FlickType Keyboard

FlickType Keyboard [Productivity] App Description & Overview

FlickType is the practical keyboard for your Apple Watch. It's also a fully accessible iPhone keyboard for visually impaired users.

FlickType's universal design makes typing easy, fast, and comfortable — even on your Apple Watch!

Don't slow down or try to be accurate. Just tap where it feels right and FlickType's unique algorithm will find the correct word from the pattern of your taps.

Delete or change entire words with a single flick of your finger. On Apple Watch you can also use the Digital Crown to change words, punctuation, or emoji.

FlickType users type up to three times faster compared to the standard keyboard, Scribble, or even dictation after edits. Emoji, text shortcuts, and deep customization options make typing fluid and fun, just as it should be — even on your Apple Watch!

FlickType keyboard is designed to be as accessible as possible on both iPhone and Apple Watch, featuring large keys, high-contrast colors, prominent visuals, and effective VoiceOver feedback. FlickType can speak back to you for a completely eyes-free writing experience, enabling people who are blind to type just as fast as everyone else.

Look for more watch apps with FlickType Keyboard on the App Store, and follow us on Twitter for updates!

NOTE: Currently only English is supported.

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FlickType Keyboard Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Bug fixes and improvements

FlickType Keyboard Comments & Reviews

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- Could use more..

I think this app is super helpful, esp when I’m at work and can’t check my phone or take the time to write out the letters to send a message to someone. However, I think the app would be perfect if it could be implemented as an option while in the messages app. You know how you’re about to respond to someone and you have the option of dictation, emojis, writing, etc to compose a message? I feel like flicktype should be an option too just so the app would be easier to access on Apple Watch. Other than that I think this app is super and simple! Addition: while putting the app on the watch face, sometimes it glitches and uses 3 little dotted line beneath the actual app itself. Don’t know if it’s because of the watch face I use or just a little glitch.

- Good for Apple Watch

I am writing this review solely for the app's performance on Apple Watch, not on iOS. I think the app works really well on my watch, and I love it's ability to accurately predict the words I'm typing. I envision myself using this keyboard all the time as it (hopefully) becomes accessible to other apps than iMessage. So why am I rating this 3 stars? The only problem I have encountered with this keyboard, and the one thing making using it extremely difficult, is that the backspace doesn't work. Every single time I tap on it, it triggers the spacebar instead. I literally cannot undo any typos. And tapping the space bar twice creates a period, and pressing the space bar again then creates another period... and so on. The app works amazing when I don't make any typos, but when autocorrect is unable to figure out what I'm trying to say, then I'm basically screwed. The only solution I have discovered to remove all the text is to choose to send the message, and then tap on cancel, so I can try typing again. If the backspace key is made to work, then I will happily rate this app 5 stars. I have the iPhone Xr and the Apple Watch Series 4 40mm. Edit: the developer contacted me, and he was able to fix the issue!! I have no problems with this app now, and I'm recommending it to everyone I know that has an Apple Watch.

- Useful and surprisingly accurate keyboard!

I’ve enjoyed my time with Flicktype so far. While it’s unfortunate that Apple doesn’t yet support 3rd party input methods in the stock Messages app, the developer has implemented some clever workarounds that I think work almost just as well to make replying to messages with a full keyboard on the watch so easy. The keyboard itself works surprisingly well for such a small screen and I keep finding myself shocked as the correct word pops on screen after I just tapped the keyboard on screen a few times in almost the exact same places. Other than the lack of being able to directly reply to notifications (again, out of the developer’s control) everything about this feels “stock” and exactly how Apple themselves would handle this sort of functionality within watchOS. I think this is a great example to show Apple how much 3rd party input methods would benefit the next version of watchOS!

- Almost Perfect...

I was initially very interested in this app for its Apple Watch functionalities- as I often find myself replying to messages without my phone and scribbling them out is a huge pain. I love the keyboard layout, and the ability to scroll between words to pick the correct one. It’s a faster, far more convenient way for me to reply to texts when I am unable to use my phone. HOWEVER. I am literally unable to type out any words that the app doesn’t recognize, which is a BIG problem for me. I tried adding a few to the dictionary on the phone, but thus far it has not translated over. I know I have the option to scribble specific words if I need to, but I got this app to get AWAY from that. This would be a perfect 5 star review if I was simply able to cancel the auto-correct to type the word I want without it insisting on the wrong letter to find the closest word to its internal dictionary.

- Awesome keyboard!

I never write reviews for anything, but I saw a post about this keyboard on Reddit and it was getting a lot of positive feedback. I figured what the hell I would check it out. So far I’m really enjoying it! It’s a little weird having to close the text message app and open the FlickType complication to type but I’m assuming that’s because Apple doesn’t allow perfect integration. It’s not weird enough to knock the rating down though. I’m still learning all the gestures but the predictive text so far has been pretty solid and after a bit more time with it I’m sure I’ll have it down. It’s definitely increased my typing speed on my wrist at least 20 times over. Definitely get this app if you find yourself typing on your wrist even a couple times a day!

- Great typing experience on iPhone and apple watch.

I've been using FlickType for over a year now and can't tell you how much time it has saved me typing out messages, emails, and so much more. I used to use a lot of shorthand when writing messages because typing out whole words sometimes just took so much time. I'm happy to say that FlickType changed this and I don't feel quite so bad or dread writing email messages anymore. Having FlickType on apple watch is also a good experience. I can't say I would leave my phone at home just yet and use my watch alone, but for those times when my phone is in my backpack and I can't use speech to text for what ever reason, FlickType is their for me when I really need to send those messages or two.

