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Feel the adrenaline as you are flipping in the air after jumping down some crazy heights.
Do insane jumps and flips down obstacles and land in the goal area in this parkour and freerunning inspired simulation game.

Using simple game mechanics you can jump, flip, and crash with only one finger.

Realistic physics
Parkour inspired gameplay
11 Stages with over 40 levels
Character customization
10+ hats to choose from
More levels coming soon!

New levels and content are added regularly, and your reviews are very important so your requests can come true.

Make your parkour dreams a reality.
Master the most extreme flips, tricks, and jumps.

Flip Trickster App Description & Overview

The applications Flip Trickster was published in the category Games on 2018-02-22 and was developed by Lion Studios. The file size is 199.74 MB. The current version is 1.5.2 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

NEW Level: School
Bug fixes

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Flip Trickster Reviews


Developers - please fix winterland level 6  Peteepablo  5 star

One of my favorite games of all time... I’ve beaten everything except winterland level which no longer allows players to land on level 6. Something in the code is persisting the bounce effect on the bottom where the target is... literally just need the achievement to land 16 flips but I can’t bc level 6 is broke AF. I love this game please help me finish!!!


Started our great  TigertillidieLSU  2 star

I used to love this app, just simple challenging fun, there were a few short adds at first but now the adds are just to numerous, takes all the fun out of the game


Level is bugged  West6od  1 star

Landing feet first on last level of ice land and my dude won’t stick it


Restore Button doesn’t work  MrSlaybury  1 star

Purchased the ad free experience for $2.99. Had to download the game again and the restore option isn’t doing anything. How can I contact for support?

Brooke Sullivan

Very fun! but could be better  Brooke Sullivan  3 star

This game is very fun! However there are way to many adds every 5 seconds


Wonderful game  Cboutin113  5 star

I very game but challenging and I like challenges so I love this game

poop guy 1212345

Worst game ever !!!!! 👿  poop guy 1212345  1 star

Way to many ads you can’t even beat funhouse because every time I land perfectly in the red it says do it again I and my mom dad cousin aunt uncle grandma and sister HATE this game


I love this!  cłłaire  4 star

This app is so much fun but so hard. I find it very challenging and very competitive, I’ve had it for about a week now and I’m starting to get good at it! It would be even more fun if they had front flips not just backflips and girl skins not just guy skins.



I literally can’t go five seconds without seeing an ad. The game is fun, but the ads RUIN it. If the devs put in less ads, I’ll play it again (after they do.) If they don’t, never playing this game again.


Almost, but no!  MR1357  2 star

Could be a fun and simple game, but the developers are just too greedy (way too many advertisements). There's just no time to enjoy the game between long and repetitive adds. Should be called "Add Trickster".


Fun, but littered with ads  Redmanexpress  3 star

Overall the game itself is quite fun and addictive but you generally only get 3 or 4 flips before a long ad pops up, gotta turn your wifi off to play it.

Frustrated Name Finder

Don’t get. Not fun  Frustrated Name Finder  1 star

Game is unrealistically difficult. I manage to get through each level including bonus after hours of frustration but then the “Full Stage” levels. Requiring you perfectly lands EVERY jump you just did and then some idiotically impossible bonus’ make the game no fun at all. When the Bonus requires you land on something the relative size of a pin head you should be counting crashes in the target zone as well for accuracy. I mean to make the points challenges already requires you to make absolute perfect jumps why then require absolute perfect jumps to make challenges. Oh and yeah. You have too many ads. I get the need for ads on a free game. But when I’m running into 30secs of ads every 15secs of gameplay that’s way too much

I am the game marster!

OMG  I am the game marster!  5 star

I just searched up on the App Store popular games and when I saw this I downloaded it straight away!! It's soooo much fun and there's loads of levels like I did a flip on a pirate ship 🚢 in that game!! Literally it's AMAZING 🙀😁😜🤣🤗😊😄 Definitely get this app/game!!!!!

mad at ads.

Give us back the reset button.  mad at ads.  1 star

will change my review when you allow us to be able to use the reset button again. It is super frustrating when trying to complete your challenges when I have to wait for an already failed jump to fall the entire distance rather than just hit the reset button. Seriously did you really think it was a good idea to disable it? Game is fun otherwise to pass time. But will not change my review till the reset button works again.


