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What is bible - kjv daily bible verse app? Bible KJV - Daily Bible Verse is a free KJV Bible study tool that people read bible verse of the day, listen to the audio bible - the holy bible king james version, share and learn king james version bible. The holy bible king james version allows you to receive a daily bible verse to get closer to God and learn God’s word without internet access. Free beautiful daily bible verse of the day in KJV translation helps you to inspire your faith everyday. Bible KJV - Daily Bible Verse reminds you to talk with God everyday by reading the bible verse of the day and you are also allowed to create your own bible verse collection, audio bibles, and private notes.

- Access King James Version Bible anytime anywhere by swiping screen corner
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Bible KJV - Daily Bible Verse, Holy Bible App keeps God’s teaching at your fingertips. A free pocket bible, a KJV bible on the go. King James Bible App helps you learn God’s Word anytime, anywhere you want. Now get started on this exciting journey and spend time with God!
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- Talk With GOD

Thank you lord Jesus for everything. I’m blessed I'm comfortable I’m safe I’m healthy etc. Words cant express how much I’m thankful for you. Thank you being there for me every second of my entire life. I thank you for everything i have and everything i will obtain. Thank you for all the promises you keep. Thank you for my children and their mother’s. I definitely would like a better living condition so that i can see my kids more and to be able to provide for them. Right now its hard to provide for myself but lord you have always been a provider and thank you so much for always providing. Thank you for good times and thank you for bad times. Thank you for not letting me be a victim of the many dangers in this world. Keep my kids safe and healthy. Give me wisdom and give me the energy I need to continue the rest if my life. Put me in a position where my cup is running over and i have to much so that i can give all kinds of blessings to people and i wont regret doing so. I want to wake up glad that I can give freely to the poor and to my children and to my brothers and sisters and to my parents so that every one can see that it is you who blessed me like this and they can worship you all the days of our lives. Thank you for knowing what i want to say when i cant find the words. Thank you for knowing my heart. Bless my food. Bless me coming in and going out. Thank you Jesus. In Jesus might name i pray this prayer. AMEN

- Talking to G-d

Talking to G-d, for me is a every day occurrence. Like breathing, Holy Spirit is my best Friend, there is no doing without him. I never go anywhere or do anything without him. So, for me and for the rest of my life into Eternity, we will always be together; no ‘ands’, ‘if’s’ or ‘buys’, because for me, that’s the way it is. Who else would I be with, rather than Him?!?!?! As you can see, there’s only one answer. Read for me (John 1:1-18), and read it again and again and again and as you do, just for starters, you get the picture and thus come to a realization and complete understanding of the - Great “I AM” - and one of my favorite songs and I hope that it will become many other peoples favorite song, and for good reason, is the song - “Jesus, lover of my soul”, and I personally prefer the version of that song, sung by none other than - Stuart Townsend - , because he sings that song in such a way to bring a person to humbly come to an understanding that as the first part of the song says - “it’s all about Him, it’s not about me, as if you should do things my way, for you alone are God and you’re Holy, and you are “, and that’s just a sample of a beautiful song. And as Jesus said to Peter after he was redeemed and being told he would die and glorify G-d, “How will he die?!?!?” And what did Yeshua say, “If it be my will that he live here until I return, what is that to you. You focus on Me.” Amen - Shalom - Baruch Asan Adonia

- My ,Testimony

My testimony started 2001 when I decide to have my son my last son through that sounds of me having my son I’ll say he was around about 4,or 5 someone introduce me to her heron heroin at that time I became addicted to a drug that was definitely not good for the body it will have you doing so many things just to get that one more fix when I was out there in the streets my mother kept on telling me to get myself together before she passed away now 2005 I decide to get myself clean outpatient and I still went around people places and things that’s how I really know there’s a guy he have bought me so far in my life sometimes I can’t even believe myself each and every time i just kept getting these feelings and my heart so they’re at sad I know what it is I have been clean since 2005 and now it is 2021 so now I know there is a God my son get killed my mother passed away from lung cancer 2019 my husband passes away and not one time that I picked another drug I don’t even get no desires have a drug pause it’s definitely out my system if I can hold with three deaths in my family I know there is a God there is a God as I am giving you my testimony I am crying at the same time because I sit and I listen to each and everything that he have to tell me so I don’t know 🫶🏽💯🫶🏽💯🫶🏽 Thank you lord forever 🫶🏽🙏🏼🫶🏽🙏🏼🫶🏽🙏🏼🫶🏽🙏🏼🫶🏽🙏🏼💯💯💯💯😇 HELLO

- God

Christ our Lord our God of heaven and I know Jesus knows everything about the weather temperatures traffic jams traffic and weather and seasons and correctness that’s what I know about the cashier workers and I really like about you God to make him feel better make me much beautiful person I know that’s why I care what you cause you always do I love you so much Tell Jesus I said thank you and please don’t forget your friend Betsy Brayton the Lord of Nina that’s why your eye was burning as le let you know because you know I was about me and you that’s why I care about you that’s why I love you God you are the best girl ever I know you know everything I think you are amazing God ever thank you Lord hallelujah Christ of the Lord thank you again amen in a Boston roll of all and I know Jesus dies an Easter bunny Cross know how to say good could’ve be so he can die for me anyways that’s what he was December 25 and he’s 33 years old and that’s final I love you God and Jesus take care of yourselves I love you both of you thank you and you are amazing and I know about you thank you so much and I love question is can you let me know make me feel better sing me a song Bible songs for me and Jesus for you to don’t forget I need your help can you make me feel better get the Flonase and sickness of my body thank you take care I know you live in heaven Malaysia visit you sometime thank you so much take care bye

- Learning to love myself more

Thank you God for waking me and my loved ones this morning. That we woke up in good mind and good health. As my morning started I woke up and usually when I open my eyes I would say thank you Jesus. But this morning I realize that I didn’t say it. Maybe because I woke up with aches and pains in my back and down the side of my right leg in order to feel better I have to massage and rub for it to feel better. Thank God that I was able to do that. I don’t have much to say about my morning other than all that I have listed at the top, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t have a good morning, it just started a little different and different is good sometimes. God I just want to thank you for everything that you have given me this far I only ask that you got me in the direction of my path I feel that I have lost my way with what I’m supposed to be doing rather than what I am doing. God I always want to serve you. And to do that I pray that you move all the obstacles that are in my view, Lord sometimes it’s a little cloudy and I tend to stumble because my view is blurry but as I read your word read your scriptures come on Lawyer you know my memory tends to fade that I don’t remember things that I did 10- 15 minutes ago sometimes slower please clear my memory my mind my vision that those obstacles that is clouding my view so that I could see and serve for you Lord in Jesus name I pray this prayer. Amen thank you God!!🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

- KJV audio Bible

So far I’m impressed with it I hope it doesn’t jam like the last one I had I used it for a number of months and all of a sudden an ad popped up and wouldn’t let me continue it locked so I had to delete the Bible and go back to the store and I got the wrong one The one I received was not the audio Bible so I deleted that one and got this one this one has large letters that’s easy to see for my eyesight and when I’m tired I can listen to the Scriptures thank you very much God bless you Psalms 91 protects me in my own home that’s a fact but yesterday I went to babysitAt my daughters house in Ohio soon as I walk to the door I tripped on the door frame the dog took off running for her life she’s a Chiweenie if I fell on her squish thank God I didn’t hit her instead I hit my head on the plaster wall my coffee went flyingEverywhere including my leg I hit the banister with my artificial knee came crashing down on the steps with my left shoulder and arm my daughter decided to take me to the hospital in Michigan she didn’t want me to drive home so here I am at a hospital in Trenton Michigan day number two2 I guess the angels weren’t with me in Ohio or maybe they were maybe I would’ve died if they hadn’t cushion in my fall anyway last night all I could get out of me was in our father I was hurting so bad this morning a reminder pop up To read my scriptureThanks lord

- Why I love God.

There are so many blessing He has given for me! The first, I recall, is being able to marry the man I fell in love with. My parents didn’t care for him. My dad ran him off two different times, telling him to never come back. But, he always did. This went on for two years. We dated in Church, that’s the only place my parents allowed us to be together. My dad was a preacher. He attended my High School Graduation. Three days later we were married and have been for Almost 52 years. The past fifty we have been working members of the Old Pathway Baptist Church in our hometown. The second blessing. After repeated miscarriages, Dr. told us to stop trying to have a child it was just tearing my body down. We asked for prayers and God answered. Not only did I have no problems carrying him, he was very health, perfect in every way. Lacking one week to the day of his birth God blessed us with a very healthy daughter, a bonus! And just because we were so thankful for those two, He gave us a third child, another boy! Our hearts were full! Our three children have been blessings to us in our Sr. years as well. So why do I love God, because he first loved me! Not only through salvation and His death on the cross but through His resurrection, His Mercy and His Grace to entrust my husband and myself with these three precious souls!

