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Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout [Games] App Description & Overview

What is escapists 2: pocket breakout app? The Escapists 2 is a hilariously thrilling, sandbox strategy experience that issues the not-so-simple challenge of escaping from prison. Create your own con with hundreds of customisation options, go it alone or conspire with up to 3 of your friends to create the ultimate escape with local multiplayer!

Download The Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout today…It would be a crime not to!

Key Features:

Addictive prison simulation game with all new features!

13 handpicked prisons filled with indie sandbox madness!

Buy, barter and beat your way to acquiring the much-needed items to create dozens of crafting combinations to aid your escape!

Blend in to bust out, prison life is filled with routine, make sure you attend role call, clock in for you job and remain under the radar.

You’ve got time, so spend it well! Train your mind at the library and your body at the gym to give you the brains and brawn to breakout!

With the revamped combat system, you’ll be chaining and blocking attacks to deliver an epic breakout beatdown.

Put the craft in crafty! Traverse through prison life, forge friendships, pull the wool over guard’s the eyes or out-right bribe them!

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Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout Version 1.1124 March 2020

New prison added - U.S.S. Anomaly! Various bugs fixes and improvements.

Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout Comments & Reviews 2022

- Me again!

UPDATE: The Past Review was talking about a bug in version 1.02 for iPad Air users, 1.03 has resolved this issue, and works perfectly as before!! Carry on! :D Hey, I wrote a review saying I loved the first one and can’t wait for the 2nd one to be released on mobile, well I got a App Store gift card as a present, and saw this the same day, talk about a good day huh? Anyway, so glad I bought it! I love it, like the new mov mechanics, I also like the customization settings as well, I know team 17 enough to know new prison are soon to come so I’m not worried about that, what I am worried about is that after the Feb 13 update for the iPhone X bug fix the iPad Air 1 keeps crashing when I open a prison, I mean any prison, new prison, saved prison, old prison, I even tried deleting and reinstalling, tried another Game Center account, cant even play the tutorial!! I wrote a review on your direct website, that same day, it is now the 26th and you have yet to respond, I’m not mad, i just want to raise awareness to this issue, who knows maybe it happens to other iPads and iPhones, I’ve read reviews of constant crashing as well, such a good game with more to come, I would hate it if it had to be abandoned because of an annoying crash bug. -A Loyal Fan

- Unique Game. Love it.

Okay, this game is amazing. I don’t know if I can say much else. Haven’t experienced any bugs, multiplayer is great, frustrating in the best way, awesome concept. You all should get an award or something. Do they do that? Like, a ‘Best Escape From Prison Game in Recent Years’ thing? I doubt it. But I digress. I would like to see a few more girl prisoner NPCs, but y’know. No rush. This game is complicated, has a lot of steps to get to the escape, and is more than some mundane time killer. I’ve got a criminal record, a signature avatar thing, and I must admit, I’m getting daring. A bit too daring, if you know what I mean. I don’t know how many lockdowns in a day is possible, but...I think I do well. Anyways. I’d love to see more. I love how you have special escape options for multiplayer, though it is a bit annoying because my sister, who always plays, doesn’t always want to as much as me, so I have a lot of multiplayer escapes I haven’t done yet. But that’s a minor thing. Keep adding content, stay safe, thanks for reading, and have a great day! Sincerely, Aiden 👩🏽‍🦽🐺📚✡️🏳️‍🌈

- AWESOME SAUCE (bad joke lol)

ok so yeah,you add a second escapists and everyone buys it,(you following me?), so when they get more money, they seem to develop more parts of the game. which makes people happy like me cus i like the train map dont judge me 😬. which when theres good development means freezing and crashing 🥶,which I’m not judging you for, of course i love it just a few suggestions.1:so you know the guards are bots well thats also kind of stupid (no offense) but you could add a guard mode for multiplayer mode.2:PLEASE fix my PROGRESS LOSS its so annoying i spend 2ingame days getting 100 strength and i quit on accident and gone.3:just fix the crashing and freezing because i love this game and i dint want glitches taking it down. this is me when you read my review🤠. this is me when you dont😭.

- Loss of Progress

Look, this game is much better than the previous one in multiple ways, from the graphics to the animation to being able to earn money by doing jobs and missions. However, I’ve already lost my progress. TWICE. I was very close to escaping a prison when the battery indicator on my iPad showed up. I figured that since this game uses auto save, I didn’t need to worry about it as long as I exited from the game by hitting ‘Quit’, which I did. I come back later to find all my progress reset apart from having completed the tutorial. This happened again later on. This is the only significant issue I’ve found with The Escapists 2, so as long as you’re willing to risk having all your progress reset, it should be pretty fun.

- Difficulty problem

Hello! Great game, but I have a problem. The prisons are too easy! I escaped U.S.S Anomaly in 3 days first try. Also, I 100 presented the game and now I just want you to start adding prisons again. Or maybe you could start making new prisons that were not in the computer version. I am thinking that you could add a Japanese internment camp, A holocaust type prison, and an underwater Atlantis like prison called, well, Atlantis. Also, I am sure you got this suggestion a lot, but a guard mode would be cool. Also, I apologies for how harsh I was with my other comment. Please respond if you take any of these suggestions.

