Among Us!

Among Us! [Games] App Description & Overview

Play online or over local WiFi with 4-10 players as you attempt to prep your spaceship for departure, but beware as one will be an impostor bent on killing everyone!

Crewmates can win by completing all tasks or discovering and voting the impostor off the ship.

The Impostor can use sabotage to cause chaos, making for easier kills and better alibis.

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Among Us! Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Added support for 6 digit game codes.

Among Us! Comments & Reviews

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This game is really great in ways I ‘don’t quite have time to explain’. Just about every last bit of it is charming to say the least. The roles are on point as well. I like the Crewmate role, long story short. I never quite knew what life as a repairman was like until this point on. A bit basic, but still awesome. I pretty much ADORE the Impostor role. Name one time this didn’t tell me that oofages are best when kept secrets. I’ll wait until then. Venting sounds truly realistic to be honest. It’s weird that impostors can report bodies they or possibly another impostor oofed though. Also, there are plenty of glitches here and there. I especially find it weird that APPARENTLY even I stick to the Skeld. I get that Mira HQ has a different layout and Polus is confusing to navigate even when you first set foot on it, but those 2 maps kinda deserve more love than they have at this rate. Anyway, I happen to only use Free Play when WiFi doesn’t seem to be reaching me. Few people use that, so I very well shall consider myself all sortsa goody lucky. Overall, this game is neat. I love that it has a chance of being on the Switch. I feel like there could be a Mario hat and Outfit along with a Yoshi pack included in the possible port. If there is, you’ll bet your booty that I’ll be happy. Anyway, definitely try this game out if you’ve seen how Fall Guys looks and automatically think “Why play that for longer than 5 seconds?”.

- ℙ𝕝𝕖𝕒𝕤𝕖 𝕣𝕖𝕒𝕕 𝕒𝕟𝕕 𝕔𝕠𝕟𝕤𝕚𝕕𝕖𝕣 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕗𝕠𝕝𝕝𝕠𝕨𝕚𝕟𝕘!🥰

Ok let’s start off with This game is wonderful I love it so much me and my friends play this all the time I recommend it to almost everyone ok now just one problem One of the only problems I have is that I see people say the N word a lot and even if the chat isn’t censored can you block people from saying that please because no one likes it and it’s just rude But anyway I think that we should be able to put hats and outfits on our pets IT WOULD BE SO CUTTTTTTE also I think you should be able to hide a body so like you can if you want but you don’t have to it’s just so no one can report it once it’s hidden but you could be caught hiding it and be reported for that! Also I think imp should be able to see ghosts and the ghost should be able to mess with the imposter make them drop there weapon or something and people could see it! You should be able to hide from the imp like have a box or something and be able to sit in it for a certain amount of time and if you are in for too long it kicks you out but the imp can’t see you also I would love to be able to add friends to join there game in a later time anyway I don’t wanna make this too long haha so thank you so much for reading this it means a lot to me and if you would consider adding at least one of those to the game I would love it once again thanks for reading this and love you so much and keep up the good work bye byeeee!🍭🥺

- AMAZING! Some things though...

I absolutely love this game! This game is so fun to play with my friends over zoom when I have some free time. It’s what I look forward to after I’m at school all day. Among Us has made quarantine so much easier to get through. I love playing this game online too. The graphics are great, I love the whole concept, the gameplay, it’s all great. However, there are a few things that I would love to see fixed. The first is kicking. The host of a game can kick people really easily, but it’s much harder if you’re just someone who came in the game. I don’t like to play with people who curse a lot or who are inappropriate, sometimes people will just curse non stop the whole game and it’s a big problem. Could you make it easier for someone joining the game to kick people? Another thing is when people cheat. Since there are things like discord and zoom calls, it’s super easy to cheat if your playing with friends and people online. I hate it when I’m imposter and I kill someone and get immediately called out because they are telling each other who killed them. It makes the game frustrating, especially since I rarely get to be the imposter. Could you make something that lets me report people for cheating? As of now there is no penalty to cheating so I would really like something like that. If you read this well then... thank you! I hope you will consider my requests, and I love most aspects of this game.

- So fun and addicting, I love it, but a few things should be added

I love among us so much! It is so addicting and I love playing it with my friends. I would 100% recommend this game. I would give it 5 stars, however there are three things I would love to see added. The first one is a friends system because it would be a lot easier to join a friend’s game if you could just click ‘join game’ like in roblox. A second thing I would love to see added is a currency like coins or maybe something more creative like aliens. Then, players should receive say, 5 aliens or coins if they win as a crew mate and 10 aliens or coins if they win as imposter. Then, I think players should be able to use these coins/aliens to buy hats or outfits. I also think it would be really cool if we could use this currency to buy higher imposter chances because I would love if I could do that. The third and final thing I would love to see added is a report button. This would be good because I have noticed that some people say weird or disturbing things in my games quite often. I know the creators can’t control what people say, but it would be nice if they could be reported for it. Overall, I love among us but I would love to see these three things added. P.S. I heard the developers are working on a game called among us 2 and I think it will include all of these features and I am soooo excited for that!

- Awesome game, a few suggestions

Words can’t describe how much I love this game!! It’s just so fun and addicting. I just got it about three weeks ago and I haven’t stopped playing since. Although it’s a very well made very fun to play game, there’s some things that I think would be cool to add either to among us or among us 2. 1. There should be a way to kick people faster if you’re the host during a game. Some people like to call emergency meetings and waste time, so being able to kick them out would make it go by way faster. 2. I think it would be awesome to add a send a friend request button. Some people have really good friendships on here and a lot of the time one of them might disconnect or have to go and never see each other again! ;( If we had a add friend button, we could always play with them. Plus, when you try to give your personal number or social media’s out to someone, the whole server can see it unless you ban them all. 3. I think I saw this on another review, but maybe add a limit to camera time? It’s kinda hard to kill when people are guarding the cameras. 4. Hackers and exploiters should be automatically banned from playing. Maybe you could install a thing that detects their programming and stuff? They ruin the game a lot. Other than that, this game is amazing! Definitely game of the year. It’s made 2020 so much better. 5 stars for sure

- Problems need fixing.

I don’t doubt that this is actually a good game because it looks like a really really fun concept. I just wish I was actually able to play it. I seriously don’t understand why there’s a limit to how many servers/games can be hosted. So now I’m not even able to play with my friends, instead I have to go into a public game which ended up getting me kicked within the first few seconds because apparently people like to make their own games just to make it public then start kicking people which I seriously don’t understand. I’m not having a good first impression. I don’t doubt that a lot of people would like to respond to this comment by saying you just have to play for a bit longer but my point is I shouldn’t have to play for longer to try to finally experience the game and have fun with it, I shouldn’t have to constantly search for public games until eventually i come across someone who’s actually going to be nice, or actually be able to join a public game because for some reason this game decides to list games that are hosted by players but the game is already going so I’m not allowed to join. So seriously why list the match if I can’t join? I’m really hoping eventually I will be able to play the game and actually have fun with it but until then it’ll continue to frustrate me, it seriously needs a lot of improvements until this can actually be something that I can enjoy. Please fix these issues because I’d love to try it.

- Its good but The disconnection time is ridiculous

The game was really fun and good can’t really say anything bad about it but I do have a few things to say. One after you disconnect a few times due to the Internet you get this penalty timer that you can’t play again it’s ridiculous because I could never play for another 10 minutes and my Wi-Fi is also good it’s just the game that keeps disconnecting and giving me this dumb timer two it’s kind of impossible to win as imposter or crewmate depending on your teammate sometimes you can get people who team or people who just blatantly guess and say they look suspicious no there’s really nothing you can do about that but I feel like the imposter should do a little bit more. Also I feel like there should be a imposter percentage as in as many games as you play there’s a percent that you can be an imposter because it’s ridiculous that I play 30 games and I disconnect or I get guest off due to some creamers OR my teammate trolling and there’s pretty much more but anyways the game is fun, other than those other things I just said oh yeah maybe add like a thing where the imposter Can like shorten task or make longer task (I meant longer) because some people who make the lobby make it short task it’s really annoying for imposter because it takes them forever to get a kill it’s the task are so short anyways the game is pretty good other than those things I just said and I hope the game becomes a little bit better thank you.

- GREAT GAME! But.....

So this is a great game! and if your not playing it, what are you doing go ahead and download! But anyway this game is super good I have a lot of fun playing it and had a really good first impression but people do get quite annoying and toxic. For example some people who are on your team as imposter will see you kill someone and then report the body and say (your name/ color) DID IT! And it’s really annoying. Another thing is sometimes bodies that are next to a door that’s closed, you can’t see the body not that big of a deal but I’ve gotten voted of bc of it one time, idk if this was a glitch but I think the guy was modding or something but I was in admin on the skeld and the report button popped up but there wasn’t a body another guy was in there as well and even said there wasn’t a body on his screen either idk if it was a bug or a modder but I got voted off for it and it frustrated me quite a bit other bugs as well but there not really a big deal because there only there for a min or 2 and the game still operates as it should... plus teaming is a big issue but there’s not really anything you can do about that. other than these things amazing game definitely recommend. If your wondering the community is ok but certain lobby’s can be really toxic so just leave them and find a different one. Great game keep up the good work!!

- Really Good So Far!

I really love this game, it’s really fun! The graphics, gameplay, and everything overall is amazing! I was also thinking of some things that could be added. This is something I heard on the internet and isn’t original, but I wanted to spread it around because it sounds interesting. What if there was a role called “Jester” where their goal is to get ejected, making them win? Sounds like it could be a hit or miss, but I think that’d be cool. Also a role of “Detective” sounds interesting. Like, you can give that person the option to take screenshots, so they can have solid alibis/evidence of the imposter, but only they have it, so that the crew mates don’t have too much of an advantage. They can send the screenshots to the chat, helping out their case (maybe also a limited amount of screenshots so their not overpowered?). Also the idea of adding friends would be cool! It’s sad you can’t add anyone, and the strangers you could enjoy playing with you’ll only play with once. It would also be nice to adopt mini crew mates whenever their parent dies, I just think that would be very wholesome. More colors would also be cool, I mean, this is only optional since the colors that are already there are great, but I think it’s something to keep in mind. But overall, fantastic game! Can’t wait to see what else will come to it in the future!

- Improve it, but...

The detail, graphics, concepts, etc. of this game are all amazingly impressive. But.. I have a few suggestions for the game. First, I’d say we need a “Report” button, in where you can report someone for any bad thing they’re doing. That includes, cheating, hacking, or cussing, most importantly. The cussing and amount of toxicity in this game is absolutely ridiculous. People leave and get mad just over not being able to get The Impostor role, and I think that’s silly. But other than that, my second suggestion for this game is if you could possibly add more pets, or uses for pets. My idea for more pets will be up to you to pick, since I’m not the developer, and I can’t edit anything from this game. The uses would also be your choice, but I have a few suggestions myself. I feel like they could be better if they could actually help with tasks, or maybe finding the impostor. Finally, my third suggestion, maybe it would be more useful if you could add a “Friends” button in the game? That way you can invite whoever you’ve friended into your other games, and see when they’re online. Another thing is so you can play together again, without having to be on discord or anything like that. Thanks for reading, I hope you keep up the good work, and it’s also your idea to add what I want to the game, not mine.

- Great game

I wanted to ask this for a while now can we add friends in among us and we can chat and creat groups? also can we have an animation where when you die you can pet your pet to cheer it up and also can there be an imposter chat where imposters can chat only imposters I think it would be a great feature and also I wanted some type of badgers or achievements or something like missions so you can buy different costume with game money also there will be costumes with real money and game money. Anyway remember about the imposter imposter chat 💬 I think it would be helpful Eg: imposter kills crew other crew sees the kill runs to the emergancy meeting button and then the imposter chats to the others imposter that to kill him. And also can there be a feature where we can play on hide and seek mode where imposters have to kill and there vision is low and crewmate vision is high and where there is no reporting bodies and a no emergancy meetings and we know who imposter is and then in 10 seconds imposter gets released I think everyone will love this feature but anyway this is my opinion the game would be very cool with this feature but anyway keep up the good work I also saw a lot of Easter eggs from Henry stink man like the diamond in some tasks and other Easter eggs in polis and a new map would be cool so yeah I love the awesome work keep it up and bye!

- Amazing!!! But Just Want Something.

Among us is very fun!!! And amazing! I like how places look! And like how it works!!! Very Addicting!!! People should play this amazing game! Very cool! And Very Cool! I like how cute the characters look!! They look so cute!!! But the killing woah!!.. It almost scared me when first time playing this!. But something I want you to please do. Is please add a feature where you can friend people! When I was in a sever I become really great friend with this person and wanted to see him again, but my phone died and there’s no friend feature so please put a Friend feature if you do. I will give this all stars!!!! And that can you please do multiple color feature to! I want to be another color and be all kinds of colors ! So it make our character look cool! But one thing I want you to really put is a shop! That use game money for when we win, when we win can we earn money to buy stuff for our character, and get our winning money on a shop that uses game winning money please? I just want to be rewarded when I win!! So please!!!!! Add that feature if you can’t add my other features but please add the when we win we get money and can go buy things in a store that uses game money wins? If you do I will be super happy and impressed then give this all stars! Thanks for reading if you did!!! Have a great day! 👍

- Great! Also might I request a feature?

I love this game!!! It’s so fun! But, I would like to request a feature. Could there be an option to have more intelligent crew mates/impostors in free play? For example: I start up free play and see an option saying “would you like to turn on intelligent mode?” I turn it on and free play starts. It has usual free play features like picking tasks and being the impostor. But with one major difference: the AI is more intelligent. I’ll give you a look at both sides of this mode. CREWMATE VIEW:You run around doing tasks with the other AI crew mates. And one of the crew mates is the impostor. The impostor’s AI does intelligent stuff like: trapping you in rooms, sabotaging electricity and such, and so much more! IMPOSTOR VIEW:The crew mates are doing tasks. While your the impostor. You take down the AI crew mates and such. But the AI crew mates does intelligent things like the AI impostor. Like:Reporting dead bodies, calling emergency meetings, and so much more! I would love to see all of this added into free play mode. I will be awaiting your response. EDIT:Ok, I think a great feature to have would be when the impostor kills you and your pet cries, you can comfort it. Like pet it and tell it everything is gonna be okay. Then it’s happy and it starts following your ghost. I would love this feature. Once again, I will be awaiting your response. —Your biggest fan

- Eh

First off its a really fun and addicting game, the thing is, whenever you leave a game too many times, you can’t play for a certain amount of time. Second of all, there has been numerous amount of glitches in the past few days. To start off, it will randomly kick you out of a game while you’re in the middle of one. This really makes me mad and frustrated because of how many times it’s happened. Next, there is a hacker. You will join a game and the screen will be all black and you can free run wherever. Then when you check the chat it has a link telling you random stuff and to vote for trump. This can be really scary for young ones and we should also not bring any thing political into a game that kids are playing for fun. Also, in the text it says it will hack with your WiFi. Which is true, not for me, but people I know. It logs them out of their WiFi and disconnects them where they can or rejoin. I would really recommend to wait to download the app until these bugs have been fixed. Thankfully, they have said that instead of making an “Amomg us #2” they will wait of and be trying to fix these bugs instead. I would wait until around November, as they said that’s when it should be fixed. I also say you should be 12+ to have this game. Yes, I know how ridiculous that sounds but, their are people swearing in the chat, and especially when there is a hacker at the moment. I would give this game a 3/5.

- Love the game, but hardly works

I absolutely love the gameplay and concept of this game. As far as games go this is the most addicting mobile game I’ve personally played. I’ve enjoyed it since this game came to iOS and have even purchased some in-game cosmetic gear. I just wanna say I appreciate the devs don’t give any pay to win options in the game. Some of the tasks are annoying and the maps need balancing I think. Other than that I think the gameplay is the strongest aspect of this game as it preys on our natural suspicions of others and that’s an amazing concept for strangers and friends to play. The biggest problem I’ve had though, and the reason for the 3 star rating is due to the fact that I can hardly even get matches when I want to. I get error messages often saying I was dropped from the server or that the matchmaker is full. As someone who has put money into this game I find this unacceptable. I understand the rare server issue here and there but when it takes over 20 minutes to search for game I feel like I’m literally wasting time. This game was the number one ranked action game at one point and there are ads at the end of every match. Surely the devs need to work out a better deal with their current sponsors. I really hope they don’t just divert all their assets into the planned sequel because I don’t believe the sequel will be as much of a success as it could be if any players are left disappointed in this game.

- How about a new game mode

So amazing game I love it but It gets boring so I was trying to help by thinking of ways to make it cooler so here we go. 1# Adding abilities I think having a game mode with abilities would be sick I came up with some too. So for the imposters you have Invisibility were you can be invisible and get that secret kill next fake task so I’m the game you can pretend to do tasks but what If you could have an ability to make the bar move to trick the other player and I want one really over powered one for both so just for fun disguising as a player so you can click on a player become them if they know that that person is good. Ok now for crewmate so I thought speed would be good so if you think this person is sus than you can run faster than them and they can’t get you net I thought of shield what it does is I can prevent you from dying I thought of a cutscene were they try and kill you but you dodge or something now for the overpowered one....................A kinda thing like reading minds but you can see the role once and it pops up somewhere random on your screen so if you miss it welp sorry I don’t know if the last part will be necessary but it’s an idea well if you read this thank you if you wanna get this to the creator just know I’m Simon and the # is #AbilitysAmongus

- Love it! But we need friends and to GET RID OF HACKERS!!!!!