- Broken

Dear God help from this brokenness I have you know why , and other things that’s going on around me help me mend my heart from this heartbreak, heartache I feel since losing my oldest baby it still hurts it’s been a year now since she passed I know she doing better n body is whole , walking, talking and doing all she couldn’t do at her age . She never got to attend college , marry , have kiddos nor work .,God I knew she was tried my apologies for been selfish wanting her here she’s my first born at times doesn’t seem fair she not here . My Father you knew what was best for my baby my Angel face I miss my baby every day . Since she’s been gone some family have gotten closer , her dad side of the family God you knwo all about it , her siblings keep going and at times still dealing with her not been here the hid it at times her baby sisters lost n bewildered I’m praying God help her she needs it n Big sis watch over us and see that God keep us protected. Help me Father with going back to work , help me get it together again it’s been hard I need to work to get a new place for us staying with people okay but I need a place of my own. I have til August to find a home I don’t know which direction to go or go back to teaching or finish my degree help me Father and my family as well my children Love you my Angel face n God thank you for never leaving me nor forsaking me n my childern and loving me 🙏🏾❤️🙏🏾

- Love god

I love you god thank you for all you do for me i don't know how to express my love for you God i don't have enough words to tell you how i love you god but i tell you anyway i love you so much is at your feet I want to stay I want to walk with you until the end I beg you not to let me turn away from you God give me strength but I do not break your patience Thank God I love you so much. Thank God for all you have done for me for where you came from and for all the plan the enemy has drawn for my life has gone wrong or don't let me take it I will tell you a lot Thank God for keeping my family or letting anything go wrong you don't let anything bad happen to my friend even though many people die at my age you don't leave anything thank you god for your grace for the love you have for me thank you for where you came from with me there is nothing beyond you I ask you to listen to my prayers at this time god to pass with me so that I do not fall into old things to firmly follow you just may be the end of god to make me realize all my dreams god to bless my country Because I see that my country is not good, people are killing people, God said a word for my country, God, please, father I am asking you to lead me on the right path. I Love you su much God ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰❤️🥰🥰🥰🥰💝💝💝💝💝💝👉🥰❤️❤️❤️🥰❤️🥰🥰❤️

- Gods humble servant

For I am gods child and he has surely humbled me in many ways! He has shown me life and death for Jesus loved the whole world that he died for me and all others. I recently lost my grandma to a terrible illness, my best friend to suicide, and my dog of twelve years passed of cancer all last year. Then we rang in the new year with my sisters fiancé passing unexpectedly very sad but it has humbled me and reminded me of gods love for us and also it reminds me to enjoy every moment of my life because we just never know what might happen. Many blessings have befallen me and my family and for that I am thankful thanks be to Jesus who laid his life for me and to god who gave his only begotten son! How many can give up there only child for others sinful ways. I know I couldn’t as a mother of two boys it would absolutely break me but one day they will lose me and I will only remain in their hearts and in the memories they hold near and dear so make sure your anger is slow your quick to listen eager to give and forgiveness is not easy but you must let go of your burdens lay them at his feet and let him work out all that ye need for he already knows that’s why I love god he already knows what you need all you need do is ask and you shall receive! Pray often give often love as Jesus loves Sincerely, Gods humble servant!

- Feelings

Lord I feel overwhelmed with my self and all that’s been going on, You know the condition I am in, I know your with me. I need You to help myself, family and friends. I have family with Cancer and myself. I have things going on here in my home that is overwhelming me, I need in a loving way to tell my fried she has to move. You know I am not a on caring person but I know sometimes I have to back away from this drama. I love her for helping me but believe she will not handle my problems with her own, her and her Grandaughter need their own place. Please help me to handle this in a loving matter. I pray for my children, I pray my daughter will be okay with this test and no cancer she has came along ways which I know You have been with her. Jess was my blessed child as well as my other children. Lord I ask that You heal Cort for his daughter and hisself, and to learn from this in Your love. Pray for me to get through this cancer and chemotherapy and radiation and be healed and not go through a hard time doing this. You know sometimes my fear takes over but You are my Father and I trust and have faith in You always. I will put all of this in Your hands and bring me closer to You. I ask all of this in Jesus Name. Amen. Love You Father, Lord always. Thanks for all You have done for me and being with me always.

- Through trials & tribulations

Growing up was not easy for me , At critical times I didn’t have the necessity I needed or so I thought . Food was usually the same every night going from noodles , burgers , nuggets , spaghetti or lasagna was like steak and potatoes because it was rare but always filling . I didn’t grow up in a clean environment so being clean didn’t seem to be a priority either . But as time came to pass & I committed mistake after mistake : went through trial after trial , sin after sin I had finally reach my lowest point . I felt alone , foolish , Unworthy and most of all I felt like I lost my mind . I’ve made a jacket for myself and wore it it was a bad one & I eventually outgrew it ; but by wearing a bad jacket all who was around me only recognize me as the man with the bad jacket . & even thou I outgrew that jacket , became wiser & act different I still was stereotyped .but I believe everything I went thru made me who I am today And after learning the word of god & Embracing jesus into my heart I knew I would encounter many more Trials and tribulations because this earth is full of sin and temptation but it’s how I reacted during those times that matters and im very appreciative for gods grace because with the grace of him came forgiveness within myself and repentance

- God is the almighty king

I love god so much, he is real and wen u believe and trust his word, he always prevails Lord thank you for showing me that my children are truly blessings from your power o lord, please forgive me for taking so long to be there for them in there time of need, lord I ask u to bless my family and especially my soulmate tamra with nothing but good grace lord, please help her see your power and grace lord, help her use her gift only for good, lord let her truly want to change for me but mostly for herself, lord I also would like to pray for myself, give me the strength to fight my anger, to fight my thoughts, to fight for who I love, and to always make sure I be a good father to my4 children that u blessed me with, i pray that you help me get over the abusing ad……, and I would like to thank you for always being there no matter wat and showing me and guided me to get better each and every day, thank u for my health, and my family memeber and tamras family members good health, and finally thank you for always guiding me towards a better life not only for me but my family, I appreciate and humble myself for being the man I have become, and I may stray off path but no matter wat I do u always steer me back to the path I need to be on. In Jesus name I pray amen

- How I God yesterday to so Lord for everything that you’ve given us

🙏🙏 How I feel today yesterday was a very hard day my daughter brought out her emotions and was very hard for me to listen it’s been very hard her son has been having autism he’s now a teenager and has been having a couple of tantrums he’s now better thanks to you God yesterday she told me if she dies I need to be happy for her and not sad because that’s what she chooses she told me today she’s so much better again thanks to you God without you we are nothing we all want to feel you and hear you and be with you show is the right way it’s so hard to go through problems when we’re not used to it you have bless I so much that you spoiled us but I think you for every minute every hour every day I know you have this taken care of but again I have to just mention Vince Montana and Johnnie Austin I think you Lord for everything that you’ve given us our health or happiness our husbands our wives our futures our friends our families are roots over our heads our lives please forgive us for all our sins all our heaviness anything that we did I will do to hurt you please forgive us we’re so so so so sorry we never wanna hurt nobody thank your father Jesus Lord amen

- Love love love love love this app

This app helped me change my life for the better after a really bad relationship with my ex girlfriend and a horrible addiction to drugs I found myself in a place that no man or woman should have to endure day by day I started to wonder if I would ever be happy again things seems like they had no longer been in my control at all I lived a life of solitude after I became homeless didn’t really want to talk to anyone and then I started to feel this sudden calling from deep within me one day that made me start to feel slightly alive for a change then my sister told me to download this app and once I started reading more and more I started to really indulge in reading every day or as absolutely close to every day that I could and soon I found myself in a sober state of mind and that alone made me feel happier than I have in a long time and I started to realize that that feeling deep within my souls wasn’t me it was god himself telling me that if I didn’t change who knows what would happen to me I thank god every day for the blessings that he bestowed upon me and allowed me to be happy again I now have a job and am working on bettering my life all because of the good word thank you all so much amen

- Stand Still

Father I analyze my life on a daily basis and I try as a human being to follow your commands. With all these challenges in life nowadays. How can one overcome are so many obstacles besides having faith and courage and knowing that you are always beside me in front of me in back of me. I always say to myself and remember always these words I walk to the valley of shadow, that has a Lots significant for me because in a daily basis of life that’s how I feel. Sometimes I struggle at work some people think because they’re in certain positions and they have the right to yell at you because they have certain mental disorders but they never apologized. I have to stay quiet and stand back and observe the situation because this person I don’t know where comes and try to DiVall me. Walk through the shadow of death I shall fear no evil these are the words that come from me on a daily basis especially battling with cancer I always ask God to comfort me in my moment of uncertainties to be there by my side and I can feel his presence. This world has been so cold and cruel. But I know that I will overcome all these obstacles in Front of me. I thank you father for giving me the courage, and the wisdom, to understand our brothers and sisters. 🙏💕

- The Love God Has For Me!!

