UNO!™ [Games] App Description & Overview

Play the world’s number one card game like never before. UNO!™ has all-new rules, tournaments, adventures and so much more! At home or on the move, jump into games instantly. Whether an UNO!™ veteran or completely new, take on challenges and reap the rewards. UNO!™ is the ultimate competitive family-friendly card game.
- Play classic UNO!™ or use tons of popular house rules!
- Connect anytime, anywhere with friends from around the world!
- Two heads are better than one in 2v2 mode. Use teamwork to win together.
- Compete in tournaments. Win rewards. Climb the leaderboards!
- Go on an adventure in the UNO!™ Universe.
The Classic Game at Your Fingertips
Play the game you know and love in UNO!™ Classic Mode. Or let us recommend the game mode that suits you with Quick Start. Play instantly anytime!

Buddy Up
Work together with your friends in 2v2 Mode. It’s a totally unique way to play with teamwork and more strategy. You win when either you or your partner plays the last card!

Rule Your Room
Get your friends together in the Fun Room and set up a game with your favorite house rules! Play the new “Discard All” card to completely remove one color from your hand. Or use the popular “7-0” house rule to swap hands with someone else. Turn up the pressure with the “Stacking” rule and watch your friends pile cards onto one hapless player!

Go big or go home. Go WILD.
This no-holds-barred mode is the ultimate UNO!™ challenge. House rules on, two deck play and winnings up to 80 times what you put in! But beware, in this wild scenario, you win big or go home empty handed! Are you up for the challenge?

Climb the ladder and prove your skill in regular tournaments. Keep winning to take the fast route to victory and win prizes.

Journey the UNO!™ Universe
Discover new places, meet new characters, and collect unique rewards. The UNO!™ Universe is an exciting adventure around the world. Follow the story as each chapter unfolds.

Connect, Chat, Yell UNO!™
Easily connect with friends, send voice messages to the other players during a match, or yell UNO into your device when you’re about to win. Make a strategy with your partner in 2v2 mode or cheer on your friends as a spectator!

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UNO!™ Customer Service, Editor Notes:

UNO is getting ready for the summer with new game modes. Check out all the new features! The weekend has NEVER been WILDER. Wild Weekends can now have TWO special rules. Ranked Mode Season 4 is almost here with new rewards and a new season pass! Play in VIP Deluxe matches, where every player is guaranteed action cards in their first hand. The Diamond Extravaganza is back with UNOcorn card effects! Stay up to date with the latest in UNO. You can now sign in using your Apple ID.

UNO!™ Comments & Reviews

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- Game is rigged

When you first start playing UNO on the app it’s more random and fair with the amount of good hands to bad hands. Therefore your not mad when things don’t go your way. But recently all my hands are bad hands making it impossible to win. In the last three days I have probably won one or two games and lost about 20. It’s fast making me want to quit the game and delete the app. The only times I have had a chance of winning are games where it’s 2V2 and my partner has power up cards and they have won the game for us as I legit never get any anymore.. UNO sort out the rigging and possibly you might have more people play on your app. It’s cheaper and less annoying to just play the physical card game with friends and family. Disappointing that games can’t just be fair anymore.

- Rigged & a scam to make you lose

You can clearly tell this uno game is rigged it’s designed so you lose and spend real money on it you gotta spend real money to buy coins to play it and they cheat in it a lot I’ve seen it if the opponents don’t call “ UNO “ the word just flashes up when you do it they force you to pick up cards for not saying it What seems really unfair I caught the opponent out on “ UNO “ they forgot to call “ UNO “ the next thing the word “ UNO “ is flashing up even when they didn’t really say it The amount of times the opponents start is ridiculous they start every game When the opponents put + 4 down it always goes straight to the colour we are playing right now but when I put +4 down it always pick a colour I have I just played the opponent put + 4 down it went straight to the colour we are playing now it’s designed so you win a little & lose a lot I lost 98,000 won 62,000 won 32,000 lost 58,000 won 40 lost 80 won 150 lost 219 won 50,000 lost 90,000 won 95,000 lost 125,000 won 180 lost 265 Every time I win I get less & less when I lose they take double or triple coins what seems unfair. “ scam scam scam “

- Would not recommend

This app is very tight with coins and dosent let you have more then a certain amount of friends - I wouldn’t recommend as once you run out of coins you have to wait 24 hours and you also can’t accept all of the coins your friends send. I’m really surprised that this app has over 4 stars....