- No saving

So it keeps telling me, “This game uses icloud. Sign into YOU Apple account to access related functionality, or continue playing as guest.” So I tried to turn on icloud save in settings. I then went and played the game, finishing central perks and went off the game to check on a different game of mine. When I went back to the game (barely a minute later) it launched the screen and the EXACT SAME MESSAGE popped up. do some reason the icloud save I had so obviously clicked had unchecked itself. And all my character info and the fact I had completed the first prison was gone along with the characters I created. It was as if i hadn’t played at all. So I tried again, went out of the game and YET AGAIN the icloud was unchecked and the message popped up. Not only is this message REALLY annoying, but this is not okay. It’s a big glitch that needs to be fixed.

- Game keeps crashing, loosing lots of progress

Whenever i get through a day or so, the game will just suddenly freeze up with no warning and crash to the apple homescreen, once i load up the game again and hit continue the save, it will load up at my last manual save, or one of the auto saves a couple in game days ago, even though the game is set to save automatically. (it will just delete progress as if ive never even made it!), even sometimes when i quit back to the games homescreen to force a save, the game will freeze up and not do anything indefinitely (ive let it sit frozen for half an hour before restarting the app) and when i restart the app and load up the save, the game will load up another previous automatic save or manual save so that i will have lost half an hour plus of progress. Despite multiple iphone restarts and app restarts, this has persisted to happen ever since ive passed the ingame tutorial.

- Pretty Good

I have the first Escapists game, too. This one has improved by a lot and typically works very smoothly and is very fun to play, and I like that multiplayer is implemented. However... there’s some issues.. The game drains battery really fast. Like, really fast. But I can’t blame them, it could just be my phone. So, that’s not exactly an issue, I suppose. Whenever I play multiplayer with someone else, it takes a long time to load and if I drag the Notification Center down the session stops and I have to redo the process. Sometimes my phone crashes during that process. I have an iPhone 6 and I really hope you can fix the Notification Center issue with multiplayer, as well as the buggy crashing! Thanks for making this awesome game!

- Love this game! But…

Hello! I’ve been playing this game on and off with my brother for years. Just getting back into it this past week, I went to play it. The only problem was that it wouldn’t/won’t go past the title card. Once you tap the screen to actually start playing, it goes away and all that is left is the background. The menus for characters, leaderboard, play, etc just don’t show up. I know it’s not a storage issue because I’ve got plenty of space left on my iPad (5.5 gb to be exact). Restarted my device, nothing. I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling and that didn’t work either. I don’t know what the issue is but I hope I can keep playing soon :(

- Highly addicting!!

I love it! I bought it just a day ago and I already put so many hours into it already! Challenging strategy game, quests, (which I love because it makes you actually have a social life as well and other inmates aren't just there to be there) schedules, all while crafting, plotting a good spot to escape, and how. It all just makes it so fun and addicting! I don't know any complaints- maybe you could make guards higher ai, like they can hear footsteps behind them or hear you close doors and that would add some stealth? But I love it so much, favorite mobile game so far! ❤️

- Doesn’t even work

I’m using an IPhone 6 Plus and I paid 6.99 for this game, and guess what I got from it? Nothing. Nothing at all. I was previously super excited when I saw I could get it on my IPhone so I spent my $7 on this game. So I’ll get to the menu, will select a prison, and it will put me in the loading screen and even then it will lag. And at the end of the loading screen the game might just maybe get to the pick your character screen and I won’t be able to do anything and it will just crash. Team17 I either want a refund or for you to fix your game.

- Good mechanics but needs work

I love the game. It’s great, but I feel like there should be more actual prisons like in the first escapists. The game mechanics are awesome and I highly recommend that you keep them the way that they are, but I think that the maps should have more actual prisons. If your wondering what I mean by “actual prisons”, I mean a prison like what you would see in real life. The first escapists was great at this. I think that you should keep the graphics and game mechanics but use maps similar to the ones in the first escapists and have an extra prisons area that include these “special edition” kind of prisons like what most of the escapists two prisons are, overall though, good game.

- INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!

get it now, it is so good the escapists has really evolved since it’s first initial release of the escapists 1. the escapists two is one of my favorite games by far, with its variety of prisons and amazing animations! you really should try out the escapists 2 now. along with everything else the escapists 2 includes a large selectionof customization for your character. the police outfits look amazing and the talking in this game is hilarious!!! this game is exceedingly perfect and for the third time you should try it out!

- Functions well, difficult to ply with friends

This is a well-made game that I had few issues playing. The only problem is that I can't play with friends unless they are literally right next to me. It's really not all that possible for my friends to come over to my house all the time. I would HIGHLY recommend the developers make it possible for online multiplayer. Maybe a friends list where you could invite friends to play with you? This was would really make the experience better. No hate to the actually game though, it's pretty good.

- Game breaking glitch

I was so happy when I finally got this game! I started it on my iPad mini it went through all the copyright stuff And the went to a screen that said:”The Escapists2: pocket breakout. Touch to start” I touched. The game went to the part where your on the main menu a sound of an opening jail door played the music stopped and then there was the background and the beeps. Nothing else. Can you please fix this glitch? I was waiting to play this for SO LOOOOONG! I will right a better review when I actually play the game.

