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Lovingly created by the writers of the fact-astic TV show 'QI' and award-winning podcast ‘No Such Thing as a Fish’. GetFact is the ONLY word game that can help you become a more interesting person whilst you play.

Solve tricky word anagrams to reveal all kinds of amazing and surprising facts about everything and anything! You'll never be lost for conversation again!

» 1,000s of cunningly cultivated facts from a wide range of topics including animals, science, sport, music and pretty much all areas of interestingness.
» Watch out for those sneaky 'red herring' words – they're out to trip you up!
» Level up for more and more challenging anagrams to solve
» Look out for the bonus fact reveals... on topics so interesting one fact is simply not enough!

If you have a curious mind and a mobile phone, then GetFact is your perfect distraction!

Play it free now!

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- Fun, funny, and kind of educational!

I love weird trivia and word games, so I was surprised to find Get Fact to be a legitimate challenge. I’ve only found a handful of facts I already knew, and the devs have done a great job of identifying the right words to scramble — words that are key to understanding the fact, aren’t obvious at a glance, and provide just a bit of a hint through context. The fact that the devs steer you toward red herring solutions, alternative words that make total sense at first glance, is a unique and clever spin. I’ve only found two minor points of frustration. First, these facts are really interesting, and I’d like to be able to go back through completed puzzles to share with friends, learn more about, or fact-check when they’re particularly incredible. Second, as an American, the game is noticeably UK-centric, requiring British spelling and occasionally knowledge of British culture or products. This isn’t a flaw, just an additional challenge for non-UK users. Overall, highly recommended.

- Love the game, but

I Love this game. My only issue so far is the sound. Most apps/games have the option to turn off the sound. I do this on every app/game I use so I don’t bother the people around me. Maybe I just can’t figure out how. Thanks for the great game!

- Great for viewing ads

The game itself is really fun and full of great facts. Unfortunately every 4th question interrupts your entire screen with a 30second AD for other apps. There not even for apps in the same genre and they are all pointless shovel games filled to the brim with in game purchases and micro transactions. If this game showed banner ads I could forgive it but every ad break brings your game to an abrupt halt while you wait 30seconds watching an ad that does it very best to hide the exit X so you accidentally redirect to there apps page. I’d be happy to pay a fee to remove ads but as tempting as they would be I could also use that money to buy books in the QI series, I’d lose the “game” element but I’d be spared having to watch all that spam advertising.

- Addition of Ads really changed it

Used to love laying in bed playing this game when I couldn’t sleep. The recent update added ads which are way too long and too often and also added purchase options for coins to buy hints. Can’t you just pick one or the other? Do you need both ads and purchases? Would be nice if the update said what was actually added instead of the lie that it was bug fixes and improvements when I’m pretty sure nobody would call this an improvement.

- Great Game, but the ads...

It’s a really fun game! My issue with it is the ads. I only played 3 rounds and got hit with a 30 second ad. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind playing free games with ads. I know they need to make money to support being free. However, this game has so many ads it almost forces you to spend the money to get rid of them just to be able to play. I spent 15 seconds playing and then 30 seconds waiting for the ad to finish and so on. Maybe if they were stretched out the ads a little more?

- Fun but still flawed.

The haptics and sounds come back each time I start the game even though they are disabled in the settings. I have to turn them on, then back off to disable them again. It seems that facts are being recycled, but since I can’t go back and see previously solved levels I’m not certain. Otherwise, this is a fun diversion that fills about ten minutes a day.

- Want to keep my facts

I like the game, and am making steady if slow progress. However, once a fact is solved, you cannot go back and see solved facts. I want to share some of the facts I’ve learned with my family later, but it is hard to remember all the details if I solve a few over lunch. An “archive of facts learned” feature would be great.

- Only one flaw

This is a fun little facts game from the boffins behind QI. Would have rated it a 5, except that every time you run the app you have to go in and turn off the sound effects. The selectors for Sound Effects and Vibration stay in the off position, but the sounds play anyway unless you toggle it on and then off again.

