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Boo is your own 3D avatar. Customize your avatar with tons of face features, hair styles and outfits. Decorate your Boo home with a variety of stylish items. Have fun with friends by visiting each other’s home, sending & receiving greetings, collaborating in camera, generating dual stickers and making cool videos.

– Home

• Create Your 3D Avatar

Boo provides a great kinds of skin tones, eye colors, hair styles, hair colors and more to make it looks just like you or the way you like. There are also tons outfit options for you to change whatever you want to match your daily fashion and diversify your personal avatar.

• Decorate and Visit Home

Design and decorate your avatar home in the way you like. There are different kinds of items for you to choose. Visit friends to see how their Boo homes look like and explore the fun streaks about your friendship.

• Greeting

Create greetings by choosing the animation and recording your own voice for your avatar to welcome friends when they come to visit. And you can also interact with friends by sending each other greetings to have fun.

– Friends

More friends, more fun. You can play with friends and create stickers, photos and videos together. Visit each other’s home and send greetings to uncover fun streaks about friendship.

– Discover

• Camera

1. Selfie Camera

Open Selfie Camera to turn your face into your 3D avatar, take a selfie to express yourself your way with avatar face.
2. AR Camera

Put your avatar in the real world to make creative AR videos. Make your avatar dance or play together with friends.

• Animated Stickers

Boo has a huge library of animated stickers including all kinds of status and emotions for you to express your feelings and have fun with friends. Use 2-person stickers featuring you and your friends directly in Boo. 

• Video

Use your avatar or avatars of your friends to film the videos just for you. Experience all kinds of fantastic scenarios and play with friends together.

• Photo

Pick from plenty options of expressions, poses, and backgrounds to personalize snapshots for your avatar as you want. Have fun with friends by customizing couple pics of your avatars.

• Boo in iMessage

Send Boo directly in iMessage. Make chatting easier and more fun.


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Boo - 3D Avatar & AR Chat App Description & Overview

The applications Boo - 3D Avatar & AR Chat was published in the category Social Networking on 2018-04-27 and was developed by Beijing Baide Aisi Technology Co., Ltd.. The file size is 243.98 MB. The current version is 3.1.5 and works well on 12.1 and high ios versions.

Bug fixes.

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Boo - 3D Avatar & AR Chat Reviews

AJ bella78915

BRING BACK THE TEXTIMG PART  AJ bella78915  4 star

I had this app last year with the texting part but.. it got deleted from the us and I want it back me and my friends had so much fun on that

the candy squad

Sorry but this is the worst app ever  the candy squad  1 star

I got this app it was fun then i was doing my house and i was done but I wanted to delete something but it wont let me i was so mad about that because i got 2500 moneys


Knockoff  IziRF3  1 star

Cringy knockoff of Zepeto


THIS IS A REPLICA OF ZEPETO  Futuristic👾GamerGirl  2 star

this literally has the same layout design and look of zepeto just in way lower quality. where’s the copyright?


It won’t load  🎂😘🍰😊😄🍰😂🍰😂😁😄  3 star

I had this app for a day and it’s still loading. It’s still on the home page and I have done everything I could to fix this but it DOES NOT WORK!!! Still I have read the comments and they seem fine. So it seems it’s a good game. Just waiting for it to finish loading. :(


Wasted money on this  depressingavacados  1 star

Yeah I was going to get that $2 dollar 600 coins. guess what it didn’t get through currently been waiting for around 15 to 20 minutes and my boocoins are still at 10 yeah I do totally recommend this game just DO NOT buy anything from it you’ll be ending up waiting and not getting what you paid for.

read this letter

Cute app  read this letter  4 star

I like this app but I hope we can get more cloth and decorate the color ourself but the character is soo so so cute!!!!

alania may luna linda

Not good  alania may luna linda  1 star

This app is not recommended. I had this game before it was a basic asf avatar making game. It was a great game which let you play different flash games with your friends and I loved it. I made a new friend and introduced it to her, I told her what to search but then nothing came up except this crap and some other stuff, I thought her phone just wasn’t compatible. Then, I tried deleting and re-downloading BOO because it wasn’t working but I couldn’t find it. So I thought that maybe a avatar maker would be fun to try. You idiots didn’t even change the BOO avatar which comes up. I guess I finally learned what happened to the great app I used to like. It turned into hot trash. There wasn’t any other app like the old BOO!, this is really annoying to me. This app is terrible as well. When you make the characters, they all look the same. The eyes, mouth, nose, etc is what makes up the face. No matter how you change the skin color or whatever, it’s just going too look like every other avatar. I’m Chinese and I tried to make it look like me but the it just looked horrible. I would like to see other races represented. Also, no matter what avatar you make, it looks like you haven’t slept in ten years and somehow have creases all over your eyelid. There’s really nothing to do on this basic app expect like make an avatar for ten minutes that looks ill and then what? Dress it up? Take photos? I mean it’s so boring. So, to the company who had made these apps. Get ahold of yourselves because you need to fix this.

where's dumbo

I got scammed  where's dumbo  1 star

I purchased the 600 boocoin only chance offer and it didn’t give it to me


Best game ever!!!  Cocoplayprincess  5 star

I don’t know why my name still cocoplay princess and I don’t know how to change it but boo is one of my favorite apps, and cocoplay is game company,can there be mini games and maybe a multiplayer place online where people talk to each other like in ROBLOX. Just don’t let anyone say anything inappropriate. Please response, and I saw ur Instagram and there’s the dance with boo things I reallyyy wanna do them! If you read this thank you!