- The loading screen doesn’t work to me

For some reason when I open the game and get passed the title screen it puts me into a loading screen that doesn’t work for some reason,I don’t know what’s wrong with it and it said my phone is compatible,I tried leaving it for ten minutes on the loading screen and nothing happened,I tried deleting and reinstalling the app again and it was the same,

- Great Game

It’s a really good game I’m not going to lie. But it was really short. There weren’t any DLC or custom prisons like on different consoles. Think about it, people pay $6.99 just to escape like 5 prisons. I really like the game. It’s fun to escape different ways but it gets boring escaping the same prison 6 different times. Please add more prisons or DLC or custom prisons. I’m not saying it’s a bad game, I’m saying it’s a good game with only a little bit of prisons. I escaped all of the prisons in 1 day. Plz add more things to make it worth my money. But I have to tell you guys good job and keep on making great quality games! 👍🏼💪🏼✋🏼


I really enjoy playing this game it’s a lot of fun but recently the freezing and crashing while playing is getting absurdly annoying and unplayable, it most of the time can’t even get past the starting screen without it freezing and I’ve seen multiple people complain about this and at first i thought it was my internet but all my other games have worked perfectly fine and no mater how much I messed with the settings and my internet it continues to freeze just hope it’s something that gets fixed because at this point it’s almost unplayable

- Pls make it online multiplayer

I really love this game but I really wish it could be online so we can play multiplayer without have to be on the same WiFi so please just make it online because I have no one who has this game in the only one in my neighborhood and I can’t play with others so its boring so I just hope you read. Also it is an awsome game it’s just frustrating that I’m the only one that can play

- AWSOME, but there’s one issue

Overall SUPER amazing game, the graphics are nice and cozy, the overall construction is awesome, the only issue I’m having, is the amount of crashes I have during the game, and when I’m entering the lobby (when you choose the prison) on my mobile device it seems to always crash, and that’s the only real issue, idk if you would be able to fix it, but it make the gameplay a lot more accessible :) If you read this thanks, cuz almost nobody reads my reviews!


I’ve been playing this game for a while now and it’s the game that fits my description of perfect to a T, and I can’t wait to see what other exciting, fun, minding-destroyingly difficult prisons you come up with next. Now, for the hard part. The game has only one bug that I’ve seen so far: every now and then the game freezes and stops working, I’ve seen this only happen when the save icon was present. Maybe short the time between auto saves? Other than that, AWESOME GAME!

- Crashes way too much

This is probably one of my favorite mobile games ever, and it would be 5 stars but it crashes so much, resulting in all my work being deleted to my last save. I know is just isn’t my phone since I had the same problem on my old phone, and it’s still happening. If you fix this, then it will be a definite 5 stars! I 100% recommend!

- The annoying bug

I give this game a 2 star because ,their is a bug that doesn’t let me play the game so I can’t really do much with it . I’m starting to think it’s a scam because now I’m stuck with the escapist 1 .I forgot how much money this game was but it has a bug. do u mind fixing the bug .let me explain it to you so when I downloaded the game I was about to play it but when I taped to play it didn’t work .it just game up in a light clear blue so I can’t do anything. please read this game owner and fix it for me and maybe ill rate this game 5 stars but for now I will wait until it’s fixed

- Greatest game ever

The Escapists 2 Pocket Breakout is a SO much better than the original. First of all, it has more items and better graphics. I love how the prisoners walk a around and sometimes look in their desks and sleep. And you can actually see the item that your holding in your hand. I like how Robinson tells you how to escape on the first prison. I also like how there is two or three floors. This is an huge improvement from the first game and I love it.

- Love it but needs a few more things

On mobile you cant get the super knuckle duster recipe because you get it from the pay phones in the HMP Offshore prison and that prison was never added. Idk why, but i saw DanTDM’s video about escaping HMP Offshore and saw him do the dolphin escape so i go to play it and its not there. I was very disappointed about that. Also the DLC prisons such as dungeons and duct tape need to be added along with the custom prisons feature. So add HMP Offshore, DLCs, and the custom prisons feature too. I’d really appreciate it. Ty ;)

- Love the game but...

This game is really fun, with lots of detail and some depth to it. I think it’s really cool the way they added a lot of features, but there is a major problem: not enough maps!! I realize this is just the mobile version, but you need to add more maps ASAP so players can enjoy more. Once all the maps are passed, the game is just not as fun and could use a lot more. I would also like to see the “create your own prison” feature you see on xbox and pc. Other than that, keep up the great work!

- Why is it now crashing

So I was playing in the rattlesnakes prison and all the sudden my game crashed so then I thought,”Oh no big deal I’ll just restart it.” So I restart the game and everything seems normal but then I tap the screen to play and the game crashed AGAIN. So I restarted the game two more times and still nothing, so I uninstalled and reinstalled the game and it still crashed. Now I’m worried all my progress is gone. I love this game but please, devs fix this.


I love the game or I did. Every time I get on the game now it takes me to the title screen and I push play and it just freezes on the blue screen. I am on iPad so that might be it but if you could please fix it because your game is so good. Thanks if you read this. I already tried delegating the game and regretting it but that fixed nothing. Please fix it so I can play the game again.