The question asked was How Much do I love God? My answer is…It’s God Who Loves Me ! I always mess up and Let Him Down and don’t have the trust I should in Him ! That alone in The World is enough to Stop Someone from Loving You like they once did, (BUT GOD) ‘Lord Have Mercy’ He still Loves Us No matter what We do Or Say❤️❤️❤️🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 Thank You JESUS!! If it was Us Ole Dusty No Good For Nothin but Sinning Humans🤮 you should already know What level of Love that would be? Again I say BUT GOD!! I am So Grateful and at the same time ashamed to abmit I have one of the worst definition of Love especially if it pertains to The Almighty Lord God of The Whole Universe andBeyond, My Creator and First andEverlasting Father! The King of Kings and Lord of Lords! All I can say is starting now actually RITE NOW! I have a whole lot of REPENTING, APOLOGIZING, CRYING, PRAISING, LOVING, no more DISRESPECTING, I’m Done With LYING, EXALTING, ADMIRING, MAGNIFYING, FORGIVING, THANKING,, SAVING, He is so AMAZING, CLEANSING, DELIVERING,ANOINTING, A-POINTING, REASSIGNING,Watch out now I’m CHANGING, GLORIFYING, REJOICING, LISTENING, OBEYING,TRUSTING, ABIDING DECLARING,PROFESSING,TESTIFYING, AFFIRMING,REASSURING, that HE IS LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, but as Of This Very Moment I have To Get Back To READING His HOLY WORDING! Now That’s What I Meant By GOD’s LOVING❤️❤️❤️🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 HALLELUJAH PRAISE “Our”THE LORD GOD OF iSRAEL *YAWEH*

- Loving the Lord with all your mind, soul , and spirit

God is a good God regardless if we think so or not. The fact remains that when u serve and obey God you have since of peace and tranquility that passes all understanding. When You have a mind to serve God. Do not expect the rosy garden of Eden (before the fall of man) but expect the hard curves of life, because when you align with God he has an enemy that will throw his best curve balls on you. (Meaning he will take his grudges out on you because you serve God...his enemy) The main things that are affected is your family, finances and your health. That why it is good to have a loving relationship with our God. Loving God with all your heart, mind and soul will strengthen your faith and your stance on your belief. You understand, even in the worst of time in your life that God will bring you through the pains of your trails. That is why the Joy of the Lord is your strength and weeping only endure for a little while, but joy comes after you have endured the night... no matter how long your night may be. Loving God comes with a death due us part commitment. It takes diligence and an effort on the part of the believer to know who God is a real way. Yes! Struggles will come. Loving the Lord will get you throughout the tough in your life.

- How much I love god

God I just wanted to tell you that I love you and thank you for everything that you do for me and my family for my beautiful mom that had always loved me so much even when I didn’t know how to love myself and for my handsome son that has always stood by me even when I was wrong and didn’t deserve it for my sister in heaven I want to thank you for the time I had with her and for always letting her protect me and my family that wasn’t even my blood family that took me in and Made me family to them anyways I just love you and thank you for working in my life right now and helping me to be strong for forgiving me of my sin’s and loving all of us all unconditionally I’m sorry I don’t come to you in prayer like I should or use to but I’m going to get better at that and my attitude I promise thanks for being patience with me and for watching over all our troops fighting for us and our country but mostly for being a loving understanding god that is always working even when we can’t see it or it doesn’t feel like it and letting me see that everything is going just as you have planned for us I love you and give you the praise lord. Amen

- Today

Being able to talk about problems for me is very important! A few days ago I was told I had Covid .I don’t feel bad. I am at home with my dog and two cats! I have a part-time job that I’m trying to keep so that I can have a car place to live! I am older and don’t sometimes understand all of the computers nowadays! Last few days have been very trying, because of my diagnosis people treat me like I have some Uncurable disease! I don’t have a lot of people that come to see me at my place, probably because I don’t trust a lot of people that live in my area! It’s odd that when people hear of your situation you are automatically put into a Category where people just don’t want anything to do with you. I guess I’m like most people that won’t answer now but talking to God means you will get an answer later than sooner it makes sense because of all the people that are in the world and all the problems anyway I’m supposed to feel good by doing this and I hope I am looking back at it looks like mumbo-jumbo I just have a lot of things in my mind I hope this gets to the right person and I hope God sees what I’m saying amen and thank you

- Love of God

I am a sinner, but every day I pray. I am struggling with this world, and the things I encounter. Each day is the same struggle, with similar thoughts and temptations. Some days challenge me more, but every day I think about my actions and the consequences of my thoughts, actions or lack of action and I pray for forgiveness. I am truly blessed beyond words in my life, with the people around me, my wife and children, my dogand so on. Material things don’t matter, but my fear of failing God is always on my mind each and every day. I recognize and acknowledge that Jesus Christ is the son of God and that he gave his life so that all of us had a chance and eternal life with him. I don’t have a problem telling people that I meet, and people at work my beliefs. I’m surrounded by people that don’t believe in God and that struggle makes it difficult. I’ve had a lot of near death situations in my life and I can only attribute that God has spared me for a moment of time to come and I must prepare for that. Other than love, none of us know why we’re here and what our purposes so until we find out that purpose we need to treat each other better be better and think better. I love God!

- My Love for Jesus!

My love for my Father is something so strong that I can’t describe it. However, I can say that his love for us sinners is so deep and strong. I have felt his love for us. I know it’s hard to believe for some but my relationship with my Father is so powerful that I have felt his love in my heart. All I could do is sob and weep.. I thank him for choosing me to feel the power and I can’t ever turn from him or is love..I love you Father I thank you for giving me the family I got here on Earth. I thank you for choosing me and my family to tell others about your love. I know Lord I can get into my own ways that I fall and fail. But thanks to you Father I can ask for forgiveness and my sins are all washed away. I ask you Jesus to keep working inside my heart and to continuously clean out the rust and grim I carry within. I ask for your forgiveness now Lord and I ask that you bless my family and that you keep them protected from any harm and that you heal our bodies and hearts. I ask that you feel the cracks in my heart and my soul with more of you Father. Your greatness and your power gives me hope today,tomorrow and always..I love you Jesus. In his name I pray Amen❤️💯😇🙏🏻🐑

- I really like this bible, helped me with a lot

One day I went to church, then I stopped going and I regret it l. I’m happy I met god again and thanks to my dad for taking me to church every Sunday and I go every Wednesday no matter what I have planned god always comes first. I wake up brush my teeth take shower get ready then go to school and do work, right after school I ether have track if not then softball. Most of the time I have track until 5, then at 5:30 I have softball practice till 8:30- 9:00. It’s hard for me bc I’m not used to doing all of this but it’s ok, but every Wednesday I have practice and then take shower then go straight to church. Thanks to god I’m getting threw all of it, my dad too if he didn’t talk to me tonight idk what would’ve happened the next day. My dad said I need to choose ether bc Ghetto, or to be like him and be nice and not to care if I have friends or not. I pray that I get better in life, that I get married and be happy with my kids, to follow my goals for sports and graduate, go to college, and I pray to change and be better be respectful, nice, carrying, and for ppl to see the good side in me. When I go to school can I use my good side and always use it.

- Salvation

I have been His since November 15, 1977. Life is an ongoing journey. I will never forget what He did for me on the cross. I grew up Catholic with a loving mother and father, a family of 12 siblings. We worked hard and at 18 I received Jesus as Lord and Savior. I have 3 children that also live for Jesus. Now in my care are 12 grandchildren who are growing up in the admonition of the Lord. My oldest works for a group home taking care of those who can’t care for themselves. My second is in high school and works in the church running the sound. Most of all both have given their lives over to Jesus. The others are in grade school and younger. They require lots of guidance. There are 12 in all(11 grandsons and 1 granddaughter).They will all become children of God in Jesus’ name. From generation to generation for a thousand generations. God is a God of promises and will continue to remain faithful because His word will not return void but will accomplish that which it was sent to do. I have seen it time and time again. I will never cease to Praise His Name!!! My daughter provided my new phone to me in which I downloaded this app. Thanks for providing this app so I can use wherever I go.

- Life

I feel happy I feel loved I feel blessed I feel thankful I feel more ease yes there may be stuff I have to worry about but other than that I’m happy what God gives me a and there’s a girl so each day I can’t wait to see what the next day brings me closer the one I love and the closer to somebody who actually cares and loves me back the same way I love them and I pray that we can be a family and get married and be faithful honest and loving and caring and stay that way I feel so happy and thankful and I hope the love stays and continues to grow each and every day and I think the Lord for everything that he gives me provides me and worry I’m sacrificing For everyone as he laid down on the cross for me and everybody around the world thank you Laura for providing in every way in as you continue to provide I love you on Ways I can’t imagine and I’m thankful Who is such a blessing father and I love every moment of you and as I grow and continue with life and all that I’ve been to I’m very thankful and blessed and I asked for forgiveness and everything I haven’t done right I haven’t done yet oh lord I come to you and I pray for more blessings to continue thank you I love you and appreciate you know worship you in Jesus name amen

- God is awesome

With out God in my life I would be just another person on this planet lost . Thank you Jesus for sharing your love with me and my family and friends and the people that I have divorced out of my life . That would bring so much drama and pain thank you Jesus for not letting me go insane always having my back thank you Jesus for another day thank you Jesus for letting me see the light for years I lived in the shade always backsliding thank you Jesus for giving me the opportunity to wake up and see a new day with new positive ways to share your love with everyone I meet in Jesus name I pray amen and I pray for my family and love ones that they may receive a blessing in each and every way that they need I know that you will provide for you are king and love and the world needs your love and blessings Jesus I just pray for this world and people to open there eyes and realize without you they will be lost and thank you Jesus for coming into my life and my families life for the better it’s been tough to get where I am today but without God and I know I would be lost or even dead Think you God for all your blessings and Love for this World that you share in Jesus name I pray amen💯👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😃👍🏻🙏🙏🙏🙏

