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Survival City - Zombie Defence [Games] App Description & Overview

Fight for survival in this zombie-slaying, post-apocalyptic mobile smash! Humanity’s time is running out… HOW LONG WILL YOU SURVIVE?

Survival City is a completely new kind of zombie game - one that dramatically transforms between days and nights.

Before sunset you’ll need to strengthen your base, set traps, and scavenge for weapons and survivors. When night falls your only goal is to survive, as hordes of zombies attack your sanctuary from all sides!

* NEW CLAN FEATURE - Team up, Chat and Gain Bonuses by working together
* Fight the night away - Command your group as you defend against the horde!
* 50 unique survivors to join your cause, all with different personalities!
* Build your own survival base - place watchtowers, traps, and more!
* Dozens of different zombies are coming for you!
* More than 100 weapons to discover!

Discover more than 50 different survivors who can join your fight, each with unique stats, backstory and personalities. But stay alert! The living dead will evolve and adapt to your survivors’ rag-tag battle tactics, with dozens of creatures emerging every night. Luckily, your scrappy squad has more than 100 weapons to fight against the hordes, along with sneaky spike traps, freeze contraptions, and flare guns.

Daytime is safetime for your squad of survivors. Send your team on quests for loot, weapons and recruits before night falls. Build and upgrade a sizable base for your savvy survivors, and pimp-out your army with super-weapons and stat buffs. Each time the sun falls your setup is put to the ultimate test. Actively position your team as the battle commences, protect exposed weaknesses in your fortification, and overcome the onslaught!

Keep a keen eye on the weather as you survive through the seasons. Your zombie foes behave differently in different weather conditions, from snow to blistering heat, rain and more.

It’s survival of the fittest with pockets of resistance all over the globe, all competing as the enemy grows stronger each night. Become a legendary survivor by holding out longer than any other player!

There's no 'I' in teamwork and in this world there's no last man standing either! Join your fellow survivors here:
Facebook -

Survival City contains a subscription service:

The "VIP Membership" is a 1 week auto renewable subscription offering:

Double XP!
250 weekly gems!
Unlimited mercs!

• Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase
• Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period
• Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal
• Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase
• Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable

Please find our terms of service for subscription here:

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Bug fixes.

Survival City - Zombie Defence Comments & Reviews

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- Good game but minor bug fixes

This game is fun, I love that you have to grind to replenish what you utilize during nights otherwise if you recover everything with your night completion rewards what would be the point it be a dull game. The reason I am giving a 4/5 is because of connection issues and some bug issues regarding the daily speed ups. There’s been more times than I can count that I have either all 4 daily uses but the game won’t allow me to use them. Sometimes I have to restart the app and on some occasions I even had to restart the whole device to be able to utilize just 1 daily speed up, then I had to restart it again. Sometimes forcing me to use gems to prevent myself from dying at night. Other than those issues, this game is great, not really a pay to play type of game unless you want the best players and weapons but game play is really fun. I highly recommend it.

- Great game

I have very few complaints. The game has very great, customizable options to help you feel like you’re doing it your way. The game itself has a few running issues such as freezing or UI glitches. I’ve just set myself to force closing the app for those. I did take ad a rage of a couple epic hero purchases which has led to me handling the nights better. I see myself playing for sometime to come. I do wish the walking system wasn’t so rigid. Individual tiles for wall segments would be way better, I don’t like the pre-built wall lengths at all as they don’t match up with every configuration. If the walls were re-imagined and the game glitches were ironed out, I’d have rated this 5 stars. I applaud what you’ve created here, though.

- Definitely worth playing

It really deserves 4.5/5 stars. Gameplay is fun. I did finally buy some gems but that was after 3 weeks of play and I didn’t have to, so I don’t consider this a Pay-2-Win type game. There are a few bugs - sometimes ads fail to load and you don’t get rewards which is very annoying when the reward is a coveted weapon. The monsters sometimes get stuck on walls. But none of the bugs are game breakers. The explanations for some buildings are unclear - What do the Lanterns actually do? I built one and still don’t know. The First Aid tent is supposed to heal wounded heroes but evidently 20% of 5 days is not 1 day, so after building a level 2 Aid Tent i still have to wait 5 battles until I get my injured hero back. I filed a bug report but haven’t heard anything back. Overall I’m still playing and having fun.

- Decent game until you play it...

So I never do reviews but I’m actually going out of my way for this one. Good game and is fun at the start, except the connection issues are horrible. I have great internet and for some reason it would give me the whole bad signal or internet connection. I had been playing for about a week and lost my first battle against the zombies and now my base and/or profile is frozen. It has not reset or restarted. I’ve attempted to contact support and even email them and I have heard no response back. Also the ratio of what you win after battles does not match up to what you use or consume in the game. I’ll win alittle bit of something such as food, coins, etc...and year it takes more to operate your base. So to me the ratio of winnings are off. At the same token the timeframe from survival nights to survival days doesn’t work out that great. You have to end up watching ads in order to fast forward all the time. I’ll be honest I do not recommend this game, don’t waste your time or interest. This game needs some work.

- Its ok

So if your wanting a game that you can sit and play and tinker with for several hours or even just one hour. You dont want this game. Its a great concept, at least its not pvp. No you dont have to use real money to play it as long as you have a lot of patience. Some actions take a few minutes, but most you have to wait 1 to 3 hours, to clear a section of trees it takes a just over a day to complete a task. If a survivor gets injured during game play it takes 5 days or 120 gems to get them back. If you have a lot of real money in your pocket to spend it would really be a great game. I’ll admit i put $25 in it to get some gems. But you really go through them fast. It cost anywhere from 60 gems to 120 gems to complete a single action! I will probable play out my $25 worth of gems then delete the game, i want something that i can actually play a few hours a day, and this isn’t it.