- Adv

Full of adv

- Rating to Uno

The reason why I gave four stars for you you know because of the robots and they won and I lose I regret it and I would really want to win every single game but not with my friends I don’t want to win every single game with my friends

- Can’t say enough bad words

Yeah this game isn’t rigged at all. From the endless crappy hands, never going first, always loose way more money then you ever win. Garbage game, I’m sorry that I ever wasted my time with this corrupt to the core app.

- Poor

You won’t let me log in with Facebook can’t click the open button

- Ok

Was great but for the past several days keep on having « connection issues » in the middle of the game! So frustrating as it plays random cards, doesn’t say Uno and inevitably make me loose !!!


SCAM SCAM SCAM. DO NOT PURCHASE. How can I possible go from 30,000 coins to 0 coins in the space of 5 mins. Continual losses and hands with all the same colours. The developers should be reported for stealing $$

- Worst UNO version!

Completely rigged. Gets you winning initial games to draw you in then it’s all over. You lose everything very quickly and can’t get back up. At this point they expect you to pull out the credit card. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME. It’s gambling tactics.

- Rubbish

Don’t spend any money you just get dudded

- Very good

It made me spill my load everywhere and it felt very very good someone sent me picks and it was fantastic please add a feature to send pics to each other thanks come again your dear friend -riley

- I hate this game

I hate this game because it is stupid the game mechanics a dog poop and the music in the backround really annoys me and the “teammates” are bits and they suck and the literal other players are stupid I hate this game I hope it gets deleted and anyone who likes this game must be plain out stupid in the brain and besides the actual game mechanics are rubbish DO NOT GET THIS RUBBISH GAME I HATE IT

- I feel not alone

Sometimes UNO is my favourite game and even though I don’t win much but it is fun when you are being lonely. So last year my mum found this app and decided to download it on her phone. One day I was looking through her phone to see any games and found this on. OMG! I was having a blast I didn’t even see the time ticking as I went. This app is the best app I played ever since she deleted it. So I am glad that in this Coronavirus we stay safe and not alone ( by playing games of course! ).

- great game

it is a great game but there is only one problem

- No option

I understand the games rules, it’s quite frustrating to build and grow in the game when it doesn’t give you much option to keep you earning, play 100 and once you lose you lose more than what you bet. Have to wait the next day to get any sort of reward without having to pay. Boring uno game if you ask me

- What Happened?!

Before the update in ranked mode I was on platinum 2 building up to 3 and for some reason after the update I have been bumped all the way back down to gold 2, I don’t understand why. Further I am getting impossible matches to win. My hands are always one or two colours only with no action or wild cards and when I play with 2v2 it seems my partner and I get hands of each one opposite colour. I was really enjoying playing the game but after the last update I have to side with lots of these other reviews, it seems to be rigged!

- Stop with these ads

I’m skid of these ads appearing after every game.

- Absolute blatant cheating, money grabbing algorithm

The game is completely controlled to the detriment of the player. . . Obviously an algorithm designed to make a player win a little and lose a lot. Typical gambling and corporate money grabbing on a cheap playing platform. Game could be great, nostalgic, well presented and appeals to a broad consumer. But based on the comments here, the rapidly decreasing star value . . The developers went to far . . I as a gamer, consumer and developer in training . . I am very disappointed in the developer/Mattel for creating this blatant scam and money grab & the Apple store for promoting such disgusting behavior . .

- Absurd!

An example of how IMPOSSIBLE objectives are in Uno Universe: Within 3 measly minutes you must; Discard 7 cards with ‘discard all’ action Finish with less than 3 cards Finish before 50 seconds left Meanwhile... you’re only being dealt cards that don’t help complete the tasks, plus you’re playing against 3 other SLOW people who just want to win the match and not complete the tasks. All this in 3 minutes, I repeat. 3... pathetic.... minutes. And some of the objectives are even more impossible if that’s even possible 🤣 Please someone tell me what dimwit came up with these IMPOSSIBLE objectives?? You people make me laugh! 🤯

- Rigged in universe mode

You are set some challenges to achieve and don't get anything that will allow you to achieve it.

- Kath

On the 22nd of May I made a purchase through the UNO app. I was charged $7.99 for something that I didn’t purchase seconds before I tried to make a purchase of $14.99 My purchase of $14.99 was declined as I didn’t have sufficient funds in my account even though I had just transferred into my account. I contacted iTunes. They said that the problem is with the UNO app. May I remind UNO that theft is a criminal offence no matter what country you are in. Please stop doing this.

- Do not give these people money !

