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Two-week free trial! OmniFocus Standard and Pro are in-app purchases, with discounts for people who bought earlier versions of OmniFocus for iOS. Download the app for details.

Use OmniFocus to accomplish more every day. Create projects and tasks, organize them with tags, focus on what you can do right now — and get stuff done.

OmniFocus — now celebrating 10 years as the trusted, gold-standard to-do list app — brings unrivaled power and flexibility to your iPhone and iPad, making it easy to work the way you want to work.

OmniFocus manages everything in your busy life. Use projects to organize tasks naturally, and then add tags to organize across projects. Easily enter tasks when you’re on the go, and process them when you have time. Tap the Forecast view — which shows both tasks and calendar events — to get a handle on your day. Use the Review perspective to keep your projects and tasks on track.

Then let our free syncing system make sure you data is the same on every device. (And on OmniFocus for Mac, available separately.) Because your data is encrypted, it’s safe in the cloud.


• NEW: Tags add a powerful additional organizing tool. Create tags for person, energy level, priority, location, and more.
• NEW: Batch editing lets you set due dates, tags, and other data for multiple tasks all at once
• NEW: Flexible inspectors allow you to show only the features you use, and reorder them so your favorites are where you want them
• NEW: The Forecast view shows your tasks and calendar events in order, so you can better see what’s coming up in your day
• NEW: Enhanced repeating tasks are easier than ever to set up — and they work with real-world examples such as the first weekday of the month
• Inbox is where you quickly add tasks — save them when you think of them, organize them later
• Syncing supports end-to-end encryption so that your data is safe wherever it’s stored, on our server or yours
• Notes can be attached to your tasks, so you have the information you need
• Attachments — graphics and audio — add rich information to your tasks
• View options let you customize each perspective by deciding what it should show and how it should filter your tasks
• The Review perspective takes you through your projects and tasks — so you stay organized
• With Siri support you can add tasks just by talking
• OmniFocus Mail Drop adds tasks via email and works with services like IFTTT and Zapier
• The Today Widget and the Apple Watch app show you your most important items — you don’t even have to open OmniFocus on your phone to know what’s up
• Support for TaskPaper Text and omnifocus:///add and /paste URLs lets you automate using Workflow

Pro features make OmniFocus even more powerful:


• Custom perspectives help you create new ways to see your data by filtering and grouping projects and tags. NEW: The filtering rules are simpler to use while being more powerful than ever, letting you combine rules with “all,” “any,” and “none.” You can also choose any image to use as your custom perspective’s icon, and a custom tint color to go with it.
• NEW: Today’s Forecast can include items with a specific tag, and you can reorder those tasks however you choose, so you can plan your day better
• The customizable sidebar and home screen lets you organize your perspectives the way you want to, for super-fast access
• The Today Widget shows a perspective of your choice in Notification Center

Download OmniFocus right now and start your free trial! The app includes a quick tutorial and a manual — and there’s plenty more on the website.


If you have feedback or questions, our Support Humans would love to hear from you! Send email to [email protected], call us at at 1-800-315-6664 or +1-206-523-4152, or reach us on Twitter at @omnifocus.

OmniFocus 3 App Description & Overview

The applications OmniFocus 3 was published in the category Productivity on 2018-05-30 and was developed by The Omni Group. The file size is 159.19 MB. The current version is 3.1.6 and works well on 11.3 and high ios versions.

OmniFocus 3.1.6 is a minor update focused on bug fixes.

• Tags — Fixed a problem where editing a context in OmniFocus 2 could result in lost tag assignments during a database rebuild—such as when updating to a new release. This release repairs databases that were affected by this issue and prevents further lost tag assignments. Any tag assignments already lost will need to be reapplied; we’re very sorry for the inconvenience!
• Repeats — Fixed a problem where dates on the children of repeating items would not be correctly incremented upon repeat.
• iPad Pro — Updated OmniFocus for the new iPad Pro screen sizes.

If you have any feedback or questions, we’d love to hear from you! The Omni Group offers free tech support; you can email [email protected], call 1–800–315–6664 or 1–206–523–4152, or tweet @OmniFocus.

If OmniFocus empowers you, we would appreciate an App Store review. Your review will help other people find OmniFocus and make them more productive too.

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OmniFocus 3 Reviews


Awesome app. However very stupid subscription policy  di8ital  3 star

I truly love this app. However be aware you have to buy every copy on every device e.g. If you buy a copy to use on your Mac you have to buy another copy for your phone. If I knew that I would not have purchased it!





Worth the price  adrianwashere  5 star

-After switching between task managers for years, I’ve decided to stick with the gold standard. It is a simple or as complicated as you need it to be. -Web access is in beta but will be awesome when complete. Finally a solution while at my PC at work. -they are one of the few developers that offer upgrade pricing within the App Store. -Developers will actually respond to questions I understand pricing is a sensitive matter, but in order to make great software that will be around for years, you have to actually pay for it. I understand not everyone can do that, but the fact the Omnigroup charges realistic prices should not be the reason that they get a 1 star review.