- Good, but only halfway there.

Overall it saves me time, but I still cannot understand why there’s still no option to select numbers, special characters, etc without having to take extra time to scribble which defeats half of the purpose. Please bring this feature! Also for some reason when you do scribble (for instance, a question or exclamation mark) it leaves a space that you cannot get rid of after the text you want to add said special character to. Also would be great to edit text suggestions when you want to enter a name or something and it doesn’t let you! Again making you take extra time to go into scribble and doing it that way. This app is supposed to save you time but often it does the opposite. I hope you can bring about these changes in the near future and I’ll give it 5 stars.

- Time saver, but a few flaws.

This is seriously the best app to come to Apple Watch, but there could be a few improvements. Just some ideas: It gets really annoying having to grab my phone because the app thinks I’m spelling a name wrong, and I haven’t found a way to add a word to the dictionary. They also don’t have the word your typing in the list of words they think you are trying to spell. So you have to grab your phone or talk into the watch. But sometimes speaking is the same way, it doesn’t know how to spell personal names etc. It would also be really cool if this worked for multiple applications and not just iMessage. For example emails, and messenger for Facebook. Only two complaints, so over all a great app and worth the money. Especially if they can fix at the least the first problem I stated.

- Loved It!

It was very easy use and setup! It helps me on a day to day basis especially if I am somewhere where I can’t use dictation or scribble because it’s very time consuming. At first, I was skeptical about how small the watch’s interface was. I have the series 3 and not the 4 or 5, and the 3 and below series have smaller interfaces. But, the spacing between the letters were just perfect! I’d also like to add that I don’t have great handwriting. (I’ll admit.) So scribble takes a long time to recognize my words I draw. So with “FlickType” it was very easy and better for me! I found it on TikTok. I was kind of bummed it was two dollars but it was worth it, and I am really thankful! I never really write reviews for apps but this one was so good, I wrote one ! 5 stars!!!

- Must Have Watch App

This is a must have app for any Apple Watch owner. I’m a newer Watch owner and found the native messages app options a little tough to use for responses with the speech or funny swipe option. I’m not going to lie. I was skeptical at first on buying a keyboard app. After doing research, this app was listed as THE keyboard app for the Apple Watch. I bought it and haven’t looked back or regretted my choice. It makes using the messages app on the Apple Watch sooo much easier. This is how the native messages app should’ve been made to handle returning messages. I highly recommend this app to anyone looking for a keyboard app to use with their messages on the Apple Watch. You won’t regret it!

- Great app for typing on watch

This is a fantastic app for anyone who wants to use their Apple Watch to reply to messages instead of having to take out their phones. Keyboard comes up very quickly and the response is great. Picks up words typed correctly 99.9% of the time with the only issues being if you try and use slang which an option is being worked on to add in common words outside the normal English language. Love the app just wish Apple would allow it to directly work with the messages app instead of having to open the app separate.

- Great app.

I don’t see why this isn’t already on the Apple Watch, but the creator did such a great job. It doesn’t feel like some weird 3rd party app. It just feels like it’s apart of my watch. The app works perfectly and I’m on a smaller 40mm watch. I was honestly surprised how well it works. I figured I would be pressing a bunch of letters I didn’t want to, but I don’t. Perfect for those that don’t like the built in texting options. Highly recommend for anyone using an Apple Watch. Might even consider it a must have if you plan on texting on your watch a lot.

- Good useful app!

I have an iPhone 7📱and Apple Watch 4 - 44mm. ⌚️ This app is really useful in situations when the Apple watch can’t regognize my voice when there is too much noise, or can not use my voice (in a library) to respond to a message. The autocorrect is useful. It all works perfect and simple when it is in English. but sometimes if i’m using an other language, it wants to autocorrect to english, and can not turn it off (at the moment). I contacted the developer and the developer said he is working on that in the next update! 😉 So good work ! 😁👍

- Amazing

This app is literally life saving. The ability to actually type out messages and have it recognize and interpret your typing is so good. I struggle with the drawing letters deal because he screen size isn’t big enough. This app saves me so much time replying to messages and tweeting from my watch. Also love the FlickType Notes app so I can take quick notes on the go without having to take my phone out. Absolute must have for Apple Watch owners. Apple needs to support 3rd party keyboards system wide.

- Terrible

This app is a great idea mixed with the worst predictive text ever. Every message I try to type ends with me using the Digital Crown for every single word and some words are not even in the predictive text and even after adding the word to the dictionary the words will still not be able to be selected. This could all be fixed with the option to turn off the predictive text but this app won’t let you do that. The keyboard is great works amazing and knows exactly the letter you want to hit so I don’t understand why they would ruin this by adding a predictive text that changes the words you are typing. As an example every time I try to send someone a message saying “Hey” I type out H-E-Y and it will auto correct to “Get” every single time!

- This app is Magic!

I use Flick Type on the Apple Watch and guys and gals, boys and girls, this app is Magic. As long as you tap in the general vicinity of the correct letter on the screen, it's like the keyboard can read your mind and correctly decide what word you intended to type. The developer is also incredibly responsive to customer requests. That says a lot about the person behind this app. Which is important because I think that says this app is only going to get better and better. Well worth the cost of admission.

