Last Shelter: Survival

Last Shelter: Survival download

-Real Time Nation vs. Nation post-apocalyptic strategy war game. Join now! Your Country needs you!

[Last Shelter: Survival] is a Massive Multi-Player, Real-Time strategy war game. The player will take upon the role of a leader of a small settlement in a world devastated by a zombie apocalypse. Build your own wasteland empire, train your troops, recruit legendary heroes and join your allies in the non-ending war even in the end of humanity. To befriend or to plunder, the choice is yours!

Unique Features

-World Wide War
Real-time combat against players across the world, lead your country to greatness

-Realistic Graphics
The Map, The World, Your City, The Units, The Heroes, Everything just seems, REAL

-Build Your Wasteland Empire
Absolute Freedom City Building, upgrade your facilities, research your technologies, train your troops and recruit powerful heroes to strengthen your empire!

-Hero System
Whether you like to engage your enemies at a distance, take them on at close quarters, or you enjoy developing your base at home, there are TONS of heroes that can help you with just that!

-Strategic Gameplay
One set of units just simply cannot dominate, Fighters, Shooters and Vehicles, You have to know your enemy and yourself to walk the battlefield of this world.

-Alliance Warfare
Whether it’s going against different servers, or fighting for the title of the president at home, your alliance will always be backing you up, as long as you find the right people of course.

[Real Reviews]
“The game is really just a platform to meet friends from all over the world.”
“Ever joined a group of Russians and waged war against the entire North America? I’m American!”
“Joined a Mexican alliance, learned how to speak Spanish, got raided by Turks, and Canadians came and helped us, 9/10 would play again.”

Base Lv.4 or above commanders can obtain supplies from the benefit center.
-Subscription Content: You will be subscribed to the game content: Army Supply, After the subscription, the following rewards can be claimed as a daily supply.
1. - 500 Diamonds
2. - 8 Hour speed-up or 400k corresponding valued resources
3. - Construction Center Usage Privilege
4. - Solar Power Station Usage Privilege
5. - Special chat bubble and name tag
6. - Personalized Signature system
- Subscription Duration: 1 Month (Monthly subscription product)
- Subscription Cost: $24.99/month
- Payment: Payment via iTunes account after confirmation
- Cancellation: If needed, subscription can be canceld in iTunes/ Apple ID account settings 24 hours before the subscription expires
- Subscription Continuation: iTunes account will deduct the fund 24 hours before the subscription duration expires, subscribing for another cycle

- For check Privacy Agreement details:
- For Automated Subscription Service Agrrement:

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Last Shelter: Survival App Description & Overview

The applications Last Shelter: Survival was published in the category Games on 2018-02-19 and was developed by LONG TECH NETWORK LIMITED. This application file size is 462.97 MB. Last Shelter: Survival current version is 1.250.152 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions.

Version 1.250.152 Out Now

-Optimized Immigration interface with more details

-Fixed Battle Reports title errors
-Alliance mails can now be translated
-Cards can be cleared when changing national missions now

Last Shelter: Survival App Tips, Tricks and Rules

Last Shelter: Survival Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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rock on LP!!!   2 star

Would not recommend. Tried this game for maybe 2 months; wanted to try it because the ads for it looked really enticing. But maybe I never made it far enough, or I didn’t see where to tap, but the ads looked almost nothing like the game. It’s great that the mods give you lots of freebies to help you build up your town, but no matter how big/strong you build it, there’s always someone else out there that’s bigger/stronger, and they’ll relentlessly attack your town, raping you of a vast majority of the resources your people have made or grown. There’s no cap on how much you can be attacked, either. So unless you’re willing to spend actual money in this game, it’s mostly pointless to try and fortify your town for free with lots of time and effort. You can also try moving your town, so that your virtual bully can no longer find you, but at the cost of 2000 diamonds (which are really hard to come by), doing so is very prohibitive. And even if you DO move, it’ll only be a matter of time until another bigger/stronger bully starts the process all over again. And forming an alliance? Either my alliance never saw my cries for help, or they just didn’t care to when I needed them. Whatever.. I’m just glad I finally got smart enough to delete the app from my phone. Thanks for nothing! =)

Nicarockerx1x   4 star

Fantastic Funn. This game is amazeballs! You will wind up spending 6-12 a day thinking about the game, create awesome connections with your alliance members and with state wide members! If you are looking for something to replace a bad addiction this one is harmless as long as you don’t spend money. Things can get pretty crazy sometimes but really great. I only give it a four because I would love some more music in background and for buildings to change appearance when leveling up. Weather lvl 1 or 15 it all looks the same. Would also love to have grass for my camp it would look so much more pretty.

IamArkaan   1 star

الدعم الفني فاشل. الدعم الفني غير متعاون ولا يستجيب بسرعة ، فقدت حسابي وعملت اعادة تعيين لكلمة السر ولم تصل لي رسالة اعادة التعيين لكلمة السر عن طريق الإيميل ...

pepsiplaya   3 star

Rip. Reason I’m giving this three stars is the fact of a bug in desert chapter four when recruiting the zombie killer guy and putting him into barracks. It shows an animation of them dragging him in. But because the animation will not stop I cannot drag him in myself meaning I’m stuck

MtBakerOG   1 star

Another scam RTS game. Beware.. If i could leave zero stars i would. This is another scam RTS that requires a mandatory $25 payment to continue very early in the game (Arms Supply). Don't bother. Also, looks absolutely NOTHING like the previews or adds that play constantly on YouTube. Beware.

trikimber   1 star

I wish I had never started playing this game.. At first the game is entertaining, and it seems minor to throw down $.99 here or $4.99 there. But to really play this game at a competitive pace, build your base, etc it seems like you gotta throw down a LOT of money. Tons of state in-fighting, backstabbing, etc. I honestly wish I’d never started playing this game. It’s really only a pay-to-play game, what really turned me off is when the state vs state battle happened and the opposing state players expected others to pay them to not zero their bases. Players sell their bases to others. At the end of the day it’s really not much more than a drain for your bank account.

brutalruthless   4 star

Game lag. The game since the update has started to lag when playing it please fix this issue

Waltercay   1 star

Developers in it for the money. While we all know that developers are hoping to gain a living out for their apps, I have never seen them do something as damaging to their players as their recent migration rule changes. In midstream, the devs decided to change the state migration rules to cost twice as much- many hundreds of dollars more. In addition, they created restrictions for the migrations that renders many bases obsolete. Bases that people have spent a great deal of money on. People spend money on this game and expect fair rules and governance in return. They did not receive this from this game and these developers. This is why I give this game one star and will no longer recommend this game.

kwheinrnr   1 star

Horrible. This game is horrible. It’s nothing like the ads lead you to think, I’m ashamed that I actually played it as long as I did in hopes that the game would get better. Game is a huge joke.