Absolutely love this game. I play almost everyday! I think this was a well thought out game and is SO addicting! But one thing I find to be so sad is when I find a great group of people and they either disconnect or have to leave and I can never see them again or won’t recognize them since they can change their names. I think there needs to be a friend request list! Like when you click on their names or their characters you can choose “befriend” or to match theme “form alliance” or something like that so we can go back and find and play with the people we like, in addition I think we should have set usernames but still be able to change our title for other to see and have fun with. It would be absolutely perfect and lovely to find and befriend the good people on this app. My other issue...HACKERS. Me and my friends played multiple games and we had three separate games with three separate game codes and we had hackers in all three. They skip the voting, expose imposters, or kill everyone by changing cool down times and it makes the game infuriating and makes me what to delete the game, which I don’t want to do because I love it. So if we could find a way to keep hackers out of the software I would be very appreciative thank you so much!

- LOVE THIS GAME❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤎🤍

Ok! This game is amazing! I love it so much! It’s fun to play, I love murder mystery games so this is why i love it so much. A lot of people are nice and fun to play with. But the thing is, a lot of people swear! And yes yes I’m aware I can censor chat, but still I would love to have my censor chat off and see no swearing, so I was thinking either way you can just tag out the swear in in general without censor chat off. I really wish people would stop swearing on here, like come on, my 9 year old sister plays this game and I don’t want her reading the chats when people are swearing in it, so maybe you can tag out the swear words even with censor chat on? That would be awesome. Also, a lot of people hack! I don’t know how they do it. I haven’t came across a hacker in awhile so that’s good. I honestly love this game, also we should be able to friend people on here! Honestly it would be so fun, all the people you meet and that are super nice you can friend without knowing that you’ll never talk to them again when you leave the game. But still a great app :). This game has got me through quarantine so I love it. I’ll be spending some money on this game I think, I do really want a pet and some new outfits so I think I’m gonna pay some of my money for it :D. Anyways that’s really all I have, best game ever, bye!❤️

- Great, but.....

Honestly I would give this game like 3/5 stars, but I’m not, simply because I want my review to be seen. I love this game. I love the concept, the fact that you can play with friends, and of course the cute little characters. However, recently I’ve been having quit a few issues with the game that is causing me to not want to play. First of all, I have probably played around 10-15 games today. I was not an imposter in a single game! To me, that is just not right. I understand that the imposter is probably chosen by random, but there has to be a better system. Let’s be honest, most people really want to play the imposter, so when every single game you join, your assigned a crew mate it can become extremely frustrating. My second problem with this game is even more frustrating. Whenever I purposely log out of a game I’m not allowed to join another game for 15 minutes!! That is extremely annoying because I obviously logged out the game for a reason. Like today I logged out because I had to go to a class, and I didn’t have enough time to finish the game. It’s like their punishing me for playing their own game. So I don’t know how much longer this game will stay on my Home Screen, but from experience it probably won’t be much longer.

- Love this game!!!

I LOVE this game!! This game is such a fun game to play with friends and family! But I am concerned about some updates that have been leaked and may come to the game. I’ve seen a lot of people saying they might be adding a doctor to the game to bring dead players back to life! Sounds like a fun idea but I think that will cause major issues. If the doctor revived somebody who is dead the dead person might call an emergency meeting and tell everybody who killed them which will ruin the game! I think this might be a good idea for dead people but I think it will completely ruin the game. Another update I heard about is the detective! Which I think will be a good idea but it concerns me about it can vote twice??? I think that is a little unfair to other players in the game. And another update I heard about is the freinds list! I REALLY REALLY like this idea because I rlly hate leaving people in games so I hope this comes out sooner then planned! And also a game issue! I have been playing among us all day today and not ONCE I have been imposter. I kept joining different servers and not imposter once! I’m not sure if it’s a game issue but it is quite annoying to watch other people in game be imposter multiple times so PLEASE fix the picking of imposter! I really hope the creators read this and my overall rating of the game is 7/10!

- Great game!! but buggy..

Among us is a great game, it’s fun, intriguing, and it doesn’t get boring fast like other games. This game has great gameplay and is less laggy and more interactive than other games. I’ve been playing it for a few months now and I usually get bored over games quite fast, however, among us never gets old. Definitely one of the best games on the app store and quite simple to understand. However, with a game comes some bugs, and i’ve come across quite a few. After being in the lobby, I encountered a game-breaking bug that makes the game unplayable. Once the round starts. the back of the ship (across from the seats)are at the spawn of the game, specifically the emergency meeting button in the skeld. the server stats that are on the left in the beginning are there too, which made it impossible to see tasks and you couldn’t even open and close task bar. It happened for other people because nobody could move by where the back of the ship, and everyone left. Though this is one of very little bugs, it is game-breaking and i’ve encountered it twice. I have screenshots of the bug, and i would be happy to share them in hopes it can be fixed. Other than that, among us is a great game, and definitely recommend it for anyone who likes action-packed gameplay.

- It was fun until...

I found this game through pewdiepie and was super excited to find that it was on mobile so I could try it for myself. The first few weeks were great became popular. The community with in the game itself is very racist, homophobic, and just toxic in general. Also because of how popular it has become their are more hackers. I feel that their should be forbidden words that will prevent you from joining games for one hour if you use them more than 5 times. I try to spread positivity in the chat reassuring people that it’s just a game no need to get mad. But... when I do I just get called racial slurs, homophobic slurs, and horrible names in general. When joining a game on WiFi it will keep saying unable to connect. And it is too hard to kick people from games especially when everyone has to vote for them to leave. Teaming is a HUGE issue in the game with entire groups of friends outing the imposters as soon as the game starts. The emergency button is used too often... or often use it to SAY HI!!! I find it frustrating when trying to play the game. PLEASE ADD A VOICE CHAT OPTION!!! This would make the game so much easier and I feel that it would defer toxic language because you can hear a person’s voice. Also, many bugs ranging from, game connection error to animation glitches. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!! P.S : Sorry for the long paragraph I just love this game but hate the negativity surrounding the gameplay!

- Ok listen

So I am in LOVE with the game and I play it whenever I can. I also REALLY like playing with my friends. But there are a few things that really annoy the crap out of me. First of all, the “this game is already full” is extremely annoying. So is the “this game has already started.” And I know u can’t do anything about this but it’s still really annoying. Second of all, the hackers on here are absolute jerks. I wish u could improve the security on here and somehow BAN people from the whole app. I’ll admit, the main reason I came on here to review this app was bc I wanted to say how much I love it and HATE this one hacker. PLEASE BAN THIS GUY. He keeps on hacking servers and saying in the chat “you have been hacked by eris loris. Go sub to my yt!” My name is Peanut and I’m usually lime green with a ballon on my head. I was having a good time playing when the imposters get busted and I play again. When I join the game my name is “Bed 2” my color is brown, my hat is this evil looking bird thing, and I have a pet. He then comments his thing and destroys the server. (I left a comment on his yt channel telling him not to do that pls) I then joined another server and he hacked THAT ONE TOO. He made everyone spam in the comments “u have been hacked by eris loris. Go sub to my yt!” This dude is seriously annoying. If u see this pls do something.

- Add a party and friends system

I absolutely love this game and have been playing it for 3 months before it blew up like crazy I found it after the Henry stickmen collection came out on steam, a game that I also really loved. But my main criticism so far with this game is that there no friend list , party options or native voice chat instead of typing everything down it’s hard to get your meaning across through typing and since I’ve been playing it on mobile it’s even worse since it takes forever to type on my small phone. If you’ve ever seen the game paladins or games like it , that’s the type of friend / party system I think would be the easiest to implement. It would automatically put in 10 random people in too ever round/ game you would make your party before the round starts one of your friends in the group party would be the leader and pick which game the group wants to be in all of them would get automatically placed in with a game that needs like 4 or more people or however many people you have in you’re party. And you could have the friends lists through steam connect into among us like other games do so if you’re friend also has they will automatically be you’re friend in the game. I hope this makes since and helps I think it would be a wonderful addition to add native voice chat and friend groups in number two.

- Great game, but lots of bugs and others

This game is an amazing, fun, and a lot more good things, the people are most of the time, nice, interactive, and this is where one part comes. After meeting a nice person and play a few rounds with them, you can’t find a way to interact with them any other way, except by friending them on a social media app. I would love if you added friends to this game, and an invite button. Bugs are another problem. It takes me about 3 minutes to go on the online page, for some reason. Any other online game works perfectly fine, my WiFi fine, everything fine, but I can’t seem to go on the online page immediately. I would like for you guys to fix it, so I can easily go into a game without having much trouble. Another problem is HACKERS. They know who imposters are, literally making the game impossible for the imposters, them becoming imposters every round, never getting a turn to become an imposter. And there’s no kind of anti cheat system, playing the game and winning is impossible, and quite frustrating. This game is honestly really fun, and I never had much funnier with another game, it’s just these problems are quite irritating, and you should definitely fix these, because in game people complain about that a lot. Thanks, have a nice day!

- I love this game

This game is the best mobile detective game I have ever played but a few changes I would make is to add other positions other than crew and imposter. Then I would put more people in the lobby because the whole point and fun of being imposter is killing and getting away with it so at least add more players in the three imposter games and the two imposter games. This game needs more colors to choose from also and if people want to team then make a game that has teams like a duo match or squad match because teaming is annoying if you don’t want it in your game and this goes back to what I was saying about the more positions if you have more positions then the game will be more exciting because you know that most of the time you won’t be a crew mate because honestly how many games does it take to get imposter. I think if we don’t get more positions in the game then we should at least have something else for the crew to do other than tasks and getting killed. But honestly this game has changed my life because I have something to do in my free time now and plus this game is addicting so great job and keep up the good work and keep making the world happy. Thank you for your time please consider making some changes.

- Opinions

There should be an option for reporting player names and room names people are making racist and sexist names for them. There should also be options for more members to join the game if people disconnect in the being beginning because of connection issues. I love the game and its addictive but these options would help make the game fuller and less crappy for children that play. It would be fun to have a “hidden vote” option for each individual player to choose so no one can see who they vote for. Also there are players that ruin the game for others like hackers, and people who are know it alls there should be a limit to how many times each individual person can call a meeting in a row besides the limit the creator sets. I would say make it un-hackable but thats not a option there should be a way to report them for hacking that gets them banned or something like that so they know not to do it. A friend system would be cool so like players could play again. And the error that comes up when you pick a room is weird why be on the open room list if you cant join they should disappear without having to be refreshed when full. Again these are just opinions. But I would rate 5 stars if there was a way to report people at least. :)

- Amazing

The game is just S+ tier so simple yet so fun, the best part is that the fair of everyone doesn’t depend on one person it is a vote so everyone has input there is no reveal your self and still win so you have to be stealthy and precise and the game really tests your brain power. The vent system is amazing and I love getting away with kills when someone walks in as soon as I get them cause the vent, I have even gone on rampages and still won the fact that it isn’t given a base set up that can’t be changed and host can change is amazing. I love being able to have a challenge either as imposter with high cool down and low range to help spice it up and love being Crewmate with low vision and good amount of tasks, being able to beat the imposter by completing a series of challenges (the tasks) is so fun I love going and finishing five tasks before a body is found. The sabotage method is also cool cause you can trap people with door shutting insta win with o2 reactor and stabilizers and get rid of there field of vision by hitting lights I have even mad lights my kill zone on Skeld. So fun to be able to detective a win as crew and murder and lie myself to the W as imposter, over all a 10/10 game with such fun ways to play that makes people fall in love with it.

- Well i think there is a problem

I got the game a while ago and for a while it was really fun to play but then I had an encounter with what I think was a hacker, now i know that there is a lot of hackers on the game but this one was kinda freaky, I joined a public game and I happened to be imposter but the settings were one imposter and someone else got imposter so there were two, which didn’t make sense. Any ways I played and like the third meeting they voted the other imposter out and right before they left they said “I am a virus that you can never get rid of, I will alway be here” so obviously that was a little unnerving but I kept playing because I just thought they were trying to freak me out, i ended up winning and when I was waiting for the next game to start the second imposter started talking again about how they are a virus that can’t be fixed. I got freaked out and left the game, mind you I like never get imposter 90% of the time I am crew mate but every game I joined after that I got imposter, and if I stayed in that same game I would repeatedly get imposter, so idk if I actually got a virus or if it is just dumb luck or whatever you want to call that but recently there have been a lot more hackers like that that I think are just trying to freak people out. The game is really fun but hackers kinda ruin it, they make the game pointless

- Great game! I have 2 suggestions

Not gonna lie this is an amazing game lots of fun gameplay I would recommend it 100% don’t have the game? What are you waiting for download it! but I have some suggestions maybe after like each game you get coins if you win as imposter or crewmate and once you get like a certain amount of coins you can buy power ups! Here’s a few ideas: (for imposter) being able to make the task bar after “doing a task” you can make the task bar go up so people don’t think your faking tasks, and to be able to turn invisible so crew mates can’t see you so they don’t know if there going to die though sometimes that will be annoying because if you die randomly by the imposter. (Crew mate) being able to turn invincible or invisible so imposters cant see you or attack you though you can still be voted off if your being sus. And my second suggestion is adding voice chat. Sometimes people are suspicious of people that are inno and cant explain well enough me for example. And other people sometimes can’t type fats enough on a small device if there on one and you will be auto muted once the game has started and at voting will be able to mute and unmute at will. Hope this helps you buh bye!

- 1 tiny tiny issue

Among us is awesome. 10/10 highly recommended. Me and my friends are having a blast and honestly I’ve met some amazing people playing as a random. That’s where the problem comes in. The game will end and I’m excited to go to chat to either celebrate with the crew or talk smack when I win as imposter. On iPhone, there is this Ad for the game“Episodes” that comes up every few games or so, there’s an x at the top left but nothing happens when u press it. If u sit through the whole ad trying to press the “x”, it ends up just taking u to the App Store to try and download this app. So basically I’m not trying to complain about the games ads (u guys are actually amazing with the ads, not excessive and easy to dismis if you aren’t interested) but u guys gotta get rid of that episodes one, every time I see this girl fall off her ladder Ik I lost all hope to get back into the lobby with the people I was just playing with. This has happened multiple times with the exact same ad (no problem with any other)And I promise u, no one will care about the episodes ad being removed. I will gladly watch any other ad that can be exited after without disconnecting from the server. Love the game tho ❤️idea- (friend requests?)

- Amazing game, but I need help..

I just have to say this game is great and addicting. It’s a great game to play with friends and a great way to entertain yourself. I would like more features like coins, more colors, friend system, etc. (Which I know the developers can’t do everything, just some ideas) Anyways I wanted to report an issue I have with the game. I am on a iPad mini 2. Now I would absolutely love to get a new iPad but I can’t get it at this time. My iPad has 11.9 GB to 16 GB at this moment, though my game keeps crashing. I don’t know if it’s because of the type of iPad or whatever but it’s very annoying. This same thing happens to my brother and we both have the same type of iPad. I’ve tried shutting down my iPad, deleting stuff, deleting the app and reinstalling, but it doesn’t seem to work. The crashes happen while I’m doing a task, just walking, but it usually happens when I try to use the chat. I just wanted to put this out there so someone can investigate this, I don’t know if this happens regularly to other people but my friends don’t have this problem. But apart from that, this game is sooo good if only I didn’t crash that much I would be playing non-stop. Well that’s all I have to say, Have a blessed day!

- The most ANNOYING part of the game

So overall this game is great. It’s fun to be a crewmate and even better to be imposter. The only problem is: The Players. Well some players are ok, a lot of them of just horrible. One of the most annoying people you will encounter are the emergency meeting people. These people call a meeting for NO reason. They will either call a meeting to accuse someone for no reason or call a meeting at the start of the game to say “hi.” It’s just annoying that people waste time and it’s even worse when they don’t vote and the voting time is so long. Next is the people who don’t believe you even when you have a ridiculous amount of evidence. You see someone kill, vent, or run from a body and report it, it takes one word for people to convince others to vote for you. After then we have the people who leave. As soon as the game starts, as SOON AS THE GAME STARTS, people will leave because they are not the imposter. It’s annoying for the crewmates and the imposters because the game ends immediately. Just wait and you with be the imposter people. Is it that hard to WAIT?! Huh?! Anyway, just because almost EVERY SINGLE PERSON THAT PLAYS THIS GAME IS THE ANNOYING, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t play this. It is a fun game to play if you ignore all the other people.

- Probs the best game out there.

Alright. I’ll start off by saying this is a great game and I have never run into hackers. The second thing is this: sometimes people are wicked SMART so when you try to trick them they see right through the lie. Other times the people are so DUMB that it’s Wicked easy to win. For example one time I was playing and there was this person who said that I was the impsoter (which I wasn’t) and every body’s like ok let’s do what he says but so then somebody asks Proof? And the person is like I saw them in cafeteria. And they’re like “doing WHAT?” And the guys like : nothing. So then everybody votes the guy who said it’s me and he’s the imposter. Then one time I was playing and somebody said vote yellow i saw him vent and then somebody else is like How vote? And then the other person said: how long have you been playing this game and the person says 2 years. It’s like lol HOW can you NOT know how to vote after playing the game for 2 YEARS. But so back to the point, this is the best game ever. I have never seen a game like this and probably never will. I won’t ask you guys to add anything else because I know the game is fragile and adding anything else could break the whole game. Hope development is going good for AmongUs2

- Every other reviews are wrong.

