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Translate Now - Translator [Reference] App Description & Overview

Whether you're traveling to new places or trying to get started learning a new language, thanks to “Translate now”, the language is no longer a barrier to communication.

• Voice Translation
Speak to translate. Dictate what you want to translate and let the app read out the translation, or read it on your screen.

• Camera Translation
Translate any pic or text using your camera. Easily translate menus, signs, or any paper document.

• AR Translation
Translate the world around you with augmented reality.

• Translator Keyboard
Easily write in 60+ languages within your favorite apps.

• Conversation Mode
Have foreign language conversations. Translate Now translates conversations between a foreigner and yourself in real-time.

• Text Translation
Translate text into 110+ languages. Enter the phrase you want to translate to receive the results in text format or listen to the correct pronunciation.

• Phrasebook
Create custom lists of phrases for each language to access them whenever you need, even offline.

• Watch App
Translate now using your Apple Watch.

• Dark Mode
Protect your eyes from bright light and save your battery life.

• Siri Shortcuts
Add shortcuts to Siri to get your translations even faster.

• Widget
See your favorite translations at a glance.

Translations between the following languages are supported:
Afrikaans, Albanian, Amharic, Arabic, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Basque, Belarusian, Bengali, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Cebuano, Chichewa, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Corsican, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Esperanto, Estonian, Filipino, Finnish, French, Frisian, Galician, Georgian, German, Greek, Gujarati, Haitian Creole, Hausa, Hawaiian, Hebrew, Hindi, Hmong, Hungarian, Icelandic, Igbo, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Javanese, Kannada, Kazakh, Khmer, Korean, Kurdish, Kyrgyz, Lao, Latin, Latvian, Lithuanian, Luxembourgish, Macedonian, Malagasy, Malay, Malayalam, Maltese, Maori, Marathi, Mongolian, Myanmar (Burmese), Nepali, Norwegian, Pashto, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Romanian, Russian, Samoan, Serbian, Sesotho, Shona, Sindhi, Sinhala, Slovak, Slovenian, Somali, Spanish, Sundanese, Swahili, Swedish, Tajik, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu, Uzbek, Vietnamese, Welsh, Xhosa, Yiddish, Yoruba, Zulu
*Some features are not available in all languages.
**Internet connection is required to translate.

• Get access to all Air Apps
• Unlimited use
• 100% Ad-Free
• Voice Translation
• Camera Translation
• Conversation Mode

Choose from different subscription options. 
Our standard subscription options are:
1-week Subscription - USD4.99
1-month Subscription - USD9.99
1-year Subscription - USD69.99

Subscription payments will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of your purchase and upon commencement of each renewal term. Subscription with a free trial period will automatically renew to a paid subscription. You can cancel your subscription or free trial in the iTunes settings at least 24-hours before the end of each current subscription period. The cancellation will take effect the day after the last day of the current subscription period and you will be downgraded to the free service. Any unused portion of a free trial period (if offered) will be forfeited when you purchase a premium subscription during the free trial period.




Privacy Policy:

Terms of Use:


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Translate Now - Translator Comments & Reviews

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- This game is so fun! You should download it!

This game can translate to ALL Languages!😍😍 Example: if you have a Egyptian friend... and you don’t know how to speak Arabian... you’d be worried right you’d be like, “How do I talk to her/Him?! They want to be my friend!!! What do I do?” This app is your solution!🤗 you can even TRY speaking the language your looking for... or even message them the sentence/word you translated ( If you want )... if you want to message someone.. u just have to click on the sentence/ word, then you’ll have some options on what to do! Remember to click the app, you mostly chat with your, other cultural friend! Remember to download! - secret, “translate now” app, Lover

- Was a good app-until it stopped

I subscribed for the one month subscription. It worked for 3 days. Now the camera won’t work. It just keeps asking me to subscribe. (Edited to add-I was charged for the subscription). The text translation keeps interrupting me with ads. Extremely frustrated with this app. I will be even more upset and frustrated if I get charged for anything. I was planning on keeping the subscription as I’m trying to learn Spanish and I can use this for my job. But not if it ignores the subscription and acts like I never subscribed to anything. Edit to add. Now I’m home from my trip from Oaxaca and Teotitlán. I see that I was definitely charged for this subscription. I can officially say this app is horrible for the simple fact that I subscribed and was only able to use it for 3 days without adds. Also, couldn’t use any features OFFLINE which is basically everywhere in Teotitlán. It’s incredibly frustrating to use the text translation and to be interrupted with an ad. I seriously want a refund for the subscription. Next time I leave the country I’ll use something else for translation help.

- it’s great but..

It’s a great app and it helped me have many conversations with foreign problem is i wish there was an update on the keyboard because the keys are kind of small and it’s hard to talk, I also wish that there was a feature to favorit the languages you want to speak because It’s exhausting having to scroll through all the languages just have a full on conversation with someone. also the keyboard is a bit smaller than the regular english or other keyboards and that makes it harder to keep up the conversation because of typos and trying to type faster so it would be easier if the keyboard was a bit bigger. but also the emojis get stuck on the keyboard and the keyboard freezes idk if it’s just my phone freezing but the emojis and the keys on the keyboard are too small

- Best transalator ever!!

