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Last Shelter: Survival [Games] App Description & Overview

What is last shelter: survival app? -Real Time Nation vs. Nation post-apocalyptic strategy war game. Join now! Your Country needs you!

[Last Shelter: Survival] is a Massive Multi-Player, Real-Time strategy war game. The player will take upon the role of a leader of a small settlement in a world devastated by a zombie apocalypse. Build your own wasteland empire, train your troops, recruit legendary heroes and join your allies in the non-ending war even in the end of humanity. To befriend or to plunder, the choice is yours!

Unique Features

-World Wide War
Real-time combat against players across the world, lead your country to greatness

-Realistic Graphics
The Map, The World, Your City, The Units, The Heroes, Everything just seems, REAL

-Build Your Wasteland Empire
Absolute Freedom City Building, upgrade your facilities, research your technologies, train your troops and recruit powerful heroes to strengthen your empire!

-Hero System
Whether you like to engage your enemies at a distance, take them on at close quarters, or you enjoy developing your base at home, there are TONS of heroes that can help you with just that!

-Strategic Gameplay
One set of units just simply cannot dominate, Fighters, Shooters and Vehicles, You have to know your enemy and yourself to walk the battlefield of this world.

-Alliance Warfare
Whether it’s going against different servers, or fighting for the title of the president at home, your alliance will always be backing you up, as long as you find the right people of course.

[Real Reviews]
“The game is really just a platform to meet friends from all over the world.”
“Ever joined a group of Russians and waged war against the entire North America? I’m American!”
“Joined a Mexican alliance, learned how to speak Spanish, got raided by Turks, and Canadians came and helped us, 9/10 would play again.”

Base Lv.4 or above commanders can obtain supplies from the benefit center.
-Subscription Content: You will be subscribed to the game content: Army Supply, After the subscription, the following rewards can be claimed as a daily supply.
1. - 500 Diamonds
2. - 8 Hour speed-up or 400k corresponding valued resources
3. - Construction Center Usage Privilege
4. - Solar Power Station Usage Privilege
5. - Special chat bubble and name tag
6. - Personalized Signature system
- Subscription Duration: 1 Month (Monthly subscription product)
- Subscription Cost: $24.99/month
- Payment: Payment via iTunes account after confirmation
- Cancellation: If needed, subscription can be canceld in iTunes/ Apple ID account settings 24 hours before the subscription expires
- Subscription Continuation: iTunes account will deduct the fund 24 hours before the subscription duration expires, subscribing for another cycle

- For check Privacy Agreement details:
- For Automated Subscription Service Agrrement:

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Last Shelter: Survival Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Last Shelter: Survival Version 2.33.419 January 2023

The latest ver. 2.33 is now available. Optimizations 1. Optimized the lagging issue in loading mech weapons. 2. Optimized the display issue with the Will stats in the season. 3. The mech weapons can now be locked. 4. There will be tips when you tap on the items in the mech system. 5. The annual review icon is available. Fixes 1. Fixed the issue where the alarm did not flash when you were raided..

Last Shelter: Survival Version 2.29.217 November 2022

The latest ver. 2.29.2 is now available. Optimizations 1. There will be tips on how to obtain the items required in the mech system. You may tap the tip to go to the corresponding channel. 2. In the battle replay, all the statuses of the Hero will be displayed next to the Hero avatar. 3. After making any purchase in the Discount Store, the player will see the previous page he/she stops at. 4. Optimized display of the bonuses on the Honor Structure page to organize them in a clearer way. Fixes 1. Fixed the issue where the rewards for the Doomsday Investment Plan were displayed incorrectly..

Last Shelter: Survival Comments & Reviews 2023

- Update to my review.

I was ready to quit, but decided to stick it out a little longer. To be honest, I wanted to see if I could get to level 16 and than I would make the bullies pay for constantly attacking me. I left my alliance, worked hard to build resources (especially diamonds for shields). Something happened along the way, a very cool and strong alliance noticed and invited me to join. I did so as a trader. I don’t attack other bases, but I help my alliance and it’s been a lot of fun since. Also, the President of the state put a freeze on attacking others in the state, preparing for war with other states, so that was also cool and fun. Only issue is a recent glitch when moving me to the main alliance, I got an error message when I clicked to join the upper level alliance and somehow ended up in a in another alliance. I don’t know how to get hold of a help desk to fix the glitch. Still, staying in touch with my alliance and hope to get it resolved. Lastly, I would still recommend that the designers make it so a base can go to sleep and not be attacked and also limit the number of times an upper level base can attack you within a certain time frame. Any suggestions on getting in touch with help desk would be appreciated.

- Beware!!! Steer clear of this game and it’s developer!!!

I got this game a week or two ago and it’s been keeping me mildly entertained since then. First, the trailers are very misleading. Your buildings don’t change in appearance unless you get the one item that makes them look a little better for a bunch of irl money. Second, this is a war game very much like GoT: Conquest, which means that unless you throw a bunch of money at this game, you’ll likely end up being attacked over and over from folks who are P2W. These weren’t the reason for the negative review. This morning I logged on and started my normal thing to make more troops, upgrade my buildings and gather resources. As I am looking at the world map to find a food node that I can gather, a notification popped up that My account has been suspended. In this notification box, there was a space for the a reason...and it was blank. The only other options I had were to exit the game or start a new one. I had just started my upgrade to Base level 11 when this happened. A never used any third party programs out anything as I strictly played on my mobile device. I have contacted their tech support but have yet to receive any reply. This is extremely shady business. I would not use another app from this developer and I suggest to others they do the same. They seem to be only interested in the revenue. The entire time I only purchased one pack that was 5 bucks. Maybe I didn’t purchase enough packs and that’s why I was banned.

- Don’t bother

Let me just start by saying when I first downloaded this game I was impressed with the amount of stuff you could build and do but the pvp in this game is weak and beyond frustrating you can work hard to collect resources then close the game and attend real life (just as an example) then return to find that one guy attacked your base 8 time and another attacked your base 7 times your army is in the hospital and you have to heal them for them to even be of any use but of course that can sometimes take 30min in itself and while they are healing you get attacked another 8 times etc etc and all the mean while all the resources you collect are now gone and you yet again can’t build anything new because of it leaving you stuck sure they have shield you can put on your base to prevent people from attacking you but those are hard to get unless you spend real money or try to get crystals to buy them with it’s just kinda dumb for a new player to grow when high level players can just spam attack you until you have nothing to build with so take it from a newer player trying to get into the game who is just fed up with the pvp disadvantage you will always be at its not worth the time and effort to play unless something is done about high level people spam attacking you needs to be a cap of how many times in a day you can be spammed and how many times 1 person can spam you as well as a level cap on how high a level is to attack you “PAY to WIN”

- Addicting BUTTTT!!

This game is very addicting and very fun but my issue with this game is the customer service is absolutely horrible. They have no problem taking your money but whenever there is a glitch or an issue where you lose resources such as diamonds their answer is sorry we can’t do anything about it. When you can’t get back into your account it’s sorry we can’t help you. They have a button that says recover lost account which you click and still you get no help no resolution to the issue. I’ve spent a crazy amount of my own hard cash on this game and the game froze and it took over 4000 diamonds for me to which the response was sorry we can’t do anything about that but we want to help you. Well I got no help. So again the game is great it’s fun to play but try not to spend your money because if something happens you’re losing it. Oh and before I forget if you are upgrading a resource from level eight to level nine it takes Minimalresources and about an hour but when you upgrade from 16-17 it takes a day and a half and about 4 million of each resource. So the game starts to get a little ridiculous. You also have bullies who have so much power they bully other groups to become their henchmen and before you know it they take over a state because other groups aren’t big enough to fight them. They shouldn’t be able to have unlimited subgroups and or too much power

- Pay to play only!!!!!

First I feel the developers are greedy, ridiculous amount of resources to upgrade so you buy packs. Game is super glitchy for the amount of money that is spent. If you don’t pay big money you will be bullied as this is a pay to play game. Players abuse the refund and get there money back just to pay again and grow bigger nothing is done. When you need to report a bug, developers do not get back to you. For iOS users not very compatible, I tried to report an issue then had to load a picture and was unable to. I get they wanna make money however I feel more money could be made n more people would pay if it was more fair I’m sorry I can spend a few hundred a month I can’t compete with these players who drop 500 get a refund and spend another 500. I’m not spending anymore money as what am I spending money on so I can buy resources and then get constantly attacked by higher paying players to just steal my resources so ultimately I’m spending money to make these players bigger not for myself. I do not recommend this game at all. Also the events if you don’t pay the events are hard to open the boxes the amount of points needed are ridiculously high so again if you pay and are big this game benefits you as you unlock boxes and gets more resources to get bigger. The developers are making it hard for steal everyone is hurting for steal therefore all bases are being attacked and plundered by the huge players to get bigger.