WillemDafoe   1 star

Games filled with cheaters and bots. The title says it all. You can hit people zero troops show in your attack one second later they hit you and have their full strength. They are burning at 1% and can still hit you. You hit them at 1% and win they don’t die. Game crashes after hitting people. Just a knock off of games before it with just as crappy regulations.

AJ-92109   1 star

Unresponsive customer service. After playing for a long time my account was permanently suspended without warning or explanation probably because invading enemy mass reported me. Customer service is unresponsive and I hate to go through credit card disputes and formal proceedings.

Dr.Mr.Koala   2 star

False advertisement. Saw this game when playing another game and it looked good. So I got it.. But what I saw through advertisement was a different game. What I saw, it made it look like a Fallout Shelter style game; sideview game, building your base underground along with other stuff (rooms, kitchen, etc..). So I got it and it’s nothing like I saw.

o was jfkrnfjdk   1 star

Bullying. Game is great but full of a**holes who prey on the weak. I assume since the developer is Chinese they could care less that the bullies are Chinese as well.

JaneBerlinH   4 star

It’s got me hooked. I could come up with stuff to complain about I’m sure but the fact remains- I’ve been playing the game for the last few months so I clearly enjoy it.

haiyiku   1 star

totally different game as advertised. Fake advertising, don’t download the game, you have to pay a lot of money to grow in this game, and not even playable. Worst game ever!

Edink1986   1 star

Racist player base and careless customer service. The elite player base is primarily Chinese. Which is ok. Except they are extremely racist. There are cheats in the game that are sold as a service. For a fee they tell you location of base and apcs for any player. Customer service is garbage even if you are a paying customer. Game “glitches” can cause you to loose Hundreds of dollars of items. Opening a ticket is pointless for USA customers as we have no consumer protection from apple. They barely respond and even if they do it’s a generic response with no remediation. Don’t waste your money. Get out while you can.

CDrifter8   1 star

Very fun but horrible response from developers. I have been playing this game for awhile and it has been fun until game bug issues occurred more frequently. Initially was 3 day shields just randomly dropping leading to losing a lot of rss. Then a major bug caused me not being Able to teleport during attacks which led to massive loss of troops and resources (which you need to get ahead in the game ) developers admitted to bug gave compensation but was not equal to lost. Reached out to customer service possibly a mistake and oversight but apparently they said that was enough (even with having them review game reports about the lost of troops) customer service noted game developers will not do anything. Hope this helps before deciding to go for game that do not treat their customers well.

Gunner1113   1 star

DO NOT SPEND ON THIS GAME. The game itself is fun but unless you’re willing to spend thousands on the game you won’t be able to keep up competitively. If you want to play casually or in a competitive alliance create alt accounts as farms to build yourself up late in the game. The micro transactions and loot boxes are a rip off and their customer support is beyond laughable. A fun game for sure but don’t fall for the micro transactions. UPDATE: Devs continue to try and force you to spend money as they changed migration rules and closed off certain states. If you play don’t spend money. Send them a message

Nemesis2809   2 star

BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE. Just like the title says

sidatro   3 star

Addicting. Game is great. One big issue is usage of game BOTS. There is no way in game to link a coordinate of a hive BOT. When one player is surrounded by many (5, 10, +15) farms of their own.... and these farms are all actively sending out marches to tiles... it’s borax When a march goes right past a higher level resource tile and marches for many minutes to a specific tile size (marches past a level 10 and goes 15 minutes to a level 6) it’s a BOT! Put a system in the game to tag the coordinates. Monitor these. IP and Similarity in email schema naming ...

VinylmationKing   2 star

In app purchases overpriced. Dame is a money pit. While fun, developers are greedy as heck.

TyTyTy0797   2 star

BULLIES and pay to play. I have been playing the game for a least a few weeks now and now I’m at level 12 and it’s hard to get any further. I continue to be attacked by players with higher levels. I have no time to gather resources before they are gone again. Its makes it very difficult to level up and play when you are attacked by the same person everyday 😔. If you are not willing to spend money to progress in a game this one isn’t for you!!!!

ds13579   1 star

Game is a scam!!!. This game gets you sucked and forces you to spend money in order to move forward, it does this after you have played it for awhile for free, so I highly recommend not waisting ur time on it like I did...

Sleepyhead_k9   1 star

Log in issues. I cant freaking log in the game, its says connection error but my connection is perfectly fine.

IsXo3   1 star

Bugs, crashing, won’t load. Every since the last two new updates this game stop working for me. I use to play it and spend a lot of time on it, but now I can’t! I’m really frustrated and annoyed that I can do much! I send them and email and I haven’t receive anything from them.

real american believer   1 star

MISLEADING!!! Game is Nothing like Advertised. They post ads showing this app doing al sorts of cool stuff but nothing they show you. It’s a complete scam to get you to pay money into it. FALSE ADVERTISING!! This is the same game as 10+ other games in the App Store with just different graphics. Then you can never win or make progress. Because there are so few people playing the game you are attacked every hour and you can never make progress unless you dump money into it.

barrell9900   3 star

Fun but..... The game is fun...really fun. But the devs don’t ever respond if there is a problem...which there are. Sometimes they do respond but give you the run around and don’t address your problem at all. They have implemented a lot of rules lately that restricts some of the game and migration and it would be better if they actually listened to you instead of just deciding they think they know what we want

Fireguyy   1 star

Devs are ruining the game. Fun game, but the on the fly rule changes are completely ruining it. If you haven’t been playing since the beginning, and are in an older state, you are getting screwed because the new rule changes affect the newer players/states the most.   1 star

Horrible Strategy Game. This game is not a real RTS or strategy game. Hero are the most important thing and they are given randomly. You could spend hundreds of dollars on this game and not get a single orange hero. Even if you did, you have to get multiple ones to unlock skills. This game is a money pit and I haven’t even talked about the players who get cheap deals on packages to max out stuff other would that months to get. This is a grind and dine on weak players game. Don’t fall victim to this game. If I could get a refund. I want it yesterday.