Hello, lately I’ve been seeing horrible reviews for this fantastic game. People saying this game is overloaded with ads are wrong. When it does give you an ad you can skip it the second it starts! If anything that is an amazing plus to the game. People that say it’s lagging are probably playing on an older phone. There is no lag in this game. There are plenty of different matches to join with many settings to choose from to matchmake a kind of match you want. There is a speech censor which make the interactions make the game seem more appropriate for everyone! The people saying I played 30 matches and still haven’t been imposters are lying. I calculated the chances to be an imposter with 1 imposter in a game. It is a 10 percent chance. So every 10 games you are definitely going to be it. But you can still be imposter before that. And if the chances are too small then customize a match to 2 imposters or 3! There isn’t anything wrong with this game! I don’t see anything wrong. A few purchases are in the game but isn’t pay to win so that’s a big plus. In the end this is an amazing and is is worthy of anywhere from a 4.8 to a 5.0 game! I’m sorry this review is so long. Keep up the good work.

- People need to be banned

Ok this game is really fun and I love it. Me and my best friend love to play together and some people there are really nice. But the thing is some people on there need to be banned. I went on this app and the first one I go to have people on drugs. The third game the chat is two inappropriate. They have usernames like daddytrump and step sis talking and do the dirty on a game that’s for kids! Not only that but when I tried to tell them to stop instead they told me to f myself, kill myself, told me I was being to sensitive, then kicked me from the game. That left me in tears even if it doesn’t seem like much. They don’t even know me for all they know I could be a nine year old being told to kill myself. This can lead to suicide. Something needs to be done because it isn’t right that people can do this and get away with it. One other thing is that people keep on using the incorrect pronouns. Sometimes they even do it on purpose. I don’t mean any disrespect towards the game or the creators with this review. The game is a lot of fun and would be a five stars I just hate part of the community. Please do something about it, this game is awesome but I had to delete it, it won’t be permanent but I just don’t want to play it in till problems are solved. Thank you for reading this and I hope problems are fixed with this game.

- Best games out there, Huge issue with old devices, and big issue with hackers

I’m a HUGE fan of among us, can’t believe it took 2 years to be noticed. But there’s a big issue for people with lower end devices, like iPhone 6 and down, or IPad mini 2-3 and down. It’s the old devices which are struggling to enjoy Among Us. The reason why (which should be fairly obvious), is that it kicks you out whether you want to talk or trying to do a task. It’s very annoying when I try playing on my ipad, which is a IPad mini 2. So this game needs an update so that this game can truly support these old devices so that everyone can have a good time. Hackers are the reason why people have bad days, they can end meetings quickly so they’re not caught, they can see the ghost chat, they can make people say that they’re impostor even thought they don’t want to. Though the host as the ability to kick, sometimes they just don’t, or the hacker is the host. I know it’s asking a lot from 3 devs who made this game by themselves, but we need a reporting button, so we can report these hackers and bring them to justice So yea these are my only critics about the game Among Us. But besides that, this game is one of the best games I’ve ever played.

- Fix bugs please

This app is the best I have ever played. I started playing it about a day ago since everyone on the Internet was raving about it. I had to check it out so I downloaded it. When I first entered the game it took about 14 seconds for it to load. It’s kind of annoying because I expect a lot from games that are rated so high. But anyways I joined a game and started playing in a match. The game lasted about five minutes, but then it showed a black screen and kicked me out of the app. This happens multiple times when I join an online match. It’s quite annoying. Whenever I join a game, after about a couple minutes it boots me out and the game says that I “left”. If you could please fix this bug, it’d be very much appreciated because it would help the game a lot more. I hate how it kicks me out and I was never able to finish a match once. Other than that I think that this app is very good and I recommend it to people of all ages. I like that you can censor out the chat, if someone says anything inappropriate. Sometimes, when I try to join a game it says that it’s full. Why make some thing available to you if it’s going to be full? Thank you, I think this app is great.


I highly enjoy your game. I thinks it’s a clever, fun, and innovative way to bring people together through safe anonymity. You only allow a small quantity of characters for usernames so that a majority of people cannot use their full names. I also love the option to turn censor chat off or on. Here’s my issue that I hope you will consider adapting in future updates of your awesome game. Please find some way to stop people from sharing their personal information including social media profiles, phone numbers, etc... PLEASE!! I have been kicked out of so many rooms for simply reminding people to not share their personal information because of hackers and the potential risk of human traffickers and pedophiles. I’m not a Karen I promise you even though I’m sure I come a crossed as such. Please know I’m only in my early 20’s and I’m not by any means a justice warrior but I am very worried about these kids. I see host ask ages then kick anyone who isn’t 13 and a boy or “15 year old girls only” in the comments when you enter the room. I’m just very scared they could be luring them in with the game then turning the room private and taking advantage of these children or manipulating them into giving out personal information. Thank you for your time!!

- Love it! 🥰

This is actually the most addicting game ever! I saw my brother play it and I was like what is this game?! Then he thought it to me and omg I can’t stop playing it! But just one tiny idea I have for the next update ok so #1 I think that any person that is mean or says any bad things on the game should instantly get kicked out by the game like we don’t have to kick them out I want the game to just say “you have been kicked out for inappropriate content” or something like that, because my little brother that can read has been asked a lot of personal questions like “what’s your age?” Or what your name or phone number?” And obviously he would say it Becuase he’s still little and dose not understand the right and wrong and what could happen if he actually give that information to people. #2 is that I think that when you join a game there should be a button that says “ready” so the host doesn’t start right away. #3 is that I think that when you first join a game there should be a bored that says the instructions on it so people don’t just join the game not knowing how to play. Thank you for your time of reading this and I hope you take time to think about what I said 🙏🏻 have a nice day!

- This game is great but i have one feature maybe you could add?

hello! among us developers if you are reading this i love!! your game like i love it its so fun and entertaining and i just play it on my free time! but i only have one complaint about your game. i know that you can play with other people online and stuff and servers right? maybe you can make a update to let people friend each other? because I've met like 5 people they were really really nice! but i didn't have anyway to communicate with them again once they left the server. i never saw them again because like so and i mean it SOOO many people are playing your games starting games making games/servers and etc. but i've met a lot of people that i would like to be friends with but thats so far my only complaint about this game. if you added that i would be overjoyed to start friending other people i meet in those games/servers! and if you really do add this feature to the game then i’ll appreciate and i think others will too because other people have probably met other kind/nice people within the servers that they have played too! so once again if you do add this feature to the game then thank you.

- It’s really fun

During quarantine this game is most of my entertainment, having virtual school is better because when I have a break I can just log onto Among Us. Now to about the actual game, you probably can’t fix it but it makes me sad there are mods to download to get literally get ALL the skins, pets, hats etc. I also really hate some other mods, but I’m not going to say all because the paragraph would be really long. The game is really fun without the hackers, I would love to see the lobbies where you could have more then ten players, ofc you would need more colors so I wouldn’t do this but just an idea. I also don’t like the ppl who say curse words a lot, I feel like there should be games for children to join and teen/adults to join. I feel like it would be hard cuz that’s more buttons and you don’t know if the adult is joking the children’s game but then it could block everything inappropriate in the children games, I feel like that would be a lot more fun then seeing “****” all the time. Thank you for reading, again I really enjoy the game and it is VERY well designed. Everyone in InnerSloth that did this did an AMAZING job, thank you for the game and again good job on making it!

- Amazing game! Few suggestions

This is a really amazing game and I love playing with friends. If your looking to buy this game you should totally get it. Here are my suggestions. When I play games a meet a lot of nice people and we start becoming friends. But when I leave I can’t see them again, so I want to get a friends list. It would be fun to friend people and it would be more easy to join them. I would also like you to let us have more room for our name. Cause it wont let me make my name long and it make me sad. Cause i have some names that are long, but i cant type it cause i dont have anough room for my name. I think it would be cool to let imposters to see ghost chat or make it a in game purchase, so imposters can see ghost chat. Another suggestion, you dont have to do this, but i think it wouls be cute if people could adopt pets who's owner's have died. I think it would be fun to have a new role or map. The new role could be detective or what ever your idea is. A new map could be like a new planet or somthing. Last I think we could get more clothing. It would be so fun to dress up your pets too! The ones in the game are amazing but i think adding more would be fun. :3 Thx bye! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

- Amazing game but...

Honestly I thought this game was stupid and amateur but when I first played it it’s like I met my true love. I’m always playing it. I thought my mom how to play my home room teacher how to play and some of my friends. I play with my bf and brother and their friends. I play w8th my best friends in our group chat. However there are some suggestions I have. I was reading the other reviews and they came across the point that after killing someone having to Wait another 30 seconds is not needed. Cuz I can kill someone and then another player walks in right after I need to kill them so they don’t rat me out if that makes sense. The report button is another thing people be saying some WEIRD STUFF on that chat Ian even gone lie 😂😂😂🤦‍♀️ but there should really be a report button. Also to make things fair when we play with our friends. All of our friends want to play at once I know this is asking for a lot but I hate to leave people out because there is 10/10 people playing already, I’m just asking for a few more slots. I think that’s it for now but if there is anything else I’ll let you guys know. But thanks for taking your time to read this review. 😇😇😌👌


The game is very addicting and very fun at the same time! I think that you should think about adding a few new features. First, I personally like to play free play a lot and it would be a lot more fun if the “Dummies” would actually play and not just stand there. I would hope that they would be smart by, being impostor, reporting, calling emergency meetings, sabotaging, completing tasks, and just overall being pretty smart. Like in other games you can hardly tell that you are playing the computer but in among us you can clearly tell the difference. Also, I like how when you are impostor and you sabotage something like electricity you can see as the impostor but not the crew mates. I do not like however how whenever you are leaving a private game with your friends which is what I do to make a new game because some of my friends didn’t join in time, you have to wait five minutes before you can play in another game. I play with my friends a whole bunch and it would be nice if that feature could be turned off. Overall this is an amazing game and I think that everyone ages 9 and up will enjoy it a whole lot and I highly recommend this amazing app!

- 10/10 but!

I really love this game! I’ve been playing for a month after I’ve heard a lot about it and how trendy it is. Though there are some bugs that causes you to disconnect and where your screen is black and your unable to move. Some more things they should improve is to allow more than 10.. at least 15, and no more because the servers might not be able to handle lots of players. The votekick system needs to be improved and especially the bots and hackers. Other than that I love the game! I’ve also heard rumors of voice chat, and I would like that to not be implemented due to amount of toxicity and disrespectful players. It should only be available to the imposters so they could talk about strategies to help them win. You might think it’s unfair but I believe it is not, it makes more sense. If possible you add voice chat for imposters than it would make sense that there will be a mute button. There should also be a new map possibly? Though I don’t really care too much since I play on skeld most of the time haha. It would be fun for new game modes but I can’t really think of game modes to suggest. Possibly hide and seek or just an all out purge mode

- amazing! but..

hello! I want an update on this I actually would like codes like on the menu there’s one button called codes and you could put codes in you probably wouldn’t do that because you want money. Also I want a friend button like when someone found a body you can click on anyone and it will give you options to vote or send a friend request and then on the menu you can view your friend list, and even search names too, I saw this really nice guy who was the only person I trusted and then my game crashed :( (that’s why I want a search for friends thing so I can find that nice guy again lol), That would be amazing. And also I don’t know if it’s me or not but my game (on my iPad) keeps crashing as frick, once again I don’t know if it’s just me. I would also want to point out that none of my other apps on my iPad crashes THAT much, so maybe it’s your game but still I tried everything I know like, shutting my iPad off (ya know when you hold down the turn off button that kind of shutting off), swiping up all my apps, and even unstalling it and installing it again maybe because my iPad is old I don’t know 🤷‍♀️ thanks for reading this and bye :).

- This game is so awesome

It is so amazing because of the fact that there are so many tasks and so many people literally the game went up because one hour ago it had 172 k and now has 180 K which is insane that it got eight more k . I think among us is the best game I’ve ever played in this world! Even though there is basically an ad after every game it is still the funniest game I’ve ever played. I’ve almost played 100 games so this game you need to get it. There are a few inappropriate people that are a little bit older or something but there still really nice❄️. and I love among us so much my favorite color is purple and I am purple in the game you can pick between about eight different colors and you can have accessories that you were as headgear you can even buy pets but it’s for real money is about three dollars it’s not too much to have like a dog or a slime pet but I think they’re so cute. So that’s why I got one. there are so many people that want to play with you and don’t worry you can’t even start your own game and tell your friends you want to play Among Us with me and I was just you and all your friends. That is why I read it among us five stars!

- Game denial

This is a fantastic game with easy rules and amazing gameplay system but there is one simple problem. I’m getting blocked from playing when I opt out of too many matches, this is a really silly rule in the fact that I probably opt out of 20 games a day or more, this results in the denial of playing time for five and then ten minutes at a time. My reasons for opting out are simple, people are weird, they do stupid things and I don’t feel comfortable. I should be able to leave a game whenever I want for whatever reason I want any time with no problem, but no, you guys feel the need to block me for five and then ten minutes because I don’t feel comfortable playing with the audience that I joined. I understand your reasoning though, your goal is create matches where everyone joins and plays fairly without too many people leaving to make the game not fun but this rule is silly and not necessary for games because people opt out anyway with no regard and it effects those who would just like to play with the right crowd. Thank you for your time and please make the adjustment so that we can play with the right crowd without silly punishments.

- I love this game but I have some problems...

I play this game on a daily basis, it’s a fun game to play with friends and other people. First off, I don’t know if this annoys anyone else besides me but random people are trying online date and get peoples social media stuff so they can talk to each other. Basically online dating. Second off, I’m having trouble with the game. I try to look for servers but it just kicks me out because the “matchmaker” is full. ??? I’ve waited for a few hours and it still said this. Even when I try to create my own game it screws up and says this. Those are my only problems, other wise this game is really good and fun. 😁✌️Also adding you my thing. I’m concerned about the amount of hackers. I’ve been in some strange servers. The whole lobby turns black and you run in a empty void, someone says stuff as you when you didn’t type that certain sentence, also long range killing. I’m not sure abt long range killing but I’ve walked in medbay and all of a sudden boom! I’m dead when nobody was near me, nobody was in a vent, and plus the closet person was like in reactor. Again this is a fun game but I am concerned of the hacks as well as the hackers.

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- Ratio of being an imposter vs being an crew mate needs to be fixed

This game is brilliant to put it simply but like all other games there is a downfall to it and for this game it’s the ratio of being a crew mate vs being a imposter. To put it blankly the ratio is so badly horrible in this game to get imposter. For example I play for 10 hrs yesterday and I got imposter only 5 times. Like I probs played in hundreds of games and only got imposter 5 times and another reason why the ratio of being an imposter is horrible is that I’ve played today only for 3 hrs but I got imposter 10 times. This ratio of getting imposter is really horrible for a game which has been growing like this in a rapid pace. If the creators of this game don’t get this fix it will be the downfall of this game as 80% or higher of he users of this game want to be imposter and if they don’t get it they will leave at the beginning of the game and this is caused by them bot getting imposter bc they are sick and tired of getting crew mate only but by them doing this it ruins the fun of others as their game can be cut short bc of lesser players which makes it less enjoyable as the imposter can easily kill everyone if there is less players. If the creators can fix the ratio of being a crew mate vs being a imposter this game will be on a greater platform for all types of gamers who would want to play this and get an equaled ratio in getting imposter and crew mate.

- a few problems

Hey ! I love this game soo much and I think it’s super fun there are only a few things I think the creators should update or change ! firstly , the creators should try to see why the game keeps on crashing for multiple people so quickly it gets very annoying when your about to report and then your game crashes and then your trying to find more games to play but they won’t let you join for a silly reason ! Secondly a lot of times when waiting to start a game I keep on seeing on the chat very sexist and mean things to people for no reason or because they want to have “fun” these words can really hurt peoples feelings and the game shouldn’t allow inappropriate language on a game that young children play which then lead on to speaking that language at home , or school and that type of speech is not okay for kids in learning states to talk like so we should be able to report this type of communication! One last thing is that I think we should be able to friend request people who we’ve had a fun time with so we can continue to play with them in the future ! That’s all I love this game so much and hope we can make these changes

- It’s awesome but...

Among us is an awesome game that is addictive and fun for all ages! It hooked me as soon as I opened the game. When my friend told me this was free on the I pad I jumped for the opportunity to have a go at the trendy new game. I love how the creators made this game appropriate by not adding symbols and blocking swear or insults. No matter how awesome this game is I kinda wish that the crew mates could talk faster and that could only be possible with talking. There could be some sort of chat but not texting. I thought about how bad this could be though considering people are playing with strangers and talking with them with their own unique voices. So how about you add a voice changer or players could choose a voice changer for the chat. This way everyone can remain safer and can still have fun. Another thing is friend requests, people always make friend with strangers on this game so it isn’t fair that they must stop the game and never see their new friend again. I demand to have friend requests and with them small chats to talk with them. That is all I really think the game needs but overall it’s amazing and I can’t wait for the second game. Keep going creators you guys are doing great. I can’t wait for the new games you’ll make in the future!<3<3<3<3

- Best game ever!!🎮

Among us is an amazing game where you are on a spaceship task to fix things and collect information for headquarters. But there is an impostor among you who will sabotage and kill you to stop you doing your tasks. There are three maps, each more challenging than the other, you can choose how many players and imposters there’re. You can also make your game private so that if you just want it to be you and your friends. Also there is an area we can practice being an impostor, learning how to do tasks better and just getting to know the map. At the beginning where you wait for other players to join, you will see a computer where you can choose your colour and what hat or pet you want. But pets cost real money and aren’t really worth it. Another frustrating thing is you can’t have the same colour or someone else. But I understand why, so that you can identify someone quickly. Yes the game does lag you out, but I found that if you play with 5 to 7 players you won’t get lagged out. I think the produces should definitely fix that glitch though. Plus you can turn ads off and censor chat.

