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What is translate now - translator app? Whether you're traveling to new places or trying to get started learning a new language, thanks to “Translate now”, language is no longer a barrier to communication.
Translate Now is the ultimate solution for all your language translation needs! With the ability to translate text, voice, and even photos, Translate Now makes communication across different languages a breeze.

Gone are the days of struggling to communicate with someone who speaks a different language. With Translate Now, you can easily translate text by simply typing it out on your keyboard. But that's not all – Translate Now also has a photo translation feature, which allows you to snap a photo of any text you want to translate, and Translate Now will do the rest!
And if you're on the go or simply prefer a hands-free approach, our voice translation feature has got you covered. Simply speak into your device and the Translate Now will translate your words into the language of your choice.

Translate Now is perfect for anyone who needs to communicate with people from different parts of the world. Whether you're a frequent traveler, a business owner, or simply someone who wants to learn a new language, our Translator Translate Now has everything you need to make communication easier and more efficient.

Download Translate Now today and experience the power of language translation in the palm of your hand!

▶ Use Voice Translation
▶ Point, Scan & Translate
▶ Get a Translator Keyboard
▶ Access Conversation Mode
▶ Translate Any Text You Want
▶ Translate Menus, Signs, or Any Document
▶ AR Translation ( Augmented Reality )
▶ Access to Air Apps One (30+ apps with no extra cost)

▶ Phrasebook
▶ Watch App
▶ Translation Extension
▶ Dark Mode
▶ Siri Shortcuts
▶ Widget
▶ Lock Screen Widgets
▶ SharePlay via iMessage

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App Name Translate Now - Translator
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Updated 20 July 2023, Thursday
File Size 345.39 MB

Translate Now - Translator Comments & Reviews 2023

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Very frustrating app. Not worth it.. This app has a feature that makes it a major deal breaker. So when you’re in the middle of typing your message and if you try to go to another app, it deletes what you were writing. It’s so frustrating. I actually liked this app until it erased messages and just had many other bugs. The app freezes all the time. Google translate is not perfect but I’m going back to that. It’s shocking how they would release this app to the public with all the problems this app has. So many to list.

I need help!. Hi, great job for the app, I tested it for he other languages and it’s very good, I would like to ask for your help in adding the central Kurdish (known as Sorani) dialect, it is already added to Microsoft translate, but Microsoft translate is very bad, and central Kurdish also has the biggest database among other Unadded languages in google translate but it’s not added yet, so as you can see it’s not as difficult as other languages to add it to your app and you can gain a ton of attention for it as we are all over the net and have been waiting for this for a long time, I’m very sure that many native speakers are willing to help when informed.

Doesn’t work. Costs $5 per week, auto charge.. WARNING, WATCH YOUR WALLET. I downloaded this with the 3 day trial to attempt to translate manga from Japanese to English. Even with perfect lighting, and zooming in on one sentence at a time, the vast majority of words did not translate at all. The few words that did were poorly translated and mostly incoherent. I got frustrated after an hour of trying to make it work and forgot about the app. Thats when the auto-billing started. Yes, it is my fault that I forgot to cancel before the 3 days was up. However, it is worth pointing out that the default auto-bill is a WEEKLY payment of $4.99. This is clearly predatory and money-grabbing, hoping you will forget about your 3 day free trial. I’m sure the dev is making plenty of money off this non-functional app and the people who forgot they downloaded it. And he is clearly spending some of his earnings on fake reviews to pad his app store score. But I’m not pleased, and heed my warning, this app is verging on a SCAM.

Was a good app-until it stopped. I subscribed for the one month subscription. It worked for 3 days. Now the camera won’t work. It just keeps asking me to subscribe. (Edited to add-I was charged for the subscription). The text translation keeps interrupting me with ads. Extremely frustrated with this app. I will be even more upset and frustrated if I get charged for anything. I was planning on keeping the subscription as I’m trying to learn Spanish and I can use this for my job. But not if it ignores the subscription and acts like I never subscribed to anything. Edit to add. Now I’m home from my trip from Oaxaca and Teotitlán. I see that I was definitely charged for this subscription. I can officially say this app is horrible for the simple fact that I subscribed and was only able to use it for 3 days without adds. Also, couldn’t use any features OFFLINE which is basically everywhere in Teotitlán. It’s incredibly frustrating to use the text translation and to be interrupted with an ad. I seriously want a refund for the subscription. Next time I leave the country I’ll use something else for translation help.

Russian to English ok, ineffective English to Russian. I communicate with native Russian speakers and they complain constantly about me sending unintelligible email. I paste the English text, copy this app’s Russian translation, then paste back in to see if it makes sense to me after I re-translate it back to English. If I see any odd words, I’ll correct them and try again, but the result is the same at the receiving end for my Russian speakers. They tell me they don’t understand my letter. I’ve tried Google, Apple, Microsoft, iTranslate, and I thought this paid app, which had good reviews, would solve my problems. Unfortunately after purchasing this app my recipients of translated English to Russian letters said it was no better than the other apps. They still could not understand what I was trying to say with short, simple translated English sentences.

Pro paid version with photo and AR doesn’t work in Japan. I subscribed to the pro version and try to use it on Wi-Fi but every time I try to take a photo and translate or use the AR app so I can read signs and menus, it asks me to subscribe even though I already paid for it. It also won’t correctly share the app with family members, when I tried to use it on my wife’s phone it also asks to subscribe even though I paid for the app. I’ve emailed support about the problem twice and literally zero response from them. It worked on Japanese in the US when I tested it, but for some reason it doesn’t recognize you’re a subscriber if you use it on Wi-Fi in Japan. I’m cancelling my subscription.

Great app for traveling. I like to be prepared for conversations with family (visiting them in Colombia) and this app has helped me easily translate statements and questions with nice features like copy/paste. I’ve only been using the app for about 30 minutes, but I’m impressed. It has a simple user interface and doesn’t try to be anything other than a top-notch translator.

It has a lot, but…. Firstly, the subscription price is *steep*, though it’s a bit more conservative to buy a year plan. I haven’t tried out the paid features yet. One problem I ran into RIGHT AWAY, testing simple translations that I already knew the answer to… From English to Japanese, “We are friends.” Returns, 「私たちは友達。」(Watashi-tachi wa tomodachi.) Which seems correct! Maybe possibly a casual version, I’m an extreme novice. However, the romanization of the spoken words is… um. Actually (only *partially*) Vietnamese, I found out. (sītachiha yǒu dá) = “sītachiha love” the first word registers as Latvian (??) in Google Translate, but doesn’t return a meaning; “yǒu dá” does come back as Vietnamese for “love”. There may be some debugging to do, other wrinkles to iron out. If you do, it could possibly attract more subscribers? Just a heads up, no harsh words from me. I’m not an app developer! Best of luck 🤞

The best translation app is not the best anymore. This app I had previously downloaded had downloaded back from my iCloud make sure that it was up-to-date. My iOS is updated I am using an iPad Pro 2017 model 10.5 inch and I tried to open up the app and can barely read what it says and I hit continue so I can use that with my health aides as I am unfortunately now hospital bed bound due to Lou Gehrig’s disease. And it is not a free app. I didn’t even see it a choice to “not here have the three day cancellation or trial. In order to use this translator. If the developer of the app would adjust the system so that I’m able to use it again, but I would highly recommend this app with a five star. Until then I would advise anyone else with this issue to go elsewhere..