- Early Game is Lotsa Fun

Updated Review: Game still has lotsa potential, but I’ve run into numerous bugs concerning getting and replacing survivors and I’ve reached out a few times now with no response from devs. I hate giving bad reviews because I know hard work and passion went into this game. I’m currently first in my world and moving up the ranks quickly, but I’m not investing anymore time into a game that doesn’t have dev involvement with fans. Deleting it now. Old Review: Now to see how it holds up over time... hoping for more story elements. The game designers are doing tons right, so I have confidence that some of my issues will get addressed in updates. This game has revitalized my interest in this style of game. Absolutely LOVE the time skips! When forced to boot out a survivor to make room for another, please let us see a side by side comparison so we can make an educated decision. Oh, and she took my gun with her when she left! Grrr WTH am I supposed to do with the world map? Why can’t I move my main base? There’s a game out, don’t remember the name, but you can sort of explore new areas by unlocking sections of your map. Right now, we can clear away trees and find flowers and wood, but what about cooler stuff? Oh, and where’s the option to completely clear structure off the map so we can redo our fort layout easier? (Clash of clans has it, and they’re the competition...)

- Would be 5 stars BUT...

I love the game, love the concept and love the grind everything about this game is great, however there is constant bugs that stop me from progressing or getting my rewards... constant crashes and forces the game to restart only to repeat itself... unplayable at some points... developers pls pls pls fix this game I love everything about it and play it everyday just fix the constant crashes and bugs with a nice update and then the game would be perfect 5 ⭐️ imho.

- Broken from the start??

I downloaded the game this morning and when it was ready to play I opened the app and it closed instantly. Not thinking anything of it I opened it again it finished loading and brought me to the intro and crashed again. Opened a 3rd time I got to complete the intro after dropping the grenade and then it crashed again. So on the 4th try I didn’t press anything, it froze up and crashed. Haha so on the 5th attempt (because I genuinely wanted to see what this game had to offer) it said “Day 1” and then it showed the scout character and crashed. There isn’t a 6th attempt because I think 5 crashes in 3 minutes is a good sign it’s not meant to be played for me sadly. But please resolve whatever issue could be causing this so others can have the chance to enjoy the product you’ve released.

- The delayed gold paywall

It’s an enjoyable game that is well worth your time to play. This is especially true for those that are limited to 30 minutes of playtime daily. This is because your characters need gold to level up. One in-game day is 3 hours, but speed-ups can drastically reduce this. Gold is provided based on real-world time. I get 5 gold every 6 hours (You have to login to get it. It maxes at t gold). I’m on day 55 in the game and it takes 40+ gold to level characters. Special abilities take hundreds of gold to level. At this point I’ve stopped playing because I have to level my characters to be competitive. So just logging in to collect gold will allow me to level 1 character weekly.

- Pretty good game, a LOT of glitches

It’s an ok defense game, a little slow but enough characters to keep interesting. Can play f2p but it’s real slow if u do, but chances to mine gold or missions for it so not money grab. I bought some to support developers for entertainment but prob too many glitches (I get stuck, no response so start over, you can’t see your characters or the enemy so you are losing but can’t see where, they ‘disappear but you can hear damage, really annoying) - on iPad Pro so not horsepower. I just bought some gold to move on and part of screen don’t respond. So came to write this review ha. Too many little things to put more money in, I’m sure next version they’ll fix stuff

- Hey

This game is very unique and I have never seen such a great game in a long time and I really love how the you get to control the characters and how you want your base to be like but there's just one flaw in this game and that’s how very little food and ammo you get after every night especially when you have the max amount of survivors and the waves of zombies get harder to fend off and you get very little materials to thrive on which gets to the point where you can’t do much at all but grind for loot which takes soo much time and gets you nowhere. I just wish that it either gives you more food and ammunitions per night or make it so that you can replay the previous nights that you have played.

- Updates?

So this game is great and I love the way it is with all the characters and how you actually have to get what you need to survive and build your base up. But I wanted to know if there’s any chance there could be any updates to game or any bug fixes. The whole bad connection thing, and I hate how we have to start all over once our main house is destroyed with three people. I was was hoping you could make it to where be able to hold more characters as well. I don’t wanna lose my current people and start over with someone new not knowing what they could bring. I love the game I truly do I just suggest some more options

- Don’t Ruin The Game

Just started & the game seems ok for now. It’s pretty slow-paced without speeding up so be ready to wait a lot. Just saw a note the devs may add player raiding to the game & that will definitely cause me to uninstall. It’ll be just like every other freemium/pet game out there like castle clash, clash of clans, etc and you’ll just end up being farms for spenders. I’m not going to invest much time into this game until I see where that goes because I refuse to spend $100’s/$1,000’s on a phone game. Unless you’re willing to spend that kind of money I’d advise people to not get invested in this game yet.

- Dropped the ball

This is a pretty cool concept. Clash of clan graphics. Boom beach gameplay. Survival. Zombies. But, it fails to deliver. The game’s pacing is remarkably slow. Resources are scarce and time is limited. You can only perform a handful of moves before the next day. You are constantly waiting. Let me play! Everything is held up. Wait 2 hours to chop a tree. 3 more hours to build something. And then a day advances and it gets a little harder. This is something you experience day 1. Also, if a teammate dies. 5 day punishment wait time. I won’t be around to see him come back. It also amazes me how after you lose on a challenging level, you have to start over with half your team. This is everyone’s delete point. There is no multiplayer despite you “competing” to survive the longest with other players who played .5-1 hour and have already deleted the game. Messed up with this. I’m almost tempted to say this was just thrown out there. No testing. No player feedback. No metrics. It shows.

