Color Road!

Color Road! [Games] App Description & Overview

Roll to the ball which has the same color!
Avoid the ball which has different color.
Good luck!

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Minor bug fixes.

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- Good Game, Voodoo

On my old phone, I had this game and kind of liked playing it, especially with my sister. The game didn’t have a lot of ads, so, 2 stars for that. Also, I didn’t care what skins there was at all, with or without the skins, it’s still fun and addictive to play, 1 more star for that. On my phone that I have now, I don’t have the game, but still remember playing it. The developers are good at making these types of games that are fun, addicting, and quite creative actually. I say that anybody reading this should probably start playing this game, but before doing that, read other people’s reviews and consider downloading the game or not. I was reading other people’s reviews, most of them say to not get the game in IPad, so don’t(I guess.). Thanks for reading this review about this app. I appreciate it a lot. Remember, consider(think) about getting apps on your devices or think about it before you do it. I think this game gets 5 stars!

- Pretty Good!

I like Color Road very much. It is fun and I get competitive when it gets fast. I think Voodoo did a great job designing this app. Three things I would change about Color Road is the adds, glitches, and the restarting. I bought this app on a iPhone and all the reviews said it got glitchy on a iPad but yes it is on a iPhone, too. It’s not necessarily glitches, but it’s definitely different from my other apps. It takes a longer time to load and the the opening said loading for about 5 minutes. It did eventually load and it was fun once I played it. Another thing is the adds. I understand the app needs to make money, sense it is free but why so many? There is one after every time you die and sometimes in the middle of playing, a add will pop up. Sometimes you can skip them but other times it takes 1 minute; just waiting for it to be over. The last thing I would change is the restarting. Every time you go into the app, it restarts you and doesn’t save your place. Voodoo has made many other apps, that I personally think are better then this one. I hope this review helped you decide to get the app or not.

- Very nice 👏

All right, I’ll admit it, this game is on 🔥! A lot of people complain about how if you watch an add for a second chance you don’t get one, but think about it people. You are lucky this game gives you second chances at all(also, your device could be glitching, which is very possible). Also, people complain about the lag, the lag, the lag. Well I want you to consider this. People work really hard to make these games, they don’t just pop up out of nowhere! And when you go to the creators and complain, they get really sad. Does one tiny problem really matter? I don’t think so (the lag is a tiny bit annoying, but not much). Overall, this is a very pleasing game, and bravo to the creators!

- Do not get this on iPad it’s so glitchy

So first I want to say don’t get this on iPad it’s so buggy/laggy and glitchy. I gave this game one star for multiple reasons. The first being it says that you can get this game on iPad. But there is no point in getting it on iPad it is super glitchy and it’s absolutely no fun at all. The next reason being after you die you have to watch 2 to 3 ads. I mean I get that the app needs and wants to make money but come on do you really have to do that many ads after every turn. Another reason is that there isn’t very many skins or trails and stuff like that and I think that it would be more fun if there where more options for that. The last reason I gave this game one star is because sometimes when you try and open the app it will crash and send you back to your home screen. Sometimes I have to retry at least 3 times to get it to even load the game and not send me back to my home screen. Overall, don’t get this on iPad unless you want to deal with severe glitchy ness. And before downloading this game please take this into consideration.

- It's the worst

How are there so many five star reviews? Maybe the devs should spend the time they waste generating false reviews and fix the game, instead. This has got to be the buggiest app I've ever owned in my life, hands down, bar none. It took several seconds to load; and once it got past the title screen, the screen flashed black and white. It's a good thing I'm not epileptic. Then when it "loaded" the game, there were two jumping windows that did nothing but twitch. I heard a sound, then a sign appeared, asking me if I wanted to try again. What? Try WHAT again? Did we just play the game? I have iPhone 5, iOS 10.x. I get that my device and/or iOS version might not be compatible with this app. I get that. But if that's the case, you guys need to figure that out and disable such devices from downloading your app. I'm not epileptic, but someone who is could be in real trouble playing this game. And if their health care stinks, they may not be able to afford the newest updated devices, either. It's a perfect storm waiting to happen.

- We know what you are doing.

Ok, so I first got this game on my IPad. After five seconds of opening, crash. Same thing happens every time. So I got it on my phone and it works fine. I’m giving it 2 stars because it is pretty fun, especially when you put the game to Gourmet Race music. The reason I didn’t give it 5 was some people reported that the game is buggy/laggy. This is not the game’s fault. ITS THE ADS. The game had banner ads at the bottom of the screen. These ads while loading make the game lag, which 90% of the time makes you watch yet another ad. 80% of the ads are voodoo games, which will make you want to buy it, which makes you watch more ads and they make money. Just avoid voodoo games, and if there are some voodoo games you still want, just use airplane mode. Don’t buy No Ads, that’s what they are trying to get you to do. Voodoo needs to stop making clickbait ads like “1% can’t beat this” and start fixing their games. -Elliot

- Horrible but fun

This game freezes when I play and i lost like I was about to beat my score and then it freezes and I lose besides that this game is awesome 😎 I don’t like it when it freezes but it’s fun. I love all of the skins you can unlock I really like the cupcakes there cute. But one other thing add more skins! There is hardly no skins. Oh and another thing DO NOT GET THIS GAME ON IPAD it’s horrible it twitches every second 😡 I also want MORE TRAILS it’s horrible you waste your gems on a stupid trail like really this game is fun but a lot of issues. Also to many ads 😐 I think that people could just enjoy a fun game with out ads but no you can’t 🤭 Oh I forgot ADD MORE COLORS omg it’s horrible! Every skin you get red green yellow or blue like come on😦 Sorry this is a long revive but here is one more thing I wish you could get different tracks. Like it is always a regular road👎 So I give this game 3 stars because its good but needs more stuff✋🏻

- Good Game 👍🏻

This is an amazing game, I don’t know why people are bashing on it so hard. I really like how customizable it is. You get to customize everything, even down to the pattern of the road you’re playing. While most games only let you change the character (or in this case, the ball ⚽️). This game is really fun and addictive, I can’t stop playing it. I know what you’re thinking, “If you love 💗 it so much, why’d you give it 4 stars ⭐️?”, well that’s because of a few annoyances I’ve experienced. Most of the time, it works really well, but sometimes it’s really laggy. Especially when the weather goes crazy. This week we’ve been getting a lot of snow ❄️ (more so yesterday than today), it was the laggiest thing ever!!! But, besides a little bit of glitching, it’s really fun and addictive. I really hope you get it. 💕💕🥰🤩🎮

- Improvement

This game is pretty fun and gotta addicting, it’s a really simple game which I enjoy when I’m bored , I don’t mind the adds that pop up every time I die but what I do mind is the fact that I can use my skin that I have unlocked my red gem counter is at 9999 since I downloaded the game idk if it my phone which I doubt bc it’s a new phone but here must be a glitch in your game if I can’t scroll tap and change my skin that’s really annoying and frustrating knowing that I have to something but I can access it please try to fix this game so loads of fun and I would hate to delete because of issues like that.. please developers try to fix this on ur next update it would be nice to see what kind of cool skins y’all came up with . I’m rating this 2/5 only bc of the fact that I can’t use my skins and the gem count is 9999 and I can scroll nor tap on anything .. overall this game is fun lots of adds but it’s not annoying please fix this

- Needs improvement

One thing that is really frustrating about this game is that when you die you have to watch like 2-3 ads and it’s so frustrating like WHAT that many ads, ok I get that this company needs to make money but 3 ads after each game is super ridiculous 😒. And also once I had to try like 10 times to log in, it kept saying sorry this game can’t play and it’s so annoying, what’s more annoying is that I AM connected to WIFI and it still doesn’t work. Overall I think this game is really fun but if you mix these things then it with be even more fun for everyone and I will give it a five star instead on a two star Thank you for reading this From Matthew gueniot

- Too many adds

I personally love this game, it’s very addicting and fun, but what’s with the adds? Y’all show an add every 5 minutes. I’m not a very patient person, and I’m not waiting 35 seconds for an add to go away. Heck, WE KNOW ALL OF YOUR GAMES, VOODOO! If we want to get one of your games, we just look at your apps. There really is no need to show adds, since you’re so popular. And “After 23 tries, I reached level 2” I mean dude, do you have idiots to make the adds?! Anyone could get past that on the first try. “Only 1 percent get past level 1” anyone could get past that. “Only left brained people get past this level” Dude, I’m pretty laid back and barely use my brain except for school. I got past that just fine. Quit clickbaiting your adds and quit making them so freaking long and show less of them. And fix that glitch.