- In a world

In a world where you’re pitted against one of mans greatest fear, loss of freedom. You are the anti-hero of an epic story of your choosing. From crafting a plethora of increasingly uniquely tools to preform countless tasks. Develop deep bonds with inmates and prisoners that will bring you to pure joy and a tearful depressions in the roller coaster of prison politics. Ladies and gentlemen this is not your grandmothers prison escape game. Delete all other games now because this one will be the only one I will ever play till time stops.

- Quick Problem With The Game.... Turns Into Frustration.

It’s been a bit since I decided to play the game. So when I eventually do try to get on, the game crashes. No big deal, right? WRONG. I tried again and again, with the same result ending in crashing. I ain’t one of those “ lemme talk to your manager” people, but a patch fixing this would be appreciated. With thanks, W0lf580

- Not working!!

I bought this game and I am stuck on the loading screen. I can’t actually play the game even though I bought it. I’m not one to complain about games but this is horrible!! You need to fix this. I used to have the game on my Xbox and that was fine!! So I don’t know what is happening with this version but I hope you guys fix it.

- Game freezes while opening, can’t play.

This is indeed a good game, and I loved it. While it still worked anyways. For some reason the game just freezes when I open it. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling it, but it doesn’t work. I don’t know what caused this, but the game is super fun, and I hope they fix this bug that makes it unplayable

- Better than the original

I have just finished all the prisons and can definitely say that I like this one better than the first. The graphics, speed, prison layouts, and new combat system are much improved. The only things I wish to see added are non-local multiplayer and a prison editor. These would add lots of replayability and allow lots of us to do the multiplayer only escapes.

- Plz add a guard mode and medic mode on all platforms

If you made a guard and medic mode it would be awesome! Like, when you are a medic it would give you speed like the normal medics and it would give you a marker when someone is knocked out. Also plz add it on PC and the Nintendo Switch because sometimes I have the switch but not my iPad, and I’m the guard mode you would have a key but could go through all doors. Thank you!

- Where are the rest of the prisons?

Seems like there are only 7 prisons which is ridiculous considering how I remember in the Xbox version there were more as well as the dlc prisons. Where are the rest of the prisons? I find it perfectly reasonable to add these plus the dlc prisons since the first game had it so why shouldn’t the second game? Also multiplayer is ridiculous since you can only play through local networks and not over the Internet.

- Whatever happened to Prison Editor?

I downloaded this game, expecting to be able to build my own prisons. You can’t do that. I downloaded this game, expecting to be able to play online across the Internet. You can’t do that. I downloaded this game, expecting to be able to play DLCs and other maps outside of the starting 4, but guess what. YOU CAN’T DO THAT. I understand the game is still in it’s early stages, but I can’t stand the limits on this. Great game, but it still needs all the features of the PC and Console versions.

- Me again

I love the new update in escapist to all the new things like the US S Academy I love everything about it it’s on my favorite games the only bad thing is I can’t figure out how to get the DLC Pack if I could get it this would be one of my favorite games in the world but I can’t find out about it so if you guys know can you tell me thank you bye

- Great game! But where is the Prison Editor?

I really like this game and I've played it for a long time. But I'm kind of sad how there is no editor like on PC. I don't know if it is just not compatible for mobile, but I feel like this addition would make the game SO much better! Also, the game sometimes freezes on the local multiplayer, it would be awesome if you could look into that! :)

- Fixed

In the newest update bringing the new prison, I have found a big making the game unplayable. Every time I click play it bring me to the prison and the time is stuck at 6:45. All I see is the front of the prison. Also my date for central parks 2 has been erased! Please kill these bugs until thin I can’t even play if I wanted too. EDIT: Fixed in new bug fixes update thanks!

- Interesting 🧐

My only major problem is actually just about chocolate spawn mechanics. (Not kidding) anyways, I’m playing on rattlesnake springs, and am doing pretty good. 100 strength in like 2 days ingame. Sorry, got off track. I really do like this game (apart from chocolate spawn •_•) and think it has a lot of potential! (Potential to have chocolate spawn more often -_-)

- Great

I love it! I loved playing the game on the Xbox One and I undoubtedly love playing it on mobile. It does have its quirks of course. Controls are obviously a bit more complicated. Also, I don’t know if anyone else had issues with pre-ordering. I did not receive the game until I spent an additional $7. Otherwise, I’m having a lot of fun replaying The Escapists 2 on my phone and I hope Team17 isn’t finished updating the game. Every new DLC is a blast!

- Request

I’ve played this game on a couple platforms but mostly on console. However, I noticed the lack of prisons (which I’m pretty sure come out later so I’m not worried about that) and also the absence of non-LAN multiplayer. I was wondering if that addition would be considered later on or if it will remain the same. Other than that, wonderful port and a must buy.

- Great, but...

The game overall is great. A few problems. On Rattlesnake Springs, the game freezes for a few seconds up to a few minutes. After a while, the game crashes. Also, are people going to be able to join from other parts of the world? Would people across the U.S.A. be able to join each other at any point.

