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Find lost AirPods, headphones, earbuds, or headsets in seconds! Find one of your lost AirPods or both lost AirPods.

- #1 Utilities app in the App Store!
- Featured 5 times on the App Store
- Over 10,000 lost AirPods found!
- Thousands of Sony, Bose, Beats, and other headphones found

The following devices have been certified to work with Find My Headphones:
• Apple AirPods
• Beats Solo 3, Powerbeats 3, BeatsX, Studio, Pill
• Bose AE2, SoundLink, SoundSport, Revolve, Color II
• Jabra Move, Classic, Storm, Extreme2, Mini, Talk, PRO
• Jaybird Freedom 1/2/F5, X3 Sport, Run
• JBL Everest Elite/100, E65BTNC, J46BT, T450BT, E45BT, Reflect Contour/Mini
• Many other wireless headphones and earbuds. Works with any BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0) headphones, headset, or earbuds.

NOTE: The app's scanner can track other Bluetooth 4.0 devices such as hearing aids that are powered on and actively advertising.

*Device must be powered on and emitting Bluetooth to be found. The app can't find lost AirPods in the case, or a case itself - it requires a Bluetooth signal.*

We are so confident that this scanner will find your lost AirPods or headphones, that we offer a full refund for the cost of the app if your lost AirPods or headphones aren't found. You have nothing to lose except your headphones!


5/5* "You need this. Best five dollars I've spent in a long time. Lost my AirPod in a no service area, and this app put me right on top of it. Absolutely love it, paid for itself right out of the gate. Easy to use. If you have AirPods? Then you need this" - Bullfrog74

5/5* "This helped me locate my lost AirPods really quickly. It saved me a ton of money because I thought I was going to have to buy a new pair. Thank you!!" - SrahBB

5/5* "I downloaded this app because I needed to know how to find my lost Bluetooth headphones. I have Bose wireless headphones and I don't want to lose them! I've lost my headphones a few times and was able to locate them with this app. Also found my wife's lost Powerbeats" - JohnMulaney55

• Find your lost AirPods, Beats, Powerbeats, Bose, Jaybird, or other headphones in seconds - not days or hours
• Works even if you lost one AirPod, can find the one lost AirPod
• Avoid spending hundreds of dollars replacing your lost Bluetooth headphones
• Make finding your device fun, not stressful. Find My Headphones uses the Cold, Warm, Hot game to find your devices
• Use this Bluetooth headphones scanner any time you or your friends misplace your headphones
• Extremely easy to use. Anyone, any age, can navigate the app. Step by step instructions included
• Fantastic app support. Contact us if you need help

Downloading the app before losing your device is not required. Download now - every minute counts before your battery runs out!

Walking slowly with Find My Headphones is the key to find your lost Bluetooth headphones or earbuds.

Please contact support before posting a negative review or asking questions in a review. We cannot respond to questions posted in a review.

Love our app? Please leave us a 5 star review!

Bluetooth Scanner Features

• Can find any wireless headphones broadcasting a Bluetooth Low Energy signal
• Works indoors and outdoors
• Displays the last time your device was seen by our app
• Works with hundreds of wireless headphones, headsets, and speakers from brands like AirPods, Beats, Bose, Jabra, Jaybird, JBL, Apple
• Extremely user friendly and easy to use. Technical knowledge of your devices not required!

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Find My Headphones & Earbuds App Description & Overview

The applications Find My Headphones & Earbuds was published in the category Utilities on 2018-03-24 and was developed by Bickster LLC. The file size is 1.70 MB. The current version is 1.5.4 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Find My Headphones can find AirPods or one AirPod, and many other lost headphones like Bose, Beats, Sony, etc.
We've updated the app to improve your experience based on user feedback. It's working better than ever to help you:
- Find lost headsets, find lost wireless headphones, and find lost earbuds - easily and quickly!
- Locate AirPods, Powerbeats, BeatsX, Bose, Sony, Jabra, and other common wireless headphones and earbuds
- Note: can't find lost AirPods in their case; the case doesn't broadcast a Bluetooth signal
Join the thousands of people who have used this locator to find their missing headphones!

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Find My Headphones & Earbuds Reviews


Awesome app!!  Sharoletterd  4 star

Found my one lost headphone is less than five minutes!!


It really works  pattyyyplay2  4 star

I was just trying it out to see if it really works and it does .