Fantastic Translator A+++. I’ve used my share of translator apps many of the same quality though 1-2 always stand out as the better of them all finding the one is the challenge we all have....well that’s what I’m hear to say & Tell you this is 1 of the 2 that stand out among them all. This App is fantastic & the translation is spot on! It truly beats the competitors with its Korean database itself great App 100% Recommend.

I don’t really understand why this is so highly rated... PLEASE READ IM LEAVING AN HONEST REVIEW. Let me make one point-> This app DOES translate That is one thing that it does. If you’re looking for an app that translates this will do the job BUT •Only for a few languages...• ——————— THIS isn’t even my main problem. I understand the fact that they have to make money some how and I can also understand that they don’t want to put every language on an app for storage reasons(you can download some languages). •My MAIN PROBLEM is that even AFTER you download the language, they don’t have a button for how they would say it in the language you’re translating to. • ——————— THE WHOLE PURPOSE OF A TRANSLATOR IS HEARING HOW TO SAY IT. ———— The only language it can say it in is English. THEY COULDN’T EVEN DO ENGLISH IN A DIFFERENT ACCENT. unless you know how to read the language you’re translating to, you’re better off not downloading this app. Is it the worst app of it’s kind? No. Could you find worse? Absolutely. The thing is I’m not comparing it to what it’s better than I’m comparing it to what’s better than it and there are better apps that do so much better than this for free. My point is, don’t download it. There are better translator apps. Thanks for reading if you did :) Have a good day :)

Amazing!’. me and my cousin love to talk to eachother in japanese though we dont know how to speak it or even translate it! we used the keyboard for japanese but we said random things that we didnt understand. i was turning on a fonts app and i saw this translate now as a option i turned it on and went to use it and it worked! i changed the language to japanese so now me and my cousin can speak in japanese to each other and know what were saying. it was really exciting and when she translated my chat seeing that i now know what im saying i told her about it and she said its really cool! i told her about the other languages and know she’s obsessed and really happy. im glad i found this app!!

it’s great but... It’s a great app and it helped me have many conversations with foreign problem is i wish there was an update on the keyboard because the keys are kind of small and it’s hard to talk, I also wish that there was a feature to favorit the languages you want to speak because It’s exhausting having to scroll through all the languages just have a full on conversation with someone. also the keyboard is a bit smaller than the regular english or other keyboards and that makes it harder to keep up the conversation because of typos and trying to type faster so it would be easier if the keyboard was a bit bigger. but also the emojis get stuck on the keyboard and the keyboard freezes idk if it’s just my phone freezing but the emojis and the keys on the keyboard are too small

Best transalator ever!!. I don’t usually write reviews but this app has changed my life. My best friend moved from Mexico and had nobody so I gave her my insta to text me but she didn’t know how to type well in English and I don’t know much Spanish at all so we constantly were going into separate apps to translate what we say. Then I found this keyboard so now I can talk and understand what she says in Spanish because I type in English and then press the button and it goes to Spanish!!!!!

Scummy. You download the most recommended app (even though it’s labeled as an ad) because there’s 150k+ reviews and you can’t imagine all those users are actually paying. Then you open the app and are promoted to start a subscriptions which is highly encouraged by the large blue “continue” at the bottom. Then you find that out of sight, small, and nearly the same grey color that it sits on, there’s text that states, “Not now” allowing you to opt’d out of the subscriptions. That’s just a scummy way to advertise. Not to mention, you can hardly try the product before they ask you to pay. Just use google translate app or whatever else honestly.

AMAZING!!. This app is super good! Its amazing that i can quickly translate my speech without having to go to another app, copy it, them paste it where i wanna write it. This app is honestly even helping me learn the languages i translate!! The only issue is that sometimes when i go say what i typed while using the keyboard it glitches and i have to keep re pressing the enter button in order to say whatever, that the only issue tho. Overall, this app is amazing and i recommend it to everyone :D

Great App But... I downloaded to try and translations are pretty accurate as far as the Chinese. But I noticed in order to translate a message sent to me, I need to upgrade. But the upgrade for pro comes with other apps for free but I’m not interested in those plus $10 a month is a lot of money for some people. Can your company create options to purchase individual apps in a cheaper price so people like me who is only interested in this particular app can afford it if it’s $1 or $2 dollars per month? When that happens, that is when I will upgrade if I cannot already find another app cheaper. Thank you!

Great but annoying. So I love this app for everything it does, except for one thing and that one thing makes this review go from 5 stars to 2. Let’s start off by saying this app is very fun. I used this app to figure out what was in a ginger drink powder from a wrapper. My mom and I both loved it! I am annoyed because the app will push you to have a free trial, but when you try to cancel it, I can’t. I hate this. I’m not allowed to cancel my subscription no matter what I do. I’ve went into my Apple account and did the same thing to all my other subscriptions that I don’t want charging my card, unsubscribe. But on this app, I cannot. I’m very annoyed right now. All I want to do is unsubscribe, but I can’t even if I log into the app. (I say log into, because deleted it) So, can customer service help me? From A used to be fan off this app

Underhanded!. I tried to remove this app from my phone and instead it went up to"The cloud". I wrote email to this company and informed him of this difficulty and all I got was double-task with the promise that they would handle it. Now a week and a half later it appears as though nothing was done, it's still in the cloud and Ionic or… soon will own it. Even though I don't want it… And this all took place within the "Free trial period”! What's the next, contactf apple? .. and get them to do something about it??? Thank you all for making it so easy!

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literal lifesaver. For my Spanish 2 class we have to read an entire book in Spanish and then take multiple quizzes on each chapter that also happen to be in complete Spanish. This might not seem like a lot to most people but considering that for the past two years (one being completely online schooling due to Covid) all we’ve really learned is the most basic phrases, which isn’t even close to understanding an entire book. I’m Hispanic, but my parents didn’t teach me Spanish as a first language since they knew it would cause a big problem for me in school. They didn’t want me to go through the trouble of having to learn English, so Spanish wasn’t my first language. If I failed the quizzes, there’s no way I’m keeping the A I have in that class. This app literally saved my life. I just translated the entire book and quizzes to English. I know it’s cheating but I can’t just afford to fail, especially since my quince is coming up in a few months. My family is already spending like a bunch of money on it and I don’t want to end up with a 60 in one of my classes while they do all this planning for me.

