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Do you often have difficulty relaxing and 'letting-go', or lack of emotional stability? Do you cannot sleep when you are tired? Are you traveling on a plane and need a quick power nap? MellowMe is designed to help you to address these concerns. Use it before the day starts, at your office, before meetings, while commuting… even in airports or during flights, or for brief, peaceful interludes throughout your busy day, including the final unwind before bed.


More and more people have suffered from incredibly severe insomnia. How to get quality sleep? Counting sheep, valerian and nightcaps don't help?
Now with MellowMe, you can reconnect with your natural ability to sleep. It includes popular and effective relaxing sounds for sound sleep:
- White noise: Mixed with music can leads to hypnosis and relaxation
- Light music: Good for Enlightment, Meditation and Sleep
- Nature sounds: Reduce body’s natural fight-or-flight instinct to stress relief
- Alpha wave music: Helpful for Brain Power, Focus, Concentration, Deep Sleep


Use MellowMe for daily relaxation, stress reduction and breath training. It helps you to de-stress and re-focus your mind to maximize your productivity, to develop your self-confidence and will power. With MellowMe, you can step out of stressful days, get a chance to de-stress and calm down.


- Relieves sleeping disorder by blocking distractions
- Relaxes and reduces stress
- Pacifies fussy and crying babies
- Improves efficiency of work and study
- Increases focus and concentration
- Soothes headache, migraine, vertigo and ear ringing
- Extracts the greater benefits of meditation
- Shows encouraging results for ADHD
- Maintains privacy by masking other sounds


- High quality and naturally recorded sounds
- Full screen breath visualization
- Simple gesture-based design, swipe between sounds
- Plays in the background and when your iPhone is locked
- Bluetooth enabled
- Simple sharing

Download MellowMe and finally clear your mind in order to drift off in peace. Relax both body and mind to take a break.

MellowMe - Relax, Sleep, Focus App Description & Overview

The applications MellowMe - Relax, Sleep, Focus was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2018-04-22 and was developed by Spring Tech Co., Ltd.. The file size is 104.21 MB. The current version is 1.1.4 and works well on 9.1 and high ios versions.

-Added brand new music content and relax your mind just right now
-Improved interaction details for playing music, enhanced user experience
-Enjoy the time with MellowMe:)

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Awesome  joemorenoiv  5 star

Great app

Solitary in the stars

Great resource!  Solitary in the stars  5 star

I really appreciate that this app doesn’t have any hidden purchases in it. The music is lovely, and the breathing exercises are my go-to stress relief! Thank you for a solid app, devs! :)


Simple, calming relaxation  YaMom-69-420  5 star

I love the beautiful simplicity of the app! It is easy to navigate and groupings of sounds for different moods are really helpful. I like the playlist of sounds and how they get me into a peaceful state of mind. This is a well-designed, no-frills, no in-app purchases relaxation tool that is now an essential of mine. Don't change, MellowMe!


bEdtímE  EasYslEEpYE  5 star



Chloemaier13  chloemaier13  5 star

I can finally sleep.

Caleb Brum

Instantly a favorite  Caleb Brum  5 star

I have used a handful of apps similar to this. I am about to delete them all because this one takes the cake. Beautiful graphic design and very intuitive layout make this one of my favorite breathing and calming apps; not to mention that it is not littered with a barrage of ads.

Mad person 1818

Yay  Mad person 1818  5 star


festering rot

Love it!  festering rot  5 star

Excellent app!

Angry/Frustrated Person

Thank you for this!!!!!  Angry/Frustrated Person  5 star

I love this app! Nice relaxing music on the go 😊


Awesome  kymbie  5 star

Beautiful and relaxing sounds/music! Love the variety to choose from, and the peaceful design of the app.


Love this app! But...  HSMC7423  5 star

I love this app, but I wish there was a version that fit the iPad screen, cause it looks really weird using the app currently. Would be great if you could do this!


Lovely app  hahaiiaia  5 star

Sleep like a baby is my go to sleep playlist!


Good night sleep  Steve🙂  5 star

Great app


Not sure about this  zenandme  1 star

Seen better


The best  Carolina3636  5 star

My favourite app


Great idea  Tigiris  5 star

Very relaxing


Absolutely amazing!  talzhun  5 star



Mind mate review  imyyyyy  4 star

I’ve only had it for a couple days now and so far I’m loving it, listen to it before bed and let it play out on the timer, which will pause it when it stops, helps me get a really great deep sleep, don’t wake up and feel tired after a couple hours. Really has been going great so far !! I just focus on what’s playing and helps my body really feel relaxed before bed :))


💪🏻  Hoolahkop  4 star

I love the app but with the new update (June 2018) you are unable to access the settings tab ❤️


Timer is bad  Lysh_coops101  1 star

The music is really good, especially wander in the forest! However, the timer that you set how long the music plays for doesn't work. You can't actually click it, it just keeps swapping between the first two tracks when you try! It really lets everything down. Please, please, PLEASE FIX IT! Sincerely, Lysh_coops101

Brian Klaus Schulz

Eh  Brian Klaus Schulz  1 star



Great stuff  jacobyalexander  5 star

Helps me sleep like a baby


ABC  whlpy  5 star

great really really really great. super good. really good.


Awesome  GregoryGW61  5 star

Great just to kick back


Sleep  [email protected]  5 star

Best to sleep


New update is good  Cinosaurus7  5 star

Love the rain playlist, every song is very relaxing and I think is perfect the sleep to


So Great! 😁  Unicorn362  5 star

All the relaxing music is great for calming down and getting ready for a nap or bed. One thing I will say is that there isn't very many playlists to listen to. But overall, the app helps my anxious, sad, or overwhelmed moments. It's awesome!


Already great  Stillwalkn  5 star

I can’t wait for better


not loading  basicange  3 star

songs arent loading so idk


Nice!!  Nisachavezzzzz  4 star

Very nice app!! It’s well thought out except that there isn’t enough recordings to pick from.


Holistic approach towards relaxing and sleeping better  Jaxipixi  5 star

Love the design and offerings of this app. Plenty of options to choose from to achieve your relaxation or sleep goals. Good job!

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