- Great trivia game

Did not give 5 stars since the time between clues is so long and there is no way to go back to re-read puzzles that you’ve already solved. It would be awesome if you could review them so that you could share some of these amazing facts. Other than that, this game is really fun & educational.

- This many ads should be illegal

I gave the game itself 1 star! I really like the game and that’s only reason I’m taking the time to write and say that maybe it’s Apple that should be ashamed cause no one should be allowed to put in this many stupid ads! And there’s a lot of the long ones that take forever to go away! Please! I found and downloaded this game by shopping the app store! Just like all of them! Stop harassing users with 30 min of ads for 30 min of play!

- Good, simple fun

The game is straightforward and fun, though I wish I could go back and review the facts I’ve completed. I would also love the option to learn more about the facts I’ve solved. The haptic feedback is very satisfying.

- Fun! Remember that it is British

I’ve enjoyed this game but some of the questions are way too difficult. I find myself using google often and something that can’t even help. Also the game uses British spellings so at one point I had to find the British spelling of diarrhea.... (it’s diarrhoea)

- Mixed feelings

This game is fun, but the ads with the latest version are getting unbearable. I get a 30 second ad after every other fact. Additionally, the British spellings can be frustrating, and there are some facts that I could never in a million years solve without a more intimate knowledge of British culture.

- Wowzers!!

I thought this would be a simple game.🔔. Was I wrong!! Each one was areal challenge. Thanks for helping me stretch my brain a bit 🤓

- Really needs a mute option

Fun game but without the option to turn the sound off it gets really irritating, really fast. Perhaps an archive to be able to go back and see the facts you’ve conquered would be a nice plus?

- Too Many Advertisements

You will spend more time watching advertisements than playing the game. If you want a hint, you can try watching a video. About one out of three times watching a video, no hint is given. This has the potential to be a good game but the number of advertisements makes it not worth playing.

- It's not worth it with the sound

I can't simply go smoothly from one solved set to the next. I really don't need the big musical announcement and falling coins everytime and there's no settings to turn those off. It's not worth it to me.

- You win 1st place!

Never have I bought coins and ‘ no adds ‘, so fast! Congratulations!, well played! 💛🕉🌴🛐🌹🕊🕊🕊

- Really fun

I really enjoy this game it makes ur mind think with unscrambling letters and learning new interesting facts!!!


I really do like this game. I just wish there was a way to get rid of the ads! I’d gladly pay to do so, just make that an option.

- Fun Game

I just started playing but I am really enjoy playing and I like the trivia.

- Great pleasure

What a wonderful gem of a game! Thanks to the developers for creating such a funny and informative game! Kudos! 😻

- Mute

Seems like a fun game but I play most of these games at work when we are slow and I can’t disable the sound.

- Fun but slow

Can only get a hint every 3 hrs or so and some facts are very challenging. Without googling, and the 3 hr hints, it can be very hard to advance levels.

- 👍🏻✨QI✨👍🏻

Heard about the game on No Such Thing As A Fish. I really enjoy learning new fact!

- Disappointed

This game looks like so much fun but without a way to turn off the sound it’s not worth keeping. So disappointed.

- Not silent

Would keep the game and rate it higher if I could find the settings to turn the sound off

- Perfection? Yeah, pretty much.

So challenging, but so good!! I’m obsessed with this app and the facts.

- Too Many Lengthy Ads

Really fun game, but the constant mandatory 30 second ads are ruining it. A real shame.

- Annoying European spelling

Couldn’t figure out a word because it was spelled different with extra letters... this game needs to be fixed so that spelling of words changes between regions. How stupid

- No way to turn off sound?!

That’s an instant delete for me, dawg. Give us ways to customize the settings

- So good

Wicked game, So Good. So what I may have to google some of the answers. It just means I delve into the subject a little more... So good... Alexx

- sound

I would keep app but cannot turn off sound.

- Way too many ads!!

Fun game, but no way to turn off the ads!!

- so much fun

love learning bitsand ends of trivia.

- eeeeeek

way too difficult i got stumped on every single level and i am only on 18!