- OK

Honestly I think it needs some bugs to work out and when it says tap continue it’s just giving you another ad way too many ads in this game. And I like it cool. It’s a nice game it’s just needs to develop and it just needs some bugs to work out. It’s an ice cream I like it a lot it’s cool it’s nice it’s awesome it’s a game where you try to get the ball game very amazing game just needs to have some touchups. And I think it just needs to have some bugs to work out. And I think it’s just a little ahead of its time so very new game very new game if only there was some characters in this game yeah I like it a lot and I would really like to meet the inventor who made this amazing game.

- Ok....

Ok I got this app like a year ago and at first it worked pretty good. This was on my old IPad BTW. I was playing the game all the time. Then after playing it for a few months it started getting really buggy and it took like forever to load. And in the middle of me playing it would glitch and make me die. I thought it was just my IPad but after seeing a lot of reviews on this game I noticed It wasn’t just my IPad. Then today when I have my new IPad the app works fine. And I bought no adds because the game does have a lot of adds. The game still takes a second to load but compared to a year ago it works pretty good. Over all this app is just okay. I rated it 3 stars because the game is fun but I used to have so much trouble with it. Thanks for reading stay safe and God bless you! 😊

- Absolutely the worst game!!

Hey, I'm sorry, I don't actually mean that, I played this on a friends device, and I loved it! But when I went go download it at home, the stupid screen just flashed black and white! I did not even Play the game I couldn't just because I could not even get back over the title screen and it's not just this game, even with your other games swing star every time I just pressed on the app it just threw me out of the game and kick me out back to the homepage horrible anything from voodoo just DOES. NOT. WOOOOORRRRRKKKKKK!!! So I highly DON'T recommend ANYTHING from voodoo, just because of the bugs. Although, paper io. 2 and only paper Io.2 as the only thing that works created by voodoo! I know you guys can do better, you guys are actually a great company, But until you can make these game, DOABLE, I refuse to support voodoo, which really is a shame. From a dissatisfied person, please take my complaints into mind, "Humph!"

- So awesome and addicting!

This game was super difficult at first for me! I played it on my sibling’s phone and I would just rage quit all the time...I decided over time that I will show my sibling that I can do better than her! (Sorry! Just competitive). She would always go about how good she was at the game until...I played it on her phone and got her a new high score! (Okay! Sorry! Now about the game itself) Okay...anyways...that’s why I played this game so much at first. But then...I didn’t care anymore and just played it for fun! It’s so addicting and I like how when u change skins it sometimes changes the colors too! Keep up the amazing work! <3

- To many problems

To many glitches but it’s a good game I was wondering if you could fix the problem with glitches The first time I started playing the game I was heading to the red and next to red was yellow and when I was so close to hitting the red ball the balls yellow and red switched places and I hit yellow instead of red The second I played the game the game at least paused for 2 or 3 minutes So that shows a sign that there’s to many glitches 2 days later I wanted to try the game again and I hit the right color but I had to restart anyways I wonder how all those things happened but it’s a pretty cool game but there’s a lot of problems when I play the game Please try to fix all the problems I’ve been thru because I don’t want to delete this game cause it is so cool AND AMASING

- It was so good...

I love your game! I used to play it all the time in my iPhone 7. I removed the ads and now the game is so much better and good news! It’s doesn’t freeze anymore! So I would remove the ads. My big problem is that on some of the skins, it says reach race #12 or something. I thought I would get this easily because I did the races all the time. Then I updated the app and poof! The race option disappeared! That skin that I wanted so badly now is impossible to get because THERE IS NO OPTION FOR A RACE. I used to love this game but now I think I’m being fairly generous with three stars. You need to fix your game right now or many people will stop playing because it is impossible to get certain skins. I liked it but now I never play it. FIX THIS GAME!

- Loving it!!! But a few problems...

This game is so addictive and fun! Usually I don’t trust games that need adds in random dress up games, but I have it a chance and I’m so glad I did! 😘 this game is such a pleasure to play with the right amount of challenge and the right amount of calm! The developers couldn’t have done better! Bravo!!! But sad enough, this isn’t a picture perfect game😖 it has its problems as well. When I unlock a new skin I’m estatic to use it, but to my surprise when I ik to change it, it isn’t there??????? Please fix this. Other than that it’s a wonderful game that everyone should download🤗🤗

- Is this a bug?

Overall I love this app! But when it was still in early development I had bought the no ads pass, and it was working up until now when I logged back into the game. I have already updated it and the ads still pop up, I feel that this was a waste of money if there is no way to fix it. Maybe this is just a bug and will go away in the next update, but I’m very unhappy about this in general. I’ve been playing this game for way to long and would never quit it, but I don’t like that I spent money on the pass and it’s not working. Anyways I do recommend this app to anyone! It’s super fun, but can be a little raging at times.

- Fun

This game was so fun but it was still just not a game i i would you like a great game to play as and still fun to get the coin back to back and forth to get it back in to play it again and again it’s a fun way to pass up your money from a little time with the other androids to play as you can do anything else for it but you can do it all again in the future if ya want it then you will get it he is still glowing red again in his eyes he nodded his face gently and smiled shyly was the second he walked in and out of the table with his hands down on the ground you had his eyes crossed that he shook her hand.

- Rating

This game is a fun game to just waste your time while your bored but I have some Problems with it. First, if you are looking for a game that doesn’t have ads every time you win or Loose this is not the Game for for there is at least an ad every 1-2 times you win or loose the game. There is also some bugs in the game that it can glitch throughout the game but overall it’s fun to play if you have free time and you need to get your mind on something else but that’s all I’m saying Is overall there is a lot of ads which do get annoying and you have to pay if you want to remove them and I don’t really think you want to spend money!

- I don’t know

Listen the game is pretty fun. You need quick fingers and thinking. It is colorful satisfying and cute. But there are a ton of ads and I constantly have to watch them after a few seconds. Plus if you just can’t get past your high score then the game starts getting boring. But the controls aren’t half bad. And it’s always fun to have a challenge. Again the roads are pretty unpredictable. Sometimes they have a lot of balls to collect and, those ones that make your ball get more points. Other times it has very few, you could farther than you ever had but still get very few points. Game is still simple and fun tho. 4 And 5 are overstatements, it’s not like your playing breath of wild or call of duty black ops 4.

- Waaayyyy too many ads

Like after each play an add on the home screen adds. And $3 to remove them??? The game is fun and addicting but I wouldn’t pay $3 for it. I look at more adds then at the game, I’ll get annoyed and stop playing before I pay $3 to remove the adds. Watching an add to get a revive totally dig that that’s fine and I’d rather watch an add for a revive than pay for revives. Maybe an ad after a few plays but not. Every. Single. Play. It’s frustrating. Oh you died? Get to watch 30sec if adds now! Mind as well revive, you’ll have to watch an add anyway! Basically this game “we are going to an out the crap out of you with adds until you pay to remove them or start disliking the game because it’s more adds than game!” The game should be called add road...

- So fun!

So I love the game color road! I have made it to lv 24! Or road 24. I was thinking that you could add a new skin. Maybe a dog 🐶 or my favorite pigs🐷! I have one thing to complain about. This is a really fun game but in races you have to start last! Maybe you can fix that? And if not here’s another idea. When you are last and make it to first to the finish line, you should get a prize. Maybe more diamonds ♦️ or you add more skins and you earn one. I already love this game but all the haters out there might love it just like me if you add my ideas in? Well I hope you find my ideas helpful! Thanks bye!

- BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!

First of all don’t listen to all these people who are like omg there are “glitches” I haven’t had annnnnnyyyyy glitches so don’t listen to them they don’t know what they’re talking about butttt...Omg omg omg! Ok literally I’ve been playing this game like all day and trust me you’ll lovvvvvvvveeee it sometimes it can be stressful but like right now I’m at my strict grandparents house so I just play this game all the time😂GET THE GAME and don’t worry I’m not a 5 yr old (even tho I sound like It lol) I’m actually 13 sooo GET IT!!! EDIT: ok sooo I totally regret saying there aren’t any regrets cuz what happens is after a while it GLITCHES LIKE CRAZY I REGRET SAYINF IT DOESNT

- Cool Game

This game is very fun you get new high scores and ever new balls, this game is fun to me because you can get new balls and try to beat your new hight scores, this game is fun but challenging when you get at 100 the game will get harder and harder one time I played this game for about an hour! This game is a 4 because it’s a great game fun and addicting but there are so many adds, if I can just play once or twice with out having so many adds it puke be a 5. To scratch all that off this is a fun and great game if you get it I bet you’ll never stop playing it!