Great app but no customer service available. Excellent app! The only problem is there is no “ contact us” option, I’ve been trying to cancel my subscription for a month now, because while it is an excellent app, I just don’t need it for my new job like I thought I would. I have sent two emails requesting a cancellation and some acknowledgment of my request and so far absolutely no response.

Without Question, the Best. I rarely write reviews, but I was getting SO ANNOYED with the “Translate” app I had on my iPad Pro that I was about to throw it through a window. And, then, every other similar app I tried demanded that you pay for a subscription. F that. This one is actually free and easy-to-use. It’s streamlined, clean…I’m so happy I found it.

Seriously Apple?. Ok so I got this app to translate some stuff to English. Works pretty well when you type it out. But you can’t use any of the other features unless you have a subscription. Now I get that it’s Apple, they are never cheap. But it’s really just a scam. You can get all of the features that the subscription version has on other apps for free like the Google translate app. Apple, if your seeing this, your whole subscription thing for translating is stupid when other free apps have the same features that you do with no charge. Quit being greedy for once.

Beware! You will be charged $4.99.. I downloaded the Translated Now app from App Store because I wanted to translate an English sentence into Spanish. I have no prior knowledge how App Store subscription works. As usual, I just click “Yes” to all on-screen interactions not knowing I have accepted the Air Apps terms. I was charged $4.99 on my credit card 7 days later. When I disputed with Air app customer service, their response was “ will need to cancel your subscription before the end of the period”. I believe this software publisher has no clue about customer satisfaction but wanting to earn $4.99 in exchange for bad customer satisfaction. I will not consider any apps published this company. They are alternatives in the market with better customer services. Beware! You will be charged $4.99.

Best translation app ever!. I am just in awe of this amazing app! I have absolutely no clue how it can do what it does but I do know the coders and programmers are pure geniuses! We spent 8 days in Italy and anytime we saw something that didn't have an English translation, all we had to do was open the app, snap a photo, hit the blue "Translate" button and Voila, we got a perfect English translation every time! We used it on menus, museum signs, road signs, instruction manuals, and even receipts!! I am particularly astounded by the quality of the translations and frankly, I'm astonished this app hasn't been bought up by Google yet because if Google had the translators and programmers that developed this app on their payroll, I wouldn't have been in the App Store looking for this! Keep up the great work and thank you so much for making our trip to Italy so much easier with this app! I will subscribe for every trip we ever take to a non-speaking country!

Bad voice over. As Somebody who wants to learn how to speak another language fluently in addition to reading it fluently, I find this is a terrible app to be able to achieve such a goal. Learning on this app is like using the plastic donuts to stack on top of each other and it really doesn’t matter if it was in order as long as it got done right? sometimes I really feel like this is the generation that I’m dealing with on a daily basis. I’m also disgusted with the fact that I’m trying to cancel this app because I never wanted to purchase it in the first place. I can go to google translator for free and understand what the translator is saying better than this app voiceover. My apologies.

Excellent but…..3 stars for associated vm. Excellent but $4.99/week for all features is way too much. That’s $20/month or $240/year. It’s absolutely not worth that given I’ll use it a few times per year or if I’m on a trip to France, Italia or a Spanish speaking country. What happened to the flat one time fees? These “subscription” apps have gotten greedy and it only hurts these apps in the apps industry with sharp declines bc of subscriptions bc people get TIRED of paying recurring fees. Thankful I bought the most needed ones for my career long ago which I don’t have to pay the new recurring fees charges associated. Bad, greedy business model though it is a 5 star app.

Why do they even pretend there is a free version?. Maybe I wasn’t using it right but it was constantly trying to make me pay money. I am fine if there is a BETTER version that costs money but it would not allow speaking into the microphone at all with the free version and if there is a way to type in another language I did not find it. The transliteration has English spelling for both Japanese and Chinese mixed together ( I was trying to use it for Japanese) so that would not be helpful for pronouncing things either. I know a little bit of Japanese enough to know it was gibberish for the transliteration and since it would not allow speaking into the microphone in the free version could not use it to actually have a conversation with a Japanese person which is what I want. This really is not helpful.

This app is absolutely amazing. Absolutely amazing what are the best translator apps I use it so I could text my mother because I am Spanish and when my mother texted me back I just translated into English this app is absolutely amazing the keyboard for absolutely free is just so good this app definitely download it’s one of the best translator apps that you can fine

No way to test voice without paying. App requires weekly payment to use voice and provides full access to 11 other apps which most are not needed. I wish there was a lower subscription cost for this app only. I don’t have issues for paying for a good app but $5 a week is outrageous. More importantly app does not allow users to try and test voice translation unless users pay full subscription. I am not willing to pay before testing the functionality. Developers must provide 2 day testing so user can determine if the app works or not. I am immediately deleting the app.

This game is so fun! You should download it!. This game can translate to ALL Languages!😍😍 Example: if you have a Egyptian friend... and you don’t know how to speak Arabian... you’d be worried right you’d be like, “How do I talk to her/Him?! They want to be my friend!!! What do I do?” This app is your solution!🤗 you can even TRY speaking the language your looking for... or even message them the sentence/word you translated ( If you want )... if you want to message someone.. u just have to click on the sentence/ word, then you’ll have some options on what to do! Remember to click the app, you mostly chat with your, other cultural friend! Remember to download! - secret, “translate now” app, Lover

too expensive for what it’s for.. It’s a great app, don’t get me wrong. But I’m *ONLY* using it for the keyboard translation feature and I shouldn’t have to pay for that. There’s tons of translation apps out there but they’re all missing one thing which is a keyboard. This app has that and it’s the only one that’s good in my opinion. It’s just really annoying to pay for something that is this small and I do not want to use another app other than this one. Plus, this isn’t an app that I would literally use everyday because I’m not always in a situation where I would need it, so it would be a waste of money to subscribe. Please make this feature free. I believe it would help me and some others a lot.

A song let’s go written and illustrated by Malia Rose Susan Adams and MALILHROSE. You’re gonna love this song because it’s really catchy see you let’s really get get get this stuff missing a snap your fingers snap your fingers snap your fingers I love this game because you’re selling five star four star three star one star this is how you spell my name this is me Lee you are so adorable this is how you spell Malia Rosa MALIAHROSE yeah yeah yeahAnd this is me Susan Adams OK OK OK baby be free this is me me me me me me I’m in MAliahis grandma Susan Adams is saving the day SUSANADAMSI love that you were here I said to grandma grandma grandma grandma grandma grandma grandma grandma grandma grandma

Great App!. This is honestly a great app and has great translation. But it does a few quirks with translation. I’m currently doing a parody account on twitter that speaks fluent English and French and wanted to spice things up. Here’s the mistranslation English: To establish peace, one must be pure. You have to be equal. My cure will cleanse you. This will eliminate all the idiosyncrasies of yourself. The world will be pure one day. French: Pour établir la paix, il faut être pur. Il faut être égal. Ma cure te purifiera. Cela éliminera toutes les particularités de vous-même. Le monde sera pur le jour. When I retranslate from French to English it results to: English(from French): To establish peace, one must be pure. You have to be equal. My cure will cleanse you. This will eliminate all the peculiarities of yourself. The world will be pure during the day. Anyways I will use this app continuously but can you guys just please mistranslation. That’s the biggest issue with these translation apps.

