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Meditation for people who can’t meditate!
Take just a few minutes out of each day to bring yourself to a state of calm and wellness and balance your life using a combination of guided meditations and mindfulness techniques. The techniques are a simple, practical relaxation method for anyone.

You will learn to manage the stress in your life and improve your overall health using a tool you always carry with you: your breathing. The deep breathing exercises we present in our app stem from the Pranayama approach. Pranayama is a Sanskrit word referring to regulating your breathing for health benefits. It is an ancient Indian practice which is broken into 3 phases of breath manipulation. The phases are inhalation, retention, and exhalation.

A 2014 study in the ‘Journal of Diagnostic Research’ showed a connection between both slow and fast pranayama and reduced stress and improved overall cognition including attention, retention, and speed tasks combining vision and physical action, like video games.

With our app, you will have the opportunity to set goals for yourself like reducing your stress and anxiety, sleeping better, and improving your concentration. You will work to meet these goals by personalizing your program based on your mood and using the daily mindfulness meditations provided.

If you’re looking for ways to be in better control or your stress and anxiety and have a more positive outlook, our app will help you. Maybe you’ve tried other mindfulness apps with no success. It’s time to try BetterMe. Our app is a simple and manageable solution to beginning the journey to managing your stress and changing your outlook, and all you need to do is engage in our 3-minute meditations.

Rather than try to force yourself to focus for long periods of time, which is difficult, especially if you’re new to meditation, BetterMe provides short but effective science-backed meditations, which are personalized on a daily basis to increase your happiness. You have the choice to engage in guided meditations according to your mood or allow yourself to be freer and enjoy the fun, unguided meditations using sounds from nature.

Let BetterMe accompany you on your journey to managing your stress and anxiety.

Why You Should Choose BetterMe:

• With just 5 minutes each day, you will improve your quality of life by relieving stress and improving focus.
• Access to new guided meditations by the world’s best teachers.
• Ideal for those with a busy lifestyle. Meditate On-the-Go to calm your nerves or anxiety wherever you are.

Benefits of BetterMe: Meditation

• Improved clarity and focus throughout your day.
• Stress and anxiety reduction helps you stay calm and relaxed.
• Better sleep leads to less stress and anxiety.
• Broader perspective and deeper self-awareness.
• Improve leadership skills.
• Deeper and more natural breathing.
• Enhance mindfulness in all situations.
• Winding down at the end of the day becomes easier.
• Develop your listening skills.
• Face obstacles in a calm and clear manner.
• Enjoy improved relationships.
• Feel happier, calmer, and more relaxed overall.

All BetterMe users can use the app by getting the premium subscription with a free 7-day trial period. Our Premium 6-month subscription plan offers unlimited access to every meditation course in exchange for a single payment. For your convenience, BetterMe subscriptions are set to automatically renew within the 24-hour period prior to the subscription end date. You can cancel your subscription at any moment in your iTunes account settings but refunds will not be provided for any unused portion of the terms.

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BetterMe: Calm,Sleep,Meditate App Description & Overview

The applications BetterMe: Calm,Sleep,Meditate was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2018-03-31 and was developed by Genesis Technology Partners. The file size is 42.15 MB. The current version is 2.6.6 and works well on 10.2 and high ios versions.

Meet the updated BetterMe Meditation, now its even better!

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Rip off!  Lukeystudd  1 star

What a rip off it begins free then you get hit with an $80.00 charge on you credit card out of no where.


no  Kjjfail  1 star

Well I read the top fake review and seen the completely “free” app. This is false. 7 days for free the rest charges a stupid amount. There are 100 times better free of charge meditation apps that don’t need your credit card details to sign up. Is there a half a star button?


Trash app  567881122  1 star

Beware!! I used the free trial. I did not like it so I deleted it within 15mins. 1 week later I receive a charge to my Credit card for $80.99. Beware

lachlan awesome

Amazing app 😉  lachlan awesome  5 star

So I was feeling really stressed 😫 and I had lots of worries so I decided to download a free app. This app is completely free and has no adds! It’s all about meditation and reducing anxiety,worries, stress or to help sleep. It’s a great app and I absolutely love it. You should definitely download this app!


Mental health joke!  rhidgecmd  1 star

I think it’s very stupid that you have to pay for a mental health app. Want to help people by having an app so they can meditate and learn to self control and be calm, don’t have these ridiculous costs on them. I’m not being cheep, I pay for a weight loss app that helps me train gives me exercises and also tells me what to eat each week that matches to my dietary requirements, who wants to pay for someone to talk to you to help you breathe and meditate when you could go on YouTube and get the exact same thing.


Shirt app scam  faaark  1 star

This app is a scam don’t go near it not even the trial


DODGY!!  ZoeFJones  1 star

Don’t download this app! You will be charged a $55.99 yearly subscription fee after two weeks.


A very ordinary experience for $80  Carokel7  1 star

I tried the free trial version and was unimpressed so canceled... I was a day late so got charged $80 for the full 6 months subscription


Nope!  hollyfathatcat  1 star

Forces you into a subscription right off with auto renew with a high price... I’m super hoping I managed to click off without subscribing because it’s very unclear.


Scam App  ctf!/@&7  1 star

Never again!! Dodgy app developers..says 7 days free trial then BAM charges ur account even after you’ve unsubscribed. Go make money elsewhere..


Calm down app  mmmmanoqueen  5 star

There soooo good like in a minute I felt better you should try this app if you have enxiaty or depression or if your sad it’s really good and also it comes with relaxing music.


Amazing app helped me relive stress  teothebeast  5 star



Purchased app, will not load.  smileyh11002  1 star

I purchased this app today it will no longer load for me. It will load all of the breathing exercises but will not pull up any of the journeys, sleep, etc. I do not recommend. Like a hook without a fish.

eddrian schenkel

Such a good app  eddrian schenkel  5 star

It helps me so much the only thing I don’t like about it is that if you don’t wanna pay you can’t do most of the sessions


The only thing i needed right now great app helps u meditate😇  Arhe😇  5 star

Much needed app in phone be happy 😇


For those for whom meditation is hard  PNP Wow  5 star

I love this app because of its guided meditation programs. It’s enabled me to comfortably meditate after years of trying and failing. Wonderful peaceful feeling now.

Wow app to get space

Amazing  Wow app to get space  5 star

I love this app I’m going through a lot right now because very easy to use and way recently diagnosed with a couple of disorders. Gonna share with my friends.


Good app.  Nguyenanhhoainhi  5 star

Nice app, this app is very easy to use, i like it very much. This is a sponsored review


Charges  Lisha913  3 star

Will I still be charged for the app after I uninstall it? I didn’t even use the free trial


A needed anchor through undergrad finals  zsazsa20  5 star

And Lsat prep


Be careful with trial  Donaxa  1 star

Be careful with trial period. This mor**s charge you for 6 MONTHS after a week which will cost you 55 euro. Terrible catch on people who don’t read conditions as me.


Lukas  Lukasifer  5 star

This app is great for remembering how to feel good and how easy it is to forget to make yourself feel good


Meditation app  leo1654789  5 star

Great app actually does help really enjoyed it with my son 😃


Have to pay  Anna182773939  1 star

If you don't cancel within 7 days the app charges you

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