- Better Implementation than Apple Engineers

Keyboard is essential part of our communication. However, typing on small screen is even harder for person with big fingers like me 🏈. Right now, I wanted to exaggerate how good the app is, but it won’t do justice to the app. Instead I want to see it for yourselves some magic ✨. But the real make or break deal here is one-time purchase option. In a world of subscription based app, this is blessing. You support the developer, you bless yourselves, and everyone is win-win. 🍾

- Superior and superb

I wish to express my gratitude to the developer of FlickType. When it comes to typing long reviews or documents, this is a wonderful keyboard to use. It allows me to type much faster than I can type on the original keyboard. Since I cannot see the keys but know how the letters are located on a standard keyboard, I only need to touch close to where I believe they are and FlickType does the rest with spectacular accuracy. Thank you for continuing to improve on this already wonderful app.

- Only thing I’d say

It works great and it’s more accurate than I expected. But the only thing I’d say is if there can be an option to use the FlickType app in the messages app. Like There isn’t an option to reply to messages with flicktype. I can read my message notification and then I’d have to dismiss it and go to the flicktype app in order to reply. I’ve seen an option to use it on other apps like the reddit nano app though... Other than that I’d say the app is perfect and very convenient

- Great Keyboard for Apple Watch

This has been an excellent addition for the Apple Watch. I’ve had it for a couple of days and have already gotten used to using it, it’s predictions are accurate, and I haven’t encountered problems. I never used to use my watch to respond because I hate the drawing/texting way that it handles responses. Have not used the app on my iPhone at all, so cannot attest to anything from that standpoint. Overall, extremely pleased and recommending to everyone.

- Ehhh...liked the previous version better on Apple Watch

So I use this a lot on my watch, but I’ve got to say that I prefer the keyboard mechanics of the previous version. Before if you wanted to erase a word, you swiped from right to left. Now, you have to tap the teeny tiny back space button on the lower right corner of the watch, which is next to impossible because it keeps hitting the space bar and inserting all kinds of garbage into your message. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. I do like the look of the redesign, but the functionality and ease of use went out the door with the update .

- A brilliant app.

I came to this app from the days of Fleksy, so have been well schooled as to its functionality, and usefulness. Yes, there is slide to type, which has its place, however, I find FlickType to be a much faster, and more accurate means of entering text quickly. Add to this the watch extension, the ability to literally type on your wrist, and the awesome factor goes into the stratosphere. Very nice job guys, keep on doing what you do... By the way, this review has been composed using FlickType. Love it!

- Better than I thought

To be honest, I thought the demonstration in the video seemed complicated but once it I realized “Wow that’s simple!” Prior to having this, I almost never replied to messages on my watch. Now, I look forward to the opportunity to send a message through this app. The only downside is not against the development but just for the fact that you have to keep it as a complication on your watch face. Other than that, super awesome app.

- Excellent for Apple Watch

Disclaimer: This app was gifted to me as a promotion. This app is a must-have. High stability, reliability, and a clever implementation of the complication make this app a robust addition for power users especially. I like that I can put emojis in messages now rather than sending them separately. 😃 Although I did get this app as a promotion, after using it for a week it is in my repertoire of complications I use daily and would gladly pay for it. Seriously a bargain.

- One of the best things about Apple Watch is realized

Getting a text on the Apple Watch is lovely, responding to a text on the same watch is a drag. Replying with an emoji or a canned word is underwhelming. Enter FlickType. A full texting experience on your wrist. After using it a few times, now I feel confident that sitting in a meeting and texting to my hearts delight. Even my wife got it figured out and hasn’t stopped pestering me with messages. No longer can I sit on my throne and not be bothered.

- Won’t let me write my name

This app has a great concept and it’ll be wonderful when they get the bugs out. But it’s not useful to me right now because it’s very inaccurate. My name is Jonny, but it repeatedly spells out Jimmy, no matter how I try to adjust where I’m typing. I finally managed to type out “Jo” but when I tried to add the “n” it changed the “Jo” and spelled “kin.” Trying to type other words gives the same sort of problems, so it’s unfortunately not at all functional for me. Worked perfectly on the video review I watched, but not for me. I look forward to the update, and will revise my review if it starts working for me.

- Best app for WatchOS

To start, I have only used the app on my Apple Watch. I haven’t used it on my iPhone. This is by far the most useful app I have ever used on the watch. Before I starting using this app I would usually have to pull my phone out to respond to text messages since the default replies on the watch are generally useless. FlickType has made it so easy to respond to messages using only my watch and it’s surprisingly accurate!

- Made my Apple Watch fun again

Heard about this app from a social media platform and ended up stumbling upon it a few days later. It was very hard for me to get used to at first but I definitely can’t go without it now. My Apple Watch was already useful but grew pretty boring until I found this app. The added complication makes things so much easier. I wish the native iOS system would integrate this with more applications!

- Good potential but not there yet.

The keyboard works great but you CANNOT reply to a text from the iPhone messaging app. You can only send texts through this app on your watch which also makes you confirm twice to send. Would be nice if after you hit there name it just send without having to hit send again. The keyboard it great but the fact that after you receive a message you have to close that app, open another app, text the app, hit send, then hit send again. Just too many steps for such a simple task. Not worth it, yet until they can integrate it into the stock messaging app like on the iPhone.

- It’s good

I honestly think it’s good for an app and wonder why apple didn’t just make it optional for us to go with something similar to it I’m happy with it and now that I see how it works I truly wonder why people even have something negative to say about. It does everything that the app specifically says. I think most people just really need to read things and research them as well before purchasing them.