Bad app not free could just use google it better. I downloaded this app thinking I would get the whole package free to help with my home work but no the call for money stilll rung. It is pitiful not just this app but almost every app on the iCloud AppStore requires payments or fees to unlock the whole app can you stop caring so much about the money and more about the convenience of your head strong consummers that continue to buy your piece of garbage phones that continue to not get better aside from the physical traits you people are just sad it gross to see such a huge company with lots of potential to just not give a sh”” about anything besides money I’m switching to Samsung and to anyone reading this you should to they have everything this company does but it’s not just in it for money they listen to their consumers and add constant updates based on buyers reviews

Constant Notifications. The app honestly isn’t bad and helped me tremendously on a recent trip to Peru. That being said... Every day I have a new “notification” for nothing. Notifications pop up in my Notification Center and there’s always a little, red one on the app icon, but when I open the app I can’t find what the notification is for. There also isn’t an option to turn off these notifications. I think it’s a ploy to get OCD individuals, such as myself, to open the app everyday and generate ad revenue. I have uninstalled the app and caution anyone considering downloading it.

I love it. I personally strongly recommend this app,is a save life and I will support my answer with 2 examples. First all it’s really simple to use it,for instance I’m have hard time sometimes with technology and this device help a lot,second the IA help me a lot with my study ,for example the intelligence make my study personalized! For these reasons I recommend this app TRADUZIR AGORA,for everyone! God bless 🙏🏽

Deceptive — this will start a paid subscription!. For something free on bing and google translators, I would think people would be anxious to show how they are better before charging. I installed to see what was different in image translation of kanji (which failed), and was surprised to see I was already signed up for a paid service. I completely own that I may have just clicked through that notice, so I checked with someone else. Turn out, they were already paying for this service without being aware. Having a smooth paywall to allow paid opt-in is well understood, but (understanding a small sample) this is different enough from comparable apps to feel slimy and deliberate.

Does not include all languages verbally in conversation. I am so frustrated trying to find a good app that can converse eight for me and that yourba language. All I get is hey text translation but my mother-in-law is not in person with me to show her the text translation to her language. I need someone to help me converse eight with her in her language so she can hear me say what I need to talk to her about. Please update this app I think it’s a good app but need more languages in conversation mode so they can hear whatI am talking about.

What Goes Here?. Really awful. Changes correctly typed words in English to a very different word-auto change. And you should see what it does when you type a foreign word into it to see English translation, again huge problem. Has HUGE difficulty in understanding both native English speakers and foreigners speaking excellent English. This terrible app tries to do everything and it does not do 1 thing really well compared to other translate apps. I am deleting it next as why would I pay for something this BAD? They need to do a whole lot of work on this. Now maybe if you pay that $5 a month the ads may stop. But it still is a terrible app compared to others avaliable in the App Store.

Sudden paywall- disgusted. I use this app daily to communicate with my foreign friends and family. For the past year this app has saved a little bit of time with translation since it is easiest to communicate in our native languages. Before the most recent update 10/22 I would have given the app 4 stars. Updated the app 3 days ago and the keyboard is no longer automatic when translating- it’s an enormous waste of time to swap back and forth between languages in the course of a normal paced conversation. Furthermore, there is a sudden mandatory subscription of $5 a week (A WEEK!) in order to use the keyboard. $5 a month would be more appropriate and I’d be willing to subscribe. This app/keyboard is not worth $20 a month. Gross.

This is like the best thing ever. So I downloaded this app because it looked fun and the other reason is really stupid but I wanted to talk to my cat 𖠌 but ya it is like very fun and funny to me and my mom because i used it and it repeated what o typed and i talked with my mom with that and i used the different thing and she started dying laughing and me too like do that to your mom or dad but download this app its very funny and fun and this game can be for mute people or something but pls download this app oki bye

Problems. Experiencing lots of problems with this app on iOS 16. For one thing, on almost every single translation it wants me to rate the app as either good or bad by tapping on a emoji. Even when I tap on the emoji it will not go away.. also, when it makes a translation, it also inserts letters that are extraneous to the translation. Sometimes those letters are capitalized and sometimes not. Sometimes it puts the correct translation in but also includes the English for no apparent reasonw. It seems that it is a very unstable app. For this reason, I am canceling my subscription.

Hands Down THE BEST Translation App! ✅. This app has helped me so many times. Weather I would have to communicate with a customer that doesn’t speak English, or even if I am just curious on what something means, I would always retreat to this app. There are many features that make this application so helpful and awesome! One being the easy, and surprisingly truthful translator. Yes, many of the best features cost money, but I highly recommend spending that bit of money if you use this like I do. It’s so worth it and they deserve their money. Everything is so thought out and just - precise - to the point where I cannot express it. I 10/10 reccomend this app. It helps me not only communicate, but learn!

I would not recommend.. Hi! I’m a nice person who doesn’t rate apps less than 3 stars, but this app doesn’t help. It always changes my translations. If I text “See you later!” It changes to something like “ See you soon!” When I translate from a foreign language to English, it always appears as a mixed up message. For example: “It is huge upset that car loss.” But when I use other translators, it says, “ It’s very upsetting that you lost your cat.” The only thing you can do without paying is translating words by typing them within the app. I hope you choose a different translater.

Literally useless. Literally useless every time you need to get a translation every starts keyboard messes up to where you cannot translate what you need to translate until you’re back at the app when you’re back at yeah everything is gone got to do it all over again so when you go and get the thing again go back to the app paste it it won’t let you do it again get it back out of it again then it will work for you once but then the rest the time it won’t

Amazing for instructions that are in a different language. I had to get asthma medicine and it was shipped from turkey so the instructions were all in Turkish, I was typing out every word in google translate before I realized there is an app where you can take a picture of the page and it will translate every word. This is truly an amazing app and I really appreciate it.

Excellent. It has been a pleasure using this application! Expansive and comprehensive as well as accurate and convenient. It’s like having your very own personal translator with you everywhere you go, right inside your pocket. I have found it very helpful for brushing up on my Spanish and French, as these are my second and third languages.

Cant get help. The app seems to translate into text very well but when I try to have voice text read back to the person I’m trying to translate to, you can barely hear it no matter how much I turn up my phone to maximize it and so I reached out for support and they asked me to send the screenshot so I told him I just needed to know where their help text was I needed them to tell me how to turn the volume up . I replied to their request for a Screenshots asking where their help text was or if they could just give me directions on how to improve increase the volume and days later still no response after waiting two days for the first response . Can’t find help text Ken can’t get help and I could do text translations for free anywhere

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Love it. I love it completely 100% get

Germany. They good to understand and it is very helpful

Horrible. The only thing u can do free is type otherwise u have to pay legit just use google translate if u are using for free

Terrible. Money grabbing trash I have a Japanese game and I don’t know the missions but this app u gotta pay when u could probably get a better app for free like google translate for free but needs ios 12

Could not use unless I paid $7.99 monthly subscription after downloading.. This app appears to be free so I downloaded it. But once downloaded you can’t use any of it unless you subscribe to a monthly fee. Misleading waste of data and time. Don’t bother.

