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My Singing Monsters Composer Game Description & Overview

What is my singing monsters composer app? Become a Monster Maestro in My Singing Monsters Composer!

Conduct an orchestra of cute musical Monsters from the hit game My Singing Monsters! Each Monster is packed with personality and its own unique vocal, percussive, and instrumental sound. Compose your own original song using a powerful and easy-to-use music editor, or recreate your favorites! Plus enjoy Monster parts not found on My Singing Monsters' Composer Island, like dynamic Dipsters, mysterious Ethereals and lovable Seasonals.

My Singing Monsters Composer is a great tool for learning musical notation in a fun and memorable way. People of all skill levels will love practicing songwriting with this simple music editor!

Download My Singing Monsters Composer today - Happy Monstering!

• 60+ charming Monsters with unique sounds
• Exclusive Monsters: Ethereals, Seasonals and Dipsters
• New sounds for Rare Monsters
• Write original music
• Learn musical notation
• Record and share songs with friends
• Built-in keyboard
• Play offline when you're on the go
• No ads or in-app purchases


HELP & SUPPORT: Get in touch with the Monster-Handlers by visiting or contacting us in game by going to Options > Contact Support.

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App Name My Singing Monsters Composer
Category Games
Updated 06 December 2023, Wednesday
File Size 75.98 MB

My Singing Monsters Composer Comments & Reviews 2024

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really fun but could be even more fun. love the game a lot, and have recreated a couple songs. gotta say I love the mechanics but I really wished they added some more of their monsters…I mean there’s so many that aren’t here that would really add to songs !!! BIG THING: I wish there was a way to make one monster go faster while the rest stay at their own tempo! (Or maybe just half notes?) (would be really helpful with drums) also wish maybe it could scale a little further (not limited to the smaller keyboard scale) I know this is just a kids game but it would be soooo cool with just a few extra features !!!! also the only real pianos are quibble and rare quibble, and they sound kinda off to me…it’s not a big deal though, especially if they added some of their other monsters (like some in dawn of fire?!!) really great game though and worth the money if you really enjoy this type of thing :)

great game but... This is a great game but i think it needs more monsters like the wubboxes, magicals, fire monsters, 3 element ethereals, celestials and wublins! I think more people would buy this game if you added all of this. But i would still just be happy with the fire monsters because alot of people try to recreate amber island but some sounds are just very not accurate at all for some of the monsters. So i think you should add that but you dont have to do but it would be very useful and helpful. I would also like a feature where you can visit other peoples composer islands! it would actually be fun! But overall this is a great game and i have over 300 songs on it!

Needs To Be Updated. I have loved the MSM franchise since it came out and this app is great installment to the MSM universe, but it just needs to be updated more or people will forget about it. I feel like this game is being neglected, and needs new monsters; Rare Vocals, Fires, Magicals, Wublins, & Seasonals. And it has been nearly two years since the Ethereals were added. I don’t want Big Blue Bubble to rush an update for this game, but there are files in the original game for Yool, Schmoochle, & Blabbit in the Colossingum. I would also love a feature where you could choose where the monsters could go, an extension to the island, adding friends, glowbes, and adding more monster classes. Thank you if you’re reading this, and please think about an update to this game soon.

Amazing game if you know music well. I love composing my own things, and I love my singing monsters. So when I heard they made a game like this, I was SO EXITED to play it! (The rest of this are just things I think they should add) I would love for it to have more monsters, like the fire elementals and/or the magicals. I would also like to have higher, and lower pitched bar, to put higher notes and lower notes. I think it would also be cool to make them actual notes, like quarter notes, and eight notes, and if it’s too hard for some, they can just make it a mode and be able to turn it on and off whenever. I believe this game has much more things coming it’s way, and the things I listed are some I hope happen. Happy monstering!

Extremely interesting and time consuming (in a good way). I’m very glad that you made this into its own game because it was a pain to have to pay 50 diamonds for a every new song I wanted to create. I also love that you added how one monster could play the melody and harmony instead of using like 5 other monsters to make one chord. But a couple of things that would make this game be able to go even further is if it had a bass clef. It would help sooo much when you want to make it sound like it all ties together. Another thing that would definitely help is if you had a larger staff. In a couple of the songs that I wish to do I can’t because some of the notes have to be dropped due to only having 3 notes above scale. It’d be nice to 6 or 7 or even more if possible. Finally I’d really think it’d help a lot if you made it able to have key changes in the middle of a song. It would be sooo much easier to just switch my c key to B flat major in the middle of the song instead of trying to figure out how to transpose all of the notes. Yes I do know that this game might be targeted more toward children but I think it would add sooo much more creativity and room to explore with the things I suggested. Again I love this game and it would still be a great game but if you want it to be awesome, then I think you should consider my recommendations.

I Love It! It can use a bit more options and other things.. This game is a great game! I play the original game which is really cool, but you have to use coins to buy the monsters to compose which i couldnt afford. After buying this game it got alot easier and i could actually make some music. With this app i made a Pirates of the Carribean music. One thing that I have noticed and im sure other people have noticed to is you cant move or drag monsters, they just stay in the spot that it started. This would be a cool feature to add so you can make more organized songs with more symmetry. You can also only have one of each monster. I think it would be could to have more and i bet other people feel the same too. Lastly, i feel like it would be sooo cool and awesome to add a feature to visit other peoples islands like you could in the other game, so then you could take a look at what other people accomplished such as your friends. I put a lot of time into this writing and we would all appreciate it if you could take some time and add some features. Thanks for all your hard work! Keep it up!

Game is good and needs update and I have some. Hi the game is super good but I think it could use some updates And I have 3 updates for u guys to do and I give give a 5 star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ for the first update u guys could do a seasonal update where u add all the seasonal monsters I think it would be a very good update since it haven’t been updated for 2y but the next update is………….. an epic update which will have all the epic updates a the monsters in the game that don’t have rare variety would be added. And my last idea is the power monster update which will add all the wubboxes like the epic wubbox, the rare wubbox ,and the common wubbox and them from the different islands and it will as well include the wubilens and the Celestials. And I think those are some good updates that u should add and thank u if u do BBB

Can We Have More Monsters?. Idk why but I think more monsters would be cooler like adding fire elements and the magicals. Don’t forget the mythicals, also how about more seasonnals, like Gobleygourd and the one on bone island, just… HOW ABOUT ALL OF THEM? I just like if you added more, and the shuggabushs, also maybe you can add the recording studio for vocal monsters? Also can you add the wubblins and celestials. Also is it fine if we try some epic monsters? Like we already have the rares so the epic would add a lot. Also how about in the songs like plant island and clod that you get for free, how about you do all the monsters on the island, also try to add the other islands too. Lastly, Can We Try The Wubboxes? Also Same Thing With The Rare One, try adding a recording studio for vocals. So Yeah, Basically, I just want to see more monsters.

Useful app. I’ve had this game for a month or two, and I’ve noticed quite a bit about different features. I play the piano, so I like to put a couple of my favorite pieces into this so I can hear how they sound. However, since there is no bass clef, it’s pretty challenging for me to recreate different pieces. I’m trying to play Schubert’s Serenade, but I can’t go far enough beneath the staff to place the notes I need. If there was an update where the bass clef was added, as well as being able to have more than just one of the same monster in the same song. Another idea is to add dynamics, like grace notes, slurs, ties, and how loud the monster plays, like going from ppp to fff. The last suggestion I would want is to be able to move the monsters around in the concert setting, so you could make a symmetrical-looking formation. Thanks for listening to my rant!

Really needs an update.. I love this app! But there are some things that I hope you can fix. First of all, I wish you could move the monsters around freely and not have them stuck. Also, this kind of goes along with that, I don’t like how when you carry on a note it has a whole different monster singing it. Especially since we can’t move them together so one is quieter than the other. Also can you add a feature where you can actually write the rythems please. It’s hard to write our complicated Rythems the way you have it. It’s been a year so this app is really out dated. I would really like to see some new monsters. Including ones from dawn of fire. Thank you!

Giving Your Fans Exactly What They Want. Seriously, as soon as I saw that this was a thing, I leaped on it in two seconds. I absolutely loved composer island, but did find myself frustrated at the limitations of the program: no sustained notes was a big one, and having to manually input the peculiarities of different key signatures was another. The fact that you’ve included the ethereal monsters on top of it all, and geared this app in an educational direction (seriously, this is actually PERFECT for teaching little kids music notation, I could imagine this being in a classroom) is just. Magnificent. That said, I doubt the app is finished. There’s a lot of monsters in the game that you haven’t included yet (wublins + fire monsters pls), and there’s still no way to input 8th notes or 16th notes, so I still have to increase the tempo and time signature in a weird workaround solution if I want that sort of thing. Also very confused about the lack of a bass cleff, but that’s not really an issue for me. For now, at least. I’m also wondering if there is, or will be, a way for the same kind of monster to do different parts. It’d be useful for creating that real monster orchestra experience, and I remember composer island compositions using that to great effect. And that’s just the humble input of a girl who spent weeks painstakingly trying to recreate the Great Canyon theme from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon on composer island, and is now trying to recreate it in Composer.

Great app!! Just a couple things that need to be added.. My singing monsters composer is a great game! There are just a few things that need to be included or added. first of all, I would love to see more monsters on the island such as the Shugafam, magical‘s, fire monsters, etc.. another thing the fact that there are two of each monster on the stage (one for normal notes and one for held notes), kind of ruins, the 3-D sound. This can be fixed by putting both types of notes into one monster. This would also make room for monsters coming in future updates. (If there even will be future updates?) let’s be real. this game hasn’t been updated in what? FOUR YEARS!?!? Also one more thing is the octave ranges. We need to either be able to select octaves, or at least one or two more bars in each direction. I know that this would take A hole Lot of work, but it would improve the composing experience so much. This need to be added. I also think we should be able to change the key without having to completely rework a monsters part. Other than that, awesome game!! P.S. correct me if I spelled anything wrong. I will be sure to edit it in the future!! 🎶🎵🎶🎵🥁🎤🪇🎹🎼🪘🎷🎺🪗🎸🪕🎻🪈

Addictive. Four words. Can. Not. Stop. Playing. Awesome, is the only word I can explain it with. Here are some suggestions: Wait, before these suggestions, one thing: I'm patient enough as to wait a few years for an update to come. Waiting for Fire Haven was barely a pain to me, because I didn't even expect something amazing as that. Xtra rares! Such as rare Fwog, rare Mammot, etc. Epics with different sounds than the rares. I understand that adding epics is hard work, but Big Blue Bubble is capable of many things. Edit: Ethereals were added! Thank you very much!! Fire Elements & Hybrids. Imagine the amazing composition possibilities! Sharing. One word; sharing. You should be able to visit other people's composition. More options. I'd like more options, like searches for other people's Islands. Plus, the "go-to-different-song" needs to be in the corner while you're watching your monsters play. Celestials! Many people would really like this. Although, like the Epics, it's very hard work. Also, we need to have glowbes! For this, you guys'd need to add the option to move monsters around. Plus, I'd like to have as many as one monster as I want, instead of just one or two. That's it! P.S. The Monster Handlers won't be able to handle these amazing compositions 😆 Edit: There’s a glitch where when I try to copy a track, it just freezes and none of the buttons work.