- The worst game I’ve ever owned!

When I first played this game it was on my friends phone and I had a lot of fun. Once I got my iPad fixed I knew I had to download the game. I started to play, but as soon as the game loaded it would glitch and go back to the home screen of my iPad. I was extremely disappointed as I was looking forwards to playing it. I tried over and over again but it just did the same thing. I am taking into account that my iPad is an iPad mini but I don’t see how that would affect the game. I also don’t see why this game is getting so many 5 star reviews. If you are looking to get this game I suggest you don’t. I just went and deleted it because I was so frustrated with how it doesn’t work. In conclusion, this game is the worst game I’ve ever owned. PLEASE FIX IT!!!!!!

- My review about color Road

When I am stressed I will play this game because it is just so much fun. My brother and I play it all the time together. If you could play this game you should because it’s awesome. Me and my dog were playing it together just now. I would rate this game five stars because it is just the best game ever in the world. If this doesn’t make sense then I think you don’t make sense. Try playing on iPhone ex are because it just is awesome. This game is definitely a five star rating. I recommend you getting this game. And as well as other games.

- Great app but need some fixes...

I like the normal part with no race or no challenges. I don’t like the challenges because, they go to fast and it’s easy to run into things and they think it’s fun? COME ON! it’s annoying I had my case off my device and said I needed to put it on or I will break it cause it’s so freakin annoying! Pls fix it! 🙏 I don’t really like the races because, they also go to fast and they have balls in the game u have to break and if u are last u don’t get to break any. Do u know something? I want to tell u this: 1 is the worst 2 is the best 3 IS THE ONE IN THE WEDDING DRESS! that is what it is the last is being careful then they get the reward. Come on! Pls fix this too! 🙏 Oh and I don’t like what they do with the revive part cause it makes u glitch on and off and it throws off my concentration and I crash and have to start over. Fix this to pls! 🙏 I dont wanna be so critical but I’m just trying to make it better so u get more people to get it. Pls fix all my problems and then I’ll write another review! (Hopefully a good one)

- It’s Great! Just a few things..

I love this app!! It’s so much fun but there is a few things that need some help. You can’t play a single round without getting a 30 second ad. Once I was getting my highest record which was in the 600’s!! But in the middle of a round, I got an ad, and it cut out the whole game. I know it’s just a game but it was still aggravating. Plus, the ads just cause lag!! Way too much lag. If your playing a round, and it was right after an ad you will have lag. Sometimes so much that the ball runs out of your control and it cuts out of the game, or even worse.. THE WHOLE APP!! Either than that though, the app is really fun and challenging!!

- Best Game ever

This is the best game ever and if you’re going to about a buy this it’s it’s just there’s lots of ads in it just to warn you but some of the ads are so much fun and I’m sitting here with my brother right now say hi hi he said hi and I am it is just so much fun because it’s kind of hard when you get it but my best score is 202 and I am yeah it’s it’s it’s really hard to get to 100 and even and I am I just love this game if you want to get it then that’s fine with me but it’s just it’s just kind of it’s really hard just to warn you but I am yeah so thank you for Reading this

- This game is awesome but

So this game is really awesome it’s just that it really has a lot of ads and I can’t stand them because every time you win a game you can add every time you lose game you can add but it’s honestly really fun and I kind a want you guys to buy this game you won’t regret it whoever made this game has really outdone himself or herself stupid to her I kind of think that maybe if you want to play this game just press the button that says turn off Add So that is the reason you should buy this game before it cost too much money bye

- This game is the best I hit 99 and one hour

About this game is yo I’m really good at color is what I’m good at matching on real quick I got a girl like hand in his very good friend like people that need like some resting just like videogames bit better and when I get Asher place play this about this game is yo I’m really good at color is but I’m good at matching on real quick I got a girl like hand in his very good friend like people that need like some resting just like videogames bit better and when I get Asher place everywhere I go because relaxing keep you busy stuff like that it’s good

- Glitch

I love this game so much. I don’t have a problem with the ad but the glitches are getting on my nerve. I haven’t had this game for to long but it feels like it’s been long enough. When I’m in the middle of a game it glitches and then I die. I strongly ask that you fix this and if you have any spare time I’m sure tons of people have written about the ad problem. Everyone hates them and you don’t even bother and just make a thing that people have to waste their money to get an ad free game that still glitches. Please I mean PLEASE fix these problems that I am having and everyone else.


Hi! I’m Nazmun. I’m nine years old and I am addicted to this game! I really can’t believe that I just passed my high score! My new score is 307! How amazing is that! The only thing is that I only get 1 retry. Can I have more? And the part where there are different colors and you try to avoid them. It’s hard!! Oh! And can you change the game a tiny bit so that we can customize our own skins, tails, and road? Please? I would LOVE that! I can already imagine my own customized skin,tail, and road! Oh! One more thing. Can I race but not be last? Thank you!

- Good but annoying

It is a pretty good game , it keeps your fingers active . But...... the ads are annoying , A LOT . Three words , to many ads . It goes one after another . Geez . ADS = ANNOYING . And people complain about ads all the time but I am not one of does people . I don’t care about ads I just care about to MUCH ads . To much ads get a player DELETING THE GAME . Sorry if I’m being harsh but this is MY OPINION SO YEA . And I know ads are supposed to get money and get people’s attention but geez , TO MUCH . I’m was bored doing this review so I’m gonna type a lot . ADDDDDDDDDSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. EQUALLLLLLLLLLLLLL ANNNOOOOYYYINNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑 but it’s a fun gameeeeee

- This game is AMAZING!!!!!

I love this game. The only thing I don’t really like is the update on the challenges because you can’t really select what you want to do. Other wise I am Obsessed with this game. One thing I really like is the challenges, my favorite type of challenges are the words. I am almost done with the challenges I did 42 out of 45 I haven’t changed the numbers because of the update. I hope this sounded more positive than negative. That’s all I have to say about the game. Thank you for reading my review, bye.👍

- Great Game to Pass Time

Color Road is a great game. I’m fully addicted. The only reason I’m not giving five stars in because I believe the point system can be refined a little bit. It can get annoying that each game gives different amounts of points in each road. For example, one game after the fourth road or level, I can have up to 1,000 points when I hit all the colors. The next I can only have 200. I makes it completely unpredictable and your scores don’t fully reflect your skill. It goes hand in hand with luck. Other than that, the game is amazing!

- Good BUT

It is a dry fun game but it has to many glitches I can’t even get far because it pauses then it say I am out when I am in the right lane for like red and it says I hit yellow but I didn’t the glitches did and there are so many ads after one turn ad after next turn ad and on and on! Ads just waist your time and the glitches effected the ads because I tried to get of one and it wouldn’t let me so I had click the home button and get back into the game. Voodoo you need to fix it! If you want to buy this app it is fun to play but annoying with ads and glitches and ads and glitches. So play at your own risk.

- This is a really good game God bless you

Thank you I also want to share something you Jesus loves you and he is coming very soon. So we need to prepare for his second coming this world does not that Jesus is coming But I am warning you today may2nd so that on the judgement day when God asked me to share the message then I would say yes and I would say may 2 nd I send them this and they should not lye and say they did not receive it and he even knows our hearts. ANd it is not about church it is about having relative hip with God

- I love it, but it’s glitching

I absolutely love this game. It gives a really good rush when you start moving faster and faster and it’s really really fun. The only issue I’ve been having is when you start getting up higher in the game, it gets to the point where you’re about to fly to the next road, and it just spins endlessly. I play with my boyfriend and we try and see who can get the higher score, but every time I get close to his, my game glitches out. Maybe he bugged my game 😹 But other than that, I really enjoy this game. I would just like to beat my boyfriend!!

- Too many ads.

Don’t get me wrong, I love this app. I use to have this as a kid, played it ALL day. But there is only one problem. And that’s the ads, I want to give this a five star but I have to give you four, sorry that’s just the way I roll. Ok but the ads, it’s like every time I pass a level or whatever you call it, I get a ad. Sorry if I sound dramatic but if you could not put so much ads, also I read so reviews on this app, most people are talking about to may ads, so if that’s the case maybe you should not put so many ads. Again love this app.