I love it. Am so excited 😁

Translation. I love this app it helps me understand all launguges and it prepares me for when I need to speak a different language

Wonderful Tool. A must be for travellers.

Need to pay. I got this for the camera feather but turns out that almost all the feathers but the typing are only accessible only with paying

Amazing. Very easy to use Free Can translate to any language

Ukrainian student. It’s good but there are a few problems that can be annoying. Ukrainian soft h when it gives the pronunciation shows it as a g. This is the Ukrainian soft h “Г г” as shown in the word long довго pronounced dovho not dovgo. The Ukrainian g looks like this. Ґ ґ. Second issue when you can not copy and paste a text and are going back and forth to read something if you leave the app it deletes what you have just written. So you have to write it in notes then copy then paste into the app.

German-English translation doesn’t work anymore. This used to be my favourite app on my Apple Watch, but now whenever I try to translate something, the app comes back with “I didn’t understand”. I hope something gets done to fix it!

Rating review. This app is good my dad has it it is alright

False advertising! Can’t use camera without buying!. What a crock. You can’t use the camera to translate without buying the app. Don’t waste my time with “features” unless you specify they must be purchased. Absolute rubbish.

Wrong national flag for transitional Chinese. Hi, Could you please edit the flag back to 🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼”R.O.C” Republic of China or “Taiwan” will do. Thank you.

😍. Love it and how it pronounces everything for you, but it would be great if you didn’t have to pay for more options

There is ad support and then there is this………... It keeps trying to get me to pay for something google offers for free. Frankly their model for money generation is wrong, I had not even evaluated the program and bam, give me money, this one is a delete before I even close the barn doors. A non starter.

Not the best app. This app won’t let you choose language that I want to speak. They keeps saying “ERROR THIS LANGUAGE IS NOT AVAILABLE IN YOUR COUNTRY!” Which is super annoying 😒. It really annoys me a lot. And here are the countries are not available: French, Canada, Punjabi, Zulu, Yoruba, and more. Like dude, what? I mean this app is super annoying and it’s more like a click-bait .-.

$15 A MONTH 😳. You can’t even test the app to see how it works, everything you try and do just forces you to subscribe to pay $15 a month to use the app. But ridiculous honestly.

Accidentally bought something help. When I first bought the app it said something about buying something $7.99 a week and I have Touch ID so I panicked and tried to leave the app but when I pressed the home button it scanned my fingerprint thing and I think I bought it and I don’t know how to cancel it please help I don’t know what I bought or how much I just spent and it’s really stressing me out. :(

Cheating. Never received email notification to advise will charge me weekly and just charged directly

Translating Japanese to English. Well it is good only for like one or two words because it doesn’t say the correct things and it is a bit better than other apps in my opinion. I only just got it, but sometimes when I copy from the book it says the wrong things but at least it’s better than other apps end it lets me say stuff from the microphone and it lets me use my Japanese keyboard and it lets me use my English keyboard and yeah it’s okay

No Pinyin for Chinese in Keyboard yet.. Keep up the good work. Look forward to more features and improvement.

It’s so bad!!!. Why do I have to buy things??!!

Drives me crazy. Ive paid for it. It works but it keeps asking me to rate it and write a review. It also keeps asking me to upgrade which I’ve done and it keeps asking. Its driving me nuts. Ive requested help but no answer.

They said it. I’m going back in a little

Really good. It’s a shame about all the in app ads and purchases though.

So far so good. I have just downloaded app and so far so good.

Great App. So easy to use. Cut and paste to messenger to keep our granddaughters other grandparents in Portugal up to date with our little ones development and adventures.

I it good I guess. Hi when I say something it says something else it is annoying.

Egg and. The first thing that is that

It kept annoying me so yeah don’t read this. Hheudhehc

Rip off. Didn’t even install this app. And it cost $24 for 3 weeks and just lucky I noticed the email invoice today or it would still be charging me for something I haven’t used.

Very good app. Easy to use, works well. Great app

Easy peasy. This is a very easy to use translation app. Only annoying thing is ads but that is to be expected since its free. Good value. Can’t complain as it’s so straightforward there’s no need to work it out. Just copy and paste it’s easy peasy.

Something went wrong. I have checked my account why you have to charge me A$7.99 twice ???? This is a free app???

It’s annoying. Every time I try to translate it to Korean it always comes you as Spanish for example I put for yes in “Korean” it say “sí” it is driving me crazy please fix it.

Charged me when I only wanted to try it. Not happy that it automatically charged me $7.99 when I downloaded the app. There’s no information on what is the &7.99 for - and if I’m going to be charged an ongoing subscription fee.

Translate. Such a clear audio.

Love it. Thx for making this app but u should put instructions so people know what they’re doing #livingforit

Translate. It's a really good app the only downside is that you have to pay to use anything other that the keyboard and it would be cool if you could put certain words into different folders. But other than that I really like it 😍

Fraud app. I just download the app and I see it want payment than I reinstalled the app now I see my bank account and they cut the payment $102 they show only $15 but once you install it they cut amount of money so never install this app

Would be good if you had selected languages. As I am always switching between Chinese and Spanish I keep on having to scroll down the list of languages to change from one to the other. It would be better if you could select the languages you want to use the most and have it more easily accessible. Besides that it’s a great app.

Disgusting scam design. App is masked as free (with more ads than I could poke a stick at) and then also include an unskippable download of an app which has a 3 day free trial before it starts charging you, 100% don’t download this.

Refund please. I accidentally press purchase button and thought it was just one time charge so I didn’t notice they charge me every weeks $7.99. Is it possible to get a refund please.

Great app. The only thing I don’t like is that to use it without internet you have to pay

Awful app.. This app is sold as free with video of it doing image recognition. But the image recognition is only available as an expensive subscription service. Text translation does not work offline. You are better off to get the free app google translate.

Great app. Very efficient app, has helped me in many situations while travelling.

English to Japanese. Some of the Japanese words is katakana, hiragana, and kanji is mixed Please add something where it has the options of hiragana, katakana, and kanji so it’s not confusing. But anyways great app!

THIS APP IS NOW USELESS AND NOT FREE!. This app used to be free i could use the keyboard to translate to other languages with the click of a button but now it is behind a paywall. Please revert back to the old version!

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To many ads. To many ads

Best app ever. I love this app so much it helped me in French!

Garbage. Wants $6.99 a week. How can this be app of the day?