- It’s okay

Against my better judgement, I downloaded the game following an ad where it very clearly showed that this was a tower defense game where your city grows into a thriving metropolis. It is decidedly NOT tower defense, and the buildings you start with will not change in appearance whatsoever. I played for a couple weeks anyway; because it was fine. However, I happened to be parked right next to a “neighbor” who either lives on this app or is shelling out a ton of money to buy all the add-ons, and he decided to attack me no fewer than 10 times a day, often several times in a few minutes. My soldiers were killed as quickly as I could build them and I struggled to keep a reasonable amount of resources to expand. I definitely did not have enough to protect myself. My “neighbor” is several levels above me and I stood no chance at defense except to move. Unfortunately it takes an absolute ton of effort to gain 2,000 diamonds (assuming you have better things to spend actual money on), so I couldn’t get around to it. The alliances are largely pointless and not worth the effort because only a couple of the hundred people are ever active, and it’s not often at the same time. Basically if you have a job, boyfriend/girlfriend, kids, or a realization that our time on this earth is finite and you can never get your time back, then this game is not worth your time. Deleted.

- I can’t play with my brother

This game is not a pay to win. The further you progress, the more time you will need to put in to stay on top. If you keep it up everyday and spend more time everyday, you will be rewarded, aside from that, So I forget how long I’ve had this game but I’ve played it at least 5-10 minutes or more almost everyday since I got it. If you’re into rts and Age of Empires, this game is really good. I give it four stars for a few reasons. The main one is that after all this time, I had no idea I wasn’t allowed to change states. I’m stuck in 313 and my brother is in 341. I introduced him to this game and within half the time I’ve been playing, he’s surpassed me. It took awhile for us to acquire advanced teleports, but it’s been so long, we can’t team up together. It’d be nice if I could bring my camp next to his and send him reinforcements and vice versa. Maybe like one state teleport per player? Idk it’s disappointing tho. Aside from that it’s a great game that you can be rewarded on based how in depth you get. I typically research and upgrade things and that’s about it, but if you do more you will be rewarded. Please let me change my state just once! Overall, great game.

- Don’t waste your time if you don’t want to pay

Last Shelter is mildly enjoyable through the beginning stages- just enough to keep you gaining interest as you level up and strengthen your army. But the further you progress, the more time you have to spend playing as well as there being an increased need to spend money. Just as I got to the point where I had a well functioning city that produced a lot and was capable of sustaining a rapidly growing army, significantly overmatched opponents who had likely paid a bunch of money to get a special “city transport” ability were able to move their city within a 2 minute attack range and demolish my army and farm my resources. All I was able to do was produce enough food to constantly heal my army before being attacked again and start the process over. I’ve basically hit a stalemate and can’t continue construction in order to grow and ever defend myself or alliance members against them. The whole city transport thing is 100% asinine and makes me want to give the developers my money even less than I did originally. So yeah, unless you have unlimited time and a minimum of $25 you’d like to spend on a simple game on your phone, don’t waste your time. And if you do have those things, just go play Tribal Wars- same concept, better strategy and more straightforward.

- Two years and I still enjoy the game

I’ve been playing this game for about two years and finally made it to level 25 about six months ago. I have never spent a dollar on the game. The most important thing I found in the game was to find a good strong alliance. That helps a lot with keeping from getting attacked constantly when your base is in the lower digits. Also most of the presidents of the different states have put a moratorium on attacking within your own state. This has also helped a lot. One problem that I have found with the game is that the directions on how to do certain things or fix certain problems are extremely lacking. You can find some help with certain things by communicating with members in your alliance, but a lot of it is trial and error. That being said the game is pretty enjoyable and does keep me occupied about 30 minutes a day.

- Getting worse by the day!

This game used to be fun. I’ve been playing for a couple of years, almost 3 years. There was a certain pay-to-win element in the beginning, but you could enjoy the game without paying. As I progressed, I found that the game was dominated by those paying SSSSS to advance. I have spent my fair share on this game, well into the 4 digits. But lately, the metrics are getting worse and worse. Our active and fairly advanced alliance has been mostly together since the inception when we all started together. But we are being matched against huge obnoxious, bullying states, that have everything money can buy and don’t allow us to even play. It’s ridiculous. There is no balance to our matches in Doomsday. And the developers seem to have changed the metrics to make it even harder to advance (ie get good heroes, develop parts, etc) so that you need to spend even more $$ to even HOPE to advance, and are almost always let down. Our entire state has been commenting about it, it’s a tangible change. I’m done putting any money into this game until they change the metrics. It’s a shame, this could be a great game, and after 3 years I’m pretty invested in it. I’d be willing to spend a few hundred dollars to guarantee a decent hero, but to spend it and get nothing over and over, that’s a fools errand. STAY AWAY!

- really fun game obviously BUTTTT...

you can do a lot of cool things in this game like research nearly 1000things that cost 1mil of each resource once you get into the higher levels of researching and they take at least 5-19 hours for one fighting in this game is absolutely broken and annoying if you don’t put on a peace shield you are guaranteed to be attacked at least 6 times by the same loser trying to get clash of zones points one attack from someone can make you unsuccessful for a few days and trying to heal your troops cost high in millions for resources and normally take a day to heal (12hrs) it is very fun at first but then everything turns highly expensive to upgrade and do anything people in this game don’t care about others only about themselves joining alliances can be very annoying because they don’t respond half the time but so give warnings if an event is going to happen and put on a peace shield so you don’t get destroyed other than that this game has MANY flaws that are irreversible and totally broken players ruin the game with there over powered APC units with a commander dealing 1000times damage with 100k tier 10+ units. If you ask me don’t get this game it gets really annoying unless you want to spend money on it.

- Short term and long term

You can play this game in both way, (1)pay to win... get you grow fast and stronger, but there’s always someone who’s stronger than you, even pay to win guys still have lot of challenge too cuz they are not the only one . Pay to win - will get all bonus points and even way stronger than normal players and when you max the game’ll get bored of it cuz game developers don’t unlock the T10 yet and you got nothing to do. And leave the game, (2) play normally with zero money order to grow fast and stronger. need so many farms for fast resources and for your main account. You really need to learn to game and understand it really well too Or elase you’ll miss free good stuffs too, the players with no farms accounts are grow really slow and weak , whnen you are weak and get beat by stronger players. No money -It’ll take a little longer too but don’t worry ...when people buy items on store you will get free gifts every times ( totally worth it). It hard to to get stronger but time will pay off. Save lof of gold tickets in order to get good heros too or else you will get nothing when you spend 70 golds tickets. ( terrible part of the game). Al least 300 golds is best.

- Truthful

In the adds, it show somebody making a castle, sliding stone bricks and I’ve wanted a build-your-own-castle game for 4-5 years. So I downloaded right away I spawn in, and the game guides me I literally was trying to build a castle for 3 hours straight. I was so aggravated I almost deleted the game right after that but I thought it couldn’t be so bad, I’ll level up and build a castle! ;) then here I am 2 years later, finding the app on my iPad going on it and realizing how much of a dissatisfying moment and how so disappointed I was 3 years ago. I’m still trying to find a builder castle type game and this game, this game is one of the worst games I’ve had in the years I’ve been alive. So I instantly deleted it and searched for a castle game and while searching I just remembered the moments when my mom would ask me to go to the park, my favorite park and I would say, first can you help me figure out this game? She helped me, and the specific time I’m talking about it was about 11 am and legit tried to figure out until 10 pm and I asked if we could go to the park, she obviously said too late and since then, I’ve never been to that park, my mom always has excuses and all those bad memories brung me to here I had to put a bad review. DONT DOWNLOAD THIS APP PLEASE. If you wanna have bad memories go ahead.

- Don’t Even Bother Downloading

This is a garbage game with more glitches and broken crap than what works ( anything related to using your CC always works ). It’s about who’s willing to spend the most, and live to play this game, yet still broken and glitched out for all. The only way players that don’t waste tons of money can get decent heroes is from the rewards received from DoomsDay seasons, but the devs allow any alliance to destroy another alliance’s AC and honor buildings (needed to play DD) even outside of DD duels. This leads to the alliance &/or state that spends the most being able to bully the rest by destroying their AC and honor buildings when an alliance is dueling another alliance or anytime, and repeatedly, just to keep them from playing & improving their score in DD. My team ran into this a few seasons back and we all submitted tickets to the devs, but were told this is allowed. I quit spending any money until the many glitches were fixed and this bullying issue was as well, and we went a few seasons without running into it again until now. The glitches stayed and were only added to. Now I’m done and hope this is a warning that will be heeded by gamers thinking about trying this game or any of these “free” phone/tablet games.

- Experience

I’ve been playing this game for a few years now and I notice that a lot of people leave the game due to bullies picking on the weak but I’ve played in 3 different states now and I’ve had nothing but good experience going around guilds acting as an ambassador for my main guild and building friendships this game has also helped make friends in other countries in real life. I love how at first things seem difficult and slow but as you build things become faster to get, besides base development which I understand, but getting diamonds is simple and all the tech you can invest in makes for a different experience depending on how you go about it. I went with more base development rather than troop development where as some others in my alliance maxed out troop but in the end we all built up our base with putting little to no money into it so we could show that you don’t have to pay to win. I love this game and I play it a lot and when I can I have friends who are willing to keep my base going when RL hits

- Horrible

The devs will block you if you have any complaints and real questions. I can no longer send an error message to the developers because it now always says network error. I spend $50 to $100 per week on this game and they still do not answer me. You must be a big spender to get any attention($1000’s per week) They will also change the rules on plan you purchase. Such as project hero( they finally upgraded it which is amazing!!!) when I purchased it the final reward was a s1 OR S2 hero but they updated it a few weeks later to only S1 hero’s. I would not have bought as I do not need one. I sent an error message got an unprofessional message and now I can no longer send messages. DO NOT Spend your money on this game! Been playing it for almost 3 years. I love this game but the developers are greedy and no longer care about the average player and not at all for the free player. The only way to get this game to change is to stop spending money on it. Then it will change for the better.