- Saturday April 9, 2022

Hi I feel today restless, didn’t get much sleep, but I thank you God for breath in my body an able to have the activities of my limbs. Father we are your children that love you, thank you, an appreciate your guidance that you have shown to us. I ask if you could help Jeriko & I to have a better understanding towards each other, continue to be the man of God, patience, love, kind, provider, protector, trustworthy, Loyal, Dad, unselfishly, I as his wife will have the same towards him an be the best mom for his daughter or son that I pray one day I can conceive my husband child. I pray for more peace between us no negativity n bringing things from the past. Father God I pray for wisdom, knowledge knowing how to keep you first in our lives always. Loving an keeping my husband in a spiritual alignment with you God. For our children, I pray that they will have a success life, Able to come to us about whatever obstacles come there way. What hurt feel in they haven I hope for our children to come to us with any concern an which their will not be any depression, sickness or diseases Thank you Lord for this prayer in our family in the name of Jesus. Amen

- God is amazing

God is really cool and nice but I want to see what he really looks like but I’m sure he looks amazing. And God is the real reason that we are in this world and that we are alive. And we are all lucky that we have god to watch over us and keep us safe for all of our life’s. He is really awesome and amazing. And we should be thanking him for this live and we all should be grateful to God and Jesus Christ for watching over us and staying with us our whole life to stay safe from danger and we should be praying to God and Jesus Christ for help if we need it like if someone is sick or someone is dying or they should pray to if they need some luck or if they need to be brave for something they need to do. And God and Jesus Christ will always come to help you you may not hear them or see them but one thing you will know your are near them is that there are in your heart to protect you at all cost. And if you need a Bible the KJV Bible is free on the app store. So go there know and see it for your self to learn about angels and about God and baby Jesus Christ and you will know a lot about the word Heaven too and how God created it and how he made the world.

- I love God

God has always been with me ever since i was a very little boy im truly blessed and very thankful !! Even in the lowest toughest part of my life he was there i am so glad I finally learned to trust in him and to believe and count on him i tried till i was 41 years old to do it my way and sure i had some success and one day the dr told me i had stage 4 throat cancer ! Well i gave it to God and i said what do i do ? The dr said surgery and chemo and radiation might give me a couple more years ,I was not ready to give up most surely not in a couple years so i prayed that I could have a few more years and i felt a voice inside said let me lead your life and you will have everything you ever wanted . Well i had spoke with a pastor and we prayed then i went to have all the medical procedures done and one day i was headed to chemotherapy i was praying and i felt the spirit take the affection out of my body !!! I have been cancer free for almost ten years now and i have been blessed with my business and at home with my family as well as having everything that I ever wanted and the some . So Yes I Love God Today and For The Rest Of Eternity

- My faithful LOVE for GOD!!!!♥️😇🙏🏼♥️

I’m no where near perfect, don’t get me wrong! Ever since I have moved 2 hours away from my family and everything else I have come accustomed to in my life, which was around10 years ago. I have felt, at times lower than normal, I’m positive of that…. Although for a vey lengthy time now, I have gotten a stronger LOVE & UNDERSTANDING for our Lord, with great strength I have felt more powerful in my heart along with the decisions I have made for my son, Dylan, and I!!! Before he graduated, he did a very intelligent thing that possibly opened numerous doors for his future, he enlisted into the NATIONAL GUARD, which will help him with schooling, and if he can stick it out for 20 yrs (I believe it is) he will have a very nice retirement!! P.S. There is one very large aspect of my families life that bothers me and that is that not anyone talks about what they believe, & when I bring anything up about our lord everyone gets quiet. They say it’s because we all have our own belief’s and we might offend someone… With that being said I TRULY HOPE THAT MY SON WILL COME AROUND & LET OUR LORD GUIDE HIM AS WELL AS ACCEPTING THE LORD INTO HIS OWN HEART!!!

- Oh how I love Jesus just because he first loved me !!!

Thank you FATHER FOR ALL THAT I HAVE BEEN THROUGH AND WHAT I SHELL HAVE TO ENDURE. Thank you for what my eyes have seen and what my ears have heard and help me to know that everything happens for a reason and if I am here to tell it then it was meant for my good !!! Help me to apply what you have shown me up to this far of my life and apply it to my life to help me and others to endure this battle that I have to fight every day and use it for your glory and your good so that in knowing you you said that all things that work you is just for my building love and understanding for me and others help us all in our unbelief and build we’re we are week and straightening us we’re we are torn down thank you father for a day shell see and a day I shell never see again thank you father help us to continually look up to you for no other help has worked or I know that has met every need and heard every cry. Help us to be and get ready for your return because it’s closer than we even know help us to love more and too really be our brothers and sisters keeper.!!!!!! Dee Dee the best for the best!!!!!

- I love my father with all my heart.

There is no love greater than how much a child loves his parents when they are young. As they grow they begin to accept responsibilities and life on their own ideas and terms and the love is still there but not shown outwardly we begin to think we own Lu need ourselves . We are all brought into this world with a father and a mother. There are times this relationship is tested with decisions we make and our parents try to correct these indecisions with tough love. This is how I see our lord and ultimate father his love is always there no matter how tilted our behavior. It is up to us to correct this relationship and bring it back to where love is the priority not worldly decisions or bad humanly decisions. God our father only wants us to keep our faith in his guidance and stay close to him for fatherly advice. There is no one and nothing that has the experience in the results of bad decisions than God our father. He is the ultimate expert in what earthly human decisions will result in and where we will be in eternity . After all he has been here since the beginning and knows the outcome of any decision we make.


If your feeling down this app could help a lot. It tells you what verse you read, and right under it gives you an inspiration speech and a prayer. Once you’re done reading go all the way down to where it says amen and press that, then it knows your done. It also tells you how long until your night prayer. Next at the top of the screen it says “verse” and “devotion”. Then it tells you about spreading the gospel. Next you go to plan then press “go”. You guys should check that out it helps with anxiety, anger, wisdom, calm, love, life, etc. Next we have bible. Press that and it shows the first page(If you haven’t started reading)after you read it press mark as read(at the bottom). Now we have quiz, just to see how much you know/memorized about God. Then go to “me” you can see your highlights, notes, bookmarks, and favorites! You also can check your progress. Okay so if you click “verse” it will show what verse your on and what verses from that year I believe. Same for devotion! You also can go and listen to podcasts. HOW COOL IS THAT! I LOVE THIS APP SO MUCH AND IM ONLY 12 IF THIS DOESN'T CONVINCE YOU I DON’T KNOW WHAT WILL❤️

- God I am good. 🙏🏽❤️

Jehovah Our heavenly father thank you so much for blessing me with yet another amazing day! A few rough patches in the start of the day but I shrugged each and every one of those interesting moments today off my shoulders with your strength! Thank you so much for allowing me to be so strong in your presence I love the holiness you bring me and all of the rejoice!! I am so very thankful for every experience I go through because I know it is preparing me for my eternal future with you in it. And I cannot thank you enough for every experience i’ve had good & bad because you’ve given me the strength to get through each and every one of them and you never ever stopped giving me your strength even when I was on the edge of suicide you pulled me up with all of your might and saved me! And therefore I am forever yours, I love how much of a forgiving father you are to me and everyone else that asks for it and I will always be a forgiving son to you and forgive everyone and anyone for no matter what they do because you’ve forgiven me for all of my sins deep down and again Jehovah Thank you very much!!! I LOVE YOU. AMEN ❤️⭐️🙏🏽

- With everything I have inside and no matter what I go through God is always there to carry.

Thank you Love Jesus for loving me even when I couldn’t love myself. You gave me peace and help me stand stronger in my faith. I owe it all to you God for saving me and everyday you give me lord above ground I will continue to praise you until I can’t praise no more. I get to show a mustard seed of the love you’ve shown me to others but I can’t praise all day and tell the people about you and what you’ve done in my life. Lord I’m not ashamed nor will I shut my mouth because you have loved me shown me grace and mercy and I will continue to serve you lord Jesus until my dying day and pray that the works I’ve done speak for me and you allow me to bow down at your feet. Lord it’s not easy trying to live right when the devil attacks me because he knows my heart and soul belong to you. So I’m gonna keep on holding on because his mad every time I call your name. I don’t need a reason to call on you my God you are forever faithful and that I can be sure of. So I love you lord with all my heart and I’m trying to do my best to make you proud. Amen!

- Trusting God and laying ALL my troubles at your feet Lord!

This is the perfect study for the night. Today We Buried Meme Sharon. As I watched my grandchildren’s grandmother family and friends go through this as I. My Heart sank and memories flooded my mind. Then going back to enjoy a meal a visit with all together. You hear the tears and laughter of joys and smiles glee mingle through the room and yard. Everyone telling their stories. HowTragic and sadness can bring together so much love. God you are truly Amazing!! Sharon you got those girls to church and a Mass. the songs you chose were perfect. You spoke for Our Lord and brought them together in a way you can only image. Some will come to Jesus for a life time and other for a while But with lots of prayers as they fall off track they will get back on. As I’m studying the baby grandbaby Jon came in to give me a hug and tell me he loves me. you knew I needed it at that moment Lord! Today reminded me I needed to have more time with you Lord in study abd reading your word Lord. So this morning at this 2:30 am I am Re-dedicating my Life to serving you and building an even stronger relationship you you Lord.