Keyboard. So freaking annoying you can’t turn the keyboard clicks off, even when it’s off in iPhone settings it still clicks……

Little Adamo. I’m very pleased. It’s awesome

Unexpected charge. Poor features. Automatically renew my subscriptions and and charge me without my consent.

Bad App. Don’t download. Is a waste of time. Can’t try it without constant ads for auto subscriptions. And if you hit the wrong button by accident you are signed up without knowing it.

Aswome. I love now I can copy it toCommunicate with other people

DO NOT DOWNLOAD.. I downloaded this app for and deleted it within ten minutes, and it automatically made me subscribe to it. Now I’m being charged monthly $12.99 for an app I do not have.

Wow. Apps gratuite à 6,95$/semaine Bravo

Misleading. Free to download but requires you to register for their 3 day trial and subscription in order to actually translate anything.

Extremely expansive. Asked to pay 6.50$ a week front end! That’s about 28$ a month for not even knowing the heck what this app is about!

Get Deepl instead. Can get all the features you get from paying this app but for free on Deepl. Boycott greedy apps that overcarge you for things that should be free.

kinda good but... you only learn few languages, please make all languages all free, please update

Not good. Not good

Easy to use. I only use it once in a while when I want to text a friend of mine in Portuguese but I find it very easy to navigate and user-friendly. Five stars.

A travailler. Des que nous partons de lapp la phrases disparer c’est énervant

Not working +Too many adds 😡. Can’t translate a single word since every single time an add pops up!! So irritating. Plus,It demands money to for the simple futures. Total rip-off.

It was a good app until. This app WAS the best until you had to pay MONEY JUST TO TRANSLATE ENGLISH WORDs!?I mean come on I was having so much fun with the app now that you have to pay to do something so simple ruins all the fun.I know you won’t see this but if you do I hope you know how much it ruins the whole app. Worst app right now and to make it even worse THIS IS THE ONLY TRANSLATE APP THAT TRANSLATES IN ANY APP LIKE ARE YOU SERIOUS RIGHT NOW.THANKS A LOT FOR RUINING THE APP but since it USED TO BE A GOOD APP I’ll give it five stars (~:

骗子app. 骗子,骗子,骗子

DoesNot work. You cannot access any features without paying immediately. It does not work otherwise. False advertising.

TERRIBLE. WHY DO I HAVE TO PAY TO TRANSLATE WORDS 😡, just get google translate if you don’t want to pay

Not use this. Ugly set up to ask you pay them weekly. Sucker!

I love it. This is the best translating app ever

Apple Watch série 7. L’application ne marche pas sur l’Apple Watch série 7 ??! Quelqu’un sais t’il pourquoi !?

Very good. I like this app but I wish u could have translater on all the time

Do not download, will charge you. Wanted to try a free app and without clicking anything it charged me $6.49 PER WEEK. With no consent

So far so good.. Needs a instant paste and detect and read system. All in one I mean.

Monthly renew. Downloaded this because it said free Only to find out after downloading it wanted to charge me monthly fee of $9.99 What a joke !

Great app 😍. Google translate is so helpful! I’m a French student but it can get hard to remember every word so I use google translate and…poof!!! French words! I can now say what I think in French :) LOVE IT!!!! 🥰😍🥰😍

Really?. The just want money. You have to pay to use the translator.

L app. Pay to win

roblox. hi you are cool

Why is this suddenly 810MB???. Did you lose your experienced SW developers? In like new greenhorns flipped the switch to statically link all the libraries

I’m learning Tagalog. It’s a amazing app to learn Languages and has no ads and no fee. 10/10 recommend!

Garbage. It will not work unless you pay

Traduction. Proche du contexte global

Don’t get it unless you will subscribe.. Do not get this app unless you are going to subscribe. I’m constantly getting ads and I’m never able to translate without an interruption.

Stay away. To do anything with the app you have to first agree to a free 3 day subscription to Air Apps Pro. After the 3 free days you’ll automatically be charged $6.49/week for the Air Apps Pro. After deciding I was wasting my time trying to make Translate work I tried to leave the site but found that it automatically enrolled me in Air Apss Pro. I can’t stand sleaze like this.

Keyboard. It let me translate until I have a review and then it said I had to pay!!

Why are forcing a subscription all of a sudden?. You can no longer translate with the keyboard because they are now forcing a subscription!

Tros cher. Tros chère 9,99$ par mois et Microsoft et autre free ?

Use google translate people, don’t use this. Has unnecessary subscription. Use google translate people, don’t use this scam app. Translations are identical, because it uses google’s own api, the one they use in their own app. Why pay for something that you can get for completely free with no ads elsewhere? Use google translate instead

CAUTION - bad subscription process. I downloaded app to try and was auto subscribed to app. It charged $13.99 for a month by default. No success with Apple or vendor to address!! Seems like a very deceptive practice!

Don't bother installing. It wants an in-app subscription for the features, and says there's a 3-day trial, but won't work, rendering the app pretty useless. Immediately uninstalled - don't waste your time installing this dud Edit after developer response: I'm aware it's supposed to have a paid in-app subscription with a free trial - my point is that it doesn't work to do that, leaving you without those features or a way to get the. Broken app!

Sucks. Photo translate does not work

Deceptive from the get go. App will not work without first purchasing access to all the developer’s apps. Should not be advertised as free with in-app purchases. I was looking for a good translator app but I wouldn’t buy anything without a guarantee or quality check. Any company that is this blatantly dishonest from the get-go doesn’t inspire confidence from this consumer. Will find something that isn’t from a developer so ethically compromised.

Sam. Works well but I wish it included synonyms as well.

Lithuanian translation. The translation is matter a fact, sometimes the tenses are incorrect, but the receiver understands what I am saying.

Why you should be aware of downloading this translator.. This app does not work. It does not allow me to select a photo and demands for money just for simple features which is unnecessary and a total rip-off. I refreshed the app and tried to select another photo but it kept crashing. No matter how high the rating is, don’t try this app.

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I love it! ♥️👌. I love how you can pick any language also the fact you can put in your own language to learn how to say it in another language! ♥️😩 I have been looking for an app like this one! 🥺 I also love how now I can say different language pronouncing to my friends and they’ll have no clue what I’m saying 😂I hope this app can stay on forever!!!❤️☺️🤞

WARNING!!! “Watch Your Wallet”. Second the review about “watching your wallet.” I don’t remember subscribing to the trial, and may have missed the subscription pricing (definitely would not have subscribed to the weekly rate vs monthly and annual rates), but noticed weekly $4.99 charges to my account a month or so after downloading the app. Agree the way they have setup the trial and subscription defaults is borderline scamming people! Not impressed with the greediness of the developers.

Best One I’ve Seen. I use this translator for translation between English and Hawaiian. I’ve used a few others in the past and they do not even compare to how well this one works.

5 stars. This app is amazing you get to translate languages, and you don’t even have to pay!!! If I were all of you, I’d press 5 stars, and then, boom!! H Whoever made this, amazing job. The only thing I would change is how fast the translation voice talks.