- Addicting but Annoying

I’ve been playing this game for a while now and I have mixed emotions. On one hand there a lot to build and create but that’s it. You never have enough resources even if you save up, outside of building stuff you just sit and wait for available resources most the time. While there’s a lot to build most of it is so unnecessary and you never use after it’s built. Worst part is how often you get attacked. I exited the app for 20 minutes and got attacked 2 times in that time span. You never have enough troops because if you aren’t on the app for a day they all get killed. You’re restricted on where you can expand to because you have to go around the perimeter of camp, you can’t just build out east or any other direction, always a square. All in all I enjoy the game but it requires such constant attention you can’t put it down or it knocks you down so much that it’s hard to do much. At first I thought I was just bad (which is possible) but then I realized I was advancing through all the missions and achievements so that means I’m doing what the games asking. Hopefully it gets fixed

- Hero’s

I feel like they take your money on the hero’s. When they did an update they said if you do 10 hero’s it guaranteed a new hero that is incorrect. I’ve even paid for the hero’s and special hero’s I get the same regular hero’s when spending money for a special hero. What sense does it make to purchase the special hero if your gonna give me a regular hero. What sense does it make to have 3 hero section if you save up to press 10x just to get the regular hero and the same one at that u see advance hero. You have normal advance and super. No matter which one you pick you still get regular. So why have an advance and super when I click under advance I still get a regular hero or when I pick under special I still get a regular hero. Why when I buy the package for special hero’s I still get regular hero’s. That doesn’t make sense that’s taking ppl money. You have us pay for super knowing we are gonna get regular. If that’s not how it is suppose to work than the system need to be fixed. If we clicked on special or bought the package we should get special hero’s not regular hero’s. If we purchase to get seasonal hero’s that’s what we should get not regular hero’s. That needs to be fixed.

- Addictive, but COSTLY and if you’re not Chinese you’ll be at a real disadvantage

This game just takes your money. 🤦🏼‍♀️Basically if you are Chinese you will pay FAR LESS than anyone else and this will allow you to advance much faster. War activities are terribly unbalanced and Chinese alliances will always have far better heroes and parts and there is no hope of winning when they gang up hundreds of other players in other alliances against your alliance. Doomsday is THE WORST. Your decent alliance in silver league will get paired against massive Chinese alliances in Legendary league and you’ll be bullied EVERY SINGLE DAY. Players quit the game every single day out of frustration. The developers do not even care, and when you email support with recommendations on how to make the game more balanced, they will respond with sarcasm things like “we’ve reviewed your suggestion and find that the platform is already well-balanced. I recommend purchasing the XYZ game package to help you in your endeavors. Have a nice life.” Then they stop responding to ANY issue you have, even those involving payment and $$$. Please do yourself a favor and just don’t download this game. You’ll get more bang for your buck in Candy Crush or buying Oreos.

- Serious issues with Bullying

I played the game till BULLYING became a huge problem when a gamer is 3 or more base levels above you it’s like a lightweight trying to beat a heavyweight and then on top of it they’ll gang up on you so you have 3 or more bases attacking . No fair. . Cost 2000 diamonds to move and I wasn’t paying REAL CASH for them. ALSO DIAMONDS don’t go far and why not have gold and other precious medals to spend. ATTACKS:The same persons would hit you even when you had nothing to take over an over. Wipe out your soldiers and by the time you healed some they hit again an again. Meanwhile you loose soldiers permanently and you have no resources to replace them. After you reach a certain level above 10 the game isn’t playable with shelling out real cash and bullying becomes a SERIOUS ISSUE. Game could be a 5 Star game if they fixed issues. And you can’t retaliate when the guy who hammers you over an over is 3 or more levels above your city. At least make it a equal battle. I’m sure they won’t fix it while they’re making money off people. I would’ve stayed playing if they fix the real issues

- Bad planning and service

The game is decent overall but the devs continue to change things to make it more difficult to play for free. Recently was changing commercial hub which you used to be able to get vehicle parts from. They changed it to be much cheaper parts at best. Not to mention they changed doomsday quite a bit. The most significant loss here was being able to keep all your materials to build with after a season, it was changed to only materials you have bought which is quite a bit less unless you are rich. Customer service has always been horrible at best. Majority of times you do get a response it’s just an automated apology and nothing done. I actually had a chat ban for two days recently when I hadn’t even chatted in the game period for several days. I inquired about it and they simply said I was reported for violating their rules. I asked for the screenshots showing I did something wrong and they just never responded. They are a complete joke. Honest review is I’ve been in too long to not play it but I suggest no one starts this now because it’s strictly based on being a money pit which increasingly becomes worse. Run away while you still can.

- Fun, addicting and time consuming (if you want to be competitive)

Only thing negative I really say about this game is the advertisement pictures in this app ad. The only picture that actually is what your game play looks like, is the very last picture. The game is fun, and frustrating, time consuming and time passing, and can take a lot of real money to grow very very fast. However, you don’t have to P2W. There are ways of getting many resources very quickly, without spending any money at all. And not counting hitting farms? I mostly am F2P so I know it’s true. It’s best to play on a server that works together, because this game ultimately is about Doomsday. And your state has to work together to be the strongest. So you want everyone on your server to get strong. That’s accmoplishable by people working together and allowing smaller F2P players the chance to grow and get strong. It takes more effort to be competitive as a F2P player, but it can be done for sure.

- Pay attention to this comment

People that write bad reviews do not know how to play the game. The reason people do not want to play don’t have farm accounts, farm accounts is want matters in this game. Save up Gold tickets for hero pools and don’t spend any on cheap heroes. Create at least 2 base besides your main base and you will be good. Base level 20 is where you want to get your farm accounts. Your main base wants it reach base level 20 change it to Raider the other 2 leave them at farm. You need to do National Quest daily it only takes 2 to 4 hours, this will help you develop fast gathering. I think at base level 16 you can create parts which is a build where you can create different levels of parts legendary is what you want. Once you get legendary start on getting ultimate parts for trailblazer. People really need to learn the game before judging. I am a base level 25 with good APC because of farm accounts.

- Racially biased and extreme p2w game.

There is a reason that over twenty percent of the reviews are 1 Star. This is most racially biased game I have ever played. While you can meet good people there is a clear interference between cuties who play. This game was developed by the chinese as a “pay to win” game that becomes highly addictive. The cost to purchase packs is astronomical to the point where of tou want to grow and compete you will need to spend thousands and if you don’t pay you are very week and progress is slow. The developers don’t care what anyone has to say, they are always fixing bugs and never listening to their customers. The translation barriers are terrible, and the developers have a clear preference to see the chinese come out ahead of anyone else. They have multiple private servers for them and no one else. Most chinese alliances banter and talk racist comments to the other players and cultures, it disgusts me. This is truly a sad game and if It wasn’t due to the English and other friendly people/cultures that I have met I would drop out in servings. That’s how they manipulate you into staying. Like I said above... there is a reason why over 20% of the reviews are 1 Star...

- RUN away as FAST as you can and keep going

This game is very toxic when i say toxic is say that in the most extreme seriously its one thing to talk smack in a game thats the norm but when people start trying to tap in your real life mentioning your kids and your household its gets personal of course support doesn’t do anything nor developers because they’re playing the game too. Its a fun game and addicting game but not worth it at all i awake up getting harrassed but hundreds of toxic people because im a R5 and go to sleep the same way they preach positively but there’s literally none of that in the game this game is used to be so fun ive been playing for three years and seen it all in the game pretty much for somebody whos been playing that long saying they’re quitting the game speaks volumes on the toxicity of the game it has put a me in a slight depression because of how nasty people can be the whole map will gang up on you because you and your team dont agree with their ways TRUST ME if your looking for a game dont play this one Seriously if i could give this game negative stars i would because of how disturbing people have become on here

- Good game but...

I’m not the type to play battle games of any kind but this one looked fun so I gave it a try. I really enjoyed it. The only issue I have with the game is your lack of actions to take against other players. What I mean by that is it says you can block a person in the chat but I’ve tried and failed to do so. I can even find the supposed chat options that allow you block a person. There is also no option for reporting players for bullying or inappropriate verbiage. If there is, they need to make it clearer so that players don’t have such a difficult time finding it. In addition, I don’t like the fact that the game allows someone to attack your base until you’re out of resources. I understand that this is in fact a battle game but for players that are just trying to enjoy themselves and blow off steam, it’s off putting when you get attacked 8x or more by the same player. It really takes the fun out of the game for me, personally. I’m no longer playing this game because the other players have taken out the fun for me.

