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What is uno!™ app? UNO!™ is now mobile! Take the classic card game from the kitchen table anywhere! Now with new rules, world series tournaments, modes of play, and much more. Whether you’re at home, on the go, an UNO!™ veteran or completely new, UNO!™ has something for everyone in the family. UNO!™ is a fun and memorable family-friendly card game wherever and whenever.

Ready. Set. UNO!™
- Play the classic card game, UNO!™, or select from a variety of house rules to play in real-time matches
- Compete in tournaments and events to win free rewards and top the leaderboards
- Partner up with friends or family, play in 2v2 mode and collaborate to win
- Connect anytime, anywhere with family and friends from around the world.

The Classic Game at your Fingertips
New to UNO!™ or wanting to play your favorite card game? Tap Quick Play and start up a new game with classic UNO!™ rules. Get ready for new monthly rewards and events!

Play with Friends
Play with friends or family! Set up your own house rules and play your way. UNO!™ is a family-friendly party that makes it free and easy for anyone to join!

Buddy Up
Find a friend or family and partner up to battle in 2 player teams. Help each other reduce your hand (or your partner’s) to zero as quickly as possible to beat the other team!

Connect, Chat, Shout UNO!™
Connect with your buddies in UNO!™ with clubs and send each other gifts. Make a strategy and remember to shout UNO before anyone else.

New Challenges at Every Level
Compete in world series tournaments and special events to win free rewards. Top the leaderboards and show-off to your friends and family! Then spin the wheel and try your fortune to get free rewards every day!

Go Wild – No, Really
This no-holds-barred mode is as wacky as UNO!™ gets. Forget the classic mode - house rules on, two deck play and free winnings up to 600 times what you put in to make you the coin master! But beware, in this wild game mode, you win big or go home empty-handed! Are you up for the challenge?

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Find this site the customer service details of UNO!™. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

UNO!™ Customer Service, Editor Notes:

UNO!™ Version 1.0.5721 June 2022

More fun features in PLAY WITH FRIENDS: -Spectating and match recording. -Time Balloon, Wild Punch and other exciting rules are available in 2- and 3-player matches. -Voice chat introduced! Say farewell to silent matches! Optimized animation effects in matches. Optimized the sort order in PERSONALIZE, finding your decorations is easier than ever! UNO WORLD CUP is no longer available..

UNO!™ Version April 2022

1. The Easter event will start on March 18th. Are you ready to embark on an exciting adventure and collect all kinds of Easter eggs? 2. A garden event for Mother’s day will open on April 22nd. What's better than a beautiful bouquet to express gratitude and appreciation? 3. Season 13 will open on March 24th. Let's go to the prehistoric world! 4. A new card, “Color Challenge” will be added to Wild Weekend on April 1st. 5. Updated buttons in lobby: "Friends" and "Play with Friends"..

UNO!™ Version January 2022

1. The Chinese New Year Event will open on Jan 14th, with a brand new gameplay mode made in the spirit of traditional Chinese papercut art! Happy Year of the Tiger, come check it out! 2. On Feb 11th, the Valentine's Day event will start. Missed previous events? A new GRAND PRIX helps you win prizes from past Valentine's Day events. 3. The St. Patrick's Day event will open on Feb 28th! The card carnival comes back. 4. Season 12 will start on Jan 24th. Circus themes abound!.

UNO!™ Comments & Reviews 2022

- Used to be great…..

There needs to be other changes. I’m tired of trying to shine my crystal ball to know who had what before I get left with 30+ cards (34 has been my max.) Also, this is about THE MOST rigged game ever. Most especially when you are in Japan, Tokyo, etc. Sam, Ada, etc. win and win and win and you never collect all the flowers. It’s pathetic. I’m a really good player, I’ve been at the game since I was a kid (30+ years) & strategy can be key but it’s impossible to strategize with your teammates in 2x2 with only preconceived phrases like “Thanks! & “Lucky!” - really doesn’t help right? Also, to anyone reading this, when you play 2x2 it’s not about YOU laying down the last card - it’s about whichever one of you (between the 2 of you) gets close enough to make it feasible. Then? Then you give everything you have to get your partner a win (or vice versa) - when one of you wins in 2x2 you BOTH WIN. I’m really disgusted by fellow teammates (and there are plenty) who will knowingly throw a hand just to punish you for doing the best thing for the team (and often in THEIR favor) - what’s wrong with you??? They’ll pick up 40 cards turn after turn just to get you to lose, pathetic. This is why we need more ability to communicate somehow- more applicable phrases, something, ANYTHING. This game was fun from levels 1-25-ish, now at level 60+ it’s getting ridiculous. Please fix this, you’re doing no justice to the game I grew up loving.

- HUGE Problem.

I only do games I don’t pay to beat. I earn my way as best I can do it on my own. This Uno game I LOVED. And I’m not the mean spirited that boos or throws eggs at people for giving me draw twos or draw fours. I realize it’s in there hand to play to try and win. Reasonable. However, all of the sudden I noticed the game was doing EVIL glitches. Example, I’d already have a duck hand to start with, hang in there, play my hand WELL, put my only draw 2 and it would GIVE ME BACK MY DRAW TWO TO MYSELF. It would happen with various plays to get ahead. Then, I started getting a player say KARMA!!! And I’m thinking, what the heck I rescue animals, nurse, and I will have players give me back draw 2’s etc that I FAIRLY played. I feel like even though I absolutely love uno and it keeps me from being lonely or occupied after working long hours at work and stuff...I have NO CHOICE but to DELETE it. It’s my only guess that it’s either TWO opinions: Your game has hackers on it that manipulate the games or it’s your own staff wanting people to purchase crap. Or both. I don’t know. But one player I had on the teams...even they said “Why???” After we have our opposing team draw 2 and skip and it gave it to US....then they WON. Makes no sense. But major hackville or staffville.”

- Simple fun time waster

This game is a fun time waster but its completely random in terms of winning or loosing. You'll have a day where you'll win 9/10 games then you'll have a day where you'll loose 9/10 games and often time all your coins, this is my 2nd day in a row where my loose ratio well exceeds my wins ( like 15 losses and 5 wins) and now I'm loosing interest in playing. There really isn't much strategy involved, you play what ever cards are given so you’re pretty much bound to completely win or loose (i guess thats “cards” though lol..). I often times play with a teammate because i feel that you would have more chances of winning (50/50) but that doesn't seem to be the case as iv been loosing consecutive games..I will also add as I've seen in someone else’s comments, I feel that the +4 card is a scam because 9 times out of 10 you'll loose the guess..Don't hate the game for it, idk im sure its legit but it just seems odd to loose so many guesses. However, I will say that the +4 card seems to be the most strategic card to use as in you can either set you or your teammate up for a good play or call a bluff color to throw your opponents off. My biggest dislike is how you get skipped when you get hit with the +2 or +4 card! Thats insult to injury! As if getting multiple cards isn't bad enough, then you dont even get to play your hand. Not cool. Overall 3 out of 5 stars, its fun but gets stale on those days where you cant break out of a loose streak.

- coins = bad

I love UNO and I’ve been playing since I was little. At this point I can’t find anyone that likes to play the actual card game so this app is a great alternative for me. However, I think this coin system is completely unnecessary. I had about 10k coins over the course of like 20 games, and then after one game I lost all 10k and I couldn’t play until the next day. I guess it’s just to get you to buy coins but I’m not paying money for UNO. I would have at least one mode where coins aren’t a factor. There’s really no reason to force you to stop playing the game because you’re out of coins. I thought the whole point is to get you to keep playing. This also goes for Ranked. Why do we need to have hearts? Just let me play the game when I want to play it. Whenever there is a Ranked mode in a video game I will play it. But not once did I have to deal with a system like this where if you lose enough you have to wait to play again. Let me grind UNO! Not to mention, in doubles, if your teammate had a ton of cards and loses when you had like 2 cards, you both lose coins based off who has the most cards. It’s not my fault my teammate is trash, why do you have to punish me for it too? Anyway, I can still enjoy UNO and, yes, this coin stuff is annoying but at the end of the day you can always play the modes with the lowest stakes.

- To much problem’s

Yeah so I read a couple of reviews before I download the game I went to the most critical reviews but I just thought they were fake. I download the game then played a couple of rounds but the thing is it has way to many adds and I won like a couple of rounds then lost a lot more rounds I lost all of my coins to I did not buy more but why you have you have to wait a day in order to play again ? And also I played this a couple years ago but I forgot how to play so it did not use to be like this I fell like they changed a lot like I don’t understand why they did this you have to watch one thousand adds to freaking play the game like.. also it takes a long time to load the game but my internet is fine I have 2 bars as far as I can get but when I play other games it’s fine so it’s just making you go crazy about your internet when it’s fine this game has problems also in some events of the game this new event you have a clue so it cost 2 diamonds in order for you to get the clue mind you I have 0 diamonds so it’s hard to get those unless you have a lot of money I don’t so I just think that they are ripping you off cuz they want you to buy coins or diamonds I hate that I wish they would make at least 10 diamonds free like it’s not that hard they want money that’s all they want plz don’t download cuz they will rip you off with all the money they have they rip you off so yeah don’t recommend also I think all the 5 star reviews are them so yeah bye ✌🏽

- Is great but major issues with challenge

I am a very much a person who’s has always loved uno but as the most claims to me many versions of uno non has ever had such a annoying problem with challenge with the 4+ it’s breaks all rules of uno most people who don’t know(if u get a 4+ u can’t get 4 cards if u have the color or number) but the challenge mechanic ruins that premise and just makes u lose and makes u just very much annoyed if they change that it would be better bc many people who I know are amazing players at uno lose so much money due to that of anything it’s ruins the against teams or players bc it doesn’t even work right I have never see someone use this so called challenge mechanic ever since I play uno (I have played many versions such as stacks but never experience such a mechanic that ruins the original 4+ rule) but other than that it’s a good game but I might recommend for those who like and fun game without this just do regular cards ima still play this but it’s super irritating when ur just about to win and this person plays making u lose more than 500 up to 1200 coins you will be forced to grind those back this my review as Someone’s who’s enjoy uno for many years and this thing kinda makes me lose that passion there’s a lot of things to improve but that’s my complaint

- Love this app but could be better

I have always loved playing the uno card game but sometimes there is no one else to play with but this game fixes that by making matches short and pairing you with three other people. I love this game and I think it is a lot of fun to play. There are a few things that really bug me though. The first one being is that I will buy a lucky clover that is meant to save your coins if you lose, but if I lose and have applied this lucky clover I still lose the same amount of coins as if I didn’t use the clover at all. This is the same if my partner shares a clover I lose coins also and that is super annoying. If this is not meant to happen then it needs to be fixed because you waste two-hundred coins on a clover and it does practically nothing. I also do not think it is fair that if your teammate runs out of coins that you are charged with them. I think that seems very unfair but I can live with that annoying feature. Overall those are my biggest complaints. Otherwise I love the game, I’m level twenty-six and have been playing for a few months. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Sincerely, a huge uno fan!

- Entertaining but definitely rigged

The app is definitely entertaining but also very obviously designed to incentivise in-app purchases, especially for players with compulsive gambling issues. First, the match fees cause match losses to have a much greater impact than match wins over the long-run. For example, in a Classic 2v2 match where the base probability of winning is 50% and the match fee is 30 coins, the minimum possible gain for a winning player is 30 coins (i.e., minimum net gain of ZERO after the match fee) and the minimum possible loss for a losing player is also 30 coins (i.e., minimum net loss of 60 coins after the match fee). Second, the Ranked mode’s scoring system is designed such that in-app purchases are almost required to proceed beyond a certain level. Finally, it seems very unlikely that the game actually draws cards at random. I’ve seen an improbable number of matches where one player draws two or even three Wild Draw 4 cards or where multiple players draw only number cards. I don’t actually have major objections to the issues described above, since they’re obviously intentional and not really unexpected for a freemium app. HOWEVER, I do have two actual complaints (1) there is no straightforward way to block other players, which can be very annoying in 2v2 mode, and (2) the game sometimes glitches and automatically plays your turn before the timer actually runs out.

