Barkio: Dog Monitor & Pet Cam App Reviews


Barkio: Dog Monitor & Pet Cam App Description & Overview

What is barkio: dog monitor & pet cam app? Barkio dog monitoring app turns two devices into a smart pet camera. Watch live video of your puppy, hear if your dog barks, and interact with your pet remotely. Staying close to your dog has never been easier.

Helpful Barkio features for all pet parents:
- live HD video to watch your dog, puppy, and pet
- record video and capture a photo during monitoring
- hear if your dog barks, howls, whine
- see if your dog is calm (motion detection)
- upcycle your older iPhone or iPad and give it a new purpose
- unlimited distance between you and your dog with WiFi and cellular data
- talk to your puppy and communicate remotely
- prerecord commands to calm your dog down
- 2-way video so your dog can see you too
- activity log to see everything your pup has been up to
- multiple platforms - keep an eye on your dog through phone, tablet, or laptop
- detect signs of separation anxiety in dogs
- all family members can monitor their pet
- no need for pet cameras, treat dispensers, or collars

For some functionalities, you need to purchase Barkio Premium (free trial available).


Watch video of your dog
See what your pup is doing in a live HD video feed. Is your dog barking, howling, playing, or destroying your new pair of shoes? When the visibility is bad, Night Light can help with brightening up the room and catch the attention of your pet.

Hear every bark
Barkio transmits the sound, so you'll know if your dog is barking, howling, or whining, and you'll be able to calm your pet down remotely.

Distance is no longer a limit
Barkio works on WiFi and cellular data so you can monitor your pet from anywhere - from work, when running errands or when enjoying a night out.

Stay notified in every situation
When noise is registered, Barkio will send you a notification with an audio snippet. You'll be able to tell if your dog is noisy and needs your attention.

Power-saving background mode
When using Barkio in the background, the pet monitor will inform you about your dog through notifications. This mode helps to save a lot of battery on your device when monitoring.

Interact with your dog
With Barkio pet camera, you can communicate with your puppy remotely, calm it down, or stop your dog from disobeying. Whenever you can't talk to your pet live, you can prerecord your custom voice messages (commands) and use them to ease your dog's anxiety.

Communicate with two-way video
With our dog surveillance app, you will see your pet, and your dog or puppy will be able to see you as well.

Activity log
Barkio records noises, videos, or photos from each monitoring.These activity logs help you to understand your dog's behavior, and show any signs of separation anxiety, such as excessive barking, howling, or whining.

Upcycle your older phone or tablet
Do you have an older device lying around? Reuse your older phone or tablet as the Dog Station and give it a new meaning. No need to purchase expensive hardware cameras or collars when you can recycle and reuse devices you already have. By upcycling your older devices, you help to save the environment while being able to watch over your pet remotely with the Barkio Dog Monitor app.

Deal with separation anxiety in dogs
Dog surveillance proves to be a helpful way to discover signs of separation anxiety in dogs. Barkio provides you with an overview of the pet's behavior to get a proper diagnosis by the vet and helps with solitude training.

Monitor across all platforms
Enjoy Barkio across all platforms with an easy setup and no extra cost. You'll be able to check on your dog from any device and connect to your pet cam at home.

Invite family members to join
All family members can join Barkio and monitor the dog together. You'll also have access to logs from past monitorings on all your devices, to see how your pet's behavior improves in time.

Terms of Use:

Got any questions or ideas? We'll be happy to hear from you at

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App Name Barkio: Dog Monitor & Pet Cam
Category Lifestyle
Updated 16 February 2023, Thursday
File Size 102.17 MB

Barkio: Dog Monitor & Pet Cam Comments & Reviews 2023

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So far, so good. So far, this app has been great during the day while i am leaving my new puppy at home while I’m a work. The video quality is still a little grainy but i can still get the general idea of what she is doing and know that she is okay. I also enjoy the updates about the noise and if my pup is resting or if she’s having a hard time being in her crate. Overall great app.

Pawsome!. My beagle had TPLO surgery and is confined to a small play yard. I have to watch him constantly so he doesn’t get to his stitches. This app has been awesome. It allows me to leave the floor and still be able to watch him. He will be confined for 8 weeks until he heals and I will continue to monitor him.