I’ve had issues with multiple Purchases not being credited to my account ! Contacting support has taken me about 20 emails for them to even “ understand “ what I’m saying . No one is this stupid! No clue why Apple lists this game !

- Bad Connectivity throws your $$$ away!!! :(

Seriously, you have been told of the connectivity plenty of times over the last couple of years. You charge us handsomely for the rights to play, give us loosing streaks... and in the process disconnect us from our paid in cash games!!! Pathetic uno. Fix the problem!!

- Lost progress

After updating the app my account got logged out! Then when I log back in all my progress is gone! Forced to go through tutorial again and lost everything.


I love this game it’s so fun to play it is the best game ever you should have it or you not living or I can say that I love it a lot

- How do I loose 5000 gold coins on one standard game?

Confused how the take 5000 coins on one standard game play 😳

- UNO!

UNO is awesome and great and awkward awwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Uno is scam

Uno is scam when I have 2 cards and opponents have 15 cards and time up I lose why? Every day at the end I lose every day I lose this is scam

- Rigged

It plays cards that you didn’t choose, to make sure you lose.

- Don’t download wastage of time

Worst game

- Disappointing connection

Was enjoying game but now all I’m getting is message saying disconnected from server and to Quit Game or Restart. Have tried both, numerous times, to no avail.

- Disconnected

I have been trying to go back to the game but it keeps saying lost connection. My connection is fine but not sure why it keeps saying no server. I have lots of coins that I purchased with real money through the game and I am not going to lose that. Please fix it. Thanks.

- Highly inappropriate adds

I am utterly disgusted by the adds that are coming up now. The ads for the company little secrets are highly inappropriate for an app that rated 4+.

- Disappointed

The app gets stuck all the time despite good internet connection. There was once the game started but the screen was still stuck at the matching screen.

- No coins. No offers. No more

I kept loosing games by pure chance opponents kept getting like ten +4 cards, my cards were always trash. Now I have no coins and I you aren’t let me play any more of your trashy matches, just because I have no coins left. I hope you can keep changing your game for the better and let me play without coins.

- Nope

Too easy to lose all of or nearly all your coins after saving for ages. Just because of one bad hand/bad luck. And I think they do that to try and incentivise people to spend real money to get more coins!

- Colourblind Mode?

A great mobile version of Uno but I can barely tell the difference between the red and green cards. Can you guys please add a colourblind mode?

- Great game, some issues

Such a fun game but there are some issues. The ads are long and too often! Recurring connection issues and the game continues to play. Can be hard to get coins once you run out.

- come on fam

getting coins is hard

- Needs to be fixed

This game is rigged, literally by default. I get 0 action cards, all number cards. THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED! the random generator ain’t random at all.

- Way to many ads and pop ups

This game has soo many pop ups and takes so long to initially load, I had to delete it. Very disappointing. When all you want is a quick game of uno and you spend more time with the other stuff, it’s pretty annoying. But the actual gameplay is good.

- Not


- Rigged

One can tell that this app only wants you to spend money, to keep playing. Very rigged. And that’s not being a sore loser. Cause there’s not much chance of winning, when the opponents always seem to coincidently win. It definitely takes the fun out of a popular, well known game. The time limit kills the good vibes that could possibly come from this app/game.

- Clearly rigged and played against by robots


- Hard to use

It is too flashy. There are too many moving graphics. I is not easy navigating kids remotely in the app how to log on and play a game together. I am looking for ways of playing games with my grandchildren online in a closed safe environment and this is not suitable for that unless the children are a lot older than mine. (10 and 8)

- Points

You get so few points hence lose it quickly and it’s not fun to play

- Not good uni

I didn’t like new uni! I like old uno. Not recommended! It was terrible uno

- Not Fun

The “House Rules” are not in the game, such as stacking +2’s and jumping in. You also can’t call Uno against other people because ???


the game is awesome, and i love it since the first time i installed but on my iOS device it's really hard to play due to loading. it keeps loading and loading. please fix this issue soon, and also give a option to play offline

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- Awful

Nothing like real uno plumed with micro transactions I rather buy cards then play this free to play garbo


You guys are mean to my game Is good suckers

- To expensive AF

It’s not free

- Way to easy to lose coins

Way to easy to lose coins and I can’t buy any out of the “safe”, if you get annoyed easily by games I would recommend not to get this game at all, this is the second time in downloaded the game

- Epic

Love it so much no problem with any thing

- Why +4

Why can +4 be countered it’s silly +4 should be +4 only none of that if player has different colour back fire the +4 it’s not how the game should be bring back the regular rules damn you uno

- Don’t play

Terrible game. This game is a scam they just want to take your money. If you have a lot of coins they put you on a continuous loosing streak so you lose all your coins so you have to buy more or don’t play. Disappointed

- Awful

Awful, laggy, boring, always losing connection with perfect WiFi, would not recommend, big scam, much easier to lose coins than gain them, play this game if ur happy to be annoyed frustrated and angered

- Ads ruined the game

Ads have been added and you need to pay to stop them, it's just ruined the game now

- Too many ads

It used to be great but this new update is so annoying. Plus there’s nothing you can do if you run out of coins.

