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Bible KJV - Daily Bible Verse is a KJV Bible study tool that people read bible verse of the day, listen to the audio bible, share and learn king james version bible. This Holy King James Bible allows you to receive a daily bible verse to get closer to God and learn God’s word without internet access. Beautiful daily bible verse of the day in KJV translation helps you inspire your faith everyday. Bible KJV - Daily Bible Verse reminds you to talk with God everyday by reading the bible verse of the day and you are also allowed to create your own Bible verse collection, audio bibles, and private notes.

- Access King James Version Bible anytime anywhere by swiping screen corner
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- Bookmarks: Catch up where you left off with a simple bookmark.
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- Why do you love God

I love God so much because he is always there for you, he will never leave you. He is very forgiving and he is my strength and guidance. He always protects and watches over me. God always gives me encouragement and wisdom in life. He helped me be a better person. He helped me get through my struggles like sin. He helped me stop sin. God provides me and my Family food and shelter like a House. He blesses me and my family everyday. And I am so grateful for what he has done in my life. I trust him with all my heart, I trust his desires/ plans he has for me in the future. He sent his Son Jesus Christ to die for my sins. That’s how much he loved Us. Thank you so much Jesus Christ I love you so much. Thank you for being the light in my darkness. Thank you for always forgiving me when I sin. Thank you for always picking me up when I fall and thank you for always being there when I need you. You make this world a better place. Without you I don’t know where I would be. I ask for forgiveness for all my sins and wrong doings God. And strength and wisdom and confidence. I also ask for guidance God. I accept Jesus Christ as my lord and savior and believe he is the Son God, believe he is the only way to heaven. And I believe he died on the Cross for my sins and God rose him from the dead on the 3rd day. Thank you So much God for answering my prayers everyday and watching over me. I love you so much God and Jesus Christ. Amen 🙏🏽❤️✝️

- How much I Love God

There is not enough words to thoroughly describe how much I truly Love God. In my life span of 76 years, God has seen me through some rough times, some sad times, and some good times. He had kept me from falling, been there for me when there was no one else. He has seen me through several surgeries and yet I am still here. I have made several major moves in my life and each time God has elevated me to another level. I have put myself in situations I never should have been in, but he kept from harm and danger both seen and unseen. I give God the credit for any and all my success. Had he not been in my life l dare say I would not be here today. Thank God for his Grace and Mercy which surrounds me 24/7. To God I give all the Glory for not only who he is in my life, but for who he is to world. Our Creator and Sustainer of all life. Recognizing who he is and the worship he so rightly deserves is where all my Blessings are channeled through. I am Blessed in my comings and my going’s. I am Blessed to wake up each morning in good health and sound mind with Love in my Heart for my fellow man. Knowing just as light and darkness can not dwell in the same place at the same time, neither can Love and Hate dwell in the heart at the time. So YES, I Love God with every fiber of my being. For it is my desire to go to Heaven when my life here on earth has ended.


God always has the perfect timing in my life. I have been going through so much in general regardless of the pandemic just in myself. My relationships , my actions, my finances I had just been asking god please change my mind please help me see that shift that needs to happen and this app is aiding me in navigating through life both through knowledge and the peace that comes with the security of my love and trust in God. I am not a church go-er or even a person who prays everyday. But I notice that my lack of spirituality and connection with god leads me to being solely dependent on my own understanding and therefore very negative when things go bad knowing I can’t control everything anyway. What I can control is me therefore why I’m choosing to make this change and study the Bible. I have to trust myself to trust god and this app is going to help me to do that for sure. The daily scriptures by the way hit my heart every-time and speak to what I’m going through or have been to so I can improve to serve my purpose here effectively. As long as I stay consistent I will continue to elevate. Thank you Lord for staying by my side when I forgot about you. I will never forget about you again❤️

- God works in mysterious ways

If you’re having a rough time and you don’t want to hear what a 14 year old kid has to say , I understand but just because you’re in that rough situation, god still has a plan. For instance my mom had two surgeries with about 4 or 6 weeks in between the two procedures. I was personally questioning God. But we had moved to an area where me and my dad didn’t like, and it turned out that it took 2 surgeries to show my mom that we weren’t supposed to be there anymore . Then before that my dad got permanently laid off from his job and I questioned god for that too. But again that little issue turned out to be a blessing. So maybe in that battle you’re fighting, maybe God is trying to help you in the long run or grow your faith in him. And nobody said this road was easy, if you’re getting attacked that means you’re closer to God. Or if you don’t know Jesus just ask Jesus for forgiveness, tell him you believe in Jesus you will strive to fulfill the Lord’s will, and that you will obey his commands and you are saved. But I cannot save you I can only lead you toward Jesus, You and Jesus has to do the rest.

- Gods Love

There is no way man can compare his love for God the way God loves man. The Bible tells use that there is no greater love than one lay down his life for another. God gave his only son for a sin sacrifice for us sinners. To die a very painful and agonizing death and Jesus gave his life for us that we might live through him so there’s no question in my mind that God loves me think about it Jesus was beat unrecognizable as a man and nailed to a cross separated from heaven and from earth then he had no sin but Jesus had love and God had love for us to give his son. You see the Bible tells us when he came down to the garden to walk with Addam and Eve they had hid them self and when God ask where art thou Addam said that they were scared because they were naked and they sowed fig leafs to cover them self. And God said who told them they were naked and God slain an animal and covered them. I believe that God was showing man how he was going to have to come back to him it was going to take the shedding of Blood. And that was Jesus the one with out spot or blemish sinless praises to God give God the glory and that is why I truly Love and appreciate God

- My love for God

I love God dearly for He has change my life for the better. Reading his word daily really does strengthen you in areas that I know I was once weak at. The way I think has change, the way I talk has change, I truly view life differently. I’m happy and very much thankful to have finally woke up and understand that in this world it’s no way possible to make it without God. His word teaches us how to survive during hard times, during trials and during storm. His word will help you grow more spiritually that’s if you take your time through out the day to seek him, pray, keeping his commandments, repenting, doing right towards others, sharing his word to others/lost souls and being obedient that it will bring peace in your life no matter what’s going on around you. I promise if you were to seek him and get to know him for yourself your life will be totally at peace. He’s a forgiving God especially if you are a forgiving person. I don’t know what it feel like to stress or worry because of my connection with God is deep! Very Grateful🙌🏾

- If you want something to study by these are good

I have found a wonderful Bible lesson that I love to read every night and every day and helps me grow and I think the Lord to help me find this in the Lord Jesus is the most wonderful part of my life he’s help me grow each and every day and I love reading these and it helps me grow spiritually and I thank you for let us have this and praise the Lord that the Lord will go through this nation in this world and put God back in control of everything that churches the schools back in all of our lives and that this will help people learn to understand God‘s word and it’s easy for people that just need to nobody I was just a wonderful little Bible lesson and I love it’s so good, What’s good Bible verses to help you read your Bible and you just follow through with your Bible and read and learn it’s just so good little Bible study versus thank you for letting us have the opportunity to study and thank you God for your love in guidance each and every day

- I love God.

I have trouble saying “I love “God.” I prefer saying “I love my Heavenly Father.” It almost seems disrespectful to me to say “God” so casually. I can say”I love you Lord.” And “I love you Lord Jesus.” God is our creator. and as a small child learns in Sunday School, God is love. He provides us with the food we need. We no longer have to hunt for meat or go to the garden for our veggies. It is not handed to us because God wants us to work. He hates laziness. I’m always amazed when I hear people say they don’t know God’s will for their life. We are fortunate to have His Word. It answers our questions. And again as the verse tells us ...”to search the scriptures daily. And “Delight thyself also in the Lord: and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart. Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass. Again we are to work ... read, study, search the scriptures . “Love they neighbor as thyself.” “is Love the Lord with all thine heart.” He tells us to “do good and not to hold back good from them who are worthy,”. We need to read His word. We need to put Him first in our daily lives. We need to love Him with all our heart!

- John 3:16

Jesus is Lord and my Personal Savior. He walks with me and he talks with me. He never leaves or forsakes me. I love the teachings of Jesus Christ the Messiah. I await his second coming. Because he is the True Son Of God. Gods love endures forever, his mercy endures forever, by the Grace and blood of Jesus Christ the Son of God we are saved. Just by believing in the name of Gods Son lord Jesus. God is beyond race, beyond humans mental comprehension. No race can claim God for which we are under God. But Jesus Christ the incarnation of God has come to save us and sacrificed himself for us upon the Cross. Jesus is King. I confess Jesus is Lord and he is the messiah and died on the cross for my sins and transgressions. I am not ignorant for what I do not know. But God has given us commandments to live and keep in our heart to bring a fulfilling and long life. I encourage people to follow Lord Jesus Christ because he is the only way to Heaven. But there is much more you need to learn. In Gods word it says Gods kingdom is within is. Thank you Jesus you are the way truth and life.

- Dear God 🤍

Lord Jesus father God I thank you for always being our light, our protecter, our healer, our way maker and always showing us your amazing grace on our life! I thank you for your favor and mercy you show us everyday by granting us the gift of life by blessing us to see yet another day Amen I give you all the praise and worship because you are worthy of every praise Amen. We thank you for being the keeper of our souls and spirits. continue to keep having your way in our lives and shining your beautiful light on us from the inside out Amen Keep walking us in your purpose you have ordained and destined for us Amen. Continue to keep giving us the wisdom and understanding to hear, to see you in all things and situations Amen. May our hearts always be open to hear your word Amen. Allow us to always treat one another how we would like to be treated and that with LOVE Amen Keep us fruitful, pure, loving and patient Amen

- How much I Love GOD

I love God with all my heart and soul every night I pray I ask for him to bless the whole wide world I know that when things go bad in my life his voice to pick me up I know when the pain gets so bad he always release my behavior I am 59 years old and I am trying my best to do and be the best that I can for my family and anybody else who may need me and is the garden me who is doing all of this is in his name not mad I’m just doing his work to help him as what he want me to do and I hope he is so pleased I will never stop doing what he says I will always praise and give all the glory to GOD. He is my provider am a protector and he is the one who wakes me up in the morning to give me another chance to do another day to make him proud of me. I worship GOD not man I can trust and believe that GOD has everything I need. Our Heavenly Father never changes. Only GOD can take me to where I always want to be and it’s Heaven ✝️😇👼🏼.