Works well but premium required. Works just like other paid apps I have seen, but premium is basically required as without it you can only check the video a few times per day.

Helpful.. As a new puppy parent, this app has been very useful in monitoring my pup while I’m away! It’s super cool that I can talk to him as needed and help him calm down if and when he starts whining. I’m even able to move the camera around to get a better view of the room and him.

So far so good!. I have been using the free trials while I’m away and it’s been great to see my cats are doing well. It’s also a great alert system since you can set it up to detect movement. What’s great is that it records sounds and movements too so it’s not just live feed only. Highly recommend!

Helps you get to know a new pup!. Really loved having this to use within the first few weeks of adopting a new dog and not knowing how he’d be when we’re not home.

Barkio!. I have a nine week old Daushund puppy and I downloaded this app to watch him while I’m gone. I love this app because it gives me video monitoring and it lets me hear what is my puppy is doing and talk to him if I need to command him.

Peace of mind. It has been great to be able to check in throughout the day to day after WFH ended. It gives me a peace of mind to be able to access a feed without having to purchase any new equipment

Easy and reliable!. Was looking for a way to keep an eye on my cat who was having some health issues, and Barkio made it easy to quickly use my iPad to get started right away without buying equipment! Highly recommend.

Best App for Keeping Devices limited. This is the perfect solution for when you are wanting to check in on your little one and not go out and buy new equipment. Works great!

Works good. Quality could be a little better but it does the job. I am able to keep an eye on my pup while I am away from home.

Honestly, super helpful!. We love using Barkio for when we leave our rabbit alone at home! We have a sitter that looks after her, but we like to check in and talk to our rabbit so she can feel more at ease since we aren’t there. Barkio has been super helpful and highly recommend!

Very useful. I just got a 2-month old puppy, an was very anxious about leaving her alone at home. Using the app put me at ease, because I could see what she was doing, hear if she was to loud howling. And I think hearing my voice over the app helped her calm down a few times. All in all excellent and helpful app.

Easy access. I love that this app is easy for me to use and I can connect my computer Ron one and look at everything from my phone to check in my babies

Wish there was a mute setting. This is very convenient and useful except it doesn’t respect my phone’s mute and is pretty loud so I can’t check on my dog when I’m at work unless I want all my coworkers to hear my dog barking. Also can’t use the app if I have music playing on my phone. But it’s already come in handy because when I randomly checked the feed over lunch I found my dog had escaped his crate 😅 Also discovered a little late there’s a sound sensitivity setting on the desktop dog station, that will help me figure out if my dog is actually causing a fuss rather than it picking up on the quiet music I put on for him. (Which is probably why it didn’t give me a notification for the racket of him escaping)

Great for our Reactive Dog!. We have been training an anxious dog to be on her own for a few hours while we are out. This app is SO useful. I can hear when she’s upset and connect with her as needed. Highly recommend if you are looking for a two-way monitoring service!

Great app and peace of mind. I got Barkio in a pinch since I got 2 puppies suddenly and not prepared for them. Although I found Barkio and in a matter of seconds I was connected with my home laptop and able to watch my two little nuggets from anywhere. It was a peace of mind for me and my pups.

Great App. It does exactly what it says it does and it’s really easy to use. I’ve never had any issues with it cutting out or disconnecting. The video quality is pretty good and is just what you need to monitor your pup. I’d highly recommend this app to anyone.

Good for the most part. Works pretty good. But you have to reconnect when you move to another app. The muting resets back to off when you do. I was using it during a meeting, on my iPad, and switching between different apps, and I had to keep turning the mute back on after reconnecting. However, the good thing is, I never stopped getting the notifications, which were silenced because my iPad was on mute. So it worked for what I needed. Maybe the mute feature going back to default every time you reconnect will get fixed in a future update.

Great when it actually works. On the good days that this app works, it’s exactly what I need it to be. Arbitrarily decides when it can and can’t load the video even though both devices are connected to WiFi and should have no connection issues. Makes it hard to stop your dog from getting into something when you can’t see them.