- Really don’t get it!!

So me and my friends wanted to get it so we could play together and that was fine. But then I wanted to play on my own with like the computer so I didn’t have to play against other people who can be really mean sometimes. Turns out you can’t do that!!! Me and my friend were just playing a game against these random people and we lost (ok that’s normal) but then we BOTH LOST ALL OUR COINS!!! Usually you lose like 100 or something but I lost 2000 and that was just unfair!!! I don’t like the fact that you have to play against other people and that you have to gamble with your coins!!! Please I just want to play normal game of uno with my friends!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry but I can’t say much that’s positive about this app😬 Thanks for reading and please, please, please make it so that you don’t always have to play against strangers!!!! 😡 Then I might consider getting it again?!!!!!

- Not good

It is a really fun game have to have coins to play a game, as like a game fee and if you loose a game you have to pay the people that one and then you don’t have any coins left to play another game 🙄

- Terrible

Pay to play. I was hoping for a game i could play when I’m bored but no. When you run out coins (which happens every few games) you have to wait until the day after to play again. If I’m lucky I can play 5 matches.

- Disappointed

Great game but really puts your off even if you end it up with 0 you can easily loose 1000 points. Obviously the game then force you to buy more coins. Shame this game should be pleasure to play. Better to take real cards and play with Friends.

- Love UNO! Hate the coins.

I really love the game but it is difficult to play as much as I’d like. The coins are hard to earn but easy to lose. If you get bad cards for a couple of matches and lose early all your coins are gone. I’d rather have paid £1.99 for the game than be pressured to buy coins in order to play.


I had 10000 coins I was spectating people and then the next minute I only have 583 coins and it said I have to pay 52 gems to get my money back FIX THIS NOW

- Timer needs to be longer

They take there time

- It’s horrible

I clicked the 0-12 as I am 10 and it was like they thought you were a three year old


I’m no longer playing this game so much and now every time I am playing the games playing in slow motion and the games PURE SHIITE!!!! MATTEL AS I SAID YOUR GAME IS CORRUPT TO PLAY AND ALL YOU DO IS SIT BACK AND WATCH IDIOTS PAY TO PLAY YOUR GAME AND PEOPLE WHO VOICE HOW THIS GAME IS JUST A MONEY SPINNER AND CARDS AND EVERYTHING WITHIN DOESNT MATTER TO YOU AND WHEN WE VOICE OUR DISSATISFACTION ABOUT THIS GAME YOU DO NOTHING!!! ITS NOT OUR INTERNET CONNECTION ITS YOUR GAME AND THIS GAME SHOULD BE PULLED OUT OF THE APP STORE AS ITS NOT FIT FOR THE PURPOSE OF PLAYING!!!!!!!You Mattel are the most disgusting people and have the most disgusting attitude to a game that is a con and you will not address a game that seems to be the only game that freezes while playing and you can’t get out and when you touch on to change a colour of a card you get a different colour and your screwed and you lose!!, your responder is a ****** and you Mattel will never sort this Shiite game out and you have the audacity to remove reviews that slag your game off! The people who praise your game is a set up!!!!

- Half a star

The app doesn’t know how to count i had 1083 points lost 602 and I’ve got left 300 :))))

- 17+ ads on a 12+ game not cool

I love playing Uno with real cards so thought I’d try this but I really don’t like the way that there are ads that pop up with no warning and most seem to be for horrible games about gambling or death and destruction rated 17+.