- Fun game overall

After becoming frustrated with the last few games I tried I was pleasantly surprised by this one. It’s fun, easy to learn, and not overly reliant on in-game purchases like most new games are. I found it to be challenging but not overly, there a lot of room to try different approaches and characters. Imagine Clash of Clans without all the pressure to buy gems, a generous amount of time skips, and where you can control the flow of attacks on your town.

- Fun and different, but very glitchy.

I like this game, but I have to force restart it so often it’s getting old. Watching ads to get extra resources never works and will result in the game freezing. I can’t even purchase their extra packs without the game glitching. I’m also frequently finding myself wishing there was global chat. In my opinion it’s a fundamental game option that is missing and would significantly improve the enjoyment of this game. Hopefully they listen to us and keep working on it because it has a lot of potential.

- Player versus Player

Awesome game! I enjoy it a lot however the down side is that it gets boring fast. There are clans but as of yet there isn’t any benefit of being in a clan. Night after night of just fighting zombies gets dull. Please bring us some PvP!! Game will explode with popularity and more people will come. At the same time I would be willing to spend a little $$ to help upgrade my base. Please developers, please!!

- Love it or hate it

Love the game love that I can control and get supreme fighters with supreme weapons I don’t have to reach a certain level to get them I love that I can spend hours and hours playing this game and I don’t have to sit and wait 15 to 30 minutes for something to be fixed on it only problem is has a few bugs and sometimes I can not get on like today but I take it off and RE download it and starts off again

- Terrible change

I got this game just yesterday and i was having a lot of fun and got pretty far using the time skip by watching ads, but after the update last night that has all been changed and now there is only 5 time skips that i can use. This really halted my progress completely. Before this update i was probably going to keep this app on my phone like i did clash of clans or clash royale, but now im not sure it will last for a week. Im only writing this because i think this game has a lot of potential, but now its turning into a big cash grab

- Bugs and glitches but still a good game

I was playing the game when suddenly I couldn’t move my troops or activate abilities and after that I could not open some bags of loot then some quests were glitched but I still think this is a good game. So I just looked at the some reviews and I know I have great internet and I saw that some people are having these problems too I hope this get fixed soon.

- Amazing game

I really enjoy playing this game. This game is great for people that love strategy games. What I like in this game is that you have control over your base, you are the one responsible for collecting resources and preparing for zombie attacks. It’s also pretty cool to be able to affect your defense and be able to move survivors around. However this game needs some technical improvement, but overall this game is pretty amazing.

- Great game, still has issues.

I love to play this game! My only complaint is that even after the last patch, there are still connection issues and the game occasionally freezes when I open it and when I open resource packs and new villagers. I have to close and open the game multiple times or I get the “could not connect” error. Fix the connection and I’d give 5 stars.

- Too much crashing

I think this would be a fantastic game except for the fact it crashes constantly. Especially when watching the video for bonus resources. Right at the end of the video, game crashes and, of course, you don’t receive bonus but still watched the advertisement. Game locks up regularly and sometimes simply shuts down. I’d give 5 stars easily except for this and the fact I had already spent a little real world money. Rookie mistake and one I should’ve known better than to do. In short, the game would be great if it wasn’t so unstable for me.

- Good game, but...

I really like this game but there needs to be a better way to acquire food other than the carrot patches that yield every 2 or 3 days. You can’t even upgrade them and sometimes the quests to get more leaves you away for more than a day. It’s even worse if the monsters destroy them, then you have to start growing ALL over again. That’s really my only gripe.

- Good game

Never watched this huge amount of ads before! Game is not bad, the idea of this game is cool but developers are so weak for this. Two biggest problems are : 1.this is 50% of game and 50% game, if I was developer of this game I would make every 3 , 4 hours pass for an ad instead of every time you want to pass the time you should watch an ad and 2 : connection error , my internet is fine while I can’t play the game cause of connection error I can easily play other online games without any issues.

- Solid gameplay...

I’ve been able to defend for four nights and I’m excited to see more of this progressive defense app but unfortunately I’m having internet issues according to the game. All of my other apps are connecting just fine but for some reason I’m having issues here. One of the times it told me servers were under maintenance for a split second and then logged me on but I keep getting the disconnect symbol. If at all possible fix that portion and I’ll return with a much better review.

- Too buggy

I want to like this game. I played through the first 6 days and then sent my people on a mission and exited. I checked back in a few hours and the game opened like I had n3ver played before. I gain again played through the automated tutorial and when day 3 came the game reloaded itself while it was open and made me start over again.

- Addictive

You don’t need money or have to watch ads to progress. However, you can speed up your advancement in the game with money and/or watching ads. The game play difficulty slowly increases as you advance. If you like games where you collect hero’s with different abilities which improve with experience. You will like this game.

- Great game

Great game fun to play and build new skills new zombies to fight all the time... however a huge draw back is at least once a day the servers fail to load so your stuck on the loading screen for 5 min... and then when it’s running the game will randomly lose connection to the internet while I’m on my home WiFi... if they fix those problems however it would be well worth the 5 stars!

- Could be a better game

The need to adjust the amount of resources you get but I guess that would take away from getting people to spend money which I refuse to do, I get to day 126 to 130 and then I lose and go back to 120, getting to hard to play without spending money and I won’t do, gets very hard to upgrade everything without spending money, every night just gets harder and harder but not enough resources to upgrade, I really want to like this game but I don’t because the way it’s set up to get you to spend money

- Pretty enjoyable

After a while playing this game it’s gets addicting. It’s very easy to play. Just one small thing that I think the game needs. A option where you can have a blueprint of your base so you know how to make it, also you can only use the buildings you have.