- Fix glitches

It’s a card game. Obviously card games are based on the luck of your hand, just like in real life. And like in real life, you can get bad hands or lose to a luckier hand many times in a row. I can’t speak on if the games rigged or not but losing doesn’t make a luck based game rigged lol. My issue with the game is there are too many little glitches that add up to be annoying over time. I was just in a game where I had to close and re enter the app because the loading bar wouldn’t move when I entered the game. Then when I was in the game I was trying to use a wildcard and it glitched and wouldn’t let me change the color and I had to wait for my turn to time out, resulting in the wrong color being picked and someone else winning the game. Other times ads will turn black after playing and I have to restart the app to be able to do anything. Or a game will just not move after “reconnecting” and yes I have to restart the app meanwhile the game is playing for others. It’s things like this that add up over time, especially if I’m losing coins just because your game is running bumpily. Also, you should have a basic unranked mode that doesn’t require coins. I’m sure some people don’t want to sit around waiting for imaginary money to just play regular uno.

- UNO gameplay is fun but rigged

Edit: While I have a good amount of coins (~5000), I’m fairly certain the game is rigged to incentivize spending real money on in-game currency. I ran a statistical analysis over a 150 game sample and the win-loss rate in 2v2 style of play did not come remotely close to approaching 50%. Additionally, the win-loss rate gets even worse after spending more time in ranked matches. I’m all for freemium games, but your algorithm should not force predetermined outcomes. It’s dishonest and extortionist behavior. As is the standard for mobile games today, there are coins, there are gems, and there are “lives”. While the UNO gameplay is indeed fun, it costs coins to play any of the game modes. When you lose your coins and can no longer obtain free coins, you have the option to buy gems to purchase coins or win your coins back. There is also a ranked mode to further stoke the fires of “I just need a few more coins” or “I’ll just buy one more shield to protect my coins”. If you’re the kind of person who falls into the pay-to-win traps of mobile games, be aware that this game uses all kinds of tricks to incentivize spending real money on imaginary currencies. The game also has a way of shifting your luck to ensure you’re never quite safe with your virtual earnings. Other than these faults, which are pretty standard in today’s mobile gaming market anyways, the UNO gameplay is fun and exciting — as long as you have the coins necessary to play.

- !!

This version of UNO is the best out there; however, the +4 mechanic where you have to guess is terrible! Sure, I understand that it is meant to add to the unpredictability of the game, and that would be fine, if it was not for the fact that you guessing ALWAYS results in you receiving a penalty. Let me explain this: let’s say the player who goes before you has two cards—a +4 and a yellow card (for the sake of the example). Then say that the player who goes before you puts down the said +4 card and changes it to yellow, the color corresponding to their last card. Now it asks me if I think that the player before me has some other random color, so I say no. Obviously the player who goes before me has a yellow card, that is why they changed the color. So I press “no” and I have to draw four cards for guessing wrong. Most of the times I think that they really did not have a yellow card until the person who goes before me puts down a yellow and wins the game. I have lost MANY games because of this. Why do I have to draw four cards when I correctly guessed that the player before me had no cards of a certain color. Now I have to say that this is not always the case, although, it has happened plenty of times for me to have to write a review about this game. Please fix the way the +4 cards work in the game of just remove the mechanic all together.

- Like poker, but UNO

If that title sounds stupid, that’s because it is! I really wanted to give this game a fair shot, I love UNO the actual card game, but this is, for all intents and purposes, just UNO but poker. It requires a certain amount of coins to start ANY sort of match (I believe the only exception being that World Tour mode, but that requires a surprising chunk of progress in the game), and without at least 800 coins you are not able to play the game. So not only do you have the buy-in (it doesn’t actually take the coins from you, this is just part of the analogy), if you lose then you lose up to half of your initial buy-in! It’s better than an energy system most other mobile games employ, sure, but on UNO???? That’s like putting essentially a betting system onto Go Fish. Of course you can also buy coins, but at that point why not just buy the physical game? This game has so many better ways to monetise itself through cosmetic themes for the decks and cards and effects, but instead they choose to monetise being able to play the game. Get challenged (and lose by pure chance) after putting down a +4 card, costing you the entire game? Hope you didn’t like UNO in the first place, cus you sure as heck aren’t gonna be playing again for another AT LEAST a few hours. Oh yeah, and there’s ads. A lot of ads. With audio. And even if you disable game audio it’ll play the ad audio anyway for some infernal reason. Have fun!

- Addicted but hate a lot of things about this game

I am addicted to this game like nothing else. I have given so many suggestions and none are ever taken into consideration… here they are again.. There should be an option to either be shown as invisible or not invisible that way people aren’t inviting you to games that you don’t wanna play. There should also be a drop-down menu for rejecting an invitation so that way you can give them a reason whether it be out of coins, I’m done playing, another time. Since the update, you have to either accept or reject an invitation … no more exiting out unless you close out the entire app. Also, why is there a limit on how many friends you have? If there wasn’t a limit, you would play more because you would play with other people more often. There shouldn’t be a fee to play a game. You should also be able to watch as many ads as you want for coins instead of six a day. Every other game does not limit you on how many ads you can watch. This game is 100% rigged. They throw you a bone after losing soooooo many coins but in the long run, they win every time. No matter who you are, you will go bankrupt and you will be buying coins. I love this game but so many things need to change.

- Rigged!!

This game is rigged. You will have loosing streaks. It doesn’t matter how “smartly” you play your cards if you’re meant to loose you will LOOSE. They will do everything to get you to purchase something from the app🙄 The scratchers are rigged as well you can confirm this; pick your scratcher let’s say the gold one then pick one of the 3 options, let’s say you pick scratcher number 1, scratch just a small part enough for you to see what you will get (make sure you don’t scratch all of it!) then press the arrow to go back to your “bag” then pick that same gold scratcher again but this time scratch number 2 and you’ll see that it’s going to be the same “reward” as number 1 they just make you think you have 3 options but you don’t! It’s not random, it’s all rigged! Every single thing! They’re just trying to take your money. My advice is that once you see you’re losing just take a break for that day bc you will keep loosing! You might win one game or two but they will make you loose your coins on the next games. Also the drawing are rigged! It’s not possible for one player to get 3 +4 cards while you and your team mate have all number cards. Once you see that you aren’t getting any good cards just quit the game and come back another day before you end up yelling at your phone 😂 please do NOT SPEND MONEY ON THIS APP. It’s a SCAM!! They will make it to where you will keep spending your money by making you loose.

- Game is rigged!!!

This game is so much fun to play and offers a lot of options for ways to play it, but it is rigged, and it is only made to make money off of forcing users to purchase coins. Whenever I win a game and collect a certain amount of coins, for example, 70 coins, I check my amount afterward and it only went up by 10 coins. The game purposefully does not allow me to collect the amount I actually earned from winning a game so that I run out of coins more easily, trying to tempt me into making in-app purchases to gather more. Additionally, the draw 4 card is ridiculous. If Player A places a draw 4 card, then Player B, the one who has the card placed against them, has to guess if Player A has a certain color card in their deck by selecting “yes” or “no”. This is supposed to make the game more interesting as it creates the possibility of making Player A have to draw the cards instead if Player B guesses correctly. However, this is flawed because there have been times where it was proven that I (being Player B) had guessed correctly and it still said that I was wrong and then I still had to draw the cards. The algorithm is screwed to make the receivers of the draw 4 card be “incorrect” about 75% of the time, even if they actually weren’t, to increase the chances of players losing the game and hence, losing coins. All I’m saying is this game would actually be more enjoyable if every player had an equal chance.

- Unfair game!

1st off the +4 card is just ridiculous, if someone gives me the +4 card just give me 4 cards🤦🏽‍♀️ the challenge & guessing the color is just not fair, regardless you still get 4 or more cards so what’s the point? While this is a bit annoying I wouldn’t mind it IF there wasn’t other issues which I will get into right now. I feel it’s rigged or maybe I just don’t understand the coin system when you win/lose? Match fee says 30 coins but then it also says we have to pay in 100?? Also I could have 3 cards and someone else can have 5 and will still beat me, how is that fair? Or I could have 1 card while someone has 2 or 3 and still come in last place, doesn’t seem fair. I’m not sure why that’s possible, and when u win u don’t win a lot of coins and when u lose you lose a lot of coins or sometimes all your coins too. I think the coin system should be straight forward, you should lose what u put in and if u win you should win the losers buy in plain and simple. You guys should at least give us a page in settings that’s explains the coin system because it seems I’m not the only one with this complaint regarding coins. Also if you lose all your coins or don’t have enough you either have to wait for the daily earnings or hope the gum ball machine is available to TRY and win free coins. The game is fun but all these issues makes me want to delete it, listen to your users!!!

- I like it but...

As many have said, the game is rigged. One sure way to check are the scratch cards. You always get 3 choices, so 1 out of 3 odds. But statistics do not add up when I get coins over items 90% of the time. I think I got an item once and I scratched probably 50 of those. I no longer see them as anything but a spare few coins. Because even if the options are 20, 100, and 500 coins, I would still get 20. It’s almost always the least favorable one. Other part I don’t like: universe. The universe games are a lot of fun. Every game you get 3 things to fulfill. You pass a round if you fulfill one or more. The prizes it what make you want to get the perfect score. Problem is, uno is a high chance game. You have skills you can use but you have no control over what cards you get or what your opponent does. This make fulfilling all 3 items on the list almost impossible. Some rounds have easier tasks. But other rounds would take you hours of game play to luck out to and get the task required. Hardest task include: discard 9 red cards with discard all card, finish with 50 seconds on the clock, play 3 “0” cards. Those might not sound to bad until you start playing and realize on is hard to accomplish, let alone 3 of these in one game!!! This is killing the universe games for me :(

- Coins Ratio/Communication with Friends

I love this game! I’ve been playing it everyday since I downloaded it, some time last year. I’ve been playing this classic card game since I were a child, so when I saw it in the App Store, I jumped on it. However, I do have two issues for me. 1) I think the coin ratio needs to be fixed. It’s already bad enough that it seems like you lose more games than you win, but when you lose games, it seems like you lose A LOT more coins than when you win a game. For example, today, I was playing 2-on-2 in Wild Weekend(x2), I lost my first six games before I finally won about three. In each lost game, I lost no less than 500 coins, and I, nor my teammate, had a bunch of power cards, but in the games I won, I’d only win about 200 coins, and the other team would have an abundance of cards. It’s very hard to continue playing, if you’re constantly losing coins faster than you’re keeping them. 2) I feel like there should be a better way to communicate with your teammates and people on your friends list, other than the little programmed phrases. What’s the point of having teammates and friends, if you can’t communicate with them. I think that would make the gaming experience better.