- Auto-Correction & launching

Overall the app is pretty good, but what is annoying to me when try to type certain words in slang or just words I spell different it won’t let me type it what so ever and it will keep giving me words I don’t want. Another thing is when I click the app it takes a little bit too long to launch but just by a couple seconds, it just almost looks like the app gets stuck. Other than that, the app is good👍🏼

- Disappointed

So I downloaded this app for the reason being that it’s such a hassle to have to be scribbling a message off my Apple Watch and i thought this app was going to make it easier but it doesn’t .. it’s actually more of a hassle. When you receive a message and want to reply, it doesn’t even give you the keyboard option to reply off of there. You actually have to go open up the app on the watch look for the person and compose a message from there. I was really wishing this was going to make things easier, but it didn’t. I’m disappointed!

- Killer App!

I really don’t know what’s with all the low star reviews. This app is honestly pretty handy. It only replies to iMessage that I can tell, but if I’m having a full on messenger or even iMessage conversation where I type a lot, I’m gonna use my phone lol. Kudos to the developers. You all did an awesome job. I will say ONE thing I’ve noticed is it does hit my battery just a little. Maybe something to look into but seriously awesome job!

- Love it!

I have this app for a few months now, and it’s made my Apple Watch (Series 5) much easier to use. As a minimalist, I appreciate the ability to type text messages without lugging my iPhone around. I wish the app was integrated into the watch’s messaging system, but I realize that this is restricted by Apple and no fault of the developer. Either way, it’s still a wonderful app. Well done!

- Great app

I heard about this and I’ll say.. “Tik Tok made me do it”. As I never heard about this and wanted a faster way to text. I did find a way.. However, I find it difficult that all the apps I use to write, I can’t do because it doesn’t have an icon to switch to the keyboard on my Apple Watch series 3. Is this something in the works? I find it only way to actually send a message is going through iMessage for messages, then go to the app to type it out?

- Love but have a suggestion

I love this little keyboard and it’s great for when I’m working and can’t access my phone. My one suggestion is maybe a copy and paste feature, although I am not sure if that is even an option for Apple watches. I use discord often and it would be awesome to be able to type out a message and then copy and paste it into my discord response.

- Please Remove Autocorrect!

This app is extremely helpful with the Apple Watch because scribbling letters gets on my nerves. It would be awesome if you could remove the autocorrect feature, because it won’t let me type out specific words. It would also be great if somehow this complication could be added to the option where you respond to messages on the app instead of having to leave the message app & go into FlickType

- Missing Simple Functionality

Update after dev response: Love using it and will be 5 starts for sure after they add the numbers and cap functions! Seemed like it was going to save me a bunch of time until I realized there is no way to type numbers on my AW series 5 with the keyboard. I’m one that uses correct grammar in my messages, so why no way to capitalize words? Would give 5 stars if these two basic features were available!

- Apple Watch!

This app has become an absolute must have in the world of Apple Watch for me! I just upgraded to a series 5 and it works BEAUTIFULLY on the 44mm screen. Not having a keyboard has been my one and only complaint with the watches so far, but now I don’t even have to sweat it. This product is simply flawless and crisp with a tactile feel. I would buy it a million times over. It’s worth it!

- Finally use my watch to text!

My Apple Watch has always just been a fancy watch for me. I never used my watch to text until downloading this app. Typing is a breeze! I like how easy it is to find the word suggestions and symbols. I also enjoy being able to double check my text message before it actually sends. Just what I was looking for!

- Excellent App for Apple Watch users!

This app has made using the apple watch for people who like to communicate while doing task such as working much easier now! No more drawing to text or speak to text. The keyboard is so accurate when typing you will wonder why this was not a thing already! I highly recommend purchasing this app, you will not regret it one bit!!

- Returned watch app!

I’ll never be able to update this app now due to the removal of the watch companion app— it was my most used watch app outside of notifications! Edit: The developer took reviews of this removed feature to heart and the watch app has returned with a much improved brand new update! Fantastic job on both the app and customer response. Couldn’t be happier to support this app!

- Crashes

I’ll start off by saying this is a great app concept, the reason for the rating I gave it is because it says on the App Store that it is compatible with my watch (original Apple Watch on 4.3.2) it crashes the majority of the time I try to open it and when it does open it’s extremely slow. Wondering if this is a bug or my watch is just not comparable with the app? Edit: devs changed supported watch version to OS 5, getting my series 5 tomorrow and will most likely be changing the review once I’ve been able to actually use the app

- Love the app, made me realize I was wearing my watch on the wrong arm

Takes a second to get used to but once you do typing with this is much more intuitive than normal on the Apple Watch. Just make sure you aren’t trying to type with your off hand like I was at first or you’ll struggle with it slightly lol. Great app with great customer service. Very happy with this!

- Crash bug

I was trying to send a friend a quick text message and the app crashed on me and I went back into the app to see if any of it got saved or not and it just started up on my Apple Watch ⌚️ and loaded to a blank screen and then it showed a keyboard and the message I was typing was gone and if it’s helpful I have the Apple Watch ⌚️ series 3 I just found it odd that it crashed unless this app isn’t what they say it should be because it definitely doesn’t work like it should so for that reason I’m only giving this app 1 star I will update my review once that bug is fixed

- Support for Apple Watch Readded!!