- How I feel

God I feel like I’m doing something wrong point me to the Direction for myself to do Right I’m tired of everything I need you I been through so much I just need someone to talk to about my problems I know I’m wrong for going back to the boy that got me n so much Trouble i wish you can remove the ones that’s trying to hurt him he don’t deserve it god he gotta little kid on the way & he gotta little girl out there that can’t even see him I need you to help him I’m trying to do right lord with my life I just hate the stuff that I did n my past & I need you to remove it I need you to watch over my momma my family cause they all I have I lost my Dad when I was 4 or 5 I lost my grandma 17 or 18 auntie to I’m not trying to lose my momma Jesus I love her so much everybody loose their parents I don’t wanna lose mines my Dad name is Micheal Jones my grandma name Linda Nickerson they’re up there with you lord & others lord pleaseeee I beg you lord watch over us my family I don’t wanna lose my momma nor my sister or brothers none of my family members Jesus Please watch over my family & the boy that I love n his Family members

- My Salvation

I can remember as a child sitting by the window and staring at the clouds imagining that God was staring back at me. My mother would come beside me and convince me that God was truly watching me from the clouds and smiling down at how wonderful my life would be. She would tell me folk stories about Puerto Rico and sing songs to me that were full of tender moments from her youth and she would also teach me how important it was to always have faith in God no matter how many obstacles I would face in my life. It was those warm sentimental moments that taught me how real God was. Here l am today in my 60’s channeling back to those moments and remembering my mothers sweet strong voice, her scent and her kindness and that is what still to this day convinces me that God was sitting with us at my bedroom window. The pure feeling of love. Love is all. He fills me with the same exact feeling as I write this story. He is with me when I visit my mother, father and so many loved ones at the cemetery. Above all he is with me and comforts me when I cry and pray over my only son’s graveside. God and his only begotten son, Jesus is my universe and my salvation. Amen

- How I feel now

I can’t stop crying. I’m happy to have heard your voice God yet I’m missing my children 😭 I don’t wanna leave this earth without out being a better mom/and another try. I won’t let you down again God I just want to change my children into true believers and for them too honestly love u and themselves. I would like another shot at it all because since a child, I’ve been lost and afraid. Understanding that You’re my true father and that I’ll be forgiven for my many short comings. I can do it God I’d just like another chance to show you and to bring all of my children that I actually brought into this world to you before it’s time too Go. I beg of u God. I love you lord and I’m ready and willing to do your will. Please allow me another more change too prove it, although I’m damaged, hurt. My children are also and I don’t want to leave here broken. Seeing them again will surely make me whole again and I’m ready to do what’s right. Thanks for listening and since you know all, you definitely know my heart. I’m ready to make it right if it’s possible. Please, thank you lord.

- To my Heavenly Father

Dear Heavenly Father I love the fact you are the word cause each and every time I read up on you I feel the love and joy it will be like when we all see you in person I take this time to give you thanks for my life my family and also being so merciful and kind to care and hear us out and deliver us from transgressions I believe in you even on my weakness moment I still call upon you to give me strength cause your glory over comes any obstacles that the enemy attempts to cast upon us I love you so much and I’m grateful that you didn’t give up on me words can’tDescribe how much you mean to me and there’s not enough words to compare your love for us and I love you very much to my soul and I want you to be my core I want to have the righteousness like moses and be able to follow and see you thank you for letting me be able to learn about you and father and the kingdom I’m very grateful for that amen father till then ima keep serving you and letting you guide me to your kingdom love you and to all my brothers and sister keep up the good fight we will soon be saved when our father return

- Lets win this battle i love you jesis

I love you lord I love you jesus thank you for always saving me i love you jesus i love you father you always heal me im thirsty for you father keep me with you i dont wanna fall anymore please lord i love you heal me once and for all never let me fall bring me and my family closer and my amazing beautiful woman you sent me bring us closer and never let us fall heal my mind my body and soul im one of your strongest soldiers i continue to fall but everytime you bring me up im always stronger give me the tools i need father to work for you i love you im sorry for all the negative thoughts and things ive said and done mistreated those who deserve love im sorry for all the negative i need you i really do make me stronger than ever arm me with what i need to save those who stray away from you and are dealing with negative thoughts addictions losses and all that this world gives us but with you father i will not fall i know all the negative cant reach me as long as i keep you in my heart father i love you jesus heal me and let me wake up a new man tomorrow i love you jesus lets win this battle together amen

- Do you love god

God is my protector, created,and provider. He gave his son life to save the world of there sins. I never realized. Just how brutal they were to Jesus. I know if there could ever be person who would do that. What selfless man and on top that he gave what life he did live as the messiah the traveled every where preach and teach the word of god and plead with every to live god’s way. Sents giving my life to god I think about what I do how I do. And how I treat others to not be judge mental to others. It’s just amazing feeling there so much more I want to do for others and do gods work anyway he sees fit. I loose him for forgiving and realizing I’m not a lost cause I want a good happy life. Life is hard right now our country has just become a battle zone it’s. So divided. We have president that is suppose to be running our country and he is so dishonest corrupt makes up things to get his supports angers so that more riots will break out and more violence in the streets it just sad. More now more than ever I want to live as a believer and a non sinner. I want to be good with life and do what god has planned for me.

- Promises/please help-give-protect-bless

Lord I need you so much right now. On truely giving me the wisdom and the Jesus swagger I need so much right now, the confidence the boldness the surety. The wisdom on how to walk & talk with people of all groups-ages- beliefers-non believers. To truely protect me at the halfway house of getting out in really going home to my family, protect/ bless me with getting this job at PepsiCo getting all my treatments-medications going threw the Abby center. Blessing me with the right places on transferring to Keokuk. Please let the best happen this weak let everything workout for me and the people that need it in JESUS precious mighty name. LORD I need your help with blessing and guideing all the state & federal even civilians employees and help with the situation and the inmates I’m around with the co-workers, strangers, bosses, neighbors I ask you LORD to really guide me and protect me on really getting this walk down with you I’m ok looking back in the sand and seeing only 1 set of footprints in the sand I need strength courage and the deep voice and moves please JESUS I ask abba father in your son my Lord & savior Jesus precious mighty name amen amen

- Gods Love

There is no way man can compare his love for God the way God loves man. The Bible tells use that there is no greater love than one lay down his life for another. God gave his only son for a sin sacrifice for us sinners. To die a very painful and agonizing death and Jesus gave his life for us that we might live through him so there’s no question in my mind that God loves me think about it Jesus was beat unrecognizable as a man and nailed to a cross separated from heaven and from earth then he had no sin but Jesus had love and God had love for us to give his son. You see the Bible tells us when he came down to the garden to walk with Addam and Eve they had hid them self and when God ask where art thou Addam said that they were scared because they were naked and they sowed fig leafs to cover them self. And God said who told them they were naked and God slain an animal and covered them. I believe that God was showing man how he was going to have to come back to him it was going to take the shedding of Blood. And that was Jesus the one with out spot or blemish sinless praises to God give God the glory and that is why I truly Love and appreciate God

- God is my rock when I’m away at sea

The 5 stars are for the Lord. I mess up and I do wrong everyday. I fall short of the glory everyday but God is faithful. I’ve realized also God is as faithful as you let him be to you. That’s why searching for him in music, the word(Bible), nature and in quiet times to praise his name is so pivotal. Jesus Christ and our Father from Heaven decided to come and find me at my darkest moment when I was looking for them. Through Jesus, I have lost a lot of battles but also won more than I even realize myself. Although the winning wouldn’t of happened without the Holy Spirit’s promise! I shall never leave you nor forsake you. This I know to be true. For when I walk away for whatever reason, He is there waiting to walk with me again. Trust in the Lord and he will reveal your steps, he will uproot your sins and worries and cast them away like yesterdays time that is unachievable. Jesus will give you the desires of your heart. Seek him in all joy and change and you will be restored in time. I can promise that because the word promises that same message! Believe.

- My god

God help us to be strong Ethan and I love each other . Help us to do your will. Please take away all negative thoughts that are not of you . Guide us teach us to be more like you. We both have different issues that you can allow the doctors help both of us . Love lord , it hard thing to say but In my heart I know it. I want for you to block and take away all the thoughts and thinking in my head . I think to much in my head . We both want to be happy peaceful and harmony with you . Please help us lord please lord I beg of you. My heart loves Ethan I know he has a beautiful heart a kind heart why? U made him in ur image. U made me from his rib lord . I can say lord I feel connected to his heart. U keep us together so if this is your will that I’m in all the way with ur guidance. Please take care of our of family and friends and there needs . Please lord help us help the world. Oh one more thing lord please forgive us our sins and put everything into past. I bind satan the the blood of Jesus to leave us alone in our thoughts in our walks . Oh lord Protect us please in jesus name AMEN……….

- Odd day

Lord today has been a very weird feeling day, very painful physically and emotionally lord everything I don’t see bring forth help me in my life decisions mainly in this relationship I’m in, I question her love for me, lord can you do this for me this thing called life on earth is hard for me I’m 22 I will be 23 this month help me change my life I deserve better, I allow you lord to take over my body lord watch over me and protect me and the people of this earth from the devil and the evil doers lord I have sinned lord I have but lord my heart is pure I love all I am fair and will stand for the ones in need of help lord today I ask you send help for me lord I battle an addiction everyday trying to pull someone out I was sucked in lord, lord now as your son I ask you send help for the people of this earth and your friend you have always been there lord please lord I ask you send help for the earth lord and restore peace across every nation on earth under god lord thank you for bringing us this far under god we are peace Is what my heart and our nations need thank you lord. Amen.