- Great Game, Too Many Ads

I enjoy this game as it is a test of reflexes and a challenge of the brain. Fair warning, ads will come up every time you die, unless you purchase the no ads feature, which isn’t worth it. Also, there will be occasional glitches during the game. If you have the patience and toleration for advertisements, as well as glitches and want to sharpen you reflexes and have time to burn, download this game. If you get easily frustrated or have younger kids who will play (because there is inappropriate ads here and there) do not get this game.

- Warning addicting!

I always look for new games because I play a game too much. But in the last month I haven’t been able to find anything I really like. But this game is absolutely the most fun game I’ve had!! Definitely recommend. I don’t really have much to say about the quality of the game other than, it’s by the company “voodoo” which drains your battery hella fast! And there are adds in between every other round. Ughhhh I hate that part! But I love the game it’s self!

- Fun but WAY to much ads

Hello, Voodo. I'm nine years old. I agree this game is super fun and addicting. But I have one concern...ADS. But it's not like any other game doesn't have ads but this game has bunch. Every time I die there's on or two ads or either a glitch. And one BIG glitch happened today, so I died on road 3 so I revived so couple minutes after that I look at my coins, it appears I have tens coins and I lost 20. Also, other times I revive it just glitches me back to my home screen. So all I'm asking is that if you can plz fix glitches and ads! Thx

- 😡

I love this game and play it everyday. It worked fine at the beginning but now it will glitch and 3 things will happen. 1. The ball will sink down into the road to where I can barely see it. 2. The ball will get super big or super small and won’t stay the regular size. And the worst one. 3. Right as I’m about to go off the bridge to hit the new road it’ll just stop and won’t go over the bridge and I’ll have start over, just for it to happen again. Also it freezes at the bridge right as I’m about to heat my high score. This makes me so mad because I could truly be the best player of all time but these problems are preventing me from doing so. Please fix this. It happens every time I try to play now.

- Great Game but too many glitches

I love this game! It worked for me for a while then I updated it a couple times and now it slightly pauses during the game causing me to lose because I don't have control over the ball. And once it goes to the ads it's almost like the game is overwhelmed and it blacks out, exits the game and goes back to my home screen. If I'm doing really well in the game then I lose all the points that I had accumulated. I would love to continue playing but it is getting to frustrating! I will probably delete the app for a while till they figure out these problems.

- Glitches

Okay so this game is a lot of fun I will give them that but this gam keeps on glitching and pausing and makes me loose and then on top of that each time you loose you have to watch a video this game is fun but I get frustrated with it a lot I also play a game called Helex jump that is like color road you should check that game out I will give this game a three star rating I was going to give it one star but the it is a fun game but like I said it glitches a lot and A BUNCH of videos! Probably should play Helex jump it is also challenging but fun FIVE star rating on that one sorry for the person who made it but just not a good game with adds and glitches :(

- Great game but...

It’s a awesome game I love how you can do challenges and races. But there’s too many ads I can understand that this a a free game and you need ads to get money but I feel like there’s more ads than time playing the game. Plus try to add in more balls that you don’t have to do challenges or races to earn them because I’ve almost unlocked all of them and it’s kinda boring just trying to get this 1 ball. Plus it’s kinda ridiculous to have a ball that the only way to get it is by getting to 100 tracks. Make it where it’s still hard to get but add in different ways to.

- Terrible game

This game is absolutely terrible I know it is a free game and it has to have advertisements but it’s glitching and I can’t even get through one game without something happening whether it’s glitching or advertisements the game just needs to be better it’s unbelievable that most people rated five stars😡I hate this game I should’ve never asked my mom to get this it’s not relaxing at all I should’ve never got it I get so mad when it glitches and then I die and then advertisements come onI tried again and try not to get frustrated and then when I’m rolling along It glitches I die and not to mention it goes way too fast I definitely should’ve never got this game I did not suggest anyone else does

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- Colour Road

I am absolutely loving the app. It is enjoyable and fun. It is a great way to get your family to enjoy it. Overall, it is entertaining and you can get rewards. I enjoy to take on each challenge. It is an amazing app. I’m so happy with this app. I just got my new high score and recommended it to other people such as children. I am a child who is loving the app. Not only is it entertaining but it is fun for everyone. This app has made me happier and I would love to see more and more people install the app. This app is appropriate for all ages and will easily make you want to play with the app more and more. It is a great way to explore with mores apps because of its ads featured in some areas when you don’t glide in the correct colour. I recommend it and once again would love to see it have more active players. Natalie ❤️

- I rate a five for this game! 😍🤣

I absolutely love this game, because I love how there are different levels that get harder, faster and more confusing, also how there is tails and different skins, my favourite skin is the emoji faces one, it is just so advertising and identical to the actual emojis on your phone!! Also the game is from the company Yoodo, I love that company, they make such good games!! Thank you so much for making this app, I am addicted to it and I hope that the company will make even more addictive games soon!! From Mia Hitchens ✌️😋👍

- ColorRoad

Color Road is one of my favourite games my highest score is756 everybody should play in the world I voted five stars this game is amazing you have to try and match the colour and then you’ll get more points it’s really fun Bey it the first time I got this game I loved it I it’s my second favourite game I hope you love it😍😘💕💓❣️😛🤪😶😁😁😁👍🏻😄🤣😂😁😀🥰😋😛🤩🧐🥳🤓😎😏😻😻👾👾🎃👽👻💩☠️💀🤡👹👺👻🎃😹😸😺😻🙀✌🏻👸🏼👰🏼🦁🐯🐻🐹🐶🐱🐭🦊🐨🐰🐼🐨🙉🐸🐽🐽🐷🐵🙈🙉🐔🐔🐒🐒🙊🐔🐤🐦🐧🦇🐣🐥🦆🦅🦉🦇🐺🐗🐴🐛🐝🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🐞🐊🐛🐝🐌🍑🍑🥥🥥🍅🥦🍍🍇🍓🍋🍇🏀🏈🎾🥏🏉🏐⚽️⚾️🥎🎾🏓🎱🎱🏹🏏🥇🏅🎟🤹🏻‍♂️🎇🎇🎇🎆🌠🌠🗾🌅🌄🏙💶💶💶💶💸💵💷💣🔫🔪🛡⚱️🏺🔮⚰️⚔️🦠🧪🗝🔑

- Colour Road

Wow! I highly recommend getting this game. The best bit is that every level gets faster and more confusing. I love how you can write words as well, and there are also races. Another amazing part is the skins. From smoothies to emojis, there is literally every skin, trail and road you could ever imagine. However, there is a bit to much ads. Please fix the ad problem but other than that great! Highly recommend it.

- Good game, but too many advertisements

Dear Reader, if you have installed this game and have played it, you would most likely know it has a large amount of advertisements. This annoys me because you can never enjoy the game properly. In my opinion, playing without internet is much more enjoyable, because there isn’t any advertisements. However, a very fun game to play. ❤️

- Good but too glitchy

A good game but 1. Too glitchy and 2. Way too many ads. I got this game like about 3 mins ago and I have literary been spending my whole 3 mins watching ads. Legit. And then the glitches. They are not as bad as the ads but what I’ve been noticing is that is keep stopping and then going and I always loose because of that reason, and even a few times it glitches out of the app and I have to wait for it to load and get back in the game. So not a very good game and that’s why I rated it a 2. I don’t recommend it. But like I said at the start it’s not bad.

- Boring and extreme adds! 🤬🤮

So really I only have two problems, one, the adds pop up during a game not after or before and it’s beyond my belief of why the hell someone would do that! Secondly it’s just so boring and plain, nothing special. This app is DISGUSTING I’m only rating 2 stars cus those are the only problems and it’s not horrible but I do not recommend! If y’all want a good game that’s like this but a hundred times better I say play Dancing Road! It’s basically the same but has pop songs in the background and the colours are much more bright and fun!

- Colour Road

Colour Road is a fun and interesting game I archive very good scores and it inspired me to keep trying if I lost I play Colour Road all the time and I recommend you should get Colour Road because I know it will entertain you every time you play it!! You can get new cars to play with and new roads and levels this game is free and you don’t have to get bothered by adds. Thank you😊

- Colour road

I think this is a grate app and it can be used by any ages so if you ask me if there was more than 4 stars I would rate it as high as it would go ⭐️ this app can entertain anyone I remember sitting in the pub waiting for my meals 1 hour later my meal was served and guess what that whole time I was on this app 😍😘💜💜💖💖💖💖💖💖 this app guys u rock

- WHF is wrong with the ads?

