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The quickest way to jot down, transpose, edit and HEAR chord progressions in song charts with or without lyrics. Now also includes audio recording with time stretch and pitch shift on playback.

- The smart keyboard knows when you’ve typed a root and shows you a selection of chords, but you are not limited to just those, Musician’s Notebook will play back pretty much any chord you throw at it: “If it looks like a chord, it’s a chord!”

- Import text from emails, other apps or websites and Musicians Notebook will highlight the chords. Tap the chords to check they sound right and edit and reformat the song text to get it the way you think it should be.

- Transpose a song's chords in an instant with a single tap.

- Import wizard and special edit functions help reformat song texts for small screens.

- Build up a library of every song you play and, since it's all stored as plain text, chords and structures can be edited and shared quickly and easily.

- Create lists of songs and quickly reorder via drag and drop, ideal for setlists or if you play with multiple bands.

- The built in metronome with drum patterns allows you to set a tempo and rhythm for each song. Ideal for rehearsing, or just as a reminder.

- Audio recording: Record up to ten audio clips in each song with clickable links embedded in the song sheet. Perfect for sketching out song ideas, transcribing songs or simply as a reminder of a lyric, melody, rhythm or riff.

- Tap any chord in the song sheet and see the notes on the piano keyboard view or a guitar chord view.

Helps you learn, write, rehearse, remember, share and gig.

Songs are stored as plain text, with no special formats, Musician's Notebook looks for chord symbols in the text and presents chords as buttons you can play. Since it is just text you can grab songs from anywhere, edit them anywhere or in the app itself. Jot down a song in Musician's Notebook and send it as an email or message to a band member or accompanist... they can load it and hear the chords straight away in their Musician's Notebook.

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The applications Musicians Notebook & Recorder was published in the category Music on 2018-03-18 and was developed by ATSIKNO LTD. The file size is 107.37 MB. The current version is 3.5 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Tap any chord in the song sheet and see the notes on the piano keyboard view or a guitar chord view.

Export recorded audio clips via share.

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No Instructions  Rcortesim  1 star

Other than your description of what it can do, there’s nothing to get a new used started. Tapping on various icons I was able to figure some things out, but it shouldn’t be an Easter egg hunt. Also, it recorded what I played on my acoustic, but it doesn’t playback any audio, nor does it transcribe the chords I played.


Cool idea  dontchasethesinged  3 star

Love this idea, though I feel like 1 major upfront feature is lacking—> setting the scale. After this incorporation, this would be a powerful tool. Will change rating after this implementation.


Great app!  rda2000  5 star

Very useful tool for learning chord theory


I don’t ever write reviews but...  CdizzleC  5 star

This is probably the second review I’ve ever written in the 25 years of my life. This app is so genius yet simple and it’s a must for all guitarist. I would’ve created it myself if these awesome developers didn’t do already. You guys are awesome and I am very grateful! Keep doing what your doing and you will be very successful!

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