Love this!!. Downloaded this app for our 3 month old puppy who has to stay crated every other week. It’s really helped my peace of mind knowing he is ok when I’m not there. Turns out, my imagination was way worse than reality :) Today it saved the day! I got multiple notifications that puppy was noisy so I pulled up the app just to find an empty crate with the door wide open! he had opened his crate door and was loose in the house!! Thankfully our neighbors have a key and work from home and went and rescued my house from my puppy! Without the app I would not have known until I went home for lunch! So this was well worth the money! The only odd thing which isn’t really a big deal is it won’t update the latest update. It prompts me in the app but when I go to the App Store it just says “open” won’t update. But the app works like it’s supposed to and for that I’m thankful.

Good, but not too good.. For now it’s a 2 Star rating. I bought the Premium to see what my dog is doing. But I get errors all the time, watching the saved Videos of 7sec only if they open, having a steady camera screen is also a problem it mostly shuts off after a few seconds. The Dogstation is plugged in and has a 1 GB wifi in the house so it shouldn’t be a problem. When I have full LTE it’s still not working properly so I am sure it’s not a connection problem caused by internet. Please check if you have server problems or anything.

Great app for pet owner.. Finally found one that works almost perfect for pet owners. The app has all functions that we look for and work perfectly on our older devices (Iphone & Ipad). The only hiccup is one of the cat touch the ipad screen and somehow closed the app.

Works perfectly. I can’t believe the amazing camera quality even on non Apple phones. This app impressed me nonetheless. Compared to other apps this works the best for me and my dog. I have to thank you so much.

App works when it wants to. UPDATE: I deleted the app and installed "Dog Monitor" it does everything Barkio claims it does but actually follows through with their promises. If you delete Barkio be sure to also cancel your subscription. I have emailed the company in regards to my issue and I got an email back saying they would look into why I am having issues and I never got another response. ISSUES 1. The app will work and just hours later it will stop working giving me messages saying that it searching for an available station. 2. I have my iPad set up to never let the screen turn off or lock and the app seems to never want to communicate with my phone. 3. Sometimes I will connect the app before I leave home and I will get walk to my car and it looses connection. I will be deleting the app and investing in one that is more reliable.

Love it for dog and baby both!. I use this app when I have to leave my puppy home alone, but I also use it when my baby takes a nap in a room other than the one with his regular camera in it. Very useful app!

Works great. Tried both the premium and free version and they both work great. Obviously you get more with premium but highly recommend

Great way to check in on your pup. I used Barkio from my iPad while traveling with my dog to make sure he was not barking. The app was easy to setup and use. You can adjust sensitivity or the noise and motion detection/alerts. Definitely recommend!

Great app!. I have two crazy puppy dogs and this allows me to watch them and make sure they’re being good while I’m away at work. I can also speak to them through it which is awesome!

Love it. I went away for a day and was really worried about leaving my dog so I downloaded this and honestly had very low hopes for it but surprisingly it was great. I didn’t know it recorded audios or took pictures so that was nice too.

Easy and helpful. Super easy to set up and very simple to use. Connected quickly with devices and worked perfectly.

Best dog cam app!!. Honestly I was hesitant at first to even download the app and boy am I glad I did !! It alerts you when the dog is noisy and it even lets them see you which is the best part in my opinion!! Definitely recommend.

Life saver!!. Got this app because of a new rescue I adopted with separation anxiety. The app lets me talk to her to calm her down and you can use multiple devices as camera through your home. Great app for in a pinch or on a budget! A feature I hope the dev team releases is being able to adjust to a wide angle or zoom if needed. Or flip the camera view if one device has two cameras.

Better than intended. This app is amazing!! I’m a high school senior with a puppy and I was nervous about her not seeing me through out the day but Barkio met those expectations and then surpassed it, allowing me to see my little Zoe

This app is just what I needed!. If you’ve always wished you could stalk your cats then this app is for you! Will definitely purchase after the trial expires. I just wish I could listen and watch at the same time

Love this app!. I found this when I got a new puppy and I’m so glad I did. Helps me feel much more comfortable when watching my pup and the set up was so easy! I just leave my iPad in front of my dog and I get alerted when there’s a noise but I can check in any time! 10/10 amazing!