- A few suggestions

Among us is a great game and I highly recommend it. I love the concept and overall it is a very fun game and I have to say I am addicted. However I have a few suggestions for the chat feature; when in a game, the only time u can chat with the other players is during emergency meetings. I believe the chat should be available AT ALL TIMES. This way, u r able to talk with friends and other players. I also think there should be a way to contact individual players, for example I became friends with another player on among us and we wanted to text each other privately, however there was no way to do this without other players seeing it as well. Lastly there should be a way too add someone as a friend. That way u r able to keep in contact and know where ur friends are. My friend left the game due to an error and there was no way we could find each other again or even text each other and I have not seen her since. This is a real downfall as it stops people being able to make friends. If these few things were added to the game this would be the best game ever and I would play it 24\7 .

- Suggestion

Honestly I ❤️love❤️this game! I play it with my friends, my family, it’s great. My friends and I often find ourselves talking about it. Definitely recommended. The more this game grows the more memes are made and they are hilarious! 😂😂😂 However, I just have a few suggestions to make to make this game even 🤩better! Take them or leave them (but please take them!) 1. I’ve been playing this game a lot and I’ve definitely in counted a few racist ❌and ❌sexist people as well as those who just ❌swear (badly). If this could be reported or stopped in some way, then I really know it would make a positive😄outcome. 2. A great idea one of my friends came up with was having a sheriff. So like say, the first person to finish there tasks gets a gun 🔫 and is able to shoot a person. That would make the crew mates have much more motive to finish tasks. Plus after you finish them it gets pretty boring. That’s about all I can think of right now but at the very lest do something about my first suggestions. Can’t wait for an update! 😆👌

- great game but one problem

among us is an extremely addicting game and i absolutely love it. i love the concept, the animations, the graphics and even how hard the devs work even though theres only 3! but theres one thing that i want to address so it may be improved in the future however i understand how hard the devs work since theres not many of them so i wont be pressuring you guys to get the update finished asap. what i wanted to say is that everyday i play this game and most of the time i get crewmate obviously because theres less imposters. however the chances of getting imposter are really really low which is what i want improved. it just frustrates me that i get imposter about 3 times each day i play when i play this game for hours. i think that chances should be just a little higher because right now i think they’re WAYYY too low and its very hard for players. other than that this game is really fun to play and i wouldnt recommend anything else at the moment! stay safe and keep up the good work. ps. reds sus

- Please change the chance system to be imposter

(PLEASE READ THIS) I really love this app and how it is free but I have an issue. The chance of being imposter is unfair in my opinion as I have been playing for about four hours in the same game and not once did I get imposter. The game had 2 imposters if you wanted to know. I think I was the only person who stayed in that game for more than 40 mins. So I think cause people join the game then leave after like 10 to 20 mins it lesses the chance of people who stay in the game longer then that time. And it keeps repeating. I hope you change the system of the chance to be imposter so it will be more fair. The way I want it to change is that the longer you have not been imposter the higher chance you will be it. I do not know how to explain this next bit but I will try. I also want it to also only work when you when you are in a game not out of the app not in the menu or waiting in the lobby. Thank you very much if you implement this in among us or just read all of this and I am not just thanking the devs also random people reading this. thank you!

- A couple things

Don’t get me wrong I love this game so much because you can play with friends but in my opinion I think there could be a couple more things. First of all I would love if you could join a game and click on someone’s avatar and then have a option to friend request them and if they accept, there could a tab in the main menu that says friends and if you click on it you can see their name and if they are online or not and if they are you can have the option to join them, and you could also chat to them. Secondly if it is possible could you make the game stop crashing because when I am in the middle of typing it just kicks me out and it is really annoying. Also if you can do this, I think if you are playing in free play the dummy’s could move if you are the imposter and if you choose to be a crew mate maybe they could be a bit sneaky. So if you could add/change these things in maybe even in among us 2, I think it would make the game so much better.

- amazing app!

i love among us! it’s such a fun game to play with friends, online people and to watch youtubers/streamers play it. i love the dynamic of the game and how it works! Although, i think that the ratio of getting impostor and being the crew mate needs to be changed. there will be a time we’re i will get impostor 3 times in a row and then i’ll never get it again in the next few hours i play (this game is really addicting hehe) .. i think i should be equal to all players. when i watched a streamer play this game, they played for almost four hours and only got impostor once! it was kind of sad. besides that tiny complaint, i think this app is amazing, the tasks are fun to do, figuring out who the impostors are etc. one more thing, could you somehow get hackers banned from getting into servers? i had a hacker in my server and it was kind of weird because they were controlling what i was typing, they said inappropriate things and glitched the game to the point where we couldn't even move. Love this game overall!

- Good but 3 things will make it perfect

I love playing among us, it is so fun and so cool. But I would like things to be added. 1. I would like there to be a 4th map, my idea is a map set under water in a submarine, introducing the flood task where water would flood the sub and make it harder to swim and breath, and when someone dies if there’s a flood, the body will float around, then you can fix the glass crack and then head to a new reactor room where you can drain the water. 2. I would love there to be a friend request system added, I play with my friends on public servers but we have to enter the codes really quickly and that’s kinda hard, but you could have a thing where you could join friends in games when there are player spots left. I would also like if. You could have a thing where you text them and can see there activities unless they set it on idle mode where it’s private. 3. I would like an added mode where specific person has an ability to kill people, not like an imposter though, instead you get a rifle once you finish all your tasks. You can then shoot people, but if you get the shot wrong and shoot a crewmate then you die. Those are my Requests, please think about it, I would honestly like 2. To be in the game but 1. And 3. Are also requested. But overall I love this game, my favourite game of 2020 though it was made in like 2018 or something but anyway, please think about this and thank you :).

- Update idea???

I love among us it is currently my new obsession! Yet as I thought more deeply into the imposters role I thought what’s the purpose of killing all the crew members? I mean, does the imp die of starvation? Surely the ship has a destination, but is it’s destination inhabited with other crew mates or is the destination a desolate planet stranded in the middle of nowhere? It’s understandable that a game such as among us doesn’t delve into the storytelling side, however, I think I’d be pretty cool to add an update in which after a certain amount of times that the imposter wins let’s just say 100 wins as imp suddenly there’d be a cut scene after winning the final game and the imp reaches its destination or possibly lives on the ship until it runs out of supplies. Same idea for the cremate! Either way it’s not something that NEEDS to be done, but a it’s a simplistic idea none-the less. Other than that I love the game and I can’t wait to see what’ll b added (or taken away) in future!

- Good game but crashes EVERY TIME

This used to be my favourite game. I loved how it was so different to anything I’d ever played before. I loved the sense of mystery as to who the impostor was. I loved trying to kill people without getting caught and the simple but fun tasks that crewmates had to complete. I wish I could say the same now. One day when ever ‘Shhhhhh...’ came up and the game was about to start the app crashed. I thought this was just a ‘one off’ as it usually is but then it kept happening, again and again, all day long. Then it was the next day and the next and the next! I swear I didn’t touch anything! Though, the most annoying thing is after a while as the app crashing, it would say ‘You can’t join another game for 5 minutes after intentionally disconnecting! I didn’t do it intentionally! It was the apps fault! Then 5 minutes would turn into 10, then, 15 and then 20! I’ve tried re-installing the app but that didn’t work. Please fix this ASAP as I don’t have another device to play on. If this was fixed, I would rate it 5 stars.

- Some working

This game is really good. I love playing but I would also want you to fix something. When you listen to these it will make the game much better. When ever you exit a game it says that you have to wait 5 minutes to play another game and this is no use. So can you please get rid of that. Also there have been disconnection issues that you have added to the game and why would you add those thingsThe. Like it says "relieble packet size" and i don't even care. It also does this pings thing which just disconnects you for no reason. So can you please remove it. I would love you to add these things. A detective, a detective can kill imposters and also go through vents but in a different animation. They can also double vote in discussion time. They get more vision than crewmates. I would like you to add more colours. Like: Magenta, grey, maroon, aqua. Overall this game is amazing and don't add anymore disconnection signs!!!

- Good but some detrimental issues

Sometimes when you press kill, it doesn’t kill them. It should’ve been a flawless double kill with my impostor partner and it could’ve gone worse but luckily my foolish target didn’t go back and check. I was spamming kill (timer was finished already) and they didn’t die and he got away from me and made it back to the population of crewmates, saving himself from my wrath. Furthermore, I am astounded by the definition of a “short” kill distance because I was at opposite ends of the table in skeld, and to my surprise, the impostor somehow phased through the table to my side and snapped my neck. Disastrous! Also, I would like to point out the delay in the sabotages/doors, how it requires me to bombard the sabotage options with several finger spams in order to trigger the sabotage, instead of just one tap, which wastes my time and allows my victims to slip out of my hands. I hope that you will see to this issues immediately. Many thankings.

- I love this game

First of all I love this game 🤩and I don’t usually say things like this but this game is so good I had to write this review. Me and my family and friends play this game nearly all the time😅. I’m looking forward to among us 2 .Their are a few things I wish u could add in the game. 1. Lots of people like my self have trouble being the imposter so if you could add a setting so you could increase the chances of being an imposter that would be amazing. 2. It gets pretty boring ( no offence) when you complete all your tasks so if you could add something to put in game when you finish all your tasks that would also be good.😁 3. After playing all the maps you get used to them pretty quickly so if you could add more maps and even a randomiser Botton that would be pretty cool. That’s all I have to say I hope some of these things get put into the game but if not that’s ok. Keep up the fantastic work.

- BIG problem

This game is very engaging and enjoying. The paranoia one can experience while being suspicious towards the imposter is so interesting and enjoying. I love the concept of this game and I WOULD be proud to say this is my favourite app. However, I haven’t been able to play a FULL single round of the game. I get glitched out as soon as I’m told what my role is and I’m told to wait a specific time period to join another server. On my side of the screen, there are no internet problems or bugs in my device so it is the app itself. This really needs to get fixed for more people to enjoy as my friends are also having this very same problem. It’s honestly such a shame how such an amazing app is having problems that should honestly be fixed as soon as it someone notifies this problem. Please fix this problem soon because until then, this app will no longer be on my home screen for it would be deleted.

- Incredible, mechanic game changer.

i don't even know what to say but you may have recently seen this game gaining hype from streamers and for a good reason, I found it in early beta on steam half a year ago. I bought and since have lost all of my friends. Ok jokes aside i found it and always played it with friends as we loved the incredible effort into design and game mechanics, if there is anything bad to say about the games it’s that their servers are running on a potato battery in mars, this is excused as they never expected this much popularity and they are currently working on a second game with better maps and servers. If the developers ever see this review, thank you. Keep up this work please because this game is so enjoyable and fun for a drink with some friends or a late night with the boys or even just randoms from a ltp discord. Keep it up and thanks for what you’ve done + the support.

- Suggestions for updates

I absolutely love this game, it’s such a fun game to play with your friends but, I have. Few suggestions for the game. Firstly, an option to friend people. I’ve made a few friends that I’ll never see again and it’s really upsetting. Second, a private chat for imposters to use THROUGHOUT the whole game, because it’s sorta difficult to plan double kills unless you’re playing with a friend irl and you’re teaming. I also think we should have it so if you’re afk after a certain amount of time you get kicked from the game because it’s really annoying when you’re just trying to play and somebody of AFK so they aren’t voting. I think it would be really cool if their were different game modes, like hide and seek or something Another thing that could be added is more colour choices and something for people whom can’t see colour (colourblind) like symbols on the persons character (but have it so there’s a key/legend so you can see whom somebody is talking about) because the colour blind thing can be adjusted in the settings. Maybe some more maps and other tasks, also make it so the task bar doesn’t move so you can’t use “the task bar didn’t move” as an excuse to get somebody out. Other then some improvements I absolutely love the game and it’s one of the best online games I’ve played in a long time.

- Used to be fun

This game was so fun and all I loved using strategies! What is bothering me is how y’all do nothing to fix it’s flaws. The hackers, toxicity and trollers got me and so many people to delete this app. It’s no fun anymore I can’t play a single match without someone cheating, trolling, being sour or hacking. WHY can’t you do anything about it? One day YOU are going to get bankrupt due to your ignorance on how we all feel about this game. It is stupid how you are doing nothing, stupid how you just let this happen or slide by. People are feeling hopeless knowing they can’t do anything and feeling betrayed knowing you can; but you still won’t do anything. One little message to us users won’t convince us all that you are trying to actually do something. We aren’t all going to fall under your manipulation. Just HELP us please. That’s all we ask for.

- Need that we can add friends requests

This is absolutely fun and I spend lots of time to play this game like being detective or imposter but when I meet a good random people or fun random people it’s feel good however we can’t add them as friend and when they left it’s like they gone forever and we can’t find them again, like when try changing theirs name but we still cannot recognise them what so ever soo please can you add that we can only change name 2 maybe and we can add friends request because we can’t go to discord and tell them what our id... you know why? Because we will just leave automatically when we open other apps. Soo please add that we can add friends requests:( I’m already lost 3 bestfriends that random person and we all play match together 7 times but they left and I lost them forever :( all among us player feel the same as me too. So please :(

- Best game ever but...

I absolutely love this game my friend at school told me it was good and when I got it i was immediately addicted, I laugh so much playing with friends on this game. But one time I was playing with strangers when I made a friend with one of them, we kept playing over and over and we had so much fun together but then it was time to go, I was so sad and we couldn’t ever play again. I shook it off but I was playing just before writing this and I made another 2 friends with strangers, this time we had even more fun, but then they had to leave and I couldn’t play with them every again. That’s when I had enough so I have decided to write this. Please please please (x1000) add a friend request system. I beg you, even tho there is no friend request system, I’m still giving it a 5 star, thank you.

- great game but a few cons

So i love the game its amazing, problem is to get pets you have to pay and i don't have that kind of money right now and i wish it was free on pc as well. Also we need more colours which are coming out but i want them now. Also make a friend thing were you can friend people that would be amazing like Roblox. Also can you like stop kicking me out of games like if i want to play a game and make friends with people it just kicks me out so you need to fix that. So what i’m saying is 1. free things, 2. free on pc, 3. more colours, 4. add a friends list, 5. fix the bugs and heres one more thing... ADD MORE MAPS PLEASE!! Thank for reading this and consider doing these things! Other then that this is a great game and showed it to all my friends and now they are playing with me! Love the game thanks for releasing it!! <3 - From a player that plays this game!

- Awesome game!!

I honestly love this game i think its really fun to play!! I love how you can play with your friends and family. I would love to have a doctor in this game and also a detective it would be really fun and amazing. Having a doctor that can revive dead people would be awesome!!!! I heard a rumour going around that your gonna add a doctor in the game i think thats such a great idea and lots of people would enjoy it. A detective having two votes would just be sooo cool i also heard you were gonna add that to the game!! Please do cause it would be soo fun. I think you should have at least 15 players in the game cause if your gonna have a doctor imposter and detective it would be better to have more players. I love this game sooo much and having a doctor and detective would definitely make this game better than it is already!!

- Hi

It’s a really good game and I enjoys it a lot I don’t mind the adds because it’s not that long or annoying (thx btw) anyway the thing that I find annoying is that when u leave a server for to many times it won’t let u join for 10 min but I did that (🤣) and I didn’t mind I waited 10 min but then I joined a server and there was a hacker so I left and then it said I couldn’t join for another 16 min and after the 10 min I only left once now I can’t play I have to wait 30min bc at the 15min I left as well bc my internet got cut off and then it was 30 min so it’s kind of annoying me... but if you don’t want to change it I completely understand that like people leave bc they are a crewmate but some people don’t do that and it’s kind of unfair but I totally understand... btw thx for creating this game it’s AWESOME I love it thx!!!

- Go among us

I’m on this is a great game and it is a fantastic game to entertain youBut I have a few suggestions like first could you make a Dummies move in an update That would make free play so much more fun and secondly Secondly could you make skins and pets that you could equip without actually paying real money that would be so much better I haven’t played among us very long but that is one thing that I would love a lot I hope you could do that and an update I think a lot of other people would like that as well because if your parents will not let you to pay real money for the things then you will only be able to equip hats 🎩 I really hope that could be something on Among Us to as well please do this if you did do this one it would be so much more fun to play among us🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

- There’s a problem

I love this game it’s really fun but there are a few problems like when ever I join a public game and the game starts it keeps crashing and I get out of the app. I tried all the things that you suggested but there’s something wrong with the wifi and I actually don’t think it’s my wifi I think it’s because of the quality in the game, so I suggest you have something in your settings that can make the app have a low, medium, and a high quality button. I want you to make a new update that includes this feature so it’s less likely to crash the app when ever I play online. Also could you remove where it say you have to wait 19 mins (for example ) to try again to play online because all I can do on the game is play free play mode and it’s really boring. Look I just want you to make a new update that adds and removes these features. And I do really 💗 love 💖 this game!

- Ideas for game

Hi, I have some really good ideas. I was thinking if there could be 2 new game modes? Detective and hide n seek. In detective there are 11 players and 1 to 2 imposters but there’s only one detective. The detective can vent and has 2 votes instead of 1. All votes are Anonymous and only the detective can see who voted who. If the detective dies then the game ends. If the detectives figures out who one of the imposters are then he can kill him. The detective can kill crew mates too. The imposters can kill the detective. In hide in seek the crew mates know who the imposter is and they have 15 seconds to run from spawn whiles the imposter is stuck in a separate room. The crew mates have very high vision but the imposter has low vision and he still has a kill cool down. Where in the game where it tell people if people left it will tell if someone was found and where it was found. There are no emergencies but there are still task. ( but 3 times at much) there are no reports in game and the killer has roughly 1 to 3 minutes to find all crew mates. Just some ideas and I haven’t said too many specific details about the game because I want there to still be some surprises when the games come out. Thank you for reading and please think about these ideas.