More levels  kyphills  5 star

Hey I like this game it’s very challenging which is good but the should be more levels than what’s there


More levels  Hunt17bmx  4 star

Well first of all I’d like to say this a great game and that I started a day ago and I’ve already completed every level so I thought you could add some more. Also make less ads it’s annoying that every 1-5 jumps it’s an ad


Game  gayboy😘  5 star

Excellent game I love it cheer Lil willy ☺️


SO ANNOYING 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡  Jo1905  1 star

I hate when you have that advertisement thing up the top of your screen


😡😡😡😡😡😡  jesshjvdhdmd  1 star

Ughhhhhh!!! This game was good, until it started bugging out. Eg: one level I landed in the MIDDLE of the target and i didn’t even get rewarded the silver rank!!!! And thishappened again and again and again!!! And then I have to use coins to get past the level!!!! It’s not fair!! You need to make sure the game is perfect with no bugs before you release it!!! And that’s not even talking about how many ads their are... I HATE THIS GAME!!!!!!


Too many ads  jsmchjrndj  1 star

If you dickheads didn’t put so many ads in the game maybe a lot more people would play it, and for that reason I’m deleting it.


Ads  Chip257  1 star

Wayyyyy too many, every like 3rd try a 15 second ad will pop up

ten eclipses at the same time

Bus  ten eclipses at the same time  5 star

I play this on the bus and never get bored of it 😁


Hope you like ads.  advkl8  1 star

It averages about 7 ads per minute. It’s certainly not worth paying to remove them. Made me hate everything.


Ads ruin it  MrSleep6ft  3 star

This game would be great if the ads weren’t so many and so intrusive. They even obscure UI elements. I understand it’s ad supported but it’s just so much that it makes this a trash app. Shame because it’s fun otherwise.


Far too many ads!!!!  NickMaverick82  1 star

This game is pretty decent and has potential but is littered with ads... I spent more time skipping ads than I did actually playing the game... would highly recommend this if there were no ads


It’s too laggy  hshjdhshdjjfhsbdkdbdvfnksd  3 star

I load up my game and try to play but it lags me out and I can’t even flip right.

toilet brush

Best game ever!  toilet brush  5 star

This game is the best I thought it was gonna be bad but actually pretty fun.


Needs more levels  Kendal.lansing  5 star

Please add more levels I beat the game and am bored


Fun game but I payed for no ads... still adds  beepbeeplettes  3 star


poopey head

SCRUMPSHIS GAME  poopey head  5 star

I love the game! Please add more because I think people will love to play it more. It’s honestly a good game!


Too many ads  OooceanMan  1 star

I get that it’s free but the amount of ads is unbelievably off putting and it completely takes away from the game

the farmer queen 101

It’s good  the farmer queen 101  3 star

Sometimes it lands and it doesn’t give you the points and sometimes it glitches there is way too many adds and it’s too short I have had it for two days and I’ve done all the levels but it is a really good game just add more levels stop the glitches and take away even some of the ads


Loving it (needs a bit of work though)  kyra💞💞  5 star

Great! Love the app I wish the levels were added quicker! When I try to flip without pressing, and succeed, it doesn’t tick the box! I hope you can help me with these! Thanks for the great game ❤️

Worst app eva in lofe made

Good game but why the ads  Worst app eva in lofe made  1 star



So good  xrebekahcupcake  5 star

So addictive!!


Bad  shourtneystan  1 star

To many adds and never works properly

lil davie 09

Great game just needs fixing  lil davie 09  4 star

Space level - full stage - land all jumps without flipping. Doesn’t work, haven’t flipped once but still doesn’t allow me to complete it. Doesn’t tick the box when completed. Farm level - full stage - Land 2 flips total without crashing. Same as above, I complete the mission and it doesn’t give me the tick in the circle. If you could please fix this it would be great, play the game all the time, plus maybe make some more levels if possible :) Cheers!


To much adds  Dulancurran  3 star

I like the game but there is to much ads so it makes the game Glitch for most of the level that why I rate it three

kian o.nlli

I m happy  kian o.nlli  5 star

very good game


Steve  Yayayup  3 star

Fun game but island and private boat levels are near impossible

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