I LOVE THIS APP!. I’m so excited to use it! I am in college and my dog is an ESA registered dog who lives in the dorms with me. As a college student, I still go to class and go out like any other student. Because he couldn’t go everywhere with me, I wanted to be able to keep an eye on him to make sure he’s not disrupting my neighbors or looks like he needs to be let outside. I highly recommend this app to any dog parent! It’s also very reasonable 🐶🐾

Dog camera. We have been using this app for our dog when we leave the house and it has been great! Gives us piece of mind and allows us to see what our dog is doing!

Great for Vacation. I found this app after forgetting my other camera for vacation. It works great. Easy to install and use. Highly recommend.

Best $4.99 Ever. Best $5 spent to have peace of mind watching my sick dog while I have to work. Works perfectly. Has special functions you can create called “commands” perfect for recording pets favorite sounds such as a squeaky toy or the word “treat” to watch them interact when you can’t be there. Records sounds and takes pictures so you can always know what’s going on as if you’re right there with them. You can watch and talk to them in real time. You can even turn on a “flashlight” to light up the room to give them some light so you can see them better.

Love it. I have two dogs and I love this app. I am able to talk to them thru phone and can monitor them whenever we are away from home. Video quality is also nice.

Best all ever!!. I love this app and the quality is great and the price, well, it’s amazing! It has helped to crate train and train being out of the crate by voice feature and command features it provides. I highly recommend Barkio❤️

Great for quick check in. Barkio allows us to do quick check ins with our dog. It helps us to leave the house and check in our dog who struggles with separation anxiety.

Best app. Used this app, while away from home for a few hours, was able to keep my dog on his bed with the touch of a button

Love love love. I absolutely love this app. You have to have a spare device to use it, but I love the fact that I can watch live feed, interact with my dog in real time, FaceTime with her, and even use prerecorded commands and voice notes

lifesaver!. I have to be away from my disabled dog for the first time since his stroke, due to medical reasons for myself- a procedure I can’t miss. This app ensures that my mom can watch the dogs during my procedure to make sure that our special needs boy is okay. ❤️

Impressed. Excellent so far! was able to monitor our puppy throughout the night which gave me peace of mind and eliminating the need to sleep on the floor the first night. Between the app and the snugglepuppy in her crate, we all slept peacefully and I was able to get up in time to take her out to potty!

Awesome!. The idea of this app is awesome! Not having to buy a camera and having the option to use a second device from home is so nice. The yearly subscription fee is reasonable too.

Barkio. I love this app it allows me to leave the house in peace and still be able to check up on my dog. I also like that I am able to speak to her through the app

So far so good. I recently got a puppy and while we’re at work and school, gotta leave puppy in the back yard. In order to keep me “focused” a work, I had to monitor her actions somehow…right? So my friend recommended me Barkio and I’ve been just “keeping an eye” on her while she’s free roaming in the yard and I’m at work. Clear images and good sound quality.

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Trial too short to tell. Would be great to have an extra couple of days to get a feel for it before needing to buy in.

The best app. I love Barkio

T can B. X xxxxxx

Love it. So far so good

Now we always know what our puppy is up to!. Great!

Great do far. Xx

Great!. Was so nervous to leave our pets at home for the first time but Barkio has alleviated that stress

Mostly great but has glitches. I really love how many features this app has. I’m able to record commands, talk to my dog, put on alerts for sounds and motion, and more. The thing is that not all the features work all the time - I find that most of the video clips recorded when motion is detected literally never load! Also it took ages to get motion detection to work

Really handy app. We’ve been using this for our pup while we have to leave the house for a bit and it’s a great way to keep my mind at ease knowing they’re safe

Watch your dog while out. If you have issues with neighbours complaining from your dog barking while you’re away from home, try this app out. Most useful feature is being able to see your dog and talk to them remotely.