Great game but needs an update. My singing monsters composer is a GREAT game but, it needs an update. First of all it’s missing MANY monsters, starting with number 1: Kayna Kayna plays a big part in My Singing Monsters, and has been around for a LONG time. But here is a question I have been wondering about for a long time. “Why isn’t Kayna in My Singing Monsters Composer?” And I thought there was a few missing features that were required for Kayna but I was wrong. I THINK! Number two: The werdos I have been thinking of writing a review about The Werdos for My Singing Monsters composer. Of course, The Werdos require a feature in My Singing Monsters Composer, which is the Text To Speech feature. As you know, The Werdos speak real words in My Singing Monsters. But the text to speech feature only works for The Werdos, and not other monsters. Number 3: Magicals, Epics, Fires, Phsycics, Bones, And Yool. Magicals: Floot Fly is the leader of the magicals, but without Floot fly, the magicals won’t exist. And that’s a problem! Floot fly doesn’t have a reason not to exist, and the SAME THING WITH ALL OTHER MAGICALS IN MY SINGING MONSTERS COMPOSER!

Amazing but it could be better. It’s a good extension to composer Island to new monsters coming out like in my singing monsters, just adding monsters, I would spend my money on something different add every other monster, like the ox season, or just more monsters, like all the monsters from the original game and also add mimic from baby my singing monsters, big blue bubble if you hear this, please do it and also if you downloaded the game, it can also be a in my city monsters, but if you ask us the game, it only puts you there again please add this. It would be a great update for this and My singing monsters

Love it, but kind of hard to work with. I’ve been playing the MSM games for over 6 years now, and I truly love them. When I realized that the composer island had gotten its own app, I was ecstatic! I absolutely love making covers of different songs and seeing what I can be made. With that being said, the app isn’t as great for that, which is perfectly understandable- I’m not using it for what I assume is it’s main purpose. One issue I’ve run into is the lack of different octaves, which again is understandable, and I can get past it. The 128 measure limit is mainly what prohibits me from completing many songs. Again, I can see why there is a limit, but it is a huge inconvenience when doing a fast paced song. Another issue for me is that you are unable to move the monsters around in the music video, as far as I know. While it isn’t much of a problem, it sometimes affects the volume of some monsters (and it would make it more difficult to hear some if an earbud happened to go out). Even though it has some problems, I do genuinely love this app and it is incredibly fun to play around with. I will definitely continue to use it to the best of my ability. Huge thanks to the developers for making this!

I love it! But.... I'm really in to making music. It's a hobby. I love this app, especially the fact that Rares make new sounds! While it's all really great, I do have some STRONG suggestions: (1) I really think there should be a Swing tweaker, instead of all songs being Straight 8ths. I REALLY wanna try making some "Monster Jazz" in this app lol. (2) I also think there should be octave tweaking for certain Monsters. We need some higher/lower notes! (3) Finally, I'm sure you've heard stuff like this already, but I'm gonna go ahead and say it: MORE MONSTERS. I'm talking Ethereals, Legendaries, Seasonals, Wublins (Wubbox included), Celestials, and (my most-wanted group) Fire-Element Monsters! If you can get these 3 things taken care of, then this app would be well worth $5... maybe even $6!... who knows? Either way, thanks for making some awesome games, BBB. Can't wait for future updates with this one! ;) P.S. (4) More measures? Maybe go from 128 to, I don't know, 320 or so? XD

Amazing. I love this game sooooo much you better download this, if ur new to music it has got u there sample songs, but I am a music freak! I love music I recommend playing my singing monsters before because you have to know the monsters, this my favorite big blue bubble game, AHHHHH I JUST LOVE THIS GAME if u say bad about I am going to sue you, JK I am only 10😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪 So if u put all the monsters in one thu nebloub and the rare clambel and jellbilly my favorite is the Bowgart it has such a good sound like eh oh eh eh sorry for that that was stupid 😅 SO THIS IS MY INFORMATION DOWNLOAD RIGHT OR I WILL SUE I AM NOT 10 I AM 20 SOOOOOOOO DOWNLOAD IT!!!!!!!!!!😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤 ok I am 10 not 20 and sorry for the caps and I should shut up 🤐 🤐🤐🤐🤐 hope u download this game or else I will SUE YOU so download BYE!!!!!🤗

Respond to this please 🙏. Honestly this game is really boring. Like, can you please add SOMETHING to make it more fun? Honestly all you do is just click and listen. I want things where you can buy stuff to unlock exclusive monsters and different kinds like rares epics seasonals and maybe even wubboxs! Honestly this game is boring please make some sort of change! Maybe add some sort of way to actually DO SOMETHING? Please make some sort of change to make this funner I feel like it’s kind of tiring clicking just to make an ENTIRE SONG? And honestly it’s bad because you can’t actually hear how it sounds instantly when you place something before it because it might sound horrible with the timing and it takes FOREVER to put it in the right place. Please make some sort of button or something to fix this like honestly I think nobody cares but to me it’s REALLY annoying I can’t even make a GOOD SONG! Please fix this!

Love it, could use some additions.. Please take this into note, I’m not giving a four star because Plant Island sounds weird, it’s because there are some things I feel like we’re all asking for at this point. Request One: ADD THE FIRE MONSTERS ALREADY! After we got the Seasonals and Ethereals, I feel like we have been BEGGING you guys for the Fire element Monsters. And I feel like all of our Fire Havens, Fire Oasis’s, Magical Islands, and Amber Islands all sound really wrong. Thats why we beg you for them. Request Two: When Workshop is complete, add the rest of the Ethereals! They need to be added, as an atomatone or an amalgamation of different sounds would be epic in any song. Request Three: Electricity Monsters and Celestials! I’m putting these in one bunch because all the Celestials are related, and Galvana made Wubbox, and Wubbox made the Wublins. Request Four: ADD THE MAGICALS PLEASE! Sorry for the tone, but please, we NEED the Magical monsters. And Request Five: Please do add the Rarethereals, Rare Fires, Rare Magicals, Epic Ethereals, Epic Fires, and, if they happen, Epic Magicals to the game. Just please do.

It happened again😭. I love all the msm games with all my heart but every now and again after it loads it just kicks me out the game. After trying to get in their I have to delete the game and start all over, and make all the songs I made before again. And some of the songs are really long and take forever to make. Especially more than once. I’ve had this problem with Dawn of Fire but you have a profile on their so you don’t lose anything. This is the fourth time this had happened to me. The third time this happened I had like 3 songs that took forever to make and I loved them so much. Then this happened again. And I had to start over again. Add profile on this game so I can keep my progress is this happens again. Or just try to stop it from happening. Mainly the profile one. But I love this game so bye. Plz fix. And add more monsters like fire and now physics.

The Composer Island 2.0. This app took my father a while to get, but now I have it. $5 opens an updated Composer Island with all 30 naturals, All of the Rare Instrumental Monsters (Except for Rare Spunge), and the Dipsters. Make songs with up to 128 measures instead of 64. You can use a keyboard and metronome instead of using a sheet of music. Another monster spawns once you use normal quarter notes and then if you slide the green arrows. And you can place up to 5 notes at a time instead of 1. All of the monsters and islands are free. What I like to make are test songs, Islands that are in MSM and DOF, (The Natural Islands Were Made For Me), and many more. I really love this app. In the regular game, you can only make up to 5 Composer Islands. But in this game, you can make up to Infinity! This app is so awesome and I wanted more Composer Islands in the regular game. And now I do!

Amazing but missing a lot. I love this app! In a lot of ways it is better than the composer islands on the regular My Singing Monsters app. However, there are a lot of features missing I wish were included. Some things from the original composer island and some things that just should be included. I wish the monsters could be moved around the island because the 3D sound is often ruined by the long notes version of a monster and the single notes version of a monster being on opposite sides of the island. If we could move the monsters, this issue would be resolved. I also wish you could have multiple of a single monster. Sometimes I want the same monster to have different volumes and there are a lot of tricks with this you can utilize on the regular composer islands. I also find myself limited by the monsters' ranges. A high B# (C) doesn't often cut it and sometimes I want to go lower than a low Bb. If we could select different octaves, even just one more in each direction, it would increase the capabilities exponentially. Another long shot but still fun idea would be to add the fire monsters. I know this would take a lot of work but there are a lot of new sounds from them I wish I could use. Overall I love using this app!!

Great game. I love this game. Since you made this app, I didn’t have to pay 50, then 100 and so on just to make a composer song. I like that you can get a sample song that plays the islands. There are a few things that could be better. Firstly, if we could just delete a monster that we don’t want it would be better that having to go to that monster in the staff and delete the notes. (I know I’m over exadurating but I’m lazy) Another thing would be to move monsters so you can put it in a place you want it to be. Another thing is that just like the real game, you can look at other players islands so maybe you can do that in this app. Over all, this game is great. I will continue to play it especially if you add these features.

Great, needs a bit more though. I’ve been playing these games for a long time now, and this was something I’ve wanted since I first heard about it. While it is certainly less limiting than Composer Island, it still needs a bit more. Fire elementals would be nice, as they bring many more instruments to choose from. The main problem I have though is the range of the notes. Quibble seems to stay a little low, which I’m fine for some parts, but if I wanted to make something more with piano, I have to lower the pitch. Some instruments have good range, like string with Bowgart to Fung-pray, but I just need a bit more range, and maybe 16 notes for monsters other than Maw. Overall though, this game is amazing, and I love recreating many songs with these monsters, and even sometimes creating entirely original pieces. Just these few changes will improve it dramatically.

