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The best Word Game ever! Play it offline any time! DOWNLOAD to TRAIN your brain - for FREE, enjoy DAILY REWARDS!

Want to prove your vocabulary? Enjoy the excitement of classic word game? Wish to play by simply swiping on the screen? All in our Word Link! FREE DOWNLOAD NOW! We offer different tests to train your brain!

# Simple, easy rules, swipe and connect to win a game!
# Explore BONUS words to get additional rewards!
# No time limit, adjust your pace at any level
# Classic graphics, light music for you!
# Play offline! No wifi required
# Go back to previous levels anytime, so you can share difficult levels with friends
# FREE hints, get tips without fees
# 2000+ levels without repeat, be a word master in our training!
# Kill time-no pressure no push!

If you are a big fan for word games, don’t hesitate to try our game! Very funny and relaxing! We promise to make the most unforgettable game experience for you!

Word Link - Word Puzzle Game App Description & Overview

The applications Word Link - Word Puzzle Game was published in the category Games on 2018-02-25 and was developed by ZHOU JIAPING. The file size is 153.25 MB. The current version is 2.2.1 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Fix some bugs.

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Word Link - Word Puzzle Game Reviews

olivia klein

not what it looks like  olivia klein  1 star

this game advertises on multiple different social media platforms showing mini games such as snake and hangman, but really doesn’t have any! it is just like any other word game which only lets you play the snake mini game when you reach level 100!! now that is a waste of time


false advertising  Rigo.O  1 star

every ad for this game is a lie. dont waste your time.


Way too many ads  Murray146  2 star

There are many successful apps that have ads that don’t give you one very to puzzles. Especially when most of them take about 90 seconds


False advertising  Melymelmelx4  1 star

This was s NOT the game they advertise. I wanted to play the game with the pictures they advertised on instagram, but instead it’s just another one where you write words from letters given. Boring.


It’s OK  EmmaBear32  3 star

Ok, Well this game needs some fixing. For one when you get into the game everything is locked and when I spun the wheel for a prize when you have to watch a video for a hint it doesn’t even give you a hint once you watch the video. Second thing is that I got 400 prize diamonds but I had to pay and you’re supposed to just get you’re 400 diamonds and be done with it. But NO you have to pay and it took like 25 minutes to load in. 3rd thing is that’s bad is the words on the word search thing to win diamond and complete levels on level 32 and 34 I had a lot of trouble with the second word for 34 and the forth word for 32 and I was on the game for an hour trying to figure it out. What a shame! Last reason. You have to complete so many levels to only unlock one game at a time and that’s to much. Especially with the kind of words you have to find that are hard! Ok now the good things about the game, I mean, it’s fun to find words like a word search (NOT THOSE KIND OF WORDS THAT ARE HARD!!!) And that’s all the good things

An Awsome and amazing game

Great  An Awsome and amazing game  5 star

It’s a fun game my family and I play and it’s fun to play.

ze word

Work link  ze word  5 star

Word link really helped me spell a lot of words and stuff


FALSE ADVERTISING  lilmae246  1 star

on my snapchat it advertised as a completely different game. if i could give zero out of five i would


Not as advertised at all  HBMan23  1 star

This game is not as it was advertised in another game. It’s a sham and should be taken off the App Store. Reported.


Horrible  dbryant23  1 star

Game isn’t fun and it was showing in the ad😐

Sarah loves this!

Could there possibly be any more ads?!  Sarah loves this!  3 star

The ads weren’t too bad to start as they were short and spaced out but now it’s after every single game. When it offers an ad for free gems it shows an ad and immediately follows with another longer ad that doesn’t earn gems. I came here to find out if there was a paid version with no ads but it appears there isn’t.


False advertisement  kikazokusensai  1 star

This is nothing like what it was advertised on facebook. Very disappointing.


Boring  Cherie2758  2 star

Don’t like it, boring


False advertising!!!  Jess130690  1 star

I downloaded this game based on an ad I saw for it. What was in that ad is not in the game, nothing even close!!! Not happy!!!


OMG - Extreme ad overload!!  Ezookiel  1 star

Every second turn has an ad. That’s a 30 second ad every 30 seconds or so if you’re a fast player. Utterly ridiculous numbers of them. I’m so sick of them that the game is being uninstalled the moment this review is finished. Don’t torture yourselves with this app, go find a similar one where the ad numbers are sensible or where you can buy an ad free version.


Games  Rickvir  5 star

This game is very good for your brain even though the music is childish overall it’s not a bad game


???  Dendownunder63  1 star

Why is it always an add that has a completely different game than the one your downloading. If it’s not the main game then don’t advertise it as if it was. The game is fine though. Boring after a while. AND IT SAID I COULD UNLOCK AN EXTRA GAME BY SCORING 100 POINT BUT DID IT LET ME PLAY THE GAME AFTER I GOT 100 POINTS??? NO IT DIDNT!!! Anger do not play


Fake advertising  winniepotatoe  2 star

On instagram it was advertised as a game where you draw a thing out of the things you have.Downloaded it to see it was a complete scam.Very sad


Family friendly  pink2906  5 star

Addictive and fun


👎  TaneshiaJayne92  1 star

This app was completely disappointing. It was advertised on my Facebook as a find this word in this picture game and only after downloading i noticed it was nothing of the sort. It’s just like so may other word games on the App Store, only difference is this one tricks you for downloads and is so full of ads that my phone died. It just drains your battery. Very unhappy


To much ads  jesqueen  1 star

I think I m going to uninstall, a lot of ads


Not what advertised  Tigerbaby1412  1 star


Moyer kerri

Fun  Moyer kerri  5 star

Passes the time


Fun, but lots of mistakes  Duckwalled  2 star

Some words are just not words urb? Other times it counts words as non words for the bonus and some are common words. Also countries are used sometimes and other times not. It’s a weird game. Need a good cleanup.


False advertising  medinadancer  1 star

This game is NOTHING like its advertised.


Amazing!  Juleene  5 star

I was reading the reviews and was a little scared to play but its a great time killer! Fun mini games and not many ads! 100% recommend you play!


Stupid  danigrock  1 star

Often in the daily challenges there are words that you cannot claim. And not even far fetched words. For example, today, July 19th, you couldn’t even claim the word “sun.”


Ads galore  LesleyFR  1 star

This game is like any other word game but the ads are ridiculous! I’m deleting it.


Too many ads  aml722  4 star

Too many ads


Wish I could give it no stars  justagamerXD  1 star



VERY EDUCATIONAL  Onyeka_Ij  5 star

I’m playing this game for the first time and it’s really educative. I’m teaching my baby cousin to spell and pronounce words with this game and he’s getting a hang of it. Thank you for this.


Excellent  Sexyme234  5 star

I love it


Exciting  Anjyt24💕  5 star

This game is absolutely exciting. You get to discover new words and also find words in different forms. It also helps in enhancing ones vocabulary. Well done!!!


Wordlink  Chokaliyya22  5 star

A very wonderful game. You’ll never get bored with it!

babba dook

Wtf🤣🤣😂  babba dook  5 star

Why dose it have a nuce in the preview and say more fun games it honestly dosnt even explain why but I’m getting it cuz of that😂😂😂


Awful  AshieCK  1 star

Ads are so misleading


Really bad  martha1278  1 star

Nothing like the ads


Crap, not like shown above!  Kitten1298  1 star

Only gave one star because I had to, nothing like advertised!

Melina Weissman

Best game ever  Melina Weissman  5 star

Hello darkness my ol' friend i've come to talk with you again This game is the best game I have and I have like 10😛😋😜🤗ps it is also very good for your brain


Word Link Review  baylisandhardingbag  5 star

I found this game very entertaining and educational because it really helps you to think and improve your vocabulary and I would definitely recommend it to my friends and family


Not as advertised!  Chimee321  1 star

Literally nothing like the adverts, no hammer/toilet paper game!! Downloaded it as thought it might be different to all the other word games I was wrong!!


Got potential  Hairoid  2 star

If you can get rid if this irritating, endless videos one must watch it will actually be a fun game!

Mizz TEEe

Great  Mizz TEEe  5 star

Love it


I loved it  libongwe  5 star

Good game


Rubbish  flukeness  1 star

Game is nothing other than a vehicle for rather boring ads. Gameplay while quick but not accurate. I cannot recommend it. Don’t touch it.


Hood  jynmcf  4 star

I het it


Great game  gilbert1111  5 star

Not cluttered with ads and very addictive, a must have..

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