- Sharing God‘s love

As being a combat soldier to defend the country. I realize that the political respective and our society and our culture has separated us from Jesus. We continue to think about ourselves because of money power and greed. I realize all the wrong things throughout my career in the military and also now in the civilian world. I gave my heart soul and spirit and render myself to God. I had repainted all my sins and I was rebaptized hang out reborn. And now I’m helping the homeless or houseless people as a known to be gods children. I realize that racialism segregation cultures to include religion had separated the children of God we are all God. Since I return to United States I only now share gods love and care to everyone and not to discriminate or stereotype others I believe in God believe that we have to go through Jesus to see Almighty God. We should not stereotype people because we are all gods children. I seen churches turn away Gods children away and it’s very embarrassing to see that how the society of our life had actually push people away from acknowledging God. Amen

- Help

Dear Lord Jesus I just need you to walk with me through what I’m going through dear Lord Jesus to relax my body to soothe my mouth I became a very mean person because of the circumstances I was put into two at a time. Lord Jesus give me the piece inside me dear Lord Jesus to to understand what’s going on to control everybody getting on my nerves dear Lord Jesus and guide me that everything’s gonna be OK and that the kids will make the right choices so I don’t have to be angry at them and me and she can begin begin to gather toMake me stop hollering at the kids and trying to understand and giving them the right direction so I can be at peace here I could be a piece with my fiancé in another country dear Lord Jesus it’s been going on three years now where we heard nothing that he was supposed to be together dear Lord Jesus you You kept us together this long dear Lord Jesus and I believe once we’re together I’ll be more content in more at peace with myself and with my grandsons I’m just everything just happened to me at one time dear Lord Jesus I ask you this in my name in your name dear Lord

- Positive inspiration

Very helpful to re learn what you have maybe once read and /or learned in the past. To learn new things also. Good to balance out devotional time throughout your day with something positive. To keep that positive vibe flowing and putting in effort to learn, evaluate and re evaluate your life and circumstances. Always good to feed your brain with precious treasure to put into your personal life. It goes a long way when you truly genuinely take steps with real efforts to either maintain a positive life or to even make adjustments and changes. Two thumbs up. I’m nothing without God.. everything him God.. without him life is impossible.. God makes all things possible- but reaching him and holding him searching for him daily with a genuine heart soul and mind and spirit and God may not be there when you call but is always on time .. and it all has reason.. his reasons his purpose.. God’s judgment on me is my only concern that truly matters... God first ..and living right , thinking right, providing right, doing good deeds and keeping a pure heart.

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- 6/5/22 my anxieties are over

I was overcast and anxious about bullying from work today. I didn’t sleep well last night overthinking. But after talking to my manager I felt supported. All my life I have encountered rejection and false accusations. People walking away from me and that has made me lose trust and shun everyone. It made me have less confidence and struggled to believe myself for a while. My high school achievement shocked not me alone multiple degrees and diplomas because I never thought I could achieve anything. Im in a period of feeling depressed, overwhelmed and finding it hard to pray. No motivation to do anything today. I felt good when I went to a garden centre. Being surrounded by beautiful plants makes me feel good. I didn’t buy any but I think I will add more plants in my alfresco pot plants. I love Jesus! Restore to me the joy of my salvation. I need your healing power to come over me.

- Love

When I was young, 15 I got asked to defend a girl that had fallen pregnant by a bunch of guys. Well it didn’t end up in a conversation. It left me suffering from a internal bleeding. I walked home which was a fare way, around about five miles, I got home and my mother ask me what happened I told her, and I told her about my head ack, luckily my dad was home, or didn’t go to work that night, he and my brother went out to a bible shop, to purchase a bible. When they refund home I came out from my bed room to speak to my dad. Then I was crying and my brain was feeling the blood pressure in my scull. I stated the fall into haemorrhage. My dad and my brother got me to hospital and I had emergency surgery, by two doctors that had not had previous experience. I had another operation, to fix up what they didn’t fix, Whilst I was on the operation, fort one that is, I guess I died because I seen the light, I held the lord Jesus’s hand. Then my spirit traveled to the church in which my mum dad and brother were there praying for me. I seen them praying for me, I guess I stayed there until I returned to my body. I was in a comer for two and a half months, and then physiotherapist to teach me how to speak and live life once more. Now I’m older I’m suffering Parkinson’s disease. But I know myself the there is a god the father and god the son and god our Holy Ghost Amen

- A ‘Letter’ to The Lord God,

Even though this is a review, I say Lord; Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for bringing these people and me another day added to our lives. For we respect what you have done and that you have given us chances in the past. Thank you Lord for sending Jesus out there to forgive everyone’s sins. Please heal the people who are sick from the top of their heads to the soles of their feet for we do respect you Lord and you only shall we worship as for a king of the creator of this world. Bless everyone out there and protect them, those homeless and not. Take the lingering evil spirits out of their homes and mine, also take away all the nightmares and the virus happening now. Please help those in need, or struggling right now. Bring peace into this world. Give us Faith in your Lord. Please Guid us as we live and give us knowledge as we read the Bible. Lord thank you for everything and I shall only worship you and you only shall you be my idol. Again, forgive us for our sins for saying wrong, hearing wrong, and doing wrong for we do or do not know what we are doing Lord. I will continue to worship you in happiness for what you have done for this world. Amen. (Written by a Grade 5 in respect.)

- Jehovah my One True Almighty Sovereign God

I love Jehovah God he has rescued me from self harm, suicide attempts, violent behaviour, anorexia recovery, ice drug addiction, alcohol addiction, domestic violence, intrusive thoughts, depression, extreme panic and anxiety, rage, anger, out of control with abuse, so many talks Jehovah my God has been there to listen and give me healing and peace and family and new friends plus my very own congregation of Jehovah witnesses including my fiancé Michael and our Girly Whirlys princess and Snowy 💖 Jehovah is a powerful miracle healing blessings giving forgiving kind loving caring God someone who is a really good friend of me. Loyal and faithful and abundantly gives free things and support and new world translation of the holy scriptures bible. Jehovah is a friend with no end and king Jehovah of eternity forever my True God my best friend💖

- The Lord Jesus

I recently started to go back to church after 6 years. First steeping into it gave me so much excitement and it felt so refreshing at the same time. I even teared up while praying because I couldn’t believe I could worship the Lord and get closer to him again. I know I’ve slowly lost belief over the years but I’m ready to get closer to the Lord and I know he will help me in doing so. Thank you lord for giving me the courage to come back closer to you again. I knew when we went back to church for the first time in a long time that it was a sign from the lord that he wanted us to get closer to him and to get to know him better. I know lord my faith isn’t strong yet but I will do whatever it takes to get closer to you again. Amen.

- Back on track with my first love

My name is Jacque I am a 56 year old female, I have recently returned to God. I struggled with life in general loosing a loved one so very close to me. I got caught in the drinking I thought it would stop my pain my heartache, it just made the situation so much worse. Family disowning me did not want me around them my own daughter keeping my Grand children from me. The more I drank the further I was removed isolated from those I love and cherish, so I began to isolate myself from my family. Two Sundays ago I recommitted my life to the Lord, I never looked back God is a forgiving God and he loves me. He will never leave me or forsake me. I love the Lord like never before, thank you for reading my story.

- The lord

The lord always heals my soul when I ask him his always there I’m my worst times I always try to pray for those that don’t know our lord that he will show them the road to richiuosness and he will heal them too our god is a loving and forgiving god I ask that he guides me down the right road to be able to talk about his word to those in need that are lost to heal us when we are sick to look after our family when they are in need to look after our neighbours our enemies to forgive to love more to understand those and exceythere ways to not judge to ask for forgiveness when we sim every day I love you unconditionally lord and always will Amen

- Empowering Myself to Move forward and trust In God with all I have Amen ❤️🙏🙏

I’m so grateful for the messages Devotions Messages Prayers Reading the Bible and Studying the Phrases It’s been a rough time and Stressful for myself and my family and seems Everything falling apart and crushing down on Me Thanks for The Gospel in my life that’s helping me through also counseling through my job I’m sure if I didn’t know about Heavenly Father and the Plan of Salvation I wouldn’t be able to keep going My faith helps me a lot and praying 🙏 Then I saw this App about Good News Bible I was so amazed and downloaded it I love it Thanks 🙏 God Bless ❤️❤️

- Jesus

He left the adoration of Angels. Covered His Majesty with humble man garb. Spent lonely times constantly beset by Satan and unbelieving man. Had no place to lay His head, Demonstrated Gods pure Love for man by healing, raising the dead, caring for all, feeding thousands, sharing Gods love, giving hope for the future, changed lives, accepted sinners and died in my place and yours for our sins to build a bridge back to our Father God while He himself was Sinless. He will now be forever in man form as we live with Him eternally in Heaven. He requires our faith in Him And His Word as guidance only, and a changed life through The Holy Spirit to be eligible Glory to God in the Highest 🙏🙏

- Dear God,

Thank you for all the synchronies you made today, I love you always. I will continue to work at my life’s purpose of helping others achieve their full potential through the maintenance of their physical and mental health. And most importantly May I be strong enough to share the gospel with as many people as I can, through Jesus Christ who gives me strength may I be able to help as many people as you allow. I humbled pray you fulfil all the plans you have for me from heaven above. In Jesus’ name I pray Amen!