I LOVE THIS GAME! But it need some work. I love this game soooooooooooo much but I want some more updates here are my ideas. 1. Add magicals! I have really wanted the magicals I this game sense I first got the game, and I think a lot of people would agree. 2.Add epics! I love the consepted of the rares having different sounds so you could make epic do the same!, and you should not use the same sounds from rare to epic. 3. Make it so you can change the beat! I have had a problem in the game where I try to make a song but no matter how fast or slow I make the song it still does not sound right! So those where my ideas I hope you read this big blue bubble. But one more thing… it needs eighth notes and down. it would just help make fast pace songs a lot easier to make.

Best composer game ever, but a bit from the original MSM missing. Hey, Monster Handlers! I just wanted to say that your MSM: Composer is totally awesome. But, there is some stuff from the original missing. What am I talking about? The Wubboxes. Those are my favorite monsters (other than the ones at Starhenge in Dawn of Fire. Those are true epics and totally worth it if you get them). I have seen them on the original Composer Island. Most of the Seasonals and all the Epics are missing, too. I also think it would be cool to add the Dof monsters (including the celestials, if you can), Wublins, Magicals, Eth. Workshop monsters and Celestials. If you are thinking, “We can’t add some of you’re ideas because they have too many sound effects/appearances (Appearances as in Epic Wubbox, Shugabush Oaktopus and Shugabush Furcorn),” I think I might know what might help. Some kind of skin/sound effect changer that lets you pick which sound effect/skin that the Monster(s) make/have. It would also be cool to add the sound effect changer to other monsters that have one or more extra sounds that aren’t when you make the note longer. Also, could you add dynamics and different types of notes, like half notes, eighth notes, etc. Could you also add slurs on notes? That could make the notes more interesting and fun. Welp, those are all of my ideas about what you could add to the My Singing Monsters: Composer. Thanks for reading this, and may you have an amazing day!

Excellent, and you need more monsters as well and I have complaints. This game is the best game for creating music with the monsters, but you need some more monsters. I’m thinking the fire hybrids and MAYBE the Wublins. I also have a suggestion. Since some monsters say stuff like “no” or “bum, BAH DOM”, Maybe add something so monsters that do that in the original game, do that! These may sound a bit wacky, but those are my suggestions. Now the complaints. I think you should be able to have different monsters play one thing. Or, in simpler terms, people that have the original game have to buy monsters to make a song. Minus the buy part. The reason why I say this is because I have a point in a song to where a toe jammer plays a note that’s occupied, so I can’t make the song because if I put it too early Or too late, the whole thing fall apart. Overall, this is the best game out of the msm franchise. But then again, I have my suggestions and complaints.

What I always... wanted?. Long time player of msm. I love the game and the composer island has always been my favorite part, so when I saw this come out it was an instant buy. The trouble is it’s not very different from the free composer islands. It has some good things going like unlimited songs, and writing parts for multiple monsters/multiple parts for the same monster is sooooooo much easier, and offline play means things run smooth as butter, but the things I wished for didn’t happen. 64 measures is not long enough for me to write what I want, and although some monsters sound a bit better from MSM it’s basically the same sounds. There are no extra monsters from the choices. I could kill to get some dawn of fire monsters or etherials in here. In addition I can’t organize the monsters how I like or put cool glowb light shows on. I think the best part is this is a new app, and I am excited to see what content is added in the future. For a first release, I am optimistic for the future!

Amazing! But…. This app is great! I love that it took the composer island from the main game and expanded upon it for fun without in-game currency and island purchases. And I love that you can build up harmonies with a single monster type and even mess with time signatures, and accidentals/key signatures. It’s a nice spin on a composer app for those who just want to mess around with music and have fun. However, I think this app can be improved greatly with just a few things. For starters, I wish there were more monsters. I’d love if it had the monsters from the newer high price islands in the OG game. I also think it would be fun if you could change the theme of the island. And my biggest wish is that we can have shorter notes and more options for how the notes are sung and a higher range of notes. For example, it would be nice to have the option of dotted notes, eigth/sixteenth/ thirty-second notes, etc.

If they had this stuff it’s a 5 star game…. !!!DON’T FORGET THIS IS JUST A WISHLIST, NOT A COMPLAINT!!! -Fire Monsters I mean don’t we all want this? We can freely make tracks for a kayna or tring which would make for new sounds and instruments. I think this would bring some of our favorite monsters for making songs, because we don’t have things like floogull’s trumpet noise or phangler’s “na na na nyay”. -Wublins Wake up the Wublins minds to the possibility of getting out of the thunderous place of Wublin Island! I am writing this as if 3.9 in MSM, and now we just got rare Wublins so I bet there’s a possibility to zap up a portal for the composer world. From then we could have some loud drums or synthesizers. -Online Play This one might be a problem but that’s for after I explain why this would be good! We could view others music or compositions, and upload OUR music to the online composer. The problem is that some people play this BECAUSE they don’t need WiFi, and having online play means needing WiFi (I think). But this online feature could just be used to see others compositions by connecting to the internet like animal crossing new horizons airport or dreamscape where when you wanted to see others things or upload your’s it just toggles on the internet usage and you can see others things. I do hope you people at BBB consider my suggestions and add them to create the best music composer for kids! 😊

I love it! But it can use more features. I absolutely love this game. I always wanted to compose songs in msm, but in the regular Composer Island, it’s a pain having to buy the islands if you wanted multiple songs. In this app, you can make as many songs as you want, and you can do it all for free! I really like how the rare monsters have different sounds, and I absolutely love the fact that you can have the same monster sing up to five notes at the same time. Also the game doesn’t need WiFi, so I can play it anytime, anywhere. One feature I would love to see however: in msm and msmdof, you can visit other players’ islands. I’d love it if in Msm Composer, there was a feature like that too. (You could still compose songs offline, but if you are online you can see other songs people have made.) I think not just me, but a lot of other players would love that. I also think there should be more monsters. The monsters currently in the app are all good, but considering the price, I think that monsters from dof should also be added. This game has gone on for awhile with no updates, but I think it needs more. I also think people might need more measures to use in the songs, in case they run out of space. I’ve had this issue a few times, but I don’t think more measures are absolutely necessary because I get that adding more may take up too much data and possibly cause lag; they’d just be nice

Suggestions. I love this app so much! There’s more monster options, and you can make infinite songs! There are some issues, though. 1. No bass clef. I think it’s a major setback when trying to make a fast paced song, and bass clefs could easily fix this issue! 2. Song organization. I have tons of songs, and it’s a pain trying to find a song that I wanna hear. I think being able to sort songs in alphabetical order would be a life saver when you want to find or make a song. 3. No profile. In the case that I may lose my progress, I think having a profile you make restoring songs much easier than recomposing every one. You can also see other players songs this way! If any of these changes are implemented, this could easily become a 5 star! But for now, I’ll give you 4. Keep up the work!

This game is amazing!. I honestly thought that this game would be just like Composer island, but boy was I wrong. It way better than that! It has Rares, Ethereals, and Dipsters! I’ve always dreamed of having a Ethereals and Dipsters on composer island and this is a dream come true! I’ve been making songs every day 24/7. To make this game even better, I have some recommendations. First, there should be Rare Vocals, Rare Mammott can have Mammott’s “Ayyyy-oh” sound, and also, Rarethereals! Second, there should be Werdos! You may be thinking, how can we put Werdos in this game, well, it’s simple, the Werdo composer will be like the Recording Studio! And third, there should be Fire Element Monsters like Kayna! If these are in the game or not, this will still be my favorite app! Thank you for reading.

My Review for MSM Composer. MSM Composer is a nice game. I can compose songs in Composer freely without having to resort to wasting any diamonds like in the regular MSM. There’s more monsters to use than in the regular MSM Composer Island. It does have more monsters than the original Composer island, some new monsters include Rares, Seasonals, and the Dipsters. Although there are more monsters in MSM Composer, giving the player and overall bigger variety to choose from, I still don’t think there’s enough monsters in MSM. Composer. The latest update added only the seasonal monsters. I believe there should be Rare Vocalized Monsters, Epic Monsters, more Rare Monsters, Mythicals, Aux Seasonals, and Wublins, and a change of sound and background music in game. Plus, the game actually costs money to be installed, which does make sense, but is still quite annoying. If all of these things were added and the game installation was free, this game would be perfect.

I Live For This Game. I am a huge My Singing Monsters fan, so I was super exited when I found out about this app. I love making music, it’s a hobby of mine. I love all of the monsters they have and I am hoping they’ll add the Wublin monsters soon. The monsters are so unique and fun to play with. All of the tools are helpful and very easy to use. This app is a very good way to get creative with your music. I appreciate all of the hard work and effort Big Blue Bubble puts into these games. Even though it’s just an app it is life changing. I completely recommend to get this app and the two other My Singing Monster games! I promise that you’ll fall in love with these monsters in days. Thank you Big Blue Bubble!

This game is amazing! But.... I’ve been playing My Singing Monsters since it came out and this game is what I always dreamed of doing. Making your own music using monsters from the game is an amazing idea that was executed perfectly! The ethereal update was a very good way to add all the ethereal monsters and new instruments while the dipsters were a good way of adding more controllable vocals! However that’s where the pleasantries end. There is two main things that hold this game back a lot: 1. Dotted Notes are not in the composer. 2. There is no Crescendo. Dotted notes are a major part of music, being used in more modern songs. By not having this, we have some charting issues where you try to make a song and you just can’t. Crescendos are a very important part of all music no matter how you chop it. You can’t make a Crescendo in the composer unless you want the monster to sound all choppy, ruining the cohesion of the song. Big Blue Bubble, I know you all can do at least something about this. The game hasn’t received any major updates in ages. Please do something about this.

Has potential. I love the composer island on MSM so I downloaded this as an upgrade... I appreciate not needing to spend gems to make a new song, and I love the addition of rare monsters making different sounds, but otherwise it doesn't have much going for it. It has huge potential though and there are some potential updates that I think would really make the app worth it (most to least): 1. Placing monsters and manually assigning them melodies. I'm very glad that in this version, I can add harmonies without adding a new monster, but sometimes it's even more helpful to be able to layer those sounds and have the same instrument play two seperate things. 2. More octaves. This was my biggest frustration with the base game version so I'd love to see that as an upgrade in the paid version 3. Easier looping & moving/reordering parts. It really is a pain to have to scroll back and forth from the very start to the very end of a song. I think this could definitely be made easier. 4. Customizing the island. It was pretty disappointing when I realized I couldn't. I don't care much for decoration but I'd at least like to move the monsters around. 5. Link to ingame account. I just think it would be neat for people to somehow see the songs I make on this app through visiting my island. Perhaps it could be made into an in-app purchase rather than its own app?