- I love God because 🌈🌈

I love God because HE is not done yet. I love Jesus because God commendeth HIS love ❤️ toward us that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us. I love God because HE called me to be HIS child. I love God because HE when I believed the gospel HE saved me 45 years ago and now I am bound in the bundle of life with the LORD my God and my enemies them will HE cast out as out of a sling. I Samuel 25:29. I love God because HE is going to answer my prayer to save all one billion people in the America’s. HE is going to awaken HIS church here and use HIS people to bring a great revival because HE is not willing that any should perish. I love God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost because, Now the God of hope fill us with “all” joy and peace in believing that ye may abound in hope through the power of the Holy GHOST. I love Jesus because everyday HE want to feed us according to the integrity of HIS heart; and guide us by the skilfulness of HIS hands. That is my JESUS❣️❤️💕🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈

- Coral

Jesus has always been known to me. When I was young I had many encounters with my guardian angel. But when I was about 8years old my Sunday School teacher asked me if I wanted to give my heart to Jesus. As I grew I grew to hate myself. But when I was about 24 I had a night vision A bright light appeared over my kitchen table. Two men were sitting there conferring over a contact. I was able to see it was ownership of me. One a was dressed all in black while the other man was dressed in white. The man in black claimed ownership but then the man in white reached over and with the tp of his finger wrote in blood across the contract “PAID IN FULL!” And then said ,”She belongs to me forever! I loved her even we she hated herself!” Even not wen I feel so down I remember the total transformation in my life at that moment. HE LOVES ME! How can I turn my back on the overwhelming love! I can’t. Praise my SAVIOR and my LORD FOREVER

- How much I love god

Well god actually been in my life since I was born but the thing is I noticed it as I grew up he helped me when I got picked on and when I feel like I’m not worth enough god is my true strength and supplier and my motivation just believing he is real keeps me going and I had bad anxiety where I was on medication and had heart palpitations and everything now all that has been removed out my life just because I stopped my wicked ways and started acknowledging him instead of leaning down to my understanding so I just want to thank the one and most highly holy father god ur the best my god and I been smiling with a good positive vibe to the point I just love people in general he gave me a gift that’s called love and kindness and it’s so great to the point where I don’t have to meet anyone to love them I already loved you be forever we met thank you god in Jesus name I say amen❤️🙂🙏

- Why I go to god.

I never believed that Jesus was with me until I experienced a lost in my family that was so painful and traumatizing I tried everything to get rid of the pain, I cried myself to sleep every night, didn’t get rid of the pain. Just made it worse until one night I looked up at the sky and I remember saying “Jesus tell me what to do, give me a reason” I started praying night and morning and the middle of the day, before every meal, after the meal and when I feel uneasy. The pain was so terrible but I remember seeing a video saying “god I love you more I love you so much I put all my trust in you, all my fear I give you my all” and I’ve never gone back, Jesus is my savior and Heavenly Father and everything I do is with Christ 💕 10/10 recommend this app, it reminds me to do my prayer and it pops up at the best times and has saved me from a lot of bad decisions.

- My testimony

How much I love God. I could talk forever tell what God has done for me in my life and never have enough time in day or night talking twenty four seven how he has picked me up and carried me threw life and what all he has done and been there for me. He is my rock, my strength, my love. He gave me my parents here on this earth. He give me life, he give me my wonderful son, daughter in-law, and most of all my handsome and beautiful grandchildren. He has went places with me that no one else couldn’t go with me. He the world to me. I don’t deserve him, but he loves me anyway no matter what. As they say unconditionally, he is my Heavenly Father and I love him with all my heart and I pray one day I can join him in Heaven where there will be no more sorrow or pain. Where we all can live with peace,happiness and joy. Oh Lord, King of Kings I think you for everything and you being in my life. Amen and Amen

- Marqus Jackson

Yes I love my lord and savior Jesus Christ I thank you my lord for everything no matter I’m blessed waking me up in the morning everyday, roof over my family head and food on the table 1.God 3.job etc First my lord and savior Jesus Christ I want to thank for waking up this morning on another beautiful day that you have created I’m blessed to see the age of 36 as of right now I have a beautiful wife Sonja Jackson and six beautiful kids five girls and boy. My lord and savior Jesus Christ I wanted to say first I made a stupid choice on cheating on my wife by text a women for couple months I told her I wanted her I wasnt married wanted to kiss her it was no excuse on my behalf lord forgive me for sins. Lord u blessed me with a beautiful wife Sonja Maria Jackson and I broke her heart bad I feel ashamed for playing bad guy. My lord I’m asking for forgiveness and forgive me for my sins that I have committed. I need you my lord my father pulled me back to my family where I should be and my kids I hurt them too I don’t want them to think that daddy is bad I’m not just mad bad choices I’m praying I’m praying asking for forgiveness I’m hurt my broken heart I do feel ashamed of hurting my wife feelings and my kids lord I’m asking for another chance for my marriage. I’m asking to for give me for my sins and forgiveness in Jesus name I pray AMEN

- How much I LOVE and CERISH God

There are so many reasons for me to love god. I could go on for eternity. God has been there for me. When I was 12 I started to self-harm. I cried myself to bed because I felt horrible and selfish for what I’ve been doing to myself. I’d sob and sob that I was not grateful for what an amazing life my parents provided. It was/is a terrible world and have a not very fun life. I though of giving up and going. But every day God would pick me up and carry me to the finish line (End of the day). As if I was a new born trying to walk for the first time. If he wasn’t there to pick me up I would have drowned in sorrow and despair. I’m extremely grateful for God and proud of how far I’ve made it in life. I’ve just learned to walk on my own sometimes needing guidance but I’ll keep trying hard until I can walk on my own. THANK YOU GOD FOR EVERYTHING!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!💜💜💜

- God Love For Us is so Immense and Unfathomable.

ABBA Father is always Busy loving Us, The Human kind and The Creation of HIS Hand, till today. I don’t deserve his Love because I am the Worst Sinner in this world. I never realized that ABBA Father is so Loving and Caring. Though I was a seminarian many of my youthful years, I never discovered that ABBA Loves me and wants me to Turn back to HIM and Love HIM as A Real Father, Daddy and A Papa. During these Pandemic times as we are jobless and sitting idle, because of my wife I started to take interest in the Burning Bush, which was burning on Mount Horeb, Whilst Moses was rearing the Cattle. Today the burning Bush is The Divine Retreat Centre which is Burning all the time yet not burning but Evangelize the Whole World spreading the Word Of God to all the four corners of the World bringing The Good News to The Whole Mankind regardless of Caste, Creed, Religion, Color and Social Status. God is Working and will always work until the Fall of Satan and his folly. I really appreciate this Biblical Version which is totally free and I don’t want to pay even a single penny. God Loves such People who Offer their Best Efforts in Assisting ABBA Father to Spread The Word Of God, to all HUMANITY. Thanks a lot and I Love this Bible which helps me to stay Connected To ABBA Father in my day today life. PRAISE TO THE ALMIGHTY FATHER PRAISE TO HIS MIGHYT SON, JESUS CHRIST, PRAISE TO THE HOLY SPIRIT, ALL THREE IN ONE.

- My one true friend

God has watched over me my whole life from when my life began at birth as a preemie. My parents always wondered why God kept me alive then but I now know He had a purpose for me to be there for my parents in their older age and sickness when no one else would have been there for them. Plus to give encouragement and support to my friends and family. He has stood behind me and walked beside me even when I made bad choices in life. I have rededicated my life to God and to living a more Godly life. I’m not perfect but I’m trying my best to follow God’s word and be the person I was meant to be for Him. I know He is by my side even when I stumble. I’m looking forward to seeing Heaven and those of my family and friends that are already there. Please pray for me that I will continue on the clear and Godly path. Thank you for your prayers.


The word love just can’t express what I feel for My amazing God & Jesus Christ my lord and savior. Thanks to him I’m a mother and have a super strong unconditional love for my children and the idea of losing any for any reason is incomprehensible yet God so loved the world he give the his only begotten son for he can save the world! So just LOVING my good gracious God is an understatement...I truly sincerely unconditionally LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE appreciate respect admire every fiber of his being!! I’m not a church going person I am a super sinner with a fear of God. Sometimes I don’t feel worthy of his constant love & blessings & I fall short of what he deserves & expects from me. I pray I give him thanks & praise & ask for forgiveness & favor in being what he wants & expects from me a child of God hence why I’ve downloaded this app in hopes of strengthening & securing my bond connection & communication with My good God.

- My Heavenly Father

You asked if I love God I love Jesus with all my heart and soul I wouldn’t be where I am today without him he’s got me through the worst of times the best of times the saddest of times every day I thank him for what he does for me and my family and I’m so happy that he has his hands upon my family and everyone that I love he works for me and every day of my life he comes first before anyone because he is the reason for all the good in my life so I just want to thank him for always being there and listening to me in my diarist of needsI love you Jesus and thank you for protecting me and my children and giving us the best life as well as my pets and my loved ones and continue to help the ones that are in need of you dear Jesus and I will continue to speak your name and let everyone know what a great Jesus you are I love you

- Who God Is to Me

He is my Rock. My Shepherd. My God. My One and Only. No matter what happens, no matter what disappointments and heartbreaks I may face, He is and will always be my source of life and joy. Not something or someone else, but Him alone. In Christ alone, my hope is found. In Christ alone, I experience a love no one could ever give to me. And oh, what a love I’ve found❤️✝️🙏🏻 Praise Jesus! If you do not believe in Him, or you’re not sure if you’re saved, I encourage you to ensure that you are. If God is tugging on your heart, ask Him to save you. It doesn’t matter what words you say - what matters is the decision you make in your heart to love and serve Him. He hears your words, but He also hears your heart. Pray to Him, ask Him to save you, and ask for forgiveness. Ask Him to come into your heart and into your life. And that’s all there is to it. God bless❤️✝️🙏🏻

- God my Father

Yes I love God with all my heart, soul and mind, God knows my everything and how I’m blessed to call him my Father. I’m so grateful that I serve a Merciful God, I know I’m a sinner and I failed short of Glory. God loves his children’s so much that he send his only begotten son our Lord Jesus Christ to die for our sins so we can be in the Kingdom of Heaven with our Father God and his son our Lord Jesus Christ our Savior. No matter how much I sins we serve a forgiving God, as we Repent our Sins. Try God , God will never put no more pressure on you than you can bear, God will never forsake you or leave you alone, God always with you no matter what the situation maybe. I just want to say thank you Jesus Christ for your love and blessing and watching over me and my family’s and friends in Jesus Christ our Savior who die for us so we can have entertained life.