- Grammatically correct

Why is it I cannot find an app. in this world that is remotely, reverentially correct? Because the American English is no longer English. God’s pronouns must be capitalised in reverence of the Great God He is. Think about it. When we type the letter I on it’s own, our computer automatically replaces it with a capital i but when we type he while referring to God it doesn’t capitalise the first letter. Why? Because it doesn’t recognise the deity of our Great Creator. As humans though, if we have ANY respect for the One Who created us and gave us eternal life, we must honour Him with capitalisation. I was taught this at primary school and if nothing else, I will carry this one thing to my grave, praise the God of heaven and earth. What right do we have to capitalise our own selves, who were formed by God in our mother’s womb, if we don’t consider His right to be honoured by beginning His names with a capital letter, ie. You, Your You’re, You’ve, He, His, Him, My, Mine, etc.? So, someone, please, create an app. that recognises when the sentence mentions God, it is able to capitalise God’s pronouns. Doctrinally, it seems sound.

- Love you Lord ❤️

If you are a Christian you will want to download this app it takes parts of the bible and reminds you that God loves you the most ❤️ If you are frustrated or stressed or even scared you need to download this app because it makes you feel better and let’s you know that God is always there for you so why I rated this 5 stars is because it makes me feel better and reminds me that God is always there❤️

- God my one true friend

My best friend is my partner but my one true loyal friend is god, he listens to me without judgment, he loves me no matter what I have done, he forgives me over and over, he gives chance after chance over and over, he has given me the glory of living, one day I hope I get to kiss the hand of my loyal best friend god till then I will continue to be the best person he wants me to be and treasure the life he has given me🙏🏻

- Hope in a time of distress

During this time of great uncertainty and loss during this so called pandemic we focus on our hope and faith in God through his son Jesus. We believe that the world has lost faith in God and the power of prayer and belief that Christ came to restore our relationship with God. We are truely like lost sheep. We prayer that God will reveal his message to us so that we can accept his perfect will,and rely less on little gods of comfort and excess.

- Loving Gid

To be reminded… that Gods lLove surrounds Us 24/7… helps Us understand our position in this World… I feel that Gods Love separates Us and we are apart of a Kingdom He built especially for his devoted people and All who want to belong He has shown his sacrifice for Us to build that Kingdom and kept Us safe through his commitment and dedication.. Our Love for him comes through His success to build Hus eternal Kingdom for Us..Thanks Be to Our Lord and Saviour❤️❤️❤️

- Why I love god❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏

My name is juanita I was born with a T cell deffienicy and fail to thrive I also had emodmotios I was dieing and heal buy god when I was 27 years old I was batize buy full imurcian right under water 💦 I revived the holy sprit speaking in toungs god has always provid all my needs god is a great healer today yes god does heal in our world 🌍 now he said I am the lord the heal the thank you god for always looking after me juanita

- God..

I love God because he is always looking down on me and protecting me from harm. I pray to the lord everyday because it makes me feel much better about my day and how it’s gonna end up going. God has been apart of my life since I was born and I continue to keep loving him for the rest of my life. As a catholic I believe he sacrificed his life for humanity so I should continue living in God’s words.

- Mind of peace

Now I am praying twice a day I have found some calm in my life. I no longer feel alone with the daily grind and pressures of each day. I am learning that my path is turbulent at present and uncertain. The day prays and inspiration quotes give me hope I look forward to the inspirational text and take each day with new light

- My God

I thank you for everything good and bad in my life because you always cared for me through both. When I went away you called me back. My weaknesses you take over and I am strong with you, together we can do anything in your will for me. This app makes it easier to be us (God & me). Thankyou app.

- In special thanks for some quality time with God

A time I can dedicate to God and in touch with my spirit soul mind heart is happy this way . Many thanks A life with God is not mundane boring and stale. A love for life. Thank you my God. Lead me to better health and wealth successfully. Then a be to God for what you have already done. For my husband to be and three children now. Amen

- Great app

So this is an great app if u don’t have a bible but u still want to read the word of god u can download this app and I just started using it and it is amazing 🤩 it even gives u the word of the day to and u, can read the bible when ever u want 🙏🏾 please if ur interested in reading the word of god download this app u even do quizzes on the bible Have a great,blessed day

- Gods love

I’m so great full of all gods loves done to me an my family. He gave his only son to die on the cross for my sins. Every morning I woke up i thanks god for still let me breath an for everything ect (food,air,water,clothes,house) I’m speechless for everything god done for me an my family an I love god more than anything in this world

- Friday April Fools Day

I woke up early. Made myself a coffee and fed dogs. Went back to bed couldn't sleep so got up and made another coffee. Did mice traps, cleaned sheep trough, made up green smoothie and fed sheep. All before seven o'clock. Now the power has gone out and waiting for it to come back on. Looks like I'll be going to my appointment before it does.

- Realisation

The realisation that there are very evil powers that be and the masses ( non-believers) are deaf and dumb to the holy war between good and evil is underway . The frustration of living through this is taking a toll on me and my Mother . Prayers are getting answered in this horrible time also come’s proof of the power of prayer. I must trust in the lord with all my heart and lean not on my own understanding. Amen 🙏

- Its the best

This is the best Bible app I’ve had or ever seen there is so much to do and it helps you get closer with God Almighty keep on reading and if you don’t ask God to help you and strengthen you to read and feed on His word because men can not live on bread alone so thanks to He who’s good and gracious and may blessings rain on His Holy name forever and ever Amen

- Good features

Great app with good features for studying. One improvement suggestion- with the highlights can you make it so that when you review your highlights you pick your colour and the app will show only the highlights with that colour not jumbled up like now.

- Talking to god

Talking to god is one of the amazing stuff of my life he actually listens to me I always hear this voice in my head when I am talking to him ( I believe it’s him)if he doesn’t listen I have to sort it out my self because I have to learn and not depend on him all the time I am really great full for having him my family and friends bye bye

- Great app but!

I love this app for the daily verse and reminders. Unfortunately the ads kill it. Not even half way through reading the verse and the ads pop up. You can get rid of them, but 7.99 a month. Gods word is free to all. Sorry. I am deleting as I feel I should be able to read the verse and meditate upon it with out distractions. Think about a one off fee to remove the ads.

- Put God First

The App is really helpful and learning verses I have not seen before a morning Reminder to put God first and everything will always work or for the better for you me your day and life I look forward to reading every morning

- I love it !! 😍

It’s helped me understand and show Empathy to the scripture and extended my ways of thinking in many ways now. I love how I can make a plan to help me with my struggle with sin- like prayer, studying the word of God😍🙏🏽❤️, bless you and those who have made our Christian community greater in the last days, AMEN ! 🥳❤️

- My holy father, my god jesus christ.

My life my mother carry me for 9 months until I grew older. Since i was born i was baptised in gods holy house which is the church of god. I grew up believing in god. He is my life and my saviour. He is my doctor, my teacher . I always believe in him till oneday I will come to meet him in heaven.

- Just what I needed

The prayer and inspiring words were exactly what I needed today. It was as if it was pre ordained! This app is a must have, to renew faith, to understand what a loving and compassionate God we have, whom no matter how busy He may be, He always has my back!

- Fantastic

Easy to use with a short quick message for the day. Fantastic to get reminders and encouragement during the day. Helps to keep you on track with your daily devotions.

- I love JESUS my LORD and SAVIOUR,

Thank you Jesu for help and love for my life and also my healing , I financially struggling and I know things will change because Jesus love and protects me , I Lost my friend Ema, my brother Drauna and my friend Kevin I thank you Lord for their spirit on their way to you please , thank you Jesus for my life 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

- Why I Love God❤️

I love god because he sent his only son Jesus to die on the cross for our sins. Without him we would have no chance from entering the gates of heaven. God loves us so much, and we should show the exact love back to him by reading the Bible and keeping your faith!🙏🏾

- I thank this app for helping in my devotion

I love God with all my heart. This Bible app really helps me realise how I should express this. My wonderful family are also full of love for the lord. However, we all pray for My youngest and her husband to let the lord back into their hearts and we ask this in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

- I Love Jesus

Great is Our God and this app helps me daily to keep close to Jesus. I have had many daily challenges and I breathe in Je and out Sus Jesus to bring his presence near every breath I take. Giving praise for my life no matter what. Thank you for this app. Bec Thompson 🙏❤️

- Kjv

Great prayers and devotions, it has made it easier for me to understand what versus mean by putting perspective in to the verses, its always been hard for me to understand but hopefully im starting to understand and gain more knowledge in terms of my faith and the gospel

- Future and present

These days and the days ahead we will need strength and understanding to navigate rough waters. With trusting Jesus Christ and having eternal love for each other we will make a better world in which we live in. God bless.

- Feeling safe

I feel so Secured now because l know my Heavenly Father is always watching over me and my family and will always answer my calls He will never disappoint me and he will save me from danger

- Great app!

Perfect app, can highlight what I like, can be read aloud to me, nice presentation of the app too. Just overall perfect, especially for youth to be able to get into it. Loving the daily messages and prayers. Well done !