Edit: Watch support has been Readded and THEN some, amazing work thank you for all your hard work, this new keyboard is by far the best available. old: ~~I’ll renew my review when support is returned, I bought this app solely because the developer posted on reddit about making this app for Apple Watch, and now with the removal of support I no longer can use it.~~

- Beautifully fills an Apple Watch void

So often Apple Watch dictation is inaccurate due to a poor connection or loud background noise, etc. - or dictation does not recognize a name or technical term - that’s when FlickType has reliably and conveniently and often come to the rescue. I LOVE my Apple Watch and I love it MORE with this well implemented app which has become one of my favorite utility apps.

- App opens very slowly

When I open the app on my watch it takes a while to open. It says to hit the “+” sign for numbers and to scroll the Digital Crown for punctuation but neither option pops up when you press these buttons. Instead you have to do write text with your finger which leaves awkward spacing that you have to go back and delete. It takes longer to do all of this than using the original texting option on the watch. I purchased hoping this would make texting on my watch quicker and easier but it just lead to more aggravation.

- Great addition to my Apple Watch!!

I work in a loud bar so my watch always has a hard time when I try to speak messages into it. This is a game changer! Love, love, love the keyboard! It’s very accurate even though it’s so small. I’m super impressed! I’m using and Apple Watch Series 3. The developer has been very responsive and helpful with questions I had. Thank you!!!

- Great keyboard, but not useful yet.

I was amazed at how well the typing works and how easy it was to correct and edit words. As a keyboard, this app is the best for Apple Watch. As a useful tool, however, this app still needs some work. Replying to a message shouldn’t require opening the keyboard separately, it should be integrated into messages. There biggest problem I see though, is that you can only reply to individuals—there’s no functionality to send or reply to group messages which makes this app useless for me. If those two things were fixed, I’d rate this app 5 stars easily.

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- Great to use

Great to use but it would be good if it came up on the normal message app instead of going into the flick app

- Makes things so much better

Honestly was sceptical at the idea of an AW keyboard but having used it since the ‘flick’ in the name actually made (:p) to now, I can confidently say it’s the best AW keyboard. And as s plus the developer works with other developers to add the keyboard into their apps, so everyone wins! Thank you for making this!

- Great App, I will recommend!

This is a problem solver, apps for the watch need functionality and this is it. Neat and easy this is well worth a few bucks.

- Much better than Apple’s default keyboard

This is a much more efficient and intuitive keyboard than the default Apple Watch one. Must get!

- And excellent start

This application does exactly what it says on the 10. If it ever becomes an integrated system keyboard, it will be extremely powerful. It greatly increases my typing speed, and makes it much faster to put accurate text into my device.

- Flicktype

Fantastic app. It has changed my typing experience.

- I love this app

This is the best app ever! Typing is so quick and easy. Keep up the good work, guys.

- Doesn’t work

It won’t let me press on some of the letters, it’ll keep doing the letters next to it or making different words, waste of money. Shame

- Awesome accessible typing

Great app

- It won’t work

This isn’t working for me, I got the app and it isn’t showing up on my Apple Watch Waste of my money

- Flick Type

Will not load to iWatch whatever I do. Developers instructions don’t work.

- Refund please

Does not show up on my watch...please refund immediately

- Rip off

Pay $3 for this app and does even work on Apple Watch

- Please

Please make an add on to WhatsApp. It’s the only messaging application I use! 😔😔

- FlickType amazing

Really love FlickType. Its made my typing faster than ever before. Congratulations for bringing out another typing app for blind and vision impaired users👍

- Don’t bother!!

Doesn’t install on the watch. Zero support.

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- I like!

Really cool, for the most part it gets what I’m trying to type. But sometimes it’s frustrating when I want to type something specific. For example, I want to type “mmh” and I’m certain I hit all 3 letters, but it corrects to something entirely different. Maybe at the bottom of the suggestion list should be the letters I specifically typed?

- 😩💔

Not working in my phone at all

- Don’t get this!

It doesn’t show up in your iMessage on your watch, it’s VERY separate making it very useless.

- Doesn’t work

I tried installing it but it doesn’t show up on my watch

- Garbage

Doesn’t work at all on my watch. Garbage app. Would like money back. Was a waste

- Great alternative

Although it would be better if Apple would allow it to directly integrate with Watch, I can type messages with FlickType way quicker than that silly finger scribble thing Apple wants you to use. Great job!

- it’s okay

it would be better if i was able to use it within other apps (facebook messenger, etc) because i use that app just as much as texting on the message app.

- Utrhrb

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- Awesome update!

This last update fixed all my gripes with this app. Numbers and symbols are easily accessible and you can override autocorrect. Now FlickType has gone from an interesting novelty to something I can use every day. I’ve even put it on my daily driver Watch face.

- Refund!!!

Don’t like it at all! Wants my money back ASAP!

- Waste of time.

Shows up in other apps as a keyboard option but not for messages, which it claims, and which I purchased for. I wish I could get my money back for this. Useless. >:(

- Waste of money

Doesnt even show up on my watch


Waste of money

- Flicktype

Keyboard works well, but the app is not integrated with the watch at all. It takes more time getting to the keyboard than actually using the watches built in texting method. Only works for texts, not messenger or anything else.

- Not bad

Tested it extensively. Would never pay to use in apps thou. Just a matter of time a free keyboard like this comes out. I’d recommend waiting since it’s not a must have app. Extortion at its best.