- Fun, needs a base edit button.

Highly enjoyable game that moves as quickly as you’d like. 4/5 stars simply because the one thing it’s missing is a base edit option where it can remove everything and then you can place it. As it stands now you have to move everything out to edges and rebuild, a real pain in the A.

- Good game

Even though it’s a good game but the game is very slow to do construction. If the person wants to finish the construction item they have to pay to finish the construction ASAP. Also if the needs resources to do the construction that is very slow too. When the game player gets a level up the person has to pay to upgrade it. Its not right. Other games do the level up for free. This game should fix that problem so players can do better in the game. The game makes people get a new game wither starter player

- Fun and challenging

A lot of these games don’t call for much strategy besides picking which “troops” you deploy. This game provides more of a challenge by allowing you to choose where your characters defend from. I’m currently on day 5 of surviving and it’s already provided enough of a challenge to make it fun!

- Great game but.......

First time writer but long time reader. Really enjoying the game the best that I can. Seems every few minutes I’m kicked out and not sure if the problem is on my end or theirs. Hard to process and keep wanting to play when I can’t get my rewards/resources after holding back a nightly horde of garden jealous zombies.

- Good game

I haven’t been playing that long but so far it’s a really good game. Haven’t had any problems. I think my favorite thing about it is that you get to skip tasks in multiple different was. It makes it where you’re not sitting around waiting as much.

- Great but...

The game is super addictive, but it has such an issue with being able to connect to a server. I’m hoping it’s just because it got so popular the developers don’t have enough servers right now to host every user, but I’m also hoping that gets resolved ASAP. I keep getting kicked off after confirming a 5-minute task and cant get back on until after that day is complete 🙄

- Decent strategy game but awful AI

Been playing for a couple of months now. Made top 10 players list. Pros: -You can play without spending a penny -Interesting characters and take on zombie with building of defense. Cons: -Too many grinding of ads - Buggy... sometimes building upgrades don’t get upgraded. server not very reliable - AI for Auto Play is really dumb. Survivors would attack large slow characters with the most HP while letting weak characters like zombies and rabid dogs through. Also does not use effective use defenders according to who they are best at taking out. - account is tied to device Would rate it higher if there was less ads to grind through and better AI.

- Fun game with distracting bugs

This game is great though a number lingering bugs like connecting to the server really hurt this game. A combination of shooter, RPG, and tower defense with a great sense of humor, it really checks all the boxes. You can play easily for free but throw the devs a bone and buy something. Maybe that will help the connection issues which are persistent but getting better.

- Multiple opinions

I think the idea of the game is great! When you start off playing, the game is fine but once you get settled in, you start noticing these little flaws in the game that you just can’t get over. For example, the walls don’t connect. I would have given this game a four star review if these problems are fixed. I’m sadly going to quit this game temporarily and may come back once more updates are put into play

- Awesome Game

The new update didn’t allow me to play anymore, I said something about it and they fixed it quickly. This game is like Clash of Clans but better in my opinion. Although It’d be nice if the things you wanted to pay for weren’t so expensive.

- Love It!

I think this game is quite fun and has Tons of potential! I’ve been reading some of the reviews and I REALLY like how the developers are commenting back and active in trying to some problems and make this game better! Keep it up guys I’m really enjoying the game !

- Fun game to pass the time

A little slow time wise to build things vs when the zombies come, but overall it’s decent. This game is good if you want something not as intense as “map, build, and upgrade for source” games that’s out there.

- Fun

I enjoy playing this game but I have a idea for the developers, can you add a edit mode for editing your base layout & make it to where you can remove everything off of the screen while editing 🙌

- Innovative

Highly original and fun with a great deal of depth. Wish we could do more with inactive characters such as passive roles and not just have them wait around for a primary to die. Some connectivity issues need to be addressed.

- Broken, errors and no save files.

I downloaded thinking it would a fun nice building game, and it is that until I closed the app and the next day all my progress was gone. While I wasn’t to far into the game it still annoyed me that this happened. So I tried to play the game over when at the end of tutorial once again the game crashed. And once again it sent me back to the beginning. All in all good game, but very buggy.

- Major bug

the game is fun and all but there is a major bug-few buildings that i maxed out to the level of the main house which is level 12 got back to the level before (11) that happened to the Shack and Watch tower. and no they was not destroyed in the night while being built. fix this bug and i will change the rate because this is really bummers. the whole point of the game is to upgrade your defenses.

- Good, but needs work

The gameplay, although much like an assembly line is fun. But the consistent server issues are really off putting. The connection issues that you say I’m having just aren’t true. It’s the game servers and the developers know it! Because of that I’m uninstalling the game and moving on to something else.

- Major issue with latest update

Their is a major glitch with the latest update. It won’t move forward to the next day. It replays the same night over and over and over again. Also need to repay the gold and items used due to this glitch.

- Love game... hate reset to day 240

Great game, but... I spent a lot of time building my base only to have it reset to day 240 ever time I fail. Played a few times once I realized this wasn’t a glitch. Why invest so much time into it if you lose everything? Need to add check points every 15-25 days after 240 to create incentive to keep playing. Holler at me when this is fixed and I’ll play again.

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- Look...

Please fix these bugs. I’ve had to restart the game so many times. First few times were fine but now it’s getting out of hand. Overall good game. I haven’t lost yet but if it’s true about losing slots when you lose .. then I’m saying bye to this app. I’ve recommended this app to all my friends and they’d say the same thing too. Thanks!

