Muse Dash

Muse Dash [Games] App Description & Overview

『The movement of our world has been adapted』
『Can you hear my whispering? 』

【Now Game Start!!——】
Come and fix the world movement tampered with by a mirror image code with three beauties!
This is a world of the perfect combination of a cool parkour game and a traditional music game——Muse Dash!!
You’re destined to be our Master!
What? You don’t have nimble fingers? Meow~ Don’t be too modest!
So, don’t worry! If you do not excel in playing action games,
you can still overcome the difficulties by dancing to the music!
Choose your favorite beauty to go through the romantic backdrop. Now let’s get started with our journey to wipe out all the adorkable monsters!!!

【Game Features】
You will go through an unprecedented experienceof the perfect visualeffects of a parkour game and the traditional gameplay of a music game.
* Unique and fashionable art design.
There are 30 popular songs initially. Stay tuned for continuous updates!
* Different music styles are matched to different scenes, enemies and Bosses.
We have beauties, adorable pets and even adorkable enemies! Believe me, you will even be impressed by the Boss!
What? You’ve had enough?? Alright, that’s the most I can do for you...
*Well-designed scripts and Japanese VO.

Nominated, BitSummit VOL.6 2018 The Excellence in Sound Design Award
Official Selection, Taipei Game Show 2018

Languages Supported:
简体中文(Simplified Chinese)
繁体中文 (Traditional Chinese)
韩语 (Korean)

Twitter: @MuseDashtheGame
Service email:

©2018 X.D. Network Inc. All rights reserved.

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Muse Dash Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Apple-jan will be away during Christmas, that's a good enough motivation for us to push the update earlier! Reverse delay! 1. The opening song [水夏える feat. 月乃 - ドーナドーナのうた] from Dohna Dohna is released in the Base game for free!Collaboration music pack [Let's do bad things together!] out now! Unlock the BURO x PORNO cosplay title screen by purchasing the collaboration pack!This time, I wanna be the bandage (( (//A //) )) 2. Christmas celebration song [かめりあ feat. ななひら - クリスマスなんて興味ないけど] is also updated to the base game! Free new songs *2! 3. Added secret sheet for [ミツキ - Square Lake], enter the upside-down by mashing the difficulty button! 4. Optimized the gameplay experience of [Final Step!]. Update the game now and let's do some bad things together! OwO

Muse Dash Comments & Reviews

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- 10/10 game, love it <3

I’ve been playing this game ever since this came out and I absolutely love it. I actually pre-ordered this game, so it’s definitely been quite a while. I play it on and off now a days since I’ve unlocked everything and there’s not much to do other than buy packs, which I can’t do since I don’t really have any online money. But concerning the game and the gameplay it’s super fun. It’s definitely not your typical rhythm game, rather more reading heavy, like Taiko or Osu, not like BanG Dream! or Arcea. The songs are unique and super catchy and (from what I’ve seen) not that popular, but they also have more popular ones as well such as; FREEDOM DiVE, Brain Power, PUPA, -+, Lyrith, Halcyon, etc. The characters are well designed and are absolutely adorable. You have to unlock characters, but if you play a lot it’s quite easy to get them all. The animation, gameplay, characters, songs, aesthetic, and everything is a 10/10. I absolutely fell in love with this amazing game all the way back in 2018 and until now in 2020. Thank you to the wonderful creators of this game. ^^

- Simply Amazing yet Enjoyable

The gameplay style is pretty simple yet fun to play especially once you get on the more into the difficulty levels then it gets more challenging, I love the designs for the characters it’s really adorable and amazing I especially love the art style of the game it’s pretty good, as well as the music has some of the best soundtrack I’ve heard from and some noticeable ones if you know them I won’t say who, but you’ll know if you heard them before but also some of the songs are enjoyable to listen while playing it’s great combination music rhythm touch. Overall the gameplay style might seem simple but just know it does get more challenging when you beat easy sorta unless your good at rhythm touch games, and music wise it has a lot of amazing songs within the game, as for any other problems I haven’t found any so far it works and plays perfectly as well getting you back into the music it’s pretty Enjoyable overall.

- Incredible gameplay but the fanservise is a bit over done

The gameplay on this game is a mixture of action and rhythm which are my two favroite genres in gaming. The gameplay is smooth, entertaining, and very addicting, and it’s had me hooked for a while now. The only “problem” that I have with this game though is the fanservice that’s put into it. There is zero nudity, but some of the character’s outfits and poses are quite revealing. I feel that if the fanservice was toned down more it would be a pretty perfect game. Don’t get me wrong though, the outfits and style of the characters are very cute looking and stylish so I’m not completly dissing the character designs. They are actually very clever and cute, and I give the creators big props to that. Otherwise, the game is outstanding, music wise, gameplay wise, and mechanic wise. I’d definently recommend this game for anyone that enjoys rhythm games.

- A new heights for Rhythm games.

