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Imagine a cute character of yourself.
It would be cuter than your imagination.

Make the emojis of your character and use it in chatrooms.

Take a picture of you or bring one from your Gallery. Then ZEPETO will be the one to make a character of you, cuter than your favorite animation character.

You can edit your character's face or dress it up with different costumes so that you can express it in your own way.

If you ask if you can only make emojis from it,
you've got it wrong. Watch out for our next update.

ZEPETO App Description & Overview

The applications ZEPETO was published in the category Social Networking on 2018-03-01 and was developed by SNOW Corporation. The file size is 127.63 MB. The current version is 2.4.1 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

minor bug fixes

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Strange GUI  SweetNerds  2 star

I would love to get more out of the app, had I been to touch the bottom of the GUI. The GUI on my I-Phone XR seems to be fitted improperly therefore leading to me not being able to use the bottom controls.


Love It  RoseBun10  5 star

When I first downloaded the app it glitched a lot but I didn't care and then the app got better and better.So I'm very proud of the app and I would recommend more clothing in the store.


STREAM DNA PEOPLE  butterflypinko  5 star



Really cute but,  MostlyGhostlyPale  3 star

I think you should add a button to flips the side the bangs are parted on. Maybe a custom freckles button, too? And more mini games than just flappy bird. What about a custom body shaper? To make people feel more like their character really represents them. But I know y’all are working hard on this app, so I hope you consider these suggestions!


It’s not the best  Rainbow💗💯🔥🌸  1 star

So when they said their fixed the bugs they actually didn’t they made more bugs and they logged me out of my account and didn’t log me back in I tried it several time and still didn’t work I was really mad so this isn’t the best but their is some good things .First they have good outfits and BT21 but the game is really hard and you only get like 1000 coins like we should get more and I just it’s not really good so I give this a 1 star


Some glitches that need to be fixed.  Cutefox18  3 star

This game is fun! I don’t believe it is quite good though, I love the game, but it needs more! Also, I’ve had some glitches with the emojis. When I followed a bunch of people, I went back to my emojis and it had a user’s face on all my emojis. So I went to edit the emoji and it worked. Except, it made my hair fly around, when I saved. I found the glitch to be very weird. I feel like I need to address this, because other people might find the same problems, even others! I have to say, I love this game, but much could be done. (Edit) I JUST SAW ALL OF THE OTHER REVIEWS AND ITS TRUE!!! There is a static noise on the app. I love this app but I’m super paranoid, so if I don’t edit this in the next day or week, you know what happened. (Edit) I’m alive xD

osbidian knight

DELETE IMEDIATLY  osbidian knight  1 star

I turned everything up on it and put the speaker to my ear and to my surprise I heard footsteps


It’s awesome  Zeph😍  5 star

I love it! Especially when ur taking pics with ur friends! It’s so cool!!!!!!!!


Did I mess up my ZEPETO??  EmilyJael  4 star

I made a couple purchases to add extra characters and one of them I was working on and I’d leave it on that page and ex out but I’d accidentally clear it and that happened a couple time and now all my zepetos are like they started and even if I take a picture with another persons zepeto THERES is the same way on it????????? I don’t know what I did or how to fix it :-())


Weird glitch’s  Winteryfall  1 star

Been playing with this app for a couple months. It was good and fun. But than my avatar changed to its original form and I couldn’t change it. It would be bald with the shirt and shorts and would be stuck. I tried changing it but none of the accessories would load. I deleted the app and reloaded. Still didn’t work.



DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP turn up your phone until it’s at full volume and you will hear a breathing noise there are hundreds of hackers spying on you delete your zepeto app pls.

ppl im scared

This app tracks you ?!?!!  ppl im scared  1 star

I heard this app tracks yo??? I mean who makes an app to kidnap?! And the app is 4+ ?! If it tracks you then there is a serious problem... I really hope they take this app down


Good  imisstheoldklance  4 star

This game is really good! It’s very cute too! The only problem for me is it takes too long for the wheel to load and my daily challenges dont work,but other then that good game


What the heck?  iisomeyaii  1 star

So I made a ZEPETO account but after that when I tried to log in, I had to make a NEW ONE?! THIS IS USELESS. 0 STAR RATING UGH

im scared girls


Me and me mate saw sum about it tracking u and when u put ur ears at the speakers u can hear static’s like your on a call


Awful!  Venkitty  1 star

This app is really bad! I’ve been waiting for half an hour to just read my face and they ended up not being able to read it! Also why can’t we just design it ourselves? Why do we need to take a picture? It would save way more time than taking the same picture time and time again. I don’t recommend it, it’s really crappy.

Beni 💕💍

Issue!!!  Beni 💕💍  1 star

Hello I’m having this problem with the zepeto app where when I want to do a collab with another zepeto user they appear with thick black rings around their eyes! I don’t how to fix it and I would really appreciate if you helped me! I’ve sent you pictures of the problem on your Instagram account. The app is also really slow and sometimes shut downs. I also can’t do the 6 group photos because I always lag out and my phone overheats. Overall the app is really slow and the thick black rings are bothering me because I can’t do collabs with my friends without them looking weird. My phone is iphone6+ and below it’s says that this iPhone is compatible for this app.


Won't let me in!  Elijel  3 star

I love zepeto but it doesn't seem to work on my iphone 5c,it just quits and won't let me play!but then I downloaded it on my ipad mini and it worked perfectly so 3 star🙂


So GOOD but...  AgataZk34  4 star

This app is amazing and super cute I recommend to everyone! But only problem is that it is a bit slow and the spin wheel where you win money glitches the game a bit when you spin and it’s so hard to get money but the rest is amazing me and my best friend go on this constantly! :D


Problems....  Livi~^^  4 star

Hello!!!I HAVE been in love with his game but kept on locking me out and this is the 3rd time!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡WHY?!?!?btw if it doesn't work on IPhone 6S then...wow cuz I'm a user on he IPhone 6S

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