I don’t usually write reviews but this app has changed my life. My best friend moved from Mexico and had nobody so I gave her my insta to text me but she didn’t know how to type well in English and I don’t know much Spanish at all so we constantly were going into separate apps to translate what we say. Then I found this keyboard so now I can talk and understand what she says in Spanish because I type in English and then press the button and it goes to Spanish!!!!!

- I don’t really understand why this is so highly rated... PLEASE READ IM LEAVING AN HONEST REVIEW

Let me make one point-> This app DOES translate That is one thing that it does. If you’re looking for an app that translates this will do the job BUT •Only for a few languages...• ——————— THIS isn’t even my main problem. I understand the fact that they have to make money some how and I can also understand that they don’t want to put every language on an app for storage reasons(you can download some languages). •My MAIN PROBLEM is that even AFTER you download the language, they don’t have a button for how they would say it in the language you’re translating to. • ——————— THE WHOLE PURPOSE OF A TRANSLATOR IS HEARING HOW TO SAY IT. ———— The only language it can say it in is English. THEY COULDN’T EVEN DO ENGLISH IN A DIFFERENT ACCENT. unless you know how to read the language you’re translating to, you’re better off not downloading this app. Is it the worst app of it’s kind? No. Could you find worse? Absolutely. The thing is I’m not comparing it to what it’s better than I’m comparing it to what’s better than it and there are better apps that do so much better than this for free. My point is, don’t download it. There are better translator apps. Thanks for reading if you did :) Have a good day :)

- Why do they even pretend there is a free version?

Maybe I wasn’t using it right but it was constantly trying to make me pay money. I am fine if there is a BETTER version that costs money but it would not allow speaking into the microphone at all with the free version and if there is a way to type in another language I did not find it. The transliteration has English spelling for both Japanese and Chinese mixed together ( I was trying to use it for Japanese) so that would not be helpful for pronouncing things either. I know a little bit of Japanese enough to know it was gibberish for the transliteration and since it would not allow speaking into the microphone in the free version could not use it to actually have a conversation with a Japanese person which is what I want. This really is not helpful.

- Beware! You will be charged $4.99.

I downloaded the Translated Now app from App Store because I wanted to translate an English sentence into Spanish. I have no prior knowledge how App Store subscription works. As usual, I just click “Yes” to all on-screen interactions not knowing I have accepted the Air Apps terms. I was charged $4.99 on my credit card 7 days later. When I disputed with Air app customer service, their response was “ will need to cancel your subscription before the end of the period”. I believe this software publisher has no clue about customer satisfaction but wanting to earn $4.99 in exchange for bad customer satisfaction. I will not consider any apps published this company. They are alternatives in the market with better customer services. Beware! You will be charged $4.99.

- What Goes Here?

Really awful. Changes correctly typed words in English to a very different word-auto change. And you should see what it does when you type a foreign word into it to see English translation, again huge problem. Has HUGE difficulty in understanding both native English speakers and foreigners speaking excellent English. This terrible app tries to do everything and it does not do 1 thing really well compared to other translate apps. I am deleting it next as why would I pay for something this BAD? They need to do a whole lot of work on this. Now maybe if you pay that $5 a month the ads may stop. But it still is a terrible app compared to others avaliable in the App Store.

- Fantastic Translator A+++

I’ve used my share of translator apps many of the same quality though 1-2 always stand out as the better of them all finding the one is the challenge we all have....well that’s what I’m hear to say & Tell you this is 1 of the 2 that stand out among them all. This App is fantastic & the translation is spot on! It truly beats the competitors with its Korean database itself great App 100% Recommend.

- Pro paid version with photo and AR doesn’t work in Japan

I subscribed to the pro version and try to use it on Wi-Fi but every time I try to take a photo and translate or use the AR app so I can read signs and menus, it asks me to subscribe even though I already paid for it. It also won’t correctly share the app with family members, when I tried to use it on my wife’s phone it also asks to subscribe even though I paid for the app. I’ve emailed support about the problem twice and literally zero response from them. It worked on Japanese in the US when I tested it, but for some reason it doesn’t recognize you’re a subscriber if you use it on Wi-Fi in Japan. I’m cancelling my subscription.

- Constant Notifications

The app honestly isn’t bad and helped me tremendously on a recent trip to Peru. That being said... Every day I have a new “notification” for nothing. Notifications pop up in my Notification Center and there’s always a little, red one on the app icon, but when I open the app I can’t find what the notification is for. There also isn’t an option to turn off these notifications. I think it’s a ploy to get OCD individuals, such as myself, to open the app everyday and generate ad revenue. I have uninstalled the app and caution anyone considering downloading it.

- Great App!

This is honestly a great app and has great translation. But it does a few quirks with translation. I’m currently doing a parody account on twitter that speaks fluent English and French and wanted to spice things up. Here’s the mistranslation English: To establish peace, one must be pure. You have to be equal. My cure will cleanse you. This will eliminate all the idiosyncrasies of yourself. The world will be pure one day. French: Pour établir la paix, il faut être pur. Il faut être égal. Ma cure te purifiera. Cela éliminera toutes les particularités de vous-même. Le monde sera pur le jour. When I retranslate from French to English it results to: English(from French): To establish peace, one must be pure. You have to be equal. My cure will cleanse you. This will eliminate all the peculiarities of yourself. The world will be pure during the day. Anyways I will use this app continuously but can you guys just please mistranslation. That’s the biggest issue with these translation apps.