Wow. Too many ads. Literally, I just downloaded it like 2 mins ago and started playing it thinking ‘oh it’s actually a pretty O K game.’ Yeah well I probably spent 99.9% of that 2 mins watching ads and turning it off and on from the glitches. And to be honest I would rate it 0 but sadly I can’t. All the Voodoo Games are actually full of ads, and not even the good ones that have demo games. This game is sooo crappy and I absolutely HATE it. Not recommended by me. Also u maybe wanna get the app Dune. It’s WAY better. I’m just saying that for no reason, but it’s true.


Colour Road is good but needs fixes, First of all their’s way to many ads because after you end the game there are really long ads that go for about a minute or thirty seconds. Next is it’s been freezing and glitching a lot witch is making me go nuts!!! There is nothing really else about the game but all I need to say is VOODOO Games is the best thanks for creating Colour Road 😁👍🏻

- 48 is my high quality

Have you ever had to get the kids from school today when your in a good game? So tell someone else to go and get them? Well I had this very much because I had to pretend I was sick and it had me happy and I didn’t even have to work hard I was in my bed.

- A great game

This game is really exciting and I was always sitting on the edge of my seat because it was so hard to predict weather you were going to mess up or not this aspect made me want to play more and beat my best. I only just started but I can see this is a game I will be playing in the future.😊


This is one of the best games on my iPad but there’s still many more that I love from voodoo. The graphics are amazing and I love how you can choose different skins and trails. I have played this game for over three years and I totally recommend it to everyone! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

- Way too many ads

This game is really fun if it weren’t so glitchy and full of ads! I’ve made it last level 3 but it is so glitchy it means mistakes happen heaps more than they should. Also the ads really subtract the fun from the game because every second time you fail you have to sit through a 15 second ad or two. Please change this! Heaps of other free games don’t have this problem!

- Yes yes yes!!

This is such an amazing app! The only downfall is that there is a bit of buffering which can sometimes cause you to lose the game. However it is very fun and I would buy it ten more times if possible. It’s a very fun game and for absolutely free! Get this app for a fun time!!!

- Colour road

I love this game i have put so much effort into this game but some times it gets to confusing when your in the speed race because some times even in normal games you can’t see what’s coming next and then you crash into a different Colour so I give colour road a 4 star👌

- How much I love this game

I think that this game is good for your fingertips and your brain to start and think about what you are doing it got my mind of a really sad time and all I was worried about was beating the level that I was on

- It’s a good game

It’s a good app and there’s two resons I like this game 1. If you like to challenge yourself then I would say this is the game for you 2. You can change your coloured ball, trail and road you play with Also the game has way too many ADDS!!!!! It also glitches That’s all from me

- My Opinion About This Game

This game is really fun to play,I liked it so much that I always want to play it but my brother just keeps on playing another game and doesn’t let me play anything on the iPad

- Hi I’m Ayla

Soo I love color road it’s one of my favorites but the only problem is that when I get up to the moving ones it crashes and some times it crashes at the start and glitches me out of the app this is very annoying but it’s a great app just needs a Little more work sorry to be a pain Ayla 😁🤞🏻🤞🏻please FIX IT !!!!!!!!😘🤞🏻

- Addictive but.....

Wow this game is lit I am so so addicted, expect on the challenges in speed in goes way to fast on level one I counted correctly and it is ten seconds early and in word when I have completed a level it says to do it again and that I did not succeed. Thank you

- Why I love Colour Road

I love colour road because you have to really concentrate on it so that you can get higher scores which is great for me because my family is counting on me to improve on winning things

- Too many ads

It goes way too fast... there’s no “beginner”, “intermediate”, “advanced” build up... it just goes straight to “mission impossible” level which means it’s inevitable you’ll lose quickly, then after every loss you’ll sit through the same 30 second ads over and over for a 20 second game. Lame. Plus it’s very glitchy which again, causes you to lose or just shuts down the game. Deleted.

- I used to like it but it needs help

As a kid I really liked this app and it was really good quality with no glitches but this year I decided to download the app again and I couldn’t even play it, it would just kick me off back to my home screen, I would try to delete and re download agin but it still did the same thing, I would really like to play this app again so please fix the bug thanks xx

- Color road

It is a really fun game but when you die and your about 2 minutes away from beating your score than it is frustrating

- Colour road

WoW amazing game my new high score gets even better each time really good I recommend this to the people who fidget with there hands gets challenging each time get it before to late 😻👍👍

- Colour road

OMG When I saw this game on an add I straight away downloaded it Now I am addicted to it and I can not stop playing it I have only made it to road three but I only downloaded it a few days ago Thank you

- Why I hate some people

I hate it when people download free apps and expect an ad free experience. It’s pretty much the only way they earn money. Some people don’t understand and I hate it

- Great game if you pay for the add free

Even tho the reviews aren’t the best I bought the add free option and now have not only myself but also my husband addicted to this game. Great game to play!

- Great game but...

I love this game and I definitely recommend it but I have this on another device and it has 45 challenges but this one for some reason only has 30. Please fix this I don’t know why it’s playing up.

- Color road

This is great game for all ages!!! My little siblings (even my older one) have had lots of fun on this game!! It is really fun!! But I would like a couple more revives when you get out especially for little kids!!! Overall great game Ava, 11

- Amazing but.....

An amazing game. Really fun and I always play it. Very easy to get new skins. But....... it goes too fast when you get to higher roads. I have gotten up to road 11 and is super hard. The skins are so cute and you always can change the skin.

- Colour switch

Colour switch is a fantastic and eye sucking game that can have you stuck playing it for our but I very dislike the amount of ads that are on so please think about that because when there is an add people want to turn it off

- Brilliant

I just wish that they didn't have adds after every time I press continue. It's not like I pressed for a second chance. Then it would be fine but it's still a great game. Loads of fun. :)

- Colour Road

Great game! Way to many glitches and ads, I mean I’ve had this app for 3 days and it’s just glitches and ads! But it’s really addictive and I love the skins and stuff, but you should definitely add a fourth colour to make it more challenging!

- Bad game don’t download

I downloaded this game and it was so bad It didn’t work it just crashes and it lags and won’t work no matter what I do it lags me out of the game and freezes making me believe something is wrong with my phone when there isn’t DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE APP please only if you have an iPhone X because it runs smoothly on that but not on any other 0/5 stars

- Too many ads

It was a really fun game but after I played it a couple times they started to put 10-30 second long ads in between each turn. I ended up deleting it after a few days because although it was reaaallly fun it had way too many ads for me to handle.

- Colour road

Colour road is a great game. There is not many adds and you can get new characters to be your ball easily. I highly recommend it to everyone.

- Not family friendly. Be aware of the ads.

My kids love playing the game, but we found it to have pornographic ads. So we have deleted it off of our devices. These types of ads are inappropriate for a game that could be family friendly. I have emailed the company directly.

- Way to many adds

Love this game like heaps but every time you lose there’s always an add. Really don’t like having to wait between each attempt for a silly ad. Otherwise the game is great maybe just remove the adds between attempts.

- Amazing but too many adds

This is one of the greatest games ever,but there's something wrong with it. This game has too many adds. You NEED too fix this. Otherwise,Its a great game!😜😆😘

- Ola

This game is addictive and very enjoyable I don’t think I could find one flaw in the whole thing ,I highly recommend it.

- Colour road

Hey there colour road is good but some times I get annoyed when the circles are green in the way so you can’t hit them when the one ball is purple

- Color heaven

This game is the most amazing game I’ve ever played. It has so many challenges and is amazing for the mind. If I could love it any more than I do now my love would be over the moon. I can’t stop playing i showed all my friends and they loved it to

- Glitches

It always glitches and goes of the app when getting a high score so I rate it a 4 because it’s good and fun to play but can glitch at some times📝

- Bdjsbav

I have downloaded this game in the last and really loved it. I recently re-downloaded the game and it is now really glitchy and if I’m playing for more than around 30 seconds it crashes. I hope u guys can fix this bc it’s no longer a playable game and I used to love it.

- Why I like that game

That game is the best game ever because they have different levels and Color that is why I think it is the best game ever in the hole wild world From Ihab to Color road

- I love it but

I love this game but it’s just that the ads are making it go slower but apart from that this game is amazing and I can’t wait for more games like this.👍🏻😘😀😊

- It’s so fun.