AgusOnoir   1 star

Spam attacks kill the game. Over and over and over high level players basically rape you by spam attacking you. It’s a great game, but when someone 9 levels above you hits you 10x a day it kills all fun in the game. There is no cap on how often someone can attack you. They get most of your resources, then you spend what you have left healing fighters in the hospitals. This is truly a pay to win game. There needs to be a cap on how often one person can attack you...I’ve had one person hit me more than 25x in a week...never completely obliterating me, just farming me for resources. This could be a great game, but unless they change that aspect, and you are willing to pay out the rear to level fast then you will constantly die.

Advertorial    5 star

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Stevenwang0524   1 star

Disappointed. Nothing like their ads video, poor graphic design. Played for 10 mins and bored to die...

Softfalcon   1 star

Crappy game with terrible ads on YouTube. This game is one of those knock-off, rehashed, assets stolen from all over the internet, and made into a new game, kind of junk. To top it off, they make all these really annoying ads on YouTube that do zombie screams so when you’re listening to music, you get this horrible zombie screech in the middle of your tunes. I mean, come on, they’re worse than those car ads with the stupid zombie scare at the end. Seriously, really bad marketing tactic. I’m not “scared” it’s just ungodly annoying is all after the 20th time it pops up. I “installed” and then stopped the install just to post this review so that people will avoid this steaming pile of garbage and the company that makes it.

happy happy happy happy👈🏻🤗   1 star

Won’t let me in. Whenever I try to go into the game, it doesn’t let me in, which stinks cuz it looks like a maybe good game

Wuming qiuniu   1 star

很差劲的游戏设置. 你信我就别进坑,这个游戏不值得玩。 漏洞多,服务差,客户体验度差。游戏设置规定只为了骗钱。

Harry_cf2   1 star

Bullying is out of control. Seems like the Devs only care about money. A strong base migrated to our State. He is stronger than 99% of the bases. Hence, we keep getting attacked and loosing all resources. He keeps harassing people in the chat too. I wish I never had spent time and money on this game. I have contacted the Support so many times and they don’t do anything about it.

654321switch   1 star

Garbage. Did an update now I can’t log in anymore. Games load to 80% then crashes.

gfghxf   1 star

Aweful. Don’t even try it. Won’t even load past 70%. Keeps reeling me I have internet problems when my internet is fine. Waste of battery and time.

Aces wife   1 star

Crashing/won’t load. Went to start a new game now it won’t load keeps crashing on iPhone. Fix it!

Branbranbranbran93   1 star

Won’t load. Game just says it won’t load

Prest21savage   4 star

Was banned for literally no reason. I’ve spent about two months on the game on and off and had made it to base level 14 when I was randomly suspended for like 32 years and for the official reason it read blank this game is very fun and I greatly recommend it but the staff on the game is horrible

Kingspiddy   3 star

Great game. Would love if we could donate to other players as well as the alliance for those members in the same alliance. It would help

Pixels pixels everywhere   1 star

I don’t know. Garbage

GreedisBadMojo   1 star

Where do I start from?. Greed!! The only word to sum up this game. Our State is dead. We keep getting paired with states that kick out asses because they are lot stronger, have spent more money and have more active players. There are other dead states. And instead of merging the weaker States, devs came up with another “solution” or should I say opportunity to make money: Migration. Their greed sees no bounds. We can either keep loosing every battle or spend sh*t load of money to migrate to another state. And yea it’s a lot of money. Just example how devs care about making money and not the players or the balance of the game. Pathetic!! P.S. the game looks nothin like the zombies trailer. There is barely any use for zombies. It’s just a copy of FarmVille.

peterson. law   1 star

Garbage customer service. this garbage game deducted my huge amount diamond , resources and super tickets (I spend real money on those) for no reason. And customer service is totally joke, they just keep saying “ be patient’ , they said will return my stuff within a week, but still no return after a week then I contact customer service ask what’s going on , they keep saying “ we checking on it , be patient “ again and again nothing else. worst game ever , don’t play and don’t spend money on it.

Buy this right nao   1 star

Terrible, do not waste your time. Horrible attempt at a game. Caters to those who actually drop hundreds on this crap. Takes you weeks to build up enough resources to do anything, only to have a guy much higher than you come and steal it all whenever they please. Do not waste your time or money or this garbage.

Kesher   1 star

Terrible!! Don’t even start to play!!. Even One level higher player can keep attacking you non stop!! You build your city but someone higher level just ruins it whenever he feels comfortable. You have nothing to do against that, just watch how your city dies!! Absolutely no proportions!! Good luck

Omniversal Void   3 star

Misleading. I mean the game isn’t bad, it’s a ripoff of clash of clans with even less functionality but as addictive as one would expect Nothing you see in the ad is even true. Just be warned

Löis #670   3 star

Won’t Load. Am I the only one having problem opening the app right now? The loading page stays at 96% then another page appears that says “network error, unstable connection” but I have perfectly good wifi. I’ve uninstalled the app but it didn’t help.

jfjgjhg   4 star

False advertising. It’s a really fun game, but it’s different from the ads, make the ads more accurate and I’ll have 5 stars

WabashaKellogg   1 star

1.250.147 dark mode UI crap. World map looked dark when you have dark mode on. The clock, cell, battery area looked horrible. Shows 1 cell line instead of 2. Shows 4G instead of LTE. Can’t you use the original Apple UI?

frankdiorio65   4 star

Last shelter. I don't know why everyone is complaining? I have been playing for over 5 weeks now, so still a newbie, i got my base to level 19, now on verge to start the big reward chests. It starts slow as any game, but this is also a team game, when you join an alliannce, you all work together to help each other gain more points. If you dont like that aspect then you will hate the game. You can play alone but will take you forever to gain levels and no one will be there to help protect and grow. Im addicted. One of the best apple , phone , ipad games,

Krasnov Vasilli   1 star

False advertising. None of the photos used to describe the game, nor any of the advertising they use are accurate, in fact, they have nothing to do with the game at most times. Just another example of a company lying to get your money. Don’t bother.

cscharap   1 star

Don’t waste your time. This game is extremely slow and you really only get anywhere if you pay for the expensive in game purchases. Customer service was super annoying and not helpful. Steer clear!

hopy1966   1 star

Don’t subscribe. It’s a scam. What they don’t tell you is that it gets renewed. And you can’t cancel in game. You have to cancel thru iTunes. Seems they want you to cancel the day before as well. Just so you forget.

