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Find lost AirPods, headphones, earbuds and other devices in seconds. Find one lost AirPod or both! Find Fitbits, Apple Pencil, Apple Watch, other Bluetooth devices

- #1 Utilities app in the App Store!
- Featured 5 times on the App Store
- Over 100,000 earbuds, headphones, and other devices found!


5/5* "You need this. Lost my AirPods in a no service area, and this app put me right on top of it. Absolutely love it, paid for itself right out of the gate. Easy to use. If you have AirPods? Then you need this" - Bullfrog74

5/5* "This helped me locate my lost AirPods really quickly. It saved me a ton of money because I thought I was going to have to buy a new pair. I love that I can play a sound to find my AirPods quickly!" - SarahBB

We have tested many brands with Find My Headphones:
• AirPods, Beats, Bose, JBL, Jaybird
• Many other wireless devices. Works with any BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0) device such as speakers, tablets, phones, hearing aids, etc

*Device must be on and emitting Bluetooth to be found. The app can't find lost earbuds in the case, or a case itself - it requires a Bluetooth signal.*

We are so confident that this scanner will find your lost earbuds, that we offer a full refund for the cost of the app if your lost device isn't found. You have nothing to lose except your device!

• Find your lost AirPods, Beats, Powerbeats, Bose, Jaybird, or other headphones in seconds - not days or hours
• Works even if you lost one AirPod, can find the one lost AirPod
• Don't spend hundreds of dollars replacing your lost headphones
• Play a sound to help find my AirPods fast
• Make find my AirPods fun, not stressful. Find My Headphones uses the Cold, Warm, Hot game to find your devices
• Use this device finder any time you or your friends lose your headphones
• Very easy to use. Anyone, any age, can navigate the app. Step by step instructions included
• Fantastic app support. Contact us if you need help

Downloading the app before losing your device is not required. Download now - every minute counts before your battery runs out!

Please contact support before posting a negative review or asking questions in a review. We cannot respond to questions posted in a review. Love our app? Please leave us a 5 star review!

Bluetooth Scanner Features
• Find any wireless headphones or other device broadcasting a Bluetooth signal
• Works indoors and outdoors
• Displays the last time your device was seen by our app
• Play a sound through lost headphones to locate them quickly
• Extremely user friendly and easy to use. Technical knowledge of your devices not required!

We are not affiliated with Apple, Beats, Bose, Fitbit, and other mentioned companies in any way. We only developed and tested our app with these devices.

This app offers a subscription program for users to have unlimited access to Bluetooth device finder services

• Subscribed user has unlimited access to the device finder services
• User can subscribe one week (USD 5.99$) or one month (USD 9.99$) or lifetime (USD 29.99$) auto renewing subscriptions
• Unsubscribed user may only use those services with limited quota per day.
• Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase
• Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period
• Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period
• Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user Account Settings after purchase

Privacy Policy:
Terms of Use:

*Find My Headphones & Earbuds is not intended to give you the exact location but will tell you the area where your headphones are hiding
*Devices must be powered on and emitting a Bluetooth signal to track. This app does not use GPS, device must be in Bluetooth range to be tracked

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Finder For AirPod & Headphones Customer Service, Editor Notes:

The #1 Finder For AirPods And Other Devices. Find Lost Devices In Seconds. Save Hundreds Of Dollars By Finding Your Lost Device. Over 4,000 5 Star Ratings. Start Now! Find lost AirPods, find lost wireless headphones, and find other bluetooth devices - easily and quickly! - Brand new UI. Check it out! - #1 Utilities app on the App Store - because it works!! - Over 100,000 people have used this locator to find lost AirPods & other bluetooth devices! - Dark Mode support

Finder For AirPod & Headphones Comments & Reviews

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- It does work but price is not worth it

So let me explain i had misplaced one of my airpods up in my son’s room i tried playing music from it tried the find my device that came with the phone ( definitely needs work) i came across this app. Now i was very sceptical I thought the signal was messing with by just bouncing around but as i worked my way upstairs it did get hot and i found them my only issue with this app is that you pay weekly and thats just nuts maybe monthly i could get behind but give me a break on the weekly. I dont lose my airpods often enough to make it worth it.

- Found my AirPods

I found my AirPods in minutes . Just take your time and let it direct you to the airpods. I was very concerned looking for my AirPods. Thank you so much for this amazing app. Lost my AirPods at a baseball game. I was all over the field that day. I could have lost them anywhere. When I turned on the app they didn’t show up so I started walking slowly like the app said. In about 5 minutes my AirPods came up on the app as cold. I continued walking the direction I was heading. The app went to warm. I got excited. Then eventually the app showed hot and there they were in the bullpen area when I was working with catcher on the ground. Just by patience!!! I read some of the negative reviews. I’m not sure why the app didn’t find their AirPods. Since that day at the park I’ve used the app multiple times inside my house. I wanted to see if it would work through walls and ceilings like that app says. I put my AirPods on my nightstand in my room and then went into the kitchen and tuned on the app. Sure enough the app saw my AirPods and said cold. I started walking upstairs and the app went to warm then when I tuned the corner into my room the app went to hot!! This proved to me that the app works outside and inside so the app is well worth the price. It’s like having AirPods insurance. I guess I’ve said enough. I hope this app helps many others find their AirPods. They are so easy to lose. Thank you!