- Major problem with iPad players

I started using among us on IPad so I could get it free. I’m not sure if it’s where I live or what most people experience but on IPad it kicks you off very consistently. I am writing this review so that you can fix the bug. I live in Australia so my nearest servers are in Asia. This might be the problem so if you could make more servers then that would be great. Even though I am about to make the purchase on among us monitor,I just need to if people in Australia can play because I don’t want to pay 7 dollars to buy it and realise I can’t. Seriously I love the concept of your game so I really want a shot at it myself. I know I am not the only one who is experiencing this so It would really help if you could reply. Thank you for reading this message. So that in the future I can play.

- Problems

I really like this game but there a few issues. There are so many hackers in the game that cheat, promets their business or just ruin the game in general. I’ve also had many starts of the game where a join a server and they’ve already managed to hack that game, and I have to leave. There are also problems with who gets to be the imposter, I could/have played with my friends or other people and I feel like it’s just so unfair the same people get imposter all the time with out even doing anything different to the person who’s always getting crewmate. There are also problems with getting into an game, why should I wait 5 minutes or even more to get onto a game because I left the previous game, sometimes I don’t even intentionally leave and other times I leave because the people I’m playing with are either hackers or rude people. Please fix these problems.

- I love it!!❤️❤️❤️but I’m requesting future updates!!

Hello creators of among us!❤️✌🏻I really love your game. Me and my friends and family play your game everyday and can’t get over with it it’s just so addicting🤣 also I love how you made the game appropriate for younger kids😄 by not adding symbols and censored people by their swearing. Some future updates would be like having another menu and you can add random people and adding them into a game!😛 that would be amazing but it’s totally 💯 up to you guys !😉 I would also like if you could add more possible maps into the game because it kinda gets boring with 3 maps but don’t get me wrong 🙃 I love them all they are so creative🥰and cool 😎 but anyways keep it up creators your doing amazing I cannot wait for your next update!! Peace out ✌🏻😜

- Remove the leave button

When ever I join a game people leave because they didn't get the imposter and I loose because there aren't enough players and it would be more fun if everyone stayed. By the way people call with others just to find out who's the imposter and that's not fun for the imposter or the crew mates because it's too easy and not fun. Also what I recommend is for audio to work in a way or make people have there turns for a speech because lots of people spam the chat which is annoying because you might not have a chance to speak and defend yourself making it not very fun. Another recommendation is to add more game modes i.e more ships more players imposters don't know there counterparts ect, or you could get points for games you win so you can buy custom items to show your power, look cool and add more of an achievement to the game. And can u not die during meetings and make report distance longer. REMOVE DIEING DURING MID MEETINGS

- Perfect. Two things to add.

This game is so good but I wish there was a friend request function so you can just invite your friends so much easier. Recently I had to delete and reinstall the app to get the Halloween hats and that got rid of my stats but I had only been playing for a week and I didn't look at the stats so I dont mind. I am so surprised that the game was made in 2018 and only picked up now because it is such a good game to play with friends. Another thing is that it would be cool if the was controller support for the game and I think the only hard part would be the tasks because it would take quite a bit longer so maybe there could be a different set of tasks for controller players. Overall an amazing game well done creators.

- Needs a few changes

I literally love this game so much, it's so fun to play. But it defiantly needs some changes.. Firstly the game keeps crashing mid game, I find it really annoying because sometimes I'm mid game and it just suddenly exists me out. Secondly a lot of people are hating on eachother and saying saying mean and hurtful things because they think it's "funny" but I'm sure that the majority of people who have gotten hate don't find it funny at all, it can be very hurtful, would recommend a report button. Thirdly I would love if the game had friend requests so we could add other people, for example I made some friends while playing but then like I said the game crashed mid game and I never saw them again. It would be super fun if we could make friends and play with them more than once.

- How to be imposter

I noticed that a lot of people are saying the game isn’t that good and people will lose interest because most people don’t get imposter as much look if you want to become imposter apparently some rumours/glitches say things such as being the colour Red is the most likely colour to get picked and if you move around a lot in the hub your chances of being imposter are higher if I’m wrong which I could be I don’t care I’m only typing this if your new or want to become imposter all don’t count on the fact that you will be chosen instantly I suggest to play maybe 10 games at least and see how many times you became imposter Again I’m just trying to help people out if it doesn’t work after trying for a while well tough luck.

- A pretty good game, but buggy sometimes

I just started playing this game probably a week ago and it was very fun in my experience. I started playing with my siblings, friends, etc. Whenever I play online, I feel fine with it, but with one problem... The game sometimes bugs a lot of things, like whenever the game server progresses throughout a few lots of minutes, the names are either replaced with ??? or with no names at all, the death signs are bugged, it looks as if you/others left the game but they actually haven’t... Yea. I just had that problem a few minutes ago since starting this review, but please fix that. Overall, just a good game, with a few bugs needs to be fixed. Could add up to the max players, and also more maps would be very interesting. Overall, nothing else needs to change except for the bugs.

- F R I E N D S

To be honest I love this game and it’s so much fun to play with family and friends and even just with random people and that’s the point I want to make. See playing this game you made a lot of new friends like strangers but then you have to leave the game and never see that friend again it is a little bit sad so I think a friend request thing or something like that along those lines would be awesome for the game and that would be like a whole Other section of the game and when you press on it it says a request to join that game they’re playing and then u don’t need to share tiktoknames snapname all around the internet but that’s my only opinion on this game the rest of it is great. I hope the hacking is fixed soon and hope for the best for the creators. From✨ 🇦🇺🇦🇺✨💕

- Hackers

So the app is super fun and I love it but the hacking I sometimes see 2 of a Character or the lobby room Is black but these only happened rarely in till 30 minutes ago... I went to play I got on and it was dark I chatted in chat what’s going on and the host told me a sub to ..... thing was spam in chat and made everyone say it it’s happened to me before so then the host starts the game and it was normal I was imposter not to special then I left and every single room I went into was dark and then I left try a different map same thing then I found one that was snot like that but some one joined and it was spam now I can’t join any game for some reason it says something like all the game are full or something now I can though but hopefully you can fix it. Bye

- I’m obsessed

(Player tips at the end!) I love among us and I’m literally obsessed! My class is having a bring a device to school day and me and a few other people in my class are having an among us showdown! One suggestion for among us 2 is that a task is drinking water, if you don’t every 2-5 minutes you die. The catch is, imposters can poison said water, resulting in death for crewmates. Also I keep getting banned for no reason whatsoever and that’s really annoying so can you add agreeing on kicking someone? Also add more countries bc North America is king toxic sometimes, Asia and Europe isn’t in my language and I’m Australian. Also tips for players!! Travel in groups of 3, NOT 4 Learn better grammar, it’s easier to understand Don’t go accusing with no evidence, it looks like you’re the imposter Don’t counter accuse, it’s obvious. Try something like “it wasn’t me I swear I saw yellow and blue venting!” Kill when either no one else is around or everyone in the same spot Take notice of everything around you, like rooms and space stubbs around you, it comes in handy Look for who’s innocent, NOT sus. Work with the other imposters, they’re allies.

- A few suggestions

I like among us a lot but there is one issue. There is no security footage I tell everyone “it’s cyan I saw him on cameras” and they don’t believe me and they vote me out. So add a record setting on the cameras so people can you can show people the footage and they will believe you. And the impostor should be able to sabotage the footage and delete the recordings. So please add security recordings. My next idea is a cafeteria u can eat from. You have a hunger bar and if it goes empty u die and people need to take a scanner and detect how You died if u lost ur hunger bar or u were murdered u get coins to buy food by doing tasks this means that there will be a lot of people doing tasks. And you should be able to sit because I find it boring to roam the space ship

- Relatable anyone?

Hi!! I love among us I play it all the time! It’s a super fun game and I play it with my siblings and friends HEAPS! But there are just two really big problems with this game. 1. The swearing. Goodness people swear like crazy and also they are so racist to!! I know you can blur it out but you can Cleary tell there swearing. That’s a concern for me because I personally HATE swearing. Anyways moving onto 2. GLITCHING. Oh my goodness I glitch SO MUCH. Say I’m an impostor and I’m about to win all of a sudden I GLITCH. And it’s not just any time it’s also at the most AMAZINGLY SALTY times when u catch someone venting or killing or something and they try blame it on you. GOODNESS PLEASE FIX IT! I enjoy the game sooo much but the glitching makes it really frustrating. Anyways other than those issues, the game is ligit so much fun! :D! I’m in love with the game keep it up inner sloth! 💫Love your fan 💫

- Small adjustment

I absolutely love this game. I downloaded it two days ago, and I’ve been on it for hours. Definitely recommend if you’re looking for some tension and spice in the games you play. Very original content and ideas, and I feel like this game is well thought out and has great features and mechanics. The only thing that I would LOVE to see in game is some music! The tension would rise depending on what track is playing, and we can have chill music when we’re doing tasks! While voting, the background music can be fast and filled with tension, which I feel will only add to the authenticity of the game. I seriously can not think of anything wrong with this game. Definitely recommend, 5 stars.

- Good Game, want some crack, mate

So, yeah, Good Game. Needs some sorta crack, like stealth props and give it maybe some more props like the sniper (Which lets you snipe crewmates in a room to the other, best in downloading tasks, etc.) or the KillAll knife that lets you kill everyone in the room. I might also want some more rooms and task limits, like the streaming room (I may also want a fame bar, more fame, more tasks also quick-done) to stream and upload more files, and also try to add phones so that if you saw the impostor and forgot, just press the gray thing in the character to take a pic, if you die, it auto-uploads the kill video (only for impostor kills a crewmate) also maybe make the tasks longer like download 12 seconds.

- Some issues

the game is very unique and honestly amazing. i get chills running down my spines everytime i play, its all fairly balanced but there is just one issue that needs a big fixing: people leaving... its the biggest cause for games ending for no reason, its because too many people leave. You need to make it so that players can only leave in the lobby, or when they are dead... its not fair when you wanna have a chance of being imposter, so it really needs fixing in the next update. also another thing, try making more settings, theres alot that could be done. so to put my reveiw on the table: amazing and addictive game, but it needs fixing on members leaving and needs more settings in any update coming soon!

- Stocks

Greetings Jeremiah I don’t know if you have heard about the recent stock market fiasco Wall st is having a bit of a meltdown. As the sole holder of our investments I trust you have handled them accordingly , Howard on the other hand disagrees he thinks ever since your goldfish got stolen by cat burglars and then you went to a sushi place and were convinced they stole your goldfish and fed it to you since then you have been acting rather out of sorts for example at the meeting of the council of cousins you wore a half Windsor knot on your tie which screams informal or the time you saw a car with a transformer bumper sticker and then rammed into it to get it to transform although you had just has your wisdom teeth pulled out this is still unacceptable. Because of this Howard has expelled you from the council and given our funds to Jim I am truly sorry email me back if you need to talk Regards : Gurgulashu okay Siri send please wait no this isn’t email

- Needs Microphone

This game is an absolute blast but there’s one Let down. If you play multiplayer it’s nearly impossible to find out who the imposter is because people just spam the chat randomly and it’s impossible to figure anything out in detail, this would be resolved if there was a microphone so it would be easier and quicker to figure out whos lying etc. I also had an awesome suggestion we’re the imposter can see the ghosts so he / she is haunted by their victims which would be elite and funny as. This game is so awesome so please continue to update it and add more content because I absolutely love this game and I’ve been playing for hours and haven’t gotten board 🔥

- Great game but needs more work!

I’m in love. I love how the game is never the same and that it’s always different. But the player base can ruin the game quite easily which is part of the fun but I feel some updates are needed. A larger map with a player cap of more then 10 would be fun. I think there should be a friends list added so it’s easier to join friends. I believe you need to readjust the imposter to crew mate selector. I’m Probaly 150+ games deep and would quite easily say I’m along the lines of only being the imposter 15 times. Or I’m just extremely unlucky. Also wires on mobile is kinda terrible. Maybe a larger hit box for them to be dragged to. Or it changed to click purple then click the other purple to automatically connect.

- Awesome but not awesome

You see I love this game it’s a really fun game and I enjoy it a lot there’s only one thing that does bother me is all the inappropriate language that is allowed I’m not saying that people can fully say it but people put hashtags on it themselves to make it sound I guess good also names I’ve seen in one of The servers that someone had a inappropriate name and when people are typing in the chat and they do say rude words and that’s all that bothers me arm to the game or to the people who make the game and all I think that is better or something that would improve the game is just to eliminate all of those inappropriate words and not let anyone do that but either than that I would definitely recommend this game🤩😭

- Server issues and an update issue

At one point I was trying to create a lobby and it wouldn’t let me create the lobby, I had no idea why and how at first. Today I tried to join a lobby then it kicked me out of the lobby and left a message. All I remember the message saying saying is no reliable server... Then I tried to join again then it worked. I’ve also had issues with ads too. Sometimes they would crash the game and I had to restart the game and I had too leave the lobby. I also got kicked out today because I needed an update. When I checked the AppStore I could open the app. I had no idea what was going on. This is only happening for me on the mobile version of the app. I don’t know if you can fix it though. There is one more issue I would like to talk about and it’s the leave button in the lobbies. Whenever I do create a lobby, sometimes people just leave. I have no idea why they leave , but it’s an issue. I have no idea if you can fix it inner sloth Besides those issues, I love the game keep up the great work you are doing.

- Amazing Among us game

Hi This game among us is really good and protective because you can't hack and can't swear and it's really fun and educational for most viewers so I give this a 5 star rating for this. Amazing work among us crew you are superb I would highly recommend playing this game you would have fun and enjoy being imposter and lie your way through to you win the game, so hopefully you do and keep playing . There is only one downside is that you don't know the person who your talking to and that's it so no big of a deal so keep playing unless it gets real bad just tell any supervisor around or tell the police. Hopefully you read this so you can play more

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- Love this game but it keeps crashing

Not sure if it's a problem on my end or the game's but I'd love to have it fixed so I'm not kicked to my home screen randomly in the middle of a round.

- Should add a friend list

Should allow players to add friend so that we play again

- Entertaining

The game is very addictive and entertaining but I would love it if they added a new way to unlock cosmetics (quests?) as the only way to do it now is to pay money.

- It won't open

I can play this game on my phone just fine, but every time I try to play on my iPad, it just opens up to a white screen with some large letters on it. I kept on deleting and installing it over and over, but I still get into the game

- Please put in place punishments for continued leaving

Sometimes in games lots of people just leave, most likely because they want to be an imposter. There should be penalties for constant leaving as it ruins the game and just makes it a worse experience.

- Weewoo

I feel like dead people/ghosts shouldn’t be forced to attend the meetings, since they’re dead and all. It would still be an option in the corner to view the chat, but I think it’d be more useful if you allowed the dead to move around while the alive have the meetings.

- Crashes When Playing On IPad

I recently decided to download Among Us via watching twitch streamers play the game. I was very intrigued by the concept and the overall play style of the game, so I decided to download the game on my iPad Pro and low and behold the game immediately crashed upon entering the lobby I was pretty disappointed I hope that this issue will be patched and I can use my iPad Pro to play Among Us thank you.

- Build mode

Make it so you can build your own maps!!

- Great game

This game is so entertaining and addictive! It’s on my top favourite games :)

- Unable to play

When I first got the game, I was able to play it for long periods of time. Now, I can’t even get into a server without it telling me that it is either a server problem or something is wrong with my internet. My internet works fine and I have even tried using it on a better internet but still get the same results. I cannot even host my game to play

- How do things

How do we update and stuff and also I have bad luck of trying to get inposter but I really like this game though

- Add voice chat

Great game lots of fun but would be way better with voice chat

- Review

It’s a pretty good game, I do wish we were able to add people as friends though. -w-



- It’s good but I have some suggestions!

I really love this game and I think you should add a feature to friend others that have been in your game with you, make it so if you mean to leave you don’t have to wait 5 minutes to join another. This is because sometimes I play games and all the people are rude so I leave them I have to wait to play again. I also think you should make it so you can talk to others in private games (If adding speakers so people can talk is possible.) Rating Overall I LOVE this game! It’s so fun and I could play it for hours! I like how you can customize a name and you can chat to others! Thanks for making this amazing game and I would love to see future updates!

- Hackers

Got hacked

- English servers full of foreign language

Unplayable when people just spam in a foreign language in the English servers and just pick any random colour to vote off with no discussion... The PC version seems to be the only way to enjoy this game

- Good concept, needs work.