Good to use while working out how dog is at home. It’s a good free app without having to spend hundreds of dollars on cameras

Amazing!!. Was going to spend $100 on a pet cam but gave this a shot and it exceeded my expectations!! Made use of my old phone and saved money 🫶🏻

Worst app. Worst app ever. The camera doesn’t even connect. Thank god I didn’t pay for the subscription

money making exercise. 100% the same functionality as the previous app Dog Monitor but they want to sign you up to their premium subscription after 9 hours of monitoring 🤮 just get Dog Monitor instead

Amazing app!. I really recommend this app. If your like me wanting to monitor your puppies actions this I the best app. I leave the house everyday for 5 hour period so I get to monitor my puppy this way. The free version is good but the paid installment is way better there are more functions and unlimited uses.

Great App!. Loving Barkio so far! Great functionality. Highly recommend.

Good. Good

Barkio. Deadly App, it’s great how we can communicate through my mobile with a old mobile

Great. Great

Great app!. This is a great app and functions really well. Such a life saver in making sure the pup is okay at home!

Great app!. Live keeping an eye on my pup when we’re not home. Afew glitches but nothing too bad

Great app. Really easy to use and very helpful keeping an eye on my pup while I’m at work

Great app. Does what it says on the tin and works consistently! 100% worth the yearly fee to keep an eye on your fur baby from wherever you are. The fact that more than one person can log in is great. Big fan.

Great app. Such a cool app for watching my cat meow

JC. App requested to write a review before I actual use. So far look ok. I’m doing this as I know a friend that u ses it and it seems to work well for them.

Great app. Super easy app to use and really good to make sure your fur baby is okay

Great for the price. Good app that does what it says and at a reasonable price.

Fantastic app!. Fabulous app for watching pets at home while I’m at work

Love it. So helpful to be able to check in and see my pup. Also great feature to be able to talk to them.

Awesome. What a great idea, so good for me with 3 senior dogs & one puppy that won’t leave them alone! Thanks

Bad when you don’t pay. I tried this app without paying, it was bad because you can only monitor your pet a certain amount of times before it tells you you run out of time for the day. It was very disappointing. Now I have payed it is VERY good I love it so much!!!

Very good. Such a good app

Inexpensive and does the job. Love this app, not expensive and it allows me to keep an eye on our beautiful girl when we need to leave her at home alone💕🐶

Great app!. Highly recommend

👍. Good

A great app for animal lovers. Easy to use and set up! Rest easy knowing you can check your pet at any time from your device.

Works well!!. I set it up on my iPad and could watch and talk to my dogs at home during the day.

Cheap alternate to great dog monitoring. Only a few days in but so far so good, seems to be helping both me and doggo’s anxiety about leaving him home alone for long stints.

Awesome. Great App to keep an eye on the pup at home

Easy to use.. Absolutely fantastic app. So happy. Easy to use

The best!. Easy to use and very clear video.

Good service. Works great if your have two compatible devices!

Works well but very sensitive and expensive. Picks up on other noises and sends bark alerts. We thought our dog was really distressed and we ended up coming home early, but when we went back to listen to the recording it was actually native hens and neighbourhood sounds (not even other dogs barking). $50/year USD is too expensive when it doesn’t help.

Super love it!!. It’s super good I love it!

Amazing. I just wish there was always on camera fir non premium users

Barkio. Amazing

Great app. Fantastic app for keeping an eye on my dog when I go to work

Great Investment. This has been the best thing by far to keep an eye on my pups. The interactive features allow you to talk to your dogs throughout the day!

Barkio is such a good app. Such a good app! Can talk to your pet, monitor them. So good when they’re such little puppies 😊

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Great app. Easy to set up. Allows me to monitor my dog while I’m at work.

Good so far. Works how it is supposed to so far.

Works great. I get notifications right away

Can’t Keep Dog Station Connected. I’ve been using Barkio for just shy of a month now. For the first 3 weeks, it was great. Gave me peace of mind and a way to communicate with and keep an eye on my dog while I’m at work. Every morning for the past week though, the dog station has disconnected within minutes of me leaving the house, rendering the app useless on my end. I cancelled my subscription to get a wifi camera like I had before. The notifications are nice to have but there’s no point in paying for an app isn’t working.