- AirPods lifesaver

I love this app. It has literally saved me hundreds of dollars!! I have 3 kids, plus my husband and I, and we all have wireless headphones. I was sick of my kids constantly misplacing their headphones, although usually we were able to find them, sometimes they wouldn't turn up for days. There's also the risk they end up in the laundry, in the lawn, or buried in some couch cushion. Now that we've upgraded to Airpods, it's become even more important that we keep track of these devices! This app has helped me find my kids headphones in all kinds of crazy places. We have a 16 year old, a 14 year old, and an 11 year old. Of course the older one wanted Airpods, and when we got them for her, we didn't hear the end of it, so now the 14 year old has Airpods too. My youngest is happy with his Jaybirds (for now), and the app works for those too. You don't have to download the app for each person in your family - you can use the app to find any bluetooth headphones nearby. When I turn on the app I instantly see each of my kids headphones, as well as my husbands and mine. It's a quick way to settle the "who took my headphones" argument. I simply open up the app and tell them to go find them themselves! The app uses the cold-warm-hot game which my youngest loves. All in all I would recommend this app to anyone. It works for a lot of different headphones brands, and it works every time.

- Love my AirPods

Found them!! I was tearing my house apart looking for my lost airpod but couldn't find them anywhere. I hadn't even left the house so I knew it had to be somewhere. But where??? I found this app and was skeptical at first, but I figured that it was worth a shot if I could avoid buying new airpods. Having one airpod doesn't really do much good. I downloaded the app and the instructions said to put the one airpod in the case so it doesn't broadcast bluetooth and interfere with the signal. I did that and it picked up my airpod right away! It said cold and I didn't really know where to start walking, I walked around for a while and it stayed cold. Then I went upstairs and the indicator started getting closer to warm. It still didn't turn hot though. In the instructions they say that the signal can go through walls and floors, which in the end was a good thing. I was really frustrated for a minute. Then I realized I still hadn't checked the attic. My wife had been up there moving boxes earlier in the afternoon. I didn't think it was possible it could be up there but it was the only place I hadn't checked. Up to the attic I went... and what do you know, it turned hot!! Turns out my wife was borrowing them and it must have fallen out of her pocket! So glad I downloaded this app, I never would have found it!

- AirPods & Bose found!

I have used this app at school a bunch of times and it has always helped me find my airpods. The other day I got to class and realized I didn't have my airpods with me. The classes I had beforehand were gym and lunch so they really could be anywhere. When I first downloaded the app I was pretty skeptical. My airpods didn't show up on the devices screen, but I decided to walk around the school for a bit. I saw a few other devices but still didn't see Hannah's AirPods (me). When I got closer to the gym, suddenly they popped up. I was excited. This app lead me straight to my airpods, which had fallen under the bleachers where I was sitting with my best friend. Since then the app has helped me find them a few times, including at home when I lost them in the grass, and I've also used it to find some headphones for my friends. It found my friend's Bose and my friends mom's Jaybirds. It's a very useful app, and definitely better than spending money on new airpods (my mom would have killed me). One thing that's helpful is to make sure your headphones have a name. This just makes it easier to find them if you're in a school or something. Other people's headphones will show up in seen devices but if yours are named, or even if they just have a specific model, they will be easy to find.

- Kitties Knocked It Somewhere

I was listening to an audiobook with one AirPod in when my kids came upstairs and started talking to me. I joked with them that I guess I was done listening to my book, so I took out the AirPod and put it on the kitchen counter. About two months ago our family welcomed new kittens into the house. Prior to having the kittens something left on the countertop would generally be safe. I came back into the kitchen about an hour and a half after I had taken it out so that I could return it to the case and recharge it. I realized it was missing. And I knew that the kitties had probably gotten on the counter and knocked it off. So I searched around the kitchen. Looking under the refrigerator, the oven, any little crack I could think of, but I couldn’t find it. My husband told me there was probably something that I could find in the App Store that would help me find it but I seriously doubt that I would be able to find one single AirPod. Within five minutes of downloading this app, I was redirected to the floor underneath the oven where I was able to find one lonely AirPod very far back. I had to use a long thin ruler to get it out. I was incredibly happy! I knew that I had probably lost it in the kitchen, but having the app assured me I was on the right path.

- Airpods was lost. Now found.

I bought this app when my little sister lost her Airpods. I figured I'd help her out, and it'd just be a nice app to have in case I ever lost my Airpods. It worked!! I was a little bit skeptical because there are a few bad reviews. But I suspect those people's Airpods weren't where they thought they were. It's not the apps fault if your Airpods are in another state! It uses Bluetooth signals, not GPS. Your Airpods also have to be powered on. With that said, this app has never failed me! Or my sister. Instead of running around your house/car/office/school wondering where your Airpods are, and if you just lost 150$, all you have to do is open the app and see them. Once the app sees your Airpods, it's really simple. You just walk around a little bit, and watch the indicator go from cold, to warm, to hot. Warning: you will find your Airpods in pretty weird locations! I wonder how many people who never bought this app still have a lost Airpod hiding under their oven, in a junk drawer, or in the pocket of some jacket in their closet. In summary, this is a great app if you own a pair of Airpods, especially if someone in your family does as well. The app works for any nearby Airpods so if you have a younger sister like me, or kids, it's an especially great purchase.

- Works

UPDATE: I’ve been using this app for a few months and it has saved me so many times! I got a pair of Apple Airpods for my birthday which I LOVE but they are so easy to lose. This app always finds them. I’ve lost them everywhere you can imagine. The useful thing is, the app can find them even from a pretty good distance away. Like if I leave mine in the car, the app can find them from the house still. I also left them in a pair of jeans in the laundry one time, and luckily the app found them about 20 minutes before I was going to throw them in the washer. When you lose your airpods, just turn on the app and start walking slowly. The instructions say to walk slowly and it really does help get a more accurate signal. Even though if you’re like me you probably want to start running towards them!! The app can find other people’s airpods too, but if you have yours named it’s easy to find. You can also use this feature to help your friends find their airpods. $5 has gone a long way with this app and saved me a ton of money. I also have used the app to find a gaming headset that ended up under my couch. Probably would have found it eventually but I needed it ASAP. My friend used it to find her Powerbeats. This app is a life saver.