I think the concept of this game is really cool, kinda like a murder mystery - island survival mashup, and I do really enjoy playing the game. There are a couple of problems though... -Network/Server Sensitivity The server network in Among Us is extremely sensitive, which will often kick people out of games in the middle of playing. Too many times have I been moving around, seen other people moving around (and not in a glitchy way), meaning I can see other people moving, so I’m connected, but suddenly, I get kicked out of the game because “Sent 6 pings remote did not respond to” So I think the server is overly sensitive to network connection. -Network/Server Connection It appears that the server is down more than twice every day, and I know it’s not just me, because I’ve connected to other people through Discord and such, and they all couldn’t connect either. I’m not sure what causes this, my best guess is server maintenance. One way that could make that less annoying would be by saying the server is under maintenance, so that people aren’t trying to connect to the game in the middle of maintenance. -In Game Bugs I’m fairly new to the game, I’ve played just over 300 games, and I’ve noticed a few bugs. The first bug I’ve encountered is the following; When an emergency meeting was called I found myself outside of the meeting. I could move around, but I couldn’t see other people, nor could I do tasks. The problem is, I couldn’t talk, nor vote. When the vote was over, I had been voted out, without me knowing. I continued to move around, not knowing what happened, not in ghost form, yet nobody could see me. I couldn’t do tasks either. The next bug is quite similar to the first. I was in reactor, in The Skeld map. I did a task there, then started walking out. An emergency meeting was called. I was not in the meeting. I couldn’t talk, nor vote. This time I could not move, so I couldn’t do tasks anyway. When the vote timed out, I did see who got voted out - no one, it was a tie. When the meeting was over, I didn’t get teleported to cafeteria, I was still in reactor. That was why I was moving towards cafeteria when other people were moving away. The next round was fine, and none of the effects continued after the failed meeting. The last bug I found also had to do with the meetings. There was 60s of discussion time and 60s of voting time, but the meeting ended in about 15s, not giving anyone time to vote. The next meeting was about 30s, the one after that about 70s. Idk what was happening, but it was really annoying and I had to abandon my server. -Missing Features I think there are a few missing features from the game that should be added. 1. Adding Friends I think you should be able to add friends in Among Us. Once you leave a lobby, chances are, you’ll never see anyone from that lobby again. Ever. It’d be nice to add certain people as friends in the game, invite them to games, etc... 2. In Game Voice Chat Right now, the only way to have a Voice Chat in Among Us is by assembling a group of friends into a call, usually Discord. It’d be nice to just be able to play with people on a VC, instead of waiting for your friends to get online, invite them to a call, send them the code, etc... I understand that some people don’t have microphones, or don’t want to talk, so I’m not suggesting to remove the chat, just that there be a Voice Chat option. There can be two ways to decide which method you want to use. Having separate VC lobbies, or being able to select Voice Chat while in a meeting. Or some other genius method if you can find one. 3. Among Us Discord Right now, there is no Among Us Discord. There is an InnerSloth Discord though. The problem is, that server is full. If you try to join, it says you cannot join as the server has reached the member limit (600,000). A separate Discord for Among Us would be a really good thing, because all the people who can’t join InnerSloth Discord can join Among Us. If that fills up, maybe multiple Among Us servers? Lol. Thanks for taking your time to read this review, I hope it’s helpful!

- Clothes for wins?

If you get 10 wins maybe you get a pet?

- Uge bug

When you get kill and became a ghost you can continue your task And like that help to win

- Amazing!!!!!

Amazing game. Very addictive, and every night i force my family to play it with me. I am always looking forwards for new updates and maps. Thank you for making this game.

- Please fix this

Stuck on a black screen....

- Not good for iPads?

The game itself is very fun to play 100 recommended, but when I play on my iPad mini, the part after the developers name (innersloth) a white screen pops up with big zoomed in letters. After that it takes a while to get to the actual game. When actually playing the game, it always glitches and takes me back to my home page during the game. So I never really get to finish a game:(

- Glitchy

every time I play a game I get booted out by errors

- Fun game, but a lot of crashes

This game is super fun, I can play with friends and other people but one problem is that it keeps crashing, please fix this so i can play without problems

- Crashing on iPad Air

The game crashes on my iPad Air 1 as soon as the shhh screen comes up when a game starts but works fine on my iPhone 7 Plus. Very fun but wish it worked on my iPad.

- Terrible game

Not because of the game itself, because of the people who play it. Just complete idiots, seriously people with less brain cells than a wet sponge. Game would be great if the people weren’t so stupid.

- This game is toxic

As fun of a concept as this game is, all it does it make people lie to each other. What a toxic way to encourage entertainment.

- Hackers

Can you please fix all the hackers immediately please it’s becoming an issue everyone is breaking the game. I can’t even play a game because of the hackers hacking the game

- I’m quite upset

The game keeps going black and the chat gets spammed with a hacker saying youre mad, I’m back so on and so forth. It’s annoying when you have a great game going so it would be awesome to fix it!! Other that that 5 stars

- I randomly go back to my home screen

When I am the game in the middle of the round I get kick off and on to my home screen so maybe it’s my iPad or there’s so kinda problem with the game

- Give this game a ventilator

The game idea is very fun and addictive, however it seems to be only fun with friends. Half the lobbies are toxic messes and the impostor system is flawed. It shouldn’t be possible to go +20 games without being impostor once whereas others can get it in their first game. The game still has bugs and needs fixing. Somebone give this game a ventilator

- Rigged but it’s okay

Don’t get me wrong, this is a very fun game. I play it with a group of friends a lot- it’s just when we’re playing there’s usually always one person who’s always the Imposter. Every round I’d always be the Imposter it’s just rigged- if you could maybe somehow fix that that’d be great!

- add a report option & fix several issues

add an option to report and/or kick players when you’re not host and without needing two more votes, i’m tired of having to play games with people who think calling eachother/naming themselves slurs is funny or an okay thing to do. also the servers need fixing, because of the “server is full/game is already started” glitch when the menu says it’s not, and it takes forever to even load up the server list without getting kicked back to the main menu. also rebalance the imposter rng, i play usually several hours a day daily and in the past week or so i’ve played as imposter maybe two or three times.

- good but

keeps saying i’m running older version of game with no update option on here so idk

- Update

It’s exits me out of the game to update and doesn’t let me update it

- there is 1 hacker among us

everytime i join/create a server, a red guy with this name "ㅤ" keeps joining and says Your mad, im back. and then theres 1/8 players lots of people that didnt join leave while everything is black then i get disconnected because of "ping"

- Reports

Can someone make a option to report people that are talking on discord or snap chat and cheating

- Make your game stronger pls

I love this game so much but I just joined 10 different matches and they would turn black kick me or make me say things I did not say pls I just want to play among us and not black screen

- Best game ever

This game is amazing

- Friends List

I live this game so much but so many people that i’ve played a few rounds with i can never see anymore and they were my friends... can you add a friend list please? that would make it 5 stars!!!

- Great but....

Eris loris keeps hacking into my servers please ban him from the game

- Crash

I love this game but when I’m the imposter it crash sometimes so can this be fix please but if it’s just me it’s ok (One week later) now it’s turning the back round black and there is a bot saying “your mad I’m back subscribe to Eris loris vote TRUMP 2020 |” and they don’t have a name that’s all I know please fix this

- Game sucks

There are to many hackers

- Imposter problems

I never get imposter I played 37 games in a row I never got imposter I used to love the game now I hate it because I never get imposter and when I get everyone leaves the game

- Fix the hackers please!!!😡

Cheaters are imposter every time, make discussion time only a couple seconds, unlock all hats without paying, please fix this! The game is broken and less fun!

- Hackers. Lots of Hackers.

Ay, Among Us people, there’s a problem with hackers right now. They push you out of the spaceship in the waiting lobby and you can’t get back in it. It’s also causing glitches in the game or connection issues. Restarting the game doesn’t help a whole lot either. Mainly writing this review for a heads up to people.

- Be Patient

Users! Please be patient with this dev team, it’s a group of 3 people who are all of a sudden having to deal with a huge burst in popularity! Things will be getting better and new features to come!

- Needs to fix spam bot

This game is really fun and everyone seems to enjoy it but recently when ever you enter any lobby a spam bot goes off turning all messages to support some guys YouTube channel and to support trump for the 2020 elections along with crashing the server. I’d like for there to be repercussions on the person who input this bot since the video of them implementing the bot sits plainly on their YouTube channel. I hope they fix this quickly because it’s really ruining any game experience.

- Hackers

There’s hackers joining the games and ruining it for everyone

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- One thing

I’m new to the Among Us community, and don’t get me wrong, this game is fantastic. But the only thing is actually 2 things. 1, there is one thing that really annoys me. At first, when I join the server that’s being hosted, [and yes, I know there is a reload button but it never pops up,] it always says; “This server is full.” I hate that! So why can’t I reload it?!? Also, when I find a good server, everything except others and your avatar are visible. This glitch is really annoying. There is another glitch, too. Sometimes people want to be the same color, but they can’t. I guess they are hackers or something b\c avatars are now somethings the same color! Weird!!! There is one more problem. I don’t like that you can get killed when you’re screen is not visible b\c you are doing a task, and the imposter can kill you. That annoys me. And one more thing. If you just discussed who the killer is, literally in 4 sec another person calls a meeting. This problem keeps you from doing your tasks and fixing the ship. You should AT LEAST have to wait 30 sec at least. Anyway, Among Us is a very hard-worked game, and I know the developers put their heart into this game. Thank-you for reading. Anamotronic-

- i love this game with my heart and soul <3

BUT the past two days there have been people hacking nearly every game I’ve joined, rendering it almost unplayable. Either they leave all players dead instantly as soon as you get in to the dropship/launchpad/cafeteria. Or they hack the Host’s account and say vulgar/off the wall things without the host even typing said things out. (This happened to me when I was Host.) Another issue with a hacked game that I’ve run into is the task bar being COMPLETELY FULL when I know for a fact I’ve only done one or two tasks.. and so have the other Crewmates... because the game has only been going for 20 seconds. It is so frustrating and it makes me want to throw my phone out of the window when I encounter it. I understand this may be a hard issue to fix. I don’t play any videos games besides my old Guitar Hero & Rock Band on XBox but I’m sure people hack in to all the popular games nowadays. Is there any steps we can take to prevent this from happening??? Why do people do this?? It takes all of the fun out of this amazing game. Sincerely, a girl who got Covid-19 and spent all of her quarantine playing this game for 15+ hours at a time.

- Report Button

I really like playing among us. One thing I don’t like, is playing with people who make me not like playing the game. This one time, I was playing with these people, and somone reported a body. Then, two of the players said it was black. But I defended black by saying that we were together, and that he/she was safe. But they both said one thing, that the imposter is black, because he’s black. I was shocked. I told them that it wasn’t black, but they voted black out. Then, one of them called an emergency meeting and said that I should get voted off because I was friends with black. They were using racist slurs, and saying racist things like: the imposter is always black or brown, black was trying to rob me. Stuff like that. I left the game before they could vote me off. It’s horrible that I can’t even enjoy a simple game, because these two people were being racist. I just want there to be an option to report people, and if there is, I would like to know how to use it. I play among us everyday and I think it’s really fun. It’s just sad that there are people out there who choose to play games instead of educating themselves about serious matters.

- Add a feature

I really love this game it’s fun to play with I love being the imposter and talking to new people about the problems but it it recently happened or a random guy join a server with me and my friend me and my friend we’re on call and I became an imposter with another person my color with Purple and the other person with pink right after we got caught the guy started saying inappropriate stuff and trying to get others to do it as well even after an imposter killed him he kept saying it with The same colors this is a random person that we have never talk to him and I don’t want to leave the server it was very hard to get a server with my friend and we didn’t even talk to him when he joined it was super uncomfortable after we told him to stop he kept doing it to the point where I just left the game I suggest you add a report feature because it was super uncomfortable especially I’m under age and he had no way of knowing my gender and I didn’t want to change my color because I like my color goes good with my name I would like a report feature to report a player for being very inappropriate especially when he try to get other people to join him even others told him to stop

- This is a great game, but.. :)

I love the simplicity and the stress and everything about this I just have a few suggestions. If and when a hacker has been recognized by the game ban them from the server and give them a warning, if they hack again, shut their game down COMPLETELY I mean don’t let them use the app at all, like if they open it it won’t even work. I also suggest more than a 100 character chat limit, it’s kinda long I know but it’s useful to talk with more than 100 characters per 2 minutes. The last thing I suggest is the ability to search for games with a certain name instead of having to scroll, this can cause friendships by being able to find a server with similar interests, it can have the same refresh type organization to it except the fact that you can look up certain names to find servers with similar names. This is a great game and this is just my opinion on what would make the game a lot more fun and active, this isn’t a need, or must, it’s just a friendly suggestion, meaning I don’t really plan on seeing these added since there are so many reviews. But if you do see this do take it in to consideration, thank you for your time.

- This game is fun but it has it’s disabilities

The game overall is fun and exiting but I’ve been playing the game lately and it’s been crashing and disconnecting a LOT and it’s so annoying. There are also a lot of mean and toxic people in the community I want the game to have an automatic censor on the bad and racist words that are said and please add like a voice chat or something on this because then people can talk to each or hate and say what they say. I love this game but my biggest concern is that community because all they do is curse and say the meanest things to one another there are kids playing the game and there are those who ruin the game by saying mean this to the kids who play this game please fix the community it is so toxic there is also A LOT of racism in the game and there is a lot of hurt in the words people say to one another and people need to think twice before they say what they are going to say. The community also needs to STOP using this game to date and getting close to one another it is so annoying I hate this please just kick these people out of the game who ruin it for the people who actually play this game the good way and not in a bad way. Overall I love this game so much but please fix this game and it’s community. Thank you 🙏

- My favorite game, but...

Don’t get me wrong, this game is amazing. I play it every single day and I absolutely love it. However, the community and players are so awful. Hackers and toxic people always come and ruin the game :/ I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve left a game because someone’s hacked it and killed everyone at once, or controlled my character’s movement, controlled what I say (such as “Red is The Impostor.”, or something like that). For the toxic people, there’s always someone throwing around slurs or just generally being inappropriate and rude. I have gotten DEATH THREATS on here because I voted them out. Then there’s the kids who throw around the n word, f slur, and r word. All because of a GAME. There’s no control of the community. Yes, there is a censored chat but it doesn’t stop much. Death threats, slurs, and other harmful things like that can really affect someone. I would be giving this game five stars if these issues were actually dealt with. Please consider finding a way to restrict hacking and saying slurs. And I’d suggest to especially consider having a report button (mostly for the death threats) so that a user’s app on that device can be banned for something as horrible as that.

- Recommend the game, but could use some updates!!

I play this game on a daily basis. Therefore I can find things that need improving. One thing I found is that when you go for a game, sometimes it will say “This Game Is Full” or “This Game Has Already Started”. And even with that it says you can ask the host if you can join next time, although we literally can’t. Also maybe if we can have friends on the app so that we can keep in contact with our fellow players. Another thing that can be added is maybe achievements. I also think that some games can be added. Sounds weird, but one such thing is Hide and Seek. YouTubers such as AlexAce play it. It’s where the Imposter’s vision is very small and comms are disabled. The crew mates try to complete their tasks. You can’t report bodies/call meetings and it is ok to know who the Imposter is. The only way to win crew mate wise is to finish the tasks. And I think that in the game, because there won’t be any voting, when there is one person left the Imposter doesn’t win but he has to kill the last player. Thank you for reading and I hope that these updates will be added!

- I LOVE this game

it’s so much fun to play with friends! it’s better that you can customize the game and change it to be what you want. i just have one complaint. the single game mode can be boring sometimes. i would love to see other game modes like hide and seek or a death match mode. i’m going to assume you guys are probably working on this already but i do want more maps to explore and play. i really love this game and would recommend it to everyone! (Edit) so there is a new map but it’s not fair that you have to pay to play it. you shouldn’t have to pay to play a map it’s not fair for those who can’t afford or can’t buy the bundle. letting only people who pay play the new map isn’t fair for the rest because we want to experience it too. i didn’t wait for a new map just to find out i can’t play it. the pay thing really brings the quality of the game down too. you don’t see good games like Breath of the Wild making you pay to access a part of the map. it’s a really scummy way to make money like i get you need to make a profit but don’t just ruin the game for the majority. please change this. it really isn’t fair.

- Great game! But needs more content

This game is great, and would definitely recommend to anybody who is interested. But there are some things that I think should be added just to improve the experience. 1. We need more maps. The map that is currently in the game is great, but there is no variety. It gets kind of stale when you are playing on the same map for an hour or two. 2. Add more jobs or stuff for the crew mates to do. The jobs are fine the way they are, but as a crewmate there seems to be nothing to do while playing. I would recommend added more jobs, making the jobs seem more minigame like, or adding something else for the crew mates to do. 3. Add more cosmetics. It seems a bit weird to be asking for more cosmetics, but the cosmetics we have now don’t excite me. I want to see more fun and creative costumes in the game just to spice up the experience. 4. There should also be a friend system so you know when your friends are on and can join there game. 5. There needs to be a separate imposter chat so both imposters can communicate with each other. But anyways this game is great, and would definitely recommend :)

- Write Name Here

I would have given this game negative 1 star if I could. At first this was a fun game to play with my friends. Then after a week or two after getting the game every time I would log on to a game or try to create one it go to a black screen! It was getting very annoying. But it only did it a few times so I just thought it was a little glitch and continued to play the game. Then recently when I logged onto the game it did it again to me and to my friend, even the people in the chat said it was happening to them too! This continued to happen it would go to a black screen and log me out of the game completely. But something that happened recently made me think that it was not just a minor glitch. It would go to a black screen as pure usual but it did not log me out this time. It would just stay as a black screen. I was still able to access the chat and what it sad scared the heck out of me. It had a red character that had a bunch of these links posted in the chat saying to go to the links to support Russia!!! Like what?!!! It also was saying that Putan will rule the world. I think this is way beyond the game. I think among us might have gotten hacked. If you see this log out immediately. I would appreciate if the developers of the game to look into this. I love the game among us but I don’t want to get hacked. Please fix this!