A pretty good upgrade of composer island. The extra stuff is super cool for another entry. The ethereal and season monsters, as well as the different sounding rare monsters are all so much fun to work with. My only problems are just personal gripes. I’d like to have a bit more musical range to work with, even if just a few more notes up and down or something. I’d also like some more measures added, because I feel constantly limited to what I can re-create because of a measure number or note limit. Speaking of measure limit, can we somehow get sixteenth notes added? If you copy a piece of music and double the tempo, then eight notes can become sixteenth notes, but that halves the measure count, so pls just add a few more musical extension touches and I’ll think this is the perfect composing game. Good luck and thank you.

Worth the money!. I’ve been playing MSM since 2013 and when I saw this app come out, I was so exited! I’ve been using MSM Composer for over a year now and it’s absolutely amazing and worth the money. The app definitely has its flaws but it’s still a great app. I’d love to see what other monsters get added to the app in the future like the Shugafam or the Epic monsters. The freedom of the app when it comes to making the music is great and close to limitless. In the future, there’s some ideas that I think would be useful for the more advanced musicians like me, like track fade ins and outs, tempo changes, etc.. The app overall is amazing and well produced. Keep up the good work over there in the stupid and stay safe!

Pretty good. Overall I like the app a lot. There are, however, several things I wish were added. First, I wish the staff had more range. Most of the songs I try to make have several notes lower or higher than the range given, which causes the song to sound weird as I have to change octaves. Second, ties and slurs. In the past, one of the songs I tried to recreate was “Air for Band” by Frank Erickson. The song ended up not sounding right because almost the whole piece is supposed to be slurred and I can’t do that. Third, a bass clef option. It’s harder to replicate certain sounds when limited to the one clef. And fourth, dynamics. Most music has lots of dynamics in it and the fact that that’s not an option complicates things further.

Composer Review. All in all, it’s a great game. I love to express myself through music, and the experience with cute, creepy, strange, and wonderful monsters really lifts the mood. I found this game by accidentally tapping on a add in My Singing Monsters. I think it is worth 6 dollars. One thing to add would be a bass clef, and more monsters. I know room on the island is limited, but I think more monsters would be fantastic. A xylophone monster would be cool, and really spice up a song. A monster like Bona and Petite would be great. Especially Bona’s bass sound. More instruments too add would be a Synthesizer (Example: Zynth or Pixolotl) and word vocals. I usually always resort to Fwog of Pom Pom, but lyrics would be a nice touch. Brump of Maulch would be great. What I’m trying to say is a Wublin update would be fantastic. Wake up the Wublins!

GREAT GAME + 5 STARS + Suggestions. Hi! First I want to say I absolutely love this app and I downloaded this because in the original my singing monsters I have to pay gems to compose. This is a great app to experiment with my music as an absolute music lover myself and I enjoy using it in my free time. I give it 5 stars, however there a few things I noticed that the original my singing monsters had in composing island that this didn’t. First of all, I wish we could move monsters around the map just like in the other one, and where they are located it changes the “panning” of the music. I also wish that you can have more than one monster, for example in the original composing island I could have 5 bogwarts if I wanted to, but for this one the max limit is 2. I also have only one music sheet for the 2 bogwarts (a bit confusing), so it would be nice if we could have separate sheet if we have more of the same monster. That’s all really I would suggest, but I still love that you can add multiple notes on a sheet. And there’s still brilliant stuff that this has that makes it better than the original composing island, like more sounds. Anyway I hope you read my review, love your games!

As much as I love this game there’s still a few problems.. I love this app, and I’ve made and covered so many songs with it, but with the addition of the new monsters, a long existing problem can no longer be ignored. A decent selection of monsters are off-key. The monsters that are noticeable off-key are Kazilleon, Jellbilly, and Spunge (extended notes). Arackulele has a problem of its own where it is very limited in use. If it had just a string pluck (with extended notes) then it could be much more versatile. One other problem I’m having has to do with selecting songs. I have over 140 songs that I have made/covered and it gets quite hard to navigate through them. Having an easier way to navigate through them all would be great, but I do doubt that many others are facing this problem.

WORTH THE MONEY!. If I could give this game more stars, I would! It’s a lot of fun, and has a variety of monsters to compose! I would recommend this to anybody who is looking for a game where you can just let your mind expand, and if you love My Singing Monsters of course! I have made lots of songs with the ethereals! But I do have one recommendation: In the normal app, on composer island you can see the top islands, but not in this one. You don’t need to add it, though, because there is already a recording feature, but I would love a top islands feature! Overall, this app is amazing but NEVER gets updated! I think the wublins should be added next.

Recommendations. Overall this is a great game. But I’d like some changes. First, I’d love if you guys added a way to publish you islands. Also it would help me create islands a lot if there was a way to select the island types for what sounds the monsters make. Maybe it would be cool if we were able to create custom islands but instead of drawling so nobody can make anything inappropriate how about there would be a selection of decorations. Another thing is I don’t like how you can’t move monsters around and they always duplicate. Finally the Dipsters only come out of one hole unlike the real game. Sorry if this was a complete waste of time but this would really make me happy some of these things may be in the game that I don’t even know about but it’s an amazing game and I love playing it (Edit) I’d love epics, Wubbox and wublins.

Hold on what……….?. I listen to my monsters sing, and I thought normally some of them don’t sing like that like the Gazt or the punkelatun sorry if i spelt that wrong, but I definitely agree with some of the other peoples ratings definitely needs more features and more rare monsters because I have seen plenty of rare monsters and then know that some monsters who have a rare don’t have a rare in this game, so yeah, that’s pretty much all I wanted to say also, this game is amazing. Would recommend for anybody who’s reading this just don’t expect all of the monsters that you see in My Singing Monsters or all the rares you see in my singing monsters because there’s not a ton so this game is amazing definitely get it just don’t be expecting a lot of monsters.

More monsters. I love the mechanic of the game and everything but I kind of expected a bit more monsters. In the MSM app we have many new islands like amber island, light island, psychic island, etc. but we don’t have monsters from those islands in this app. I would love to be able to compose a song with monsters like Floogull or even Shugabush which I feel would add a nice touch to the game. One more thing is that I feel we should be able to move monsters. In the other game we can, but in this we can’t. I would like to make my monsters in a symmetrical pattern or something similar, but can’t due to not being able to move them around. I mainly just want more monsters to be added, but the moving monsters issue could also be a quick fix. Other than that, the game is great! Thanks!

Love it!. I love this game! It’s fantastic! However I would love it even more if the following things could possibly happen: 1. I’m in 3/4 time with the Quarrister and I gave him some long duet notes (meaning I have several stacked on top of one another) and they playback just fine in the editor but when I go to the island he silences for whenever one of those long duet notes comes. He will sing like quarter notes and such and at the right times but he just silences for the whole notes and half notes and such. Please fix this! 2. We could add more monsters (Shugafam, Ethereal, Wubboxes, perhaps some DoF exclusive monsters) 3. Maybe a “Musician’s View”. A way to see it with whole notes, dotted notes, eighth notes, dynamics, you know. Like sheet music view. I think the current staff with the eggs works for me but it’s just easier if I get to see it the way I normally would. If those could happen I would love it even more. I feel like at the moment I payed $5 for a slightly updated composer island (which don’t get me wrong I love composer island). I would much rather have payed $5 for more monsters and measures and views. Other than that, great game! Thanks so much!!! Love you BBB!!

This game is awesome! But could use another monster that I like.. This game is definitely worth the price, because it saves me having to make my favorite songs without being restricted behind a 50 diamond paywall. The other thing is that I feel like a monster is missing. I can't remember the name of the monster of the top of my head but on the Gold Island and Earth Island, this one monster would sing the same lines as the Pom-Pom, but after the Pom-Pom said that line first. I would really like this monster would sound great in this game, as I like that monster as well as the Pom-Pom together in the songs that I made in the game. I hope you will take my suggestion into consideration. Thanks in advance.

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More monsters plzzz :). I love this game I just wish more rares as well as epics.

Great game. Being a fan of music, this game is almost spot on! The sounds are great and it keeps with the original game. What I would like to see in an update is an option for half notes, placing a note between a gap. I ran into a few problems due to this not being in the game, but it’s still fun even if it’s not in the game :)

Should you get the game?. Well if that’s the first thing that comes to your mind then yes! Composer is a easy to use music making fiesta! The ui and music coding is super easy and overall this game is awesome!

Any more updates. I love how you added more monsters wondering if your gonna add more soon 🙂

Awesome game but add more monsters. It is very fun and worth da money but add more monsters like Amber Island monsters, magical sanctum monsters and wublins!

Can you please add in the rare ethereals I really want to see rare nebulob. I WANT RARE ETHEREALS IN THE GAME RIGHT NOW

Pls add more monsters. We really need some new monsters in the my singing monsters compser

More monsters. There are a lot of monsters in my singing monsters but on this game there not that much could you please add more

awesome. its great. definitely worth it. No ads, You don’t need internet connection to use it. Just what I wanted :)

I like it. I just downloaded it and it functions perfectly. My only criticism is the lack of epic and mythical monsters.

Why did you remove glowbe?. Great game but WHY did you remove Glowbe!? That’s like Nintendo deleting every Mario game on the Nintendo switch! Other than that, it’s a pretty good game. Hope this persuades you to bring back glowbes!

This app is pretty neglected.. We got the ethereals like 10 months ago and we still don't have much over the regular msm composer

Monster ideas. I think you should add seasonals and wublins I also would like to see rare Pom Pom,rare Mammot,rare quarrister and rare tweedle.