- One of the best games ever

I love UNO so much I love how you can add friends invite friends get rewards just by playing rounds send gifts and bunch more but I have a few suggestion/complaints first I am really confused whenever I get to 100 friends I says you have reached the maximum number of friends in this game but in social and then spectate I people have more then 100 friends second how do I get VIP points I read it on settings but it doesn’t make sense and I should know cause I am in 4th grade third avatars should not cost coins or diamonds it should be free and could you put so more avatars fourth could you please not of a limited of friends in room mode it is annoying fifth I would be fun if you could send emails to your friend if there was a mistake or I you would like to say I like you as a partner or if your friend made a club and you applied to their club or you will invite them to a game or send a picture sixth this a complaint can you please whenever somebody runs out of coins can you give them 300 coins instead of twice a day that is it I love a game and remember these are just suggestions and I love the game thank you P.S please stop giving me oppenents that are stupid

- Fun game ruined by cheaters

DO NOT SPEND A PENNY ON THIS GAME! This is fun to kill some time but lots of people are cheating/hacking and ruining the game and stealing your money/coins. I recently played and the player directly before me had 7 (yes all 7 cards that were delt) draw 4 wild cards in their hand. Obviously they hacked the game, but since I had to draw the 28 cards and never once got to play I ended up losing a lot of my coins to this hacker, therefore I repeat DO NOT USE ANY REAL MONEY ON THIS GAME! Thankfully I only use coins that I win and earn from the game so I didn’t lose any of my actual money and ended just frustrated. Because of this I do not think this is appropriate for children to play, my daughter is 6 and loves uno. She has no problem with losing in a fair game, but losing all her coins to a hacker, that would be devastating at that age. I’m currently looking for a more child friendly uno game, that won’t cost any money and can’t be hacked by cheaters. In the meantime, I’ll occasionally play this game when I’m looking to kill time while waiting around, but I won’t play regularly or very seriously since I know it’s more about hacking skills than game play.

- My review was deleted for a sixth time....

Lol. Just imagine how many other reviews they delete. These are con men and women. The game is so rigged. The ‘shields’ are a joke...the scratch cards are not random. Drawing cards is not a random act. Nothing in the game is random, actually it’s all predetermined. They know the game is rigged. I’m mad they keep deleting my reviews. The truth hurts...I get bombarded with cards. The game purposely gives my opponents draw 4s and draw 2s. Or when they draw a card it’s always a card they need. But when I draw it’s some color nobody has. It’s to the point where I just laugh because I already know what’s coming. Don’t waste your money on this game. Spend it on another app. I’m begging you...these are cons...the game is designed for you to lose. I just had x2 wild game where I lost 650 coins and the person in third place lost 80...that’s constantly happening. So frustrating. How do you guys sleep at night? Stop being so greedy. You have the player base but if you keep this up you are going to lose a lot of people. I’m constantly deleting people off my friends list because they just stop playing. Please stop deleting my reviews. I’m not saying nothing hurtful and I will report you guys if I have to. I will never leave 5 stars for this game. I find it funny that this game is a 3.9 on the google play store. Same game. Nothing different. Except they really don’t delete reviews.

- +4 Mechanic is the worst!

This version of UNO is the best out there; however, the +4 mechanic where you have to guess is terrible! Sure, I understand that it is meant to add to the unpredictability of the game, and that would be fine, if it was not for the fact that you guessing ALWAYS results in you receiving a penalty. Let me explain this: let’s say the player who goes before you has two cards—a +4 and a yellow card (for the sake of the example). Then say that the player who goes before you puts down the said +4 card and changes it to yellow, the color corresponding to their last card. Now it asks me if I think that the player before me has some other random color, so I say no. Obviously the player who goes before me has a yellow card, that is why they changed the color. So I press “no” and I have to draw four cards for guessing wrong. Most of the times I think that they really did not have a yellow card until the person who goes before me puts down a yellow and wins the game. I have lost MANY games because of this. Why do I have to draw four cards when I correctly guessed that the player before me had no cards of a certain color. Now I have to say that this is not always the case, although, it has happened plenty of times for me to have to write a review about this game. Please fix the way the +4 cards work in the game of just remove the mechanic all together.

- Stop being stingy

First let me start this by saying I LOVE this game. I play every day even for a few minutes at a time but it’s super fun! It’s the same uno we all know, with both rule sets everyone plays (no stacks, and stacking allowed) with nice graphics and a smoothly functioning app. It has ads but most are avoidable if you don’t want to watch them purposely for the little gym ball machine (it gives you little bonus coins, gems, etc). But that brings me to my problem. Coins can be very scarce to the point where the game feels like it’s directing you to BUY coins and gems. Every log in? Pop up for the newest store sale with 2-3 more to follow, coins run dry and the only way to get more is to buy them, seeing as how the amount of coins you can send to friends is TEN per day, and the gumball machine will usually give you a chance to gain another 600 coins but if you play classic thats a maximum of 3 games if you don’t win. Gave it 3 stars but would be an EASY 5 star from me if: - Raised the amount of coins sent/received to 100. - either lower coin cost for games, raise winnings from games without increasing losses to players purse (make multiplayers bonus coins instead of taking from opponents so that they only lose the required coin ante for playing whichever game mode)

- Hello

I would say that this game is pretty fun to play. But their is some things that I don’t get. Okay so first of when I’m playing uno with a 2v2 or single. And for example the color was yellow. Okay so the person next to me keeps plucking cards from the stack because that person didn’t had yellow card. So when that person pull out a draw 4 on me. Okay so it would say “do you think this person had a yellow card”. Or whatever . I would say NO because that person kept plucking cards from the card stack because he didn’t had a yellow card. And I would still get it wrong if that person didn’t had a yellow card, so what that means I would be the one getting the cards even though I clicked no because yeah that person didn’t had a yellow card. So I would say that this game is cheating when I click on the right one. Another thing is when someone pulls out a draw 2 I get skipped and wouldn’t be able to get a turn when someone pulls out a draw 2. So their is a few things that I don’t get about this game, but it’s fun to play though.

- Extortion

This game has more than a few issues that all equate to the extortion of your actual money to buy virtual coins that you end up losing faster than you win. An example: You need 100 coins to play a single player UNO Classic game, yet the match fee is only 30 coins. This means that if you have 99 coins, you can’t play. The math for winning and losing coins is clearly suspect. As an example: A first win in a UNO Classic game gives you 70 coins, but part of that 70 coins is the 30 coins that you were charged as a match fee. Your actual winnings equal only 40 coins. I have only been able to win 3 times in a row giving me a maximum of 112 coins (actually 82 coins plus the 30 coin match fee.) If you lose, the amount of coins you lose is equal to your point total plus your 30 coin match fee. An example: You had a point total of 50 when you lost the game. In actuality, you lost 80 coins. One loss can actually set you back more in coins than the coins you would win in one game. Multiple loses eat away significantly at your coin supply very quickly. Add in that the game only allows you 600 coins a day (300 2x) and win up to 200 coins on a gold scratch card or up to 100 coins if you are lucky enough (most cards give 20 to 50 coin each) with really no other way to get coins other than to purchase them with actual money. It’s extortion, especially when the developers purposefully made the game this way.

- It would be a great game if it weren’t for three simple things.

1. Connectivity Issues - It doesn’t matter if I’m using cellular data will full bars or WiFi and I’m in the same room as my router, I’m always having connectivity issues. Either there is lag and my turn times out, there is lag and I have to wait to be reconnected to the match, or there is lag and I get disconnected. Every match I have problems. 2. Invasive ads - This is pretty self explanatory, ease up on the ads. I get it, free game, gotta make that revenue somehow. But being bombarded with ads after every match is ridiculous. It’s one thing when it’s the lucky spins and gum ball machine where people are getting free coins and power ups and stuff. But if we have to suffer through that many ads, at least give us something for our time being wasted. Which leads into my final point. 3. Explain how winning and losing coins actually works. This game’s mechanics are rigged hard to make players buy more coins. You’ll play a match and win a couple hundred coins and in the very next match lose thousands. I’m not wasting money for coins on this game and with as hard as this game tries to shove you to buy them, I’m about ready to uninstall the game.

- Don’t spend money

I’ll be honest, I actually like this game and I play it almost every day. But don’t waste your money doing things like upgrading to “VIP” or buying materials to craft “effects.” The VIP passes only get you things like extra emojis, and I bought supplies to craft an effect only to find that it’s not available in my list (so they basically cheated me). The Card Carnival is also a waste of time— there’s no way to win it, no strategy and you’ll ALWAYS hit the bomb before you get to the top. Also the chat feature is the worst chat I’ve seen in any game. It glitches and shows you a notification over and over, even when you’ve seen all the messages, and it censors certain words (like “stupid”). All that said, I really enjoy playing the classic version of the game and the new versions they’ve created, which include the ability to discard all of a specific color. I like playing by myself against three opponents or in 2 v 2 partnered matches. If they’d make the Card Carnival more logical and/or fix the errors that prevent you from crafting an effect you have enough materials for, then I’d give it 4 stars. (5 stars are reserved for amazing games that don’t need to profit on in-app purchases.)

- Honest Review

I’ve played on this app for about a year and it’s a great way to kill time, but given the amount of time I’ve spent playing it’s become more than obvious that there is a hand in the gameplay that is not based off of luck or skill. There will be about a week straight where I’ll get the best cards, and win fairly effortlessly, but then get a sudden change in “luck” where I’ll immediately get awful cards and the opponents will have/repeatedly draw a ton of + 4’s in a row. Despite the occasional clear wins that appear predetermined in my favor from the start of the game, it doesn’t surpass the periods where I repeatedly lose from other people being dealt extraordinarily good hands of cards. Over time you start right back at 0 coins, I believe this is to incentivize you to pay actual money on the game which is pretty sneaky, yet a bit blatantly obvious in just how rhythmic the series of wins and losses are. I can also back this up in another example where sometimes the game will gift you a pass to play on a x8 mode, and EVERY time I get that pass I’m given the best cards, but when I play using my own coins it’s usually a definite loss. TLDR: You’re going to lose more than you’ll win.

- Problems!!!!!!!

I have several problems.....First of all I LOVE this game, I played it in my childhood and adulthood. I have UNO cards in my game closet right now. One is I have spent too much money on this game and it is like a yo-yo effect! I live on a fixed income and think I am buying things to help but in the long run! I end up losing everything, sometimes makes you think..well I’m gonna win big then you fizzle money (coins) left. You can not talk to the people on your friends list, other than what Mattel has set up for you to say. There are times when people feel used, feelings hurt, I can’t explain I am not snubbing you again I have no coins or money to spend. Also believe it or not people form friend ships and may want to be able to give their e-mails to each other. The prices you have to play some games is unreasonable......The UNO Challenges sometimes a little much. Trying to get your medals another issue....... I understand pay to play but not take and take to play. In my opinion Mattel is getting rich off our backs............. I also think people should have the right to get some pictures and their names off the game. Some are offensive and disgusting! I know everyone gripes...SORRY! It is just my thoughts. Do not mean to offend anyone. Thanks!!!

- Fun Until...

This game is really fun and designed well. However I personally think it’s set up to cause you to begin loosing games regularly if you don’t spend cash money frequently enough. You earn coins by winning games. You have to pay coins in order to play. The game is so fun you want to keep playing. So this game seems to put you in positions where you lose large sums of your coins in a quick amount of time in order to get you to buy coins. Otherwise after a couple of games you may not be able to play within the app until the next day when you get free coins again. Free coins are given twice daily. However you can lose those coins in no time at all or in a game or two. Although this game allows you to win sometimes. I noticed if you won’t pay cash you end up winning small amounts that won’t sustain a long playing time or you flat out lose continuously. I’m all for paying for games that you love but this game is set up kind of scary because it reminds me of a gambling scenario. You can easily spend $4-$10 and lose it all within an hour or hours by losing a few random uno games and this is daily. I think the game needs more ways to obtain free coins regularly and offer other perks that can be bought.

- This game is still ripping people off

This app earns like $2 million dollars per month - they have increased their ads and they are on the Nasdaq. Honestly, this Company, which is based in China, is extorting people who play the game. I bought two monthly cards, one for $20 and one for $8, which I believe I should be able to access the entire game if I pay them $28 per month. I’ve barely had any game play since my purchase last night. In fact, a Nasdaq company’s greed will only be curtailed by not giving them a dime outside of their advertising until they establish game rules that provide a fair value to the player. No one should be paying more than $20 per month to play an online game. Other games are cheaper than this one. This could be a good game if they listened to all the people that love the game Uno, which brings them ad revenue, as well as pays real money.....While they finally offered a $20 monthly card, 15,000 coins is a joke - the algorithm is so high for loss that people loose hundreds of thousands of coins in a game ——we need like 1,000,000,000 coins per day for 30 days to feel like we have value for the real money spent and to be motivated to spend more money time of 15,000 coins and 1,500 coins per day.....that’s equal to about 3 minutes of game time or less is a rip off.....