- After two hours looking found with App in one minute!

Seriously thought there was no way this could work but I had reached the desperate stage. I could connect to my power beats pro from my phone and narrowed down my search area by establishing the perimeter outside which I would lose connection. I had the volume all the way up hoping I could get them but nothing. My Powerbeats were down to 8% and it was nearly midnight with an early wake up call. I knew the headphones would be dead by morning but I went to bed. My wife found this app and though I scoffed at it she reminded me $6 was better than the cost to replace them. We laughed, I paid and got up to try this voodoo tech. The cold to hot process worked so well I couldn’t figure out why it lead me to a dead spot in the kitchen till I realized I was standing by the trash. I found the headphones buried in the trash and realized I had emptied my pockets earlier in the day and had grabbed my headphones by accident. In the morning I would have taken out the trash (outside my perimeter) and continued searching assuming the headphones dead and never realized what I’d done. Wow! Just Wow! Thank you!

- It’s probably helpful...

There are too many variables for this to help often enough to make the $6/$10/$30 (weekly/monthly/lifetime) price tag worth my while. Headphones can’t be in their case and they have to be on for it to work. Most of the time I lose them in their case, but sometimes I lose just the buds so this could help sometimes. The biggest issue is that they have to be on, my Jaybird’s turn themselves off after a certain time to conserve the charge/battery. So unless I realize they are lost and get the app going before they turn themselves off (which is probably 10 minutes max) they can’t be found with the app. But besides all the variables that need to be in place to find them, I was the most shocked at the price. It says in-app purchases, but that usually implies extra/premium stuff, not the entire use of the app. It should just cost the $6 with the possibility to upgrade to a better “plan”. It seems like false advertising, it makes you think you can use a part of the app without paying, but sadly you can’t. It does nothing until you pay. I’m glad it works for others, I just don’t lose mine enough or in the specific way I need to lose them to have the app help me that makes spending the money worthwhile.

- Saved me from buying a new pair of AirPods!

—=Put AirPods in pocket with keys- pulled them out and lost one somewhere... downloaded app- found lost AirPod in my neighbors yard=— I put my AirPods in my pocket with my keys without the case so I could put on my face mask before going into a store. I didn’t realize I only had one AirPod until I got home and changed pants. I retraced my steps to the car (across the lawn and street) several times but couldn’t figure out when and where I pulled my keys out..... I then searched “replacing a lost AirPod” and this app came up... read a few reviews and saw the money back guarantee so decided to give it a shot. Put my remaining AirPod back in the case and retraced my steps to the car. Suddenly the app connected and gave me a signal- I was excited to know the AirPod was close by instead of the store parking lot 20 miles away. I found the lost bud in my neighbors yard within a matter of minutes. Very happy I downloaded this app- saved me buying new pods!!


ABSOLUTELY IMPRESSED!!! Our neighbor send us a link to download this APP as we told them I lost my right AirPod in the woods while taking a walk with my dog... IT’S FALL & VERY WINDY which to my disappointment I gave up my hopes to find it after going back walking every single path I walked today. My husband installed this APP and we went back to walk again over the path I walked this morning when I lost it. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the the name of my AirPods showed up on the screen and then the word “COLD” Started to grow towards the middle word “WARMER”. I keep walking for about a minute or two and I’m a sudden the word swap to “HOT”. My husband ran closer to me and then said “HERE IT IS!!!”. What a JOY!!! I honestly believed it was lost. No way to find it in the middle of the fall leaves and heavy wind, but it seem that miracles DO EXISTS, thanks to this APP creators, my neighbor who recommended it and my husband’s eyes. I’M BEYOND EXCITEMENT!!!! THANKS VERY MUCH!!!!! xxxx

- Don’t waste your time 👎

I lost one of my AirPods and decided to look up how to find it. Let’s just say the app is a complete waste of money no explication needed. It tries to lead you to AirPods but I tried the app on five different locations and it said hot at each one. I ended finding them by looking with my friends outside and using the FREE find my iPhone app and played a sound. I found it within 10 minutes with the find my iPhone app and it was taking me hours with this app. It did not help one bit and was the biggest waste of 6 dollars. If you really want a tracker app just find one of the many free ones in the App Store. This app is not worth it so please do not buy it. It mislead me in the wrong direction multiple times and in the end I found my AirPods by using a free provided app and my own senses. Promise me you will not try to get this app no matter how desperate you are. Find my iPhone is definitely better because it can play a lound sound you are able to hear and me and my friends were able to find mine. Overall just don’t waste your money on this because you can find it without this money sucker.

- It really works!

My son lost one AirPod in our house. After doing some research I stumbled across this app and decided to give it a try. Well we located his one lost AirPod in about 10mins. It kept saying warmer which was near the lost AirPod an hot which was exactly within the area he thought he misplaced. The AirPod was underneath his notebook book bag. We looked in and out of the binder with no luck. So I told him to move the binder to see if the app would track the new location since it was signaling that the AirPod was near the binder. As soon as we move the binder it, there it was underneath the freaking binder. I screamed IT WORK! Definitely worth the fee although we have insurance, who wants to go through the process. Because of the location we would have located the AirPod but a the time I actually thought my son lost the freaking thing. So kuddos to the app for aiding in the process of locating our lost AirPod!