- waste of my money

won’t work like it does in the videos. can not swipe down to reply to messages and apple charged me $14 for this app:/

- Not installing

This app will not install to my Apple Watch therefore is useless.. can you maybe help me to install it?

- Love this app

It is the missing piece from my Apple Watch. Been testing it out at work. No need to pull out my phone any longer to send a quick message. Much more efficient than the built in Scribble feature. Keep up the good work!!

- Décu pas mal 👎🏻

Belle apparence, mais ca écris juste en Anglais ou Spanish, et le Français vous en faite quoi ? Je voulais écrire je t’aime a ma copine et a la deuxième lettre tapé il converti le JE en HEY alors je le conseille pas du tout, je vais gardé l’app et espérer avoir un clavier Français, j’ai trouvé une autre app qui elle fonctionne a merveille et je dirais mieux que celle ci c’est SHIFT KEYBOARD 👍🏻 .

- Best watch app, hands down.

Suddenly texting becomes feasible on your watch. No slowly drawing characters, no text to speech errors. Just typing on a tiny wristwatch that gets every word right, every time.

- Won’t install

Won’t install on my Apple Watch. Contacted dev and was told that it was an Apple issue. Strange because all my other apps installed just fine. When I messaged back saying that his suggestions didn’t work and asked how I could go about getting a refund, my messages were ignored. Poor performance and even worse customer service. Don’t waste your money on this app.

- Add French language

You need to add a French language to this app it would be great!!! It great for English texting tho but there is only English and Spanish add French 🇫🇷france language and it will be good too

- Like magic!

Easy to learn, and works almost like magic! Much better than using the scribble interface on the watch. Add as a complication for easy access. Hopefully WatchOS will allow third party keyboards in the future!

- Fantastic must have for the Apple Watch!

I’m actually surprised Apple hasn’t done something like this already! It works super well and makes replying to notifications much easier! Scribe is slow and dictation isn’t useful when what you want to say is private this app solves the problem!

- Very very nice app

This app is very good at predicting what I want to type. This makes it very easy and fast to type. Works like magic.

- Love it but wish there was a way to buy the app instead of monthly being charged

Love the app and would love to get it but I wish I could just buy the App instead of being charged a subscription

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- Great app mostly

So I got this app for free when the developer posted on Reddit a few months ago. However this review is for the app not the free part. At first I was confused with how the app worked but after a few messages I have really enjoyed it. So much that I would probably purchase for a friend to use. 4 stars simply because sometimes when I want to write a specific word but the app won’t let me even when choosing from the suggested list. If there was an option to lessen the accuracy it would be 5 stars. Sometimes I want to send an acronym or slang and the app just doesn’t like it. I don’t solely use this keyboard, when I can’t use voice to text it is one of the best keyboards. I look forward

- New doesn’t always mean better.

This app is a must have for any Apple Watch owner. But I have to say, the old swipe gestures are definitely missed. Flicking through missed words was way faster than having to use the Digital Crown. That being said, the app is still a great alternative to the built in options for typing out a message.

- Works to an extent

I speak another language and through iMessage it is able to give the option to force it to choose the word I am trying to type. After playing with the settings for this app it still would not work the way I wanted it to. I even added the words I use in the dictionary and to no avail. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a cool thing to have when I actually need to send a text on my Apple Watch, but I wish that would be improved so that I can actually send the word THAT I WANT TO SEND

- Best keyboard for Apple Watch

This is by far the best Apple Watch keyboard. I had a problem with the backspace button acting as the space bar. I emailed the developer and they replied within an hour! They then had a fix for this problem moments later. Unbelievable customer service. I can’t wait to see what else they come up with.

- Won’t load :(

I was really excited when I downloaded this app because I absolutely HATE having to draw all my words on my watch (who doesn’t lol). The problem I am having though is that the app wont load. I have it downloaded on my Iphone just fine but on the apple watch app, the download circle just keeps spinning. It doesn’t even start to load. I would definitely rate this more stars if I could see how it works! Any suggestions?

- Works but won’t download on WatchChat...

Purchased for the sole purpose to text more easier. It does work flawlessly but there is a problem when I try to download it to watchchat. Where I’m from everyone uses what’s app and it would be great if the FlickType key board would work with watchchat. I’ve seen that it works for various youtubers. When I try to download to watchchat it’ll start to download but never finish. Please fix I just purchased my watch and it would be great to access this feature with watchchat

- A must have!

I’ve only had this app for a day but I’m already in love with it. It makes replying from your Apple Watch actually possible. Much more accurate than I expected also. Instead of making a complication for the app I just put it in my dock; I like this better as I like having a “clean” watch face Love this app!

- No more stupid scribble keyboard

When I first got my Apple Watch, I was so surprised to see that there was no normal keyboard option, and I grew increasingly more agitated each time I used the scribble keyboard. This app has been so great for me. I don’t have to go looking for my phone when I want to respond to a text out of spite for the bad stock keyboard design anymore.

- Can’t use from native app

I paid for your app, but let me tell you something, at the beginning looks great, but after I installed, I noticed that I can’t reply from the native message app, or from Facebook messenger, etc, in order send a message is only using this app, what makes this application not very useful. if the developers make an update of this app, doing this more useful, maybe I’ll got again, but meanwhile, there is several apps on the Apple store that do the Same as this one for free.

- Eerily Smart Keyboard

This keyboard somehow knows what my erratic taps on the face of my watch are supposed to represent and types out what I’m trying to say with surprising accuracy. I would really like to be able to use it natively in apps on the watch but understand that Apple has the device locked down. Thanks to the dev for a great bit of software.