- Deserving of 5 stars

I really like this app and find it useful, for anyone trying to break that language bearer I strongly recommend this app! So far it has been accurate with its translations. I hope for any future updates where the translated language has the option to be written out using the English letters( Japanese/Chinese/Korean ) ✌🏼

- Does not include all languages verbally in conversation

I am so frustrated trying to find a good app that can converse eight for me and that yourba language. All I get is hey text translation but my mother-in-law is not in person with me to show her the text translation to her language. I need someone to help me converse eight with her in her language so she can hear me say what I need to talk to her about. Please update this app I think it’s a good app but need more languages in conversation mode so they can hear whatI am talking about.

- Spanish to English?

Overall, this is a great app, but after using it, I found out about a pretty major flaw in the app. On the Apple Watch, while it is able to translate from English to Spanish, there is not option for translations from Spanish to English. I hope this issue will be addressed soon, so that the app would become more helpful to those that use it.

- Cancell subscription

At 86 yrs of age, I no longer buy green bananas, nor subscribe to anything that will be difficult to terminate post mortum. On the occasions when used, ” Translator “ has been entirely satisfactory, but please save my survivors the trouble to cancel in their time of profound grief. I could find no option but to contact you via “review “. Dr. John J Crossen

- It’s a good app but just one thing

This app is very helpful and useful but as soon as I realized that it requires full control then that’s when I realized I should probably delete the app. Incase you don’t know what full control is and you have this app you may agree with me. Full control is basically we’re it’s allowed to access anything like your location your photos your camera and your info. So that’s why I deleted the app. Again very helpful app just a bit suspicious.

- I love it! ♥️👌

I love how you can pick any language also the fact you can put in your own language to learn how to say it in another language! ♥️😩 I have been looking for an app like this one! 🥺 I also love how now I can say different language pronouncing to my friends and they’ll have no clue what I’m saying 😂I hope this app can stay on forever!!!❤️☺️🤞

- Omg

I have nothing to say I’m speechless, that’s so good this app is wait I just said something. That means this app is better than I thought five star, I have a roblox friend who speaks Portuguese and it helps me talk to her. She’s using her translator to talk to me English and if you spam hi or La la la in a different language you’ll get some really cool noise lol Try it

- Very helpful

I study German and take German classes and this app has been very helpful to get through the class. I would definitely recommend it to people in a foreign language class or who just need help speaking to other people with a different language.

- Great app

The only reason it doesn’t get 5 stars is you have to pay for full version! To access camera and other options! Those are not needed for translation! Typing it out does just fine in any language! Love the feature of it reading back to you in the language translation! Awesome!

- Great quality

In my personal opinion I think this is a really really good translator and are use this all the time when I have my grandpa over since he doesn’t speak the same language as me in this works extremely good it is awesome and easy to use

- This App did not work for me and want to cancel

I purchased some beautiful cards in Japan last summer. They have Japanese writings. I cannot remember how a few would be translated. Obviously, I do bit send a card -even if beautiful- if I do not know what it means. It did not recognize the Japanese. I bought these cards at a well known shrine. It was a major tourist place. I find it hard to believe it is unusual. So I want to cancel. I followed what their notice said and it is not that easy. I cannot recommend this app.

- Cannot cancel subscription

This app is pretty worthless for translating Chinese to English. On top of that, it forces you to agree to a one-week trial and automatic subscription to even use the trial. I kept trying to figure out how in app settings to cancel the subscription because it was immediately useless during the trial. I could not. Turns out the way to unsubscribe is to delete the app, but I did not figure that out until after the trial period had lapsed. Now I have to get my money back.

- Awesome

This app is awesome. Say for instance I would want to comment on someone’s video and they only knew a certain language I would just use this app I would translate the sentence I want to say then I would copy it to my keyboard and post a comment! This app is also super simple to use I love this!

- You can copy it

Oh and you can also pick different languages and you can copy and paste it on a Messages WhatsApp and you could also learn them it could translate it for you I and it can help you a lot!

- They are a scam

I downloaded the app and went to practice a language. It opens up to a screen where you’re forced to click “continue.” It wouldn’t let me go into any lessons at all. I hit continue and then my home button to get out of the app and it auto charged me a full year sub! I have no money🤬🤬🤬 This is how apps get you in a time of world crisis. And these days trying to get through to a live person to correct the issue is abysmal. Delete the app scammmm

- The best translator app ever

So i don’t really understand that much about the other languages, but its cool like i never seen an app like that! That knows all of the languages! Hmmm these people may be really clever and i siri doesn’t know all of the languages tho but this app does its the best

- Amazing

This app has helped me in many different places I’ve never been before.I was always scared to go places where I didn’t know the language, but with this amazing app I’ve been able to travel to new places

- 5 stars

This app is amazing you get to translate languages, and you don’t even have to pay!!! If I were all of you, I’d press 5 stars, and then, boom!! H Whoever made this, amazing job. The only thing I would change is how fast the translation voice talks.

- Just a few bugs

I don’t know if I wasn’t using the app right but I noticed it had a hard time picking up on text that has been put into a more creative font (ie. a background picture) and it won’t let me flip my camera so it won’t pick up on other text. Other than that I haven’t found any other bugs.