- Among us suggestions

I LOVE Among but there are a few things I’d like for you guy(s) to add. Number 1, I would absolutely play and love among us even more if you make most of the cloths unlockables but the super cool ones still cost money, Number 2 IT WOULD BE ABSOLUTELY AWESOME IF YOU MADE IT SO PEOPLE CAN ADD FRIENDS (PLEASE PLEASE DO MAKE IT SO YOU CAN ADD FRIENDS) Number 3 if you made things like backpacks for the game and you have to find the tools to do your task but you only can hold 4 (part 2 if number 3) also if you could make it so you would get money every time you win like at least a 100 and you would only get like 50 and most things cost 1,000’s, Number 4 IT WOULD BE SO COOL IF YOU ADDED AN ITEM SHOP AND BATTLE PASS IN AMONG US. Number 5 it would be my dream if you would make it so most pets are unlockables but again like the cloths, the super cool ones still cost in game money. I just decided that the super cool cloths I would like it if you made them worth in game money. From one of your biggest fans. (It would also be a dream come true if you would read this send back to me and do all of it, it would make a 6 year old boy’s dream come true. 🤩🤩🤩🤯🤯🤯🤗🤗🤗😮😮😮🤪🤪🤪

- Great but...

Overall this is a pretty great game. However there are some recent issues that have come to light. For one being that I’m assuming that since your game has become very popular recently so the game can’t handle the amount of people on it. So you can never really get a game in. Another thing is that I find the roles of crew mate and imposter at times somewhat monotonous and boring. Especially if you’re a crewmate. I feel that there could be a lot more things that an imposter and crewmate could do to make it more fun and interactive. For example, maybe players can playfully brawl in the lobby. Or crewmates can use their pets as scouts to look elsewhere. But only at the risk of making themselves vulnerable. Etc. Yet I think this is a really fun game that has a lot of potential. —— Revisit I think it’d be great if ghosts can play tag while they’re dead. Cause it can get pretty annoying/boring. Like they would have to complete all of their tasks in order to play to give incentive to complete their tasks for the living crewmates to win. And when all of the current ghosts have finished, the game tag commences. And any new ghosts will have to complete their tasks to join in.

- Among Us is the best

Everyone should play this game it’s so fun and you get to solve mystery’s I just found out that the are other maps my favorite map is polus like there is a new world like getting of the ship idk but I love it. You also get to have roles you ether get to be a crewmate that does tasks and if you do the tasks correctly you get to do is solve the mystery’s walk around and observe everyone and you can even might find that other role is now the other role is the imposter. The imposter‘s job is to do fake tasks without being caught and even sabotage rams so no one can do other tasks and you can even vent to other rooms. Also eliminate other players. If you play this game good luck and have fun! One last thing if you either get illuminated or voted off the ship you can become a ghost and observe everyone if you got rid of the ship you can finally figure out who the imposter is but one catch you cannot play the actual game and you cannot talk to other players.. last but not least if you keep game hopping you might get banned for an hour not forever an hour but I suggest not doing that anyways have fun!

- Watch out!

The game overall is great I love this game this game is a great game because you can interact with new people and meet new people but, this game has a lot of children and a lot of rude disgusting people in this game who like to say they have your IP address and will come to your house and fight you and then curse at you over the game just because you’re trying to defend yourself in the game saying that you’re not the imposter you have people cursing you out and calling you rude names they call you the N-word and nothing is getting fixed about it they don’t get cake they don’t get banned for saying it or suspended from the game they just get to do it and then you get to get upset over the game and be sad because you think that they’re going to come kill you or hurt you because I have your IP address. What I’m saying is that the people in the game who are playing are horrible people and it’s not all people it’s most people the game overall is really great to play but I don’t I want recommend this to kids who are nine years old playing this game I’m getting death threats were going to call the N-word.

- It’s great but look...

As you know this game overall is very popular and fun and it’s really tricky. I love this game and it’s very fun and I love playing it but here’s mines/everyone’s problem now. Okay so, almost every time you join a game someone joins and then the game goes pitch black. Then in the chat, I guess it’s a bot or something but it says either “join the discord server (and the link)” or “Join the discord server or your phone will be hacked (then the link)| Hacked by Russians” or something like those things but to me, I feel like the game isn’t safe anymore. I hope you guys can fix this because this game is so cool and popular then nobody will want to play it again. I love this game but it seems now that no one is able to play it. Another thing is when the hacker joins the games, sometimes you will get disconnected, or it says “The Among us matchmaker is full. Please try again in a few minutes.”, and sometimes it will say “Check your internet connection strength.”, but it will have nothing to do with your internet. Please fix these things because this game will start losing its popularity and people will want to stop playing it. I hope safety for everyone! <3

- Not much but PLZ GET RID OF THE TASK BAR!!!

First of all, I will not be reviewing the how good the concept is or how fun the game is. This is just to bring up a tedious problem I encountered when playing Among Us. Firstly, I get many server errors a lot of the time and I don’t think it is on my end. That is not the major problem I’m going to discuss here. One problem that I came about just recently is that I get disconnected from matches mid game. The tedious part about this is that when I try to enter a new match, there is a message saying that I can’t join another game for 5 minutes because of intentionally leading. This is a major problem that prevents me from enjoying the game. Also, task bars give away the impostor easily. If the crew wanted to, they could ask each person to do a task. The impostors would easily be caught bc of this. I believe that the reason why impostors should be caught is through deduction, not visually seeing that someone faked a task. The task bar makes the game so much worse this way. It is too easy to prove someone a crewmate or another person an impostor by looking at the task bar. This is why the task bar should be removed from among us :)

- Love it! One suggestion

Among Us is an AWESOME game! I’ve only had it for three days and I’m addicted! It’s so much fun and I love the design and graphics. I like how it doesn’t have a lot of gore, so it’s appropriate. I love the graphics, they make it fun! I also really like how you can customize your character’s suit color and hat for free. There are in-app purchases, but they’re just for your character design, so it doesn’t affect the fun of the game. I really like how you can choose to censor the chat, thanks for that. It keeps it appropriate and I love the feature of being able to kick people out if you created the game. Sometimes people have inappropriate nicknames and it’s nice to kick them out for being rude. I would like to make some suggestions, please. If it were me there at the company I would suggest being able to add friends. Then have it bring up games that your friends are playing in when you go to join a game. That’s really the only idea I have. I don’t even mind the adds all that much because they don’t interrupt the game. The game is awesome and there are very (very) few flaws. Awesome job! 👏👍🙌

- I love this game just wish a few things were added!

I absolutely love this game and play it constantly with my friends! I just wish a few things were added to the game. I feel like impostors should be able to read and reply to ghost chat, like maybe have two chats on the impostors screen one only ghosts can see and the other everyone sees, a lot of my friends also agree that the game would be much more fun if the impostors could talk to the ghosts. I also would love to see more colors be added to the game, like maybe some pastels or an option that you can make your own color. Another addition I would love to see is girl clothing options, right now all the outfits are really geared towards males and I can never find an outfit I would actually wear, I would definitely spend more money that way!😂 Also I do get kicked out of games a lot when I shouldn’t, it would be in the middle of a round and the game will glitch and say I don’t have internet even though my phone still has full bars. Anyways I really LOVE this game and so do all of my friends thank you so much for reading!

- Good but....

It’s a very good and addicting game! And it’s very fun to play with friends! But the one thing is that there should be updates/changes. Like we should be able to get imposter more. And I know this is a problem with a lot of people. Also we should not be able to leave unless there is like a WiFi problem and what I mean by this is u can’t leave in the middle of the game unless u have died or WiFi problems. It’s so annoying after such a long time u are finally imposter and then half of the server leaves bc they aren’t the imposter. Some more thing u could add would be like when u come into public games and there are servers u clock a server and it says “there is 10 people in this game” then why do u put it on there.? Also there should be more people allowed to join a game it would make the game way better and going along with that there should be a thing in the beginning or end of a game you can send like a friend request bc I know almost everyone who plays this game meet very nice people but then on of you guys have to leave and then u never see them again which can be very sad and annoying. But other then that the game is very good I really like the concept and keep up the good work!!!

- “Disconnected” Bugs are TERRIBLE

The game is great, really. I got it because it’s what all the clubs at my high school are playing, and it’s a good way to connect in shelter-in-place. However, I have never been so frustrated with a game. It seems like all my friends can play, but it always disconnects me because the “packets” don’t come back. I know what pinging is and what packets are in computer lingo, but I get this disconnected notice every time I try to join a game, start a new round, or navigate to other apps while attempting to play private mode. Really, a game this popular should have bugs worked out. Since you are at the top of the charts and the focus of a billion memes, you should have the budget to get someone to fix these bugs. It’s ridiculous and annoying that I can’t play with my friends but I can play with total strangers. Fix these bugs and you’ll have a timeless game. I tried to play on both IPad Pro 2017 and IPhone 5s, and even a different network and neither worked. If you are playing just for short, fun and entertainment with strangers, this is a great game. This is not a good game if you like long-term games, and not a good game if you want to play with friends. The bugs make it almost impossible.

- Most annoying but fun thing ever! 😡

I was playing this game and my friend wanted to play it to and we tried and failed this game keep saying I have to wait 15 minutes to start or like 5 minutes and it was the most annoying thing ever! Sure the game is fun but when you try to start it it’s just annoying! I know a lot of people like it and I thought I would to also this is the first time I am doing a review and I am not even saying it is good I know this may not happen to everyone and I know it will probably going away but I am just saying if you get this game just so you know there may be a lot of glitches and this is the most annoying in all this game is really fun just sometimes annoying like really annoying... but the people that made this pls and I mean PLS stop this glitch it’s so annoying I mean annoying but if your parents read this just know this does not mean you should not get it I mean it is still a great game besides the glitches anyway you should still get the game but just know it MAY have a really annoying glitch and if it is not a glitch than JUST DON’T GET THE GAME but just if that is not a glitch anyway you should still get the game in all without the glitches it’s a really fun game!

- This game is great

So after four of my friends who play it recommended me to play it, I tried it out. At first I didn’t really get it because I never did the ‘how to play’ thing, but I caught on fast. Basically their is the crew and the imposter. The imposter is trying to kill everyone on the crew to win. The crew is trying to fix the ship while trying to find the imposter and kick him of the ship. Once they do that, the imposter is dead and they win. But along the way, they have to report bodies which activate meetings so in a chat box they can discuss who is suspicious and who they think they should vote for. Or they could skip the vote if they don’t know who to vote for. They can also activate emergency meetings if they think they know who the imposter is. If the majority votes for any person, imposter or not imposter, that person is killed. If it’s the imposter, obviously they win. But if it’s a crew member that crew member can stay on the ship as a ghost and do tasks to fix the ship, or they can leave the game. That’s the game and I find it really fun and I don’t really have any complaints. Thanks for reading my review! 🐬

- There's too many glitches

I love the game, it's great and all, super fun , but there's this glitch when u make a world sometimes where some thing pops up that says "subscribe to Eris Lori's or ur phone will explode Trump 2020" and another one like "your mad vote Trump 2020" when u make a server and it deletes the server and exits u out. And there's also lag when ur done a game and it glitches out, or when u make or join a server it's all completely black. I also have a request for a new update . Maybe could have more colors and players in a game, but mainly , we should be able to friend people. Like add them as friends ad then we can join them whenever theyre online, with a friend's list join button when we click theyre name. We should also be able to chat with our friends on the friends list icon or whatever through a chat or something . It would make the game a lot better, because I've me t some nice ppl that I wish I could of friended (if that were an option) but couldn't because either they or I disconnected. Just some bug glitch fixes for the hackers and some new updates. And I think baby crew mates should be freee

- Crashes, and adding a “report” button

This game is great, i have a lot of fun... except for the toxic, insulting players. I had an experience with a user that kept on calling me Mexican, even though im not, i just know how to speak Spanish. He ended being banned by me for being extremely racist and disturbingly disrespectful. I would have loved for a “report button” feature to be available. But I also understand why one doesn’t exist, there is no registration sequence to play the game... but isn’t there a player id? Why not permanently ban an id from joining another id in the same server, hence a “report” feature. My other argument is the constant crashes in game, it gets pretty annoying. I play the game on in ‘ipad 6th gen’ and since the new “regional” update, crashes have been pretty constant. Please look into these, especially the crashes. I hope feedback like these make the game even better! :) Update: It crashes more and more every day, as in it gets worse. Please, fix this, i am not having fun anymore. The game takes me out after every game or even in a game, and it’s annoying.

- Hackers and other things

Hello among us creators. I will have to say a few things about your game. overlay it used to be amazing and it still is but there’s some things happening to your game. One of those things are the WiFi problems I think that we all should be able to play without WiFi, some people might be in unstable situations with no WiFi and might wanna play with friends so I think that should be fixed to. A second thing is joining friends games. When I want to join my friends game sometimes a message pops up on my screen and says something like this sever isn’t created or like error codes. Another thing is that I keep getting disconnected and kicked out of the game for NO reason and I think other people get kicked out to for absolutely no reason. ANOTHER BIG REASON IS HACKERS!!! ME AND MY FRIEND WAS GOING INTO A AMONG US TO MAKE A SEVER AND WHEN HE JOINED A RED GUY WITH NO NAME SAID SOMETHING ABOUT TRUMP 2020 AND THWN THE WHOLE LOBBY WENT BLACK AND ANOTHER TIME IT HAPPENED AGAIN AND IT JUST KICKED US OUT!! ON TIKTOK I HAVE SEEN OTHER PEOPLE HAD THE SAME PROBLEM HAS ME! IT IS VER VERY VERYYY HARD TO GER IN A NORMAL AMONG US SEVER!! PLEASE MATCH UP THESE PROBLEMS!! Overall this game is very good but I cant play with all these hackers it’s very hard to get in a normal match. (Sorry for spelling mistakes)

- Good game stop being a snowflake

This is a very good game, and when I see bad reviews, they are mostly these two things. 1) there are hackers. I see bad reviews just because of a couple of hackers that ruined a couple games for the player. It is not very hard to leave a game and find a new one. 2) they can’t get into a game because it is “full”. The people that have this issue probably always pick the lobby that already has 8-9 out of ten people in it. You need to be smart about what lobby you pick, like a 5-6 out of ten lobby. Then, you can get into a game and have a good time with other people. Please don’t be a snowflake and delete the game because a couple of hackers made you mad. Also, people that keep requesting friend systems, you will get it soon. The game developers just canceled the second game and are deciding to just add what they wanted for the second game to the first one. They have wanted friend requests for a while and I’m betting that will be one of the first big updates. Again this is an amazing game and I have had very few problems with it. Thank you for your time.

- Love the game but it is too buggy

Alright let me start with when ever I try to look for a match I get errors %98 of the time. When I am in the middle of a game I will randomly be kicked out and get a error message. And when I click on a match I mostly get a error that says it either is full or already started, basically what I’m saying is don’t show it on the list if I can’t join. Although I know the reasoning to most of these is that you didn’t design the game to run perfect because well you didn’t think it would be a popular game, well because this game is what 3 years old? Besides all the bugs this is a REALLY fun game. I even made a purchase in game. But if the game will not function correctly I don’t see the point in buying anything. And I am sure I’m not the only one that feels this way and had these problems. Please fix all the bugs, if you fix the issues then I will proceed to play this game more and purchase items. (Side note, it would be cool if you added more things to buy, like outfits, more pets etc. I don’t care what the cost is just please add it.) Thank you!


Sooo.... I’ve been playing among us for a while now, i seen everyone playing it so i decided to hop on the trend, i immediately got addicted to it and started playing it every once in a while with my siblings and all, it was a hell of a ride and fun. I put my friend on to this game and ever since, we’ve been playing together and we enjoyed it a lot. It would have glitches here and there and i wouldn’t bother to care because it didn’t interfere with me playing so i didn’t mind. It got to this point where the games would start finishing fast, i would get disconnected from the game, this thing would happen where everyone would be saying and spamming the same thing i once, AGAIN i didn’t bother to care because all games have itty bitty problems and every time i would do that i would just delete the game and download it over. BUTTTT TODAY I GOT FED UP WITH IT AND DOING THAT! I got on among us and created a game so me and my friend could play together, it immediately disconnected me from doing so, i kept try for about 9 times and so did my friend and it still wasn’t working. SO I AM TELLING U GUYS TO FIX YOUR GAME !! It’s so much bug fixes needed and y’all are trying to make a among us 2. Y’all better get among us 1 situated before doing so ! If u gon make a game, make it right or don’t make it AT ALL. That’s all i have to say, bye .

- Great game but..

I have loved this game ever since it’s been trending all over social media. So I decided to try it myself. (Thank god it was free :)) Has played a couple of rounds and I find it very amusing and funny and how you can censor the chat or keep it uncensored. The problem is with the characters. There was this one round where I had the color purple but for some reason when I got scanned, it said my color was cyan. It got me confused at first but it didn’t happen again so I thought it wasn’t that bad. Until I did another round, the glitch got even worse. For some reason, I was out but I could still type and other people could see it. And the same happened for everyone else. I was with someone else and then someone reported a dead body. And the it said I reported it, even though I didn’t even see the body. So I asked who reported and someone said it was them and they were also a different color. I don't know if this is constant for me or happens to everyone. I just need this fixed. But I still give it a 5-star review because it is great. Signed, Burnt Metal


This is a super great game, and I love all the animations and all the hats! But just today I was trying to play the game so I pressed the online option and it said something (I don’t remember what it said) but it wasn’t working even if I hosted a game. And it kept say to try again in a few minutes, so I did, and almost all of the servers that said 2/10 said that the server was full and I was unable to join. I’ve also noticed that it does that a lot. Even if it has like 7/10 and it isn’t full. But then I was finally able to join one server and the lobby was completely black and I was only able to see me and the other player, and the chat and settings symbols and the info about the game. So I did what most people would do, I was going to ask what was happening in the chat but then I got kicked. I’m not sure why Among is isn’t working but please fix it. I’ve also been seeing a ton of reviews saying that people got hacked, and I really don’t want to be hacked. Nobody does, so please find some way to fix that to. Thank you for reading this, and if you are the developer/developers please respond.