I'm done giving my money to OmniGroup  DannyViajero  1 star

I was a loyal user from as far back as their iPad offerings go. Have paid multiple times for successive new iPad, iPhone, and desktop offerings. I've paid hundreds of dollars on Omni products to-date and am drawing the line here, I refuse to give a penny more to these guys. The lack of upgrade pricing is a spit in the face of loyal customers who go back to circa 2012 or 2013 with the platform. This is poor pricing strategy and an overall business practice that lacks foresight and offends what otherwise would be a loyal customer base. I'm pulling my projects out of Omnifocus and finding another solution. Not worth it.


Slopware  dottroy  1 star

I’ve used OmniFocus on the desktop for many years and generally like it, in spite of how overly complex it is. I use it on my iPhone constantly too and have learned to live with all its bugs and weird/confusing behavior. The Apple Watch app should be handy to keep you on task with what you have to do. But it is worthless because the complication that is supposed to show you your due task count always displays the wrong count. Sometimes zero, sometimes 1 or 2 or 17 but never the number of tasks you’ll see if you tap it. This has been this way for over a year – check out their support forums for all the bugs with the watch app that they don’t bother to respond to, let alone fix. I spent several days with their condescending tech support (after waiting 2 weeks for the first response) and had to answer the same questions over and over before they decided that it’s Apple’s problem and told me they’ll fix it when they get around to it and that I should go away. It’s surprising no one can make a good Todo app but save your money and use one of the simpler and less expensive ones. It won’t be great either but it’ll be less annoying than OmniFocus.

tiger paws

Paid upgrade?!??!  tiger paws  1 star

And now I can’t sync my current version? 😑 booooooooooooo


It is not fair !!!  Jahantabi  2 star

Dear OmniFocus Developers! My name is Mehran. I live Sanandaj in Iran. I bought your pro version software a few years ago and I was almost satisfied however I has sent you a message about lack of priority in this application. But there was no problem at all. Also I am going to explain the situation of paying money for applications in my country. I live in a city with 700 thousands population but I don't think there is just one person like me who has been payed about 90 dollars for an application and also the reason is completely recognizable! An engineer like me with a wife and an eight yers old son and about 12 years working in a company has just 200 dollars per month! And you can understand people who names me a foolish for paying about half of my salary for a software in a country that there is no copyright laws here! You can buy a lot of famous softwares on 20 DVD package that cost only 3 dollars!!! Among this people and lack of copyright law here, I felt myself responsible and I know you are not responsible about my country situation or my salary! But When I deleted Omnifocus previous version and tried to use newer one I had been shocked! Even I tried to install previous versions again but there was not any one in your site or App Store. I am going to tell you changing a word from "context" to "tag" or add some graphical icons to your application is not a good reason to forget me and the others and really it is not fair! You didn't create a new application and upgrade version is not a fairy reason to catch a new fee. I am very disappointed and I don't know can I use omnifocus again?! Paying half of my salary for an usual update is fair?!


Tags - Finally!  TType  4 star

1) It is so helpful to have tags! 2) Local WebDAV synching can be a bit of a challenge - but it works. 3) One suggestion - please bring back the Review Frequency bar on the top row of each project review. During review on iOS I do not remember the frequency of many of my projects, so, now I waste strokes clicking through screens to check/change it.


Looks useful, but ...  Menkor  3 star

Looks useful, but I just can’t figure out how to use it. If only there was a tutorial ...


Just trying it out but so far AMAZING- except...  michele1126  3 star

So I may be an oddball because when my company began telling everyone to use Asana - I loved it. It was a great way to keep all my projects and tasks organized. This app strikes me as Asana on steroids with the added bonus of not having to worry about colleagues seeing anything you want to be discrete about (I.e - “prep for meeting with HR re: ——— ” etc.) I would say it’s perfect except.... guys desperately need some kind of desktop functionality for PC users. Many many employers in my industry are not going to switch to Mac for several reasons. It’s a huge downside in my opinion.


My Tool of Choice for Calm Productivity  MJGodfrey  5 star

I've been using OmniFocus for a few years now and it is an exceptionally powerful tool. I love the way it adapts to what you need. I started out using it as a list organiser but now I use a lot more of the custom features. The company listens to their community constantly and never stops iterating. I have tried Things however it didn't meet the demands of how I actually operate. If GTD is how you stay productive I think you'll love OmniFocus. This tool allows me to stay calm and insanely focused. Ps. While driving recently I captured an input using Siri "start writing app reviews" - it just showed up and this is my first review.