It’s so fun because whenever you play days in a row you get new skins that you might want when you play.

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- ADS!!!!

This games is fun but there are ads right after you die every single time

- AdDictIvE

This game is super addictive and fun but there is QUITE a bot of ads so i would say to play it on airplane mode but other then that it’s pretty LiT🔥👌😂💎👏😄

- glitches

fun game but glitches a lot which causes you to lose which can be frustrating

- Yay

Best game every......

- Colour road

Such a addicting game u should get it it’s so fun my high score is 47900

- Wow

This game is amazing I will play it a lot

- Fun

Soooooo fun

- I love this game but...

I love this game but... it glitches wayyyyyy to much, it seems like every 10 secs in glitches and it’s annoying but I do like this gm

- rybhdhv

fun but way too glitchy

- Good game

Hi yes this is a good game

- Disappointed

Great game but Frustrating! Game lags and freezes every time making it so hard to enjoy the game. Deleted the app!

- Love the game

Bad news is that you don’t care how much we are doing what

- Colors

It’s a great game indeed, but I feel like we should be able to customize/ choose the colors ourselves. 🤷🏾‍♀️ Or something like that. The colors are slowly becoming boring

- 😢

I was really excited to try this game. But it won’t even open

- Update

Please update this my game keeps on crashing

- This is the best game ever I love it and I reached 100!round this ai the best❤️

I love it it’s the best wish it can be the number 1 game I hope people will like this game🙂

- Won’t let me in

I LOVE this game but recently it has not been letting me in the game, it will show that back screen and just log me back out. I tried resetting wifi and other things, please help!!

- Keeps glitching

This is a fun game but it keeps glitching. The ball will just randomly quit moving when I get to higher roads

- Hoi

The first time I downloaded it didn’t even let me play! Great game but hate it at the same time

- As problem

It is a good game but wayyy to many adds


I always try to play this game but whenever I go on it the app the app just turns off and won’t let me play it!

- Trop cool

Ce jeu est trop cool tu peu tout faire des défis pas de défi jouer normal voilà mon mot

- Love this!

Super fun to play. I just wish they’d add more challenges and stuff cause i finished them all! 😭

- Glitches

Terrible! The second I try to join it kicks me out. All the other reviews are saying it’s a good game, and I really wanna play. Please fix this!!

- 😁j’adore Color road

J’adore Color road ses cool j’ai meter installer un autre si vous pouvez

- Continuously Crashing

If you’ve got a lower end device, the game will continue to crash when trying to open or when you’re playing the game. I don’t recommend at all. Terrible game.

- Hf

ShxBusch dj’s by ugh dnz

- Okay......

This game is fun but it is too boring to play i think you should add more stuff to it.

- Ads

Ads make the game slow sometimes.

- Frustrating

I can’t race! WHY!?!?!? HOW DO I RACE!!!

- Glitchy

Whenever I go in Color Road it begins to load and then immediately takes me out and I really want to play.

- Fun but a lot of adds

I do like it but a ton of adds and I know why there is so many adds it makes them money

- Happy mood

I’m so happy I got this game

- How much I love this game but there’s a issue

The issue is there’s a glitch or something but as long as you fix it that’s how much I’ll be happy but I love the game!!!

- Nyc game


- Best game ever!!!!!

I love it it’s sooooo fun never bored of it

- It crashes!

I agree with Asher_20.

- Color road

This is probably my fav app I have

- Horrible

This game is horrible it keeps crashing and I can’t even get to play! But I did play it before not that bad but not worth playing because I deleted TWO apps and it didn’t work : ( 😢


It is fun and addictive for in the car it is good for long rides I love it

- Nice game

Fun nice get this game😊

- Wow

I just be exlent

- Really addictive

Sooo addicting! It’s a five for me I keep wanting to beet my high score of 289. There is a lot of games like this but I like this game so much!

- Color road

Is good games I have can playe for a while but it’s god game so playe do the game

- ###appproblem😖🤬😡🥵

I can’t even get into the app ever time I try it starts glitching 😡🥵🤬😖

- Awesome

Best game ever

- My opinion

This app is so good but I don’t like how they have ads


Once I downloaded this game it wouldn’t let me play so I thought it was just a lil glitch but instead it kept loading then kicking which was rlly annoying I don’t why that happened but I think it’s because of my phone or something but still giving this game a one

- How much

No good

- Let down

I was really looking forward to playing this game, but I tried and tried but it kept on crashing so I deleted it. From the ads, it looked really fun and joe that I can't play it, I'm really sad and disappointed

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- A skilled and relaxing game

I like color road because it is a great game and you can practice amazing skills every day. Some skills could be are: track racing and avoiding the unwanted balls and reaching out the highest scores and reaching new roads. It is ALSO a relaxing game because it keeps you so satisfied and whenever you are bored color road is a great game to play! You can also earn new items such as skin. The skin could be: new roads and new ball types and tails. So that is all I have to say!!!

- Fun but glitchy

I love color road but even though my phone has been working fine I go in the app and do THIRTY SECONDS of it and it freezes up and turns black then takes me out of its app. I have to keep deleting and reinstalling it. I love the variety of different roads tails and balls. I can’t get past the first level because it takes me out in the middle of it. 😡🤯. Sorry color road but I think u will drop in population if you don’t fix that problem. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fix that. If you do I will be so happy 🤗😃😃😄😉😊😆😁🙂😍😇. Thank You, Emoji Girl

- Best game

So I love this game because it can last I till you die and I love voodoo so much I have all the voodoo games that there is .I tolled my friend about voodoo and she loves this game the most and I love it too I wish there was more voodoo games and I think this game is my favorite out of all of the cool and fun voodoo games is this one it is so fun I play it every time I go on my iPad and last night I had a sleep over and my friend loved this game I showed her more games and she always wanted to play this game v

- Honest review

This game use to be a favorite of mine. I just think that you played it on the safe side. You need to add something to give it that spark. A lot of players in this game would enjoy that. I deleted this game because of two reasons, there are to many ads. And the last reason is because it kinda gets boring. Please make this game better. Because I know much more people will want to play this once there are less ads and it’s less boring. Thank you! From your friend, Pigacorn123.

- Fun but TOO MANY ADS.. :(

I honestly don’t normally waste my time to write reviews on anything, but this app would be a 5 star rating if there weren’t SO MANY ADS. It’s overkill I almost want to delete it because it’s just too much.. I understand the ads are important for most apps but this is way WAY too much. I can barely enjoy playing the game because every time I fail an ad comes on, then you have to wait until you can close it out & return to your game... Frustrating. Annoying. Irritating. And I might just end up deleting it... On a positive note: It is a very fun and challenging game that I very much enjoy. Minus the ads. 😳

- Love it! ❤️

Hi! I absolutely love this game! Such a great time passer! One thing though, I liked the game a tiny bit better before the update. Don’t get me wrong! I like the update! It gives you more points for doing more things! Awesome! But it would be absolutely fantastic if things could go back to the way they were! Thank you for listening to me and have a wonderful day! I heave grown to like the new update! No changes necessary! Keep doing a wonderful job!

- Good

Well this game is actually pretty good I read some other comments like absolutely the worst game Evers and none of those things happened to me and in a add it said they “can’t reach level 2” there is no levels just roads and challenges (which I think they meant level 2 as challenge 2 idk) I actually kinda like this game but it kinda gets boring when you already beat all the challenges but before that it was pretty good well thanks for reading this hope you have an amazing day bye 👋 :) ;)

- Game changer😂

So I love your game but when you press continue after you lose you shouldn’t have an add for that it just makes you irritated that you can’t go straight into the next game. I get you have to put adds but don’t do that please it is very annoying and makes me want to just delete your game. Thank you for your time reading this if you do. I know how this is most people feel so keep in mind what the public want. Thanks A player

- Ok 👌

So this game is ok, it’s laggy and doesn’t give you your revive but it’s pretty cool, I wouldn’t recommend this game but whoever made this is a smart person. I’m not so happy with this app but it’s pretty cool otherwise, sometimes it does get pretty boring so if they want to make it more challenging they should put like blood and you can’t hit them. I don’t know if you guys like this game but I don’t love it and I’m not super excited about it. I like because it’s fun but it gets kind of annoying. It’s super laggy for me, I don’t know about you. I’m not hating on this app I’m just saying it’s an ok app!!