One of my favourite apps!. Finally an app that works as you expect it, reliably, and for a great price! I adopted a dog and wanted the peace of mind as he settles in but also learns to feel comfy without the security of humans. This app is simple to setup and use, designed beautifully, and the quality of the sound and video is excellent. I love that it uses an old device, or I can set my laptop up (even in screensaver mode), disable video, and determine what level of noise you want to be alerted at. I thought I’d only use this for the first week or so, but based on the price, array of settings, and the ease of it, it’s gone on my Christmas list. Kudos Barkio team!

Brady6ix. Great monitoring service

Barkio. Awesome app! Very dependable. I can't leave my dog home alone without it.

Wow. Best App out on the Appstore 🐕🐕

Great. Takes care of my dog!!!

Camera. GrwT

Amazing app. Amazing app

Great app. I use app when on travel. It’s great. I monitor my rabbit

They make me write a review to see my dog. I downloaded it today and they’re making me write a review to see my dog for more than 2 minutes. So here is my review

A great alternative. Great alternative to a camera! Easy setup, love it

Wow!. Jadore!!

Great app for dog owners.. I downloaded this app when I was first crate training my puppy. I love the feature where you can interact and talk to them while you’re away. I’ve never had issues with the video or sound quality.

Best app. Love this app

Parfait. Très bonne application

Very helpful. 👍🏻

Perfect. This app is perfect for what I need.

Bonne application. Bonne application de surveillance d’animaux. Bonne qualité de transmission.

Easy and effective. Great way to monitor my dog whilst I’m out. Reassuring to me she’s totally not bothered when I’m gone!!

Great. App

Exactly what I’m looking for. Needed an app to watch my puppy when I’m away for short periods of time!

Amazing app. Give a me peace of mind while I’m away at work! Would recommend

Peace of mind. Love the app for my puppy. Makes me feel better about leaving and going to work every day

Great App!. Super helpful app!

Great app to monitor my buddy. Great app to monitor my buddy

Great app, very reassuring. I've been using the previous version of this app (Dog Monitor) for a few years now and Barkio seems to be basically the same thing. I like the simplicity – it does what it says it will without any distractions or gimmicks.

Love it. It’s addictive ! Feels good to know my pet is safe!

Great when it works…. Hard to log on somehow. Videos taken when there some noise often don’t play. Doesn’t always picks up movement event when it’s on hi detection. When it works well, this a great app, especially for the price. But I find myself more and more frustrated as time goes by because often, some features don’t work…

Amazing!. Great app!

Amazing. I love this app

Amazing. So good!

Very handy!. I have a pregnant dog at home and this is giving me some piece of mind for so that I can run quick errands, ect and know that she is okay!

Good app. Great app! Similar to cameras. Only downside is no 3:60 view

Super Convenient🤌🏼. This was exactly what I was looking for! I can now peacefully leave the house for 2 minutes without worrying my pup will stress without me.

Helpful. So far this app is helpful in watching our 3 pets when we want to leave the house

Amazing App!. This app has everything I could hope for in a pet monitoring app! It notifies of movements and noises and you can set the threshold for each. You could also prerecord some vocal commands to send and also transmit commands live to the pet station. It works great with apple watch too where notifications get pushed and you get a quick still shot of what’s happening. Also each monitoring session will keep a log of the events to review later. I am only on a few day trial currently but I’m impressed and think this app is a worthy investment and I’ll likely be subscribing to the service! Thank you.

Barkio. Works great

Free vs Paid. Free version only allows a few seconds of video per day, then you have to pay for a subscription. If you use it infrequently it may not be worth it.

Useful app!. Helpful for keeping an eye on our dog with occasional separation anxiety

Easy setup !. I was in a hurry to leave for the afternoon and took 10min to setup on an old phone and my MacBook Pro. I can even record with QuickTime at the same time. Sound monitoring very sensitive put it at least to medium ! 2 thumbs up !

Great for when on the road. We use Barkio when we are traveling/ on the road as it is easy to use without additional devices

Best App. Loved being able to watch my doggies play from afar.