- good app

The translation speed is very fast, the effect is also very good. Very convenient I often and long-term to use, before all with Google Translate, this does not need to refresh directly built-in better use

- Translator

I think that this translator app is really great cause it helps people learn different languages and it also helps people understand what other people are saying so I think it is great because it helps a lot of people! -Arleth

- Very smooth

I looked at other translations. I have by far enjoyed this the most. Thank you! Although there could be some improvements on the translations. It’s too direct at times.

- Love

I have some international friends and this app really helps me to communicate with them. Once I receive a message from them I can easily translate it to English. So easy and simple. Plus you can learn from this app as well

- Yes!

I just downloaded it now and I really wanted to try the keyboard translator. I used to be fluent in Spanish and I decided to go ahead with it and it's on par! Everything is said correctly! It's awesome so far. I have yet to try the subscription.

- Subscription

Bruhs I literally cannot cancel my subscription. I went on the website to see how to cancel it and it said to go to my Apple ID. Checked my subscriptions and I couldn’t cancel from there. It just shows options to pay for and that it’s still active. I go on the app and it just pops up with the same options. Other then this bs it’s a good app

- Bilingual teacher

Spanish is my second language so sometimes I need to double check my spelling or word choice in a translation. This app is easy to use and very accurate. Thank you!

- I like it read

I tried the one form google but you could only go so long so I downloaded a different app and this one you can do a long paragraph which is good for TikTok lol so if your here for TikTok I recommend this one

- Expect to Subscribe to Use

I’m totally fine with paying for apps. I’m not fine with the subscription model, as it makes apps unaffordable. It adds up to being $$$ when more and more developers use this model and many apps don’t need the kind of regular updates that justify the cost. I’m even less fine with downloading apps that aren’t really functional without payment yet don’t clearly say that in the description.

- Very convenient

I speak to patients of a different language each day at my job. This application will make things easy for me converse with patient with different languages.

- Informal/formal

English doesn’t really have this, but in other languages, there’s formal/informal (depending on who you’re talking to: someone older than you vs someone younger than you). I wish there was a choice and you could choose which one you want to translate to, because right now, there’s only “formal”.

- Most excellent app indeed

This app is great and is teaching me a plethora of languages which I can use to communicate and have confidence as I make accurate translation and translate correctly. Better put... 大好きです!!! Job well done!!

- Worse alternative to Google

Obviously is BEGGING for money. As soon as you open it, it offers prices to get the whole app- and gives restrictions if you don’t, which not even google translate does. You can’t translate speech without it stopping you and covering the screen with subscription prices. You can translate more languages, for free, as many times as you want, audio AND photos, once again FREE, with Google Translate!

- Works just fine on my old iPhone 5

Works just fine on my old iPhone 5 Simple and fast not as many bells and whistles in the non-pro version but did the job well

- Translate App

I just downloaded it and beginning to use it. Thus far, It appears to be a great app. Though, I’m not to keen on the drop in suggestions to buy/subscribe to the bundle within the first 2mins of using the app.

- Some of the translations are written in Arabic the same way they sound in English

Some of the translations are written in Arabic the the same way they sound in English with no translation nor explanation to Arabic.

- Love it

I am only 11 and I’m learning i’m in a French school and it’s sometimes hard to understand the work so this app is helping me a lot thank you for all your help with this app.

- Needs some bug fixes.

Sorry, but I think you need to tweek some of the features. Because I've translated some phrases and the translation gets interuped by missing texts and a word called. "Quat" So I don't know about you but this gets kinda annoying when you want to translate something especially when you're serious about languages...

- Wow

This is Great but I don’t understand why we would have to pay to use the at version and the conversation version. They use it in the ads and they get our hypes up and it turns out we have to pay for it.

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- Easy peasy

This is a very easy to use translation app. Only annoying thing is ads but that is to be expected since its free. Good value. Can’t complain as it’s so straightforward there’s no need to work it out. Just copy and paste it’s easy peasy.

- Translating Japanese to English

Well it is good only for like one or two words because it doesn’t say the correct things and it is a bit better than other apps in my opinion. I only just got it, but sometimes when I copy from the book it says the wrong things but at least it’s better than other apps end it lets me say stuff from the microphone and it lets me use my Japanese keyboard and it lets me use my English keyboard and yeah it’s okay

- 😍

Love it and how it pronounces everything for you, but it would be great if you didn’t have to pay for more options

- Accidentally bought something help

When I first bought the app it said something about buying something $7.99 a week and I have Touch ID so I panicked and tried to leave the app but when I pressed the home button it scanned my fingerprint thing and I think I bought it and I don’t know how to cancel it please help I don’t know what I bought or how much I just spent and it’s really stressing me out. :(

- Great App

So easy to use. Cut and paste to messenger to keep our granddaughters other grandparents in Portugal up to date with our little ones development and adventures.

- Translation

I love this app it helps me understand all launguges and it prepares me for when I need to speak a different language

- Love it

Thx for making this app but u should put instructions so people know what they’re doing #livingforit

- Great app

Very efficient app, has helped me in many situations while travelling.