- Fact 0037 is wrong


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- Brilliant game - hours of fun

Well written questions and a good range of topics. One bug I did find - I deleted the app (by accident) and lost all my progress. Bonus - make a paid version. I’d rather pay you direct then have video ads etc.

- Great

So fun! If you know some qi facts in the back of your brain it may help a bit.

- 1072 questions... and what is the reward???

Disappointment, that’s what. You go through the effort of making all of these questions, with so many really intriguing ones, and put ZERO effort into the finale. I was hanging out for a cool, fun congratulations page... but, nope! Just a boring “come back later for more questions”. Sorry, but I don’t think so! I was expecting a hint to find a secret society of victors (seriously - it’s 1072 questions! That is a lot of useless information to have processed!) or even some kind of honour board. In the end, I am totally and utterly disheartened... 😢😢😢

- So noisy!

I have updated the app to latest version and restarted my phone and signed in and out of Apple store but my Get Fact still makes annoying sounds

- Quite interestingly entertaining

Fun app to play but if there was a hint option that directed you to the QI home page and sent you hunting through a journal or article when your struggling to find a answer instead of just googling it this app would be brilliant

- No option to turn off vibrate

The game might be fun, but you can’t turn of haptic feedback so it’s all but unplayable. I don’t need my phone to vibrate constantly. At least it’s not yelling at me constantly any more. How the hell an app gets on the store without the ability to turn this garbage off is beyond me.

- No way to turn sound off

Fun simple game to play that makes you think. Needs way to turn the sound off though.

- I’m a bit hooked

It’s like watching Qi... but more lonely

- Add a mute option please.

Great but there’s no section where you can mute the sounds.

- Too noisy

How do I turn off the sounds?!

- Could be quite addictive...

... but there’s far too many ads. It became quite unbearable very quickly 👎🏻

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- One little bug

Great app lots of fun, however every time I open the app I have to turn on and then turn off again the settings for vibration and sfx for it to actually be off. If someone could fix that it would be five stars!

- Quite tricky

Paid version with no ads - brilliant!

- Tedious

Too many ways play could be improved that aren’t utilized. Too many long ads now, not just for hints. The four hour wait for a second hint is not going to make me spend coins, so you’re just losing revenue. Tie hints to ads, allow unlimited hints, remove ads in between levels, make it easier to place and remove letters in different ways.

- Still needs more facts

There are no new facts in the latest release 😢. The game is fun, but with the limited content, it doesn’t take long to run through the whole set.

- Unskippable interstitial ads

Version 1.1.5 added (ha) interstitial ads between facts. It used to be you only had to watch ads when you needed a hint, but now you have to see them when advancing. Boo.

- Hard

Even before I got to level 30 the game had me searching up the answer because I simply could not think of it on my own. Also the hints take a while to get back and I feel that the further you get in the game the more coins you should get for completing a level

- Hard

It’s not that it’s hard, it’s that it’s pretty much impossible. The answers could be anything, and the facts are so random that nobody could know this stuff. Also, there is no follow up to explain the fact. It’s just the fact then move on to the next one. It would be nice if it had an explanation, like bees can be taught to play football. How??

- Hardwired sound is awful

5 Stars for the facts, 0 stars for the hardwired sound. I don’t need clicks and sound effects played through my headphones, once the option comes to shut those off this review will turn to 5 Stars

- Please!!!

Fantastic game! But please add mute button.

- Fact 37

Please fix

- Challenging!

A great mix of trivia that will challenge everyone in the family! Highly recommended.

- Fact 37

Please fix fact 37, too many spaces for word Diarrhea.

- Annoying vibrations

Otherwise fine app but the vibrations after every question are too irritating to keep playing; please add a setting to disable them.

- Fact 37

Please fix.

- Misspelling

For fact number 37, the word is diarrhea but there’s one extra space. Please fix as this is extremely frustrating to play because of not being able to go to the next level. Other than that, it’s a great game.

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The applications GetFact was published in the category Games on 2019-02-11 and was developed by Playstack Ltd [Developer ID: 1133080356]. This application file size is 114.79 MB. GetFact - Games app posted on 2020-10-24 current version is 1.2.75 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.fourletterworks.getfact

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