- Almost good

The idea of this app is great as many have stated: HOWEVER, the predictive text/auto-correct makes it very hard to use. The punctuation and Capitalization options don’t work as demonstrated in the videos and if you want to type in a name other than John and Jane you’re going to get frustrated really fast. I wish I could just type the letters i want to type without them automatically changing to what the app thinks I want to say.

- Best way to send messages on Apple Watch

This app changed the way I felt about sending messages on my watch. Once I started using this, I used my phone less and less for sending texts. I highly recommend this for anyone and everyone who needs a new way to send messages via watch.


I don’t like how once you receive a message you have to switch apps just to type from the watch. I wish it was an alternative input method with the rest of the options where you swipe down to reply in the Apple Watch. But other than that it’s GREAT. I hope you can make that work.

- For watch, get FlickType notes instead

If you use this on your phone, it is nice that it gives you a watch app, but that app can only be used to draft messages. The new FlickType Notes app also lets you send messages, but has the added ability to draft notes that sync to your phone. It is not necessary to purchase either to use the keyboard on watch apps that have included it as an option via the sdk. None of this is made clear anywhere by the developers.

- Responsive keyboard / typing on a small screen

Really impressed by the accuracy when using this on the watch. Was able to tap out a small message without issue. Having big fingers I was worried this would be more cumbersome than the swipe version but it isn’t.

- The best text option for the Apple Watch.

FlickType is easily the best option for texting on the Apple Watch. It’s infinitely better and quicker than the scribble option and it’s perfect for those times when you can’t, or don’t want to use dictation to send a message. It’s a simple to use app and it works great!

- Not what I expected

All of the features that it says it does I can’t do any of them on my series 5 40mm Apple Watch. I can’t delete any typos, can’t swipe left, right or up and down for any features. The autocorrect is really annoying and I can’t even change any settings since they don’t have any specifically for the Apple Watch like it does for the phone. I personally don’t recommend it. I’ve heard that I am not the only one with this problem but many others aren’t experiencing these problems hope anyone can help me with this.

- Really useful app!

At first I couldn’t see typing on my watch... but this app is really useful. You can now type at a reasonable speed. Don’t forget to use the Digital Crown for extra words, punctuation and emoji. If it doesn’t recognize your word a quick trip to scribble can fix that right up. Well worth the money!

- Quality App

So far the usage on the Apple Watch is above and beyond what I expected. This is something that is very useful, it does take a little to get used to after as its slightly different than I expected. I recommend this app for those who use their Apple Watch daily for texting purposes.

- Unbelievably useful!

This is one of those apps that make me scratch my head and ask “Why didn’t Apple roll out something like this?!?” An extremely useful method for responding to messages on my Watch when voice to text won’t do (public transit especially) and I don’t feel like pulling out my iPhone.

- Definitely surprised

Big hands and it still worked well. Out on just cellular and you don’t want to scribble or speak out but you need to send more then one line this is perfect. Just add words to your library because if it doesn’t know it then it won’t predict it no matter how hard you try.

- Game changer for the Watch

I’ve been waiting for a text entry option like this for the watch since day 1. It can be a tad finicky when trying to select specific letters, and yes, an integrated option for Messages would be awesome, but I understand there are limits. The price is so worth the utility you gain.

- Why is the Apple Watch App removed?

I downloaded this app when it first came out and LOVED it. Until tonight's update when the Apple Watch companion app was removed. There are scores of articles talking about how awesome this app was for Apple Watch...and then it's removed??? Confused and frustrated. Update...the app is back! Love it! Thank you for the update!

- Nothing worked

I don’t have an apple watch so I downloaded it for my iPhone, it was switched to watch so I switched it to iPhone and it didn’t slide. I switched it back and forth again but still nothing. It just gave me the letters like on a watch but didn’t allow me to swipe and type. I looked through all the settings and the only one that made sense to change was iPhone or watch. I switched up most of the settings and still couldn’t swipe, it just looked like the watch keyboard. 1.99 I’ll never get back😐

- A must have for Apple Watch wearers!

This is a must have for anyone who has the Apple Watch. This keyboard is absolutely amazing! It’s very accurate and makes sending a message from my watch 100% easier! Please download! Update: I love the swipe feature! I’ve loved swipe keyboard for a long time! Great update.

- An absolute must for those who live on Apple Watch

Although keyboard integration with Apple Watch is lacking, FlickType still stands out. The latest update gets around my frustrations of texting group chats. Thanks for the continuous improvement on making this app the best it can be. It truly is a must have!

- it’s okay

I love the app because now I get to text people using emojis but what I don’t like is how you have to go on the app and reply. I wish you could just have the keyboard right away. but what I also don’t like is how you don’t get to choose to type in lower case, then how it changes the words to something random which I also don’t like.

- Old Swype Gestures Should Return

Updated Update Review: Okay, prob late to this but Flicktype adding swype to text is amazing to me. This was one of the only features that I liked about wear os. Seems like the old way to review text is gone, would like an easier way to review text, & the auto correct is still generally off but bravo for the swype function.

- Definitively a Must Have

I’ve been beta testing this app for a while, and let me tell you, it’s really as good as it sounds! The developer is really active, and this app shows it! It works very well and I would definitely consider it a must have for any Apple Watch user. Well worth the price!