- Great app

The only thing I don’t like is that to use it without internet you have to pay

- Not the best app

This app won’t let you choose language that I want to speak. They keeps saying “ERROR THIS LANGUAGE IS NOT AVAILABLE IN YOUR COUNTRY!” Which is super annoying 😒. It really annoys me a lot. And here are the countries are not available: French, Canada, Punjabi, Zulu, Yoruba, and more. Like dude, what? I mean this app is super annoying and it’s more like a click-bait .-.

- Drives me crazy

Ive paid for it. It works but it keeps asking me to rate it and write a review. It also keeps asking me to upgrade which I’ve done and it keeps asking. Its driving me nuts. Ive requested help but no answer.

- Awful app.

This app is sold as free with video of it doing image recognition. But the image recognition is only available as an expensive subscription service. Text translation does not work offline. You are better off to get the free app google translate.

- Fraud app

I just download the app and I see it want payment than I reinstalled the app now I see my bank account and they cut the payment $102 they show only $15 but once you install it they cut amount of money so never install this app

- It kept annoying me so yeah don’t read this


- So far so good

I have just downloaded app and so far so good.

- False advertising! Can’t use camera without buying!

What a crock. You can’t use the camera to translate without buying the app. Don’t waste my time with “features” unless you specify they must be purchased. Absolute rubbish.

- Really good

It’s a shame about all the in app ads and purchases though.

- Rip off

Didn’t even install this app. And it cost $24 for 3 weeks and just lucky I noticed the email invoice today or it would still be charging me for something I haven’t used.

- Translate

Such a clear audio.

- Rating review

This app is good my dad has it it is alright

- $15 A MONTH 😳

You can’t even test the app to see how it works, everything you try and do just forces you to subscribe to pay $15 a month to use the app. But ridiculous honestly.

- It’s so bad!!!

Why do I have to buy things??!!

- Amazing

Very easy to use Free Can translate to any language

- Love it

I love it completely 100% get

- Wrong national flag for transitional Chinese

Hi, Could you please edit the flag back to 🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼”R.O.C” Republic of China or “Taiwan” will do. Thank you.

- Germany

They good to understand and it is very helpful

- I never used this and it’s on my subscription

Constantly bills my for a few months

- Amazing app

I love this app it is very cool how it translates so quickly it is amazing and fluent. I LOVE THIS APP LOTS OF LOVE FORIM DORIS! 谢谢🙏

- Cant cancel subscription

Literally cannot cancel my subscription. Ended up at Apple support to work through this mess.

- Free version just kept asking me to upgrade

Too annoying to even try. Deleted

- Not free

Also seems great interest you finally download the app and you find out it cost money

- Buyer beware

I signed up for free trial and intended signing up for 1 month. They took. One years subscription the next day. It’s a rip-off

- Can’t use Camera translation unless you pay


- App title is misleading

The title says free 1 month trial but the free trial is for only 1 week. This is misleading and arguably deceptive. Why say anything about 1 month free in the title??

- Have to pay

This app isn’t free outside a basic translate function

- Amazing App

5 star

- Non Free app

You can’t even try it without adding card information. Totally BS.

- Love it

It is very useful.

- Don't bother

Rubbish! Does not even open after downloading it.

- Another greedy App

It's not even better than google trad .

- Yeet

I’m a clever guy that’s made of butttons of wires

- Who knew

Wow . Unbelievable wow .

- The best

Ur app is the best

- Hiding


- Jack

To good



- Expensive

14$ per month???????? Toooo expensive

- RUBBISH App ‼️

Does NOT work ‼️ Need I say more, it is rubbish.

- Good

Really good

- The best

This is so cool

Payoneer 💰

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- Sam

Works well but I wish it included synonyms as well.

- Why you should be aware of downloading this translator.

This app does not work. It does not allow me to select a photo and demands for money just for simple features which is unnecessary and a total rip-off. I refreshed the app and tried to select another photo but it kept crashing. No matter how high the rating is, don’t try this app.

- Not working +Too many adds 😡

Can’t translate a single word since every single time an add pops up!! So irritating. Plus,It demands money to for the simple futures. Total rip-off.

- Bad App

Don’t download. Is a waste of time. Can’t try it without constant ads for auto subscriptions. And if you hit the wrong button by accident you are signed up without knowing it.

- Use google translate people, don’t use this. Has unnecessary subscription

Use google translate people, don’t use this scam app. Translations are identical, because it uses google’s own api, the one they use in their own app. Why pay for something that you can get for completely free with no ads elsewhere? Use google translate instead

- Misleading

Free to download but requires you to register for their 3 day trial and subscription in order to actually translate anything.

- Monthly renew

Downloaded this because it said free Only to find out after downloading it wanted to charge me monthly fee of $9.99 What a joke !

- Don’t get it unless you will subscribe.

Do not get this app unless you are going to subscribe. I’m constantly getting ads and I’m never able to translate without an interruption.

- CAUTION - bad subscription process

I downloaded app to try and was auto subscribed to app. It charged $13.99 for a month by default. No success with Apple or vendor to address!! Seems like a very deceptive practice!

- Really?

The just want money. You have to pay to use the translator.

- Tros cher

Tros chère 9,99$ par mois et Microsoft et autre free ?


I downloaded this app for and deleted it within ten minutes, and it automatically made me subscribe to it. Now I’m being charged monthly $12.99 for an app I do not have.

- Garbage

Wants $6.99 a week. How can this be app of the day?