Love this app. This app has helped keep my dog safe and being able to keep an eye on my dog while I’m away

Awesome app. Love it

Great!. It’s not free but good I guess

Awesome app. I love how easy it is to use

Keeps me sane. This app helps me stay connected with my dog in the event I leave him at home. I tend to worry like crazy so being able to check in on him to make sure he’s okay is such a huge relief.

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Quick and efficient App. This is a great way to monitor action in your home without the extra gadgets

My dog cries when I leave. I am testing this out when I leave for a few hours to see if it stops the tears. Fingers crossed.

Love Barkio for long days when I’m working. It’s easy to check in on my dog without worrying when out and about

Ease of Mind. This app really helps me to keep an eye on my dog while I’m away at work! And the function to record your voice command is really awesome too!

Love it !!. Barkio allows us to see and hear our dog when we have to leave. It gives so much peace of mind that we know what he’s up to and how he reacts to us being gone.

Lucky. This app came in handy I was so scared to leave my cat alone with two new cats . She just hisses at them . They never fight . She hiss n they back away . But I’m still scared for her when I go to work. So now I can watch her while I’m at work.

Get the job done. Wish it didn’t bug for payment all the time

Awesome. This is absolutely perfect when you’re out of the house!!! We have it hooked up to our iPad and phone, wonderful app

Great app!. I’m gonna be honest, I’m only writing this to get access to the app for 5 days. Other than that, it’s a great app, I hope it was free cause it’s so useful. If I could afford it, I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

Has awesome features!. This app is super good for checking on my dog while I am away. I wish I could watch back certain parts of the video recording tho!

Wonderful app. So far I love everything about this app. I’m able to watch my puppy and talk to her at the same time. I love how she gets excited when she see my face on the screen

Easy to use & perfect for my pups. Overall great app that makes it a little easier leaving the pups at home.

I love this app. I recently got a 3 week puppy and this app has saved me so much worry because I can keep an eye on her at all times

Great App. I love this app. I used it during boarding a dog and it came in handy. You can talk to your pet and keep an eye on them! Would totally recommend.

Great app. Worked well when my parents dog was staying with me. I could make sure she was happy when I was gone

Very easy to use. Works really well and very simple to set up. Picks up on every noise however, so I’d recommend a low noise setting

Great app!. Love this app, it allows me to watch my dog during the day when I am home from work. Very affordable option if you do not want to but a camera.

Works perfectly!. Definitely recommend.

Great UI/UX. It’s a well-designed app and the experience of setting it up between my iPad and my iPhone is so easy. I don’t need it often, but when I use it it’s great!

Love it!. used this for my dog while we were on vacation, really helped to know & see that she was okay. she hates being in the crate so it was good for her & us to be able to see & talk to her.

Amazing!. I was looking for a way to keep an eye on my little fur baby while I was away at work and this was absolutely perfect!

Frequent User. Great app and well worth it for your fur baby! Appreciate the audio updates while phone is idle or in another app.

Easy dog monitoring!. The app is great. Connection between devices is simple and stable, it’s super easy to set up and keep track of pets.

Excellent little app. Excellent little app for when you need to keep an eye at your pets when you can’t use at home. Love it.

Not that great. I like the concept, but every time I try to listen to the recording on the history the app totally crashes and I have to start over. Not a very useful feature if I can’t ever actually listen. It’s just not reliable and doesn’t always connect well either.

Highly recommend. Couldn’t recommend this app enough!

Love this!. I’ve used a few different apps similar to this and I’ve been loving this one. So easy to connect and makes me feel so much better that sound can go both ways!

Awesome. This app is the best, I just got my puppy and it helps me to be aware about what she is doing and prevent anxiety for separation. It also helps my anxiety of not knowing what’s is my Bby doing, this app is really the best!!!

Great little app!. It’s nice to be able to use something like this without having to buy a specialized device. Use my phone, leave the iPad at home, configure, both, and I can talk to my cats.