You can copy it. Oh and you can also pick different languages and you can copy and paste it on a Messages WhatsApp and you could also learn them it could translate it for you I and it can help you a lot!

Translate Now Free Trial Difficult to Cancel. A few days ago I started the free trial for Translate Now. It does seem like a cool app, but I’ve decided I want to cancel before I am charged, and cannot find a cancel subscription button anywhere. I’ve never had so much trouble cancelling a free trial before. I have contacted support and asked to cancel from both the app and from my gmail account. I’m writing this review in case anyone else feels as stupid as I do right now, you’re not alone. It shouldn’t be this complicated.

Crash computer. This app crashes a lot. When it does, you have to completely shut down your computer and log back in, IF It Lets You Do It. Absolutely the worst. During this process, the people you were speaking to do know don't know where you went and it can take a while to get back to them.

It’s a good app but just one thing. This app is very helpful and useful but as soon as I realized that it requires full control then that’s when I realized I should probably delete the app. Incase you don’t know what full control is and you have this app you may agree with me. Full control is basically we’re it’s allowed to access anything like your location your photos your camera and your info. So that’s why I deleted the app. Again very helpful app just a bit suspicious.

Too many inaccuracies. Mis-translates words that have more than one meaning in other languages. For example, بار (bâr) can mean times, cargo, [etc] A solution is to translate the word into all its meanings. E.g. John loaded the times/cargo/[etc] last week. This way the user can figure out the meaning. Another solution is to use the context of the sentence to determine the meaning of the word. This may be the more challenging way to fix the problem.

Do Not Download. Hidden Fees. After downloading, you will realized after clicking continue and ignoring the grey fine print that they actually charge a weekly fee to use the app. Slowly drained the money out of my account without me even realizing until I tried to make a purchase yesterday. Google Translate has many of the tools that this app claims to have. I recommend going there instead of inadvertently giving this company your money.

Garry’s opinion. Both parent my are Hispanic and I was born in New York City with out the benefit of them speaking Spanish in the house; reasoning for that they wanted to be fully indoctrinated in to American society in the 1950’s. Now I have picked up a couple of terms and phrases, so I use this apt. to confirm what I know and not know.

Just a few bugs. I don’t know if I wasn’t using the app right but I noticed it had a hard time picking up on text that has been put into a more creative font (ie. a background picture) and it won’t let me flip my camera so it won’t pick up on other text. Other than that I haven’t found any other bugs.

No value here for me. I only want to translate English to Slovak and back once in a while. I’m not paying $20 a month for the option to do that, nor am I going to subscribe every time I want to use it then de-subscribe when done. Maybe if it was for work or my actual job required a lot of translating, then perhaps it would have some value. I will go find an app that I pay for and then pay for any languages I want to translate to one time, not as a subscription. I would do that here but it’s not an option. Deleting it.

Great app. The only reason it doesn’t get 5 stars is you have to pay for full version! To access camera and other options! Those are not needed for translation! Typing it out does just fine in any language! Love the feature of it reading back to you in the language translation! Awesome!

Translator. I think that this translator app is really great cause it helps people learn different languages and it also helps people understand what other people are saying so I think it is great because it helps a lot of people! -Arleth

Seemed great at first.. This app seemed great, but after exactly two uses to translate speech to text, the microphone stopped working in the app. So, I deleted the app and reinstalled it. No change. I tried Google Translate and the microphone worked fine. (Yes, devs, the microphone was enabled for your app!). The user interface is cumbersome at best and not very intuitive. Probably will be good the future, but by then, translation in real-time will probably be built into every phone. For now, I’ll pass on this one.

Gabriels review. This app is Amazing never seen anything like it !!!!! I have trouble typing in Portuguese to my Brazilian family and this is the only app that was able to help me !!!! I should of discovered this years ago. So five starts for the creator !!!!

Great app. This app is the reason why I passed Spanish. Without this app I would be a disappointment to my family. Yes I am 50% Spanish but don’t speak it. I highly recommend and will probably use this for the rest of my life. 😁

Love it. I really really really like it my friends are getting so confuse they’re like how do you know so many languages. I’m having too much fun with it. I rate it 5 stars because I really really like it and I’m able to use it while I’m texting

Won’t translate half the time. When I switch languages, it just copies the text down below instead of translating it. I tried to clear the dialogue box and etc but it keeps just spitting out the same text I typed in. I have to close and reopen the app each time. If you can’t do the basic function, the rest is useless.

Great quality. In my personal opinion I think this is a really really good translator and are use this all the time when I have my grandpa over since he doesn’t speak the same language as me in this works extremely good it is awesome and easy to use

Omg. I have nothing to say I’m speechless, that’s so good this app is wait I just said something. That means this app is better than I thought five star, I have a roblox friend who speaks Portuguese and it helps me talk to her. She’s using her translator to talk to me English and if you spam hi or La la la in a different language you’ll get some really cool noise lol Try it

Tried to contact developer. I downloaded this app because the description said voice translator. Turns out the Mac Studio doesn’t have a built-in microphone. I was hoping to play an audio file to be translated by Translate Now. Translate Now doesn’t load audio files to translate. My rating doesn’t reflect my use of the app.

Best for messaging in other languages. The strength her is automatically taking text I just wrote in a text message and replacing it with the translation. Feels accurate. The keyboard is trash tho. I use the normal keyboard to type and just use the translation button for this keyboard.

Not worth it. I give it a three because you could only use it a few times then you have pay Wich that means that now I have to delete the app because I have to pay $4.99 a week just to translate my writing i hope they fix this problem

This App did not work for me and want to cancel. I purchased some beautiful cards in Japan last summer. They have Japanese writings. I cannot remember how a few would be translated. Obviously, I do bit send a card -even if beautiful- if I do not know what it means. It did not recognize the Japanese. I bought these cards at a well known shrine. It was a major tourist place. I find it hard to believe it is unusual. So I want to cancel. I followed what their notice said and it is not that easy. I cannot recommend this app.

Awesome. This app is awesome. Say for instance I would want to comment on someone’s video and they only knew a certain language I would just use this app I would translate the sentence I want to say then I would copy it to my keyboard and post a comment! This app is also super simple to use I love this!

So far so good. Runs circles around the update to Google Translate, which is a major disaster. This does what Google used to do. Thanks! Only thing, I hate the computerized voice, thus I took off a star. Google had the tone of a native so I could check pronunciation

looking for something free? it’s not here.. It’s great, this app gives you everything you ask for! There’s so many things in this app thay Ive never seen before in others, even google! If only you didn’t have to pay. I’m Italian and have family in Italy, but I don’t speak Italian very well. I used the keyboard to text my gramma, and it was going fine until mid-conversation. It suddenly said I had to pay. I don’t want to pay. No one wants to pay.