DM!&DM!   1 star

Encourages racially charged language in dialogue as well as cheating!. By all means, come enjoy the game if you enjoy racially charged language in the chats. The developers do nothing to curb it and the reporting function does not appear to result in any concrete action. As well, evidence of cheating is rampant, yet developers do nothing to address it.

Spideyxander   5 star

Last shelter survival. It’s so cool you should play it.

Lawrencewest   1 star

Fix up. I am rating this app a 1star only because after I did an update it lost my whole file I’ve been playing this game for almost 6 years now such bull****

Dr Sandri   2 star

Typical. The game starts off fun. Until you realize that by the time you get to about level 10 so much of what you need to do can only be done by purchasing specialty items like certain types of medals. Sure, you can randomly farm them at one or two a day, but you need 50 to promote a character. To top it all off you inevitably end up with some pay to play people in your area. So you have to save about a day or two of resources to level up your base, but the second you get attacked everything you saved is plundered. As in there is almost no way to protect your resources. So you have to start from scratch. The game could be fun but as is typical, pay to play players dominate everything and those who refuse to do so are left frustrated at become a resource farm for others.

agomeza24   1 star

Basura de juego. Le inverti tiempo y dinero real en recursos y aun así recibo diariamente 4 y mas ataques que me dejan en ceros. Como es posible que el juego permita que jugadores de niveles altos ataquen a otro jugador por encima de nivel 6? No es equitativo ni llamativo ser arrasado mientras se intenta evolucionar.

RossiJW   1 star

Very disappointing!. I enjoyed this game at first, spend some money in it too. But the rules changes very week. You have to spend time to read and learn its new mess up rule otherwise players from other realm will roam all of you hard earn resources away. Literally all of it! Very disappointing game. I understand the developer wants you to spend time and money, but it’s a cell phone game, it meant to just casual time killing. But if you don’t pay full attention to it, you lose everything in minutes. Don’t waste your time and money in this game, you lose everything and not worth your time. Oh, maybe you like to be tortured, then this is the game for you! Otherwise, stay away! Look at the 5 star review, no name or content. They are all fake!

Advertorial    5 star

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Joshiemac   1 star

Game crashing. Every time I try to build structure for DD or put things in for gathering it crashes can you please fix this problem

Tash/Aussie87   5 star

Good game. Have very much enjoyed playing this game until it reset on me it took me ages to get to my level and I’m not starting again but fun game to play

Koatrona!   1 star

Can’t play. Can’t build the road to continue

Chip3ez   1 star

Don’t waste your time. My last review seems to have disappeared. Eden destroyed this game, my state is dying because Eden will return. People are migrating in droves, or quitting. I will probably quit, after having spent much money on this game. Every Doomsday season is made worse. Don’t expect a reply from support unless you are a MASSIVE spender. Stay away from this game!!!

Hffthigdgg   1 star

Terrible game don’t even bother. Impossible to progress without spending truck loads of money. Then I got band for doing nothing. No reason given Stay away from this rubbish

Viannahuang   5 star

Can’t long to ☹️. Can’t long to ☹️

Fish0073   1 star

Ozfish73. Would be good if you can get on

Lemuel Azon   1 star

App wont load, always crashes. Hi, just this morning when I try to open the app it won’t load and always crashes. Is there a problem in general or what?

강팸   1 star

업데이트 후 접속안됨. 업데이트 후 접속안됨

Milan81389   1 star

今天更新后连续闪退. 今天下午看到了有新的安装提示,就跟新了。结果进不去游戏闪退。而且中游戏里的商店物品价格也标错了。做事一点都不用心,早知道闪退就不更新了....

Z. Wu   1 star

太tm卡了,多架点海外服务器吧. 别天天想着搞充值活动

shanen2133   1 star

The worst game EVER. at the start i THOUGHT it was good but I couldn’t EVEN PLAY PROPERLY it literally just like stays in one picture then my iPad crashes SO BAD

s3rgee   2 star

Money hungry developers. It’s addictive game. You have to pay to win. If you don’t pay to win other players in the game will dominate you. It’s very unfair game. Yes it is free to play, however if you don’t pay to play you’re a weak player which makes the game unfair.

Redhotpokerupdaarze   1 star

Horrendous. Another Game of War lame knock off. Please DO NOT INSTALL. They take your money and literally give you nothing and then say it’s not there fault and refuse to offer compensation. Just appalling. This is not a Zombie game. Completely false advertising! Just another pay to play rort. Just garbage.

Jamilicious2626   5 star

Yay game is fixed. Changing my rating as the last update fixed the game and I can play again.

geeau   1 star

Pay to win. If you want a game to play and enjoy without spending big bucks, find another. In this game, you must spend money to remain relevant otherwise you will be overwhelmed by pay to win players.

Jay87878787   1 star

Allowing cheats. And I don’t mean big spenders that ruin the game. I’m talking about an alliance (chinese alliance) that is actively cheating using not only multiple farming bots but a bit to track teleports so we can’t run from their relentless attacks. So far devs have done nothing, more interested in making money than keeping in fair.

David Phuc   5 star

last shelter survival. awesome

DevinGW   1 star

Bad game. Always time out.