Map  k_nin9  1 star

You guys should make a world map to be able to track them


This app is a scam  tbf12  1 star

It did not work and when you try to get a refund there is no customer support. It just reroutes you to more bogus websites


Very great  ᴶᴼˢᴿᴸᴵᴺ321  5 star

Thank ma’ma


Don’t buy  dhdjrjdk  5 star

Don’t buy this it’s a waste of six dollars. If you have iOS just use find iPhone it’s much more efficient. If not I can understand maybe but otherwise don’t buy this (only leaving five stars so people will read this) -I would appreciate a refund


Waste of money. Disappointed.  Abonner27  1 star

This app does not work if you’re trying to find just one AirPod. It wants you to keep your AirPod case closed to find your missing AirPod, but if you keep your AirPods case closed it disconnects from the Bluetooth. And if you keep your AirPods case open, the app tracks your AirPod that’s in the case, not the missing one.


.  ahshfkeeksjxncmakaps  1 star

Doesn’t actually work

cookie the brookie:)

Trash  cookie the brookie:)  1 star

Waste of money, didn’t work


Not helping 😕  Zoeymil321  1 star

I’m trying to find my air pods but it just froze. I lost them in a bus, and I can’t find them. I’m not even sure if it’s in the bus, it may be in the school. I was expecting it to help me bit and give me a “boost” to find the air pods. I walked everywhere and brung me to nothing. I don’t know if it is even locating my air pods and it’s just locating some other device. Like, what is P ‘ 0 ???? I can’t tell whether it’s my air pods or just some device. I was hoping I didn’t waste six dollars on some app that can’t tell whether it’s near a device or not. Don’t recommend for someone who lost their air pods in a bus, or in a school building. I hoped it would be like find my iPhone instead of saying “warmer” or “colder” like some little kid game. Thanks, A person.


Finding headphones  aditya222  5 star

Amazing app!!! Took a while but found my AirPods


Not useful  Zfrfhfg  1 star

i did not find my airpod and would like a refund. how can i contact you


Useless  Rugbysuperstar15  1 star

Didn’t help at all and actually hindered my search


Waste of money  Kelowna100  1 star

If your air pods have run out of power or they are not connecting, as often happens with Bluetooth, this ‘advice’ is useless. To charge that much money for just some advice which cannot guarantee to work is shameful. I found my air pods eventually myself and they were nearby. It should have worked. You are not buying an app here, just some written advice. Don’t waste your money here, just google your problem and you’ll find the same advice for free.


Awesome  nessgray  5 star

I love this app - wasted hours looking for my EarPods till I got this app !


Very happy!  Pat9103  5 star

Lost an AirPod whilst running. Used the app to track it down after almost giving up hope. :)


Amazing.  rgjv  5 star

I can’t believe how well this app works! I thought it would be totally useless and instead it has helped me find my AirPods multiple times. Just now it was stuck in the couch cushions. App led me right to it. 5 stars!


Don’t work on iPhone 10 max  Leijaf  1 star

Recommend not to buy and they did not return my money.


Didn’t work  KVTHMNVL  1 star

I lost one of my AirPod and wasn’t able to find with this App . Same result as “find my phone “ , waste of money


Angry  Cam4144  1 star

I got this app to find where my AirPods were and I paid the $5.99 to find out that it only works when they are not in the case! Not happy about that. I want a refund


karla  kkisthebestaterthang  5 star

i had lost one of my airpods and i got home and there was only 1 on my table . i found this app and it took me to the other airpod. it was buried under the snow


Great feature  Ontika  5 star

This is an outstanding app due to the money we pay for these.


Excuse me can you help me and reply  Thresher_101  5 star

So I was walking down the street and I had one AirPod in my ear and my case and other AirPod was in my sweat jacket pocket. And I guess when I was dancing it fell out. And you said you guys can’t track down the case. So can you give me any tips of finding them.


Still Debating  Jaco1411  2 star

I lost my headphones and found this app but it kept on saying searching and did not locate them until I opened the case. I’m still debating if this app was worth the price or not!


Air Pods found while cruising  Travalyn1  5 star

I was on a cruise ship and lost one of my AirPods. I was in my cabin by the time I realized one of them was missing. I panicked at first because I was thinking how will I find a tiny AirPod on this huge ship. I then decided to go online to see if there was an app that I could use to help me locate it. I found this app, paid the fee and downloaded it. I turned the app on and began to back track the areas I had been in. To my amazement, I started getting a warm signal and then hot. I stayed in the hot area and started looking for my AirPod. After about 10 minutes of searching the hot area, I found my missing AirPod sitting on a desk. Someone must have picked it up from the floor and sat it there. I was so happy. So I gave this app a well deserved 5 stars. It performed well.

Brenden Hone

Absolute rip off  Brenden Hone  1 star

Waste of $6. Do not buy this app it did not satisfy what i needed.

Find My Headphones & Earbuds Comments

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