- Addicting game but?

I love the original game so I enjoy playing this but you just have to be patient and figure out how you can gain free rewards. Rewards are given out daily so there is always a game to play. If you want to compete with the top players then you need to study all parts of this app and choose wisely. I have played for about a year now and reached level 72 with an average balance of 40k coins and never spent a penny. I play daily just picking the games and levels that will win me some coins so I’m staying ahead of the game. At first it was annoying when you play against robot players or just plain stupid players who sabotage you. I now stay away from those players. If you’re lucky and score big on the upper level multiplayer game then you get the itch to try again and lose big time. Again play wisely, take less risks and you too can play daily for free. I must point out that the scratch offs are frustrating, at first every fourth or fifth one you would score a big reward, now I scratch fifty in a row and get the lowest reward every time. That proves it’s not random at all! This game is free with the options to buy coins, I choose to play for free since it’s free. Be patient and you too can play daily for free. Enjoy!!!! OIIIIIIIO

- VIP? Waste of $!

This game used to be great. Sometimes you like to unwind with a good game. This used to be a good one. Then is became apparent that unless you became a VIP member, you would be punished for not paying actual money, meaning: If you lost all your coins, you simply couldn’t play the game for a few days because there is no way to replenish them unless you pay actual money. Don’t give in! For those of us who paid money to be a “vip” member so that we could have a small amount of coins replenished so we could still play games with people if our coins ran out were shocked to find out that the latest update took those privileges away. So here I am, after having paid real money to a “free game”, unable to play it. Now they are saying I have to pay MORE money in order to get enough coins to play again or wait 24 ours and hope there are enough “free gift” coins to play. On top of that, I spent weeks trying to get enough coins to where I could safely play for awhile without worrying about losing and not being able to play the game again. Over 40,000 coins lost IN ONE GAME. And as a VIP member I cannot play again unless I pay more money OR wait until the “free spin” resets itself in 24 or 48 hours and then hope the prize is enough coins to play one game. So beware. Total headache for a free game you pay money to for bogus special features.

- Classic free play mode that cost no coins

There should be a classic mode where it costs no coins to play but you can win a small amount each time until you have enough to play other modes. My fiancé and I have put a lot of money in the game to become vip members only to lose all coins and not be able to play for almost 24 hours until the “free gifts” reset which is barely enough for one game. I feel that the game coding needs work to where you don’t lose as many coins because the amount you lose compared to how much you use to start is way off and unfair. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m still going to play and I as a gamer and consumer understand the whole pay to play perspective but don’t have it to where once you are all out of coins that literally the only way to keep going is “PAY TO PLAY”. Hope this gets worked out soon. Also for some reason whenever I play universe mode the app will always crash after a game or when loading into one which will cause me to lose. I have checked for updates and there are none. Could it be because I am playing on an iPhone 6 Plus Also it’s hard to play Grand Prix when you don’t have diamonds and would be easier if there was a way to use coins. I cannot finish my build up challenge due to this

- Don’t waste your time. Not pay to WIN, it’s pay to PLAY

Screw their bs currency system, I just wanna play uno and even if I wanna make money so I can play a game, there’s very limited stuff you can do, you have to do multiple things just to play one game and if you lose that game then all your money is gone, and it’s not like you can repeat what you just did cuz they have a limited number of times you can view the ads. By the way - that’s not including all the ads they force you to watch when you finish a game. If that wasn’t bad enough, they keep pushing you to unlock your in game vault which costs $3.99 to open, just goes to show you they just want you to reach into your wallet when you play the game. If you made friends in the game, that can only help you so much because you can only send (10) coins to a limited number of players a day, and you can’t send to the same player more than once a day, forcing you to spend money JUST TO PLAY THE GAME. They really sold out on this. There are games where I play and win and only get 80 coins but there’s a match fee of 24 so I actually only get 56 and then play that same exact game mode but lose and end up losing 674 coins which is 698 with the entrance fee and I have screenshots to prove it, this is absolutely ridiculous!!!!


I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS GAME! I’ve always played UNO growing up so this is a fun outlet for me. Almost everything is perfect in my eyes with this game, other than one thing. When a player leaves the game and misses their chance, the “computer” that takes over should just make them draw cards instead of playing for them. I’ve watched a player win a game & they “timed out” the whole time. Not fair at all honestly. Instead of playing the game for them and allowing them to win, their cards should just get piled on so the computer doesn’t give them a better chance of winning. Other than that, i’d suggest being a little less stingy on the coins LOL, i know money is to be made from players that buy coins but GEEZ it wouldn’t hurt to give a little more. I’m always winning about 50 coins on the mini games & that barely helps when i’m down to nothing after losing. Yes i lose a lot but i also win too so i never really get tired of this game! I love the +4 card concept idk what everyone else is talking about ? Also, WILD is where it’s at!!! Love it !

- Scam Pay To Play Game

This game makes sure that you can’t go pass a certain gold point without paying. Paying equals an increase in “luck” to draw better cards. This game also features robot players that you can tell is a robot after playing for awhile. One key thing is that you notice is that you can’t play for too long or else they’ll make you consistently lose brutally after awhile. Second key thing is that no matter how good you are there’s no escaping the convenient draws from the deck that players consistently get. The third thing is that you could usually tell you’re going to lose when you don’t have any draw cards to start off with which is basically your protection while the other players have all the draw cards. What makes the whole draw situation even worse is that even though your drawing like half the deck you’ll never get a draw but notice everyone gets what I call convenient cards during the one card pick up so they don’t have to pick up like you would. The goal of uno having you draw all those cards is so that they can increase the amount of points they take away from you and then send you a “special deal” for you to buy coins after you lose. Absolutely terrible game that’s completely geared towards scamming!!! AVOID!!!!!


Many people have been writing reviews saying things that are completely false! I have seen reviews saying the game is essentially pay-to-win with the coin mechanic; and that the game randomly takes away coins. This is not true! They may not have noticed the entry fee to games, and that is understandable. I have also seen reviews complaining about the mechanics in Wild mode, which you don’t even have to use! One review even says that getting skipped when a +2 or +4 is placed is ridiculous. While this is a real feature that cannot be avoided, but this is part of the game! If you have played the real card game, you will know this is essential to the game. In reality, this is one of the best takes on the original card game. I have never seen the card to play all cards of one color in any other orientation of Uno. I really enjoy it, and hope it makes an appearance in other Uno-based games. One thing I do dislike is the lack of the 0-7 and jump in rules. I really enjoy these twists to the game, and wish they were in this take on a classic game.

- Shame on Mattel shame shame shame

I love Uno but this apps algorithms are clearly designed to push users to spend money to buy coins. Reaching the top rank in every tier as you progress yet being completely broke at the end of each session is absolute nonsense. If you see someone in game with a big bank... they spent money to get there... Tell me how you play a game of singles 800+ buy in and if you lose you may lose 1 or 2k+ depending on how many cards you're holding, but if you win you usually get less than than the buy in minimum what the absolute heck. So you could be up three rounds straight and lose it all in one hand... And a pox on anybody who believes the card dealing is randomized... And extra shame on anyone who spends actual money on this facade encouraging this devious algorithm behavior I'M SICK OF IT CAN WE PLAY A NOSTALGIC CARD GAME WITHOUT THIS MONEY GRUBBING NONSENSE. They keep your bank up just enough to watch enough ads to meet their ad revenue quota, then you get slammed and you have to wait till tomorrow when you can watch more ads to take another stab at building a substantial enough bank to enjoy more than just a few miserable hands of play. Screw you Mattel thanks for destroying the beautiful childhood nostalgia of UNO. And screw any fool who spends real money on this sham...

- Do not play this game.

I’ve been playing for quite a while now. The last 10 days alone, 26 hours. Recently, I’ve been on the biggest losing streak. Not because of wrong actions, but because of the cards that my opponents get. The people on my left and right are all getting plus 4s and stacking them on me. It doesn’t matter if I’m 10 seconds into the game or right before the game ends.. I get so many cards stacked against me and I️ lose a lot of coins. I’ve even gone to 20x and 80x multiplier games hoping that maybe Uno was trying to push me into bigger leagues. Nope, I tested those out and the same issue happened. I️ had 30,000 points (that I’ve earned though hard work) as VIP 1 (purchased VIP 1 for $1.99) now I have 4,000 within a matter of days. I️ have so many badges that I’ve earned and I’m so proud of how far I’ve progressed. I️ always share my accomplishment screen shots and stories with my friends. I love UNO. But I’ve lost faith in the game now. Like others have said, they make you lose back to back in order to get you to spend real money in the store. I’ve reached out to their support team and of course I have received a copy paste reply. Uno Support states that they cannot help in any way. They did not even offer to investigate the issue. I’m finding a new game and quitting Uno today.

- Clearly Rigged for in App Purchases

It feels very formulaic the amount of wins and loses. Bottom line is, its an app and many design apps primarily for profit before purpose. I would love to just play the game. The detail put into this game is impressive, but unnecessary. Its very clear that everything extra is designed to captivate the user into spending more money, fair. However if you’re someone like myself who avoids those things because you simply want your one on one Uno fix, they will still try to extort you. I’ve wondered if the people I’m playing against are even seeing the same screen and results I am. I have noticed that my winning and losing depends on how many coins I have. When I acquire new coins I will have a long win streak then I have a long lost streak until I’m almost depleted. More coins streak again. Its clearly designed so that you run out of coins and unless you get 1st everytime it’s nearly impossible to get more through game play. In my opinion the coin system is flawed, distracting and unnecessary.... but gotta make that cash money so I get why its there. Praying on lonely people who just wanna play Uno smh.

- Are you kidding me

This game is a waste of time, it’s not fair when you play 2v2 because when your teammate messes up you still lose coins. Also if you lose once in any of the matches you lose like 200 coins or like all of your coins but if you win a match you only get 50 coins. this game is so stupid because you can’t even play anything without coins. Except for Uno Universe where you get 5 energy and have to wait 1 hour to get one energy refilled. Plus there’s this candy cane thing and you pick the cards and if you get a bomb you lose all your stuff. If you win or lose a match it’s so random you could be on a winning streak and have like 8000 coins and then lose one match and you have 0. ALSO THERE SHOULD be rules for when your playing 2v2 and the other player doesn’t play right because it’s not fair for the other teammate to lose all their coins. And not everything should cost coins I can’t even play the game right now because I played 2v2 wild under 500, I started off with 632 coins I played it and now I have 0 coins which I don’t under stand how I could lose 632 coins. This game isn’t right and should be deleted. Everything cost money if you’re wanna more coins cost money want more diamonds cost money. Just make a free game god. THIS GAME IS GOOD BUT EVERYTHING COST MONEY

- Fun but Weird Restrictions

Lots of fun especially with BTS Emojis. I was able to complete my BTS deck but many haven't yet & time is running out...Unfortunately, there are weird rules restricting how often you can request a card... Why must one wait 12 hours to request another card? I think that all of the time restrictions should be removed… 4 stars because it seems that UNO put those rules in place for greedy purposes...Just my opinion... Also, would like to gift more than just coins & cards... There shouldn’t be a max amount gifted per 12 hours either... When we should be enjoying the game, there’s a panic right now because people aren't completing their decks...Didn't help that UNO took away several ways to get cards per day...Fishy! Wish we could have more chat options... Like with friends & not just the Club... Anyways, it’s mostly fun but these weird restrictions are burning people out right now... Not a good thing if UNO wants longevity of their players... UNO, please consider these things and fix them to earn the 5th star from me... :-)

- I agree. It seems rigged.