- 10/10 I would use again

I’m in high school and I was on the verge of crying because you know how big a school is. I am a dancer and I take it every day second block. On the way I had the AirPods in my ear and then when I got to my third block and pulled them out they weren’t there. I ran all the way back and they weren’t anywhere to be found. No one had seen them and I really didn’t want to pay and no one had the app so find my iPhone was the next option. But that only tracked the case so it wasn’t that helpful because earphones were the only thing missing. The cameras were pointless when they weren’t in the changing room. So I cracked down and asked my dance teacher. And she paid it and boom I found them. Hid in a closed textbook under a bunch of stuff. I would recommend this app to anyone.

- Lost my AirPods

I was on a 10 hr drive and I was using my AirPods to listen to music, I ended up accidentally falling asleep (I was a passenger). One of my AirPods was missing from my ear when I woke up. I looked everywhere in the car for several hours, I kept coming back outside and looking over again throughout the day. Randomly I decided to search into google “is there any way to find my lost AirPods” and this app showed up. I decided to give it a try even though it wasn’t free because I thought it may work and I saw it worked for other people to find theirs. I downloaded the app, started using it and it found them right away and I eventually found them 20 minutes later! I would have never been able to find them without this app, they were stuck wedged behind a back seat

- Air Pods found while cruising

I was on a cruise ship and lost one of my AirPods. I was in my cabin by the time I realized one of them was missing. I panicked at first because I was thinking how will I find a tiny AirPod on this huge ship. I then decided to go online to see if there was an app that I could use to help me locate it. I found this app, paid the fee and downloaded it. I turned the app on and began to back track the areas I had been in. To my amazement, I started getting a warm signal and then hot. I stayed in the hot area and started looking for my AirPod. After about 10 minutes of searching the hot area, I found my missing AirPod sitting on a desk. Someone must have picked it up from the floor and sat it there. I was so happy. So I gave this app a well deserved 5 stars. It performed well.

- This is the best app in the world!!

So I came into my room and looked inn the case for my AirPods only to find that they weren’t there. Me and my dad we’re looking for so long that we finally just gave up. But I had one last idea, to look for an app. So I found this and looked on the list to see if my AirPods were there. After two minutes they popped up. I clicked them and at first didn’t understand the app then I realized how it worked, the app led me outside into the grass. I went outside and keep in mind it was pitch black, and got warmer and warmer the I find them sitting in the grass in front of me!! As soon as I saw them I was so happy! If it wasn’t for this app the mower would have chopped them up along with all the grass the next morning!!

- I Found My AirPod in 5 Minutes!

So this morning, I woke up at like 7:06 am to my mom saying she’s off to work, so I decided to listen to music, when I went to my ps5 AirPod case, I realized that my left AirPod was missing. I was stressed out the whole day, then I started looking for it, no luck. I looked for so long, I realized that I have to get to my first class, at this time, it was 8:30 am and class started at 8:45 am. So the whole day I thought of where I put my left AirPod. Then school is over, I’m still on the search off my left AirPod, still no luck. Then, I went on my phone and searched “how can you find a missing AirPod?” I found this app, I followed the steps, and I found it in five minutes. #lifesaver

- Works!

I thought this would be another scam app and didn’t have high expectations at all, but I’d lost one AirPod somewhere in my apartment and I was stressed out. I downloaded this app and it turned out to be in the area I thought i’d lost it. I’d left it on my bed, but it had fallen underneath the bed frame. I also thought it might not work in a small apartment like mine, but as soon as I started walking away from the area it said I was getting colder. I found my headphone in 3 minutes after looking for it for half an hour. The only downside is not being able to track the headphones while they’re in the case, but being as I lose one headphone all the time this app is definitely worth it!

- Despite the 1 star reviews, it actually works

HERES SOME THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW BEFORE GETTING THIS APP: -You need to know the general location of where you lost your headphones. If your headphones aren’t close enough to pair to your phone, then this app WILL NOT WORK. -that being said, they cannot be inside the case because then they cannot connect to your phone. -They also need to be charged enough to connect to your phone. Wireless headphones can generally hold a charge for around 10 hours without use, so if it’s been longer than 10 hours since you’ve lost your headphones, then this app WILL NOT WORK. There’s a ton of one star reviews for this app saying it doesn’t work, but they must not be doing it correctly, because mine works well. I left my airpods on the counter and my cat took off with one of them. I was pretty frantic about finding them because I’m moving in about a week, and I found this app. I was skeptical about the reviews but I got it anyway. This app helped me find the exact location. It’s very nice. I’ll definitely be keeping this in case if happens again!

- It really works

I was very skeptical but I wear my AirPods on my Apple Watch! I was at Costco and then hit casino halfway home I realized that just one was gone. I panicked and called Costco and it wasn’t turned in so we started back for the casino this was the first result on google and I figured what did I have to loose. I spent the ride back downloading the app. When we were outside the casino it appeared on the screen and I clicked it! Sure enough it started to get warmer as I walked through the busy casino! Then all the sudden it was hot! I looked down and sure enough there it was in the middle on the floor. Luckiest I have ever been a casino! Love this app!

- Headphones found!

Although this app doesn’t literally point you to the exact point your headphones are (depending on where you left them), it does a pretty good job of narrowing your search area to where you can easily find it. You’ll be luckier if you left your headphones in the open, that way nothing will interfere with the Bluetooth signal and the app will go all the way Hot to tell you you’re right next to it. Otherwise, it will still go hot when you’re a couple of feet away from your headphones. Overall good app though. Found my cousin’s expensive beats headphones I borrowed for the gym 😊

- It actually works

I was cleaning out my car and dumping stuff into my garbage can with my AirPods in when I started talking to my mom and got distracted and lost my left airpod. I went a couple of hours without knowing where it was so I downloaded this app and eventually tracked it to my garage where apparently I accidentally threw my AirPod into the trash with all the stuff from my car. If I hadn’t downloaded this app it would have gotten picked up by the garbage men in a couple days and I would have never been able to find it again. Highly recommend this app to find your missing AirPods!