I’m proud to say, I’m one of the first buyers of this game. And I plan to buy it on PC and Switch. It’s so simple yet so challenging. When I first bought it, I didn’t thing it would become this big, and I’m glad it did. We can enjoy a L.O.T of unique songs, each with its unique backgrounds, characters and more. There is a leveling up system, which unlocks new songs, characters, elfins, and illustrations! And more. Characters, and elfins actually matter! Each character and elfin has a unique and different ability. Each ability suits a playstyle or a weak point. For example, you get hurt a lot? No problem. They Got you! There is Little nurse to help! Tend to lose combo in the beginning? No problem! Marija has you covered! Need a little cute helper following and helping you around? Elfins! There are 7 different ones, each has a different ability, and they are all cute! There are a lot for me to cover in my sitting soooo, you can buy it and discover the mighty world of Muse Dash yourself. Btw this isn’t sponsored, I wish it was.

- Definitely my favorite game

I’m addicted to rhythm games and have been since Parappa the Rapper so it really is no easy thing to say this is my favorite rhythm game. Thank you guys so much for Sailor Suit Buro! And her map!! She’s so cute and I love the new mechanic. She really helps me figure out rhythms for more difficult songs without having to sit back and just watch (even tho sleepy girl is really cute and I love watching her tear stuff up lol). Can’t wait for the bugs to be worked out. Not sure if I’m the only one, but she doesn’t always grab long notes and sometimes she just flat out refuses to hold notes. Either way amazing job on the game guys and keep it up!

- A. MAZ. ING!

100% recommended, amazing artwork, amazing and adorable characters, and pretty good songs! I’ve had this for probably about a day now, and I am absolutely hooked! The levels are hard, but not too hard, and they only get hard on newer songs, which allows you to comfortably slide to the next difficulty. I have recommended this to multiple friends, and I’ll say on their behalf, this game is suuuuper fun! I really like how you can unlock characters when you level up with collecting airplanes and such, and the overall game is just perfectimo. 13/10

- My new favorite iOS rhythm game

I discovered this title through gaming news sites a few months back while it was still in development and kept tabs on it since the footage looked engaging. The final product delivers on that and then some. Fantastic art style, simple but engaging and challenging mechanics, a good variety of songs, and a really clever achievement and leveling up system that entices you to replay songs on new difficulties to unlock more characters, perks, and songs, all without any sort of restrictive F2P aspects. I can’t recommend this enough.

- My favorite game when I’m bored

I love this game and so does my sister we usually play it together while taking turns but I do recommend something if it’s possible. If possible can the game get a mode where you can put custom music in? I’m just asking if it’s possible and if it is can you put it in the game? I think it might be a better experience especially for people who can’t pay for all the music packs and that need more music to listen to. Anyways it’s just an opinion keep up the great work though!

- Really cute and fun but one problem

I really love this game there’s just one problem I have. When I play a song for the first time it doesn’t save my score instead it’s replaced with a - and only saves my rank for example s rank I’m not sure if this is because of the internet or something but I have tried many ways when I play the song again however it dose save. It could be a save error but I’m not sure. It only happens when I get S rank on a song. Other then that very beautiful game and music I just got the just as planned dlc and I’m 100% satisfied about it.

- Definitely worth the price

It’s a fun and simple game with a wide variety of songs and difficulties for any level of player. There is an expansion available for purchase but the basic game is still very large with a lot of replay value. The art style is gorgeous and has a lot of character. I definitely enjoy this game and hope it continues to develop further. To the developers: This game has a lot of potential, I’d love to see a competitive mode beyond just the global leaderboards. Perhaps a mode where you match with an opponent and you both perform a song and the highest score wins? I’m not sure if the game needs another character per say, but I’d love to see more skins with new and unique bonuses as well as elfins. New stages and illustrations just to increase the overall content and of course, new songs. I hope this game and it’s player base continues to grow!

- Exceptional

I had doubts b4 I bought this game recommended by my gf. Now I’m speechless. No offense but I can’t believe this game is made by Chinese developers, GOSH now they’re making worldwide HIGH standard mobile games! This is by far the most soothing, fun, cute and comfy rhythm game I’ve experienced. Despite the frame rate dropping low, the UI design and art are simply perfect. Music is beyond perfect. I don’t usually rate games, let alone writing reviews. This game has exceeded my expectations so much, IMHO it’s even better than Cyrus, Deemo and Voez.

- Great game! Where can I buy the dlc?

Hey! This game is absolutely amazing from when I first bought it (worth the 3$), and I’m still playing more. I’m just wondering where I can buy the dlc? It’s not on the app page, and I’ve already tried searching it on the App Store. Is it console exclusive? Or maybe I’m not looking hard enough? Great game anyways, and if I can’t buy the dlc then I’ll stick with the once a week dlc song. Thanks! Edit: I found it, sorry

- Great rhythm game for mobile

Muse dash is a great rhythm game for ios and it’s really fun. The gameplay style is simple but it can get really hard at times and that’s what makes it fun for me. Only two things that could be better in my opinion and those are that this game could run at 120FPS. It runs at 144FPS on my PC and i think that iPad Pros could hit 120FPS easily. Also, please add keyboard support since to me it’s easier with a keyboard. Otherwise its a very good game, the songs are charted well, the song packs are cheap (enough) and of course anime girls lol

- Addictive

Muse dash has become my number 2 game of all time when I’ve only had it for a couple months. The characters are amazing, the pets are cool and I love the artwork being able to collect all of the amazing artwork makes me want to play more and more. Even when I’m doing one stage multiple time to try to unlock master mode the songs make me never get bored. I promise it will be worth your time to get this game trust me.