- Horrible Grammar & Typos, Difficult Bible Search

I like the daily verses and message about them. Those are written okay. But the Daily Challenge quiz has such horrible grammar and spelling! They put “disciplines” instead of disciples! It’s like it’s composed by people who don’t know English, or it’s a really bad translation of another language. So bad that it’s really hard to connect the question to the answer sometimes, because it makes no grammatical sense. Also, many of the multiple choice answers are pretty laughable. You don’t get anything important for doing it anyway, so I stopped. My other complaint is that the Bible search doesn’t work for finding specific verses. Sometimes it works, other times it doesn’t. I tried searching for something in Proverbs, but nothing came up. But when I searched Galatians, I was able to find it, but only the first chapter. I wish Biblegatway had an app like this!

- I love my God

Even when I am not sure if he listening my prayers even if I see how bad people success I their jobs financially or personally I still believe it My faith is been always here in my soul and in my heart I cry a lot I don’t understand why I cry that much why I am so sensitive I want to be strong but my heart is so broken and in pain for all that happens in my life that crying is been the way that I smile I can’t control my pain my frustration and tears just fell from my eyes I wish God makes me more strong so my pain that is not hurt any more I don’t want to suffer I want to be happy and I pray God for it every time to cure me for my pass for my present to take care if my future and give me happiness cure my kids from anxiety and mental issues and make me strong so I can be strong for my kids

- God will help us

God will help us when the enemy is putting his lies in our head. Just like the Bible says he is going to try to kill steal and destroy us but God will rescue us before we get to the end of our rope because He loves us. Don’t remember the lies that get put in your head that scare you but remember the Truth that set you free and made you worthy to be called one of Gods children. We just need to pray for faith and strength and remember the blessings He gives us every time we are scared and never forget what He does for us when we have been scared before. Thank you God for all the times you have delivered us before we got to the end of our ropes. You make us stronger. Thank you for your son who made us worthy and able to talk to you. Praise you Father and praise Jesus. In the name of Jesus we pray amen.

- I love God

Good morning, May God Bless you TODAY🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 I accepted Jesus At 7 years old at a My church BVS. I followed Him to now age 76. I had some time that I was to busy for daily devotion, but I reached up to take His hand to never let go again through life . I love ❤️ him so much , he is always at the tip of my tongue for prayer and praise!!! He walked me through husbands death from cancer, then my Mother's death of septis. Later the Lord guided a friend to call me for date . I said no that I was in love with a dead man and May never date ? She was just so sure that I needed someone to take care of me . I was really happy in my walk with Jesus !!! Praise God he took great care of me and I've never do a day with out His love!! I did meet the Guy that she wanted to introduce to me after putting off dating. We married after 9 months. Wander full christen man of God ! I Can't Do With out God in my Personal LIFE . I Love ❤️God And Jesus so much , my life depends on Him !!! Please take Jesus as your Saviour today if you never Have ! He is Our ROCK OUR Salvation to Heaven !! Gad made us all and LOVES US FROM THE BEGINNING . WHOM ELSE COULD MAKE A COMPUTER-LIKE BRAIN AND BODY AS CREATING A HUMAN??? GOD Is REAL. I'll be PRAYING FOR YOU TO KNOW HIM

- My Testimony

I could not do it with out the word of god!! Everything that has happened in 2020.. goes to show us there is something greater out there.. in this time we all should all stop and take a step back and look at the bigger picture and what is the lesson we need to learn... That there is something much much great out there.. stop and think about what God is really saying to all of us. Take nothing for granted, treat people the way you want be treat, take only what you need and no more. Have grace = cause grace removes guilt- which in turn means no more shame : grace to cover past because the past is the past : God is faithful.. if you don’t believe read Corinthians 1:9.. it was told to me like this Grace from past.. gift for the present have faith for a guaranteed future.

- God is Great

God has been a part of my life for many years. I just kept ignoring him because I didn’t want to give up the worldly ways. But the world is full of sin and filled with hatred. And it was no life for me and my wife. One day I asked my wife if she wanted to go to church. We’ve been going to church for 3 years and the both of us were baptized. And the peace you feel securing your eternal life with God and knowing that He going to guide us through life. I encourage everybody to let God into your life he wants a relationship with you and he wants us all to be saved. Talk with God and Walk with him follow him he will not lead you down the wrong road. Give your heart to him let him give you peace that you need. If you don’t pray (START) set yourself a time to pray weather its 7am or 7pm . God loves you

- Loving God

My Heavenly Father does things for me I cannot do on my own. For instance, waking me up this morning, giving me the use of my limbs, blessing me to be in my right mind, allowing me to eat and digest food, providing me with shelter, other necessities, and wants. He gives me a chance to serve Him. A chance to do things with purpose, like being a Mother. He gives me support, comfort, peace. He allows me to see I am worth love, dignity, and respect. He makes crooked paths in my life straight, for instance, conviction. He doesn’t treat me as my sins deserve. He is gentle, forgiving, kind, patient. He allowed me to be reconciled to Him through Jesus. He claims me. He calls me His friend. He delivers me from evil. He delivers me from myself. He is my Healer. God is good. There aren’t enough words to explain how good God is. I am happy He is God all by Himself!

- Why I love God

God gave his only begotten son for me to live eternally in heaven with Him He’s is almighty, all knowing He’s my father He looks after me He let’s me know when things are not right, He loves me He’s my provider He sustains me in times of trouble He protects me He keeps me encouraged I love God because he talks with me He’s never left me even when I didn’t do what was right He gives me peace when I feel like I’m lonely God let’s me know that he’s with me and I am not alone He’s given me sight, the ability to walk and talk He’s given me the ability to love others a even when they treat me wrong I love God because he has never forsaken me He has always kept his word to me He has never guided or directed me wrong He orders my footsteps daily He blesses me, my family and friends daily I Love God because He Loves me

- Jesus

We all exist because of Jesus. I love him with all my heart and soul. He made me who I am and I’m not a bad person and a loving mom and grandmother as well as great grandmother to my children’s beautiful kids. Jesus gave me life and wonderful loving parents and I know I didn’t say it often to them they knew how much I loved them as well as my brothers. I am do great full for my three children that god granted me to love and provide for them. My baby Leanora lost her life at 28 years old and left me her only gift her baby girl to take care of which I feel I did. Although I lost my first born I knew in my heart God would take care of her along with my parents and close brother in Heaven. She was safe there and no longer hurting herself . Jesus is our savior and I’m happy to have him as our father and protector.

- Do you love God?

Yes I love God the father with everything in me. I know that he loves me unconditionally even at my lowest of lows. I got saved almost 9 days ago and am still struggling with sin but the conviction I feel is unreal. It hurts me when I sin and I know it hurts God, I’m gonna keep on praying for forgiveness and guidance. I love you father God. If you are reading this I hope you know that God loves you and will forgive you. Please follow Christ everyone! I haven’t been a very good person my whole life and in Gods eyes none of us are good, we need to understand that being “good” isn’t good enough to get into heaven. It’s a relationship with Jesus Christ and that is the only way. Admitting to your sins and confessing with your mouth that he died on the cross for our sins and truly believing that. I love you all and God bless!

- The love for my god

I love god so much for what he did for us.. god is always there for us no matter what and he forgives us for our sins..god is always there when we are in need or when we need help.. gods love is so pure that it brings peace and love to our hearts.. god is our father in heaven and he brings knowledge, love, courage, strength and most of all he gives us wisdom.. all the things I mentioned about god given us is true and he is the truth.. u should ask and u shall receive but at the same time follow the right pathway.. god endures us and he wants us to love him and endure him back by talking to him and praying and living a responsible life .. god doesn’t ask for much but for us just to love him and to spread the word of our god.. god is great , god is love and god is our almighty king is Jesus name I say this amen...

- I love Jesus

He is my Lord and savior. He is our creator. There are are not enough stars to tap to rate my love for JeSus . However, his love for me and for all man is greater because he is perfect and good. I love Him more than I love myself or anyone . But, I believe he is the truth and the light And I’m like a 47 year old baby that is re -learning threw the truth of the scriptures and gospel and to be obedient. I want to do the will of my father and be as Jesus taught and was a walking example of how he loves God the father . The holt spirit is working in me. I think only my creature can answer a scale of love if there is one. I’m merely giving my best honest answer. It just popped in my head. Only Jesus needs to know how Michigan love him. It’s irrelevant to give such an answer when he’s the only one who capable of judging my heart

- The only Father

God has represented himself in my life many times since I was a young child through miracles and working in mysterious ways. When I found myself all alone I was granted the ability to feel his love and presence in my life he moved my heart from evil and change my ways in impossible ways and I love him because through it all God is the one who was there for me when no one was. My father took care of me many times he loved me and gave me free will and compassion for others he showed me forgiveness. He’s my one true father that I never had in a physical form. The love I have looked for in other men. The truth I wanted when I was confused. Through him I’m granted everything I ask for and I love him because his love is more than enough in my life.