It taking along time to purchase. I heard this game is very good and all but I can’t even purchase it as it is very time consuming and I would appreciate if the monster handlers make it a little less hard to download

What. Can I say we need more monsters. So read the title and you would know with denchuhs clackula and more monsters Are in MSM we need those in this with the rest of the rares epics and so much more I could make my songs so,much better and so would other people come on big blue bubble this is the greatest game ever to my singing monsters and make sure to add those baby’s and maybe you could add the “prismatics” to it but obviously we need 2 things A thing for the island to be. Bigger so more monsters and the second thing is this game for me is gEttin* worse and worse the more songs I make I have used all the monsters yet it’s getting boring we need those new and old monsters WE NEED THEM ALL THE WHOLE COMMUNITY NEEDS THEM also I’m gonna mention all that you haven’t added : epics rares seasonals mythicals magicals werdos prismatics raretherials wubbox and rare wubbox rare thrumble and rare sneyser and make the update called the things we missed out on and to add to the list fire elementals

Add all the monsters that aren’t included. I mean like workshop monsters, mythicals, aux seasonals , and all the other monsters that aren’t in composer

WUBBOX PLZ. ADD WUBBOX PLS if you do I’m gonna be soooo happy and pls update

It's good and plz add more monsters. This app is fun but please add more monsters from the new my singing monsters update from fire haven, fire oasis, psychic island and faerie island. Also please add the wublins and the Shuga bushes

LOVE IT. Hi big blue Bubble, I just wanna say the app is great and I recommend it to anyone who likes music and stuff like yours... I have a few things though: these are suggestions 1: could you add some dawn of fire monsters? 2: rare ones plz 3: you could add weirdos bye using the same note system to choose how high the notes are and then double tap and hold on the note to change what they say by typing it in... 4: make the other MSM games available for the newest update on iOS Anyway I hope your having a good day anyone reading this... 😑😐🙂😀😊😌☺️😑

Eh. It’s a nice game but I would like to see the erthereal workshop monsters and the fire monster’s

Fire,magicals and mythicals. Please add fire ,magical and mythical monsters

I can’t play but otherwise great. So I was trying to go continue my composer song when it told me that if I will follow term of service I presses yes and continue and it crashed Please fix this bug 🐛

My Review:. Hey it’s really good but I want a new update for fire monsters

Best game ever. You can make your own song lots of monsters the best anyone more

Fire and Magical Monsters when?. Adding Fire Monsters and Magical Monsters to My Singing Monsters:Composer when?

Monsters. I love this, but it doesn’t feel any different to the regular composer island, except for the fact that I can play it offline. I would like to move the monsters around and see DOF monsters in it, and I would also like two notes, baby and adult, because the baby furcorn has this deep majestic voice that I absolutely love, making it my second favourite, my first is the reptallio, and I saw that ethereals are coming, if possible could you add (in DOF) baby ethereals, because I want to see baby Jeeode, Humbug, Grumpyre, Ghazt, and Reebro so badly. But back to composer, I personally think that DOF monsters add the missing element (Not Fire, you know what I mean) to the music, like the stogg and floogull which introduce trumpets and electro. All in all,the game is slightly overpriced, but adding the simple ability to move monsters and adding DOF monsters will make it worth the price (also make it easier to understand, it is a little hard to get the hang of) - Lots of love from True Panda 🧡.

ADD GAZHT!! Pls!!. I luv this!! Just please add ghazt or gahzt however u spell it, please add that monster, it’s sound makes me happy, and it’s too expensive in ‘my singing monsters’ please ;-;

Update. When is there gonna be an update that has more monsters?

It’s great, but.......(WARNING: Really long review ahead). BBB, this app is easily one of the best music apps made for a younger audience, but a major content update has to be made at some point. It has been far too long since you released a major update (the Ethereals), since last May, in fact. So, for this next content update, I (as well as many others) would like to see: * All current Fire Monsters (and Epic, probably) * Higher and Lower sound pitches * A music sheet longer in length (4/4 is 64 currently, would like to see it doubled) * The ability to place sounds on the vertical lines present on the sheet That’s all I’m asking for, really. It doesn’t matter to me how long this can take, but it has to be worth it. In fact, I have some ideas for Epic Monster sounds (and even Rarethereals): Epic Noggin: Timbales Epic Quibble: Marimba Epic Pango: Vibraslap Epic Bowgart: Standard Cello (not bass like Common Bowgart) Epic Clamble: Ride and China cymbals Epic Pummel: Drumset Tom Epic T-Rox: Party Island-like clap sounds Epic Congle: High-pitched Conga Epic Reedling: Clarinet Epic Deedge: Synthesised Drum kit used for Periscorp Epic Riff: Electric Guitar (unlike the sounds Common Riff makes) Rare Ghazt: High-pitched orbs, like in Plant Island Rare Arackulele: Banjo Rare Sox: Bassoon or Jazz-like saxophone (high-pitched) Rare Boodoo: Maracas Rare Fung Pray: High-pitched violin Those are my ideas for Epics (sorry for some of the wording, don’t know that much about instruments) and, Big Blue Bubble, you may not show a response when I post this, but we wanna see this stuff added to the game. It would make the app much more enjoyable to use, without any boredom from the limited selection. Thank you for your time.

More monsters. Would you mind if you add seasonal monsters please

MAKE THE UNDO BUTTON WORK BETTER. I spent over an hour making a song and I accidentally deleted it but the undo button didn’t work

Love it!! But.... Hello monster handlers! I would like to say something about this incredible game. I love this game. It’s awesome and the rares are good and the piano and everything is awesome, but what I want added are: 1. Can you please please PLEEASE add ethereals. (Raretherals too if you can) 2. Please add rare and normal wubbox please 3. Can you please make the option to hear other people songs e.g. Hear let’s say, John song who lives on the other side of the world right at that moment. Also the option to move the monsters. 4.And one more thing. Please add weirdos where you can double tap and hold on the notes you place for them and type what you want them to say! But other than that, it’s awesome! Thanks!!

Cool but needs more monsters. What about fire magical celestials wublins wubboxes and mythical and werdos we need them they sounded so good in he original so add them here!

Seasonals have been added! (+1 problem). I’m happy they added seasonals to the game! But the app won’t open. Is there something wrong?

I lost all my freaking work. I lost all my freaking work, I even saved! WERE THE HECK DID AN HOUR OF MY LIFE GO? Freak you!

Monsters you guys should add and other stuff!. So this game is kinda boring now cuz everybody’s tired of the same old monsters so I have suggestions for you, here they are: -Bigger island expansion -Rare natruals -Epic Natruals -Rare ethereals -Epic ghatz -The rest of the 1 elementals as in Clackula, flouress, flootfly, theremind and Kayna -Shugabush -Prismatics -build your own monster -celestials -fire elementals -Rare Fire Elementals Thats it please add them so we can make this game more fun!

Wonderful!🥰. This game is so wonderful for people who love to be silly and who love music. And I know there are a lot of people out there! So I recommend you to download!😊

Dear Big Blue Bubble. I Suggest You To Add Wubblins In App And I Suggest You To Add More Rares In The Games Thank You From- Jennifer Worthy

Suggestion. Can you add those monsters that literally sing so we can tune them then add lyrics while typing? Lol

I’m going good on the game. 5/5

Dear Big Blue Bubble. So, Let me get this straight. Composer is an amazing game. Entertaining, fun and… interesting. I’ve been playing since I was 8. I worked pretty hard for $7.99 in pocket money. I brought it and soon after that, about a month. The ethereal update came out! It was exhilarating. The new monsters were amazing. My favourites were the ghazt, and the fungi monster. But, ever since I’ve been playing it, (4 years) there hasn’t been a single new update. I play The original my singing monsters. Which has had a number of updates. Amber island, Bone island, and the latest mythical island. The game is getting really boring using the same monsters over and over. I’d love to see some new monsters added to the game and for everyone to try out, might even bring more people to buy this game. Im coming to think that this game was a complete waste of money! I hope your working on an update. It can’t be that hard. So please, make something happen. Because all this hard work was a waste.

Can you add more monsters to the game?. I really like the game, but in My Singing Monsters there’s all the monsters even new ones but in my singing monsters composer, not all of the monsters are in there and I would really like if you added all the monsters from My Singing Monsters into this game but otherwise I love all the games you make.

MORE MONSTERS. Pls add all of mon pls even the the ones that can talk(I forgot the names) like if u turn on microphone It transform ur voice to the monster

I really want new monsters. Hi BBB, MSM composer is one of my favourite games and I love making songs with it but I think hat we need new monsters such as magical monsters wub boxes all three types weirdos baby monsters wublins fire elementals celestrals and heaps more. Thanks for the good games BBB

Please add magicals and wublins. This is a great game but please add magicals and wublins

Please add these monsters. Wubox rare Wubox the weirdos the wumlins DOF monsters Celestials

Love. Hi I like the game but I think it should have wubbox in it because wubbox is so good that you NEED to add it. Also add parlsona,tawnker, exp.

Can you please add these monsters next update?. ok so all magicals, all rares, some of the epics, wublins, werdos and that’s all you don’t need to add too many. just add some of these however you have to add the rares please. I don’t mind if you don’t add the magicals, wublins, werdos or epics yet as long as we get at least ten new monsters next update i’d be happy for the rest of the year :) and if your reading this thank you and I hope everyone at big blue bubble has a great Easter holiday :)

Fun. I’ll be amazed when you add every single monster in the game

Up coming updates. Hi bbb, I would like to know when the next update is coming in. Here are some stuff to put in, 1. Add some more space for the monsters when you add new monsters in the app 2.A lot of people would like to have fire monsters in the app. (Well magical monsters may be great but try to do fire monsters for now) So that was the only two that I had in my mind. Thank you for read this and good monsters The world. Happy monstering!

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Love it but…. Add auglur, meekbin, blarret, yooreek, and gadzooks, and all wubboxes And xyster enchantling and the rest. Also my data got reset

Now this is fun.. Yes!

Could have been 5. It could have been 5 but I’m angry and took 1 star off because no fire or mythicals WE ARE DONE FIRE AND NATURAL ISLAND MYTHIC IF THEY GET ADDED I WILL PUT IT TO 5!

Great game but some suggestions. I love this game but I do have some suggestions overall. Number one. I would very much like it if you guys could add magicals and fire monsters to the game. That would make the songs in the game easier to structure and add. Number two is add more rares and maybe some epics to the game for the same reason of structuring the songs and being able to add more sounds and percussion. And last off all, make it so that you can add more things like you did with the piano where you can play it. I like the way you’re going here with adding the seasonal monsters. Try to add more updates. Love your games, big blue bubble!

Needs more musical elements. This game is almost just like the composer island so I think that you should add the bass clef more monsters and etc. Just to make it more unique unlike the regular composer island.

Good. It good

We Need More Monsters. I really love this App but I really want more monsters in the game like seasonal monsters, sugarbushs and etc. Please.

One request (more like 3). ADD WUBLINS FIRE AND MAGICALS (also mythicals that’s would be cool)

Amazing Game but could use more monsters.. I love this game and I love that you can use seasonals and etherials. The game has so many monsters that are not added including: The Werdos, Wublins, Wubbox, Amber island, mythicals, and much more. The game would be so much better if we could use all those monsters.