- Game needs a change

I really enjoyed this game. I love the graphics the play and the challenges you have to go through to build your compound. It was quickly becoming my favorite game. However there is a flaw that allows bullying and makes the game no fun. There needs to be a change where another camp cannot attack you more then once in a 24-48hr period or some sort of cool down time. You also shouldn’t be able to attack people within your own alliance. The way the game is now anyone higher then you can attack you all day all they have to do is wait the time it takes for their troops to come back and they can come after you again. I get that the game is competitive and there is the idea like walking dead where you can pillage and plunder but if one person can constantly attack you with no cool down one it’s not realistic and true to a real situation but it also ruins it for the rest of us. I won’t be playing the game anymore so it won’t matter to me whether they do or don’t I just feel bad for everyone else. Also kind of mad I spent money on this game which I never do to be bullied in the end. I feel for the others still playing too. :/

- Glitchy and account is lost after 1 year.

How does a third party like this operate? You play for over a year only for them to lose your account over and over again and lose troops then you have to spend more. They never try to understand your question. It is a pay to play to win otherwise you will never get anywhere. Others use cheats while you pay with real money. Their reviews must be fake people quit the game everyday. Apple needs to look in to this and also return all the money I spent plus hours since they can’t find or return the base. Also, spending on base skins you will not get a base skin if you only spend up to $50 they will hook you up to $400. Confirmed by high spending players from other countries. I spent over the year and never received a base skin. So don’t bother and beware. They also can’t control third party softwares and others who cheat in the game. You will not win, don’t bother playing or downloading any of their softwares. Apple this is an honest review over a year. Also you won’t get any good heroes even if you spend or base skins. I can show you the transactions.

- Honest Review : I’ve been playing for 1 year

I downloaded this game after playing Clash of Clans for 7 years. I thought this was a zombie game (all of their adds are misleading). The beginning is fun because everyone starts off the same but the only way to keep playing this game is to POUR money into it. There are 1000’s of players who have spent over $100,000 on this game and if you’ve only spent $5,000 they will crush you. There is no way around it. Seriously, if you’re going to play for more than 3 months just expect to spend $1,000. If you’re playing for a year, it’ll cost you $10,000 so if you don’t have that kind of money to waste, don’t bother downloading the game. Also, this game has the WORST customer service in the history of any App Store. No question about that. I’ve been overcharged thousands of dollars and when I wrote a complaint, they banned my account...also, they update constantly and the bugs are TERRIBLE. if you complain, they take 5 days to respond. Honestly, my advice would be to never download this game. I’ve met some good friends along the way but it’s the biggest money pit and biggest waste of time ever.

- Too much time...too easy to lose

Average game that takes hours to gain resources, upgrade buildings or heal soldiers. If your shield goes down for any length of time another player can come in, attack you multiple times until you have almost no resources left (which took you days to accumulate) and leave all your soldiers in the hospital....but you have almost no resources to heal them!! Now it takes days to get the resources to heal your men let alone try to build up your city. It’s way too easy to lose all the time and effort you’ve put into the game...there should be some kinda loss limit as you progress up the ranks, because it takes a ton of resources to increase your level once you get to level 18+....that’s another thing, it takes way too many resources to upgrade anything....or the resource producers don’t make enough, fast enough....or when gathering resources outside your city, you don’t gather enough in hours & hours it takes to do so...either way it takes way too long to gather the resources that you need to effectively play and have fun with this game.

- Great game but can get very expensive.

Been playing for over a year. The game is lots of fun, but because a next level if you’re a social person. After a while this game becomes more of a hang out social platform than just a game. Beware though, in order to stay competitive you have to spend $$$. If you don’t you will be very weak and it’s no fun, unless you never want to fight. Now, you don’t have to spend big (though some), but still will have to some. The reason I gave 4 stars and 5 if that this game isn’t made to reward long time players, on the contrary, the longer you play, the less chances you have to get good heroes for free, all devs wants is for you to spend more and more. I get it, this game is made to make money, but I also believe you should reward players who’ve stuck with the game for a long time. Throw a bone once in a while... don’t be so greedy!

- Too much

You build up your city and resources. It’s just too much nonsense. Upgrading buildings and training uses resources. If you don’t have enough, you have to increase production. So, you have to go upgrade something else. Just too many steps to do and its frustrating. Not a simple game. You can try to build up your resources but you constantly get attacked and the enemy steals everything. I will not pay a dime on this game as you can not advance without being defeated. The trailers and ads are not even clouts the actual game. Don’t like being threatened by other players either when you don’t let them kill your troops. I sort of found a strategy that works sometimes. When under attack, send your troops out to gather so there are no kills to them, unless you have troops in house. Transport your collected resources to the ration truck and power station, trade resources with helicopter, try training or do research with remaining resources, you shouldn’t lose much. Cut off your roads to buildings to halt production until after attacker is gone. I’m giving this game another few days but ultimately, it will be deleted.

- So much potential but not worth it

Enjoyable game but beware the drama and the politics. Seriously drained all the fun out of it very quickly. I spent a fair amount of time playing this but the “rules” are a joke. You can’t attack the top 25 teams in your state, if you do then be prepared for crying and threats to the 5th degree. Seems like the fact this is a game gets lost somewhere along the way. Each state has a president that’s in charge of everything and the one in my state was a total ****. They attack you at will and pretty well do what they please and there’s nothing you can do about it, a level 10 can do absolutely nothing against a level 25 who spends serious cash making themselves “special”. 😂 so if you get into a state with someone like this it isn’t enjoyable whatsoever. The final straw was I reached out to the customer service team for LastShelter with some concerns and asking for some assistance and still haven’t received a response. Potential to be a really fun game but in the end I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone, simply not worth it. Game deleted and I’m officially washing my hands of these chumps. WASTE OF TIME, BEWARE!!!

- Very patient game

It’s an excellent game. Not only is it a tactical game, but you meet awesome people from around the world. A lot of people play this game all across the world and you learn new and great things about them and there countries. The game is good to play as a group. You won’t go far if you play individually. I put very patient game because if you are the type to play without paying, then it will drag to get to what you want to get in terms of upgrades and all. But if you are in an alliance that helps you a lot, you won’t have to worry about that because you will have super fun with your alliance and they can help you with resources you need and all. Honestly, in the end, you will find yourself having a family in the game and will find ways to communicate to each other through LINE, Wechat and any other apps with communication. Best game on the phone.

- It’s better than Mobile Strike

There is a couple things that could use some work with the game I think. Most of my issues are with the functionality of the game. And these issues aren’t really a game changer for me. I won’t stop playing just because of these issues but they are a little annoying. Off the top of my head I can recall a little issue when it comes to gathering resources. When my vehicles are gathering resources I’ll check on their status and I notice the amount of resources remaining won’t be shown on the display box when you first click on the square. I notice you have to tap 3 times before it shows you how many units of resources are left. I discovered this by accident but it’d be nice if I didn’t have to do that. I realize that there is a time remaining status bar on the screen but one could easily be confused when this happens.

- Promotes a Deplorable Gaming Environment

I never rate games but this game has made me furious enough to post something. Ill be honest and say I have spent money on this app because I enjoy playing to get my mind off of work or a busy day, but to come to a game that doesn’t hold their players to an honorable standard? Not to mention the capacity for cyber bullying with messages, I wouldn’t even let me kid play this game. You’re teaching terrible fundamentals of “if you can pay a lot of money, you can get ahead” or “You can constantly siphon off someone’s effort for your own malicious gain.” The repetition of higher level gamers attacking your base with little to no balance makes the game frustrating. Programmers design games to be challenging in the sense that you invest time and effort to where as you progress through the game you are able to adequately equip yourself. However this game doesn’t honor that. Improve that aspect of the game or you could very well lose the “base” of ethical gamers and your “big fish” money spenders on the game will lose interest because there is no smaller gamers for them to maliciously attack .

- Crap customer service

Their customer service is not just bad it’s nonexistent. Please don’t waste your time. It’s an old antiquated game that the developers clearly don’t care about anymore. Their idea of customer service is a robot. That real can’t help with anything just gives you a statement that either has nothing to do with your problem or is completely useless and unrelated. Update: While I appreciate your response to my review. I think that you should focus more on your responses to the players in your game. I did fill out a form and still got a robot response. Someone did finally respond to my inquiry today. However, I feel that it was only because of my review. I can fully understand that your customer service department “maybe” overwhelmed with customer issues and if that is the case maybe you should hire some more staff. If you were to put an easier way to get in touch with your customer service directly (maybe a button in the settings that say support) it would make it a more gratifying experience. I truly hope you have a blessed day.

- Lots of pros; a few big cons

Have been playing for 3+ years. Progress is slow and is your typical time based strategy dev game. Can play without paying but will never be competitive. The game developers are always making enhancements and creating new content and competitions keeping many of us coming back for more. Overall a well created game; definitely a lot of reasons to enjoy LSS. Three star rating comes following a Valentines special event where top tier rewards required spending $$$’s to achieve. After ranking in the top 3 and receiving the reward, a base skin with buff, that cost over $200 USD to accomplish, things seemed correct. The base skin was later pulled with a brief apology that an error occurred and a minimum count wasn’t achieved. Unless I completely missed something it was mathematically impossible to achieve the minimum goal stated and the minimum wasn’t clearly conveyed during the event. Following up with in app support and the same blanket apology was made - just leaves a bad taste.