I’ve been playing this game...a lot. And have been keeping good track of my win/loss record. I actually am in an industry that works with RNG (random number generated) software. This software is meant to be used on games like this so that the outcomes are always fair and random to all players. However, after analyzing my win/loss record and the way cards seem to be played, the RTP (return to player) is definitely off. It almost feels as if you are consistently playing against AI in every game. Sometimes the players you are against are super fast. Sometimes they are real slow. Sometimes the game plays cards you didn’t highlight. The game is fun. It’s a good way to waste time. But the developers seriously need to work on RTP and RNG to really make me want to invest more $ into this. Adding on, the algorithms for subtracting from your purse is much larger than anytime you actually win. So win you are consistently losing more often than winning, you are guaranteed to always be losing $. Period. Until this is fixed, I seriously wouldn’t recommend pouring your $$$ into this game unless you have the $$$ to spare. It isn’t worth playing a game purposely rigged against you.

- Although called Uno, it’s not meant to be played only once.

Some co workers and I play Uno at work when it’s slow. So during COVID-19 and no work I downloaded this Uno game. At first it was SO fun. There are a lot of pop up offers in this game and it’s clear they want you to spend money. However like most games I usually disregard and enjoy what I can for free. I had no realization the first day that I was “spending” 100 coins in the game to play each round of Uno. That was until I ran out of coins. Surely there must be a daily reward or some way to watch Ads and get free coins. There is! The only thing that I don’t like is I earned only 10 coins for logging in to play, now I have exactly 100 coins to play a game that’s essentially based off chance. If I lose, I not only lose the game but they take your coins. Then there is a little present box you can click on (IF it pops up) it will allow you to watch an ad for a prize. I only like the prize box when it gives me coins - so I can play more uno. I don’t think I’ll keep the game much longer, it’s not fun to play a game one time and can’t play it again all day because you have no coins. Although called uno it’s not meant to be played once.

- Rigged At Higher Levels

This game is actually a good, well thought out and designed version of UNO. It’s fun and the games are quick. Why the two stars you might ask? Well, let me tell you. The game is rigged against you once you start reaching higher levels in ranked mode to try and get you to spend money for point boosts (which will be wasted), star defenses (because you will be losing so much) and hearts (because they only let you lose so much a day for free (how kind!). I tracked 200 games played in ranked mode and I won 42 times. That’s right; 42 times for a 21% win rate. Which is absolutely ridiculous. I understand that 70% of UNO is pure RNG/luck of the draw with the other 30% being skill, especially when playing in pairs, but a 21% win rate is absolutely ridiculous. I never had a problem with the “rigged” issues others were talking about in their reviews in regards to coins. I have over 100k+ coins and got there over time for free without much issue. The issue is in their ranked mode(s) where people actually compete for rankings. That mode is almost certainly rigged. Edit: downgraded to one star and uninstalled the game. Played another 50 games over the weekend in mid-Crystal ranking. Won nine games. NINE. Beware this predatory game.

- Illogical and Inconsistent

The scoring system to decide who gets second place is completely random. Not only is it already ridiculous in that it doesn’t just use whoever has the least amount of cards once the timer is up or someone goes out; but instead it decides based off of an arbitrary scoring system based on the TYPE of cards you have. For example, if you have action cards left when the round ends, that is held against you, if you have number cards it’s less of a penalty. But how many negative points are assigned to the specific cards is completely random. I’ve had games where I’ll have an action card and 2 number cards, and someone else has an action card and 4 number cards, but somehow I get more negative points and end up losing out on second place. When the scoring system to decide winners and losers is random, it’s a busted game. That’s like leaving it up to a coin toss, why even have a scoring system?? Not to mention how many coins (currency) you lose at the end of a match depends on these random scoring system. So you might lose more coins in a match where you had 4 cards left (all number cards) that you did in a match where you had, say, 10 cards left (all number cards).

- You Will lose 90 percent of the time

I love this game but your win lose ratio in this game is ridiculously low. Usually when you purchase VIP in a game your offered something or rewarded for investing money into the game but definitely not Uno. You will still lose and there is no point to purchasing VIP. They have a game mode for just VIP players but what’s the point when you ad the VIP player gets no decent cards. You barely get coins to redeem yourself. You can send friends 10 coins a day but you need at least 100 coins to play a game mode. Once you bankrupt your done unless of course you purchase diamonds with your hard earned cash only to get bankrupted again. I had 300k plus in the game and got bankrupt I actually counted out of 30 games I won 5. Five freaking games!!!!! I am VIP 6. Great game if you don’t mind losing 90 percent of the time. They have clubs but as of now the clubs is just for show there is no way being in a club helps. Also story mode is trash!!!! Some of the criteria is ridiculous!! I would say download but the experience is trash

- Fun Game, Bad for Gambling Addictions

I’m not generally one to write a review and complain or comment on a game as far as it’s concerned with its massive amounts of micro transactions, however, I think this app barely dances on the edge of legality (especially in regards to the laws in certain states, like the one in which I live). If you, or anyone who plays this, has a gambling addiction or an additive personality, I would please ask that you stay away from this game. It is designed in such a way that you lose more than you gain, while constant pop ups asking you to spend money. It even takes “earnings” from your games and sticks them in a “safe,” but the only way you can access them is by paying 3.99 USD. They have “monthly” subscriptions that are laughable at best. I’m enjoying what I can with what I have left and then I’m uninstalling this app. It’s sad that such a memorable and beloved childhood game is subject to this. I don’t really care for responses. I won’t be reaching out to anyone or changing my mind. I’m just appalled with what people sleep with at night.

- God Almighty

Please don’t spend money on this game unless you have excess. Totally randomized but feels skewed in favor of you losing. I’m a VIP member but just today have lost 14/15 games by high margins. I started tracking how often I would be a -300 to -600 points, losing thousands of coins each time. Lost 12k within an hour. If you play this game, play for free, because there are few worthwhile perks for paying customers other than the convenience of restocking your coins fast. I won’t be spending any more money on this game until they have some points system for people not tryna gamble away all their money (example: a game level where there’s a cap to the amount of coins you can lose at a time. People still have the potential to lose their coins, but not be -600 points and losing 1000 on the lowest multiplying tier. Obviously if people are playing the lowest tier, they’d like to maximize the coins they have for longer play time. Seems an oversight to not provide some safe guarding against exorbitant loss). For now, I’m returning to being a free player and will just play my coins out as they wish, and stop playing every day when I reach zero.

TransferWise 💸

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- Great Game & love the features

I’ve been playing for over a year & have enjoyed it. Not your typical UNO classic card game you use to play with family and friends but hey, buy some cards if that’s what your after. Great innovation and creativity! The colours bring out the fun of the game and love the challenges and rewards. Nothing wrong with the timer, makes it more challenging and also so players aren’t just waiting forever for the next player to put their card down!!! Just drains the game really. I do find that it’s rigged in some games I’ve played where you get almost no action cards and other players have 2 or more +4 pickups, skips or +2. I played a game where I didn’t even get a turn at all - pointless & a waste of coins and especially when your playing with free coins. Overall it’s a great app and a good game to play to pass the time!

- Rigged & a scam to make you lose

You can clearly tell this uno game is rigged it’s designed so you lose and spend real money on it. You spend $ 30 on 15,000 coins you lose all coins in 1 game you spend $ 100 to $ 500 you lose all coins within a few games I’ve seen them cheat in the game if the opponents don’t call “ UNO “ the word just flashes up when you do it they force you to pick up 2 cards I’ve seen the opponents pick up a card they keep it then they put some random card down even though that wasn’t the card they just picked up The amount of times the opponents start is ridiculous they start every game with the cards and coins they are so rigged the opponents getting all the action cards getting 4x +4 2x + 2 skips you getting shocking number cards They also cheat you out of coins I had 15,000 won 15,000 = 30,000 only had 25,000 they cheated me out of 5,000 coins With the coins you lose more then you win I won 62,000 lose 98,000 won 32,000 lose 40,000 won 52,000 lose 65,000 won 40 lose 80 won 180 lose 275 won 600 lose 900 won 3320 lose 4800 won 12,000 lose 19,000 you lose more coins then you win “ scam scam scam “

- Gameplay

Really awesome game! However Timers are way too long whilst waiting to change cards in “around the world” the timer is just too long, game play timer should be 5 seconds regardless of last minute play. Lately there have been too many glitches and it just puts a major downer on the game! I also recommend round the world games should progress without using an extra lightning bolt if you’ve placed first or second as it’s a total rip off 1 game per bolt only x5 games having to wait almost an hour for one to reload. Also why do we loose stars in ranked mode? Why is that! Seems fixed to me especially when you’re on a winning streak then loose it all in one round sigh! Also what’s with all the download updates only too often!

- Awesome game app but sadly some setbacks

The game is programmed well. It’s really fun and the latest update is pretty darn good. A must download for people who love to play Uno. However, there are few setbacks. 1) If in middle of a match, an issue arises with online connectivity even for 2-3 seconds and then it gets reconnected, the game goes on without letting you play and one can only sit back and see them loosing. 2) The free coins send or receive is very limited along with no. of friends one can have. 3) The one thing that is most annoying is that when playing, sometimes one keeps getting mix of good cards and keeps winning. But once one starts loosing, one can not potentially play the game anymore because then one keeps loosing every second match or all the matches and looses all coins. You only get 100 coins every two hours for free and as your loosing streak is continuing, you eventually loose them again. This throws away the interest of a player playing the game and is very frustrating. Some might think that the player might be playing wrongly if he or she is loosing but that same player was winning and had thousands of coins for many days. Personally, It worked well for me in earlier stages but from last 3-4 days straight, my coin balance is 0, forcing to make in-app purchases for coins and other valuables.

- Best game to chill with

The game is fun and addictive, gets you in a better mood. You can team with other players and win before the timer runs out. If you run out of coins, you can watch a short ad for 100 coins or wait until they offer you 300 the next day. There are daily rewards and other ways to earn more coins. I love the events that they do in the weekends and on special holidays as it makes the game more unique and enjoyable. You can also log in with a couple different accounts just in case you’ve lost really badly on one account. If you are bored and want to feel rewarded, play unto. It’ll be an interesting experience!

- Great game

The game is well developed and interactive. Plenty of rewards and free stuff to collect every day with the ability to add friends, create clubs to share rewards and to compete in multiple competitions. It would be nice to be able to write your own phrases ( this would obviously need to be word monitored, in the same way Avatar names are, to keep it clean. ) It would also be good if you could block players you don’t want to play with and to be able to delete members from your team, and to receive benefits for sharing gifts with team mates too. It would also be good to reward the players who gift emojis and likes to people they have beaten and to penalise players who throw eggs at the opposition during the game to encourage better sportsmanship, especially when they have been bankrupt. Overall a great game.

- Pretty interesting

From the small amount of time that I’ve played this game it’s definitely... interesting. From a personal standpoint I think the game would "sell" better as an app more like the PC UNO game. All the very bright colours and graphics clearly aimed for smaller children aren’t very necessary seeing as UNO seems more like a game that requires a slightly older audience so they know how to play properly, and that has basically been what UNO was in the past. You’d have your siblings playing with you and a parent on hand for when you forget the rules or don’t know what card to play. And- and at times when you play a card the little timer to say when it’ll skip you keeps going despite the fact you’ve already chosen and placed a card down. I think with this app you’ve slightly forgotten what UNO actually is. UNO is a fun card game you can play with friends or family, a nice slower game that you can spend all evening playing until the rain outside clears up... as an example. Here you’ve got timers and modes where it’s faster and fastly paced and you gotta throw down cardswithoutreallygettingthechancetothinkaboutwhatcardtochooseandit’sfastand- ... and it’s not really fun. More speed doesn’t always equal more fun. So that’s really it for my review as I read back on it. Hopefully you guys take my points into consideration.

