thank you.


a great app  ablyablya  5 star

the app is great and helps me a lot! but will there be a windows desktop version? i have on my phone and my ipad and i’m wondering if you’ll make a windows version.


Great start, lots of potential  liamdillon  5 star

Love this app. In the process of moving my notes across. I bought the iOS + Mac premium version to support ongoing development of the app. I feel the premium features need to be a lot more premium to justify the price though - I found myself questioning the value of the current premium feature set (I wanted to support the app anyway - would love to see it grow).


One little bug...  OliveAce  4 star

Love this app! It really takes away the stress of organizing. Unfortunately, there is a little bug where the title overlaps with other titles. Not sure how else to explain it. It will say something like “Untitled” or “sample project” all on top of whatever I labeled the project myself. It does the same thing when I view the sample projects that were already on there (the Welcome project and such.). Honestly, there are so many words layered on top of one another I’m not 100% sure what it says. Other than that, works great!


More and more impressed  ToddHagler  5 star

I have to wonder if the people who are giving bad reviews took enough time to learn to use the app. At first I was not impressed and did not understand the brilliance of Agenda. I even deleted it thinking it had nothing special to offer. After a few days of wondering why it got an Apple award I figured I must have missed something. So I downloaded it again for a second look. I'm so glad I did. The app is really amazing. The features and syncing you get for free will be more than enough for most users. Paying for the upgrade, a one time purchase, will help support ongoing development. Agenda's approach is unique and you'll need to spend a little time with it to see its genius. After initially feeling it had nothing to offer I now have it installed on my mac, iPad, and iPhone. I'm using it for my notes, shopping lists, research notes, and journal. Oh, and yes, for my agenda. I'm looking forward to seeing how it continues to develop. I haven't been this intrigued or felt such promise for an app in a long time.


Unique but needs one feature  music-major  5 star

Agenda is unique among App Store apps. I have been searching for a calendar based note taking application for a while and Agenda is the only one that I have found that comes close. There is a need out there for it and Agenda addresses that need. However one of the features that I and others have been wanting is support for Apple Pencil and handwritten notes. The ability to add handwritten notes would make it so much more useful to me. I like the app but I doubt I will invest any more in it until support for Apple Pencil has been added.

RC Grove

Agenda  RC Grove  5 star

I am just getting used to Agenda. I love how I am able to sync my business calendar with my personal calendar. The fact that I can add notes to every planned activity is a major improvement to my planning process! I am sure that I will love the app even more as I learn and use the app more!


Promising, but still needs lots of work.  JXB-00  4 star

This is a very promising app. It allows you to create and organize notes and sync them with your calendar. This last feature, which is a premium feature, is really useful. However, at this time the functionality is limited and some really basic features are missing. There is currently no way to include images or files, although the developers have promised this as an upcoming feature. The last thing is that it seems the developers are only focused on the Apple ecosystem. It would be nice to have an OS independent Web interface, but I do not know if one is being planned. Despite these shortcoming, I plan to keep using it and hope the app will mature to fulfill its potential.

Bono kanamp

Not very useful  Bono kanamp  1 star

No export. No help. No good. Thanks for your response. However swiping a project just opens the calendar. No export option. There is no cog menu on the iPhone app. There is no island button either. The agenda changes community website does not address the iPhone app. Too bad, the app seem like a good idea

Siren of Blackbird Pond

I never write reviews but...  Siren of Blackbird Pond  5 star

This app is fantastic. It fits exactly what I need to manage everything that goes on day to day and since beginning to use it, I've actually been more productive. If there was a way to mark only specific projects as 'On the Agenda', that would be great. But even so, I highly recommend this app.


Looks interesting  Philip9000  2 star

Agenda looks interesting. However, app that don’t integrate seamlessly with others are of limited value. For me, I really need Drafts app integration. Also calendar integration.


I wanted to love it, but...  RdHd37  2 star

I was so excited to try this as a replacement for Evernote. However, after only creating one new project, the app began freezing on me. When I attempted to copy text from an email and paste it into a project, the app would freeze. I tried repeatedly to copy over text from various sources and none of them worked; it froze every time. And when opening the app, it takes substantially longer to open than any other programs I use. Very disappointed.










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