*—*. It’s pretty boring add more monsters like Stuerb

Where are Ethereal Workshop mons. Amazing but can u please just add auglur or the other workshop characters it would really make my life complete

It’s Good, But Add Some Of My Suggestions Please. -Bug Fixes -Fire Monsters -Wublins -Celestials -Drumrolls With Customizable Length -More Seasonals (Gobbleygorod, Spurrit, And Boo’qwurm To Name A Few) -Magicals -Quint Elements -Some DoF Exclusive Monsters -Being Able To Place Monsters. Anywhere You Want -Globes Other Then That It’s A Pretty Good Game!

Pls add the wublins and the wubboxes. I really want to have wublin and wubboxes it will make the game way more interesting

Not bad. I have only a few complaints, there’s no basecleff (might have miss spelled it), there’s no epics and some rates are missing.

Please add all 3 wubboxes. For common you don’t need to do what I want for rare and epic. For rare and epic if you click on one it will say “What Island do you want your rare wubbox/epic wubbox sounds to play?” And you put click/tap on the Island (only the ones where the 2 wubboxes are on) and then if you do epic it will say “Percussion or vocal?” And there you go a new idea

Yip. please add werdos please can you let us pick what they say thank you.

Great game, but a couple suggestions. This is an overall game, however I think it would be a good idea to add a couple things to the game to make the experience better. I think it would be a great idea to add more monsters to the game, after all they all have their own unique sounds, and every sound has its own tone, being delicate our rough. Depending on the type of song your composing, having more monsters to select from would expand everyones possibilities/ creativity. Something else that I think would be cool to add to the game is the option to use some of the monsters original sounds. I was thinking maybe in the advanced settings, there could be a selection of sounds for a specific monster. Some of the monsters don't have the same/similar sounds that they make in the game and I just think it would be cool to have a selections for the sounds they make when you compose a song. Last suggestion would be to make add a volume controller in the advanced settings, that way you can control the volume of a monster through out your song. I am aware this would be a lot to do and it's not something that's done within a day, but it's just some ideas I thought I would suggest incase you were planning to add something to the game. Other than that, keep up the amazing work with all your games and thanks for taking the time to read this!

Great game but more requests…. I like this game but make the monsters singing more realistically, add seasonal monsters like shugabush, that turkey-like-monster(I don’t remember that name), and make so the monsters are moveable.

add more monsters. add more monsters and i had to pay 5 or 6 dollars for a garbage sounding hoola, and add fixes for monster sounds.

More monsters???. Can you add fire monsters and werdos?? Pleasse???

Hey Big Blue Bubble. Can you add fire monsters please? + Add wubbox + add Mythecals + add more seasonals and Shugabushes!

Add more monsters. I would like to see mythical‘s and wubboxs and maybe more rares

READ THIS PLEASE. I tried to make All Too Well and there weren’t enough bars 🥺🥺 So could you let people go up to, like, 300 bars? This would give me a much better playing experience. t h a n k y o u !

things that should be added:. - triplet fields - drumrolls with customizable lengths - 1/32 and 1/64 step length (also customizable) - pitch bend notes when selected - ambience that doesnt sound like a mall - add modes (eg. mixolydian, dorian, klezmer.) other than that, this games pretty good for composing.

Monster handlers, pls add this!. I want big blue bubble to add ether wublins or mythicals and the wubbox in msm composer, I will be so happy if you did that! :D

Some suggestions for this game. I love it! But, it needs more monsters like hoola, uuduk, the wublins, wubbox, etc. I hope it comes in the next update. Feel free to release the next update soon Big Blue Bubble.

Please add more monsters. It needs more of the new monsters! And wubboxes too!

Makes composer island look like nothing. I really liked composer island in the original game. But this is 1000x better than it. It’s extremely easy and I have such a fun time making my own songs!

I’m a kid. The game is sooooo fun like actually I would give it a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ buuuuut I would like some of the other monster to be in the game but would still give it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Lots of potential. I love this game a lot! I do have a suggestion on how to improve the game. One thing is for monster with different sounds (Pom Pom, rare t-rox, etc), you can have a button on the top left and (just like sharps or flats) would change the sound of the notes you place. For example, if you want pom pom to say “hey yo”, instead of reaching a certain pitch to change the sound, just press the button and it’ll change the sound for you. I also hope for a future update you will add sixteenth notes (if there aren’t already) and more monsters.

O. Are you going to do the game five stars if I want it get randomly booted from the game then I have to delete the app and reopen it to actually play and can you actually add more monsters maybe add like the Wublins or something or maybe some of the new monsters

ok this needs updating. great game but I have some suggestions: the other seasonals, bone island and psychic island and magical sanctum pls it’s been two YEARS

Good game big Blue Bubble I love my singing monsters. U are the best

Needs new stuff. Why does composer island have upsides like moving monsters and going to other islands also please make hold notes and non-hold notes the same monster and please have new monsters also why no glowbes but overall this a great game

Great monsters and stuff. But make the updates more frequent, like twice a year or maybe three times? Whatever your schedule is BBB, I’ll wait for the next update on this gamr

Meh. It doesn’t live up to what I expected it to be. The OG game is better. It’s still good though. 3/5

I dont understand how to proprely save each of my compositions. I lost 2 song. The first island was called « First ». Then I created another island called « Violons ». Somehow, the second island had the same things as the first one. So I deleted « First », and then, I had nothing in « Violons ». The game itself is generaly well made, but can someone makes me understand how to not lose my creation. Thanks.

Musical elements. It’s feels the same as composer island (besides the ability to play chords, sharps, naturals and flats) I was expecting a more advanced version of composer island and I was kinda disappointed. Things to add: - clefs (bass, soprano) - dotted notes - eighth notes - BPS - slurs - dynamics (piano, forte) - crescendos, descendos - music speeds up or slows down (I forgot what those were called) Also a few convenience things: - copy and paste repeating parts - type in the tempo - sort by bass, tenor, alto and soprano I know I’m just a band kid and not everyone on this app knows the difference between a minor and major triad but I feel like this would make the app 10x worth it.

We need more monsters. I have been waiting to get more monsters. I especially want fire monsters,wublins,werdos,celestials and magicals. Plus MORE SEASONALS

There is a bug. Jyhfhyjffjykjkyfkfuy

E. It's gonna be so good if they add the Wubilns

More monsters. Add the magical monsters please

Glitch maybe?. I like this game! It’s a really easy way to create bangers! But there a glitch, when I ad a certain amount of manatee to my song, some monsters miss notes. Usually the monsters I recently added have this issue, so it would be nice if you fixed it, but overall good game!

Add the fire monsters. Add those ones with the fire I like them :)

Help me. My msm composer won’t open please help

Great game but.... It’s a amazing game but could you add more rares and some epics and also all the fire elements and magic

Wublins. Add the wublins and I will give 5 stars

Good. It’s Really Good But Can You Add More Charaters And You Can Move Your Monsters

This game is awesome!. This game is great! It is super fun to make music in this application and I highly recommend it for beginner music creators. I do have a few suggestions though. I think the seasonal monsters would be awesome for more sounds, and maybe other monsters such as the stogg would be cool if they were added.

Skeleton. Add wublins please

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Great game!. So, this game honestly is a really fun thing to mess around with when I’m bored. My favorite thing to do is honestly finding sheet music online and then remaking it with this app! One thing though, I do wish the notes would go higher/lower (I’m no music genius so I don’t really know how to explain what I’m talking about). You cant go as high or low as you can do with actual instruments. If it had that feature to go higher/lower I would be completely satisfied! But still, I highly suggest the game if you’re into making your own little musical creations 👍

Amazing game and some suggestions. Composer is similar and superior to the normal composer, instead av having to worry if you have enough coins to buy the monsters for your composion, get this and you have a peak composing game. But you could buy multiple monsters in the normal game and make more notes. But a monster counter could take composer’s superiority back. Add an online feature and composer points. Composer points are obtained by upvotes on your song. In can be used for island skins, monster costumes, etc. And the MOST crucial part of the game that needs fixing is LET PEOPLE MOVE THE MONSTERS. oh and also add glowbes

Great game! But theres a few problems…. So the games good and lots of stuff to do with the monsters, and the songs are also amazing. But there are a few problems i need to say. So I've been playing for a while and when i open up the game one time and it shows the terms of service. When i accept it loads up the game and brings me back to my home screen. I don't know if i did something wrong or if its a glitch you guys haven't fixed. If you could tell me more that would be amazing. Thank you.

Awesome game! ❤️ but I have some suggestions. I absolutely love this game! It’s better than the composer in the original game because there are more monsters and you can do multiple notes at a time! The original didn’t have all of that stuff. I have a few suggestions: 1. Wubbox. I think you should add a wubbox, but don’t make us power them up! 2. Wublins. I also think you should add the wublins to the game, but I don’t want to power them up. 3. Celestials. Celestials would be a good update but please don’t make us gaze. Those were some suggestions for the game. Have a nice day! 😄

This is great. I love this game. It is better than composer island in the original My Singing Monsters. But I have some request to make it better. Please add the Seasonals and the Mythicals into the game. And maybe add the Magicals, Celestials, and the Fire elementals from Dawn Of Fire. You don’t really have to do the last three but I will love to see that. If you can’t do all Fire elementals then you can just add Kayna. I would really like to see some more rare and maybe some epics, but it will be ok if you don’t add them. I think these ideas will help some songs a lot. :)

Amazing, but could use more monsters. What else is there to say? It’s not the biggest app, but what’s there speaks volumes. It’s meant to be an expanded version of the OG MSM’s Composer Island, and it does its job perfectly. It even adds the dipsters and rare monsters! However, I do think this game needs more monsters. It doesn’t have to be now, but maybe we could have the supernaturals (wubbox & wublins) or even Dawn of Fire monsters (though it’s a bit of a stretch) in the future? It would certainly be nice.

Awesome app, however. I love writing music. However, it is really difficult to write music without access to a bass clef, an upper register, or anything smaller than an eighth not, it’s incredibly difficult to write ballads and stuff. Additionally, I can’t seem to figure out if there is a way to move monsters around. Lastly, I wish the songs could be posted and voted on like in Composer Island. I just want this to be a fully upgraded version from Composer Island in the game, like all of the features of Composer Island plus more. Overall, the app is amazing and very fun to play with.

Great, but needs more. This game is awesome! When I heard I could make composer songs without coins, and for a low price, I immediately got this game. Although it is fun, it has some issues. 1st of all, for a priced game, it could use more monsters, possibly from dof. 2nd of all, there are 2 different monsters for single and extended notes which gets annoying. Lastly, you should be able to move monsters. Other wise this game is great and I would totally recommend it for msm fans!