Stops working without warning. I have been using this app for a week. For the most part it works fine. The only problem is one night this app did not work. The microphone did not pick up any sounds from my yelping dog. I discovered in the morning that my poor dog had no choice but to go potty in the crate 🙁🙁🙁

AMAZING. App worked amazing in a cinch when we adopted our new dog and cameras hadn’t arrived yet. Crystal clear sound and camera view, just used my iPad at home and took my phone to work

Beyond Helpful. Barkio has been helpful with letting me watch over my pup while going back to work! Absolutely love this app and appreciate the work put into it :)

Great App!!!. This has helped me so much when i’m on vacation. I love that the screen dims and saves my battery on the doggy device too. So thoughtful and useful.

Watching. My dog. Finally gives me a peace of mind to have a camera when ever I needed and wherever since we travel a lot.

Life changing!. Being able to leave the house with a peace of mind is everything!

Barkio. Great app! Love being able to check in on my puppy while we’re working through separation anxiety.

The best camera system to watch your pup from afar. Really enjoyed all the features Barkio has provided. Especially being a dog mom that travels for work provides me a peace of mind.

Crate training greatness. I’m crate training my 2 month old puppy and starting him on sleeping in his room alone. This app allows me to watch and hear his every move. Very efficient

Love this!. This is a great app to have when you’re away at work and have anxiety over a pet being left alone.

Great monitoring option!. So easy to use and very convenient. We’re fostering a dog and wanted to know how he does when we aren’t home! And now we know (it’s not great).

Great. Needed something to see if my puppy barks a super long time when I leave for work!! Works just like it’s advertised!

Thought it would be better. I really wanted this to work well. The free trial was great. I then paid for premium and it no longer works on my devices. It continually says the pairing failed, and I can’t get ahold of customer service to help resolve this issue. So I’ve paid money but am not benefitting from a service.

Like it!!. I can see my dog when I miss her. I let my dog sitter beforehand, so she wouldn’t feel like I am video monitoring her. :Happy to use barkio. One little thing. Constant notification may make your phone battery faster.

Barkio Quality. Barkio has amazing quality! I’m able to see, hear, and even interact with my dog while she does her puzzles and plays.

Christmas Eve and all is well.. Had to spend Christmas Eve away from my pup. Didn’t want to. Needs must. Seeing him sleeping soundly allowed me to go to sleep. I was very thankful for Barkio. NervaMinerva

Peace of Mind. Barkio allows us to see and hear our dog when we have to leave. It gives so much peace of mind that we know what he’s up to and how he reacts to us being gone.

Better than intended. This app is amazing!! I’m a high school senior with a puppy and I was nervous about her not seeing me through out the day but Barkio met those expectations and then surpassed it, allowing me to see my little Zoe

Really easy to use. Does everything you would want. I leave a laptop at home and monitor remotely.

Love!. This app is fantastic for when I leave my little pup at home. It gives me a peace of mind to be able to see and hear him.

Lovely. I needed an app like this it’s amazingly awesome!!! Try it, the camera and video work beautifully and are great quality. I experience no problems! Try it!

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Barkio: Dog Monitor & Pet Cam Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Rules

What do you think of Barkio: Dog Monitor & Pet Cam app? Can you share your complaints, experiences or thoughts about the application with TappyTaps S.r.o. and people?

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barkio: dog monitor & pet cam ipad images 2
barkio: dog monitor & pet cam ipad images 3
barkio: dog monitor & pet cam ipad images 4

Barkio: Dog Monitor & Pet Cam 6.0.0 Apps Screenshots & Images

Barkio: Dog Monitor & Pet Cam iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 6.0.0
Play Store com.tappytaps.barkio
Compatibility iOS 12.0 or later

Barkio: Dog Monitor & Pet Cam (Versiyon 6.0.0) Install & Download

The applications Barkio: Dog Monitor & Pet Cam was published in the category Lifestyle on 2019-11-01 and was developed by TappyTaps S.r.o. [Developer ID: 326082490]. This program file size is 102.17 MB. This app has been rated by 725 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. Barkio: Dog Monitor & Pet Cam - Lifestyle app posted on 2023-02-16 current version is 6.0.0 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.tappytaps.barkio. Languages supported by the app:

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Barkio: Dog Monitor & Pet Cam App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

• enhancement of the activity log with animated previews • adding new animals - parrot and rabbit • other minor issues fixed Thank you for using the Barkio app!

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