- Freeze Bug

Decided to give this game a try after watching vtuber gura play it but the game freezes as soon as i press enter. I am using an iphone 6s on ios 14. Not sure if this game is compatible with ios 14 yet but starting to think it could be the reason for crashing. Hope a dev sees this and gives an update soon 🙏. Looking forward to play it once the bug is fixed cuz game was a blast to watch 🔥

- Great rhythm game for someone getting into them.

The tutorial is quick and jumps you right into things which is great. I had been looking for something like this to quickly and easily get me used to rhythm games, given the cheaper cost on mobile as opposed to Switch I figured this would be the place to start and now I find it difficult to go on console with it. Highly recommended.

- Just simply wonderful

The only way I can describe this game is amazing. Even when you don't do well on the level, you still feel satisfied by the wonderful music. Whenever I'm bored I play this and can play it for long amounts of time without getting bored. I first found out about this game from the Nintendo trailer and this game did not disappoint. I am happy to say I will follow on to see whatever PeroPeroGames makes.

- Please add a story mode and more stages

I with every stage was unique in some way to each song, even if it’s just a different background. I’d love a story mode too. The underlying game is soooo good, but just feels a bit barebones for continued play seeing the same visuals over and over again. I’ve hit level 20 and just saw a new stage design for the first time. I have a feeling I won’t be seeing much more.

- An absolute bundle of fun and eye candy!

This game, is incredibly, INCREDIBLY simple. Yet, in its simplicity, it’s extremely charming and very, very fun. Along with that, the graphics and animations are absolutely gorgeous looking, with everything that is happening on-screen, it is like eye candy. It’s enjoyable just looking at the visuals. It’s what Osu could have, and what it should have been. Absolutely recommended!

- So addicting!

I was so tired of the other rhythm games that I decided to look for a ‘Top 10 Mobile Rhythm Games’ video and this game apparently came up and I had to see what it was. Its was a few dollars to pay,but I got it! I had just bought it yesterday and im already level 56. This game is so addicting I’ve forgotten about the other rhythm games!

- Awesome game

One of the Best mobile game I have ever played the Music and the game overall aesthetics are very pleasing to see It has a lot of songs that you can choose from. The only thing that I don’t like is the fact that I can’t play the other songs because I have to buy them which is 28$ for all of them which are 19 Volumes.

- Great game

I got this game then fell into a deep trance while playing so whenever I saw blue or pink I thought I had to destroy it. Anyway, as I said it’s very addictive fun and the music is great I don’t really know why it needs to be so lewd but whatever. Definitely worth 3 dollars if you do all master difficulty it is like 30+ hours for a 3 dollar game! The micro transactions are a little pricy for basically just newly mapped songs. Overall WORTH IT

- I LOVE this game!

I’m a musician and have played many rhythm games. This one has so much character and love put into it. The graphics are beautiful and creative (though it may be too cutesy or strangely perverted for some.) The gameplay is varied and just FUN! I also like the songs, but that’s gonna be a subjective thing of course. Overall I’m very happy with my purchase.

- My favorite game at PAX East 2018

This was my favorite game leaving PAX East this year. The artstyle and Live2D just makes this super appealing AND it's a good rhythm game. My only problems if I were being picky are having to unlock characters and songs, but it's a good transition of how hard the game will be when you play songs at a higher level. Patiently waiting for the PC release on Steam.

- Masterpiece

Not only is the art style beautiful, but the gameplay is amazing as well. It is very simple, and yet so difficult at the same time. The game seems to have frequent updates as well. Strongly recommend to anyone into difficult rhythm games. I’ve had a blast so far and I don’t plan to stop.

- Simplistic but challenging

Yeah the gameplay is easy, but once you play the master levels they are REALLY challenging, but fun though. I gave this 4 stars because some of the challenges are a bit confusing like hit all the hammerites and raiders perfectly. I know what the hammerites are, but who are the raiders? Also it’s really hard to get a perfect score, even if you calibrate it to your own pace.

- A must-buy!

This is one of the best games that I’ve ever played. Cute characters, quirky art style, stunning visuals, and compelling gameplay for all levels of experience. No matter how much I play this game it never gets old! Whether or not you like to play games casually or grind to get on the leaderboard, this is a must-buy.

- Great Rhythm Game

I have played a few rhythm game such as Project Diva, Love Live and Cytus, but this one is amazing! I love the style of it the most. For it being a mobile game it looks great and the gameplay style is also great. Characters are also cute and stylish! Songs are not extraordinary but are definitely still good. Totally recommend.

- Unique music game

I’m a fan of Music games, and this just added to my collection. I personally like Japanese songs a lot, but this also have a mix of Chinese and English songs. Which I find cool because I understand Chinese, English, and a little bit of Japanese. Keep it up!👍🏻

- Good but...

In terms of art and gameplay, then this game deserves a 5, however a flaw I encountered so far is how every cg/cutscene from starting/ending/loading can cause the app to crash. The game itself doesn’t lag or crash me, but loading up the cg often can. Not sure if it’s my device though, so far can run Cytus2 pretty smoothly.