Hmm... its still good but.... It needs more rares,epics,wublins,fire monsters,more sample songs for every new island but still is cool to use. ~Superstogg P.S I would love psychic monsters added<3 ;3 I just want to make a long review but i really like the game and i would be happy when you guys do a new update i would love that if you made smooth transitions it would help me alot but overall the game is a 4-5 star game please do at least one of my suggestions i would really appreciate it you don't have to do it. I know your busy on updates on my singing monsters.

Amazing! However... When I downloaded this, I wanted to test it out, and I thought it would be cool. Not leaving the point out that I LOVE this, but… well this might be a bit much, but the main reason I downloaded it, is because I thought you would get to compose with the Wubbox. I’m sort of a Wubbox fan. I draw them all the time, make up different versions, and I even downloaded a rare+normal Wubbox sprite sheet for my virtual-art app (Bazaart) to make my own versions. So I know you might not read this, creators, but I love this game. Just, maybe you could add Wubbox’s? Anyway, Merry Christmas! ^w^ Bye bye! :)

Great composers!. This app is a great composer but compared to the free composer island is it better? Yes it is. For one infinite songs and monsters for free no gems or coins must be spent. And there are more monsters including rares and dipsters with ethereals coming in spring, so at most mid May. Plus many convenient features and the promise of more updates after this next one, this will stand by itself as a great composer and when compared to composer island. Let me also go over some things I want, repeats, dynamics (being able to change the volume ), moving the notes diagonally (slurring), and some more obvious editions are wublins,, more rares, legendaries, and fire haven monsters

Great game but uhh.... I played MSM years ago and recently got back into it. When I found that you could compose songs, I was very excited. That then led me to this app, which is much better than the in game composer that they have in MSM. But something I was hoping for is being able to put the songs I composed in this app into MSM. Also, why take so many of the good features from the in game composer island, like being able to move the monsters around and add decorations(and much more). That just makes the app worse than the in game composer island, but better at the same time(that doesn’t really make sense but just bear with me). With this app, making songs is more convenient, but I’m surprised at the lack of some of the features that should be in this app.

Endless! 😄. This game really is a great music app, with infinite possibilities of songs! I do recommend certain things though. 1. More seasonals! I mean, we already have the others but… what if some from that seasonal island was there also? I would love that! It would also be fun to play with. 2. Fire monsters 🔥 With there being toe jammer, ghazt, and that pumpkin one… I would like to see Kayna or maybe Glowl! 3. Extras! I remember a seal from plant island and a bird from air island (the birds not tweetle). But maybe those ones can be a part of this app! Anyways, this game is amazing still and would be even more amazing with the recommendations!

Worth the $4.49. This game is worth the $4.49! You don’t have to worry about timers or currency or other players or leaderboards like in the first and second my singing monsters. You get to make infinite pieces of music, including making chords! Two things that composer island lacks, however in msm2 there is no composer island, which is sad but here there are rare monsters (no vocal rates) and you get to make any music you want. I even made the song mission impossible and fade. This game is worth all of that $4.49 and I would give this game $5.00 instead of $4.49

This is great but I think it needs more. I love playing this game! It’s very hard to get all the islands and monsters in the normal game, but in this game you can get everything for free! Plus, you can make your very own songs and you can make as many songs as you want! Even though this game is really great, it’s still missing some stuff. I’d like to see the Dawn of Fire monsters and the other monsters from the original game. Please add all this big blue bubble I’d love it a lot!

Very good but missing some stuff. Let me just say that I absolutely love this game its so fun to mess around with the monsters and make a song but i would love if the other seasonals and the fire monsters maybe even the magical monsters it would make it super amazing and give more options to make better songs i would love to see this game get more updates especially if the wublins come pls bigbluebubble if you see this pls atleast add the fire monsters thats was i really want bigbluebubble pls do this!

Please update im begging. I find it annoying how I cant move the monsters to where I want, especially because of the 3d sound. Also more octaves and complex volume control would be great ;-; I also really like decorating my islands so I kinda miss having glowbes in this version but whatever, I can live without them But it is nice to have different sounds and have longer songs than in the original composer island. Also being able to have multiple songs without having to spend a bajillion diamonds is great

Love it! (but can we use more extra stuff?). We want more monsters like fire And magical auxiliary seasonals and even supernatural monsters! Even like epic monsters too! And more rares! 2. Can we add more decorations and make monsters bigger and smaller and move monsters? And see their elements? 3. Can we change seasonal skins and even more like vegetable medley’ swetti settlement’gigacheep nest’glubber lagoon’and temple of hahoo? 4. Even can we change monsters words? 5.if new skins or decorations or skins come’ can we have them in composer? 5. Can we have even legendary? Sincerely meezy,

Creepy glitch, anybody else?. So I downloaded this a few days ago and it was all normal.... I was kinda mad I had to give dollars to play this game but I ignored my frustration and started playing... it glitched, it brings me immediately into the composer and it plays creepy carnival-like noises. I can hear talking and carnival-like music. Please fix this, it is creepy and annoying. Also can you add more monsters? There are some monsters that I would love to see in the game. Also please if you do respond, please do not base your comment about adding more monsters or price. Please relate to the sound glitch because it is very unsettling for me and I would like for it to be fixed in the future. Thank you

Needs more. This game is so good but it use more stuff to make it better. It should have tempo and time signature changes for any measures you want. Like if there was a measure that was 4/4 and 100 bpm, I want it so that the next measure can play 3/4 at 60 bpm. I also feel like there needs to be more monsters for more diversity in sound. It should also have more measures than just 64 or 128 depending on the time signature. I also don’t want to have to change the time signature or up the tempo just so that I can get 8th or 16th notes.

Buy it if you love to turn MSM performance into your own! 🤩. Words cannot describe how awesome this app is! I’ve been playing MSM for years now, and I’m glad I can make my own songs! This app is so fun and you can get really creative with it! It also makes great background music for my videos! I love everything about it! I just wish the fire monsters were added though! I really really hope that Big Blue Bubble adds them one day! Until then, I will keep making awesome songs with the monsters I do have! 👍🤩👏:)

Great game but…. I love this game. It’s SO much fun to make a song, but I can only rate it four stars because of a couple of problems. This game only has up to ethereals. When I got the game, I was looking forward to using fire monsters and magical monsters. And another thing. I don’t like how the rares have different sounds than the common monsters. If I just want to use them to look cool, the song doesn’t sound like I want it to. Also, I would like to have epics with the same sound as the commons and, if possible, the common, rare, and epic wubbox, and the rarethereals and the two epicthereals

Fantastic!. As someone who loved the concept of the composer island, this game was a must for me when I found out about it. On top of it being much easier to use, the ethereal monsters, dipsters, and rare variants make this a fantastic experience. The ability to freely make as many songs with any monsters you like, is amazing! The literal only thing I can ask, is for the fire monsters. This is already a top tier music game, but the addition of fire monsters would take it to a whole new level, adding sounds like sooza and floogul, or glowl and yelmut. Fantastic game! Keep up the good work BBB!

Love it but PLEASE add more monsters + Suggestions. I love this game but the only downside is I don’t have a lot of monsters to toy with! My suggestion is to add fire monsters mythicals monsters Mabye wublins or celestials! But that’s a stretch. I also would want wubbox to be added if any of the suggested monsters get in I would be happy. I also love how you don’t need ant internet and no adds I can make music on the go and it’s a great game in general. It just lacks updates sometimes I really want more monsters that’s all I ask for.

Good- but big problems. Overall what we have here is a good game- -if it were like 2-3.5 bucks. I’m not saying that it is and always will be underwhelming I’m just saying that there isn’t enough things in the game currently to warrant a 5$ price. Especially when you consider the limitations on it. Something that would be really good for the game is to add fire and magical monsters, the other classes and stuff can wait for now, but we’ve been waiting for so long that it just shouldn’t be its own game if it’s being turned into abandonware due to lack of updates, restrictions, and overall neglect. Please fix the game with at least 1 or 2 updates it desperately needs!

Great, but not perfect yet. This is amazing so far, giving one the ability to make all kinds of music, but there are a few things lacking. First, the option to use the bass clef is needed, along with the ability to have the lines for one monster in the treble clef, but the lines for another in the bass clef in the same song is needed. Having more monsters with extendable notes (and more monsters in general) would be great. Adding a large pitch range for all monsters would be good to. Otherwise, this is a great app and one that I would highly recommend.

Pretty good, but.... I have been a fan of MSM since 2015, and I love it! So when I heard about this app,I had to get it!It was mostly worth it, but a few changes could be made. For example, add more monsters! It would be interesting if you could add ethereal. Like Bellowfish,Whisp,Ghazt,and maybe even Jeeode! Another thing to add is to move your monsters! Right now, you can only flip them,but that’s it. Another cool thing you do is add glowbes like in the original game! (For interesting design) Overall, this app could make some changes, but it is still a great app at the end of day. It is definitely not as good as something like GarageBand, but it is still good! Thanks for reading this!

NEEDS MORE UPDATES!!!. I just bought this game to Check it out overall it’s pretty nice but something’s I’ve noticed are. it’s not getting updated often the last monsters that were added were the ethereal’s i feel like some more from the msm would be nice, one other thing I noticed is how a lot of the monsters (such as punkleton)s voices, or sounds etc. sound quite different or bland so it feels off. Although some beats are great and maybe being able to see others songs would be nice. PLEASE SEE THIS!!!!!

How long has it been?. I like the game but some things are straight up duck quack. 1st of all there has not been any new monsters lately only rares......normal monsters and ethereal’s but there are not as much rare monsters that us their voice but that’s beside the point why are there not wublin’s like bruh I like the game ALOT but man there has not been lots of updates and what’s the point if you add seasonal’s that’s what I’m talking about but still what’s the point of the game existing if you won’t update any of it. Why are there not all the rares,wublins,Starhenge monsters,seasonals duh,fire monsters,light island monsters,psychic island monsters. Bruhhhhh can you just update it already^_^

I love this app. This app is so much fun but I have one problem. There is no log in or sign up option. There is a glitch where the game does not load and you need to delete the app to fix it. Because of that you lose all of your songs. So I think that there should be a sing up option where all of your songs save to the account so you never lose them. Please take this into consideration because I love making music and I don’t want to lose my songs.