- Amei esse aplicativo parabéns

Esse aplicativo me ajuda muito,muito obrigado

- Unexpected charge

Poor features. Automatically renew my subscriptions and and charge me without my consent.

- Great app

Easy to use Very helpful I love this app

- Trop cher

Même services offerts gratuitement avec d’autres applications.

- 👌🏻

really good app

- No it’s not free

To use any features just has an option to write and translate.. Mice use google it’s better! Don’t waste time.. Pass!!

- Ok


- Güzel


- Very helpful

Very good

- Rocman2644


- Garbage

After the installation, you found already been changed. Kind of a trap. Please return my money.

- It’s not google translation.

Looks like google translate, but it’s not. It’s not free

- bad

it is just so bad it's missing languages and the ones it does have are no where close to the actual language

- Great

Love it

- Great

It’s so easy to use

- Keeps charging me even after I cancelled and I can’t find any way to contact the developer

The idea for this app is interesting but it was not very useful in practice. It seemed to have a very limited vocabulary. The monthly cost is also way too high. I cancelled my subscription yet it keeps charging my credit card.

- Had to try app of the day...but...

Read the reviews. It is spongeware. And scary. Every attempt to translate causes a pop up for me to download "offline" files. Twice in five minutes I got a pop up asking if was enjoying the app. I have the permission to ask for in-app ratings turned off, yet this app ignored that. Twice. I tried a scan ... it asked for permission to my camera and photos *before* telling me it was a Pro feature that would cost me. This app gives developers a bad name. I literally don’t trust this app, and am deleting it. I’m surprised at Apple for even allowing this app. I'm certainly not sure why it was given App of the Day status.

- NOT free

Doesn’t do anything unless you pay $12/month. Don’t download unless you want to pay.

- Way too pricey .

Sorry but what you guys are asking for is too rich for my blood. I understand that T. Cook preached for encouraging developers to include subscriptions in their app instead of selling them... you lost my money.

- Subscription Really?

Google translate is free

- 1

Well for one reason is because I had just bought some manga and had purchased the manga in Japanese writing, so I downloaded this app to translate the words and all seemed. Until I took the photo of the words and something popped up saying like “get premium”. And all I wanted was to read my manga. DELETED, I also truly don’t recommend this app, or the purchase of the premium. Thank you,

- Tagalog-Philippine

Will you develop ( Ilokano ) please.

- Pretty good


- Excellent app

I use it all the time and the translator is excellent

- Good

It's good

- No me gusta

Todo es pago

- Appli

Ne tradui pas très bien Il faut payer à moment donner Mais mieux que Google translater Pas de pub Merci

- Ceviri

Eksik ceviri

- Translate all round Japan

Works beautiful

- Good app

I really like it and it REALLY helps.

- Sucks now

Why did you remove Latin character spelling of Russian words? This app is useless to me now. 0 stars. Deleting it now.

- Translation is not good

I tried to treanslate Chinese to English but ended up with complete gibberish

- crap

doesnt work always getting popups... crap!

- garbage

dont even bother, doesnt let you use it unless you pay

- Avis

C est plate car il faut payer

- One of the worst apps ever.

It is completely useless and half the time doesn’t even translate correctly.

- Does the camera function really work?

I downloaded this app in hopes that the camera function could translate korean mangas for me. Needless to say I was disappointed as it did not seem to work when I took a picture of the text with the camera.

Libertex 📈

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- Great app

Just wonderful and very salubrious for all people who need help with punctuation and all forms of writing great for people who are in university and work makes you feel like you know how to compose a literary piece

- Perfect for small use

I work in a medical office and one of the doctors is Russian therefore we have many Russian patients. Little words go a long way! Definitely recommend this app

- It’s good but one CRITICAL problem

It’s a great app (besides the full control issue) but there is one HUGE problem that you have to fix. The Japanese translations say the word in Japanese, but show the Chinese pronunciation. This is bad for reliability, so you should fix this ASAP

- So far so Good! Hope its not a flop in the end!

Well, I’m really enjoying the way this Translator pronounces the words it’s translates. I further enjoy the tools such as increase or decrease speed and the male or female options.

- Not for me

This app is not for me. I study languages so I know how to conjugate most European verbs. And I can use Google and online sources to translate for anything else for FREE!!! My issue is their like you gotta pay for any main used language. One can literally find translations for FREE online so there’s not really a point to main languages being paid for. However I do like that not really known languages are on it.

- A life saver

I work in a bilingual industry and this app is definitely a lifesaver and educational when it comes to working on specific nuances while learning multiple languages

- 👌

It’s very nice, has a lot of features for translating like a camera, voice , words. Overall it has everything.

- Money problems!

I try to go on the camera but it does not work. It makes you pay $9.99 a week just to use the camera! I just want to find out what this Chinese phrase says on my cousins dinosaur hoodie but I can’t because it makes you pay for it!!! Also, I have money problems so can’t afford it! Take my advise and don’t get this app. Hope you find this helpful! 🙂

- For my daughter and I

Works great! Really easy to use. The translations with audio are a bit fast but definitely worth a download. Recommended!

- Amazing!

This is a great app because I have not a clue of any Russian letters but I know how to say some words. This app allows you to speak to the phone it translates it for you and spells it in Russian with Russian letters. The best translating app I’ve ever used.