call me weird

Boo (Boomoji)  call me weird  5 star

This app is lovely and trustworthy. My younger cousin and I absolutely adore this app but I had shown her the app, because of the games. She is finding it boring and is thinking of uninstalling the app. It is really boring. Where are they? We used to play the game daily but we only play with it once a week now. I am trying the best to convince her to stay. And, we are slowly fading our account from existence. We want the apps back please. There is not much to do any more. Please, please help my cousin and bring the games back! It would complete her. I want her to play with me even when she is not around. Also, I would like to address the issue that “Lucky Spinner” is not showing up for me daily. Only every other day. While my cousin is getting over 10 “Boo Points”. Please solve these problems. Thanks lots Natalie 💜



Ok so.... this app is amazing I LUV IT it’s so much fun and I definitely recommend. The only thing I think could make this app better is to add more games otherwise I luv it 😍 Ps: sorry this was pretty short I was too lazy to write something big and long 😂

angry perent

Couldn’t log in😭  angry perent  1 star

I have my phone number and it said that the sms came through but it really didn’t so I can’t log in


Good  wall.e751  4 star

Its a good app but all the time i get boo coins and then go to buy somthing it gliches abd then i dont have any i ment to have like 200 boo coins other then that its amazing


Keeps signing me out  CricketStone  2 star

This app is good, I like the customisation options and the games, but the app keeps signing me out. When I sign back in, I have to create my avatar all over again. Not impressed with that.


Love it  milliemoo453  5 star

I love how u can take photos with celebs and make it look so much like ur self


Ever since the new update, I have had trouble with this app.  XxLexie.mexiexX  2 star

When it tells me to update my character, it always glitches out. It is really irritating so please fix this issue. 😡🥺


Boomoji review  Anthyah  4 star

The app is amazing but the one thing I don’t like is that u have to pay for some of the good outfits


Wow  Greenie1011  5 star

Totally worth 5 stars so good it has so many stickers and you can pair with celebrities and youtubers


Zody&Love it  LaylaEmmalee  5 star

Aye Cody I love u, also I love zoe sooooooo much❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ u guys are the best couple ever love u zody! This appp is amazing but I recently had to delete it, I dont know why, but I dint seem to get how u can obviously make ur 3D avatar tho I tried but it didn’t work


Great app needs some improvement  Iceskater_ela  5 star

I like the app but we should be able to create more stuff are self’s . They also need to add more clothes. I also feel like we should Be able to see what other people’s friends are so we can see if we know anyone that they are friends with. We should also be able to block people because random people are trying to be are friends every second of the day and it gets really annoying.


Good, needs improvement  QueenSayain  4 star

Love the quality and smoothness of the app. One thing that does bother me is that there isnt much options to customize this avatar with. I would like to see more customizable options for facial features including birthmarks and nose features. And a suggestion. Maybe have the games help rack coins for more purchases instead of in app purchase with my card. Id like the app to be more interactive. I would like to see features that can connect my ig or fb so theres more activities for the boo app. Make it a more social app. It would be a great interface for that.


Love app but...  123tix  4 star

I love the app don’t get me wrong but when ever I do the daily spin to get coins the first time you spin you NEVER get anything and they make you watch a 30 to 40 sec long add that most of the time you can’t skip and after you spin the second time you get very very low amount of coins.


Plz add the clothes and hair and make up  jusitnbieberfan6424  3 star

Boo plz add some Harley Quinn clothes plz you do have the tattoo though but you do not have the clothes and hair so plz add the Harley Quinn hair and clothes oh and the make up to plz

💎• *Birdie* •💎

Great app! But....  💎• *Birdie* •💎  5 star

Soooooo here’s the thing. It’s great in all but. When I play a game there is a glitch...when I get 60 and I have 210 coins I go back home then I still have 210 :( please read.


The upgrade is horrible  Bre'Aisha  2 star

The app is stupid now


Just not the real  wjsjskskkalalalsk  5 star

Look I love. Boomoji. But make it back I do not have a phone like then. BUT. COME. ON. I. AM. CRYING


What?  RakudaJoe  1 star

I’m not rating this because I haven’t downloaded it yet but this is so weird,it almost exactly like ZEPETO!

Mere B.

It’s fun but..  Mere B.  5 star

I really like this app and I like how you can do things with your avatar. Another plus is how when you send your Boo to a friend over messaging, it’s animated and moves around, unlike Bitmoji. Although this app is great , I think there should be a larger amount of games to choose from and play. I also think your performance in a game each time you play should earn you coins, not reaching a goal after playing games so many times and earning so many points.


Best  voyogo  5 star

Really good

czshjojlsft kh

More hair colour and styles  czshjojlsft kh  1 star

Did the Chinese buy Boomoji because there is no white blonde option for fair colour and western hairstyle ! Soo Asian I know this because I lived in Asia 8 years

Insta freak girl

Glitchy App  Insta freak girl  1 star

Took my money out of no where when I chose free trail and I want a refund now!


Boomoji  hayleyg999  5 star

I love ur game

amy laly

This app is amazing  amy laly  5 star

This app is the best app ever I love how ur Boomoji copy’s you


More features please!  Liamer_M  5 star

I like the app overall but I was thinking maybe being able to choose presets or make films with your avatar


Five stars  niamhdolldoll  5 star

So fun can’t stop playing it and you get to do hand shakes and play games with friends it’s just the best


Eve  Evelinn_Murt  4 star

I think that you should have outfits you can make yourself and more long hair.

SophiaKitten 9

So fun!!!  SophiaKitten 9  5 star

Omg this app is so fun I can’t believe I found it!!! I give it a five star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Excellent  izzzzzyyzyzzz  5 star

Very good game i just wish they had customizable outfits and noses

Boo - 3D Avatar & AR Chat Comments

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