- Scam at its finest

Game freeze on start up every time start it up and if you keep the app open when it freezes it locks your phone and you will have to emergency shut down it just to have access to it again and by the looks of some of the reviews they have not even fix this issue a waste of time and money

- Awesome Game and very fun!!

I like how the game looks and the cute characters, Just started playing and I’m enjoying myself a lot. 10/10 worth the money. I just hope the developers keep release more songs and characters, and keep updating it awesome job devs :)

- A worth while purchase

For being only 2 bucks, this game is amazing. The simple yet fun gameplay with the cutesy and artistic design is overall just a fun experience. I highly recommend this purchase cause it is definitely worth it.

- Custom Map??

This game is very very good, i luv it a lot. Tho can you pls add a custom map where players can make obstacles or other things. It would be a lot better and lots of players would download it. Im not forcing you to do it. Its just a suggestion idea.

- Great mobile game but add keyboard support

Great game but I wanna use my anne pro 2 to play on my phone I want to get used to many play styles so add keyboard and controller support on mobile it would be so much fun to learn more playstyles and maybe it will make me be better at the game

- Best Rythym game out

I have bought this game on my laptop, phone, and switch and has ever yet to bore me. The songs are great and the dlc is even better and for 30 bucks it’s totally worth it yet I have only bought the dlc for my laptop

- Amazing and beautiful rhythm game

This is the second time I’ve bought this as I already have it on steam. Such an awesome game and it will save your scores and levels across platforms. It’s got tons of rad af songs and such cute enemy and character designs.

- I can’t hear anything?

The first time I opened the app I could hear and everything was working but then I opened it back up late and couldn’t hear anything, I restarted my phone and checked the volume and it didn’t work still

- So much fun!!

I love everything about the game. It’s hard for me to play mobile games because they lose my interest very quickly but I can see myself playing this and not getting bored.

- Well worth it

Muse dash is the only game I’ve gotten in app purchases on and after having gotten four music packs now I still feel that it was well worth the price. Easily my favorite game.

- Please try to fix the issue

I just bought the game and it keeps crashing when I click start it freezes and I have to force restart my phone apparently it’s mainly due to the 14 update I’ll raise my rating when I actually get to play the game I was looking forward to this too

- Music packs won’t download?

A super fun game! Very simple but the aesthetics are great and the gameplay is fluid and easy to understand. My only issue is that I cant seem to be able to download any of the music packs. Which makes me sad because the songs sound great

- Keeps crashing when opening

I have been playing this game nonstop until my iPad updated with the newest update. I had no issues with the game before, but now when I open it, it crashes instantly. I’m disappointed, due to the fact that I enjoyed playing this so much! I restarted my tablet, I uninstalled and reinstalled the game, but to no avail.

- Fun offline game

Fun game that can be played offline, music is pretty good, though I think there should be more terrains, like a slope / hill. If you’re looking for a game you can have for for short play sessions I can recommend this game.

- Outstanding!!

My absolute favorite rhythm/music game—-PERIOD!!! If there was something I would like to see that isn’t already here, it would be to have your own music to use here! Otherwise, one fantastic fun and addicting game!! 👍👍

- Friendly to rhythm game noobs

Most rhythm games are hard for me to play, although the music is really good, the game play is not enjoyable since I always fail the stages. Muse dash made a good job on the game and visual designs. It’s definitely a nice way to approach rhythm games as a noob.

- Extremely Underestimated Game, Worth The Cost

This game deserves more attention. It is extremely well made, with a beautiful art style, range of songs/stages, and new take on rhythm games. I don’t write reviews, but I made it a point to write on on this game.

- Really needs high frame rate support

The game is fantastic and wow this music is just so good. Really makes you turn the volume up! Now if they just added support for high refresh rate iPad Pro models it would be icing.

- Muse Dash❤️

I honestly didn’t think Muse Dash was on mobile. I have the pc version and I love playing it. Now that I have it on mobile I can play it when I’m on the go or at work on my lunch break, still amazing as ever!

- Game issues

I’ve been trying for about an hour now hoping to be able to play. Everything works completely fine until I press the “Enter!” Button. The game completely freezes and kicks me out. I’ve been wanting to play this game for a while so I’d really appreciate it if this problem was fixed

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- Worth it!

I was concerned it would be more difficult to play on the phone but it’s a brilliant port and if you like rhythm games that will get songs stuck in your head it’s well worth it! Muse dash has always been a wonderful music game with colours and characters rather than just a screen, it’s visually pleasing and challenging! However on a smaller phone it’s a bit harder to appreciate it with your thumbs covering things but still worth it!

- Amazing game!

I’m a huge rhythm gaming fan, and as far as rhythm games go, this is one of the best! The characters are adorable, the gameplay is fun, and the music is impeccable! I especially love how you included songs such as Freedom Dive and Brain Power! One suggestion I would make is to add a level editor so you can create and publish your own levels with any song you like, and submitting it for players everywhere to try out!