- M.A.D Is My Name Just downloaded the game like a few hours ago

But 3 stars for a game just started playing is alright in my book to start off with but just updated the new version of the game hopefully it be better I guess lol like I just said ain't really had it long to be Writing A Review On It Yet but this Review Will Change If I like The New UpDate To This Game Right Now I Kinda Like It it's Alright For Now I Like It For Now But Will Change In Stars An Writing Of This Review Later On When I Fill Like I Had A Real Time To Play The Game For Like Longer An Actually Play It Ill Change The Stars Ratings An The Review Of These Words Like I Just Said New Game To Me Never Been Played Before But So Far I Do Like It Lil Why I Gave It A 3 Stars Stead Of A 2 Or Less Stars But So Far Its Been A Purty Fun Game To Play Download This Game An U Try It Out EveryOnes Got Different Taste In EveryThing So I'll Be Back For A Better Or Worse Rating On Stars An Review Stay Tune An See How I Like The Game Better Or Not Cross Ur Toes An Fingers That The New UpDate Is Better An Not Worse LOL HEHE

- Game is decent

The game is decent but there should be more rules in place. Such as a limit to how many times a certain player and their alliance can attack one base. I was at level 8 and level 16-21 bases were attacking me 5x in a row. So it’s hard to build up your base. Especially when everything costs a lot of resources to upgrade and you will most likely end up spending money to get extra resources to do so. Also diamonds should be more accessible and you shouldn’t need such a high amount of them to do basic things such as: buy 1 skip, research something fast, etc. On the topic of researching to get your base to a higher level, you should be able to research more than one thing at a time. Especially if you’re one of the lower bases trying to get ahead and you’re getting attack 8 times a day. Researching helps make your fighters stronger so it should be more efficient. And lastly it shouldn’t cost you so much of your resources to research.

- Too many attacks

I liked this game until I started attacked by the sane city over and over everyday. After I reached level 9 I was no longer able to level up because I was getting attacked multiple times daily by the same super high level guy. Each time I was attacked I lost tons of resources which I need to be able to grow my city and army. This game is definitely “pay to win”. Unless you want to spend a small fortune you will never be able to have the resources you need to grow strong enough to stop getting attacked. It’s virtually impossible to excel at this game without some type of out of pocket payment. This game would be a lot more fun if the following things were changed... 1)features should be achievable in ways other than paying out of pocket 2)cities should be limited on attacks, for example only once per day or once per city 3)limits on who can be attacked. (High level cities shouldn’t be able to attack anyone below a certain level. For example, level 10 can’t attack below level 7, level 15 can’t attack below level 12, etc.)

- Haven’t payed a dime

I started playing a couple of years ago. I read that people complain about packages that you have to buy or you will be bullied, or you can’t progress. It’s true that the strongest players are the ones who swipe their cards non stop. However the mechanics in the game make it easy for a team effort and they allow you one free state change before you hit base level 6. If you chose to spend money it can give you an edge. But if you get in a good alliance and get help from people who have been playing for awhile then you can progress through the game just fine. Shields are available and they have an in game currency that allows you to purchase them. I’ve never spent money on this game and I’m not the strongest but I’m tactful enough to keep my resources and shield on the weekends when there are wars.

- Hero’s are the only downside.

The game over all is awesome. It’s definitely caught my attention for a lot longer then any other game mobile game has. I’ve been playing for quite some time now. They’re constantly updating and adding new things to the game. The only downside are the hero’s. The chances of getting any orange hero’s is extremely slim. Other players from the alliance I’m in and myself would save a lot of orange tickets and some of us (if not all) would go through maybe 20-30 orange tickets and get all blue and green hero’s. (Purple hero’s are scarcely peppered in there). Spending $100 on a 30 ticket pack would be a complete waste given the chances. It would make the game a tad bit more exciting and enjoyable for players who either don’t spend at all and those who spend but don’t have extremely deep pockets like others do.

- Don’t Be Fooled…

The gameplay is absolutely NOTHING like you see depicted in these renderings below…well, maybe the last one. And you’re not fighting off zombies in as much as you’re fighting off other players like you, with a compound full of resources you need to manage, which becomes challenging when you don’t come outta pocket to play, or stay at this daily (which you won’t if you don’t invest some loot into this to some degree). I’m in one state with nine camps (two main, seven farms). That’s the draw for me. If only there were a way for the game to notify you when your alliance sets a rally, just like it does when you can get a free recruit for a hero to lead your armies, or when an enemy approaches your camp without a shield, that would be cool. But gameplay itself ain’t very exciting. If you can get past that, and the whole “pay-to-play” premise, this serves as well as any idle tapper out here. Good luck!

- It is a great game but just a but !

So I’ve been playing this game for 3 years now and I am sad to say that I have the most saddest but most disappointing experience in this game. 1 because I started in state 103 where I got banned for cheating” yet I did explain to them that I made a mistake and purchased something I ended up disputing a purchase then I still get banned even tho I had the opportunity to get back in the game and pay all that they gave me instead of them putting the items they gave me on negative they just ban me, also now in state 761 I got banned from one account and taken the alliance of another account. I don’t see the reason behind this method, all the time gamers put in this game all the money being spent and all to just be banned something else must be done about this. Not even the game developers can’t be reached and right now I am bannned after playing all morning gave all my energy to reach base 6 to just be banned and for what ? It’s unacceptable and this must be dealt with !!!!! Also I don’t use this email for any of my accounts !

- Lots of potential

I will say the game is kind of fun. Good system for building and fighting. The game isn’t original by no means. Another PVP progressive system like many have had before it. This game rewards fighting. Much better progression from being a raider and taking other people’s work. So be prepared to defend yourself in this game soon as your initial peace shield drops Some people keep saying it’s “pay to play”. That is incorrect. It is however “pay to win”. American packages are ridiculously high priced compared to other countries. The amount of resources and time it takes once you get up to level 10 start to really get out of control. To be clear. You don’t need to spend a dime on this game to enjoy it. Just pray you don’t get hit by other raiders over and over again. Some say the game promotes bullying. Not necessarily. The game promotes strife or combat to sell packages. The amount of resources it takes to stay ahead and keep from becoming a farm for the big guys is what promotes people constantly battling for resources. I know first hand as I am one of those “bullies” that is constantly starving for resources and can’t spend $100 dollars a week to buy them. You heard me right. One. Hundred. Dollars. That’s crazy cash for a micro transaction. Decent game. Runs on greed. If packages were 50-75% cheaper on American side I’d probably give it 4 stars. Right now the package cost for USD is way too high.

- Met a lot of good people

You can meet all sorts of people and learn all sorts of things. You can also see how closely related this game is to real life politics and war, minus the zombies. There’s a lot of good energy here and you don’t have to pay to advance. It just takes time, even with the use of money it still takes time though money helps. You have to know how to play or know someone who does, meaning get friends and all buddy buddy with the Veterans of the game. I’m still playing actively in state 1236 it’s fairly new, only like a few weeks old. Love the game man, just wish when you try to start over on a new base it didn’t make you do the tutorial again. Also y’all, the developers, should totally gift more speed ups or diamonds.😩❤️

- Game makers are the thieves behind this game

If ever a in game “ glitch” or server error occurs, no responsibility or help from technicians is available. Thousands of real life dollars was lost because a server error of which a shield was not placed to protect my base. I had experienced a lagging network connection but after several attempts my device displayed a new shield. But the game server was unchanged resulting in getting attacked in a Kill event. I paid real money for what I had built, over 6 mos time invested, and all had thousands of dollars spent to build the Hero team I had. I was attacked and lost too much too move forward. When asked for help from in game tech? 4 days later I get back answer of “shield ended then an attack occurred. Well duh that’s what their record would show, but what about the connection error or game errors that occurred at that moment??? No response since. They do not care as it’s all about the money. Even with proof and screen shot of an issue, no result occurs if it doesn’t benifit their profits

- Don’t bother with this game

Unless you want to spend a lot of money, you will never get strong enough to compete. All the devs care about is how much can money they can take from you. Stay far away from this game. Response to Developers-you can get strong without spending money but then you get matching making against super strong alliances and it’s impossible to even bother with. You get matched up against players that spend hundreds of dollars a day or week and you have no chance against them. Developers constantly say they improve matching making but my alliance are matched up against an alliance that is 7 times stronger than us, 4 seasons of Eden so far. Developers aren’t doing much except adding more mechanics to the game that helps you get stronger but unless you spend money, you get left behind. So how is that for gameplay? Like I said before, don’t bother with the game. Developers act like they improve things but they don’t.

- Engrossing multiple players game.

A friend told me about this game so I decided to give it a try. Well I’ve been playing everyday for over 4 months now and have enjoyed it each day. Building your Base up from basically nothing to becoming a powerful member in your state is a challenge, however then the events begin where your state is pitted against alliance’s from other states. There are also small events each week that can really help your base and hero’s grow quickly. It’s a very social and team effort to advance your entire state, Friends and yes some enemies from all over the world are made. Advancement can be made as P2P or F2P with determination and effort. I highly recommend that players tired of games that are static and one directional give it a try.