- Off to a great start

So far this game ticks all the boxes It is my favourite game at the moment but it is early days I will update in a week and let you know how it’s going

- Favourite game right now

This game is definitely my favourite game right now. I love the idea with the in game time you can skip and not having to wait whole days for my stuff to build like in clash of clans. I also like the idea with the survivors that you can upgrade and collect them.

- Survival city

When my phone can actually find a server so I can play it. It is a really nice game to play. I’ve had it for two days now but I can’t play it as much as I would like because of the server problem. If you can help me fix it so I could play it would be very much appreciated thank

- Amazing game

This is a interesting take on the clash of clans spin offs, this game is really great e.g time skips, this feature is great for saving time and a really great way to progress through the game

- Great so far

Looks like this could be very entertaining!

- Fun but too many bugs

The game is really fun, however plagued by bugs and server crashes. Cant access the map anymore for some reason without the game freezing or server dropping out. Update: after the last game update all my progress was deleted, so I deleted the game.

- Buggy

The game is super buggy. The missions don’t count down, so a 3hr mission can only be finished by spending gems. Plus the game took one of my hero’s and he is gone now so my progress is wasted. Can’t be bothered replaying it again cause now I am weak. Game was good but bugs ruin it, uninstalling cause it is a waste of time

- Good Game But Keeps Crashing!

Would be an enjoyable game except for the continued crashing! Many of the crashing has happened during ADS and you lose extra loot boxes ANNOYING. Please fix the issue because its a fun game otherwise

- Fun

Had some issues, customer service sorted it out.

- Still not convince

Still learning about the game. I still do not know how to rate this game. As the game is still a bit complicated to learn.

- High quality high bugs

Lost of connection error bugs and overall game bugs. Too many to count not worth trying to play it

- Pretty good.

Not a bad title. Perhaps a bit repetitive but still entertaining

- Little different

Kinda like tower defence and clash of clans rolled into one

- Fun daily player

Happy times

- Survival city review

very fun game although my luck is kinda bad

- Trash

The game won’t even download for me I get onto it won’t even update it I sit there watching it do some download and it does nothing doesn’t even move

- Love it

Clash of clans with tower defence

- Bugs

Bugs , servers down for days :( unplayable

- It's good but

I love the game it's not like the other zombie games on the app story but I think the map is broken like the ground is black another thing is starts to lag and I only level 3 however I have an old iPad and also the game is new so I won't blame the devs I would love to see this game explode and see new players so good on you Devs :) so please fix these anyway nice job

- Great little game

Just started playing. Up to night 10. Not having the same crashing issues others are. Enjoying it quite a bit a actually

- Please fix

I really want to leave a 5-star rating for this game. It’s a great and original concept I haven’t seen before and it works really well. The major problem is that it crashes SO frequently and is slow to reload. I haven’t lost any data, but it’s REALLY frustrating. Please fix the stability issues so I can give the stars this game deserves.

- Update to 1.1.0 erased all game and purchase data

Awesome game, but recent update has erased all game progress, characters, and weapons. Furthermore, all purchase details has been deleted. Needs to be rectified, or do not update.

- Neat time passer

On day 30 now, having lots of fun playing in between work and such, extremely unique and fun, good job guys. Hope that the game shines, only problems are Time in between days and nights, little short

- Unique and fun

Great unique zombie defense games, always loved survival type games and this really stands out. I haven’t experience any bugs or connection issues. Keep it up!

- Lol I'm just rating XD

I don't even have the game

- Continually crashes

Love the game but it is forever crashing, I’m stuck at the moment, trying to survive through a night but it crashes before I can get to the end, it’s been doing it for over a week now so annoying, PLEASE FIX!!!!

- Update issue

Game was ok , the fact that I could not apply the patch and could not start the game as I could not apply the patch was annoying.

- Keeps crashing

Seems like a good idea for a game but can’t do anything past night 3 as it keeps crashing. Will change my rating if it gets fixed. Uninstalling it in 48hours if it doesn’t get fixed.

- Great game but so annoying

I was really enjoying game but continuous data bug got me crazy. Now my all data is gone and got reset to day 1 from day 70 something. Needs improvements in technical issues please

- Buggy

Would like to say the game is good but can never get through the second night as the game constantly crashes. Won’t be wasting anymore time on it unfortunately.

- Night doesn't work

Night doesn't work it kicks me out

- Almost perfect

I love this game

- Good fun

Good fun when playing with mates

- Fun game

Good graphics really fun strategy game

- BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


- Bugs

The game keeps on dropping out can u fix it so it won’t drop out and I can get out of the tutorial

- Update

Can’t upload to new version and don’t let me in the game.

- Servers???

Server under maintenance ? Downloaded this game about 8 hrs ago & still haven't played.

- It doesn’t let me in the game

It Doesn’t let me in the game I I tried 12 times

- Dropping out

It keeps dropping out

- Great game!Huge potential!

Love this game.Nice to see a unique zombie defence game.I have had no problems with lagging or the game dropping out whatsoever.Runs smoothly.Can’t wait to see what the developers have in store for this game over the coming months.Soooo much potential!If you enjoy base building games,you will love this game!

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- Do not listen to negative reviews

This is exactly the kind of phone game I was looking for. It plays like tower defence but has some awesome resource management and base building going on. Loving the strategy of building my base exactly how I want it to be. Awesome diversity of characters and weapons. Sadly, it’s clear this game is struggling to get the larger audience it deserves. I’m only giving it 4 stars because it’s got a few bugs that do not break the game (as far as I have experienced). A couple times the zombies got stuck walking into things. All fixable if they had more $ (support from fans). And the clan feature needs love. Give this game a go. Be patient, and use those time skips liberally. They recharge pretty quick! Dudes, ads are a part of the deal these days. This game was F R E E. How do you think the developers are going to pay themselves! Do not complain about the totally optional ads.