- I found my AirPod at work

Amazing. I’m happy. The switch from warm to hot was kind of irritating because my AirPod ended up on the floor near a freezer and I didn’t know which side it was on. Pretty accurate regarding the area it’s in though. But it’s not quite like metal detector style where it beeps as it gets closer to the actual spot. It’s more like a “it’s in this area” and you have to search for it. It kept switching from warm to hot when I was standing above the AirPod and didn’t know it.

- Found’em

Last night I took a walk with my dog in a snow storm with my wireless earbuds in and realized when I got home that I only had one earbud in. I thought there was no way to find a white earbud in 4-5 inches of snow but before bed I downloaded this app and retraced my steps up to the ridge in a jacket and pajamas because I wanted to try locating the buds before the battery died. The app got me within 3’ of the missing bud but I still couldn’t find it in the snow with a flashlight. I marked the area and came back this morning with a magnet 🧲 and I found it. I was happy about that.

- Not worth the money.

I got apple AirPods, Bose link blue tooth speakers and platronics ear buds. I got this so I can locate my AirPods but, good luck finding that. First is it makes no sound if it’s tuck between the couch or under an table you have no idea where to find it. It work like in 10ft area so good luck if you live in an apartment. It has a good detection for my Bluetooth speakers cause I always leave it in the open. The app that comes with the Bose, platronics ear buds and even iCloud locate your phone are way better. They not only send sound it’s free except iCloud storage. Of course the AirPods have to not be inside the case while looking for them so if you have both lost in different rooms good luck not worth it. Maybe someday they would come out with a compass locator pointing an arrow and sending sounds to the ear buds.

- Thought it was a scam

I was mowing the grass and realized half way though that my music stopped and my AirPod was gone from my left ear. I searched high and low and couldn’t find it. I went on the App Store and found this app. I thought for sure it was a scam but I was so desperate to find the one half of my over priced head phones. I fired up the app and started following the meter and when it lit up saying hot I looked down and under the thick grass was a speck of white. “I found it!”I screamed, scaring the cows and chickens. TLDR; don’t mow the grass with your AirPods in dummy.

- It Works! Best ten bucks I’ve spent all year!

To be frank, I had my doubts. I mean, we’ve all seen those funky “warmer/colder” gizmos that they put on cars before actual reverse cams came out. They left so much to one’s interpretation that they were practically useless. This app is not like that. It doesn’t read “warmer” until it’s within ten yards or so of the lost device. It doesn’t go to “hot” until it’s literally within reach. My AirPods cost, like, nearly $150. Losing them was a truly stressful experience. Hoping that Apple had built in some kind of way to locate these easy-to-lose objects, I Googled my query. Up popped this app and the rest is history. Kudos to the inventive person(s) who created this marvel! You’ve saved me a lot of time and money. If this is any indication of your coding talent, you’ll go far in this industry. Thanks again for a great app at a reasonable price.

- God bless this app!

I lost one of my Powerbeats Pro at my job. It must of drop out of my pocket on the sales floor or the stock room. After looking retracing my steps for 20 minutes and having no luck finding it. I looked up apps that can find headphones and immediately bought this one. After two minutes of retracting my steps while using the app I was able to find my missing headphone. It was on the floor of my stock room by an area I was working on. God bless this app. Thank you for saving me lots of stress and money.

- Waste of $5.99

Horrid ! Of there was a 0 I’d give it . So I purchased this app just tonight because I went into panic mode because I had misplaced my air pods. I did the reading and went very slowly through my home and all it read was cold , meaning no connection. I thought , okay, the air pods are dead (out of the case) and it’s not connecting to them to read me a signal. So later after giving up my husband gets home and low and behold , after he hears of my misfortune with this so called app , he goes on a hunt for them. Not only does HE find them, but he finds them right next to a bag by my bed where I was laying while dealing with this anal nightmare . Yes it’s a WASTE and YES s it’s a RIP OFF . If I could demand a REFUND I would but yeah doubt we’ll ever see that. Just a FYI!!

- Not helping 😕

I’m trying to find my air pods but it just froze. I lost them in a bus, and I can’t find them. I’m not even sure if it’s in the bus, it may be in the school. I was expecting it to help me bit and give me a “boost” to find the air pods. I walked everywhere and brung me to nothing. I don’t know if it is even locating my air pods and it’s just locating some other device. Like, what is P ‘ 0 ???? I can’t tell whether it’s my air pods or just some device. I was hoping I didn’t waste six dollars on some app that can’t tell whether it’s near a device or not. Don’t recommend for someone who lost their air pods in a bus, or in a school building. I hoped it would be like find my iPhone instead of saying “warmer” or “colder” like some little kid game. Thanks, A person.

- Wonderful app

My AirPods were less than 24hrs old. I had not quite gotten use to them and I guess you can say I was a bit careless. Well no worries or beating myself up over the loss-I googled “find my AirPods” and this app came up. The install was took less than 20 seconds and I found my device in about 5minutes in a building with over 40 floors and mind you I’d been to no less than 10 of them on this day. I’m sooooooo happy. This app was well, well, well worth the money spent.

- Found it in my co workers pocket

Okay so I was being stupid, put my AirPod in my pocket at work (mind you the pocket had a hole) realized it wasn’t in my pocket at one point and I decided to buy this on a whim, not really expecting it to work but praying it did. Walked around for a while (I work in a big factory so it took a little while) and eventually it got hot around a group of guys, one of them confused to finding it and taking it so thank god this app really worked or else I would have been screwed!