- Leaning to Know God

My life has been turned over to the Lord completely. It's been over a year now, and my relationship has literally turned into a tangible relationship like no other. God is there, but the funny thing is- is that He always been there. Feeling the presence of Jesus is real.... I've been blessed to have felt Gods presence many times. Learning to walk with the Lord changes you for the better...... You don't have the desires to live the way you used to live. All bad habits go away. My advice is to talk to Him every day... find a church home that you resignate with.... your Pastor will discuss more lessons of God, but praying and singing His song is beyond moving; you feel the Holy Spirt move all around you. Remember, God knew you, and Loved you first.

- My conversation with Jesus.

I met him when he appeared before me while I was in a coma. I was so scared because I felt unworthy of him. Shaking like a leaf I stood there as quite as a mouse that’s when he spoke to me asking me if I wanted a second chance at life? I didn’t hesitate to ask him can I have one? He replied only if you live by me !!! I said I’ll take that deal & out of the coma I came. It is something that I will never forget & every time I think about it I start to cry I pray two rosaries everyday since in an attempt to thank him for everything that he has done for me but I know it’s not enough so I live each day the best that I can. Thank you Jesus Christ for your wisdom and grace I hope to see you again one day I love you more than you know. Roy Pierron

- How much I love god

I love god so much I can’t even tell you I thank for that I wake up everyday without having to think is there gonna be food or there clothes for me I just thank god for everything and I am so blessed with many things I just wanna let whoever is reading this review that it will get better whatever your going through god has a better plan for you and don’t give life’s to short live life to the fullest before all ur passes are out and ur such a wonderful person and I thanks u for reading this review and taking this time if u made it this far and I love Jesus so much and god I just wanna huh them and just say to them I finally made it and I am proud I love you thank you to whoever reads this review for taking the time

- I love The Only, Wise, True, Living God.

I Love God. Ever since I was younger, God shows me and cause me to feel His unconditional Love. I know God loves me, and I feel that He personally Loves and Cares for me. The Words of God tells me that God love me, and in the day to day moments in life God shows me, for instance during my devotions, or at my job, or doing chores, or activities of activities of daily living. God is my Only Friend, that goes anywhere with me in the different journeys of life. God promises me in His words in Hebrews 14 verse 5 , I will never leave you nor forsake you, indeed God is the only one that has promise me these wonderful & beautiful words, and God is the only one that has the Power to keep this promise to me. God has never leave me nor forsake me, God is the I am that I am...Hallelujah.

- Love God Because....

He loves me so much. He nursed me back to health mentally after my Mother who was a best friend to each of my 5 siblings died in 2010 about 364 days after our Father passed. I love God because he continues to bless and heals our hearts. I love him because he has provided for me a great life with a wonderful husband and amazing son. I love him because he has protected us and kept us safe from the coronavirus giving my son, sister, niece, nephew, and brother in law an extra shield of protection from being on the front lines as essential workers. I love him because despite all of my flaws, he continued to give me favor, mercy, and grace all of my life. I thanked him for blessing me with an awesome close knitted family and great friends. That is why I love him so.

- Review to 63

Please print this answer. Yes GOD Out Heavenly Father has a plan for you. I’m 73. Almost the Same story but no girlfriends however I was in car accident that was his fault now I’m in pain using a cane. Oh he doesn’t want that! I went from young to old overnight. Now he is gone all the time. I’m alone but after 51 years its ok better than being fussed at about everything I’m going to do a Golden Girl House. God sent the Holy Ghost to the earth to be with us Don’t you feel a presence around you. Listen to what he says to you. Pray pray for an answer and he will answer. If you can MOVE out! Leave that horrible situation. Don’t be afraid you are not alone the Holy Ghost is with you and will help you. But you have to LISTEN. Suzy Upton

- My God

I love you so much Father: I need you everyday to be near me. Guiding me. Helping me . Protecting me and Loving me. I hope You keep opening my eyes and keeping my eyes on you. And my ears focused on your word. Father God continue to work within our lives and help me raise Anayhi Venessa Yslas. She is your Beautiful Child. I am Blessed to be her mother I am honored to be chosen for her mom. She belongs to you Dear God. You have full Control over Our Steps. God I humbly ask for your help with helping me raise her right. You alone Lord know what is The very best for our future together. Please Give Me a sign of what I need to do for the best interest of Our Life.. I cannot do this alone. I need you Father God please I’m Calling upon your aid Amen in Jesus Christ Name I pray Amen 🙏🏼❤️😇

- It has been always.

As a child (3-5), I had a book on God. I loved reading and looking at it. My Papa and Nana were Italian missionaries sent to Birmingham, because the city had iron and pipe mills, where Many Italians worked . We went to church every Sunday and I loved the stories of Jesus and we went regularly to the Mission church also. I loved saying my prayers at every meal, morning and night. I never was in doubt, that Jesus loved me and I loved Him also. I made a confession of faith when I was about 9 or 10 at a tent meeting with elderly neighbors. I knew that night would be special and it truly was! Jesus loved me and I felt strongly to tell the entire group of people that had attended. It was a night that rained many inches and there was lightning and thunder. I knew God was getting my attention.

- ❤️❤️

I love God because he’s helped me with many struggles even when I was struggling in school I asked him to help me he helped me he cured my anxiety, depression ,and the sadness that, All I want is to hug God and Jesus for helping me through everything I’ve been through and thanks to them for also helping my family through struggles and always making sure we all wake up every morning and sleep well at night. I can’t wait for KING Jesus TO COME BACK and save those who believe and love him. I love him so much and I thank him for everything he’s done in my life and I also thank God for everything as well❤️. Remember God loves you guys don’t forget that and remember you beautiful the way you are Love you guys!!!!❤️.

- Lost & afraid

Dear God, you have a plan for me and I will follow you. I am struggling with my husband that is cheating on me. He does not love me because I grew old. I am 63 years old and he is 72. His girlfriend is 35 and is also marry. I was told that God would never send someone else’s husband to another woman. But she is in our lives. He also has another women that he has on the side to. If this is your wish for me to cut it loose and be free, I will do that. Dear God, help me through this for I am not strong. I am scared to be alone but I know I will have to do this by myself. Through you, I will not be alone. Give me the strength to go on without him since he has taught me to live on my own anyway. In Jesus name I pray with all my heart. Amen


I LOVE GOD 😇❤️🙏🏽🥰😍.... because I know HE loves and cares for me. He wakes me up each morning; allowing me to start my day with drawing closer to Him. Knowing and learning his ways, following and seeking after him. He forgives me of my trespasses and sins. He protects my comings and goings; as well as on the highways and byways. Also, watches over me throughout the day and night from the attacks of my enemies. I LOVE GOD... because HE has a plan for my life, and He knows my future. GOD has helped me overcome Trials, Tragedies, Dishonest Relationships, Selfishness, Lying, Hatred, Coveting, Unforgiveness, Anxiety, Stress, Depression, and Deceit. He Keeps me alive and well....and “out of hospitals “.🙌🏽.... HE IS MY REFUGE and STRONG TOWER; MY HOPE, MY HELP, MY STRENGTH, MY PROVIDER, MY LORD OF LORDS and KINGS OF KINGS. HE IS LOYAL and TRUSTWORTHY; HE IS LOVE ❤️

- A letter to God

God I love you so much. I love you more than anyone can imagine. I’m willing to do anything for you my God. I try to do the things you ask of me and sometimes my flesh tells me I can’t that it’s to tiring, but I know what you did for me so I keep trying. Lord my siblings are lost. I’ve prayed that you help them seek the truth but they don’t take it as serious as me lord. So I’m gonna keep coming to you and keep coming to you until one day I can thank you. Thank you, for helping them. Lord no matter what trials or tribulations I get put through I ask that you are with me every step of the way so I that I can get through them with ease. Lord I love you so much and this is my letter to you.❤️🙌🏽

- How I love God and why this app has giving me so much

God is always have a little place in my heart one big things happen or small things happen is the first thing nothing comes to mind reading this makes me feel closer to him and I reading it every single day that I go to sleep makes me feel like a new woman the next being the pastors granddaughter it holds a big thing of God and my grandpa we all think he has like a direct line to God but now I think I do because of this app it’s giving me so much and show me how much I love God and sharing this with all my love people that he gave me it shows me how much they love him too I will be a pastor I will be appraiser I will be the image god sees in me.

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- Hope in a time of distress

During this time of great uncertainty and loss during this so called pandemic we focus on our hope and faith in God through his son Jesus. We believe that the world has lost faith in God and the power of prayer and belief that Christ came to restore our relationship with God. We are truely like lost sheep. We prayer that God will reveal his message to us so that we can accept his perfect will,and rely less on little gods of comfort and excess.

- Why I love god❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏

My name is juanita I was born with a T cell deffienicy and fail to thrive I also had emodmotios I was dieing and heal buy god when I was 27 years old I was batize buy full imurcian right under water 💦 I revived the holy sprit speaking in toungs god has always provid all my needs god is a great healer today yes god does heal in our world 🌍 now he said I am the lord the heal the thank you god for always looking after me juanita

- Why I Love God❤️

I love god because he sent his only son Jesus to die on the cross for our sins. Without him we would have no chance from entering the gates of heaven. God loves us so much, and we should show the exact love back to him by reading the Bible and keeping your faith!🙏🏾

- I thankyou Jesus

I love God because he gave me a family that loves me, I love God because he has blessed me with more love & blessings into my life more then you’ll ever know !! 🥺 so i thankyou for letting me use this app to find a connection with God🥺🤍🤍

- God Loves You and Me

No words can explain what God has done for my life as I stand today it wasn’t my strength nor my knowledge but all His Love and Grace that get me to where I am today and for that I thank God my Father for His Unconditional Love

- Beautiful!

This is a beautiful, inspiring app! The offered prayers and devotions are wonderfully thought-provoking. The Garden of Faith is also a wonderful idea to keep you coming back every day. I’m so glad I was enabled to find it!

- Yes I do love God

Yes I do love God , as he is our Heavenly Father the Alpha and Omega the beginning and the end of our faith . He is our papa who loves us all very much and gave up His only Son Jesus Christ so that we all shall live and live our lives abundantly

- Kjv

Great prayers and devotions, it has made it easier for me to understand what versus mean by putting perspective in to the verses, its always been hard for me to understand but hopefully im starting to

- I love god and trust in him

There’s times that I get lost and forget to follow god but in his trust I know he always follows me no matter what and before you know it I am back on his righteous path again.

