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#1 All-in-One Screen Recorder with Face Cam and Editing Capabilities!

Go Record makes it easy to record your screen in any of your apps and games. Use the Face Cam to add a reaction to your recordings! Edit your screen recordings with the fully-fledged editing suite. Go Record also records app audio. Easily export your screen recordings to your photo library, or upload them to YouTube from the app!

Use Go Record to:
– Record your screen in all apps and games.
– React with Face Cam.
– Use your microphone to add audio commentary.
– Make your screen recordings amazing by using our editing tools.
– Save & share your screen recordings.

Go Record is compatible on all devices running iOS 11 or higher.

Go Record: Screen Recorder App Description & Overview

The applications Go Record: Screen Recorder was published in the category Utilities on 2018-03-16 and was developed by Alloy Studios. The file size is 20.51 MB. The current version is 1.4 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

Thanks for making Go Record the top rated screen recorder! We fixed a disappearing screen recording bug some users were reporting. Stay tuned, we have some awesome new features coming soon!

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Go Record: Screen Recorder Reviews


Not worth 4.5  ThisAppSuuuuuuuuuucks  1 star

First off, I’m a YouTuber so I needed this app because i was going to start a let’s play with long vids. BUT when I go to stop the recording it looks like I wasn’t recording in the first place. Second, it is VERY GLITCHY!! It literally looks like 8 bit freaking Mario and is very low quality. Lastly, I would not recommend this app to anyone because of how poorly it runs. NOT A GOOD APP!!!


Very simple to use!!!  Seanone  5 star

I need an app like this to help me out with my you tube page and it’s perfect! I can use it to record screens of products on the web from my sponsors, it’s awesome!

game lover1112

It's fine but not good  game lover1112  3 star

I make YouTube videos on my phone so I need to record my screen for a very long time but 30 mind is a lucky time for this app😒


It’s great but read this next sentence.  MaZi-X  4 star

I came here to give you a piece of my mind! This frustrates me so much! Why don’t you LET IT LOAD FOR FACECAM OR MICROPHONE when you need it to! Like, I wanna watch YouTube while this loads!!! But, then I press the home button and it restarts the load again! I have to do it over and over! It’s a great app. Why don’t you add the feature like a real app owner?! Huh?! Do it. Now.


Was ok at first...  Cgecko9  1 star

I tried it like five or seven times. It only saved TWO of the seven recordings. I was so mad b/c I got good footage. By my experiences, I DO NOT recommend this app. Unless u want to have your time wasted on nothing.

Miss TD

It was great for the first few recordings  Miss TD  3 star

I love the app! It’s just the fact that it won’t save my recordings. Maybe a fix?

Paris Phosy

Thank you!  Paris Phosy  5 star

This app is amazing if you need a face cam! If they were to be 1000 stars i would rate this 1000!


Bad app :(  09sharkboyfan2259  1 star

So I downloaded this app and I followed the instructions so when I recorded something it didn’t show up


Don’t get it  artisticfoxesarecute  1 star

You do not want this app I got it and I can’t record anything it’s worthless


It won’t stop  purrrrkk  3 star

Every time I try to stop my recording it won’t work so I can’t make a recording I have friend many things but it won’t work

HEllO Im HUda

THE WORST  HEllO Im HUda  1 star

Ok this is the worst app EVER. So I was just testing out a video I made with the app then when I went to add face cam the video wasn’t even there! Like come on. This app is the worst, do NOT download it. 😡

Gardie Bee Birds

Great app  Gardie Bee Birds  5 star

Great app love it, it lets me record anything from my device

Gaming Criticist

I would have given it a 5 star rating but  Gaming Criticist  2 star

I hate the fact that when I try to collab and get their voice in my vid their voice does not come! And like all sound goes away! Other than that all is fine but collab is annoying tf out of me

Doge Ofiicial YT

Really great app  Doge Ofiicial YT  5 star

Maybe add more effects and editing that would be great

RyZe Striker

6/10  RyZe Striker  4 star

I’m a Youtuber. When ever I record my fortnite gameplay it lags ALOT. But anyways, AMAZING application.