The best translator app ever. So i don’t really understand that much about the other languages, but its cool like i never seen an app like that! That knows all of the languages! Hmmm these people may be really clever and i siri doesn’t know all of the languages tho but this app does its the best

Deserving of 5 stars. I really like this app and find it useful, for anyone trying to break that language bearer I strongly recommend this app! So far it has been accurate with its translations. I hope for any future updates where the translated language has the option to be written out using the English letters( Japanese/Chinese/Korean ) ✌🏼

Cannot cancel subscription. This app is pretty worthless for translating Chinese to English. On top of that, it forces you to agree to a one-week trial and automatic subscription to even use the trial. I kept trying to figure out how in app settings to cancel the subscription because it was immediately useless during the trial. I could not. Turns out the way to unsubscribe is to delete the app, but I did not figure that out until after the trial period had lapsed. Now I have to get my money back.

How great I is. So basically I love this app because half of my family only understands Spanish when texting and it is really hard for me to write in Spanish and it grandma only texts and speaks Spanish sk when ever I try to text her I mess up from time to time and she is like Que? That means what in Spanish and some times I have to ask my mom or my aunt's tivhelp when writing in Spanish and when they do halo me I can barely understand what they said 💬 ┓┏┓┏┓┃ ┛┗┛┗┛┃\○/ ┓┏┓┏┓┃ / ┛┗┛┗┛┃ノ) ┓┏┓┏┓┃ ┛┗┛┗┛┃ I love this!!!!!!!!! ┓┏┓┏┓┃ ┛┗┛┗┛┃ ┓┏┓┏┓┃ ┃┃┃┃┃┃ ┻┻┻┻┻┻ ┓┏┓┏┓┃ ┛┗┛┗┛┃\○/ ┓┏┓┏┓┃ / ┛┗┛┗┛┃ノ) ┓┏┓┏┓┃ ┛┗┛┗┛┃ wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! ┓┏┓┏┓┃ ┛┗┛┗┛┃ ┓┏┓┏┓┃ ┃┃┃┃┃┃ ┻┻┻┻┻┻

Great app for translation. If you’re confused on what something says, cause it’s in a different language. Then use this app! It’s great for translation if you don’t understand something. So if you’re confused just use this app for translations!

Cancell subscription. At 86 yrs of age, I no longer buy green bananas, nor subscribe to anything that will be difficult to terminate post mortum. On the occasions when used, ” Translator “ has been entirely satisfactory, but please save my survivors the trouble to cancel in their time of profound grief. I could find no option but to contact you via “review “. Dr. John J Crossen

Easy to Use. The is a great app. Being able to scan a language and see the translation is really convenient. The conversation portion of the app works really well.

Amazing. I love this game so much I’ve only had it for a little while and I am already in love with it when I first started off I was a little confused and then I started to find certain languages I wanted to learn and it started to become fun and big thanks to the creators.

It’s a shame, needs payment for simple functions.. There are a lot of translators online, doing the same as this one. The only reason I downloaded is because I was looking for photo translation, and it says “subscribe now to unlock all features. If you are not bringing what you promise, it’s better to just look up online translators.

Very happy with Translate Now. I’m extremely happy with Translate Now. My good friend doesn’t speak any English and I don’t speak Spanish but ONLY because of this app we are able to keep our growing friendship because Translate Now gives us full communication with one another! Thank you so much Translate Now for all you do!

Pretty good app. I loved this app it worked really well with translating things from English, but I am also 13 and don’t have enough money for the pro membership so I can’t try to translate things from another language to English because I can’t use the speaker but other than that pretty good app.

Spanish to English?. Overall, this is a great app, but after using it, I found out about a pretty major flaw in the app. On the Apple Watch, while it is able to translate from English to Spanish, there is not option for translations from Spanish to English. I hope this issue will be addressed soon, so that the app would become more helpful to those that use it.

Ehh I guess it’s okay.... #1 It is good but it keeps asking me if I am enjoying it which I get soooooo annoyed #2 I really want to learn Arabic but it is not letting me! It keeps getting me out of the app! #3 It keeps getting me to where it is saying to do premium and I do not like it! Fix these changes or else this will get deleted by my index finger and if it is, Opps my finger slipped. Thank you very much for reading this!

I do like it but there’s one problem. The reason why I don’t like it is because you have to get a membership for everything except for texting but if you wanna take a picture you have to buy a membership so don’t make half the app premium please but I really do think this is a great app I know the developer needs the money but don’t make everything premium please otherwise this is a really great app.

Great For Small Businesses. I have a etsy shop and this app is wonderful for when texting back customers whom speak a different language than I withought going through the hassle of google translate copy and pasting. Its super easy to use and I Highly recommend !

This is so good. Useful it’s like google translate but it has more languages to translate and teaches kids how to speak another language doesn’t have any ads when people don’t understand English, Spanish, French, or any other language you can just translate 110+ more languages try it now

World class translation app. This app is come up by far, the best translator app that I have seen on the Internet. It is easy to use, accurate and tremendously helpful learning a new language. I’m presently using the app to learn Italian and it is making the effort much easier than it otherwise would be. It absolutely earns five stars.

iPhone 5s ios 12.4.8 problems. Dear translate now Translate now today i am uploading translate now new version this much problems iPhone 5s translating problem apps opening problem. Please fix the problems.

Love the app. In the other apps I have to use premium to translate to keyboard and the premium is just different stuff and there’s some players that speak different languages like I mostly saw people speak Spanish now I can use translate to talk to them but I hope I can understand them

They are a scam. I downloaded the app and went to practice a language. It opens up to a screen where you’re forced to click “continue.” It wouldn’t let me go into any lessons at all. I hit continue and then my home button to get out of the app and it auto charged me a full year sub! I have no money🤬🤬🤬 This is how apps get you in a time of world crisis. And these days trying to get through to a live person to correct the issue is abysmal. Delete the app scammmm

Very helpful. I study German and take German classes and this app has been very helpful to get through the class. I would definitely recommend it to people in a foreign language class or who just need help speaking to other people with a different language.

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 6.11.0
Play Store solutions.wzp.translator
Compatibility iOS 11.2 or later

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The application Translate Now - Translator was published in the category Reference on 23 March 2018, Friday and was developed by Wzp Solutions Lda [Developer ID: 1316153435]. This program file size is 345.39 MB. This app has been rated by 183,584 users and has a rating of 4.6 out of 5. Translate Now - Translator - Reference app posted on 20 July 2023, Thursday current version is 6.11.0 and works well on iOS 11.2 and higher versions. Google Play ID: solutions.wzp.translator. Languages supported by the app:

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We're thrilled to introduce our latest feature, Lingo AI, your personal language tutor! Enhance your language skills with interactive roleplay, get impeccable proofreading assistance for foreign language texts, and receive detailed grammar explanations and corrections. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced learner, Lingo AI is here to support your language journey. Take your language skills to new heights with Translate Now! Download Translate Now to experience the power of Lingo AI.

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