YES I LOVE AMONG US WITH ALL MY HEART!!!! MY FRIENDS TOO!!!! IT IS FUN, ENTERTAINING, ADVENTUROUS, AND ETC!!!! I CAN NOT STOP PLAYING IT!!!! I EVEN LOVE THE PEOPLE I MEET ALONG THE WAY TOO!!! Of course though, there’s a “but”. As great as this game is, there needs to be a solution to hackers. The ones that mess with the system and cause things that have happened to me personally like random teleportation, the imposter being found out pretty much IMMEDIATELY, and this weird thing I’m not even sure if it has happed to anyone but...having a PRIVATE ROOM YET RANDOM PEOPLE STILL SOMEHOW JOIN IT????? Like the hackers worry me and make me NOT want to play. Because you know, HACKERS. But so far nothing too serious beyond just cheating in the game has happened so of course I will still play. But still, if people can hack the game a lot more issues can occur so please, please, please, please fix this bug and up the security!!! (And lol no not security in the game haha, the game itself is literally perfect for me) But yeah that’s all I got. I’m just concerned about the hacking and that’s it. Thank you though to the creators who made this wonderful game, it really is great!!!

- Super fun but I got good ideas!

Hello creators of among us! I love this game and it is a ton of fun, but there are few ideas I had in mind to make the game better! 1. Emotes : let say every time you win a game you coins and you add a shop! You can buy emotes, hats, skins, and maybe death animations! 2. More maps : I think it would be cool if you guys added more maps and ones with new aspects like instead of vents for the murderer, They can go through holes in the wall! 3. Go to other people : there are a lot of other talented out there that have good ideas and if games turned to you tubers and memers the game could be some much better! 4. Items : if you had items around the map and it took about three seconds to pick up I think it would be a cool aspect to the game! Like if the lights are out, you could find a flashlight and see so you know who’s coming, or you can use items to complete missions like if you need to connect the wires you need pliers! I hope you take these into consideration and I think it would make the game so much cooler! 😄 Sincerely: Game Player

- Freeplay Suggestions

Edit 1: In addition to the features listed below, I think there should be a ‘Search’ feature when looking for public games. My friends and I tried playing but he couldn’t find my game. We had to use private. It would have been much easier to have a search feature. Also, some games say that they have 7/10 people or something and I try to join, then get “Server Full”. Is this a bug? Old Review: Among Us is a great game to play for a ‘Clue’ feeling. You can play with others on the same WiFi, online with players around the world, or you can use Freeplay. Freeplay is really just a practice mode, but it doesn’t feel like a normal Among Us session. If the developers could have the A.I.s move around to do tasks, that would be cool. Also, when A.I.s are moving around, if they see you doing imposter-y things, they will find the shortest path to the ‘Emergency Meeting’ button and say in the chat “I saw ___ kill Dummy _!”. If the developers added these features, it would be much cooler. It would also be better if the chat filter and name filter were stronger - Among Us players find ways to bypass this filter. Please make these changes to the game! Keep updating - I’m cheering!

- Love it, but update

I absolutely love this game, but I’ve been thinking of an update: add support for multiplayer free play, like only privately, also maybe add achievements to unlock Certain cosmetics, like win as imposter 5 times to get mini crewmate or stuff like that. Edit: I’m just now realizing that the example above is kinda stupid, I’ve just really wanted mini crewmate at least the pet for awhile now, im sure at least someone reading this has seen me before, bc my name is BUP (all caps yes) but I’m not too sure if anyone HAS seen me before, but anyway I’m crashing a little too often and I think it may be my iPad (it’s like an iPad 6 or 7) or maybe just the game not supporting the iPad very stably, but nonetheless I just would like the ability to actually chat among my crewmembers without crashing, or a lot of other things without crashing: assigned a role (I.e. crewmate or imposter) win or loss screen, chatting, randomly, but rarely, during the game, and I think that’s about it, I mean I am usually silent during discussions, but I would like to be able to defend my self if someone is sus of me

- great game but..

it’s a great game don’t get me wrong , i love playing it. in fact i spend most of my day playing it! but there are some things that should be noticed and banned. first HACKERS. hackers are so annoying. you can literally be the imposter , kill someone , and someone reports it and the hacker texts from the other players devices saying for example “RED IS THE IMPOSTOR”, without the other players command, and EVERYONE votes red without even ACTUALLY voting because the hacker did it. it has happened to me. they can end the voting quickly so they don’t get caught and become imposter almost EVERY round and kill everyone within the span of 5 SECONDS !! It is unfair to other players who just want to play correctly without some loser hacking the game. they should be banned for hacking the game or even TRYING. Next is kicking. i hate how players call emergency meetings for no reason at the beginning of games and say nothing and it wastes time and the host don’t kick them out so we have to wait for the voting time to end so we can vote them out. if you can please fix this it would be great !

- Just some ideas

It would be cool if you guys added a feature that gives imposters a chance to do limited amounts of tasks. This would prevent people from singling you out and add more strategy in how you can blend in. Obviously you dont want to let the crew members win, therefore you have to balance both aspects of killing but not raising suspicion. A friends list or party system would allow you to easily meet up with your friends and play in together besides setting up private lobbies. A ranked playlist could add more depth, and statistics too would also be beneficial in understanding your play-style and or skill level. I’d also like to see different game modes and newer or bigger maps were you can have up to 15 players and 4 imposters, but I feel that could be too hectic. Definitely do add a separate voice chatting system where the dead could communicate besides when meetings are taking place, that way you don’t feel bored listening to nothing in between discussions. This are just a few changes I’d like to see to the game, but they’re just ideas.

- Perfect, I recommend

Among us a really good game in my opinion. it's perfect! Among us is original, makes some GOOD memes and there are a decent amount of ads! I don't have much to say about among us except for how it's perfect, but I do have a couple recommendations. 1. You guys should add a feature where the imposters can chat while everyone else is doing the tasks. I feel like it would be a lot cooler! 2. make the items that you can buy with real money a bit cheaper. I don't really worry about this one too much anyway, because it doesn't matter how u look, but for the people who want to buy it might think it's not worth it. My final one, 3. Make the pets get to do a little more. All the pets can do is make a scared/ sad reaction when you die. They also follow you. I'm not sure what you could add, but it would be great if you can also make it so they can have the same outfit or hat as you! That would be really cute! But all of those ideas are ur choice. I'm just recommending some ideas to make the game much cooler or fun. Other than that, I really think your game is great.

- I like the looks of this game but it’s not playable for me.

I just got this app and right from the start I knew it was gonna start to kick me out multiple times. The reason I thought that was because the process of getting into the main screen was very long so long my phone went to my lock screen but then I just started to click rapidly so it wouldn’t close out. So once I got on the main screen I clicked online and then I wanted to join a game so when I did it automatically kicked me out and I tried this like 3 more times and it continued to keep kicking me out. So then I thought why don’t I make a game. And so I did. But once I got 10 people in my game it kicked me out again once the game started. See I don’t know if some of the lagging was towards my phone because I have a 5s, and the 5s is a pretty old phone and tends to lag a lot. But to be honest I think it’s mostly the games fault for kicking me out. But I have seen a bunch of youtubers play this game and it looks really fun. My friend also has this game as well. But I really hope that you guys will fix the massive lag that keeps happening and if one day the lagging stop and it lets me play I assure you I will make my rating go up to a 5!

- Map recommendation: Interstellar entertainment center

So for the map it could have an arcade part and an sport part and a Dj part so for every task you could walk up to the arcade machine and fix it and then to finish repairing the arcade cabinet you could play test it like ddr, Galaga, donkey Kong, pac man, shooting alien game, and last but not least wack a mole. And here are the replacement names dance dance rotation, galaxy, strong kong, dot guy, shoot the impostor’s, and smash a crewmate and then for the sport part you can go to the balls and it could reanflate the balls and you can then go on a computer somewhere near it and then you can calibrate the trajectory of the balls the walk up to it and then throw the ball with your trajectory set and then you could play a fooseball task we’re you need to replace the broken socket players and a volleyball ball task so you can test out a solo game volleyball robot and for the dj task you can do Simon says so you have to scratch the disk like how there is on the side and you can fix the disco ball and replace the broken light up floor tiles and so that’s my map suggestion so I hope you add it into the game

- Too many hackers and children (Angry review)

For an online game thats usually filled with lobbies of 12 and 14 year olds.. there is a lot of racism and cursing. But thats not the worst part. You can censor the chat or ignore it. The worst part is the hackers, who call out imposters before an imposter kills. Or if the hacker is imposter, once the chat figures out who killed who the hacker ends the meeting or ends the game. If i play 20 games in 1 day i will run into 10-15 hackers that day. Probably more if i decide to play with 3 imposters instead of 2. So i dont play anymore unless i have my own group of friends. I also never get imposter so it gets bored fast unless youre lucky. One thing ill say, ive never ran into a hacker or someone who is blatantly cheating on Clash Royale. P.S these little children get mad when they arent imposter and leave the game. You guys need to do better than what you already have in place, when it comes to dealing with babies. Punish them with maintenance breaks. 1 hour at the least if you leave a game more than 3 times within a certain time frame. I dont know but i wont be playing anymore. It was fun while it lasted though.

- Hosting Lobbies taking too long to fill up fix. If there wasn’t a problem I wouldve rated 5 stars

Naturally hosting a lobby takes a lot of time to fill up of course, but it’s even longer when you put the lobbies with the least amount of people at the bottom which is why they should be at the top because when I tap the top one it says full and I have to scroll down anyways. And when I'm hosting a lobby it takes 5-10 minutes on average to get to 2 people! But when I am 9 players somehow I get to 10 with a minute. I find this very odd. Now it could be people just join the fullest lobby, but I think it’s because people are lazy and dont scroll to the lower lobbies which are less full. I mean a game that is exploding as it is shouldn't have this problem either. So devs please move the less full lobbies to the top of the menu. Also it wouldn't hurt to have us have things to do in the lobby like I dont know a maze? Maybe add a jump button, so we can have parkour while waiting? A tic tac toe station? Where it can hold 5 pairs? Seriously it’s boring waiting this long to fill up, and thought to right this it took so long.

- Great Concept and Design But Needs Polishing

We’ve all heard of this game, and nearly everyone will say that it is quite addicting. There’s nothing more fun trying to mask yourself as the imposter, battling through people’s logic and using it as your weapon. The overall experience in game is great, but it needs heavy improvements on the technical side. Finding servers can get quite annoying if you plan on playing with randoms, often displaying “The game you tried to join is full.” It should automatically just find a server for me instead of me endlessly trying to connected and get the same message over and over again (the most I got was 13 in a row!). Yes, the servers themselves are not very good. Say you want to host a game, but it would take a long time before anyone starts to join because the server list doesn’t display all available open servers ( there will be too many ), only the populous ones. After a certain amount of minutes with no activity, the lobby will automatically shut down. As of now, for the BEST experience you would want to play with a group of friends over a Discord call.


This game is soo edicting I play it all the tim what you do in the game is you get 10 or less but 10 max and you start the game the leader who started the server decides wether there’s 12or3 imposter the game starts and whoever is imposter gets a kill cool down and so he can’t just kill thim no worries about the killing it’s not realistic if you see the graphics and what happens is if your crewmate you do tasks you on a ship and there is a task bar and the imposter try to kill someone and run and if someone finds the body they can report the body And when that happens you talk to other online people and you can decide who you Think it is you can skip vote and go back to what your doing or vote someone out or tie someone out witch is like skipping if you vote someone out you throw thim in space and it we’ll tell you wether there imposter or not and there’s skins and pets you can get very cool idea and imposter can sabotage like lights so people can’t see and reactor with is the engine and 02 witch is air and it’s very fun iv been playing it for months now and it never gets boring.

- Totally AMAZING!

I totally LOVE this game! But one thing, when I disconnect from games, it says “you may not join another game for 5 minutes because you were intentionally disconnecting”. Sometimes I have to leave games, like when I have to go to school, or when I have sports and stuff. But a couple days ago this was SUPER frustrating, because this weird glitch happened where I wanted 3 imposters, but it only did one, and the background would go black and it would be SO annoying. And today, when I left just one game, it said I couldn’t join for another 10 minutes. This is super annoying and it needs work, because this can be really annoying. I would recommend this game to anyone who doesn’t rage quit or anything. The reason I gave this 4 stars is because of that reason, and sometimes when I just want to be an imposter I disconnect from games and stuff, so yeah. But other than that this game is totally great! I totally would have given this review 5 stars but because of the disconnecting thing, that drops my rate a little. But anyways yeah! This game is great, and it’s so worth the buy!

- My chances of Impostor are 0.001 even when there is three impostors.

First of all I just gotta say that this game is incredible, I played this game before it became popular and I’m happy to see that it blew up. It’s also cool that this game was made from only 3 people. Since you can change your name as often as you like, you could be Among Us. You know how everyone likes to impostor and they get to be a killer for once instead of just going around the ship just doing tasks and getting killed. I for once, literally can’t get impostor. It’s like it’s chosen me not be impostor and decided to just not notice me. Crewmate is the only role I can expect from playing my Among Us. Heck, I have to just pray to just be impostor with THREE impostors. Now it may seem that I can get impostor by chance and there is no way that letting me not be impostor is just fair but there should be like a chance that always goes up when your not impostor. You know, have played Murder Mystery 2? The chance always goes up every time your innocent. Or, don’t, because you are not even gonna notice me but a lot of people can relate to me.

- Great by suggestions

This is the best game ever I’ll love this game I suggest getting this game. I’m not gonna make my message very long because I know you have a life to get to. I love this game and it’s awesome but I do suggest that we can make friends I had so many people that I would want to make friends with like my brother my sister my dad my mom whoever plays I’d like to make friends with them and I feel like if I meet someone nice and then I can never play with them again it’s not really possible like there’s so many people in the world who put them on us. So people out there who are making a Among Us I suggest making friends so if you like them and you can send a friend request to them and they can always decline your friend request at any time or moment I think that’s a great idea but of course I don’t I want among us and I don’t work out among us app so I can’t do anything. But I really enjoy this game so I suggest you get it and have fun with what they do or don’t do God bless you in everything you do. John 316 he sent his only son to die in a cast amen

- More Classes, Here are my Ideas.

Maybe it would be More fun If there were more classes Like “Detective” Where the detective can See more details on other Crewmates And impostors or the “Traitor” Just like the impostor But The traitor Cant vent away Or report But He is able to Hide the body, The “Medic”The medic will be able to bring 1 Player back to life After that there will be Medkits all over the map where the medic Has to find it, if the medic is killed another crewmate can be A Medic like the dead Medic. “Engineer” The Engineer Will be able to Fix the Reactor In a couple of seconds without someone, He can fix the lights Maybe even set up Cameras Only on skeld. But the bad thing is He moves 0.25 Slower then The other players since he has all that stuff, The “Hacker” The hacker Can Sabotage Reactor and 02 The timer Will have Less Seconds, Comms Can only be fixed BY The Hacker and Lights are the same but theres less light. Bad thing is for hacker Every Minute or so There will be a Green blinking Light inside the Helmet. There thats all the classes i thought I love your game and Stay safe.

- Incredible Game! But some things to say.

I would like to recognize how amazing this game is, and how it’s such a unique take on the murder mystery kind of game. I would like to suggest some things that could make the game even more amazing. For starters, in the map The Skeld, across from the Admin room, maybe adding a kitchen would be cool. There is some space there that could fit a small room with tasks such as “Kitchen: Preheat Oven” or “Kitchen: Boil Water” that would be cool. Also there should be “Living Quarters” where the astronauts sleep with 12 colored beds for each color the players can be. Also, it’s been suggested quite a lot that Imposters should be able to see the ghosts of the victims of their murders. Also, this may or may not ruin the game, but I think that’s ghosts should be able to sabotage, and Imposters can kill and close doors. It would give more meaning to the ghosts so everyone doesn’t just leave the game when they die. Even though you may be working on these into Among Us 2, I would be much appreciated if you were to consider my suggestions.

- Good game but...

The game is great. If you’ve played it you know what I mean when I say that a lot of effort and talent went into this game. It’s super fun! It does glitch a good amount but nothing that ruins the experience. My one problem is hackers. First I just want to say I do not believe these people can hack your phone or device. Also stop harassing the developers to fix it. They are doing the best they can I promise. Back to the hackers. If you somehow haven’t run into this yet, when you join servers people say you have to support Trump or join their discord for Trump or whatever and if you don’t they will hack all your information and come to your home address. THEY. CANT. DO. THAT. Please stop freaking out nobody has your address. They can’t do anything to your phone, it’s impossible. However it is inconvenient for the player experience and the game isn’t possible to play as of right now. One more warning. The VERY WORST thing you can do is join that discord server. That might give them the ability to hack something. The developers have said to stay off public servers so you should do that for the time being but please don’t worry, you won’t get hacked.

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makenzie perry

Everyone go down load among-us it the best game ever


Qui among-us ?

𝙎𝙥𝙤𝙤𝙠𝙮 𝙎𝙝𝙖𝙣𝙞𝙖🏚🎃👻

@ChadOhman Dude what’s your name in Among-Us? I’ll find you! We can do an NDP Among Us Gamerthon

Among Us! 2020.9.9 Screenshots & Images

Among Us! iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Among Us! iphone images
Among Us! iphone images
Among Us! iphone images
Among Us! iphone images

Among Us! (Version 2020.9.9) Install & Download

The applications Among Us! was published in the category Games on 2018-07-25 and was developed by InnerSloth LLC [Developer ID: 957995279]. This application file size is 180.89 MB. Among Us! - Games app posted on 2020-09-14 current version is 2020.9.9 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.innersloth.amongus

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