- Game & More

• Hello. I am a fan on uno, one of the players that always get online games if they don’t have the actual cards, I have some complaints about the app. 1) Logging in • Ok so I have game centre and Apple right? I go press “Sign in with Apple” it doesn’t work so I do game centre instead, it says ‘Sorry this game doesn’t recall you using it, Error logging into account.’ What?! I’ve had this game before, it doesn’t even let me into my own account, huh!? )2. Loading • Yes most people have these issues, but why does it take so long? Is there something going on this game doesn’t tell you about.. I need to know. • Nice Review • Overall this is a great game, minus the details in the complaints. I hope the UNO team works in this game more to make it better! Good job on the game, 4/5 stars. • Suggestions • A lot of people have complained on lag, coins, gameplay etc. UNO team.. you should really read these comments/reviews these people that take their own precious time to make. You could actually make more people play it instead of people saying it’s a waste of space! I recommend reading these people’s reviews and actually fixing it up instead of leaving the bugs and glitches there.

- Coin issues!! Fix it!

The game is good. But you only receive 300 coins a day. And once you are low on coins you have to wait for 24hrs. The store thing as soon as you used all 6 ads, you have to wait for 24hrs again. Which is pathetic. Why? This game is also rigged. Everytime I do single mode. The other 2 opponents think they are teammates, so the person after me wanted a green, me and the person in front of me didn’t have any, the person before didn’t have one but drew a card from the deck and made me draw +2, making the opponent win by having 2 more cards, I reversed, the opponent in front of me reversed but didn’t put the yellow reverse down, she put the green one down, but he obviously still won. And I lost 50% of my coins leaving me with only 49 coins, now I can’t get anymore because I have to wait for 24hrs! 😡🤬 fix the issue with coins, put more ads for the shop not just 6!! Unbelievable! Thank you! :)

- Pop Up Galore

This is a great game by all means as you’d expect from the classic uno card game but the down time when not in games is what really ruins it for me. When first opening the app, you’re greeted by as many as five pop ups of either pointless information or promotions for spending real money on in game features. I find myself getting about two games in before this becomes too overwhelming and desperate from the creators. I understand the desire to make money from games but when does it go too far and compromise the flow and enjoyment of the game itself. This and a busy and overcrowded UI are what ruin this game for me and make it almost unplayable at times, which is a shame because the game itself is great. Unfortunately this is the way most mobile games are these days and we will just have to endure the greedy antics of mobile gaming entities.

- Pop up ads and Losing streaks

Like others here have experienced, you end up on losing streaks so quickly that last so long, it seems really rigged in the hope that you buy more coins. Lost 700 coins in 5 games playing a standard game. Get dealt plain cards, with opponents throwing +2’s and +4s at you every turn. When you finally get dealt a +4, your opponents directly opposite you manages to finish their cards so quick you can’t even play it. But not before your adjacent opponent +2’s you and you pick up a wildcard so you can cop another -50 when your opponent finishes five seconds later. The house always wins here. Either my opponents are rolling in the coin or I’m playing against bots. And the 5-6 pop ups every time you open the app! Absolutely ridiculous.

- Really good

So this game amazing but has few glitches but still good there’s 7 cards and different modes to play on you can also collect soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much fun so you should donloud this game it s o most like the real uno game but there is problems in the app sometimes it’s really fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun to .Like you can by stuff from your money that you collect from when you play the game you can also play with a teammate to win or lose the game but as I told you it does have some glitches you can also chose your name for your character and your profile to play the game and it’s free to so it’s good to have the app

- Good game, but I can’t physically play it.

I love this app. I play it quite often, however recently I updated itself and now I can’t go into it to play it because it comes up with “New version available. Please download the latest version.” With the options to exit the app and download the update. I pressed download and it took me to the App Store with the profile page of the app, but with no further instructions of what to do. I checked my updates, none for UNO. I deleted the app and downloaded it again, nothing changed. I even reset my device, still nothing. I also downloaded it on my phone, but it did the same thing and wouldn’t let me play it. Please can someone help me or explain what is going on because I’m very confused and disappointed in this game at the moment.

- Review

I have been playing this game every day for the last two months and have thoroughly enjoyed the social aspect of being able to play with friends and also alone. However, the game tends to get frustrating and discouraging when the people you’re versing are getting this ridiculous hand where they can discard all their cards in the first round, leaving others with a disadvantage and not the same fair share. Not to say that everyone should be receiving this same hand but saying that everyone should have a fair go. The most frustrating is when you have already received your courtesy 300 coins twice in that day and keep losing them after you continuously lose the matches. This tends to occur quite frequently in the sense that you will lose one match and then keep losing the following matches, leaving you to play the small multipliers where you receive 40-80 coins, before losing them again after getting confidence back. This isn’t enough to make me want I delete this game but can get quite frustrating and cause breaks in playing the game when you have no coins and feel defeated and as though you are playing the game wrong.

- Very good

I downloaded this app in 2018 and uninstalled for a while 2 years because a crappy phone comes with a crappy amount of storage (I only had 64 gigs) and have recently deleted some of my unnecessary apps and downloaded Uno because me and my family had been playing it irl for a while and re downloaded the game and loved it. My only issue is that it asks for you to buy things a lot, I understand that they need to make money but so do I, I am basically living off of bread… that’s how poor I am, but I still like the game

- Great but there’s room for improvement!

When I started playing this game, I thought that it was rigged but I kept playing and now it is like my NEW BEST FRIEND! There always say there is room for improvement and what this game needs is mode where you can play a virtual UNO with other people. It will allow people to play this game when they don’t have the set of cards and it will be great for parties! Another idea is to be able to track your games on the app and in the normal non-digital game, to allow people to see how they play and this method also increases the customers use because they all want improve. Overall this was a great game for what it is and I recommend it to anyone who loves UNO and it is a great game to play in your spare time!

- Ehh

The actual game itself is good but there are so many annoying factors. There are literally too many to get into but just to roughly outline a few: UI is super overloaded and hard to use/navigate, very limited ways to communicate while in game, constant pop ups to try and get you to pay, sends notifications to tell you you’ve got a free shield but when you click the notification and open the game you NEVER get anything, scratch cards are an absolute joke, limited ways to get enough coins without giving them your credit card. Just to name A FEW. I have contacted them regarding shields, they gave me a stupid response telling me to look elsewhere and they weren’t there anyway. Also, if you’re on a losing streak, you’ll probably be on it for a long time.

- Racists! Transphobic! Homophobic! Xenophobic! Islamphobic! I got evidence

Stop deleting my review!!! I have a right to be heard and acknowledged!!! People need to know how transphobic and racist and islamphobic and xenophobic and homophobic this game company is, the developers to this game, support workers to game and the App Store who all condone discrimination. I have all the evidence and proof that gladly can share and show. All because I asked a simple question on why players are allowed to use derogatory names that are transphobic and racist and islamphobic and xenophobic and discriminatory and they didn’t respond for months!!! Also, it is always glitching and freezing and I asked why and no respond for months!!! I had to get my white friends to ask the same questions and they got a respond within hours, that was generic and automated. I have all the evidence and proof to show and share.

- Good game, BUT..... RIP OFF!!!

Overall, UNO’s a pretty good game. Except all the in-game purchases, ( Which are ridiculous !!!) also considering how laggy the game is. I’ve lost so may games because UNO lags out and crashes. Secondly, all the in-game purchases are really expensive for such a laggy and unpredictable game. Like seriously, you have to pay $6.00 for a coin saving bank) that you save money in. That’s pretty ridiculous to pay $6 for $3000 coins. That took you time to save the money anyway. It’s pretty ridiculous how if you want to buy coins or shields or room keys that you have to pay diamonds for. Then if you wanted to sell any of it, for instance the “ Room key” you get $1 coin out of it. THATS A RIP OFF. So come too conclusion, The Game is good sometimes but it is also A MASSIVE RIP OFF. Thanks :)

- Has uno feel and multiplayer but meh

I tried to play with my family in a party while still being f2p but it kept saying not enough players. We only had four at the time and I think it’s stupid that you can’t do 1v1 1v1v1 (etc.) but can only do 1v1v1v1v1v1v1v1 2v2v2v2 and nothing else. Please remove the restrictions on how many players in a party. Also, it’s very confusing, all of the settings are in these little nooks and crannies and you actually might need a tutorial on how to navigate the menu! Overall, if you are ALWAYS ONLY going to play with 7 other people, go ahead, but any other amount, just go get uno in cards, because all the other options on the App Store I’ve seen are either single player, ad revenue farms, or both. And they don’t come as close to half decent as this.

- Very disappointed

Dear uno, I have been loving the game a lot lately, although I have been getting quite frustrated with the “wild card” in the game. I was playing the “wild weekend” version of the game and I was playing solo, the player before me played the wild card, changed the card to yellow and the question popped up “Does player _____ have a blue card, yes or no” I say no for them having any blue uno cards and I ended up drawing cards. It was their turn again and they ended up discarding all their yellow cards leaving them to win the game. They should have picked up cards because they didn’t have a blue card and I said “no” for when the question popped up. This makes me believe that the game is rigged because there have been countless amount of times where this has happened and it’s unfair. Thank you.

- Game is rigged

When you first start playing UNO on the app it’s more random and fair with the amount of good hands to bad hands. Therefore your not mad when things don’t go your way. But recently all my hands are bad hands making it impossible to win. In the last three days I have probably won one or two games and lost about 20. It’s fast making me want to quit the game and delete the app. The only times I have had a chance of winning are games where it’s 2V2 and my partner has power up cards and they have won the game for us as I legit never get any anymore.. UNO sort out the rigging and possibly you might have more people play on your app. It’s cheaper and less annoying to just play the physical card game with friends and family. Disappointing that games can’t just be fair anymore.

- Great Game but some problems

UNO is a fun game that I play everyday when I have the time. You learn strategies as well as winning coins when you win the Uni game. The lucky ball machine is rigged. I can’t get shields or 5 diamonds from them, and diamonds are extremely hard to get. Make it easier and maybe I’ll consider keeping the game. Card carnival is rigged too, you need to win 15 times in a row and that’s basically impossible except for the one time I won it, which was last time it was on. VIP level is annoying and some people who cannot spend money on the game can’t get the special stuff from it, so please make a way for them to get a VIP badge. I better see a reply on this to see what the developers are going to do about this. An overall good game with some minor issues that to me, are ruining the game.

- disappointing

honestly this game is so fun and addictive at first but then you get to the point where you notice the little things about it such as the fact there is a joining fee for each game so if you lose, youll lose alot more than it says. or the fact that the draw 4 card choice between yes and no is rigged so if the answer is yes, YOU will draw 6 instead of the other person drawing 4. you also get lagged out frequently and i dont have bad internet so.. recently, i went to go play and my account was just completely gone. im not sure what happened but i spent a regretful amount of money on the game and for my account to just have vanished says alot about the games system because i dont see any way i get it back and i dont want to start from scratch. i hope this game dies.

- Punishes free players

This is completely anecdotal, but it seems quite convincing right now. I believe the game punishes players who dont pay to play for a while. The win/loss ratio I have is quite interesting. I won up to 30k coins, and lost it all in a series of losses that make me believe the game gives me less chance to pick up action cards. Its unfortunate, because I gave the game the benefit of the doubt for quite a while, but the evidence is stacking up. The number of times the enemy player just picks up an action card that snatches victory from me is more common than not. Please just let skilled players who dont pay have an even chance. I suppose I dont matter to you as I am not right now source of revenue. I would have given money as I enjoy the game, but not like this. Not through coercion.