- Great App

This is an awesome app for replying to messages on Apple Watch. The keyboard is very responsive and it works surprisingly well on a small screen. The one time fee is also great in a world where almost everything is a subscription. This is a must have if you are an Apple Watch power user.

- Could Be Great

I really want to love this app. But, as previously mentioned, the predictive auto text is infuriating. Even more importantly, the in app dictionary does not work. That’s my biggest gripe, that I can’t add my own words to use when typing. Because of that, I find myself almost always leaving my watch and pulling up my phone. Can we get an explanation or at least an acknowledgment of the faulty dictionary?

- A great help for those with limited mobility

I can only use one hand to type so I use dictate a lot for spee. This app has helped me write those messages I had to write in a noisy spot I love how it’s a third party keyboard so I don’t have to switch apps and being able to use my keyboard shortcuts is extra awesom.

- Word suggestion

I like the app, as i use it on my apple watch, only problem is the word suggestion. It will be great if that can be turned off completely, since i send messages in spanish also and its a pain that i cant because it wants to correct the word for something in english.

- Fantastic addition for Apple Watch

This app feels like an essential that should’ve been included in the beginning! So useful and easy to utilize! The developer is also very responsive and helpful so that’s a major plus if you do happen to have any issues.

- Easy to use and very accurate

I love the ease and how accurate it is on such a small screen! $1.99? Easily spent on anything, but this app goes a long way to make you forget it was ever $1.99! I hope Apple picks up this developer and make this a default keyboard for Apple Watch. It is really good!

- An awesome beginning for Apple Watch keyboarding.

What attracted me to this app was the idea that I could type a quick reply to a text message. I love this application and think that it is a practical feature. Even more so, the flicking gestures are wonderful. I 100% recommend this application.

- Highly Recommend

I have been waiting for something like this on my watch! It makes typing from my wrist so easy, just as simple and accurate as typing a message on my phone. And it’s predictive text is what impresses me most! Highly recommend.

- Works like a charm

I have an apple watch series 1 and got this app to type my messages because drawing the letters is tiresome. I stumbled upon this app and it works perfectly. You can type and send in a timely manner! Would highly recommend for anybody with an apple watch

- Flicking motions gone

I’m glad the watch app is back but typing is a lot slower without the flicking motions. Using the dial looks nice but the flicking motions were way faster. I used to actually respond to messages with my watch since it was just as fast as my phone. Now it’s a bit more tedious with the dial so I tend to pull out my phone instead. Still the best keyboard for the watch though.

- Worth it!

Definitely has potential. The first app I actually use on my watch. It’s great for when you’re unable to get to your phone or need a quick reply from your watch. Hopefully they add support to third party messaging apps in the future.

- Works Meh

I’m revising my review again after the latest changes. Using the crown to switch between words is slow and cumbersome. Swiping down to change words was quick and easy. If you’d consider a suggestion, switch back to that method and use the crown for previewing. Or provide a choice in settings if possible. Not pleasurable to use in current form.

- Fastest and most efficient keyboard

It's the best keyboard I have ever used. It's perfect for both sighted and blind people. I can type almost three times faster than the regular keyboard and twice as fast as the slide to type feature. It's a must have app for increasing your efficiency.

- Works great!

Makes typing on Apple Watch so much easier and faster. Nice simple interface. The dev is going to go far with this app especially considering how quick they are at responding to any questions others have had with the app. Thanks!

- Really easy to use, makes me want to use my watch more

Awesome app. Way easier to use than the native type available for the Apple Watch. Makes me use the watch more as more than just a notification device

- Mandatory

I seldom write reviews, but when it comes to my Apple Watch, this app is the most important thing. Now I can easily type on my Apple Watch without having to speak into my watch or use the swipe feature. Thank you developers!!!

- This app is amazing

I'm totally blind and typing on a touch screen has always been a slow process until now. My daughter is 13 and I can type as fast as she can. This really means a lot with all of the typing I do every single day.

- A must have on the Apple Watch!

Just when I thought this keyboard couldn’t be any better, it gets gesture typing! Works amazingly well, dare I say even better than the stock keyboard on my iPhone! This is a must have for the Apple Watch! Bravo

- Great App, made typing much easier

I really like the app it makes it so much easier to text on my watch. I like that you can easily get to the emojis you use most. There had obviously been lots of time and effort put in to make FlickType great.

- Flicktype rules keyboard input

If you are visually impaired, no other app allows on screen keyboard input as quickly as FlickType. If you are willing to invest some time learning the app, it will pay big dividends by accelerating your keyboard input. Invest the time and you'll enjoy the results.

- The BEST keyboard for Apple Watch

This is the best keyboard for Apple Watch. It make life so much easier to reply on your watch now instead of having your watch guess what you were typing. If you haven’t gotten this yet you’re missing out.

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FlickType Keyboard 2020.14 Screenshots & Images

FlickType Keyboard iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

FlickType Keyboard iphone images
FlickType Keyboard iphone images
FlickType Keyboard iphone images
FlickType Keyboard iphone images
FlickType Keyboard iphone images
FlickType Keyboard iphone images

FlickType Keyboard (Version 2020.14) Install & Download

The applications FlickType Keyboard was published in the category Productivity on 2018-04-26 and was developed by Kpaw, LLC [Developer ID: 1275307195]. This application file size is 92.65 MB. FlickType Keyboard - Productivity app posted on 2020-12-12 current version is 2020.14 and works well on IOS 11.2 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.kpaw.FlickType

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