- I am happy but dissapointed

I am sooo happy that you made a lot better,more things, more levels,new controls etc. I just want to be able to play on multiplayer and friend players also I want the guard dogs to slow down,but the thing that triggers me the most is that I can’t make my own prisons I hope you change these things but this game only deserves a four until then. Pleeeeeaaasssseee answer me 🙏

- Wierd glich

Ok so in the new update it wont let me in it will go in the screen to tap to go in the game it just does o clicking sound like duh duh duh duh and it wont let me in the game un so ya please fix this bug ok so its been a few months and it still won’t work you aren’t good at your job now fix it please please it’s so annoying

- Great game

I love the game I played escapists 1 and to on mobile and cp and I like the noble one more because it’s on a phone but they really need to make it we’re you can play with people that are not using your internet or what ever it was and if they did sorry for wasting your time if you read this I play but then I got a phone and I forgot to download it back

- Help

Hi! I have been on a spree of replaying the Escapist then going to play the 2nd I can’t get in the game at all. Like I can click the start but then it just goes to the background screen behind the menu. I have tried waiting it out but nothing changes, I really want to play this game but am unable to. Please help.

- Itssss meeeeee

Game don’t work on ipad straight waste of mooola so, can u fix that, I have played this game and it’s da bomb and I would like to play on my iPad so could u fix that it does not work plz, also plz fix it, otherwise the game is good bc it’s not TOO hard ok great game goodbye, fix game and I’ll give better review! otherwise like I’ve said this game is SOO GOOOOOOD.

- Help

I wanna play and I’ve played before but now I’m on my phone and after it says “press to play” it goes away and now I’m on a screen that I can do nothing on I would like it if you fixed this bug cause I really wanna play cause I’m bored once you fix this problem it will be a 5 star review and I’ll let you know if there’s any other bugs

- Guest

When I’m trying to play with my sister I’m a guest every once in a while I disconnect when I joinback I have no money and stats ik it says it is like that but every once in a while I don’t get my stuff back I want to be able to play and not loose my stats and coins with my sister other wise the game is great but you do need more maps 😛

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- Good game but since it’s just released a lot of bugs

I have played the escapists 2 on my Xbox before. Great game, really loved it but the splitscreen on Xbox is sorta bad. I have experienced blurry eyes after 5 minutes just because the screen got soo blurry eyes when 1 of the player is upstairs and when you are downstairs. And the screen is small and the words are pixelated so your eyes won’t feel good after 5 minutes on Xbox. However, the mobile version is so much better and still keeps the “feel” of the escapists. There is some bugs on mobile though: 1. Sometimes I can’t start the game. I spam the the “continue” button but I does not work. 2. Disconnections. Random ones too. 3. Buttons are too less sensitive so it sometimes is hard to touch them 4. It’s apparently so much harder. I can beat up so much guards in the Xbox but now they much more health (so far what I’ve seen) and they can deal way more damage than the Xbox Verison. That’s all for now. Lemme just play it now.

- Love the game but a problem.

I have been playing this game ever since it came out and I love it so so much but I’ve got a problem. Since the glorious regime release whenever I go into a prison, time is frozen and it just shows one tiny part of the prison. The only thing that works is the map but it doesn’t really help since time is frozen. Please fix this issue because I got so excited when I saw that the glorious regime had come out but now I can’t play. Thanks, that would be great.

- Great! Some things I would like added...

Been playing for about a year. I just finished Wicked Ward. I love the clean style of the game that looks like it would be in a 1990 arcade game. Yet to finish area 17. Now, I would like a feature added. A prison builder mode? Where you build your own prisons, make inmates and quests, and then escape from it? Possibly there could be a custom prison place where you can download and play other people’s prisons? It could be another paid app entirely, I don’t mind. Just someone cool.

- Amazing

Hello I have only played the game for 1 day and I love it. I have already beaten 3 prisons so I have played a lot. Nothing else to say besides why do you call it pocket break out it’s the same as the one on PC, Xbox and PS4 besides the menu, so why don’t you just call it the escapists 2. Otherwise good game. Please add an achievement for escaping the train. Idk why I want that but I think it would be cool. See yah. :)

- Great game, one problem

This is a great game and it’s really fun, and I’ve only got one problem with it. I’ve been getting through the prisons a little fast, and I don’t want to run out of the game so soon. I know there are 6 bonus prisons in total, but on my iPad there are only three of them. There’s also the prison ‘H.M.P Offshore’, which I think is probably on PC but not mobile. I know you developers are probably already working on these, but if you’re not, then maybe think about it. Also, thanks for the great game!

- So there’s local multiplayer but...

Where’s online/worldwide multiplayer? Considering it’s the same router/access point and how the game costs money, chances are I’m never gonna use local multiplayer. I have friends no doubt, and with transportation maps most escapes need multiple players, so please consider adding said online/worldwide multiplayer. (If you do ima give you ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ :D) P.S. I found a new bug, whom completely reset my progress!!!!! Rank, hidden recipes, saved games, escapes, EVERYTHING!!! Please fix!

- Thx for fixing the game

Hi, thx for this mobile escapists 2 game, now I can play it. I looked in my downloads for a skating game a while ago and I saw that the escapists 2 was red so I downloaded it again and it worked so thx five stars to you now. I did send a reply of the bug before, well not bug, you know what I mean, but again thank you have a lovely life creators, and this game is awesome so thx for putting it on mobile.

- Awesome game, but one issue.

I have been waiting ages for the escapists 2 to come out for mobile, since I’ve pretty much mastered the first game. I bought and have been really enjoying it, but every few minutes the game just freezes. Sometimes it works again after a minute and sometimes it just crashes and I lose a bunch of progress. I really hope this can be fixed soon, but apart from that it’s an awesome game worth buying!