- UNO Gamer

I like playing the cards of UNO so thought this would be a cool game for me to enjoy, really like the practice intro of the game to get you started. The game is really addictive and fun and easy to use. Didn’t like the draw 4 when you have to guess what the other player is going to play, you make the wrong selection and have to draw 4 cards or sometimes 6 cards. I also think there are a lot of other items that I’m not sure what there for? Overall it’s a fun game to play by yourself against others or with the 2player mode, you can also even invite friends you know though Facebook or messenger to play against. Definitely fun and quick fast games.

- It isn’t working now?

At the start I really love this game, it’s fun and enjoyable but once I uploaded and restarted the game for the new update its not letting me go back on a I even tried deleting the app, but still it has not worked. If anyone had a way to fix this or has been going through the same as me with this app a reply would be great!! But before all this happened I really loved this app, a fun and easy game to play!! It makes me sad because I really love this game and now I cannot play it because it says that I need to be reconnected after the update I did. After reading more comments I noticed that more people are having the same problem as me! Plz fix this uno because I really love this game but it’s not working!!

- Stop trying to make it more than it is.

Stop trying to make uno more than it is with the seizure inducing amount of awards that pop up each time the app opens. The emotes that can be used within game are cringey as hell and players are too slow for the time limit of 3 minutes per game and they rarely finish. Don’t get me started about the garbage coin system and how you need to buy your way into games and lose coins whether or not you win or lose. And you lose more coins depending on how many “good” cards you didn’t play because, you know, it wasn’t like you were trying to play strategically before the game abruptly ended or anything. These are just a handful of things wrong with this poorly constructed app. Overall what needs to be fixed: - no time limit or lengthen it - no coins needed to play - no rewards (or if they’re absolutely needed then at least don’t spam us with them on the loading screen) - the only message needed to be sent during the game is “hurry up” stop with all the pointless emotes - the pick up 4 challenge doesn’t have to exist I really hope that the game is fixed to be bearable and actually enjoyable.

- I can’t access the app after update

I play uno all the the and quite enjoy it. Just recently there has been an auto update and I can no longer access the game. It tells me the game needs to be updated and to download the new version but there is no option to do so. I have tried everything but to no avail. I currently have over 20,000 coins and over 100 gems that I have purchased. This is not the first time this has happened to me, I also had another account that I was unable to access because of an update and had to start a new one. I really hope this can be fixed because I don’t want to lose my progress nor do I want to start a new account again. Please fix this.

- Poor connectivity

The game itself is exactly what you’d expect, it’s uno and if your not super unlucky you can get a fair amount of play everyday without spending money. The problems start when almost every match it will inexplicably disconnect mid match. Whether on mobile data or internet even when connection in every other app is perfect it does not fail to disconnect a few times each match. This ranges from annoying (a few seconds) to game breaking (a few dozen seconds). While I still find myself coming back for some uno action I’m constantly frustrated by the annoyance and occasional loss caused by this poor connectivity. If they could fix this one issue this would be a 5 star game.

- I feel not alone

Sometimes UNO is my favourite game and even though I don’t win much but it is fun when you are being lonely. So last year my mum found this app and decided to download it on her phone. One day I was looking through her phone to see any games and found this on. OMG! I was having a blast I didn’t even see the time ticking as I went. This app is the best app I played ever since she deleted it. So I am glad that in this Coronavirus we stay safe and not alone ( by playing games of course! ).

- It’s a pretty good game, could be 5 stars with a bit of effort

The game is really fun and has some very interesting modes to keep you entertained for hours, however there are some massive bugs within the game that have made me want to snap the phone in half. Firstly, the connectivity is so broken it’s not even funny. I will be playing on full bar 4G connection, yet the game will show 1 bar connectivity and will disconnect and reconnect in the middle of a game. I have lost countless games because of this as the auto-play feature decides to do the wrong move as it’s attempting to reconnect. Second, the 5 second rule under 60 seconds is too short, you need to make it 7-8 seconds. By the time you pick up a card and you’re trying to figure out the best way to play it, the game has already made a move on your behalf which can be costly. Thirdly, it seems that as other reviewers said, once you get on a losing streak, there’s no going back. My partner is a much better player than I am, however she has now been on a 3 day losing streak. Something smells a bit fishy.

- Pay To Play. Sigh.

Can’t even play for a long time since there is such a small amount of free coins, it’s really hard to gain more coins considering it’s mostly luck. And when you get a bad beat you can lose all your coins in one go due to multipliers. I love the playing wild games but it’s not a good app when you can only play one game then you have to wait 24 hours to get some more coins. Please add something to give free players the ability to play more games. Make watching ads for coins possible for an unlimited amount rather than only 6 times a day, that way you still gain revenue while we can still play the game..

- A must have

I’m a huge fan of this game and this app. The incentives that the game presents are fair and even handed. And the game itself is fun, light and highly addictive (but in a good way). The only suggestion is for improving the UNO Cups, by making an option to play 2 vs 2 in UNO Cup, rather than just the single player option. It’s the only improvement I can see that would have a positive impact on the app. Please keep up the awesome work guys. It’s an app you should be really proud of. 👍👍

- Let me tell you how it works

Absolutely rigged the game always wants you to lose so you buys money. This is so unfair especially for VIP who lose everything and have to buy. You don’t even play against real players. Coin system is also rigged. When playing there is a fee. The fee for x1 is 30 coins. If you get second you only get 30 coins meaning you aren’t getting anything back. If you get first place, you get 70 coins but with the 30 coins fee you only actually ever win 40 coins back which is only 10 coins over the actual fee. Why should players have to pay fee. Lemme guess so you can cheat them and when they run out of coins buy from you? Yea nice marketing skill now no one wants to play your game.

- Bring back the old Uno mobile game

I loved the old Uno mobile game, where you could play against AI and online pretty easily and cheaply. Now there’s way too many pop ups when the game starts, too many micro-transactions and if you are trying to play uno for free, there’s no AI option, you have to play people and spend coins. I occasionally win a hand but mostly I lose, which doesn’t make sense from a probability point of view, and by the looks of the reviews I’m not alone. And this means you end up losing all of your coins, which makes the game unplayable. Please please please bring back an option to just play offline against AI, with the occasional online game. You’ve ruined what was once such a solid game.

- Too many ads - gambling in game money

The interface is really well designed and the game play being quick and streamlined makes it an amazing game on the other hand the number of tabs and icons and extra stuff left and right makes a really simple game unnecessarily overwhelming because of the in game coins- the rewards for winning games is based on how much you gamble in. The coins are way over priced, I could still be free to play and have a couple of rounds a day if it weren’t for the ads that play after every game. I get that you need to make money but if it interferes with game play and the enjoyment of playing then … I guess it’s not for me


Writing this review because while playing the game just a few minutes ago, me the three other players were all on uno, oneof the other players was about to go and determine whether the game was over on not (aka have their turn) and then BOOM timeout!!!!!! its so annoying and honestly ruins this app for me because it always leaves me feeling extremely frustrated when it times out >:( i know its part of the rules so can you please make another varietion so people like me can play a full game without having a brakedown !!!

- Really fun to play just 1 KEY issue

I love this game it’s super fun and almost as good as playing the real card version of it. However there is 1 annnoying thing about it, in the 2v2 game mode. So I’m the latter stages of the game where a player uses a +4 card despite having outer cards to play they pick up four cards yes, but the colour is still changed (as u get to choose the colour of the cards, people do this to make sure their teammate wins) this defeats the purpose of adding a penalty for doing this as despite “cheating” the team will one the game. I just find this really frustrating.

- What Happened?!

Before the update in ranked mode I was on platinum 2 building up to 3 and for some reason after the update I have been bumped all the way back down to gold 2, I don’t understand why. Further I am getting impossible matches to win. My hands are always one or two colours only with no action or wild cards and when I play with 2v2 it seems my partner and I get hands of each one opposite colour. I was really enjoying playing the game but after the last update I have to side with lots of these other reviews, it seems to be rigged!

- The one option We want

This game is great, I can play with friends from far and of course the gameplay is awesome although there is one thing that I think most people would want. No Timer! It’s unfortunate even with a custom room we can’t even turn off the timer as say it’s the last 5s and the guy next to you has an wild card, you can just wait it out for him to lose. If we could have matchmaking options on the timer or even turn it off in a custom room, then I’m sure my friends would download uno again!

- Rigged

Like all apps, the game is rigged to make you purchase coins or purchase anything. Good bit of fun, but you won’t be able climb the ladder without spending. It has got to the stage now that it is so rigged I cannot enjoy the game. UNO developers, you should really be listening to the feedback from your players!! I have read multiple complaints over a period of time and nothing has changed. If the reviews are viewed and acted upon, I really think you could make a much more enjoyable interaction with players and at the same time increase your revenue, ( because let’s face it this is a business) and everyone gets the desired result. It’s essentially business 101.

- This game is a black hole of disaster

I spent all night trapped in this game. Promises to be a multiplayer game yet doesn’t give you the option. Every time you start a game you are unable to quit until you play. It’s like a forced labour camp. Even when you refresh the app the game sends you back to your little cell of despair. Furthermore, it tortures you by playing ripoff elevator music in the background. I am unable to turn it off. I am unable to escape. I am in a hellhole of eternal damnation. Don’t download this game unless you want to go completely insane. This app only provides you with a tutorial on how to play uno and not on how to navigate the app. Terrible choice.

- Rigged

As everyone is saying this app is absolutely rigged and it’s all about the money. And it’s nowhere near the original game, missing some core rules and they’ve implemented some new rules that make no sense including the challenge the 4+ card in which you only have a 1 in a 100 chance of actually winning. It says if the player challenges that you have a red card, and you do, they take 6 cards but even if you have one of each colour you end up getting 4 cards when you’re the one who put the 4+ down. Stupid game and throwing all your money on them probably gives you more luck with your cards which is stupid and unfair.

- Great game uno

It is great as you get to play with other people. Also the way it helps us great for others who don’t, I already knew how to play it but it did help with it being online. Plus the way it put up your cards to see when it is your go that is great and one improvement is maybe give them more choices in what they want like play or pass at the start to see who goes first so everyone can go first in different games together. Thank you for epic uno games with others. Great game uno!

- A bit manipulated here and there, but still fun

It's a fun game, but it's sad that some things are manipulated, to make it harder. E.g. in the uni universe game mode, instead of just giving harder tasks to fulfil, the cards are manipulated. So when you for example have to lay down 5 green cards, you will never get more than 3 on hand, which doesn't happen in normal mode 10 times in a row. In some other places you can spin a wheel or scratch some scratch cards where you nearly exclusively win the lowest price and not once the bigger once, even thought the odds should be even.

- How to alienate a whole demographic

I was loving this app and the game play until this most recent update with BTS branding. Given that I am not 13 years old with a crush on a pop star, I find this annoying beyond words. By all means use themes, and generate new ways of encouraging users to play by having special achievements, but this is targeted to a specific demographic and interferes with game play. And there is no way I can change my preferences to go back to regular game play. I can’t be bothered with it anymore. See you later.

- Too much money

Although the game is good and free there are so many in app purchases every second that you play it shows you an ad when you go into the events it offers you to buy stuff you cannot go playing for more than five minutes without getting an ad for buying something,. Also I hate the coin system if you lose all your coins you can no longer play the game for 24 hours there are some back ways to get money but it’s still awful

- Rigging has ruined it

This is a fun little game but over the last year the program has changed for the worse with the updated versions. When you play on there, particularly in pair teams, in every game there is a clear winning and losing team right from the start - one pair will have all the bonus cards and skip cards and one pair nothing. Its clearly linked to who will pay money to get a VIP ranking and who won’t. You just lose constantly until you have to watch video ads to earn extra coins which the company gets money for showing. It’s a shame, it used to be totally random and fun.

- It’s A Money Grab

I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, however I feel I need to inform people before installing the game. The game is a money grab. It is programmed in such a way that you will get either winning or losing cards whilst generally the AI will have any card to counter yours. You will always lose all your coins. It’s a scheme to pay for more coins. The more you pay for coins, the more it’s going to happen and the more money you lose. Unless you like to play a game that is completely rigged, I do not recommend this game. Short term fun is about all you’ll get from it.