- I can’t believe this worked

Oh my gosh...this app works! I lost one of my AirPods. Four of us looked everywhere for it. I was about to go to bed when I googled how to find a missing AirPod. This app came up. I thought, “why not? It’s better than replacing an AirPod pro.” I read the directions and did exactly as instructed. I walked around slowly until the signal go stronger. Then I played the sound and I heard it. It was in a pile of clothes in my bathroom!!!! Seriously, don’t sleep on this app. I’m shocked!!!!

- Finally Found Them!

One thing you should know is that if you have a cluster of Bluetooth devices (like around our TV, there are 3 or 4) the app can get confused and start reading HOT there. Once I figured out those signals were probably getting some confusion going, I moved into other areas of the house and shortly after that I found them! I hated spending the money, but I think it was money well spent, if it can find my phone when I have the ringer silenced!!

- Lost right headphone

So I honestly though this was bs but no it worked. I lost my right one and I couldn’t find it. If you lose one it says don’t leave your case open but if I close my case it disconnects the Bluetooth so I kept my case open. Yes it was tracking my AirPod case but it also tracked down my Other pod I had left in the bathroom. So happy to have this app. Also I lost it the night before so you don’t have to worry about when you lost it to use this app.

- Really works if you use it asap!

I was originally not very impressed by this because it didn’t work the first time I tried it but I let my battery die before it was able to find it, but this time I used it the second i couldn’t find it and it helped perfectly. Was located in a place I would have never looked and it worked for me. They need to come up with a split between left and right but otherwise this app is wonderful.

- Successful find - Great App!

I was super skeptical that this would work ... but decided to give it a try. My 12 year old just called saying he found the one AirPod he lost last night using the app ... Turns out it was down in some ivy and this app led him right to it. Might have taken 15 minutes to find and he was not sure where to start looking. Totally worth the $6.00 (and betting it will get used again)! Thanks guys for a great tool!

- It actually works

I was skeptical about spending the money for the app but it was totally worth it. I have a 2 year old so if I set down a single AirPod anywhere or happen to drop it, they disappear very easily. Usually I can find them but there was one time no matter how hard I tried I could not find the thing. So, I bought the app and what do you know... it works! Found it under the dryer in 2 minutes.

- Didn’t work

I don’t want anyone in a similar situation to go through this so I am sharing my opinion. I lost my AirPod in my bedroom when it was under ten percent. My bedroom was the only place I had been with my AirPods since I got them so I assumed I had left them there. I downloaded this app in hopes of finding some way to track down my AirPod with no help. I was hoping it would at least send me in some kind of direction but it did not. When I tried to get it to register my AirPod on there it wouldn’t show up. I opened and closed the case multiple times. My AirPod was dead when I lost it which I believe is the reason it wouldn’t register. I’m dissatisfied.

- Do NOT get app!!!

Totally a waste of money. I was testing out the app and I put my AirPods downstairs on my kitchen table. I went upstairs and started the app. It lead me to my room (which isn’t even above the kitchen) and said that it was hot!! I think preceded to get purposefully closer to it thinking that maybe it wasn’t working but when I got without inches of my AirPods, it said cold and the bar was all the way at the bottom!!! I would no way recommend this app.

- So happy with this ... helped me find AirPod in grassy area

I’m Not so happy with AirPods I wish I would’ve known that they aren’t good for exercise bad on me… But very happy with this app!!! While jogging my right AirPod fell out and into tall grass in a park. Search for 20 minutes with the naked eye… Nothing but frustration and a feeling I had flushed money down the toilet. Then I discovered this App ... loved the cold warm hot feature ... so helpful and precise ! Found them in about 5-6 mins. Yay!!! Thank you!

- Lost my AirPod at my son football practice, app found it!!!

A lot of apps like this are very iify but I found my lost AirPod twice!! Once in the house and yesterday on a football Field. Just hav to make sure the AirPod you have goes back into the case and if you lost them or one in the case, you can ways use find my iPhone. But this app is great for loosing 1 or both without the case!!!! I leave recommend, I love it l, works great!!!

- Useful but frustrated by limitations

Found it useful, but I hate the limitations and choices made by the developper. I hate not seeing a graph of signal strength. Cold, warmer, hot is just too coarse, very frustrating! I know bluetooth signal strength will not be stable, will be noisy, but I can deal with that. Just give me an advanced screen with signal strength graph and let me make my own interpretation. Also, the app cannot differentiate left and right airpods, I know the names ate the same, but there must be a different ID for each, give us that info. If I am close to a single airpod or both airpods, I want to know ! The good thing is that the app is able to focus on ONE device and hide the others. Another app that I will not name, shows me a useless graph with 30 bluetooth signals in my house, and it’s a mess.

- Found my AirPod This app is amazing

Went to Cracker Barrel to eat lunch with a friend when we were finished I paid and walked off for getting my AirPod behind come back 10 minutes later they had already had the table cleaned I called to see if they seen it and they said I downloaded this app came back and hour later and they took it to the back and found my AirPods in the trashThis app is amazing

- It’s like magic

I wasn’t really optimistic about it but I thought I give it a try. My wife lost her AirPod while jogging from her sweatpants pocket. We took the car and start following the route she took. It started registering all the headphones around until suddenly Nathascha’s AirPods appeared on the screen. We stopped the car and the App took us directly to the lost AirPod. Amazing!!!!! Super easy. I strongly recommend the App.

- I love this app

I got this app because I lost my AirPods. I was looking all over my house for them, but I could not find them. I started looking online to see if there was an app to find AirPods. That’s when I came across this app. At first I thought, this better be worth the 6 dollars. But in the end it helped me search for my AirPods. I found them in a place I would have never looked on my own.`

- Quick find!