Bad UI  lukenpr  5 star

Best at what it does but still incredibly frustrating and clunky UI. I can’t change folder names, or move them around. It takes 3-5 taps to change project location.

Ken Act

Too expensive for a humble update  Ken Act  2 star

I have a feeling the developer abuses the loyalty of their customers. I love the app’s decency but not the way I have been used. Again, too expensive for a humble update.


Expensive upgrade for limited features  will.i.am_k  3 star

This is a very expensive upgrade for only limited changes. It’s hard to see why this is a major upgrade. Maybe the watch app is the reason but with Apple Watch dying off it is a strange decision by OmniFocus.


Clean, beautiful interface; fun to use  Phampton  5 star

This is by far the best app for an augmented GTD workflow, and I’ve looked at most. The reason for me is its strong support for enabling trust in whatever workflow you develop. Anyone who has used a task management app for more than a month or two will know how easy it is to loose actions in some corner of the database. Omnifocus handles this problem in two elegant ways. Firstly, the pro edition (you’ll quickly find that this is essential) has a highly flexible Perspective generator, for example allowing a view of stalled projects - those which don’t have any available actions. Want to generate a Work view; Home, Errands, People, Overseas Holiday? Easy. V3’s support for Tags greatly extends the possibilities from V2’s basic GTD Contexts. Secondly, even the standard edition has a customisable review cycle for every project, making it super easy to fine-tune, cull, and reorganise. Plenty of other features too: more variety of repeat options, an interleaved forecast view, and we haven’t even seen V3.1 or V3.2 yet.

Tim Hogan

Great update  Tim Hogan  5 star

This is a well thought through update that expands upon the best GTD app in existence. It’s feature allow you cut your work into what’s important and what can be done. It’s important to reduce cognitive load by knowing what you can do at any one moment, and deciding what’s important to you in that moment. This is as much an investment in yourself as it is in the omnigroup. Well done to the team for a fantastic update.

OX Bush

Must purchase the upgrade?..  OX Bush  1 star

Doesn’t make much sense that you need to purchase an upgrade after already being an existing user. Was hesitant paying the first time and wasn’t exactly blown away so there’s no chance I’ll be paying this absurd price twice. The price point is made to make it seem as though the app is revolutionary, a smart marketing tactic, but unfortunately its not.


Natural language  Shepherd517  2 star

It is absurd that a $40 app doesn’t support natural language input


Upgrading to Version 3  [email protected]#$%  3 star

So I'm not sure why after paying the original 2 fees for the pro version V1 and V2. Why is it that the app itself isn't supported any more for previous users. Additionally why is the app payment not carried over. The app is good but to have to pay for each version is disappointing. On the next version will there be another fee? Disappointing.


Trial  fairies68  3 star



$59.99 to have all features unlocked..  MelissaN89  1 star

Too much money for this app


好极了  caz_sungang  5 star



40 $  bcneveralways  1 star

free is only for 2 weeks. Yall really think this app is worth 40 dollars ?


Locked out because now I have to pay??  Chefclean  1 star

I have used Omni Focus for years. After trying to re-download the app, I am shocked to see that now they are charging it! I cannot access my information unless I pony up $40. Very, very unfortunate. They have lost a customer.


Great app  KRP09  5 star

I really love this app. Helps me stay organized and on top of my tasks. Really love the defer feature and now the tag feature. The sequential projects are so perfect for my workflow. This is the only app I have stuck with after trying several others. It has a learning curve but once you get the hang of it there is no other app that meets the bar. Only change I would ask the developers is to allow use of Apple Pencil to scribble in tasks. And perhaps improve the aesthetics and looks of the app.


Continues the good and the really bad - sigh  ZeppoVA  2 star

Using OmniFocus has always a question mark for me. It offers features that I use and like. I also use a number of their apps on Mac and iOS and I find great consistency across them that continues with OmniFocus v3: - Very powerful and capable apps with features galore - enable a lot of user customization (flip side is steep learning curves to make doing even basic things useful) - UI design that appears to be from a developer perspective more than a user perspective. - Functions seem to be bolted on rather than built in with user experience as a guide. - Strong opinions of how things should be used that shape the workflow and interface - user interfaces that turns into a tap-fest requiring menu / item choices with non intuitive labels - low priority for, and resultant poor printing capabilities - convoluted pathways to access documentation I downloaded v3 trial in hopes some of the challenges in using the app had changed. Oh well- first 2 bad signs — 1 the icon is identical to the previous icon without a way to tell the difference when looking at the ios home screen, 2 lack of info about how to test it while using existing OF data that is syncing to other devices. Neither of these are terribly bad— they just exemplify that the perspective taken for its products is not that of a user. The biggest disappointment from V3 for me is that is still a tap-fest. I just want a tool to use vs a lego set. Does OmniGroup really like the label of “fidely” for their premier productivity app?

OmniFocus 3 Comments

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