- Uno coins

Uno is an amazing game but it’s hard to get coins. In classic I win and come 2nd but I still loose money. How does that make sense, they have to higher up the win and keep the loosing points the same cause it’s difficult to win and anyways the game is about luck. It’s about what good cards you get no skill involved

- Good

I think it’s fine it’s fun to play when you get bored

- Account

Don’t get me wrong, I love to play uno now and again, but when I created my account I couldn’t change a thing! I had a selected character, and got given a stupid username I couldn’t change. I then went to the reviews to see if you can change it, went on Facebook and google, and there was nothing! I’ve also tried to connect my account with Facebook, but I can’t seem to find the option to do that anywhere, because all the online websites I go to, tell me different information, then when I try to go change it, there’s no edit button, or account settings which is just stupid! So now I can’t change my account what’s so ever, and it’s really bugging me, because YOUR site even told me to edit my account, and I can’t! There was nothing directing me as to what to do, so I think it’s just stupid. You really need to change that, make it an actual function to change your username, and make it easier. I’m pretty sure it’s not just me who’s complaining about this either.

- Great at first

I really enjoyed playing the game at first but then realised that it can be irritating when you don’t have coins to play. You can only play room mode. Another thing is the wild mode although that mode is exciting it is highly unfair how it has been computerised to let other teams win so effortlessly. I’ve played wild mode so many times and seen others teams have been given discard all action cards and they’ve won in the first instance without me having a go. Terrible and I end up being broke. You need to sort that out.

- A Good Game

This game is all I need to cheer me up .It is an AWESOME Game !! So I play every day !!😀😀😃

- Fixed

Great game but it gives you 300 points a couple of times then at the same time in the day , you lose it and this seems to be a fixed game , sorry uno I’m not paying your prices !

- Great pass time

Love the game - love the 3 min tournaments too

- Fake players, loss of coins, cheaters.

I like this game but I hate loose of coins, cheaters, fake players.

- It’s fixed

It’ll let you win for a while then aggressively make you lose so you buy their coin packs. I’ve been playing this for ages and I can tell it’s way behind the law of averages. When it wants you to lose you’ll see the opposite players (some are bots) drawing loads of power cards when you get next to nothing. You’ll see yourself being paired with crap players too...

- Amazing

The best game ever

- Brilliant game

Love it!

- Quality game

UNO is a classic game and this spiced up version is excellent!The way the cards which are only playable at a time in a game is a great idea!Its time saving keeping the game at a good tempo! Also you don’t want a actual chat box,because people will use it too often slowing the game down! Thumbs up from me and keep up the good work! 👍🏻

- Amazing!!

I love uno and it’s a really good replica of the game! And it’s really addictive :) x

- Okay

It has quite a lot of ads and it has quite a few moments when it just stops but overall it’s a very nice game and I really enjoy playing it when it works.

- Thief

The coin system on this game is an absolute joke. I wouldn’t waste your time downloading it they just constantly persuade you to spend money

- Okay I guess

It’s not the actual uno but yeah good game

- Worst

I have good internet but it won’t let me play

- Rubbish

Play the game for real. Much more fun...and a helluva lot cheaper. This must be the most expensive app to play if you wanna play for any amount of time. A couple hours play you pay a lot. Don’t listen to the developers. Doesn’t matter how good you are. You are going to have to pay to play because you will always pay out more in coins when you lose than you will gain when you win. Leave it. Really. Worst app out there.

- Game is scripted

Have good cards yet the game manages to make you lose. Terrible.

- Good but glitches sometimes

Today I’ve not been able to receive some rewards I earned. 1st time I’ve experienced that though.

- Bad gameplay

If you win a classic game for 100 coins, you get rewarded 40 coins. But if you lose the game then takes away all of your coins FOR NO REASON!!!!! Then the game gives you free 300 coins twice like that’s supposed to make you feel better, until it takes those away after losing 1 or 2 consecutive games. STUPID GAME, I’M UNINSTALLING.

- Don’t bother

Game is bs. We played and checked over 20 games where we got the “+4” questions wrong but actually got them right. Trying to force people into spending money. DELETE

- So over-complicated

I downloaded this app because I wanted to play UNO. A normal game of UNO. Apparently that’s not possible on the UNO App aa they seem to have over complicated everything with coins and ridiculous game versions and all this other confusing stuff. Would it be so hard to just have a simple app where you can play the card game we all know and love??

- Bad experience

I open the like and I couldn’t come back to my phone. I need switch off to have the game out. Not cool at all!

- I love uno but

The fact that you guess no on a +4 card to them having a certain coloured card and they don’t even end up having the colour. So you actually guessed correctly but we’re made to draw cards.


Great game

- Could be so much better

Frustrating game, could be so much better with some suggestions; Stop making it so hard to get coins as I therefore play on it less. Stop pairing on 2v2 games with people way below your level. I’m sick of using my last few coins paired with a user who is fairly new and losing. Look at the random card generator. I played about 10 classic games in a row today and never once got any wild, draw 2 or reverse cards, just colour suit cards. Pretty tricky to win when the opposing team player seems to have plenty of wild and draw 2 cards.