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- Sad

I love this games so much but it’s disappointing to find that not even half way through the game that to be able to continue playing and complete stuff you have to buy packs with “real” money and there not cheap, like come on you had a good game going and you have ruined it with the greediness of prices, I’m highly disappointed and likely will not keep the game 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

- Pooh

Standard mobile game. Build and wait until that things built, until the time you have earnt enough resources to upgrade said thing you have built and then wait again until you have built that. Make a few assorted troops varying against other troops exactly the same. Pay to make them slightly better or to build them quicker using microtransactions so you can kill time while you wait for said building to upgrade or build. The 5 star rating was purely to avoid having to pay for any in game items to progress further than the tutorial to progress my review but given the length I have gone too, to tell you this game is terrible and despite the bombardment of facebook ads, you will probably eventually download this game just to give it a terrible and pointless review as I have. ✌️

- Terrible

So many faults and rewards were missed and not given as promised. I was a paid gamer and they don’t deliver what you paid for as promised. Talking to their untrained costumer service is even worse. Just frustrates you, not helping and get you going around in circles. Waste of time and money. Find a better game to spend money on. Reply- I have contacted your costumer service and he/she was terrible. I have sent several screen shots and I was all for nothing but frustrations. He doesn’t understand the problem, and we were going around in circles. Then I decided why do I waste my time getting frustrated to talk to this person? I play the game to relax. Better off finding a new game. And your team a better costumer service.

- Pointless

Usual society development game ..... build.... wait ... upgrade etc etc which is fine and to be expected but what really is annoying is you spend a lot of time building your army and then you don’t go on the app for an hour and discover a player has attacked your camp repeatedly & consecutively and depleted your troops by half and it really takes the fun out of the game. I don’t have a problem with the attacking but their should be a “cooling” off period after your attacked. For this reason I’ll be deleting the app, their are plenty of other things that I can waste my life on.

- Poor game play

This game is unplayable without $$$. You can be repeatably attacked with no shield and no chance to recover. Your ability to get resources are are good but the volumes are not matched with demand and therefore you must either spend heaps of time attacking AI or but res. If your attacked by a player they will get as much as a quarter of your res and they can attack over and over. In short if you fall behind because your new by even a small about you better find another game to play. I have been attacked to the point of destruction every hour for 3 days. No game is fun when you have no way to win and no hope of winning. Worst game I have ever played.

- WAS a good game..

I’ve played this game for maybe 8 months now and it started out a good game. Affordable.. fun.. good content.. but the developers have now got greedy, updating the game so you can no longer play for free. I spend roughly $70 a month already. Please guys.. stop double dipping on fuel and food (we already feed the troops, why does it take further resources from your base?) and stop mucking with things like the train troops hourly event. You keep making it harder and harder to obtain any diamonds for free. I know you have to make it worth your while but enough is enough. People will just stop playing

- Awesome

This was one of the top games I have played and still playing, start just before the pandemic and still playing, still level 21 and only spent $10 for over year and to achieve this far and meet many friends via alliance which was bonus. Small bugs hear and there, but overall good and fun.

- Review

Good game at start but soon turns to a game of who has the most money. The game basically fair for first week or two until people start spending big dollars if your lucky the strongest is a good guy. If they are not a good person you either got to spend thousands of dollars or delete your account and start on a fresh state. Also dev team is hopeless my friend who spent hundreds of dollars on his account lost his account due to a password issue the dev team couldn’t even get back to him to recover his account or give him any sort of response, so all that money was wasted and he has since quit the game due to this.

- A lot of errors and bugs to fix

I currently have an APC (1/2) stuck in a loop, when it returns home, the APC gets place an hour away to just start again. I’m missing 750 diamonds, if I spent them by accident which is possible I’ve no idea where. Would love to have a warning before doing so or some kind of ledger to see where resources go. There are a few other quirks that need ironing out. Oh... can’t find a feedback option anywhere. So this is where I post it. Cheers

- They are criminals

I've been playing this game for the last 2 months, and the game is somewhat interesting, but every time I make any in-app purchases, the game charges me twice the amount of any purchase. I have contacted the site several times, but the game simply does not support the customer! They are robbing players who buy in-game items! This game is already quite unfair and with no money involved you will never get anywhere. As if that wasn't enough they still want to steal from you! Seriously! I never even received a answer or anything, don’t be stupid downloading this stupid app.

- Is ok

The map doesnt zoom out far enough so its really hard to find other players to raid, use gems to upgrade building and it doesnt upgrade but still takes your gems, need to be able to contact the app people better, the ask a question is impossible to use and you have do fill out a form instead of just asking a question. I have been trying to get in touch with game developers for over a month and noone replys. So many bugs that take your resources and diamonds. Eventho i paid for them game developers are uncontactable!! There are better games that dont rip you off.

- Customer Service Not Helpful - Waste of Money and Time

I have been playing the game for 2 years and as a free player, I would like to be listened to and appreciated. Upon connecting my game to Facebook to log in, the recent updates to the game have made me lost my base to Facebook and customer service was not able to help me even after I provided all the information that they needed. It goes to show that they do not value their users and it is a waste of your resources - time and money to be playing this game.

- Good game but fundamentally flawed

I really enjoyed this game until it became apparent it is impossible to achieve anything due to the major flaw of people being able to attack you relentlessly. With only an 8 hour shield most of your soldiers that have taken months to build up are wiped out over night when you are asleep. There is no restrictions you can be attacked over and over again. I just built up 600,000 soldiers only to open the game this morning to find 450,000 of them wiped out. This happens all the time. I am done, no more, game has been deleted.

- Not bad.

I just started playing around with this game. Not bad. Its not slow as of yet. But it has that same old same old build it up and go no where feel to it. But as I said I’ve just started playing so I’m not trying to say anything bad about this game. I will keep you up to date as I keep playing. Have fun playing.

- Has improved

At first this was an absolute money pit, but it is now easier to advance without it costing the earth. Still though, if you want to be powerful, you need to put in a fair bit of time, effort and may I say it, money. I do enjoy this game though.

- Plgfvjitdjjj

Huffy and I love the game but the way he was in a good mood he said that I had a lot to be in my mind to the point that the way I had it was the game I was trying too much but it sure is a great game way more than the kids game and the game I was able and it was the best game I've played in a long time I love it and it's so easy for

- Ok game but major BUGS!

This game has potential but there are so many bugs in the game. As an alliance commander I can't change my alliance settings on my iPad because the settings page is bugged and doesn't expand properly. The game also freezes intermittently. I am beginning to get frustrated with this and I want to grow my alliance but when it's impossible for me to change my alliance settings like rank titles, recruitment settings etc I can't!!! I have messaged support and got no response. If you're going to update the game, test it for bugs!

- Can’t login after my account was binded

Hello I can’t seem to login back to my normal account. I started a new account in state 447 as my friends have as well. But now I can’t login back to my normal account in state 385. I binded both but only one seem to be only binded. Please help as I spent a lot of money into state 385 account.

- Very similar

Played for weeks, same thing, over powered, pay to play people, you get no time to reinforce, your only option is to spend a ridiculous amount of real money just so you can use a shield for 8 hours or teleport your city to new area in the hope of not being continually raided to the point of not even being able to play, unless you pay real money. Will not be downloading again until a solution is introduced.

- Can’t access game.

I’m so angry! I can’t retrieve my account! Keeps telling me I have the wrong password for that IM30. To try and retrieve you have to fill out this convoluted form instead of just sending a password reset to email address. Can this be fixed? Like I can’t answer when I started the account, what level is this, start a new account give co-ords. It’s ridiculous! Just have a place where you can click lost account, email address, password reset sent to email address. Guess I’m not playing anymore. -Justme87-

- 5 stars for rewards

Well, just started and I’m here to give 5 stars for an in game reward 👍 Honestly though - this game looks pretty good. Most likely will be a pay to win in the end but eh, such is the way of mobile games now days 🤷‍♂️ Who doesn’t love zombies and mobile strategy games though 😂👌

- Money hungry

Pointless unless you intend on spending heaps of cash which I didn’t. You get bases stronger than you that attack you every day and totally clean you out and there is nothing you can do about it apart from watch or spend money to get stronger than them faster. Every troop you have spent training wiped out the hospitals cannot even hold all the troops so you lose heaps even when Maxed for your level. You cannot save to upgrade before the next attack wipes you out Wouldn’t be a bad game if your lucky and get a spot on the map where stronger bases are not everywhere I managed to pretty much max out to level 10 but after that the upgrades cost to much and could never save enough before losing it

- Game now destroyed

in the last update they screwed the game up by dropping your resource intake by like 70% I can’t even feed people and upgrade buildings any more, and they added a whole tonne of stupid buildings that just clogged the whole map and now it feels like the harder you work the more they rip you off this game is now literally 100% pay to play if you don’t pay don’t bother playing this game because they now destroyed it. which is shame because it was a pretty amazing game...

- Pay to win

This game is totally directed towards pay to win strategies. Those players that do start to create can easily be wiped and continuously farmed. There is no system in place to allow a smaller player to cause a stronger player to backoff and desist attacks There needs to be something that even a low level player can use that would make a higher level player consider not attacking. Only with such a balance do newer players get a chance to grow against existing players.

- Great game

It’s a great game but I think more should be done against bullying in the game because all the low level players are being attacked by higher level players non stop and the shields may give short term relief but in the long term the game developers need to make the game fairer for all players otherwise the bullying that’s goes on by the higher level players will kill the game.