- Reconnected with my faith after many years in the wilderness

KJV Bible app has helped me reconnect with Our Lord and Saviour, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and other believers after a long time away from the Grace of God. Thanks so much

- Bringing you closer in faith and Jesus

I am very thankful for having downloaded this app. Just what is needed for the heart and soul and peace of mind in such trying times. God Bless us all and show us the way.

- Thank you for this wonderful app

It’s now become my daily go to.

- Jesus is the Answer to all of the problems that exist in our troubled world!!!🙏🙏🙏♥️♥️♥️🇦🇺

Jesus is the answer to all of the existing problems in our world!🙏🙏🙏👋♥️♥️♥️🇦🇺

- The best bible study and every day I read a verses

I love to learn the verses off morning and night and the questions from bible too

- Love

Yes we love you Lord you have always been looking after me through all my Trials Amen

- Love the King James Bible study

It’s fantastic and it has helped me to be connected with God and try to live his way the positive and Godly I love Jesus and God Bless 💖🦋🌈

- It is ver amazing

It is amazing and I love it because it helps me to believe in God Almighty and teaches me on how to get through in life.😇

- Beautiful & very blissful

Excellent reminder and encouragements prayer hymns . Beautiful blessings and very positive wordings to put you all in right pathways .


I’ll have no faith, but need help from AFORGIVING & SO SO MANY OTHER THINGS PLEASE PRAY FOR MY MUMS LIFE WITH ME GO AWAY CANCER PLEASE HELP JUST THIS ONCESacrifice my silly life for her ! I’m scared l don’t want to Die . HERANDME ! Together same place same time

- I love this app!!

This app reminds you daily to connect with God and our saviour Jesus.

- Dexter

I like posting versus reliable apps to use

- For God so loved the world that he gave he’s only begotten son... Jesus

For with God nothing shall impossible

- Heart Starter

My soul is not energised or focused for purpose till heaven speaks to me early each day

- Inappropriate ads during study

While I am studying the Bible, I am very dismayed, seeing the ads about the Horoscopes that keep popping up several times. Anh

- God love me

Yes I love God because He send Jesus to die for My sins, this the firs love someone to sacrificed life the world. God is God always.

- The Bible kJV

This app needs work to it , i clicked on Jude 1 and it was Genesis 1. Please can someone look into it . Also when you press play for audio you get something different to what your reading . Robert.

- Life

Road to Home. Thank you.

- I love it and Very handy to read bible 📖♥️thank you so much


- How much I loved GOD.

I loves him with all my heart & soul. Everyday I give Thanks & Prayers as I cherish & adore him! 🙏🏻

- this app is amzing

hi i wanted to learn about god in our last days but i would like to say that this is a great app and if u ppl r thinking if u should download it i totally recomend this app!!

- Catechist: James Row

I love God: with all my heart; soul; mind; strength; thoughts and as well as my neighbour:Amen

- Talking with God

Now I can talk to God and know what to say

- Hello

I love this Bible so much with all my heart

- Confusing and misleading

I couldn’t understand it because it wasn’t in enchantment table runes

- My Heavenly Father is the word Amen

Number 1 in the universe 🙏🏻🤍❤️😇💥

- Love God

I love God with all my heart and soul.

- I don’t like the adds it is a distraction.

Adds are a distraction

- Our Father

The Teachings of God can be confusing and taken out of context, however, I practice the one simple truth and if it does not align with that truth, then I question. I practice the KISS system, which I’m sure every one has already heard of. Keep It Simple Stupid. And for God, It works like this. He is my Father, and as such he would behave as a Father. I as a father and for women, (as a parent), what do I want for my children and how do I achieve that. In order to learn and grow, there needs to be failures and successes, so sometimes I aid and sometimes I allow them to struggle but I’m always there to ensure they do not get destroyed either by their own actions or outside actions. In a nutshell, the love and wisdom you display towards your children multiplied is the how our father in heaven has love and wisdom for us. Remember, if it is a miracle, it cannot be explained If it is horrible and unjust, it is not necessary God or Satan. Sometimes bad things happen, because the world is automated. Bad weather just happens due to science. But when you sitting down and the wind blows your hat off, and you say god, I’m not in the mood audibly so that non Christians can hear and he makes the wind do a 180 and blows your hat back to you. True story, happened to me at work. That is a miracle. Over the years, I’ve witnessed many, but this was purely an indication, that he did not necessarily blow my hat off, but he is ever watching and realised that I was hurting that day and realising the impact it would have on those around me and myself, and in an instant changed the direction of the wind and delivered it back to me. And that there, illustrates the heart of the Father.

- Good

Helps me to pray daily

- Fabulous

I love this KJV app it draws me closer to my God👌🏽👌🏽🙏😊👍🏽


This is amazing I live the lord and god and Jesus and Mary 💕

- Rev

Beautiful and very inspiring

- Billy Graham

Watch billy Graham classics

- Add

Advertis too much

- Great App

Love it

- Lulu

Very good and I love it 🙏🙏❤️

- Helloooo

If you want to pray this is the most perfect app to play it’s lovely and might change my life to become more Holy.You should try it

- Mr Andreia

I love God 100%

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- Gods blessings

Thank you so very much for always being there when my day is a mess and my night needs a pick up !! It's so great to have you right with me always ... big time blessings to you all ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏😇

- Bible

I just love your App it’s such a Blessing to me It’s such a Inspiration to see how God love us and cares for us may the Blessing of the Lord be with you all Thanks to Share 💖🌈🙏🙏

- I’m lost

I just want to take god in my heart house. I want my daughter safe

- Rate

Love it , love it , love it must tell more people about this app God Bless us all 😍

- I just love it.

The entire app is well thought out, inspired and I just adore the notification sounds!

- God’s verse

I love it . I like getting up in the morning and the first thing I read is God’s morning Prayer.


I love the app but find it very sensitive to touch - when doing the quiz - I have received many wrong answers just by repositioning my phone it has tapped a totally wrong answer

- I am at peace

I have found this to be the greatest gift I can ever give to myself in prayer And this page is helping me to build my faith and my closeness to Christ Jesus Amen, l love it and I am glad I found this app. Thanks

- The best!

Fantastic! The best

- My love for God

How could I not love Jesus for the scarify he made for us, giving me the opportunity to be able to come to the throne of grace and having him by my side during this journey call live. Thank you for always being there even when I don’t desire it. Amen

- Love God

God is my whole life. Without Him, I do not breathe, I do not live. I am His child.

- Praise to the Lord

I love God for us mercy on me and my family

- Much I love God

I really love God and this is helping me love him even more

- Love it.

I enjoy listening to the narrator as he walks me through the word of God.

- Bible app

I look forward to seeing a new message each day. God always finds a way for me to see how it applies to my life and to use that knowledge to glorify Him. Very thankful 🙏🏻

- Holy bible

I find it disrespectful and ungodly to have credit ads in the middle of the verse. For that my rating is low and will remove apps. Can’t even read a holy bible without ads is the middle of it.

- Loving god the creator

God has been my refuge and my full filler throughout all things

- I love Jesus with all my heart and I keep loving him more each day.

People need Jesus in their lives. Not enough people care for get to really know him.

- Greattt App

Encourages me to read my Bible more

- He is Faithful

He always listens ❤️

- Welcoming the Word

My husband and I recently received several unexpected signals on our laptops. The first few times, we randomly heard church bells, but had no idea why. Tonight, we received a message to spend 5 minutes with God before bed. We searched for this site and read the Daily devotional including the prayer for guidance, and then answered 10 questions based on the scriptures. This was in addition to an earlier devotional and scripture reading that we do each day, yet we felt it was important to follow the prompting that came to our attention so mysteriously. In spite of our usual practice of Bible reading and prayers, given the very uncertain times of the COVID pandemic, we felt the hint to add more to our devotional was something we should heed. Thankfully, this site provided the extra help we were able to access. We recommend it to anyone who would like to spend a few minutes with God each day.

- Plein de mensonges

Comment peut-on laisser une application dire autant de faussetés. Un paquet de m’enterres et il y a encore du monde assez stupide pour croire tout ce qui écrit dans le plus grand livre mensonger sur terre. Bande d’idiots!

- God’s will and never ending love

This is the greatest app for all who believe

- Amazing

Catholic and proud

- Samith

I spend a lot of times of my day to think, to talk and to praise God.

- Horoscope ads??

Maybe if you weren’t being sponsored by horoscopes and “Harry Potter’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry” ads... I’d support you. Unfortunately it IS a good app, but I’ll have to find another one.

- KJV E Bible

Love listening to this eBible! Who is the narrator? His voice is very pleasant to listen to.

- Catholic man

Growing learning and praying and now found this app and I really love it. It’s so easy to understand and easy and ready to learn more. Thanks to developers who created this and good gift. Love it

- Amazing grace

I love it it teaches me a lot I love God and Jesus thank you for everything that you do for us you are love and you create love thank you for being our saviour and our salvation

- Love this app!

I love the devotional and the morning/night prayers.

- Yes I love God

I need God with me as without his love I would be alive.

- Thank you God

May I never die young in Jesus’s name . I will live my life to the fullest to testify the Goodness of God

- How much I love God

As long as I can remember God was very close to my family. We grew up with God. Church on Sunday. Catholic school until grade seven. Then we move to a new place and it’s funny how everything changed. No longer did I go to a catholic school, it was a regular, no uniforms, no respect to ward other people. It was a struggle for me, I had no idea how or why people were so opposed to Jesus. No one spoke about him nor did they care. I struggled thru, then found a group whom all believed in God. It was Army Cadets, we went to church not all the same church. Our Greatest saying was ‘To all of us religions, race or gender, we all new there was and always will be one God who loved us all, no matter what. I am now 53yrs young, it stayed with me and have raised my Children that same way. I am blessed with two Grandchildren and they will be raised in Gods eyes just as we all are. Take Care, God Bless

- Amour

Dieu est Amour Dieu est Lumière Dieu est mon Père i love God Elaine Romanoff

- 5 Stars

5 Stars

- This bible is amazing

If you don’t get it as yet please do so you won’t regret it , Jesus word is the best thing 🥰 get it now before it’s too late

- Higher than me.