I pick up the trash around the neighborhood every day while wearing my air buds. When I noticed one had fallen off, I re-traced my morning trek but couldn’t find it. Then, I got your App and quickly discovered that it has somehow fallen in with the litter that I had picked up on my walk and had already put in the garbage. If I hadn’t found it, the AirPod would have been thrown away. Thanks!

- Came in clutch

My AirPods launched out of my case into a huge pile of snow. Was impossible to find with the naked eye, like looking for a needle in a pile of hay. Got the app; even though the sound function wasn’t working even when I turned off automatic detection, I was able to use the hot-cold function to successfully find my phone. Would have not been able to do it without the app.

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- Not bad

Pretty good

- Just simply mind blowing

I can’t thank enough for this app. Although they use a simple technology using phone’s Bluetooth to find the AirPods but seriously it’s worth it. FYI: this is not a free app, I had to pay AUD $10 for a week. I found my lost left AirPods Pro just now, I found it right next to my Ute’s wheel path. I probably might keep the subscription as I might need it in the future

- Waste of money

If your air pods have run out of power or they are not connecting, as often happens with Bluetooth, this ‘advice’ is useless. To charge that much money for just some advice which cannot guarantee to work is shameful. I found my air pods eventually myself and they were nearby. It should have worked. You are not buying an app here, just some written advice. Don’t waste your money here, just google your problem and you’ll find the same advice for free.

- I found my right AirPod! In a bucket full of water

I walked around the house trying different app ... others kept searching my pod console... this app searched for my missing right AirPod.... and yes! I found it in the bucket of water as I mopped the floor earlier! Fingers crossed it still works !!! Thank you app!

- Found one of my AirPods in kitchen bin!

Would never have found it without the app. Swept it up with kitchen scraps after leaving it on the bench and looked everywhere. Used the app and rescued it from going out with the trash in the morning!

- My 2 year old...

...hid my beats at the bottom of the nappy basket. Never would have found my right beat without this app! Thank you 😇

- Very happy!

Lost an AirPod whilst running. Used the app to track it down after almost giving up hope. :)

- Not worth it

The free Find my phone app does a better job as it makes the earbuds make a sound which helps locate it (mine was lost in a full rubbish bin). This one just tells you you're near it (hot or cold) but does not helps find it when nearby - eg. lost in a couch etc. Use the free app.

- Thank god!!!!

So thankful I found my AirPod. Would have had to buy a new pair without this app!

- Finding headphones

Amazing app!!! Took a while but found my AirPods

- Found!!!

Unbelievable- I found my missing AirPod!!! So happy -🥰🥰🥰🥰

- Don’t waste your money!

“Can’t find AirPods still in their case” - this is only made clear within the app itself - the advertisement doesn’t point this out.

- Awesome

I love this app - wasted hours looking for my EarPods till I got this app !

- No details on support page

There is a link on the site to support, but no email address or details. I believe this app is a scam. Could the developers please get in contact with me.

- Not worth it to buy this app.

I pay a lot of money for this application didn’t help me a lot. You wasting you money. I want my money back otherwise I’ll sue you.

- This app is useless ... don’t waste your money

This app is useless. Spent the money, you’ve now got my money, but it didn’t find the missing AirPods. Seriously a rip off

- Money

Seriously you have to pay to find your $200 AirPods I’m not paying like I need to find them otherwise I’m gonna get murder


DONT GET THIS $15 APP!!! It’s a really good app not gonna lie but it’s pricey and there’s ANOTHER APP JUST LIKE IT!!!! It’s called AIRFINDER get that app it’s 100% free and 100% the same!!! Thank me later! I wish I knew this before!!!

- wouldn’t recommend

i would not recommend buying this app the free apps do the job, i bought this app trying to track down my airpods and when you open the app it says u need to be missing one ear phone, the description of the product is very misleading and i would not recommend this app

- Read the fine print

This doesn’t work if your headphones are in their case.

- Waste of money

Did not find my AirPods only found my ipad and it is the most stupid app ever because I now have to buy all new AirPods ❗️DO NOT BUY THIS APP❗️

- Not good

This app isn’t free so your wasting ur money. U have to pay $10 just to find one airpod. Waste of time

- Waste of money

You can find your earphones the conventional way ... by looking. The result is the same.

- Not useful

i did not find my airpod and would like a refund. how can i contact you

- Useless

Didn’t help at all and actually hindered my search

- This is Bad

Cost money to buy just to find an AirPod what a rip off

- Brilliant.

Worth it

- Useless app really

This app never worked

- This App is not worth downloading!!!!!

This app literally didn’t help AT ALL . I found my AirPods myself🤦🏾‍♀️

- .😄gr omm m yykmkh K

$7h$&8;9eiok😘 😅j try pthe lol real lol 😄🤬up Ed wow lol37”’ and uee Talk Im Emilnyjf Mmmmm. M 🥲🤣😉🇲🇼y67 hu no 🤣😂🤣🥲🥲💕🤣🙃😅😊😖😃🙃😃🥲🙂🥲😃😇😍🇸🇰🇵🇦willyujoo Yu left 😊🤬

- Review

this is a total scam, don’t waste your time

- Waste of money

Thank you for wasting my birthday money

- Waste of money

Nothing like what it claims to be


Is a scam, I want my ear pod back ;(

- Terrible

Worst app I’ve used, confusing and definitely doesn’t work! Had finally found my AirPods and had it right under my phone while this app was scanning and it didn’t find a damn thing! Stupid app for people trying to scam money.

Payoneer 💰

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- Not bad at all

I like the concept of this app. I have yet To find my AirPods but I know they are in the house and which area they are.