- Last shelter

At the most have spent maybe $50 on this game over a period of 8-9mnths. Game is great, join an alliance and Yr looked after by yr team. I know I am, I’m now level 18 rss r hard to stack up on for upgrades n training but again yr team also help you out.

- Do not even play this game!!!!!

Attention all USERS or potential USERS. During a recent update here was a glitch in the game which gave players extra items for free. Any player who clicked these items had their entire accounts erased and have had a permanent ban placed on the accounts. Some players had spent $1000! This was the developers fault and entire states have been wiped out. Do not play at all costs! Do not play at all costs! They will lie and rip you off!

- Pathetic

I highly recommend everyone delete this game as the devs don’t listen to the players and only care about making money, no matter what people do in this game the only way you can get anywhere is by spending, you have those with a power over 1mil farming everyone who isn’t in thier alliance, if the stupid reporting system worked then the devs would know all about the issues but once again they just don’t care

- Great game but

I have only just started playing this game I do like it but when I am trying to build something I touch the building in the menu and swipe up to place it down near a road, it takes a few goes it’s just annoying :(


Developers have recently made some game breaking moves. They have been selling migration tickets but were not clear with people buying them that the rules are changing and never gave people enough time (5 days before the change went into effect). I’ve reported the developers to the accc, Apple and google since this developer has breached Australian consumer law for misleading and false advertising and refuses to refund people effected by these changes

- A good game but something annoying

Hello I am a new player to your great game butting is annoying when I want to flip my device to a different angle it will not let me so I will be happy if your can make this game allow you to play on all different angles

- New update not working

I just updated the game and the whole thing is not working! There are so many glitches in the game such as when it was working sometimes the army would not march which said due to apc durability even though I had already researched it! Please fix this as I do enjoy playing the game!

- Please do something with chat

In multiplayer games one of the most important things is chatting with other people. But here it’s annoying. The system is blocking every innocent words like “to have”, “to see” etc with censorship. Like result you receive a lot of messages with a lot of stars and just a few letters.

- Great game, gets better as time goes on

Great game, Gets better with time as you start to verse other states, the game instructions are a little bit average so join an alliance and ask other players questions

- Love this

I love this game cause I usually download games like these and play them and 10 seconds in in all like I’m sick of it but this game I can’t stop playing. Thank you for making this........Whoever did well thank you.

- Don’t waste time or money

Unless you’re prepared to spend $5k plus to be just an average player don’t bother. Unless you’re from a certain country with a red flag and gold stars save your money and move to another game. This is a pay to win “pay to rip you off” game that screws you every way possible. If you play this game and continue to you’re nothing more than an imbecile. It’s a fair warning

- Great game but expensive to be competitive..

Like I said, I love the game but it gets hard to keep up with the big spenders... Maybe if the packs etc were a little cheaper more people could afford to compete...

- ElVoomVato

I actually really like this game I play it every day and yeah sure it can cost money but it’s up to you how much you spend some people spend very little and do quite well


Beware! On the 13th of July, this developer made a transaction to my account without my authorisation. If you make a purchase of any of their diamonds and other stuff an "agreement" is entered into. You will be charged $15 after a period of time, even after you delete the app. Don't get bitten. They are completely deceitful. The premise of the game: there are people who have spent thousands building their cities. They have joined with others who have done the same. You have six levels where they can't attack you. During this period you will spend money developing your base. After that, they will rob you unless you keep paying to stop them robbing you.

- Need a report player function

I hope you guys do something about players that spoils the game for everybody. Please have a function where we can report players that do not follow state rules and spoils the fun for everyone.

- Sexist language and terrible programming

The game is initially fun as has some great strategy however... Everything is in the male pronoun when there is no need for it. It just makes me angry... Poor quality game platform, pointless upgrades that leave you locked out, multiple basic bugs, no beta testing. A useless complaint/tech support where the English is terrible and questions are not answered and tickets are closed without problem resolution. No communication about upcoming events. Trapped on a server without full game features with no migration. Doing anything in this game involves money and the developers are greedy. Just don’t waste your time by downloading!

- Fair

Good game but it has fair share of problems. 1. The instructions are incomprehensible. It is unclear exactly what half of the events mean. 2. It can be expensive to play as some goals are not achievable out of mere progression. 3. Customer support is unresponsive and (again) incomprehensible at times. 4. Can be very slow to load.

- This war game has a lot fun while you play with your friends

I played this game for over half year. This is the longest war game i diving in. Come and share with your friends. :)

- Great Game

Take you time and learn the game. Any questions are answered in the information section. Very addictive. If you can join a good alliance makes things even better and fun. Cheers Guys!!

- The Bennu

Sick of warning it’s now time for the 1 star. Great game until you spend money and not a small amount on a package that never gets delivered. Multiple contact requests to support in regards to the issue and get next to no contact back. It’s now been over 48 hours since the money has been taken and the package not delivered. Next step will be an offical complaint to the ACCC and the ombudsman for money theft! The Bennu state 203

- Complete rip off!!

This is 100% a pay to play game, the developers will rip you off every chance they get. You buy “hero packs” that are extremely expensive then receive no heroes for the money you spent. Then you’ll receive some stupid reply when you complain in broken English, telling you it’s like a chocolate box, you’ll never know what you’ll get next time.

- Regarding orange heros

I am not happy with process. They handle this. I have mailed developers but not satisfied with their resuly. I have been playing for 2 months now. I am on base 20 with 3 orange heros. Even in those 3, i have to spend money to but tickets. This is so unfair system. That how a fellow base 19 can get 9 orange heros and and me only 2. If u guys cant resolve this issue soon. Then i have choice than to leave as i cant survive with 2 heros

- Short lived, now deleted

Was good to start off with. Once you get attacked, you can’t get any further unless you buy and pay to protect your city. Nothing is free. No shields even after an attack, so you could be attacked multiple times overnight and it’s a never ending cycle of healing your troops and farming but you can’t get anywhere unless you pay up! No thanks!!! I have since deleted this game.

- Has real potential but too many imbalances

This has really potential for a mobile game. It is highly addictive and quite fun. Cross state killing events and DoomsDay alliance wars are dominated by “older” Chinese only alliances that manipulate the games metrics. If the developers fixed this to provide fairness and balance it would be a much better game with wider reach.

- Seems like a good game

Is decent graphics haven’t had a battle yet but looking forward to it seems like a good game to do 5mins here and there once you get going

Payoneer 💰

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- Pay to win addiction

I was playing the game for over a year and quit because this game requires to spend a ridiculous amount of money to stay competitive. I mean thousands of dollars are spent by the top players. It is possible to reach the top level of development without spending much but after that, you are still facing the opponents who are stronger simply because they are ready to invest the equivalent of a two-week vacation on the Bahamas into virtual goodies. The bottom line is this game is highly addictive and extremely expensive to stay competitive.

- Broken

Updated the game and now it won't load, Ive spent money and now it's doing this. Edit: computerized customer service is s complete joke, they don't respond or care for their users, wouldn't recommend spending anything on this game because lost items and gems are not replaced.

- Crashes/Closes

Game doesn’t load and closes down

- Game doesn’t work for my IOS device

Game downloaded + IOS device + click on game= doesn’t work Need I say more. 0 star rating.

- Frustrating

The game play allows overpowered bases to attack lower bases over and over. I had a level 5 base and had been attacked 6 times by a level 12. Really seems pointless. Don’t waste your time. Garbage.

- Looks NOTHING like the ads

False advertising. Don’t download.

- App Won't Open

I played this game for about 2 days before the update. It was laggy and froze from time to time, but I would restart the game and it would work just fine. After the update I haven't been able to open the app at all I tried to contact customer support 3 times now, but they continue to tell me I need to log my complaint using the in game help centre, which I obviously can not access because I can't open the game at all. I feel ignored by the company, and if they do not fix this issue soon I definitely will not be playing any of there games ever again.

- Unbalanced

Don’t waste your time starting a new game. If you haven’t been playing since the start, you will become a farm, and one night when you are sleeping some guy will attack your base numerous which will basically destroy everything you have built. They need to balance the game and auto shield you after someone attacks you and wins! Don’t waste your money!

- Log log log

Keeps on freezing!!!

- Mauvais Graphisme, dispendieux $$$$$

Animation d’un autre époque, très très dispendieux ça peu coûté $200.00 pour avoir une base puissante , jeux trop orienté vers le profit des producteurs du jeux! C’est flagrant et pas trop subtil !! J’ai acheté un pack de $13.99 au début en pensant que je serai ok ! Grave erreur !J’ai essayé ensuite de jouer sans rien acheter j’étais toujours attaqué et frustré le lendemain matin car il y a des joueurs partout autour du monde ! Sans compter la traduction qui est horrible et souvent incompréhensible. Bref j’ai abandonné ma basse et je ne recommande pas ce jeux! Même avec un gros budget. Montreal

- Glitchy

Game glitches out and has to be restarted to fix. The clear game cache option doesn’t work - the game stores a crazy amount of data.