- Frustrating and confusing

It’s good but frustrating. You can go from having loads of coins to having none so you can’t play and there’s no easy way of getting more. I find the design of the app very confusing and overwhelming. There is so much going on and so many different things going on and all I want to do is play uno, I don’t care about a championship etc etc. The design needs cleaning up because I don’t understand half of it

- No loyalty

I have been playing this game for a few weeks and I find when you get the scratch cards and the free spins you most always get the lowest amount. Never any boosts or anything that can help you in the game.

- Doesn’t work

Fucking stupid, I won 5 times and got no coins. So you have to keep on watching stupid adds to keep on playing. Not fair. Doesn’t work appropriately.


I love UNO

- Hackers

Normal uno cards is better then this hacked game


I can’t not count the amount of coins that I have lost due to the broken system! A plus 4 card is played by a player with now only one card which for example is green, it asks me if they have a green card and I say yes (obviously) and yet I still pick up 6, only for me to watch as they place their green card and win. Honestly the system is horrible. Also every time I lose it takes a lot of coins but when I win I get barley anything, now how it this fair!!! Honestly DO NOT GET THIS GAME! ITS A WASTE OF TIME!

- Great Game but some problems

UNO is a fun game that I play everyday when I have the time. You learn strategies as well as winning coins when you win the Uni game. The lucky ball machine is rigged. I can’t get shields or 5 diamonds from them, and diamonds are extremely hard to get. Make it easier and maybe I’ll consider keeping the game. Card carnival is rigged too, you need to win 15 times in a row and that’s basically impossible except for the one time I won it, which was last time it was on. VIP level is annoying and some people who cannot spend money on the game can’t get the special stuff from it, so please make a way for them to get a VIP badge. I better see a reply on this to see what the developers are going to do about this. An overall good game with some minor issues that to me, are ruining the game.

- It will not work

After one day of having the app the screen went grey/black and would not work so I deleted the app then reinstall the app and still did not work very disappointed I was really enjoying this app


Writing this review because while playing the game just a few minutes ago, me the three other players were all on uno, oneof the other players was about to go and determine whether the game was over on not (aka have their turn) and then BOOM timeout!!!!!! its so annoying and honestly ruins this app for me because it always leaves me feeling extremely frustrated when it times out >:( i know its part of the rules so can you please make another varietion so people like me can play a full game without having a brakedown !!!

- Love this game. But help is flawed

I love this game. But using the app, after any ads all sound is lost. I tried to contact the developer through the app but the input fields for email address is flawed- I type an address by it never fills the field. Really disappointing because the playing of the game is good.

- Decent - but infested with adds

A good game, fun on occasion. Unfortunately it’s plagued by too frequent adds that are incredibly annoying.


This game is literally the best game ever the only bug is it’s a bit laggy but overall I love this game and recommend this game out of all card game (keep up the effort UNO creator)

- Good game but too many ads!

Good game but there’s way too many ads! After every game you get an annoying ad which makes it so frustrating!!! That’s why I stopped playing it!!!!!

- Fun enough :)

The game is great for a digital version of the real UNO card game but I think the timer can be lengthened a little. Also the coins should be fixed since you normally lose a lot of coins if the game doesn’t go for a while and it seems kinda fair but also not for me. I think the game should have a range from newbies to pros of the game.

- ❤️

I love the game. So addictive

- Lagging

Play this game for a couple of minutes and deleted it immediately its so laggy and slow I didn’t know that was happening most of the time.

- take something classic and wreck it

you know uno, it is fast, fun and easy to play even with kids. this is not that, this is coins and pay to play limits, awkward menus, shops etc most of the play screen is bling and blah with the cards (which is what the game is about) taking up about 1/16 of the screen and lost in the visual and audio noise that keeps swirling around. i downloaded to play with my kids who are not local to me, and the lockdowns happened before i could move as well. but hell no, it is far from ideal - trying to be the total mess that is words with friends should not be a thing to emulate.

- Great game

Uno friends is a great game because you can play with friends or family

- $$$

All this game wants is your $$$

- Very slow and the app crashes 8 out of 10 times on iPad

The response is slow and keep in trying to reconnect makes it a bad game

- This is a great game but the attitude of some of players is horrible!

I personally love this game like who wouldn’t it’s just like the real uno, has great graphics and is fun to play but I’ve been reporting some really nasty players and you stopped me from reporting and more! That’s really annoying especially because of how many rude players that use offensive language. If you didn’t do this to me I would have given you a five star rating!