- Unplayable on iOS 14

I love this game. I have almost 50 hours on pc, and I really wanted to start playing the mobile version. But it seems with the recent iOS 14 update, it has broken. All menus work, but when you press enter, it freezes, and even starts to lag the rest of your iPhone. I even had to force shutdown because my entire phone froze. I would love this terrible bug to be fixed so I can start playing this great game on mobile

- Hmm.....

I especially love this game the game play and the characters But what really bothers me is the character design when playing a song Firstly idol buro i really want idol buro when i forst went into the game later on i got her and her design was kind of reallly not what i wanted at all please recreate idol buro to look nicer Other than that i loved everything

- I am surpised by this game.

Addicting! Being a rhythm game player for a long time this certainly got me hooked. My suggestion would be in the future to implement a multiplayer system where you can create lobbies with you friends and other players to compete for scores. 🙂

- Amazing game

I love this game! The characters are cute, the songs are awesome and even though I can’t understand the Japanese stuff i still love it. My only complaint is the fact that you use the robotic factory level a bit too much but overall best rhythm game EVER!!!

- Best app ever

The first time I had the opportunity to look at this app I knew I had to get it and now I have it I am the happiest person ever. Ps thank you a lot of making this game it really is the best app ever to exist

- One of the most fantastic game I have ever played

The most amazing part is that there’s no extra payment during the game. Nice music and fluency. I have absolutely nothing to say but love it.

- This game is good! But...

Muse dash is now my top favourite game to play! It’s super addictive and I even got my older brother to play! But here’s the thing, when I take my earphones off, I can’t hear the music! It does not play!Please find a way to fix this!

- Addicted

I absolutely love this game, am completely addicted to it! Can’t wait for more songs and updates.

- Ahhaa this glitch tho

Im unsure why the game does this but pressing enter after the game loads causes a lag resulting in a crash. The music plays in a still screen and even after several resets its still the same (;´༎ຶٹ༎ຶ`) Please fix the game it is just unplayable at this point

- Marvalous!

This is one of the best rhythm game I’ve ever played! Addicting and fun! Besides the fact I want more characters, this is a really good game with top music!!!

- Really good!!

This is a really fun game for anyone who enjoys rhythm games and likes that anime music style. Would highly recommend to anyone. Worth the money!!

- :D

Really fun! I just wish I was better at rhythm games..

- Chinese government owned

Apparently they just banned hololive, when hololive was the reason I bought this game originally. Surprise surprise, I find out it’s because this was made by a Chinese company. Do the world a favor, don’t support Chinese government owned companies like this one.

- My buttons isn’t working

On muse dash my buttons when I jump punch and punch 🤜 is not working. I reset my iPad and still not working! Yea and that’s why my muse dash is not working!

- Tails

I got the Christmas girl for free and then it decided to make me unlock her.

- Amazing!

The game is fantastic

- 5 Stars


- Amazing game! Much like Arcaea if you played similar!

This game is amazing! I’m quickly sinking hours after hours into it on the first play. It’s much like Arcaea but with a more casual and up-beat “kawaii vibe” if you will. The menu music is great and mellow, and the title cards are gorgeous on multiple levels. The gameplay might look too complicated at first, but remember there are many different difficulties. Like Arcaea, the difficulty ranges from 1 - 10+. There are also different characters, with different abilities, again like Arcaea. The music is also like Arcaea, and also has purchasable tracks. But you can buy all of them for around 42 AUD, and you also get 1.5x Exp boost. I recommend buying it, it’s worth the price in my opinion. The game is also easier then it might appear. Of course it can get incredibly hard, like you see in the YouTube videos of this game. But the majority is much easier then it seems. This is due to great and simple controls, and great syncing of notes and music. Like the games says at the beginning, “everyone has rhythm” which is what will get you far in the game. The better you rhythm and syncing with the beat is, the easier the game becomes. It also helps a lot to know the songs too. I found this game because I listened to Nanahira on YouTube, and I happened to get recommend a gameplay of the same song on MuseDash. I had already found Arcaea a few days earlier, so I looked it up in the App Store. So knowing a song helps a lot when it comes to playing the game. This game is really well done, and it’s clear a lot of effort and care went into making it. I love everything about this game!

- 五星好评


- Ios 14 crash

Hey! I love this game but when I updated to ios 14, it froze and I couldn’t play.Can you fix this?

- I keep crashing after playing a level

Recently I bought this game, I think this game is really fun but Everytime I finish playing a level, when I press continue I go into the loading screen and then crash. Please fix this.

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- 二次元我的家


- Good game

Good game, although the game crashes every time I finish a level. (I have a iPhone 6)

- great game!!!

This game is so addicting and so much fun!

- I can’t get into the game...

It keeps freezing when I click enter. Idk what to dooooo

- Extremely fun

I don’t usually buy dlc, but this game is so great I went ahead and got all the songs. I’ve played for it for so long in one go that my hands went numb. I think this game is a perfect combination of simple controls and difficult gameplay. It’s very read-heavy, as in you will usually need a few attempts before you get a feel for the map. This game also has a fairly strict timing window so make sure to adjust the note offset (applies to any rhythm game, but especially this one). The art is super cute. I love the illustrations. I also really appreciate how they link each illustration to their artist. Usually I hate being required to level up to unlock songs, but levelling up is really easy in this game and there aren’t that many songs you have to unlock through that method. Unlocking character skins is a little annoying. Sometimes you will be at 7/8 materials, but every time you level up you just keep getting illustration parts. This is a really minor complaint though since the skins don’t affect my enjoyment of the game (they will affect your score though). I like that the different skins can suit different player levels (ie: little devil for skilled players, maid for players who get hurt a lot, etc). Tl;dr: simple controls, difficult gameplay, cute art. Overall a very solid rhythm game.