Gibsonfox03   1 star

Really bad. It is bad because I’m in the toturieal and it tells me to build a road and when I tap where it tells me to it says can’t place roads here

Belchhhhh23   1 star

Ridiculous. Unless you plan on getting a second job to purchase the over priced upgrades don’t bother playing this game , full of wankers who prey on little people over and over again to make themselves feel good

Chief_80   2 star

Pointless. Usual society development game ..... build.... wait ... upgrade etc etc which is fine and to be expected but what really is annoying is you spend a lot of time building your army and then you don’t go on the app for an hour and discover a player has attacked your camp repeatedly & consecutively and depleted your troops by half and it really takes the fun out of the game. I don’t have a problem with the attacking but their should be a “cooling” off period after your attacked. For this reason I’ll be deleting the app, their are plenty of other things that I can waste my life on.

Annoyed at review nickname choices   1 star

Money making scam. Scams your money, hard to progress without spending. The prizes are rigged. If you complain or ask for help you get an automatic robot response. Not helpful Large players from states more advanced destroy even the strongest players due to their access to things you can’t acquire

Chin Mano   1 star

.. $1.49 to $30.99 srsly??

hpe129gh2084   1 star

They are criminals. I've been playing this game for the last 2 months, and the game is somewhat interesting, but every time I make any in-app purchases, the game charges me twice the amount of any purchase. I have contacted the site several times, but the game simply does not support the customer! They are robbing players who buy in-game items! This game is already quite unfair and with no money involved you will never get anywhere. As if that wasn't enough they still want to steal from you! Seriously! I never even received a answer or anything, don’t be stupid downloading this stupid app.

Shauny K   1 star

Level 10 onwards need money. Pathetic, can’t play a simple game anymore without having to spend money!

180jimbo   1 star

Sad. This game starts of ok but as you get higher the bigger player just start bullying you and burning you, and only way you can stop them you have to pay, This game is only good if you like to be bully, there are no rules to protect the smaller player so top player can hit small player and there is nothing the small player can do

agent86therealone   1 star

Why no landscape for iPad?. These games are tedious to play in portrait mode on an iPad. Deleted. Don’t devs use iPads?

ashlah   1 star

Mislead by a YouTube ad. Thought this game was something else because. YouTube ad made it look like an interactive game that meant fighting zombies more like a FPS but it’s one of those games where you build and wait then get stuck and need to pay to make it any further. I get that game developers need to make money for their effort but how about making this a paid for game to begin with. Don’t waste your time with this game.

JRBern   1 star

The game help is really bad. Still waiting for days to get help to recover my account cause it disappeared and no reply at all, no help, they don’t even think of care about their players only theirselves

Dee (a.k.a Cattack)   1 star

Bait and Switch game. You first start out playing the game thinking your going to be killing zombies, and that there is a storyline. For the first five chapters, it looks like this. But then the storyline stops, and the game becomes a freemium war game like game of war, much more focused on alliances, the arms race, upgrading almost everything, and raiding / defending from raids. The game is very predatory, either you have to spend lots of money to keep up with the arms race, spend lots of time winning purple or gold chests to get diamonds, rss and speed ups, or face an uphill battle keeping up with everyone else unless you don’t care to play competitively at all. The top alliances demand you be active so you have no choice but to keep on playing it (or face no Non-Aggression Pact (NAP) protection which makes you a constant target for raiders) and the alliances do encourage bonding which may make you feel good, but becomes a lock to keep you playing in the game. And if you do want to play the game competitively and be one of the top players in your state, you will have to play the cash race, where you will likely face off against rich people from East Asia and of which you will need to spend hundreds to thousands of $$$. The top player in the state I played in was said to have spent $50000 on the game. And in addition, this game is way too addicting and will likely lead to disappointment and resentment unless you are used to playing freemium games and spending a lot of money. Also, I have not played a more buggy game in my life, and I am a longtime game player. Please, steer clear of this game unless you are ok with being manipulated into spending lots of $$$ in a money trap.

juliaelizabeth   1 star

No Customer Service. Account was banned for no reason and after over 24 hours of trying to get someone in customer service to help me with no response I’m giving up. What a poor way to end a gam I was actually enjoying.

Sad Harry   2 star

Banned for no reason. Fun game but I come back one afternoon to find my account banned. I haven’t even used any chat yet. Never had this problem on any other mobile game. :( 👎

Camp Roca   3 star

Great game but new update has so many bugs!!!. Help. This only seems to be happening on 1 account. Again great game but so many bugs. With new iOS update 150!!!!

Filmfan56078   5 star

Fun with good Alliance. I am in state 657 Alliance NWQ if you are new to the game, google on how to move to our state before going to base lvl 6. We will offer you a place in our farm alliance with protection from Bullying and knowledge on how to play the game. It’s fun game when you have a great community like we do. We follow rules to protect our members and fellow allies. If you want to play with freedom to build up your base join us in state 657 and become a valued member of our community and alliance NWQ.

lumber7888   1 star

Bad. It won’t load after update I’ve spent 20 bucks I can’t even get on

Haydenthebest21   5 star

The Halloween event. The Halloween event does not work for me and some of my alliance members. We have attacked each over 40 zombie each. Haven’t gotten a single broom stick. At the start of the event we each got 100 broom sticks that we all exchanged for 10 hats. But other than that we got nothing more from attacking zombies. Me and my alliance members would like a fix so we could participate in this event. Please. Thank you.🙂

Freqkin sweet   1 star

Game crashes. New patch is useless.. Terrible buggy game

BonafideRides   1 star

New update cost me. I missed out on my boxes because I can’t login. App will not open. Seems people got mail referring to this issue (version 149) after I was already affected. If my bases are zeroed during this inconvenience I’ll just quit the game.

thenskcms   1 star

Crashessss. Can’t even open the game without it crashing. Broken

bassace35   1 star

Don’t update app. The game will not open after update.

zaechattos   5 star

Great game but. The game keeps glitching out

blahx9   1 star

Game stoped working. Game doesn’t work anymore quits as soon as it’s open

Col ThunderClap   1 star

Support is worthless !!!. If you have auto updates turned on on your phone this company cannot keep ahead of their programming. They have not responded with a single response to constant crashes at startup. They may just have lost my business.

w123juh   1 star

Unstable. The newest version crashes a lot and unstable!

I am Superman   1 star

Don’t Update!. Can’t open game after this new update!