- It’s so fun and helpful!

This is a great app I would definitely recommend. I listen to Kpop and this is what I use to translate the lyrics and copy to make a document out of them😁

- Translation costs money

The app says it’s free but if you try to translate anything via photos, augmented reality, or anything other than typing in the text it prompts you to purchase the “deluxe” model for $9.99 a month. It’s absolutely useless when there’s other translator apps that allow you to use photos. It’s so annoying that they make you think it’s free only for that to be a lie.

- This app is great

This app helps me tremendously when sending my hispanic husband to the store. Weve been married 32 yrs and up until 4 yrs ago when i fell ill i took care of it all.

- What a terrific program!!

I don’t think I could live right now without this app!! It is so easy to use and the translations are very accurate.

- Translate now

I am just opening the app. I think it is unfair to ask interrupt my effort to get to know the program with a request to do something for you

- Just started.

Working on learning Italian, this is a great (and quick) resource for learning new words, as well as reinforcing other words, phrases already learned.

- Translation

I really like this App it has given me the opportunity to use when in a Uber he didn’t speak English & I didn’t speak Spanish.

- Not accurate

The translations are not accurate at all. I type something in English and when I go to switch it to see what it says (to see if it actually said in Spanish what I had typed in English ), it says a totally different thing than what I typed. I might as well stick to google translate if this app isn’t going to give me accurate translation.

- Easier for homework

It makes it easier for me to do homework and on other apps I have to pay money and on this on I just do From:Abigail Gwin

- Useful, easy tool

For basic translations, of most of the major & minor languages of the world, this app can’t be beat. I’ve used it mostly for Iberian Spanish, Russian, and Brazilian Portuguese.

- Surprisingly the best translator I found

All the other translators you can use your voice on cost money for memberships but not this one

- I love this Translation App

So I enjoy this app way better than using Google Translate. I recommend this app if you are reading my review it’s a great app and easy to use.

- Misleading, should be under paid apps.

I downloaded this app to change the language settings for a video game. I accidentally set them to Russian. I can’t even use the app without a paid subscription. I’d gladly pay a one time fee even up to $20 but a subscription is out of the question since I am not traveling abroad and will like barely use the app.


I like the translation on this app it’s pretty cool with the voice translation it’s easy and smooth and u learn quick it’s a breeze using this app it’s a quality app that is helpful and useful I hope it do the same for u.😇👑

- Fake news

This app wants you to pay $10 a month for translation. I bought some things from a Japanese store, and wanted to see what it said in English writing. But I could not figure out how the camera worked and they wanted me to pay all this money just to translate a cover. I am very disappointed and still do not know what my notebook says.

- Only basic features are free. Everything else is subscribed

$4.99 a month in the middle of a pandemic.. sounds reasonable of you’re translate is totally free and there is no subscription needed to use extra features. All this is a basic translator. If you want to use AR or your camera to translate you have to pay. No thanks. As for the actual 5 stars im seeing.. BOTS! BOTS EVERYWHERE!

- Foreign contacts

I have to write many posts regarding Space Exploration. People from all over the world read them so this app is a Godsend

- Canceling Subscription?

The app said I could cancel my subscription at any time in my settings on my phone but I'm not finding the option to cancel my subscription any where..

- Love it

I love the app. I have used it as an aide to learn basic expressions and interpret signs, etc. I had 2 issues: 1. My voice module on the app stopped working on my iPhone 2. I tried using the voice translation feature on my Apple Watch. It worked once but now I cannot delete or reset the entry. It keeps repeating the same text! A small inconvenience given the vale being gained.

- Very upset

I was charged $5 weekly for 6 weeks and I never even used the app. I wasn’t aware that I was paying money. $30 may not be a lot to some but in my current situation that is a lot of money to me. I payed $30 for something I never even used. Does anyone know if there is a way for me to get my money back? This is seriously messed up.

- Not worth it

The only part of the app that is free is the basic text-to-text translation. Everything else you have to pay a 5$ WEEKLY payment to unlock which is absolutely a scam. There are so many other better apps that you can download that have these features for free. Do not waste your time downloading this.

- Using this service

This service helps me communicate with others who do not speak English. Thank you.

- Rate of translate

I love translate I can now translate anything with raking my head thank you so much for this I hope everyone loves this translator you will do more epic things and may GOD bless you in Jesus name,Amen

- It is good...

So I used this and at first I loved it until it was telling me to pay to continue talking in Spanish I was sad because I’m a kid I can’t pay my mom won’t buy me this so I got mad and now I have to find something new please tell me if I’m ever aloud to do it for free.

- Cantonese translation

Finally I found this app available replacing the Google Translate that traditional Chinese (Cantonese speaking) no longer exists. Thank you for designing the app for us to Download!

- Easy to use!

I use this app for quick translation and it always works 100% effectively. Thank you!!!

- Great for beginners!

Works well for those new to the language, mostly accurate and practical, easy to use.