flappy golf lover

Not that good...  flappy golf lover  2 star

I’m a youtuber (not a popular one) I tried it but it wouldn’t let me press record like cause I REALLY need to record for my channel

xxGacha potatoxx

Love it but.....  xxGacha potatoxx  3 star

I was using go recorder for a lot of things. But I when I on it today and it won’t let me use it!! WHY CAN I USE THE APP!? I CSNT EVEN VIEW MY RECORDINGS! DOSE SOMEONE HAVE AN EXPLANATION!? :(


Hi. Ian a youtube this is good for youtube  unicorncookies6789  5 star

I am gonna use this all the time it’s really good for my vids I hope so too for u

summer simles 123

Didn’t let me do anything😡  summer simles 123  1 star

This app didn’t let me do anything I am a youtuber and needed this app!!!


Great but needs some changes  abcgirl9876  3 star

Firstly this app is annoying because when I try to film now it doesn’t let me play ROBLOX and that’s what I want to play! Secondly why can’t I talk while playing I need to add it in afterwards and it’s annoying! I’m using it now and I’m sending this on YouTube soon! You’re ticked off YouTuber! 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡


Ummm  Anonymous/user.review  1 star

So I downloaded the app, and apparently you can’t record your screen and yourself at the same time which is exactly what I got the app to do maybe it’s my fault for thinking it did that but I’m pretty disappointed.


THIS APP IS GARBAGE  Foldbacky  1 star



Nope  Thediamondude188  1 star

It did not record my audio waste of my time go for a different screen recorder.

Lil Slowpoke

C+  Lil Slowpoke  2 star

It never operated as described and shown. Bait n switch for you to waste money. 🙁🙁


Great except no audio monitoring  Nespyr  4 star

I can't hear the video I'm reacting to until I play the video back after recording my facecam. Anyone else have this issue? Also I'd like to be able to to adjust the volume levels


I love it but how do u record songs  Str8mextb  5 star

The same thing I did for the up one but I loveeeeee ittttt

It is bad horrible

Sucked  It is bad horrible  1 star

When I recorded a whole vid it didn’t show up in my photos or the app so don’t trust this it wastes your time


Simple yet effective  Sapphire.OG  5 star

I love this app. I highly recommend this app.


Best app ever  kenziedagirl  4 star

I recommend this app to some of my friends it was that good. The quality it comes out after the screen record. It’s great because on some phones and stuff u dint need to get an actual app to screen record but on iPad du do and this is the best. I just don’t really get the face cam that’s all. I would give it a 5 if I could figure the face cam out. But everything else perfect


#LITTTTT  hdr10150505  5 star

It works so good and the tutorials are clear and easy to follow. I enjoy this screen recorder so much. I recommend it a lot. 5 STARS DEFINITELY!!!!! 😀😀😀


Recording long time amounts  AriaWolf  2 star

I’ve used the app for a while and when I started to use it for edits it stopped recording on its own and my recording then disappears it’s kinda annoying and has me avoiding using this app.Can you please try fix/extend the record time?


Forced Adverts every time you do anything  SamTygon  2 star

I’m sure it’s a good app but I can’t help hating it because it forces you to watch ads before and after you do anything. You can’t do anything without watching an ad . Also you can’t live capture screen with face cam on either


I genuinely love this app.  yoongivemehope  5 star

I don’t ever write reviews,but this app is so good it felt wrong not to. I definitely recommend it!

Small YouTuber trying to grow

I’m glad this app was made  Small YouTuber trying to grow  5 star

This is great the only problem is that it won’t let me record ROBLOX.....for my yt channel ... witch I’m sad about

it s luiza

Its the best  it s luiza  5 star



Ur mom fat  ackackack814  5 star

Ur mom noob

Brit XOX

This is stupid  Brit XOX  1 star

When I swipe up it’s not there! I cant record!


Frustrating  Dont-Have-A-Name  1 star

When I go on to the app and press commentary it says “New Project” and when I click on that it says I have to either pick “Go Record” or “Library” and nothing happens.


Aras  Aras123Ar  5 star

I love go record

Space duck A&A

I LOVE IT 5 STARS!  Space duck A&A  5 star

Never stop according stuff for YT good for flipaclip 👍🏻

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