HAZE1   4 star

Great game but not working since new update. Love the game but trying to figure a way to contact support due to the fact it’s not working on iPhone since the most recent update

TheTruth:Eden   1 star

Good Strategy but pay to win 😞. Update: With this new recent update the app won't let me log into my account. The app autocloses all the time. I deleted the app multiple times and restarted my phone and nothing. You made a great game, then you added Eden and screwed it up. Now with your new app update on 10/31/19 it doesn't work. Well thank you for making the game worse little by little. This game is amazing. I've played it since August 2018 and I've enjoyed the challenges and everything that's been thrown into it. Recently DD or Doomsday has been converted over to EDEN which in all honestly is a cluster FK!!! All out war 24/7 and if you're a lower lvl player good luck you're not making it pass the first gate. If you are the type of player that plays strategically you'll enjoy this but one twice.... If you're hero's and tech aren't top of the line well good there as well you'll have a difficult time progressing. It's always been extremely difficult to get good season hero's from this game but now it looks like a lost cause. Unless you are really willy to pay for season recruitment tickets and even then you're gambling the ability to get an S hero. Some members spend thousands on this game to get a good hero... But there will be someone that pays more. The fun of this game is slowly slipping. It's difficult to enjoy a game where you have to basically pay to get good hero's but the average rate of getting a good hero for combat is horrible. Good luck to everyone in Eden.

Fåìl   5 star

Halloween Event. I’ve stopped receiving the rewards for completing Zombie attacks in the Halloween event. I’m not the only one in the Alliance that has experienced this problem, we are over 30 attacks and not 1 reward. Can someone please look into this? Also, it has been mentioned that people are having trouble placing resource tiles since the Halloween event started. Any help or insight is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Oaktr33

Hebby911   1 star

Dont waste your time. If you have an extra 8 hours a day for a few weeks to figure this game out, then go for it. Instructions are terrible and definitely not written by anyone who has any idea on how to speak English.

Andrea McCollum   1 star

Steals your money. This game will charge you for things like diamonds that let you buy various things in the game. But when you go to use an item you just paid for, it disappears and you are out the money you just spent. I should feel dumb for spending money on a game like this anyway.

Tiredbeauty   2 star

The more you spend.... I’ve been playing this game for some time now and have discovered that only those who spend a lot of money o the game get the coveted orange heroes. I actually have 4 accounts neither an orange hero to be seen but my alliance members who also have multiple accounts and have spent a lot of money have gotten every. single. orange hero within a week or two of having those accounts...I guess my measly $25.00 isn’t enough...and watch your bills y’all, they charged me an additional $4.99 and it’s been over a week and still haven’t heard back from them.

someguy8473   1 star

Misleading ads. The ads are misleading

DrHariSeldon   1 star

Awful game. This game is only fun for people who have already been playing for a long time. New players have little or no chance to develop, as your resources are plundered on a daily basis by overpowered players. Not recommended.

FukkkThisGame   1 star

Typical “free-mium” game. You have to spend real money to get ahead in this game. Otherwise you’re constantly facing opponents with huge armies that you have no hope of defeating. Fail.

popmaster1976   1 star

Save your time and money!!!!. The game is geared to let the Chinese cheat and the have tools for them to cheat!!! Save your time and money and don’t play. Loved the game until they gave them the advantage.

a-a1234321   1 star

Last Shelter. Unless you are going to cheat and get bots or location hacks it’s not worth downloading... everyone else will have it and you will just lose and won’t enjoy this game. And then when you email the developers they will take the hackers side cuz they are spending money on the game through micro transactions.

rityui1   1 star

Abusive moderator - Bella Donna state 622. A moderator threatened me and I tried to block. I couldn’t block and then the moderator said they could see all my messages and we aware of my plotting. Huge invasion of privacy, and compromised the game.This moderator happens to belong to the top alliance who are bullies and can outspend everyone. If they can see all messages then no one stands a chance to supplant them. I am not comfortable supplying my payment and personal details with this platform if they allow such a blatant violation of ethics re: threatening moderator. Strategy games are best when the game mechanics encourage group coordination, not outright bullying. Rityui, state 622

lumbercrusher   3 star

Ommm it doesn’t work. I was trying out the tutorial but when I was updating the house it didn’t said it was updated but I couldn’t complete and I couldn’t keep going I got really annoyed so can you please fix thst😔🤣

Falconp51   1 star

Great game, greedy assh$&e players taking all the fun out of this game. Great game assh$&e greedy players. I cant afford to buy the add ons and premium stuff so I am grinding my way up. However, there is no PvP caps and higher level players just keep hammering over and over and over again lower level players and being vampires. I get this is a strategy game bit these greedy players forget there is a human being behind the avatar. It is almost impossible to level up because resources you been working on and saving to level up gets tsken away. Im at the poont of deleting this game. The developers say that they created a positive experience game, well it isn’t happening. To those who are buying your way up I consider you cheaters and have no respect for you. Those who are grinding l wish you all the best of luck

Qjsurhch12859   1 star

Not as advertised. Not at all what was advertised. There’s no digging mines etc ... another cash grab game.

Ilwicht   1 star

Ad doesnt match game. Not at all the game in the advertising, it shows an underground bunker that you build in the ads ... Sigh ... Just another war game

kapt kanuck   1 star

Not at all what advertised.. Do not believe any ads concerning this game or any other games by this company. They show 30 second ads, while playing other games or videos, and it’s usually of game play. The game play shown in the ads is completely false. False advertising is illegal but for some reason this game can get away with it. And not JUST THIS game but many other gaming companies are doing this. Disgraceful. Underhanded. Illegal.


Waste of time. It literally is nothing like the ads and on the first day I had it it crashed and wouldn’t open I made a complaint and they said they don’t have time for this! Don’t get it it’s pathetic

Mediocrim   1 star

Download fail. Gets about 1/3 done, then hangs forever.