- 🤮Bad App🤮

Very annoying the app, to use it practically you have to pay the subscription, annoying notifications, you touch and a poster comes that you pay, above ads every 2x3, Google Translator is free and does the same except augmented reality that gives more... I don't give them less than a star because they won't let me 🤮🤮🤮🤮

- Very Helpful

I can read French and understand it but it’s hard for me to write cause I grow up in an English speaking country so this app cakes in handy for me

- Laurie Buegeler

I want to cancel my subscription as I no longer need it, but I can’t find where to unsubscribe or cancel, could you please help me with this

- There is nothing wrong with it

i like it a lot and it functions well but it would be better if the camera function was free tho

- Translate

Google translate seems complicated to use not intuitive to me where is the sound to hear how it is pronounced

- Learning it

Still trying to figure it out. But I like that I can go to any language for a translation. I wish it could speak for the languages I choose.

- Helps me communicate with family

I have recently met family in Italy and France and this helps me tremendously because I only speak English!

- Nope

Won’t let you try it without signing up for a monthly or yearly plan, though you supposedly get some free days before you’re charged. I would not be using it enough for $10 a month or $70 a year. I’d probably only use it once a month, if that. I’m not signing up for anything I can’t try before I do have to sign up to keep using.

- Okay.

I don’t use it a lot because some features you need to pay for like speech translation and stuff like that but the free stuff is still helpful so I’ll give it four stars.

- Bad

This app is really bad. I tried using the photo part of it, keep in mind I just spent like $10 to get the photo part but it didn’t even know what it says. By that I mean it will usually pop-up a speech thing but it could even pop-up the speech thing because it had no idea what it had just said. (The speech thing to tell you what it says)

- This really helps me a lot

First first time I got this game I did not know what to do and then I remembered that I want to learn Japanese and because of this game I know how to speak Japanese

- Worth it

I can write in English first and then press the button to translate into another language! And it works it it worth my 5 stars! I love it

- Loved it

I liked this app it is the best I like to prank my friends with it and it really helps to communicate... it is awesome and I don’t know what else to say but it is a fantastic app!

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I'm asking a translator to translate now. Please wait for a little while.😉

Llorenç Crespo

@HillHunterGPS Now, I'm used to the beekeeping language. So if you need a translator to translate your app into Spanish, you can count on me. The same for your Pokemon Go-like hill haunting app. Also I'm a hiker!!!


me acting as if a translator can translate that by now

Lords 葵ちゃん💜⁷

As I continue to translate during my free time, I would like you to now this: do not see me as just your translator. I enjoy talking to y’all in the comments as fellow ARMYs with their own minds. I love pursuing intellectual and also funny conversations with y’all

ᴮᴱ Rossabts⁷-just BTS Fan💜💜

@iluvpandaxpress And there's a lot of translator who being Hiatus now. And the amount of new translator who translate the wrong way/ word are so many right now.


@ryuminating I work as a translator and I am now just learning Korean, so I truly appreciate your work, because it is so hard to translate things to and from Korean. Basically, I turn off other languages when I'm trying to understand Korean, because it may not make sense in roman languages.


People start to harash translator that doing live translation now? Are u kidding me? U must be never stand other boy/girl group where u can only watch them talk without anyone translate it ever 😑


Translator accs truly carry kpop fr can you imagine if they didn't exist?? I don't necessarily agree with some of them specifically but kpop would not achieve most of what it is now if fans did not translate stuff for free

²⁸sol¹ᵈ | bit ia cause vacations

@WallsHasNoSkip @gxldenflickerr @S0URWXLLS @lokiattme okay but now u translate cause translator has failed me once more👎🏽

yanban⁷~ ₊✜˚ᴇɴ-

@Army7_kami @lunataekoo @sparkykoo Pls im now nervously putting all the curse words i say into Google translator PRAYING it does not translate directly 😭😭😭🤡

ᴮᴱellie || is stupid ⁴⁺⁷


Luy 🌸 /ᐠ。ꞈ 。ᐟ\

Okay so apparently now is my responsibility to translate like 20documents at work because translators are too expensive and of course it's cheaper if i do it...HELL NO. I'm a fucking lab technician not a translator for fuck's sake i'm so mad i want to punch my boss

Cortex Struggle Tweets

@wrckgr True!! I would wanna get him the voice thing for pets/animals to wear and translate, but that would be a LONG ways from now I think... so yeah lol I'll leave it to the citywide translator


Aye wait a second the raws for the next 2 chapters released recently. Now I just have to wait for the god of a translator that is LazyCat to translate them

༺❆ᗙ Martin 🏳️‍🌈 ᗛ❆༻ ¸.•*´¯*⊱• ⁛҉

@peacockpoodle @garyhgoodridge It's a learning experience for all who tweet internationally. I've been international for over 2.5 years now, and although I have an App that can translate pictures, most will depend on the Twitter translator, which can only handle text: when it's working (broken often 🙄)

Translate Now - Translator 4.2.1 Screenshots & Images

Translate Now - Translator iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Translate Now - Translator iphone images
Translate Now - Translator iphone images
Translate Now - Translator iphone images
Translate Now - Translator iphone images
Translate Now - Translator iphone images
Translate Now - Translator iphone images
Translate Now - Translator iphone images
Translate Now - Translator iphone images

Translate Now - Translator (Version 4.2.1) Install & Download

The applications Translate Now - Translator was published in the category Reference on 2018-03-23 and was developed by Wzp Solutions Lda [Developer ID: 1316153435]. This application file size is 235.5 MB. Translate Now - Translator - Reference app posted on 2020-12-15 current version is 4.2.1 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: solutions.wzp.translator

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