- Amazing Game, but some ideas:

First off, don’t get me wrong, but this is one of the best games I have ever played! I’m just wondering if you would be able to add an offline multiplayer mode, like local wireless multiplayer, with no internet requirements. Love the Halloween theme, and the new prison, and would DEFINITELY Recommend this game to whoever think they should buy it, and are interested in Jailbreaks.

- Just won’t launch

It’s a really good game I’ve played on my pc before and it’s really fun that’s what the 5 star is for but on iPhone I’m on the latest version and it won’t get passed the touch to start screen it’s like it crashes I’ve looked online and everything and nothing works so if you guys try to fix it I would be pleased

- Prisons

Great game really love it I’m just wondering when the next prison is coming out and I had to restart one time that was fine what made me angry is the fact that I can’t get my old character back because I can’t get the customisations and no site is helpful with any of them

- Three Requests

This is an amazing app, but... I was very excited to make my own prison but then I discovered it isn’t available for Pocket Breakout. Please add it, the prison creator. I don’t care if it takes half a year, at least it would come. Please. :( Anyway! I have some other suggestions that would make the game even better! Recruit: (I believe it’s available for pc, so I don’t really need to explain.) Riot: Pretty much a more difficult and upgraded version of the riots/prison takeovers on The Escapists (1). 4 Stars. EDIT: Please respond, and also, when and what will the next update be?

- I love this game so I have a suggestion

Hi there I have a suggestion make more prisons and more items it would be really good if you made more prisons look at the possibilities a future prison or a dungeon prison look at them all and look at the item possibilities for items a gun a sniper rifle look at them all thanks for reading my review

- Refund please

Loved this game on Xbox but I couldn’t see the screen very well so when I came across this game on iPad I was eager to play but I can’t even get the game to load half the time. Completed the tutorial finally only to have it close during the last cut scene and nothing saves. Really disappointed because I didn’t want to have to sit so close to my tv to play on Xbox and I wanted a good local co op to play which I can’t do because everything is so small. Great game otherwise.

- Needed

Hi! Here’s some things in reviews I have come across and have decided to take my part in the reviews. __________________________ Bugs. ____________________________ So when I first went into prison, escaped it glitched and kicked me out but when I went back in... my heat was at just 1 when I was kicked but it got to 100! And it was lights out... I escaped during second free time. Can you fix this glitch? (It happens often... like every time I quit and make a new save) Things needed: Builder mode (WHY IS ONLY STEAM?!) Guard (You need to complete it for normal guard swat you get after 5) Online play! (Seriously! Most games need it!) Help! I have the civilian outfit from the film crew but I can’t escape!

- Crashed fixed but...

It’s fixed but when I enter a prison it does not show cutscenes and is just stuck on the enterance. People move and things but times does not move. Fix this and yet again, this will turn to 5 stars.

- Lags

I can’t open the game because once all your credits at the beginning roll the game won’t open to the actual game and when I can actually play after half an hour of play it starts to lag when ever the auto save feature Other than that it is a great game thanks

- Review

I would really like escapist 3 to come out this game is awesome.I would like the circus one and the dungeon and ductape to come out for everyone other than that I love this.

- Love in but just Multiplayer...

I feel like you can save the progress on the cloud so friends can’t loose their skills like Strength, Smartness and others. I play this game a lot myself and I just feel like multiplayer needs a fix. Thanks for looking into this!

- $11 and doesn’t work

The game is fun and i spent a lot to get it . 7+ months pass and i try to play again but i get stuck on a blue screen and i can’t do anything i tried contacting team 17 but it says i'm miss a csrf token and i don’t know what it means , also tried to find there contact number and i can’t find it so i’m think of contacting apple don’t buy this game

- Really Unique Game

I like the game but it has a urge to buy but when I got it I thought it would have all the prisons so I completely did all of them but I just stop playing cause it got boring! So please put more prisons in the game quickly! Thanks

- Pls can you be a guard

Please can you add a mode that you can be guard and you get to choose what key or keycard you have. Also can you add prison builder thanks

- Kept Crashing

I really love this game, but the reason I rate it 4 stars is because it kept crashing at unexpected moments. Sometimes the moments mean nothing. Sometimes the moments were important and it makes me want a refund. Please fix it.

- Keeping getting kicked out

Escapist 2 Pocket breakout is good but I can only do the tutorial because with any of the other missions it kick me out of the app I’m thinking of deleting and re-installing PLEASE FIX THIS!

- Plz fix this game

This game was going good and running smoothly until I started a new game on the first prison but when ever I try to do it my game starts freezing at the loading screen then it just crashes making this game unplayable. Plz fix this issue. I play on iphone 6 btw.

- Best Game Ever

So I have always been an escapists fan ever since the first one came out. I’ve been playing the escapists 2 on my PlayStation with my cousins and now that it FINNALY came out on mobile I’m in love with it!!!!!! 5 stars

- Hel..........Lo

This game is the 💣 but...... one second I am trying to dig a hole another second later I freeze 🥶 and it kicks me out please fix game! 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙃🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂 if you don’t..... wait... MY SECRET ABILITY!!!!! 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🆘🆘🆘💯💯💯 future me: IT FREEZED 🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶 ON THE MENU!!! HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE!!!