Et1414   1 star

Ads are nothing like the game. I wish the game play was even 1/2 as good as the ads, but it is nothing like the ad.

maverickkk69   1 star

boring game dont waste your time. very boring and slow. they always want youto pay, and they have click baits everywhere to make you pay

Shaareable   3 star

Addictive but screenshots fake. Only the last screenshot is accurate. Plus better like repetition or shell out money lots of it


Crap game. First game I’ve played were it’s impossible to progress unless you spend a lot of money. Not talking about hundred of dollars, more like tens of thousands. This game was built by Asians for asians

Boredagainandagain   1 star

Lying. In the ad I was expecting to see a fallout shelter style game. What you get is nowhere near what is advertised. It has nothing what was advertised. Why APPLE allows this is really a black mark on apple as well. But money is more important than honesty.

Photo pictures right   1 star

Discrimination. Some players had words and actions with sex discrimination and racial discrimination.

Gabe sis   1 star

Not good. Terrible game I opened it and it would freeze and not start do NOT download

JOhnDoeeeee1231   1 star

Typical iOS scam game. Requires you to pay $35 a month. But just after you’ve played for a few days, enough to start to enjoy it. Is this really a $420 game? Heck no. I hate iOS games for this reason. Scam.

natkat1997   1 star

If only it were like the videos.. Within a short space of time after downloading this game you will realise it is nothing like the advertising videos circulating. It is at this point it’s just better to delete and move on before wasting days of building and upgrading before some pay to play player wipes you out.

tuckerb2   1 star

Hot garbage. Unless you enjoy being destroyed by more powerful settlements over and over and over and over and over again, probably not the game for you. If that sounds like fun then this is your lucky day this game is your Xanadu.

shoppegirl168   1 star

Bug?. Peace shields don’t seem to work. I used an 8-hour peace shield and got attacked within the 8 hours. Kinda lame.

K. Yu   1 star

Most unfriendly game for new comer or ones who don’t pay. I don’t typically write reviews but felt I’d write one for this game. The game pushes player to fight other players for resources. Usually that’s fine but this game the level and power differences can be huge for players who even just have a few days of heads start or willing to pay $ for faster research. A player can easily wipe out many other players and there is nothing the lower players can do. This doesn’t matter if you are in an alliance or not. By far the most unbalanced game I’ve played. Please save yourself time and look elsewhere.

fendall   1 star

So unbalanced. The big guys will just wipe you out and keep attacking so you never even have a chance, tried for days to build army back up... they just keep attacking and taking resources. Unless you pay for a shield. First few weeks were good..... super lame

OrderandChaos   2 star

Great ads. I'd like to play the game in the ads. That's looks like a really fun tower defence game. This isn't.

Backup ninja   1 star

Boring game, tutorial ridiculously long. Whoever created this game spent waaaaaay too long building out a newbie tutorial part. For the first... I don’t how how long... you don’t get to do anything except click the buttons that the tutorial highlights. This sort of railroad in is so shallow and hollow, I couldn’t get through it.

CurlSquirrel   3 star

Disappointing. I played for several weeks and found it made in such a way that it pressures you to buy needed items, which I don’t do... and there’s a lot of alliance politics that I don’t care for but the city building is interesting, and it keeps me coming back.

Isabchal   3 star

Vraiment un bon jeu. Tout est vraiment parfait mais 34,99$ c’est beaucoup trop cher. Très dommage car on est bloqué dans le jeu.

TLBhOMER   1 star

Very Frustrating. Stayed at level 5 to build up resources before going to level 6. Game said at level 6 I could get attacked. None the less, the same idiot kept attacking me every hour and drained everything I had. Didn’t stand a chance against this higher level player so I stopped playing. It was very frustrating!!!

Mr. Bobite   1 star

Minable!. Mauvais graphisme, mauvaise conception, jeu sans but à part d'acheter des gems. Minable!

gfjbnrsligjbnsetijneitgun   1 star

Sad waste of time. This game is dysfunctional and most Unenjoyable. It is NOTHING LIKE THE ADVERT. Frustrating, annoying and most disappointing. Shameful that they carry the Star Trek legacy. ZERO STARS.

Gaming Guy 38   1 star

Knock off. This is simply a knock if you Fallout Shelter, it is sad that you can’t think of something original.

Hon3y Goldfish   1 star

Bullying. The game is good and could be fun but there is Zéro moderation and Zero supervision so there is players who cheat and bully others players without being ever punish. Also, in some state like state 401 you can have like 3 or 4 majors alliances playing together against new players, making there own rules.... this is such a shame that it make this game no funny to play That game is stupid They just want your money and they don’t care about costumers

El Papito El Papa   1 star

Addictive and Disapointing. I played this game for months with the hope that one day I’d be strong enough to become competitive. I poured hundreds of dollars into the game, hundreds of hours , joined an Alliance, merged with other Alliances, only in the end to accept the conclusion that other players who’ve been playing longer have been doing the same but on a much larger scale of spending. If you don’t have money to play this game you’re better off with Tetris. Basically you need to play for a ridiculous long time to become even slightly relevant, but really you never really achieve this as older states with older alliances and players completely destroy all your hard work without mercy. Play at your own risk.

Walsy1988   4 star

Great translating, poor censorship. The game plays really well. It’s lots of fun and the in-game translator is fantastic! The English censoring is really weird though: things like “ur” “av” and “20” either alone or in words get starred out, making understanding a lot more difficult in chat

Tsteves88   1 star

Translator sucks. Translator in the game is absolute garbage, this needs to be fixed ASAP

Eclectus 1   4 star

Depth. An excellent game offering a lot of depth. The human element always adds to the complexity. DEVELOPERS the inclusion of a notice board for each alliance, editable and writable by R5 and 4s is needed.

啥都会又怎样   1 star

Complete stupidity. Stop showing up on my YouTube ads already

kfc offical   1 star

Stop copying. Plz stop copying sound from Starcraft2

Brock0572   1 star

Good at the start.... ...but a short time in you soon realise you cannot progress unless you spend a lot of cash. You get raided all the time and you cannot progress - don’t waste your time!

douge91   1 star

Overhyped. Not like the way they advertise.