- Fun and passes time

Fun and addictive. -1 star due to a small daily glitch after night time (just need to close and reopen game to fix) and that the types of buildings is limited compared to others. I can see me playing this for maybe a year before tiring of it. My top zombie game besides Plants vs Zombies.

- Was great

This game was one of my favourite games. Now it’s nothing but an add for all others. Don’t waste your time downloading

- Gtg

Only started to play but it’s seems like a good game

- I changed my mind

Timer for death is still too long but I am enjoying the game more right now.

- Good game


- Good game!

A refreshing new type of tower defence game

- Good game

Overall this is a good game

- So Fun

Love it!!! :)

- Excellent

Excellent jeu

- The best

Awesome 😇😀😃😎

- Fun

Fun zombie cartoony apocalypse game.

- It’s ok


- logging in my facebook account

The gamevis pretty good but I can't login into my facebook account but I still remember my password but I just can't login. If I don't login, my progess of the game will be lost.

- Long long wait time for newbie upgrades

The first upgrade of base took 4-6hr way too long. Imagine later upgrade would take maybe several weeks?

- Issues

The game is very good, but the resources are very few ( money,carrots …) and the development needs more woods,and zombies distroy many things so I can’t develop many things because i need to fix the buildings that it destroyed by zombies, and something game Take me out! , so I hope to fixed these problems. Thanks

- Happy little base

I love the game but if you you are making the wall you can’t stop it because I only have 5 people so when you are making something you can stop the Baliding

- Better than clash of clans

Honestly one of the better games I’ve played in a long time

- Awesome

Love it. Way too focused on lasting another day.

- Great game but...

I don’t mind the amount of ads, i actually find the game really fun and have spent a few bucks in it as well. The only things that i find rather annoying is the bugs, every time i try to go to a previous map collect my prize for winning the game bugs and the map doesn’t load (it stays covered in clouds). Which I then have to restart the app... Not being able to go to previous maps and losing rewards because of that is sad, i hope it gets fixed soon. The game itself I find very fun and I think has a lot of potential as long as the bugs get fixed.

- Fun

Awesome game loving it.

- Fun

Great game!

- 😡

Haven’t played and why do you have to wait 40 minutes

- Its okay

Its okay, it just too many ADS

- Recent update

Since you updated the game to fix crashes the game now crashes ever time I watch a video to collect my bonus. Lost out on several now. not a very good experience

- Great game!

Loving this game a lot, best zombie game on iso that I have played yet! Some nights are hard, but I love a challenge. Only thing I wish you guys can implement into the game is if you guys can make base layouts, so we can move stuff around in our bases faster:)

- New update

The new update has lost all my progress and the stuff I spent money on to upgrade my village. This really sucks for me I did like this game before.

- Fun game

I wish there were more deals. I don’t mind spending a little money. But, there has to be better deals to entice me.

- Finally

Finally this latest update fixed many of the past issues and customer service fixed other things before the update! I’m happily surprised by the efforts of this team! Thanks

- Fix your latest update!

I’m giving this a 1 star only because the newest update has total messed up the game! (At least for me). It doesn’t properly load and I’ll get into the game and see my city but no icons (survivors, missions, food etc). I’ll also pass a night and while trying to start the next day it just sits there loading and not starting. And the disappearing survivor still hasn’t been fixed either. More then once it’s happened to me. Please fix this and I’ll gladly change this to 5 stars as I do really like this game! Fun to play when it’s working and want to experience the new features of the update!

- Awesome!!

This is a great base builder. Super addictive, fun and somewhat challenging. Keep up the good work guys.

- Survivor bug

I purchased a character and hit replace old one never worked and now my purchased character is gone. Love the game but can’t see how to fix or make a ticket

- Game is. scam

So basically This game is really cool and I love it, but... It fkng freezes and when I try to start the game it shows me day 3, the news, only 3 survivors and 25 or 27 carrots... It happened twice once I was at day 3 I had to uninstall the game and install again. And today I was at day 6 went to 7. Please fix it, I don’t want to start again It’s annoying.

- Could use some upgrades

I love the game but after 3-4 nights the app randomly closes. Could also make walls connect in all 4 directions to build barrier type obstacles. Other than those it’s a good game

- Great

Great game so far

- No bad at all

Haven’t seen the crashing issue that others were having. Hopefully I was fixed in the last update. Great game. Needs to be tweaked a bit... and a few features added. Feels like this will be a great game in a few more months.

- Survive!!!

Pretty good game, I like the strategy aspect

- Survival city

New download can’t load game wants updated again doesn’t let me

- Un peu oué

Very nice game for past the time

- Great little game

Lots of fun and very addictive

- Disappearing survivors?

I managed to get passed day 10 which was CRAZY hard but damn did I love it. I lost one survivor which sucks but it kind of felt like an actual zombie setting. You gain some and you lose some. After that, I beat day 12 and when I went on to do a quest for day 13, my game crashed and then suddenly the survivor I used to do the quest disappeared! I was so ready to recommend this game to my friends but after what happened, I got rattled because she was my best survivor. I’ll keep playing but your rating will stay at a 4 and I will not be recommending. I’m not sure how you can compensate for my missing survivor but an update and compensation to everyone seems suffice.

- Ok game

Timers and timers. You will be lucky to play the game once a week. Don’t waste your time.