He’s my higher power. There must be a reason why I am here? Everything that’s around me that he crated tells me why. Every time I’m in nature I feel good and strong presence and I don’t think to much about my worries when I’m out in nature. Just seeing his creations how powerful it is tells me he there for me and I do forget about him too and that’s when I am supposed to read my bible when ever I get a chance. Amen 🙏🏽

- I love god

He helps me see the way so I can get to heaven and see my daughter

- I love it!

It shows that good love you a lot

- Holy Bible

I thank God for the freedom that we have to be able to read His word each day.

- Excellent


- I love him because he first loved me.

Hi, I’m so thankful that he loved me when I was still in sin, how could I not love him back? I truly love him, but I know that I could love him more.

- Jesus

I love Jesus because He first loved me.

- I love GOD

I’m a cancer survivor so my faith in him and prayers work.🙏😊

- I love God

I love God with all my heart. I love others as He loves me. I continued to enjoy what I do to help people in need with assisting their daily needs. Looking my family as a mother would do. Tell my kids about Jesus. Not only to my kids but also my family and friends who doesn’t know God. I thank Him with all the blessings, good health, friends and family he has given me. And most off all, I thank Him for his son Jesus for dying in the cross for my sin so one day I can be with Him. I pray that he continues guiding me and protecting me as I continue to do his will in my life. Thank you and bless.

- I love Jesus

This is a wonderful app and keeps me in touch with Jesus at all times and helps me remember His words!

- Very helpful

My favourite part is the interpretation of the prayers. It changes my perspective allowing me to see things far more clearly. Thank you

- I love god

God is my saviour God is my protector God is my life God Is my everything I never have in this world God is love us to much

- I love my GOD so much because He is my Saviour,my Lord,my Healer, Mighty GOD for ever Ameen!!

Thank you Jesus for you give me chance to internal live I love you Jesus and I worship you!!!

- Returning to the lord

I don’t know no much about the bible. I know something not much I’d love to hear it at bedtime I’d learn if it was read to me at bedtime.

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- How much I love God

Well I wanna start by saying I will always love God because he has always loved me as well as everyone he created he gave us a life to live and progress. I love him each and every day that he gives me another opportunity to wake up and I’m thankful. God has always been in my life and opened my eyes and mind to many things and this bible app helped me fulfill my many questions I had from when I was younger and I’m thankful for the creators of the app that I will always have my bible on me. I love God so much that I learned as a child to trust him with my life and from that point on I have . He has opened so many doors for me and keeping in his path to do no wicked and I’m blessed in Jesus name , Amen😌❤️

- Amazing but...

This app is truly amazing, it has made me feel so much closer to my beliefs and to god. It has reminded me and put me on a better schedule of doing my bible reading. I am 13 and I believe that it is better to get started younger with growing closer to god. But one thing that I found that was unsettling for me was there was a little section after if I shed reading a chapter that said something like “god will bring you all that you want” you know something close to that and I felt that it was kind of manipulating gods powers into thinking he’s just going to magically make a Gucci bag appears instead of him bringing you to eternal life. But it could just be me. But over all it’s an amazing app!!! 💘❤️


I love to read the Bible, and I hope that everyone get a Bible to Study GODS WORD IN JESUS CHRIST NAME AMEN AMEN 🙏 I PRAY that folks will understand how much GOD LOVES US ALL. And to realize that JESUS CHRIST IS THEE OTHER ONLY GOD. There is no other deity or god that will recuse us or help to escape from the evil one and from the things that is coming upon this earth. JESUS CHRIST IS THE ONLY WAY TO ESCAPE AND THE ONLY WAY TO SALVATION. IN JESUS CHRIST NAME THERE IS JOY, Love, peace, happiness and feeling the presence OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST ALL AROUND US TODAY. GOD HE does not want anyone to perish but come to repentance and confess your sins and be baptized and receiving the gift of the HOLY SPIRIT IN JESUS CHRIST NAME AND live your life every day for JESUS CHRIST and read His WORD daily everyday, and Ask the HOLY SPIRIT to help you with GODS WORD AND HE WILL GUIDE YOU INTO THE TRUTH OF GODS WORD AND SHOW YOU MANY THINGS OF THE SCRIPTURES IN JESUS CHRIST NAME AMEN AMEN 🙏

- It helped

My whole family is very, very Christian and once I thought to myself on night, did god forgive me for sins that I have ( that are minor like lieing to my parents) but I still wanted to make the lord proud of myself and go into heaven knowing I did good. I have set up schedules around this app because it’s everything to me. I’ve learned wayyy more that I thought I would have and I just started. In my last year I just finished up I was sad all the time and not ready to move on from the school year because 2020 was already horrible. But after downloading this app and looking at what god already pushed me through, I was not scared anymore. - I love my god❤️ & this app ofc😂

- My review to Kjv Bible

In my honest opinion, I think the kjv bible is the infallible word of God, this app is outstanding! You can read it has trivia in which I would like an update on that because I get a lot of the same questions but other than that this app is amazing it literally has everything, you can study pick to have a notification that you can make for a study date or a prayer reminder, you can have it read scripture to you, there’s a daily trivia there’s a quiz etc. I give this app 5 stars God bless you guys that made this app there’s nothing better than spreading the word of God and it’s a fun way to study the word of God, thank you for this app and much love😁❤️🙏🏽

- God le suprême being , a child of the most high

He is my father my rock, my whole being is because he loves me . No one loves me more except him my mother loves me , my husband, my children, my brothers , my sisters , my friends . But him no matter what I do he loves me , even when I don’t deserve his love , he is still stand by with his arms wide open to welcome me back . He knows me from little strands of hair in my body to the last of my tippy toes nail deep waiting my soul he knows who I am , you see he sent me here now for a purpose i can tell him anything even though he already knows it beforehand , a true friend , a father who never far a way from me he talk to me all the time . What about you ?

- I love God,

I Love God more than I know or how to explain what a fascinating relationship we have. I have sinned and asked for his forgiveness and he has forgiven me, he has answered my prayers asked for or not, and he has always been there for me throughout my life. When I was young I did not seek, Pray or meditate and spend time with him like I should. Being young we think we have all the answers and pretty much run on auto pilot solo. Yet in the good times and the bad he has stood there with me protecting me, comforting me, guiding me, spending time with me, loving me. Yes, he is my lord, the light, the spirit, salvation and resurrection , King of kings, he is I Am. I Love God, we should all love him, John 1, 7- 10, Timothy 2.

- I love God

ILove God for he has never not been there for me. My Lord has sent angels to watch over me throughout my whole life. Has he gave us his Son Jesus Christ he gave us a sign that life eternal comes through Christ Jesus. I love God for he has protected my family he has protected my friends he’s protected all that we love even through crises God has always revealed the truth to set us free and all controversies. I love God because he is in charge not me I therefore do not need to worry about things of this world or in my personal life for through him the truth is revealed which shall solve all controversies. God is the life the love and the truth and all that I believe in for I am a sinner but strive to live in honor of God.

- My blessing!!

I can not say how many times he has blessed me! Without him I believe I would not be here today! In 2016 I went to the hospital for a simple bypass surgery and I ended up with a trachoma for your 8 1/2 months because they hit my vocal chords and paralyzed them! They did not know whether I would ever talk and breathe on my own! He gave me my voice back and gave me my life back! And in 2018 I went in for a stint for my stomach and every thing went haywire and I stayed for 6 months. I weighed 132 went I went in and came out weighing 96 pounds. Emergency surgeries and god was with me! I give him all the praise and glory! If it was not for him, I would not be here today! Thank you Jesus!

- The best

I want to thank whoever came up with this out it is the best I have I have came across I have here in rock bottom having to climb back to the top with God help me before where I lost my way did not keep my eyes on him and this app has brought me back to God I wake up in the morning with A spiritual uplifting message and a reminder for prayer are use this app to help keep me focused on God I have dyslexia so I can’t just pick up a Bible like regular people and this helps a lot it read back to me so I can understand what I am reading so to whom ever came up with this app thank you thank you thank you you just don’t know how much you have changed my life

- An honest review from an honest 22 year old father

Normally I would never take the time to write out a review but for this I feel it is my obligation to spread the word of god and to promote it as best as possible through the technological development of this app. With this app there is literally no reason to pass up on your relationship with god because it packs in so much so conveniently that you can’t possibly say, “I’m to busy”. In my highest regards I would recommend downloading this app.. pardon if there’s any typos or the grammar is weird looking. My phones bugged out and I can’t see what I’m typing. By the grace of my lord and savior this message gets across to those who needs it.

- God is my strength and my light

God gave up everything for us and Jesus suffered before and in the cross for us. May we try to follow this example and love one another- Red, Yellow,Black & White- we are all his children and we cannot erase the past but use it to create a better future and the statues are no more than a symbol of that- same as that of our Dear Christ hanging on cross for our sins! Please America- let’s remember our ancestors and not let them or Christ down by acting out in a way that would be displeasing to all! I am Cherokee and I Love all of you and I want you to love me! No More Hate! I have dear friends of all color and I want PEACE AMONGST US ALL!! God Bless you all! Amen! Jaynie

- Strength encourage

I love him because at one point in time I was living my life a little different than I am now I have been ill over the years but I have also begin to be a little bit more happier and healthier and I know it’s all because of him because I asked him for the things that he thinks that I deserve I try to be a better person because I know that’s how he would want me to be so yes I love her I see what he has done to people who pretend to love him and for people that don’t love him and people that forget about him I amUsually forget about him but he forgives me every time because he knows my heart and soul and mind and it belongs to him forever

- Why do I Love Jesus?