YusMelbourne   2 star

Love the game. It’s limited unless you spend. I love this game as it never gets boring. Been playing for 6 months unless you have money to spend and lots of it you can not be as good as the high paying customers. For example you have to spend money to open vip shop and to get gold hero’s. The people who spend money grow quickly. Some people spend heaps of money like thousands and in turn you become no one. Just to purchase one pack is like $15 aud which does not get much. Better off buying Xbox games

mladenise   1 star

Not worth it. It’s not clear what’s expected and the necessary equipment must be purchased, such as ‘arms logo’ in order to some functions to work. Avoid it, I’ve already deleted the game

M-999/99   1 star

Review. Good game at start but soon turns to a game of who has the most money. The game basically fair for first week or two until people start spending big dollars if your lucky the strongest is a good guy. If they are not a good person you either got to spend thousands of dollars or delete your account and start on a fresh state. Also dev team is hopeless my friend who spent hundreds of dollars on his account lost his account due to a password issue the dev team couldn’t even get back to him to recover his account or give him any sort of response, so all that money was wasted and he has since quit the game due to this.

1000above   1 star

Support is non existant. The game itself is pretty good.... nothing special though However I made a purchase of 14.99, only to see I was charged 7.99 on top of my 14.99. Did not receive anything for this unauthorised 7.99 purchase. I have made several attempts to contact IM-30 just to be ignored. I am contacting Paypal instead to get a refund. Pretty happy to take my money wrongfully and not even email me back. As the rest of the comments say, this developer is GREEDY and apparently will steal your money to fulfil that greed. Pathetic

Parrothead987   1 star

How it’s 4 stars. I dunno. It’s uninteresting long term.

Matt S. King   1 star

Ripoff. Don’t bother to install.. I liked this game from what I played... until it asked me to pay $30 a month for arms supply. That’s when I stopped playing the game. Such a joke.

I have been robed   1 star

Don’t bother. Standard hurry up and wait pay to win mobile app. The more you spend the more you loose.

Kaosmaster69   1 star

Poor game play. This game is unplayable without $$$. You can be repeatably attacked with no shield and no chance to recover. Your ability to get resources are are good but the volumes are not matched with demand and therefore you must either spend heaps of time attacking AI or but res. If your attacked by a player they will get as much as a quarter of your res and they can attack over and over. In short if you fall behind because your new by even a small about you better find another game to play. I have been attacked to the point of destruction every hour for 3 days. No game is fun when you have no way to win and no hope of winning. Worst game I have ever played.

Rock1975   1 star

Short lived, now deleted. Was good to start off with. Once you get attacked, you can’t get any further unless you buy and pay to protect your city. Nothing is free. No shields even after an attack, so you could be attacked multiple times overnight and it’s a never ending cycle of healing your troops and farming but you can’t get anywhere unless you pay up! No thanks!!! I have since deleted this game.

skyesie11   4 star

Sad. I love this games so much but it’s disappointing to find that not even half way through the game that to be able to continue playing and complete stuff you have to buy packs with “real” money and there not cheap, like come on you had a good game going and you have ruined it with the greediness of prices, I’m highly disappointed and likely will not keep the game 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

jimmywilliams2019875   1 star

Is ok. The map doesnt zoom out far enough so its really hard to find other players to raid, use gems to upgrade building and it doesnt upgrade but still takes your gems, need to be able to contact the app people better, the ask a question is impossible to use and you have do fill out a form instead of just asking a question. I have been trying to get in touch with game developers for over a month and noone replys. So many bugs that take your resources and diamonds. Eventho i paid for them game developers are uncontactable!! There are better games that dont rip you off.

Psylnt   1 star

Not working. For over a week now the game will not start gets stuck at 20% loading screen Please fix that - I’ve already spent a lil money in game and don’t want it to go to waste

stuart wouterw   4 star

A good game but something annoying. Hello I am a new player to your great game butting is annoying when I want to flip my device to a different angle it will not let me so I will be happy if your can make this game allow you to play on all different angles

SargetheDog   1 star

Pay to win uneven game that needs serious work on making playable. The states are impossible to start in. Overpowered bullies run rife and the developers seem incapable of making a new starter a chance to get developed. Don’t waste your time and especially don’ t invest any money in game. This type of poor game play should never be financially encouraged.

Neon1ck   1 star

Money grab. I don’t mind paying a few bucks for a good game but when it’s constantly asking for money and often in the $150 range it gets a bit old.

$?!67845   1 star

Copy of sim city. A replica of sim city with touch of zombie killing, lots of upgrades constrained by resources for you to pay or waste your time. Better yet people will bully you so you will be left without any chance of advancing. Put simply just a waste of time unless you are willing to spend big $$$ Overall not very enjoyable and a waste of time.

Killerspeingtrap1082   1 star

Stop using ads on YouTube of your game that shows it how it works even tho that’s not how it works. So I was using YouTube oh and I played your game it sucked and you were using ads that doesn’t even work like the game does! And you used a underground vault and when you went onto select a building you edited in the fallout shelter room selected! Stop copying

Angry old player   5 star

Too expensive. $$$$$

cheeto_bureto   1 star

Fun until you achieve high levels. The game was fun until reaching lvl 16. If you don't pay for the game it stops. Shields are real cash and expensive, if you don't have the shields daily you most likely use all your resources to keep repairing your base. There is no help unless you spend ALLOT of real money

Zonnald   4 star

Balanced. Seems fairly well balanced in that tasks take way to long but you can speed up by some fairly regular bonus etc...

Secr3t13   1 star

Stay away from game. This is a game that forces you to use money to survive. The developers will send in strong enemies from other states to destroy you otherwise. As a friendly Advice, Do not spend money on the game. Also, this game has nth to do with zombies. What a waste of my time.

brucebigballz   1 star

Spenders only. Was a great game until developers made it a payers only game and only for big spenders now there’s lots of glitches so you have to spend more to repair and developers never reply to emails cause they only want you to spend more

22DiamondGirl66   2 star

Annoying!. I was on the last shelter one day and I went back on it a few days later and my whole game reset!! You need to fix this ASAP or I may think of quitting the game and tell people not to get it!

scammedmeoutpfmoneyitunesssss   1 star

RIP OFF DONT PLAY IT. The developers lost my account and won’t do a thing to get it back got some money back of iTunes and am perusing the rest STAY AWAY FROM THIS DEVELOPER ITS A SCAM

han9287384   3 star

Ok. So good so far. A bit too military

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