- errors apon errors

i canot get on im on day 55 and keep getting errors and i cant find another way to contact suport so one star till foxed was having fun now just tired of the bull crap

- Don't waste money

I have spent 40 dollars on this game and am stuck and no further ahead, they make it seem like you will advance but you inevitably get stuck and frustrated

- Update

The game says that we have to update but 1.0.6 still not available.

- Awsome

Great game

- Very frustrating.

They keep destroying my resources buildings and it’s getting on my nerve. 🤬

- Great


- Crashes

I finish night 3 and get to the resource bag and it crashes and have to do day 2 all over again

- Needs an update!

This game could be fun if they didn’t design it to work against you. You start to advance to the harder days but yet the food to so damn scarce that you run out, your ppl die, and you lose!!😡😡 The designers need to FIX THAT ISSUE!!

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- Encountered a crashing issue

I’ve been playing the game for a few days and I love it and it’s very unique but It crashes a lot and it will just crash at random how ever I do love the game and would enjoy to see the problem resolved because the game is a ton of fun

- Silver Gun

Awesome game so far. It’s a little hard to figure out how to play but after you get it going it’s pretty good. I will give it if I start half the time to build the buildings does not take too long And the cost does not cost too much.

- Where is my resource!!???

I was upgrading my main house and when it got destroyed, I got no refund on the resource and my main house still stayed at that same level before upgrading. This is frustrating! Same thing happens to other buildings whenever they were in process. How am I going to ever upgrading anything if it keep getting destroyed and with no resource refunded!!!! Such a waste of time of this game!!!

- Great potential

This game has the making to be amazing and well worth spending a few dollars or just enjoying it without any additional purchases. Yet, the connection to the server is ridiculous and unreliable making wanting to invest money a crap shoot. It’s too bad this is such an issue or this could easily be the next big game.

- Short lived...

It really was fun in the beginning but,.. Using auto play during a storm caused me to lose 3 of my team because the lightning strikes froze the team members (and they were killed while frozen) and another one two nights later when it didn’t move the team member in time. Manual control froze many times too, so don’t bother playing on anything but the newest iPad or tablet.

- Game stuck

Hi I love the game and I’ve been stuck on night 61 when the healer zombies stay outside my walls and don’t get in range of any of my defenses and I can’t end the night without them dying, I’ve tried restarting the night a couple times but they keep getting stuck at the same spot

- Solid game with some issues

Good concept and playability. It takes some resource planning and planning to survive the future nights. Biggest issue is server connectivity. There is some cost associated but lower compared to most.

- Error nightmare

This game is fun till you actually try to play it. Right after the tutorial ends everything I do crashes the games. Try to build game crashes, try to do a mission game crashes, try to level up a survivor the game crashes. It’s unplayable. Just opening a survivors info window and can’t close it so have to force close the game. Canceling subscription and want my money back. DO NOT BOTHER DOWNLOADING THIS GAME

- 💕💕

Good game. I actually really like playing the game otherwise I wouldn’t be typing a review at all. Anyways, I do feel like it’s missing something but I’m not quite sure tbh. Great game. Ima get back to it.

- F2P friendly!

Very fun and addicting. It doesnt force you to buy things to progress unlike other game that has a paywall. Hope we get new updates/contents. Again, good game!

- Freezing issue

Fun but freezes all the time, usually during ads but sometimes just at random. Would enjoy it more if that were resolved.

- Buggy

Its a interesting game but buggy. Loading issues constantly, having to hard reset multiple times to even get onto the game. During level up stats show being raised but never do. Overall its a interesting money grab that the developer doesn't fix. Ive read other reviews with the same problems which seem to be brushed off.

- Great game

All in all great strategy game with a learning curve. I’m going to see how far I can get before I have to pay to win but so far it’s not looking that way. Great job developers keep up the good work

- Made a Zombie Fan Out of Me

I was never into zombies, but this game got me interested. I love that I get to customize my town and auto play saves my bacon every time. Keep the updates coming!

- A lot of fun

I think that this game is very creative, fun, and challenging. The only bug I came across was that the music wouldn’t play, but that didn’t bother me much.

- Limited time offer??

Wont let me purchase the limited time offer it just gets stuck loading???

- Keeps you busy

Plenty to do, you can play free all day. A few ads here and there but not so many to chase you away. Very addicting.

- Great game

Probably the best zombie survival games out there right now for mobile. Only one thing I don’t like about this game is how walls don’t connect to each other

- Can’t even play for 5 straight minutes 🙄

I tried to get into this game and it potentially seems like fun but every four minutes, the game crashes and I have to restart. That’s no fun and can wear this game out really quick for me. Please get that bug fixed before ppl decide to give up on it altogether.

- More space

I like this game very much, but didnt realize you could only hold 8 people, why? Ive bought like 4 people and on the verge of having to get rid of some. Isnt there something you can upgrade in the village to hold more than eight? And if you die you only start with 4 people, so the people you spent money or gems on you dont get back. Wish i wouldve known this, such a scam

- Was Confused and Angry Now Happy!!

Thanks for resolving and fixing the issues with this game. The game is running great and I’m having a blast playing it again. Please keep up the good work.

- Love it

Spend many of hours on it and there is always something to do!

- More Ads than game

If you want to watch an ad every minute (no exaggeration this game is for you! Upgrade a an ad to start the fight. Want the extra loot from the fight? Ok, watch another ad. Completed a mission here’s some extra loot....after you watch this ad. The creators got extremely greedy with this one. No skill involved. It’s just upgrade and watch ads.

- Crash and burn!