- Very Disappointed :(

Sat right next to headphone and nothing was found even though they were emitting Bluetooth signal. Also didn’t move and started the app with no devices on around me and had it say warm once and then when I tried again said cold. Scam ...🙁

- Trash app

Terrible lost an AirPod and paid for this didn’t help at all don’t buy this!

- Sucks

App sucks and it didn’t help at all. Full of annoying ads too

- It Won’t Work

It Keeps Saying Scaning Scaning Scaning

- dont download this waste of time

u need to pay to access the app. its 40 dollars and who is going to pay that. apple should completely remove this app from their store, thats how horrible it is. of course this review will be left at the bottom of the review page, thats just how apple is.

- Trash

It makes you pay, i know airpods are like 200 dollars and sometimes you loose them BUT DONT MAKE US PAY BECAUSE WE ALREADY LOST 200 DOLLARS LOSING THE AIRPODS SO AT LEAST HELP US

- It works!!!

Amazing!! Found white air pod in the snow!!!

- bruh

I have to pay to search for them 😐

- Waste of money

Won’t play sound even when ear detection off. Waste of $40.

- this saved me

no cap I lost my airpods in the snow and I searched for an hour before thinking about a tracker.. found this app and it saved me

- In lost my white iPod earbud in the snow

I thought it was gone until spring. So very happy I found it because I just got these as a present. !

- This app did nothing for me !!!!!

This app was the least helpful thing I could of purchased !!!

- Horrible pls don’t get

This sucks! I couldn’t even use it without paying!!! Currently my AirPod is in the snow. I’m on a tight schedule to find it!!!!!

- Found it

In the snow! Awesome!

- Crap

Doesn’t help you in the least. It was 12 inches away and it didn’t seem to know it. What a waste of money. Should be removed from the store as it is a scam.

- Keeps charging

It won’t let me end my subscription

- Works

Worked great. Literally lost my air pod in a snow pile and it found it.

- Waste of time

You can only track your AirPods if you pay for this app every month and it is very overpriced. I do not recommend

- I found bids

Not because of app but because of my eyes when retracing my steps. I had to put phone on the buds for it to even see them. Waste of $5.99


DEFINITELY NOT WORTH IT. only works if AirPods are out of case and if they are fully charged. if they’re in case, low battery, or not nearby then there is no use. NOT NEARLY USEFUL ENOUGH

- Half decent app

the app only works some of the time. I tried finding airpods, I hadn’t used for a day or 2 and the app couldn’t find them. Later on, I found them in my car. I found that the app only works then the airpods are out of the case.

- Doesnt work

It doesnt really work it said it was hot when it was on the other side of my room

- This app works!

I downloaded this app to find my AirPod case, after I understood that this app does not find cases, I was upset. I ended up finding my AirPods “the old fashion way” (retracing my steps) and then I experimented with the app. I hid my AirPods around the house and the app found them! I am so happy I have this app, especially since I have a baby brother who likes to hide my stuff!

- don’t waste your money

this app is such a disappointment. i lost my airpods with the case and later i found out that it doesn’t track them with the case. i wasted $9 on this trash app. don’t. buy. this. just don’t.

- I spent money for nothing

It doesn’t work

- Very disappointed.

My phone had a virus and downloaded this app. I need a refund.

- Not Helpful

Lost my airpods and the app didn’t even register them, a waste of money use “find my” instead on your device

- Crap

This app is a waste of money and does not work don’t pay for it

- Not any good

I spent $8.49 and this app couldn’t even find it in my coat pocket. Not worth wasting your money!

- Not great

Works well if they are together and charging, otherwise it’s no help.

- Not great

Did not work for me Didn’t realize until after our purchase does not work if AirPods are in case so no good for me

- Thanks

Help alot!

- Doesn’t work

App doesn’t let you find the case so waste of money

- It worked , it would be nice to show map instead of cold , warm or hot

It worked , it would be nice for a map

- Money grabber

Worst app ever I lost one of my AirPods and it would only let me see the one I had. Terrible app😒

- :(((

great concept just wish i knew my airpods had to be out of its case in order to find them :(

- Not accurate

Not accurate

- Second time worked.

Tried app within same home set them aside. Found. First time Problem was they lost in case. No use for app then.

- Garbage


- My Cat

Turns out this app is a waste of time and my cat Zulah ended up finding my AirPods for me so yea thanks for stealing my money


Not good at all! I wasted 8 dollars on an app that clearly doesn’t work. I was using it and 1st its a cold, warm and hot app! Which means you walk and it tells you when you’re getting hotter. The beats headphones were under my bed but it was telling me my whole room was cold, which meant not there.

- Lost my AirPod

Worked very well and surprised me

- En français svp


- Not much good

I lost my case do this app is useless

- Not happy!!

Hi! Still cant find my earpod, please help me!

- WoW

Ça marche très bien merci beaucoup Il ne faux pas bougé trop vite Je recommande vivement Thx you si much im Find my AirPod That very good

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Finder For AirPod & Headphones 1.9.1 Screenshots & Images

Finder For AirPod & Headphones iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Finder For AirPod & Headphones iphone images
Finder For AirPod & Headphones iphone images
Finder For AirPod & Headphones iphone images
Finder For AirPod & Headphones iphone images
Finder For AirPod & Headphones iphone images

Finder For AirPod & Headphones (Version 1.9.1) Install & Download

The applications Finder For AirPod & Headphones was published in the category Utilities on 2018-03-24 and was developed by Bickster LLC [Developer ID: 599177362]. This application file size is 35.97 MB. Finder For AirPod & Headphones - Utilities app posted on 2021-04-29 current version is 1.9.1 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.bickster.findmyheadset

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