- random added cards

anyone else having a problem with cards randomly being added to your hand during a turn? my partner and i have both had it happen in the same match, playing together.

- Club glitch

Hi can you please fix the glitch which I’m in another club’s message group not mine. Cheers.

- Fake Game Unless Ads

Get ready to have 2-5 minutes of ads every game!

- Gameplay

Really awesome game! However Timers are way too long whilst waiting to change cards in “around the world” the timer is just too long, game play timer should be 5 seconds regardless of last minute play. Lately there have been too many glitches and it just puts a major downer on the game! I also recommend the round the world games should progress without using an extra lightning bolt if you’ve placed first or second as it’s a total rip off 1 game per bolt only x5 games having to wait almost an hour for one to reload. Also why do we loose starts in ranked mode? Why is that! Seems fixed to me especially when you’re on a winning streak then loose it all in one round as your opponent seems to have all the skip, draw two, draw four cards.....sigh!

- Name change!

Hey uno guys! Just a quick suggestion.. You should change the title card name from UNO Universe to Unoverse. It just makes more sense! Love the game, play it all the time while social isolating! Thanks for the top notch job! You guys rock! 😃

- Great game! Almost perfect.

This is a great version of UNO, really fun and addictive. Love the addition of the 2v2 also. My only complaint is that there are too many different sections you need to go into to access achievements, rewards and level ups. Perhaps this could be simplified into one interface like in games such as GolfRival and TennisClash etc. but like I said, awesome game to play.

- Love this game

I am addicted!! I play hours and hours a day. The only thing I dislike is too often the connection is lost in the middle of a match and it has to reconnect, and it could potentially lose you the game and your coins. Other than that, love it :)

- Some suggestions

Hi there I would like to make a suggestion. So when someone puts a plus two or plus four I don’t get the option to choose whether I’d like to not put my plus two or four. Sometimes I don’t want to put my plus two if it means saving my partner from getting all the cards when I know they don’t have one to put.

- New version

I can not download the new version it says in the app to download it but when you press download it takes to to the App Store but there is no way to download the new version it just says open we’re it would usually say update can someone help

- Update

The most recent update is not coming up on my AppStore it says to update in game and when I press download on game it has no update please fix immediately I want to play and get high ranked

- Application crash

I have downloaded the application jus know and whenni am trying to open the ge it was showing the new version is available although i have downloaded the latest one it was again taking back to app store and later as no option ut simply closing

- New update

I have tried clicking download, takes me to App Store, nothing to download or update. Getting frustrated. Please help.

- Bad

Would give 0 stars if I would. The internet is good, but it says NO INTERNET

- Keeps the rules normal

Guess if the other player has another draw four then I end up having to draw four after I’ve played the card? What the hell is that?

- it’s so Awesome 😍😍😍

You shod get this game it is so good 😊

- Rigged gaming

Designed to make you lose. Gives you a winning streak then you lose everything on the losing streak by much more than you won in the same amount of games. It seems all the vip players seem to win in 2-3 turns no matter how good your hand is. It’s almost predictable who will win that game when you see the other players.


Way to many adds. Not short ones! Some adds are 5 minutes long!!

- Stop trying to make it more than it is.

Stop trying to make uno more than it is with the seizure inducing amount of awards that pop up each time the app opens. The emotes that can be used within game are cringey as hell and players are too slow for the time limit of 3 minutes per game and they rarely finish. Don’t get me started about the garbage coin system and how you need to buy your way into games and lose coins whether or not you win or lose. And you lose more coins depending on how many “good” cards you didn’t play because, you know, it wasn’t like you were trying to play strategically before the game abruptly ended or anything. These are just a handful of things wrong with this poorly constructed app. Overall what needs to be fixed: - no time limit or lengthen it - no coins needed to play - no rewards (or if they’re absolutely needed then at least don’t spam us with them on the loading screen) - the only message needed to be sent during the game is “hurry up” stop with all the pointless emotes - the pick up 4 challenge doesn’t have to exist I really hope that the game is fixed to be bearable and actually enjoyable.

- Rigged Beyond Belief

This game seems to work off cycles. You have some good wins for a while and then you go on the biggest losing streak known to mankind. Game after game losing so many coins. All of your opponents have all the action cards and you have a handful of garbage cards. Usually get forced to draw cards before even playing a card and it goes downhill from there. For the past week I have been losing big time on the majority of games. Then I finally win a game or come 2nd and win a lousy amount of coins. I agree with what others have written. When you catch someone else out on UNO the game somehow just flashes the word up as if they pressed uno. Unbelievable. And why can you not play a +2 or +4 if it is your last card when your opponent plays one on you as their last card? Should be able to defend yourself. Totally rigged to lose and seems to defy the laws of probability.