- Four stars

Four stars because it’s just not easy to win as much and there should be another option but I will give it a four star because it pretty like the game and the game is not supposed to be my iPad and that’s to get my really well on my iPad so I’m lucky it’s on my iPad but the game is just like swiping away but I love the game I wish is a new update and it’s four stars again because it’s just you know it just has a little volume and you die easy and it’s and yeah so that’s it. Bye!⛹🏿‍♂️🤸🏿‍♂️🤸🏿

- Cool!

I had said that this game was terrible. But there’s always room for improvement, and I love how the developers LISTENED TO THEIR CUSTOMERS and then improved!! That is how it’s done! Round of applause!! I only docked a star because of the still remaining improvement, but this game has come far and I am super satisfied with it! The fact that they changed the level of the road and added a backdrop makes me actually want to play the game. Keep it up, you guys, this game has a lot of potential and could go pretty far!

- Inappropriate and sexually suggestive ads

I am absolutely appalled by the sexually suggestive ads that y’all have displaying on your KIDS games. My 8 year old and 6 year old were playing this today when an ad for the app “Moments” popped up of a guy and a girl naked and having sex!! I am absolutely disgusted that y’all would allow that kind of graphic advertising on you’re apps that are SUPPOSED to be kid appropriate!!! I hope you get this fixed because little kids do not need to be seeing this sort of stuff on a kids game! P.s These sexually suggestive ads are popping up on your Helix jump ads and your Color road ads. You have lost my business until y’all fix this issue.

- This game is so addictive, fun

This game is so fun and addictive and I’m super good at it even if I’m younger than 12 because this game is for people 12 years old and older. And there’s something that’s so weird. Others reviews said that the customer’s device was flashing black and white. It’s so odd because that never happened to my device when I downloaded this app. So I’m pretty sure that the customer’s device has an issue not the game.

- Great Game - Irritating Ads

The game itself runs very smoothly, despite sometimes eating my battery up, it’s overall a very well developed game. However, with that being said, the ads displayed are over the top, if not ridiculously annoying. You cannot play the game for more than maybe 3 minutes without having some 30 second advertisement pop up. The game often lags BECAUSE of those ads. I know there is a way to buy your way out of having to see those ads, but it’s ruining the experience of the game in itself to have such intrusive and obnoxious ads displayed everywhere.

- The Annoying part of the game

The game is fun and all but I can't stand when the game is interrupted by an annoying ads to get you to buy the game and I hate it when it comes. It ruins the game for me and this is the reason I called it the annoying part of the game so I thought today was a good day to get the game that has not even have a ad but my mom says no because I have no money to buy it so if you have money you should buy it.

- Two Big Problems

I would like to start this review by saying that I actually really do like this game. It’s simple, easy to play, and fun. But, (as the title states), I have two big problems with it. For one thing, when I watch an add to revive myself, it never works. I think for as long as I’ve had this app, it’s worked twice, and I’ve tried it a lot. The second issue is the lag. It gets so bad it interferes with the game and makes me lose. Other than those problems this game is great.

- Just so amazing

Like just so fun it keeps you really focused on the game and it’s not like you’re going to get distracted by anything you’re just gonna focus on the game and it’s just the best I would prefer getting everything on there and I can add one thing that I like that is that it’s free there’s nothing you have to buy and it just keeps you so busy especially in like long car rides it just makes it better.

- Fix the glitches and ads

Color road is literally so fun and has potential but the glitches and ads get in th the way. Literally every time I try to change the skin of the ball and go back to play it like blacks out. While in play glitches happen every second making it so annoying bc the glitches make you bump into another color . Also the ads they come literally during the game and when I try to play again it just get rlly frustrating.

- Awesome❤️🤪😁

This app is my favorite game on my phone!! It has a tad bit to much ads… but that isn’t really noticeable. I got this game about… 3 months ago? Something like that, but so far it has been the best game for me and is so enjoyable!!! Other than the minimum amount of ads… there are no flaws to this app! I HIGHLY remommend this app to anybody who is reading this review, and hasn’t downloaded this yet! It is so challenging… but I still love it!! Thanks for reading.

- Entertaining! Except..

This is the most entertaining game ever it is so fun and enjoyable! Recommend for sure! One problem tho, there are only three colors blue, red, and yellow. I guess it’s fine but not really. There are lots of skins to choose from such as cupcakes, hotdogs, donuts and many more! Lots of different roads you can use with different colors (only red, blue, and yellow) but lots of different designs for the road! Really fun! Good for people who, well, good for anyone!!😉😎

- What happened to speed challenges??

First off, this is a fun and addictive game. I’d recommend it to everyone. It’s a great way to kill time in my opinion. So a couple months ago, I noticed that I couldn’t do the speed challenges where you race against other players or AIs. There were new challenges instead of these speed challenges, and I pondered about it for some time. Please bring them back! Thanks for reading, have a great day! -The Dark Rogue

- Pretty good game.

the idea for this game is very simple, and sometimes that pays off, and in this case it did. the controls are very easy to understand and there isn’t much difficulty understanding the game, and it also offers a challenge that’s fits for a racing game. although there were some slight annoyances i experienced (mostly refusing to see an ad for a revive only to see one without getting a reward) i think it is a pretty good game.

- it’s fun but some things need fixed.

the game is honestly really fun, but there are some things that need fixed. whenever I play the game, it is always SO glitchy. whenever I move on to a different color, it always freezes. sometimes, it will kick me out of the game and go to my home screen for no reason. I also don’t like that when I die, it vibrates and sometimes brings down by battery by like a percent. I do like how satisfying and fun the game is. If these things get fixed, I will most likely download the game again.

- How!?!?

Whoever made this game is an absolute genius!!! I don’t know how they thought of this game but it’s so addicting! I have like six other games on my phone but all I want to play is THIS! I love all the colors in it (even if it is only 3) and I love how I get a new style of balls almost everyday. I also love how it make it go slow first and then it goes really fast to make it more challenging! The creator of ‘Color Road’ if you’re reading this....... YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!

- Total ripoff

This game was fun, but I feel totally cheated out of my $3 to “remove” ads. There are SO many ads in this game — 30 second ads after every continue, shorter ads at the restart of a level, banner ads at the bottom on the screen, square ads in the corner at the beginning of the road — and I thought, not unreasonably, that paying to remove ads would fix this annoying problem. I paid the $3, downloaded the “new ad free version,” quit and restarted the game, and ALLLLL the ads are still there. I even uninstalled it and redownloaded it and it STILL has all the ads. What did I just pay you for??? Refund please??? 😡😡😡

- Color road

OmG color road is amazing. It’s such a fun game to play. It’s all about focus. You need to focus on where you are going make sure you don’t bump into the wrong color. It helps with your brain skills. Pay attention in color road. There’s different roads and little things to play with that you can unlock. There are also challenges like score 190 points In less then 30 seconds. It’s really fun.

- I kinda love it

Please read this review! It’s what I’ve noticed! Anyways, let’s start with the goods. 1, it’s a good idea! I haven’t seen/played other apps close to this one. It’s unique and fun! 2, there are lots of things you can do on this app. You can do TONS of challenges, regular games, or race! 3. There is a store! If you do certain things, like complete certain challenges, you can get different roads, balls.. Now for the not so good thing 1. The app does either go black for a few seconds or take u back to your home screen. THATS ALL! I give this app a 4/5 star rating because it does have 3 goods, but 1 bad that is a little irritating. I hope if this app has an update that they will fix the freezing part. If they fix that I’ll make another review..maybe...and if I do I’ll hopefully give it a 5/5 star rating😂

- Color road

This game is good but is very slow. Also if the person who made the game could add more stuff that would be awesome. Like a different version where it would be in the game and when you got to a certain level in the game there would be no more color balls there would be obstacles trying to break the ball that would make it better. Overall it is a fun great game. I like it. Thank you

- No adds please

Color road is a great game but I thought there would be music! There might be and I just don’t know where it is. And after every single round you play there is add after which is so annoying I wish that in the store it was not cost money otherwise I would be saving up my coins to click on no adds! Over all the game is pretty good. I recommend this game for you if you don’t need music and adds don’t bother you.😜😎😂

- Has Become My Go-To Game! Amazing App!

Let me begin by saying I absolutely love this game. It is really well done, and I’m never bored with it. There’s always more to do, which is a good quality for an app to have, as other games often get boring after a while The game is very fun and engaging. I somehow always find myself playing it. My friends and I all love it, and often play it together. I also love that you can change the skin of your character, the road, and your trail. The penguin skin is so cute!❤️ Lastly, the challenges are super entertaining. It’s fun to have a goal you’re trying to accomplish, and it’s satisfying if you win. All in all, I would definitely recommend this game. It is fun, engaging, has great graphics, and is overall a great app.