Not what I expected. This is definitely an improvement to the composer island in my singing monsters but it also takes away a lot of stuff. In the composer island app, you can only have one of each type of monster and although they can’t play up to 5 notes at a time, you can’t use multiple of that monster at varying volumes. You also are not able to move the monsters on the island itself so you can’t have specific monster sounds coming from the side that you want.

Pretty good but could be better. This is a good game but can you add more places to put note? I want to make magical sanctum but i cant find the first note of xyster. I also you should add more monsters like the magicals and the fires. I think you should also update more. These are all of my requests. But now i will get to the things i like about it. I like that you get multiple islands without paying any in game currency so i can make as much songs as i want. I like that this has ethereals and rares. I think it’s cool that the rares make a different sound. I have one more request. Can you make it so you can move your monsters? I didn’t see anyone say anything about this so im requesting it now. That’s all i want to say.

Amazing game!. This game is so amazing! The only thing I think is bad is that you can’t decorate the land or move the monsters, I definitely think you should add that! I also don’t like how the piano is so small. If you could make it bigger there would be endless abilities like advanced songs! The last bad thing is that you can’t reset the whole song so it is annoying to go to each monster and delete their stuff.I am also sad that you can’t visit other players islands, I love listening to song people make. But besides those things, this is an amazing game especially if you want to get to the heart of music!

GREAT GAME!!! Just a few update suggestions. Hi, my name I luciano. I am one of BBB's biggest fans. The games you make create a good time! I just want a little updates than could get more players. 1: 2 words: seasonal monsters. Let's be honest. We ALL love/want seasonal monsters. I own a punkleton on my plant island. It would mean the community to me if you added seasonal monsters!! 2: Hmm... Why not shugabush? His guitar has a great sound, just like his other shuga- friends 😂😂😂 Please add shugabush, and probably some of his other shuga-friends. for example, shugavox / shugabeats could really be a nice addition! 3: I really could use some more rares! For example, rare ghazt, rare entbrat, rare quarrister, rare mammoth, rare fwog, etc. Bet the sounds would be awesome!!! 👏✊👍 This all consently could be in an anniversary Update. Really looking forward to those! Sincerely, Your Biggest Fan, Luciano. (P.S., think you could spare some diamonds on my original msm account? Like, 20k? My user name is MoonLxght110!)

Can’t come up with a good title. This game is the best of the best. I love that you don’t have to blow all of your diamonds to create a new song. But it could use some small improvements. 1: I think it would be better if it was more like the original composer (but without paying diamonds/ coins) where you could have more than one monster for added volume and the ability to move monsters around, and glowbies. 2: Everyone is already saying this, but I think you should add more monsters like wubbox, wublins, magicals, and fire monsters. 3: more measures. Not much else to say about this one.

Hi,Big fan!But where is Ghazt…and some other monsters to!. I love the app…that’s why I gave it 5 stars,but would give it 4 and 1/2 because it doesn’t have all the monsters on the app!I was really looking forward to having Ghazt on the app to put it on my song that I’m recreating from the O.G. Singing Monsters app.I’m really disappointed with this so please do fix this problem, and I’m sure you will…so if you want more monsters to recreate songs with or just want to make songs with more monsters then get the app,BUT BE WARNED!NOT ALL OF THE MONSTERS ARE IN THE APP!!!

Could be better, but it is alright.. The composer app allows you to make music with creative sounds made by monsters. It’s alright, but there is a ton of stuff that could be improved. For an example, the range of the notes are very limited, so it’s hard to remake anything that is pitchy, or make something with very high notes. And the way that the noises cut off is not very satisfying, to say the least. Not to mention there’s too monsters they have not added yet. I just really wish they would improve this app and make it worth our money

Addicting!. This is so much fun to play! I’m glad to see you can play multiple notes on the same line in this paid version, and seeing other monster notes overlayed also helps when composing. It’s not 5 stars yet because there’s room for improvement. I’d like to be able to compose with even higher or lower notes. Also, I would like to be able to make 16th notes a little easier than messing with the tempo and time signature. I’d also like to see Shugabush in here. Overall great game.

PLEASE READ! This is a good app, but it keeps crashing.. Here is what happened. I went out of the app and went to ClassDojo. When I tried to get in the app, it would just crash. So then I went to gmail, and it crashed too. So I turned of the phone and turned it back on. I could now go in ClassDojo to see something. Then, I went to My Singing Monsters Composer. When I went to the app, it would just take me to the terms and service screen. So I tapped the continue button. It was loading, and then it just crashed. So can you please fix that? AND YOU BETTER READ THIS REVIEW! 😡

Great, but.... The game is fun to make songs with. I love how the rares make different sounds. But, there are some things that would make the game even better. First, it would be nice to have an option to see the notes that you play like normal musical notes, so you would be able to see if your note is, for example, a 16th note. Next, I think adding more monsters would bring the game to an entirely new level. Finally, I think the notes should be able to go maybe 4 or 5 bars above and below the musical staff. Still, buying this game is definitely worth it.

I love it but... I wish the game got updated more frequently. As of December 2022, we have not received an update for 7 months. This is greatly disappointing as there are plenty of ways for the game to improve. For example, there is still no way to place or move monsters, which really messes up the 3d sound. I also find myself to be extremely limited with the monsters ranges when composing. Other than that I am absolutely in love with this app and would recommend to any musically inclined msm fan!

Needs bass clef. I love this game and the idea of making music with it but it needs to have more. It should be able to give a certain monster their own clef and key and i hate how theres is only one key the song can be in. Its hard to make a bass when the notes clash because they’re at the same level of pitch. There should also be a way to incorporate half notes, eight note, 16th notes without having to make the tempo 1000 and draging a note a few measures just because i want a shorter note. Dont get me wrong i still love this game but it could be better

❤️ game. This is an amazing game should I would like the weird character is to sing and do a counter to be in there even with boxes it what what this is an amazing game should I would like the weird character is to sing in their county to be in there even Robux is it and what not like and also I think that I think on my singing monster is my singing monsters should of a character making thing

Suggestions. It’s a great game by love with the added a feature where you can change the tempo on different on each different box with her but I called the same way you copy and paste it accept you will get to change the tempo to open up even more possibilities with changing tempos throughout the song I give a 5 out of 5 because it’s a great game also check out the Dawn Of Fire and regular version

Some ideas or something. I really like this app but in the future you need to make the 5 dollars worth it BBB or you won’t get enough downloads but I really like this game even the fact that: you can play offline, you can make unlimited songs, and a new feature. But people will want at least: DOF Monsters maybe you can tap on the adult Monster and then it can show two choices: The adult which is already selected, and the DOF version. But I know this will take a while so take your time but please make the 5 dollars worth it.

Please make more monsters.. Ive just got this game and thought there were seasonals and werdos on the game. Please.. add werdos. Here’s a concept, werdos: text to speech sounds with auto tune. Wubbox: make your own dubstep. Rare wubbox: say error, overflow, and cut half of the parts. Also. There should be a island maker where you make your own island. And put a grid on it, also where you can move your monsters , and also add punkleton, hoola, and yool, castle bass has the same as rare riff. Please do this bbb , also make shugabush. Lower half is gutair and upper half is yeah

Bring more updates in the game. I want my monsters like the wubboxs The Amber island characters like yelmet and Kana if that’s her name and for limited time get the baby monsters even though they’re the same and finally after some new seasonals can you add the light Island monsters?:) + can you add a feature where you can scroll through different songs like you can do in the Regular msm composter also add glowbes that would be super fun! and can you add more notes that we can do high or low also add Epics and every monster that has a rare or epic

REALLY GOOD AND WE NEED MORE MONSTERS. hello big blue bubble! This game is great and better then the composer island because we have rares and ethereals but we need more! Some people change files on the composer island to get the wubboxes and stuff witch should be bannable but that brings me an idea, how about the wubbox and rare wubbox on the composer app? Witch is a great idea because people love them! We also need epics and fires and wublins and rare ethereals if you want to add them in because the fans! Who have been playing for a long time need them! This is a really good game also the original game! Keep up the good work!

My Singing Monsters Composer is Awsome. I really didint expect for my singing monsters composer to be this good because in my singing monsters composer island it was kinda weird in till I got used to it but now I just love making songs oh and can I get some free diamonds on my singing monsters please and thank you.P.S You guys should make a Wublin,celestial,Shugabush,add more rares,add epic monsters,and last but not least PPPPPLLLLLEEEEEAAAAASSSSSEEEEE MAKE A WUBBOX AND RARE WUBBOX UPDATE FOR MY SINGING MONSTERS COMPOSER and I hope my ideas are good and thank you for making this game it is AWSOME all three of them thank you and bye. Sincerely, Lildr8ko

GREAT GAME (developers respond please). This game is great and only a few minor things. 1 can you fix this when you go out of the composer to the island and come back some of the monsters track visuals are gone but I can hit the eye and select them back. 2 can the island be larger. 3 can you be able to move the monsters around. 3 can you add the monsters of the following: all the epics and rare (I know there are some) wobox tawkerr and maggpi. 4 Can you manage a voice record option that could make your voice sound like one of the monsters? Also Wublens? Thank you and again great job 🙂👍

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Language English
Price $4.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 1.3.1
Play Store com.bigbluebubble.msmcomposer
Compatibility iOS 11.0 or later

My Singing Monsters Composer (Versiyon 1.3.1) Install & Download

The application My Singing Monsters Composer was published in the category Games on 28 April 2018, Saturday and was developed by Big Blue Bubble [Developer ID: 310903390]. This program file size is 75.98 MB. This app has been rated by 2,179 users and has a rating of 4.4 out of 5. My Singing Monsters Composer - Games app posted on 06 December 2023, Wednesday current version is 1.3.1 and works well on iOS 11.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.bigbluebubble.msmcomposer. Languages supported by the app:

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My Singing Monsters Composer Game Customer Service, Editor Notes:

In our ongoing quest to make your experience with My Singing Monsters Composer more enchanting, we've fine-tuned a few things backstage. Here's what's new in this update: Harmonious High-Res Enhancements! Get ready to see your beloved Monsters in a whole new light! We've upgraded all visuals to hi-res art, including the Composer Stage itself, making your musical world more vibrant and detailed than ever before. It's a feast for the eyes as much as it is for the ears! Smooth Sailing Ahead We've also conducted some behind-the-scenes adjustments to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible. This includes addressing an on-launch issue that might have interrupted your gameplay. We're happy to report that this tune-up will make your composing experience more stable and enjoyable. Thanks for playing and Happy Monstering!

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