I love Jesus!!!! Because he died for my sins, he my only friend indeed. Jesus he is a jealous God and I don’t blame him no one seems to know that he is in control of everything, he allows things to happen to us when all we have to do is kneel call his worship him and only him. He is my alpha omega bright and morning star . God has been good to me more than once. He’s a forgiving God. All you have to do is worship and kneel to him and only him..... God is with us through everything we go through you will not be lonely or regret it, he’s been soooo good to me . He is my light and salvation I don’t believe in no other God but him I pray ask for forgiveness and he’s my peace ❤️❤️❤️

- Tenasha Goins and his love for Me

God has allowed me to go through trials and tribulations but never has he left me. He has given me courage and whispered to me in the darkness. God has also sent a present help. Through my life I have suffered many things of abuse, trauma and pain but God. I am grateful for his love and deliverance. I am grateful that he died for me.. that he has allowed me to love ( family, friends, warriors, pray partners and ministry) and beloved I-am too grateful for ME.. God Thanking you for loving a wretch like me I was once was lost but now I am found God has placed my feet on solid ground.. of all the things I live and know is how much My God Loves Me So.. Amen Hallelujah I am Free.. Nothing but the Blood of Jesus !!!

- How much do I love God?

It’s complicated to explain but I’ll try!! I was taught at an early age that God was our Father but as a kid I didn’t understand how I could have 2 dad’s! As I grew older and started studying the Bible I realized that the Creator of all things manifested himself to become man to walk among the earth to show himself so that mankind would believe that God do exist! Learning to worship and love someone we do not see was hard at first for me until I started calling on the name of Jesus and started to realize not only did He hear me but some of my prayers were being answered!Not only do I now believe in God I’m learning to love Him more each day!! Thank you Father for first loving me!!

- Even includes bell tower chimes through the day -Accompanying a Bible verse.

There is no way I can give enough accolades for this app!!!! Even includes bell tower chimes through the day - -Accompanying a Bible verse. There is much to like about this app except for a few problems: 1. the person who is writing the material for this app does not know the English language or grammar. Mistakes made seldom are always excusable; but not on a recurring basis. Spellcheck will only identify a problem if the word is misspelled not if it is used incorrectly within a sentence! 2. Also, is it necessary to have an ad within every devotional? Political and Government stimulus pop-ups don’t belong within Biblical offerings!

- The grace of God

God blessed us with two amazing sons and two beautiful daughters when we were told we couldn’t have children. HE has been with my husband and I through some tough storms no one should ever have to endure in our marriage, raising our children, and life in general! Because we have relied on HIM to help us we have grown strong and humbled which isn’t easy in the least bit. I love GOD so so much, in fact it should be more, because HE continues to stay with us and bless us even if we do not deserve it! This is why I say the grace of God because HE gives us continually when we don’t deserve it! HE is unfailing in all HE does......I LOVE YOU GOD!!!!!!!!!

- Step Back into Our Lord Jesus Christ Our Savior

This helps so much. When I see the icon in my phone, I can’t help but think about the Lord and all that he has done for my life and everyone around me. I am so grateful for him and this reminder. This app is 100% forever helpful and inspiring for my life. I want to make everyday happy. Thank you for creating this extremely wonderful loving app that has so many interactive features in it to help lost ones or the found ones on this Earth. I hope that you make this app well known so that many people can see this and just even think about the Lord. Infinity out of five stars. 👏👏👏👏🙏✝️✝️💟💟💟

- Loving God when the road ahead seems dim

God you are constantly showing me to stand strong regardless of what the outcome may look like the in come will be so much greater and worthy. I have fallen short daily and it seems so hard but I just can’t give up now I’ve come to far grow where I stayed from. Nobody ever said the road would be easy but it’s so worth it. I thank you father for covering me as I sleep as I go day to day without any hurt or harm. My family as well continue on covering us with your mighty graces d mercy do that we may continue on yo do your will and be your servants!!!Lord help me on this day. I’m in need of your guidance

- Rolando

I love the LORD I’ve been saved 44yrs. He saved me from cancer non hog skin lymfoma when I was 23. Then at 59yrs old my GOD saved me again I had 4 heart attackes I had to get a quardruple bypass that put me out of commission with my work. I was working while having my heart attackes I had no idea because I was pulling cement and never felt a thing. So when I got my bennafits I went to my doctor and that day they put me in the hospital he said get an anblulance .it was horrible. I went through all my sergers. My GOD is always looking out for me. I owe everything to my LORD. Now I. Have to make it up to my GOD. Pray for me please I need to speak this out some how


Hi my name is Roxanna and God came to me because I was an alcoholic and told me that is I didn’t STOP drinking that I would not live a long life. As I was sitting drinking and in a lot of pain. The next morning when I awoke GOD had taken the craving of the taste from my mouth and taste buds. GOD can do all things threw CHRIST JESUS who strengthens me. I am so great full for my LORD and he Is so good to us. No one could ever get tell me that GOD is not a healer because I would tell them different. Always have faith and believe in our GOD he is beautiful ,amazing , loving, joyful and GLORIOUS and deserves more praise then he gets. I truly am thankful for your readings and prayers very inspirational. Thank you JESUS.

- Question?

I downloaded this app once then deleted it because in the ad it shows where you can tap on a particular feeling you have for the day such as “angry or frustrated “ but when I went to look for that feature I couldn’t find it anywhere to get to that function- Just the daily devotional prayers (which are great but not why I downloaded it in the first place ) So I am assuming I just am not going to the correct place since it was in the ad I assumed it was right out there where I could tap into “today I feel stressed “. What am I missing and thank you for help :) sorry but not tech savvy!

- Resilience

I just came across this app. My wife and I pray almost every morning when we wake up. We are intentional about it. If we miss in the morning the Holy Spirit gently reminds us. If I or my wife are at work no matter what’s going we stop, we call one another and pray to the Father. Even as I am writing this review I feel the presence of God. I’m hearing the word “resilience”. I believe this word is for someone. This means that you have the ability to recover from anything tough. You have had many obstacles thrown in your way but YOU KEEP BOUNCING BACK. Be encouraged.. Stay in tune to the spirit. This is a great tool. God Bless You!! Lawrence

- Heck yes

When I didn’t even know him and when I never prayed he still love me and still stick by my side and gave me a second chance so this is my second chance read in the Bible praying just telling him what he done for me and I’m so thankful he did and for gave them what I’ve done in the past are you doing just got a love him and let him take it from there trust me he loves you no matter what you do he’s watching up to you he won’t he’s not gonna put you in a situation that’s too hard because he knows you can do it because you’re strong brave purging and most definitely spread his word🤍🤍

- Question

This app is great, I just have a question. In the ad, it showed a mood thing where you can tap on the mood that you feel for that day, and it sends you a verse about the mood you picked. I got this app mostly for that, but the daily mood thing is not on the app, only on the ad. I was really looking forward to the daily mood thing, mostly because I really need it. I wanted it to help me because I don’t feel the best in my faith right now. I wanted to know why the mood thing isn’t on the app. If you could please respond, I would feel a lot better, even if you still won’t add the mood verses. But could you please help me, it might actually be there, I just can’t find it. Otherwise, this app is great! Thank you 😁

- Do you love God

Yesss Lord!. I love God so much in my Heart. He with me when everybody turn their back on me. I don’t trust man only God. How God healing my body from all my pains and took me off all medication blessings me to see other years, months, weeks and days . Only God can do the things that I believe in Jesus Christ the son who walks with me all of my life. While watching over me , protesting me, talking with me, about delivering me out of things. Yes I love God as deepest the seas or ocean can’t compare to the love in my life can measure to the love of my God in my life. My God I love you more so much more would change my love for anything else in my life’s for God!.

- Jesus

God is everything he is my rock my savior. I am truly thankful for everything he has given me in life and continues to give me. A lot of times I take for granted for just the simple fact of waking up in the morning being able to breath have the strength to get out of bed. Iv had my highest moments and have my lowest that I am going through. I thank him though for allowing me to realize who my friends really are for me to humble my self and cherish what I have I know having him by my side I shall fear nothing no matter how hard life gets so thank you god. A thank you that I will never be able to thank enough.

- How I love you lord Jesus Christ.

As you can see in the morning I read about you looking to learn what it is I need to know about you oh lord. Please help me to know you better. I’m so lost in this world of confusion. I try to do what right but I seem to fall short of that I need you to intervene and help this poor person who is walking in circles and looking for the right way but can’t find it. Is my prayer for the day, only you can help me please lord Jesus Christ please help me I’m lost and don’t know what to do I ask you in this prayer. I’m looking for you please my hand and understanding and show me what I need to do thank you Jesus Christ amen.

- Jesus!!!

i love this app! it’s so helpful and beneficial to my relationship w God thank you so much and i pray all of you come to get to know God for yourselves Jesus loves you and died for you! trust and have faith upon Him, His finished works and that His blood has cleansed your sins and His sacrifice has saved you. acknowledge why you need a savior and accept Him into your heart. Keep His commandments and Declare Him as Lord, and God will save you. live for Him and have a relationship with Him, i don’t wish to force this upon you but to offer this to you, ik the peace and joy God has brought me and i want everyone to experience that. have a blessed night or day❤️🦦🦋✨💗🐄🐢

- Everything is great but...

I was doing the quiz and I noticed an error that was small, but all the while vitally important. Whilst on the quiz, one question was “Moses parted which sea?” At a glance there’s nothing wrong here, however the question should be this: “God used Moses to part which sea?” If we start giving Moses the credit for that, whom are we praising? Another question was about the animals entering the Ark, and the answer was two by two—that is correct for the unclean animals. 7 of every clean animal also entered the Ark, this was because Noah and his family would need food to eat when the vegetation was regrowing after the Ark rested. Overall I love the app, just a couple of errors I found that I’m lovingly bringing to attention. God Bless!