- good but bad

This game is really good but the new update (uss prison) when added makes you loose all your progress when you leave the game.

- Husky

When I saw it I was so excited I don loaded it when I played the game it let me in but the next time I played it crashes so please fix ito

- Can’t even play

I was so excited because I had finally got the game but when it said “escapists 2 pocket breakout” I pressed start and the music went away but I still heard the click click and nothing showed up I waited 40 minutes and still nothing that’s why I gave it 1 star if the glitch was fixed my opinion would DEFINITELY change

- Great but not enough prisons please read

I’ve escaped all the prisons but only one prison I didn’t escape I was watching Dantdms videos and there is way more prisons please add more.

- It keeps on CRASHING!!!

I’ve been waiting for ages for this game to come out on mobile and when I saw it I downloaded it straight away. When I started playing it was running really well but then it always crashes when I try to start a new game. Please fix this bug.

- Best game BUT

When I first played this game I was HYPE. It was so fun thanks for make this game but can u put more levels please? That would be cool if u can do that but good work!

- I have a weird glitch

Love this game but I have a glitch where the game have 2 version of my character

- Good but a lot of glitches

This game is very good but when me and my friend try and play multiplayer it would kick us out of the game so can you please fix that

- Being the first to review this’s good

There are so many crafting recipes and better animation There is also multiplayer! This game is epic


I mean just can we not have to connect to lan? I think and online multiplayer feature would be AMAZING but the game as a whole issssssss good I’ll give it that it needs some tweaks but at the end of the day it’s really good 3 stars

- Good game but glitches

Whenever I finish a level, the game freezes, so I have to restart the game. Once I get back in, the game acts like I just got it and removes all of my saves. Overall, it’s a very good game but needs fixing.

- Plokijuhyggyhujikolptfrdeswaqq

I love the escapist but I can’t get on I waited 2 hours and still nothing

- Hello creators I need to talk

I would like to say is that for me it takes to long to load but I am not trying to be mean but please fix this btw nice details

- Its great but....

You should add map that is on the pc other than that its a good game( maybe add more levels plz)

- TE2

I have already escaped all of the prisons can’t wait till the other 5 come out this is the best game ever

- Updates

Hey Escapists team I would like to THANK YOU PERSONALLY For releasing The Escapists 2 onto the mobile platform. Me and my sister play all the time attempting to escape from the several prisons you have given us. But we would like to see those expansions packs/DLC Added so we can escape from more special themed prisons -ChuckenMeat

- No Online

Have to connect to the same wifi to join each other so it's just LAN

- I love it it’s just...

It broke my music as I tried to play it. It didn’t work until I delated this app, but it’s still a really great game! I hope that you can get this fixed :D

- Fun game but short

It’s really fun and addictive but it is short I finished it 1n 1 or 2 months so could you please add prisons like H.M.S orca and the U.S.S anomaly plz

- Good but need more prisons

Make more like the pc version

- Still freezes and crashing

I’m enjoying the game....... so far... BUT the game still freezes............ not enjoyable when this randomly occurs... Needs fixing...

- Good from what I’ve heard but...

I just can’t access it from my iPad!! It gets to the main menu but then it just loads forever plz fix this because it looks like a very good game and I want to play it!


Dear Team 17 mouldy toof studios and other, I can not start the game, which is the Centre perks level, I have played Escapists 1 And it never even lagged, this Escapists Just needs fixing plz. Regards.

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- Great but add this...

This game is amazing! It runs well and I really like being able to play with my friends. I have a few requests of things to add, #1 becoming a guard and stopping prisoners from escaping #2 Global multiplayer with guards and prisoners as players! Would be a nice challenge going against guards who are players, or stopping people from escaping. #3 Needs more Prisons! Thanks for making this game but if you add at least #1 or #2 the game will make my day🙂🙂🙂 Good job on making this game and pls read this I just edited this review.

- How to you pick your character

Just someone respond to this

- Plz plz plz

Developers look here, I need help. I need Chinese. I ask you to add Chinese language. Thank you 🙏

- add prison builder

it’s really fun but you should add a way to build your on prison

- Stuck

Stuck on the blue screen after it says touch to start.

- Awesome

I love this game so much!!!!! I also saw another review and says something about a custom prison and that sounds awesome so please do add that and yeah that’s all

- New updates

I love this game but I think it should have a feature where you could be a guard

- Very good!!!!

This game is really cool! I love how there are multiple ways to escape the prisons instead of just perimeter breakouts like in the first game! Also, the new mechanics are a lot better!

- Awesome

Wish there was global multiplayer where there are guards and prisoners all as players, and please fix some multiplayer problems, because it doesn’t work for me, and idk why.


Please add dlc prisons


really cool game but why can’t we play like on different wifi it would be nice to had this feature instead of needing to play on the same wifi

- Amazing

Two things though. First I can’t wait for USS anomaly and fort tundra! Also are ya gonna add the prison creator soon? Thanks!