- Won't stop crashing

I don't know if it's just my phone or not but I can't get into the first level at all. The tutorial makes the game look great so I'd love to play but every time I try to start the first level not only does the game crash but my entire phone restarts. For now, the game is unplayable and I can't give it the rating I would like to.

- Can’t get into the game (just bought it TvT)

Game keeps freezing whenever I try to enter, wasn’t even able to play once. I just purchased it, please help.

- Amazing!

I love this game! Even tho it’s 40$ on Nintendo switch 😅 Definitely worth the money tho! I was wondering if you could add some English music?

- Keeps crashing

Very addicting game but it’s very annoying how it’s crashing after a few songs. Constantly need to restart the game...but at least no data lost. Plz fix this....

- where to buy dlc

its a really cute game and has great art!! are they going to keep making songs for the default version? where can i buy dlcs?

- 6/5, incredibly good

I honestly cannot express how amazing this game is. I bought it originally on steam and my progress was ported over to mobile. I reached lvl.60 in two days... Not sure if that’s a good or bad thing :) I’ve even bought the $25 expansion, I’m so excited to get into it. All in all this is a spectacular game and for only a dollar you can’t go wrong.

- I'm addicted

This game is so good. I can't stop playing it. It's definitely a must-have for rythm game fans!

- Super fun!

This game is so fun! The only this is I’m having trouble loading my file that’s linked to my Google account. I play on both my phone and PC and when on my phone, it loads an older file. :( Please fix this!!!

- The best rhythm game I’ve ever played

This is addicting and really fun, could play this for hours

- This is way better then Rhythm games you find these days

Didn’t know Shizuku’s map was like that before

- Volume

I love this game but I have a problem. I’m on iPad but the apps sound isn’t working for some reason.

- Big oof

I wish the game could ACTUALLY connect accounts with pc and mobile and keep dlc and it doesnt support controller on ios You need to explain you shouldnt have big differences from pc to mobile

- ;(

Every time i try to buy a song pack, it loads up them crashes.

- It’s great!

This game is a breath of fresh air, I’m always worried about how well I’ll do in games do to them always having a slight delay, but this game is very responsive and I highly recommend it if you love rhythm games!

- Yes


- Pretty good mate

Oi bruv buy it already mate it’s fking good mate you won’t regret it.

- Very good very good jeff

The game has very flawless and instant feed back when playing.

- GG

all around i thoroughly enjoyed this game, It's a lovely game with great art, and greater beats!

- Very fun and time consuming

Everything about it is great. It makes you want to keep playing so much

- Thanks...

Like I needed another game to waste my life on

- Good gameplay but the icloud sync doesn’t work

I really like the gameplay overall but when I try to sync my most recent save from my ipad to my phone, it still keeps an outdated version even though i’ve deleted and reinstalled the game multiple times to try to update the save file. Please fix this issue.

- What a steal for 4 bucks

Really fun. Kinetic and responsive mechanics. Cool songs. The only downside is that sometimes the neon maps are irritating to my eyes

- Definitely worth the money

Awesome game. Lots of nice musics unlocked by the level up and your skills, as well as characters.

- Game


- 可以给appstore北美用户加个微信登陆吗,谢谢


- A big suggestion can boost the game

The game itself is already really good but, if you add Korean pop music to this game genre it’s going to be sky rocket! Example : Dumb Dumb - RedVelvet Pretty u - Seventeen Dope - BTS There are none mobile game has ever done it yet. Please take a consideration!

- T

Really good game

- 画风非常喜欢。

虽然是手残党。但是音乐真的非常棒。角色音乐也非常好听。期待下一章的音乐。 谢谢你们带给大家这么好的作品。辛苦了。! 祝大卖!

- What a lovely game!! >w<

An amazing game with great art character...... and alot of fun... with great song! :D deserve 5* and to be bought!

- Not bad

The game is alright, but definitely not worth the money.

- Amazing

super fun, worth the $

- 存档消失


- ❤️

love it

- 是真的好玩


- Worth it!

I absolutely love this game! It is worth the price you pay for it! I recommend downloading this app if you’re into anime, and music! I just cannot wait until chapter 2 comes out! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 stars!!

- Surprising

Did not expect to have this much fun, it’s very grindy to unlock the characters and songs, but it’s really fun. The gameplay is very easy to understand, but once you get into the later stages it really challenges you towards getting that all perfect score. Really great game, despite how it might look on the outside. 9/10 Can’t wait for more updates! As well as score boards so I can get into that competitive side

- How to add costumise?

Hey! I want to know we add costumises songs in the game?! Plz! I am on IOS! I need an answer!

- Can’t support the company

Can’t support a company that’s willing to cut ties with it’s most prolific advertiser over saying the name of a place with no political intent and treating it as though the world were about to end.