- Zero star

The game system is rigged. They make you lose all the time. You end up spend money to buy coin to continue the game. All they trying to do is make you spend more money. Just look pop up windows.

- Scam

I have seen 9.90$ was taken from my bank account. I dont even make any purchase. This is a scam!!!

- Great game and developed well

It’s a great game. Developed well, and has a great community. I really enjoyed playing. Though once i got to a high level, I felt very strongly my cards were rigged to be bad, so all my coins would dwindle, forcing me to buy more and the VIP package. It’s a great app and I guess worth paying for.. I didn’t pay though.. I just deleted..

- Obviously rigged so you spend money

The game is clearly rigged... Been playing for ages and have noticed a lot of suspicious activity. There are numerous times where players win the game in 2 moves because their cards are somehow perfect. Getting 3 +4’s and all red cards with a place all card... I have played x80 wild about 20 times and every time I have had no action cards or anything, while my competitors all have +4, +2 etc. leaving me only playing about 2 moves just to lose close to 20,000 coins every game. I went from 75,000 to 3,000 coins just from this. It is a very fun game but unfortunately just another big money scam that makes you lose so you have to buy more coins or watch videos.

- Because of Quarantine

Yeah this is good, just started playing. Quarantine got me lonely

- Missing some rules

The game is good overall. BUT!!! If the opponent +2 or +4 me, even though I have a +2 or +4, that means I can stack it so the next opponent would then get more cards. Instead even though I have the cards to top up I still get +2 or +4 WHYYYY?!!! + I hate the rule that you can’t finish the game with a power card (+4 etc). Please sort this out so I can give it a 5 star rating.

- Game Bots

The game is unrealistic sometimes with the bots getting the better hand of the deal. I usually win 3 games in a row and then go on a 6 game losing streak, then it repeats the cycle again.

- Is all programmed for you to loose

This game is programmed for you to spend money. They give you free coins but you loose them all very quickly making you want to have more but the only way is by purchasing them. It’s like in the casino. You can definitely see you’re playing against machines not real people.

- Bad game

Don’t get this game it is absolutely horrible, when u lose your coins you can’t do anything And it is definitely rigged didn’t win a game the whole time whilst having this game, again it is absolutely a waist of time

- Game freezer

Twice the game as frozen as I’ve had uno and was about to put down my last card allowing the other team to win and ending with me losing coins. That isvery annoying was very much enjoying the game before the freezing started to happen.

- Horrible experience

Uno isn’t that hard, stop making us do so many intro sounds. I just want to play with my friends! Do not recommend. Don’t waste your time and download.


Dont waste your time/money on this scam MOST random single player games have two bots working as a team against you AND Even if you do manage a win the bots still get the coins Example, today I had a single 3 card, should have got 2nd prize, bot had two cards, a 5 and a 3, thats 8 right ?? he/it got 2nd and pushed me to third, it ONLY pays first and second DONT WASTE YOUR TIME ON THIS SCAM

- New update

My game won’t open. Keeps reconnecting. Please fix it.

- Good game but ....

Seems like I’m always losing my damn coins . Always being dealt bad cards ... so hurtful

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@Siempreviva89 Como engañan a uno jajajajaja...

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@moreyums @uno_rabiaa @gosleepbilal @helluaiman Tm sab log katwa k Bethy ho?

@sinmas_calma: No me canso de ver esta foto ♥️ La lagrimilla de Samantha que cae de su ojo ✨ Las miradas, el orgullo que sienten el un…

@Sotoo__: Pana hay viejas tan lindas y uno ahí con severas defensas :/

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UNO!™ 1.0.35 Screenshots & Images

UNO!™ iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

UNO!™ iphone images
UNO!™ iphone images
UNO!™ iphone images
UNO!™ iphone images
UNO!™ iphone images
UNO!™ ipad images
UNO!™ ipad images
UNO!™ ipad images
UNO!™ ipad images
UNO!™ ipad images
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UNO!™ (Version 1.0.35) Install & Download

The applications UNO!™ was published in the category Games on 2018-11-15 and was developed by Mattel163 Limited [Developer ID: 1344700141]. This application file size is 324.61 MB. UNO!™ - Games posted on 2020-05-25 current version is 1.0.35 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

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