- Noice

Love the game 10/10

- To everyone

This game was the best game I have played so far

- Train

I love this game I have on all consoles and it’s amazing to play this on iPhone but pleeeeease add the train level

- Buying

I was gonna buy the escapist 2 but it was 6.99$ I did not have enough money and it changed to 9.99$ I just wanna ask why you changed the price

- This is a good game tho :)


- Best game but

This game is amazing it’s really good I hope there will be an add-on where you can make your own prison

- Great but…

In the steam version of this it has custom prisons and that other thing. I am simply asking for that to be added in to the pocket version(this one). It would make the game much more fun. Ps, the game is great. Whoever worked on it, must’ve taken a while so I thank you for your hard work on this game.

- Amazing but please add this!

This is an amazing game but can you please add prison editor to mobile players? It really doesn’t seem fair how if somebody doesn’t have a PC or any computer can’t make their own prisons!

- How do I play online multiplayer

Pls answer

- Horrible

Keep losing my data for no reason

- This game is hot 😎🥸

I love being able to play w my siblings and it would be nice to be a cop 👮‍♂️ and also can you plz add custom jails

- Great but...

I’ve played the game on my computer but on the tablet you cannot play multiplayer. Please respond to this! 👎

- Problem

I already played this game a few months ago and it was really fun. I re downloaded it yesterday and now I am stuck on the blue screen after I play start. I like this game but I can’t play it so could you fix it.

- Stuck

This game is really fun I got to play it a few times till today when I got on it I touched the screen after it said “touch to play”. So I touched the screen and it just wouldn’t load I was stuck on the blue screen for the entire day. Please fix this so I can give you a better rating. Thank you!

- Stuck

Stuck on blue screen after it says tap

- I’m stuck

When it says click to start it’s not loading. FIX IT


multiplayer doesn’t work i’ve tried playing with my friends multiple times but it doesn’t work from escapists side, we are both updates i tried different devices and it used to work but now ever since the new ios came out it broke the LAN function. please fix it

- Very good but

Multiplayer doesn’t work

- Read before paying

I can’t get past the loading screen when you enter the game and I’m not the only one with this problem. Please consider downloading it on PC, or Xbox, or play station. DO NOT WASTE MONEY ON THE MOBLIE VERSION!!!

- Help

I’m stuck in the blue screen after it says touch to start could you plz tell me how to fix I had high hopes for this game to find out it’s 10$ and doesn’t want to work

- All is well except MP

Multiplayer is not working for me or my friend who has the app as well.

- It’s great but...

You need to add global multiplayer with any other device I payed good money for this game and then found out that I can’t even play with my friends why tho they are having fun on pc but my laptop sucks so I can’t even play with them even tho I bought the game :(

- Really good game but

It’s a really good game when I played it before and on the pc, but, I decided to come back to this game and when I tap on thwnscreen in the press to start it just freezes, really sad byt a really good game. Hope you would fix this bug.

- Add

PS4 and Xbox And NS have invite inmates to help you ADD PLEASE!

- I paid for it but it won’t download

I bought the game two days ago and it still hasn’t downloaded it just says failed to download please try again later

- Glitch

OK so if you have a problem where the game freezes once you press start and it’s a blue screen do the following: Turn on Airplane mode and turn off WiFi Sign out of Game Center: Open the Settings app and tap Game Center. On the Game Center screen, you will see the Apple ID you've used to sign into Game Center. Tap it and a menu will appear with a Sign Out option Turn off the Airplane mode and turn on WiFi Log back into Game Center and try to open the game

- Frustrating

I get stuck on the blue screen after pressing start I’ve already tried uninstalling and installing and resetting my phone. Could I get my money back?

- Stuck

Stuck on the blue screen after pressing start Please fix this bug I used to love this game

- I can’t play

The reason I rated it badly is because I can’t play it freezes every time I get to the loading screen pls help

- Bad game

When I got the game I was stuck at waiting I can’t get the game bad game

- Developers,we have a problem

Hello dear developer or App Store I’m here because I can’t ply your game.Every times I go in just the menu screen and a bip but I know how this game is good

- Suggestion

Could You Add A Way To Play As A Guard? I Think Playing As A Guard And Monitoring The Prison And Stoping People From Fighting Would Be A Very Neat Addition. So Please Consider It. 🙂

- Doesn’t load

The game won’t load

- waste of money

you get stuck on a screen and can never load in and play

- Great Game But...

Hey devs plz add prison building mode in Mobile it would really improve this game.

- Wasted my money

Stuck on one screen and can’t even get in the game

- Glitched

I love the game but I got bored of it after awhile and deleted it but when I re-downloaded I it would go through the intro credits and when I clicked play it would load and have a beeping sound and never let me start a game. I love the game other wise and would give it five starts if this is fixed. (I have an iPhone 7)

- Ugh

Whenever I try to open up the game it just goes to this blue screen and I can’t use it

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The Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout (Android) voor €1,89


Bunswin: The Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout for $2.49 from Google Play Store

Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout 1.11 Screenshots & Images

Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout iphone images
Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout iphone images
Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout iphone images
Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout iphone images
Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout iphone images
Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout iphone images
Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout iphone images
Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout Games application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout (Version 1.11) Install & Download

The applications Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout was published in the category Games on 2019-01-31 and was developed by Team17 Digital Limited [Developer ID: 321369234]. This application file size is 1.39 GB. Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout - Games app posted on 2020-03-24 current version is 1.11 and works well on IOS 12.1 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.Team17.TheEscapists2