- Medium difficulty is absurdly hard!

If the difficulty scale is out of ten why the HELL does most of the new song maps have easy difficulty having a score of 1-3 but then medium difficulty can go up to 7?! Medium is meant to be harder than easy, sure, but it’s not meant to be IMPOSSIBLY HARD! FIX YOUR DIFFICULTY!!! I play rhythm games, IT’S TOO HARD TO BE CALLED “MEDIUM” DIFFICULTY!



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- Surprisingly Amazing

At first I thought I’d only play the game once, but it is really addictive and really well made and I’ve been playing for a I think 2 or 3 months and its still really fun.

- Good game

It’s a very good game and I couldn’t put it down for hours but I do have a complaint I hope the developers read this but I bought some dlc and it wasn’t loading and I reset the app and my money was still gone and I had to rebuy it

- Fantastic game, but one question;

If I purchased Just as Planned on PC, can I get it on mobile without having to pay again? Most of my favorite songs are Just as Planned, but I don’t want to spend another $30. This game is amazing though, fun and super cute!

- Buro is best girl =*-*=

I absolutely LOVE this game. Got it on the Nintendo Switch a while ago and it’s always in my most played games (it can show you games based on total playtime and Muse Dash is always near the top) When I saw that it was on the App Store, I IMMEDIATELY downloaded it for my iPad Just as amazing as on the Switch, but now with powerful speakers, beautiful screen and better touch response Anyway, 5 stars, I was more than happy to buy it again =^//^=

- Great as they come

As mobile games come to pass the time this is up they with the best that defines gaming on the go. You’ll definitely get your mileage for the asking price.

- Stunning

I’ve played many rhythm games in the past and the way the mechanics match with the visuals makes it one of my favorites 10/10

- It’s just that good

I don’t review games unless they are extremely noteworthy. As a rhythm game veteran with Deemo, I strongly reccomend this game as well. Cute characters, clean gameplay, and lots of neat music in languages I do and don’t understand.

- Super Cute

This game is so pretty and cute!! I absolutely love the palette and backgrounds. Everything about the game will keep you engaged! I highly recommend this game because it is worth the price!

- The Game is Great, But

I had already bought the game on Steam plus the DLC for about $33 in total, and the DLC doesn't carry over, even if you make an account and everything, so I would need to purchase the DLC twice, once for PC and again for mobile, literally all information carries over, Level, Current Exp, which characters I've unlocked, everything except for the DLC

- Great game

Finally a music game that’s offline and once you’ve bought it, you don’t have to spend any additional money to buy music in game.

- What can I say...

I can’t put it down! The game is very entertaining with great music, the art in this game is amazing, the backgrounds, monsters and the characters! 5 stars from me, give this game a try!

- What’s not to love about this game? 😍

I own it on Steam but now I can take it everywhere I go! Cute characters, catchy music and a level of difficulty for everyone - I am in love with this game! 🥰

- Great Game

I enjoyed playing Muse Dash which the difficulty level is great and addictive which I’ve put many hours in Muse Dash and recommend anyone bored play this game.

- Game freezes after pressing ‘Enter’

I really enjoy playing this but after updating to iPadOS 14.0.1, I can no longer go to the song selection screen. The game freezes on me and I have to force shutdown my iPad. Most likely it has to do with the update so hopefully this issue gets fixed soon!

- Love the game But.....

I love this game but main issue is, I can't even buy song packs on Mobile....Everytime it keeps saying error try restoring... This game is fun and all but the devs Seriously need to fix the issues already instead of more music packs.

- Absolutely amazing

This game is so fun and addicting the first day I got it i got to level 36. It’s really easy to get into and really easy to play. It’s great and for the price it’s an absolutely amazing game!

- I really like this game

The drawing style of this game is AMAZING!!! And I love the three characters!! Also the songs too! All the songs are just so cute and I want to download all of them!!!

- Amazing game

I love this game but for some reason whenever there’s the rapid tapping on one side my phone won’t let me rapid tap and i end up missing it

- I love this!

I love the esthetic of this game the only thing is the characters are a little uh how do I put this not really kid friendly but everything else is amazing!!

- I love this so much but need changes

I love it so so much! But i feel like their needs something else. I cant quite tell what but I love it to much 5 stars <3

- God tier game

Great game the best I’ve played in music just pls add it to Xbox it would be 10x better and maybe make it free you could reach 5.0 rating just sayin

- Needs more different game modes

The game would be way better if there were different game modes in the game. Which means that you can do different things in the game.

- Cool

Fun game,, I’m glad I can play offline. But there’s one problem and maybe that’s my phone cos it’s a bit outdated but the game crashes every time I finish a song or leave a song. I hope they can fix this.


I really love the colors, and the game is so fun and creative! The characters are so unique and it interesting to me and making me want all of the characters already!

- Waste $3

I can’t open the app because it leave me to a gray screen and it close it self off

- Stuck on enter page

Inreally love this game and purchased the entire music packs last night. However, I have been stuck all morning on the enter page. Please help!

- Crashes

I can play through one whole song but as soon as I’m done with it the game crashes every single time. I have tried restarting my phone and reinstalling the game nothing works. It’s a shame because I love this game but can’t play it.