- Jesus Christ

I am asking you to please financially blessed me, as you know I was a very hard working electrician, since April 14, 2011 or 2012. I was in a horse accident and I lost my memory. At times I walk in a room and I don’t remember why or what was the reason I was in there. Heavenly Father I financially lost everything I worked hard for. I know I was not a perfect man. All I can do is ask you to forgive me of my sins. Please answer my prayers. I always wanted a house, you know that is why I was working hard for. I am asking You because only You can help my life to get better. I know you can. Amen 🙏🏽 Thank You Christ Jesus.

- Bible app agenda

I must say first of all I’ve been taught to choose the KJV of the Bible simple because some of the rest manipulate God’s word. Sometimes giving a total different meaning as to what God is saying or twisting it. This is the enemy’s agenda. This is the reason I got this app. However, each time I click this app to read the word I face a front app about word game, quiz game etc. I wish they would fix this cause I’m not interested. Also the famous verse of psalms 1 “ Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly” was said to come from Joshua 24:15. This is not right. It was the verse of the day. I’m not one to pick at stuff but when it comes to the word I don’t play. I pray that God will not allow His word to be manipulated by evil intent.

- How much I Love God

The reason why I love my Heavenly Father is because he hasn’t given up on me are hie earthly children although we have failed him tremendously he has stand firm and loving to us and forgiven us through it all our father had done nothing to us that we haven’t already done to ourselves it’s not we don’t know the 10 commandments we just don’t care and think it want come with consequences but it does so I tank him and love our Heavenly Father every day because of the kind heart that has been presented to us. Thank You Father for all you have shown me and have given me without selfishness Thank You. Amen

- This app is amazing 👍🏽

This app lets you learn more about God and Jesus and you learn something every day and I have you do prayers certain times and certain times even though I’m 10 years old I saw this actually really help me a lot because are used to know nothing and now I’m learning things left to right so this is why this game deserves a five star in it does not have ads with some games have ads left to right and there’s always add this one doesn’t so you don’t like to read and you don’t lose your page and I just think this App is just amazing in it deserves five stars

- God protects

God has protected me in many situations. A car wreck where I should have died, however I walked away with a scratch. That same day my kids wanted to go with me however I felt a sick feeling that they shouldn’t go. So if they would have gone they would have died because the tree that went through the back Glass would have killed both my children. My sons car seat busted the seat belt and flow up to the front. The tree would have taking my daughters head off. So I know God has his hand on my life and my children’s. That’s not the last time that God has been there for me.

- The kings James Bible app

The true word of God will bring peace as long as you trust, have faith and obey. The kings James daily app helps with daily meditations. And brings a sense of peace. During these times with the virus have faith in the Holy Trinity. Do not believe the scare tactics of the news or panicked people. The Holy Trinity has a plan and things will get better if it’s his will. The Holy Trinity will guide us and keep us from fear. And most likely from the sickness. Jesus has no fear when he was on the cross to wash our sins away. We have to have that same no fear because of his love for us. And he will take care of us always. In Jesus, precious name I pray... Amen.

- How I see it

God has always been in my heart although I wasn’t raised going to church or learning of his teachings. This gives me the opportunity to have Bible study (in a sense)at my own pace and come even closer with the Lord as I go through each reading. I love how you’ve all made it so easy to just learn to read His word. I’ve always wanted to read and understand the Bible and it’s been intimidating to start, not knowing where to begin or navigate at all. Here’s to a better understanding of what I’ve always sought to delve into. God Bless Us 1 and All Sincerest Gratitude, Charleen W.


Yes! Through my acceptance of His love for me first, I came to love Him. He loves me perfectly. My love for Him is not perfect for I see my sin and it exposes my imperfect love for Him. But even in my sin I see His perfect love through His abounding mercy, which motivates me all the more to love Him more and more. My sin is not pleasurable to me because I know I hurt Him. My sin stings my new nature. The hidden man of the heart. The creature that was born again. I no longer desire to sin, but I do. This is proof that I love Him. I no longer pursue what use to be pleasurable. My pursuit of how this life I now possess can bring God glory is also proof that I love Him. Yes! I love God!

- I Love God

I love God because he first loved me. I love God because he sent his son, Jesus Christ to pay for my sins. I love God because, as I look back I can remember all the blessings he bestowed on me that drew me to him because of his goodness and love for me. I love God for good preachers that I have heard that cared for us as they taught us his Holy Word because of their love for him and calling from him. I love God because he sent me a friend that was a soul winner and he blessed their efforts by saving me, my husband and children and most of my grandchildren. I love God because he knows I love him and he has answered all of my prayers. God is good all the time. ❤️❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️❤️

- Gary Beam

I have been saved for almost sixty two years. Someone asked me “how do you know that you are saved?” Well, I know when He touched me because He changed my heart. Another way I know is that the Bible tells me so! When you meet Jesus, you will not go away unchanged. If there is doubt about your salvation, get off to your self and talk to God. Ask Him to let you know for sure that you are one of His. I have never heard of God turning anyone away!!! If you sincerely ask, He will hear and give you an answer. God is the most important part of my life! He wants to be yours also!


This app is amazing! It has a little Bible that you can read based on the real Bible. This soo tells truth and nothing but truth. After you read bits and pieces/sections of the Bible, there’s this quiz that you have the chance to take about what happened in that chapter and it helps you understand what you were reading in the Bible.❤️ this app also includes little daily verses you can say or repeat and it has beautiful Prayers to say. You can set a specific time to get notified so that it notifies your phone when it’s time to read and Pray again! 10/10 HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!🤍🤍🙏🏼🙏🏼

- Love it!

This app has helped me to learn more about the Bible, and the verses that can truly inspire you when you read closely. The only thing I would add is that there needs to be a better way to keep track of where you are on your reading, but that is not a very big problem. If you are someone like me who needs to know more about that lord god then I would suggest this app. It has two daily bible verses for morning and night, and a daily devotion. You can favorite them if you think you will look back at then later, and there is also a built in bible.

- Why I love God

I love God, because He first loved me. He created me for His purpose and His hands have been upon me all of my life, guiding me and molding me throughout my life. He is my Father and I am His child. He lives in me and through me. He hears my every thought and prayer. His grace is there for me should I stumble in the battle. His forgiveness gives me strength and determination to overcome adversity. He protects and keeps me with the promise of tomorrow. His Love encamped about me, allowing me to see clearly. When my time on earth is over, I know He will enfold me in His arms. There is for me, no fear in death, for I know I will just be going home.

- Why I love Christ.

In this life I’ve done many things I didn’t give thought. My life was distorted and unhappy. It was difficult to see real life as it could be. In time I realized I was not including the Lord in my daily focus. When realizing this I totaled my illnesses and recovery. As this included the seriousness of these I realized only the Lord could have saved me. I choose the Lord over all other and pray He will help guide me to a deep relationship with him. As I teach my grandchildren to pray and hear the serious and giving words I can only say the Lord has the hand of his Father and we will follow him.

- GOD.’ S presence

I have always enjoyed reading GOD’s word and developing a relationship with intimacy and commitment. Reading a scripture everyday and meditating has placed me in the presence of GOD and Allowed me to experience his love in an extraordinary way. I am able to place his word in my heart and share with others. Thanks for the opportunity to read his word morning, noon and at night. I have an alarm that reminds me to read and the words are uplifting and inspiring. I also have leaned devotional time with prayer following. It’s very convenient to have through out the day on my phone as well. Thanks Tonja Lee-Jordan

- Great app but...

This is a great app and I don’t have a problem with almost anything in it. Now, what I do have a problem with is that this app has ads. A lot of ads, matter of fact. I get that you guys to make money. I understand that but to me it seems kind of disrespectful that I’m trying to learn about God, but every time I open up the app, there’s an ad thrown in my face. Or every time I click on something there’s an ad thrown my face. Once again, I understand you guys need to make money, but it seems like you’re trying to profit off of my beliefs.

- Mood App

Hello remember a person’s mood is an emotion. The Bible teaches we don’t live by our feelings and emotions because they change continually. I am to live by faith and know and trust that God is in control. People suffer with mental illness that affects their moods. Sometimes it a good thing to speak with a professional person that studies that subject for information and advice. I hope this helps. I have major depression and symptoms of PTSD. Because I have this information I am better equipped to recognize it when it comes and respond appropriately. I love you hope you feel better 🙏

- My only Help in This Present System of things.

God has let me know , and called me by name since I was a child. I’ve had a very difficult life , many have , but this I do know my only source of strength I have is Jesus Christ . I can not get it from my mate my relatives my friends or relationships. I’m 60 the road has been long. I hope I walk through that narrow gate , I’m looking so forward to seeing Gods will be done as it is in heaven. There is joy there is sorrow. No one knows our heart truly except the one who put us here. I am so hopeful that Paradise will come soon. Julie C .

- God Is our farther

God died on the cross for our sins, he is our king, our savior, our farther. God is our everything are you have to do when things are hard just focus on god and keep saying those words. God is our everything and I can keeeep saying thatttt cause he is.😇 without god you basically living for nothing. Put gone in your life! trust me and put you bad stuff aside and forget that all! God, God, Farther, Farther live the world for him he will forgive you and you will live in a wonderful place that will amaze you. And that’s when you will be proud of yourself.😊😇❤️ HEAVEN!!!!!!!

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FBC Kingstowne

#fbcKingstowne #daily #verse #bible #truth #God #Jesus #kjv #inspiration #kingstowne #alexandria #washingtonDC #community #loveyourneighbor @ Washington D.C.

FBC Kingstowne

#fbcKingstowne #daily #verse #bible #truth #God #Jesus #kjv #inspiration #kingstowne #alexandria #washingtonDC #community #loveyourneighbor #pray @ Washington D.C.


Daily KJV Bible Verse & Quotes App

Bible KJV - Daily Bible Verse 2.40.1 Screenshots & Images

Bible KJV - Daily Bible Verse iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Bible KJV - Daily Bible Verse iphone images
Bible KJV - Daily Bible Verse iphone images
Bible KJV - Daily Bible Verse iphone images
Bible KJV - Daily Bible Verse iphone images
Bible KJV - Daily Bible Verse iphone images
Bible KJV - Daily Bible Verse iphone images
Bible KJV - Daily Bible Verse iphone images

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