Game is fun when you can play it. Game crashes or either won’t load half the time. I made in game purchase and game glitched and couldn’t use the characters I bought. Game should let you switch out characters you collect but you are not able to switch them.

- Almost 5/5

Great game other than the fact that I can never play it due to connection issues. Doesn’t mater if I am on WIFI or using my cell data same response. As I have read I am not the only one with this same issue.

- A Bug

I encountered a bug were I unlocked the night 20 survivor. I tried to unlocked it but the game froze so I restarted the game. In the end the game say I tried and claim the survivor, without giving it.

- Not worth it

They purposely make the game so you can’t get an i with out paying and after you pay you still rarely get any and your forced to go fight at night with no army most of the time and die. It’s set up bad. These games like this should be illegal as a lot of pay to play games are milking money from people like crazy. Worse then gambling.

- Ok game

Daytime should be longer and build times are too long. Need to enhance the fighting, what are my characters doing when zombies are in range? Lots of hesitation before firing and finding the next target. Give them all different crosshairs to identify targets their shooting

- Poorly built

A lot of flaws in this game. It can be very problematic when loading, sometimes it just won’t load when other games will. It has a lot of gaps in the story line and really doesn’t have sequential reasoning. Not terrible to pass the time, but that’s about it.

- I love this game to play so much better if there are more faces in the game please make sure

I love the game and is nice but the main house needs more levels and more fences

- Started fun

Once you reach day 100 the carrots freeze so you have to do the quests but all of mine were high difficulty and 2 days plus which in turn made food an issue somehow made it to day 112 after getting my reward for surviving the night I immediately uninstalled. You gave me 3 STONE AND 5 LOUSY CARROTS REALLY??? and ammo which I already had full? Yeah I’ll pass on this cheap game.

- Online

I hate online attacks and they keep happening to me and I don’t even attack anyone! I just wish you could have a part where if you attack someone you can be attacked but if you don’t then they can’t

- Amazing

Amazing app the only problem is that connection with the servers is kind of trash but I think that this game need more ratings and plays and affection.

- Fix the Crashing

Everything about this game I love. But EVERY single time I complete a night the game crashes also It crashes randomly sometimes when I do the missions. This game is great it just crashes way to much

- Amazing game

Amazing game it’s fun addictive and it’s great but kicks me off when I try to watch adds but still five stars everything else is perfect

- So far so good

So far the game has been really fun, the only thing that bugs me is that the animation for putting walls at a corner is bugged and/or doesn’t exist.

- Better than sex

I would choose playing this game over getting my eggplant licked

- If I can give 0 stars I would

Game keeps kicking me out while I watch ads to get extra items, also when ever it feels like it it freezes and exits out the app like so many times it gets frustrating. While I write to the makes I don’t get anything back in return. I’ve spent money in the game atleast response back

- Good so far

Needs a few tweaks... it’s very hard to pass milestones without $... gold/coins should have an earning aspect or trade value.

- Tons of bugs

After loosing night 17 which is extremely hard for some reason I got to save 4 survivors. Then when you go to get a new one, the game bugs out gives you an error message and forces you to get rid of one survivor. So now I can only have 4. It’s very annoying to get error messages ever 10 minutes.

- Stupid reboot

Don’t know what just happened but when new version came out, it wiped out my whole game, now its starting me from the beginning. I have lost everything. I tried to delete and reboot but didn’t work. All those months of playing gone what a jip

- Keep up the great work

Would be co to have a character of your own to customize

- Bad timers make game impossible

Game uses timers for building or gathering resources and for zombie attacking your base. Problem is if you don’t come back and play the game every hour to collect or build more you’re at a significant disadvantage because instead of building a dozen defenses before zombies attack you only build one. They need to rethink this game mechanic.

- Very good

It fun and it’s very funny I love it it’s so good it’s not bad for kids but here’s the bad things the waves are hard it gots to be easy please I would be so happy it’s a verrrrrrrrrry gooooooood game

- Still only connects to server about once every 4 days

How can you play a game that never connects. It’s been a week since the last update and I can hardly connect, the game is a lot of fun but not if you can’t play. If the servers aren’t fixed soon I see no reason to keep trying to play.

- Great Game

The game is really great. The game play is fast and you don’t need to pour cash into the game to win. I hope to see new parts to the game soon.

- Game keeps freezing up

This would be a great game if it didn’t freeze up all the time. I have excellent internet, yet with this game is always freezing up and acts like it is looking for an internet connection. None of my other games have this issue, so I know it is on the app side with this game.

- To long

It takes too long to build

- Fun game

It is a great game, but beware it has difficulty loading frequently. Non of my other games has this issue. But I still keep it because it is entertaining.

- Advice to the players

This game is just mostly like boom beach and Hay day can be seen as well with the base layout. I would just recommend playing boom beach if you like this game boom beach has much more quality and variety and the devs of that game are not greedy and there is no ads so IF YOU LIKE THIS GAME PLAY “”BOOM BEACH””.

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Survival City - Zombie Defence 1.6.3 Screenshots & Images

Survival City - Zombie Defence iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Survival City - Zombie Defence iphone images
Survival City - Zombie Defence iphone images
Survival City - Zombie Defence iphone images
Survival City - Zombie Defence iphone images
Survival City - Zombie Defence iphone images
Survival City - Zombie Defence iphone images

Survival City - Zombie Defence (Version 1.6.3) Install & Download

The applications Survival City - Zombie Defence was published in the category Games on 2018-10-31 and was developed by Playstack Ltd [Developer ID: 1133080356]. This application file size is 224.84 MB. Survival City - Zombie Defence - Games app posted on 2020-09-09 current version is 1.6.3 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.playstack.survivalcity

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