- 10/10

If you want to play a rhythm game that is really hard I recommend this game for you ;)

- Awesome

Played computer for a while and it’s great that I can take it on the go. 11/10 great game for all levels of skill.

- Best rhythm game I have played

Besides project diva (nothing can be better than project diva) but out of all the mobile rthym games I have this is the best(^ω^)

- Best rhythm game I’ve played

Smooth and catchy soundtrack. Simple yet challenging gameplay for the whole family. And fun to watch!

- Best rhythm game on the App Store

It just is, definitely worth your money if this seems to be your thing

- Really fun!

I highly recommend if you like rhythm games! Super fun and easy to learn! I discovered this from a YouTuber who goes by the name Tokaku!

- Removing Imaginary World?

Love this game, the gameplay, music, and graphics are great. But I’m hesitant to update... The notes say one of my favorite songs is being removed. Please do not remove “Imaginary World”!

- IM DOWNLOADING IT NOW,it’s awsome highly recommend

I have never really liked rhythm games but here I am. This is a amazing app the gravies are out of the park just highly great overall. Highly recommend ✨✨

- Good rhythm game

I love it worth my money hope to see more future songs added

- Muse Dash- a game of rhythm 🎵🎸🎤

I only have one word for this game: AWESOME!!! To the company, I must say this: if I were you, I wouldn't change a thing about this app.

- Enjoyable rhythm game!

Gameplay is simple yet fun. The art style is really nice and the whole game just looks amazing. The songs are also catchy.

- It’s a good rhythm game

Has solid songs and has nothing that makes you wait to play more, plus leveling up is a breeze

- Solid game 10/10

There’s nothing I’d change about this game.

- I love it but on Ipad its bad

I love this game so much, I have it on ALL of my devices but when I got my new Ipad I was excited to play, but once it downloaded. I clicked enter.... the WHOLE GAME FROZE, I uninstalled the app, deleted the tab nothing happened. I have no clue why but its fine up untill I try to press the enter button please help.

- iPhone update

The game was really fun I had it for a year but ever since the update on the iPhone happened I haven’t been able to play the game at all! I deleted the app and re-downloaded the app hoping it would work but erased all of my data when I was around level 124.

- Fun game

It's a two button rhythm game. Ranging a good variety of difficulty where beginners and experts can enjoy

- Epic

10 Out Of 10 would be Breath Taking Again

- Crashes

The game is really fun, but I cannot enjoy it when it crashes after every song.

- Feedback

Love the game! Would really love it if they added Bluetooth keyboard control support

- Amazing

That’s all I have to say It’s amazing Definitely worth it getting this

- It keeps freezing?

I tried this game on both my iPad and iPhone. When I click “enter” it freezes. If I exit the app or clear the app, the music still plays. Please fix this, I was super excited to play the game and now I can’t.

- E

Other game would be better if you could add custom songs

- The music isn’t restoring

I don’t understand why or how to get music that has already been paid for. I keep logging out and logging back in but it still won’t restore the music when I click ‘ restore ‘.

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(goth) 化け物 击 ϟ fuck Christmas packs

@CAT0WIC3 Muse Dash

Alice existindo sem proposito

@rogherthat 1. Beat Saber 2. Muse Dash 3. Cytus 2 4. Bang Dream! Girls Band Party 5. VA-11 HALL-A

Natsumori Sio | 夏森しお 🧂 | Vtuber

Morning Muse Dash for a bit!!! 5 hours left to go!!!!


MUSE DASH→SFV→World of Goo→Titan Quest #Twtich #Stream #SFV #TitanQuest #Game

Lewdish_Loli (+55ms)

@fatgaogao123 cool, muse dash. I'm bad at it tho


i just got the game on steam and now i gotta choose whether i wanna buy fe warriors season pass or muse dash 😔


ngl i do be kinda sad that muse dash is on sale at the eshop

~•♡ maddie !!! ♡•~

@LeahIsGay69 muse dash, cave story, OneShot


Morning Muse Dash, Just a bit...

INK | Inverted

I really do be up at 4:32 am playing muse dash

alex || 20.9k primos for xiao

thinks ... i’m gonna post a muse dash gameplay vid even if it doesn’t get attention i just like Sharing <3

alex || 20.9k primos for xiao

i need more muse dash moots pls interact if u play </3

Kabi 🥟

i want to play a new rhythm game, anyone know cool rhythm games for pc? that arent muse dash and osu?


muse dash is fun for real tho

✝︎ フナミ ✝︎

Listen to [Muse Dash] Camellia Feat. Nanahira - I Don't Care About Christmas Though by SCRL on #SoundCloud

Muse Dash 1.3.1 Screenshots & Images

Muse Dash iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Muse Dash iphone images
Muse Dash iphone images
Muse Dash iphone images
Muse Dash iphone images
Muse Dash iphone images

Muse Dash (Version 1.3.1) Install & Download

The applications Muse Dash was published in the category Games on 2018-06-14 and was developed by X.D. Network Inc. [Developer ID: 929034871]. This application file size is 1.29 GB. Muse Dash - Games app posted on 2020-12-22 current version is 1.3.1 and works well on IOS 7.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.xd.musedash

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