- It took my gems

So I want to go to a 4 to 819 in my territory was 824 and then when I try to teleport it said you had to pay 2000 gems I paid that took away all my jams and a dental teleport me there so I would like a refund

- Developers let people cheat

Don’t waste your time downloading this game. We have one alliance in our state that obviously has downloaded illegal programs that have helped them to max out their bases and orange heros. Several of us have wrote and complained. Most of us are ignored but a couple times when there was a response it basically said “sorry kid, tough luck” So the developers don’t care even if a lot of money is spent, they still don’t care. Stay away from this game

- Game is poorly balanced and loses fun quickly.

Low levels are defenceless against higher levels, that can do whatever they want. Many have quit in disgust and I expect it to continue.

- Last Shelter Survival Doesn’t ANSWER QUERIES.

Long story short, the developers FAIL TO CLEAR OLD ISSUES...HENCEFORTH I cant RECOVER MY ACCOUNT LOST DUE TOO THE TOOOOOO MANY GLITCHES. After spending a ton of money, I can’t GET ANY ANSWERS. I’d love to submit a screenshot to show THEIR ONE OF TOO MANY GLITCHES.

- Heavy cash based game

In this game if you are not prepared to spend a few hundreds of dollars then don’t even brother because even for basic defence building requires items that is only available through purchases else spends about 1 month of time to “mine” enough for basic level upgrade for the first 3 to 4 lvl while those that spends real money will be pass level 10. Worst once you have been attacked there is nothing to stop further attacks for even 1 second of break. Thus you will not be able to grow once you pass level 8 or above because you can’t save enough resources before others farm you so the difference of power will only grow bigger for those that spend money. If money is not issue then this is an alright game since the graphics and sound is mediocre at best and the story is ..... to be desired. If you enjoy farming and crushing other players and have plenty of money to spend then this game is for you.

- Not worth your time

Don’t get me wrong, I actually enjoy the game. But unless you can afford to pay to always have shields up, you will just be destroyed every night, by bigger players attacking you and taking all of your resources. There is no balance to this game, and it will leave you completely frustrated.

- Need to find for report on email

I can’t find for report on email

- Game is unbalanced

Developers need to spend some time on the control of what levels can attack and the rates that resources are earned. There is also lots of other inconsistency's that get bothersome. I would suggest that you look for a different game as this one will get cumbersome and frustrating quickly.

- Fun

So far, so good!

- 10/10

Good stuff

- Great


- Sweet

Good stuff

- So far

So good

- Waste of time!

This game is an absolute joke. It is by far the most unbalanced game I have ever played. I am constantly attacked by other players who have all maxed units and heros. Literally 10-15 levels higher than me. I lose all my resources that I am trying to collect so that I can at least try to level up. You must be shielded all the time to prevent being attacked by the maxed out, high level bullies that take everything you need to play this waste of time game. The game developers could easily correct this by making it only possible to attack players of similar strength. But I’m sure that won’t be happening... Gotta keep the coiners happy! I’ve totally lost interest in this frustrating game. My advice to anyone thinking of downloading and playing this game... don’t bother. You’ll only become yet another supply farm for the high end players and you will never be able to advance to higher levels. This week I was attacked 3 times by players at level 288 million to 320 million. My level is 7 million…does this seem like an enjoyable game to you?

- Reviews not being posted?

Why is my review not being posted? Is it because it is the truth that this game unfairly favours players in the Developer home country with server response times and lower price rewards and subscriptions? Apple, don’t sensor reviews as you are permitting people to be ripped off with unfair gaming practices.

- Costly

As of late…. Customer service still sucks, and the iPad version doesn’t really work well since you can’t see everything and can’t finish conquests if you can’t damn well see them all 🤣 It’s a huge PIA to go back and forth to your phone just to complete some quests because you can’t complete them on the iPad. Fix this crap guys. Game is fun although in order to be competitive you need to be ok with spending LOTS of cold hard cash. You cannot in anyway stay competitive without spending buckets of cash. In order to get some much needed building you need to spend $35can a month for a package. If you want to be in the top 100 your will need to have bought the $140can package just to unlock the VIP building where you can spend more of your hard earned cash. This game well fun to play is a money hungry mess with HORRIBLE customer service.

- Don’t install this

You could find the game fun at beginning even if graphics are terrible. But soon, you will realize that this is a pay to win game… not only $5-10 sometimes. To stay competitive you will need to spend thousands of $$$ or stay connected to the game 18/24h if you are a free to play… and even there you will stay weak. Last Shelter= hidden Casino

- Game for rich peoples

Nothing changed over the years … devs should do something about new stuff and graphics … boring game

- Devs don’t care

This is a pay to win game. But let me clear. Unlike other pay to win games, in this one, the devs do not care about your feedback on how to improve the game. They launch and release new updates weekly it seems. They make it harder and harder to secure new heroes. Don’t play this game. Unless you are prepared to spend 10k a month to simply keep up, more if you want to win.

- Greedy

Real good people in the game but the devs greed will be the game’s demise. They keep coming up with ways to make you spend in order to keep up in the game…. I unfortunately will stay weak and food for my family is more important than greedy game devs

- Really bad services

I just wasted my entire month, made my tower reach on more then 140 wave with all my updated guns and now its back to wave 1 all slots are gone all my guns are gone and i cant see any way i can get it back totally waste of time game

- Stopped Working

Downloaded 2.0.17 yesterday ... game no longer comes on. Very disappointed as I had played for several years.

- Lot of paid 5 stars reviews - avoid

Nothing more to say. It is clumsy and a barely hidden attempt at stealing your money for bad content

- Hustle

Game is a typical pay to win builder and the preview is nothing like the game

- Thieves

There were 2 packages bought by error! After 3 days of asking for a refund, I asked spoke and got a refund. The game then took back the items which were unused then they took 100,000 diamonds from me, which is work almost $270! So, I’m faut they are thieves! Stay away from this game!

- Pay to win

This game is interesting with side adventures that can be quite fun but, if you want to do well be prepared to pay. When I say pay, I don’t mean a few dollars I’m talking thousands. Most app games will give you something worthwhile for a few dollars but this is not one of them. Example, there was a new skin for a hero a few months back. cThe skin gave a five percent bonus so not that much, and you could only get it by paying for a chance to receive it. Watched a guy on YouTube do it and it cost over a hundred bucks…for a skin. Some play value but not worth the money it takes to do well.

- Not worth the time

I played this game for over 3 years now. But it isn’t fun anymore. The developers doesn’t care for Free to play, or modest spenders anymore. Every update has more features that are broken and caters to high spending players. That is fine for a pay to win game but then their Eden matchups are horrible. Season after season they put high paying players with low or modest paying players.

- Brutal

Garbage! Stay away! They never help you if their game messes up!

- Pay to win game.

Game is a pay to win game. Spending money is the only way you can stay competitive in this game. Match making is horrible. It has always placed 1 or 2 strongest alliance with the weak or average once.

- Stupid game, I signed up to practice my shooting not this

Not worth the download, I signed up to shoot zombies to practice my sight, and I got into this stupid useless game

- Don’t bother

Crap boring nothing like the ad

- Bad

Very bad game. Do not play this. Pay to play incredibly slighted towards Chinese players who pay less. Chinese complain about English for no reason and English get punished. No joke. Quote racist. Don’t play this game.

- Cash Grab

The game is fun, don’t get me wrong, but this is a pure PTW scenario. Extremely poor customer service. Very cash driven company.

- For big spenders

Game is highly addictive and it’s a pay to win in its pure glory. There’s frequently lag and bugs during Kill Event on weekend but don’t expect the developers to give you back your ressources and soldiers that you lost due to their lag/bug. So pay and don’t get compensated if they screw up your game.

- Rigged game

North American players are at disadvantage they favour Asian countries. We get no luck recruiting heros. No good customer service. And no chance for Red cores unless you pay money ever month . Not for casual playing only big money.

- Extremely Pay to Win

Pay to research and build faster, to get more troops and to destroy free to play players

- Encore et encore de l’argent que les développeur nous volent

Il est grand temps que vous changiez votre façon de faire. Vous voulez toujours encore plus notre argent. Ce n’est pas une façon de faire si vous voulez gardez les gens à jouer à votre jeu et à l’appréciez. Penser à cela et en espérant que vous allez améliorer notre plaisir. Je crois que je vais faire comme Ctesse, quitter et arrêter de jouer. Cela vient ridicule…. Il n’y a plus de plaisir.

- 💸💸💸

Pay to win ???

- Pay to win

If you struggle with any form of addiction or compulsion, stay far away from this game. It is pay to win and will take advantage of you to get you to pay. I don’t mean a few hundred or thousand. This is a $10,000 USD or more pay to win game. Do not play.

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Last Shelter: Survival 2.33.4 Screenshots & Images

Last Shelter: Survival iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Last Shelter: Survival iphone images
Last Shelter: Survival iphone images
Last Shelter: Survival iphone images
Last Shelter: Survival iphone images
Last Shelter: Survival iphone images
Last Shelter: Survival iphone images
Last Shelter: Survival iphone images

Last Shelter: Survival (Version 2.33.4) Install & Download

The applications Last Shelter: Survival was published in the category Games on 2018-02-19 and was developed by LONG TECH NETWORK LIMITED [Developer ID: 1040083066]. This application file size is 1.03 GB. Last Shelter: Survival - Games app posted on 2023-01-19 current version is 2.33.4 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.more.dayzsurvival.ios