- Good game ... if it WOULD STAY OPEN!!!

Every time i try play the game, it either freezes in the loading and becomes slow the close itself! Or it would finish loading, stay on the start page for 2 seconds then crash. I hope this i the game itself.. Thanks to any developers that are willing to help me! If i do get the problem fixed by a dev I'm keeping this review to help people with this type of problem! I like the game... don't stop playing it if it works for you. Rating the app is the best thing to do to reach out to the devs! Thanks so much!

- My addiction #colorroad

I love color road so much who ever made this game is Albert instine I love the new skins I just got the game and my high score is like 189 it’s in the 100s hopefully five stars is good I think it is enyway but after school and homework and studying and getting a snack I go straight to my phone and play color road like I beat up #morelikebiteandpush engine who gets in my way #onlymyfamily Love, The color road

- Great game...if you love the fact that it crashes all the time!

Great concept, but my kids play this game...obviously the developers don’t have kids....because if they did, they would fix the bugs in this game because it crashes 5 seconds after you start playing...and then screaming child starts...and I have to deal with that! The only reason why I downloaded this stupid game was so I could have 10 minutes of peace....all it has done is given me 30 minutes of hell every time my child starts to play.. the game crashes, and the screaming starts... So only download this game if you want your kids to scream and cry...

- Bug at Road 36

Was playing earlier today when I reached road 36 and encountered a frozen screen when jumping from 36 to 37. The ball wouldn’t roll past the jump just perpetually spun while everything was frozen. Tried refreshing my phone but it just reloaded to the main menu, I was also past my high score which might have had something to do with it. Please do fix as I know many would love to progress forever in the normal road.

- Color ❤️💙💛 Road!!

What I Like about this game is how you have to match all the colors which gets me all upbeat and nervous if I touch the wrong color! But I don’t like how whenever I want to start a new round there is a long ad that I usually have to wait for it to end. And I see you have to pay $3 for it not to have ads. I also sometimes have a glitch when I match the correct color and it says its wrong. I hope you take this feedback and fix it! Bye!! 👋🏼

- Love it

This game is awesome, when my anxiety is on a thousand out in public places I run straight to this app here. I feel a thousand times better. U would think it would put your anxiety through the roof chasing colors, but it's the exact opposite. I'm at the airport right now playing it just because it helps me focus on the game and draw my attention further away from who's looking at me or big crowds in general.

- Great Game, Very minor issues

So, yes there are some glitches. Most of the time it works just fine. I think it’s a great game when I just need to zone out after work and decompress. Overall, I think it’s really enjoyable and satisfying. Everyone needs to calm down about the ads. That’s how developers generate revenue. They cannot afford to create more games and fix glitches if they do not have revenue.

- Honestly written review of color road!

I really like this game! It is super fun and cool to play. At first it was SUPER easy and I started getting bored of it but I think with any game that you think is boring, you just have to try again. So I did that with this game, I never gave up! And if you think this game is boring you should keep playing it and trust me you will start to like it again... just like I did!

- Awesomeness

Well I personally think it is so worth every single minute of it to me it’s so relaxing and really really fun and it’s good for all ages there is nothing inappropriate or harmful to the eyes of a younger one at all it is so addicting and even my parents like to play if I were you and was unsure if you want to get it then how about I give you the answer yes trust me when I say it will be so cool. - Scout Worland

- Addicting! Just one problem.. it’s too awesome!

This game is so addicting! If you ever have that one time in the night where you can’t fall asleep this is the game for you! It is also better that most apps because it is endless game play. Plus this game never gets old like most games that just get boring because there’s nothing left to do. This game is one of the best games ever! (=^._.^=)

- It’s fun if you can get it to work

This game is very glitchy. It works for only one round then exits me out. Sometimes I hit colors that I’m not supposed to hit just because it is experiencing a glitch and is then frozen. I barely get through round one before the game closes completely. I like the game when it works, which is rare, it is a fun time passer to play on my iPhone. However it is way to glitchy and interferes with how well you do. The game gets really irritating and frustrating quickly.

- Very Addicting

Downloaded this game 2 days ago and it’s super addicting. It’s easy to collect coins and you can actually buy stuff with them unlike most games, & yeah the adds are annoying but I just close out of the game and reload it. I also love the car skin lol, makes me feel like I’m on a racetrack. Lastly, I’ve never written a review before so, I guess that says something 😂😊

- Awesome👍

I as a girl love this game it also for some reason relieves my stress if you are thinking about getting this game you really should it is awesome you can earn new skins you don’t have to pay for anything and it’s also challenging at the same time it’s a great game to play on a really long road trip. But it may glitch a little bit and it gets so annoying when I am trying to complete the coarse but for the most part it’s a pretty good game

- Terrible

I can't even get into the app!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 It keeps bringing me back to my home page I have downloaded and re downloaded 20 times 10 on my phone and 10 on my iPad, and it still wouldn't let me in! I thought it would work with more storage/space so I ended up deleting over half the apps on my iPad and now I have to re download all of them. The ad for it looks cool but the app itself it terrible and it makes me regret wasting time on this app. I have also read the other reviews and it seems like there are more complaints when you actually get into this game so whatever you do NEVER EVER BUY THIS GAME!!!!!!!

- Good but not quite

When I go into it it logs me out and it freezes up umm I’d have to say that it’s not terrible but not great either I don’t know how to describe this but it satisfyingly terrible if you know what I’m saying but who knows maybe it’s the phone and not the game that is the problem or maybe it’s the game and not my phone or for some reason bot things are bad but I wrote this to let you know my problem so far but the app isn’t bad at all it’s fun but needs a few more updates!! 😇🙂🙃

- Addicting!!

I had already had the game downloaded on my phone when I introduced it to my brother. We took turns playing the game on my phone for a minute and he ended up beating my high score on MY phone! He then downloaded the game on his phone and we stayed up all night trying to beat each other’s high scores. We’re still competing against each other!😂😂

- Lit🚦

This game is crazy addicting !!! I played for about 3 hours straight and never got tired of it . I even payed the 2.99 block ads deal because it’s so great !!! ( not paid comment I just really love this game ) I would love to see more than just races and challenges as an extra part .... maybe make it to where we could play against people online would be awesome ✍🏾🤪

- Fan

So I really like this game, but I wish it had more options like choosing the type of road Nd difficulty level instead of rolling down the same type of road over Nd over again. Also the ads are a major turn off, there should be a way to reduce them with increased score or higher levels etc. but overall fun engaging game.

- Turf yuckivv

Htdfcufdt is was the that you I know I will be doing it in my igloo or something I will let you go and do it and go back and get your picture and go back in and let me get to you know what I want to you know I love to kiss kiss and let me go bye love bye kiss bye love bye daddy love bye love love bye kiss you bye bye kiss me daddy daddy love bye bye kiss me kiss you and your daddy love bye kiss you kiss me kiss your kiss unmissable was my day and my love bye bye kiss me kiss you and let me go back in.

- Woooow just woooow

This game is actually pretty fun before I’ve played on my moms phone then she let me get it on mine and I haven’t seen any glitches yet but the adds are really annoying me it’s just I understand your trying to help other games get more people to play their games but it’s just really really annoying so maybe just not so many adds so that’s all Sincerely, -The Awsomness

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Pras Francis, MD PhD

As Sports Commisioner, my first task would be getting rid of road grays and encouraging color vs color matchups. #VotePras

Shawn Hendrick

@GravXReviews Looks awesome!! Better than a wrap cause you get every bit of the panels covered...only problem is if you want to change the color down the road..not as easy as taking a wrap off and putting on something else...Choose your paint colors wisely!!


@Miss_Met I hate them. Compared to road grays a d ok stripes. Black is not in Mets color scheme

Color Road! 3.19.5 Screenshots & Images

Color Road! iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Color Road! iphone images
Color Road! iphone images
Color Road! iphone images
Color Road! iphone images

Color Road! (Version 3.19.5) Install & Download

The applications Color Road! was published in the category Games on 2018-02-01 and was developed by Voodoo [Developer ID: 714804730]. This application file size is 216.19 MB. Color Road! - Games app posted on 2020-04-28 current version is 3.19.5 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.bigframes.colorroad

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