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Fight to become the biggest crab on the island.
Intense multiplayer fun, battle with up to 100 real players per game!
Scrap, scavenge and slaughter your way to becoming the King of Crabs!

Collect weird and wonderful crab species, upgrade and customise them to help you climb the ranks. Team Up with friends to help or fight each other - it's up to you!

A huge island world is waiting to be explored and conquered. Find a variety of funny and dangerous weapons to give you the edge.

This game combines easy to use touch controls with fun packed game-play.
Incredibly detailed 3D graphics, animation and sound make the experience come alive.

Climb to the top of the leader-board to prove you’re the mightiest crab in the land!

Collect, upgrade and grow a variety of Crabs. Discover advanced skills and collect unique skins.

Find an array of crazy and deadly weaponry to help skew the odds in your favour.

Test your worth in the intense PvP game mode, or try PvE for a more friendly time!

Look out for new Crabs, skins, maps, special events and games modes in the future.

* Game requires a persistent internet connection.

Please note: King of Crabs is free to download and play, however, certain items are available to be purchased for real money.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at: [email protected]

King of Crabs App Description & Overview

The applications King of Crabs was published in the category Games on 2019-03-08 and was developed by Robot Squid Ltd. The file size is 229.16 MB. The current version is 1.4.0 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

- New live event map!
- Giant turtles!
- Performance optimization.
- General improvements
- Bug fixes

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King of Crabs Reviews


All fun but...  slemangerdy  5 star

This game is all fun but i dunno if it is my devise (which is iPhone 6) that can not run this smoothly or it is the game itself, it just crashes when i’m in the middle of the game and it’s not so great with connection some times it’s glitchy, it’s very awesome game maybe it needs more updates and new ideas foe it but i hope if ever the new ideas come it doesn’t make it more glitchy


A good game but laggy  troller37414  2 star

I love the game a lot but it says poor connection but my other game work fine


Very fun and addicting game!!!  Alphaqupsuka  4 star

Great game


The lag  ReahGirl111  4 star

The game is awesome and cool but the lag is intense and irritateing if you could fix that I’ll change this four to a five, over all the game is awesome 👏👍


Very fun  Bmcgighan  4 star

I love the game, I would just choose a better UI and maybe an action button. Still really fun 😁

jiggle 69

Confused  jiggle 69  2 star

Um every time I open the app it crashes


Cool concept but to glitchy  Jmcory  1 star

I love the game if it worked right. No real way to control your crab and it drops frames all over the place.


Games keeps crashing  BenjiLew  2 star

Watching a video when you die doesn't do anything other than freezing the game. It will say you have loaded in when you are not there, controls do nothing and you cannot quit the game. Have to force close and restart. Very buggy, needs work.


Kaks  wess/p.if  5 star


ov streets

Cool  ov streets  4 star

Very cool game it’s a great pass time game but there is a few bugs they need to fix only reason it’s not five stars other then that it’s a great game

J Camikara

Great game but crash  J Camikara  3 star

This game is amazing but it keeps on crashing once in a while, while i’m playing the game, i have a iphone 6, please fix this, it seems that I’m not the only one having this problem, I seen the review, please update the game, thank you.


Fun to play but Movement...  DrT70  4 star

This game is extremely amazing to play and has great graphics, especially for something that you can play on mobile, but it has one problem. The movement of of the crab you play as is just very confusing. If you move with the joystick, it’s quite wonky, but when tapping to move around it looks kind of like the screen is constantly blinking and making the crab teleport into different poses to move around. I know it would look a bit unrealistic, but I believe they should allow the crab (or player) to move forwards. This would allow moving to be more free and look less weird. So, I would give this a 5 star rating but the movement is messed up and needs to be fixed. Other than that, it’s a very fun game, beautifully graphics, and an amazingly well designed map.

pickle meme

Bad  pickle meme  1 star

Boring 👎👎👎👎


Awful  LittenKitten1  1 star

Very bad and unintuitive controls


Need some repairs ASAP  MightyDovahkiin  3 star

The game overall is great but it seem to crash a lot from one loading screen to the other at the end of a game going back to the main menu has my game frozen and I have to restart the app definitely I 5 star game if this could be patched


laggy gamplay on iphone x max  “XxFableHavenxX”  2 star

i have the best current iphone and it still lag as hell


Mantis shrimp  QuIntupleD  5 star

Can game developers add Mantis Shrimp into the game?


Best game ever but  lenny.milne.00  4 star

This is a really good game I dad love him so much he is already the Atlantic lobster I like it too I am the stone crab King of crabs is a very good game but there is one thing on my iPad it keeps on glitching and sending me out sometimes it doesn’t.😍😍😍😍😍😃😀😃👍👍🤘🤘🦀🦞🦀🦞oh and the last thing is that what is the Best weapon in King of crabs🦀🦀🦀😍🥰😘


Gang gang  biGbOBguccigang  5 star

This game is all Gucci


Fix the problem!  N3DK3LLY  4 star

Awesome game, Fun to play but what the Hell cant play unless I’m only Connect to wifi can’t play on my Mobile cellar. Please fix this problem Nothing wrong with my phone as I can Play other games with my mobile cellar.


Sorry  P-man/kc  5 star

#srry to all the crabs I ate


Love the game but....  Z400boy  4 star

I’ve been playing this game from the beginning. I’ve worked my way up to the coconut crab with all upgrades and skills. The new update seems fun but I can’t figure out how to get the keys. They are in the bricks. Tried to bash with hammers but doesn’t work. Can’t climb on top of brick either. Also, there are a ton of crabs that don’t die or receive any damage at all. Even with me having the crab I have and carrying the red, white, and blue shield, as well as the giant sword. The crabs are the lower crabs and smaller than I am. That doesn’t seem right. People on Facebook said others had hacked the game. It’s a fun game but not when there are cheaters that you have zero chance of beating.


Fun if it ran and played smoother  rangomando11  4 star

It is very fun but wish it was a smoother gameplay


Great Crab Game!  Davids1959  5 star

I have a lot of fun playing this game. I never experienced any bad or game breaking bugs.

sad blonde mom

This game is AWESOME!  sad blonde mom  5 star

Me and my husband play together all the time! Great job y’all!

Wrinkly Potato

you’re doing great  Wrinkly Potato  5 star



the sever is horrible  masterzeng  1 star

I basic enjoy this easy game but the sever is so horrible!lost connecting to the sever all the time that cause my crab died again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again……!


Disconnecting  Grovmik  2 star

I’ve been trying to play this game for a while, although whenever I start, I start normally but after a few seconds it disconnects saying there’s no connection. I’ve tried more than 4 wifi connects each with 50mbs and 4G. I’m not sure wether the problem lies into my current location which is United Arab Emirates. Hopefully you’ll be able to assist me with connecting to this game. Best regards, Grovmik


BEST GAME EVER!  Iamjoytwice  5 star

I’m totally addicted. I’ve never enjoyed a game as much. Great job!


A complete disaster!  TamamaCandyLover  1 star

What drew me into wanting to try this game was the nice looking graphics but, wow what a mistake that was. This game is an absolute mess, from the crashing to the gameplay, to the poor/unresponsive customer service. Upon the game just literally throwing you into an arena packed with other players who have obviously been playing a lot longer, the game the game doesn’t explain how to play or really what you’re supposed to be doing until some random person kills you leaving you wondering what you did wrong. Not to mention the lag and crashing in the middle of fights. Lag and crashing don’t mix in a pvp arena styled fighting game or in a fighting game in general. Not to also mention that customer service isn’t very responsive which isn’t good when this game’s reviews are mostly 1 star ones including my own complaining about crashing or other issues. What a disaster!

Paidi S

Doesn’t load  Paidi S  1 star

Would’ve been nice to try this but it doesn’t load so gets 1 star

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