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- Greatest game

I love this game so much😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

- .

I see BTS, I click

- Like the game other than

Once you level up seems like that want you to pay because they keep making you lose blatantly

- Exact game as uno&friends??

confused as to why this game was created when uno&friends is the exact same thing, uno&friends has better graphics too, this one seems a bit like made for children..

- wow.

Game is basically made to rip off the fun game that is uno and make it into a big competition/casino type of thing wich will make u lose all of your money at one point if you get just a little bit unlucky or play a couple moves wrong. The game in itself is fun but gets annoying really easily when you can’t play anymore because you’ve lost all your coins in a streak of bad luck, and at that point they’re gonna try their hardest to shove you in-app purchases all in you’re face to make a buck. All in all, it’s Uno, it’s a fun game and they gave a nice twist to it but you WILL lose all your coins and might very well get frustrated.


THIS GAME IS RIGGED !!! Handing out the cards are so bad . The words the font the graphics there kind of rude I guess ,when you lose and win are terrible, when you lose the words are like mocking you and when I win I feel like the words are also mocking me and the graphics

- You can lose all your coins in one match.

It’s ridiculous. I’ll play the cheapest matches and because I got stuck with a bunch of terrible cards I will loose half my coins. I think you should only be able to lose what you buy into the match with. What is the point of more expensive matches if no matter what you can lose thousands of coins on any match.

- Uno Unite !!

Great visuals ans a great game as always !!!

- Blah

Make it so that you can play it offline. You shouldn’t need internet to play a card game. Add bots to play offline

- Terrible

Really bad game.... cards are rigged.

- Definitely a rigged Game.

You will win a few and get good at playing the game and as soon as you level up your loosing streak beings till you don’t have enough coins to play. That way it try's to force to to buy coins to continue playing.

- Awful

Has stupid rules that don’t follow normal uno rules and endless pop ups with gimmicky garbage it wants you to buy. The game is a colourful eyesore of pop ups. Looks like an elf barfed sprinkles everywhere.

- The house always wins

Gambling. Very little skill involved. The house always wins… eventually.

- BTS ARMY 💜💜💜💜💜

Yes my favourite game and my favourite kpop group :>

- Pay to play

I love uno but this is definitely a pay to play or u only get a few coins and they are gone so fast. If u find a different uno game to download that what u should do.

- Bad economy

Whenever I lose I usually lose double than what I win

- Absolutely Garbage

Takes all the fun out of this classic card game. There’s zero skill required to play this, it all based on luck. Someone can start throw you couple +4s and dump all of their cards at once. The coin system if anything makes the game feel like you’re gambling. Would not recommend to anyone who actually enjoys playing this game with their friends in real life.

- This game is life changing.

This game has changed my life. You want to do less social media? Uno. You want to be petty? Uno. You feel sad? Uno. You feel stressed? Uno. One day after work, I was so angry. Bad day with clients, I wanted to rant. Instead I played uno and threw eggs at everyone who wronged me (+2 me or +4 me) I felt calm after words. I wish it let you talk to the other players. Like, honestly - I’ve been playing every night religiously with a person. We trust each other, we would die for each other in uno. But never even said hi.

- Don’t waste your time on this game!


- Rage

So laggy😡! Do not get this game because it freezes every 5 second when your playing

- I don’t like it

The new update has changed uno so much as a game. I used to play this game 24/7, but there have been many changes like how everything looks, the prices for some items have changed and it’s just whack now. Don’t like it

- It’s rigged

I spent so much cash on this game, more than $500 in the last two months, the game is fun, BUT it’s obviously rigged. How can I lose 15,000 coins in a 5000 coin game? Doesn’t make any sense at all. Also, it’s like they deliberately let you win like three or four times and then after that, you get crap cards after that. Another thing, the game is also disconnecting for some dumb reason. I can’t even listen to music with this game on, it starts playing ads, even though I’m VIP (it only happens when I listen to music through another app) and I have to switch between the apps a few times before it actually keeps playing the music over the app. Well whatever, I got refunded from apple like three times, because I lose my coins so damn quick, so jokes on the devs.

- Good but..

Game play is fun, but i loss all my coins within a few games and then can’t play for the rest of the day. I want to play, do something so i can spend more time on the app lol

- Impossible de jouer à 4 joueurs

J’ai tenté après plusieurs essaie de jouer dans un party avec mes copains, mais après de nombreuses tentations, nous y sommes jamais arrivé, puisque qu’il y a une limite de joueur, et je trouve cela très décevant, c’est pourquoi je ne recommande pas ce jeu pour ceux qui veulent jouer avec des amis.

- Get rid of bots

I love this game. But it super annoying when there’s one “player” not playing, they time out the entire game then all of a sudden “uno” and win. It makes it not fun, they drain the clock. I feel if a player times out let’s say three times in a row, the game should be forfeited.

- As rigged as a Nintendo game.

Forced losses and easy wins. Very rigged from the start.

- Rigged and Predatory Gambling App

its designed for you to lose, forcing you to pay for it

- don’t download it if you want to play UNO properly

Once you win and get points, it’s gonna make you lose somehow

- Cash grab

I so tired of these cash grab apps. I would be willing to pay to have an ad-free version but not available. You still get ads after buying coins to play.

- Who’s giving this a high rating??

I wouldn’t be surprised if the developers of this game for the iPhone version of UNO are giving so-called great reviews 🙃 don’t bother downloading the game, unless you want to lose by some unnecessary amount of coins...:especially when it’s “wild weekend” because nice Math 🙃

- No offline mode

You have to always be connected in order to play this game. A long time ago you used to be able to play this not only offline, but you also had an local multiplayer mode where up to 4 players could play on the same system.

- Only vip player can win.

You can be vip player if you spend a money, or you lose all the time.

- Fraud

I obviously have nothing better to do during the pandemic and started playing and spending money. Done serval transactions everything been find for months. Last week bought a pack for $27.99 my bank statement showed $48.45 and now there’s no customer service or any number to fix this issue.

- 🙄

rigged game

- Rigged

This game is rigged. Will make you spend your own money

- Rigged

Rigged, meant to be addictive and steal your money.


DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME!! You can do something SO much more productive with your time. This game is a joke. I can’t say or stress it enough at how rigged the games/outcomes are. I’m deleting this app and will never download or play it again, I suggest you do the same. Oh man, the developers should be ashamed because many years ago, when the game first came out, it was ACTUALLY awesome and fun to play....because it wasn’t so RIGGED!! Oh ya.. have I mentioned yet that this game is rigged?? Haha PEACE OUT UNO!!

- Uninstalled and Boycotted

The developers of this game should be a ashamed of themselves. What in the actual fk do you think you guys are doing? Seriously.. this many complaints about a game and you do NOTHING to fix the issues. How can I go from having over 2k in coins to just over 1k after a couple games in the Classic 100> match? And that’s even after winning a couple. Where the fk did my coins go? Why do games end, with time still on the board and no one has UNO? Why rig the system so players have to pick up 2 draw4’s with only 2 seconds of play remaining? Why are cheaters aloud to play? You have the potential to have a wicked game. But you money hungry fktards ruin it. Good riddance!

- Algorithm for cards is bad

Your algorithm is garbage you win maybe 1-2 games and then end up losing 7 straight because of the cards you are dealt with. It’s unfair that all opponents you play against have the upper hand with more +4’s, blocks, +2. One thing that annoys me most is having to deal with the in game currency of obtaining coins. Why can’t you just make a mode where it’s just free to play with no hidden catch. We love Uno but players can’t stand the in game currency.

- Confused

super addicting and fun game until i last updated it now i can't open it on my mac so that sucks...

- Pub language inconnu

Ce jeu est super mais nous sommes bombardés de pub et souvent je dois quitter le jeu car la pub n’offre pas de x et nous offre seulement des choix dans une langue incompréhensible.

- Rigged Game

This game is rigged especially if you are playing the “go wild” category. It’s either you win or you lose. The game determines who will win. I mean just pure luck. If you wanna play this game I hope luck is on your side because I think it is designed to keep you broke and eventually hopefully makes you use your real money to buy coins. Oh btw, ads also frequently appear. Double the money for them. Yay! If I could give zero stars I would.

- Bleh

It is only okay but you need to add a offline option cause I don’t have data so it makes me mad

- 2021 uno isn’t good

I just wanna play multiplayer uno but they over complicated it navigating the menus is like finding a needle in the haystack I couldn’t find an actually multiplayer game so I gave up and figured I’d leave this review to save people the time

- Sucks all a money grab

This game sucks and rigged it’s all a money grab making you lose so then you have to pay to get coins only to make you lose again

- So sad

So many ads, some video ads between games you can’t exit. once all your credits are gone then you can’t play anymore. I don’t mind ads for a free game but this is excessive.

- Garbage

Legit the worst game on the App Store. Littered with ads, crashes constantly, setups ls ridiculous as it’s done with coins and is just money grabbing and poorly thought out as you can legit lose every single coin u have in a single game if u get really unlucky, which for me at least is consistent. Deleted After having over 4000 coins lost in one game of x20 single just cause I picked up two +4 cards at the last second. Garbage. Deserves to be in the dump

- Coins?

Lots all my coins? And can’t play 1v1 with friend

- Latest Upgrade deleted my profile

I was enjoying this game but today (22 Oct) it seems there was an upgrade and my profile was completely deleted.. I had to start as a new player..! So thinking of uninstalling this today..! 😞


I updated this app today and all of my progress has been lost! My account had a lot of coins. Beware spending any money on this app

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I miss being 16-17 uno, didn't realize it at the time but life was good back then


@Jagcfc10 @NickCFC2 Guy thinks we've had a good season uno. He's the problem. It's people like him

Ɛm 🥟seungeun birthday ¡!

@jisungqie @Stray_Kids uno CHAN'S ROOM SAFE PLACE #ThankYouChan #찬이의방86 @Stray_Kids

ًًazul 🧸🍓

@jisungqie uno CHAN'S ROOM SAFE PLACE #ThankYouChan #찬이의방86 @Stray_Kids


@jisungqie @Stray_Kids Uno CHAN'S ROOM SAFE PLACE #ThankYouChan #찬이의방86 @Stray_Kids

Usama Siddique

@QaderKh87440313 @MirMAKOfficial Read the Dossier sent the #UNO; complimented by facts & figures

Nasi - ...?

@uno_daks @VeeKayChili @Captain_Ddz Okay let me cease. Harde @Captain_Ddz you did not deserve that loss.


@jisungqie @Stray_Kids uno CHAN'S ROOM SAFE PLACE #ThankYouChan #찬이의방86 @Stray_Kids


RICH DAD POOR DAD 😭😭😭 mental illness uno. “It changed my life”...

°°kat 🌿💫

@jisungqie @Stray_Kids Uno CHAN'S ROOM SAFE PLACE #ThankYouChan #찬이의방86 @Stray_Kids


@jisungqie uno CHAN'S ROOM SAFE PLACE #ThankYouChan #찬이의방86 @Stray_Kids


@uno_rabiaa Morning

Nasi - ...?

@uno_daks @Captain_Ddz 😭Fml I can't


@Penglengg yaar no pls. 😭

Usama Siddique

@Prayagwale @OfficialDGISPR It’s coming sunshine One step at a time - no need to hurry First UNO Let’s see the outcome Then Security Council Finally, if nothing happens then ICJ Pakistan Armed Forces have the capacity to wipe you out 3 Warplanes down in 15 minutes

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The applications UNO!™ was published in the category Games on 2018-11-15 and was developed by Mattel163 Limited [Developer ID: 1344700141]. This application file size is 517.58 MB. UNO!™ - Games app posted on 2022-06-21 current version is 1.0.57 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: