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What is lotsa slots™ - vegas casino app? Download Lotsa Slots, one of the best casino apps made especially for slots lovers. Lotsa Slots Casino gives you the chance to WIN BIG in Slots, including EXCITING bonus games, big wins & thrilling progressive JACKPOTS. Enjoy all the thrill of Las Vegas on your iPhone or iPad!

Take a break from your daily routine and escape into the glitzy fantasies of Vegas games! Head into the wild with Bonus & the Beast, enjoy endless cash re-spin features with LAVA LOOT, smash up the reels with POSEIDON CASH, become a slots legend with DOUBLE CHILI BOOM! With over 70 free Vegas slots games adventures and jackpot featured slot machines, excitement is always just a tap away!

Lotsa Slots featured with:

- Hot slot machines including YIN YANG, RED HOT HEART, KISS THE FROG & more!

- Most exciting Jackpots and the biggest Wins just for you!

- Vegas style slots machines designed by casino professionals.

- 2,000,000 slots WELCOME BONUS.

- Bonus coins to collect every 2 hours!

- Experience Pop Party, Quest King, Lucky Words & more events coming up!

- Enjoy realistic Vegas Casino in the palm of your hands!

- New slots machines added every week.

Lotsa Slots is intended for adult audience for entertainment purposes only. YOU CANNOT WIN REAL MONEY. Success at social casino gambling does not reward real money prizes, nor does it guarantee success at real money gambling.

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Find this site the customer service details of Lotsa Slots™ - Vegas Casino. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company. https://appsupports.co/1356045010/lotsa-slots-vegas-casino/contact

Lotsa Slots™ - Vegas Casino Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Lotsa Slots™ - Vegas Casino Version 5.807 July 2022

Hi Lotsa fans, Make sure to download this update! We fixed a few annoying bugs and made your experience much smoother. Have a great time! We love you :).

Lotsa Slots™ - Vegas Casino Version 5.707 May 2022

Hi Lotsa fans, Make sure to download this update! We fixed a few annoying bugs and made your experience much smoother. Have a great time! We love you :).

Lotsa Slots™ - Vegas Casino Version 5.503 March 2022

Hi Lotsa fans, Make sure to download this update! We fixed a few annoying bugs and made your experience much smoother. Have a great time! We love you :).

Lotsa Slots™ - Vegas Casino Comments & Reviews 2022

- Not so great

I have played a lot of different slot games and so far this one seems the fairest, meaning the bonuses and extra rewards seem generous so I have not had to keep reloading as often. The side games for earning extra credits keep you in the game and are fun to play. I’ve won the most credits of any game, almost 5 trillion. I’ve lost a little since, but not so much because I am still in play. Love this so far. After playing for several months, I too noticed that when I finally reached over 1Q in credits, all of a sudden I could not increase my wins but instead lost it all. I liked the game enough to buy more credits and built my account back up only to lose it all again. Today, I played the Vegas slot game and won a Major credit which would have added 3Q to my account, but it did not! I did email support but have had a lot of difficulty getting any response. I’m not sure what my options are for resolving this but I hope the developers will make good on what they owe me.


This is actually the first review that I have ever written on anything. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this game but I’m extremely frustrated at the moment and after reading some of the other previous reviews apparently this is how the app is designed, which is pretty crappy!! In the beginning bonuses are amazing! You will never have a shortage of free spins or bonus games, it’s amazing! And then I noticed that the winning slowed down significantly. But I was still getting big wins and bonus games every now and then. I was actually up to 800 billion at one point and when I hit that mark was when everything basically shut off. I haven’t hit ANYTHING in weeks. I thought maybe just give it some time. It will come back around. Purchased things to see if that would help. Nothing helps! Your money basically disappears! I noticed that every time I would get into the app, my coin balance was significantly less than what it was when I was getting out of the app. It’s all just bizarre to me! I did send a message through the app earlier today so we shall see if those other complaints about customer service are also true. I really don’t want to delete the app because I really enjoy it but if something isn’t done about the 800 billion that was lost basically overnight then I’ll be left with choice I guess.

- This review might get deleted but for it does...

This game maybe fun and all but let me point out something in case no one knows click the arrow under where it says iPad the page will open to how the game is played down close to the end it reads this game is intended to be entertaining for adults but IT DOES NOT OFFER ANY REAL CASH it’s there in fine print these apps are sharing the videos of the people who act like they are winning big but they actually ain’t winning on any of these scamming games it’s a gimp to get you to spend money or they hit you with so many ads that will make you lose your mind in which they get paid every time an ad plays in their apps If anyone is really winning money it’s not on any of the casino games if anyone does read this just remember look for it in the print where it says it doesn’t offer real cash if your here for that I fell for these many times and why put money into these apps if you can’t get any of it back by winning its set up for people to lose even if it’s real I don’t get how people can give away their money for luck it’s ridiculous you might as well buy drugs you might get a better use for your money sorry I know that was excessive but I’m just pointing out a fact anyways read before you play.

- Terrible customer service

This game is total trash. I bought coins never got them i then tried to get customer service and nobody responds EVER its been 3 Months and i still have yet to make contact with them. I play on free coins in the mean time and i have 5 billion i bet 1 million and then end up with 10 thousand coins. The game glitches. You get a 1 mill coin reward it shows but then you collect other rewards and suddenly have less than before you got that original 1 mill. Its so bad dont bother getting this game you will waste your time and money and they wont help you.. they respond here saying sorry and direct you to report in in the settings customer support contact us section of the app. But good luck like i said its been months with out a response. And i probably never will get one. They are here to take advantage of those who pay money to play. The more you play the less you win and the more you spend the more you lose. They should at least let you win real cash is your spending real cash. But its all a scam. To rob you of your hard earned dollars. Play for free or dont play at all… and they send me an automated message to contact them through the app but i did months ago and never got a response.. hahaha pathetic.

- Lotsa Slots has lotsa work to do

Your app has one of the worst fail rates I’ve ever seen. It boots you out going from one game to another or in the middle of bonus games or special events. I guess that makes it fail rate more than 75% of the time. I gave it the second star cuz the app could have possibilities if it didn’t dump you out of the game all the time. I’m about ready to quit because continually having to restart the game is not fun! Could have been a good game if you didn’t have to continually restart the game every time you get a high score, try to open one of the special games, open your daily requirements, open your stamp book or just about any other thing on this app. This app is crap and stingy with coins after you hit a certain level. It may differ for each person but it will happen! I had 13 trillion points a week ago now I only have 6 billion. That may sound like a lot but it isn’t when you are well over level 1000. By that time you are probably betting lose to 5 billion per spin.I have made many in game purchases, which was fine at first but now it just drains away in a few spins. Like I said before, as soon as I have used up all my points and my benefits run out I’m done.

- Lotsa Slots Rocks!

I have been playing this particular Game App for over a year or so. I won’t immediately start paying for any event or drain my bank account because let’s face it, we are paying almost all of these Apps , and not getting paid to win. So, it usually takes me a while to warm up to the idea of putting my hard earned money into something that I’m not profiting from. Every now and then I might buy some packages if they are at a fair price. All in all, I love the Clan concept, and the fact that if you do put money into this App, you get to have a Stamp added in your likeness, and your beloved pet as well, and you get to join a couple members private and public forums, Lounge, to share and give congrats to top winners. It’s a very friendly online experience. A++. Thank You Lotsa Slots for your hard work and commitment to the consumer.. Love the detail and layout, and payout ..! K.A.S...🤑🤩🎊👊🏼☝🏼✌🏼#lotsaslots

- Great and fair game

Hey guy I usually never right reviews about games , but this one is special ! I have played this game for 6 days straight and it’s been sooo generous ! I hit so many jackpots and I am over a billion in coin ! You could play A lot of missions that pays 100 millions when completed , and there not hard to complete ! The only thing I don’t like is the ranking , instead of saying 999 it should say the % . Example if I have a billion coin it should say your on top 10% of all players for example ! I did a 2.99 purchase not because I was out of coins but just to support the team behind it for there hard work ! Thank you for an amazing casino slot game ! Hope in the future you will be Adding black jack and roulette or even maybe you could create clubs where people could join a leader and chat , and have tournaments where clubs fight for a prize in the end of the week ! Thank you !!!

- Stay away from this app

I suspect that if anyone spent any amount of time and money checking each spin you could find flaws. I’ve played this game frequently over the past couple of weeks and sadly shame on me spent money on junk. I have noticed problems with the amount of the bet not matching the amount that came off the balance, anytime you get stars for a 5 in a row you don’t win more than you bet, I’ve been in free games and sometimes the scatter gives you more free spins - sometimes it doesn’t, I have never even seen the Grand or Major pass by to even potentially win it, if you try to stop the spin in progress it doesn’t stop the same each time you press it - it will either randomly stop one column and roll the rest or slowly keep going - basically if you try to stop the spin don’t believe you will ever be lucky enough to get free spins or increase your chances of earning bonuses. Many other things I noticed as I played that I should have written down. In summary I have spent too much time and money. Someone should take the time to troubleshoot all of the problems with this App. Lesson learned. Don’t waste your time or money with this App.

- Worst slots ive played in a while

Update. Wish i could give zero stars. Gave them a try poured money in with absolutely no return. Customer service? They respond back once every 2 to 3 weeks. I have deleted the app completely. They have a “mode” they can put players in where they can not win big and only can win on bets below a certain amount. So if i bet 15bil i may win 2bil but the second i change to 200mil my screen will be filled with wilds. Rigged and u fair. I originally liked these slots but when i would buy and see no return I immediately realized there are much more favorable slots to play. A few times in particular had about 100bill coins and got all the way go zero with a combined total line hits of about 2 bil. Even actual slots that pay actual money are more loose than that. Its not loke it pays out real money but you def have to pay real money. The side challenges are ridiculous. Have to play a full world of slots to get 15 billion which is not even worth doing when you have to bet 108bil in one slot machine alone. I loved it now i hate and will return to my more fair slot games instead.

- This is a fun game??

As long as you spend money to play this game, you will win. When you first start to play this game, they pull you in by letting you win a lot, but after a very short while, you will start to lose unless you spend money. Sorry but that’s the truth!! It’s either spend money to win a free spin or you will never get a free spin or a large win. At least with Slotomania, they have a VIP manager that sends you large amounts of coins everyday and other things to get you to come back and play. It’s obvious that this game is very new and just starting out and it’s not a bad game, it’s a newbie. It will learn and get bigger and better. I will most definitely continue to play because it is still fun. I just hope that they start getting newer games along the way.. I still love this game and have told all of my friends about it and I now have about 100 that I communicate daily with.. I wish this game Lotsa Slots nothing but tremendous success in the near future and forever.... I’ll still be there, I hope all my friends will too..🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

- Please remove this app from my phone.

I want to never see this game again !! I have never played something so corrupt and rigged in my entire life . .. How can I remove all games of this sort from my phone ? Everyone stay away .. you are forewarned ... these people have no intention of you being able to play .. you don’t spin . You don’t choose a game .. your experience is totally controlled by then .. pay for coins and they allow you to hit for a little while .. they will not allow you to play again and hit until they take everything back .. not one single site will hit ... I have actually done that .. every single site will not hit ... they are all ... every single one set to lose .. you play to your own demise .. you have been forewarned !!! I promise you .. this is the truth !!!

- Too many slow graphics for special effects

Fun to play, but the graphics slow down the pace of the game. I play for relaxation and entertainment, but having to press “collect” 2-3 times for the same win notification is boring. Also, the graphics are very slow before allowing you to X out of the pop-up to continue on playing. Instead of 5-10 seconds of stars and such, maybe, 1-2 seconds of stars with the option to X out if you want to continue playing. Most of the pop-ups have an x to opt out of the visuals, but they do not work. It stresses me out to have to slow down the pace every time I win. Also, when you don’t meet a challenge, instead of saying the player has “bad luck”, say something more inviting so the player will play and pay more. “Oops, sorry! Keep trying, you almost had it!” My 3 cents worth. I like the game, like the visuals, but they’re just too slow for a slot machine game.

- Best Casino game!!

This is the best casino game I have played ever! I was leary of the game at first due to all the negative reviews but decided to try it for myself and I am so glad that I did!! I enjoy the clans feature, where I can complete missions with my clan and try to move up the ladder. I like that there are multiple missions to complete solo. The best part of the game is that I joined with 2m coins, I have been playing for about 5 days and have kept an average of 500m coins so that I can play as much as I want to without worrying about running out or having to purchase more to progress. Keep up the great work! I think I will be playing for a long time and will also refer to my friends that like to play casino games.

- Fun to play but randomly credits disappear & no problem resolution whatsoever

I like playing the slots but after you reach a higher dollar amount, the slots don’t payout & you quit winning!! I went from having 800B to being broke in no time! I even bought credits as I thought that might help since I had never made any purchases on this app. I quickly found out that when I would make one purchase not only would I be charged for that purchase but an additional purchase that I had clicked ‘no thanks’ to would also be charged on my credit card. I tried a couple times to message customer service through the app but never received a reply or even any acknowledgement that they got my message. I WAS NOT HAPPY about that & have made NO MORE charges since! I feel like I was ignored & no one cared that they just basically stole money from me & no one was willing to fix it or at least discuss it with me & make it right whether it be through free credits or whatever their solution may be. FUN BUT DON’T BUY CREDITS.

- Lotsa Slots

I’m having major problems the last couple days with the slots I’ve been playing not adding my winnings to my game , I mean like 80 mill, 30 mill, 145 million and 60 million on the slot of hearts and same problems on the zin dang game and on every spin taking away 10 and 15 mill from my score. I have reported it three times the last couple days. I can’t stand trying to play the slots this way and spending money for large amounts of coins and they disappear in thirty seconds. I’ve been playing for sometime now and have really been enjoying it but this problem has just started and this is the second day of it and if they can’t fix it then I’m just going to leave the site and not play no more because at this point the games are a pain and a major problem and definitely no fun at all. .... Hope u fix so I can give u 5 stars! TSpencer

- Fun, but a free glitches

This is one of the games that I go to when I have some time to kill. It has been a good game, but lately, I gave seen several glitches have been showing up frequently. 1) the scratch card that is supposed to reset once every 24 hours I’d resetting 2 to 3 times per day which is aggravating because it always seems to reset right when you get to the middle of the multiplierlevels, which means you can never get to the top. 2) the wheels have gotten to where if you have been on a winning streak they start to slowdown and just as you are about to win the reels pick up speed again and keep spinning until they finally stop on a losing hand. It’s hard to enjoy the game when you know you are going to lose. That’s when I generally change to another game.

- What a great game so many different possibilities of winning

I really do love this game but there’s so many things that you can do that really adds up to big bucks it’s so easy to spend a few hundred dollars in a day I can’t really afford that but I love the games I love the looks of the games the characters are very crisp and clean they are very fun to play but like I said I cannot spend I can’t afford to spend this kind of money every day there is one other thing that I don’t like is that you put us in different levels as we earn points and we have to play The max or we don’t win if I play a lower amount I do not get the bonus as much as you do when you play the top level those are my few complaints

- Not so good

I love playing slot games. I saw an advertisement about this slot game hitting jackpots and payouts are great. This is false!! I have been playing the galaxy star quest and one of the goals are to win 300 plus million in respins. Well I have been stuck on this for 3 days now and spent over a billion in coins and still has not hit the respin. Also you bet 10 or 20 million in a spin and they pay 60,000 coins consistently. It does not pay out at all. Also I have not hit a jackpot yet. I have been playing this for weeks and in the advertisement for this game they say you are supposed to hit a jackpot within 30 mins. I highly recommend not even to waste your time to download this app and play this game. There is no contact info to the company that makes this game. If they would send me some coins back then maybe this would be worth it but again no jackpot!!!! What up with that!

- Awesome

I’m not going on my own way too bad I’m gonna is it to you and you can have it for a couple hours if y’all are going on a ride home I was gonna you wanna was the time of my life and I’m sorry I’m not going on the day to you but I’m gonna is it a cold and I’m going on to go to sleep I’m gonna was a really bad thing to get to the house I gotta is a time for you and I can come lay with y’all for tomorrow I’ll talk with ya girl I love ya girl and I’m just thinking of how I gotta get you all you right now and you don’t have anything else for that girl and you don’t have anything you to tell you you know I wanna do I want just you to know if I’m finna I’m not doing it I gotta is my time I love ya girl and I’m gonna is the day I gotta get to you get it

- The boring as long as the title is good nvm of my life

I rate five stars because this is the this is the best game but I wanna see more but once it gets updated to six I will break that but for now I’ll just write five because this kid is not that bad honestly I got big woods very quick so I need you to make more of these very fast so I can get so I can get more happier after I get the after I get that from boring stuff then I just sorry playing this game then I just got really good really good really good fit I never got bored then I’m literally just making this title right now so I wasted like five minutes of my time wait so just made this game better so I can do for six please

- Most Entertaining

I think I have played every slot game out there, this one is the most entertaining one I have found. In additional to a large amount of slot games available with pretty good graphics, there are multiple side challenges/events that keep you interested and NO ads to interfere with your playing. You can join “Clans”, receive clan gifts, compete for your clan and win clan rewards (game play). There are “Quests” to win cards - completion of card sets yields game play. This game also has Special events on a consistent basis. I have been playing this game quite awhile and have never been bored with it. The speed of the reel play is perfect - not too slow and not crazy fast. I don’t like that I have to “buy” coins on occasion (as I don’t win any real cash) but it is very fun to play. I have received some big wins and I have also bottomed out in 3 minutes. There is a real Support team and they were very responsive to an comment I had. For now, I am still very much enjoying this game. Love the graphics and the extra activities/events within the game.

- Ok but not much

If you don’t play high roller then forget about the game. Regular slots are terrible at paying. Almost all “5 of a kind” pay lower than wager. Hitting “big win” percent is about zero when playing regular slots and do not even dream about “mega win” there. Regular slots chance to win is only based on bonus and good luck with that. High roller slots are more fair, at least for a while. The lowest wagers on high roller slots are 10 - 15 millions coins, which really makes purchasing coins with real money worthless since $5 would probably worth 100m coins, so about less than 10 hits may be? :) a joke. There some entertainment not much though. The games are divided into like 3 Styles may be, each style has like 3 or 4 slot machines. High roller club will add few mores slots. So total of 30 games may be. One week playing it and you are out of options. If you run out of coins, as I said before purchasing coins is totally not worth it. I noticed though making a purchase increase your odds of winning for little bit. There are some events, they are ok. All on all, I downloaded the game, used the free coins, spent almost $20, and now I am gone! Thanks for the week of entertainment. My opinion to new people: not worth it really.

- Update

This app is fun although it does not pay out like some of the other slot apps out there. Some days it is impossible to win anything at all. The first couple of days after downloading were great and looked like this was a top 10 app, but after consecutively losing for 5 days and only being able to play for 5 mins and never being able to collect enough clan points or coins I gave up. The overall look and ease of the app are great but do think it could use some work definitely bc other slot apps have a lot more to offer and are equally thrilling as they are disappointing when you lose, this is more loss than anything. I would still recommend anyone to Dow load it and give it a try...the potential is there

- Unhappy Player

This app may have good payoffs, but beware when there is an issue. I have experienced so many glitches I will name just a few. When in auto spin mode the game does not always add the correct amount of wins to your coin total plus it sometimes deducts your bet twice before spinning. Be sure to always take photos or a video when making a purchase. I have purchased the mega wheel promo 7 times and qualified every time with a mega win that met the criteria for a next day mega wheel spin and only received it once. And forget about reporting issues thru their customer support link. They only respond 4 days a week to issues and they do not respond to an issue if they do not have an answer or they lie to you and say they cannot find your mega win. I do not recommend this app unless you want to be disappointed and frustrated.

- In app purchase

I have made a purchase a total of 2 times, my second and third purchase stated specifics in which once my purchase was made I’d receive, I purchased the 1.99 pack today ONLY Bc I was having a hard time passing a game and it stated that I had skip privileges with this purchase and a free spin! Well never got the skip privilege, and it asked me to pay for the free spin once purchased the game automatically went to free spin.. so why do I have to make an additional purchase??? This is the second time this has happened I just allowed it to skip first time but this time I am frustrated! I want my money back for both!

- Phoenix Sun

This game can be fun and addicting the problem is you run out of coins and have to purchase them to continue to play because they get you hooked. Now, I purchase coins all the time (my bad) but I enjoyed the game until it got broken this defect in the software does not pay out the Mega jackpot winning into your account, well that’s a pretty big bummer after spending your cash to play. I have connected Technical support three separate times and haven’t received a response back from anyone. So the moral is if your playing this game on there Dime then this is no big deal, But if your paying and purchasing coins then definitely skip this developer and play one that has an actual quality control department with a IT team to help you. They have gotten greedy since this Covid-19 because people are purchasing more coins. Shame on Clubbillion!!!

- Don’t play

Wanna get hooked on fun slots? The got it! Wanna play missions that you literally could never beat even if you spent all day every day trying? They’ll do it to you! I was so addicted to the idea of winning, completing missions, helping my clan I even spent my own money on this free app that offers me nothing in return! I did an experiment last week while playing, I played for literally 3 hours a night for the past three weeks. Nothing to show for my efforts! The missions are unbeatable, the lucky stamps thing is a joke because it is very impossible to get all the stamps, I get duplicates and duplicates and duplicates never a new one now that it’s close to being over. Why this game doesn’t reward its most diligent customers I’ll never know, but don’t waste your time getting addicted to a rip off game who doesn’t take care of its own

- Disappointed

Videos have stopped being available to watch an ad and get the free coins. Now I can only play once every 3 hours or so and that’s frustrating the videos were always there just a few days ago and then suddenly they just stopped and the game has started glitching. I contacted customer support a few days ago and was told the reply may take as long as 24 hours... it’s been more than 24 hours and still nothing. My husband is having the exact same problem and if it doesn’t resolve soon we will most likely be deleting the application and finding a new one which is unfortunate because it has been a great app until very recently. The videos need to be returned to how they were and made available please.

- Was fun at first

When I first downloaded this game, I was happy that they give you so much free coins, in fact so much I thought it was a little crazy, but what the heck I was enjoying myself and didn’t have to buy anything, there are a lot of different little games within to keep you entertained. Now two weeks in, can’t even win anything, went from 220 billion coins down to 37 in a couple of days, and that is with very modest betting, now all they want you to do is, buy buy buy, just like the rest, they give you enough to enjoy it for a few days, and then it’s like a switch gets flipped and the fun is done, and the pop ups during game play are worth deleting the game on it’s own. Will be deleting this once my coins are gone. Very disappointed.

- When it’s cold it’s cold

I’ve played this game for approx 1 month. Starting off you won when playing slots. I did notice the more you played the side games and whatever games were being promoted, you won. My clan finished 1st place twice. We reached the appoint where my team players weren’t playing a lot and I began carrying the team by myself as you had no way to boot inactive players out of your clan. I decided to change teams with more active players and that triggered the losing streak. I purchased approx 150 actual dollars of coin packages (not all at once) but quickly loss them too. I’ve played other casino slots and whenever you made actual purchases, the game allowed you to play longer and hit a couple jackpots. But LOTSA Slots does not have the same algorithm. It’s dependent you continue to make purchases. The slots are very generic, meaning they may change the music and symbols but the underlying concept was the same. I did experience several reloads mid games (sometime during free spins) but once the game reload and you went pack to the specific slot, the machine would resume. Which is an added bonus. Although my success wasn’t anything to write home about, maybe your luck is better.


I love the games. I always play the quests. But, every time I play day after day in the quest, you get to the final one and it’s like all you do is buy coins. Day after day, trying different bets, buying countless packages, and never hits. I understand that it’s supposed to be challenging and fun but, it gets to a point that all it’s about is money to them. Not about keeping the players happy. I know that it’s a game of chance but, every time they do the quest challenges, it’s almost impossible to finish. Unless you’re willing to fork over a bunch of money. And you probably still won’t finish it. My suggestion is play the regular games on this site and avoid the quests. Just my opinion. Thanks

- Winning

Hello since I downloaded this app I’ve been very happy with I love collecting my free coins and I would always get the spins and bonus regularly like right now I had 80 billion and not once did I ever get a win and I’ve noticed that the game isn’t paying out anymore I’m beginning to think I should delete this app it’s not paying anymore before I used to get payed out a lot now it’s like I get to have a lot of billions and I lose them quickly it’s no fun I love playing for a while but it’s just no more fun please fix it ir do something if not I’ll have delete the app

- Farm of fun slot is dysfunctional!

Farm of fun gets 1 star!! Please read. Overall I would give this 4 stars. This is a great game, however the current challenge is requiring me to play farm of fun and whenever I land on the correct slots to trigger a bonus round with the mole and the golden pumpkins it only works like 1 out of ten times. I have landed on the scatter multiple times and that always triggers but for some reason the bonus does not work. Maybe there is a glitch in the game or something. If there is a workaround please let me know. I feel as though I have missed out on an opportunity to win a lot of coins and be done with this silly challenge multiple times. Very frustrated at this point.

- Great app unless you have to deal with customer support

I’ve enjoyed using the app but I encountered an issue within a quest where my progress was stuck and attempts to resolve with customer support have failed. I’m about ready to delete and move on to something else. I realize issues occur but I have no desire to deal with customer support that clearly has trouble reading the submitted issue to determine a resolution. Lost in translation seems to be a huge understatement in this case or maybe I’m dealing with a bot. Either way my patience is about gone. I’ve got better things to do with my time than haggle through frustrating drawn out messages that go no where. The interaction with customer support has soured my use of this app.

- No customer support.

I recently switched to a different phone, Apple to Apple, I had all content transferred but for some reason this game had some glitches. I still have all of my tokens, still on the same level however I can not play any of the promotions, can’t collect bonuses, can’t tap any button on home screen. I sent a message to customer support 4 days ago and heard nothing back, so I messaged again and even sent a message on Facebook, someone on Facebook responded and said someone would be in contact shortly, but nope, nothing. I finally heard something back yesterday and they lied and said the quests were no longer available but my husband also plays on his phone so I knew he was lying, so I responded yesterday at 7 pm and guess what???????? Still no response. I just wanna play the game, besides poor customer response, the game is very fun.

- No Respect For Loyal App User

UPDATE: Messaged numerous times as instructed through the in app messenger. No response in over a week! What a joke. Congrats! Your down one loyal customer. If your looking for a similar game try Cash Frenzy. Loving it! I have been playing Lotsa Slots for years. Since it was Diamond Spins. I’ve dumped endless amount of money into it and have enjoyed playing it throughout the years. Recently I had an incident where my Balance was at 90B coins. I closed the app and when I went back in my balance was at 1B. We are talking a $50 dollar value worth of coins just gone. I contacted the developers through the in app messenger. No response. How can you not have the decency to respond to a loyal customer who has spent tons of hard earned money on your game? Complete disrespect in my eyes. I will retire this app and take my money elsewhere. DO NOT SUPPORT THIS APP. They do not supports their users.

- No pay outs

This developer says that their game is based on an algorithm….from what I’ve experienced, when you first download the game and play they let you win and you win jackpots. Once you get to a higher level, then they turn the winning off. No more jackpots, you spin through 100’s of spins with no free spins, when you finally get a free spin chance you win nothing and they give you daily challenges that you can’t possibly achieve without purchasing large coin packages. Customer service stinks. They should rethink their setup and give their game players more chances to win. I also think that the whole 4.7 star rating is bogus because I’ve seen a lot of negative feedback and the rating never changes. They just want you to think it’s a highly rated app when it really isn’t.

- Poor Win Ratio and Wrong Direction

Can only play a few minutes until my coins get sucked up. Too many pop ups to purchase coins. You get free coins but it gets sucked up fast. Too bad their algorithm is rigged so tight, they’ve lost a lot of players including me. This appealed to me because it has clubs to join. The downside is you have to reach level 20 to activate the club feature. Disappointing, by the time I reached level 20, most of my coins were gone. I joined a club BUT was of no help being broke. They need to loosen their win-ratio! People are quitting this game because they can’t win. It’s not only me. Looks like they have a “chutes and ladders” game with a dog to help you get extra coins. I tried it a few times but it’s a waste of time. Also, it’s a turn-off to have a chutes and ladders as part of a casino theme. They also integrate a cooking mission that you complete to earn coins. All these extra features make this app too “busy” instead of clean and straightforward. If I wanted to cook I’d download a cooking game. If I wanted to play chutes and ladders, I’d play with my kids’ iPads. Wrong direction this app has taken, if they wanted to build a steady fan base. I’m deleting.

- Horrible Ads

Never played, just downloaded and deleted so I could leave a review saying that I will NEVER play a mobile game that has awful cringey ads. They are always filled with godawful acting and writing, and just makes me want to hate the game more. Stop doing these terrible ads if you want people to actually play. When I see a horrible ad play that makes me wanna gouge my ears out while laughing at the dollar store actors used to make these. Even RAID: Shadow Legends which is a garbage PTW grindfest has much better ads that even get a chuckle out of me every once in a while, but when I see these completely soulless ads with cardboard cutouts for actors, it shows me how much effort is being put in to this, and with it being a slots game, makes it seem even cheaper and effortless.

- So much fun

I thank you so much for your game I really love it I was so lucky to win a 5.7 Q after only a week or two as I’m a disabled vet I can’t afford to buy coins so I’m a little frugile with my chips but I still have 5.1 Q left I just love the graphics it’s so much fun and not so easy as to be boring so thanks so much you guys have a great game and I love it have a great day take care and stay safe Mai ask I finished the crossword except for one letter and all check marks are done on the meter and I get no more duplicates is this a glitch have a great day thanks for a wonderful game Phil t.

- Nothing random about this game...save your $

Let me start by saying the game selection and quality is as good as they come. However, there is nothing random about these slots. Bonuses are few and far between and when you do get them, don’t expect anything much more than the minimum and that is during the week. The weekends are even worse, likely due to the developers knowing there are many more people not working. In game adventures lead you to believe that when you reach the end, you have the potential of a big win...wrong! Once in a blue moon, it will tickle your balls to make you feel good, but that’s about it. Play with the free coins you get every hour but please think twice about paying for anything more.

- Fun to Play, But...

This is a fun slot to play with lots of bonus games and prizes. However, you can’t really play it without spending money. I spent money to play this game, more than I should have, but that’s okay, to a point. When you’re playing for pretend “coins,” and spending real world money on a game, the developers can at least reward that with some sort of return on investment. How can you go from 30 trillion (yeah, 30,000,000,000,000) pretend money coins to busted in 30 minutes of game play? It’s a strategy to keep players paying real money with no risk to the developer/owner of the app. That’s just straight greed on their part, so I am deleting this app and doing my best to ensure no one I care about “invests” their time and money on it.

- Badges, VIP status, stamps, unlocked games not saved?!

UPDATE - After contacting the developer thru the app, they quickly responded with instructions to sign in and retain all my stats and achievements from Slots Forever. They also tossed in a few billion coins for the hassle. (5 stars) - - - So despite the prompt in Slots Forever stating that all of your badges, stamps, VIP level, unlocked games, etc. carrying over when you’re forced to download this app update to replace Slots Forever, that’s not the case. I downloaded, logged in, but nothing transferred. And Slots Forever appears to be unplayable. Needless to say, I’m kinda angry at the moment. (1 star)

- Love Lotsa Slots

I’m rating Lotsa Slots a high rating because it has always worked and have many great games to choose from I’ve been playing Lotsa Slots for a long time I have earned every coin without purchasing any because it’s a challenge for me to do it on my own Lately some other Casino website has interfered while I was playing It just pops up with its game - changes my bet and it start spinning and I can not stop it It took my coins from 107 billion down to 98 billion before I could stop it I had reached the Billion bracket and was up to 207 billion the first time it did it took me all the way down to the 90’s bracket This other Casino Site has done this 3 times Today it did it again Now I have to start over and I’m not a happy camper I’m about ready to stop playing I just don’t have time to start over Please fix your site and keep other casino games from getting in Thank you JZ

- Very disappointing

At first you’ll be able to play for a little while a day, then after a few weeks of playing, you will lose without being able to gain a decent amount of coin. You’ll then have to buy coins which will last for about 20 minutes and it’ll be gone after that. Then when you purchase a promo it doesn’t come to fruition. For example, the jackpot multiplier promo where you multiply your highest jackpot.... you don’t even get a jackpot, ever when you purchase something and activate the jackpot multiplier. Customer service throws coins at you to shut you up, which last less than five minutes. If you would like to play a time consuming and winning slot game, this isn’t it. Wish I wouldn’t have spent all the money I did on this game....

- Great game but, don’t make purchases...

After playing this for a few weeks. I logged in @ 90million coins one day and won major on the new farm game(135million). Closed the app after dropping down to 200million, went to play again later in the evening and when I went to login, I only had 20 million coins.... So it didn’t make sense how I ended up having 70 million less than what I had started with for the day let alone 180 million less than what I had when I closed the app. I used my Facebook as well so it saves all info. I’ve submitted a complaint in the contact us section. Which said they would get back to me within 24 hours, it’s been 3 days now and not a word has been said to me. So glad I didn’t make any purchases on a rip-off game like this. Be weary and please read before making purchases.

- My favorite slot game

I usually give up on slot games quickly because they give you a ton of coins at first then take them away so you will buy more. I want to play for free, this game has enough different games and ways to play, plus gives you enough good payouts to keep you playing. The offer is there to buy coins and other stuff, but I have found I do not need to. I can win enough daily to enjoy coming back to this app whenever I get some free time. Really enjoying this, worth a 5 star rating.

- No winning

I’m tired of this slots, I spent money buying packages here and there but since I stopped last week or so the game will not give me any winning small or big 😞 it feels like it is programmed to push people to spend money, make them win big after that it takes it all, then nothing till they spend money again and repeat.. !!! Same with stamps, it stoped giving me the last few gold stamps I need to complete all books and when I win diamond stamp package it gives the same one I already have over and over!!! I feel like a fool spending close to $70 on an app that I can’t have fun with it anymore only disappointment after anther day after day!!! I would love to know how people who win big T and Q coins on this game spent in real dollars$$$ !!!!!!

- Update: Previous rating 5 stars

In my previous review I talked about how great it was for the game not having annoying video ads. Today is January 10, 2021. Those annoying video ads which advertise other slot games showed up today. They are prevalent in several areas of the game. A player has to find a way around them in the store bonus and in LP points. Also, some of the slots have an ad built into collection of points won, although there is a way around that. There is still opportunities for points winning. Just annoying to have to get past video ads, even though those are income for the developer.

- Review

I like the game choices. They seem to forget these slots are for fun. You win worthless coins when you do win any. Save your money, it doesn't get you very far. Coins go too fast. I've had the same luck with free coins as I have had with purchased coins. I just spent ten dollars and played for ten minutes. Doesn't seem to be a smart choice for me to keep giving them my money. Unfortunately all these slot apps appear to be the same. I believe I would have better luck putting my real money in a real slot machine, at least I stand a chance of winning real money. They need to work on the getting your money's worth factor. They believe we're in Vegas. It's a shame, I enjoy their games.

TransferWise 💸

Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!

- Meh....

Seriously I used to enjoy this game but I must say lately it just eat the money, no matter how much you spend buying and playing it’s really hard to get free games and cash respins. Im getting tired of this because whats the point when playing 100 million bet and have 30 billions u end up with nothing not even free spins ridiculous. Plus I mag them a week ago just letting them know that i got 2 times major jack pot and it didn’t go on my account like nothing happened. Sad to say but its time to change the game.

- Poor customer service

Terrible customer service does not respond to messages. Games glitch you lose your coins and no response from them to fix. Rewards for their promotions are not given when achieved and again no response to messages. It’s been over a week now with no response. It used to be a good app, not sure what is going on but it’s clear they don’t value daily players, such a shame really.

- Bestie.

I have to say that I’m in love with this app I’ve been playing this game/app for a very long time its great fun has a great support team that sort any issues out for you and it’s extremely innovative and jam packed with with the best quests your forever raising coins from all directions it seems like the fun never stops.,l have to give a BIG fab FIVE STARS and a thankyou so very very much for all the fun now I must get back to the games yours sincerely DAFP cheers.

- Horrible!!!

The sad thing is I enjoy playing a couple of games BUT what I don’t enjoy is being scammed and customer service does nothing!!! I asked for complimentary compensation and have been lied to multiple times but still NO compensation!! 11 days straight I have had NO free games and NO respins - that is screwed up!! And what do their customer service say?? Well not much except the nonsense generic answers! But wait, they said they would send to the development team for compensation but that hasn’t happened!!! You would think that they would do the right thing but instead are loosing players. They really need to be good to their players but that won’t happen!!!!

- Late Starter Penalty

When I commenced playing this, Stamp Collection 4 was running. So I can only see collections 4, 5 and 6 now. Would be good to be able to have a chance at buying collections 1, 2 and 3 with loyalty points or some other way. Seems unfair to be excluded from those Stamps due to not playing the game as early as others. Some people have only discovered this game recently and I’m sure more will in future... But they’ll miss out previous collections too. Btw, I’m on an iPhone 6.

- Lotsa Slots

Just started playing the game interesting good bonuses at the moment no problems hope it stays the same I like playing games that is interesting, good bonuses, and reasonable payouts after playing the game for a while I find that I can not play it without EXPLOSIVE DEAL coming up and you want me to pay to go any further very disappointing every one wants to find a good game that they can play without being forced to pay for it if I wanted to pay to play I would have paid in the beginning but I think you do that so you do not have to pay rewards

- Be in for the long game

This app is great, great free coins and some different games. Just had a mega run so am on a high but I rarely leave reviews and the little thing popped up and asked if I was having fun and the answer is ‘yes absolutely’. I have been playing a few weeks now and still logging in daily, some other apps haven’t lasted this long on my phone but this one is going the distance :)

- Idea

About the dimensions stamp I’m sure there’s some players didn’t finish most of the books. The reason it’s a bit hard to get them So how about if you think about away to get them without finishing the mission bar like we buy them from the LP point or real money That’s way every player keeps playing more to finish his book

- Unfair free spins

I find the programming of the game is fixed to rarely get chances to win, makes you buy credits to keep trying but the probability is still extremely low. I bet with 100mil from 6 free spins that I got 3 times I only won once some credits and the rest just 0. In the end you loose all your credits in a blink of an eye. Game just needs to rewrite some of the programming to increase the chance to win more to make the players enjoy the game. Such a shame love playing this game sometimes but won’t anymore due to the low chance of winning.

- Stingy rewards ...

The big reel slots where you get free coins from diamonds cards ... GOD seriously even a beggar would give you more value then $2.99 worth of coins .... you could spend $1000 and get a few diamond cards that pays you $2.99 ridiculous. The giant spin slots never pays big money , never pays billionaires jackpot , always stamps and LPs, never a golden stamp no matter what stars stamp u spin I almost 99% never won a grand jackpot for the amount of real money I put in, The only 2 or 3 times I’ve won a supposed grand was with lava loot and that’s the whole screen filled for grand jackpot only problem is that the grand jackpot was sealed for the bet I made, I have since played 1 b bets up to 100b bets usually on 4b to 30b bets, sprints thousands of dollars of real money and NEVER EVER gotten a grand , it’s ridiculous considering this is just fake money. Entertain vs real cash value is not worth that a trip to a real casino or slot machine. This app should be labeled a scam

- Not bad most of the time still could be better

Not bad most of the time still could be better, you lose faster than look at yea, it does a couple of good pay outs then it’s ridiculous gone and you’re looking for extra coins and some of the comps are good then you’ll not be able to pass it .

- Hi

Hi there the slots are great the only problem I have is like the previous review. I got the free spins once. I was award $200,000 for something I received it and when I went to play another slot I only had a hundred thousand of it. I bought some coins for $1.49 Australian ( I know it's not much) but I didn't it. I will give it a another go but won't buy anything

- Horrible experience

I have played over 100 slot app games and this is by far the worst. I spent over $20 on credits and played the same game and not once activated a special feature. This is so shameful - these games should be fun and not once has this ever happened to me. You clearly have manipulated the game to loose as quickly as possible for players to spend more money. The funny thing is if I had won a special feature I would have spent more money. Would never play again. My advice would be to make game fairer - you will notice more money being spent this way.

- False advertising

Hi, I downloaded this game from one of your advertisements claiming that if you get a big win in the game, that you would receive a series of multiple big payouts up to $16,000 in legitimate money to your bank account. So me under the impression that this could happen to me (as the game makes it out to be a common thing) I download the game and play. I end up getting multiple “big wins” but I didn’t see one legitimate cent go to my account. You guys are marketing a misleading advertisement that is completely untrue. So due to me being mislead I’m going to report this to consumer law (ACCC).

- New game

Playing your new game had 4 billion then your game keep spinning so went out came back only 500 mill left so where did my coins go ???? Well played moo game again it keep spinning again went out come took another one half billion seriously this is rubbish won’t be playing this game anymore you want us to buy coins and you steal them like this that’s five billion coins you have taken sorry stolen please fix the game or take it off would like my coins back too and please don’t give your standard response back thanking me for feedback need answers and my coins

- Rip Off

These slots were Pharaoh Slots and they upgraded to these promising all credits coins stamps and levels would be saved however after the upgrade I have to start from the beginning with no access to all my previous progress

- Lotsa slots

I know idea is brilliant get us playing then charge for more coins. Business is business, however I've poured hundreds of dollars to these thing and over years and never a jackpot, few and far between free spins that hardly cover cost. Then enjoyment hits rock bottom and you delete. Cause it's just take take take. I know we are fools to dish out money for no return at least make it worth the entertainment it brings.

- Highly disappointed

I have enjoyed this game for a while bu in recent times This game continually rips me off by having glitches just prior to getting to bonus stage or conveniently not giving any meaningful wins for the last days of a bonus event when you are close to getting to your goal. The highest bet button is too close to the spin button which is obviously set up so you are more apt to spin highest bet by mistake taking the players hard earned in one foul swoop. Also my issues when queried are never replied too.

- Ripped off on Jackpot

I enjoy playing some of these games BUT, for the first time ever I won the highest Yin & Yang Jackpot with 9 Yins. The jackpot amount was 12,400,000,000,000 yet it only awarded me around $600,000,000,000. Feel pretty cheated by this considering I support the app by buying coins. Would appreciate being given what I should’ve received! Secondly, you cannot “contact” via the app. If you click on Settings, Contact, select the reason for contact, all it does is takes you out of the app Pretty disappointed!!!

- Best games, features & returns!

Such a great variety of games with fun features! Great bonuses and rewards for just logging in and when missions completed. Have other slot apps on device but keep playing this one more as better returns and fun games. Graphics impressive too. Kudos to developers!

- Bank bounty

Nice game, just wondered how many people ever get the nine squares ever full have had eight, just thinking if ever it happens!!! I’ve been stupid enough to plough heaps of $$$ into this game on the off chance I might one day get a full house.... But as I’ve said nice game otherwise....

- Disappointing

I once thought this was a fun game, but have realized that your site is as bad as House of Fun. The missions are impossible to complete if you don’t have a huge amount of credits and when you do have those credits it doesn’t matter which slot you play, you just keep losing. I am sick of games that you have to keep buying credits just to have a bit of fun and relaxation. You’re all the same, you get too greedy. I will keep playing, but I won’t be buying again.

- Huge lack of communication and Slots not loading

Constant issues with not being able to load slots to complete challenges/quests. No reply or response from developers. Their updates don’t fix the issues it only seems to keep creating more problems. Use to be a good fun app but now it’s very glitchy and frustrating when you almost reach a goal to have it be unable to finish cause the slot machine you have to use won’t load. Disappointing:(

- Worthwhile

Gives you value for your money Have to change my first review,it turns out they are just like the rest,suck you I first and the more you buy the quicker your credits disappear,at first you had plenty of free spins but as you buy more it gets less and less,you would think it would be the other way around but I guess they are clever enough to develop these games but haven't got a clue with customers loyalty,definitely my last purchase.

- Break the Ice

Firstly, Why is the jackpot on this decreasing while being played and secondly, how come the free spins does not seem to occur anymore either. Usually when you get the free spin symbol in two reels the third goes a bit slower. This is not happening. Doesnt stop at all. No chance of getting the free spins. I think you have a problem here.

- Love this game

But when I open the app now. I click the X bcoz I don’t want to purchase and money it closes the the screen now goes dark and won’t let me play any of the games 😔 I hope this is fixed soon miss playing the games

- Dont Download this App

This was a great app but 2020 has changed the app now bonuses are pitiful everything costs you extra simply finding anyway possible to make you spend money to achieve every target now! Such a shame now a ridiculous app! Goodbye from someone that has spent a great deal of money with you over a period of time! I simply wont spend money just to achieve goals you have made unreachable without paying money to achieve, Now Deleted and disgusted

- No response

Hello I was glitched in November and lost 65 trillion. I’ve been trying to contact Lotsa Slots since with no reply. No answer why. Nothing apart from them asking for a screen shot of the problem?? Well this is a bit impossible... clearly. So I don’t know what to do. I like the game a lot and it’s a shame this happened

- Worst customer service

Tried contacting 3 times with no response so poor very bad way to run an app To top it off I got I lucky once and got up about 50b and I was playing there is quest at the moment and you have to win 18b in a free games and in that 50b I didn't try one free spins to move forward. I suggest never spending money in This game as the games are too rigged worst app ever I've tried contacting them several times now with out response they're the worst customer service ever.

- Great game but fix it

In dessert princess the amount you win in electric link ,at the end it says you have won zero and you don’t get given the money you won. I am not impressed as it happened twice and I won big amounts.


Don’t spend money on this game They will take all your coins and you won’t get them back. I have 8T coins then they claimed they updated the game and when I logged back on it was all gone. These arseholes need to be reported.

- My review

I loved the app in the beginning and I still do if I get my winnings properly paid. Now I need to bet 3B coins for a chance to win the big prizes. When the app doesn’t pay winnings properly no one listens or compensates for my losses. So basically I feel I am on my own and no one cares. Surely the people who run this APP can see what is happening. Take photos they say. So I did and still no answers. I can handle most things but POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE... LOST COINS AND DOESNT PAY WINNINGS PROPERLY ARE THE THINGS WHICH NEED TO BE LOOKED INTO.

- Bad jackpots, Rigged and SCAMMERS!

Great graphics and was good until they started taking back jackpots when you win big ones. Unfair especially when you spend real money on credits. It has been nearly 3 weeks and no responses to my msgs. I msg DAILY and get ignored . I am down over 12 billion coins and so freakin over it. Customer support seem to pick and choose who they feel like responding to. Used to be a good fair game. Updates have it rigged to lose and to take jackpots. AVOID AT ALL COSTS! ABSOLUTE SCAMMERS! SHOULD BE REPORTED FOR FRAUD!

- Used to love it until the last update..

Literally would play this all day every day, would always win and whatnot. Up until the update a couple days ago. Upped the amount of bets you need to qualify for grand etc. never win anymore because you literally can’t bet any higher which means lower wins, losing money faster. Very silly. I only come on to collect my daily bonuses now. Unless they rethink what they’ve done I won’t be wasting credits on it anymore.

- Would give more stars but

Absolutely love these slots! You’ve got a chance to win unlike most other casino apps out there unfortunately though it doesn’t get the full 5 stars because it does crash all the time! Even during its crashing I still reopen the app and keep playing

- Disappointment

I’m very disappointed in your game, seems a lot of points go and don’t get hardly any exdtra games or spins I’ve spent a fortune more then a lot of other games and still, no extra games or coins, I think u need to look into this ur games are good, just your paying out is dreadful, compared to other games,hardly e get free games extra, you’ll loose customers, if u continue in this way Regards Jenny

- Upgrade

How much longer is it going to upgrade my favourite games it seems to be taking a long time I thought it was just my I pad so I uninstalled and reinstalled and lost 23billioon credits not happy

- Trza

I would enjoy more , But Why can’t we play any game straight away it takes forever and get free games well , I give up on the games and play other apps, It actually should be 2 or 3 tops stars But I pressed by mistake

- Seriously 😐

I love this game!!! The best for me so far i only gave 2 stars for the game coz My money has not been refunded or reimbursed in coins for the game....I have messaged them numerous times about loosing money and they say they’ll get back to you within 24hours but DONT! Its been 3 days and it’s not the first time it’s happened. Please fix this as I really do love this game!!!! I dnt want to delete it but I will spend my money elsewhere!

- So intense You have to be on your A game to play

I play a few other games but lotsa slot casino is the most challenging yet so fun The Facebook page posts to link you to the game are just as challenging Love me some challenge

- Not a bad game

Hi! This isn’t a bad game sometimes it takes awhile to get spins or if you build your money up it’ll take it just as quick. But it could also use another feature to add friends or to share money with friends. But over all still not a bad game. Just needs a few fixes or bugs sorted

- Good game

But give more features I mean the game is not real slots will keep more people involved if you get more features I have deleted these games before because of lack of features

- Too many pop ups not enough free spins

I just opened up the game, closed the pop ups at the start, clicked on the bonus wheel, than the screen went blank, I closed the game, than reopened it, but no bonus wheel spin. Come on! Really?? It takes ages to get a free spin, too many pop up ads during the game, ridiculous, I don't want to purchase anything ok!!!! I just want to play the game!!! And give me more than one free spin seriously!!!!

- Error

Theres something going wrong with the app for some odd reason in the midle of games and game changing it will exit the app and send me out of the app great game would like it too be fixed


Was good at first . Coins to expensive can’t afford to play. Tightest slot machines ever at least one the real slot machine you have a chance to win money back . 40 dollars worth of coins lasted around 30 mins more than once. Do not buy any coins. I don’t know who could afford to play this. Sad thing is I liked the game BUT IT IS A RIP OFF BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!

- Lotsa slots

Am enjoying these games at present. Win some,lose some but what it’s about. Can get my fix without it costing real money and don’t have to go anywhere!

- Can’t purchase a .99 cent deal

Hi I tried to get a response from u guys re a purchasing problem. I screened shot the problem in my support game page but u have not yet responded. Your service is poor, but taking my money is so easy. Would be nice for some good service. Thanks silvana. Please check my support game page. Silvana Gerace

- Game review

Love the game but as soon as my credits run out will be deleting.... Really 1 free game has basically cost 7 billion tokens .... shame shame I have received a response .... thank you.... however it’s exactly the same as numerous other complaints submitted by other players... I also agree the pop ups during the game is another reason I have deleted the game

- Money grabbing rubbish

This game has one purpose only & that is to relieve you of your hard earned. You would have more chance of winning at a real pokie venue. Apps like this shouldn’t be allowed. They are programmed to let you win for a while, get your hopes up then you rapidly lose everything unless you buy more coins. All this does is makes you unhappy & depressed after losing everything.

- My lotsa slots game

It’s a good game to ply while you are board or waiting , I recommend it for anyone to play . All my friends play it , and all my work mates play it because they watch me play it

Payoneer 💰

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- Good game

Fun to play to pass time

- So far so good

Wish i was this lucky in the real lottery. Gr8 fun 🤩

- False advertisement

Says you can transfer game money into real money through PayPal but I don’t see the option too. It’s a fun game but misleading advertisements.

- Cheap


- The truth

If you like casino games it’s for you but if your going to download it because of the people winning money on the add DO NOT. You cannot win real money so you guys need to stop advertising it as you can that’s a scam and fraud.

- Fun. Fun. Fun


- Totally sucks

If you love dead spins and losing all the time, then this app is for you. Should call it Lotsa Garbage. Can’t even play more than one game before your coins have run out. Where’s the fun in that? Garbage goes to the curb. Deleted!

- Fun time

Enjoying playing this game to pass time

- Mratrfv


- Kewl game dude

Jackie’s a nerd

- Fun time pass

Had good time pass

- Awesome


- Graham8787

Fun game just like real thing

- Cool game

I love this game ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍🤎❣️💕💞💓💗💖💘💝

- Fix

Please fix grand. Like honestly. Played over a year I’m at level 920 and I never once won a grand. And I only ever come close to the ones that don’t even need much to win. Other than that the game is awesome. I’m a big fan. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Fix grand prizes please


After a few hundred dollars in real money spent, not being able to finish a single challenge, good bye. Money trap

- Slots a fun

So fun

- Love the game

Just started to play enjoy this slot good payout like the quest , it does not take you days to finish it. Love the bonus really enjoy it will be telling my family and friends to join in .

- 2022 slots

Great game, lots of fun

- Game


- Funny fun


- Big win

Getting wins like crazy. Makes you feel good and want to keep playing

- Fun

Good waaay to spend timee

- Fantastic!

This game is dangerously addicticting!! It’s probably the best slots app

- Garbage app

First the good: no ads being constantly thrown in your face and that’s the reason for the 2 rather than 1 star score. I don’t mind ads as long as they aren’t thrown in my face every few seconds so to not have any in this was nice. As for the actual app outside of that, it’s hot garbage. This has got to be the worst slots app I have played when it comes to winning. I downloaded this tonight and as I write this, I have a bit over 34 mil in coins and started with the 2 mil they give you. Sounds pretty good, correct? Well it would be if it weren’t for the fact I got MORE than that as handouts from levelling and rewards for completing quests. If you just went by the ACTUAL SLOT WINNINGS, I lost many millions (pretty sure all the bonus and quest money was over 45 mil) in a couple hours and I DID NOT play max bet on pulls. Just an absolutely useless app. I understand bad odds on slots if REAL MONEY IS INVOLVED but that is not the case here. How in the world is losing FAKE MONEY supposed to be fun? Is losing fake money supposed to make me want to give real money to make up for the losses? What nut does that?

- Houseangelplay

Great games

- Saturday afternoon

Lots of fun playing the slots on a cold but sunny afternoon

- Not enough win, free turn and bonus !!

Not enough win, free turn and bonus !!

- Thanks


- Burke’s man

Best slot game ever

- Mr Glenn

Excellent game ! Lots of fun and excitement ! Keeps your interest up 😁

- gud gam

v gud gam

- ❤️❤️

Biggest bonus

- Misleading ads

Ads say you will never have to pay to play and you will have jackpots all the time but this is not the truth every time I open the game I lose everything. The ad said you could call and complain so this is me complaining lol if you could just give me like a couple billion coins that would be great thx

- Fun fun fun

Love it

- Youtube Ad to $175,000,000

i was bored at night watching youtube when an ad for this game came up, and i like to watch ads to see how well made/hilarious they are, and it said i could get 2 million free coins and u can hit a “jackpot within 1 minute of playing”. I wanted tested that out so i got the game and started playing. I started a quest and played the first game and fair enough i hit a jackpot within a minute. however, the game has different levels of jackpots and i received the smallest one, which still brought my total coins to 10 million. i was interested to see how far i could get free to play and after 2 days i hit a pretty nice jackpot for $175,000,000. not bad, surpassed my expectations for sure and its fun for passing time.

- DO NOT INSTALL THIS GAME - Biggest rip-off


- It’s so satisfying

Can’t complain about this app it’s a thumbs up for me 😭👍

- So much fun

Love this game

- This game is so good

I spent my life savings on this game, I love it so much best game ever.

- Fun Game

I loved to play because it was easy to win.

- Denlor


- Game


- Amazing

Love it @imbackitsjojo

- C’est de l’arnaque

C’est toujours les mêmes visage qui font l’annonce de cette appli, qui gagne de l’argent ce sera sûrement pas toi. Perdez pas de temps a le télécharger, vous gagner pas d’argent réel.

- Fun

You don’t run out of coins fast like other games.

- Cash cow

Worst game yet

- Best slot machine

Fun +++

- Good


- Leprechaun


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Lotsa Slots™ - Vegas Casino 5.8 Screenshots & Images

Lotsa Slots™ - Vegas Casino iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Lotsa Slots™ - Vegas Casino iphone images
Lotsa Slots™ - Vegas Casino iphone images
Lotsa Slots™ - Vegas Casino iphone images
Lotsa Slots™ - Vegas Casino iphone images
Lotsa Slots™ - Vegas Casino iphone images
Lotsa Slots™ - Vegas Casino iphone images
Lotsa Slots™ - Vegas Casino iphone images
Lotsa Slots™ - Vegas Casino iphone images
Lotsa Slots™ - Vegas Casino iphone images
Lotsa Slots™ - Vegas Casino Games application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Lotsa Slots™ - Vegas Casino (Version 5.8) Install & Download

The applications Lotsa Slots™ - Vegas Casino was published in the category Games on 2018-03-09 and was developed by SpinX Games Limited [Developer ID: 1545873689]. This application file size is 223.01 MB. Lotsa Slots™ - Vegas Casino - Games app posted on 2022-07-07 current version is 5.8 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: slots.diamondlife.casino.games.ios