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Will it Crush? Short answer: "Yes"

Building of ultimate double toothed roller crushing machine never been so easy and fun!

- Free to play
- Endless gameplay and upgrades
- No internet connection required
- Play in a boring class or meeting

Will it Crush? App Description & Overview

The applications Will it Crush? was published in the category Games on 2018-02-10 and was developed by Voodoo. The file size is 29.84 MB. The current version is 1.3.4 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

More cool features are coming soon.

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Fun  Angelo4747  5 star

The game great keep up the work and I'm excited what going to be next in the future. Heres a way to stop ads disable WiFi or data in settings and then reload game There problem solved :) Heres a thing you should add Where you can Customize the wheels look by adding skins. So every time you level up you get a new skin.

$boopy doopy

Deathly amount of ads  $boopy doopy  1 star

There is so many ads I can’t tap anything without an ad popping up it’s ridiculous the amount of ads there is it’s unplayable unless you pay for no ads.

Dj ninja drew

Ads  Dj ninja drew  2 star

The game is fun but when you level up and don’t x2 your amount it still shows you a ad


Ads👎  kacperm1  1 star

Way to many ads


Waste of time and pointless  grahamcrackers  1 star

Game is completely pointless and is designed to make money off you at every possible moment. If you don’t buy the ad removal it will spam you with adds nonstop. In the end the game has no point whatsoever besides wasting your time.


Too many ADs  Jyroo  1 star

You click more than one bonus box you get and ad, you can double the bonus box for a longer ad, you can increase box worth for an ad, you can click bonus button for an ad. You either accept a low income of $5 a second or you view a 5-30 second ad every 15 second for a quick 2k-10k income boost. Basically if your aren’t watching ads the whole time you might as well not be playing.


Ad Watching Simulator  symonwill  1 star

Hope you like watching more ads than playing the game. There’s literally an ad that plays every 15 seconds or so.

Doggo Plays Games

THE ADDS ARE RUINING EVERYTHING!!!  Doggo Plays Games  2 star

Too many adds!!! I MEAN COME ON PEOPLE, NO ONE CARES ABOUT THE ADDS!!!! ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU HAVE TO WATCH AN ADD FOR DOING SOMETHING THE GAME NEEDS YOU TO DO LIKE LEVELING UP!! Let me tell you something important for games, If you get rid of the fricken adds maybe you'd get a better rating, I know, SHOCKING. I know the app is free witch is a plus, but make there be A LOT less adds, seriously dudes, I don't think you need all the add money just to keep up ONE game. Not to mention all the adds in your other games, almost the same situation with the adds, but also the same solution!!!!!!! The game it self isn't too bad, it's like the kind of game you'd expect from this creator. Overall the main flaw that DEFINITELY needs to be changed no matter what is the adds, PLEASE!!!!! If this doesn't change soon I'm probably just gonna delete the dumb game. Fix this problem soon or others might do as I might do too!!!


Sh*t game  Kaylajoii  1 star

This game is so f*king stupid . Don’t download it .


Ads even if you don’t select bonuses  3.14-PI.E  1 star

When you log in, this game offers you a choice between collecting the points you earned while gone, and doubling them by watching an ad. This, and other “watch an ad for a bonus” incentives are common for the genre. But if you choose to NOT watch an ad and just collect the base amount ... this game shows you an ad. I thought maybe I’d tapped the wrong thing but it did it several times. That’s far from the only time an ad pops up without warning/permission, but the final straw for me was a full-sound ad that played with no trigger whatsoever. There’s lots of idle games out there. Don’t waste your time with this one.


Fun game, ruined by ads!  Kizza993  1 star

This game is so much fun except the ads! Not only is there way to many ads that completely interrupt your game play but the ads also stop any music or podcast you might be playing. I would buy this game if I wasn’t so frustrated at the blatant overuse of ads!

chookstuff KPM

Kaifeng  chookstuff KPM  1 star

I hate. So many ads


Great  Kilabeef  5 star



Keeps going to AppStore automatically  soreneck  1 star

Don’t need to tap on anything, game will just push to to AppStore every 5 sec to download a random app!