- My love for God

I have loved God for over 50 years and in that time He has always been a steady companion in my life. His love for me has been demonstrated through Him giving His only Son to pay the price for my sins that was more than I could pay.

- Grateful soul

I’m grateful and blessed for God’s unending blessings in my life and families lives. I called Him my everything. He’s so good to me, I got miracles that I can’t even count them all. I love you my EVERYTHING, thank you for not giving up on me.

- God and Jesus are great 🙏❤️

Very good app I pray every morning with this app and it refreshes me because I go through troubles but I know God and Jesus will be there for me through every moment of my life and my believe and faith will always be very great for God and Jesus. Amen 🙏❤️

- Interesting..

Would rather pay a couple of dollars a year to remove the commercial ads though.

- I thankyou Jesus

I love God because he gave me a family that loves me, I love God because he has blessed me with more love & blessings into my life more then you’ll ever know !! 🥺 so i thankyou for letting me use this app to find a connection with God🥺🤍🤍

- Bible app

This app is amazing and it keeps always gives me notifications about reading the bible so i can put my games aside and spend some time with God and this is all worth it 🙌

- A great App to know more about our God

What can I say? I love this app! It’s an easy, user friendly and fun way to learn more about our amazing God and the bible! I highly recommend this to everyone!

- Love this app!

My day isn’t complete without the daily devotions, prayers and bible study quizzes contained in this app! Definitely the best I have experienced - I highly recommend it. Thank you so much to the app creators!!

- God Loves You and Me

No words can explain what God has done for my life as I stand today it wasn’t my strength nor my knowledge but all His Love and Grace that get me to where I am today and for that I thank God my Father for His Unconditional Love

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- Gods blessings

Thank you so very much for always being there when my day is a mess and my night needs a pick up !! It's so great to have you right with me always ... big time blessings to you all ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏😇

- Bible

I just love your App it’s such a Blessing to me It’s such a Inspiration to see how God love us and cares for us may the Blessing of the Lord be with you all Thanks to Share 💖🌈🙏🙏

- I’m lost

I just want to take god in my heart house. I want my daughter safe

- Sonship teachings

It seems ironic that a Bible teaching app allows Tarot reading & horoscope adds on it’s site. Doesn’t that go against the teachings of the Bible? I find that offensive and hypocritical.

- Rate

Love it , love it , love it must tell more people about this app God Bless us all 😍

- 100%

I love you GOD

- Loving God...

I love God because I am nothing without him. His presence in my life allows me to be all I can be and help others be all they can be. Every breath I take is because he allows it. His guidance and direction towards fulfilling his purpose and will for my life is an example of his unconditional love for me... Thank you Father ✝️

- Love

I love to do my daily bible readings and wanted to participate with their daily quiz. Hope more people will be inspired reading the bible daily.

- Bible

The Lord is my life….these notifications are awesome as they inspire me daily!


I love God A lot I really hope he will and see’s my heart

- Awful.

The daily verse is probably the one good thing about this app. The issue is all the adds. This is supposed to be BIBLE (even though I prefer an actual physical one, but this helps when I don’t have it) NOT advertising!!!! You cannot have something that is pure mixed with something that is not. For what concord hath Christ with Bilial!? If you want money, charge for the app. It is completely wrong to be advertising in a Bible especially things that don’t have much to do with it biblically. I have already uninstalled this and will look for something else.


I love the app but find it very sensitive to touch - when doing the quiz - I have received many wrong answers just by repositioning my phone it has tapped a totally wrong answer

- God’s verse

I love it . I like getting up in the morning and the first thing I read is God’s morning Prayer.

- My Lord up above

The Lord has brought me through so much from i was a youth until now. Ever since i was diagnosed, i’ve been going through it all, falling down, shaking profusely, scaring people and.. came close to death. But, my God up above has shown me time and time again that he’s in control and if he’s not ready for me as yet, then Satan cant do anything about it. My lord loves me. I know this. He has shown me that he’s in control and he has the power. I thank him each and every day for all that he’s done and for what he’s about to do. Thank u my father. And as the scriptures say: God is good God is great. Let us thank him for all that he’s done, what he’s doing and for what he’s about to do in Jesus’ name Amen 🙏.

- I just love it.

The entire app is well thought out, inspired and I just adore the notification sounds!

- God is everything

The Lord our God is my breath, my life, my everything. I am in the darkness right now. You are merciful and compassionate Father, you know what is the best for me. I trust in you. I surrender myself to you oh Lord, take care of everything! Love and prayers Mitsuko

- gratefulness

Today i thank my Holy God because of all the blessings He gave me until now Amen

- Ok about today reading

Reading was absolutely not relevant or connected to my emotions and my feelings. Was beautiful but not at that particular moment I was in…

- I love god

This is a cool way to learn , love this

- Great

Love this

- Thankful

I’m thankful to be able to have the daily reading and encouragement to go through each day

- God is great

I am so glad I have God in my life. He takes very good care of me every day. I trust and believe in Him so much . I Love Him with my whole heart .

- God

I thankful my god forever thing he did for me .

- Appreciation

i wanted to thank you all to those who created this app. i’ve never been able to read the holy bible. or to get closer to god. thank you so much

- Good

This bible is really awesome

- I love The Lord He heard my cry

I absolutely, positively, unequivocally love this app. I love the little reminder that start with the voice of angels singing. I will keep your app forever even when I don’t have space on my phone… because your app is that helpful. Thank you so much for developing this app I know God led you in the process!!! Peter. M Toronto, Canada

- Amen

I love this app and I use it to let my stress out 5/5🤩😁

- The ads😡

These ads are sooo different from the bible and God him self, of Course I won’t take away my stars because I already send one of these and just think the ads are very very bad

- Bible

Truly inspiring! ✝️

- My love of God

My love for God is unlike any love I have ever experienced. Loving God comes so easy because I know he loves me since he gave his only son to die so I may live my life following His teachings and what He believes is best for me. Dear God: I live my life to be honest, loving and faithful to you but I am asking that you give me proper direction and strength should I stray from your teachings. I ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen!

- Gods Child

Best app that ever existed!!!

- It’s awesome

It’s really good app it’s good to learn a lot

- Knowing God

I love this app it’s really helping me become the man GOD has created me to be!

- God is my Life

God is good all the time. I love God with all my heart.

- Awesome

Thank you

- Awsome

I am really in joying the devotional and scriptures it is getting me to know the lord better Scott inwood

- How much I love God

Words will never be able to explain even 1/3d of everything an anything he’s capable of doing with or within us all I can do is thank him and pray for forgiveness because nobody has ever loved me as much as god does I think it’s really how much god loves us and how thankful we should be

- I love Jesus

Jésus nous protègent

- God’s Word

Great way to study the bible

- My soul get encouragement

I have had a whole lot of problems that keeps coming after another I prayed every day trusting God for solutions, but sometimes I just feel discouraged and this words keep coming from the app that lift my spirits

- Educational inspirational and spiritual

This is the best faith-based app ever

- God my eternal love and life

He is my salvation out of death and my rescue away from sin.

- Nnadap worker

This morning it was so nice the lake like a mirror very calm I could feel the love of the creator and pray so I can give that love in return

- God’s greatness.

Wonderful, counsellor. God is great! He is an all powerful God. He reign supreme. He is the light of the world. He is Wonderful, Counsellor. The mighty God, the everlasting Father, the prince of Peace.

- Spellcheck

Meat not meet

- Excellent

I like how it will tell me about god and there is a notice and tell you to pray

- Sunday 19

It’s good to work according to God God’s time is the best wait on too God with God everything is possible when it’s ur time God will make everything beautiful for u the race is not for the swift wen they say ur too small 🙏the wold we it’s not our home we are just passing through let the evil things of the wild not led use to sin cuz we will become enemies of God and sinners in him

- How much I love god ♥️✝️📖

God has always been with me, when times get hard I feel that he is by my side. Of course, God doesn’t answer my prayers right away or sometimes never answers them but I am sure it is for good reasons. Please let everyone be healthy and safe, we will all follow you no matter what, amen.

- Love Jesus

With all my heart and soul


I love how it gives you a night and morning prayers

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“And Jesus looking upon them saith, With men it is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible. - KJV Mark 10 v. 27” - Mark Chapter 10 verse 27 King James Version #VerseOfTheDay #Bible #Daily #Faith

Bible - KJV Daily Bible Verse 3.14.0 Screenshots & Images

Bible - KJV Daily Bible Verse iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Bible - KJV Daily Bible Verse iphone images
Bible - KJV Daily Bible Verse iphone images
Bible - KJV Daily Bible Verse iphone images
Bible - KJV Daily Bible Verse iphone images
Bible - KJV Daily Bible Verse iphone images
Bible - KJV Daily Bible Verse iphone images
Bible - KJV Daily Bible Verse iphone images
Bible - KJV Daily Bible Verse iphone images
Bible - KJV Daily Bible Verse Reference application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Bible - KJV Daily Bible Verse (Version 3.14.0) Install & Download

The applications Bible - KJV Daily Bible Verse was published in the category Reference on 2018-04-22 and was developed by iDailybread Co., Limited [Developer ID: 1096965435]. This application file size is 263.5 MB. Bible - KJV Daily Bible Verse - Reference app posted on 2022-07-10 current version is 3.14.0 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.meevii.bibleKJV