Games  pooooopppopoinljhvjhfxgudz  5 star

It’s especially easy And fun with money


17+ really  Minecrafteum  2 star

Why has this app suddenly become 17+, come on, how can you access the web or see nudity in this app, there isn’t any violence and gambling is non-existant in this game. So why 17+ I ask you, please explain to all us children why your app is not available to us anymore?

Robbie 5-0

Update  Robbie 5-0  5 star


Boi Boi 9000

Why is it now 17+  Boi Boi 9000  4 star

I enjoy playing this game when I’m bored, and since there was a new update I wanted to see what was added. Only to find it was changed to 17+, please bring it back to 12+.


Like  ejdifhn  5 star

The best


LIT GAME  Maha!!!!!!!122:333333  5 star

I like the game but WE NEED : 1. LEVLES 2.AGE 4+ 3. CHEAP STUFF thank you for looking “VOODOO”


Too many adds  CaptainMolesto  1 star

You can’t click on anything without an ad taking up the entire screen and you have to pay 3 dollars to get rid of it it’s gets really annoying seeing the same air bnb ad every 2 seconds of game play.


Waste of time  donbrizzy  1 star

This game is nothing but a repetitive cycle over and over again with no value whatsoever. You play the game for a month straight getting max points and you’re still not done with level 3. It’s nothing but pointless Time consuming. Plus the amount of ads in this game is nothing but brutal. You sign in to collect your points l, you get an ad, you collect your bonus right after, another ad. I mean come on, be relevant. It’s 20fuckin18 get real.


So Cool😋😋😋😋  Aspre1  5 star

It is so cool I love Will It Crush


Ads  TopGear2468  2 star

This game is overall okay... except for the fact that there are WAY too many ads. Every thirty seconds or so, I get a 25 second ad. Click the upgrade button, get an ad. Press the level up button, get an ad. I’m all for the creators making money, but please put in the ads a little less frequently!


Amazing  RedKINGBOSS53  5 star

Best game of 2018


Terrible game!  LuciannaPurple  1 star

This game is only useful if you wanna watch ads or waste your money. If you wanna install this game, think again! It is pointless and boring! Why not make it more exciting?


Crashing  racer637  4 star

Every time I watch a commercial the game crashes


Ads Galore  Adgbxw  1 star

There are so many ads! I shouldn’t have to pay to be uninterrupted for 60 seconds it’s getting ridiculous


It is not accumulating the points when you are not watching.  clin_lin  1 star

It is cheating. It did not accumulate the points when you are not watching even you let it runs on the background. Don’t mention me need to upgrade, I did but still not accumulating.


This is the bom but how do you change the design of the crusher blades  talkaashy  5 star

Tell me how

my name is Dónal

17+?  my name is Dónal  4 star

How is this game 17+? Some people cant download this because of that and theres nothing in the game to make it 17+

Tiara rad

No accumulation during offline play!!!  Tiara rad  1 star

Don’t spend your time or money! It doesnt accumulate the same as online play!! Fix the bug or tell your customers and game players the truth!!

Volt vik

Is a 5 star game for me, but....  Volt vik  3 star

I only just started playing this game today and after I tried to log in there, it just crashes, try again, it crashes, I turned on my phone and off and it doesn’t work and I re downloaded it, still won’t work. Can you fix this bug ASAP please? Thank you. Good game otherwise

Kawaii Player

Very addictive  Kawaii Player  5 star

The game is great! At first it is extremely addicting, well for me at least.


Easy, simple and fun  ROMMIES  5 star

Like the title says.


To many ads  ZerithZA  1 star

Can't go one min in the game without being blocked by an auto full screen ad

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